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04/22/2007 2:07 PM

"2012 - World War 3 begins. The assassination of Abdulaziz bin Fahd, favorite son of the late King Fahd, provokes all-out civil war in Saudi Arabia. America, already at war with Iran, refuses to offer military support.

After years of failed negotiations for nuclear disarmament, Chinese forces launch a sneak attack at the 38th parallel. The DPRK retaliates by firing a tactical nuclear missile at Nanjing. A brief nuclear exchange ends in two hours, leaving millions dead. The Russian Federation and the United States respond by putting their nuclear arsenals on full standby.

Economic depression and cycles of violent weather leave large sections of the United States in chaos. Coastal cities begin to see the first serious effects of global warming when crushing hurricanes and tidal waves annihilate shoreline districts. Coastal inhabitants migrate in droves towards the Midwest, where a three-year drought has created a dustbowl worse than the 1930s.

2013 - Fallout from the Chinese-Korean nuclear exchange causes a global climate shift. A five-year winter begins in temperate zones, while desert climates reach uninhabitable boiling points.

Famine and disease in America create a massive drop in population. Crime runs rampant in major cities and the outlying highways become a breeding ground for gang violence. The Federal Highway Commission implements the Watson Act, which states that all motorists without proper authorization will be shot on sight.

2014 - The war in the Middle East becomes terminal. Iran completes its nuclear weapons program and launches attacks on the UAE and Turkey. A full exchange across the Middle East ensues, extinguishing nearly all life in the Persian Gulf. The world's largest source of oil is officially gone.

2015 - More violence ensues in America. The price of oil exceeds that of gold bullion. Devastating nuclear winter continues in its second year. The Republics of Chile and Argentina become the producers of nearly 80% of America's food supply, making them economic superpowers in little over a year.

2016 - Chicago becomes the most heavily populated city in America. Its outlying suburbs exceed the population densities of both Tokyo and Mexico City.

2017 - Northern Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and southern California are labeled officially uninhabitable. Most coastal states are 40% or more underwater. Alaska and most of Canada are considered frozen wastelands.

2018 - The Zion Incident. An alleged terrorist attack on the Chicago area power grid causes four nuclear reactors to go critical. Most of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana are blasted with radiation. 23 million people die from radiation poisoning in the next three months.

2019 - The United States is considered a defunct government by the United Nations. The population of the former United States is estimated at a mere 20 million. Although some foreign aid workers and philanthropic groups provide occasional relief efforts, the world leaves America to fend for itself.

2020 - Present day.

Any character types are welcome, but bear in mind that this is a low fantasy, modern-level setting."

Taken from the mouth of Jack_Dervish Now I'm the only one left or so it would seem and I'm back for a while so I want to keep this alive now due to this not being the first part You should read what happened already and It's a really good storyline so I won't let this die.

I'll take over the existing characters for now (split later or killed if any activity from anyone from the first part) and at a stage where new ones will come in easily so.

Eye color:
Hair color:
General appearance:


We'll be using the old Thread at http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/discussions.cfm?forumid=4&topicid=276219&bookmark=1&ooc=1

Post there if you want to join me keep this alive.

04/22/2007 2:52 PM

Now I'm the only one left or so it would seem


You were one of the first ones to disappear, Missy. ;)

Not sure if I'm in the mood for post-post apocalyptic at the moment.. feel free to do with Emi as you wish. If I change my mind I can make another character.

04/23/2007 9:31 AM

That maybe but it was only for 4 days when my net was out and the posts were old and I did wait a long time

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