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04/14/2007 7:41 AM

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Mathias stood in front of the table. The room was dark, and he saw thousands of pods. Each one was filled with glowing orbs of light that swirled around.

Walking towords the door, Mathias stopped and looked at the table he had woken up on. Running his hand through his hair, he realized he had woken up inside one of the pods. Shuddering he walked out of the room...

And looked directly at a brick wall all around the door. He was staring at it intently when he heard, "Can you hear me?"

He looked around, to see that no one was there. He looked back at the wall, and heard the voice again. "Just concentrate. Imagine the bricks shooting away from you."

Mathias focused on the image, his eyes half closed, them abruptly thrust out his hand. Golden dust shot out, with many sparks rocketing to the wall. The bricks shot out and the passage was revealed. He ran forwards down the corridor, and saw a fan moving extremely fast blocking the passage.

The voice spoke to him again. "Try to mentally foce it to slow down."

To his amazement, the second he tried it stopped completely. He walked through a gap between two blades, ran down another passage, turned, and saw a blinding light. The light was pulling him and seemed to entrance him. Walking slowly towards it, he saw a flash of blue light, and woke up in a classroom.

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04/15/2007 6:57 AM

The moon was high and full as always. Tonight it was a light blue color, almost sky blue. It was always changing colors, every night it was different. Laz jumped down from his post at the top of the building and landed on the back of a gargoyle. He looked over the the city. The bright lights. The noises. All so familiar but at the same time so foreign. A few months ago he woke up in this very same area. The roof of the building. He nearly fell off from the shock of this new world.

He sat on top of the gargoyle and snapped his fingers, creating small sparks. The sparks shot from his fingers and burst into brighter flames that shaped themselves into birds and flew off in a blaze before turning to nothing but smoke. Once or twice he thought he saw the gleaming eye of the gargoyle dart in his direction. He heard a noise, it didn't seem to have any direct source but it was coming close. He pressed his ear to the gargoyle and heard the low rumbling. He jumped back and landed on the ledge. It wasn't a statue it was a beast.

The monster turned to face him. It's glowing red eyes peirced the dark. It bared fangs and claws at him. It lunged forward and pounced on him. They rolled off of the ledge. There wasn't much time for thinking but Laz thought fast. He summoned two of his thirteen dark blades. The beast was made of stone so fire would do little against it. The dark blades cut through the stone easily and he dismembered he beast fast. He was falling fast, he stuck the blades into the stone walls of the building and his free fall slowed to a stop just a few feet above the pavement. "Close one" was all that Laz could manage.

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04/15/2007 11:43 AM

Mathias was amazed. He had seen what appeared to be a kid fall from the roof of the school. He had worked out that there were over a hundred floors in the bizarre school, and so a fall like that should have killed the kid. But he had slowed himself down somehow. Amazing!

Over the past week he had learned some neat tricks. By now he was fairly proficient in many simple forms of telepathy and telekinetics. Running towards the door, he shoved it open with a thought.

He saw the kid standing by the wall. Out of breath from his long run from the far end of the school to the oly exit at the other side and then back around it to see the kid, he couldn't talk. So instead he sent a thought. "Hey. Are you OK? A fall like that should have killed you."

04/15/2007 2:34 PM

Laz sensed the boy's communication and let down his stron mental barrier. He kept his mental barrier up most of the time in order to concentrate. It kept out all thoughts that he picked up that weren't directed to him. He had an unsually long telekenetic wavelength do to his strength in mental powers. " I guess you've never seen someone use Psi powers before. That's ok, I guess my power isn't exactly a common one." He said. The two blades vanished. "Though I guess if you have telekenetic powers you probably have others. Have you ever used yours, newbie? At least tried?" he asked, all the while jabbing the boy with his finger.

04/17/2007 12:33 PM

"Umm...would you stop poking me?" Mathias asked. "I have used my powers. In fact..." He looked right into Laz's eyes and heard the kid's thoughts. Digging deeper, he found out Laz's name and powers.

"I can tell that you're empathetic. So you can sense emotions and thoughts connected to objects, right? I wanted to know who built this school."

Mathias stared out at the city off in the distance. "And how we got here. I can't remember anything before I woke up in that pod."

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04/18/2007 7:25 PM

Varon strolled down the busy street toward the school, alone as usual, with noone to talk to, noone to socialize with, noone to pass the time. He let out a heavy sigh as these thoughts hit him. After a long pause between his last footstep, and these thoughts, he looked over to his left, and saw two kids bickering over their Psi powers. He watched them argue for a few minutes, and due to his "emo" nature, his flew to the top of a deserted building to recollect his thoughts and pretend that he had friends and was the most popular kid in the universe. Varon longed for friends, he longed for companionship, and for someone to just plainly talk to. All the while thinking how much his life sucked, he didnt even realize someone was ontop of the building with him. He looked at the suspicious figure nerviously and recognized him as the local hotshot, Laz, who had been arguing on the street not too long ago.

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04/19/2007 8:33 AM

"You'd do well to keep out of my head" said Laz, with a very serious tone. He pushed the boy out of his mind with a fair amount of ease then put the strong barrier back up. "As for who built this school. That's a sort of mystery. I've tried plenty of times to use my skill in empathy to try and tie it back to someone. You would be amazed at all the people that have just appeared here. I've sensed them all. I was skimming back through it when you arrived" he said. He noticed the boy walking down the street and then shooting up towards a nearby building. "It's been cool chatting with you but I've got to go"he said abruptly. He snapped his fingers and he disappeared. There was nothing but darkness and silence for a second. Then he reappeared behind the boy. "What're you doing up here Varry? Pretending that somebody cares about you?" he teased. He liked to poke fun at the boy but he really had nothing against him.

04/19/2007 12:10 PM

Mathias reeled back as Laz vanished. "Ow." He said as his head exploded with pain. It felt like somebody had slammed an iron door in his face. Which in a way they had.

Mathias went over what he knew. One: He wasn't alone. Two: He wasn't the first person here. Three: Laz seems to dislike him. {Well actually I figured that out pretty fast.} he thought. Four: Laz knew the kid who had flew up to the roof. Five: Other people had powers too. Six: All the people have originated from the school.

{Not a lot to go on} He thought, the added something he knew from the few books in the school. There had been no people and Laz had actually been the first person he'd seen that he could remember. Seven: Multiple people using complementary powers synergistically can produce an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

04/19/2007 4:28 PM

Sorry ill change it:

Varon, taking this comment very seriously, turned his head down and peered at a specific section of the floor. "Leave me alone..." he said in a depressing vioce. "I'm only trying to get away from society, why do you have to barge into my world?" This made Varon sound like a baby and Laz only let out a sinister chuckle. The anger was building up inside Varon and a faint blue light began to emit from within the small boy. Laz didnt seem to notice. Now the dimmed light was at its full, and the glow of the night sky matched that of Varon's. This intimidating shine of Psi Energy sent a clear message to Varon. It clearly, with out a doubt said, "Leave me alone punk."

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04/19/2007 5:01 PM

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Laz walked over to the kid and sat down on the ledge beside him. " I was just kidding you know. You don't always have to be so defensive. You also don't have to be such a cry baby about it. " he said. He gave 'Var' an odd smile. "Although I suppose it's to be expected because you're so little."

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04/20/2007 12:17 PM

Mathias returned to the pod room. He had had it in this place. He walked over to the pod he had emerged from and lay in it, pulling the cover over him. A single thought pulled the latch closed. {I hope this works...} He thought as he closed his eyes. {split...} And he felt a pulling sensation at his head. He felt himself flying up, until he passed out of the pod, and rose up, stopping several miles in the air. He saw Laz and the other kid sitting on the edge of the school roof, then he was spinning. Faster, and faster, until everything blurred. Then he abruptly stopped.

He was in front of a huge house. A dark shape was climbing in the window of a brightly lit room. Mathias ran up and climbed in after it. He was in a room with a glowing crystal rotating in the center of a complex machine. The crystal had faced inside it. The shape was in front of a control panel. "The best of both of the worlds..." It said as it pulled out a second crystal, this one red to match the blue of the first. It flew by itself next to the other one, joining with it to form a purple crystal. A lever was pulled, and a wave of energy washed through the room. A hatch opened in the ceiling and a beam was fired from the heart of the crystal at the full moon, directly overhead. It suddenly split into a multitude of beams as the shape laughed. One bean was slower than the rest. Mathias looked at it, and he saw in a flash a picture of it hitting a house...and dragging a kid into the crystal. "The end begins NOW!" The shape roared.

The images dissolved. Mathias climbed out of the pod and ran out of the building. The others might find this interesting.

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04/20/2007 3:36 PM

While Varon was being the pest he usually is, and making obnoxious comments and acting very annoying about the situation, he heard a noise. Faint at first, but it grew louder and louder. The sound seemed as if it was directed to him. The vioce had a very sinister and ghostly tone, that spoke softly, slowly, and very clearly. The evil vioce
threatened, "....die....die....die..." As these words were spoken, the ghostly character created images that corresponded with the short phrase very well. These pictures were that of Varon's early childhood. The night his mother was murdered, the night his father was shot, the night he was beaten up on the streets. All his saddest memories, all at once. Varon could not feel anything but sorrow. His heart shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces and in unison to these dark memories, Varon collapsed on the cold ground.

04/20/2007 3:48 PM

A sharp pain on the back of Tarae's neck jarred her from her sleep, and she tried to open her eyes but found she could not. For a moment, panic overtook her and she found herself desperately struggling to scream, but her mouth would not open. The world was dark, and the only thing assuring her she wasn't dead was the searing pain that scoured her body, as if her skin had been torn from her body, leaving only a vulnerable tangle of muscles and nerves. She grunted and strained to move, to feel something other than agony, any assurance that she had not descended to Hell, past all hope of redemption or return, but to no avail. Fear and pain overtook her senses and her thoughts churned within her head until she descended back in to the nightmare from which she had awoken.

Tarae was back in the graveyard. The crescent moon above her head menacingly turned an orange smile down at her, bathing the tombstones and stone crosses that surrounded her in an eerie red-orange light.

"No, not again!" she frantically whispered to herself as her heart began to pound in her chest. Her breaths became sharp. This nightmare, which now seemed more real to her than the foggy memory of the distant land from which she had come, was the only thing she knew. But it held no familiarity, no comfort. It only reeked of death, that gut-wrenching stench that filled her nostrils and seeped it's way through her tightly closed lips. She had remained in constant terror of this realm for longer than she could remember, and time now seemed but a distant concept. She felt her legs fall from under her, and collapsed, trembling on to the brittle, dead grass.

Suddenly she felt the savage pain on the back of her neck again, as if lightning had struck her with pin-point accuracy. Her throat let out a wretched shriek, and she arched her back to the point of breaking and gouged her fingernails in to the dirt. Her sight was filled by vivid flashes of color and her face felt hot, as though she were directly facing an intense blaze. She could feel her retinas singe from the heat, and all sight and sense of reason faded from her.

Then there was nothing but darkness in a vast space. She could not see, she could not hear, she could not feel.

Then, a voice.

"You have been summoned. Someone is in need. All will be revealed."

Then she could see the graveyard. Though her eyes had been burned to uselessness, she could see with greater clarity than ever before. Every dried up blade of grass rustled in the hot wind. Every crudely carved epitaph stood out to her in the dim orange light. She was no longer gripped by fear, and she could see that the nightmare that had terrified her was exactly that: a nightmare. With this understanding, she simply willed the nightmare away, and it vanished.

Tarae awoke again in the same static position she had found herself in earlier. Her eyes still would not open, nor would her mouth, and her skin still burned, but she was not afraid. She centered herself and pushed the pain away so her sight would not be hindered. Then she willed herself to see.

She could see a small cavern, with a high ceiling and a small pool of cold water rippling beneath it. A narrow tunnel had been eroded in one end of the cave. Stalagmites rose up from the ground, but the ceiling was almost perfectly smooth, except for one large stalactite hanging directly over the pool. Then, Tarae could see herself, suspended in a large crystal of ice, hanging delicately from the large stalactite. Small beads of water dripped from the bottom of the crystal in to the pool below. She wondered how long she had been there, frozen and captivated by her nightmares.

Then, a prick on the back of her neck. Someone was in need.

The ice crystal around her turned to liquid and splashed in to the pool below her, and she descended slowly from the ceiling to the surface of the pool, where she stood, balancing her self on the tension of the water.

{I have to find a way out of here. I have to help them,} she thought, and dashed through the tunnel at the end of the cave.

Far above her, Mathias' vision and Varon's pain called to her, driving her toward the surface.

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04/20/2007 5:31 PM

Mathias was searching for Laz and the other kid when his mental "radar" picked up something. It wasn't a normal human, but it wasn't one of the kids he was looking for. This appeared to be a blob of psi energy that extended for a good ways. It was directly below him. Then his head erupted in pain. {I hate to do this, but I have to know. Sorry, Laz.} he thought. He sat down, closed his eyes, and felt his spirit leave his body, flying up to the roof. He arrived as the other kid collapsed from...what? Mathias tried to get close, but he saw a dark glow, slightly orange and dull, around the kid, pushing him away. He looked at Laz. {Can't he see the shadow?} Desprate to help, but knowing returning to his body would take too long, he focused on exactly what he had seen and sent it to Laz. Then he thrust his hand into the mist, pulling the kid's astral self out of his bdy directly. Focusing briefly, he shook it awake.

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04/20/2007 6:25 PM

Laz looked over in time to see Varon pass out and start to fall forward off the ledge. Laz caught him luckily and pulled him back up. "Great..." said Laz. The kid would be fine if he left him up on the roof alone, as long as he pulled him far away from the ledge so he couldn't roll off. Laz went back to the top of the school. He received a connection from Mathias. He had wondered where the kid had gone too. It was a rather disturbing image but Laz thought little of it. He hadn't noticed it but the moon had changed too. It was now a light purple, kind of indigo. It was unusual to see the moon change color twice in one night.

04/20/2007 7:09 PM

The prick on the back of Tarae's neck was becoming increasingly more painful, but oddly the more it hurt, the more she was able to concentrate. She raced upward through the underground tunnels, so quickly she barely touched the ground when she ran. At last, the tunnel came to end at a heavy steel door secured by a sturdy padlock. A crooked sign hung next to the door that read "Boiler Room." Tarae focused her mental energy on the lock and looked within it. She quickly assessed the way the lock was built and disassembled it from the inside, and the lock fell to the ground with a clink.

As she braced herself to push the door open, she felt a hot wind blow from the tunnel behind her. The ground beneath her begin to tremble slightly, and as she slowly looked over her shoulder, she could see a faint indigo light glowing at the end of the tunnel.

Tarae saw a flash of light, then a series of images. A burning city. Great teeth lining a massive shapeless jaw. Dancing sparks of light. Whirling blades of dark energy. A gigantic orb of blue light.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a terrifying rumble that shook the tunnel and knocked her off her feet. Frantic and confused, Tarae remembered the prick on the back of her neck and sent out a booming warning thought, {ANYONE WHO CAN HEAR ME, GET AWAY FROM THE SCHOOL!!!}

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04/20/2007 8:33 PM

The darkness was a gift, a great one and it only brought happiness and comfort in this new world where things were not quite right. The darkness inside warmed beyond the usual ignorance of all that was around and brought a feeling of belonging where none usually was. This was truly a good thing....

Kat was sitting there in a window sill staring at the moon considering it strange just like everything else around but didn't question it as it only brought unnecessary thought and that was a bad thing. Yawning she got up and slipped into the rooms comforting darkness before making her way through the building exploring what there was and searching through all she could get her hands on, after all there could be something interesting.

There was nothing of any real interest though she had taken one of the chairs along with her as there was no one to stop her. Slowly she wandered through the moonlit halls musing to herself about all of her options. Really nothing was all that interesting in this place but the peace was good as it didn't bring conflict.

Deciding she had covered most of the building by now Kat decided to head out into the open and just as she put one hand on the door to open it her head rang with an odd reverberation as she heard the words 'ANYONE WHO CAN HEAR ME, GET AWAY FROM THE SCHOOL!!!' echo in her head. It was worse than any headache she had ever had especially since she had no for warning or build up to it but she decided that what ever it was had to be pretty desperate and so the mad dash in no particular direction began.

Kat was tempted to drop the chair she still carried as she ran as it was rather awkward but it was her only spoil and she wasn't to keen to drop it with just the shouting in her mind to go on. She had made it about forty feet from the school before her ankle rolled pitching he forward sending the chair a good seven feet from her as she skidded along the ground to lie in a heap wondering what had just happened.

04/20/2007 9:30 PM

Varon awoke very abruptly, attempting to shoot his arms in the air, and gasp for breath as if this gulp of air would be his last. It felt as if someone had recently been jabbing knives into his stomache and his forehead. A throbbing sensation in his core followed. Varon also had nofeeling in any of his limbs. He tried hard to move, struggled in fact, but couldn't get the most insignificant muscle to budge. All the while fighting to regain the control over his lamed body, he haden't noticed the comforting touch of an unfamiliar face.

The face peered down toward Varon and instantly he knew that this character had saved him from somthing. From what, Varon had no idea, not even the slightest clue. In fact, the only thing he could remember was the last depiction the sinister ghost had created in his mind. Varon's own death.

The imaged created was in a hellish place, full of anguish and despair, and no hope of survival. Everyone he had ever set eyes upon, from normal citizens to celebreties, was there with him, suffering along side the other thousands of people that crowded the small and dimmly light area. Nothing had been there in the room besides the people. Only the great aura of horrible memories and dark pasts and regrets.

Varon starred back into the eyes of his current savior. He had managed to utter the simple word, "Thanks," but then he suddenly closed his eyes agian, and fell back into another deep slumber.

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04/20/2007 10:00 PM

Laz looked down as he heard the ruckus. A girl had fallen. She had been carrying a...chair? "What in the world was she carrying a chair for?" he thought. He hopped down off of his position on top of the building and went into a free fall once again. He thought nothing of how hard he was going to hit the ground. To be honest he wished he had thought more about it. He wasn't up high enough to have a nice long fall which he could have stopped. He hit the ground hard and rolled over a few feet away from the girl. "Ow...I'm alright. I just broke a rib. Or two...and my spine....my everything most likely." he said. He managed to get up. He hadn't actual broken anything thankfully.
He stumbled over to the girl and rolled her on her back. He poked her in the arm a couple of times and said "Hey....Chair girl, are you ok? Also, what's with the chair?".

04/22/2007 6:20 PM

'Ok first he pokes me and then calls me chair girl?' Kat was wondering if he was being this way on purpose or if he was naturally talented at making people annoyed. Then again she was also rather annoyed at herself for falling, she sighed before jumping to her feet and saying indifferently "The name is Kat and.. the chair is just a chair." Brushing herself off she looked him over before saying in a slightly warmer tone "Thanks for asking though.." Pausing she thought a little before continuing, "So where are we and who or what is shouting in peoples heads lately?"

Not really waiting for answers and only half listening she moved over to where the chair had landed. Bending over she picked it back up before finally turning her full attention to the guy in front of her spending a little bit of time to size him up as well as thoroughly look him over. He wasn't much but at least he didn't seem to be some one who she would dislike too much. Deciding she was going to spend a little time here she set the chair down and sat on it hoping she wouldn't have to move too soon.

04/22/2007 7:19 PM

Laz couldn't answer any of her qeustions really. He stood there staring blankly at her for a minute and then he spoke. "Right, Kat. I'm Lazarro but everyone calls me Laz. I don't know exactly where we are. Nobody really does. I also have no clue about the shouting. I haven't heard a thing. It's probably your telepathy acting up." he said. Then he remembered that he had his mental barrier up. He thought he left it down in case Mathias wanted to reach him. He lowered it and in an instant hear the someone screaming at them to get away from the school. He put the barrier back up and placed his hands on his head. "Holy mother fucking christ! I guess it's safe to say that you're alright then." he said. Then he looked towards the school and thought "But we may not be if what I heard was accurate."

04/23/2007 6:24 AM

{Oh man! Not now...} Mathias sent a thought to Laz. {Hey, could you get this kid off the roof? If something happens, his body won't survive. I have his astral self, but he's unconcious. That shouting...well I can't help you there.} Repeating the message in case his barrier was up, Mathias shoved Varon's astral form down to the ground. {Wake up!} He "yelled" in frustration. Leaving the kid where he hoped his body would end up, he dove into the ground, emerging next to the person "yelling." Sending out a quick thought to the person, {Hey you can't see me, but what is going to happen soon?}, he went inside the boiler room, then was pushed out from the heat. {Ugh...} He thought as he passed out.

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04/24/2007 12:32 PM

Laz looked back to Kat. "I'll be right back" he said. Then he performed a psi jump and landed on top of the building. He grabbed Varon's body. It was cold and didn't move at all. Laz jumped back down and walked back over to the girl while carrying Varon. He set him down on a soft grassy spot in the courtyard of the school.

04/24/2007 1:08 PM

Jaden walked down the street, wondering where he was and playing around with his black trenchcoat when he looked up and saw a boy jump ontop of a nearby building, then leap down carrying a body.

"Woah, what the hell?!"

Jaden ran down the street to the nearby kids, stopping infront of them he looked at the body of the boy

"Is he dead?"

04/24/2007 5:16 PM

"Is he dead?"

[i]"Can I eat him?"[/i]

It was the perfect time to say something like that and she actually meant it for the most part though she usually prefered to get to know them first. Finally knoticing the look on the faces of the two in front of her Kat yelped in surprise before scratching the back of her head feeling rather out of place.

"It was only a joke I swear!" She had gotten to her feet and was feeling in the mood to run though to where she didn't know as she didn't know much. Deciding exploring the area to get an idea of things was her best option she promtly stood up and rested the chair as well as she could on her shoulders before saying quickly, "Look after the boy will ya?" Immediately after this she bolted into the streets and took off down an alleyway memorising her surroundings as her mind mapped out the city.

04/24/2007 5:20 PM

"Who are you guys and how did i suddenly get here?

04/25/2007 6:40 AM

Varon found himself, mindlessly floating in a direction that was agianst his own will. He felt very alive, to an extent he had never felt before. He felt as if he had no limitations, nothing to hold him back from thought and actions. That is when he realized he really did not have limitations to his physical self, because as of now, he had no body. This realization was very awkward for Varon, becuase just like anyone else, he hadn't been away from his body before.

He couldnt control where he went, but he knew whatever was taking him there, wasn't going to hurt him, so he just willingly allowed his unseen fate to meet him in a short while.

04/26/2007 9:30 AM

[i]A roaring dragon atop a snowy mountain...Dark shadows looming over a glowing purple gem...Laz, the kid Mathias knew now was Varron, and all the other people he had seen here falling into a dark abyss[/i]

"Nooo!" Mathias yelled. He opened his eyes. Wait...he opened his [i]eyes[/i]? He looked around. He had somehow returned to his body after he had been knocked unconcious from the heat. All around him, dark figures were creeping closer. He was in a cold room. the only door was open, letting more shadows in. He ran towards it, looking into the corridor to see even more shadows approaching from one way and another door the other way. The shapes in the room lunged at him. He ran to the door. It was deadbolted in five lplaces. The figures were almost on top of him.

Mathias yelled, a fierce, inhuman yell of terror and anger. Glowing sparks of light leapt out of his body, slowing down everything around him. He pulled the deadbolts open. Running out, he came face to face with a single shadow. "I can't take it aymore!" he yelled. The sparks intensified as he slammed the door and punched the shadow. The sparks burst out, forming a web of energy that blinded Mathias and surrounded the shadow. His hand burst open. He fought to close it again. The shadow was becoming shriveled and bent, and its humanoid shape was twisting in inhuman ways as it yelled in anguish. He formed a fist, there was a loud [i]crack[/i] and the web vanished along with the shadow.

Mathias ran through another door, fell out of the top story of a building in the city, and fell down to the ground, landing next to Varon's body.

The moon finished setting as the blue sun rose, shepping its light on Mathias's unconcious form.

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04/26/2007 1:37 PM

Laz turned around as he heard the crash. It was Mathias. "Ah, there you are!" Laz said. Mathias didn't move. Laz knocked his boot into Mathias' side. "Great another unconcious burden." he said. He moved Mathias over on the grassy spot where he had left Varon. Then he thought about where Kat had gone to. She didn't know much about this place so she probably didn't know about all the monsters. This city was dangerous if you didn't know how to use psi powers. It was especially dangerous if you didn't have any at all. Laz turned to the new kid that had walked up to him and Kat earlier. "I have no idea who you are but I need you to watch these two and make sure nothing happens to them" he said. Then without another word he ran off after Kat to warn her of the dangers.

04/26/2007 1:58 PM

[i]Bleed! Bleed! Hah you all bleed the same..[/i]

That was what she was daydreaming about as she walked along the near deserted street dragging behind her a stop sign she had 'borrowed' from a street corner a little ways back. It had always been a great goal of hers to have one but she didn't quite remember why. She had covered a good distance in a rather short time and was rather curious about the lack of people. After some one had to build this stuff..

The rising sun brough with it a strange feeling of paranoia even though she well knew she was alone around here. Kat wandered slowly into the middle of an intersection before putting down the stop sign and dropping the chair from off of her shoulders. Setting the chair up she sat down holding the stop sign as if it were some kind of scepter. She leaned back to stare into the pale sky wondering what was wrong here.

04/26/2007 2:20 PM

Laz bolted down streets and alleyways. It would've been extremely hard to track Kat down without his empathetic skills. All he had to do was place his hand to the ground and he could see if she had gone through here or not. He could feel every footstep she had taken. He rounded another corner and saw a rather large hole in the ground and some scraping marks leading towards another alley. "Did she....rip a sign out of the ground?" he thought. It was only now that he thought he might not have to go after her but he shook it off. The monsters in this world could also use psi powers. Physical strength didn't matter if your opponent could rip you to peieces just by thinking of it.

He ran into the alleyway where the scrape marks continued down another road and into another alley. He walked down the road noticing there were about 3 monsters sleeping in a small dead end alley not far from where the scrape marks led. He walked into the alley and there she was. just sitting there holding a stop sign and looking up at the sky. "You shouldn't have run off like that. This city is full of monsters." he said.

04/26/2007 4:56 PM

"Aren't people mosters?" She continued to look up at the gradually brightening sky not really paying attention to anything in particular. Sighing she sat up and looked at him almost glaring as she studied him again before smiling. Kat was about to use the situation against him but decided not to as it really wasn't worth the effort. Simply she got up and once again hefted the chair before grabbing the sign and saying in a slightly mocking tone "Where to great leader?"

She had been following him for a short time and was wondering why he had come after her after all he didn't seem to be the caring type. Thinking hard on this she was even more confused as to why he did it because he barely knew her. None of it made sence and it was just hurting her head. Sighing she walked on dragging the sign letting herself fall into another day dream..

04/26/2007 6:16 PM

"Aren't people mosters?" She continued to look up at the gradually brightening sky not really paying attention to anything in particular.

"Everyone has their demons and dark desires. Some just don't listen to them." he said. The way she stared at him made him feel uneasy. They walked out of the alley without a word. They continued on their way back to the school. Laz stopped abruptly and turned around to face her. "You should stop thinking that. It's not like I came after you for any special reason. I just figured you'd be the only one I didn't feel like incinerating. Besides, I hate to see a new kid get torn to peices in their first days." he said.

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04/27/2007 6:25 AM

Mathias opened his eyes a crack. "Ugh..." he croaked. Then he remembered Varon. Panting heavily, he opened his eyes all the way and sat up straight. Then he took a slow deep breath. Panicing wouldn't return Var to his body. Action would. All of a sudden his side hurt. "Ugh...Laz." He looked around so that he could kill the guy, and saw a kid in a black trenchcoat staring at him. "What?" He asked. Not bothering to hear the response, he closed his eyes and focused. {Varon...} he thought as he astrally projected, sending blue sparks around him as a protective web. By pure luck, he appeared next to Varon's "mind." {Back in you go.} He thought as he pushed Varon back into his body, then returned to his own and lay there, trying to understand why there was a new kid here.

He stood up and looked the kid in the eye. "Who are you?" He asked as he stretched his arms and legs out. "Ugh...I hate this. Every time I project I lose all feeling in my body...Anyways, I take it you're newer than me here? Don't worry, things happen like this all the time. How long ago did you come here? What are your powers? Come on! Tell me! You're the opposite of some people. you never talk. Don't you just hate those people who don't stop talking? They talk and talk and talk. And worse, they talk about absolutely nothing. They say stuff like 'I like chocolate. Chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream...' And the whole tyme yo're saying 'Stop talking!!!' and they just keep talking. Come on! Answer my questions!"

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04/27/2007 2:18 PM

"Just deal with it you like me," After saying this in a mocking tone, she stuck out her tongue before running over to the small group of people. Stopping Kat looked over the one still on the ground and then the 'new' person before turning and shouting to Laz "Can I eat this one?" Kat pointed enthusiastically at the new person while her mind went over all sorts of different ways of doing it.. After they liked looking in her mind so why shouldn't it disturb them?

"Soooooo.. Who are you?" She asked tilting her head to the side regarding the new addition to the seemingly small human population of this city. He seemed so much more innocent than Laz and definitely a lot more caring. Then again things could be worse, turning to the last conscious person she queried innocently, "And who might you be?"

04/27/2007 3:46 PM

Laz's arms fell to his side and his eyes widened. "I...I..uh....I do not! How could you think something like that? You're just another one of those weak newbies" he said. He walked back to the courtyard, muttering curses under his breath. "Why did you wake up?" he asked when he saw Mathias standing. "You know what, go ahead and eat him" he said looking toward Kat.

04/27/2007 3:59 PM

[i]Kat grinned..[/i]

"If you say I can." She turned back to Mathias grinning, would she take his arm first? Maybe go for the throat and end it early? So many choices, only one could be preformed. Laughing Kat moved towards him baring her teeth before bolting next to him and resting her teeth on his neck. As suddenly as she had preformed the action she moved away before laughing to herself and saying in a playful tone, "I don't eat junk food." She smiled and wandered off to where she had left the chair and sign.

It was fun especially since she had gotten a good reaction out of it. Sighing Kat looked skyward again thinking over something Laz had said a little while ago the thought was short lived as she was distracted by a single white cloud. It looked vaguely like a plane but that was just her mind at it again. She stretched abit before settling back in the chair to watch the clouds progression.

04/28/2007 2:29 AM

Laz stood leaned up against a wall, arms folded. He stared at Kat for what seemed like a long time. She certainly was an odd one. But there was also something else about her. Laz couldn't tell what. He would've used his empathy and telepathy to search for it but he had already violated the sanctity of her mind. He was cold hearted and didn't care much for people and their boundaries but even he had standards. She was different than most. He actually respected her in some way. Wait.... Lazarro with values, morals, respect of people and their feelings? Unheard of.

Laz pushed those sort of thoughts out of his mind and let them float around with all the other things he attempted to forget. At least for a while. He replaced the thoughts with Mathias. The boy had apparently decided to put as much distance between Kat and himself and for a good reason.

04/28/2007 11:03 AM

"Cannibal" Mathias muttered under his breath. She wanted an interesting experience? She'd get one. He held out his hand and started muttering random stuff under his breath, making a big show of dramatic gestures. Then, he lifted her up in the air with his telekinesis, still continuing the strange "ritual." Finally when she was about 20 feet in the air, he made her float in that same spot, far away from anything to grab on to.

Mathias poked her mind. Nothing interesting...Oh! A theif! Good thing he didn't own anything. Chair Girl? She'll get annoyed by that very easily. Bored with the lack of interesting stuff in her head, he sent the dream he had had before waking up...

[i]A roaring dragon atop a snowy mountain...Dark shadows looming over a glowing purple gem...all the people he had seen here falling into a dark abyss...[/i]

He turned to Laz. "So who's the cannibal?" He said, also while mentally telling him not to tell her that the "ritual" wasn't real. Obviously she hadn't used her powers. "And yes, I woke up. I'm not like Varon. That kid would probably sleep through the apocalypse."

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04/28/2007 5:39 PM

Laz wasn't amused by Mathias' pranks. He smacked the boy in the arm and floated Kat back to the ground. He poked Mathias in the head and said "Listen here. In my mind you are below dirt. She is a few steps above that. So don't ever go poking around in people's minds or I'll break off all your limbs and force-feed them to you".

04/28/2007 7:45 PM

I'll break off all your limbs and force-feed them to you".

"Sounds like fun." She said in a slightly playful yet thankful tone. Keeping what Laz had done and said in mind as well as remembering the unwelcome segment of speech in her mind she wandered back to her chair and sat down looking over the crowd. She wasn't convinced that things were quite right yet she decided that she needed more information.

Kat waited until Laz was a little bit away from the others before confronting him. Smiling she walked over before hugging him and dropping her hood looking into his eyes with her own miss-matched ones. Kat steped back before saying "I know you you hate that kind of stuff and I rather do to but it was an original way to say 'hi'" standing there she sighed unsure of how to ask what she wanted to. "So.. uh whats up with the powers stuff? and can you teach me?" She was staring at the ground waiting to be shot down it didnt really matter after all she was worthless.. but he was the only one she could really go to.

04/28/2007 8:43 PM

Laz stood looking at her in a confused way. He had never been hugged before. He had never been so much as touched by another person. From what he could recall of his previous life he had always been alone. Sure she had only wrapped her arms around his mid-section for a breif few seconds but it was the only real physical contact he'd ever had with another human. Besides getting punched in the mouth.

He finally snapped back into it. "It's ok, I don't really mind it I suppose. About the powers thing. Everyone has them in this world. They just activate all of a sudden I suppose. I've been here about 2 years so I've had plenty of time to train mine. Some people have been here even longer. Everyone's powers are different. I can't really teach you the specifics of your powers until you can use them but I can show you a few things." he said.

04/29/2007 5:23 PM

{great way to spoil a party...} Mathias thought. Oh well. The fool was acting like an idiot in front of the girl. Mathias chuckled, lay down on the ground, and stretched out his powers. A stone a few feet from him snapped. He dug deep into the ground with his thoughts. A small stone flew into the air, falling an inch from Laz. "Oops, sorry!" he called to the two.

Closing his eyes, he started pulling the stones toward him with his mind. A quick thought caused them to rise and move until he was covered completely. [i]come join us mathias everything is calm here[/i] The thought broke through his sorry attempt at a barrier and filled him with horror as he burst out of the pile of stones.

"What?" He asked the kid whose name he still didn't know yet.

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04/30/2007 6:40 PM

"Thanks." It was pretty much all she could say to him as she didn't know him and he probably didn't want to know her. While Kat waited the little voice inside of her that she usually associated with instinct said 'Do you want to know him?' It was a rather stupid question but she still had no answer for it. Sighing she looked up at him and grinned impishly before asking "When do we start?"

05/01/2007 10:29 PM

She smiled at him? Odd. He stared at her with her strange smile. What was so different about this girl? He looked her over from head to toe attempting to hide his eyes from her. She was very pecuiliar. "Whenever you want." he said, finally. "I suppose teaching you how to use your powers will be the most complicated thing. It's your choice for us to get it out of the way first or wait until you're powers have activated. But you won't know for sure if they have unless you know how to use them."

05/02/2007 7:36 PM

Kat blinked and tilted her head slightly, "Wha?" She asked utterly confused by what he had just said. Thinking hard on it she finally made a semi-intelligent reply, "I guess that control stuff would be the best thing to learn.." Kat was still not quite confident that it had even been mentioned but it was the best thing she had going in her head.

05/05/2007 10:02 PM

Now that day had dawned, a burly green man seven-feet high with a thick red beard, crimson eyes, and hands the size of pizza pans could be seen lumbering down the city streets. At least that's what Redd "wanted" folks to see. Really, there was nothing quite like disguising yourself as a giant to scare off those psychic freaks-of-nature. She'd come across one every once in a while - shadowy beasts that raked cement with invisible claws; but at the sight of her illusion, they merely hissed and vanished. {Gullible, oh gullible! They're all sooo gullible!} She cheerfully mused as she watched the creatures flee. It had been such a long time since anyone had seen through Redd's disguises that she was becoming a bit too conceited perhaps. For, as she merrily bobbed along, she didn't even notice the sleek gray figure of the six-tailed fiend following her in the shadows.

Redd trekked on until she stumbled across an enormous school building where the rows of windows winked down at her like dozens of dark, accusing eyes. {Aw, darn it all. This place is just as creepy as the last one. But& there aren't many monsters here, so I guess it'll have to do.} She plopped herself down on a mound of pebbles with a heavy sigh to rest after what felt like hours of walking; then, remembering it was time for breakfast as well, she whipped out a distorted looking purple Twinkie. So what if she wasn't actually alone? To anyone else, she'd just be a giant staring into the sky and munching noisily on a loaf of his big, blue bread. (Although, she really shouldn't have sat on the rock pile of a buried guy.)

05/05/2007 10:43 PM

(Screw you Montage!)

It didn't take very long for Laz to teach Kat how to control her powers. He instructed her on how to release her psychic energy in different ways. Either Kat was a fast learner or Laz was a good teacher. It was probably Kat.

Laz thought Kat was ready for the demonstration so he stood in the street and allowed his psychic energies to flow through him. A thirteen pillars of darkness circled him and then formed into blades. Then he took hold of two and focused his energy again. The blades burst into flames. He raised his hand to the sky and all of the flaming blades flew into the sky and made the shape of a giant pheonix. What better way to demonstrate powers than by showing off?

He stopped his little trick display and joined Kat over by the stone wall of the school. There was silence as the sun continued to rise. They just sat there listening to the birds chirp and staring at the sunrise. Laz looked around and saw the tranquility. The birds were sillhouettes in the trees, the sunlight glinted off the windows, the green giant was walking towards the school. Wait, what!? Green giant?

It walked over to the school and sat on Mathias. It didn't take Laz long to realize that the giant wasn't real. For one thing it's footsteps didn't make huge holes in the ground or loud booms. Not to mention the fact that Laz had been here for about 2 years and never seen one of these beings.

An illusionist. That was uncommon. Illusionism was difficult to activate and even harder to master and control. It drained psi energy with every second that passed. What's worse was that it couldn't generally be used for combat the illusions didn't have any effect on the world only it's inhabitants. It was useful for stealth however. Sneaking about disguised as a beast or another person could save your life, and if the beast was dumb enough you could scare it off with a proper illusion.

Laz didn't expect the giant to remain there much longer. If it was a hostel using the ability he would be prepared.

05/06/2007 5:24 PM

Kat was overly exited with the new knowledge and rather interested in using it, this was further fixed in her mind as Laz proceeded with his demonstration. Rather ecstatic she mulled things over in her head but soon gave up when she just managed to confuse herself. She was about to turn her attention skyward again when she noticed what held Laz's attention. A green giant..

Kat was confused by two things one the thing was eating blue bread, and two she hadn't heard it at all as it had approached. Feeling uncomfortable with it she slowly slunk over to the stop sign still propped against a wall a little ways away and held it ready for the worst.

Her mind told her to run but her heart said otherwise as she stood watching the strange thing. Would it attack? or would it simply leave? She didn't know but she for some reason wanted to learn more about it. She would have to wait..

05/07/2007 11:57 AM

"Get off of me!" Mathias yelled. Actually, he said "Geddovuvmi!" because the giant had sat on his head. {This is a heavy guy...wait...if it was a real giant, I would have heard it walking. So, it's not a real giant. An illusionist...that's uncommon!}

In an instant he could see the being for what it really was. By realizing that the being was only an illusion, he was no longer decieved and so it wouldn't affect him as long as he knew that it was this strange girl.

He dug down deep, searching for the energy that enabled him to do telekinetics. Then he pushed with all his might, throwing the girl off him and making her land a good ten feet from him. He stood up and held the energy in his hand, ready to blow her up with it if she was dangerous.

05/08/2007 9:03 PM

Redd gobbled down her Twinkie with utter satisfaction, and was about to start on another one when she caught sight of two unusual creatures- erm, humans? No, it couldn't be! The only encounters she had with anything human in the past six month were false and far from friendly. She had the scar on her chin to prove it.

"Hmhmhm&" she snickered feeling very proud of herself, "Nice try, you demons; but you're not getting me with THAT one again. Let's see if you can stand up to thi--- waaah!" Just before she could work-up a wind force, something beneath her exploded. {W-what was that?} She thought, a bit shaken. Upon scanning her surroundings, Redd realized that she'd been blown a good ten feet away from what had once been an ordinary rock pile. Now, another human stood in its' place - staring at her hostilely and poised to attack. {Oh, not again! I haven't recovered yet, darn it! What'll I do now?} She panicked as her giant illusion began to fail. {Defense? Yeah, that's it. 'Gotta' think defense!}

It might've been too much of a strain for her to conjure another large, more intense illusion after walking around as a giant for so long, so she decided to compromise. Just as the giant faded a smaller, more detailed image sprung forth: a 3-foot tall red chicken with five twisted legs, one eye, and a lizard tail. As she bade the image to fly, she summoned even more of her powers to move the wind with it so that it appeared to have substance and made noise as it moved. Her monster chicken illusion circled high in the sky for only a moment before screeching and diving madly at the boy with the energy ball.

Meanwhile, the real Redd began making her invisible retreat- moving away in a crab walk to keep her illusion in sight. It wasn't easy maintaining both illusions at once. A few times, she fell down from dizziness and her invisibility faltered; but she was always quick to regain focus. She might have even escaped if she hadn't forgotten about the other people. With a yelp, she stumbled backwards over someone's feet and in attempt to turn herself around, accidentally kicked the other.

The six-tailed fiend that followed her still kept to the shadows and watched all of this with silent, murderous glee. It would wait until the scuffle was over to strike. After all, the weaker the prey, the easier it was to devour.

05/08/2007 9:15 PM

Laz looked about for the creator of the new illusion. It flew around in the sky while everyone just stood there annoyed by it's damn noises. Suddenly he was kicked in the stomach and he fell against the wall. He slid down to the bottom of the wall and fell over, landing next to Kat and on top of something. It felt like...a human...a girl. "Oh fuck..." he muttered under his breath.

He knew where he had landed and was bracing himself for the imminent beating to follow. She wouldn't generally understand, not many girls would've. They would just smack him in the head or slap him in the face and walk off. Just his luck.

05/09/2007 11:57 AM

"I hate chickens." Mathias said as he tried to get rid of it. {It appeared out of nowhere, so its that girl again. Girls are so confusing.} with a blast of his energy, the chicken dissolved into nothingness. {An illusion.} He looked at laz and saw him land on-nothing? No, he could see her now. He shoved Laz out of the way and help the girl up. "Who are you?" he asked while telepathically checking to see if it was a real human. His mind brushed hers and he jerked back involentarily from the concentration the girl had. "Give up, we know you're here."

05/09/2007 3:55 PM

{------!} Redd went into a state of shock as something unmistakably human crash-landed onto her ample bosom. {H-how dare you...? How DARE you! AGH!} She fumed and, in the next instance, lost all concern or focus for her chicken. The poor thing clucked, wheezed, flapped and flickered along feebly until the energy ball finally made contact and mercifully vaporized whatever was left. As for the second illusion- the invisible space Redd occupied only seemed to intensify as she worked herself into her customary rage. By the time the chicken-killer kindly helped her up, she was absolutely furious.

"I'll teach you to fall on me- you filthy, grope-happy jerk!" she shouted, completely ignoring the initial efforts at peace for the moment. With a low, mental hiss of wind, her illusion shattered. There stood Redd- fists clenched, eyes sharp, and face as crimson as the setting sun. The petite girl wheeled on her offender and attempted to sock him in the face. There were two problems with this, however: 1) since she wasn't exactly the tallest gal in town, she'd have a heck of a time hitting her mark when he stood up; and 2) even if she actually managed to hit him, she wasn't nearly strong or fast enough to do any real damage. Of course, Redd would worry about these things and more after the fact.

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05/09/2007 4:41 PM

So the giant was a little girl? This amused Kat greatly, and now that she was visible and obviously furious she wanted to laugh. Laz looked like he had seen the dead, the other guy was trying to mediate and failing. She wondered if she should break it up but for now she was trying to hard not to laugh.

She looked like she had lost it as she burst out laughing. The thirty seconds that she had spent looking things over had been all she could hold back. Now she just laughed, maybe it was because of her own thoughts or maybe it was now because of the looks she was getting but it was oddly funny. Kat continued to laugh collapsing onto her knees still holding the stop sign up creating the image of insanity that was oddly fitting.

05/09/2007 9:23 PM

Just as Laz expected the girl was furious about their little [b] encounter [/b]. She became visible and walked over to him, fists clenched. She was a fairly tiny girl, well... except for... you know. She threw her fist at him but he caught it and pulled it down. "I'm very sorry for planting my face...well, where it was planted. But I assure you it was a complete accident. Mainly because you kicked me in the stomach and that's why I fell over on you. What exactly were you doing on the ground anyways? And why did you kick me?" he said.

05/10/2007 11:45 AM

"I have a feeling her being on the ground was my fault." Mathias said. "I sent her flying to get her butt off of my face, and...you know the rest." He was trying not to laugh, and looked like he was failing miserably. "Hey Chair Girl! You okay or do we need to send you to the asylum?"

05/10/2007 4:26 PM

"Hey Chair Girl! You okay or do we need to send you to the asylum?"

Kat froze in place. She wanted to wrench this guy limb from limb and beat him to death with his own arm and if that didnt work she would steal his organs to sell. Pausing she went over her last couple of ideas and wondered what she was thinking. It didn't matter what did was deciding what to do next. Before that though she said "Do you like your limbs where they are?"

She was calmer now but the feeling of anger was replaced by one of being watched. Refraining from fidgeting she looked over the new commer noting to herself anything of intrest. Grinning she nodded to herself before turning her gaze skyward again.

05/10/2007 7:34 PM

"You know what? That's none of your business. Now let go!" Redd piped and struggled to raise the same fist again to no avail. Her confidence declined as she was reacquainted with her own puniness, not to mention the sound of laughter. {Are they making fun of me?} She wondered briefly. A second Her punch still wasn't going anywhere. Finally, in frustration, she gave up, glanced away from her offender, and took notice of the merry pair- a nutcase with the stop sign and the wisecracking chicken killer.

Smiles were as rare a sight as she'd ever seen in this world, and it was because of this that her temper began to improve. She looked back up, faintly smirking, at the target of her rage. "Oh, fine! I guess I'll let you off easy this time. But only 'cause that last one hurt you so badly." She was referring to the kick. "You are going be okay, right?" Her tone was mocking, but not completely without kindness.

By now, the six-tailed fiend was getting a bit impatient. It paced the shadows, contemplating which out of the newly available creatures it should eat first. The redhead only sufficed as a snack after all.

05/10/2007 7:48 PM

The only fitting thought for what was going on was 'its so cute' but that would just annoy the small crowd. Looking back to them she figured that they could keep themselves busy and wandered off on her own until the sound of bickering dissapated to muted sounds. This place while strange was rather relaxing in her opinion almost too much so..

Kat found herself standing outside of a glass display wondering 'who made all this?' She hadn't seen a soul yet there were buildings and stuff. Thinking a little she looked back at the display and grinned while raising the stop sign. A satisfying crash sounded as the glass broke and a few things fell over on the inside. Hefting her sign she wandered in through the window..

05/10/2007 9:14 PM

Laz grinned at the girl. Another odd one. Were those the only kind of people here? The outcasts from previous realms? He himself could recall that he never fit in. Walking through the halls of his school he heard whispers and giggles. Nobody ever thought much of him. They whispered their insults and jokes to their friends not knowing that he could hear them.

He was always different from the others. In his world he was considered extremely strong, he was the fastest in all of his town, and if you could see him fight... That's all he ever did. Fought his problems. He had only just recently gained memories of all the fights he had ever been in. Bloody knuckles, broken bones, he had traumatized one kid so much that he was in therapy for about four years, he had almost killed one of his opponents.

Laz was glad to have forgotten so much of his memories. He knew they couldn't have been much better than what he had remembered. It was like this world wanted to remind him of just how bad his life was, and just how horrible he was. Memories of tears, blood, pain, and anger. His most hated memories were of his father. "Is this all you're good for Lazarro?! Causing pain in others?! Just because they mock you?", Laz could still hear his disapproving voice. He was never proud of him.

He shook those thoughts out of his mind and focused on the group. He bent down to the girl's level and spoke in a mocking voice, "It's cute when it's mad. And it actualy thinks it hurt me... That's even better". He stood up and patted her on the head and then went back over to the wall and leaned on it, arms folded.

05/12/2007 8:53 AM

"Actually, I think we alrady discussed that I am not edible. Although now that I think about it, you can eat the new kid." Mathias had followed her. "Actually, never mind. She'd be only a small snack." He saw Kat break the window. Relaxing, he sent up a barrier: strong enough to stop the girl, yet weak enough for him to dispel easily. He frowned. Something seemed familiar. [i]breaking into a store. the guards were there. running away. a single shot. mathias wa down. the others ran away. an ambulance. a hospital. not much time left.[/i] the memory faded away. "Laz, can you stop teasing the kid? I need to ask you something." He was panting. He could feel the injury, now that he remembered it. There was a dull pain in his back, right next to the heart. but then something destracted him. He felt psi energy...circling the new girl.

05/14/2007 11:57 AM

"Do you have some sort of moral that goes against taking from people who are no longer around?" Kat asked slightly annoyed by the seemingly invisible wall. Stepping back she sighed before commenting on what he had said playfully, "I would eat her but I was planning on saving her for later." Smiling innocently she wandered a couple steps to another ground level window and looked inside.

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05/14/2007 1:36 PM

"Actually, I realized something. If these were built by real people, then, where did they go? I think we would know if people were suddenly disappearing!" He spun away from her, lifting the barrier and closing his eyes. "I just got a memory of the other world. What if...if this weren't the 'real' world? I mean, we can do things that we shouldn't be able to, and just now I 'remembered' something. I was shot before I came here. Now I can feel a slight pain where I was 'shot'"

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05/18/2007 4:46 PM

"Despite all that why should we not take what we can?" She paused, " I know that there were people but shouldnt we be using this to our advantage? Then afterwards we can find out weather we are alone or not in this place." Pausing Kat looked back to the opening again wondering if the wall was still there.

05/21/2007 12:03 PM

"It's gone-oh, sorry. I haven't really mastered my telepathy. That and your expression gave it away." He opened his eyes and turned back to her. Slowly, three stones rose into the air, circling his hand as he thought. "I guess you're right. But I think it would be funny if..." He chuckled. "If the people came back.'

05/22/2007 3:22 PM

"Well then Laz here would have more people to make fun of wouldnt he?" She said with a grin before leaping through the broken window and into the dark room. Looking about as her eyes ajusted she realised that there was alot of dust in here and that it probably hadn't been touched in at least a year. Finding it all the better she looked around at all of the possible treasures that lurked inside as well as anything that may make a good weapon.

05/23/2007 12:29 PM

Mathias leapt in after her. "This place is a mess!" He started sifting through the piles of junk in the room. "let's see..five cartons with nothing in them, a carton of bubble gum, twelve boxes with swords in them..." He looked at her. "Don't get any ideas. Hey! What's this?" He had pulled a sword out of one box and a box had fallen off of the tip. "It won't open!" He said, exasperated, and then popped the lid with psi energy. Inside was a ring. The band looked like five leaves held together by gems: a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald, a topaz, and a diamond.

Mathias stepped out of the building, examining the ring. "How do I..." A bolt of light shot out of it and it started spinning. Through the light Mathias could see another world. Realizing it was a portal, he peered though at the other world, unaware that the shadows were creeping behind him, ready to pounce.

05/23/2007 5:22 PM

Kat was busy scouring the other items only vaguely eying the swords as something else had cought her eye a room over. Leaping over a small pile of rubble she landed in a smaller room lined with boxes which she took to be a store room.

Looking around her eyes settled uppon an interesting looking box with a dial on it curious she wandered over to it and felt around for a catch. Finding none she looked back to the dial and noted what she recognised as numbers and a line indicating some thing on one side of it. Cautiously she pressed her palm against it and felt a rush of memory..

[i]It was dark, a perfect time to pull it off. She had quietly picked the lock to the jewelery store and had slipped towards the safe. Laying her hand on it she turned it to the numbers which she had spent the last couple months learning, 18.. 60.. 45..[/i]

She was startled as with a small click the door to the safe opened revealing a pointed blue crystal about the size of her fist. Grinning with satisfaction she quickly pulled her prize out before shouting "SCORE!" quite happy with herself she quickly left the room to brag about her find..

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05/24/2007 12:12 PM

The person lay on the hospital bed, his eyes closed. If a person had asked what was wrong with him, the doctors would say only "He's in a coma." They would leave out the part about the coma being induced by a shot to the back, or that he was involved in a robbery. That wouldn't be good. If anyone could get his eyes open, they would be amazed to see sparks dancing across his eyes. Only one person had seen, and had wisely stayed silent about it. The psiworld had to remain hidden.

05/24/2007 2:30 PM

Laz stood against the wall with his eyes closed and his arms folded like usual. The others traversed through the buildings while he stood outside and waited. Things were calm besides the occasional crash of the stuff in the building being thrown about. Something didn't seem right. There was a low growl in a nearby alley, it was an unusual alley, mainly because it was pitch black and the sun was beaming directly into it.

Laz stepped in front of it and a pair of gleaming red eyes shined at him. A row of razor sharp teeth placed themselves accordingly and formed a wicked smile. Laz knew that creature, he had read about it in a bestiary in the town hall. It was a Nightmare, nobody knew what it actually looked like but it always had the same eyes and mouth. He had seen what it did to people with it's tentacles. Not a pretty sight.

It stuck one of it's tentacles to your chest and it dug into your heart, then you passed out and went into a dream state. It took things from your memories and fastened them into fake worlds and fake people that you knew and then everything turned into a nightmare. Hence the namr

It roared at him and shot out a few tentacles that latched on to him and pulled him into the alley. It was dark, the sounds of the world outside the alley had disappeared. Now the only sounds were the growl of the Nightmare and Laz's breathing. It latched at tentacle onto his vest and ripped it away and then it tore his shirt just above his chest. Laz summoned his blade and ignighted it but the light didn't shine. He slashed randomly in the darkness attempting to cut the tentacles and the beast, but it was futile.

The beast attatched it's tentacle to his chest and he felt the sharp pain as it cut him open and attached itself to his heart. Then he passed out, just like everyone else. Doom most likely awaited him. He remembered one final thing before he passed out. If you die in those nightmares then you die for real.

(OOC: ZOMFG Laz gets tentacle raped?!! No, not really. This RP is so...hentai-ish. Why don't we just get all our characters together and have a big orgy? Oh wait, I know why. HOLY ORGASMING ROBOTS BATMAN!! (<---qoute this line everyday!). Sorry i haven't posted in a while.)

05/24/2007 5:52 PM

Mathias turned as he heard the Nightmare attack. He grabbed the ring, the emerald shone with a blinding light, and it became a mace. He leapt into the shadows of the alley. The instant his feet hit the ground, he focused on his psi. He ran a spark through hiis chakras, or points of power, then made a loop that ran from him to the Nightmare. {score!} he heard Kat's voice in his head, and could see Laz huddled on the ground. He sent a message to Kat. {get into the alley here! laz is injured and-} The shadow struck him. he heard a voice: the one he had heard long ago. {if you can only feel the tentacles, use your head!}

05/24/2007 5:56 PM

(OOC: Squeee OMG! That is so hawt! -luffluff-.. ok I have suppresed the lond building up fangirlism that spawned from what you wrote. *mind goes at it again*)

Kat was dissapointed Mathias was too gone and Laz was nowhere to be found. Sighing she stopped next to an alley way, looking back at the crystal she turned it over still amazed by its size and beauty. Every facet seemed to be perfectly cut and shaped, she spent a while just gazing at the crystal loosing focus on reality unable to hear what Mathias had said..

Snapping out of her daze she regarded the gem again before pocketing it and picking up her sign. Hapilly she walked out in front of the alley-way only to be dragged in with a small yelp. The darkness was confusing at first but then she remembered what Laz had said a while back about monsters and it dawned on her that this was no some lame joke. In an instant her panic turned to anger as she felt what seemed to be a tentacle touch her. This could not be happening and most definately not in this way.

(OOC: Whee.. ran out of ideas but I should edit it or continue it in my next post.. Well this is how the edit turned out hope it still works.. P.S. Sorry for crashing your party Rath it just seemed fun ^.^)

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05/24/2007 7:10 PM

(OOC: If this pushes any buttons I apologize but I must also inform you that it's my monster, I make it do what it does.)

The Nightmare wrapped a tentacle around Mathias' arm and pulled him closer, then it cut open his shirt too and attached itself. The boy had put up a bit of a fight but not all that much. Then the Kat stepped in front of the alley.

The monster pulled her in by her leg and tossed her against the wall opposite Laz and Mathias. It wriggled a tentacle up her pant leg, accidentaly of course, and retreated rather fast when it hit a dead end. It went out her pant leg and finally found it's way up towards her chest. It ripped open her hoodie and felt around then it ripped open the shirt beneath her hoodie. It made it's incision just above her bra, and attached itself.

The nightmares began for all three of them. There was no telling how they would turn out

*Inside Laz's head*

Laz woke up leaning against a tree. It was a bright summer day, there was a cool breeze flowing. Everything seemed calm. He was in a familiar park. He got up and walked around. The sky started to turn a dark red. Shadows of people rose up from the ground, thousands of them. Some of them were people he knew, people he hurt. Then the ground shook and a giant shadows rose and towered over them, it blocked out the sun. It was the shadow of his father.

05/24/2007 10:42 PM

(OOC: Hmmm this turned out way differently than I thought it would.. *goes back to much more interesting thoughts*)

Kat woke up shortly after falling asleep but this was sick, and wrong and twisted. It horrified her as she looked across the landscape it was so inhumanely wrong. It was [b]pink[/b], no only that but it was fluffy and all of the animals and plant were happy, sickeningly happy. Every fibre of this place was happy, the strange bunny like things would laugh and giggle as they played among the fluff like grass. It was so nauseating that she puked..

When her vision focused she was facing one of the grinning bunny things was staring at her. She wanted to kick it when it spoke in an almost artificial yet clearly overly feminine voice, "Katherine you shouldn't have such torn up clothing it's not proper." Sighing she kicked the thing away before looking over herself to notice a small tear in her hoodie. Looking back up she realised she was surrounded by the things which were nattering to her sounding more and more disturbing as they rambled on until one of them lunged at her baring a row of moving razor sharp teeth cycling much like a saw blade as it moved towards her.

She didn't quite know what had happened but she did know the rabbit things skin had inverted leaving a bleeding pile on the ground. Grinning she looked up just in time to notice the things lunge at her in robotic order. One by one they were silenced or deflected away, things were going quite well. Kat winced as one took a piece out of her arm, putting a hand to it to slow the bleeding she grimaced and flattened it. At this rate they would swarm her she needed to learn something new quick or she was finished.

She was a mess she had about thirty different wounds and it wasn't getting better, these things were everywhere. Sighing she looked at them all loathingly if only they would slow down. They started again and she just wished they would all stop, and they did. Kat got up cautiously and ran aimlessly away from the things still stuck in their prison. It didn't last long enough as she soon heard the sound of pursuit gaining quickly. Tripping she rolled to face them, the swarm it was like a tide of blade quickly coming to rain death upon her, she wouldn't let it happen, no it wouldn't happen.

When she came to she was still there though things were fuzzy yet incredibly bright. Sitting up she was met with a swamp and floating in it were the things. Drowned, she didn't know how but it was done. All Kat wanted was to get out of here and back to the city, as she sat there soaking wet amongst the dead she cried..

05/25/2007 11:49 AM

Mathias felt the pain as he entered his nightmare. He shut his eyes, hard, until it all faded away. He opened them. He was outside the School. He smiled to see such a welcome sight. Maybe he had broken free! All of a sudden it all went wrong. The ring he had picked up twitched, and the beam of light shot out, enclosing him in a sphere made of a single curved mirror. He saw only one reflection of him, although this one wasn't...[i]him[/i]. This one was older, and looked...dark. This one looked like he wouldn't hesitate to kill his original. This one stepped out of the mirror. Wait, what? This wasn't a reflection. It was himself.

The two brought out identical rings-{rings of twins}- the voice told him. Both became quarterstaves. Mathias thrust out. Dark Mathias dodged, then tried to whack Mathias in the shins. Mathias dodged, parried, and was stopped. They both tried in vain to hurt the other. Finally they stopped.

"Who are you?" Mathias asked. "What do you want?"

Dark Mathias looked at him with a mixture of pity and loathing. "I want...to be you. Only one of us can leave this place. That one will be me." He lunged.

"Flare Imbrium!" Mathias yelled. It meant "dark flame" in an ancient language. Dark Mathias threw up a shield, expecting fire. Instead, Mathias made another telepathic loop. it ran through the ground to Dark Mathias. [i]stop.[/i] Dark Mahias still attacked. [i]stop.[/i] Still nothing. [i]STOP![/i] This time, Mathias felt like a barrier broke inside him. He felt energy rise up as he swung, connecting with his dark side's skull. A wave of power washed between the two, and Mathias felt...filled somehow. He closed his eyes as the light faded. [i]if the dream kills you you die for real[/i]. He brought out the Ring, opening the portal. Through it he could see his body in the alley. He jumped through, feeling himself break apart.

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06/02/2007 10:36 PM

Laz looked over the croud and back towards his father. Gleaming yellow eyes opened and leered down at him. "Lazarro my son! You have arrived! It is time for your judgement! Here you will face all of the people you have ever hurt! Be it emotionally,", a group of shadows stepped forward. Some had the figures of females, he thought he recognized a few, others had the figure of puny boys, he knew them as well.

His father continued, "Physically," he said in his booming voice. Another group of shadows with larger figures, most likely boys that picked on him, stood forward. Scattered about them were more of the skinny figures, people he had hurt out of anger.

His father finished, "or mentally." he shouted. Only one figure stepped forward. He knew the figure. It twisted in and out of small twitches, like miniature spasms.

There were countless other figures that weren't in the groups. Yellow eyes opened on the face of every shadow. They peered down on Laz like a million distant headlights. "The darkness is your weapon my son. But how will you fight when it turns on you?" he shouted. A fog rose to the sky and the day turned to a pitch black night. The only light were a few street lights.

Laz quickly backed up to one of them as he saw the yellow eyes grow closer. He didn't know how he would fight them, there were thousands and as his father said they were made of dark energy like his weapons, so how effective could his swords be?

06/03/2007 5:34 PM

Sometimes, people tend to stray towards being one way or another. They either go towards being the good straight-and-narrow part, or they usually go towards the dark side of life. They had to be one way of life to live if you wished to survive it.

Jacob did believe in that, somewhat. In his view, they had to be a perfect balance between being of good and sound-mind, and being corrupted into darkness and seclusion. He lived within that balance once he discovered his abilities one day in high school, and he could still hear the teacher's scream when he fired off his first shot of shadowed lightning at her, nearly killing her in the process as the bolt was launched towards the head.

She's okay, by the way.

As the good feelings of high school graduation had passed, Jacob knew that his powers needed not only balanced practice, but control as well. This was needed, for when the shadows call for something evil to be done, Jacob needed to be strong against their urges, no matter how strong the call is towards him. It was time to master himself to become the most balance of those who has similar abilities, for the shadows told him that there were more like him out there in a different world.

06/03/2007 8:51 PM

Kat was soaked and rather annoyed as she trudged sluggishly through the corpse infested swamp. It was creepy in its own way as it was still all pink despite the ever present signs of death floating about her. Sighing she looked towards the pink sky and wondered what the point of this was, and how to get out.

She had gone from frantic to apathetic in the timeless stretch that she occupied the world and soon what seemed so obvious finally fell into place. She had to conquer the fear, though what this fear was she hadn't quite figured out. It seemed to be pink but pink isn't very scary, especially now that the things seemed to be dead. Confused she thought back to the thing when it spoke to her and everything she knew about herself and life. Slowly she realised that it wasn't the place or what was in it that she feared, but it really was herself.

"So you finally figured it out?" Kat whirled to see where the voice came from but it seemed to evade her no matter how hard she tried to see who was there. Pausing she realised that things were loosing focus her especially. Hoping that things would just go away she closed her eyes and huddled in on herself. After all it was just a dream right? A self made nightmare because she could not accept herself right?

Soon it was all too clear, she had to do the one thing that she couldn't, or at least her mind said that. Grinning to herself she dropped into the water and with a final smirk she inhaled filling her lungs with the icy fluid. All went black but at the same time life came back into focus bringing with it a sharp stinging sensation just above her breast.

06/04/2007 11:57 AM

Mathias sat in the alley, waiting for the others to wake up. He had had a dangerously close to fatal incedent involving the Ring, so it was lying on the ground where he had tossed it. The nightmare seemed to have vanished. Good. hat meant he could try to see what was happening to them. He knew he shouldn't but he tried anyways. He wasn't known for his ability to follow orders.

He "invaded" Kat's mind first. He was puzzled by a feild of energy that wasn't there before, then realized it was her powers and left it. He closed his two physical eyes and opened his third eye: the inner eye. In it, he was in an empty room, with objects fading into reality around him.

06/04/2007 1:57 PM

It was a nice day out to take a stroll across the city, and that's exactly what Jacob did as he walked down the city's sidewalks, wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt with red stripes upon the sleeves. His hands were in his pockets as he hummed a tune from his mouth, trying to concentrate on the peace that the day has offered him.

He was lucky to have a good day like this, for this was the kind of day to channel his powers and make himself stronger not only in mind, but in spirit as well. The shadows that were within him have been calling him lately to cause mayhem and chaos in the city, using everything within him to destroy and plunder. Luckily, Jacob was strong in his heart and was unprovoked by their calls as he knew that those acts would greatly disturb his sense of balance, and that would be a bad thing.

Jacob takes a right turn into an alley, and what he saw next amazed him a bit. On the ground was a Ring, bright with nice gemstones that reflected in the little light that was there. He bends down to examine the Ring and goes to pick it up when he notices another scene of a young boy sitting down with many others lying on the ground. He quickly stands up and prepares himself for a possible confrontation.

"Hey you. Did you do this?"

One shadow slowly appears around his right leg, swirling around the limb as he slowly approached the boy. He could feel his powers flow throughout his body, giving him a warming sensation that comforts him. Maybe a little too much.

06/04/2007 4:23 PM

"Hey you. Did you do this?"

Mathias heard the voice and, startled, he 'stumbled,' accidentally falling into a strange twist in Kat's labyrinthine mind. There was a flash-for a second he could see her nightmare-then he was propelled out, back to his body. He closed his inner eye and opened his normal eyes, then jumped literally a foot into the air (a little telekinetics helped) as he saw a kid standing there with the Ring. "Give that back. The Nightmare may return at any moment." He realized he had never seen the kid before. "Hey, are you new?" He sent out a telepathic signal. If the Nightmare was too close, it would have a killer migrane now. "I would appreciate the Ring now." He said. He abruptly thrust his arm out, using the One Inch Punch method: a punch stops short but still the target is hit due to telekinetics. The punch zoomed around the kid, then turned and hit the ring into Mathias's hand. "Kid, if you want to keep stuff you have to hold on to it tightly." He then saw-or rather didn't see- the Nightmare. He touched the ruby, then started slashing at the tentacles surrounding him.

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06/05/2007 7:44 AM

"Hey, are you new?"

"Indeed, I am."

The touch of the signal hurt his head a bit, but he realized what it truly meant. The shadows were right about there being others like him in this world. Before any more words came out of Jacob's mouth, he felt the Ring being punched out of his hand as it headed towards the kid. Jacob was stunned by the use of the kid's power, seeing that he was good with his technique and ability.

At last, Jacob knew of an equal, somewhat.

Just then, his vision is focused on the thick tentacles that were appeared out of nowhere to surround the kid, wanting to take him for their own. Jacob knew that this kid needed help in the worst way in order to save himself from this monstrosity, and he was the one to do it. Several more shadows appeared from his legs, joining the one that was already there as Jacob could feel his powers hit their peak.

"Hold on, kid. I'm coming."

Jacob ran towards the scene as he pointed his right hand out at the tentacles, the shadows not wavering from his legs while doing so. He stopped short of the kid and unleashed some Shock Therapy: a blast of dark-powered lightning that is released upon the target. He could see the streaming bolts come out of fingertips as he focused on each bolt striking only the tentacles and not the kid. The hits caused the Nightmare to try and lash out at Jacob with a couple more tentacles, but the focus never faltered as more bolts came from his hands, striking them with more ferocity than before as Jacob could feel the shadows within him increase his mental hold of his powers. Finally, the Nightmare had enough of the painful experience and sunk itself back into wherever it came from.

Jacob slumped himself against the brick wall as the shadows around his legs disappeared within him, his eyes now seeing the kid and the Ring. It was tiring and drained to unleash such power, but it was becoming easier for him to unleash and control it unlike in the past. "Are you alright, kid?"

06/05/2007 12:24 PM

"Yeah, although I'll keep a good six feet away from you at all times. You're dangerous! [i]C'est dangereux![/i]" He stopped. "That was...weird. how did I know..." He faded away as he saw that Laz was still connected to the tentacle. "You didn't...[i]kill[/i] it...did you? If anyone's connected to it when it dies they die too!" He ran to Laz and checked his pulse. "Still alive. That means we can look forward to another incident like that attack." He looked at the new kid. "So who are you? How did you do that stuff?

06/05/2007 2:23 PM


As soon as Jacob was about to tell the boy his name, everything started to fade from his view as a distorted reality was disappearing right in front of him. His eyes was now in front of the alley, which was pitch black from the looks of it. The shadows must have fed him a vision from a possible event, and Jacob was now a bit terrified of what he was about to experience. Was it a psionic message of help, or a warning to stay away?

Jacob quickly takes a deep breath and starts to walk inside the alley, praying that his powers can save him and whoever else is inside this awful place. His eyes could only see the darkness that in front of him, covering his form in the purity of darkness. The shadows within him felt right at home in this setting, but it did worry them that they could sense a creature that was generating this darkness.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

He hoped that something can respond to him as he continued to walk further in the alley, knowing that he was getting closer to something that wasn't very friendly.

06/06/2007 11:46 AM

Mathias's inner eye closed and the figure was gone. {What just happened?} he thought. All of a sudden he guessed. When Kat had started to wake up, he must have been propelled out of her head-and straight into another. He opened his real eyes. Not that it did much good. It was too dark to see. He found that he was actually slashing at tentacles with his sword.

06/06/2007 9:11 PM

(OOC: I will reitirate for the last time, You can't see through the Nightmare's darkness, no matter what. It's pure darkness in the strongest form. I'm sorry if this conflicts with any of your plans but it's part of what makes the Nightmare powerful, you take that away and it makes him pretty much weak. Especially since he doesn't have any actual physical form, you're technically inside the Nightmare itself and it forms the tentacles out of it's pure darkness. Only some sort of pure outside light could harm and possibly destroy it.)

06/07/2007 8:10 AM

Damn, it's dark.

Jacob continues his trek through the dark alley and hopes that they was some way to get through this. The shadows within him continue to tell him to turn back and head back to the entrance, where there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe he should have heeded their somewhat-sound advice and turn tail, but Jacob continued onward. He did feel a telepathic signal that was sent from here, and he had to find out where it came from.

Then came trouble. Several tentacles sprouted out of nowhere and started to attach themselves to Jacob's legs, trying to bring him down to the ground. They did manage to bring him down to one knee, and Jacob couldn't see what was bringing him down to fire any dark lightning upon whatever it was. And, whatever the hell this thing was was very strong in the darkness that it's in. The tentacles struck him in the face and chest to bring him down, and luckily, Jacob was able to take a beating like this because he has been in fights like this before.

Unfortunately, that beating started to turn into an ass-kicking as more tentacles slap and whipped themselves upon him, forcing him down to the ground. In a dazed state as a result of the damage, Jacob finally said, "Shadows...help me....please."

Just as Jacob's hooded sweatshirt was ripped open by the tentacles, the shadows appeared around his body, surrounding his form and making him disappear from the scene. What was attached to him fell from their grip as they returned to whatever they came from.

Everything was a blur to Jacob as the next clear thing he sees was being under the shadow of a street light that was near the alley's entrance. He felt so dizzy because of the travel, and it does happen every time he uses the shadows for travelling purposes, but at least, he could finally see with what little sunlight there was left, for the sun was setting to the west. He took a deep breath and tried to access what just happened in there. Some dark thing that's inside the alley was a living thing, and it was taking either prisoners or no prisoners, and it ripped his favorite sweatshirt. He hoped that whoever sent that telepathic signal was still alive in there, so he could form a plan to help whoever's still in there.

06/07/2007 12:07 PM

Mathias gasped as he curled up in a ball on the ground, producing a quick sheild of telepathic energy around him. {nice job} the voice told him. {It would be nicer if you helped! Is there any way to get those guys out of here? And who was that kid?} Mathias responded, pushing on the sheild a little to test it. Silence. Nothing. Then, Mathias stood up, his sheild starting to crack, and ran to where he hoped Kat and Laz were. {WAKE UP!} He thought. he then picked one up and dragged the body as far from the spot as possible. He tried to repeat it with the second one, but a tentacle was lodged in it, making it impossible. He pulled the first body, and...hit a wall. Turning, he tried again. Another wall. {Oh...duh!} He thought as he turned 90° and ran...out at last. He looked at himself, then at the body...oh no. He had somehow dropped the person as he was running out. He looked around and saw the kid he had 'talked' to.

06/07/2007 12:56 PM

Deav'ion fell out of the air and landed on his back gasping for air as strange purple tendrils came out of a small black ball that hovered over where he now lay. The purple tendrils spilled out of the ball and disappeared as they hit his body almost like they just flew in. As they entered Deav'ion let out a gasp or yelp of pain as if they were tearing through his flesh and enflaming his insides causing his brain to go into a mental meltdown which also caused him to go into a pain-driven seizure.

Almost like it started, the ball disappeared into nothing and the waves of pain and purple tentacles all stopped almost immediatly. Deav'ion lay there gasping for breath as sweat collected on his face and arms, causing his dark long-sleeved shirt to dampen and stick to his body, revealing the strange 'cobweb' like skin under his clothes. "that....was worst than.... when the stupid pyro....kinetics activated..." He choked out through his breaths.

Slowly Deav'ion regained his composure and sat up looking around with a blank expression on his face, wondering where he could possibly had ended up this time. He stood up, causing the chains that were wrapped around his body as a sort of decoration, to jingle most annoyingly. Deav'ion once again scanned the scene for any signs of life and quietly sighed almost unnoticably to himself. "Damn....whatever the fuck you call this psychic stuff... always takes me to some abandoned place on this god forsaken peice of shit dirtball of a........place..." Deav'ion started to snap his fingers igniting a small flame at the tip of his index finger, a habit he started just recently whenever bored or annoyed, and mutter curses to anything and everything that ever even remotely bothered him.

He walked through the streets of the town snapping his fingers softly and searching for something, anything, to try his newfound abilities on. just as he passed around the corner of an abnormally large wreckage of what looked to be a school, he heard some strange noises like that of glass breaking, yells, and normal sounds of a struggle, suddenly Deav'ion became interested seeing as how these sounds were the first signs of otherworldy life in all of his short time of being here.

Deav'ion continued his slow rhythmic pace toward the noises and as he rounded a corner he saw what looked to be a personand some other person running in and out of an alley, said alley also happened to be pitch black. "ohh damn they must be up against one of those dream creature things... wish i could have been involved" Deav'ion mumbled to himself as he walked up and sat on a small dark bench he made using some of his new dark powers and continued to mutter to himself. "hmm this is pretty neat tried this with fire once....well im not gonna finish that little story" he looked up directly into the darkness of the alley seeing absolutely nothing, and waited for whatever was being attack to pop out.

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06/07/2007 1:20 PM

(I'm not even gonna bother... I'm just gonna walk away and find a spoon to remove my eyes with.)

06/07/2007 2:04 PM

((*LOL* Poor Rath))

The shadows proceeded to re-knit the rip that the tentacle made its damage on his sweatshirt as Jacob watched as the sun was finally down for the night, allowing the darkness of the night to take over. If he was to go back in there, he knew that he would be in some real danger. Something had to be done, but it would have to wait until sunrise and some light to be shown.

Suddenly, Jacob's eyes was focused on the young boy who had just escaped the alley's clutches. Oh my God, there was another in there, and that means there could be more in there. Now, a mission started to form in Jacob's clever mind as he walked towards the young man, hoping that he was alright.

"To finish our last conversation, the name's Jacob. Are you alright there?"

06/07/2007 3:16 PM

(I'm not even gonna bother... I'm just gonna walk away and find a spoon to remove my eyes with.)

(OOC: ehh? whats wrong whatd I do?)

06/07/2007 5:45 PM

Kat woke up in the darkness still but this time she wasn't worried instead she faked sleep hoping this thing would think she was dead or at least unable to do anything. She contemplated the dream but gave up due to to much effort being involved. Sighing she decided to move she didn't really care about these dreams much but she knew someone else must have gotten in here some how. Blindly she moved about running into the wall repeatedly before she fell on a body.

She didn't have much time to check but she figured it wasn't Mathias. Soon after that she was assulted again by the things tentacles deciding a second taking was safer than fighting blind she simply tried to stay out of their reach. In a short amount of time she was once again thrust into the dream this time her body laying on top of another.


06/08/2007 1:47 PM

"To finish our last conversation, the name's Jacob. Are you alright there?"

{Let's see...I'm thrust into an alternate dimension, discover impossible powers, and get sent into my own mind by a beast made of shadows. I wonder.} Mathias thought while saying out loud, "Yeah." He sat down, searching for a signal, any sign of life, to telepathically emerge from the alley. "Name's Mathias." He picked rocks up and started chucking them into the alley. This was a nervous habit, and problably resulted in one of the others getting hit. He looked at the kid. "You're lucky. You survived without 'entering'." He noticed something bizzare. "Wow...multiple shadows? You must be either an...umbrakinetist of an illusionist." A plan formed in his mind, although he was unsure that it was his, as the other kid looked to be thinking too. Better not try to find out. "So you can control shadow? What would that do to the Nightmare?" He thought, sending out a shower of sparks into a psyball, bouncing it up and down, narrowly missing his foot.

06/09/2007 11:56 AM

Jacob watched as the young boy, Mathias, started to throw some rocks into the dark alley, wondering what he was going with that action. It'll probably make whatever's in there very mad, and something Jacob didn't want to happen. He looked back at Mathias and nodded to him as the young one took notice of the shadows that were still swirling around his legs.

"I am an umbrakinetic, as well as an electrokinetic. My shadows here are my friends, and I protect them as they have protected me in the past."

That's a story for another time. Jacob listens to the boy as he formed his play toy, noticing the sparks that were created to form it. The shadows returned in him as Jacob shut down his powers for the time being, allowing himself to recharge and think about the situation at hand.

"That thing inside that alley is not a shadow, by any means. If it was, my shadows would have told me, and I may have been able to control it. That 'Nightmare', as you call it, is powerful, indeed. Is there anyone else in there?"

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06/09/2007 12:49 PM

The dream was different this time for Kat. Instead of the fields of pink she was met with a barren and scorched wasteland; Black stone jutting out from the ground almost like rows of crooked teeth. The sky was blotted out by sheets of black clouds highlighted by red and flashes of what she thought might be lightning. Returning her gaze to the ground she was startled but not entirely surprised to notice that it was made up of charred flesh and bone. Sighing she wondered why such a place had been created in her mind and what she was supposed to fear.

She had wandered for a good while before perching herself atop one of the massive stone formations as to get a better view. To her left the wasteland continued on seemingly forever bringing a sense of hopelessness. This was only slightly calmed by the sight of what looked like a forest, though the trees in this forest seemed more like pillars of muscle and organs oozing a strange orange substance. With a little thought she decided that the forest was probably where she needed to go as well as where the dream wanted to keep her from.
Sighing Kat slid down from her stone perch and started off in the general direction of her 'forest.'

The cracks and faults in the ground slowly filled with the strange seething orange liquid oozing from the trees and as she neared the beginning of the thing she noticed that it was a swamp of the stuff only broken by the massive fleshy roots of the trees which seemed to pulse almost as if each tree were a separate heart pumping the strange orange blood. Kat had doubts about this place but knew that there was no better option unless she wanted to wander the wastes forever.

Reaching the closest 'root' she jumped on quite surprised at how the seemingly slick 'root' was actually quite easy to grip. It was almost sticky but not quite as it didn't leave a residue on her flesh or clothes. Looking up from her vantage point she realised that if she could get above the branches there would be a platform above for her to explore. All she had to do was find a hole near one of the 'trunks.'

She had made her way slowly trying her best to avoid the orange liquid as she did not enjoy the thought of sinking into it. Stopping to rest Kat looked up and spotted a hole on a tree just a couple jumps away and grinned, she could finally get to somewhere possibly less disturbing than these flesh heaps.

She had reached about the half way point when she realised something was wrong, there was a very humid and hot wind coming from behind her but there had been no wind here until now. Kat froze she was now prey in a world almost of her own creation, not bothering to turn she jumped toward the last couple of roots hoping she could make it before what ever this thing was got her.

"One root left." Kat muttered as she jumped landing on her tree and rolling until she was pressed up against its pulsating core. What her eyes were met with made her heart sink; there lazily staring at her was what she could relate to a dragon, though this was different in as many ways as it was similar. Instead of scales it had snow white skin rippled with muscle, its opal eyes regarding her with curiosity as well as possibly confusion. She knew she had no chance in hell of getting up the 'tree' before this thing figured her out. Now Kat was left with two options stay still and hope it leaves or almost literally commit suicide by trying to get up the tree. Her life depended on what this massive lizard decided to do with her and she knew it wouldn't be good.

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06/09/2007 5:27 PM

Laz felt a pressure on his chest like something was on top of him. He knew there wasn't anything there so he figured it was just something the shadows were doing. A million yellow eyes stared at him. Lifeless, unexpressive, cold. He placed his hands behind his back and wrapped himself around the pole of the streetlight. Shadows stepped forward and black smoke rose from them as the black 'skin' melted away to reveal humans underneath. He recognized some of the faces but they faded away as the shadows roared with pain and stepped back.

All the while he focused on the one that twitched and convulged in it's tiny spasms. It was easily recognizable because it's head shook more than the others and it's eyes twitched as well. He watched it's head move up and down and got a feel for it's movements. It struggled to get close to him in the crowd but eventually got a front row veiw.

It stepped forward and came into the light like all the others but it was the only one to actually step fully under the light. It's black skin melted away to reveal a little boy about the age of 9 standing in front of him. He knew this face and it brought back memories the drew ink black tears from his eyes.

It was his little brother. The one he had sent to a mental ward. He tormented his little brother until the boy went insane. Finally he was shipped off to an asylum. Shortly after the doctors found him dead in his room. He had hung himself at the age of 12. "Lazarro..." said the boy, he no longer twitched and convulged. Laz fell to his knees and met the boy at eye level. "Razputin..." whispered Laz to the boy.

Laz reached into his pocket and pulled out a small rag doll. It had spikey black hair like Laz and little black rectangles under it's black button eyes. Raz had made it for him. The boy looked down at the doll that Laz held outstretched to him in his hand. "Raz, can you forgive me?" Laz said with the ink black tears still streaming down his face.

Raz grabbed the small doll and stepped closer. He wrapped his small arms around Laz's neck and pulled him closer. There was a flash and he was gone. On the ground where he stood was a silver bracelet that was wrist length with a large gray gem in the center. It had black and white etchings on it. He moved his arm closer to it and it jumped on to him.

The gem flashed and turned a bright white. It glowed and Laz felt stronger. All thirteen of his blades summoned to his side without him even thinking about it. Only there was something different, they were white instead of the usual black. 11 of them started to attack the shadows and two of them floated into his hands. He jumped into the crowd and started to rip them apart with his blades.

06/10/2007 3:31 PM

Mathias stopped focusing on the ball and it drifted apart; he had almost started crying. "I dropped them..." He said as he continued throwing rocks. "There are two I know of. Lazzaro and Chai-I mean Kat." He grinned ruefully. "I tried to let them out but I must have let go." He stopped. He had been about to throw a gold and silver ring. He slipped onto his finger next to the Ring of Twins. A tendril of shadow came towards him as he examined it: the nightmare had found him. He sensed it somehow, and turned around. The diamond glowed red as a vortex appeared in front of his outstretched hand, enveloping the tendril and sending it...somewhere.

06/10/2007 7:00 PM

Deav'ion sat where he was and tried to guess as to what was currently going on. He didnt want to get involved because he would probably mess somthing up but all of the weird stuff this guy with the black hole thing was doing was interesting so he continued to watch from across the way.

06/11/2007 11:59 AM

Mathias stumbled back, exhausted. "Ow." He said as he collapsed. "That was...strong." He slowly propped himself up. "What WAS that? It looked like the ri-oh." He said as he realized what it was. "Listen. I'm going back in to try to help them somehow. Do you want to help?"

06/11/2007 2:36 PM

Jacob listens to Mathias's rant as he continued to throw things inside the alley, imagining that those rocks are hurting the Nightmare that's inside. If it was, it would be a damn miracle.

Just then, a tentacle was coming out of the alley and headed towards the young boy and a Ring that he had just picked up. Jacob and his shadows sensed that the Nightmare was bout to have a coming-out party, and that's something that can't happen. Some shadows re-appeared upon his legs as he ran quickly towards the scene, ready to unleash some heavy lightning blasts upon the upcoming tentacle, but then, he saw another power being unleashed. The ring that Mathias picked up opened up a strong vortex that swallowed the tentacle whole. The shadows told him that this Ring was strong with power, and that it could be used against the Nightmare. It that's the case, then there is a chance for freedom for those who are still in the alley.

Jacob joined Mathias's side as he unleashed the rest of the shadows from within himself and his soul, unloading all of himself to reach the peak of his abilities.

"I will help, Mathias. Let's get your friends out of there."

06/11/2007 3:19 PM

(I'd like to thank the first boss battle of God of War II for this next post.)

Laz had destroyed almost the entire sea of shadows. He continued to hack and slash his way through the crowds. He had worn down the population of shadows to a minimum and now only a few shadows remained. The light was returning to his world and as he destroyed the last shadow, a ring of light appeared around his father. The sun had returned.

Now for the final battle, he would end this eclipse. He dashed over to his giant father only to be pounded back by his large forearm. He slammed into the wall of a building but quickly recovered. He ran at him again and this time slashed the arm away when his father tried to strike.

The white blade peirced the black flesh and left a large white gash. His father roared with pain and slammed Laz to the ground. Laz cut his father's hand off at the wrist and started to climb his arms. He made his way up towards his father's head all the while slashing his father. He reached the head and stabbed into the cheek, he dragged his blades down and left two large white cuts.

He jumped into the air and stuck the two swords into his father's eye. His father snatched him up and tried to crush him in his hand but Laz resisted and broke out of the hold. He cut off his father's other hand and stuck his swords into his father's chest, creating two massive gashes. His father gave one final cry before exploding in a burst of light.

His father's voice called to him inside his head, "You have faced your past sins and have triumphed over your darkness. Well done, my son."

A portal opened and Laz jumped through it. He arrived back in the alley, his blades in hand. The tentacle detached itself and Laz looked at his surroundings. His swords were glowing and he could actually see the light. A pure light.

He cut the tentacles that were rushing towards him and it seemed to cut the Nightmare as well. He felt that same pressure on him and looked down. Kat was laying on top of him with a tentacle stuck to her chest, which was oddly visable (^^).

He picked her up and his thirteen blades defended them as they made their way out of the elongated alley. All thirteen blades stuck into the dark barrier that prevented him from leaving the alley and tore it apart. He walked out of the alley to see Mathias standing there. He layed Kat down against a wall without saying anything and then passed out in front of her.

06/11/2007 3:55 PM

[OOC: I just feel like finishing up what happened in the dream before I catch up]

She had been sitting there for what felt like an hour when she realised that it was now or never. Kat jumped and bolted up the side of the pulsating tree almost horizontal to the ground as she stuck to its side. First she heard it move splashing the strange liquid as it moved behind her. Looking back just before she reached the gap in the 'roof' she was met with a wall of blue grey tongue as she was casually licked off the side of the tree.

She was slowly moved to the back of the things maw now soaked in its saliva. Strugling to breath let alone escape she moved toward its throat and her demise. The long wait was broken as she entered the pitch black of the things stomach. Kat knew it was hopeless but she still pounded on the things stomach walls until a rather farmilliar burning sensation enveloped her leg. [i]She was going to be digested..[/i]

Just as she was about waist deep in the acid the reality rippled and faded to black. Something had happened but she didn't know what. All she knew was that she was tired and wanted to sleep.

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06/11/2007 7:19 PM

Deav'ion witnessed the whole black vortex of death thing, some guy rush out of the alley with a girl, and saw the guy pass out with the girl passed out up against a wall. All of this was very confusing and quite interesting, it almost brought out a small laugh from inside him but he controlled the urge and continued to watch the events unfold for a while until he realized absolutely nothing was happening.

Considerably bored after all the excitement was done, Deav'ion resorted to snaping his fingers and creating the small flame above his fingers, but this time, instead of the normal red and oranges of a normal flame, the flame was a deep black color that slowly faded to purple as you looked toward the middle. Finally done with the excitement, Deav'ion stood up, causing the bench to disappear, and walked up to the two concious guys in front of him.

"Thanks for the show..." Deav'ion said faintly to them and slowly walked away slipping one hand into the dark recesses of one of his large pockets, still snapping his fingers almost rhythmically

06/13/2007 12:05 PM

"Thanks." Mathias oculdn't believe this kid was risking his life for people he had never met. Fake tears actually worked occasionally! "First we-" he was cut off as Laz and Kat came tumbling through. "Umm...never mind." He said as the thirteen blades vanished and Laz fainted. All of a sudden he saw a kid walk up.

"Thanks for the show..."

the kid said as he walked away.

"What was that about?" Mathias asked. He twirled the ring around and slowly thought out loud. "Well there IS a way to find out...but if we ask wrong it could kill us. There is a book in the school library that will answer any question asked if it is opened to page 666, but if you ask the question and the question is worded incorrectly the book will kill you. Want to try?"

06/13/2007 9:23 PM

Everything happen in a quick blur as Jacob and Mathias was about to venture inside the alley to try and take out the Nightmare. First, two other kids come out of the alley as they finally escape the Nightmare's grasp, then this other kid thanks us and leaves.

The hell's going on here?

Oh well. Jacob powered himself down again as he listened to Mathias once again, telling him about a book that could answer any question if worded correctly. Hmm...what did he have to lose? If it meant to get rid of this dark beast, that it was cool by him.

"Let's go for it. If it gives us the right answer, that Nightmare is toast."

Jacob nodded with some serious intent as he wanted to see what more that this kid can show him about the truth of what they are and why this Nightmare wanted them badly.

06/14/2007 11:53 AM

Mathias held out both arms in front of him and crossed them, his hands on top of each other. He then pulled the book towards him. It flew from the school into his hands and flipped to page 666. "Page six hundred and sixty six of the book Book of Shadows, located at the time of this question being asked, what is the nature of the creature known as the Nightmare, located in the alley ten feet north of the current location of the aforementioned book, and how can it be permanantly destroyed?" He looked at the book, waiting for either words to appear or for energy to lash out and kill him.

06/18/2007 8:42 AM

Laz slowly stood up, not bothering to notice Mathias standing a few feet away holding a book. He turned to the Nightmare and then to Kat. She still had a tentacle attached to her. He had to remove it before he could kill this beast. He moved over to her and kneeled down. He put a hand on her shoulder and a hand around the tentacle.

He pushed on her shoulder and pulled on the tentacle and with a few good tugs like that it came loose. He summoned a light blade and tossed the tentacle into the air. The blade flew up and slashed it to peices. Now for the Nightmare.

He summoned all his other swords and stepped back into the alley. He started slashing around and tearing this thing apart from the inside. It shot tentacles at him from every direction but his swords slashed them all to peices and then went back to destroying the Nightmare. He raised his hand and his sword floated above him. The other 12 rose to the same height. Then he brought his hand down fast and the swords all shot down into the ground. A pillar of light shot shout out of the circle of blades.

The Nightmare gave one final roar. The loudest roar ever, he heard the glass of nearby buildings shatter. The Nightmare was gone completely. From the alley. From the world. No trace of it was ever left behind. It was the first time Laz had actually whiped something off the face of the planet.

06/18/2007 12:08 PM

Mathias realized his mistake as the book shone with yellow light, draining energy, light, color, and sound from everything nearby. {I forgot to put in the location of the book!} he thought. But although that was part of the problem, it wasn't all of it. Laz had destroyed the Nightmare before the question could properly be answered.

The light fired: a bolt of yellow psi streaked across the street from where Mathias had thrown the book to the spot where Mathias stood. He closed his eyes, waiting for the end.

It never came.

He opened his eyes. A group of Shadows were repelling the beam. And Mathias knew why. All his memories rushed back to him-ALL of them- as he looked at the ground near his feet to see the truth: the Shadows were made up of THEIR shadows-his, Laz's Kat's, everyone here's. He also knew what happened if a shadow was destroyed. The person died.

"Get in!" Mathias yelled to everyone nearby, creating a vortex and firing a portal from the Ring of Twins into it. He knew what would happen, although his memories were fading again. "Go to the Real World!" Everyone had to get in because once he went in the vortex would close. A single shadow flitted from the group, then more and more, joining to their respective people.

06/18/2007 2:37 PM

As Jacob looked on while Mathias summoned the book from its confines, he noticed the other boy helping the girl out of her bonds with the Nightmare. He would help, but he was already involved with the book and Mathias, but something did catch his eye as he waited for the book's response.

This other boy must have known how to kill the Nightmare, and he proceeded to destroy with his multiple swords and a beam of pure light that came from them being circled together. The Nightmare didn't like it too much judging from the horrific scream that was unleashed from its mouth as it died, being evaporated from the world. He wanted to applaud the boy's efforts, but his shadows were told to do something else that forced him to turn around towards Mathias.

As a yellow beam came from the book, his shadows became unleashed just in time to help various other shadows repel the beam from Mathias. However, they weren't from Jacob's command; this time, they acted on their own to help their fellow shadows repel this strong beam. He could feel their struggle against the beam as it was very powerful, and he hoped that they would be okay against it.

Hearing Mathias's voice, he nodded to the young boy and headed towards the portal that the Ring created. His Shadows, being drained from their experience, re-connected with Jacob as he ran into the portal, not knowing what he will see when he steps through the other side.

06/22/2007 2:31 PM

Laz walked back out of the alley as soon as he saw the bolt rush across the sky and towards Mathias. It was repelled by shadows. Mathias put on a ring and then pointed it away from the beam. A portal appeared.

"Get in!" Mathias yelled to everyone nearby

Laz saw the kid near Mathias rush in and then Mathias moved closer and shouted something Laz couldn't make out. He moved over to Kat who was unfortunately still unconcious. He picked her up and started to walk towards the portal. As soon as he got close enough to step through the portal he could go no further. Literally. A chain was sticking out of his back, it was attached to a hook that went through his chest. The chain pointed in the direction of the school and near the end it started becoming transparent until finally it became invisible.

It pulled on him and dragged him away from the portal. He turned around and the chain moved to his front side. He knew much about everything in this world thanks to the school library. The people that lived here before any of them that hadn't died or found a way to escape had written down most of this world's information. He knew all about this too. It was a ghost chain. Ghost chains tied people and things to this world. If you were connected to a ghost chain then you couldn't leave. You were done, stuck there forever. Unless the chain was broken, but it wasn't easy.

You only got a ghost chain if you had been in this world for a full year. The chain got stronger as the years went by, if you had been here more than five years you could consider your chain unbreakable. Laz had been here two years so it would take a bit of force to break his. His swords might not be enough. Still, he set Kat down and began to swing his swords at the chain. It wore down slightly but not enough. Then Laz saw two glowing figures appear. It was his father and his brother. His father was carrying a large stone sledge hammer.

He walked over to the chain and looked Laz in the eye. "Don't let your memories chain you down my son." he said in his deep voice. Then he raised the sledge hammer and brought it down on the chain. The chain snapped and the figures dissappeared. Laz snatched Kat up and with one final look back at the school he ran into the portal.

06/22/2007 4:47 PM

Kat had no idea of what had just happened as she woke up in Laz's arms. She didn't know that they had crossed into the real world, and she definately didn't know how she got here. Blinking in the light she looked around as best as she could, wanting to see more she rolled getting herself dropped. Grimacing slightly she once again looked at the group farmiliar exept for one who this one was she did not know. Sighing she stood up and asked confidently as if nothing had happened, "Where to boys?"

They had been walking for a little while and things were noticably different, first of those things was the people. Even though this seemed normal she knew somewhere in her that it was different and almost wrong all she could do for now was follow and wait.


06/29/2007 5:21 PM

"I..don't know." Mathias said. He found it odd to be around so many people, but his newly returned memories told him that Main Street was always this busy. A man turned towards the group, prepared to talk, but got flicked away by a signal Mathias was sending out: "You don't see them. You will not remember seeing them."

Although Mathias didn't know it, his reentry back into the real world triggered two events: surprisingly, they both were involving his triplets. The first was that one of them woke from a coma. To the shock of the staff nearby in the hospital, his reawakening was coupled by a power surge. The second one was that the third triplet, swimming at the beach, suddenly found himself propelled out of the water, landing on stone as the ocean moved up, forming a raging whirlpool around him. These events died out quickly, but a certain group of psions noticed the flow change, and turned their attention to the group of travelers.

06/30/2007 10:16 AM

What a trip.

Jacob looked around with his new companions as the real world presented himself to him in a whole new light. The business of Main Street was heavy and with a steady flow of people, and luckily, Jacob didn't mind it too much. It meant that he was back in a normal society, and that was either a good thing or a bad thing for him and his powers.

Reaching his hands back, he lifted the hood that was a part of his sweatshirt and placed it over his head to disguise himself from the rest of the people of Main Street, for he had his reasons. This way, he could listen to the Shadows within him in case anything out of the ordinary happens. If not, he could talk to them like he usually does and maintain his control over them.

However, the first part came first as one Shadow whispered in his ear about the group that was heading towards him and his new friends. They were psions like him and his friends, and that was definitely a bad thing.

"Guys, we're going to have company soon. What do we do?"

Jacob didn't want to call attention towards himself or them by activating his powers, but he did tell the Shadows to be alert in case anything happens, just in case.

07/01/2007 3:44 PM

Mathias's senses bounced up to DefCon Four. "Company?" He glanced around. "We'll need something more powerful than my 'sheild' then..." He didn't see anything, but all the same something didn't feel right. He slipped into third eye vision, overlapping the mental image with his normal vision. "Wow..." He whispered. Everything was vague, with small patches of clarity. Putting more power into the vision revealed the clear spaces to be psi: Implets and Fae were on the roofs, and a strange glow appeared around the group; which Mathias recognized as psi in a form that meant that nobody had 'charged' it to themselves. Another, similar glow appeared around a few kids up te street. "I see them." He quickly told the group where the people were. "It's impossible to avoid them. If we run, they will know we saw them, and may use their powers on these people to get to us. If we keep moving, we will walk into them. If we go into the buildings nearby, we will get kicked out, alerting them to our escape. The only thing to do..." He gulped, then turned to Kat. "When I was in your mind I felt some power activate. If I use my chronokinesis...if I can control it..." He remembered how, before the book's beam had hit, he had slowed down time. It had been involintary, and he didn't know if it could be copied. "I could slow them down enough for us to escape. However, I don't think I can do it alone. Did you stop people while you were in your...dream?"

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