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04/12/2007 10:26 PM

Ya' know, I have a couple of 'em RP ideas in dis head of mine. And wonderin' if anyone would like 'em.

Here is one:
Pirates of the Burning Sea (C) (Yes, the new MMO.)

The year 1720 and the New World is a battleground where glory is the ultimate prize. But when a cursed map his found by a slave boy from a ship now as The Sea's Thunder, an ancient seal was broken. An gate was opened to the Burning Sea, a world within the new world. A race has begun between the Navy, Spanish, English, and Pirates to enter the world of the Burning sea and claim the ultimate prize...Davy Jones's crew and power. But the world of the Burning sea is nothing like the crew of The Sea's Thunder had ever expected, it rains fire, the grass is acid, the sea is blood red, and the mountains fee upon the morals that live in this world. But to find the gate, you have to sail to the end of the earth...and beyond.
Will you quest find the burning sea...or destroy it. But the finder of the map as a dept to pay...to be spared of Bloodfire virus...

Yep, the burning sea is another world. Any who I'm writing a book on this too. Read and review as I ready the next one Rp.

(To be concluded...)

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