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04/12/2007 6:50 PM

A slight shudder went through the plane. Through a minor touch of the controls the plane's pilot, Captain Harrison, kept it on course. He picked up the microphone and spoke cooly and slowly.

"This is your captain speaking. We are in our final approach to JFK international airport. Please return your seatback to the upright and locked position and prepare for landing. We thank you for flying Southwest and I hope you folks have a nice stay." and with that he put down the mic. The pilot was just out of his forties and getting readyto retire, he was in the homes stretch he liked to say. The flight from LA had been long, but quiet, he had recieved no radio traffic since they had gotten inside of New Yorks airspace. It was more than a little odd, but he had finally decided there was a problem with his equipment. It was best not to alarm the passengers so he made no mention of it.

"Remind me to get the radio looked at when we land." Harrison told Peter Jennings, his co-pilot. The younger man nodded. Jennings had flown combat missions in the gulf war and Harrison considered him a good man, and a reliable pilot.

"Maybe JFK is having problems with their equipment." Jennings suggested.

Harrison shook his head, "We lost contact sometime over Denver, it must be us." Jennings nodded.

"We should have landed back then." he said quietly. Harrison was about to answer when the radio unexpectedly crackeld to life.

"Flight 121, you are clear to land on the south east runway, pull in to gate 66." a gravely voice commanded. Harrison and Jennings exchanged looks. It was hardly proper landing procedure, usualy they had to call in. It was suspicious at best, but it proved their radio was working.

"Roger. We're landing in 5." Jennings said into the radio calmly.

"Weird huh?" he asked. Harrison nodded but said nothing else.


The plane began to deaccelerate and bank, turning to land at JFK international. Cassie walked up the aisle of the plane past the few passengers quickly, heading for her seat while at the same time checking to see the passengers were ready for landing. By the time she had reached her seat she had seen that they were. She sat down and buckled up in the seat intended for flight attendants. This particular flight had been long but very easy for her, the plane was nearly abnormally empty, but it was a slow season and with the scares of 9/11 she understood people's reluctance to fly. Cassie did look forward to seeing her twin sister here in New York, they tried to visit once a year and catch up on things, maybe even see a play or two. It was going to be a great Summer.


The passenger in the far back seat kept his eyes on the other passengers, he wasn't tense so much as he was alert. Ian Carson was an air marshal. Although they usualy were only on high risk flights, Ian was on this flight. Call it luck, call it fate, he was here. Ian was generaly an easy going guy, but when it came to work, he was dead serious, the weight of the revolver he carried reminded him of that. The concealed weapon was mainly just for show, point it at a sky jacker and maybe he would back down. but once in a while you might need to use it, but if you did it would have to be very carefully, any misfire would put a hole in the fuselage and cuase a loss of cabin pressure, this could be fatal, for the passengers, and the plane itself. He did breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that the flight was nearly over. But for now, he was still alert.

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04/17/2007 9:36 AM

To any observer Jodie might have looked like she was asleep: head tilted back against the headrest, mouth slightly open, breathing even.
But she wasn't.
Currently, she was running through the bones in the skull, superimposing them on a mental image of a dog's head. She'd already done equine, bovine, ovine, porcine, cervine [i]and[/i] feline.
Previous to the skull she'd done a similar process with both skeletal and muscular structure for the same animals. She hadn't gotten around to nerves and blood vessels.

She loved comparative anatomy but lately, everytime she closed her freakin' eyes..

Ah, she didn't mind too much- with another round of exams coming up it was good revision. It would just be nice if she could wake up once in a while without tongue twistingly multisyllabic words in her mouth.

Feeling the plane begin to bank she sat forward, stretching her neck a little to de-kink it.
Thank God the interview was tomorrow. She'd dressed comfortably-low slung cargo pants, a t-shirt, canvas trainers- so physically she felt fine after the long flight. But mentally.. She felt completely spaced, no way she'd be able to handle it without rest- it would be bad enough with jetlag alone.


After putting her chairback to the upright position, as per instructions, Emi folded the book over and gazed out the window.
Dressed simply in a pair of darkwash jeans and a white three-quarter sleeve shirt, her hair was choppy and tousled- as usual rather than only the result of the long flight, her eyes tired but bright.

She smiled, happy at the thought of seeing her parents. Even these days it was rare for them to both be in the city when she visited; they still travelled so much to conferences and give guest lectures. Her father was consulting on a special for the National Geographic- printed feature [i]and[/i] for the channel- while her Mother was giving a series of lectures in Colombia.

She shifted slightly in her seat as she began to feel pressure in her ears as they banked.
She couldn't wait to tell them about her promotion: she'd been sitting on the news, wanting to tell them in person.
They'd always been so supportive.
Considering their backgrounds she'd been nervous telling them she wanted to be a chef, expecting them to convince her to take a more academic route, but it was never an issue. It was what she wanted to do, and they were fine with it.
So now, to tell them... [i]head chef[/i].
They'd be so thrilled- and, of course, immediately start planning the next step: a restaurant of her own!
It didn't matter that it would take years, they'd be coming up with ideas from now until it finally happened.

She swallowed hard to clear her ears, impatient now for them to land.

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