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04/12/2007 6:15 PM

McGreuder's Bar and Grill sat just off highway 5, outside of a small town called Aladero, Colorado. The name was meant to fool outsiders, calling it a 'Bar and Grill' inspired images of pleasant little tourist getaways, the kind found in any costal area of the United States. The closest thing Colorado had to a tourist destination was the Rocky Mountains. When Daniel McGrueder opened the bar in 1981 he hoped to draw in tourists with pockets full of money. Instead what he got truckers. ALadero was right on a primary route from the East coast to the west, Aladero sat in the Aladero Gap, a Mountain pass that was frequented by truckers in their cross coutnry travels. So instead of tourist trap, he ahd created a trucker haven, and along with the truckers came all the other unpleasant people that followed them, hookers, drunks, and drifters. And so, before his reputation had even begun, it was ruined. Mr. McGrueder wasn't too worried about this though, he fit in better with truckers than with tourists.

It was late at night, the tiem when the bar and Grill did the best. The grill portion was closed and the bar was open and thriving, or as close to thriving as a bar came. It has the usual compliment of patrons. Daniel Himself behind the bar, polishinga glass idly. A band preformed in the corner, playing their own rendition of sympathy for the devil. Their drum set proudly proclaimed them to be 'The Sub-Urbans'. For a bar band, they weren't half bad.

"Danny." one of the men seated at the bar called. The bar tender walked over.

"What'll it be Frank?" he asked. The other man thought for a moment.

"Just get me a beer." he replied.

"Bud or Miller?" Danny asked.

"Miller." Frank replied absentmindedly. "Hey who are these guys? They're pretty good." Danny nodded.

"Oh yeah. They're alright. They say they're from Denver, just passin' through." Frank nodded. "So how are things at work?" Danny asked. Frank was a guard at the Aladero State Penitentiary outside of the town. He sighed audibly.

"Alright, one of our new guys carried on a racket. You know, Terry Georges? The serial killer from up state?" Danny shook his head.

"I haven't followed current events since Ford was in office." he said. Frank nodded.

"Yup." was all he said and then went back to his drink. Danny continued his survey of the bar. He saw a young couple who looked to be from out of town sitting quietly in one corner enjoying their drinks. Chris Tuckett was bragging about a deer he took down last hunting season to a few truckers stopping by. Jerry Arbor was halfway between taking another drink and passng out on the bar counter. Danna made a mental note to cut him off. He saw one of the truckers in the back signal for another round of glasses. Danny nodded and walked to the far end of the bar, a slight hitch in his walk where apiece of shrapnel he had taken in 'Nam still remained. He came upon his sole waitress, Samantha Miller chatting up a Young man who looked to be a drifter.

"Samantha! Get off your ass and serve some drinks." he demanded. The pretty young woman glared at him and grabbed a platter to go serve the truckers, around that time the band wrapped up its song and took their seats in a booth. Danny checked his watch, it was 12:32.

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04/13/2007 12:59 PM

"Drink up ladies. That includes you too, Oz." laughed Trevor Cleaver as he signalled to the barman.

He saw one of the truckers in the back signal for another round of glasses. Danny nodded and walked to the far end of the bar, a slight hitch in his walk where apiece of shrapnel he had taken in 'Nam still remained.

"Buds all round," grunted Trevor pointing at himself and his three drinking companions before throwing a fist full of dollars towards Danny. "Keep the change," he added with a smug grin on pig-like face.

Ozzie was looking a bit worse for wear, as if the last thing he needed was another beer. "Good man!" he cheered drunkenly, swilling down the remainder of his last beer. Trixie, a shapely looking brunette hooker who had somehow found herself in his company tonight simply watched on with distaste.

"Keep them coming big boy," purred Dolly, the other blond hooker who made up their company of four. She pushed her ample bosoms towards the fat trucker Trevor who was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat.

04/13/2007 1:19 PM

The sound of a wailing siren was somehow able to penetrate the bars atmosphere and resound within its walls. Frank turned around in time to see a police cruiser fly down the road, heading toward Aladero.

"Looks like the slammer is about to pick up another eh Frank?" a Chuck Hornell said from beside the guard. Frank nodded solemnly.

"Looks that way." he replied. The police cruiser was followed by an ambulance. At the end of the bar Jerry Arbor stood up and shuffled off to the mens room, muttering something incoherrent. Danny smiled to himself slightly.

"Better he do it in the crapper than in here." he said and sauntered off to deal with his other customers.

04/14/2007 10:08 AM

It was Darren's turn to drive. Him and three of his friends were taking a road trip from Virginia to California and they had been taking turns driving the whole way.
"Hey Darren. Change the tunes," Alex Samuels called from the back of the bus. Darren reached over and changed the radio from Strawberry Fields Forever to More Than A Feeling. Suddenly a police cruiser went flying past the bus with its siren going.
"Wonder where he's going," Sam Fredricks said.
"Who knows. Hey Darren I'm hungry. Let's pull into that place up ahead and get some food," Aaron Harris said refering to a small place off of the side of the road ahead that proclaimed itself to be McGreuder's Bar and Grill.
"Okay. We can get some gas there too. We're getting kinda low," Darren replied. He pulled the school bus that they had modified into a semi-RV into the parking lot and turned it off.

04/14/2007 10:32 AM

Danny saw a bus pull into the quite expansive parking lot of the truck stop. "Tommy!" Danny shouted to the bar's mechanic. The young man looked up, brushing his longish hair out of his eyes. "We got another customer, go see if they need gas or something." Danny instructed. Tommy stood up and grumbled to him self.

"Okay fine." he replied and walked out of the bar, he sent an envious glance to the druken truckers who had two hot things sitting at their table. He opened the door and stepped into the cool Colorado night air. He approached the modified school bus, it looked rediculous besdie the semis parked around the lot.

"Can I help you folks?" he called out to its passengers.

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04/14/2007 1:44 PM

The band was doing alright, considering they weren't playing [i]their[/i] music. Their rendition of "Sympathy for the Devil" was pleasing the customers. Ronny was feeling the music; his hand followed the rhythm with ease. The music sounded great, it surprised the whole band. Ronny was forced to rock out a damn near amazing solo. Towards the end of the song, the band was really cooking. Finally Adam, the drummer, nailed a hard solo and the song finished. Jack walked up to the microphone, "Thank you, thank you. I hope you folks liked that song and we got plenty more where that came from. We will be taking a quick drink break and get back up playing my favorite and yours "Surrender".

The band put down their equipment and headed over to the bar. Ronny was sweating due to the fast strumming in his solo. His wrist started to cramp; he always thought he had carpal tunnel or some shit. Jack called over the bar tender; the man slowly walked to the group.

"What will it be boys?" he questioned.

"Give us a round of Coronas, and squeeze some lime in mine please." The man nodded and walked off. Jack was in all smiles, "Wow guys, seriously, for playing some different genre you guys kicked ass. Maybe we are getting somewhere yeas know?" Adam laughed, "Fuck yea my friend, if this rocked, wait until we hit up our first opener at the Hudson!" The band cheered and slapped hands. They were really excited.

The beers were passed out and the men drank up. Ronny loved the taste of Corona; it was much different than most beer. He swigged his drink and flipped his chair around. The place was filled with truckers and [i]bar[/i] women. He smiled; Timmy really got them a sophisticated gig. He eyed a beautiful brunette. She was just sitting and drinking of what appeared to be some strong drink. He smiled her way, and she smiled back. He turned back to the bar; man he had a way with the ladies.

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04/14/2007 5:03 PM

[OOC: rated 15 for language ;)]

[i]Carolyn's breath came in quick gasps, her trembling knees failing to support her as she finally gave in, and sagged against Rutherford's chest.
The heat of his skin was like fire: his scent, as large and overpowering as he was, assaulted her senses, making her head reel yet further.
Almost involuntarily her head rolled back so that she was looking up at his face, her eyes those of a frightened young doe. confronted for the first time by a powerful stag.
"Yes", she whispered, every fibre of her being screaming its acquiescence "oh yes".
Rutherford, his conquest finally, willingly, in his arms, his years of planning come to fruition, gazed at her and said "oh fuck this is bollocks. I whore myself to a crappy romance novel publisher and can't even do a decent half assed job. GAH!"[/i]

The typed expletives echoed by verbal ones Eva chose 'select all' and hit delete.

"What's wrong?"
Alan raised his voice a little- the band were taking a break but the place was still noisy.

"This." Eva gestured in exasperation at the laptop. "This is wrong. It's awful. I can't write about heaving bosoms and well-filled trousers without wanting to vomit and or kill myself. I was [i]this[/i] close to writing 'take me, take me now'".

She shuddered,suppressing the urge to smack the sympathetic smile off his face.
This was all his fault anyway: who was he to be sympathetic? Prick.

"Look,it'll just take some getting used to, it's so different from your normal stuff. You need to relax a little, you've been working too hard-I'll get us some more drinks."

Her inner harpy shrieked to be released as he stood up from the table- wasn't he just benevolence personified? Prick.
"Something strong. Maybe if I kill off enough brain cells I can write this tripe without gagging."
[i]or wanting to stab you.[/i]
She had to grasp her left hand to keep it from making stabbing motions.

Pushing down the screen of the laptop with a sigh she took a look around,a slight grimace of distaste on her lips.

'Do the roadtrip!' everyone said, 'You can't go to America and not do a roadtrip!'.
So they'd done the roadtrip.
She'd let Alan do the planning to appease his male ego, worrying slightly at how more 'interesting' his crappy sense of direction was going to make the journey.

They'd gone south for a while from New York; Pennsylvania, Virginia, then worked their way generally west, ending up in Colorado.
She'd wanted to angle more south, to take in Texas and New Mexico, maybe do some horseriding, but he'd insisted on getting to Colorado: almost solely, from what she could make out, because he'd really, [i]really[/i] liked Mork and Mindy as a child.

And now they were here: a bar filled with truckers and hookers.

In retrospect the rather obviously large amount of trucks outside should have been something of a hint.
[i]Bar and grill indeed[/i]
Eva frowned and lifted her feet so that as little of her shoes as possible was actually in contact with the ground.

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04/14/2007 5:23 PM

Ed Galvin walked into the bar, he had a wild look in his eyes, he didn't look scared, just reeally, intense.

"Whiskey." he said the Danny excitedly.

"What kind?" Danny asked.

"Any kind." he replied hurriedly. Danny poured him a shot of the cheap stuff and leaned in close.

"So what's up Ed?" the hunter downed the shot and tilted his cap back with a thumb . He leaned in too and said, "Somethin' big." with a hint of a smile.

"Man on the CB was talkin' about lunatics on the loose, runnin' up and down the state killin' livestock an' people. 'Nother guy said that it's a chemical spill makin' everybody go crazy. Ain't seen none myself, but I got told the Cops are roundin' up hutin' parties to go round 'em up. You interested?" he asked. Danny shook his head.

"Naw, I got to watch the bar, Tommy ain't old enough an' Samantha's too busy tryin' to catch somethin'." He replied. Ed nodded.

"Oh yeah." he looked around. then turned back to Danny. "A man said there was fightin' in town. liek a warzone he said." Danny shrugged.

"Satelite's been out since that trucker from Maine clipped the dish. I don't keep to close to what happens in town."

"I reckon i'll stick around for a while. Maybe try and see if uh..." he looked back at several women in the bar. "See if anything's cookin'." and with that, the hunter sauntered off. Danny shook his head to himself and picked up another glass to clean.

04/14/2007 6:32 PM

The group finished their drinks and headed back to the stage. Ronny pulled the guitar around him and started tuning up. Jack walked up to the microphone, "Ok I know you guys know this song, here is our tribute to Cheap Trick, Surrender! One, two, a one two three." The band started up; once again everything was rocking. The truckers were pounding their tables to the beat. The whole place was up and jumping; they were a smash hit.

Ronny was dancing around the stage, showing off his guitar skills. Adam finished off again with his traditional drum solo and the song ended. Everyone was cheering; they wanted another. Following surrender, the band played some of their music. They played their song "Tried once, tried twice". It was an instant classic with the bar; it was a mix of 50's rock and punk rock. Following that they played a tribute to the Stray Cats, "Rock this Town." By now the whole bar was jumping around, everyone was having a great time.

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04/14/2007 9:06 PM

Katherine focused her dark sapphire eyes on the empty road ahead of her vainly. She was exhausted, imagining things, and unable to see straight. In fact, she wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. She had been driving for two days straight, no sleep, only a few stops to pee and eat. [i] There...[/i] she thought madly, figuring that she was imagining the glow of lights somewhere up ahead. [i]I'm pretending again..[/i]

She scanned the rest of the horizon. It was dark. Empty. Featureless. Then the lights were brighter as she drove closer. It seemed to be some kind of truck stop. Inside, she began to pray her thanks. Food, water, gas....all were one and the same at the moment. Pulling her tiny emerald Beetle into the parking lot, she cast a look around at its interior. It was covered in trash, empty beer bottles and random crap. She herself probably looked the same. Glancing at herself at the mirror, it was obvious something was missing. Her sapphire eyes were dulled, not twinkling, and her skin was almost eerie, glowing the flourescent light. There were dark circles under those same eyes. It was obvious she had once been a star beauty, and while some of it remained, enough to shock a man, her disentegration was obvious. She sighed, and exited the car, slamming the door behind her and walking into the bar and grill. She quickly found a table of her own, not looking at anyone. She would eat first. She ran her fingers through the usually glossy now somewhat greasy dark brown hair. It was normally her pride and joy. But now...she didn't care. Her head fell and slammed itself on the table with a thud, and she made no other sound.

04/15/2007 3:26 AM

[i]Yoshimi, they won't believe me, but you won't let those robots eat me, Yoshimi.. [/i]

Eva pushed the headphones so far into her ears they were practically touching the eardrums: but, loud as the MP3 player was, soothing as Wayne Coyne was, it couldn't drown out the sound of the band.
Normally she probably wouldn't have minded the music- not quite her thing, but that usually didn't matter when music was played well and the atmosphere was good.
Tonight she was so irritated she was hating it on principle.

Arms folded tightly across her chest, legs crossed sharply at the knee, her lips tightened as she saw Alan weaving his way back trough the crowd; eyes bright, smile wide, head nodding in time to the beat. He was [i]enjoying[/i] it.
He had a pitcher of beer in one hand, a glass with what looked like a double of whiskey in the other, and, cradled on top of the pitcher, a basket of [i]chicken wings[/i]. A shudder ran down the length of her spine.

As he reached the table she didn't bother removing the headphones.
[i]He knows how I feel about food you have to eat with your hands. Prick. [/i]
"You're not seriously going to eat those?"
She gestured at the basket.
"You'll probably get salmonella. Or something equally disgusting you picked up off the table."
She didn't give him a chance to answer: standing up, she took the glass, downed the whiskey and stalked to the restroom.

04/15/2007 8:19 AM

Danny looked up from his task and saw that another customer had come it. It was a pretty busy night, although by now, many of the truckers in the bar had left to continue their routes. "Samantha?" he called out, looking around. The waitress was once gain trying to chat someone into a higher tip. "Samantha! Customers!" he shouted at her. She rolled her eyes in exaspirhation and approached the washed out looking woman who was face down on the table.

"What do ya' want?" Samantha asked while chewing a wad of bubble gum, she was totaly unpetrurbed by the fact that she appeared catatonic.

04/15/2007 8:49 AM

The band ended and the whole place was in applause. Jack walked up to the microphone, he was really happy. "Alright folks that's it! We were glad to rock with you today, and if you like our music, come see us play tomorrow night at the Hudson Theatre, we are opening up for Bad Religion!" The band put down their equipment and scattered about the bar.

Ronny was interested in that Samantha girl; he over heard a worker call her name. He walked over to the hostess and laid out his charm. "Hey there, did you like that show?" The girl kept blowing her bubble gum; she didn't' seem interested. "The names Ronny, sorry, forgot to introduce myself."

04/15/2007 9:06 AM

This guy Ozzy hadn't bought a round of drinks all night. Just thought he looked like a loser the moment she set eyes on the scruffy bastard. It looked like that bitch Dolly would be earning the big bucks again tonight. Trixie stopped glaring at her 'friend' hot at work smooching the face off the fat bloke.
[i]I guess the night's still young...[/i] she told herself, having a quick glance around at the other men near the bar. Ozzy had nipped off to the restroom and now was a perfect opportunity to get hitched with someone else before it was too late. At that the slinky brunette slipped over towards the fit guys from the band who had just finished their set.

04/15/2007 9:14 AM

Samantha hated to be interupted while she was trying to take an order and merely stared down the guy who was doing his best to break the ice. Samantha's brain jumped into overtime. [i] This guy is in a band, and not half bad. [/i] she thought to herself and then decided to perk up.

"Yeah, you guys are pretty good. More of a Southern Rock fan myself." she blew another bubble and looked back at the silent woman who still sat at her table. "Tell ya what." Samantha said. "Why don't we get together some other time, I get off duty at 3:00. Maybe you could drive me home?" she offered with a slight smile. She had no intention on doing anything besdies getting a ride home. She liked to keep her options open, and if this guy turned out to be a deadbeat, she could move on. But he seemed nice enough so she would give him a chance.

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04/15/2007 10:45 AM

"We just needed a little rest but thanks anyway," Darren replied climbing off of the bus followed by his three traveling companions. They all began walking towards the entrance.
"Nice night out here," Aaron said as he passed the bartender. The four guys walked over to the bar and went in. The bar band was just finishing up one of Darren's favorite songs, Sympathy for the Devil. Most of the customers were truckers and a few hookers but Darren also saw one lady typing on a laptop as well as a few rednecks that probably lived in the area. The four friends walked up to the bar and ordered beers then sat back and listened to the band.

04/15/2007 11:06 AM

The dark blue BMW was speeding down the road at at least eighty. Walter reached down and scratched at the bandage covering the bite wound on his arm. God it itched He began to wonder if maybe it was infected even though he'd washed it out with disinfectant. Maybe that hobo had some weird disease that common disinfectant couldn't get rid of. He pushed the thought away. All that mattered now was getting as far away from town as possible. That place was a fucking warzone with all those escaped loonies running around. The cops hadn't seemed to be having any luck rounding them up either.
On his way out of town Walter had seen one of those loonies take seven rounds to the chest and it just kept going. Up ahead Walter saw the familiar lights of McGreuder's. He maight be a lawyer but he never had liked the high class bars. McGreuder's was his kind of place. He couldn't stand those rich snobs in town who thought they were better than everyone else.
Walter slowed down and pulled into the parking lot next to what looked like a hippie bus withall the psychadelic paint. Walter remembered wanting something similar when he was in high school. He climbed out of his car and walked into the bar. He sat down at the bar next to four guys who were obviously from out of town.
"That yall's bus out there," he asked one of them.
"Sure is. We're making a road trip across the country from Virginia to California to celebrate our graduation from college," one of them said.
"Cool. I always wanted to do that when I was a kid but I just couldn't afford it," Walter said. He turned as Danny brought him his usual, a Bud Light, and began drinking.
"Hey Danny. Did you hear about what's going on in town? A bunch of loonies got out and they're running aroung killing each other. One of them bit me on the fucking arm," Walter said.

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04/15/2007 11:28 AM

At hearing the sound of voices too close to her head, she opened her eyes and lifted her head up. "Just....just a water." she said softly, unaware that her voice was probably too soft to be heard. She wondered vaguely if there was a hotel somewhere nearby. She needed sleep. She licked her lips her eyes meandering up to watch the waitress and the attractive rocker boy. She couldn't really hear what they were saying (her ears felt like they were full of honey or some other thick substance) but she didn't really care. Slowly the muscles in her neck released and her head dropped again, dark hair cascading over her shoulders and in front of her face.

04/15/2007 11:37 AM

[i]Deep breaths, deep breaths[/i]

Eva closed her eyes and tried to breath calmly: in through the nose, out through the mouth.
When that didn't work she dry-swallowed a couple of valiums.

At least it was relatively quiet in the rest room: the noise of the band reduced to a low throb.

She looked at herself in the mirror: did she always look so angry?
Every muscle looked tense, her face tight and drawn: even her pupils looked small- but the valium would take care of that soon enough.
She threw the crumpled tissue she grasped in her fist at the wall-mounted trash can and sighed.
[i]Can't believe I got so mad I gave myself a nose bleed..
Two months, two more months.. then I can get home, ditch Alan, ditch the [b]stupid[/b] book deal, start.. stuff.. like my novel, yeah.. maybe look up old friends.. like Eric, oh yeah.. boy was he a good lay- and he wasn't [/i]half[i] as gay as everyone said.. so what if he liked it-[/i]

She cut herself off mid-thought and checked her reflection again: pupils starting to dilate nicely. The combination of Flaming Lips and prescription drugs finally seemed to be working.

[i]Must be if I'm thinking of Eric[/i]

Finally taking the earphones out she wrapped them neatly around the player and stashed it in a pocket before pushing through the door, the sudden increase in noise level causing her to pause momentarily.
Orienting herself she headed back to their table: Alan had his back to her, still facing toward the bar even though the band had (mercifully) stopped playing. The offensive basket of wings had been cleared away.
She let her hand rest lightly on his shoulder before sitting down, a wordless and synthetic-calm-induced apology.
He was smiling as he turned around- no surprise there.

"Feeling better?"

She nodded wordlessly.

"What do you want to do for the rest of the evening?", he finished the last mouthful of beer in the bottom of his class.

"My toes are cold".

"Okay. Sleep, I'll guess." He laughed and leaned a little closer. "Jesus your pupils are huge- you must be exhausted!" He stretched back in the chair, raising his arms above his head. "I'm kind of shattered too. Wonder if there's a motel or something nearby? I'll wait till the bar clears a little and see if the barman knows anywhere"

04/15/2007 11:47 AM

Ozzy returned from the restroom and notice the bar seemed a little less rowdy than when he had left it. A quick scan of the room with his drunken glassy eyes revealed his companions were nowhere to be seen.

"Trev?" he muttered inaudibly as he shuffled unsteadily amongst the tables, still carrying his half full bottle of Bud. It wasn't like the big man to go sneaking off without him, and he though he'd been getting along fine with Trixe.

Ozzy slumped into a seat at an empty table and stared blankly at the bottle of beer in his hand. Looking somewhat downbeat he sighed before taking a long swig, emptying it of it's contents.

04/15/2007 11:51 AM

Tommy watched the kids walked apst him. "Damn hippies." he muttered under his breath and walked back into the bar. Things had really quieted down now that the band had stopped playing and msot of the guests were gone.


Samantha sent a hateful glare to the seemignly unconcious woman. "I got to go. But you just wait right here for me Ronny." She walekd off, trying to do her best ladylike walk
away from him.


Danny raised an eyebrow. "Ya don't say Walter. Recokn that's pretty bad. Ed told me they got huntin' parties out lookin' for them." he stopped polishing a glass and listened intently. "Y'all shut up for a second!" he shouted to everyone in the bar. It fell quiet. "There's shootin' in town." he said. Sure enough bursts of gunfire could be heard through the bar's thick walls. Ed grabbed his hat and stuck it back on his head. Then rushed out the door, several other truckers and locals followed him. He also saw Tommy and Samantha run outside. He figured he had no choice but to follow.

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04/15/2007 11:58 AM

Hearing the distant shots, the waspish woman lifted her head to blearily watch people exit the bar as quickly as they could. Vaguley she wondered what was going on but at that particular moment, sleep sounded much better. She adjusted herself, laying with her head in her arms, and fell promptly asleep.

04/15/2007 12:00 PM

"Y'all shut up for a second!" he shouted to everyone in the bar. It fell quiet. "There's shootin' in town." he said. Sure enough bursts of gunfire could be heard through the bar's thick walls. Ed grabbed his hat and stuck it back on his head. Then rushed out the door, several other truckers and locals followed him.

Ozzy sat jolt upright when Danny announced the news of the shootings. Sure enough he could her the sound of distant gunfire from here. Still clutching the empty bottle of Bud, Ozzy jump up from his chair and followed the small group outside.

04/15/2007 12:01 PM

Darren and his friends got up along with the main crowd and rushed outside folloed by the guy in the business suit who had said he liked their bus. Everyone was standing around listening to the gushots coming from the city. Darren looked in that direction and saw a large plume of smoke stretching into the sky. He caught a glimpse of a shape that looked like a helicopter flying over the city.
"What the fuck is going on over there?" Aaaron mumbled.

04/15/2007 12:08 PM

Alan looked stunned at the announcement.
Eva just wished she'd had the foresight to order an extra drink.
"Bloody Americans and their guns. Pricks."

"Shush, for God's sake!". He took her hand and tried to get her up from her seat.
"C'mon- I want to know if we need to leave, better follow them".

"Yeah, whatever. Maybe we'll end up in a real-American-gunfight on our real-American-roadtrip, eh? That'd be a story."

"Well, we can hope- now come on!"

Reluctantly, Eva finally stood, and the two made their way to the door.

04/15/2007 12:20 PM

"I got to go. But you just wait right here for me Ronny." She walked off, trying to do her best ladylike walk away from him.

Ronny smiled and watched her walk away. He normally didn't go for that type of girl, but she seemed ok. Before Ronny could follow, the bar owner yelled for everyone to stop talking. If you were in a stadium and everyone went quite for the national anthem; yea, that's how it felt in the bar. Ronny faintly heard the loud cracks from the gunshots outside.

In a quick second, the whole bar stampeded out the door; one person after another. The band grouped together, Jack was a little bit worried. "You think we should go out guys?" The other three went silent, Ronny raised his voice. "I guess, I mean no ones in here." Jack nodded and the four went outside. Ronny quickly grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it; just for protection.

After the detour, Ronny was back outside with everybody. They were all starring down the empty road.

04/15/2007 12:20 PM

The small group of people otuside the bar began to shrink again. Most of the truckers decided to get gone as fast as they could, loading up in theri big rigs and hauling tail away from Aladero. THe huge gravel parking lot of McGrueder's was nearly deserted now, only a psycadelic school bus, and small collection of pickups remained. The occaisional popping of gunfire was supplemented by the ripping sound of automatic weapons.

"Sheeet...would'ya listen to that." Ed said in awe.

"Like Denang." Danny muttered and rubbed his leg. He heard the approaching sound of vehicles. All eyes looked to the sound, it was a lone station wagon flying down the road, leaving Aladero at top speed. Another sound could gradualy be heard. It was a siren. A cop car was comming down the road heading for Aladero. Danny watched as the cop car swerved to avoid hittign the car. Then he saw as the car swered to match, they colided nearly head on. Danny saw the cop car spin violently to one side and the station wagon tumble end over end and come to a stop in a ditch beside the road.

"Christ!" Ed shouted in suprise. At first there was jsut shock but then a man wearing a shirt that proclaimed him to be 'Carl' of 'Universal Hauling' started off toward the station wagon. "GO check the cop!" he shouted back at the others. Ed Galvin followed after him to help.

04/15/2007 12:28 PM

The loud crash of the cop car, amid the rumbling of heavy diesel engines woke Kat back up and she glanced around the empty bar. And she still didn't have her water. Grumbling to herself, Kat stood, wondering exactly what could be going on outside to clear the bar so quickly. Curious despite her sleepiness, she stood and brushed some of the wrinkles out of her clothes and hurried outside.

There were bright headlights everywhere, and she stared in shock at the accident that had just occured. Spotting the waitress among the crowd as well as a few somewhat familiar others, she ran towards them. "What is happening?" she asked hurriedly, her sapphire eyes darting back and forth among them.

04/15/2007 12:36 PM

Cops were not exactly at the top of Ozzy's favourite persons list in his current state of drunkenness and uncharacteristic self pity. He paused for a moment, more concerned were his best friend Trevor and the two girls had vanished to since Trev's truck was nowhere to be seen.

"Son of a bitch!" he cursed and spat on the ground.

Shaking his head in drink fuelled frustration he reluctantly set off jogging towards the crunched up cop car which had spun off to the opposite side of the road.

04/15/2007 12:38 PM

Samantha looked back at the woman. "Been a wreck...what do ya' think?" she repleid in annoyance. Frank and Chris Tuckett had reached the police cruiser. A tall lanky state trooper jumped out of it.

"Good day! Is that guy okay?" he asked pointing at the wrecked car. The three men looked over and saw Ed laying his jacket over a body they had pulled from the car. Carl took off his cap.

"Oh man...I-I...I didn't mean to kill the guy, he did swerve in front of me though!" he said trying to stay calm and not succeding.

04/15/2007 12:39 PM

It all happened so fast. The cop car just flipped over and skidded. Ronny was speechless; this town seemed nuts. A few others ran over to check if the police officer was alright, but Ronny stayed back. He realized they weren't the last ones out of the bar. A woman walked out, all confused.

"What is happening?" she asked hurriedly, her sapphire eyes darting back and forth among them.

Ronny shrugged, "Don't know. We just came out here and this car just [i]died[/i]." He didn't get a remark back; he just walked away from the group. Slowly he made is way over to the others to check on the scene. They were kneeling down near the totaled vehicle.

04/15/2007 12:43 PM

Hesitating slightly, she sighed and walked over as well. She really didn't want to get involved, but if someone was hurt, she supposed she didn't have much choice. So she followed the rocker boy over to the car, scanning its remains sadly. Poor fella. Distantly hearing the voice of the man who hit the car, she sighed. Just another accident, no big deal. "Oh well." she said quietly, trying to find the wrecked remains of the cop inside the car with her eyes only. No way was she getting any closer.

04/15/2007 12:46 PM

"Oh Jesus!"
Eva's hand reached out automatically for Alan's arm, gripping it tightly enough to leave marks.
She couldn't take her eyes away from the crash: it was just like people always said.
"Should we.. should we help?" Alan turned towards her, eyes large in shock.
"Help? Wha... I don't know first aid.. you.. oh God."
Her stomach flipped as one of the men who'd gone to the cars lay a coat over the person- body- he'd pulled from the wreckage.
"Oh God.."

04/15/2007 12:48 PM

The police officer seemed to be fine, but the other guy involved in the wreck was pushing daisies. The cop was trying to remain clam, but you knew he was a mess; hell who wouldn't in this situation. Ronny shook his head; he felt sorry for the guy. The band ran over and so did everybody else. The biggest surprise was that the cop was ok, his car seemed more wrecked.

Adam starts shouting, "Whoa damn dude! What the fuck happened?" Ronny punched Adam in the shoulder, "Dude be quite." Eventually everyone started heading back, Ronny couldn't help but ask the bar tender if he knew what was going on. "Hey dude, do you know what's going on?"

04/15/2007 12:51 PM

"Oh man...I-I...I didn't mean to kill the guy, he did swerve in front of me though!" he said trying to stay calm and not succeding.

"What the hell's going on here Officer!!?" asked Ozzy approaching the small group standing by the wrecked cop car which including Frank, Chris and the extremely shaken State Trooper.

Oz was slow to catch on the other driver had just been killed, but as studied the other men's faces he realised the worst had just happened. Glancing round he saw Ed covering up a body. Turning back to the cop he wished he could swallow his insensitive words.

04/15/2007 12:55 PM

Danny turned to look at the band guy who had spoken but before he could answer he was interupted.

"Hey man! That guy ain't dead!" one of the truckers shouted to Carl. He turned around. The man he had jsut covered had sat up. Ed jerked the coat off of him.

"Buddy are yo-" his voice caught in his throat. The man's neck slewed at an odd angle, his neck was broken clearly. Ed's hand trembled and he dropped the jacket. The formerly dead an's eyes had a strange, empty quality to them. Carl ran over and skidded to a halt at the sight of the man. He was about to speak weh the station wagon driver locked eyes with him. His lips peeled back and he let out a snarl. Faster than Ed thought possible, the man lept to his feet and grabbed Carl. Then to his horror sank histeeth into his face. Carl's screams became gurgled and blood from his torn off nose ran into hsi mouth. The two men went down and began to strugle on the ground. Ed imedeatly ran for his life back toward the bar.

"It's one of them lunies!" he shouted as he fled.

"Shit in a hat!" the State trooper blurted and drew his revolver, running to Carl's aid. Chris followe dright behidn him. Danny held his ground and watched. The other trucker who ahd pointed out that the man was alive ran for him too. All Danny could do was watch in horror as the station wagon driver continued to feast on Carl's face.

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04/15/2007 12:59 PM

Unable to restrain her scream, Kat let out a bloodcurdling shriek, also unable to tear her eyes from the horrible sight. Slowly she began backing away, trying to figure out where her car was located from where she was standing. What kind of a crackhouse town had she dropped herself into? She might as well keep going - she felt the sudden urge to throw up, watching the flesh be torn from the poor man's face. Surely he was already dead, but what the hell was wrong with the thing eating his face? What...WAS he? There was no way it was human.

[Edited by CandlestickJay on Sunday, April 15, 2007 1:35 PM]

04/15/2007 1:08 PM

(OOC:CandlestickJay I think you have a slight Cop/Station Wagon driver mix up :) )

"Shoot the bastard!" Ozzy screamed at the cop, but rather than running to aid him he turned and fled back towards the bar.

04/15/2007 1:09 PM

"Shut up! Move!" Eva pushed Alan back through the door into the bar, heart pounding frantically against her ribs.
[i]ohmigodohmigodohmigod.. rabies? Do they have rabies here? ohmigod..[/i]

She pushed him far back in the room, well away from the door, cursing as she realised they should have headed for the car instead. Now they'd have to listen to loud and probably gung-ho Americans arguing about what to do. They were outside during the crash, too, so they'd probably be made to stay by that cop to give statements.

[i]Perfect. Can rabies even do that.. Jesus.. [/i]

"Jesus, Eva.. Jesus.. did you.. Jesus.."

"Oh sit down, for God's sake." She pushed him down into a chair: he obliged limply.
"Take one of these." She placed a valium into his hand and wondered if they still had time to leave.

04/15/2007 1:10 PM

[OOC:it wasn't the cop who was eating him, the other driver]

The state trooper slid to a halt, Chris and the other trucker beside him.

"Freeze!" he shotued, aiming his revolver at the grotesqe sight. The man stopped his gory feast and looked at the cop. He stood up, his body and head swaying. Then to everyon's shock, Carl stood up as well, blood dripped from his ruined face.

"Jeesus." Chris yelped and pissed his pants. The two men charged at the cop. He backed up rapidly. "Halt!" he screamed. Whe the man didn't he fired two shots. Both rounds tore through the man's rib cage and he stumbled, but kept comming. The cop fired the remainder of his shots with no effect.

"Everybody back in the bar!" Danny yelled and then ran for the bar as fast as he could go.

The station wagon driver tackled Chris Tuckett who was too scared to move. The cop booked it for the bar, not looking back. The other truck driver pulled a buck knife from his boot and plunged it into the attcker side, he didn't even seem to notice while he chowed down on Chris's arm.

"Wha-" the trucker got tackeld by Carl who ate at his legs, tearing open his jeans to get at them.

Tommy vomited in the gravel at the site, but followed his boss back into the bar. Ed Galvin pushed past him to get inside and the cop was right behind him.

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04/15/2007 1:36 PM

((Yeah, I realised that, sorry guys for the mix up.))

04/15/2007 1:45 PM

Oz ran back into the bar feeling considerable more sober than when he had left it only minutes ago. Once inside he set about breaking on of the heavy wooden bar stools by picking it up and smashing it against the lower part of the bar. It took several attempts but eventually one of the legs came loose from it's horizontal support. By tilting it upside down and standing on it he managed to pull it free, creating himself a decent sized makeshift bat.

04/15/2007 1:56 PM

Almost everyone was in the bar. But a few truckers and drifters were caught outside when the psycos reached the bar. Frank was inside and watched throught the bar windows, it was a bloodbath, nothing they did slowed their opponents down, and everyone they bit got up after only a moment or tow and began attacking the others.

"Help me with the door!" The state trooper shouted while tryign to close it. Frank and Tommy added their weight to his, but the forces on the other side of the door were winning. Danny vaulted the counter, not an easy feat for a man his age.

"Move!" he yelled after pulling out a sawed off, double barrle shotgun from under the bar counter. The three men at the door moved out of the way and Danny squeezed the firs trigger. The gunblast knocked the cannibalistic trucker back a step. Danny fired the second barrel, this time the blast caught the trucker in the head and knocked him to his back. Frank slammed the door and Tommy wedged a chair under the handle and threw the deadbolt into place. The other former victims now beat on the picture windows of the bar.

"They're gonna get insdie!" Samantha screamed in fear. Danny put the now empty gun down.

"It's shatter proof, had it installed after a break in two years back. The cop sat down shakily and wiped his forhead.

"Damn...dispatch was right abotu those things." he said to himself.

Ed Galvin stared at Chris Tuckett as he clawed at the glass and snarled.

"What's wrong with them?" he asked. The cop shrugged.

"My name is Lucas by the way. Officer Lucas." and wit that he shut up. Danny poured hismelf a drink, he didn't bother to look at what it was.

04/15/2007 2:20 PM

Oz raised the sturdy looking weapon and stepped forward in time to see the situation had already temporarily been taken care of.

"Oh," he muttered to himself shrugging while looking a little lost and slightly flustered. He lowered the bat and strode over to the Officer who was just introducing himself to Danny.

"Hey Officer, what the hell's going on? Have you called for back-up? Is anyone aware of the situation we have here?"

04/15/2007 2:33 PM

Lucas turned to face the man. He seemed confused for a second.

"Oh right backup." he grabebd his radio and spoke quickly. "Dispatch this is 10 13 I'm dow in..."

"McGrueder's Bar and Grill." Danny supplied.

"McGrueders bar and Grill. My cruiser's toast, had a head on with another guy." he paused for a moment and listened, he only heard silence.

"Dear God. They're all dead!" Samantha shouted is suprise. Lucas looked around.

"Maybe the attena's down." he suggested.

"We need to do soemthin' about these here windows and doors." Danny said.

"You siad they were shatter proof!" Lucas said with sudden shock.

"Yeah. But they might not holdd forever." Danny motioned to the group of easily a dozen of the things banging on the windows. "We should get some of these tables and chair up against the widnows. Tommy get the nail gun from the storeroom. And you-" he pointed to the drunk with the stool leg. "Help me get these tables up."

04/15/2007 2:34 PM

Ronny was speechless. He stood there eyeing the beast eating away at the truck driver. He hadn't noticed that everyone ran back inside the bar. The drifters that were outside with him were being pulled down left and right. He started backing up, only to bump into one of the attackers. He ducked out of the grasp of the vigilante and sprinted to the entrance.

"[i]Damn[/i] they boarded it up." Ronny kept hitting the door, but it wouldn't barge. Before the crazies could get to him, he ran to the back of the bar. Hopefully there was a back door; thank God there was. Suddenly Ronny heard a gunshot; they must have got to the entrance.

With as much force as he could, Ronny started banging on the back door. "HELLO! ANYONE? I AM STILL FUCKING OUTSIDE!"

04/15/2007 2:38 PM

Samantha heard the voice.

"Oh my God! Danny! Ronny's outside! he's at the Grill entrance!" Danny turned to look. Several of the things at the window also heard his screams and ran for the back of the bar. "Come on!" Danny shouted, reloading his shotgun on the way.

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04/15/2007 2:42 PM

And you-" he pointed to the drunk with the stool leg. "Help me get these tables up."

Oz picked up one end of a heavy table up only for Danny to run off and leave him struggling.
"Hey- Someone give me a hand here!"

04/15/2007 2:44 PM

Ed watched as Danny and the others rushed off, he grabbed the other end of the table and helped the man.

"There we go." he said and propped in agaisnt the widnow they were blocking.

04/15/2007 2:50 PM

Ronny kept banging on the door, "Hurry the fuck up will yea!" To make matters worse, he heard the rapid footsteps of his predators. "Shit! They are headed back here." Ronny started punching the door, creating a much larger racket. His fist began to bleed; luckily it wasn't his strumming hand.

Around the corner came the attackers, they were eyeing their prey. "You have got to be kidding me!" Ronny just realized that he still had the broken beer bottle in his hand. He started juggling it around, "That's right, come here fucking bastards." One of the creatures lunged towards Ronny, but only to be met by shards of glass in his skull.

The man dropped right from the blow. Ronny just starred at the guy he just killed; "No shit..." He turned and started banging on the door again, not caring about the other predators coming near him, "Please, God someone open the door!"

04/15/2007 2:52 PM

Eva just about resisted the urge to curl up into a little ball.
If it wasn't for the valium she probably would have.

Chaos seemed to reign inside the bar: those.. people- there seemed to be more than just the one involved in the crash, now- were pounding at the windows, people [i]inside[/i] were yelling, the waitress seemed like she was near hysteria.

[i]Can't be rabies.. too quick..[/i]

"Get up, go help them at the back!" she tried to spur Alan up, get him to do something, ineffectual though it might be.

She started moving chairs out of the way of the tables so they could be dragged more easily.

04/15/2007 2:58 PM

With the help of Ed and young woman who was moving the chair out of the way, Ozzy managed managed to prop the sturdy old tables in front of the remained of the windows. He wasn't quite sure how effective they would be, but it felt better to be doing something which seemed to help the situation, no matter how small. If nothing else, not actually being able to [i]see[/i] what was going on outside might help to calm people a little.

"Where's this fucking nail gun someone mentioned?"

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04/15/2007 3:00 PM

Danny threw open the back door and stepped out, holding the shoptgun in front of him. He saw the fallen atacker with the broekn bottle lodged in his head. He then thought back to the one he blew out of the doorway, it had taken a hit to the head and goen down to.

"Get inside!" he shouted to the band member. The things rushed him. Danny was all to aware that he only had two shots. He fired once and took off the lead oen's head in a shower of blood.

04/15/2007 3:04 PM

Ronny sprinted inside only to trip himself. His band members rushed to him. Jack hugged him as if he were his own son. "Dude, we thought you were fucked!" Ronny pushed Jack off of him, "Yea thanks for leaving me there, you sonsofvabitch." Jack started laughing, "Well, glad to know your ok." Ronny got up and went back to the bar tender. He put out his hand, "Uh, yea, thanks for saving my ass back there."

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04/15/2007 3:14 PM

Danny simply nodded. "You boys nail up this door to. And these windows." he motioned around to the Grill portion of the bar, which looked like any other roadside resturant. Many patrons weren't even aware this section exisited, that or the convinience store portion. He handed the boy he had just saved a hammer and some nails.

"Use the tables and chairs. Start with the windows." and then he left. Lucas follwoed him out.

"Ronny? Are you alright?" Samantha asked nervously.

[Edited by Dexter_Attari on Sunday, April 15, 2007 3:19 PM]

04/15/2007 3:42 PM

"Use the tables and chairs. Start with the windows."

Ronny nodded and took the hammer; least he could do was help out. He quickly turned to see a worried Samantha.

"Ronny? Are you alright?" Samantha asked nervously.

Ronny laughed, "Yea, I have been through worse. Sad though, I don't think I'll be able to give you that ride home." Samantha smiled, he of course winked back. Not even continuing the conversation, he walked off to help the guys board up the windows; he wanted to make Samantha want more.

The crew took some tables and a few nails and started pounding away. They boarded up most of the windows in the Grill portion and then headed back to the bar. Ronny wiped the sweat from his brow; they had a lot of work ahead of them.

04/15/2007 4:28 PM

Samantha was still too scared to be offended so instead she followed Danny back into the bar. Danny looked out over the meager group that had survived the attack.

"Alright Y'all. We got some work to do. It may be a while before help shows up. We should board this place up, nice and tight. The Qwik Stop, the bar, and the grill all need to be locked down. My place is upstairs and the backroom ain't got no widnows." he looekd around and counted heads.

"So how many people we got in here?" he counted to about 15.

"Fifteen of us? sounds about right." Ed sat down at the bar.

"You got a radio in here?" he asked. "Maybe we can find out what's goin' on." Danny shook his head.

"For tonight, we stay here, after we board up, I reccomend we get some rest, sleep in shifts..." he looked at the window, "I don't reckon those things can break in, but they may try. Then we'll make a plan."

04/15/2007 5:13 PM

Ronny volunteered to stay up tonight; he didn't feel like sleeping. It was him and the bar tender that were awake. Everyone was trying to sleep. Ronny looked around the bar; Adam was passed out on a booth, Jack was on the floor, and Travis was face down on a table. He couldn't help but chuckle; they had been best friends since God knows when.

Ronny's fist was in pain; he forgot about it. It was bruised and bloody. He walked over to the bar tender and asked him for some water. Ronny sat down and waited for him to return. When he did, Ronny thanked him and poured it on his hand. He looked up at the man. "Hey, buddy, what's your name?"

04/15/2007 5:15 PM

Walter was lifting a table to nail over one of the windows when there was a sharp pain from the bite on his arm which had gone almost completely numb. He released the table and it crashed to the floor while he gripped his arm.
"Are you okay dude?" asked one of the kids that owned the bus.
"Yeah. It's just this damned bite," Walter replied.
"Maybe you should go sit down dude. I can get this table up then I can get my friend Alex to take a look at that bite. He took some first aid courses in college," the kid replied.

Darren watched as the guy in the business suit walked towards one of the bar stools. The guy looked like he was in pretty bad shape. His skin had a yellowish-grayish tint to it and his eyes were really bloodshot. Darren turned back to the task of putting up the table. When he finished he went over to Alex and told him about the guy. The two friends walked over to where the guy was sitting and got the guy to remove his bandage.The guy pulled the bandage off to reveal a disgusting wound. It had some sort of yellow pus leaking from it and there were red lines radiating outward.
"You need to clean this before I can do anything to help you. Let's go to the bathroom and wash it out ," Alex said.
"Hey Sam come with me. I might need some help," Alex called across the room. Sam rushed over and the three guys went back to the bathroom.

The bathroom was pretty big so the guys went to the cleanest sink they could find. Walter washed off the room while Alex and Sam looked for the first aid kit. They came back a few minutes later and Alex began examining the wound.
"What the hell happened to you? This looks like an animal bite." Alex said.
"Some crazy hobo bit me in the city," Walter said weakly.
"That's some hobo bite. If we were in a hospital I would say amputate the arm but..."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Amputatate! I need my arm!" Walter exclaimed.

"We can't amputate here. It's too unsanitary and I don't have the right tools. I'm just going to sew it up," Alex said.

04/15/2007 5:19 PM

There was a loud noise from deeper back in the restroom, it sounded like someone hit a stall wall.

04/15/2007 5:24 PM

The three people turned towards the sound. It came again and one of the stall doors shook.

04/15/2007 5:36 PM

The door creaked open and a man wearing a faded carhart jacket stepped out slowly. A trail of vomit cascaded down the front of it. He stared at them with dead eyes.

04/15/2007 5:39 PM

"Holy shit. Are you okay dude?" Sam said rushing over to the guy.

04/15/2007 5:48 PM

The man turned his head to stare at Sam. His neck suddenly shot forward and bit onto his neck, his arms lashed out and grabbed the kid. He screamed as the flesh of his neck was torn away and his jugular vein cut loose, spraying blood everywhere. The man released Sam and let him fall to the bloody tile floor. Sam grabbed his neck with one hand, and stretched the otehr toward Alex and Walter, he gurgled incoherently. Then the man charged Walter and Alex.

04/15/2007 5:57 PM

"Sam!" Alex screamed.
"We've gotta get out of here," Walter said. He began trying to pull Alex but he fell. Alex stumbled out of the door.

04/15/2007 6:06 PM

Alex lay on the bar floor, listening to the older man's screams as the thing in there ate into him.

04/15/2007 6:09 PM

Alex began screaming at the top of his lungs and backing away from the door. He saw Sam walk out of the door with blood covering his side. Alex snapped. He stood up and ran towards the bar screaming.

04/15/2007 6:26 PM

Tommy turned to face the sudden noise. He saw the kdi crawling away from a bloody shape stumbling towards him.

"Shit!' he blurted and swung with the hammer. It caught the kid in the temple. He shouted and hit the back wall. Tommy whirled the hammer around so it was nail remover first.

"Tommy wait!" Danny shouted. Tommy brought the sharp end down on Sam's forehead, he felt hsi skull giveway and blood sprayed out. Sam went limp and fell to the ground.

"He was hurt you dumbass!" Samantha yelled. Tommy looked back at her and down at Tommy.

"He was one of them!" Tommy shouted angrily in his own defence, "One of them must be in there! It bit him. It must...it must spread from the bites somehow. Like a disease." Tommy explained in his own way. He didn't know much about things like that, but he knew enough.

04/15/2007 6:54 PM

Before the old man could answer, a scream was heard. This kid came stumbling out of the restroom with someone limping behind him. One of the workers flipped out and took a hammer. In one quick swing, the hammer cracked the skull of the limping person and blood sprayed everywhere.

Samantha screamed; she was angry with that kid.

"He was hurt you dumbass!" Samantha yelled.

Ronny walked over to Samantha, "What the hell is going on here?" She shook her head is disappointment. She didn't want to talk at a time like this, or he at least he saw. By now the people that were sleeping suddenly woke up. Adam was moaning, "Ah...what the fuck man. I was trying to sleep."

Ronny couldn't help but laugh. The kid who killed the person, his name was Tommy. He started sweating profusely.

"One of them must be in there! It bit him. It must...it must spread from the bites somehow. Like a disease."

Ronny was nervous; one was inside the building. He ripped the hammer out of Tommy's hand. "Hey prick, stop screaming like a panzy. If there's one in here, why don't you go fish it out?" With the wiseass attitude, Ronny handed him back the hammer. Hopefully this nut would kill that thing in the rest room, or Ronny would have to do it.

04/15/2007 7:33 PM

Tommy stared at the band member.

"Panzy?" he asked. He felt the weight of the hammer in his hand. Now a small war waged in his brain about wether or not to use it on the antagonist, or the thing in the bathroom. Before he could decide Lucas jerked the hammer away from him and gave both an angry stare.

"What the hell is wrong with you boys!?" he demanded. "Get it together." Tommy glared at the band kid again. Lucas looked at Danny. "You have anymore rounds for that shotgun of yours?" Danny nodded.

"One." Lucas nodded.

"Okay. What else we got for weapons?" he asked.

"Use the fire extinguisher." Frank suggested. "You can kill a man with that." Lucas nodded. "Okay, get it. You two-" he pointed to Danny and Tommy, "Follow me, and you." he pointed to Ronny. "You back us up."

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04/16/2007 1:01 PM

"Follow me, and you." he pointed to Ronny. "You back us up."

Ronny shrugged, "Sounds good to me." He really was nervous; he didn't want to face those things again. His conscious took up and told him not to be a wuss; impress the young Samantha.

Ronny took a deep breath and followed the three to the restroom.

04/16/2007 2:13 PM

[i]oh jesus oh jesus..[/i]

Eva stood frozen in the corner, hands up and covering her mouth.
Everything felt unreal, looked grainy: it was like she'd walked into some awful horror film.

"Okay. What else we got for weapons?" he asked.

One of the guys still in the bar was asking about weapons- that seemed like the best idea in a long time.

"Hey, help me". Her voice was low when she spoke to Alan- it didn't feel right, somehow to be talking at normal pitch: only screaming or whispering seemed to be in order.

They started searching the bar for anything that could be used for weapons, keeping well away from the side near the bathroom.
There wasn't much.
Some of the legs of the tables and chairs that had been used in the barricades had come off, they gathered those up. Eva angled over towards the bar top: surely there had to be knives for cutting lemons or something- truckers had to do shots every so often, right?
Behind the counter she found a few small but fairly sharp bladed knives. Alan picked up a corkscrew and looked questioningly at her, she shrugged and gave a half nod.
[i]Pray God we don't get that desperate[/i].
She was searching low, behind some stacked bottles, half hoping she'd find a stashed baseball bat, when she stood in a bowl of chicken wing bones.
Reflexively she cursed, then even louder as the realisation hit her.

"It's a bar and [b]grill[/b]! Where's the grill? Where's the kitchen?! There've got to be larger knives in there, cleavers, maybe. Jesus- even heavy skillets".

"A blowtorch, maybe?" Alan offered.

"A blowtorch? How much creme fucking brulee do you think they make in here? Christ."

She ran a hand back through her fringe, ruining for the first time in the night, the razor sharp line of her bangs.

"Be useful and help me find the way through to the kitchen".

04/16/2007 2:39 PM

Ozzy had been hopping about the bar like a headless chicken for several minutes. The initial shock of the situation had temporarily stifled the effects of a long night of binge drinking, but now that was waring thin. To his frustration it seemed like no one was paying him the slightest bit of attention! Everyone was too wrapped up in their own self-preservation to notice the scruffy drunk crashing about the upturned bar furniture.

"Bastards!" he cursed at no one in particular, swinging the hefty stool leg through the thin air in front of him. Almost tripping on a toppled chair Ozzy looked up and locked eyes on a young couple participating in some frantic conversation. Only two of the words they spoke jumped out at him, "knives" and "kitchen". "Hell yeah," he answered to himself staggering along behind them.

04/16/2007 4:57 PM

Darren and Aaron ran over to where Alex lay, whimpering and covered in blood.
"Are you okay Alex?" Aaron asked helping his friend up. Alex's only reply was to shake his head. Darren saw the bartender walking past and remembered him saying there was a bedroom upstairs.
"Let's go put him on the bartender's bed. He's probably in shock," Darren said.

"What the hell is wrong with you boys!?" he demanded. "Get it together." Tommy glared at the band kid again. Lucas looked at Danny. "You have anymore rounds for that shotgun of yours?" Danny nodded.

"One." Lucas nodded.

"Okay. What else we got for weapons?" he asked.

"We've got a Colt Python in the glovebox of our bus but I don't know how we would get to it," Darren replied as he and Aaron lifted Alex between them and began carrying him towards the steps. A few minutes later they had Alex in the bed. Aaron stayed upstairs to watch over his friend. Darren went back down to try and find a weapon.

04/16/2007 5:08 PM

Danny looked back at the drunken trucker as he seemd to stumble around haphazardly.

"Samantha! Make sure that guy dosen't kill himself!" Danny ordered. Samantha nodded, she seemed to shaken to do much else. She stood and warily followed hi minto the kitchen. Dany rasied his shotgun, all to aware of the single shell that sat in the left barrel. This was not nearly enough to deal with two zombies. Lucas took out his police baton and extended it to full length.

"What I wouldn't give for a riot sheild." he complained. "This thing isn't much use, it's designed to be nearly unable to kill anyone with a single blow." Tommy hefted a table leg and gave a practice swing.

"Give me one clear shot at that bastard, I'll knock his head clean off." Frank sent the boy a doubtful look. Tommy had far more guts that brains. He just hoped he didn't have to see how much more. He then looked down at his own weapon, a fire extinguisher.

"Hey Danny. I don't know if this thing is such a good idea, after all, we might need it for what it was intended for." Danny thought.

"Good point there."

"There's a crowbar, in the storeroom now that I think about it." Tommy told Frank. The prison guard nodded and ran to the back room, returning with a long steel crowbar. Tommy snatched it from his hands, handing him the table leg.

"It was my idea." he explained. Frank glared but said nothing. Lucas looked back at the three men.

"Y'all ready now?" he asked. His hand on the door.

04/16/2007 5:47 PM

"Y'all ready now?" he asked. His hand on the door.

Ronny clutched the hammer and nodded. Whatever lay behind the door, he was ready.

04/16/2007 6:02 PM

Danny nodded and tommy raised up the crowbar like a baseball bat, he had been the star batter during highschool. Lucas threw open the door and ran inside, Tommy hot on his heels , Danny next, then Ronny and Frank bringing up the rear. Tommy nearly slipped on the blood slick tile floor. The first thing Lucas saw was two men staggering around in the bathroom aimlessly, seemingly unaware of each other.

"Danny!" he shouted. The bartender leveled the shotgun at the man in the buisness suit. He fired and the shot went low. Tearing a huge chunk of flesh out of its torso. Both of the things turned to face the group and shrieked. They charged. The drunk was faster becuase the lawyer slipped in the gore that covered the floor. Lucas swung hard, the baton hit it in the temple, causing it to miss him and colide with a wall mounted hand dryer which went off. But it wasn't down. Tommy raised his crowbar overhead and with a howl of rage brought it crashing down onto the lawyer's head. He crumpled to the ground, twitich violently, blood oozing from his caved in skull. Tommy dropped to his knees ontop of its ribs and pummled it mercilessly with his makeshift weapon.

Lucas was having amuch rough time. His next swipe went to high and he shattered the bathroom mirror. It tackled him agaisnt a toilet stall wall. Lucas grunted from the force of the impact, but kept its gnashing teeth away from himself by means of his nightstick.

"Do something kid!" Lucas pleaded to Ronny while Frank ran to aid Tommy in killing the first thing.

04/16/2007 6:08 PM

"Do something kid!" Lucas pleaded to Ronny while Frank ran to aid Tommy in killing the first thing.

"Oh with pleasure!" Ronny went to the creature attacking Lucas. With bitter rage, he swung the nail remover side of the hammer down on the bastard. The two sharp edges pierced its skull and blood sprayed upward like a fountain. Ronny quickly grabbed its shoulders and flung him down; stepping on its neck to finish it off.

He dropped the hammer and helped Lucas up.

04/16/2007 6:27 PM

Lucas thanked the kid and brushed some of the splattered blood off of his hands. Tommy also stood up, wiping the blood off his crowbar on the dead man's pants legs.

"Not to bad....not to bad." Danny mumbled in comment to their actions. After he had spoken, Ed Galvin dragged in the dead hippie kid. and lay him on the bathroom floor.

"How the hell is this even possible?" he asked. "This can't be real." Frank shook his head. He pointed at the dead lawyer.

"That one took a shotgun round and kept comming." he looked at Lucas. "What the hell are these things?" the cop shrugged.

"I dunno." he replied. He didn't stick around for further discussion. The otehrs followed his lead and left. Tommy paused to give a respective nod to Ronny.

04/17/2007 9:50 AM

The kitchen was surprisingly clean- and tidy.
Eva would have felt bad about the salmonella remark if she hadn't been in fear of her life.

She glanced at a worse-for-wear trucker who had come in behind them, and the bar maid, and then started scanning the room.

There were a good few magnetic knife-racks on the walls, all containing decent sized blades. She almost smiled as she noticed a cleaver.

She yanked a drawer out from under the counter top, dumping the spoons and ladles that were inside it into a sink, and started to fill it with knives.

The kitchen had a large griddle-top fryer but Alan had managed to find a couple of decent- and heavy- iron skillets somewhere, along with what looked to be a large mallet. Judging from the discolouration it had at some time acted as a meat tenderiser.

"Okay.." she looked at the pile, resignedly. "This is, I suppose, something.
I was kind of hoping for a flame thrower.."

Alan let out a short bark of laughter.

04/17/2007 10:38 AM

"Oh, hi Samantha," said Ozzy stopping to speak to the attractive young barmaid who was following him into the kitchen. She looked a little shaken.

"Um, hi," she replied, unable to place a name to the vaguely familiar face.

Oz looked back to see Danny and the other men had vacated the bar room. "Why don't you stick with me until things calm down?.."

She couldn't help but look a little skeptical.

"Don't worry, I'll look after you," he added.

"Okay, sure," she nodded forcing a slight smile.

Ozzy led her into the kitchen by which time the young couple who had entered just before him had collected a small arsenal of kitchen utensils.

"Okay.." she looked at the pile, resignedly. "This is, I suppose, something.
I was kind of hoping for a flame thrower.."

Alan let out a short bark of laughter.

"Evening, how are we all?" asked Oz, now remarkably calm. Without waiting for a response he delved straight into the knife drawer and plucked out a regular looking steak knife. "No need for alarm. You're in safe hands now," he pronounced, holding the knife near to his own face with a goofy looking smile. For a man who's speech was slightly slurred by drink, he suddenly spun around with remarkable speed and without warning launched the steak knife across the room. The knife spun in the air and embedded itself deeply into one of the wall units with a loud [i]twanging[/i] sound. He turned back to face the others looking like a puppy dog who had just peed outside and was waiting for it's treat.

04/17/2007 12:19 PM

"Oh I feel [i]completely[/i] reassured.
I'll just have a nap while you go take care of us, shall I?"

Eva rolled her eyes in disgust and pushed past him to reclaim the knife.
[i]Doesn't matter that it was bloody impressive. Idiot[/i]

"Eva!" Alan frowned. "Ah, sorry. She's kind of.. touchy at the best of times. That was... that was something. I assume you hit where you were aiming! Hah.."

Alan's laugh was a little self conscious- he'd comforted himself up till now that other people were being equally as useless as him. This newly discovered skill made him feel even more redundant.

"It's, ah, Alan, by the way." he stuck out his hand. "Alan Cartwright. That's, hah, Eva".

"Alan! Help me with this!" Eva was tugging unsuccessfully on the embedded knife. She threw Oz a dark look. "We need as many as we can get."

04/17/2007 12:53 PM

The men emerged fro mthe abthroom victorius, but somewhat tired. It was nearly 2:00 in the morning now. Danny looked around, the room was nearly empty save the band and the hippie kids.

"Where are the others?" he asked.

"The kitchen, they went looking for more weapons." Ed said. Danny nodded and walked into the kitchen. He saw the box of knives and the stray knife that stuck from the wall.

"Quite a collection y'all have here." he said appreciativley. Tommy scoffed and looked at the knives.

"Knives won't help, has to be ahead shot, only way to kill 'em would be to sever the head or to go through the eye, neither is very easy to do."

"At least they're trying! They're better than nothing Tommy!" Samantha shouted back. Tommy turned to her.

"Don't yell at me you whore! I'm just being realistic!" he countered. Danny shook his head to clear it.

"It don't matter! We have a few things to clear up. Like watch duty...who's gonna go first? If we hope to ride this out, we need to plan."

"We should get out of here, this place ain't safe!" Ed blurted.

"We'll worry about that tomorrow, when we've had some rest." Danny said, before Ed could get hysterical.

"I'll take the first watch." Lucas said. "Who else, we need one more." he looked around the room.

04/17/2007 1:24 PM

"It's, ah, Alan, by the way." he stuck out his hand. "Alan Cartwright. That's, hah, Eva".

Oz responded with a firm friendly handshake, "Friends around here call me Ozzy, it's due to an unusual surname rather than me being from Oztralia," he laughed.

"Alan! Help me with this!" Eva was tugging unsuccessfully on the embedded knife. She threw Oz a dark look. "We need as many as we can get."

Danny nodded and walked into the kitchen. He saw the box of knives and the stray knife that stuck from the wall.

Oz walked over to where Eva was unsuccessfully trying to remove the knife, "Here, let me," he insisted, then yanked it out with one firm tug. He ignored the comments from the new arrivals about the ineffectiveness of the knives. Obviously they had missed his little demonstration, but he wasn't about to argue the point right now. He quickly pocketed the steak knife and three others from Eva's little collection.

"I'll take the first watch." Lucas said. "Who else, we need one more." he looked around the room.

Oz took a step back. The fact he had been drinking all night wasn't the issue here, he wasn't about to take first watch with no lousy cop!

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04/17/2007 1:29 PM

Lucas was unbothered by everyone's unwillingness to do watch duty, instead he started calling people out. He pointed to the young woman's boyfriend, Alan.

"What about you? You seem fit enough." he called out.

04/17/2007 1:47 PM

"Ah, what? Me? Um, of course, yes."

Alan looked slightly bewildered, although that quickly faded to relief that he was about to do something relatively useful. He moved to stand nearer the trooper, taking up the mallet and one of the knives.

Eva sighed, trying to resist another eyeroll, and grabbed one of the skillets.

"Have some coffee then, to wake you up from the valium."

She looked into the bar, the remnants of the funeral strewn around. It didn't look the most comfortable places to rest.
[i]Jesus, as if I could sleep.[/i]

"Is this place..", she gestured at the kitchen, not directing her comments to anyone in particular, "Is it- [i]safe[/i]?", she half sneered as she said the word.
"Relatively, of course. The windows look too small for them to.. you know.. but are there any other ways they could get in that we need to block off?"

She hugged her arms about herself, suddenly feeling cool.

[OOC: ugh, yucky, I know- but that's all you're getting I'm afraid, as I've had a relapse and feel like I want to crawl into a deep dark whole- so I'm out for the night, feel free to have both do whatever you like/is needed,I'm not overprotective that way, but leave me at least one of them alive ;) ]

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04/17/2007 2:19 PM

Lucas waited for the man to drink his coffe.

"Shall we?" he asked, waving his arm off to the bar. Lucas nodded and left with him.

"Safer in here than it is out there miss." Danny said in response to her question. "In the mean time we should get soem sleep, we have alot to do tomorrow. You're welcome to sleep where you want, I have a small apartment upstairs, it has a cot so if you feel more comfortable up there, we can let a few people have it. Let's try and get some sleep now." Danny finished and lay down in one of the booths. The others round him decided that sleep was probably the best choice at the time and followed his example.

04/17/2007 6:52 PM

Ronny was kind of upset that the guy Alan took first duty. He wasn't sleepy at all; in fact he was wide awake. He walked over to the booth where Adam was sleeping and told him to make room. Adam let out a puppy dog moan and let Ronny have some room. It was decently comfortable; at least better than the floor.

Ronny laid his head back and kicked his feet up on the table; so much for their first gig. No way were they going to make it to the theatre now. He sighed with disappointment and began scanning the room. Everyone was trying to sleep, but he knew they weren't as tired.

He saw Samantha sleeping in another booth; man would he give his right leg to go over there and sleep with her. For some odd reason, he had a small attraction to the barmaid. Usually those types of girls weren't interesting, but in this case, he could make an exception. He smiled and laid his head back; hopefully sleep would come his way.

04/18/2007 1:37 PM

The tiredness didn't matter, the valium didn't matter, the fact that she needed the rest didn't matter: there was no way Eva was going to sleep anytime soon.

She stood by one of the smaller kitchen windows, arms still hugged around her torso. A heavy grill overlay the window, offering her a small amount of comfort.

In the distance she could see faintly the orange glow of sodium lights, but that was about it. The night was moonless and dark, the road empty.


Alan slowly paced the length of the bar, glancing uneasily through those areas of the windows not covered by pieces of furniture.
That there wasn't much movement outside was not comforting.

"So, ah, a state trooper.." he spoke to ease his nerves.
"I guess you've seen plenty of crazy shit on the job, eh?"

[i]So crazy that you're as freaked out as the rest of us..[/i]

04/18/2007 1:42 PM

"We need to get Alex to a hospital," Aaron said from the corner of the room, "There's something wrong with him." Alex lay on the bed staring at the cieling mumbling under his breath. He hadn't said more than three words since the attack.
"How do you propose we do that? Those things, those zombies, are surrounding the building. We don't have any weapons. We're safer in here, at least for tonight," Darren replied from a chair in the corner of the room. He was reading an old science fiction novel that he found under the bed. Reading had always calmed Darren down.
"In the morning I'm going to see if anyone else wants to come and I'm getting out of here. You can stay in this smelly old bar if you want," Aaron replied.
"Why don't we just go to sleep and we can talk about it in the morning," Darren said closing his book.
"Okay. But this conversation isn't over," Aaron replied. He flipped of the table lamp and lay back in his chair. Darren went out of the door and back downstairs. Aaron was really getting on his nerves. At first he had been one of the main advocaters for the road trip. Once they had actually gotten started though he had immeadiately begun complaining. He had wanted to go back, he was always hungry, there was nowhere to sleep on the bus. He just couldn't be happy with what they had.
Darren reached the ground level and looked around. Everyone seemed to be going to sleep except for the cop, Lucas, and the guy who was with that writer chick, Darren thought his name was Alan. Darren walked over to these two who appeared to be on guard duty.
"Mind if I stand guard with you guys, I can't get to sleep. My name's Darren by the way, Darren Wallace," Darren said extending his hand.

04/18/2007 6:02 PM

"So, ah, a state trooper.." he spoke to ease his nerves.
"I guess you've seen plenty of crazy shit on the job, eh?"

Lucas had to play this one carefully. Police officers had always been expected to stay calm in tough situations.

"I had to respond to a roadside homicide. That was as close as it came. Never had to kill anyone, never anything like this." Lucas stopepd to shake a barricade, it seemed sturdy.

"Tomorrow We should be able to get out of here. I think those maniacs left. Then we can get soem back up, the National guard probalby already quarentined the area." Lucas wasn't sure if he was reassuring himself or Alan.

"Mind if I stand guard with you guys, I can't get to sleep. My name's Darren by the way, Darren Wallace," Darren said extending his hand.

Lucas smiled wanly. "Sure thing." he shook the kids hand. "Alan, you can go back if you want, I'm sure your girlfriend is worried about you." Lucas suggested kindly.

04/19/2007 10:37 AM

Alan gave a brief laugh and ran his hands through his hair.

"I wouldn't bet on that".

He shook Darren's hand.
"Alan Cartwright".

He stuck his hands back in his pockets and glanced back through to the kitchen.

"But I.. suppose.. there's no point on three of us being on watch- might need fresh people later.. I'll try to grab a few hours sleep, if you're sure."

He headed slowly back into the kitchen, feet dragging a little.
[i]So much for being useful..[/i]

04/19/2007 2:46 PM

[OOC: to prevent an endless cycle of night one, I am jsut going to jump to the next morning]

Day break at McGrueder's Bar and Grill was undramatic, and somewhat deporessing. The sun seemed to crawl of the eastern mountains. It couldn't have come soon enough for Frank. He sighed with relief and looked out through a gap in the makeshift barricade. He saw the broad nearly empty expanse of gravel that was the parking lot. several meters fro mthe bar itself was the island the gas pumps sat on. At first Frank saw nothing more than gas pumps, but then he saw a stirring. It was one of the bar's drifters, wandering amongst the gas pumps, a large red stain in the gravel, he must have found another victim.

Then Frank saw the road into Aladero, it had a trickle of people wandering out of it, heading along the road. All had severe wounds of soem sort or another, and many broke off of their migration to head toward the bar. After a few minutes of observation he counted 28 of the things outside, their numbers had nearly doubled. Frank was also begining to have his doubts about the status of the crazies, there was no way they were still walking, or running around with wounds like that and still alive. The prison guard shook his head. That as crazy talk, the dead walking, it wasn't possible, by any stretch of the imagination, but still... He watched as a nurse stumbled by the window with a tray's worth of operating utensils sticking from her chest and back.

"It's morning." he said to no one in particular. Danny and he had run the last guard shift. The former now sat behind the bar, mixing a martini.

04/19/2007 3:13 PM

In the kitchen Ozzy slowly began to stir. Slowly and wearily he began to crawl out from underneath the table where he had spent the night. Finally standing up he stretched his aching body, arching his spine backwards and flinging out his arms with a loud yawn.

"Thank the Lord for the beer last night, 'else who knows how I would have got a winks sleep under there."

If Ozzy had looked a mess last night he looked even worse now. His scruff curly brown hair was sticking up on one side and completely flat where he had rested his head on the floor on the other. To make matters worse the highly out of fashion shirt he wore under his brown leather jacket had somehow lost a few buttons and was covered in unsightly beer stains. He looked only marginally better than some of the dead wandering around outside.

"What's for breakfast?" he asked.

04/19/2007 3:19 PM

Ed Galvin always enjoyed hunting, and thus killing for sport. He did not however enjoy killing for survival. He sat up, he had fallen asleep in the kitchen along with a trucker whose name he still did not know.

"What's for breakfast?" he asked.

Ed groaned and sat up. "Whatever you can find I suppose. He rubbed his eyes and stood up. "Name's Ed, Ed Galvin. Who're you?" he asked the man, extendign his hand in greeting.

04/19/2007 3:42 PM

It was morning; the sun peaked through one of the barricades and shined right in the eyes of Ronny. He slowly stretched and woke up. Everyone was slowly getting up; no longer sleepy. He got out from the booth and walked around a little, man was he aching.

Jack and the rest of the band were already sitting at a table; they were hungry. Danny walked by Adam and he tapped him on the shoulder. "Is anyone cooking anything for breakfast?" The man shrugged. He didn't answer Adam and he just walked off.

Jack got up from the table and walked over to him. "Uh sir, how's the situation. You think me and the guys can still get to Hudson by tonight?"

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04/19/2007 3:57 PM

Ed groaned and sat up. "Whatever you can find I suppose. He rubbed his eyes and stood up. "Name's Ed, Ed Galvin. Who're you?" he asked the man, extendign his hand in greeting.

"My friends call me Ozzy," replied Ozzy with a warm handshake. "Well right then," he said, stopping to look around the room, "If it's a case of help yourself then I think I should get started."

Ozzy opened up the huge larder and began rooting around for some food suitable for a hearty breakfast.

"We have bacon, we have eggs, we have hash browns," he said with a grin as he made his way towards the cooker with his hands full of food, "Hang on a minute.. Where did all the kitchen utensils go? There's no frying pan here!"

04/19/2007 5:36 PM

Ed nodded and scratched the back of his head.

"Them to Brits took al the knives and a couple of the pans. Have to do somethin' else."

Danny laughed right at the boy's face, not meaning to, but being unable to stop himself.
"Son, we'll be lucky if we get out of this bar alive. Them things is still runnin' around out there." he pointed at the shambling peopel outside the window. "You're welcoem to try and get away right now if you want, but we ain't gopt no guns so, it'll be mighty difficult."

04/19/2007 6:09 PM

Jack shook his head, "No it's alright. We rather stay alive than risk going to some concert. Blows though, this was our first big gig." The old man looked sorry, but Jack knew he could care less.

Jack sat back down and sighed, "Well boys, looks like our trip is canceled." Ronny patted him on the back, "Shit happens, at least we are safe." Jack nodded, "Yea, hopefully we get out alright."

Ronny felt sorry for his friend; Jack really wanted to hit it big. He was a great singer; been singing since he was a baby. Ronny remembered Jack in the chorus. All of his rocker friends made fun of him, but he had a great voice. Jack reminded Ronny of Robert Daltrey in a sense. He had the same long, curly, blonde hair, and his voice was as smooth.

It was funny too; Jack's favorite band was The Who. Ronny chuckled and got up from the table. He was hungry, hopefully food would arrive. He decided to go find Samantha; he really wanted to get to know her.

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04/19/2007 7:40 PM

Tommy paced the window line in the bar, he watched the things outside that he was now positive had ceased to be alive, or even human at this point They were animated corpses, it was the only explination. He hefted the crowbar, savoring its weight. The young man stopped and squinted at Chris Tuckett's truck. The faint sillouette of a gun rack was barely visible. If they could get to that truck, they could have enough guns to mount an much more effefctive defence of the bar. He canned the udnead as the shuffled aroudn aimlessly. They hadn't quite seemd to realize yet that there was a food source i nthe ba, but he felt like they had a faint idea there was. In the mean time, until someone acted, all he could do was wait.

Samantha had been a awake for a little while but had not yet risen from the booth in whic hshe lay. She sat curled up, arms wrapped around her legs trying to convince her self that this was all some sort of horrible nightmare, it had to be. There was no other expliantion. She was doing her best to remain calm, but her best wasn't good enough. Now the only thing that stood between her and certain death, was the palce she hated the most, the bar.

Danny stood up on the bar counter.
"Okay Y'all," he began "Things may look rough. But we're just gonna have to hang in there. We've got enough food to last us a while. All we need now is to stay calm and wait."

"What about Chris's guns?" Tommy called. Danny didn't like the look in his eyes, "If we can get to his truck we can get his guns."

"Are you crazy boy? We can't just waltz on out there, grab the guns, wave to the lunies and come back inside!" Ed protested. Tommy made no effort to counter Ed's points.

Now Lucas added his 2 cents worth. "I say we pack up i nthat hippie bus those kids brought and get the hell outta here, head west until we get to saftey." he said.

"Assuming there is safty out there. We don't even know where to go, no TV, no radio, no phone. We're cut off. The best bet we have," Frank pointed. "Is in one of those trucks. We get ourselves a CB and we can get a world of info. We can't be the only peopel left in Aladero, there will be other survivors." Three different views had been brought to light, fight the creatures, get help, or stay inside.

04/21/2007 8:54 AM

Darren stood up from under the table that he had fallen asleep under around 4:00 in the morning. He saw aaron coming down the stairs yawning.
"How's Alex?" Darren asked when Alex got closer.
"He fell asleep around 2:00. He was syill asleep when I woke up and came down here," Aaron replied. Darren saw someone coming down the stairs and looked to see Alex with a smile on his face.
"Hi guys, what's for breakfast?" Alex asked cheerfully.
"Are you okay Alex?" Darren asked.
"Why wouldn't I be?" Alex asked in bewilderment.
"Because..." Aaron started then Darren kicked him in the leg.
"Because you took a pretty nasty fall last night when you rolled out of bed," Darren finished.
"Oh, I'm fine. In fact I don't even remember that. What's for breakfast?" he asked as the smell of bacon drifted out of the kitchen. Alex began walking in that direction.
"I've heard of stuff like this happening before. If you have a really traumatic experience your brain just blocks it out," Darren said once Alex had entered the kitchen.
"I think we should just play along. We don't want him freaking out again," Aaron replied.

Danny stood up on the bar counter.
"Okay Y'all," he began "Things may look rough. But we're just gonna have to hang in there. We've got enough food to last us a while. All we need now is to stay calm and wait."

"What about Chris's guns?" Tommy called. Danny didn't like the look in his eyes, "If we can get to his truck we can get his guns."

"Are you crazy boy? We can't just waltz on out there, grab the guns, wave to the lunies and come back inside!" Ed protested. Tommy made no effort to counter Ed's points.

Now Lucas added his 2 cents worth. "I say we pack up i nthat hippie bus those kids brought and get the hell outta here, head west until we get to saftey." he said.

"Assuming there is safty out there. We don't even know where to go, no TV, no radio, no phone. We're cut off. The best bet we have," Frank pointed. "Is in one of those trucks. We get ourselves a CB and we can get a world of info. We can't be the only peopel left in Aladero, there will be other survivors." Three different views had been brought to light, fight the creatures, get help, or stay inside.

"I think we should send one group of people to get help and another group to get guns to defend the bar while the first group is gone," Darren said.

04/22/2007 8:58 AM

Ozzy had quite ransacking the kitchen and instead swiped a large frying pan from under the nose of the still sleeping Eva. He got straight to work frying up the bacon and eggs he had brought from the larder. The delicious smell of cooking breakfast soon filled the kitchen so intensely that he had a momentary concern that it might seep outside and send the crazies into a frenzy. The food was almost ready now though and definitely looked more than worth the risk.

"Breakfast is served!" Oz called out. "Everyone eat up, we can't let fresh food go to waste and everyone needs to keep their strength up."

He served himself a generous portion onto a plate then went off to sit in a corner and enjoy enjoy breakfast.

04/22/2007 11:33 AM

Danny was moment distracted by the thought of food and droped his argument. After he chowed down o nthe herty meal provided by the trucker he ventured., "We still need those guns." Tommy spoke next.

"I know how we can get them. I just need people willing to help me get them."

04/22/2007 1:59 PM

"I'll help".
Alan practically jumped out of the booth he and Eva were sitting in.

Eva had been rubbing her eyes: she'd finally fallen asleep about an hour ago, but the noise of everyone starting to move around, and the smell of cooking had woken her.
She'd wrinkled her nose at the strip of bacon Alan had offered and instead had gone to get herself a glass of water.

She put her glasses back on and looked at Alan silently after his offer.
She could see that he'd expected her to protest.
[i]Wanted me to, maybe?[/i]

She shrugged at him.

"You're fast. You're used to sprinting. Just pretend you're carrying the ball."
The brief laugh she gave was mirthless.
"It's just a potentially lethal game of rugby".

04/22/2007 2:10 PM

Before Ronny could find Samantha, he stopped and smelled the sweet smell of bacon. In a flash, Adam jumped from his table and sprinted to the kitchen. "Hot damn, flipping food man!" The rest of the band got up and followed the hungry youngster. Ronny was quite hungry himself.

They went to the kitchen and grabbed a few plates. The taste of bacon was over so sweet. The breakfast alone allowed Ronny to forget about his troubles; but when he was about to finish, Tommy said something he didn't want to hear.

"We still need those guns."

Ronny dropped his fork and looked at Tommy and Danny. He forgot about the guns that were in the truck outside. It would be a bitch to try and retrieve him; sadly, Ronny wanted in.

"I know how we can get them. I just need people willing to help me get them."

Ronny got up from his chair and walked over to the two. "I'm up for the task, I mean, there's nothing else to do." Danny thought he was crazy; apparently Ronny was. Ronny eagerly waited for his reply.

04/22/2007 2:33 PM

Sitting on the floor in the corner of the room enjoying his breakfast, it seemed that Ozzy was paying little or no attention to group's discussion about attempting to retrieve the guns. It was only after finishing his the meal he finally looked up at the others and quietly added, "We'll only get one real chance at this, if we're going you can count me in too."

04/22/2007 2:38 PM

Tommy smiled a bit to himself. "Alright, that should be enough people. Come on." he demanded, leading Alan, Ronny Ed and Frank to the bar portion again, he grabbed half a dozen empty beer bottles, and then continued into the gas station section, there he grabbed a 10 gallon gas can. He filled the bottles with gas and stuck shredded rags into the bottle openings. "Call me Mr. Molotov!" he said laughingly. "These are Molotov cocktails, jsut light the rag up and toss it, it'll burn us a hole through the lunies and give us a straight path to the truck." Once we get the guns ,we fight our way back. Easy." Tommy gave each man one molotov and kept two for himself.

[OOC: oh, by the way, we have a new player that will be commign in soon. He has my permission to play so don't freak out or anything.]

04/22/2007 3:30 PM

Ronny squeezed the Molotov in his hands; damn he always wanted to use one. He had envisions of Ferris Bueller in his head; the scene with the car. The music was playing in his head and he put on a big grin.

He turned to the group, "Damn guys, let's get this fucking show on the road!"
The crazed Ronny ran in front of the group to the entrance. He kissed the cocktail and smiled. "Che Bella!"

04/22/2007 4:27 PM

Lucas cast a doubtful look at Ronny and snatched one of the Molotov's from Tommy.

"I'll get y'all started form the roof, then once you get going, me and Danny are going to get the police shotgun from his car and maybe grab some pistol ammo while we're at it. Just be ready to go." he instructed.

04/22/2007 5:02 PM

Ozzy had tagged on at the back of the group and grabbed one of the Molotov bottles. As a non-smoker he had to glance around for something to use as a light, but it didn't take him long to find a discarded lighted on the floor by the bar. Along with the four steak knives he had collected from the kitchen which were now tucked into his belt, he felt like he was ready for just about anything. He formed back onto the back of the group and waited for them to make their move.

04/22/2007 5:08 PM

"I'll get y'all started form the roof, then once you get going, me and Danny are going to get the police shotgun from his car and maybe grab some pistol ammo while we're at it. Just be ready to go." he instructed.

Ronny nodded and raised his hand. "If you don't mind me going first, I can open the car door for you guys. Plus, I hate to say this, but I think I am the fastest here?" There were no objections; there he went again, smart mouthing to a bunch of people. Ronny waited for Lucas to get on the roof; it felt like an eternity. Finally, crashes were heard, and Ronny felt the faint heat of the fire.

Quickly, Ronny kicked open the door. It was hotter outside, the heat was dense. The kid took no time to check his surroundings; he headed straight for the truck. He threw the cocktail in his trail, hopefully it helped somewhat. He made it; by damn he made it. Without hesitation, he fumbled with the door handle; [i]damn, it was stuck.[/i]

Ronny was sweating profusely. He turned and saw the faint bodies of the creatures coming through the fire. He had to get it open; nope still jammed. "Come on dammit!" He kicked the door and the handle un-jammed. He jumped in and yelled back through the fire. Hopefully the guys were outside. "I got it open, hurry the fuck up!"

04/22/2007 5:27 PM

Tommy and the otehrs were right behind Ronny the whole way up to the truck and piled in right behind him, slammign the trucks doors. Ed grabbed the guns off the rack, a shotgun and two rifles, both bolt action. Ed kept one rifle, handed another to Frank and gave the shotgun to Tommy.

"Don't know y'all good enough to give the gusn to you." he explained to Alan and Ronny apologetically.

The crazies were all aroudn the truck now, bagnign on the windows and howling at them, there were far to many to fight there way through, they were trapped.


Danny saw that the lunies were all around Chris's truck.

"Let's go!" he told Lucas and Ozzy, making a mad dash for the squad car.

[OOC: Nfrat, the new player is the one that will get us out of the truck, so don't try anything crazy lol]

04/23/2007 3:26 PM

The crazies were rocking the truck; Ronny thought he was going to be sick. The group was loading up the guns. The enemy was pushing harder. Ronny hoped someone would come and quick.

04/23/2007 10:59 PM

General Jon Myers stepped out of his stuffy office and into the cool morning air at the Colorado Springs Army National Guard base. The base was located just a few miles outside of the city, was surrounded by forest, and housed about 110 National Guardsmen. It was just starting to bustle with activity as the soldiers began to wake up.

Just a couple hours ago, Myers was awakened by a phone call from Bob Frankford, the chief of police. Chief Frankford said that he was getting increasingly numerous reports of people roaming the streets and attacking each other across the city, and that he was getting ready to go out with some of his officers in riot gear to try and quell the sudden outbursts.

Myers scratched at his balding head as he stood there and thought about what to do. He had just called the police post to see if everything was under control, or if he would have to send some of his guardsmen over to help out. What worried Myers, was that for the past half hour he had tried to call the police post, but nobody ever answered the phone.

"Heath!" he called out to a younger guardsmen who was walking by.


"Go get Lieutenant Nash. Tell him to round up a couple dozen armed men and prepare to head over to the city at 08:00. There's some sort of disturbance over there, and I've been unable to contact anybody for a while now."

Heath nodded and ran off to find Lt. Nash. Myers returned to his office to try and call again. He hoped everything was okay, but had an uneasy feeling in his stomach that something wasn't right.

Twenty minutes later...

Three military trucks lined up at the gate, soldiers piled into them and they eagerly waited to go, glad to finally have something to do other than sit around all day at the base. Myers approached them and prepared to send them off. He had just got off the phone again and had news to share.

"Still no luck contacting anybody in Colorado Springs. However, I have been in touch with other bases throughout the state, and they're reporting the same thing that's happening here. Citizens are amassing and causing violence to anybody who get in their way. Our brothers by Denver are reporting that they've had to use force on the rioters, but are not having much affect. Supposedly these rioters have turned savage. We don't know why yet. I suspect that you'll see the same thing when you go to the city. Use extreme caution!"

Myers hoped his men were ready for action. Most of them were untested in real combat. Not a lot happened in Colorado, and they tended to get lazy sitting there. He still hoped that there was some sort of mistake, and whatever was happening would be no big deal.

"Alright men!" Lt. Nash yelled in his booming voice. "Let's move out!"

Suddenly, before the military trucks could leave, everybody looked down the road as they heard a vehicle honking it's horn repeatedly. A blue sports car whipped around the corner and sped towards the base. There were visible splotches of blood on the hood of the car. A sweaty businessman swung the car door open and fell out before finding his legs and managing to stand up. He nervously scanned the armed soldiers as he tried to catch his breath. A couple of the guards aimed their weapons at him, just in case.

Myers stepped forward. "I'm Gen. Myers. Can you tell us what's going on in the city? I haven't been able to contact the police."

"It's a nightmare! They're spreading everywhere! They're...they're killing the rest of us!"

"Who? Who is killing people?"

"Those things! They look human, but they're not! Some sort of monsters...They get this crazed look, then they come after you and tear you apart!"

"It sounds like someone has been watching too much of the Sci-fi channel." One of the guards, a brash fellow, joked to his buddies, then quickly sobered up as Myers cast a stern look at him. "Not another word, Parker..."

Before the frightened businessman could continue, another car came speeding towards the base, and then another after that one. There was a married couple in the first car. The husband jumped out, but the wife stayed reclined in the passenger seat, a look of pain on her face.

"Please," the husband pleaded. "my wife was bitten by one of those crazy people. It was just a small bite on the shoulder, but the bleeding won't stop and she said it's very painful."

Upon hearing that, the businessman lashed out at the nearest guard and tried to take his gun. Two more guards rushed over to restrain him. He gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Shoot her! You have to shoot her! That's how it spreads!" he screamed.

The husband quickly ran to the other side of the car and stood in front of the passenger door.

"Y-you stay away from her! She needs help!"

Myers gestured to one of the guards, a tough, burly-looking man named Benoit. "Benoit, escort this man and his wife to the medic."

04/23/2007 11:01 PM

Several more cars made their way to the base. Most of them had an occupant that was bitten and needed help. Myers turned towards the businessman again.

"I don't know what's going on, but you've lost your mind if you think shooting that poor woman is going to solve any-"

"Sara!" Myers was interrupted by the cries of the husband. Benoit was helping the wife walk, when she suddenly went limp and collapsed. Benoit bent down and checked her pulse, there was nothing. The husband fell to his knees and began sobbing.

"Oh God, no...Get away from her!" the terrified businessman was looking as panicky as ever.

As the husband continued to weep, her eyelids fluttered and opened. She jolted upright and grabbed her startled husband. Before anybody could react, she quickly leaned in and bit down on his neck, tearing a chunk of flesh out and going back for another bite as he screamed in agony.

After recovering from the initial shock, Benoit came to his senses and smacked her in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. It knocked her to the ground, and would have killed any normal human, but she just got back up.

The woman pounced at Benoit and tried to bite him too. All the soldiers had their guns out, but didn't want to risk hitting Benoit. He finally managed to shove her backwards, then she got filled with a couple rounds of lead and fell to the ground.

"Her head! That's what the police did! Shoot her in the head! It was the only way they kept those things down!"

"No way, that bitch is toast."

"Parker, I thought I told you-" Myers began to speak, but then stopped and watched in amazement as the woman stood up yet again. She charged at Benoit again, and then a loud shot rang out. She went down, and stayed down. Blood flowed from a hole in her head.

Standing a couple hundred feet away, a guard appeared with a smug look on his face.

"Specialist Hart, at your service!" he called out with a grin. Officer Hart, the best sniper the base had, and one of the few veterans of combat, pretended to blow smoke off the barrel of his M-14 sniper rifle as he began walking towards Benoit.

By now, all of the soldiers in the base were gathered outside to see what was happening. Hart had been one of them, and he had made a big show of his entrance, which he always enjoyed doing.

The other civilians that had arrived at the base were starting to collapse too. Men and women cried over their loved ones who had seemingly died. Myers cursed as the situation kept getting worse

"We need to get these corpses out of here now, before they end up like the last one! Nash, forget about going to the city for now. Take these trucks and block the gate. If anymore vehicles try to get in, check the passengers for bites. Do not let anybody in until you check them! And...God damn it!"

Myers drew his pistol and fired it next to Benoit, hitting the husband who had died a while ago, but suddenly had started crawling around.

"Come on people, lets get moving! Put some bullets in these corpses now, then get them out of here!"

"General, down the road!" Nash called out as he finished parking a truck in front of the base. He was pointing at some figures down the road. There were just a few at first, but then more and more started appearing.

"6...15...22....40...60! Holy shit!" Parker exclaimed, as he counted out loud.

As the troops stared in awe, the corpses of the civilians were rising. One soldier gasped as he felt something bite at his leg. Another made a move to help his friend, but was stopped as he felt himself dragged to the ground where a ghoulish face waited with it's mouth open. The civilians who were unharmed quickly fell as their former loved ones attacked them.

The businessman tried to escaped into his car, but was grabbed by two pairs of hands. They clawed at his stomach until it spilled it's contents out. A handful of rookie soldiers vomited as they saw what happened.

"Everybody fall back!" Myers bellowed. "Get to the armory and grab the biggest guns you can find!"

He watched as some soldiers tried to drag their fallen comrades away from the carnage that was unfolding.

"These things...these zombies.. That's what any of us will turn in to if we're bitten! You need to leave them behind, there's nothing we can do for them now!"

The soldier he was talking to screamed as his friend he had been dragging just bit off one of his fingers. Myers grimaced, then shot the man himself to put him out of his misery.

"The woods! They're coming out of the woods!" Parker yelled out as he watched the zombies emerge from the woods, picking up their pace as they saw the soldiers in the base.

There were now hundreds of zombies entering the base from the road. That was the only path out of the base, and now they were coming out of the forest on the other three sides as well. Soldiers emerged from the armory and came out with guns blazing. But for every zombie they downed, two more took it's place.

A small group of soldiers was cutting a swath through the undead masses. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade and prepared to throw it, but a zombie grabbed his arm and ripped it backwards. The grenade flew from the soldiers hand and landed by the armory. The other members of his group were too busy fighting to notice what happened. It exploded, and sent the armory up in flames, taking out anybody who was close to it.

The inexperienced and unorganized soldiers were slowly being decimated. Many of them lost their cool and forgot to aim for the heads.

Meanwhile, Nash met up with Parker, Benoit, and four other soldiers. They were sticking together and running towards the middle of the base where the helipad was. Screams of the dead and dying were all over the base now. Nash saw Myers standing by himself, shooting at the zombies.

"General, we need to evacuate now! We're going to the helipad and getting out of here!"

"Are you suggesting we desert the base?"

"We're no good to anybody if we're all dead, sir."

Myers just grunted in response and held his ground while the others made their way to the helipad. Hart was there, standing next to the helicopter, a UH-60 Black Hawk. He was taking aim with his sniper rifle and shooting at the zombies closest to the chopper.

Nash was about to say something to Rob, the pilot, when he noticed there was a woman sitting in the pilots seat.

"Where's Rob??"

"Rob was sick. I'm Molly, his trainee."

"Well Molly, you need to get us in the air right now!"

"We won't get very far...Rob forgot to refuel the chopper yesterday."

"Any place is better than here! Everybody get on board!"

Nash, Hart, and the other six boarded the Black Hawk. Nash noticed the sound of gunfire had almost completely stopped. Not a good sign. As the helicopter was being fired up, dozens upon dozens of zombies rushed towards them.

"What are these things??" Molly asked as she was seeing the zombies up close for the first time.

"Zombies...lots of them. Is it ready yet?"

"Yep. Here we go!"

The helicopter began it's ascent. Then, Nash saw something running towards the chopper. It was Myers, with a stream of blood flowing down his face. He was still alive though. The zombies were right behind him. If the chopper stopped rising, the zombies would get them for sure. There was still a chance he could grab on to the bottom of it though.

All eight of the soldiers on board began firing at the zombies behind Myers to try and slow them down. Molly tried to hold the chopper in it's place, but the zombies from the other side of it were closing in too fast. She had no choice but to raise it until it was out of reach. Myers attempted to reach out for it, but it was already too high. He stared up as the zombies converged on him, and the soldiers watched helplessly as he was torn apart.

04/23/2007 11:02 PM

An hour had passed. Nobody had said a word since they left the base. Molly didn't want to be the one to break the silence, but she didn't have much choice.


Nash looked up, a weary expression on his face. "Yeah?"

"We need to land in the next 10 minutes, we'll be running on fumes after that."

Nash surveyed the group that was with him. There was Benoit, Hart, Parker, Tyler, Sayama, Heath, and Smith. All of them looked gloomy, to say the least. He knew he could count on Benoit and Hart, but the others were all edgy. Parker was fidgeting in his seat as he stared out a window.

"Okay guys, get it together...Check your weapons, make sure they're all ready to go. And keep an eye out for a place we can land this thing. Molly, were you able to radio anybody?"

"It's nothing but static. Nobody else is out there."

"There has to be." Hart said. "I'm sure whatever is happening is just going on in Colorado. Other states are fine."

Nash didn't know anymore about what was happening than the others, but he tried to stay positive.

"You're probably right. We just need to make contact with someone else to find out what's going on."

"This is bullshit!" Parker slammed his fist against the seat. "Even if it is just in Colorado, you guys saw what happens. Those fuckers will keep spreading!"

Nash knew Parker was right, and couldn't think of anything to counter what he said.

"Lets just try and find a safe place to land. We'll worry about the rest later. How are things looking Molly?"

"Every building we've come across has had a bunch of those things around it. Right now we're flying above Highway 5. There's a small town nearby, Aladero, but we'll run out of gas before we get there."

"Look, over there!" Tyler called out. He pointed at a building that had some vehicles parked outside of it, including a bus and semi trucks.

"I've flown through here before. That's McGrueder's Bar and Grill". It's worth a shot, and I don't see any zombies walking around..."

"That's because they're all right there.." Nash noticed a group of zombies surrounding one of the trucks. "It looks like they're rocking it, there must be people trapped inside! Take us down Molly!"

"Hell no!" Parker exclaimed. "Look back down the highway!"

Everybody looked at the highway by McGrueder's. There were many more zombies on their way, and they were closing in fast.

Nash grabbed his M-16. "Molly, land it now in that parking lot! We'll help those people, and get everybody inside before those other zombies show up. Everybody ready?"

He got mostly swearing in response, but everyone readied themselves to land. As the chopper began to lower, Nash could see that there were definitely some people in the truck.

"Make your shots count! Remember, aim for the heads!"

The Black Hawk landed in the parking lot, and the soldiers emptied out. Most of the zombies that were rocking the truck saw what they thought was easier prey. They went after the soldiers, with only a few staying behind to try and break in the truck.

Gunfire erupted and the zombies began to drop quickly. Benoit let loose with his M-60 that he retrieved from the armory when the fighting at the base first started. He didn't land a lot of headshots, but it was enough to slow the zombies down and let the other guys pick them off.

Smith let out a whoop of joy as a well-placed shot caused a zombies head to explode. In his excitement, he didn't see the stray zombie emerge from behind one of the other vehicles. It was on him before he realized it was there, and it tore into his face.

"Shit!" Nash turned and saw what happened to Smith. Then he looked at the highway and saw the new horde of zombies that was quickly closing the gap between them. "Finish these bastards off and help those people in the truck! We need to get inside, fast!"

04/24/2007 8:37 AM

Ozzy hesitated momentarily while Danny and Lucas made their dash towards the squad car. He was sure he could hear the distinctive sound of a helicopter engine flying overhead. As vulnerable as he felt stood out in the middle of the open parking lot, he stopped and held his hand above eyes while looking up at the sky.

"WHOO HOOO! We're saved!" he screamed, noticing the helicopter appeared to be attempting to land.

Quickly realising his shouting had attracted the attention of one of the crazies who had been rocking the truck, Oz turned and sprinted back towards the bar.

"Quick, open the fucking door!" he screamed.

Thankfully someone inside must have been ready waiting just behind it as it almost instantly sprang opened allowing Oz to pounce inside. Picking himself up, he and the other remaining people left inside the building watched through the small cracks in the barricaded windows as the scene unfolded outside.

The helicopter was unmistakably a military type. No sooner had it landed, a small squad of about eight heavily armed soldiers jumped out. Instantly the crazies seemed to forget about those in the truck and turned on the soldiers instead. The soldiers didn't hesitate in opening fire with their powerful automatic weapons which ripped through the unprotected flesh and bone, cutting them down with ease. Just when it seemed like everything was going to be alright - the crazy who had been chasing Ozzy emerged from behind them and tore savagely into an unfortunate and unsuspecting soldier.

04/24/2007 1:52 PM

Lucas's heart was poundign as he threw open the door to his saud car and grabbed the shotgun off the dashboard.

"Here!" he said, handing a box of shotgun rounds to Danny, during his turn he saw a large militry helicopter sitting in the parking lot with a squad of soldies fightign through the crazies around it. DAnny laoded two shotgun shells into his double barrel and closed the action.

"Let's get outta here fast!" Lucas ordered. Danny almsot complied until he saw the inhuman things climbing ont othe helicopter to get through to the soldiers on the otehr side.

"Shit, get back to the bar!" Lucas said, changing his mind and running for the bar.


Tommy noticed that most of the things had run off.

"Go!" he screamed and thew open his door violently. The window hit a creature in the head, shatteering and knocking it back. He leept out of the car and planted a foot firmly on the fale nthign's chest, holding the shotgun barrel inches from its face and firing. The buckshot turned its face into a bloody mass. Ed was right behind him, pausing only to grab a box of shotgun shells.

"Frank?" Ed called turnign back to see if the prison gaurd was still in the trcuk, instead he saw a man dressed in a police unifrom, leap from the truck's bed and hit hi min the chest. Ed screamed in agony when he felt the man's teeth sink into him. Frank ran out last, grabbing up Ed's rifle and shooting the ex-police officer in the head.

"Come on!!" Frank shouted to the overrun army men while he ran for the bar.

04/25/2007 4:51 PM

Ronny was on the edge of his seat; it happen all to fast. A helicopter landed in the parking lot, and all of a sudden the rocking minimized. Tommy noticed the things left and he threw open the door. All of them jumped out and made a mad dash for the bar.

He tripped on his way out; the pavement scraping his knee. He got back up only to be met by one of the loonies. He dodged its grasp and sprinted past it. On his right, a mob of what looked like military personal was in a fight against the crazies. He wanted to help, but he was defenseless.

Quickly he made a run for the bar again, this time drop kicking a creature to the ground. He curb stomped its head and continued his run to the bar. He was sweating profusely due to the fire; man was it hot.

Eventually Ronny made it back. He popped open the door and ran in; he did not dear even look back at the action that was unfolding.

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04/26/2007 4:51 PM

Nash watched as the survivors quickly exited the truck and hauled ass over to McGrueder's. It looked like all of them made is safely, now he needed to round up the troops and get them inside as well. Everybody was fine so far, except Smith, of course. He searched around the parking lot until he found Molly to make sure she was safe.

Molly had been hanging back by the chopper, with her pistol drawn but she appeared a little freaked out from the situation and wasn't using it. Nash saw that the new wave of zombies was coming up behind the helicopter, and a few started to go through it.

"Molly!" Nash pointed behind her as he shouted out. She looked and saw them coming, and scooted away from there. "Everybody, fall back! We need to get inside!" The soldiers began to retreat. At least, most of them did.

Tyler began to follow the order, but then he looked over and saw what happened to Smith for the first time. Smith had been one of his closer friends when he joined the National Guard. And now, Tyler was watching as his friends corpse was being gnawed on by the zombie who killed him.

"Here," Tyler said to Molly, who was running past him. "Hold on to this for a minute." he pushed his M-16 into her hands. "What are you doing?" she asked. But he wasn't paying attention anymore. He began walking towards the zombie on Smith's body.

"Lieutenant!" Nash looked as heard Molly call his name. She was gesturing towards Tyler, who was walking over to Smith. "Tyler, what the hell are you doing!? You need to get your ass over here, now!" Tyler just ignored him and kept walking.

By now, the rest of the soldiers had made it over to the bar. Only Nash and Tyler remained outside, and one of them appeared to be walking towards his doom. Nash watched as Tyler pulled out his hunting knife, then charge at the zombie.

The zombie was too busy with it's feast to notice Tyler, who dove on it and started wildly swinging the knife. Tyler drove the knife through the zombies head, but he didn't stop there. He continued stabbing at it's body.

That's when the first zombie from the new wave came. It lunged at Tyler and pinned him to the ground, trying to bite him. Tyler was barely managing to hold it's head back as it snapped at him. Finally he was able to throw it off of him, and scramble to his feet. He immediately began running for the bar, but there were zombies right on his heels.

The one closest behind him dropped dead. Nash looked to the bar and saw Hart standing in the doorway, already reloading for another shot. Nash needed to do something to slow the zombies down. He reached into his pouch and retrieved a grenade. As he got closer, Nash flung a grenade over Tyler's head.

Tyler picked up his pace as he saw the grenade go by. It exploded seconds later, knocking him to the ground. Fortunately, it also blew up, or at least stunned, the bulk of the zombies behind him. Nash ran over and helped Tyler to his feet. Together they ran for the safety of the bar. "Thanks Lieutenant." Tyler said weakly. Nash was about to admonish him for being so reckless, but then he saw something that made him wince.

They ran inside, and Nash hoped someone was there to close the door, because he was having trouble thinking after what he just noticed a few seconds ago. Tyler's hand was bleeding. While they were struggling on the ground, the last zombie had bitten him. Nash knew what he had to do.

04/29/2007 7:16 AM

Samantha had watched all of the previous events with mild horror. Now along with the makeshift force of bar patrons, a group of soldiers had been added, and they had much better weapons. Frank shoved the extra rifle into Ozzy's hands.

"Nice rescue." Tommy told the man who appeared to be in charge of the soldiers sarcastically. Frank spoke up next,

"Ignore him, he's always like this. Nice try though, but looks like you're stuck too." he said. Ed Galvin hit the door and snarled, banging with all his might. Frank looked at the gap where his throat used to be and then turned to the soldiers. "What the hell are these things? Why can't we kill 'em?" he asked, fearing he already knew the answer.

04/29/2007 7:59 AM

Ronny looked at Frank; he laughed at his stupidity. "Isn't it obvious? I mean, I have seen a lot of horror flicks and just by the sight of things, I can clearly state that those fuckers are [i]zombies[/i]." Frank eyed Ronny as if he was crazy.

Ronny put his hands up and made a suggestive face, "Hey, it's my opinion." Adam walked over to his buddy and patted him on his back. "Yea, my friend Ron job here, I think he's right. I mean, what else are those things. Not violent hobo's that's for sure." Ronny couldn't help but laugh at his friends' stupid joke.

The whole group starred at each other in awe; what ever those things were they'd have to do something, and fast.

04/29/2007 8:20 AM

Tommy started pacing back and forth.

"Zombies man.....fuck!" he looked out the window. "So those things are just a bunch of fucking stiffs." Danny handed Lucas the Police shotgun. Lucas took off his state trooepr cap which he'd had on the whole time and then nodded at the soldiers.

"Y'all saved us, that's for sure. Thanks for your help."

04/29/2007 10:39 AM

Frank shoved the extra rifle into Ozzy's hands.

Looking a little more confident now that he finally had a decent weapon in his hands, Ozzy strode around the room double checking all the boardings were still firmly in place covering the windows. He certainly wasn't the leader type, but he all too aware that they needed to come to some kind of group decision about what was going to happen next. There were a lot of questions which need to be answered, firstly about what [i]exactly[/i] was going on here, and secondly about what they were going to do about it? Now that they were such a large group living in a relatively small confinement problems were bound to arise. How long would the food last? How long would the barricades hold?

All these thoughts which were going through his head suddenly came to a standstill as he came near to the door and the last couple of soldiers who had entered through it. One of the soldiers was staring at the other one curiously. Ozzy followed the first soldier's eye-line and quickly spotted what he was looking at. The second soldier had a very nasty, but fresh-looking wound on his hand. It appeared he must have been bitten during the fight outside.

Ozzy gripped his rifle firmly and slowly backed away from the pair of them. If someone was going to have to take this guy down it would best if it came from someone in their own group. The last thing they needed was to jeopardise their newly formed alliance with these soldiers.

04/29/2007 5:03 PM

"Zombies man.....fuck!" he looked out the window. "So those things are just a bunch of fucking stiffs."

Ronny walked up to Tommy and patted him on the back; "Yup, that's pretty much right." Ronny didn't want to believe either, but it was the truth. He could spot a zombie when, [i]if[/i] he saw one. He sighed and walked over to the stranger, Oz.

Ronny leaned against the door that was right next to Oz. He looked at the group; the numbers doubled once the soldiers came into the bar. Soon there wouldn't be enough food to last; this worried Ronny. He shook his head and began talking to Oz.

"Tough shit, huh?" He got nothing back from the man. Ronny looked at him, he was clutching the weapon that was given to him. Something was up and Oz sensed it. Ronny looked back at the group, then Oz. "What's the matter big guy?"

05/01/2007 3:12 AM

Nash heard a couple of the patrons give their thanks for saving them, although one was a little sarcastic. Parker must have heard that one too. "Great. It looks like we're stuck here with a bunch of geniuses." he remarked with some sarcasm of his own, after hearing one of the kids say that the things outside were zombies.

"And all this time," he continued. "I thought they were magical fairies."

Nash rubbed his temple as he could feel a headache coming on. "Parker, cut the bullshit."

"Fuck that. We're trapped here. I told you it was a bad idea to land. And if these morons hadn't got themselves trapped in that truck, we wouldn't have had to stay outside and help them, which means Smith would still be alive!"

"Enough! We have plenty to worry about right now, and you running your mouth isn't helping the stiuation!" Nash again cast an uneasy glance at the wound on Tyler's hand. Parker just muttered something under his breath and slumped down in a booth in the corner of the room.

Nash turned to address the group of people. "Please forgive him. We've had a rough day, as I'm sure all of you have as well. We'll save the introductions for later, right now there's something that needs to be taken care of immediately."

He paused for a minute and stared at the ground. Nash definitely was not looking forward to what was going to happen next. He looked at Tyler, who was clutching his hand to his chest, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Is the owner of the bar here? I need the owner, or whoever is in charge, to grab a tablecloth. Bring the tablecloth and take me to the roof, if that's possible. Tyler, you come with us. The rest of you, stay put. This won't take long."

05/01/2007 1:56 PM

Danny had seen the wound too. Of course beinga Nam veteran he had seen much worse, but to kill a man for such a tiny wound seemd ludicrous, but it douldn't be helped.

"Yeah, sure." he said reluctatnly, picking up his shotgun and grabbing a table cloth and catiously approaching the man.

Samantha abruptly looked up. "Wait!" she demanded. "What are you goign to do!?" she asked in horror.

"Someone shut her up!" Danny demanded. Frank reached for her but she screamed and frantically pulled away.

"Fuck you!" she screamed. "This is America! This can't be happening!! This isn't going on!!! You can't just shoot him!!" Dannny winced as soon as the words were out of her mouth. Frank was able to get her in a pinning hold and cover her mouth, his experience as a prison guard had taught him all he needed to know.

"Sorry." Frank apologized briefly and practically forced her out of the room. Danny looked at the bitten soldier out of the corner of his eye, trying not to act to suspicious, he wanted to see how he would react.

05/02/2007 11:26 AM

Ronny looked back at the group, then Oz. "What's the matter big guy?"

Before Ozzy had chance to answer, Samantha suddenly piped up and gave the game away.

Samantha abruptly looked up. "Wait!" she demanded. "What are you goign to do!?" she asked in horror.

"Fuck you!" she screamed. "This is America! This can't be happening!! This isn't going on!!! You can't just shoot him!!"

"Barmaids and their big mouths," cursed Oz under his breath. Although Frank had done his best to subdue her, Samantha hadn't exactly been subtle in exclaiming her assumption that they were going to shoot this poor Tyler guy!

But just what exactly was the other soldier planning with his requests for a tablecloth and to be directed onto the roof? Whatever his plan was, there was no doubt Tyler would be getting more than a little suspicious by now.

Without waiting around to see how the desperate soldier would react to the prospect of being murdered by his own buddies, Oz made a mad dash into the kitchen and picked up the heavy meat cleaver. His idea was a crude one, but it was marginally more humane than cold blooded murder.

05/02/2007 2:05 PM

Before Ronny could get an answer, Samantha went nuts.

"Fuck you!" she screamed. "This is America! This can't be happening!! This isn't going on!!! You can't just shoot him!!"

Ronny didn't understand where she was going with those words, but he had a wild guess. "Hey what-" He turned and Oz left to go to the kitchen. "Fine, be gay." All of this was really confusing to Ronny; he felt uneasy around the soldiers. For some reason, they weren't his kind of people.

He walked over to a table and sat down; Adam followed him. "Crazy shit huh Ron job?" Ronny nodded, "Yup my good friend...[i]really[/i] crazy."

05/09/2007 3:25 AM

Tyler's eyes became buggy as a barmaid flipped out and started screaming about how it wasn't right to shoot him. "Shoot me? What?" he nervously looked at Nash, not quite understanding yet.

While the commotion with the barmaid was going on, Nash saw out of the corner of his eye one of the survivors dash into the kitchen. Did a zombie bite him, too? New problems kept popping up before he could solve the old ones. Tyler was still staring at him, fidgeting.

"You're really going to shoot me?" he asked incredulously.

"Look...nobody is going to shoot anybody, okay?" Nash said that wanting it to be true, but he knew that there wasn't much choice.

Tyler was sweating profusely now, not entirely convinced. "There must be some other way..."

Parker stood up now. "Come on Lieutenant, you aren't shooting Tyler are you? That's bullshit!"

"I said everything is going to be fine! Tyler...you don't have anything to worry about. We just need to step away from everybody else for a few minutes and talk about this. We'll figure out what to do then."

Nash was running out of patience, but he tried to sound as calm as possible so nobody else would freak out like the barmaid did. Parker remained standing, looking as though he wanted to say something but kept his mouth shut. The other soldiers all had grim looks on their faces, and they just kept their heads down for the most part. Tyler still had buggy eyes, but he at least seemed willing to go talk like his Lieutenant wanted to do.

Nash motioned to the man who had responded to his request to grab a tablecloth, and must be the owner. "Lead the way."

05/09/2007 6:29 PM

Dannny nodded solemnly and picked up the table cloth.

"We'll get you pathced up nice sonny." he lied. He hoped convincingly. PArt of him hoped the man would simply understand and accept his fate, the other half wanted him to go obliviously. Tommy halfway raised his rifle, angling it slightly toward the soldiers, if any of them tried anything, he wanted to be ready. After the Lt. solider, and Danny had left, Lucas sighed and rubbed his face.

"God forgive us." he murmured and sat down.

05/10/2007 8:09 AM

Ozzy remained hidden in the kitchen. He waited until Danny, Tyler, and the Lieutenant had left the room before quietly following them with the heavy meat cleaver hidden behind his back. He didn't so much mind whether the others noticed he was following, but if his plan was going to succeed Tyler was going to have to be taken by surprise or would have to be distracted. The fact no one knew exactly what each other had planned was going to make this a very tricky situation.

05/19/2007 1:26 PM

As Nash, Tyler and the bar owner got on to the roof, Nash kept a hand on his Glock. Part of him knew he should make this quick, but the other part desperately wished for a better solution. Tyler had wandered over to the edge of the roof and was looking down at the undead below.

"Damn! Look at all of them down there!"

Nash glanced down too. When they were scrambling to get inside the bar, they didn't exactly have time to count how many zombies were coming at them. All they knew was that there were more than they could handle at the moment. As he looked down, Nash estimated that there were a couple hundred, at least.

Some of the zombies looked up and saw Tyler staring down at them. They began groaning and reaching their arms up in the air, thinking that they could grab him. Unfortunately for them, he was up too high.

"Bastards..." Tyler spat down at them in disgust. "You wanted to talk to me, Lieutenant?" he said to Nash, while still watching the zombies.

Nash sighed and began raising the pistol. It would probably be best if Tyler didn't see it coming, it would only make things more difficult. This needed to be dealt with now. Nash took aim at the back of Tyler's head.

05/19/2007 7:48 PM

danny winced back and wrung his hands together, he saw the young man's end was at hand.

05/30/2007 2:47 PM

Tiptoeing out onto the roof top, Oz gasped in sudden panic when he saw Nash was already aiming his pistol at the back of Tyler's head.

"Hold your fire!" he screamed leaping past Nash and bringing the heavy meat cleaver up to swing at Tyler.

Tyler turned around and yelped in horror upon seeing the evil looking weapon poised to strike him. "Nooo!" he screamed, bringing his hands up to protect his face.

Perfect. Ozzy brought the hefty weapon down on him in a two-handed swing which connected with his injured arm just below the elbow. The blade sliced through the soft flesh and cut into the tough bone with loud chopping, crunching sound.

With his arm dangling from a slender piece of fleshy skin which had been save by the toughness of the dual bones in the human forearm, Tyler staggered backwards dangerously close to the edge of the roof and screamed.

06/02/2007 4:29 AM

Nash put his finger on the trigger and was about to squeeze, but then someone behind him yelled out.

"Hold your fire!"

One of the survivors rushed past Nash and attacked Tyler with a meat cleaver, nearly severing his arm. The sight was sickening, as Tyler's arm now hung only by a piece of skin. It all happened so fast, that Nash didn't have time to react.

Tyler was screaming at the top of his lungs as he stared at his arm hanging there. He wobbled on the edge of the roof and didn't seem to realize how close he was to falling off. The zombies below increased the sounds of their wailing.

"Tyler!" Nash finally recovered from the shock enough to move and he ran to Tyler's aid. His efforts would be in vain though, as Tyler took one too many steps backwards. Nash reached his arm out, but Tyler had already began to plummet to the ground and the waiting undead below.

06/02/2007 7:28 AM

Danny's combat instinct took over when he saw the man fall into the mob of undead. He grabbed the officer by the back of his vest and pulled him back violently. Danny sighted his shotgun on the wounded soldier. The mass of zombies had begun to feast on him already. Danny squeezed both triggers. The double blast of buckshot peppered the soldier, killing him nearly instantly. Danny then whirled on the trucker.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" he demanded.


Samantha heard the gunshots and screams and began to scream herself. Frank had to work overtime to keep her from breaking free. He wasn't sure what she would do once she got free, but he had a feeling he didn't want to know.

06/02/2007 8:07 AM

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" he demanded.

Ozzy just stood there looking completely stunned for several long seconds before he finally stammered out a reply.

"I.. I though if we removed his arm it might stop the infection from spreading.. Stop him turning into one of those zombies... I didn't mean for him to fall. I though the only way of doing it would be to take him by surprise."

The hideous sound of the zombies grew louder as they tore apart flesh and bone in their feeding frenzy.

Ozzy looked visibly sick. With his shoulders slumped, he turned away heading back down towards the bar room looking defeated.

06/04/2007 3:18 PM

Nash was having a difficult time processing what just happened. Here he was, about to put a bullet in the back of Tyler's head and be done with this unfortunate situation. Then things broke down after some unwanted interference, and he had to watch one of his men die a very messy death.

He shot a deadly gaze at the trucker who was already walking away. Nash tried to remain calm, and remind himself that the man was only trying to help. Yelling at the fellow wouldn't do any good right now, as he was likely already beating himself up inside.

There was screaming downstairs, and Nash figured it was the same woman who was screaming earlier. He didn't want to imagine what her reaction would be if she knew what really happened to Tyler. They would have to pretend this incident didn't happen. He bowed his head and muttered a quick prayer, then looked over to the bar owner.

"Keep this quiet. It won't do any good for the others to know what really happened. I shot Tyler, and you covered him up...just like what everybody assumed was going to happen. End of story."

With that, Nash turned and made his way back downstairs.

06/04/2007 4:10 PM

Danny was unfortunatley reminded of some of the officers he had seen in Vietnam, the kind that liked to over simplify. He sighed and nodded.

"Yes sir." he said dutifully. Danny sent a baneful glance down at the hoard of flesh eaters below. He sighed again and followed Nash back into the bar.

06/14/2007 12:33 PM

Darren and Aaron had gone upstairs to check on Alex after they ate breakfast. Alex had woken up and was sitting in bed looking confused.

"Where are we?" Alex asked when they walked in.

"We're in a bar in Colarado," Darren replied. Suddenly a look of comprehension spread over Alex's face as the previous night's events came back to him.

"Sam is dead isn't he." Alex said.

"Yeah." Aaron said dejectedly. Suddenly they heard the sound of a helicopter.

"Let's go see what's going on," Darren said. They all ran downstairs and saw what looked like a small war raging in the parking lot. A Black Hawk helicopter was sitting next to the bus with its bades still spinning. There was a squad of soldiers standing next to the chopper firing into the swarm of crazies. As the three friends watched a luny lept onto one of the soldiers and bit him. The soldiers and several of the bars occupants were now making their way towards the door. The people eventually got inside. One of the soldiers had what appeared to be a bite wound on his hand which was bleeding profusely. The bar owner and one of the soldiers were talking about heading up to the roof with someone named Tyler. Darren assumed Tyler was the wounded soldier. The barmaid, Darren thought her name was Samantha, screamed something about not shooting him but one of the other bar inhabitants grabbed her and shut her up. As the two soldiers and the bar owner headed for the roof Darren saw one of the truckers sneak up after them with a sinister-looking meat cleaver.

"Let's sit down somewhere," Alex suggested. Him and Aaron walked over to a boothand sat. Darren pulled some change out of his pocket and walked over to the jukebox. He flipped through the songs and eventually picked Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. He then went and sat down next to Alex and pulled his Game Boy out of his pocket.

06/15/2007 4:34 AM

Re-entering the main bar room, the first thing Ozzy notice was the look of horror on every one's faces.

When Tyler had fallen from the roof he had landed on the ground just in front of one of the roughly boarded up windows. The hideous sound of the zombies fighting each other for the fresh meat of poor Tyler was still loud enough for them all to hear. That along with the mercy killing shotgun blast fired by Danny had alerted everyone to what had just happened.

Before they could all turn to vent their outrage and disgust at the three men returning from the rooftop, the frenzied zombies now with a fresh hunger for warm flesh began pummeling at the window. The sound of smashing glass made everyone jump and turn around to see the window boarding come toppling down, revealing the snarling, blood soaked faces of at least a dozen zombies.

"SHIT!" screamed Ozzy, turning to run back up towards the roof top, "RUN!!!"

06/15/2007 9:16 AM

Danny jumped in suprise and quickly began loading his gun. Lucas aimed his service pistol and fired off five shots. The rounds splintered through the rough barricade and took out a couple zombies. Tommy started lighting a molatov cocktail.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Bill shouted in horror and slapped the lighter from his hand.

"What the fuck!?" Tommy exclaimed. Samatha began screaming histerically as the barricade came crashing down.

06/15/2007 9:19 AM

"SHIT!" screamed Ozzy, turning to run back up towards the roof top, "RUN!!!"

"Where?" Darren screamed, "We're trapped!"

"To the roof," Aaron said and took off up the steps. Darren and Alex followed him. When they got onto the roof the three men who had killed Tyler were standing on the edge looking over the side.

"What do we do now?" Alex said listening to the sound of the zombies trying to tear their way into the bar.

"We wait," Darren replied.

06/19/2007 3:12 AM

As Nash was on his way downstairs, things took another turn for the worse. The zombies began intensely pounding on the barricades, and it started to break away.

"Everybody on the roof!" he shouted. Although it wasn't really necessary, as people were already scrambling to get up there.

As the barricade was being smashed, the remaining five soldiers downstairs had opened fire along with one of the survivors. "Fall back to the stairs after everybody else is up here!" Nash yelled down to them. He returned to the top of the roof, knowing his men would handle the situation as best they could. Time was ticking though, they wouldn't be able to hold the zombies back for long. He needed to hurry up and think of an escape plan or they'd all end up as food.

"Ok...Those of you who have a vehicle in the parking lot, do you have your keys with you?

06/19/2007 9:03 AM

As one of the first to scramble his way back onto the rooftop, Ozzy perched himself close to the edge and peered down at the undead hordes which were forcing their way into the bar. He shouldered the rifle and pulled out the Molotov cocktail, both of which Danny had given him. It wasn't much, but along with some suppressive rife from the automatic weapons held by the soldiers, they might just be able to clear enough space to stand a fighting chance when they hit the ground.

"I hope your guys brought plenty of ammo with them," he called over to Nash, "This is gonna be tight!"

One by one the people from the bar room were hurrying up the narrow stair case onto the roof. Ozzy was praying that everyone would make it up here in one piece, but he knew from the screams down below that one or two unfortunate people hadn't made it.

Ozzy hoped to God that Nash had a plan, but he could tell by the look on his face there wasn't going to be an easy way out of mess.

"Nash, how long do you think your guys can hold them off on the staircase? The more we let inside and the more we waste on the stairs, the less there will be on the ground outside when we make a run for it."

06/19/2007 11:28 AM

"Nash, how long do you think your guys can hold them off on the staircase? The more we let inside and the more we waste on the stairs, the less there will be on the ground outside when we make a run for it."

The man who spoke was the one responsible for the gruesome scene with Tyler just a few minutes ago. Nash was not exactly happy with him, but the situation at hand was such that any differences needed to be pushed aside. What happened was over and done with, now it was time to move on.

"I don't know. Probably not more than a couple minutes." Nash said as he walked over to the edge of the roof and surveyed the scene. "With the barricade down, all of the zombies are concentrating on the front of the bar. That means the back should be safe enough for us to jump down to. But before all of us go, we'll need a couple people to try and make a run for the parking lot and bring their vehicles over to pick up the rest of us. I don't see any other option. On foot, I don't think we'd be able to move fast enough to outrun them for long."


The suddenness of the zombies attack surprised the soldiers, but it didn't take them long to regain their composure and start firing. Luckily, they weren't alone either. One of the survivors looked like a state trooper, and he joined them in the battle.

They heard their Lieutenant shout out some orders from upstairs and began to fall back towards the stairs as instructed.

"Hurry the fuck up!" Parker screamed at some of the survivors who were still down there. The zombies were slowly forcing their way inside. He quickly glanced around as best he could, but couldn't tell if if everybody was safe or not.

06/19/2007 2:03 PM

The bar was alive with gunfire. The soldiers and armed survivors poured rounds into the wave on oncomming dead. The effect was less than perfect. Most fo the dead took torso hits and kept comming, the paniced fire was poorly aimed. More bar patrons fled for the stairs. Danny was the last of the survivors to retreat, coving himself with his shotgun.

06/20/2007 7:20 AM

Ronny and Adam were just sitting there with their heads bowed. Things were really nuts; maybe they shouldn't have taken this small gig. They could have been away, safe and sound. It was really quite in the main bar area, everyone wanted to be left alone. One of the soldiers, the bar owner, and another soldier walked up to the roof. It was plainly obvious what they were going to do, but Ronny didn't want to think about it.

In a few minutes, a loud crack shot was heard and Samantha was startled. Adam jumped from his chair and sprang to his feet. "Holy fuck, what just happened?!" Ronny was surprised to. He knew they were going to make it quick, but he didn't expect them to blow his head off.

Ronny stood up and noticed Ozzy wasn't in the room. He must have run up there with the others. Samantha was still screaming and everyone else was just standing around. By now, Ronny heard the gnawing of bone and flesh. "What the hell is right." The rest of the band walked over to Ronny; they were nervous.

Jack spoke up, "This is freaking me out man." Ronny nodded, but quickly spun around. The things were thumping on the window, they were in frenzy. "Uh guys, maybe we should..." Too late, the glass shattered and the boards were moving. "Holy shit!!!" The people on the roof eventually made it down, only to be greeted by the sudden attack.

The bar tender let out some shots and the rest of the soldiers followed. Eventually the boards came crashing down and the zombies poured into the bar, falling on each other. Ozzy made a dash to the stairs; he made orders clear.

"SHIT!" screamed Ozzy, turning to run back up towards the roof top, "RUN!!!"

Samantha was still wailing like a baby. Ronny rolled his eyes and grabbed her. "Come on now, before you get us both killed." The band made their way to the stairs; Travis stayed back.

Ronny set Samantha down and yelled back to Travis. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing, hurry up!" Adam happened to glance down the stairs and see his drums get destroyed. "Aw, that was my new fucking set!" Travis called back to Ronny, "I need to do this Ron, I've always ran away. Let me hold em off."

Ronny shook his head; Travis was a damn fool. In a way, Ronny agreed with his actions though. Travis was always the outsider, always getting picked on. Ronny and the other two were at least well liked. Travis was just...Travis. Ronny spotted Travis breaking a stool and using the sharp end of the shrapnel as a weapon. Ronny said a quick prayer and headed up to the roof with the others.

They made it up there and went to the edge. Hundreds of zombies were now pouring into the bar. Ronny hoped that they could hold off for awhile. One of the soldiers was talking with Ozzy, he happened to catch his name; Nash.

But before all of us go, we'll need a couple people to try and make a run for the parking lot and bring their vehicles over to pick up the rest of us. I don't see any other option. On foot, I don't think we'd be able to move fast enough to outrun them for long."

Ronny checked his pockets and pulled out his keys. In the back, he saw their van sitting silently. He raised his keys and shook them. Nash turned to Ronny and Ronny began speaking, "I guess we can, I mean, we are pretty fast and mobile." Adam laughed at Ronny's comment and stood on one of the vents. He flexed his arms and smiled, "Yea, we are pretty muscular too; we don't need now girly men!"

Ronny shook his head, Adam never was serious.

06/20/2007 10:59 AM

[Posted By Dangrel]
"I don't know. Probably not more than a couple minutes." Nash said as he walked over to the edge of the roof and surveyed the scene. "With the barricade down, all of the zombies are concentrating on the front of the bar. That means the back should be safe enough for us to jump down to. But before all of us go, we'll need a couple people to try and make a run for the parking lot and bring their vehicles over to pick up the rest of us. I don't see any other option. On foot, I don't think we'd be able to move fast enough to outrun them for long."

Ozzy's jaw dropped and he stared at Nash in horror upon hearing his plan. He had expected the soldiers to be able to hold them off for a lot longer than just a few minutes, but worst of all was the thought of having to jump down to bring the vehicles over for everyone.

"Screw that! You can count me out!" snapped Ozzy, "Besides, I've had my licence revoked for drink driving," he added quietly.

Suddenly one of the crazy young band members chipped in.

"I guess we can, I mean, we are pretty fast and mobile."

"Good idea man!" Ozzy nodded approvingly, suddenly clutching at his leg as if it were injured in an unconscious act to show he was slow and less mobile.

06/20/2007 1:23 PM

Danny ran backwards, laoding his shot gun for the fourth time. He was choosing his shots carefully now. Lucas slapped in a new clip.

"We gotta get the fuck outta here!" he shouted. Danny nodded i nagreement and followed the statetrooper up the stairs. He looked and saw one of the band members weilding a stool leg as a weapon, a look on his face said 'None shall pass'. Danny gave him a mental salute and continued up the stairs.

06/20/2007 3:13 PM

"Good idea man!" Ozzy nodded approvingly, suddenly clutching at his leg as if it were injured in an unconscious act to show he was slow and less mobile.

Ronny nodded and checked with the other two. "You cool with this guys, I mean, we may or may not make it." Jack stepped forward and Adam followed, "Damn, if Travis had the balls, hell we are in. I'm tired of sitting up here anyways." Ronny smiled and patted Adam on the back.

He turned to the group and shot out his game plan. "Ok, our van can hold at least seven people, plus the driver. So, two are already settling up in; how are we going to ship everyone out of here? I'm thinking driving and picking up different shipments. We can dump the people already in the van off a few ways from the bar and come back and pick the rest up. Does this sound killer?"

The group looked skeptic; Ronny had to think of an alternative. "Or we can just cram everyone in the van. The call is yours dude." He pointed over to Ozzy, seeing that the bar owner was not on the roof at the time.

06/20/2007 3:51 PM

"Or we can just cram everyone in the van. The call is yours dude." He pointed over to Ozzy, seeing that the bar owner was not on the roof at the time.

"I don't think you'll hear anyone complaining about the lack of comfort. Hell, if I could I'd climb up my own ass to get out of this shit hole... Just get the van over here, we'll worry about cramming everyone in when the time comes. Let's just hope were still in a position where there are enough of us left alive to fill the blasted thing."

Ozzy looked positively terrified now. Since the incident with Tyler his nerves had clearly been shattered, and looking out off the roof top at the hundreds of zombies below was doing nothing to improve his confidence.

"One last thing... Good luck boys," he added solemnly.

06/20/2007 5:57 PM

Ronny nodded and walked over to the back edge. There weren't many zombies in the back, maybe around twenty or so. It would be an easy sprint to the van and they'd get there before the whole mess up front would know they were down there. He knew they couldn't go back through the stairs so they'd have to hop down from the roof.

Ronny eyed the terrain below him and noticed the dumpster near the right. He looked at Jack and Adam, pointing to the dumpster down low. "Looks like we have to go trash diving, it's the safest landing." Jack shook his head, "And I was smelling good all day." Adam chuckled, but Ronny knew it wasn't a good time to joke around.

Ronny looked back at the group of people starring at the three and then back at the dumpster. "Well, here goes nothing." The rocker plunged into the garbage, rattling the bottles and trash in the bags. He quickly flipped out of the dumpster and waited for the other two.

Adam went next, then Jack. The three were at grounds level, still not attracting any attention. "Let's try to get to it quietly." The two nodded and walked alongside Ronny. The silence didn't last long; Adam accidentally stepped on glass, creating a crackle. A zombie whipped its head around and eyed the three. It snarled and started stalking its way over to the boys.

"Ok, time to just fucking run. Adam go left, Jack go right, I'll head straight. On my count, one, two, three!!" The boys darted in opposite directions attracting the attentions of the other zombies. Adam seemed to have the safest path and Jack looked to be fine out running the dead. Ronny on the other hand was the main target.

He was running straight at one of the attackers. "Let's do this DBZ style bitch." Ronny's adrenaline kicked in and he jumped off the shoulders of the zombie, landing ten yards away. The zombie was startled, but eventually took flight after him. Ronny kept sprinting, trying to use his old football skills. "I knew I shouldn't have quit sports." Finally, Ronny was the first to arrive, followed by Adam.

Adam screamed at Ronny, "Jacks surrounded!" He glanced over to the right and saw Jack playing bull fighter with a bunch of zombies. They'd have to hurry up and save him or he would be lunch meat. "Quick, get in the van!" Ronny unlocked the car and jumped in with Adam. He turned the ignition on and donut his way to the right.

Ron was speeding his way to Jack; honking the horn in the process. Jack knew he had to get out of the way. Quickly, the singer sprinted by the zombies and got out of view of the vehicle. Ronny was angry, he was about to perform a hit and run. "Come get some bitches!" Adam turned on the stereo and put Led Zeppelin in. The Immigrant song was blasting and Ronny was all hyped up. "Yieehaaa!!"

In an instant, Ronny smacked the zombies with the van, blood spraying onto the windshield. He made a sharp drift and headed back to Jack. Adam opened the side door and grabbed their singer. "Nice job out there man." Jack was puffing, "I'm never doing that again." Ronny laughed, it was time to pick up the rest of the group. He headed back to the back edge and honked the horn three times. [i]"Come on guys, hurry before they hear me..."[/i]

06/20/2007 6:51 PM

Nash watched as some crazy kids made a break for their van. By the time he had picked up his gun they had already made it and were on their way back. He frowned as he heard them blasting some music while they plowed through a few zombies. This wasn't a game, and he hoped they weren't treating it as such. Soon the van was back, waiting for people to pick up.

"Let's move it! We need as many of you civilians as possible to cram inside that van!"

Nash hurried over to the top of the stairs to survey the scene. It wasn't looking good, the bar owner and trooper had just retreated and were on the roof now. His men were quickly retreating also.

"Get your asses up here now! Hart, go to the back of the roof and cover those kids in the van with your M-14! The rest of you stay at the top of the stairs and hold these bastards off!"

The soldiers dashed upstairs, but Sayama, the last one, stopped and turned around. "Shit, guys, there's still a kid down here!" he moved over to help the kid who was only wielding a piece of broken furniture.

Before any of the other soldiers could go back downstairs to help, the bottom of the stairs became blocked by zombies. A few tried to go upstairs and were shot down, but the rest followed Sayama.

As he reached the kid, he turned around and saw they were surrounded now. He got his pistol out and offered it to the kid. They could at least try to take out as many as possible. They more zombies they killed, the less there would be for the others to deal with.

06/20/2007 7:48 PM

Ronny heard Nash give orders to the refugees. The civilians were aiding each other down the roof, slowly moving without getting hurt. Jack got out of the car and helped them one by one into the van. Samantha was the first to get in and she was still crying. Ronny turned to her and put his hand on her knee. "It's going to be alright Sam, trust me."

Ronny looked up and saw one of the soldiers watching their back. "Ok, we can fit a few more in the van right now, whose coming?"

06/21/2007 9:50 AM

Frank stopped.

"Wait, where the hell are we going?" he asked. "There ain't anything for miles!" Danny finally made it up to the roof with Lucas and slammed the door shut. He, lucas and Frank were the only civilians left on the roof. Tommy and Samantha had already climbed in.

"We need a plan!" Frank shouted. Danny grabbed his sleeve.

"WE HAVE TO GO!" He shouted over the shouting of the undead. Frank shook his head.

"We need somewhere to go! If we don't have a plan we don't have shit. Dying out there is no different to dying in here!"

Danny nodded. "He's right!" he shouted.

"The Mx." Lucas said. "The Maximum Security prison in town. It's got enough supplies to hold these thigns off until help arrives!" He looked to the soldiers for their response.

06/21/2007 9:57 AM

"The Mx." Lucas said. "The Maximum Security prison in town. It's got enough supplies to hold these things off until help arrives!" He looked to the soldiers for their response.

Ronny faintly heard the man on the roof. They were discussing what their plan should be. He hoped they'd hurry up soon; the zombies would be in the back in no time. Ronny quickly got out of the car and went to the building. He looked up and shouted through the noise, "So, what the hells going on? You guys coming or not?"

06/21/2007 10:02 AM

Ozzy had already leaped down into the van closely behind Samantha.

"For fuck's sake, [b]come on[/b]!" he screamed up at those who seemed to be loitering behind.

Already scores of the zombies were making their way around form the front of the bar towards the back where the van was parked.

"Eat this!" Ozzy screamed, lighting then hurling the Molotov cocktail towards those which where closest. The device shattered on impact with one of the zombies and burst him and those which where in close proximity into balls of flame.

Ozzy unslung the rifle which Danny had given him and took aim ready for a head shot at anything which came into range.

06/21/2007 3:04 PM

Ronny was starting to get impatient. The zombies were already making their way to the back. Luckily, Ozzy kept the distance by lobbing a Molotov at the on coming suppressors. Adam was hyped up by the mere flames; "Yea, eat that fucko's!"

Ronny went back into the van and pressed down on the horn; hopefully the group on the roof would stop lallygagging and hurry up.

06/22/2007 10:17 AM

"Wait a minute. Why are we all trying to cram into that van when we have a full-sized school bus around front?" Darren said. None seemed to be paying any attention to him so he turned to Alex and Aaron.

"Okay guys. One of us needs to go get the school bus. Alex, weren't you on the track team?" he said.

"Yeah. I won five out of six meets actually," Alex replied.

"Well you need to run as fast as you can to the bus. If any zombies try to get on it there's a .45 in ther glove box," Darren pulled the keys out of his pocket and handed them to Alex, "Now go fast." he said.

Alex had no idea why he was doing this. Making an insane dash to their school bus seemed kind of dangerous. But it had to be done. He walked over to the front side of the store. Most of the zombies were either inside or headed around back so the coast was pretty much clear. Alex lowered himself down to the ground and took off across the parking lot. The few zombies still in the front turned towards him and gave chase. Alex reached the bus only a few steps ahead of the closest zombie, a woman in a tattered business suit. He pulled the doors open and ran up the steps but she was right behind him. He opened the glove box and grabbed the pistol but as he did so the zombie sank her teeth ino his fore arm. He managed to kick her off but the damage was already done. He grabbed a clip and jammed it into the pistol then blew the zombie's brains out. But he knew it wouldn't be long before he became one of those things. He had to get the bus around back quickly so the others could escape. He put the key in the ignition and started the bus. He put it into gear and hit the gas. When He had started the bus Pet Semetary by the Ramones had begun blaring out of the speakers. Alex was humming along withthe music trying to block out the pain in his arm when he saw the crowd of zombies headed towrds the escaping survivors. He sped up and hit the zombies going about 30. Zombies were thrown everywhere and Alex pulled the bus to a stop. He climbed down from the seat and shot a few zombies then looked up to the roof.

"Well are you guys coming?" he said.

Darren and Aaron wtched all of this from the roof. When Alex climbed out Darren saw a large bite mark on Alex's arm. When Alex turned and asked if they were coming Darren spotted movement to the right. One of the zombies that Alex had rum over was crawling towards him with a broken back.

"Look out!" Darren yelled. But it was to late. The zombie grabbed Alex's leg and sank it's teeht into his tendons. Alex screamed in pain the n fell over. The zombie took this oppurtunity to rip a chunk out of Alex's neck. Alex managed to raise the pistol and blow the zombie's head off but it was too late and hed knew it. Alex put the gun to his own temple and pulled the trighger.

06/22/2007 11:53 AM

Ronny just watched the sudden scene with awe. One of the survivors made a dash to the front and grabbed a school bus. By the time he made his way around, Ronny already had the van moving a little bit, keeping separation from the zombies. After the bus rammed some zombies out of the way, Ronny pulled the van over to the roof again.

The kid who got the bus jumped out, but only to be torn apart by one of the creatures; it was quite graphic. Ronny unlocked the doors and most of the people got on the bus. Samantha, Adam, Jack, and one of the soldiers stayed in the van. Ronny looked up at the three still on the roof, "Well, we have the rides now, so whats the plan?"

Ronny waited impatiently. He knew it would be only a matter of time before all of those things made it back there.

06/22/2007 8:11 PM

"Alright." Nash nodded. The prison sounds good to me. It can't be any worse than the way things are here!"

Nash thought he heard screaming behind him, and he looked to see someone had retrieved a bus, but apparently at the expense of their own life. They needed to get out now, before anybody else died.

Molly got in the van with Hart and some of the civilians. Heath, Benoit, and Parker were at the stairs holding the zombies off, but probably for not much longer. Nash grabbed a grenade from his pouch.

"Parker!" Parker moved from his position at the top of the stairs over to Nash. "


"Get a grenade ready. Everybody listen up! On the count of three, Parker and I are throwing these grenades down the stairs. That's your cue to get the hell out of here, and in to the bus or van!"




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06/23/2007 6:38 AM

Danny was helping Frank off the roof when the Army lieutenant shouted that he was throwing grenades.

"Hurry the fuck up!" Danny shouted to Frank. Both men made it to the ground and ran forthe bus. The grenades went off with a startlingly loud sound. The glass windows downstairs were all instantly blown out. Frank stumbled and fell. Danny stopped and helped him.

"Here they come!" Lucas shouted and fired off several rounds at the undead. Only a few dropped. Danny felt a sharp twinge of pain in his leg. It was his shrapnel wound. He winced and grabbed it, only to feel another set of hands grtab his leg as well. It was a legless torso of a contruction worker. THe undead man bit itno Danny's leg. The Nam Veteran screamed in pain.

"DANNY!" Frank shouted. Lucas wheeled and fired tow shots. One into the zombie, one into Danny. Both colapsed, dead. Frank felt weak.

"Let's go!" The state trooper said and grabbed Frank's collar. He dragged him to the van and opened the door.

"GO!" he screamed. Then shoved Frank in and closed the door.

"We're all in punch it!" Tommy shouted to the driver. Frank looked up and saw Lucas making a 'Black knight' style last stand.

"Lucas..." he said quietly.

06/23/2007 10:10 AM

Darren and Aaron climbed onto the bus trying not to look at Alex's body. Aaron grabbed the .45 before he climbed on. Several other people also got on. Darren sat down in the driver's seat and was about to shut the door when two explosions went off inside the bar. He pulled the door shut and saw the van start to pull away. He put the bus in gear and followed the van out of the parking lot. behind them the grenades had started a fire in the bar and there was smoke coming from the windows and the roof. Pet Semetary was still playing on the radio. Darren reached down and changed the station. Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees was playing so Darren just switched the radio off.

06/23/2007 12:37 PM

The soldiers threw grenades and a large blast went off. "Fuck!", shouted Adam. Ronny wanted them to hurry up and fast. Eventually the remaining people were off the roof and either in the van or bus. He was told to floor it, so floor it he did.

Ronny took of towards the front, the bus followed. They left the parking lot and took off down the street. Ronny turned to the passengers behind him. "Alright, does anyone know where we are going?"

06/23/2007 2:30 PM

Frank nodded.

"Yeah, I'll guide you there." he said somberly. His dead friends weighed heavily on his thoughts. Tommy clenched and unclenched his hands. He wanted vengence on the thigns that had fucked up his life. Samantha was staring unblinkly out of the blood covered back window at Lucas as he shrank intoi the distance, until only the flash of his gun was visible.

06/23/2007 10:06 PM

"Yeah, I'll guide you there." he said somberly.

Ronny nodded back at the man and continued his attention on driving. He looked back through the rear view mirror at the guy. "Don't think I've caught your name, and you are?" He waited for the gentleman's reply.

06/24/2007 6:00 AM

"Frank Forman. I work at the Securi-Max." Frank answered slowly.

06/24/2007 7:40 AM

Ronny nodded and continued driving. "Nice to meet you. Ok, now where do I head from here?"

06/26/2007 2:14 AM

After the grenades were thrown, there was a mad dash to get off of the roof. Three of the four soldiers made it. As Heath turned to run, he slipped and fell. The grenades exploded, and part of the roof caved in, dropping him to the bar in a pile of rubble. There was nothing anybody else could do for him, if he was even alive still, which was unlikely. The other three quietly made their way on to the bus as it drove away, dejected at having just lost another one of their friends.

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