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04/12/2007 5:10 PM

[i]A mysterious flash...A dark tale...these are all you can remember of your past...[/i]

[b]|Life|Death|Psi|[/b] is an RP like no other. You have been removed from your real life to a bizzare alternate universe. Everything is almost the same, but people have strange powers...and dark secrets.

Try to survive in this sinister world as dark events unfold around you and your friends...reclaim your memories; they may be the key...

Powers: All charactors are psionic. They are extremely powerful in the strange world, but otherwise they are normal humans. Psionics can only be used when discovered if they are in your classification. (I will keep a list of each persons powers, so don't try anything funny.)

The list:
cyro [ice]
pyro [fire]
chrono [time]
umbra [dark or shadow]
tele [movement]
empathetic [read emotions]
telepathic [all have this; but choosing it makes you stronger in it while normally you can only communicate by thought.]

Finally, you can make your character! Please try not to have the same set of powers as any other person!


Age: 13 to 18 please


Classification: pick three powers out of the list above

Description: Not needed, you can do a picture instead. Or you can work it into your posts.

Psi type: this is actually used just for recognition purposes. It is the form your psi, or energy, takes when it is visible.

Physical/mental/magical: divide thirty however you like between the three. Physical is your physical strength and resistance; mental is quick thinking, intelligence, focusing, and stuff like countering possession; magical is the strength, longetivity, and and amount of energy used.




chronokinetic, telekinetic and telepathic

Description: Well liked before he was brought to the other world, this kid has dark hair, hazel eyes, is pretty tall, and likes goofing off as well as studying, meditating, focusing his powers, training, and relaxing.

Psi type: Multicolored sparks of light that move at extreme speeds

PMM: 10/10/10 so that he can do many hard physical tasks, is able to think pretty quickly, and logically, Can focus decently, and is pretty smart, as well as has an average chance at countering possession. His spells hvae average power and last a good amount of time, for those that have a lasting affect. He uses an average amount of energy when using his powers.

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04/12/2007 7:10 PM

Dude, this sounds awesome. I definatly have to get into this.

04/12/2007 10:29 PM

This definitely sounds interesting. If you could provide a little more definition, perhaps by including it in your character, of the "Psi type" and the "physical/mental/magical" areas, it would help greatly.

04/13/2007 3:08 PM

It's updated! I must have left that stuff out by accident. Oh well. We all make mistakes!

if you want we can start, or wait for more people.

04/13/2007 8:26 PM

Sounds really interesting! I can't wait till it shows up on the boards ^^

04/13/2007 9:25 PM

Yea I'm ready to start but you have to post the actual roleplay in the General Roleplaying forum.

04/14/2007 7:33 AM

Alright then! Lets-a go! [/mario]

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