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04/08/2007 7:09 PM

\±/The Dead Road\±/

Day: 1
Time: 12:00 in the afternoon
Place: Bus driving home from game
Spawn: A seat in the bus
events: None

You are part of the local high school basketball travel team. Your team is traveling across the country to play a rival team. Both the boys and the girls are riding in the same bus. As you pile into the bus there is obvious tension for the upcoming game in the air. You arrive at the game in two days and are annihilated by the opposing team. The bus driver decides to take a shortcut of a gravel road since everyone is feeling sad and gloomy about the loss. The bus driver continues on the gravel road for over 100 miles as he passed through dead trees and old 1800 farms. The bus passes a sign which says: woodland reservation, do not pass. The bus driver ignores the warning and drives on into the forest of dead trees. All of a sudden there is a flash of light and the engine of the bus blows, you and the others jump out of the bus but your coach and the bus driver is killed. By the blast. You are stranded in the middle of a forest of dead trees and a classic old 1800 farm outside. The house in the farm is old and boarded up. The ghost of a dead farmer appears before you a chants "you have entered the woodland reservation, I spent my entire life farming and looking for gold here until I was killed by foolish travelers like your selves. I swore to forever protect this land as a ghost. You will be my next victim!" and with that the ghost disappeared. You are a member of the travel team. You must survive the woodland reservation trying to stay sane and alive!

04/08/2007 7:09 PM

-no god mobbing
-no auto hitting
-no power playing
-no flaming
-no spamming
-romance is allowed but keep it pg-13
-3 characters each unless a character dies, then you may recreate to the max of 3.
-remember your needs! You still must use the restroom, drink eat and more.
Keep it realistic.
-no supernatural powers unless you get permission from me!
-no weapons!
-remember to grow in maturity, mentally and physically as the rp progresses.
-Show emotion!

04/08/2007 7:10 PM

\±/Thread Helpers:

Owner (can do everything)-

SM or Special Master (can accept players, warn players, create temps, control important happenings and control monsters.)-
Long Effect2

TM (can accept and warn players)-

GM (can control important happenings and control monsters)-

\±/banned or warned list:
(Thanks Nevermore x3 for helping with format of this post)

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04/08/2007 7:10 PM

Character Bio Format:

Age(16- 18):
Provisions(food and items, KEEP IT LIMITED):
Requests to me(special powers or stuff, I can accept or decline your requests to me):

\±/My Character Bio(s):

Name: Dante Grinder

Gender: Male

Age(16- 18):16

Appearance: Dante has long black hair combed into corn rows stretching down his back. His skin is colored black. Dante also boasts about his red-hawk like eyes.

Clothing: Dante wears a old torn up grey sweat shirt and extremely baggy blue jeans. Dante also had a pendant around his neck of his mother and father.

Personality: Dante likes to keep to himself but is a very kind person if you get to know him. He is known at his school as a "weirdo" but most people quickly catch on to his out going personality.

History: Dante grew up in Portland, Oregon always having an amazing skill at basketball. At 16 he tried out for the local travel team and immediately became the team best player.

Provisions(food and items, KEEP IT LIMITED): Dante has a jar of jam that he likes to actually uncork and drink in times of stress. He also has his favorite book called small steps.

Other: Dante is exactly 6 ft. tall.

Requests to me(special powers or stuff, I can accept or decline your requests to me): I have no requests to myself.

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04/08/2007 7:11 PM

\±/The bus:
The bus is a huge 3 story bus with many accessories and things to do for the travel team basketball players. On the first floor there are seats and of course the entrance and bus driver seat. On the second court there is are vending machines, arcade teams, soft drinks and couches to slouch down on. On the third floor there is a move theater size screen that plays the latest movies. In the back of everyone's seat there is a lap top that can connect to the internet.

\±/The Dead road:
The Dead Road is the gravel road that you take for a short cut in the bus for 100 miles. It is blocked by strange monsters, tests and more. You must walk the dead road out of the Woodland Reservation to survive eventually.

\±/The Woodland Reservation:
The Woodland Reservation is where you are stranded when the engine of your bus blows.
There is a sign marking the Reservation. The reservation is pretty much a forest of dead trees and on the outskirts a old 1800 farm town. The buildings of the farm houses are boarded up and who knows what. Trying to survive in the reservation makes many people crazy and even forces some people to take drugs.

04/08/2007 7:11 PM

You have 3 main goals while in the reservation. You can try to complete just one of them or go for all of them. It is your choice.

Survival-Survival the most important goal means pretty much survive. You must eat, drink use the restroom and more to survive in the Reservation. If you do not do these things a gm, sm or owner can choose for your character to die.

Escape-Escape from the Woodland reservation and get to civilization. In order to do this you must walk down the dead road facing its tests, monsters and Challenges to civilization. People who escape to civilization will get a special reward from me.
Greed-Scattered around the reservation there is gold mines, artifacts and other sorts of things that can be used to sell for money. These things are called temptations. If you manage to recover a temptation you will get a special reward from me.

04/08/2007 7:12 PM

A gm, sm or me will announce when a temptation has been found. A temptation is something that will lure you somewhere, like a gold mine for greed but is also a trap to try and kill you of. However if you recover a temptation you will gain a special reward from me.

Gold mine-found when digging around the dead trees you will find holes leading down into the ground. Gold mines are usually inhabited by reapers but ones who recover the gold rakes in great rewards!

Crops-Rare crops are found when farming in the old abandoned 1800 farms. They are usually hidden under corn rows. If you find a rare crop you must carefully weed it from the ground without breaking it. But the ground is your great is enemy because as you pull on the crop the ground tries to suck you under to your doom! The rewards from the crops are great.

Ancient artifacts-Artifacts are found inside the old bored up 1800 farm houses. Once you tuch the artifact a monster will be immediately summoned to protect the artifact. If you can get the artifact out of the house alive you will be payed with great rewards.

04/08/2007 7:12 PM

For completing goals, getting temptations and getting back to civilization you will be rewarded with rewards.

Rare crops reward-If you turn a rare crop into me I give you permission to eat it and gain a mutant power like levitation.

Gold mine-turning a piece of gold into me will earn you great new cloths to accessories your horror style life with.

Ancient artifacts-When turning ancient artifacts into me I will give you the option to transform your character into a monster, spirit, classic beast or more.

Escaping to civilization-You have the choice to choose any of the above rewards or become a gm, sm or tm. You can also become a gm, sm or tm by me choosing you.

04/08/2007 7:13 PM

\±/Monster guide:
Monsters can only be controlled by gms, sms and me, they hunt you why walking down the dead road or if you are in the reservation.

Demons-These creatures of pure evil protect ancient artifacts and come forth when a human touches a artifact of evil. The are huge red lumbering beasts with 2 horns sticking out of their head. They also protect the dead road very commonly.

Undead Indians-These half dead have alive Indians haunt the dead woods and pillage the 1800 farms. They can use voodoo magic to attack you and are extremely strong. If you try and go into the old Indian village in the center of the dead woods these creatures will attack you relentlessly.

Illusion: This monster is purely a product of you imagination. When you are starving or going crazy you will simply see your worst fear coming towards you. Most people die from a heart attack of fright right on the seen when they see this crazy figment of your imagination.

Undead spirits haunt the woods. Only gms, sms and me can control them.

Ghosts-A unsolid figure of someone who has died before at the woodland reservation usually they just try and scare you but if they integrate with a monster to give it more power they can be extremely deadly.

Ghouls-Ghouls are just the solid version of a ghost. They can actually touch you. One touch from a ghoul will drive a normal man mad. Also they can look into your mind and bring out your deepest fears. Stay away from these little buggers.

Reaper-Reapers are unsolid figures that roam around the Woodland Reservation however they have a special effect. They can try and integrate their body with yours. If they do so they will either kill you or take over your mind. Effect chosen my gm, sm or me.

04/08/2007 7:14 PM

\±/Classic beasts:
The everyday Hollywood beasts. Anyone can control them.

Vampire-Lurks near graves and tombstones. Can suck someone's blood, and turn into a cloud or a bat. If they suck your blood they will transform you into a vampire to.

Werewolf-Normal people among your group until the moon is full. Then they turn into evil startling wolfs. Anyone can be a wolf if they won't when the moon turns full. I decide when the moon turns full in the events section at the top of the thread.

Skeleton-The resurrected body of a dead man skeletons roam the woods attack anyone they see with ferocious Skelton weapons.

Zombie-The second forum of a resurrected body of a dead man. More ferocious then a skeleton they roam wherever they wont.

\±/Wild beasts:
Anyone can control wild beasts.

Wolfs-wolfs lurk the forest and can be killed for meat or fur. They regularly attack by passers so watch out.

Bears-Bears lurk the forest can be killed for meat or fur. They regularly attack by passers so watch out.

Squirrels-The quick little buggers steal supplies from you and carry the disease rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that kills many.

04/08/2007 7:14 PM

People catch diseases/sicknesses for doing unhealthy things. Anyone can catch a disease/sicknesses of their own will.

Rabies-Carried by wild animals usually puts people in bed for 4 or 5 days before they go crazy or die. Rabies is the worst disease.

Hypothermia-Hypothermia comes from being very cold or warm for to long of a time. It makes you feel very warm and wont to take of your cloths but in reality you are very cold. You get very sick and could possibly die.

Beginning to hate life? Well take some of these drugs to make yourself feel better(all drugs are fake and made up by me; fictional). You have some of each in your back pack no matter what

Zane-Zane makes you temporarily be very happy and feel like you are one with the world. But once the effect wears of you become very sad and depressed.

Rash-Rash makes you feel at one with nature and feel very peaceful temporarily. But once the effect wears of you have one instinct. To kill.

Laz-Laz makes you full of energy and ready to go but once the effect wears of you become extremely tired and some times loose your mind.

04/08/2007 7:14 PM

Other stuff you should know.

Crazy/insane/mad-If you get to scared you simple just loose your mind. End of story. You commit suicide, try and kill your team mates or just create hell.

Suicide-If you go crazy/insane/mad you sometimes won' to commit suicide and kill yourself.

Fair-Remember to die, and fallow your needs. Be fair and kind to other players. Thanks.

04/08/2007 7:15 PM

\±/Member list:
barkwood/Dante Grinder

04/08/2007 7:15 PM


04/08/2007 7:16 PM

Post and roleplay

04/08/2007 8:29 PM

Holy shit. Well I would probably be interested in joining once I can actually figure this shit out. This seems like a cross between Silent Hill, Scooby-Doo, Dungeons and Dragons, and Resident Evil.This seems like you're trying to make a video game out of a roleplaying story. Theres so many different things you'd have to follow. This has everything a roleplay might need, except a real plot.

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