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04/05/2007 12:45 PM

I would like to do a campaign with a dedicated group..One that would take place starting in Luskan then eventually lead up to traveling to the spine of the world.
Player characters wouldnt be overpowered, and able to explore multiple plotlines.

04/05/2007 1:11 PM

I would love to, in about a week.


04/05/2007 1:17 PM

May not have been here long but you got my attention. Any restriction on characters besides having them not be overpowered? Lemme know, later sk8er

04/05/2007 3:13 PM

oh my FR is so rusty..
can I make time to 'research' by playing Baldur's Gate/Neverwinter this week?.. lol.

Will probably be interested if I can pull myself away from FF12/checking to see [B]if Max has posted in his RP[/b] long enough to think of a suitable character (any you know how long that takes me..).

Will check out the details when you have them.

04/05/2007 3:41 PM

Sure everyone take your time, and im going to limit people's races to the following..
I will be playing a Tiefling, and for the sake of keeping a main character seperate that race will be offlimits.

Elf (all besides drow they will be a main enemy)

If you have any other races that i didnt think of at the moment that you would like to play. Please bring it up i just might let you use it..

04/06/2007 9:43 AM

Ive actually decided if you can come up with a good reason for your Drow Character joining the little group of adventures that will be formed..You can have a drow character, but steer clear of the Drizzt stereotype.

04/06/2007 10:15 AM

[sarcasm]Aw, man, I was totally coming up with Drizztaria, a female drow who wields two scimitars and has a statue of a white tiger! But I swear it wasn't based off of Drizzt![/sarcasm]


04/06/2007 10:42 AM

Damnit Max! You stole my character again! Sept, you misspelled her name. It's not Drizztaria, but Drizztarial. You forgot the L! Silly boy! And the tiger isn't white, that would just be silly.

04/06/2007 11:45 AM

*Snickers* Well atleast your honest...

04/06/2007 11:47 AM

I might have only just joined up today, but i'm definately up for some FR role play. I even have a character concept worth playing *hehehehe*. Just let me know where and when, and i'll be ready

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04/06/2007 12:11 PM

Sure dude once i get a couple of players with character concepts i will make the thread.

04/06/2007 12:41 PM

Tell me where ya want my concept, then i'll write it up and send it there asap. I need to do some RP soon because the world is starting to bore me again ;)

04/08/2007 12:17 PM

Thread has been posted Demon Blood The Beginning in FR forum

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