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04/04/2007 12:12 PM

*continues scream of agony*


I hate the unfortunate circumstances that plague my life.

My laptop crashed, so I don't have access to anything that was on it, which includes my notes for the tests in 5 of my 6 classes that are coming up.

Also, on a lesser but somehow equally important level (don't ask me how that one works out), I can't get the stuff for Everyday Exceptions. Sorry Nanuk.

I have a couple of Computer Science majors that are looking at my laptop right now, and they said they will most likely be able to recover most of my stuff. I can only hope.

I am so stressed right now...I'm printing out what notes I can from online so I can study some stuff. And by study I mean read/learn the material for the first time because I hardly go to classes because they give us all the material.


I'm going to go shoot myse- I mean 'study,' and hope that they can fix my laptop or whatever by tomorrow.

Until then, I probably won't be on much.

See you guys soon.


04/04/2007 12:35 PM


The cheek of you! Having unpredictable and uncontrollable problems to interfere with my life...

Ack- having had a million computer malfunctions when I was getting my thesis ready I sympathise wholeheartedly with you.

Doesn't stop me cursing both you and fate though... ;)

04/06/2007 6:23 PM

I hope it gets fixed up soon.

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