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04/02/2007 9:35 AM

Just got done watching all three blades, kinda made me feel like starting up a Blade type RP. Anyone up for that?

04/02/2007 1:41 PM

Seems like a bad idea. The thing about a Blade RP is that the best character is Blade. If you have a bunch of human vampire-hunters they will be overshadowed by the existance of Blade. If you allow someone to actually play him, then your other players will feel inadequate by comparison. Either way, you'll have unhappy players. It's difficult, to near impossible, to run an RP based around a particular character in that manner. Blade IS Blade.

I would suggest, if you like the -idea- of Blade, to just make a generic Vampire-hunter RP that doesn't include the famous half-Vampire at all. That way you can still use a lot of what you like from the Blade movies, without the players feeling overshadowed by one player character, or by an NPC character.

04/02/2007 2:29 PM

I'm not so sure, Damien.

I think if it's set in the world that the Blade series is in, it would be fine. Then, Blade would be the equivalent of Elminster in FR: some highly powerful but most likely unseen character that everybody knows about.

I don't think I'd be interested in playing, but I think it is playable.

04/02/2007 9:22 PM

I agree with Max. We can have it set in the Blade universe, but just leave Blade shadowed.

04/02/2007 9:55 PM

A blade RP, huh? Never heard or thought of such a thing. It must be madness! If that's the case then I'm definitely up for it. Just give me an idea as to how to start... and what to do. Anyway, we also need to figure what everyone would be in this. It would senseless to say "Yeah, we're all day walkers!" That would be senseless and not as fun. however, we can't also split it and say that some are day walkers and some are normal, because that would give some people too much of an advantage. And of course throwing humans in there could really make it unbalanced in comparison to vampires. Just some thoughts to help comb it out a little more.

04/03/2007 3:46 AM

I've thought of something like this for a small time rp with my friends so I would be interested in joining. As long as we can have slayers and vampires.

04/03/2007 6:37 AM

Well, lets hear some ideas. I think we should give the choice of either being a vampire or a hunter. The hunter has to be human of course, but the player may be a day-walker with limited powers (not as beastly as Blade himself). This would probably be more of a free form. If you guys want more of a traditional RP, we can all be a team of dark stalkers and hunt the vampires.

These are my opinions, but through in some more ideas.

04/03/2007 8:25 AM

Im interested... Can i play a half native american?

04/03/2007 9:53 AM

Isn't Blade the only daywalker? I thought that the other vamps could only go out during the day with protection of some sort.

Unless they changed that with the third one, which I haven't seen, or my memory is malfunctioning.

04/03/2007 10:40 AM

[Posted By Max on 04.03.2007 9:53 AM]

Isn't Blade the only daywalker? I thought that the other vamps could only go out during the day with protection of some sort.

Unless they changed that with the third one, which I haven't seen, or my memory is malfunctioning.

Yes, Blade is the only day walker. It is why he is so well known and feared in the vampire community. I don't recall vampires walking in the sun either, except with either a lot of clothing to cover them, or sun block. How sunblock works, don't ask me, i just know it worked on what's his name in the first movie.

04/03/2007 11:33 AM

Stephen Dorff, purr. lol
I assume it's supposed to be to do with UV filtering, as that's the part that hurts them.

In the series- awful though it is- there was the whole notion of developing vaccines against sunlight etc. so I'm sure ppl could incorporate that if they really wanted to,if nfrat didn't have a problem with it.

04/03/2007 1:05 PM

I wouldn't mind joining... but I have my own ideas... ;) it's just if I'd be allowed to play them.

04/03/2007 1:16 PM

it's just if I'd be allowed to play them.

Sure, of course. I wanna start this puppy up, but guys how are we going to create this?

04/03/2007 3:38 PM

Easy man, first let's decide which ideas to keep and which ideas to throw out. I'm all for slayers and vamps and the whole daywalker thing as long as they have a background for it. The UV filtering thing might be good but I don't think they've ever used it in the series. The dark stalkers sounds good to me but we should still keep the options of being a solo hunter or a vampire.

04/03/2007 3:46 PM

Yup, yea that concept sounds pretty good.

05/20/2007 3:29 PM

Oh man i love blade...if you are still up for this i would do it

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