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03/29/2007 6:20 PM

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03/31/2007 11:17 AM

Louis did not know what to make of the situation. The chief of advertising wanted to make Spiderman, Peter Parker, the new spokesman for Lamborghini. He was laughing, leaning back in his chair. "Just because some nutcase tells the world he has superpowers, he is liable for advertising cars?" Mr. Drew slammed his fist on the desk, "Damn correct! It's perfect, Super cars for Super People. I can see it now!" Maxim shook his head. "You're going overboard Drew; this would probably just make Iron Man even more pissed at us, advertising the other team." Drew flung the pencils off of his desk, "You care what I think of Mr. Stark and his suit? That pricks making a whole mess of things, hell they are so focused on this damn revolution that they totally forgot about the city itself. There's still crime going on and they don't care. So I say fuck Stark!"

Louis was laughing; he had never seen his boss so hyped up like this before. He shrugged, "Well, I guess I can go find Parker. I'll swing by the deal and tell you if he accepts." Mr. Drew smiled, "That's the spirit kid, in no time you will be where I am." Louis chuckled, "I hope so." He walked out of the office and into the main lobby. How was he going to find Spiderman? The only thing that popped into his mind was toying with him as Maxis. No, he couldn't afford to become a villain; not after the registration act. Damn the government.

03/31/2007 4:53 PM

OOC- I am assuming my character was acceptable if not let me know and ill erase this-

Bryan Clark began walking home..He wore his Stark lab coat and his nerdy glasses..
He was sweating..It had been seven long grueling hours of keeping his symbiotic nature surpressed. A smile of insanity came over him as he rounded a dark alleyway.. He saw a bunch of thugs beating on an old homeless guy.."Leave him alone.."

Bryan started walking towards them at a casual pace..His eyes were lowered slightly..He still had his briefcase in hand..One of the thugs looked up at Bryan and started laughing.."The fuck are you gonna do poindexter?!" The other thug stopped laughing and joined his partner.."Who the hell is this kid?" Bryan clenched his fist..

The homeless guy started to crawl away seeing as he was free..Bryan's voice cracked
as he spoke again.."If you want to beat on someone..Beat on me.."Both of the thugs exchanged grins and started walking towards Bryan.."With pleasure.." Bryan dropped his briefcase and grabbed his head starting to laugh hysterically as the thugs beat on him a couple of times..Punching him in the stomach and in the face..

A sudden screeching raspy laughter came over Bryan as his symbiotic white and green suit took over..His shape enlargened slightly..He formed one of his hands into massive fist and slammed it into one of the thugs knocking him atleast 20 feet back and into a garbage dumpster..He wrapped another enlargened hand around the second thug and brought him close..His face was revealed again..The symbiote peeled back.."Surprise!!!"
Bryan cackled..He squeezed the guy hard then slammed him into the concrete..

"Dont let me catch you beating on people again..I might not be so nice next time.."He grabbed the suitcase with his hand, and the symbiote disappeared leaving him in his lab coat again..He walked off casually heading back to his apartment..A sick grin never leaving his features..

The two thugs sat there in utter shock of what had just occurred..Finally they ran away giving the homeless guy several hundreds before they scattered..

03/31/2007 5:30 PM

Louis walked into his office and sat at his desk. He kicked his feet up onto the wooden table and leaned back in his chair. Where in the hell is he going to get Peter Parker? He shook his head and closed his eyes. KRASH, Rhino bust through the office wall. Louis flew off of his chair. He thought he dealt with this guy months ago. "How did you get by security?" Stupid question, "I bust through, what's it to yeas. Mr. Maxim I had to come back for yea, I mean what you put me through. I need to deal some payback. Louis shook his head, "I thought your Spidey's enemy." Rhino laughed, "I'm long done with the web head, but you...your a new challenge."

Louis allowed his inner shadow take over his body. In a flash he turned into Maxis. WOOSH POOF He teleported behind Rhino. "Fine, but can we get this over with, I have an eight o'clock meeting." WOOSH POOF, He teleported behind the desk again. Rhino growled and ran at Louis. Quickly he teleported behind the beast and kicked him with force, causing him to fly through the window. "Well that was easy." He walked over to the window and saw Rhino on top of a taxi. The siren was going off.

Louis jumped and teleported safely to the ground. He leaned over Rhino, "Don't bother me at work again."

03/31/2007 5:59 PM

As Bryan was walking he heard a large crash and looked up just as Rhino came plumetting to the ground crushing the car..He put his briefcase down and allowed
The female symbiote to take over..His muscular body enlargened some..His face wasnt like Carnage or Venom..It was unique..A smooth almost featureless face besides the eyes which were outlined in green..

He stretched an arm out and flung upwards with ease landing on a nearby roof..He studied the shadow like man silently..Again the female symbiotes voice entered his brain.."You should kill them both.."She said in a psychotic yet sultry tone..Bryan grabbed his head.."Shut your mouth!!"He growled and returned his attention to Maxis of course he didnt know his name yet..

He had never really encountered any heros or villans besides a bad encounter with
Daredevil, and a chance encounter with Spider-man which left them with a shakey truce to say the least.. He decided he would take a chance and stretched out his symbiote covered hand latching onto another building he swung down and landed near the car with Rhino and Maxis there..He tried not to sound psychotic as he spoke.."umm
Hi.." His voice was covered by a screeching raspy tone so it would be hard not to be freaked out by the tone of his voice.

He tried to look as non threatning as possible.."Names Plague.."

Edit- Alright fixed his name, and i changed mine because after doing some research i found out that Phage's alternate name is Rampage so i changed my symbiotes name to Plague..Something that hasnt been used by marvel..

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03/31/2007 6:38 PM

OOC: I don't know if you checked, but I changed my character and his name. I edited my post in the OOC area so check up with it. The Heros name is Maxis.

04/02/2007 6:32 AM

Maxis turned and was surprised to see a green creature. It seemed to be another symbiote; less chaotic. Maxis looked around then shook the strangers' hand. "The names Maxis, nice to make your acquaintance, but I think you can see here that I have everything under control. Maxis pointed to Rhino, who was knocked out cold.

"Plague" just starred at him with an odd expression. Maxis felt kind of awkward, "Well I best be off now." In a flash Maxis started running up the building wall teleporting his way back to his office. When he reached his destination squads of SWAT members were at his door. "Freeze!" Maxis just laughed and put his hands up, "I can rest assure you men that Louis should be here any minute, mind you leave this area at once."

The SWAT captain yelled orders and the crew sprinted over to Maxis knocking him to the ground with the butt of their SMGs. "Argh, Hey the guy you want is on the street! ARGH" Great, Maxis was only trying to help; now he's a villain. Quickly, Maxis teleported back into the hallway and into the restroom. The team was stunned, "Where did he go?" Maxis walked back into his office as Louis Maxim. "What seems to be the problem boys?" The captain walked up to him, "Are you alright sir?" Maxim laughed, "Never been better, my friend Maxis saved me; short dark guy, glowing red smoke around him."

The captain was sort of nervous, "Uh, we thought him...umm" Louis cut him short, "He's ok, next time you see him, he's on your side. The captain nodded and walked with his team out the door.

04/03/2007 2:35 PM

Plague nodded to Maxis, but before the conversation could continue Maxis was gone.
Bryan felt the symbiote urge him on..Her demands started to enrage him, but he couldnt help but agree with her..He quickly latched onto another building and darted from roof to roof.As he came to a large jump.He extended his arms and the symbtiote created folds underneath his arms almost like webbing..He glided across watching the cars and people beneath him..

He landed with a grunt and looked up to see a bunch of SHIELD agents.."Lemme guess..Im under arrest?" All the shield agents pointed their hightech weapons at Plague.
Plague lifted his arms, and allowed the symbiote suite fade away leaving him in his Stark labcoat."Alright damn i give up.." The symbiote barely activated again as the SHIELD agents opened fire repeatedly..

Plague fell backwards off the roof..His heard started to pound with the instincts of the symbiote.."GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!" He growled and landed infront of a semi truck..The symbiote nature flipped the truck upwards and out of the way causing the truck to crash into a phone booth that noone was luckily in. He began to scream in agony as he could feel the tendrils of the symbiote's power taking over.."I dont want to...YOU CANT MAKE ME!!"

SHIELD agents began to pour down with hovering packs..The green blasts that they shot at Plague burned at him..Some of them forceful enough on impact to knock him back..Plague growled at them and leapt upwards gripping the building as he climbed a guided missle slammed into his back knocking him unconcious..

04/04/2007 6:46 AM

Maxis heard noise in the distance. He wondered what would be making such a racket. Quickly he jumped out of his building and teleported outside. In the distance he saw the green symbiote; it looked to be that he was in trouble. Maxis knew he had to go find Parker, but he couldn't let this guy suffer. Maxim turned back into Maxis and darted off to the roof of the building.

He immediately saw SHIELD agents all over the place. Never had he seen such chaos with one hero. Maxim knew he couldn't jump in this battle; it wasn't his. He teleported his way back to the office; cursing the damn registration act.

04/06/2007 7:48 AM

Maxis went back to his office. Shattered glass was all over the place; note to self, fix later. Louis transformed back into his human form; he was tired and not in the mood for working. He walked out of his office and down the hallway. He stopped at his secretary's desk, "Hey can you tell the boss, I am going home." She starred at him for a moment, then nodded. Louis hit the elevators and walked out of the executive building.

The sun was setting, it was about time to leave anyways. He had to get home so he could rest before he helped Daredevil clean Hell's Kitchen. He wasn't the only hero out at night; each hero had a section. In the hero world, you had turf; like gang warfare. Louis ran the south side of Brooklyn with Daredevil. He made friends with him after Murdock settled a lawsuit case for him; also after Maxis saved his behind from a strange meeting with the Winter Soldier (As seen in issue #237).

Louis stood at the corner and called, "Taxi!"

04/06/2007 9:27 AM

As Plague fell unconcious Cyaxoris took over..His symbiotes face became like a mix between Venom and Carnage..The symbiote latched onto the building at the last moment breaking the fall and slinging upwards with all its might..She was now in control
The shrieking laughter that filled the air could be heard from a distance away as she started killing any shield member that got to close.

Bryan awoke..He saw what was happening, and he cursed.."Im in control now you bitch!!" He quickly ran away from the hail of energy blasts and crashed through a warehouse skylight window..As he fell he could see a number of what looked like resistance heros..He collapsed in a pile crawling towards them..Something loud..
Something driving sound through his skull..The symbiote began to seperate.."No.."
He felt the darkness take him again.

Bryan awoke on a table..He could hear dripping..As he looked up the water droplet crashed against his face.. He heard a voice..It was hers.."Look where you got us.." She snarled. Her symbiotic form was leaning against one of the cell walls. Bryan felt his head with a groan.."Owww shit that hurts.." The female symbiote reguarded Bryan as nothing more than a host.

04/06/2007 4:49 PM

Adam had stayed long after school to finish up a project. He had just started walking home on his usual route. It had gotten fairly dark now, the sun had become smaller and smaller as it was setting. He rounded the corner and saw the chaotic scene. "So that's what all that noise was earlier..." he mumbled. There was a long strip of yellow tape that spanned across the block. A dozen body bags were stacked in a truck labeled SHEILD and alot of men wearing armor gathered around it. There was Rhino shaped hole in the wall of a nearby building. He had seen and fought Rhino only once. It was the first and last time he fought Venom. He hadn't seen Venom since that day. They had both fallen off of the building they were fighting on. They fell into the street and that's when SHEILD showed up. Adam had managed to escape but Venom had not.

There were several news vans lined up and all of there crews were scattered about the scene. Everything was in place. It was the usual scene of a riot. Adam was fairly glad that he hadn't been here when it all occured. Particularly so because he wouldn't have been able to transform. He walked past the scene cautiously. He finally rounded another corner and continued on his way home.

04/06/2007 9:17 PM

He finally made it to his home sweet home. The Plaza Hotel, New York's finest; nothing could beat it. The doorman greeted him and he walked into the lobby. Everyone was hustling about, making plans for the coming night. Louis knew his plans; fighting crime and watching the streets. Hopefully he could track Spiderman; somehow he needed Peter Parker, not just for work, but for info on Cap's resistance. Ever since the governments issue of the registration act, every thing was in chaos. Tony Stark was the big man on campus, and Maxim didn't like it.

Louis hadn't really liked Tony Stark. He was too flashy for him; to much of a playboy. He only had met him once, and that was when Louis was selling Tony a custom Lambo. Even then his ignorance showed. Louis was always surprised that he was part of the Avengers. With the thoughts running through his head, Louis eventually made it to the top floor. He owned a pent house suit on the top, near big names. Walking down the hallway, he spotted a lovely woman. She had dark hair, perfect physique. She looked like she came from Russia. He smiled and opened his room door.

"Home sweet home!" Louis put his suitcase on the table and shut his door. He would quickly have to take a shower, if he wanted to meet Matt on time. Throwing his clothes on the floor, Louis Maxim stepped into the shower. "Argh" He winced in pain. Rhino left a cut in his right bicep. The hot water was pouring through the wound. After a brief moment, Louis walked out of the shower and into his room. Behind his closet, he owned a special ops night-stalker uniform. It cost him a bunch; he wore it when he was crime fighting. If he ever lost his powers at night, he could easily still hide in the shadows. Sure he could fight in anything really, but the suit made him feel unique.

After strapping it on, Louis walked over to his bedroom mirror. He pointed to himself and tensed up. "Another night big boy, papa would be proud." He looked at the outside; the sun was still up, but about to set. He had time for some quick food. He went to the kitchen and pulled out some left overs. After pouring a glass of wine, he blessed his food and ate. He went back to the mirror and shook his head. "Time to head out." He closed his eyes, and beneath his covert mask he summoned the Spartan shadows. In no time, he turned into Maxis; angel of the shadows. The holy smoke was around him; he was ready to cleanse the sins of hells kitchen.

04/06/2007 10:05 PM

"Ma, I'm home!" shouted Adam. His mother rushed into the front hallway from the kitchen. "Adam, thank god you're home safe. I was worried that something had happened". she said while hugging him. "Mom you worry way too much, you know I can take care of myself " he said. He went up to his room and put his bag down by his desk and took his coat off. He looked out into the dark city streets and thought of the long night ahead of him. He also thought of the words that his idle Peter Parker had spoken in a speech, 'With great power comes great responsibility'. It made him think that crime fighting was something he had to do. That he had to fight evil because he had these powers. He decided not to dwell on it any longer and he sat down on his bed.

After a few minutes he heard the voice in his head, " I know you hear those sirens, you've never ignored them before. Is there a problem? " Sin said. "I'm not ignoring them. It's like this every night, I have to go out and save the world. It's only because I have these powers of yours." Adam replied, a bit angered. "Is there a problem with that? You're not saving the world, it's usualy robbers or a gang fight. I would think that you would be a little more grateful that I have enhanced your normal human abilities. Keep in mind that I could've just chosen any human but I chose you. Nobody is forcing you to go out there and stop them. But do you really want to ignore the cries for help?" Sin retorted. Not wishing to continue the arguement further Adam walked over to his window and climbed out it.

04/06/2007 10:33 PM

Louis teleported outside. It was cold; the temperature dropped heavily. The night chill felt pleasing, yet horrifying at the same time. Maxis had to get to the church in time, or else Matt would be pissed. With haste, the shadow climbed the plaza building then jumped off; teleporting his way from roof to roof. Louis loved his powers; it beat flying. Having the wind hit your face, the thrill of gravity pulling, and the heightened gymnastics would make any man feel on edge.

In a few minutes, Maxis reached the church. He crouched on the roof point; maybe he was early. "Hey there Max." His heart jumped and he turned around. Daredevil was behind him in all smiles. Louis laughed, "It's funny how you're the one scaring me." Matt cracked up, "You can't scare me, im blind." The two began chuckling at the horrible joke. Louis stopped and began talking. "So what's going on Matt? I mean, have you registered?" Daredevil was starring down at the street, it was silent for awhile. "Does it matter Lou, they'd force it upon us sooner or later." Maxis shook his head, "You didn't. Matt how could you. It's ridiculous; it's like labeling a criminal."

Daredevil just stood posed. He showed no emotion, "Maybe it's better for us Lou, I mean, without it, we can do whatever we want. It puts restrictions, keeps the streets safer and keeps a track on who is who." Maxis put his hand to his head. He was shocked Murdock did this; after all, he was a liberal lawyer. Maxis sighed and continued the conversation, "No use for discussing this matter, we have business to take care of. Now are you going to sit here and sleep, or are you going to take a night on the town?" Daredevil smiled and turned; "I thought you'd never ask."

The blind man jumped off the roof and soared to the streets like a gracious eagle. Maxis joined him; hoping for some luck tonight.

[i]"Buona Fortuna....good luck"[/i]

04/07/2007 8:37 AM

They were moving Bryan and Cyaxoris seperately..She was going insane without a host..She was ancient after all compared to Venom and Carnage. Bryan sat with his hands bound in restraints as well as his feet..Bryan had been registered by force.
They knew who he was now. It was only a matter of time before his grandparents found out. If Stark knew that he had been hiding his symbiotic accident he would lose his job.

Suddenly the containment cell that held Cyaxoris burst open..All the different shield agents didnt take a chance..The Convoy stopped abrubtly..All sorts of armored vehicles and helicopters surounded both trucks. Bryan could hear screams coming from inside the opposite truck..A dent of a man's face appeared in the side of the truck. All sorts of gun fire could be heard..Suddenly the side of the truck ripped open and their stood Venom. Bryan smirked lightly. A massive explosion rocked the truck flipping it over and Venom grabbed Bryan leaping out of the truck.

Cyaxoris pooled out of the other truck and crawled up Bryan's leg covering him fully in the symbiotic suit..Plague looked up Venom, and latched onto a nearby helicopter. He traveled up, and crouched on the cockpit of the helicopter.Venom was moving around killing shield agents and dodging the bigger fire of the helicopters. Plague grabbed two missles with strands of his symbiotic suit and redirected them from hitting Venom and slammed them into opposing helicopters. Plague's shrieking laughter filled the air as he now pounded the cock pit with two massive fists. Sending the helicopter out of control.

He lept off at the last moment and joined Venom on the ground.."Why are you here?" Bryan asked through the symbiotic voice. Venom looked at Plague and reguarded him as an Ally.."We have to look out for each other.."

04/07/2007 9:12 AM

The first round of fighting was nothing more than a mere warm-up. They were busting a mafia ring located in Giuseppe's Italian Tavern. The gunshots were flying through the crap made tables. Daredevil flipped around a booth and knocked one of the gunmen in the jaw; talk about hard justice. Maxis was toying with his distant neighbors; sometimes Italians could be really idiotic. Maxis was teleporting all around the restaurant, laughing in the process.

Daredevil wrapped up another floozy with his batons and flung him into the wall; leaving a massive dent. "Enough playing, I sense you are just messing around." Maxis laughed, "Alright then." Maxis teleported to a man with an UZI. He gave him a hard, right left combo, then teleported behind him sending him flying with a hard kick in the spine; maybe even cracking it. The whole restaurant was filled with unconscious grease balls.

Daredevil stood still and smiled, "Well, looks like we overstayed our welcome. Let's just greet the host and leave. Louis, why don't you do the honors?" The man without fear sat down and took a sip of wine. Maxis teleported his way over to Frankie Tripoli, one head of the NYC mob. Maxis lifted him up by the collar of his suit. "Tell me here Frankie boy, why are your goons posted at Stanton Island? If I was correct your deal was to stick to the streets." The man was sweating profusely. "Look, I...I'll tell them to back away. I had only posted them there to secure a deal, yea know?" Maxis laughed, "Well, how can I trust you?"

After his cliché words, Maxis teleported to the roof and hung the man over the ledge. "Ah! Please, please I promise. Just let me go, you can even check the area!" Louis eyes narrowed, "What were you shipping?" The man cried, "Pure Columbian, that's all. We were expecting a shipment from Cuba." Maxis snarled, "I'll let you go, but I swear if I see that package show up, I'll find you personally." He dropped the mobster only to hear a scream. Before the fat pig hit the ground, Maxis teleported to him and set him gently.

04/07/2007 11:28 AM

'Ma'am, i would love to help you out, but i think that someone with... well, less experience would be better at this than me.' David said calmly, giving the elderly woman in her office a curious look. She tapped her hand on her ivory-handled cane.

'My poor Rosey is out there all alone. I need her to come home!' She exclaimed in a raspy voice. David could only shake his head at her and he checked his watch.

'Well, i'm afraid it doesn't say "Ace Ventura" on my door, and i don't look for stray cats either. Sorry ma'am.' David rose to his feet and showed her to the door. Reluctantly, slowly, she made her way out of his office and left him in peace. [i]Private Investigation. I wish i'd stayed with the post office now[/i] ran through his mind as he chucked a batch of the latest bills over to his cabinet. Work had been slow recently, as it always seemed to get right after any of those super hero types showed up. It was a shame, really, because there was once upon a time where people like him would have been hired by anyone to try and find their real names out. Now he had to keep himself seperate fromthose kind of people.

A hard knock came at his door. He carefully released the latch holding his trusty six-shooter in the holster, and moved over to the door. He closed his eyes for a moment to focus - he heard three men outside, two of them breathing heavily but under some kind of mask. Another man, next to the door, much lighter - probably in a suit. He reached the door and opened it slowly; a familiar face stood at the door.

'Mr Fury. Why am i never suprised to see you at my door these days.' David said, seeing the patch-eyed man of his recent nightmares. 'It seems like these days your the only man who ever wants to hire my services.'

Mr Fury entered the office, followed by his two armoured lackeys, and went straight to the window to look out onto the streets of New York. He never smiled. It in the few months since David had made his associations with the man, he had never seen so much as a glimmer of joy on his face.

'Things are not going as nicely as my superiors would like. With the reappearence of the symbiote monsters, SHIELD is having nothing but headaches trying to keep them under some kind of control. I try to use my usual agents in the city to keep some level of security around them, but... I know this is asking a big favour, Mr Frankins, but i need you to bring in your friend.'

[i]Strider[/i]. David moved over to the cabinet and pulled out a small metal hip flask, taking a quick swag from it. 'You kow he isn't a match for things like them, Nick. He can barely handle the street thugs and normal villains out there. How can he even hope to go against creatures that have almost all the same power as Spider Man, eh? Be serious.'

Nick waved over to one of the lackeys, who drew out a large case. He placed it on the table, opened it and pulled out a odd looking body suit. Nick walked over, opening up the back and revealing a thin, metalic structure underneatht the navy blue padding. 'This is an experimental exoskeleton suit. I have no idea what it exactly does, but they quoted "will make the wearer more than human." I don't like asking you to do this, mainly because of all the hard work you've done for us before... but Strider is a valuable asset as much as yourself, and this is a major gift for him. I need people to contain the situation, and he can do it.'

David walked over and looked at the suit. It looked similar to Strider's light-weight body armour suit; even the designs he added were the same. The structure within had tightly woven wiring throughout, with small points around where key pressure points in the body would be. 'I'll give it to him tonight, and he'll let me know what he thinks.'

Nick nodded, and directed his men out of the office. The pair of them knew that he was Strider, but the rest of SHIELD was still unaware - the friendship the two of them once had kept that secret in check. At least, for the time being.

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04/07/2007 12:10 PM

The moon was high and the sirens were blaring. Adam stood perched on the rail of the fire escape outside his window. "Are you ready for a long night? " Adam whispered. "It sure as hell sounds like it's going to be a rough one" replied Sin. In an instant his inky black suit wrapped around him and the bright white skull formed across his face along with the gray X. Adam placed his hands on his head and took it all in. It had been a while since he had transformed. It felt amazing, all his senses were tingling. He lept off the fire escape and onto the roof of a building about three buildings away from his home.

He spotted the red and blue lights of a police car. It was chasing after a blue convertable with the top down. There were four men sitting in it, each one with a gun. There was one in the back shooting at the cops. Adam jumped off the building and extended his hand. A black line shot out of the palm of his hand and he swung towards the car. He had developed this ability after seeing how Venom used his tentacles to swing around. He landed on the hood of the car and the men looked in horror at his dark red eyes and his white skull which were all they could see when he had extinguisehd the lights of the street lamps.

04/07/2007 7:30 PM

Janice approached the balcony with a sigh, staring out into the night sky. Somehwere to her left, sirens were blaring and lights were flashing. "The Shield again..." she murmured sadly, regret filling her. She should register. Thats what everyone would tell her. Only...the only person who knew about her powers was dead. Joining the rebels wouldn't be a good thing. Rebels never were - no matter what they were rebelling against.

She sighed again, and lifted her self into a sitting position on the railing, still peering around at the city lights and pondering the number of superheros that were probably roaming tonight. Wouldn't it be nice to fly? A voice inside her whispered, and she shook her head viciously. She certainly wasn't about to transform on purpose. The last time..."No." she said aloud, swinging her legs so that they hung over open air. "I won't."

(I'll delete this if I'm not accepted.)

04/07/2007 8:08 PM

Plague and Venom moved rapidly through the city trying desperately to get away from more persuing SHIELD Agents..Plague lept away latching onto a Light pole as Venom was slapped away by a Hulkbuster..Plague roared obviously pissed about the new adversary. He shouldnt have wasted time, but he did..A massive explosion rocked Plague knocking him into a building making a massive crator in it.

The hulkbuster approached the crator and lookd down at Plague.."Suspect 2 has been-"
Venom stabbed a metal pole through the hulkbuster's head sending out a spray of blood.
Plague stood to his feet and looked up at Venom."I guess i owe you again." Venom let his symbiotes face fade away for a few moments and Bryan did the same.."Listen kid..
there is no going back now.." Plague thought for a few moments and nodded. "I understand."

Venom led Plague to his underground hideout."They wont find us here..Shield doesnt know about it, and now you do."

04/07/2007 8:48 PM

A loud crash from inside her apartment sent debris flying out onto the balcony. Janice jumped and turned with the sound, her bottom losing its seat on the rail. Flailing her arms, she grasped the concrete floor, dangling from the balcony. She choked back a scream, and heard voices within.

"You said she was here, now where is she?"

"We had a lead, so we took it. This woman is unregistered." the second voice said in a hurried undertone.

"Then WHERE is she.." the first voice uttered menacingly. "We don't have much time."

Janice bit her lip, gnawing on it til it bled, her fingers slipping precariously from the concrete. I cant hold on much longer! She thought anxiously, clawing for a better grip. I could fall, but that...I'd have to transform and what if it doesn't work..her thoughts panicked as she heard the voices coming closer.

04/07/2007 9:05 PM

Maxis and Daredevil took the back alleys out of the restaurant. Stop one was finished and stop number two was underway. The duo sprung atop the rooftops like season vets; Maxis getting the edge with teleportation of course. The two were heading to Stanton Island; obviously they were heading there to check on the Columbian deal. Maxis hoped this would please Mr. Stark and SHEILD so they wouldn't keep sending, [i]"Please Register"[/i] notices to his mailbox.

Maxis was running across an apartment rooftop when suddenly a loud crash sent a vibration across the roof that tripped him. He rolled to the edge of the roof; what the hell was the question he was asking himself. He looked up at the sky; his head was aching. Slowly he got up and moved to the edge. Down below a woman was latching onto her balcony's edge. Quickly, Maxis whisked below, snatched her, and teleported back to the roof. He held her mouth shut so her screams would not be heard; he did not want to toy with whoever was in the building.


"Then WHERE is she..." the first voice uttered menacingly."We don't have much time."

The two couldn't see well; it was quite dark. They inched slower, moving towards the living room. The sad thing was, they hardly noticed the red eyes that were following them. "Ah! Did you hear that?" One of the men turned around, he knew they were not alone. Suddenly he was picked up from the leg with a baton; Daredevil was at work.


Maxis heard the sound of fighting; Daredevil was just doing another round of ass kicking. Then, after about five minutes, the skies were quite. Something was up, but Maxis didn't dear go in the building. He let the woman go and he confronted her. "Who the hell is in there lady?!"

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04/07/2007 9:23 PM

For the first few moments of her capture, Janice fought fiercely, but it was obvious she was no match for the man holding her. Finally free, she turned and glared at him with bright crystal clear green eyes. "Hell if I know." she lied, walking towards the edge of the building and rubbing her raw fingers. After a moment staring and listening for any kind of sound, she sighed and turned back to him. "Thank you."

He did save her life after all, she pondered, thankful that she never had to choose death or transformation. But..she looked at him closely, trying to figure out exactly who he was. He seemed familiar some how. Running her fingers through her strawberry blond hair, she sighed again, her mind flickering back to the strange men in her apartment.

04/07/2007 9:31 PM

The skull disappeared into the inky black along with the eyes. Next came the screams, so loud you could hear them for a mile and a half. Maybe they were so scared that they had screamed the loudest they could. Maybe the city just got real quiet at that moment. The light returned. The car had been stopped, it had been smashed into a wall and was now laying motionless on the sidewalk. The head of one of the robbers had been smashed into the hood of the car. Two were missing and the other had been thrown into a building, he lay slumped at the bottom of the wall. The dent in the wall his body had made was clearly visable.

Adam was perched on a pole a couple blocks away. "I forgot how amazing that felt" he said. He didn't seem to be acting like himself. "Adam! Don't let my power go to your head, you'll end up like that fool Brock!" shouted Sin. Adam came back to his usual self. "Right...Sorry about that, I don't know what came over me" he said. He jumped off the pole and started swinging away looking for more crimes to stop.

04/07/2007 10:26 PM

Plague looked around at Venom's place.."Definetly cool.." Bryan let the symbiote suit fade away leaving him in his lab coat..He sat down on a beaten down couch.."So you got cable down here?" Venom faded away and Eddie Brock was standing there.."No.." He paused a moment.."Did you hear something?" Eddie looked around.."I think we were followed.."

Bryan immediately got defensive standing up looking around..An enormous rat came trotting throught the room and back into another hole.."Damn rats..They get freakishly larger every year." Eddie said with slight annoyance. Bryan nodded.."Yeah they really make for great pets though..You Sh-" Spider-Man wrapped Bryan up in layers of webbing stopping him in mid sentence.

Eddie Brock smirked and allowed his symbiote suit to form."I should have known you would have stuck your nose in my business!" Spider-Man flip kicked Venom across the room..He wrapped webbing around Venom's neck and flung him into a wall. "You never shut up do you?" Pete remarked.."I saw the enormous mess you both made..Hes new at this and you let this happen."

Bryan burst out of the webbing in his symbiotic suit..He rammed Spider-Man into the nearest wall and lifted a massive fist to crush him, but his morals kicked in.."AAAAgh no..Hes not a bad person!!" He held his head as the symbiote longed for him to continue
"I wont do it..You cant make me!!"

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04/08/2007 8:29 AM

"Hell if I know." she lied

Maxis knew she wasn't telling the truth. She was just another beautiful dame; same as many others he had saved. He starred at her for a moment; doubtful she could see much through the unholy red smoke, filtering through his body. He walked over to her; it was still quite.

"Look, lady, my friend is the one that really saved you. He is in your apartment, and as of now I hear no sound. Who did he fight in there?" Maxis stood there, stiff as a board, waiting for her answer.

04/08/2007 10:15 AM

There was an alarm ringing close by. It was coming from a bank. There were a few men waiting outside and a big truck sitting nearby. There were men inside running out every couple of minutes with big sacks of money. They threw that sacks into the back of the van. It was a simple bank heist. Adam had handled a few before but not one with so many men. He shot out a line and started to swing out on it. A shot came from out of no where and cut his line. He fell to the ground right in front of the bank. One of the men who looked like the boss of the operation took a radio off of his belt. "What the hell is this thing?!" he said while he looked Adam over. "I thought he was the Spider, he shot some sort of line out of his hand and started swinging towards you so I shot him out of the sky" replied the person on the other end. Adam had hit hard and needed a second or two to recover. He stood up rather slowly. "What the fuck are you, freak?" the leader shouted at him. Adam looked him over and said "I'm your worst fucking nightmare, asshole".

04/09/2007 2:54 PM

"Look, lady, my friend is the one that really saved you. He is in your apartment, and as of now I hear no sound. Who did he fight in there?"

"I, well I uh..." she stumbled over her words and turned to face him, biting her full lower lip and running her eyes over where she supposed his face might be. "I don't really, KNOW exactly who..." she mumbled dropping her eyes to the ground. Janice's thoughts flew backward over many different memories. She sighed guilty and looked back up.

"Well, I've got a couple of ideas who it was." Janice muttered, with another small sigh. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle a little less. "I haven't registered, so it could have been the SHIELD...but...I really don't think it was them." She gestured slightly with her hands and then nervously moved them to her hips. Honestly, she didn't know much about this guy, or his friend - and she wasn't sure how much information about herself she owed to them.

She adjusted her posture, trying to resume a more certain and peaceful attitude. Then she flashed him a dazzling smile. "So who exactly do I have to thank for my rescue?"

04/09/2007 3:26 PM

The leader attacked first, he ran over to Adam and attempted to hit him with his gun. Adam did a backflip and caught the man in his legs. He threw the man into the wall of a nearby building. The others looked at him with uneasy eyes. They were hesitant at first but then they rushed towards him. A man rushed at him with a metal pipe and swung it at him. Adam did another backflip but this time he shot black lines at the man's feet. He pulled on the lines and was launched forward at the man. He slammed his knee into the man's jaw and the man went flying. The a few started to run away but Adam put them down. Others held more courage and still atempted to stop Adam. He finished them off shortly.

Then there was the matter of the sniper. He had almost shot Adam twice during the fight. Adam placed his hand on a shadow. His hand sank into and soon after, the rest of his body. He reappeared in the same room as the sniper, right behind him. Almost as if the sniper had anticipated this, he turned around and slammed a knife into Adams leg. "You shouldn't have done that" Adam said, using Sin's voice. The inky black started to crawl up the knife and onto the sniper's hand. It started to engulf him and after a minute or two he was gone.

04/09/2007 3:30 PM

"Me exactly." Daredevil spoke using a friendly tone. Maxis laughed, "I thought they had you back there." Daredevil chuckled, "Not really, they didn't put up to much of a fight...but I should not have fought them." It went quite, the lady was starring at Daredevil's blank eyes; he always got the babes. Maxis spoke up, unsure of what was bothering Matt. "Who was it Matt? Who did you rough up.?"

Matt shook his head, "I killed them...not roughed, killed. They were two SHEILD agents. Some how Tony knew this woman wasn't registered; he was trying to force her to perhaps. He'd only do that to people who were a real [i]threat[/i]." Louis and Matt both eyed the woman, she kept backing away. Daredevil spoke again, "This is just great, they'll find out I did this and SHEILD will be after me."

Maxis was quite for a bit; he felt sorry for the blind man. The shadow quickly turned and grabbed the lady, "Look, you've got some questions to answer. Why were they after you?" The lady looked frightened, but she was going to answer; Louis felt it.

04/09/2007 3:51 PM

"Unhand me!" she yelled, yanking her arm out of his grasp. An angry glow of purple entered her eyes, but quickly receded. "Don't...touch me." she said softly, taking a deep breath.

Her eyes flickered between the both of them. She was thankful that it was the SHIELD. Not that she wanted to register, but better them than the cronies that were usually sent. "I'm sorry you had to kill them." she said, looking genuinely sorry. After all, she was. "But I do thank you for it." she replied with a small smile.

"And as for why they were after me...I'm afraid I can't tell you. Does the SHIELD usually send men after unregistered innocent women?" She took another deep breath and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm no different than any other, but ..." she looked around fervently. "Its a little nervewracking having people break into my house."

She could tell that these two were not to be messed with. But she really couldn't afford to tell them who she though thad been after her. It wasn't right and proper. They might decide to throw her back to the SHIELD, and once the SHIELD found out...there was not telling. She watched both of them carefully, keeping an eye on their faces. Attractive men, she thought with a small smile, some of it showing through her sweet green eyes.

04/09/2007 4:18 PM

Maxis could tell this woman was trouble. She wasn't telling them what they wanted to hear; true, SHEILD didn't just send agents to tackle unregistered heroes. There had to be something up with this one. Maxis turned and saw Daredevil [i]blindly[/i] starring into the eyes of this mystery woman. She was seducing him some how. He grabbed Daredevil's arm and teleported him to the back ally, then teleported back to the roof.

"Look lady, you may have won over my friend there, but I'll be back. I need to talk to you, even if you don't want to answer." In a flash, Maxis teleported back to the ally. He punched Matt in the face, "What are you doing meng?" Daredevil was surprised, "Hey I sensed her beauty sorry." Maxis shook his head, "One woman after the other Matt, soon you'll end up like Stark." Daredevil was pissed, he throw Maxis into the wall, "Look, your heroics got me in this mess, we could of let her die, but no you made me go in there. Now SHEILD's going to be on my butt for killing two of their agents, and besides im sorry I am so easily attracted to women. It's been two years since Karen died, and four years since Elektra died. Black Widow left me, I am by myself."

Maxis was just as angry, but he cooled it. He knew Matt had true love in his life, but his heroism killed all of it. "Look I am sorry Matt, let's just go check up on that delivery and we will call it a night. I have a...interview with someone tomorrow." Matt nodded and patted Maxis on the back, "Sorry, devil took over me." Maxis smiled and the two sprinted out of the ally, not knowing that the woman was watching them from the rooftop.

04/09/2007 4:43 PM

She knelt near the edge of the roof and watched what was going on below her, biting her lower lip. "Oh dear..." she murmured, hoping she hadn't got the ..."Hmm..." That is when she realised, she didn't get a name from either man.

She sighed, and brushed some purple dust off her arm that had been forming discreetly during the conversation irritably. Her fingers were covered in it, and her mouth twitched in a worried way as she mulled over the bits and pieces of conversation she had just heard.

The Daredevil one...sweet, but sad. The Maxis fellow...handsome, but...she smiled and stood glancing around the roof. Dangerous, was the word that seemed to flicker across her mind. His voice did as well,

"Look lady, you may have won over my friend there, but I'll be back. I need to talk to you, even if you don't want to answer."

ringing in her ears even. So she would be seeing one, or both of them again. It might do to have some protection. She didn't want the kind her own body would provide, it was just too....she sighed. Dangerous. Looking around the roof, she tried to find a way down. There seemed to be no way off the room except to jump.

[I]Fly...[/I] a small voice inside her whispered.

"But I don't want to..." she muttered to herself, looking over the edge one more time. It wasn't that she was afraid of heights, she just didn't want to become...that again. So she sat, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

(An hour later)

Finally Janice jumped to her feet. 'FINE!" she shouted, and her hands spread out as the metamorphosis began. Every piece of visible skin began to shimmer brightly, flickering silver and then purple, so quickly the human eye would have a hard time distuingishing one from the other. The dust that so quickly she had brushed away earlier now seeped from her pores, and she shuddered, wincing and falling to her knees as wings protruded from her back, bright, beautiful and shimmering. She was now dressed in complete lilac and purple, her eyes no longer shining green, but a deep royal purple. She winced in pain, fluttering the wings behind her. "It always hurts..." said fiercely, stepping up to the roof and falling, swooping into a beautiful mezemerising flight, a thin purple dust trailing through the air behind her.

Fluttering in the air outside her balcony, Monarch stared into her broken room, taking in the bodies. After finally taking in the transformation, did she really want to return human again so quickly? After all....she nodded slightly to herself. A small flight couldn't hurt anyone...

Back on the roof, where Monarch had stood, the shimmering purple dust began to fade into silver, then black. Sinking into the ground, the remains ate away the concrete like human flesh, until a small crater remained. Then it was gone.

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04/09/2007 5:36 PM

The two made it over to the harbor in Stanton Island in no time. It was deserted; no one occupied the docks. Maybe that grease pig was right, thought Maxis. "No, he was lying." Maxis was caught off guard, Daredevil knew what he was thinking. "I read your heartbeat; you were pissed about the monkey man. Just wait, the boat should be here."
The two waited, still nothing. Finally in the distance, a boat was seen through the fog. It finally docked, it was a yacht.

The two stalked their way over to the boat; nobody was on it, or so it seemed. Daredevil jumped onto the boat, Maxis teleported his way on. Daredevil looked at Maxis, "Let's take a look." The two turned over the whole boat; no one was on it or no coke was found. They made their way up to the bow of the yacht. It seemed this is where all the parties took place. Today, it was silent. Maxis was about to say something when Daredevil stuck out his hand, "Shhh, I read another heartbeat, we are not alone." With those words, a laugh was heard.

"Ha, ha, ha...you two shouldn't be trespassing on privet property." Maxis knew that cruel voice, Daredevil knew it too, but more closely. The man was in the shadows, you could see his red, fiery eyes. "Matt, you know I've always taken small jobs from the mob, and when I knew you were stalking the Tripoli brothers, I had to get in. You must remember our last fight, no? It ended in a draw, with me dealing more blood. I want to win this one though, oh yes; a double kill would be nice." Maxis was pissed, this guy was getting on his last nerves.

Daredevil's head was lowered, "Look, Turk...I don't want to fight you now; it's not the right time." Out of the shadows came Turk, or better known as Bullseye. This man could make a weapon out of anything; he was part of the weapon X project. He inherited some adamantium skeleton. Daredevil sensed him stepping from the shadows, "Look Turk, you're messing with two, you can't handle us both." Bullseye laughed, "Well, I remember handling two before, but only killing one, if you [i]remember[/i]"

Daredevil howled, "Argh, your really pissing me off Turk!" Bullseye chuckled, "That's it Mattie, channel your anger." Daredevil let a baton go flying at Bullseye. It smacked him in the jaw, drawing first blood. He wiped it from his mouth and smiled, "My turn." Bullseye whipped four mini grenades at the two. Daredevil dodged two but was clipped by another, Maxis teleported out of the way. Matt went flying into the back railing. Maxis couldn't let this prick attack his friend. He flipped his way over to Bullseye; not even noticing the daggers he was dodging.

He teleported and knocked Bullseye down; it'd take a lot more force; the blow didn't even shatter his adamantium. Bullseye turned around and started swinging away at Maxis. He was dodging everything except the last left hook, which sent him flying into the side railings. That blow was powerful; his metal fist crushed his cheek bone. Maxis teleported around again and this time grabbing Bullseye and dropping him from a soaring height, landing on top. They cracked through the board and landed in the bedding area. Maxis teleported back up, Daredevil was still knocked out. "Ah, come on Matt, wake up!"

Bullseye jumped back from the hole and chucked a dagger at Maxis; he quickly...no he felt the blade go right through his shoulder. He couldn't dodge it this time, even with his teleporting abilities. He screamed with pain and yanked it out. This was going to be one hell of a night.

04/09/2007 5:48 PM

Monarch flew through the streets aimlessly, just enjoying the flight. It had been a long time since she had flown. The transformation wasn't pleasant, but surely this was marvelous enough to make up for it? She passed the courthouse, fluttering shadow to shadow and then headed with the wind toward the harbor.

"Such a beautiful night..." she murmured stretching her arms and swirling like a faerie princess through the air.

Suddenly she heard a shriek from down below her. She couldn't believe her eyes, she KNEW the two below her fighting ...and the scream came from ...Maxis? Fighting the urge to dive down and help, she watched the fight continue. Flecks of purple dust landed sparkling into the water - useless.

Another attack. Who was the man they were fighting? she wondered. It might be worth her time to drive him away, they didn't seem to be doing so well...Focusing hard, two hundred feet above them, she began to send waves of supersonic shock therapy into their opponent, focusing on his mind and feeling a deep desire to watch it deteriorate.

04/09/2007 6:48 PM

Bullseye was laughing; he knew he had a direct hit. He inched forward then shrieked in pain. His knees hit the floor and his shrieks were horrifying. "ARGH, what the fuck is this...ARGH!" He was in severe pain; Maxis was confused. What was going on? Bullseye was clawing at the ground, "Argh, can't focus, head is throbbing...ah!" He was sweating profusely.

Out of the corner of his devilish eye, he spotted the monarch beauty; he was really pissed. "You fucking bitch!" With all his strength, Bullseye chucked one of his daggers at the flying queen; they don't call him Bullseye for nothing. You heard a horrible scream; he hit her somewhere, somewhere that hurt. While Bullseye was still in pain, Maxis teleported over to Daredevil; he grabbed him, then quickly teleported over to the mystery woman.

Falling, she was about to hit the water. Not this time, no, Maxis grabbed her and teleported the two back into the city. All three were lying in an ally. Daredevil was still knocked cold. Maxis winced; his energy was drained, he couldn't teleport any more. The red smoke was hardly visible. He leaned over and looked at the girl; Bullseye hit her right in the stomach. Any higher the wound would be through her chest. Maxis pulled the blade out and held her in his arms.

With all of the power left in him, he imagined the hospital; they were there. He dropped her on the cold hard floor and was feeling woozy. He was back to human form, but naked. What happened to his under-uniform? His vision was receding, that last teleportation knocked all of the energy out of him. He saw the nurses running down the hallway to get the girl. It was silent, Louis was knocked out cold.

[i]"Sorry Matt, you have to sleep with the rats tonight..."[/i]

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04/09/2007 7:03 PM

Janice woke up screaming, terrified by her nightmare. She had been flying, then she remembered pain and falling... what an awful dream. She thought in horror, her eyes still closed. Then she felt coldmetal touch her skin, and a soft hand touch her forehead. "Shhh sweetheart it'll be okay." the voice murmured.

Janice opened her eyes, and realised she had been a part of more than a nightmare. She was surrounded by pure white walls and sterile equipment, with a tall slender nurse standing next to her worriedly. "It's alright, it's alright.." the nurse continued, messing with something next to her.

"Where....am I?" she muttered, trying to clear the strange fog infront of her eyes.

"The hospital sweetie. You were saved, probably from a mugging - but whoever got to you managed to give you quite a nasty little wound there. But it seems you are doing much better."

The nurses words brought back everything that had happened the night before, and she sat up with a start. "Maxis! Daredevil! Where are they?" she asked the nurse hurriedly.

The nurse muttered something that she didn't hear, but Janice ignored her. "I've got to leave" she said quickly, wincing at a stabbing pain in her stomach.

"Oh no you can't do that." the nurse said, eyeing her oddly. "The SHIELD needs to speak with you about what happened tonight."

Janice's eyes widened in fear and fiercely she muttered to herself, trying to get rid of the wires that held her to the bet. "Not the SHIELD, not the SHIELD..."

The nurse grabbed her wrist and firmly placed it back on the bed. "You stay here."

"Oh no..." Janice murmured, clenching her eyes closed and praying it all would go back to normal, before this mess happened... She never should have transformed in the first place and just stayed on the dad-gum roof.

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04/09/2007 8:03 PM

Adam had swung by the scene, three figures fighting. One was in the sky, flapping a pair of what looked to be butterfly wings. Another covered in a strange glowing smoke, and a third on the ground throwing daggers around. He should've been paying more attention because a second later he slammed into a wall. He blacked out for a second and slid off the wall. He hit the ground with a muffled thud. He landed on top of a homeless guy.
When he got up the three were gone. It didn't really matter.

"Jesus, would you watch where you're going Adam?" Sin said. "We should get back home....it's been a long day and mom is sure to be worried because I just disappeared all of a sudden. Don't you think I should tell her about you? There really isn't anymore secrecy when it comes to being a super hero." Adam said. "NO! If word got out that I was with you they would cut you up and remove me faster than you could imagine. You're not like other heroes, they wouldn't simply start sending registration letters to you they would take you into custody. Symbiotes are alot different than your standard hero. Especially me, I was developed by a lab so I'm extra important. That is exactly why they would cut me out of you without even caring about the damages they do to you!" he shouted back.Adam headed off back home, tired and in need of a hot meal. Hopefully his mom had kept left overs for him.

04/09/2007 8:33 PM

As the two mutants had appeared in the middle of the emergency room, Ying was just about to head home for night. As she was about to clock out, however, she turned around at the startled gasp in time to see a women who with butterfly wings and a naked man collapse in the waiting room of the Emergency Room, among a few wisps of red smoke.

[i]Looks like it's going to be a long night[/i] she thought to herself.

With a quick glance to Deborah, the secretary in the waiting room who was also coincidentally one of the few people who knew about Ying's status as a mutant, she rushed over to the two mutants.

"I need two stretchers, and a team, stat. Deborah, you need to [i]call S.H.I.E.L.D.[/i]..." Ying continued to give orders, and while most people would think that they were perfectly good orders, Deborah knew better than to call S.H.I.E.L.D., and was quite adept at looking like she was calling someone she wasn't.


Coming into the room with the woman after checking the vitals of the man, she heard the nurse talking to the woman.

"Stacy, could you give us a few moments? I can handle her, and I will talk to her."

With a polite nod, Stacy, the nurse, left the room.

Ying then turned to the woman.

"I am Doctor Au-Yong, and I am here to [i]help[/i] you. Perhaps you can tell me a little bit about yourself."

Ying was not sure these days about the mutants, and she put just enough of an influence on the word 'help' that if she was unregistered, she would understand, but if she was registered she would probably interpret it that S.H.I.E.L.D. was on the way with one of their supposed 'mutant specialists' in the best interest of her.

Ying knew what they really were, but the beaureacrats could make anything sound pleasing to the stupid populace.

04/10/2007 4:50 PM

"I don't think so." Janice said softly. "I heard you say something about the SHIELD outside, and I really think.." she trailed off, analyzing the woman closely. This wasn't good at all. She began to rise to a sitting position once more and gasped, pain streaking through her abdomen. "Damn..." she muttered, biting her lip fiercely, small sparkling tears in her eyes. I've got to move her attention from me...she thought quickly.

"Where is Maxis? Well...uh..I mean..." she stumbled, realising she didn't know his name. Surely Maxis wasn't his real name. "The other boy who was with me. Is he alright?"

Despite the woman's seemingly strong desire to help, there was absolutely no way she was going to tell her anything. Besides, the sooner she was out of the hospital the better. Besides...she needed to get to work in the morning. Well, not that it wouldn't be daybreak in a few hours.

04/10/2007 6:09 PM

Louis was knocked cold; he couldn't really focus. Gradually he woke up from his unconsciousness; he was in a goddamn hospital. Wait, he did teleport here for a reason. The girl where was she? It didn't matter now; he was strapped to a bed. It was weird though, the wires weren't normal, and the room seemed more secluded. He still had a massive headache, quietly he closed his eyes.

[i]few minutes later[/i]

Louis woke from a groggy sleep. He was tired, sore, and not up to speed. He looked at his right shoulder and saw a huge scar; they sewed him up pretty damn well. It took him a while to realize that he had left Matt in the ally; hopefully he got home safely. It took him awhile, but he finally woke up. Everything was more clear, and cold to boot. He wanted some answers; where he was, where the girl was, and how long he'd be in here. It was Friday, and he had to get to work.

A strange person walked in to the room. She was quite, and then she left; damn not a word. Louis was stuck there for awhile until a nurse walked in. She gave him some food and he smiled. He took it and ate it, not even caring about the crap hospital food. After he finished he glanced into a plate, he saw his reflection. Damn Bullseye, one of his daggers clipped him in the corner of his left eye; he now had a scar going diagonally across it. Just great, he looked like his uncle Marty.

Maxis just rested his head; [i]"Get me the hell out of here"[/i]

04/10/2007 6:18 PM

"Where is Maxis? Well...uh..I mean..." she stumbled, realising she didn't know his name. Surely Maxis wasn't his real name. "The other boy who was with me. Is he alright?"

"He is fine. If he had gotten here any later, I'm not sure I could say that, and the same goes for you.

I am going to leave this paperwork here for you. I need to know, however, if you have registered or not. If you haven't, then I will call [i]the proper authorities[/i]. The question is on the form, I will be back in about five minutes. I'm going to check on the boy who brought you here."

Hoping the woman got the hint, Ying left, and went to Maxis' room.


Just as Ying was walking into Maxis's room, she heard:

[i]"Get me the hell out of here"[/i]

"Really, sir, I'm hurt. Of course I am diong everything in my power to make you better. Your wounds will heal, but you need to rest.

I have a few questions to ask you, the most pertinent of which is obvious. I also need to know your name, social security, etc. It's all on this form. Before I leave, though, I need to know."

Feeling fairly certain that the man would know that she was referring to registration, she left it at that, and stood beside his bed, waiting for an answer.

04/10/2007 7:21 PM

She stared at the form in front of her blankly. This wouldn't do, not at all. Slowly though, as if by habit, she began filling out information - her thoughts roaming. The proper authorities? Who could that be? Hopefully not SHIELD. But if it wasn't, who else could it be? There wasn't another option she could think of, besides the rebels. But even they weren't really her type. She sighed, and x-ed the un-registered. Her green eyes were angry though as she tore the paper off and crumpled it into her hands.

Taking a deep breath, she sat up again, biting her lip almost to blood to suffice for the pain. Wearily she glanced at the machinery around her, and then at her own reflection. She looked a sight...Thankfully though, her wings had gone, and she looked relatively normal. Once again, like she did every time, she swore she wouldn't transform on purpose. It seemed every time she did, something went wrong.

04/10/2007 7:46 PM

Feeling fairly certain that the man would know that she was referring to registration, she left it at that, and stood beside his bed, waiting for an answer.

Louis looked at the form; oh he knew clearly what she wanted. His answer was going to be no of course. No way was he going to be treated like some dog at the pound. He gave the woman a wicked smile and began speaking in an under tone. "Do you really think I am an idiot? I know what you want me to do, and all I can say is, up yours! Stark is being a real ignorant fuck bag, and SHEILD is going ahead with him. I hope Nick Fury does something drastic, I need to see him put that [i]Iron Man[/i] in proper place."

Louis felt the blood rush through him. The unholy shadows were regulating again; his powers were regenerated. He sent out a wicked laugh and ripped the wires from his arms. He sighed in pain, but quickly channeled his shadows. He was Maxis again; the Dark Spartan. The woman was backing away from the bed; she couldn't quite make of the situation.

Maxis teleported out of the room into the hallway; they shot off the alarms. "Just great." Maxis was looking around the hallway, the witnesses were stunned silent. Suddenly a bunch of security guards came out of the elevators. "Stop! Stay where you are." Maxis smiled, but he knew the guards couldn't see through the smoke. In a poof of red smoke, Maxis shot to the walls and alternated between the right and left side. He was sprinting along, dodging the pathetic shots. He approached his enemy, jumped on one guard, and swipe kicked the other two to the ground.

This time he sprinted to the end window and jumped out. He teleported to the streets and everyone was looking at him. He quickly vanished before others could see. It was time to join Captain America and the rebels. Sooner of later, he would become a fugitive of justice and equality.

04/10/2007 7:58 PM

Ying had tried to explain, but the man was so caught up in his rush that she didn't get a full sentence out before he had rushed out. With a sigh, she went back to the girls room, before she could do anything stupid.

"Hello again. Judging by your friend's reaction, you are not registered." A quick glance at the sheet confirmed that.

"Thanks to your friend, things are going to be a little hectic. I have people on the way, they are dressed like S.H.I.E.L.D., but they aren't. They are here to help." She tried to talk quickly, because if this woman was anything like the boy she didn't want her to rush out as well.

"I will be around, don't talk to anybody unless I'm around, and only if I signal it is okay. That is, of course, if you want to keep your freedom. I realize I am asking a lot, but thanks to your 'friend' I don't have a lot of time to explain right now." She emphasized 'friend,' stressing that he wasn't exactly on her top ten favorite people list at the moment.

After all of that, she paused, waiting to see what the woman would respond with, hoping she wouldn't freak out.

04/10/2007 8:20 PM

Janice began to shake her head slowly. "You don't understand. I don't want to be a part of...ANY of this..."she said softly, gathering her strength. She heard Maxis escape. She could do the same. It would be painful, and risky. She wasn't near as strong as he was.

But her anger grew inside of her. "I don't want to be a part of SHIELD and registered." she said quietly, green eyes meeting the womans as she turned her feet to hang over the bed.

"I don't want to be a part of the rebels." she said, even softer this time, painfully yanking the wires that attatched her to the machinery.

"I just want to be left alone!" she finished fiercely, leaping to her feet and staring the woman directly in the face. She was sick of it. All of it. The hiding, she could hardly even go to work anymore. The dust that killed people, she and her rescuer had no chance. The wings, the fighting, the tears, the weird looks, she didn't think she could handle it anymore.

Her breath came harsh and ragged when she spoke again, her eyes flashing green to purple and then normal. "I am going to walk out of this room like a normal person, and you will not follow me, or send your pretend SHIELD agents after me. You will let...me...go."

She turned on her heel like the queen of hearts might, and strode toward the door.

((I give you permission to do as you like in your next post. :-) Let her go, take her down forcibly, etc. That way it'll go faster.))

04/10/2007 8:50 PM

Ying could sense the anger inside the woman. She wasn't psychic, but anyone can tell when someone is [i]that[/i] angry.

Unfortunately, with the way the world was getting to be, she couldn't let the woman go. If she did, she could be caught by S.H.I.E.L.D., and if she was caught she would most likely be 'interrogated' or worse.

Not liking what she did, she pulled out a syringe, and stuck it on the back of the woman's neck as she walked by, causing the woman to...

whirl around in anger!

[i]Stupid![/i] Ying thought to herself. [i]She had [u]butterfly wings[/u] when she came into the hospital, there is probably a counter-toxin already present in her system![/i]

"What did you just do?" the woman, already angered, was by now enraged. She spun around, and Ying could see that she was about ready to explode in a furious rage.

Without waiting for the woman to do anything else, Ying quickly lashed out, launching a fist at the woman's head.

[i]CRACK![/i] Her fist connected squarely on the woman's temple, causing her head snap back, and her eyes to roll to the back of her head.

Quickly, Ying reached out and caught the young woman before she fell, and carried her over to the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry," she whispered to the unconscious woman. With the woman taken care of, she returned to the hallway, and began restoring order to the chaos-racked Recovery Ward.


Within five minutes, rebels in S.H.I.E.L.D. uniforms arrived, and took the unconscious woman to a safehouse, with Ying following about ten minutes after they left.

When she arrived, the woman was still unconscious, lying in a sterilized saferoom. Seeing the woman in the pure white room with only a hospital bed and flourescent lights was slightly depressing.

The room was made to be able to contain almost any mutant, however, and since they had no idea what this woman was capable of, or what her actions might be in response to Ying's unconventional control methods, it was necessary.

Ying hoped that she would wake soon, and sat outside of the glass wall, sipping a cup of 7-Eleven French Vanilla Cappucino.

04/10/2007 9:34 PM

Adam got home, the lights were off and his mother was obviously asleep. He opened the window of his room and slipped in. Food didn't matter anymore. He was tired and aching and his leg hurt like hell. The bld had gone all the way through. It would be almost fully healed by tomorrow. He layed down on his bed and grabbed his MP3 player. He switched on his favorite band and folded his arms behind his head. [i]What a day...[/i] he thought. His mind came across the three heroes he saw earlier, how strange they were. A butterfly, a cloud of red smoke, and one he recognized as DareDevil. He wondered what happened to them, they seemed to be injured but then they had simply disappeared when he had hit the wall.

He didn't know why but he couldn't get them out of his head. Surprisingly, like most times, the loud rock music made him fall asleep fairly fast. Most times he didn't really dream. He hadn't had a real dream since he had become a host. It was more like he continued to mull over his thoughts until he woke up. It was odd, almost as if Sin was prodding around inside his head. He thought of the two mysterious heroes. He hoped he would meet them some time.

04/11/2007 5:10 AM

Not opening her eyes, Janice reached up and felt her temple, where a huge knot and bruise were forming."Owww." she mumbled, coughing slightly and attempting to open her eyes. The white light blinded her for a moment, but when she looked around, nothing had changed from before. [i]No....wait a minute...[/i] she said softly, her green eyes narrowing as she looked around. This room was simpler.

Sudden fear coursed through her as she suspected the worst. It had to be the SHIELD! She thought worriedly. But then she remembered what the strange doctor had said about her [i]friends[/i]. Could this be the place? Janice shook her head forcefully and tried to sit up and was immediately yanked back down by some unseen force.

"what is this place?" she mumbled, trying to regain her bearings. Frustrated, she glanced down at her skin, and once again dusted off a light lilac dust off of her skin, allowing it to flutter gently to the ground. It was not strong enough however, to have any affect in the room.

[i]You could use your powers to communicate outside the room...[/i] a small voice inside her whispered. [i]Contact Maxis, or Daredevil and see if they could come help you...[/i]

"No!" she coughed, clenching her eyes shut and refusing to even tolerate the thought. Thats what got me into this mess to begin with....

04/11/2007 4:28 PM

It was around nine o'clock; no wait, eight thirty. Maxis, or now Louis, made it back to his suit. He was late to work and very sore. The energy rush wore off and he was just a regular human. Last night was hectic; nothing good came out of it. Bullseye was still out there and dangerous as ever. That woman was the big mystery, who was she? Louis shook the thoughts out of his head, but they came back. He began thinking of that other woman, the one from the apartment. He told her he'd pay her a visit; no, not today.

He walked into the shower and let the icy water fall onto his body. The chill felt great, and his sore began to go away. He splashed the water on his face and ran his fingers through his jet black hair. After the long shower, Louis got out and put on his work clothes. He turned and on his bed was his special op uniform; how the hell did it get there? He shook his head and looked in the mirror; hell of a weird morning.

He walked over to the phone, he'd need to call work and create a phony excuse. There was a message on the machine


[i]"Hey...weird night huh Spartan."[/i] It was Matt; guess he did make it home safely. [i]"I regained consciousness back in that ally. I could have sworn I heard a fire fight going on. I didn't want to stick around, that blast was from one of Bullseye's concussion grenades, so it made me weak. I got out of uniform and called a taxi; then I went home and passed out on my bed. I just made it to work, so Louis if you get this, call me back later in the day. Funny, SHEILD didn't contact me yet, but it will happen soon. They may give me a break because I registered, but I don't know."[/i]


It was a weird message. Usually Murdock left longer, more friendly ones. It was kind of a cold message, not a warm welcome. Louis shook his head and called work. His secretary answered, he told her he had a family crisis, [i]lie[/i]. She told him not to worry; the boss gave him today day off any ways. Surprised, Louis told her to thank the boss and he hung up. Today, he was going to find Parker and swing by the proposal. Hopefully that wasn't all he was going to ask. He wanted in on Cap's society, and Parker knew the right people.

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04/11/2007 4:29 PM

Ying saw the woman move around, and noticed the dust fall off of her skin.

[i]Hmmm...curious...I'll have to try and get a sample[/i]

She grabbed a couple of bottles that was sitting on the side-table next to her, and proceeded to walk through the door into the room.

"I know I'm probably not one of your favorite people right now, but before we begin why don't you rub this over that lovely knot on the side of your head. It's a tincture that I developed to speed the healing of bruises and lacerations.

Once you've done that I have some Ibuprofen for you as well, and then you can yell at me or what have you. Once that's over, perhaps we can talk."

Then she stood there, extending one bottle towards Janice.

04/11/2007 5:32 PM

"You want me to go after "The Man Without Fear"?" Tommy said, sarcastically laughing at his referral to Daredevil, as he sat back in his chair at his desk in one of his many penthouse suites in New York that he normally used to do his merc work out of. "I don't see why you SHIELD agents and good ole, Iron Man, can't go find him and bring him in yourself, why should I get involved in this.?"

"We are prepared to pay you anything you ask for, sir. We were instructed to come here, get your services as well as the fee you wish, and report back to Nick Fury." The main SHIELD agent said, standing before the desk.

Tommy turned to face him, removing his shades as he pushed a button on his chair, the lights in the room dimming down, his eyes a brilliant yellow as he looked at each other the 6 agents in his office. "Now you have my attention. You mentioned something about some guy with red smoke, or something like that. I've never heard of anyone like that, not even in the X-Men, and jesus, everyone knows they got some interesting people, so that will boost the price. I'll want 250 grand alone for Daredevil, and depending on this other guy, if I run into him, do you want him or not?"

"If you run into him, yes, we want him also, but he is not required, so no need to search for him, sir." One of the agents replied.

"Sure, sure, well, if I get him or run into him and bring him in, I'll give you my estimate at that time, now, get the hell out of my place, you SHIELD freak me out." He said, replacing his shades, as he sat back in his chair, allowing the agents to leave his condo.

Once they had all left, he pushed a button on his chair which caused a hole to form in his ceiling, revealing a secret area, as Daredevil jumped down from it. "I figuered they would come after me. I'll have to warn Maxis, and thank you for your help."

"Hold on Double D. I said for a price, now, what you can do for me is simple. All I need is some of your DNA, and I can form a clone of you, get my money, then I suppose I can aid you, as long as I get something out of it, what that something is, we'll see when the time comes, now won't we?"

"Fine, I'll aid you for aiding me, but you better be worth your own hype Splitz." DD said, as he pulled some hair from his head, giving it to Tommy.

"See you around, Murdock." Tommy said, grinning, as he vanished, showing that it was a clone there and Tommy was nowhere to be found, leaving Daredevil to stand there in awe.

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04/11/2007 6:09 PM

Louis went back to his bedroom and eyed the suit on his bed; no need for work clothes. He stripped down and put the uniform on. Quickly he put his work coat over it, so he wouldn't draw any suspicion. He went to the back of his closet and opened the large locker. Inside was medium length throwing spear, the ghost Spartan gave it to him before his powers were gone. Maxis usually carried it around his back, but last night was the first time he didn't.

He strapped it to his back and teleported out of his room. Maybe he should conserve his power; he walked down the hallway and into the elevator. The ride down was quite; he was just thinking. "Where would Peter Parker be about this time?" Louis was talking to himself; it helped him think straight. [i]Ding[/i] The bell rang and the doors opened. He walked out of the building and back into the city life. Of course the University, it never really struck him. Before he would go find the Spider, Louis wanted to go visit Matt.

After last night, he would have to keep an eye on Matt's back. After all, SHEILD was beginning to take this registration business serious; they were hunting down the [i]unsigned[/i]. Louis knew that Nick Fury wasn't agreeing with his authority; after Tony took interest in SHEILD, they neglected their leader, Fury. He sighed and walked down to the corner of the street. He called for a taxi; he got one pretty quick.

The ride went by fast and he arrived. Nelson and Murdock law firm; largest in New York. He went through the entrance and to security. "Hi, I'm here to see Mr. Murdock, I am a friend of his. He expected me today." The guard looked at the computer screen. He made a smirk, "Mr. Murdock is booked today, and he has no special openings." Louis was kind of irritated, "Look he called me and-" The phone rang; the guard picked it up and began talking. He hung it up and talked to Mr. Maxim. "I am sorry, but I guess you are right sir, Mr. Murdock is expecting you in his office now."

Louis nodded and headed to the elevator. He rode up to the top floor to Matt's luxurious office. Once again the ride was dull and Louis was thinking to himself. Finally he exited the elevator and walked into the office. Matt was looking out his grand window down at the city. Louis smiled, "How you feeling buddy?" Matt turned around with his head down, he smiled. "I am doing fine; I was meaning to talk to you. Sit down." He pointed to one of the chairs near his desk, Louis nodded and sat down.

Matt seemed upset about something, but Louis couldn't figure it out. "I went to a friends place for some help. SHEILD came and I heard in on the conversation they were having with my friend. They found out it was me. They knew I killed the agents and they are accusing me of rebellious man slaughter. No one will take my case and I can't testify for myself. Luckily, my friend made a clone of myself. They'll be getting him not me, but I don't even think they want to give me a chance; [i]damn[/i] Stark... he is really pissing me off." Louis let him talk, then spoke up. "What do they want with you?" Matt shrugged, "I have no clue that's for sure, and Black Widow told me they don't want me dead. They want me to go before SHEILD sometime, but I can't do it. Maybe you were right; even now I am registered and still treated like scum. Ever since the government issued this, I didn't know how to take it. Superhumans were coming into my office and yelling at me, trying to find some loop hole saying it's breaking constitutional rights. For now, every thing is legit."

Louis was shocked, "I don't know what to say, but I knew this was going to happen. Do you want a way out?" Matt put his hands to his head, "Of course, but if you expect me to join Captain America..." Louis cut him off, "Do it, you know how justly Captain is, he may finally fix this." Matt starred at Louis, the room was silent. "Sure...I'll think about it, maybe it's the right thing. First I need to settle things with SHEILD, and then I'll give you a call." After that a loud explosion and crash was heard down below in the streets. Louis looked out the window and a coffee shop was impaled by a car. People were running about, what was going on?

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04/11/2007 6:50 PM

Once you've done that I have some Ibuprofen for you as well, and then you can yell at me or what have you. Once that's over, perhaps we can talk."

A small frown covered Janice's features as she appraised the bottle in front of her. What the hell...she thought. I don't have anything to lose. She sighed, and took the bottle, gingerly applying some of the medical lotion onto her head wincing slightly. Not speaking quite yet, she sighed, feeling the pain recede some. "Thank you." she said softly, feeling somewhat calm for the first time.

"I suppose Ibuprofen would be nice as well." she replied, her voice as soft and charming as ever. She watched the woman grab some off the shelf then took an opportunity to check out the room. It didn't seem like there was any chance of escape. When the second medicine was offered, she didn't hesitate. The sooner she felt better, the sooner she'd be able to leave. "Thank you, again."

She sighed. "I suppose you want to know exactly how I ended up in a hospital in the middle of the night with a dagger wound don't you?" she said looking the woman in the eyes. "But I can't really tell you. I didn't do it. Now that I've answered your unasked question, here's mine. When can I leave?" It was easy to assume that she wouldn't be able to just jump up and walk out. And transforming was DEFINITELY out of the question. "Oh yeah, and who do you work for?"

04/11/2007 10:19 PM

Ying was surprised. If the roles were switched, she would definitely not be as calm as Janice was right now. Of course, that could be evidence of a mental illness.

[i]Or maybe I hit her a little harder than I thought...[/i]

"I assumed you didn't do the stomach wound yourself, but I won't push it for now. You can leave soon. I apologize for my actions, and for keeping you here, but nowadays it is necessary. S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting more and more violent, and has been out in force recently.

And as for who I work for: myself. I do work with Captain America, as you have probably deduced.

Before you continue from earlier about not wanting to be a 'rebel,' I must ask you if you really want to be a part of a government that condones the actions of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or dead. If you would prefer one of those, be my guest, but we fight for freedom.

We are not asking you to fight. We are asking if you would help us reestablish a free world.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is exerting more force daily, sometimes lethal force. In their eyes, you must be either registered or dead. Soon, you will have to make a choice.

Time is running short."

04/11/2007 10:44 PM

He made a simple copy, a rough one, if you will, of Daredevil, and made it real, even had Murdock under the outfit, but once he got his money, he vanished from their sight, and so did the clone, leaving a note that simply had, "Ha Ha" on it. This he came to realize a little later was a mistake, as they caught the true Tommy, in a cafe that was right outside Murdock's office. He had managed to avoid them so far, but not without a car nearly taking him out, only running into the coffee shop to avoid him as he stood out in the street.

"Come on guys, it was a joke. What, you can't take a joke?" He laughed, as 4 agents moved to attack him. He managed to dodge a flurry, finally being able to counter attack, as he caught one of their legs, spinning to throw the agent into another, as he blocked a series of punches and kicks from the remaining two, finally getting knocked back, but only to use his speed to roundhouse one into another, holding his hands up. "Aww, guys, comeon, don't shoot, I'll pay ya back... Heh...

"Tommy Oliver, otherwise known as Splitz, you are under SHIELD arrest for the aiding of a known criminal, one such Daredevil. Cease and desist all actions, or we will have to take action ourselves." One of the agents said, moving in, as Tommy was clearly surrounded, noway out even with his incredible speed. He had brawled with SHIELD a few times, so they knew how to counter his speed.

"Hey, can't we make a new deal, hmmm? I mean, why not? I can bring you any of them you want, I swear." As he spoke, from behind him, 2 agents had rushed him, but just as he turned, a kick came and caught him in the face, breaking his shades and knocking them across the ground, he falling to his knees, holding his eyes, as he let out a yell, somewhat high pitch from the sudden light hitting his very sensative eyes. The agents moved in quickly, pinning him to the ground as another agent read him his rights and everything that he was being brought in for.

04/11/2007 11:44 PM

"Sir, we have located the Symbiote." said a SHEILD mercenary. Stark looked up from his desk and replied "Are you sure? Where exactly is it? Has it found a host?". "It seems to have taken up a host, our agents saw it around a bank. The host seemed to be handling it rather than it handling him. The agents followed it back to a small house. Apparently the host lives there". Stark looked troubled, "Send out as many men as you need, go to that residence, apprehend the host and bring him back here! I want that Symbiote back! Years of research...the perfect symbiote escapes and shows up with some stupid pedestrion." he shouted. The soldier nodded and headed off to gather his men, knowing full well that lethal force was authorised and necessary when dealing with this Symbiote.


A hard knock on the door woke Adam's mother. She made her way to the front door, not bothering to look out the peep hole. As soon as she opened the door five SHEILD soldiers rushed in. "Where is it? Where is the Symbiote!?" the commander shouted. "What in the world are you talking about?!" she shrieked. Adam woke up, he heard the SHEILD operatives shouting downstairs. He allowed the suit to take hold, and jumped out of his bed room into the hallway. The SHEILD soldiers saw him as he bolted for the door. Adam heard shots and his mother's scream, but he never looked back.

He kept on running and running, not caring where he went. All the while ink black tears streamed down the white skull. Finally he came to a stop his legs were too tired to continue. The SHEILD soldiers had stopped chasing him. They had been shooting at him all the way, he thought they had accidentaly shot 2 people. Adam looked around, he was in an alley. [i]I have to go back, Mom is hurt.[/i] he thought. Sin heard those thoughts and responded, "Adam there is nothing there for you anymore! Face it, your mother is gone. There is nothing we can do for her and getting yourself killed by going back there isn't going to help things either". The suit pulled back revealing Adam's head. Tears were still streaming from his eyes.

He sat there sobbing for a while until he heard a noise coming from up above him. "Hey kid, are you alright?" a voice whispered. He looked up and saw a figure on the wall, it crawled down to him and when it got close Adam saw who it was. Spider-man, his idol Peter Parker. "I heard the commotion while I was out on my nightly route. Don't worry about those SHEILD guys that wer chasing you earlier I took them out. My sympathies for your loss but there's no time to sit there and cry. Stark is sure to send more SHEILD members soon. Come with me and I'll take you someplace where you can hide out." he said. Adam just stood there staring at him. "Hey kid come on, we're going to need you. You really need to come with me and fast." he said.

Adam took a long pause and thought. [i] So Tony Stark was behind this. I'll make him pay for what he did to Mom. [/i] "You promise me one thing" he said. "Uh...Sure, what is it?" replied the Spider. The suit covered Adam's head again and he spoke in a chilling voice, "Tony Stark's blood". The two headed off into the night without another word.

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04/12/2007 5:33 AM

Her lips pursed, Janice stared unsteadily at the doctor infront of her. She didn't particularly want to work for either side. Really, she had been hiding for the last six years, she could hide out until one side completely demolished the other. The offer was tempting, sure, but she couldn't. That would mean transforming again, and fighting again. And facing the SHIELD. She couldn't. She wouldn't.

"No." she said softly, closing her pretty green eyes and drawing her knees closer to herself. I feel like a child...she thought uncertainly. Maybe it was the medicine... "I've been hiding for this long. This was my first time to transform in years. I can hide, I can wait. They won't find me, as long as you don't tell them.

If you do, I'll move. I know what they want, I know what you want, and I won't give it to you." She bit her lip, looking prettily innocent. Subconciously, she rubbed her arm, the purple for lack of better word dust came off on her skin, affecting her none at all. But once they knew what it did, it would lend a bonus to whatever team got her first. And that would be neither, if she had anything to say about it. They couldn't hold anything over her head. Still sitting in silence, two faces floated in front of her eyes. Daredevil, and Maxis. She shook it, opening her eys again and the world seemed to spin for a moment. "There's my answer. If you don't let me out quickly, I'll find my own way out." she said in a soft almost desperate murmur. "And I'm not going to work for you, or SHIELD."

She was stubborn, and though it probably wasn't a good time for it, she clung to her preconceptions. She had to go back to work. She was NOT being irrational. It was Monarch who had the quick temper. She didn't, after all have complete control over her transformed state yet. It got worse when she was angry, or upset. She sighed, and pushed those thoughts out of her mind before returning her gaze to the doctor, her lips pursed and stubborn.

04/12/2007 9:14 AM

Janice was a stubborn one, but Ying had one more ace up her sleeve.

"As I said before, we are not asking you to fight, we are trying to help you stay away from S.H.I.E.L.D." There was obviously something in her past that Ying did not know about, and it pained her to not be able to help the woman.

"Before you go, I want to show you something. Follow me, please."

Ying led her out of the safe room, down a hallway, and into what has come to be known as the 'Horror Room.' It was a room of nothing but file cabinets, cataloguing when S.H.I.E.L.D. began, the political movements since, and all of the actions and operations S.H.I.E.L.D. had undertaken.

Ying went to one file cabinet, pulled out the top drawer, and pulled out a file. She glanced at the name on the file, then handed it to Janice.

"This is the file of Margaret Thompson. She was a simple mutant, with the gift of a masterful memory. S.H.I.E.L.D. killed her when one of their agents accidentally droppped a Top Security file, and she happened to glance at it, memorizing the file."

She turned and grabbed another file, handing this one also to Janice.

"This is John Thompson, her husband, who was brought in, tortured and experimented on in an effort to find out if he knew any of the information his wife had found out. He went insane, and they put him in an insane asylum for 6 months before they killed him. He was not a mutant, had no powers. He was a normal [i]Homo sapien.[/i]"

She grabbed another file.

"This is Ashley Smith, the unwilling host of a lab-created symbiote who was killed when S.H.I.E.L.D. killed the symbiote they created themselves."

She grabbed another file, and hesitated. This was the file of a dear friend and one time lover of hers from college, who had given her the nickname Niu-Rong. She stowed her emotions for the time being, and handed the file to the growing pile in Janice's posession.

"This is Michael White, who was interrogated much like John Thompson, in the hopes of gaining information about someone who was unregistered. They still keep him somewhere, we don't know where, and we don't know what they intend to do with him."

At this point, she couldn't continue talking, and had to look down. Fortunately, Steve Rogers was in the doorway behind Janice, in his full Captain America costume ([i]He's lived in that thing recently, poor man. He's going to need a break soon, although he'll never admit it[/i])

"This is why we do what we do, Janice," he said, diverting attention from the grief-stricken Ying. "Every file in this room is a case like the ones in your hands. We do not ask you to fight. We will help you stay away from S.H.I.E.L.D. and would welcome any help you could give us."

Ying then interjected, saying, "You don't have to choose right this moment. You will have to choose soon, however. In order for you to leave, I will have to put you to sleep, and we will have a psychic erase all memories of me. You will remember what happened, but you will not remember me, or any of the nurses, or the name of the hospital you were in. You will remember this room, and you can think on your own time, but remember that time is running out.

What will it be?"

04/12/2007 3:37 PM

"Hey, can't we make a new deal, hmmm? I mean, why not? I can bring you any of them you want, I swear." As he spoke, from behind him, 2 agents had rushed him, but just as he turned, a kick came and caught him in the face, breaking his shades and knocking them across the ground, he falling to his knees, holding his eyes, as he let out a yell, somewhat high pitch from the sudden light hitting his very sensitive eyes. The agents moved in quickly, pinning him to the ground as another agent read him his rights and everything that he was being brought in for.

[i]WOOSH[/i] The agent that was reading Splitz's rights was struck with a spear; the shaft deep through his chest. The agent was shocked, but before he could say anything he dropped to his knees in death. Maxis appeared out of thin air and pulled the spear out of the fallen agent. He then teleported and picked up the two agents pinning Splitz; dropping them from a high distance in a back ally.

He teleported back and started fighting the agents with his spear. One agent was coming in for a tackle when all of a sudden Maxis teleported out of the way and butted him with the back end of the spear. Splitz got up and starred at the shadow creature; he knew it wasn't nightcrawler due to the red smoke and upright posture. Maxis was confusing the whole task force, moving from one area to the other. He threw the spear at a rifleman, hitting him dead in the right shoulder forcing him to drop his gun.

An agent tried hitting him from behind, but Maxis turned around and clocked him in the face with a dirty right hook. He zapped his way over to the spear and ripped it out of the agent, then stabbing the grounded agent in the chest. Louis was never this blood drunk in his whole life; it was probably the spirit of the Spartan that was taking over him. Before Maxis could do any more damage, he threw Splitz over his shoulder and teleported back into the office of Matt Murdock.

Splitz was surprised at what just happened; he looked at the blind Matthew Murdock. Matt stepped forward and smiled, "I believe your plan didn't work."

04/12/2007 7:30 PM

She turned around suddenly, in awe of the presence of Captain America. She had grown up hearing about hin and his exploits, loving everything he stood for. But as she stared at the man before her, he seemed more haggard, more...unhappy and tired. Was this really what the war was doing to people? Though she was uncertain, she still felt strongly about not joining either side.

"I...I.." she stuttered, her eyes flickering back and forth between the two. Her memories? Gone? All of this, all of the plans, the ideas, the options... "If I choose to not come with you now...will I be given this opportunity again, or is this a one time deal?" she asked quietly, looking down at her hands folded quietly in front of her. She desperately wanted to get back to normal life, but...if this whole world was going to intervene anyway, she didn't have much choice. But no, she wouldn't. She couldn't.

Stubborn as she was, she raised up a hand. "Never mind. My answer is no." she said, standing quickly and dusting herself off. She left a small trail of purple dust behind her on the bed, enough for a sample should it be needed after she left. Not that Janice was aware of this. "May I leave now?"

04/12/2007 8:26 PM

There was a hard knock an the large iron door of the Safe House. "Cap, open up it's me. I've got someone to meet you." came Peter's muffled voice. The door was unlocked and Spidey rushed in. Adam stood out in the rain, contemplating what he had just heard. Captain America, the leader of the resistence. Peter forced him in. He took a look around. There was Captain America standing next to a woman he didn't recognize. Then he saw the woman in the purple outfit, a pair of butterfly wings were protruding from her back. 'Cap' was staring at the black figure. He stared into the dark red eyes of the skull. After a moment Adam forced himself to look away. It was like Cap was staring into his soul.

04/12/2007 9:23 PM

"If I choose to not come with you now...will I be given this opportunity again, or is this a one time deal?"

"We will never shut anyone out," Rogers (Cap. America) said sternly.

Ying decided to alleviate another of Janice's fears, "We will only wipe our identities from your memory. You will not know who we were, or where exactly you were, but you will know what transpired."

Before anything else could be said, however, there was a disturbance.

Captain America looked as Spidey and a new boy entered the safehouse. He took a long stare at the boy, trying to discern what the boy was doing here.

"Hello. I wish I had more time for a better greeting, but things are busy right now," he then turned away from the boy and towards Janice. "Please, think on what has been said."

"Can I have a word with you, Spider-Man?" The question was more of a demand, and he began to walk towards the other end of the hallway without even bothering to wait for an answer.

As they left, Ying saw the admiration and awe in the young boy's eyes. "He tends to have that affect on people, doesn't he?" she said, appealing to his (hopefully live) sense of humor.

She turned to Janice, saying "Please, stay here for a few minutes. I will be back, and if you answer remains the same, I will coordinate your return to whatever place you like."

She then turned to the boy, taking him down the hall into what has become a 'break room' of sorts, with a tv, a couple of recliners, a couch, a coffee pot, a table, and usually a box or two of doughnuts or muffins or something lying around.

"Now, what is your name, and what is the name of your symbiote?" She asked, spotting the tell-tale signs that his powers did indeed originate from a symbiote. She distinctly refrained from asking this question in front of Janice, and waited until they were in the other room. Names had a tendency to ingrain identities into a person's mind, making it more difficult to erase, which is why she never introduced herself to Janice. Yet again, she had to take the road of precaution in lieu of her wishes.

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04/12/2007 11:51 PM

The head of Adam's suit peeled away. He stared at the woman wide-eyed. So much had happened tonight in so little time. He had lost his mother and met his idle all in the same hour. "Adam...I'm Adam" he studdered. He was a bit shaken. "And he's not just a symbiote to me. He's my friend." he said. Sin took over for a second or two, the skull mask returned and his raspy voice came from Adam's mouth. "I do believe my real name would be Project SinGen-X. That was the name the pathetic humans at Stark industries gave me. But Adam has taken to calling me Sin. I make the witty remarks and keep the boy's head intact. This has been the only time I have ever taken over. I was designed to be a guidence system for the suit rather than the auto-pilot. They nicknamed me "The Perfect Symbiote" because I wasn't so out of control like the others. That is why they want me so badly and why your Spider friend has taken us here. For additional information check the owner manual. See? Witty remarks". The voice faded and the suit pulled back again to reveal Adam's head. [i] So that's what it feels like. That sucked. Alot. Never do it again[/i] he thought.

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04/13/2007 9:12 AM

Ying was intrigued. Most hosts she knew were in a constant battle with their symbiotes, and if this one was lab created...

Oh well, she can find out more about that later.

"I may ask for more information, Sin, later. If that's alright with you both, of course. For now, though: Adam, why don't you tell me why Spider-Man brought you here?"


*In the other room, with Cap America and Spidey*

"What do you think you're doing, revealing the location of one of our safehouses to a child!?" Cap America had a hard time refraining from yelling. He was normally very well-tempered, but he was under a lot of stress, and having the security of a safehouse compromised was a serious affair. "Who is he, and why didn't you take the normal precautions?"

[OOC: Rath, I'll let you do Spidey's responses, since you were the one that brought him here.]

04/14/2007 2:44 AM

"Jesus Cap, Go ahead and bite my head off. I was about to explain that." said Spidey. "The kid had nowhere else to go. I mean, his mother was just killed and SHEILD was all over him. I didn't exactly have time to blindfold and drug him. Besides all that he certainly sounds willing to join up. As I recall his exact words were, "Promise me one thing, Tony Stark's blood".


"Well, I don't exactly know why he brought me here. He told me that would need me. I suppose it was also to save me. SHEILD was all over, Stark want's Sin." Adam said. He left out the details of his mother purposely.

04/14/2007 10:15 AM

"That's it." she muttered, short sparks of anger growing as she was left alone in the room. "I'm not a child to be left alone until they are ready for me." Inside, she could feel the suppressed Monarch anger flickering awake. "I don't have to put up with this."

She stood up completely, ripping the wires painfully apart that held her to the medical equipment. Beeping began to surround her and she grimaced. "Aw damn." She ran for the door quickly, busting through it and racing right by the discussion going on between the doctor and the new kid. "See ya." she yelled, eyes turning into a deep purple as she leapt through the door and took flight, soaring as fast as she could away from her 'captors'.

[i]Go go go...[/i] Janice thought, her wings fluttering to keep her midair high above where she had just taken off. They would be after her momentarily, she knew. Especially now that she knew exactly where they were located...But really, she didn't want to have any contact with the SHIELD at all, so they had nothing to worry about. Suddenly she had an idea.

Pulling off some quick acrobatic moves, leaving purple dust behind in a flight trail, she quickly spelled out a message in the sky, a clever smirk on her face.

[i][b] I won't tell...[/b][/i] the message read, visible from high in the sky. Then she sped away again, back to her apartment. They didn't know where she was yet, and then she would be gone again before they could say "butterfly."

04/14/2007 11:33 AM

"Well, I have a question for Sin, if that's ok. Sin, you can either have the Adam relay it to me, however you two want to work it out, but I need to know if it was S.H.I.E.L.D. that created you."

Before Adam got a chance to answer, there was the sound of medical equipment going haywire, and

"See ya." she yelled, eyes turning into a deep purple as she leapt through the door and took flight, soaring as fast as she could away from her 'captors'.

"Hell..." Ying ran out of the building, just in time to see in the air the words [i]I won't tell...[/i]

The dust was slowly falling down from the air, quickly losing the shape of its message. Ying watched as it hit the top of the light post next to her, and watched it begin to eat away at it.

[i]What? Is it acidic?[/i]

Just then, Adam/Sin came out of the building after her.

"Adam!" There was no time to get them back inside, however, as the dust was about 8 feet off the ground at this point. Quickly, she tackled Adam to the ground, and covered him with her own body.

She could feel the acid eating away at her pseudo-skin, although it was not painful. Mainly because she couldn't feel pain. She stayed over the top of Adam, and said, "Don't move, whatever you do," as the dust ate away at her body, and at the pavement around them.

When it was done, she slowly got up, her entire back bleeding and skinless. She could even feel some of the muscle tissue damaged, but not as severely as a normal human's would be, for hers was much more dense, and composed of the same organo-metallic material that her bones were made of, just a different kind. She wasn't sure exactly how it was done, but somehow whoever did this to her composed her bones with a higher proportion of 'metallic,' and her muscles with a higher proportion of 'organic.'

Anyways, the end result was anything but pretty. Her hair was almost all gone, her skin on her back was gone, but she was standing as if nothing was wrong.

Before Adam could say anything, she said, "Let's go inside, I'll explain later. Don't worry about her, we'll take care of it."


Captain America took a deep breath and sighed. "I'm sorry Peter. I should have known you would have good reason. These days, nothing is certain. We think S.H.I.E.L.D. has something going on underground, something neither the public nor we know about. We need to -"

They were then interrupted, by Janice's hasty exit. They peered out of the window, and saw her write her message in the sky.

"Want me to go after her?" Parker asked.

"No," Cap answered. "We a team of psychics following her, and we have Joey keeping track of the movements of the 'Registration' S.H.E.I.L.D. teams so we'll know when S.H.I.E.L.D. goes after her.

We don't know why S.H.I.E.L.D. wants her so bad, but we're not going to let them take her."

04/14/2007 12:07 PM

When she finally arrived at her apartment, she was extremely happy to find it in the same state of chaos she had left it in. Or rather, that Daredevil had left it in. It didn't look like there had been any mroe 'visitors' since the last time she had been in. Breathing heavily, she forced her wings to shimmer and dissapear, her hair and other physical changes returning to normal. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and sighed, grabbing some clothes from her closet and changing real quick.

[i]The sooner I'm out of here the better. [/i] she thought quickly, throwing her clothes into a large duffle bag, as well as a few other items that she simply could not leave behind. Not that she knew exactly where she was headed...She ran a quick brush through her hair, bringing it back to its usual gorgeous strawberry blond state.

She'd start by looking for a new apartment. The SHIELD already knew she was here, and it wouldn't be long before they were after her. For all she knew the rebels, whatever they were calling themselves, would be after her as well. But she didn't think they knew where she was.

Hurriedly dropping her last payment next at her landlady's door, she quickly exited on the ground floor of the building and hailed a taxi. She pondered some of her options, absently running her fingers through her hair. [i] Boston might be nice this time of year...[/i] she thought aimlessly after commanding the taxi driver to the address of the company where she worked. [i] Nah. I still need to be able to commute to work [/i] she answered herself. [i] I don't want to have to get a new job unless absolutely necessary. [/i]

Suddenly it hit her as she opened the door to exit the taxi in front of BWA (Broadway Advertising). She could call Kristin. Her friend of around six months, Kristin would be the perfect person to call and stay with for a while. No one would suspect her. She was a party girl, always in and out, so if anything happened, she probably wouldn't be around to see it anyway. Yes, Kristin it would be.

Janice hurried up to her desk on the 5th floor, dialing on her cell phone as she went. The SHIELD wouldn't even think to aska girl like Kristin if she knew any heros or mutants or anything like that. She was too silly, and almost always drunk or high.

"Hey Kristin, its Janice, what's up?" she asked, as soon as her friend answered the phone.

"Not a whole lot girly, whats goin on with you? Oh yeah are you coming to the party at my house this weekend? Its gonna be a blast, I've got some boys comin in from Europe, and they are the most gorgeous thing since- "

She cut her off. "Yeah sure, but only if I can stay with you for a little while." she replied, thinking up a quick lie as to why she wasn't staying in her apartment. "There was a water leak, and the whole place flooded." Thankfully Kristin wasn't the type to remember that Janice didn't have a ground floor apartment.

"No problem sista, when are you gonna come over?"

"Probably tonight, after work."

"Alright see ya then!" Kristin said cheerfully, and the phone disconnected. [i] problem one solved...[/i] she thought with a small smile on her pouty red lips. Pulling up a chair, she sat at her desk and began to work on the new design for Broadway's newest musical, "The Pirate Queen".

04/14/2007 1:27 PM

Splitz was surprised at what just happened; he looked at the blind Matthew Murdock. Matt stepped forward and smiled, "I believe your plan didn't work."

Splitz was not happy with his friend; you could tell by the way he sprinted out of the room. The speedster didn't even give an explanation; he just [i]left[/i]. Daredevil shook his head, "He always does that..." Maxis raised an eyebrow; already Mattie was unconcerned. Murdock walked back to the window. He sensed Louis' heartbeat, "You did something, haven't you?" Maxis put a hand to his forehead; he didn't mean to kill those S.H.E.I.L.D foot soldiers, it just happened.

Maxis went to put a hand on Matt's shoulder, but he shrugged it off and turned to Louis. "This wasn't supposed to happen; no, it's not your fault Louie, its Tony's. You tried to tell me, but I didn't listen. I have made so many mistakes in my lifetime, but the biggest was listening to a power hungry prick like Tony Stark. My dad told me before he died, that he wanted what was best for me. Well now, I have figured it out. Tonight, I am going to pay a visit to my old pal [i]Iron Man[/i]."

With those words, Matt Murdock walked out of his office.

04/14/2007 1:51 PM

About half-way through an e-mail to yet another producer, Janice stopped for a quick snack, saying hello to a couple of her coworkers and grabbing a newspaper. Sitting back at her desk, she skimmed its pages. More and more about the SHIELDS, and bits and pieces about the "anarchist rebels". It amazed her that she had escaped, if half of what she was reading was true...

Suddenly her eyes were drawn to a single photograph. It was Monarch. She coughed, spluttering and choking on her drink as she read the article. Apparently some random person had been nearby during the fight with the Bullseye fellow, and had gotten a picture. They had deemed her a "creature"..."beautiful but deadly"...and at the end, a SHIELD member had been heard to say, "She will be appreahended and registered before the week is out. We have several leads, and we know what she can do. The public need not be frightened by this halfhuman creature." Her mouth twisted angrily. Half human CREATURE?? Oh she could scream! She crumpled up the paper violently, realising that there was nothing she could do for the bad publicity. Who could have done this?

After several moments of wanting to fry the entire building, her temper receded and she allowed herself to revisit the events of the night before. The two men, Maxis and Daredevil...she wondered if they were okay. "Come to think of it..." she murmured, remembering that Maxis had left the hospital the night before. "I really do hope he is alright." He had saved her life after all. Did he go to the rebels? It wouldn't be a bad thing if she got to see him again. Either of them actually. And Maxis did promise he would visit her....She laughed at her own naivete for a moment. Of course he didn't know where she worked, so there was no chance. She might as well forget him. A normal life was what she wanted, wasn't it? It was why she left Ying and Capt America to begin with...

She took a final drink of her coke and tossed it in the trash. Time to get back to work. It was almost three oclock, and she had to get this email and several others finished and sent off before she left at five. She pushed the SHIELD out of her mind, and got back to work.

04/14/2007 2:23 PM

Maxis watched as the man without fear walked out of the room. For once he was alone; it was empty in the office. Would he go after Matt? No, this was Matt's fight. It would have been better if Bullseye was the one that ticked him off, but now it was an old friend. Maxis shook his head; over the past months all of the heroes he had come to befriend had changed. The heroes were no longer heroes, but some criminals. Ever since the whole [i]Nitro[/i] incident; the superhuman world has been split.

He did not want to think of this; he shook off the thoughts and transformed into his old self. Just then he remembered that he would visit that woman. He quickly transformed back and teleported out the window. The sun was still high; it was around one. Maxis was sprinting from rooftop to rooftop, not even teleporting but using his acrobatic skills. It felt so good; the wind was hitting his face and everything seemed free.

He vaguely remembered which apartment building she lived in, but he soon figured it out. He teleported into the apartment and looked around; it was still a mess. He walked around, no one was home. On the kitchen table was a note; it was to her landlady.


[i]"Hi Nicole, I am sorry my house is such a mess. I am writing this note in telling you I am headed off for awhile. Enclosed is my rent money and I can safely say I paid it off. If you must know where I am at, I can only say I am living with a friend for awhile. You can still reach me through e-mail if you need to contact me."[/i]



Maxis was too late; she was gone. He still wanted to talk to her; after all, she was the reason for Matt's unfortunate mishap with S.H.E.I.L.D. He looked around the room for some evidence as to where she headed. On the floor, near the telephone was a small ripped piece of paper. On it was the name of some woman and her address; Bingo. Hopefully this was the place where "Janice" was at.

Maxis teleported out the room in hopes of finding this Janice.

04/14/2007 8:06 PM

Bryan awoke inside Venom's hideout..He wasnt sure what had happened between Spider-man and Venom during the battle but his head hurt..He groaned looking around for Cyaxoris.."Cyax?" He asked in a raspy tone..He crawled through the darkness.

He shouted again.."Eddie!?" Then he came across a large body on the ground..It was Eddie it seemed his symbiote was gone.."Eddie wake up.." He shook him hard, and finally Eddie groaned and came to.."Where is that little bastard!?" Bryan shook his head."I dont know what happened, but somehow i believe we got our asses kicked.."

Eddie's symbiote quickly formed and he moved to the door trying to open it.."Its sealed!" Bryan quickly called out to his symbiote.."WHY ARENT YOU RESPONDING!!?"
He then heard her laugh in his mind.."Ive been here the whole time.." She whispered.

Eddie quickly turned around with a pissed off look on his face.."Its SHIELD..They have sealed us in.." Bryan allowed his symbiote to form covering him in the white and green suit.."Then ill make a way out.." He allowed his symbiote to form off of his body, and it moved underneath the door unlocking it..Once it returned the suit formed on his body again.."Piece of cake.."

Venom opened the door to see a bunch of Hulkbuster suits waiting for them.."Yeah piece of cake.."

04/14/2007 8:14 PM

((I love it when people put words in my mouth. No, seriously, it makes me happy cause it means they've remembered stuff I've overlooked. Good save. ^_^))

Janice approached the door of a large luxiurious home just outside of Jersey City, NJ. It wasn't too far a drive when traffic was light. The was white and gorgeous, the perfect upperclass party house. It seemed untouched by the wars that surrounded it. Though several cars were usually in the driveway, at the moment there was none. Janice knocked on the door, green eyes trying to peer unceremoiniously through the window. She couldnt see anything....then suddenly she spotted a piece of yellow sticky note on the ground next to the welcome mat.

[i] Hey Janice
I've got to run into town for a while, a couple of things to pick up for my friends this weekend, but the house is open. Feel free to set up your crap in the empty room next to mine. The house is empty, (my butler's on vacation, he needed it - I swear he was about to crack) and my parents are in Mexico, so don't worry about anything. Be good!

Love ya
Kristin [/i]

Still dressed in jeans and a red tank top with white zipper hoodie from work, Janice hefted the bag higher up on her shoulder and tried the handle, a small smile on her face. It would be like Kristin to leave the door unlocked. Never mind robbers and criminals. She however, as she entered, locked the door behind her. She laughed, stepping into an enormous hallway with dangling crystal chandelier. Yeah, this girl was a lucky one. Yet another rich girl gone party girl. There were too many of them these days.

Remembering the floorplan from several other visits, Janice headed up the marble curving staircase to the second floor and down the hall to the right. The room with the pink door was Kristin's, and the one next to it, painted in a lovely lilac color must be the guest room she was to use. This would be a nice place to call home for a while, at least while she was laying low. Janice opened the door and was shocked by an explosion of purple and silver butterfly decor. She couldn't help but stiffle a laugh. The irony of it all was somwhere between comical and suicidal. Rolling her eyes, she tossed her bag onto the ground and leaped onto the bed, leaving herself sprawled on top of it. Feeling at home at last, she tucked her hands behind her head comfortably and closed her eyes, her thin form carefree and relaxed.

04/14/2007 9:33 PM

Maxis went flying across the roof tops once more; he enjoyed every single bit of it. It took him awhile to find the house; if Louis hadn't known better, he had crossed into Jersey City, not too far outside of New York. It was an extravagant house, the typical rich land owner. It seemed like no one was home. Maxis checked around to see if anyone was watching; it seemed that the whole neighborhood was gone.

Quickly, he teleported into the house. It was massive on the inside, everything was fragile. He hoped Janice was in this house because if she wasn't, he'd be in a lot of trouble. He stalked the downstairs; nothing, it was empty. She must have been upstairs; quickly he teleported up the stairs and walked down the hallway.

Sure enough, she was lying on top of a bed. She looked so peaceful; he didn't have the courage to disturb her. Shaking the image from his head, he remembered why he was here. He needed answers, and fast. Quickly he teleported and grabbed the girl; they were on the roof in no time. She woke up surprisingly calm.

Maxis spoke before she could say a word, "Now I told you I'd come back. Don't ask how I found you, I just did. You never told me much about yourself. Now after what happened last night, my buddy Daredevil is in big trouble!" Maxis started choking the young girl, and then he put her down. His rage took over him, the Spartan warrior wanted to break free. "I am sorry, but please...Who are you and why do they want you?"

04/15/2007 4:21 AM

(OOC: Lol, Maxis is turning out to be quite a stalker.)

Adam looked at the bloody mess. "You didn't have to do that, my suit protects against most types of chemicals. Especially acid. It was designed for a war you know." he said. Adam looked outside once again. [i] Women, beautiful but deadly. It's unfortunate that we didn't get to tell your new friend, or shall I say interrogator more about me [/i] said Sin. [i] It's your fault, you had plenty of time to tell her the real facts but you spent it goofing off. [/i] Adam thought.

Sin took over again, despite Adam's protests. Adam gave in anyways seeing as relaying it would be a bit difficult. "Back to the questioning. The members of SHEILD aren't exactly the brightest so they of course didn't create me. It was Tony Stark and his own personal team of "top" scientists, I use that word lightly. They must've done something right because they eventualy created me. Stark planned on using symbiotes like me to win this war. He was going to mass produce me by ripping me apart to find the important strands of DNA that made me how I am and clone them. He would add in all the other parts and finally have an army of perfectly behaved doom weapons." he said.

04/15/2007 6:56 AM

((*blinks* Isn't he though?))

Maxis started choking the young girl, and then he put her down. His rage took over him, the Spartan warrior wanted to break free. "I am sorry, but please...Who are you and why do they want you?"

She rubbed her neck painfully, already feeling bruises from where his hands had been. She had recognised him immediately, but this temper... was definitely unfamiliar. Looking up at him with sleepy green eyes, she pursed her lips, unsure whether to completely acknowledge him. "You broke into this house? I know I locked the door behind me." she spoke quietly, not answering his question immediately. Something told her she probably should though. Gingerly feeling her neck and casting a quick glance at the mirror - purple and blue bruises were visible all the way around her neck. It really wasn't his fault...think about it. Butterflies are even more fragile, touch them the tiniest bit and they fall.

She hefted a huge sigh, thinking worriedly now of Daredevil. "Look, I'm sorry that your friend is in trouble because of me. My name is Janice Pender, and I don't know why they are after me." Her eyes narrowed again, searching his face for any more signs he might throw her across the room. So much for her ideas of a sweeter, nicer meeting. "I'm sorry, but I can't help you any more, and I'd really appreciate if you didn't choke me again." she finished, somewhat sarcastically.

04/15/2007 8:20 AM

"Look, I'm sorry that your friend is in trouble because of me. My name is Janice Pender, and I don't know why they are after me." Her eyes narrowed again, searching his face for any more signs he might throw her across the room. So much for her ideas of a sweeter, nicer meeting. "I'm sorry, but I can't help you any more, and I'd really appreciate if you didn't choke me again." she finished, somewhat sarcastically.

Maxis let it set in; she seemed to be telling the truth. He apologized for the choking incident, explaining that sometimes the shadows create some pheromone adrenaline rush. She still was upset with him; he could tell when ladies were. The sun was setting, it was almost nighttime. Maxis put a hand on her shoulder, "Look, Daredevil is headed to find Tony Stark. Something bad is going to happen tonight, I can sense it. When it is about to rain I can sense each drop and the precise spot where it will fall. Usually when I sense the rain, something horrible happens."

The woman was confused; he could tell by the weird look she gave him. Maxis showed her his sense. He cuffed some red smoke in his hands and threw it upright. "Now wait." About a minute later, it was pouring rain. Maxis looked up and his unholy smoke began to multiply rising. "This is a sign that a demon takes loose from hell. The demon will find a host and violence will break out. It's the nature of crime." Janice was so shocked; she didn't know what to make of the situation.

"Listen to me; I want you to hide tonight. S.H.E.I.L.D will find you, I can just tell. Stay clear from central city. This is all I can say." With those words, Maxis ran his fingers across her face and neck, and jumped off the roof. He vanished, getting ready for the fight tonight.

04/15/2007 11:23 AM

She was shell-shocked, to put it quite plainly. Absolutely shell-shocked. Here, and then gone again, with some of his strange magic still lingering near the ceiling of her new room. Her fingers reached up to touch her own face, her hand trembling. What...was he? More importantly, who? And he must not have realised it was her that had appeared during the fight with Bullseye. [i] Thank goodness...[/i] she thought in ernest, still staring at the place he had stood.

But then again, who was he, ordering her to stay away from the city. Really, she could take care of herself... She sighed. The SHIELD would not find her here, he really had nothing to worry about. He should be the one taking care of himself. Why would he be worrying about her anyway? She ran her fingers through her strawberry blond hair and stood, beginning to unpack her things. [i] Hopefully he'll be safe...[/i] she thought uncertainly. It would be madness to follow him, to go to the battle herself. But if he needed help, like in the battle with Bulleseye...She sighed, and turned her thoughts to a hot shower and new clothes.

04/15/2007 2:43 PM

The rain was coming down hard. Maxis hid in the shadows and watched as Janice just stood silently on the rooftop. He knew she was surprised; bet she didn't believe him that S.H.E.I.L.D would find her. He turned and saw the man he was waiting for. "Hey, sooner late than never." The man smiled, "So, is this where the girl is?" Maxis nodded, "Yea, this is the joint."

There was silence, "This has to play out perfectly; I can't have S.H.E.I.L.D guarding Tony Stark. If we divert their attention to someone else, we can get inside the building with ease." The man nodded, "And hopefully, Matt would be left alone." Maxis nodded, "Agreed. Call them over here, and please, make sure they don't hurt the girl." The man nodded, "Will do, good luck Louis, my old friend." Maxis smiled and nodded.

He shook the man's hand and soared off the roof, teleporting his way to the ally. He looked up at the houses roof; Janice went inside. He bowed his head, [i]"I am sorry, but this is for the good."[/i]

04/15/2007 3:20 PM

((OH MAN! Talk about plot twist lol And btw...she was in her room, not on the roof. ;-) ))

Everything was fairly quiet that evening. Janice watched a little television, and had a brief phone call from her friend Kristin. Turns out she wouldn't be back til the next day. Big surprise, the girl was ALWAYS partying or sleeping with some guy. It was around nine o clock that evening when she heard a knock on the front door.

Looking up from her book in surprise, Janice adjusted herself in the comfy recliner in one of the three living rooms. She really didn't feel like answering the door. This wasn't her house, after all, and she didn't have permission from Kristin's parents to be staying here. Shrugging off the knock, she turned her page and continued reading.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

There it was again, except this time, more urgent and insistent. For the first time, Janice felt a twinge of fear. Could it be the SHIELD agents? [i] No, not possible...[/i] she thought quickly. There is absolutely no way they could have found her this quickly. She waited again, staring at the doorway into the hall. Silence once more. Then a strong male voice echoed through the entryway. [b]" Janice Pender, answer the door, or else we will be forced to break it down! [/b] " it shouted.

"Oh God!" Janice cried fearfully, jumping to her feet and scanning the room quickly. Where could she go? They had found her! But how-? From the entryway came a huge crash, glass breaking and the sound of a door being torn from its hinges. Stifling an terrified scream, she darted towards the door to the kitchen. There was a door to the back yard there... Stomping footsteps crashed through the beatiful home, alluding to five, possibly six SHIELD agents.

[i] Wait...You could take them as Monarch...[/i] A small voice inside her whispered spitefully. [i] You know you want to..[/i] She could do it. Fight them. Maybe even win, but - her small hesitation gave enough time for the agents to run into the room, full uniform, each armed with several large weapons. Throwing the door open, she froze as several shots hit the sill around her.

[b] "Freeze mutant! We don't want to hurt you! You come with us peacefully and register and you will be free again soon. "[/b] The largest man infront said, but it was obvious he was feigning politeness.

She had no choice but to run. So she did.

Shots rang around her, as she fled through the door into the spacious backyard, darting around trees and lawn equipment. She ran past the pool to the back garden shed, hiding quickly behind it. The shots stopped, and even the pounding of footsteps had ceased. She could practically feel that they were still out there though. Just waiting for her. After several tense minutes, she slowly poked her head out around the side, and found a pistol pressed into her forehead.

[b]" Do not transform, speak or make any kind of motion, or we will shoot." [/b] The harsh voice whispered menacingly, and as Janice lifted her eyes, she realised that the SHIELD agents had surrounded her completely, each with a rifle pointed at her chest.

She slowly wiped her sweating palms on her jeans. Then, she nodded. There was no visible relaxation in the man before her, but he moved his gun to her temple now instead. The use of excessive force on her didn't make any sense. Surely she was just a girl, an unrejistered one. And as far as she knew, they didn't use this kind of firepower on the unregistered. But who could have told them where she was? No one knew except...her eyes narrowed dangerously, flickering purple.


04/15/2007 3:34 PM

Before the S.H.E.I.L.D agent could bring her to her feet, she noticed a pointed tail come up from behind the man. It wasn't the tail of Maxis, no but of someone else. Suddenly a dark face popped from behind the corner of the man. The creature whispered in his ear, [i]"Unguard."[/i] With that one chilling word, the creature thrust a saber into the chest of the agent, and then pulled it out teleporting into thin air.

The S.H.E.I.L.D agents opened fire on the creature. He sprinted towards the agents, teleporting and slicing through them with his sabers. Soon Hulk busters crashed through the back wall. The creature teleported on top of one and thrust the sabers into the head, then pulled them out throwing them at the other Hulk buster, nailing it square in the temple. Quickly he teleported and took the sabers out.

In a matter of seconds the creature had killed the whole S.H.E.I.L.D brigade. He teleported onto the shed and looked down at the girl.

[b]"GETS OUT. Thereat might be more! GETS OUT!"[/b]

It's said that shadows never break away; they remain dark unless light shines threw them. In this case, the shadows helped each other out; it was always a good idea to befriend [i]Nightcrawler[/i]

04/15/2007 3:42 PM

She watched in awe as the person, well, at least she thought it was, quickly took out the entire brigade. He was amazing, and yet another lfiesaver. "Thank you!" she shouted at him quickly, running through the back gate and towards her car parked out front. "Damn." she muttered, realising she couldn't go out that way. Yet again, she knew the only way out was to fly. Taking a deep breath she once again concentrated deeply on her inside, and felt the transformation occur, unaware that a pair of glowing eyes were watching her.

When the smoke and purple dust faded to eat the grass away she stood on, she staggered, and then righted herself. The wings that protruded from her back fluttered anxiously, and Monarch tucked a long stray length of hair behind one ear. "Time to get out of here." she muttered, leaping into the air, and flying off towards the only other place she knew well enough to be able to hide. The city.

"Thanks again." she called into the silence, hoping that the new blue hero had heard her. She really did appreciate the rescue. Somewhere behind her, she heard a yell of anger. Apparently they all hadn't been killed, and now had realised she had escaped. Well, she was on the run again. Suddenly her thoughts flashed to Maxis. He had tricked her, set her up! He probably had tipped off the SHIELD, she was so STUPID, believing that he was her friend. All of that unholy powers jazz should have made her realise he was NOT one to be trusted. Her purple eyes glinted in the fading light, as she promised herself she would not trust him again - or any other.

04/15/2007 4:01 PM

Maxis heard the faint screams from the S.H.E.I.L.D agents. His buddy Nightcrawler was doing well. It would take sometime to reach Stark Tower, but when he did, it would mean life or death. Thoughts were running through his mind while he was soaring across the roof tops of New York. He totally forgot about Peter Parker; he didn't care any more. Work was beginning to be a drag.

He was thinking of his best [i]superhero[/i] friends. Nightcrawler, Bishop, and Daredevil; hell they all were really religious. It was a shame he wasn't as, be it the demon inside him or what, he never was able to look to God. He started focusing on the task at hand. He hoped Mattie was all right.


[i]Meanwhile, at Stark Tower[/i]

Tony was breathing heavily; the suit compressing against his body. He felt such a thrill to live inside his iron suit. The power he had made him want more; somehow he would be able to make an even more powerful suit. Tony was alone tonight; his agents were out hunting unregistered super humans.

Any day now, the government would appoint him Head of S.H.E.I.L.D and kick the rebel Nick Fury out. He longed for such day, ever since he became a superhero. Slowly Iron Man walked to the security monitors. On the rooftop screen, he caught something. A figure was perched on top of a vent.

Tony smiled beneath his iron mask, [i]"Murdock, my friend. I knew you would come.[/i]

04/15/2007 7:11 PM

Monarch landed on the roof of a skyscraper, some distance from Stark Tower but still within the NYC limits. Though she had been thinking about it the entire time she flew, she still didn't understand why Maxis would have thrown her to the dogs like that. Really, if it hadn't been for Nightcrawler, she would be strung up somewhere within SHIELD headquarters. Didn't he see that? She muttered something unintelligeable under her breath. She would find him. And this time, she wouldn't end up in the hospital.

Now to where he could be. She reminisced back to the brief conversation they had enjoyed in her room.

"Look, Daredevil is headed to find Tony Stark. Something bad is going to happen tonight, I can sense it.

"Tony Stark..." she murmured softly, scanning the horizon and in the distance, seeing Stark tower. "Surely he must be going to protect Daredevil..." a small smile lit her features as a crisp wind whipped and tangled her long red hair behind her. "I'm going to go give him a piece of my mind."

She leapt off the roof and once again into the air, completely forgetting his warning not to go anywhere near the city tonight.

04/15/2007 8:06 PM

He would add in all the other parts and finally have an army of perfectly behaved doom weapons." he said.

"Well it's good to know that S.H.I.E.L.D. is still unable to accomplish that goal," Ying said.

"Now, I only have one more question for you for now, because time is of the essence, and this is for both of you. Adam and Sin: will you help us?"

While a little unorthodox, this is how Ying extended the invitation to join the rebels and Captain America.


"Come on, Peter. We have to get ready." Captain America started going down the stairs to an even more secretive area of the safehouse.

"Wait, get ready for what? What's goin' on?" Perplexed, Parker had not heard of tonight's mission.

"I'll explain on the way, Ying will meet us down there. It has to do with Janice, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Ironman..."

04/15/2007 8:46 PM

"Well I most likely wouldn't be here if I wasn't going to help you. I want one thing, you guys can take Iron Man apart. Without his suit Stark is useless. I want him, once you've finished him off. I don't want to hear any protests. That man tore my home apart, his soldiers killed my mother, and they're still trying to kill me." he said. They walked down into a small hidden room where Cap and Spidey were discussing something.

(OOC: It's short but it's something.)

04/15/2007 9:59 PM

Ying was a little perturbed by the young man's attitude. Such hatred was not natural in a boy so young, and was disturbing, although she had to wonder how much of it was Sin's, and how much was Adam's.

Nevertheless, they proceeded downstairs, and met up with Captain America, Spiderman, and various others.

"Good, now that you're here Ying, we can get started. Adam," Captain America looked at the young boy, "It's good to have you with us.

"Now, we have learned that Stark was trying to enhance his suit, and possibly create more of them. What his purpose is, we don't know. We also know that there have been more forceful tactics used by S.H.I.E.L.D. lately, with new technology. We assume that they are going to go into a new phase of Registration, but we haven't been able to find out what that is.

Unfortunately, Daredevil has decided to take his Vendetta straight to the source, luring Maxis to help him, and Janice, who fancies herself as 'Monarch,' has gone as well. All evidence points to the fact that Stark knows this, and has something planned, but again we don't know what.

Our mission is simple. Go to where it all comes crashing together, and react. We don't know what to expect, so we're going to expect everything. ROE are any S.H.I.E.L.D., and if attacked use retaliatory force. If possible, refrain from lethal damage. Does anybody have any questions, problems, or concerns?"

04/16/2007 12:53 PM

((OOC: Ok guys, Max, I'd like to thank you for posting a mission briefing. Your post is allowing me to set up the first battle in the Civil War. Just to let everyone know, all of your posts now are leading up to the big, first, battle between Registration and Resistance. If you don't mind me taking over Cap now, I'd like to post him introducing Adam to more members of the resistance. Oh, and by the way. Am I the only one here who is reading and has read Civil War? =D))


[i]Meanwhile, at the hide out[/i]

Captain was finishing off his mission briefing; tonight would be task one for his newly formed fighting unit. He walked over to the young newcomer and asked him to stand. "Before we head out, I'd like to introduce you to some of the team. I believe you have met Spider-Man, over here is Luke Cage, this is Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, to my left is T'Challa and Dagger." Dagger interrupted and smiled at the kid; she always flirted with the newcomers. "Howdy do?"

Captain America smiled and continued the introduction, "Now to my right is the ever so assertive, Spider-Woman, and I believe you have heard of the Iron Fist. Of course this isn't everybody. Doctor Strange and Wolverine are not here at the moment, but this shouldn't affect us much." It seemed to be that Cap was finished.

Spiderman walked forward and gave a smartass gesture, "Basically we are your [i]dream team[/i] of super geeks."


[i]Back at Stark Tower[/i]

Maxis had arrived. He was standing in front of the tall building; he felt like he began some test and that his time to finish was running short. He entered the building with caution; his plan worked. He did not see one S.H.E.I.L.D agent; not one. He bowed his head and thanked Kurt. Hopefully they'd see each other again.

Now, it was time to find Matt. This place was so huge; it felt like one big obstacle course. With extreme care, Maxis stalked his way into the main lobby; it was still empty. Tony's office had to be way upstairs. Quickly Maxis teleported up onto a railing and swung his way over to the second floor. He entered another lobby; this one was much larger. It seemed to be a lounge room of some sort.

His shadows began to rise; danger was near. He scanned the room with his dark eyes; nothing. Before he could let out a sigh, he teleported out of the way of a charging beast. It was Rhino; the idiot ran smack dab into the nearest wall. He ripped his horn out of the concrete slab and turned around laughing. "You thought you were done with me huh? [i]Boogieman[/i], Well I never stop stalking prey, unless I get the full slab of meat."

Maxis was sick of this idiot; his stupid analogies made everything worse. "Look Rhino, I don't want to fight you." Rhino started charging at Maxis, "I wouldn't want to fight me neither!" Maxis quickly flipped over his back and let the brute fly into another wall. "Argh! Stop moving'!" The beast lifted up a couch and hurled it at Louis. He teleported out of the way and straight to Rhino.

He struck him with a left, then right hook. Then right form that, he did a few flip kicks and a finishing round house kick that sent the beast flying into a pillar. Rhino shrugged off the blow and got into his adrenaline rush. "You really pissed off the wrong Rhino bubs!" He blindly charged his foe one more time; without knowing, Maxis was ready this time.

[i]"Just a little bit closer..."[/i] Right when Rhino got in clear view, Maxis darted his spear at the face of the beast, hitting him directly in the left eye. Blood splattered backwards and Rhino fell, skidding from the kinetic force. Maxis Jumped over him, ripping the spear right out. Rhino was on the floor balling, "My eye, my damn eye! You sick bastard!" Maxis felt sorry for the big lug, but then again not really. He walked over to the brute and kneeled down. "Get the hell out of here, or I might have to mount your head on my bedroom wall."

Rhino was still balling; Maxis just wanted him to shut up. He noticed something behind his neck; it was a tattoo of some sort. It was a bar code with numbers; so that's how Stark kept track of all heroes, by implanting a code on them. Maxis shook his head and continued walking through a hallway, leaving the big baby to cry on the floor.

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04/16/2007 3:42 PM

[i]Drinking whiskey alone in the dark. Probably not to healthy a sign..[/i]

Antje MacLeod smiled to herself as the darkness became partially blue-lit: the monitor of her computer flashed to life, a milisecond after she'd heard the hard drive shift from standby, and accompanied by the discrete yet remarkably insistent [i]blip[/i] that indicated a communique from above.

[i]Literally[/i], she thought, her glass clinking as she raised it toward the skies where the Helicarrier eternally wandered.

[i]12 minutes. That's a record even for them. Ice hasn't even melted[/i]

The monitor blipped again.

Placing the glass carefully on the marble tabletop she swung her chair around and hit the 'ACCEPT' option on the screen.
A vidphone interface appeared in crystaline clarity.

"M'am- I'm sending you a brief right now. High priority, no contact. We're sending a chopper"

"Confimed". She nodded absently as she closed the programme window.

No apology for the interruption, no protestation from her that she'd just come off a 43 hour shift. There wasn't the time for it.

She stood and stretched, and picked up her slimline backpack from the floor beside the vacated chair. There was no need to 'suit up'- she was still in what had recently come to feel like her uniform, she wore it so often.
She'd pushed back the hood: that was the only concession she'd made to the hope that maybe, tonight, it would be quiet.
She double checked the backpack quickly, ensured all was there, before winding her hair back up- it'd be easier to just cut it, really- and pulling the snug hood back up.
A small device lying beside the computer that looked like a palm pilot flashed briefly to indicate received data.
She scanned the file quickly, a small frown forming on her lips.

[i]Well.. interesting[/i]

Shouldering the pack, spreading the weight evenly across her shoulders for security, she stepped out to the balcony went quickly up the free-standing staircase that climbed up to the roof.
She could already see the flashing chopper lights in the distance.

04/17/2007 3:28 PM

She landed at the door to Stark tower, quickly notiving that there was no guards anywhere around the tower. They must have all been sent after her or someone else. She shuddered slightly, once again thanking the person mentally that had saved her. Monarch took a deep breath and entered the building.

No one at the front desk. No one by the elevator, no one anywhere. It was very unusual. Suddenly a huge crash shook the building, and Monarch glanced purple eyes upward. "Maxis." she muttered, running for the stairwell. She could fly up it faster and more quietly than an elevator could lift her. Letting her wings pull her off the ground, she soared up the stairwell, taking care not to hit anything. The crashes grew louder as she went higher, and suddenly - they stopped. She paused, her toes barely floating above the ground infront of the door. Tentatively she sent a wave of supersonic signals through the door, and recieved momentarily a report of no motion inside. However the sound of sobbing continued. [i]Well, if its crying I suppose whatever it is must be somewhat civilized..[/i] she thought with a shrug.

Figuring that this was a good sign, she pushed open the door. "Oh wow..." she said softly, seeing the destruction. She froze. There, in the center of the destroyed room, was a rhino looking beast, and it was bawling its eyes out. It didn't seem to have noticed her entrance. Other than him, the room was empty. Slowly she fluttered through the air towards him. She wouldn't be able to pass by him, and she didn't have much option.

"Are...are you okay?" she asked softly, kneeling next to him. He looked fierce, but didn't seem too mean... It was then that she noticed his bleeding eye. "Awww you poor thing!" she said quickly. She couldn't help the surge of pity that went through her. Really, he didn't seem so bad after all. Despite the rather mostrous looking horn on his head.

04/17/2007 6:40 PM

The hallway was all twisted. It felt like some maze. If that was the only problem, Maxis had a strange feeling that someone was following him. He shrugged and continued down the hallway. He made it to another large area with a spiral staircase. He jumped onto it and scaled the whole damn thing.

He had made it to the third floor; his shadows rose again. He must be getting closer to Daredevil. Suddenly, Maxis was met by a stranger in the [i]shadows[/i]. He walked in front of Maxis; he couldn't tell who it was.

"I believe you want to see Mr. Stark?" Maxis was confused; he couldn't see who the guy was. Maxis looked around and began talking, "Why yes, my friend and I are here to chat with him." The man talked again, "Well, I believe Mr. Stark has met your friend already." Suddenly, Maxis remembered that voice. It was Jarvis, Tony's butler. He was pissed with the old man, "Where is Matt?" The man laughed, "He is on the fifth floor, almost near Tony's office. If you don't get to him before he reaches the office, I believe Mr. Stark has a surprise for him."

Maxis was pissed with the old man; he had enough. He quickly teleported past the man and continued the climb. Jarvis seemed to have shouted at Maxis before he left. He couldn't clearly make it out, but he could have sworn he said [i]"Good Luck"[/i].

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04/17/2007 10:59 PM

Spider-Man still wasn't done with his fun apparently. It was alright though, it lifted everyone's spirits. He walked over to Adam and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Your special club decoder ring will arrive in the mail in about 6 to 8 weeks." he said. Everyone let out a few small laughs at this. The more the better Adam supposed. He knew the depth of the situation. They were going after Iron Man and hoping to take him down all together. Though everyone seemed carefree they weren't all that happy. They also knew of the rough task ahead.

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04/18/2007 10:06 AM

After the laughter had died down, Captain America spoke, "Alright team, let's do this, for freedom.

Ying, you go with T'Challa, the Iron Fist, and Spider Woman. Dagger, Johnny, Spider-Man, and Adam, you're with me.

Let's move out people."

With that, they got their equipment and left, each team heading towards Stark Tower.

04/18/2007 12:34 PM

The modified rifle scope showed the inside of Stark Tower in eerie green.

The building that produced so many technological advances, so many weapons, so many [i]patents[/i] was, of course, protected by all kinds of anti-surveillance measures; but having an in with the owner had considerable benefits.
Across the front lens of the scope was a filter that allowed it to penetrate the specially-treated glass of certain of the building's windows: her earpiece was connected to a special-frequency radar microphone aimed at the Tower: lying beside Antje was a laptop connected to a feed from some of the Tower's own external security measures, displaying dual infrared images of both a top down view of inside the building, and one at a ninety degree angle from that: the feed was also linked to the building's many motion sensors.

What would be considered a surprisingly small number of figures for a company of this size- and one that certainly didn't work the standard nine to five hours- showed up on the screen.
Antje was switching focus periodically between a number of them.

The chopper had gone stealth as soon as it had taken it off but wanting to be cautious she had gotten set down a couple of blocks from the tower and had hoofed the rest of the way, sticking to alleys before heading up to rooftops. The way this city was at the moment, though, she didn't think anyone would have batted an eyelid at her running full tilt down the street in a skin-tight black body suit.

She'd been told which building the feed connection had been set up in and it had taken her only a matter of minutes to get there: a further couple of minutes and she'd had the equipment ready.

For balance she as lying stretched out on the floor, the detached rifle scope leaning on the low sill of the window, the laptop positioned so she could glance at the screen without moving her head. This was strictly recon and observation and she wanted to be able to report as fully as possible.

Necessity had meant she'd been bumped from level 5 to level 7 clearance in the last month, but she still didn't have all the details on what was going down tonight.

Hopefully, very shortly, she'd be considerably wiser.

04/18/2007 3:35 PM

The streets were empty. A heavy mist hung in the air. The ground was still wet from the rain. So silent, so empty. The calm before the storm. The team moved through the city silently, nobody dared to speak. In truth nobody had anything to say. They were all thinking things over. They could all die tonight while attempting to take down the terror of Tony Stark. But they could also triumph and be recognized as great heroes. Stark Industries was close by. The security would be tight and problimatic. The odds of success all depended on how the teams utilized their unique powers.

(OOC: I'll leave things up to you Max.)

04/18/2007 4:29 PM

(OOC: Rath, as for your post, there are no SHEILD agents present, so the security would be minimum. Hold on though, like I stated before. The first battle of the war is about to begin; this means that you will be fighting other heroes. Right away of course, no, you won't be in a big battle. I still have to do a scene where Daredevil and Maxis get in a predicament. Once I finish that post, I'll post the heroes Tony has to fight you guys. So hold on tight, the battle will soon begin.)

Maxis was already on the fourth floor. There were more hallways and large areas, the layout repeat itself. The only thing was; there were no stairs to the fifth floor, only a pair of large elevators. It was funny though, the fifth floor wasn't exactly the fifth floor. You see, Stark Tower was about as tall as the Saris Tower in Chicago. The stories were broken up into floor sections, so in actuality, Maxis was very high up. It was a confusing layout; an extra security measure if you will.

Getting back to matters, Maxis got into one of the elevators and went up. The ride took some time, but he finally reached the top. The fifth floor was massive, it resembled a courtyard. Now Louis knew where Tony put his money. The lights were on, so Tony must have been in his office. The Spartan walked a few inches forward, only to get tackled to the ground.

It was Matt, he was alright. Maxis teleported out of his grasp and stood up. "What's the big idea?" Daredevil stood up and brushed himself off, "Sorry, but this room is filled with high frequencies. I miss-read your heart beat; he knows I came for him. He got ready. Hell, I can't even find the door; my radar is useless in here. I am just another ordinary blind man."

Maxis shook his head, "Look, Matt, let me get you to the door." He held onto Murdock and walked him to the other door; it was locked. "Let me try teleporting into the room and unlocking it from the inside." Maxis teleported into the shadows, but was denied. He came back to reality flying some feet backwards. "Argh, its protected by something, my shadow dimension is not accessible through the other room." Daredevil shook his head, "He must have known you were coming too, dammit."

Suddenly the intercom shot on; it was Tony, you could tell by his suave voice. [b]"Hello my friends, I am glad you could make it. If my eternal computer is correct, both of you are unregistered?"[/b] Matt looked around in confusion, "What are you talking about Tony, I registered awhile ago!" The intercom came back on, [b]"Matt, your registration is broken if you commit a crime, you should be in jail right about now. That's exactly why I am glad you came. I can make a much easier arrest."[/b] Matt was really pissed now.

"Look you metal flame bag, I am sick of your crap. If you wanted to be the head of S.H.E.I.L.D, you could have done it another way. Tony they are treating us like animals!" It was quite and the com went back on, [b]"I am sorry Matthew, but the law is the law. Now I can open these doors and let you come in so I can file an arrest, or we can do this the hard way."[/b] Matt shook his baton, "Oh, I'll try the hard way." Maxis punched him in the shoulder, "What are you doing, you can't read anything in this place." His blind eyes focused on Maxis, "Let me do this..."

The intercom went back on, [b]"Very well; I am sorry to do this Matt, you were a good friend."[/b]

It went silent; except for the same laugh Maxis heard that night on the boat. Daredevil looked to the sky, "What, who is that Louis?" Maxis turned and saw the one thing in their way from getting to Tony. At the elevator entrance, stood the most hated villain in Hells Kitchen, Bullseye. Maxis patted Daredevil on the back, "Oh you don't want to know Mattie. Whatever you do, stick by me."

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04/18/2007 5:53 PM

Her tender words only seemed to make the big lug cry harder. "Aw no.." she said quickly, wincing at the sound of his sobs. Really, he could wake the entire city. Now THAT was a superhuman power. She sighed, and lay a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Look, you just sit tight here and don't move, and I'll send someone to take a look at you, and maybe fix your eye okay sweetie?"

Yeah well, it was a lie, but there wasn't much she could do about it. She had to catch up with MAxis. Once again, flickers of anger began to fill her. The Rhino nodded tearfully, curling up into an even smaller boulder. She left the poor creature alone on the floor, pressing his fist into his eye to keep it from bleeding to badly.

She took off up the next stairwell, her wings carrying her faster up the next three floors than even the elevator could. Seething anger filled her as she grew closer to the man she was after. Oh, she was going to give him a piece of her mind.

Maxis patted Daredevil on the back, "Oh you don't want to know Mattie. Whatever you do, stick by me."

She arrived just in time to hear Maxis' words, but at this point, it didn't matter who else was in the room. Hell (even Hell's Kitchen) hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or put in a death trap.

"Maxis!" she yelled, fluttering quickly across the room and landing several feet to his left and forgetting that he might not recognise her as Monarch. "What the hell were you doing, sending those SHIELD agents to my house you bastard! I trusted you, I can't BELIEVE-!" her voice rose to almost unbearable pitch as she honed in on her anger, sending pulsating supersonic signals out as well, forgetting the effect they had on humans.

04/18/2007 6:29 PM

"What the hell were you doing, sending those SHIELD agents to my house you bastard! I trusted you, I can't BELIEVE-!" her voice rose to almost unbearable pitch as she honed in on her anger, sending pulsating supersonic signals out as well, forgetting the effect they had on humans.

Maxis shouted with pain and fell to his knees. The sound was horrible, his brain was throbbing. Daredevil rolled on the ground, the sound through him off even more. Bullseye put his hands to his ears, he was pissed that the butterfly woman wasn't dead.

The sounds ended and Maxis slowly rose to his feet. He had no clue who this chick was, but then he remembered the butterfly he saved. Why was she pissed at him? He only sent S.H.E.I.L.D agents to the house of Janice...wait, the Monarch was Janice. She was upset with him over nothing; he'd have to explain the story. It was not the right time though.

He began talking to her, trying to calm her down. "Look, Janice, I am sorry, I was the one who hired Nightcrawler, and he did the calling. We had to get S.H.E.I.L.D away from Tony, you're the only one who I could think of that was impor-" The Girl was clearly angry, she sent some supersonic beam at Maxis, sending him flying.

He hit the wall pretty hard; the butterfly came closer. This was horrible; he had left poor defenseless Daredevil by himself. Maxis turned to see Bullseye walking closer to Daredevil. "Look Lady" He dodged a massive punch. "You're going after the wrong guy." He dodged another, "Do you even know, whoa, who's in here with us?" He couldn't get her to listen, the woman was clearly pissed.

Meanwhile, over to the center courtyard, Daredevil just got back up. The butterfly's sounds destroyed Tony's frequencies, but they still messed up his hearing. He made out three Bullseye's standing in front of him. Bullseye punched him, sending him backwards. "We never finished our rumble Mattie, and to think I should be pissed at her." He pointed to the Butterfly who was keeping Maxis busy. "She's helping me out even more, I am glad I didn't finish her off." He punched Daredevil again and again. "What's wrong Matt, can't see nothing?" He sent a chilling uppercut, sending the blind man fifty feet in the air and having him crash hard to the ground.

Daredevil was weak; he could not see Bullseye's attacks. Before Bulleye got in range, Daredevil used his mere strength to flip out of the way. He began thinking to himself, [i]"I have to focus, find something to listen to, but what."[/i] He scanned around the room; he heard a fountain sprinkling water. [i]"That's it, use the water droplets."[/i] He used all his force to pay attention to the sound of the water. Soon his radar was back on track and he could see clearly.

Just in time too; Bullseye chucked an explosive dagger at him. He flipped out of the way letting the dagger hit the wall. Bullseye chuckled, "So I see you got your [i]sight[/i] back. Come at me big boy." Daredevil prayed to the Lord and sent out his baton, rapping Bullseye in the process. He swung the man into the ceiling vent, and then let him drop. Quickly he flipped to his nemesis and started giving him a mean punch combo. The blows were getting through his skeleton, blood spackling out of his mouth. Finally Daredevil sent a kick that made Bullseye fly into a wall.

"Turk, I have always let you go, but not today." He walked over to the unconscious villain. He beat him up a few times and hit him with one final blow with his baton. Daredevil had seemed to come victorious. He smiled and sighed; now he'd have to help Maxis out.

Maxis was still occupied with the scarlet; dodging everything that came at him. He eventually noticed Matt walking back towards him; he defeated Bullseye, or did he? All of a sudden, time froze in the head of Maxis. His shadows rose to an unbelievable state. He zoomed in at Bullseye; he wasn't dead. The villain spat out blood and silently laughed, like a deadly laugh. Slowly he pulled out four Sai's from his holster. Still on the ground, Bullseye wound up. The rage was inside of him and his target was Matt Murdock.

Then time came back to reality and Maxis was still fighting the girl. He was panicking, "Look, Janice, Please let me go!!" He kicked the butterfly back, sending her flying into the furthest wall. He knew he wouldn't make it, but by God he had to try. With all of his might he yelled, "MATT, NO!!!" Then again time slowed down. Bullseye let the Sai's soar through the thin air. They were faster than Maxis; he teleported only to be met by the Butterfly's supersonic sound. He flew back into the wall and watched as the Sai's pierced Matt's body.

All four hitting his chest. Blood sprang fourth from his pectoral area, and Matt Murdock hit the ground. The lawyer was dead. Maxis was crying beneath his shadows. He was too late; it was time to kill Bullseye. With a large war cry, Maxis sprang fourth and teleported to Bullseye. He picked the man up and started punching him continually. He threw him into the air, and kicked him down to the ground. He must have cracked the adamantium skeleton. He continued mercilessly beating him. Finally, he took his spear out and hurled Bullseye in the air. With all his might, he hurled the spear, sending it right thorough the chest.

Bullseye fell, blood everywhere. He was dead; Maxis avenged his friend. Slowly he walked over to Matt and held him in his arms. Not crying or saying a word, he picked him up like a baby, and steared at the Butterfly.

04/18/2007 7:32 PM


Slowly, Monarch began to regain control of her powers. The lightning fast supersonic signals faded completely, and her entire body sagged as she stared at the result of mostly her own actions. She couldn't find the words to speak, to say anything at all. Her purple eyes flickered from one body to the other. An enemy, and the man who had killed the SHIELD agents that attacted her at her apartment.

"I..I..I-" she felt selfish and unworthy, cowering before the look in his eyes. [i]Run....run...run...[/i] The pounding of her heart echoed those same words. A nasty little shrieking voice inside her heart began to scream [i] Just like before, its your fault he's dead, just like before you should have known you little whore, go jump off a cliff, just like your parents, all dead, now he's dead and Maxis will hate you forever...[/i]

Entire body trembling, her wings began to shimmer, almost to disspearing and then back again. Suddenly it was like she was shedding purple dust, and it fell from her skin like waves, melting the ground beneath her. She fell a foot towards the ground as her wings dissapeared and then reappeared again. "I'm so sorry..." she whispered, tears in her eyes, reaching out towards him, and then drawing back just as quickly.

Terrified, she threw some of the falling purple dust at the wall, and allowing it a moment to disintegrate the walls - she fled, yet another death following her.

[i]All of my friends...dead or hate me....what is next? [/i] she thought tearfully, her fading wings taking her as quickly as possible away. Her flight pattern was varied, up and down, as if she had no control over it. In truth, she didn't think she had any control at all.

04/19/2007 3:29 PM

(OOC: Alright guys, the time has come. After this post, you can post the heroes fighting. Have fun :D)

Maxis saw the pain in her eyes, but he felt no compassion for her. It was her fault he didn't make it on time. He shook the evil thoughts from his mind; there was still work to be done. The intercom shot on; Tony had watched the whole thing.

[b]"I am sorry for your loss Louis, but he was a vigilante. Sooner or later his actions were going to kill him. Now, you are still on privet property, and if you do not leave now, I will have to send my fighters out there."[/b]

Maxis turned and saw lights flash on the wall; they were computer feedings of superheroes. They were all registered and apparently fighting alongside Tony. Maxis hadn't noticed how many villains were fighting alongside heroes. Venom and Radioactive man were a few. Bullseye was up there, but he was dead now. More heroes that were part of Tony's team were Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Bishop, and Mr. Fantastic.

Maxis shook his head, he wouldn't be able to take them all; that is, if they were here. He lowered his head and looked at Matt. Maybe it was time to just give up.

04/19/2007 5:24 PM

(I'm afraid I only know most of Spider-Man's enemies and I don't know who exactly is with Tony so I suppose I might need nfrat's help in editing my posts. For now I'm just going to fight Tony's robots.)

Cap's team had busted down the front gate, Adam was the first in. All the other villains didn't matter. Only Stark mattered in Adam's mind. Anyone else who got in his way would be cut down. The rest of the team proceeded to check the area out but not Adam. He went straight for the front door and ripped it open. The others followed in. They went up many levels of the towers encountering villains along the way, soon the team was spread across several levels.

Now Adam was alone, the furthest up in the tower. Two doors opened. Robot drones rushed out. They surrounded Adam. On stepped forward and stood in front of him. A red light moved up and down him. "Scan complete. Symbiote detected." it said in a mechanical voice. The others went into attack positions. "Cease and desist all movement. You are to be taken into custody immediately. If you attempt to resist you will be taken down by means of lethal force" it said. Adam laughed, using Sin's voice of course. "Bring it on."

04/19/2007 5:42 PM

Sirens alarmed Maxis; someone was inside the building. Tony went on the intercom, [b]"It seems more of your friends have joined us tonight. Well then, let the games begin."[/b]

Maxis knew this wasn't going to end on a good note. The elevator doors opened and he teleported into them. The ride down was unpleasant. He finally reached the fourth level, only to be met by Ms. Marvel and Bishop. Maxis raised an eyebrow, "Bishop your one of them?"

He was shocked to see Maxis too, "Well, Louis...I didn't know." Ms. Marvel rolled her eyes, "P-lease, Lucas, no need for soft heart. Let's trash this boob." Maxis laughed, [i]"Fun..."[/i]

04/20/2007 12:02 AM

Ying and her team busted in through the windows, entering into chaos.

"By all that is holy..." Ying knew that things were mixed up, but she never would have thought that it would come down to full-scale combat against each other. This was madness.

An incoming rocket from a robot snapped her out of it, and she leaped away.

[i]A rocket![/i] What was Tony thinking, equipping robots with such firepower?

There was no time to contemplate the logic of the situation, however, because there was none. Quickly, she assessed the situation.

"Iron Fist, Dagger, you two head up and assist them. T'Challa and I will head down to help the Captain and we will regroup on the fourth floor."

With orders established, Ying and T'Challa turned towards the stairwell, only to see the robot that had originally fired a missile at them blocking their way.

Ying charged before the robot could take aim, and punched through the body of the thing, incapacitating it.

"I thought you were averse towards combat," T'Challa commented, noting the ferocity with which she attacked the thing.

"I'm averse to hurting and killing intelligent beings. These are robots, abominations, and have no excuse to exist."

With a new understanding, and a shared passion, T'Challa and Ying ran towards the stairwell, the floor they were on being remarkably clear of enemies. This only spurred their resolve, and they quickened their pace to the floors below, where Captain America and others of the Resistance were being overwhelmed.

04/20/2007 12:54 PM

Now that there were more people showing up on the screen, more voices, more noise, it was harder to keep track of the players.
Vocalisations the microphones picked up helped: once Antje had identified an individual she could mark the corresponding shape on the infrared feed, labelling it. Once done, the computer could take over the tracking.
She spoke sporadically into a small mic that curved around her face mask from her ear, noting concisely and clearly any action from the screen that might need clarification later.

[i]Why does Tony always have to sound so smug?
You'd think he was goading them on..[/i]

Her mouth tightened imperceptibly every time his voice came over the feed, made hollow by the speaker: petty, somehow.
She'd heard he had his eye on Maria Hill's position, and while she could certainly imagine him [i]wanting[/i] it she couldn't imagine S.H.I.E.L.D. with him at the helm- the transition from Fury to Hill had been uncomfortable but relatively smooth, the jump to media-hound Stark would be jarring.

The hot green-white flare of weapon fire from one of Stark's automated defence units, seen through her scope, drew her attention back to the present.
She still couldn't quite believe what she was seeing: these people were attacking [i]Stark Tower[/i], one of the most highly secure buildings in the country.
And what's more- they were being [i]allowed[/i] to. A force this size by rights should've been engaged blocks before even reaching the Tower.

There was definitely something going on here.

04/20/2007 7:38 PM

Ms. Marvel and Bishop were ready to strike. The heroine flew at Maxis, but he flipped out of the way. She quickly put on the breaks and sent a burst of energy at the shadow man. He quickly teleported out of the way and to the flying woman. He roundhouse kicked her to the ground, sending her hurling at a top speed. He quickly than teleported to the ground again to face Lucas.

"Louis, forgive me for this." Bishop started spinning his hands at a top speed, then hurling a ball of kinetic energy at Maxis, hitting him directly in the chest. He hit a pillar; hell of a blast. It took him awhile to get up, but he eventually did. [i]"I am not going to defeat them both."[/i] The sirens were still going off, and Maxis heard explosions far below.

Before Ms. Marvel could strike Maxis, she was struck back by a force of psionic energy. Maxis turned and saw Dagger and Iron Fist, standing safely in one of Dagger's luminous shields. The shield broke and Iron Fist jumped out. "Mind if we join in on the fun?" Maxis laughed, he liked Daniel. Iron Fist called on his chi and exceeded his human capabilities and hardened his fists.

Ms. Marvel got up and laughed, "I am not taking any more of this, Lucas hurl me towards Tandy." Bishop nodded and picked up the girl. With as much strength and a little help from Ms. Marvel, he flung her at dagger. She picked up speed and sent Tandy flying into a wall; Tandy wasn't good with pain. Iron Fist quickly sprinted over to Bishop and sent him a mean uppercut. He flew up into the air and crashed to the ground, "Quickly, get to Dagger, you must protect her."

Maxis teleported over to Tandy and picked her up; he was out of this fight. He yelled for Daniel to come quick, but he just nodded and said he'll meet them downstairs. He was stubborn when it came to fighting. Maxis left him and teleported to the third floor with Dagger in his hands. This wasn't a good sign; he was loosing some power.

04/20/2007 8:37 PM

Adam ripped the robot standing in front of him apart. The others raised laser cannons at him. He started to pick the slow moving robots apart. He ripped the metal clean open and then pulled out all the gears and mechanical parts. Larger robots appeared and started to attack him with melee attacks. Each time he got hit the rage grew.

He had destroyed all of the smaller security robots and now only the 10 large bots remained. He charged forward towards the robots only to be hit in the head. He felt the skull mask on his face crack. But it didn't crack because it was broken. It broke all the way, seperating the two parts and revealing a large mouth with many sharp teeth. He started ripping the large robots to peices with his claws. The gray X across his left eye had turned a bright red. Soon he was standing alone in what looked like a junkyard.

He went into the elevator and further up. He had almost reached the last few floors of the building. He exited the elevator. He was in the lobby of Tony's office. A security camera turned to face him. A second or two later Stark's voice came from the intercom. "Ah, yes the Symbiote. I'm so glad you could make it but so heartbroken that you've chosen the wrong side. But not to worry, I'll have you back with me soon enough" he said, his smug laugh came at the end. But then Adam heard another laugh, a different laugh. It was chilling, alot more sinister. A figure stepped out of the shadows, Adam couldn't tell who it was.

The laugh turned into a loud cackle. Adam knew at once who it was. The only other symbiote he knew and had fought before besides Venom. Carnage.

04/21/2007 7:35 PM

Maxis happened to teleport right into another fight. He had happened to see Captain America, T'Challa (Black Panther) and others. He put Dagger down and sprinted over to Panther. T'Challa quickly struck down a Stark Bot that was about to hit Maxis. He gave his smile of thanks and flipped over T'Challa's shoulders, quickly knocking down another cyborg.

The shadows were acting up again; his powers were slowly dieing out. This fight was not his; he had to get out before it was too late. Coming out of another doorway came a group of Stark [i]prize[/i] fighters. Venom, Radioactive Man, and Reed Richards. Maxis had run right into them. Captain and the others turned around; he called for a tough rally. "Warriors, regroup and get into a defensive formation!"

Maxis teleported over to Captain; T'Challa and others were following. It was the heroes vs. the heroes (and stark bots). Captain gave another command, "Quick, charge up your powers, and let them strike."

Maxis's sight was all blurry; he was getting weak. His little charade with Bullseye totally drained him. T'Challa held him up, "Are you all right warrior?" Maxis nodded, "Yea, it's just temporary." With those words, Radioactive Man hurled a beret of chemicals at the resistance. [i]This wasn't his fight.[/i]

04/21/2007 9:13 PM

Venom had completely brainwashed Plague into being his. "sidekick". Plague lept down infront of the resistance group accompanied by Venom. He let out a screeching laughter, and sent out tendrils of his symbiotic suit in sharpned points. "ALL OF YOU NEED TO DIIIIIIIE!!" Venom was sent back by Captain America's shield, but quickly recovered.

Plague felt that tug of morality on his concious.."I win." Cyaxoris whispered, and at that moment Plague gripped at the suit that covered him.."Get off me!" Venom looked pissed "What are you doing you idiot!!" Plague's voice wheezed and rasped as he fought with the suit. "I dont want you to have this control!!"

Cyaxoris fought with Bryan in his mind.."Your weak.. You need me..Without me you would never have survived this long.." Bryan's face was revealed in the symbiote suit for a few moments and then he was devoured completely..He stood up. A sinister almost psychotic laughter escaped his mouth as he charged at Captain America.

04/22/2007 2:02 PM

Out of nowhere, a green symbiote creature charged at Captain. The hero dodged the first strike, but was hurled on the second. Maxis, as weak as he was, struck up enough energy to teleport over to the symbiote and clothes-line him to the ground. The hard blow drained his body of all power.

Maxis's shadows were simmering down and his body trembled. Mr. Fantastic sensed this and he hurled one of his hammer fists at Maxis. Louis turned and saw the fist coming at him; just perfect. He tensed up for the blow, but nothing happened. He opened his eyes and saw a force field around him. Dagger was protecting him; what a sweetheart.

She ran over to Maxis and entered the field with him. She knew he wasn't himself. "Look, Max, I have to get you out of here. Stay right by me and you will be safe. Maxis nodded and started limping with Dagger to the entrance.

[i]"Good luck guys, this wasn't my fight."[/i] And with those thoughts, Maxis left, eyeing the still progressing battle behind him. Hopefully nobody would dear try to harm him on his way out.

04/22/2007 3:59 PM

Carnage approached him. They were now face to face. "It's a shame that you finally made it up here, Stark is right behind that solid titanium door, but now you have to die. So close but still no luck." he said. "Not really. I'll just tear you apart and then I'll bust down that door." Adam replied. "Come and try it then!" Carnage shouted. Adam charged at Carnage but Carnage caught him and slammed his face straight into the titanium door. It left an imprint of the skull mask. Adam was dazed and that left him wide open for a hard kick from Carnage.

The two continued to struggle. Punches, kicks, and other hard hits were thrown by both. Carnage hit Adam with a hard knee to the jaw but Adam recovered quickly and threw Carnage out the window. Unfortunately Carnage dragged Adam with him. They fell far and landed on a large ledge. Through the window Adam could see Captain America, and Ying, and T'Challa, and Iron Fist. All the members of the resistence fighting off so many of Starks cronies. Adam and Carnage continued the fight. Adam hit Carnage with a hard left but Carnage countered with a kick to the ribs that broke at least two of them. Carnage slammed Adam's head into the solid stone walls a few times and Adam hit him with his knee in the jaw.

It seemed as though they were both determined to not only destroy each other but destroy themselves to do it.

04/22/2007 4:55 PM

While Maxis and Dagger were walking down the stairs, Maxis saw two [i]things[/i] fighting outside. He wondered what was going on; well, things were already crazy. It took them sometime to get to the first floor, but they did. By now, the whole New York City police department had surrounded Stark Tower. The boobs did not dear enter the building though.

Dagger knew they couldn't exit through the entrance; they had to find another way. She eyed a hallway with another stairwell leading down. This was probably to the parking garage. They could luckily exit out of the back. Quickly Dagger picked up the weakened Maxis and hovered over to the hallway.

Suddenly, Captain came crashing down to the ground, leaving a large crater in the floor. Maxis looked at the hero then scanned upwards. Slowly, Iron Man came hovering downwards with his rocket busters. He landed on the ground and shook his head. [b]"Rogers, I thought you'd fight better than that."[/b] Maxis really hated this guy.

Captain America slowly got back from the crater; he was hurt bad, you could tell. Tony knew too, that's why he didn't finish him off. Captain stood and began to speak. "Look Tony, you and I both know the war shall not end tonight." Iron Man nodded, [b]"Yes, this skirmish was just a mere warm-up. Soon the really battles will start, and soon I shall win your surrender. Rogers, you [i]will[/i] follow the law, after all, it is the American way."[/b]

Rogers frowned; you could tell he was pissed. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "Heroes, retreat!" Maxis could not believe his eyes; Tony had won with words of persuasion. [i]"Damn him."[/i]

04/23/2007 4:11 PM

The heroes quickly came to Roger's aid. It was really a horrible thing to see; battered heroes, fighting battered heroes. By now the sirens of squad cars were heard. Captain looked out the window. "We cannot leave now, they will surely arrest us. Quick, Dagger, summon Magik, she can teleport us out of here."

Dagger nodded and started concentrating. It took some time, but Magik finally appeared. She was stunned at the sight of war. "What was going on here?" Dagger shook her head, "Dear, you don't want to know."

Cap walked up to the young girl, "Magik, we need you to teleport us to..." He whispered the location in her ear. She nodded and told all of the heroes to group around her. In an instant, they were back inside the base.

By now Maxis was beyond weak, he needed to rest. He limped over to a small cot and blacked out. Captain walked around the base; the first skirmish ended in a draw. The heroes were weak, he could tell by everyone's expressions. Magik was walking around still speechless.

"I was with Peter, and then I was called on by Dagger. What the hell was going on?"
Rogers did not know how to explain the situation to the girl. All of the mutants at Xavier's school were pre-registered, but many still hated the idea. He sighed and put his hand on her shoulder, "Leave now Magik, you are no longer needed. Tell Peter and the rest of the X-Men to come see me sometime, I need to have a chat with them."

The sorceress nodded and hugged Captain and teleported out of the room. The smell of war was present; no one liked it.

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04/23/2007 9:21 PM

The heroes had disappeared. With the exception of Adam. He and Carnage continued to fight. Kicks, punches, elbows, and knees all flying everywhere and hitting everything. If Carnage could bleed he would be. Adam was bleeding beneath his suit. His left arm, two of his ribs, his ankle, and three of his fingers were broken. Carnage has him pinned against the wall. He held his hand up to Adam's head. He formed a sort of knife with his claws. The police had arrived, they pointed guns of all types at Carnage and Adam. "Consider our score settled, kid." Carnage said in a sinister tone. He stabbed his claws into Adam's chest. A wave of pain went through Adam. Carnage had penetrated deep. Everything slowed down, Adam heard thge police yelling at them. Then he heard gunfire and saw Carnage being ripped apart by all those bullets. When the noise stopped Adam saw Carnage full of holes. He fell off the ledge and slammed into a cop car below.

Then it all went black. The last thing Adam remembered was falling and then looking into the gleaming metal eyes of Iron Man. Tony brought him inside and into a lab. Then he put him inside some sort of chamber and hooked him up to all these devices. He was floating in a chamber full of water. "Sir, why did you save that boy? The symbiote is all we want, correct?" Jarvis said. "The symbiote has attached itself to the boy, they share a strong connection. If the boy dies then the symbiote dies with him. And hopefully the boy will draw the resistence back." Stark replied.

04/24/2007 10:26 AM

Antje had stopped watching the screen when the 'Resistance' had started leaving. She didn't bother watching the fight between the symbiotes- she hated the bloody things, just the thought of them made her skin crawl.
Everything was still being recorded and monitored, just not by her.

She lay on her back looking up at the ceiling, her head cradled on her arms, one leg stretched out, the other bent at the knee.
She couldn't quite understand what she'd just seen.

It wasn't logical for the anti-registration heroes to have attacked Stark Tower.
It wasn't logical for Tony Stark to have [i]let[/i] them.

He knew who was on Cap's side, and he knew their capabilities: this wasn't just a matter of testing their strength.

What the hell was going on and why wasn't she being told about it?

04/25/2007 4:03 PM

(OOC: I would like to thank Marvel for this post. The whole speech was taking from Marvel Civil War: Embedded part one. This comic totally shocked the hell out of me, and I hope it does the same. This little OOC segment is to save my ass from copy right infringement :D)

Maxis woke up back in his suit. How he got there, he didn't know. It was Saturday, around day break. The sun was just rising; he had a massive headache. He decided not to go super saving today; today he would be old Louis Maxim. He got up from bed and went to the kitchen; boy was he hungry. He took out a bowl and poured some wheaties into the bowl. Next he poured a glass of orange juice and started turning on his stove.

He decided to cook eggs; while the eggs were simmering, he turned on the television to watch the morning news. It was quiet in his house; he kind of liked the silence. The eggs were cooking and he sat down.

A reporter was near the Empire State building; something was going down, but Louis didn't know what. He let the reporter talk; it seemed someone was going to give a speech.

[b][i]"Today marks the introductory to the United States Super Human Registration Act. Our very own Iron Man will be discussing the matters of this current issue. As we have all witnessed the devastation of the New Warriors incident weeks ago, today we will witness the solution to the problem. This is Mike Roads, NBC news."[/i][/b]

There was a pause and then the camera went back to the studio.

[b][i]"Thank you Mike, and now we will turn our attention to New York's, very own, Iron Man."[/i][/b]

Maxis shook his head. Here he was the big phony. After last night, he could never forgive Tony. He began listening to his statement.

[b][i]"Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press...one hour ago I met with the President of the United States.[/i][/b]

Bull shit, one hour ago you were causing chaos.

[b][i]Amongst the items we discussed were the Stamford incident and the proposed Super Hero Registration Act currently making the rounds of Congress. As you all know, there has been much speculation in recent weeks over the acceleration of this proposed act. We find ourselves at the cusp of an historic moment. If the act passes--as expected--then roughly half of those currently serving you as protectors will be in violation of the law. Over the years I have always endeavored to do what is right for the citizens of this country. I have always--without question or hesitation--been your servant. But as I informed the President this morning, the question of the mask I wear has nagged at my conscience since the day I put it on. Who exactly am I hiding from: myself?[/b][/i]

Louis hadn't a clue where Tony was going with this.

[b][i]In his speech to Congress yesterday, The President spoke of the next logical steps we must take to ensure the security of all Americans. I have my own series of "steps" that I long ago promised myself I would take. Please look up[/i][/b]

Sure you did. Louis watched as Iron Man showed his old suits; they were flying in the air.

[b][i]These are some of the many automated suits I have constructed over the years for the sole purpose of protecting my identity. I did this in order to pretend I could be in two places at once. In other words, I lied.[/i][/b]

A reporter stopped Iron Man and began to talk.

[i]Iron Man, isn't there hypocrisy in calling for support of the Registration Act, yet continuing to keep your identity a secret? Some might suggest you're currying favor with the incumbent President in order to maintain a cordial relationship.[/i]

Iron Man continued talking.

[b][i]The Registration Act does not specifically call for persons to reveal their identity publicly: merely to register with authorities for the purposes of identification. But for myself, if I support the act, some will call me a hypocrite. Some might say I can never be truly honest unless I show my face to the world. And they'd be right. I've done this before, but always with a clever take-back, a way of once more obscuring the issue. But today I'M going to come clean with the New York and American people, as I should have done from day one. I can think of only one way to make you all understand why."[/i][/b]

Right there, Louis spilled his orange juice. He could not believe his eyes. Right there, on the TV screen, Iron Man took of his mask. Tony Stark reviled himself to the world.

[b][i]"Hello. My name is Tony Stark, and I am an alcoholic. And now it's time to come clean."[/i][/b]

The eggs were popping on the stove. Louis was speechless; the man had clearly gone nuts. He sat there for minutes, still eyes glued to the television, speechless. What has the world come to?

04/25/2007 6:42 PM

Strider gazed down from the rooftops, the new suit was amazing, not only was it bullet proof but it also increased speed, strength and agility. He felt powerful wearing it, when all of a sudden he heard rustling coming from the alleys and saw a bunch of thugs heading towards a woman. "Hero time" was all he said and he jumped down behind the thugs nd quickly sent the one closest to him flying into a brick wall, the next two both came at the same time with knives brandished. He sidestepped the first knife and sent a punch into the face of the second guy knocking him out cold, the next guy came with a stab to Strider's chest which he easily grabbed the mans arm and broke his wrist.

"Oh Man, you guys are pathetic"

Was his only response as he walked out of the alley leaving the horrified woman behind

04/26/2007 5:44 PM

"Mommy, I just saw a shooting star!" a small boy cried happily, pointing into the sky.
"Oh, did you wish on it?" his mother replied, patting her son on the head.
"Yea! I bet it lands somewhere around here too!"
She gave her son and odd look and shook her head, a small smile on her face. "Sure, alright. Now come on, it's time for bed." she said softly, pulling her baby boy away from the window. The moment she turned her back, a flash of purple light could be seen, not too far away...


Sparkling purple glitter cascaded from her body, shooting out in all directions as she punctured the ground, smashing a large grater into the earth with her body. The dust made the crater seem to sparkle, eating away at bacteria in the dirt and making the crater even larger than it was originally. After several moments, the dust created by her fall dispersed, revealing a small, motionless body lying in the center...


It's time.[/i]
[b]What time?[/b]
[i]Time to come home sweetheart.[/i]
[b]But, I don't want to...I want to stay here...[/b]
[i]What do you have left there? You are broken, dying inside and out.[/i]
[b]I don't care...better to suffer here for what I have done...[/b]
[i]You could have freedom here. Peace. [/i]

[b]I will never have peace.[/b]

Janice slowly opened her eyes, willing vision to be there when she did. Not moving, she lay in the center of a 10 foot crater, three feet deep in the middle of a large flowered field. She lay in tattered rags, her wings gone and the remains of her original clothing barely covering her curvy frame. She coughed, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth with a muddy hand.

"Where....am I?" she murmured, vainly searching for the answer. Painfully she turned on her back, staring up at the pink and blue sky. It was morning. How long had she been lying here? Streaks of pain shot through her spine as she tried to move again, and through her arms and neck, dragging tears from her eyes. Her memory was faint...vaguley she remembered someone saving her from armored men at a friend's house. Suddenly, the flight from the border to Stark Tower flashed before her brain.

Maxis fighting.

Daredevil fighting.

Bullseye laughing.

And Maxis...

[i] ...cradling Daredevil's limp, bloody body.[/i]

A small scream tore from her lips as she gathered her knees and clutched them to her. All she could see was his eyes, staring at her accusing and painful...Staring...Staring! She buried her face into her knees, her sobs wracking her dirty, bloody form, loud and heartbreaking. It was all her fault and now...now he hated her. Pulling herself tighter into a ball, she cried, shame and regret filling and overflowing.

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04/26/2007 7:01 PM

The darkness was deep. So deep that no light would've ever penetrated it. No sound, no movement, nothing to see. Just ink black darkness and a crushing lonelyness. Adam missed the familiar voice in his head. He felt the suit clinging to him, but no voice. Then he felt the pain. A great pain that surged through his chest. The pain brought it all back and then tore it all away again. "Dammit boy wake up!" shouted Sin. But Adam couldn't hear him. Adam thought about the resistence. Where had they all gone? Had they simply left him for dead after Carnage had attacked him? He couldn't think any longer. The darkness came back and swept him away.

04/26/2007 7:03 PM

(OOC: Just a heads up Jay, the time is now morning in the RP, if you read the Iron Man speech previously. So yea, great post, but just to throw the time in there...its morning.)

Maxis quickly ran over to the eggs. He turned off the stove and threw the burnt protein on a plate. Thousands of things were going through his mind; Tony Stark actually reveled himself to the public. Not only that, the act, [b][i]his[/i][/b] act, was now a constitutional amendment that would stay in effect for eternity.

As of now, Louis didn't feel like eating. After what he saw, and after last night, he started to feel not much like himself. Just instantly he remembered Matt Murdock died before him. He began seeing images of his eyes, the look he showed; it was horrifying. Louis screamed and hurled the plate of eggs at the wall; glass flying everywhere.

Other then that one moment, everything was a blur. He could barley think of what happened last night, or who saved him. The news was still going, Louis hadn't really paid attention. He glanced back at a tragic sight.

[b]"New York Lawyer, Matthew Murdock, was found dead this morning outside Stark Tower. The NYPD believes that he was murdered, for an unknown reason. The body reportedly was fatally stabbed multiple times in the chest. An investigation is now being issued by Lt. Martin Latewood. Further questions are still unknown at this point, but the city of New York will mourn the loss of a great man who stood up for the little guy."[/b]

Louis began crying; Matt was one of his best friends. They met at Columbia University, on the college steps. They both were majoring in business and law. One going in separate directions. They met up again when Matt took a fraud case for Louis, apparently saving his ass. Their superhero sides met when they fought each other at Harold Square. Now, his good friend was dead. All because of a misunderstanding.

He turned off the television and sat down. There had to be a way to bring him back; Louis knew it. Suddenly something flashed inside his mind. Matt's ex-girlfriend, the assassin Elektra, was saved by some force. He heard of the story and the name [i]Sticks[/i] through good old Kurt Wagner. Maybe, this thing could bring Matt back. Louis would have to try, but first, he'd have to find Nightcrawler.

Just mentioning Kurt brought back memories of that Janice girl. Her beauty was covered up by wrath. She was a reason for Matt's death; Louis hated her for it. But he knew she was angry, and a right to be. Louis shook off the thoughts and went to get dressed. Maybe he would find her along the way.

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04/26/2007 7:47 PM

She sat there for what felt like hours, curled up in a tiny ball, willing the world to just fade away. The image of the dead man was burnt into her brain, a sizzling image of pain and shame that would not fade.

A faint rumble echoed from her stomach. Somehow, her organs were still working steadily, even though her mind demanded they stop. She was hungry. Not that eating would help anything, but she hadn't eaten since...since....she sighed. Remembering anything before last night seened fairly pointless.

"Woooww..." a small voice above her head said quietly. She gasped and spun around, staring up into the eyes of an eight year old boy, dressed in overalls with shocked blue eyes.

This was just what she needed. A little punk who would think the crater in the ground was cool...

"What are you?" the boy asked, all tact lost in the innocence of youth.

She looked up at him levelly, finding somehow the strength to stand on her wobbly legs. "Who you mean. I'm as normal as you are." she replied sharply, glaring at the small child unnecessarily.

His eyes widened even more, taking in her ragtag appearance. "Nuh uh. You're one of them. The mutants, heros or whatever you calls ems." he said quickly, matter of factly almost. "If you weren't, you'd be dead....WAIT A MINUTE!" he jumped up and down excitedly. "You are my shooting star!!"

She almost fell back into the crater and dug herself a grave right then and there. Not only was she dealing with a child, but an insane one at that.

"You were flying, and I wished on you and-"

"Look kid," she interrupted tiredly, clambering painfully out of the crater. "Do you live around here?"

He seemed in awe of her for a moment, then nodded. "Yea, you can stay at my place, and be my friend, and eat my food and play games with me-" she clamped a firm hand over his mouth, and knelt down to his level.

"Look sweetheart," she said softly, trying to keep her annoyance in check. "I'm tired, hungry, and not happy. I'm not you're personal ET. I just need to borrow your bathroom, and then I'll go."

He nodded, then licked her hand. "YUCK!" she jumped back, wiping her hand on the grass as the boy giggled. "I'll show you the way!" he said with a laugh and grabbed her hand, leading her to a distant farmhouse.


"You brought WHAT into the house?"

"My shooting star Mommy!"


"But Mommy, she's really nice and-"


The angry voices echoed through the small farmhouse. Turning the faucet off, Janice listened to the motherly voice shriek and stomp towards the small bathroom where she was located. She had managed to clean up a little bit, but her hair was still matted, and she had a swollen lower lip. The dirt from her hands and arms and face was gone, thanks to a good soak, but she didn't have any other clothes. She'd just have to make it.

Still listening, the footsteps stopped, and she heard the mother voice speak harshly and urgently. "Yes, I need SHIELD headquarters right away. I have one of...THEM locked in my bathroom. One of them rebels I think. It landed in my field...blew a huge chunk out of it too..."

Janice gasped, looking around urgently. If that awful woman was calling SHIELD, she would have absolutely no chance of fleeing this horrid war either way...and she had no interest in returning to face Maxis or any of the others....if they were even alive. She glanced around the bathroom. There were no windows, just a single door. As the reality of her situation dawned on her, she dove for the handle of the door, franticall trying to open it as she heard the lock click and the woman's voice again.

"Yes, I'M SURE its locked in the bathroom. No way out. And hurry, I dun wanna see somethin' else blown up..."

She stifled a small cry. She was stuck. There had to be some way to get out of this stupid, ironic situation...Collapsing on the toilet seat, she began to cry again. [i] What the hell is wrong with me?[/i]

04/27/2007 9:01 AM

Cursing the crappy water-heating in the building Antje turned the temperature gauge up in an attempt to dredge some more hot water from the pipes.

With the amount of money this place cost it should not be this hard to have a decent shower.

She'd only gotten in twenty minutes ago, the sun well up.

She'd spent most of the night in the Helicarrier, reporting, double checking, cataloguing, going back over the footage and audio recordings to check quality and make any necessary clarifications.
Maria Hill had come down to look the information over.

That, in itself, had been unusual.

Hill was a delegator.
These days she spent most of her time conferencing with the representatives of various governments, with the UN high council- the 'higher ups' ostensibly over S.H.I.E.L.D., at least in theory.

That she'd left her office and videophone to check the data from a standard surveillance op told Antje that it had, in fact, been far from standard.

The symiote- well, one of them- was the only one Stark had taken.
Was he specifically interested in it- or its host- or had that been coincidence?
Or just bad luck that it was the only one captured?
Was Stark- or Hill- interested in a specific hero or had it been a simple test of the Resistance's strength?
Or was there more to it than even that?

Stepping out of the shower she glanced at the clock.
It would hopefully be at least night before she was contacted again: a few hours sleep would be enough, then she'd head out, see if she couldn't look up some old acquaintances and try to find out what was going on.

04/27/2007 3:11 PM

Louis put on his coat and headed out the door. He carefully locked his door and continued walking down the hallway. It was a quite ride down to the lobby; the elevator man was just a stupid bum. It was a nice day, so Louis decided to walk for a change. The city was in its usual routine; nothing out of the ordinary.

Louis continued walking down Madison Ave. He passed his executive building; he hated that place. Not only did he advertise Lamborghini cars, he was the head of international security. He secured deals across seas and made sure the workers throughout the pacific cost were getting the pension they deserved. In reality, he was a super hero in two worlds, human and mutant.

He passed the building and continued walking. The world felt empty to him, he hadn't a clue where to go. Sure he was looking for Kurt, but after that. Was he really going to find [i]Sticks[/i]? He shook his head and continued walking.

Maybe it was time to take a visit to old Xavier's place. He hadn't told anyone, but Louis was a student at Xavier's for two years. Once he moved to America, he was taken in by Charles, due to his telepathic ability. The Professor was astonished at how he could hide his inner shadow so well, were Kurt was stuck in his demon form.

Charles did tell him that the ability shouldn't last very long. One who has the gene of a shadow dweller is supposed to contract that form. Louis didn't listen to the warning, only to forget later. He learned English through Jean Grey and Ororo. After he turned seventeen, he left to go to a normal high school.

He adapted very well indeed, slowly becoming the jock type. After the final year in high school he graduated and went to Columbia. It all went up hill from there. He eventually decided to fly up to Connecticut and see The Professor. Maybe Nightcrawler would be there; this would be a great time to get away from things too.

04/27/2007 9:35 PM

Terrified of being captured, Janice began to search the room frantically for some kind of weakness. A crack, a window, a wall to the outside. If she had to, surely she would have the strength to break down a wall. Well, maybe. She tried the door handle again, panic flitting across her face. There were no voices outside but maybe...suddenly, an idea occured to her. If she could send a signal out to the woman outside, maybe she could coerce her into coming and unlocking the door. She had no idea if her powers actually worked like that, but who knows? And it was a plan, certainly better than just sitting here waiting for SHIELD to pick her up.

Janice took a deep breath, closing her deep green eyes. Focusing in, she grasped at the invisible sonic signals that seemed to run across the ceiling of her mind, pulling a strong pink one. In her mind's eye she yanked at it, visually watching the words [i] open the door[/i]... scroll into and then across the wire. Not satisfied, she yanked again, and the thin wire snapped, all pulses across it ceasing. She sighed, puzzled at what that could mean, and then opened her eyes and released the vision. No one came to unlock the door, so she could only assume that it had not been successful.


About fourty five long minutes of waiting, a boy's voice echoed through the doorway. "Mommy? Mommy? Those guys are here!" he called.

"Mommy?" his voice rose in a questioning manner, growing somewhat frantic as he recieved no response. "Mommy? MOMMY?"

The slamming of a door was heard, and then a small child's scream. "MOOOMMMMYYYY!" Janice's eyes grew wide as she listened to the scene unfolding in her ears. What did-Had she-? Dread crawled in the pit of her stomach. It couldn't be, when the wire ripped, she didn't mean to pull that hard - a stong masculine voice struck the room like a gong.

"Come on son, come out side." The wailing child who had been so kind, despite leading her to be trapped, was lead away and grew distant.

There was a knock on the door. "Unregistered mutant, superhero or whatever you are, when I open this door, you will exact and make no attempt to escape. Any attempt to do so will result in your immediate death." The shadows of feet crossed into the small bathroom, mirrored by the sounds of stomping footsteps. There was a small click as the lock was released.

Staring intently at the handle, desperately trying to think of an escape plan, Janice released she still did not have the strength to transform and fly away. The door swung open, and the sight that first greeted her eyes was not the half a dozen guns pointed at her heart, but the vision of a long blond haired mother, laying motionless on the ground. No breath lifted her chest, no colour flushed her cheeks.

Janice sagged, defeated by yet another accidental death. Hanging her head, she allowed her strawberry blond hair to fall in her face, shadowing the tears that clung to her eyelashes. In that moment, when she should have made her escape, the vision, yet another death, paired itself with Daredevil on her mind. She was frozen, and could not move, could not think. A sharp firm voice jarred her from her reverie.

"Step forward." Quietly acquiesing, she took a small step forward into the circle of guns. "Bind her."

Several men rushed forward and in a matter of seconds her arms were tied limply behind her back. Her strength had fled, and all desire to escape the situation was gone. After all, wasn't this the reason she begged for life, to face the consequences of her actions? The death toll had reached five.

A rough hand grabbed her face, pulling it up fr her to stare into the cold face of a SHIELD agent. He pushed it left, then right, analyzing her shrewdly. "Take her directly to Stark Tower. Mr. Stark will be pleased."

The colour drained from her face, leaving her plump lips parted in shock. "No, no no no..." she babbled. Stark was the last person, Stark Tower, the last place she wanted to return to..."Please, please..." she pleaded, her entire body beginning to shake in fear.

The men on either side gripped her even tighter, assuming the shaking was a sign of a possible power. The SHIELD captain smirked slightly at her begging. "You will have your chance to beg for mercy later. Your murdering ways will be brought to trial, and you will realise then the magnitude of your crimes." The snake-like eyes bored into hers, and she finally tore her own away, dropping her eyes to stare at the ground helplessly.

"Take her away." He paused for a moment, then scanned the men with him. "And make sure Ms Hill is unaware we have caught her." he said softly, exiting the farmhouse trailed by his captive and men.

So this was repentance.

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04/28/2007 8:15 PM

Louis walked back home and began to pack. He would pack light; packing too heavy would just slow him down. In his dresser, he eyed his spear, [i]javelin[/i], wondering how it got there. He decided not to bring it, due to the JFK metal detectors.

Finally he put on his coat and took a deep breath; it was a good thing he was leaving. He walked out the door and down to the street.

Quickly he called for a cab; another lame cab driver. The whole ride was silent; he began thinking of that girl, Janice, and how she was part of everything. Hell, he just knew her first name. She was a very big mystery that he wanted to solve.

On the way to the JFK airport, Louis noted the time square business board. News flashed on the large screen; it was Tony's face. Underneath it was [i]"Big Billionaire Un-Masked"[/i] This was setting off quite the ruckus among the city, let alone the United States. Louis just shook his head and continued looking out the window.

He eventually made it to the airport and waited through all the long lines. After he passed security he went and sat at the Starbucks outside his gate. He was sipping a cappuccino. In front of him sat two men, they looked like airline pilots. They were discussing something that Louis picked up.

"Hey, did you hear about that kid? The Parker kid? Who would have thought Spider-Man was just a lousy kid." The other pilot sipped his coffee and nodded. "Strange things huh? The whole masquerade is coming out of the closet. Who do you think that Spider-Woman is? I think its Jennifer Garner." His friend chuckled and they changed the subject.

Louis was startled; first Tony, now Peter? He walked over and picked up a newspaper. The headline read, [i]"Fired! Parker"[/i]. The picture was Peter taking off his mask. Louis was stunned, two more heroes seen. He put the paper down and finished his coffee. He walked over to the terminal and sat; waiting for his flight to Xavier's.

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04/29/2007 7:56 AM

The desire for escape really didn't exist at this point. As the car wound through the countryside toward the city, Janice wished she could rewind time. Go back before she met any of these superheroes. in fact, before her parents died, before the butterfly at the conservatory, before any of it. A normal life would have been pleasant. She shifted uncomfortably between two very large SHIELD men. They stunk. Literally. She sighed, wondering how she was able to think about something like man-stench when she likely would find herself imprisoned for the rest of her life.

The car was silent, no music, but after several hours of silence they reached NYC, and the sounds of the city began to fill it. Everywhere it seemed someone was reading a newspaper and commenting on its contents. Something MAJOR must have happened to cause such a ruckus. Surely the fight at Stark Tower hadn't caused that much publicity. With a sigh she wondered who won. Probably Stark.

The car came to a sudden stop and she gazed out the tinted window, staring up at the building she had visited in such a rage the night before. "Come on." one of the men said gruffly, pulling her out of the car and to an employee entrance. She stumbled along, wishing she had a little bit of something nicer on. Funny the things one wonders about.

Surrounded by three men, she was escorted to the elevator, and as she rose, she puzzled the circumstances that had brought her here. Why was she to be taken directly to Stark? Wasn't....oh, what was her name...Hill in charge of SHIELD? Her musings were cut off short when they reached a secretary and a large decorated door.

The timid looking woman assesed the situation and pressed a small red button. "Mr Stark, the field trip is back."

"Bring her in."

((Not a very adventurous post, but I have to go to work, so....sorry. :-p))

04/29/2007 9:21 AM

(Time for the big escape. I might even pick up a "souveneir" on the way out)

The darkness faded and brought back the light and the sound. The lights of the lab and the whirring of the machines. He was....underwater? No, he was in some sort of tube. It was full of water and wires attached to him. He could move his arms and legs. No restraints? Odd, especially considering where he was. He was obviously in Stark's building. It was evident because of the big golden statue of Iron Man. Adam glared at it, almost as if he believed it would melt down into a golden puddle if he stared long enough.

He hadn't noticed the man standing in front of him with a smug smile on his face. Not Tony, much to Adam's dismay. He would've glared at the man to make him melt too. It was Jarvis, Tony's butler. "Good to see that you've finally awakened." he said. Adam didn't respond. He just continued to glare at the man with nothing but hatred for that smug look. Much to the shock of Jarvis, Adam continued to glare and got as close to the glass as he could. Jarvis backed away and that made Adam smile.

The black suit crept up the back of Adam's neck and fully formed around him. Jarvis ran to a desk where a phone lay. Obviously he was going to call security which Adam couldn't let him do. Adam broke the glass with one solid punch. Then he sprang out of the tube and pounced on Jarvis. He wagged a finger in Jarvis' face and stared into the fearful eyes. Adam made a point out of his fingers just as Carnage has done. "Now, be a good boy and scream for me." Adam said. He had donned Sin's voice again. Adam forced the point into the man's occular cavity and...well you get the rest.

Adam cleaned the blood of off his hand and removed himself from the man who now lay limp on the floor. Where was he inside the tower? He checked a map on the computer. All the way at the top of the building. Stark's office was about 5 floors below this one. He would make sure to pay a visit to Stark before he left and "thank him" for his "hospitality".

He started off on his way down the stairs. He had set off the alarm by ripping the steel door of the lab clean open. The first few floors were easy. It was about the third floor where he was swamped with SHEILD soldiers. They went down easily for the most part. He didn't just knock them out like he normally would've. He killed them, and in fairly brutal ways. He reached the fourth floor before Stark's office and saw large robots. He easily tore them apart. Then came the SHEILD soldiers with rocket launchers. No one would ever have wanted to know what he did to them."

Finally for Stark's floor. He crashed through the wall causing quite a mess. He made sure to move Stark's secretary out of the way of the rubble. He still had some sort of morals. He took down the SHEILD agents. All in all through the 5 floors he had only received a few bullet wounds, a cut here and there, and a little bruise or two. The door of Stark's office was surprisingly thick. He struggled with it for a few minutes and then busted it down. Inside Stark's office sat a woman looking to be in her twenties, wearing a shredded purple outfit. Two SHEILD agents stood inside they were fairly well armed, at least better than the others, and behind the desk in a large comfortable looking chair sat Tony Stark. No Iron Man armor to hide behind.

04/29/2007 11:49 AM

...Just before the intrusion...

"To the doors please." A firm voice said pleasantly, the speaker hidden behind his chair. The chair was sitting behind a large mahogany desk, centered in a large comfortable room, well -decorated, obviously belonging to a wealthy, talented man. At his words the two agents stood on either sides of the doors they had entered from.

Janice looked uncertainly at the chair. She couldn't tell a thing about the man sitting in it. "Janice Pender, 24 years old, birthplace, Dallas Texas. Last place of residence, 24 Walnut Street, New York, New York." He seemed to be reading this off of a file of some kind. She stood shocked for a moment. How did he know that? How long had he been watching her? It sent chills up her spine.

The chair spun around, and a handsome man was revealed, gesturing politely at a leather chair in front of his desk. Had she not known better, she would have said this was merely a buisness meeting. "Please, sit." Janice scanned his face momentarily and gathered nothing outright suspicious. Taking a small breath, she sat, crossing her ankles as if unaware of her mightily shredded clothing.

For a moment he was silent, his eyes watching her with a strange sparkle. She struggled against the urge to squirm underneath his gaze. Unable to meet those eyes and for the most part, unwilling, she stared at the papers on his desk. "Do you know why you are here?" he asked softly, standing and walking around the desk to sit on the front almost jauntily. A small smile lay unmoving on his lips, not reflected in his cold eyes.

"No." she responded, reaching up to absently tuck a strand of strawberry blond hair behind one ear. It was probably better to play dumb. Yet almost daringly, she looked up to meet his eyes, momentarily stunned by the attractiveness in the features that watched her. There wasn't a doubt in her mind why he was so popular.

"So am I to take it you don't remember the.."the corners of his mouth twitched. "...little jaunt that took place here last night? And your place in it?"

She stifled a gasp. Did he know about Daredevil? He couldn't have...As if reading her thoughts, she met eyes that bored into hers. "Surely you haven't forgotten that you are responsible for...murder." The last word was just above a whisper.

Janice clenched her eyes tight, gripping the arms of the chair so tightly that her knuckles were white. "How do you-" she mumbled softly.

Tony laughed, a deep, rich, handsome laugh. "Darling you were in my building. I was watching the entire thing."

Unwilling tears burned in her eyes. "I didn't mean to-I just don't have any control sometimes..." she stuttered, biting her lips and looking up at him again. The expression on his face had changed again, now he seemed gentle, almost kind. For a moment, she wondered if all the awful things she had heard about him were really true.

"Like in the case of that poor mother you killed on the farm?" He interrupted, sliding off the desk to stand directly in front of her, bent slightly over so he was close to her. She couldn't decide whether she was afraid of him, or....dangerously attracted to him. And he knew about the death of the mother already too. He seemed to know everything about her...

"You have great power, but you lack...control." he said quietly, one hand going to his face to rub his goatee thoughtfully. "I could help you with that. There is a team of scientists who would be eager to help you..."

Suddenly a wave of fear swept through her and she stood, backing away from him. "No I don't think I want that." Images of cold sterile environments and rooms of needles and blood flashed through her terrified brain.

As if something had been stole from him, Stark straightened and returned to his desk, the slightest twitch of anger in his motions. "No? Then the next person you kill hopefully will just die because of this!" He yanked a small vial out of his top drawer. It was full of purple dust, the same she recognised that occasionally came off of her skin, and off of her wings as Monarch. "We can help you control this, get an antidote for it, we can even help you control those supersonic signals that lead to the death of Bullseye and that mother!" His voice rose in a threatening passion, sending her heart pounding.

His offer was tempting. If he could help her, she could go back to leading a normal life, and leave all of this mess behind her. It would be a good thing, even if it meant giving up...Maxis. Suddenly his voice was in her head, and she realised he would hate her even more if she agreed to this, but...[i]What if he never found out[/i]? Maybe he would forgive her if she apologized, and if he knew she was no longer a danger to everyone.

In the few milliseconds she paused to consider his offer, he replaced the vial in his drawer. "Think on my offer." he said softly, his eyes boring into hers. "You will be my guest inside Stark Tower for 24 hours while you decide."

Then almost as an after thought, he added, "Oh, and by the way...the police will know soon enough that it was you who was guilty of the murder of Matthew Murdock and the mother. They will persecute you, as a dangerous criminal. Which," Stark smiled. "You are." He returned to his desk. "You may leave now."

As the men at the doors turned to escort her away, the doors themselves exploded open to reveal a very, very angry looking man.

04/29/2007 12:23 PM

(OOC: Ok, I am going to take control of Stark at the moment. If this little segment screws up your next post, tell me and I'll edit.)

[i]Meanwhile, at Stark Tower[/i]

The hard steel door was busted down by an adrenaline filled symbiote. Tony turned and smiled at the creature. The symbiote snarled a wicked smile at Tony; only to be met by the suave smile of Mr. Stark. Tony was so clam; he did not even break a sweat.

"You know why you weren't chained up in that tube? It's simple really, I wanted you to come down here. I needed a new test subject; for this." With those words, Tony's flesh turned to pure iron; he was in his suit."

Iron Man stood there, waiting for his attacker. [b]"I haven't told anyone yet, but I fused my suit into particles inside my body. Now I can turn into Iron Man whenever, wherever."[/b]


[i]On the plane[/i]

Louis just kept staring outside the window. In a few hours, he would be back at the place where it all started. He closed his eyes for a second; then opened them back up. The man next to him was reading the same newspaper Louis picked up at the terminal.

Parker was on the cover; all smiles. Louis glanced over at the paper and happened to read a few sentences.

[i]"Tony Stark was grateful to create a new power suit for me", quoted Mr. Parker. The new iron "Spidey" suit was created for the soul purpose of catching unregistered heroes. Once the bill was passed through congress, Tony Stark created power suits for SHIELD, Maria Hill was thankful for the generous gift.[/i]

Louis shook his head; he was happy to leave NYC for a few weeks. On his return home, he would try to set things right. Hell, with things as they are right now, he even had thoughts of registering.

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04/29/2007 12:41 PM

She was paralyzed. A fight was about to break out, and honestly, she didn't want to be involved in the slightest bit! Stark had offered her freedom from her guilt, her shame, her ...powers, and now she had the opportunity to run yet again. Yet she couldn't move.

Janice's eyes were focused only on the two men as she took her first, backward timid step towards the window. IF they were focused only on each other, she could jump out the window and - [i]that would mean transforming again[/i]. The very thought sent convulsions down her spine and her steps ceased - though now he was only a few feet from the large bay window that overlooked New York City. What was she going to do??!!

((Lame, short post. Sorry. ^^;;))

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04/29/2007 12:58 PM

( I dunno, I was going to have Stark run away and then I would make an escape or whatever but this is ok too.)

Adam wasn't amused by Stark's attitude. "Sorry asswipe but I'm not your lab rat." he said. He turned his head towards the woman in the shredded outfit. "You might want to get out of here now miss. It's alot better than being his prisoner." he said. Without another word Adam sprang forward and he and Stark flew out the large glass window and into the open city. They fell a few feet until Iron Man activated his rockets and Adam dug his claws into the wall. "You sure you want to go down like this Stark?" Adam questioned.

04/29/2007 1:07 PM

(Stark? Run away? Lol)

When they smashed through the window, Janice darted after them, leaning almost completely out the window, her short blond locks waving with each gust of wind that streaked past her. She glanced back, and the two SHIELD soldiers were quickly calling up backup and then they joined her at the window. Noticing their lack of attention, she darted back to Stark's desk and grabbed the vial that contained something close enough to DNA for her. What to do now? There was no telling how this fight would end, but now that her decision for freedom was being made for her...she desperately wanted to take Stark's side. His promises her just too tempting to say no too.

04/29/2007 4:41 PM

[i]At Stark Tower[/i]

"You sure you want to go down like this Stark?" Adam questioned.

Stark began laughing through his suit. His laugh brought a chill through the symbiote. [b]"I have dealt with worse before, you really think your any different?"[/b] With that said Iron Man charged up his plasma disc and sent a beam hurling at Sin. The beam struck the symbiote with such force that he flew down to the street.

Iron Man remained floating, [b]"I take that as a no"[/b]. Tony glided back into the building. Janice was still there; he knew she wanted to join. He warped out of his suit back into his work clothes. He walked over to Janice and put a hand on her shoulder. "You see, I can do wonders, if there is a war, I can make it end; fast. Now please, do you accept my offer?"



Louis got off the plane and walked to the baggage claim. It took sometime, but he finally got his bag and headed out. He called for a cab and told him the address; the ride was once again quite. On the road he saw Xavier's place in the distance. The institute was larger than he remembered.

The drive let him off at the gate; he was home. He tipped the driver and went to the gate. Slowly he pushed the intercom; nothing. He waited; suddenly a voice came through the speaker.

[i]"Who's at the gate?"[/i] It was Storm's voice; all too familiar. Louis sighed and began talking. "Ororo...it's me...Louie. I'm back."

04/29/2007 4:50 PM

Janice had been watching the fight anxiously, but to her shock, it was over far faster than she had originally anticipated. When he put a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at him and nodded. "It seems like a win-win situation to me." she said quietly, carefully tucking the vial in her back pocket.

She felt pity for the rebels. Honestly, they had no idea what they were up against, and Stark was far stronger than any of them could imagine. As amazing as Capt America and the others were, they were nothing compared to Iron Man. "So what's first?" she asked, the small smile on her lips a fragment of her previous, flirtatious self.

"New clothes." He said simply, eyeing her thoughtfully. "Though the way you are now is quite..." She shot him a look and he laughed. If he really thought this would be anything more than a buisness relationship, he had something coming.

She turned her eyes to the city scape outside the broken window once more. [i]I'm going to be rid of Monarch for good.[/i] she swore inwardly. [i] And at this point I don't care if I have to ally with the devil himself to get it done. [/i]

04/29/2007 5:20 PM

[i]Stark Tower[/i]

Once again, Tony had persuaded the un-negotiable. He recruited another power house; adding to his collection of super fighters. He smiled at the beautiful girl, she reminded him of someone, but whom?

He eyed her ragged look and laughed,

"New clothes." He said simply, eyeing her thoughtfully. "Though the way you are now is quite..."

They both laughed; he was glad she was on his side. He led her to his broken door and told her to go to his suit on the floor above. There she was able to get some new clothes. He told her to meet him back in his office in a few.

As she left, Carol Susan Jane Danvers walked into Tony's office. She eyed Janice as the girl walked down the hallway. She started to get pissed, "Tony, who was that?" He laughed, "Ms. Marvel, don't worry, she's just a new ally. Nothing to be upset about." The [i]she-thing[/i] snarled at Tony, "It's Susan to you buddy, don't use my hero name unless we are out."

Tony and Susan had a fling for awhile; he dumped her and she never forgave him. Ms. Marvel stepped up to Tony, "You know she had relations with some resistance, and if I sensed right, she was at Stamford when the incident took place." Tony nodded, "I know, that's why I want her on our side. We can figure out what happened at Stamford."

Ms. Marvel sighed, "Tony...you try to much." She left, walking away seductively. Tony laughed, "I still have a way with the ladies."


[i]Xavier's Institute[/i]

Louis was welcomed with open arms. He put his bag down and hugged Storm; she was like a big sister. "God, it's good to be back." She smiled, "It's good to have you back Louis." Coming down the stairs was Hank McCoy, or [i]Beast[/i]. He was Louis's favorite teacher. "Yassou! Louis my boy." That was Greek for hello, "Yassou Dr. McCoy! It's a hell of a pleasure to see you." Beast laughed, "Still the smartass I once knew!" He gave Louis a nuggy and let him go.

Storm picked up Louis's bag and gave him a gesture to follow her. "Here, I'll show you to your room. You should meet with Professor afterwards; he knew you were coming."

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04/29/2007 5:35 PM

As Janice wandered up the stairs to Stark's suite, she reflected back on the girl she had just passed. Seemed like a simple woman, but if Stark was really as hero-stocked as he pretended to be, that woman was yet another of his heroes. She reached another gleaming door, and pushed it open. Shocked at the elegance of what she saw, she couldn't help wonder what Stark DID in this place. Honestly magnificent.

Picking out a large door that was either a closet or a bathroom she walked over and opened it, revealing a large room full of men's clothing, and in the far corner, some pricey women's clothing, from gowns to normal wear. Janice froze. Why did Stark have women's clothing in his closet??!! She grinned to herself. Hopefully she could cross out crossdresser, she giggled slightly to herself as she examined the sizes. He probably had tons of women friends that...as she lifted up a rather revealing black halter top, she stopped again. Women friends that spent the night? [i]Well, he is a millionaire..[/i] she conceded to herself, picking out a cute pair of jeans and an attractive green fitted shirt that matched her eyes almost perfectly.

As she checked her new appearance in the mirror, Janice realised she needed to watch him. A man who keeps women's clothing must be so self assured that he KNOWS everything will go his way. For the first time since meeting him, her thoughts on Stark turned sour. "I'm not going to be manipulated." she said aloud, determination filling her voice. "I'm going to get what I need from him, my escape from Monarch, and then I'm outta here. I don't want a part in this war."

She ran her fingers through her hair, allowing it to fall in tousled beauty at her shoulders and she left his suite with only the smallest backward glance. Now on her way back to his office, she began to keep a sharp eye on her surroundings, noticing everything in case Stark did do something that wasn't in HER best interests. She felt the slightest twinge of guilt as she stepped through Stark's broken doorway. She was cavorting with Maxis' enemy. [i]I'd better put him out of my mind...[/i] she thought unhappily. [i]I'll be lucky if he doesn't try to kill ME when he finds out that I'm working with Stark right now.[/i] She sighed, and entered barefoot into the office, stepping gingerly on the plush carpet.

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04/29/2007 7:40 PM

[i]Stark Tower[/i]

Tony hadn't noticed Janice walking back in; he was too busy looking out the window. He was wondering where the symbiote went. His enemy was no longer on the streets, but you could see the carter he had left. He turned around and smiled at Janice. "I believe you have found my [i]guest[/i] stash. You see, I have had many women, uh hum, [i]friends[/i], so I always leave spear clothes for the guests. If you want to know, I do have male dreads too."

They both laughed at his stupid joke; he was just trying to be sophisticated. He eyed the beautiful young girl, she had striking features. He walked over to her and purposed the question of whether or not she wanted to go out to dinner with Senator Kelly and his wife. He quietly waited for her answer.



Louis plopped his bag on the bed and put the extra clothes in the spear drawer. Storm had left him at peace, he hadn't noticed her leaving. He hurried up and put his coat on the hanger; it was time to visit the professor. On his way to Charles's office, Louis ran into Peter Nikolaievitch Rasputin, aka Colossus. Peter was one of Louis's friends at the institution. They made a great team; hell Maxis would have been part of the X-Men if he hadn't run away from the school.

"Aye, Louis, my Greek friend, it has been ages!" Louis hugged Peter and patted him on the back, "Tell me about it, looking nice Petey, been lifting?" Peter laughed, "Ah, still the same Louis, and between me and you, ov'course." They laughed and said later; he was on his way to see Charles.

He finally reached his room and opened the door. Charles was looking out the window; concentrating. Before Louis could say anything, Charles spoke. "Hello Lousiest, I was wondering when you would come back. You were pretty brave to run away like that, and to think you made a name for yourself."

Louis laughed, "Yea, I got kind of lucky I gue-" Charles cut him off, "You think a life of drinking binges and blasphemous behavior is a lucky thing? Do not think I forgot about you once you left here, I have been watching over you all these years. Your troubled, and now, more than ever. Tell me, has this act of Congress gotten to you?"

Louis was speechless; he didn't know what to say. The professor was right, he was a bum. He shook the thoughts away and answered his question, "I don't know, I guess. I mean I didn't really care of it. I put of the pre-registration, hoping that it wouldn't past. Now, since i-" Charles cut him off again, "And now since it has past, you are running away from the fear, just like you had earlier. You cannot always run away Louis, especially when fear strikes."

Louis knew he was right; Charles hit the nail on the coffin. He didn't want to join because he was scared, just like the time his parents died and when his mind was distorted by the Phoenix. That's why he left Xavier's, he was afraid The Phoenix would unleash again.

Charles rolled over to Louis, "Listen to me; I knew you were coming and a good thing to. When the government issued this act, our school was targeted for locked registration. I tried negotiating, but they followed through and everyone here is registered, but one."

Louis was confused, "Who?" Charles rolled back to his desk, "Logan resisted registration, thus causing the government to target this institution. If Logan does not comply, they are going to use force and arrest every student at this school. I need you to find Wolverine and convince him to register, or the battle will be taken here."

Louis shook his head, no, he couldn't. Logan hated Louis, they always fought. I guess that's what you got when two smartasses lived in the same house. Plus, Louis had other things to do; like find Janice and resurrect Matt. This would only divert him from his main mission.

"Look professor, I have a lot on my mind, I mean, I can't just go on a mission right away. I need to calm down, think of what to d-" The old man cut him off again; he always did that. "I know your hurt from the loss of Matthew and I wish I could help, but I need you Louis. I would send the others, but I need them here for protection. With this act going around, we are a prime target for extermination. You're also the only one they would not expect to look for Logan."

Louis sighed; he had to listen to the Professor. He took a deep breath, "Alright...where is he." The professor began speaking, "Cerebro had last picked him up near Alkali Lake. He is camping out in the woods. Something's blocking me from entering his mind though; that's why I am concerned. Head over there and find him, bring him back here. We have three days to comply. Rest tonight, you will go tomorrow."

Louis nodded and started walking out the door; he stopped and reentered. "Hey professor, is Kurt here?" Charles nodded, "Yes, he is in his room." Louis smiled, "Thanks." Another journey ahead for the Spartan; fear wouldn't stand in his way.

04/29/2007 7:58 PM

"Senator Kelly?" For a moment she was shocked into silence. It was awfully nice of him, but she'd really rather get to work on getting rid of Monarch ... but then, she couldn't really say no. It would be rude, wouldn't it? She wasn't here on a social visit but - "I suppose we'll be going somewhere fancy?" she said skeptically.

He nodded, a small grin on his handsome face. "One of the best restaraunts in the city."

"Then I'll have to change again, maybe take a shower." she laughed apologetically. "I can't say I've ever met a senator before, much less one with such..."

Suddenly she froze. Why would he want to take her to meet the senator who at one time was one of the most anti-mutant men around? Surely he couldn't...Questions filled her mind, and she opened her mouth the voice them, but an arm around her waist stopped her. "Once again, plenty of gorgeous dresses for you to wear. Use my shower, my rooms are at your disposal." he said politely. "And don't worry about a thing. I'm sure they will like you."

She looked at him curiously, and then allowed herself to be gently pushed back towards the stairs towards his suite. There had to be more to this, but she had already agreed, and there was no telling what came next.

"I'll meet you back here in a couple of hours." he called after her before returning to his office.

Still uncertain, she trodded back up the stairs feeling more concerned than ever. Tony Stark confused her.

04/29/2007 9:14 PM

(Edit: I was going to do this in a few posts but Nfrat seems to beleive his attack earlier should keep me at bay whil he has his lovely dinner)

Adam climbed up the wall behind Stark while he was distracted with the woman. "You really ought to pay more attention the fight and less attention to the beautiful women." Adam said as he hurled himself at Stark. The two toppled over with Adam landing on top. "I'm alot different Stark. Nobody is as driven as me to drain every last ounce of blood from that cowardly body of yours." he said.

He grabbed Stark's head and slammed it off of the ground. Unfortunately Stark had managed to form Iron Man's helmet over his head before he had been hit. Adam picked him up and slammed him through the desk and the chair. Then he picked Stark up by his head and held him above the city streets. "Do you remember that team you sent out a few days ago? The one sent after your symbiote. After me. Your men killed my mother! Now I'm finally going to get some long deserved revenge." he said.

Adam could've never anticipated what happened next. Nobody would have. A blast came from behind as SHEILD soldiers rushed in. It knocked both Adam and Tony off of the ledge. Stark formed his suit and flew upwards. He shot beams of energy at Adam while he was attempting to get back up there. Tony remained floating in the air. Adam did not.

He crashed to the ground and created another large crater. Stark flew down after him and floated above. "It's time to put you down for good." he said in his smug voice. Adam hated that voice. He hated it with a red hot fury. Adam tried to get up but Stark was too quick. He blasted Adam multiple times. He continued to blast Adam into the ground until the crater was smoldering and at least 13 feet deep.

Stark went back to his tower. Adam never moved.

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04/30/2007 7:42 AM

*At another Resistance safe-house*

"Almost done," Ying said soothingly as she finished dressing Captain America's wounds. Indeed, it had been a long night. After the failed attack, and the hasty retreat, Ying had spent the rest of the night dressing everyone's wounds. Some were semi-severe, and of course Captain refused to receive treatment before anyone else, so now she was almost done.

Captain America, for his part, sat stoically.

Suddenly, Johnny Storm rushed into the room.

"Stark revealed himself!"

Captain jerked up, and was about to jump up when Ying forced him to stay seated.

"What are you talking about?" Captain America asked.

"It was on the news this morning, he did it in a live press conference. They're probably still on it now, hold on." Johnny went over to the tv in the corner of the room, and sure enough they were still talking about it on the news.

[b]Earlier today, multi-billionaire Tony Stark revealed himself to be the superhero, Iron Man,[/b]

This was followed by footage of Tony's speech.

[b]Not long after, Spider Man revealed himself as Peter Parker, a young man who is also the photographer for...[/b]

Captain America was crushed. Peter Parker had turned to the side of the Registration. After last night, they thought he had gone home, but evidently he didn't.

Ying finished dressing Cap's wounds quietly, as everyone in the room became sullen, not paying particular attention to the news anymore.

Ying's attention was brought back to the news as it moved to another story.

[b]In other news, another super-human was detained in the country this morning, apparently causing the death of Wendy Cartwright, a single mother living in the country.[/b]

*Scene cuts to footage of the child, who had obviously been crying very recently*

[b][i]She was my shooting star, she was purple, and she was mean to me.[/b][/i]

Without meaning to, the boy's next words were punctuated as he looked directly into the camera.

[b][i]Can I see Mommy now?[/b][/i]

Then the video cut back to the news anchors.

[b]Now, as I said before, this boy's mother, Wendy Cartwright, was brave enough to capture the renegade, and lock her in her own bathroom. This allowed authorities to capture the wanted super-human, who according to sources was unregistered. Unfortunately, this woman's heroic efforts cost her her life, by unspecified means. Indeed, this is a tragic story, and we will keep you informed as we get more information...[/b]

Ying stopped listening again as tears welled up in her eyes. Suddenly, she lashed out, launching her fist through the drywall, and through the stud that happened to be hiding behind the drywall.

Slowly she pulled her fist back and put her head on the wall, tears falling freely.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and Captain America said, "It's alright..."

"NO!" She screamed, cutting him off. She turned around, jerking her shoulder out from his hand. "IT'S NOT ALRIGHT! People are dying, Rogers. They are dying! YOU could have died last night. There is no reason for this to be happening! It doesn't make any sense!" She was full out crying now, screaming as the tears streamed down her face.

"And now Janice has killed a woman, and S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark or somebody has her! We still don't know what they want, we have not gone anywhere, and now people are dead, and we are wounded! Why is this happening?!?" Slowly she was losing steam.

She was frustrated by all of this. She became a doctor because she wanted to help people, and now she's seeing more death than ever. she wanted to hit something, so she went over to a filing cabinet and smashed her fist into it, creating a large dent. She continued to smash it as she cried, and said things like "It doesn't make sense!" but she didn't really know what she was saying anymore.

She felt Captain America's hand on her shoulder again, and she saw that the filing cabinet was now about half of it's former height, due to her pounding. With a sob, she turned around and put her head on Steve Roger's chest, and cried until she couldn't cry anymore.

After a while, she picked her head up, and looked up at Captain America with a sniffle.

"I'm sorry, I guess it all just got to me."

"It's ok," he replied. "Go upstairs, get some rest. You need it."

"Yeah, I think I'll do that," she said, slightly monotone. The emotional outbreak was tiring, and she was kind of out of it.

As she walked out the door, she turned around, and said, "You should too, Rogers."

He nodded as he said, "Soon...soon."

With a shake of her head and a sigh, she left the room, heading upstairs to get some rest, as Captain America sat in the room, watching the news, waiting for any updates.

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04/30/2007 4:14 PM

Antje leaned against the wall beside the door of the apartment, waiting for the owner to return.
She'd already been waiting a while, but would give it a little longer before heading back out.

Dressed in civvies, wearing immaculate boot-cut dark jeans over chocolate coloured boots, and a crisp white open-necked shirt under a dark green tailored leather jacket, she looked calm and relaxed, moreso than she felt.
The simple pleasure of having her hair loose, freed of the suit that she seemed to have been spending her life in lately, made her feel almost giddy, despite what she was doing.

This was strictly off the books: she had no backup, no one knew where she'd gone, she had no comms- if the welcome was even colder than she was expecting things could get hairy.

She straightened as she heard footsteps coming down the hall, but tried to keep her posture relaxed and non-threatening.

As the figure rounded the corner, dark and deceptively petite, looking tired and distracted, she pushed her sunglasses back.
Eyes finally looked up and widened fractionally as they met her own.
[i]Crap. All this time waiting I should have figured out what to say..[/i]

"Ying", she nodded.
Antje had been liaison to the doctor when she had done some consulting for S.H.I.E.L.D. a few years ago.

One of the foremost authorities on the mutant phenomenon she'd been called in for her expertise to help prepare S.O.P.'s when dealing with hostile and violent mutant/super powered villains, specifically-targetted methods of subdual, capture and holding. Her work had proven invaluable to S.H.I.E.L.D.

She had been intelligent, of course, but also engaging and witty, and Antje had ended up enjoying the considerable time she had spent with her.

When division over the Registration Act had grown, when it had become obvious that it would escalate, Antje had found herself wondering if that work done those years ago had been preparation for what was to come.

Whether that was the case or not, given what Antje had seen and learned of Ying's involvement with the Resistance last night, it must grate deeply that her work with S.H.I.E.L.D. was being used against her own side.

"I'm here off duty. Completely so. I.. I need to talk to you."

04/30/2007 4:42 PM

(OOC: Ok, Rath, I'm not going to be a dick or anything, but I posted earlier, before your post, that Iron Man sent a plasma disk at you while you were hanging, and it sent you crashing to the streets. Now, I am not trying to be a big controller, but I have to keep Iron Man fresh for awhile, no big fights. You can go at him later, but for now, I had to make him "own" Adam. So, edit your post please.)

*Stark Tower*

Tony explained to Janice about the night ahead and why they were going. "Senator Kelly is a big supporter of my campaign of hero law. Him and I are discussing a new deal over dinner; him bringing his wife along and me bringing [i]you[/i]. She was still a little bit skeptic, he could tell.

"Everything is going to be fine, you don't have to worry. I promise tonight will be, [i]fun[/i]. Now hurry along and get ready; reservations are at 6:00." Janice smiled and walked out of the room. She had a charm; he liked every bit of it. Hopefully her powers would be an assist to his new [i]plan[/i].


It took sometime for Louis to find Kurt's room. The place had gotten much larger since the last time he was there. He finally found it; of course it was away from the others. Kurt loved being alone, it creped Louis out. The door was open, but the light wasn't turned on.

He quietly peeked through the door and saw Kurt on the windowsill. He was looking out at the sunset; he was really spiritual at times. Louis didn't need to say anything; Kurt knew he was there. "Please, come in."

Louis walked in and closed the door behind him. "Hey Kurt, hey, thanks for the favor awhile back, I never got around to thanking you." He lowered his head, "Tis alright, I do deeds, jus as the apostles did." Kurt was very religious; he always made references to the bible.

Louis took a deep breath, "Well, it was a good thing. I am glad I could count on you. What are you doing?" Kurt was still looking outside; God, the sunset was beautiful. "I am jus reflecting un my thoughts. I fear the worst us coming. Maybe this is un tribulation the Lord has foretold. Who would'ov thought, it ending with superheroes."

Louis was confused at what the man was trying to explain; he barely listened to Kurt's little speech, a sin really. It was quite for awhile, and then Louis broke the ice. "I need to ask you something Kurt." The creature didn't hear him; or so it seemed. Finally Kurt turned around, "Vas?"

Louis looked around the room, "Uh, do you remember the story you told me, about the ancient war between, um the hand and the uh-" "Sticks?" He answered Louis; "Uh yea. Well, I have a question to ask you. Do you think the story about Elektra was true, was she-" "Vas, she was, I have seen her. Why do you care?" Louis walked over to him, "Because I have a friend, I want him back."

Kurt shook his head, "Tis a sin for her to be brought back. The dead unce stay dead, tis the nature of God. It would too be a sin for you to bring back unce friend." Louis started getting angry; for no reason at all. "Hey, I don't give a flying shit about this religion crap. This man was like a brother to me, if you like or not, I need your help to find sticks."

Louis sent a bad vibe to Kurt; the fur ball shook hid head. "A God-[i]fearer[/i] no? I would like to help, but I don'ts no where the clan might be. I just heard the myth. I'm sorry, please gets out." Something was worrying Kurt, but Louis didn't want to upset him more. He left the room and walked back to the living room; he got the answer he was looking for, but not all of it.

[i]"Don't worry Matt; I'll get you back."[/i]

04/30/2007 4:43 PM

Ying was tired, and had meant to go up and fall asleep in the safehouse. When she got to the room, however, it wasn't satisfying, and she had the urge to get into her own bed.

So she found herself walking through the streets to her own place.

As she entered the home stretch, she was about to fall over from exhaustion. Her cybernetic body didn't require much rest, but over 4 days of no rest was pushing it.

It was her own fault, really. The first night she just didn't feel like resting, then the next night she volunteered for a double-shift to help out a co-worker. After that was when Janice and Adam had come into the ER, and...well, she didn't want to think about last night.

So she found herself going through the streets as most people were beginning their day exhausted and ready to sleep.

When she turned the corner in her building, however, she was startled by a site she was not expecting.

"Ying", she nodded.

"I'm here off duty. Completely so. I.. I need to talk to you."

"Antje," she said tiredly. "We both know you are never [i]completely[/i] off," she said, semi-bitingly. If she hadn't just exhausted herself emotionally just a little while previous, she might have had more of a reaction, but right now her presence was more on the nuisance side.

There was something about her tone of voice, though, that caught Ying off-guard. Antje was independent, strong, and capable. Her stoicism had made her one of the most respected officers in S.H.I.E.L.D., and that was the only reason she was tolerated by the higher-ups, who hated having to tolerate her. But there was some foreign tone in her voice that Ying could not identify, because it had never been there before.

Moving past her, to her door, she took out her key. "Well let's talk inside, where it's comfortable. I'm tired."

She opened the door and walked in, leaving it open for Antje to let herself in. She turned on the lights to a flat that was spacious, when one considered that it was New York City. The peculiar thing, though, was that there were no couches or chairs. It was one of the few things that Ying kept true to her Eastern heritage, was the furniture and design of her flat.

It was beautiful, as only exotic things can be. But despite the exotic nature, it was homy and well-worn, but not tattered.

Ying went straight to the espresso machine, knowing that like most of Antje's sporadic and minimal visits, it would most likely turn into a long one.

"So, old friend...what brings you to the lair of the enemy?"

Instantly, she regretted saying those words, as the truth of them was startlingly clear from last night. It had been a long-standing joke between them, but now it seemed that it was a joke no longer.

04/30/2007 8:11 PM

"Everything is going to be fine, you don't have to worry. I promise tonight will be, [i]fun[/i]. Now hurry along and get ready; reservations are at 6:00."


Her strawberry blond hair curled delicately at her shoulders, the shower having given it a sweet lavender scent and shine. Taking her time, more so than she had in the past, she did her make-up, shocked at the amount of female items she found in the very bottom drawer in Stark's spacious bathroom. Though she was even less surprised now than she was before. Mascara and dark green eyeliner in place along with a touch of natural blush and lipgloss, Janice smiled at herself in the mirror, admiring the dark emerald dress she now found herself wearing. The dress was a halter top v-neck that clung in all the right places, and even she had to admit seemed to fit her perfectly. Surely she would not feel out of place at the buisness deal that would happen tonight. [i] Hell, even if Maxis were here, I don't think I'd care. [/i] She thought with a grin to herself, not a trace of regret in her attitude. Being around Stark, the entire atmosphere that pervaded the building and his lavish lifestyle was intoxicating and overwhelming all at once, and it drove most rational, important war-torn thoughts from her mind.

She glanced at the clock. It flashed 5:45 in response, and she grabbed a pair of matching stilettos from the closet. Really, it was funny how things had worked out. Almost like he had planned it or something. She smiled to herself and darted down the stairs.

Like magic, his office doors had already been replaced, as well as the destruction caused by the ...what had Stark called him? The symbiote, had all been cleared away. She knocked on the door witha gentle hand, and the doors swung open at her request. There were few lights inside. "I'm ready." She called through the doorway, peering into the twilit room curiously.

05/01/2007 1:55 AM

"So, old friend...what brings you to the lair of the enemy?"

Looking out the window, down at the streets where people went about their business as if nothing monumental had happened, Antje gave a short humourless laugh.

"Well firstly- I was running surveillance last night. I recognised your voice but.. there's nothing on the tapes or audio that will identify you directly. Though it's probably only a matter of time- they'll be gone over with a fine tooth comb in the next couple of days, somebody's bound to remember you. You might want to make sure you have everything you need from here."

She'd always liked Ying's place, it was so calming.

"And secondly.." she turned back from the window to face Ying, who still stood by the coffee-maker. "What the hell were you guys thinking last night? Stark Tower head on? You know better than that. So does Rogers. You were lucky Tony only caught the kid with the symbiote."

She shook her head, taking a cup from Ying, holding it cradled in her hands.
Ying, for her part, remained silent, letting Antje talk.

"Maybe lucky isn't the right word- you should ever have gotten into the Tower in the first place, you know that. Tony's security is tighter than the Pentagon. And I was contacted before you even arrived.."

She paused for a moment, looking frankly at Ying.
"I don't know if it's that they still think I'm loyal to Fury but I'm barely being kept in the loop. Something's going on involving Stark- something that has Hill worried but still keeps us running around like his own personal stormtroopers."

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05/01/2007 3:20 PM

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(OOC: Rath, not necessarily. Iron Man's plasma disc is super generated, I mean hell, he took out the Crimson Dynamo, Rhino, and even Gladiator with one blast of his disc. You should read some more comics before making accusations of "God mod". Sorry for the harshness, but just throwing that out there. I still respect you Rath :D)

*Stark Tower*

Tony turned around and saw a work of art. Janice truly knew how to make herself pretty. He smiled and walked over to the mistress. "You look gorgeous; to think you came through my doors all tattered." You knew he was putting on the moves; she was swooning in his grasps.

He walked with her through the door. "Head downstairs, the limo is outside. I'll be there in a second." She looked at Tony and walked out the door. He waited until the girl was gone. He turned to see Jarvis standing there. "You gave me a scare friend; I thought that symbiote really killed you." Jarvis laughed, "You really think so sir?"


Not many people where in the living room at the time. Louis just sat down and watched some television. The news was still on; still commotion about the act. Some woman was killed by a super-human. They were making such a big deal. A man was being interviewed by the camera:

[b]"If I ever had gotten my hands on that "mutie" I'd strangle him with my bare hands. God, all those weirdo's should all be put in place. If I had a choice, I'd lock em all up. This act serves those bastards right."[/b]

Louis didn't bother to listen to this lunatic ramble on; he wished all of this just disappear. "Hey stranger." Louis jumped from his seat; it was Marie behind him, or Rouge. They hadn't really gotten to know each other from the past. She was new when he left. They talked occasionally, but not much. He calmed down and sat back down.

"Scared the shit out of me." She giggled, "I'm sorry suga, didn't mean to. Nuts how things are huh? I mean, with all this government who-ha. I've been listening to the tele all day and not one positive thing was said about us. Well, maybe about Tony Stark. My he is handsome." Louis rolled his eyes at that comment, "Yea, sure is..."

Rouge sat down next to Louis. "Hey don't mock me hun. Set his looks aside, I still hate him. He's turning a mess into things." She got up and patted Louis on the head, "Get some sleep Louie boy. Don't worry too much."

Louis watched as she walked out of the room; sure was a random conversation. She reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, Susan Castle. She was a beauty; gorgeous face and figure. They were in love, but she ran away from him. He never saw her after that; that's why he wasn't so gung ho for a relationship. He didn't want the woman to run away from him.

[i]Just like he did to his friends[/i]

05/01/2007 7:13 PM

((Well I hope that settles that. :-) ))

She couldn't help but blush at his words. She honest to goodness couldn't help it. To think that everyone said he was such a bad person. He was a super hero after all, and this "war" that everyone kept complaining about...it was really just a difference of opinion. What was the big deal about registration anyway? As long as everyone could just keep their temper in check, there wouldn't be any difficulty, she mused. But that did include the normal people too. But their prejudices surely couldn't be that bad.

When she stepped out of the building, she saw the limo waiting and gasped. It was gorgeous. It was at moments like these that one could particularly see that she had grown up in a fairly secluded place.

"Miss." The driver called to her courteously. "This way." He opened the door for her and she glided to her seat excitedly.

"I feel like a princess!" she murmured, closing her eyes happily.

After a few moments, the limo door opened and a suavely dressed Stark slid in beside her, giving a few quick directions to the driver.

He glanced her way, a long, meaningful look that nearly made her face flush again. "I just can't get used to how beautiful you are. Like a butterfly." he said with a wink and that same stunning grin.

Janice stifled a girlish giggle and shrugged. "Well what can I say? It just happened that way." For the first time, she didn't mind a joke about Monarch. In fact, it was the first time anyone had EVER made a comment about Monarch that didn't involve death or destruction.

After a few minutes of meaningless chat, they arrived at a star-studded resteraunt, littered with press, stars and waiters. Though the tinted windows, she might have even spotted a television crew for some odd reason or another. Janice couldn't help but marvel at her surroundings as Stark exited out of one door and went around the limo to open her own. To her great surprise, bulb flashes went off like lightning as she took Stark's hand and grinned, stepping onto the red carpeted sidewalk.

"I feel like a movie star." she whispered excitedly to a rather amused Stark.

05/01/2007 7:46 PM

(Feh, Iron Man isn't my thing. How did Jarvis magically come back to life when Adam forced his hand through Jarv's eye socket and into his head?)

It wasn't long before all hell broke loose. Trafic was held up, there was a small body count, SHEILD agents and police surrounded the scene as well as a news team or two. Back at the safe house,

[b] I'm here at the scene of a disaster, 9 people dead and a supposed tenth body on the way. What you see behind me is a large crater made by what police and SHEILD agents have reported a creature of some kind. The creature was spotted attacking Tony Stark here at Stark tower before being knocked off the building by a large blast. Mr. Stark is currently unharmed. We have some amatuer video footage of the event[/b]

The News station cut to a video of Adam holding Stark and then being knocked off of the Tower by a blast. It didn't ,however, show Iron Man contributing to Adam's fall or the many blasts delt to Adam afterwards.

The reporter came back, now as close to the crater as allowed by SHEILD soldiers. The camera was pointed down into the crater where Adam's body, stil covered by his suit, lay covered in rubble.

[b] SHEILD has told us that this creature is beleived to be a rogue hero. There have been attempts to remove the suit but there seem to be no openings and it is resisting all attempts to cut it open. Whatever is inside the suit is not moving and does not appear to be breathing but we have confirmed that it is still alived.[/b]

Down below in the crater Adam opened his eyes. Just barely though, things were getting darker and darker. He couldn't move, didn't want to move. He just thought. "Is Stark really that powerful? How could I let him beat me? He just finished me off so easily, like I was nothing! I let you down mom... I'm sorry."

[i] Your mom would be proud Adam... You've done plenty of good in this world. You fought harder than anyone could've expected you to. You passed their expectations. Your mom would be very proud of you...[/i] Sin said.

[i] Goodbye....Friend...[/i]

05/01/2007 7:55 PM

*The Restaurant*

Stark smiled at her, "It only gets better." The two walked to the entrance; lights flashing everywhere. Tony put his hands over Janice, "Please, no questions at the moment." It took sometime, but they fought their way through the paparazzi and entered the building. The richest of the rich were seated down at dinner. Tony knew Janice was dazzled.

He pointed to the corner, "Well would you look at that, it's George Clooney." The girl gasped with excitement. Tony started laughing, "Someone's excited." They laughed at his words and went to the host. "Aw, Mr. Stark, it is a pleasure for you to enter this establishment. Senator Kelly is seated this way, follow me."

The two followed the waiter to an exclusive area. Senator Kelly and his wife were seated in a grand booth. He stood up and shook Tony's hand, "A pleasure Tony, and what a lovely guest you brought. Emily, this is...-" "Janice" Tony answered Mr. Kelly. His wife smiled, "Great to meet your acquaintance."

They sat down and Tony ordered a bottle of New York's finest red wine. "My treat." You could tell Mrs. Kelly was excited, "You are always doing nice things Tony, which is why I support your cause at full lengths." He laughed, "Please, [i]Emily[/i], no need to discuss work at the table." Senator Kelly spoke up, "Would you ladies excuse us, we need to discuss some matters. Feel free to take your drinks to the bar; we'll have a waiter come get you when we are done."

The two females left, leaving Tony and Kelly at the table. Kelly slipped Tony an odd look, "Where did you get [i]that[/i] one?" Tony sighed, "No need to worry, I found her last night. She was one of many who slipped into the Tower. I had to keep her though; her powers are great and she has some secrets from Stamford that I wish to obtain." Kelly shook his head, "Tony, if you kidnap unregistered bodies, then you yourself would be breaking the law." Tony rose his voice, "I [b]AM[/b] the law Kelly. With my new arrangement, I could have every corner of the United States safe, from crime and super villains."

Kelly eyed him, "Ok, lay these plans on me." Tony began discussing his 50 State Initiative plan; how each state would receive a team of registered super heroes to protect its boarders. Each team would be linked up to his "New Avengers" or representatives of the whole United States. Of course in order for this to happen, Tony would need to become the head of SHIELD.

"And that's where I need you Kelly. You are good friends with Ms. Hill and SHIELD representatives. Remember, you [i]were[/i] the one who stopped those mutants." Kelly sighed, "Your plan seems too unrealistic. Think about it Tony, true, you have the love of the President, but I can't just pull some strings and get you to the top of SHIELD. There's voting involved and other processes that I can not see you passing."

The billionaire slammed his fists on the table; "Dammit Kelly, What will it take to get it planted in your thick skull. I will have enough power soon, and with this power, you can help me use it to get to where I want to be." Kelly starred at him for awhile, "Here, let's make a deal. Since you have the authority to control [i]certain[/i] regiments of SHIELD operatives and machinery, I would like for you to issue a hostel take over of Xavier's Mansion." Tony raised an eyebrow, "And why might I do this?"

Kelly explained to him the situation with the [i]wolverine[/i], and how it was his duty to put the house of mutants under warrant in a few days. He did not want to wait that long, plus he wanted to see Charles. Senator Kelly asked Tony Stark to send troops to the building to [i]secretly[/i] arrest the students and bring them to him. If Tony did that, he would see what he could do with SHIELD.

Tony was silent for awhile; then he shook Senator's slimy hand. "It's a deal. Send the waiter to get our guests."

05/01/2007 8:28 PM

((If only Janice knew what Stark was REALLY like...then maybe she wouldn't be so infatuated...*sigh* Player versus character knowledge, isn't it a killer?))

As they reached the bar, both women sat down carefully on the barstools around a tall table. They were in plain view, and were occasionally suceptible to a few smiles from nearby men. Both women were attractive, and friendly, and this often acted as a magnet for the both of them.

"So Miss Janice, do you have a last name? Tony was a little...how shall I say, brief, on exactly how you come to be in his formidable hands." The senator's wife said amiably. "My name is Sharon, by the way."

Janice smiled in return. "Pender, ma'am." She replied. "And honestly, I just met Mr. Stark recently. He's doing a couple of favors for me, and in return it wasn't a problem for me at all to attend a simple dinner. I've always wanted to meet you and Senator Kelly as well." Her attempt at flattery was simple, and successful. Honestly, the only way she would have wanted to meet the Senator in the past before meeting Stark would have been at Kelly's funeral. But she would not reveal that to Sharon any time soon.

"Well aren't you sweet? You are a lucky one, coming to be Tony's dinner date so quickly." Sharon leaned in confidently, almost to the point of gushing girly optimism. "You'd better watch out or soon the press will have you pegged as Tony's new girlfriend. Not that that would be a problem. He's a talented, rich and incredibly gorgeous man, if I were younger and not married..."

Both women laughed, and after a moment, Sharon gestured up at a small television screen behind the bar. "See what I was telling you about?"

On the screen, a replay by the television crew on a popular EXTRA newsflash showed images of Janice and Stark exiting the limo. She was shocked. Even the news reporter showed some sense of amusement, despite the current station's knack for social before political news.

[i] "It would seem the billionaire bachelor has found himself a new girl, virtually unknown to everyone. The news of her identity has not yet reached our listening ears, and for all of those lonely single girls,"[/i] The news anchor leaned toward the camera confidently, [i] "PLEASE call in your information! We are dying to know what the name of this girl is who has put that sparkle back in Iron Man's eyes. Speaking of Stark, yet another incident has occurred..." [/i]

"I...I.." Turning away from the television, Janice stuttered with wide eyes as she watched herself walk happily into the resteraunt, her arm almost clinging to Stark's. She did look like a happy love-sick puppy. Well, to some extent. Then again, she chanced a quick glance in Stark and the Senator's direction, he was attractive. And rich. And famous. And extremely nice, with her own best interests in mind. Once again, she felt herself slipping away into his charm.

Sharon laughed. "Don't worry, that particular station would rather show pictures of Stark than any kind of real news anyway. No one watches very often. On to buisness though, I'm sure the men are nearly finished..." On cue, the waiter appeared.

"Madam and Madamoiselle, Mr Stark and Senator Kelly are ready for you now." The waiter said with a quick bow, escorting them back to the men's occupied table.

Eyes shining, Janice took her place next to Stark, with the Senator on her other side. This place was overwhelming, with its grandeur and famous clientele. A small smile graced her lips as she looked at Stark. And if she really thought about it, dating Tony Stark might not be such a bad idea after all...

05/02/2007 1:58 PM


The group ordered and went back to small talk. Tony was discussing a memorable novel with Sharon; his literery knowledge was extravagant. Then from that subject, he went about discussing the recent studies in bio-chemistry; it was very surprising how a business man was so intellectual.

Finally the dinner arrived and all four began eating. Tony rose his wine glass and asked for a toast. "A toast! To new friends and growing opportunities." The group cheered and hit glasses. They hadn't noticed, but it began raining outside.

A couple minutes through the dinner, Tony began to feel uneasy. Something was bothering him; it was very obvious. Kelly put his drink down and starred at Tony. "Is everything alright?" Tony nodded, "Yes...everything is fine, I just thought-" His internal memory was acting up; on the radar showed a high threat outside the building.

He shook his head and got up from the table. "Please excuse me." With those sudden words, Tony Stark took off.


-BEEP- Louis opened his eyes; he fell asleep at the TV. The sound of a microwave beeping woke him up. What time was it? It was only 9:00; it felt like morning. He slowly got up and walked to the kitchen. Near the microwave was Kurt; he was making popcorn. He turned and saw Louis, surprised by the weird look he was giving him. "Vhat, even we demons have to eat." Louis laughed; Kurt was starting to feel better.

"Look, Kurt, about earlier, I was just-" "No it's alright, I was just thinking. No harm done. Come, I am glad you're up. I vaunt to show you something."

Louis followed Kurt, wondering what was so important.

05/02/2007 5:07 PM

Janice watched him hurry from the table in shock. Really, it wasn't very good manners to just get up and leave without so much as a reason...Suddenly she realised something must be happening, or have gone wrong, or something. She glanced at the uncertain faces of the senator and his wife. "I - I - I'm going to make sure everything is alright." Janice said quickly, replacing her fork and wiping her mouth with a napkin before going off in the direction that Stark did.

Could it be the rebels? They must be up to something again - she froze in her steps. She had just called them rebels. Like they were the bad guys. Was that...normal? For a moment uncertainty dogged her steps as she again walked a little more slowly through the resteraunt towards the door she had seen him exit through. A little clarity seemed to seep through the extravagent exterior she had been surrounded by. Really, neither side was wrong...but it was obvious sometimes that Tony thought so. Looking through the particularly curious crowd, she thought she spotted Stark ducking through yet another door.

A grim fear began to send shivers down her spine as she ducked under a waiter's arm and glided through the dinner crowd after him.

((Aww man, I had set everything up for Louis to see Janice and Tony on tv...but I think you missed it. :-p ))

05/02/2007 5:51 PM

((Sorry lol, I hadn't noticed. Anyhow, I would like to thank Marvel again for this next post. This was taken from Marvel Civil War: Frontline #3, enjoy. Oh and I added a few of my own thoughts and words in, to spice it up.))

*New York City*

Tony had to hurry; already there was a disturbance and he wasn't even the head of SHIELD yet. He bust open the back door and stepped into the back ally. The rain poured right on top of the man; seeping through his expensive suit. "This is not what I wanted..."

Quickly, Tony transformed into Iron Man; he boosted himself up over the rooftop. His micro radar was picking up explosions in the distance. Then, the explosions died down; they weren't too serious.

He flew across the streets and spotted his old friend, Dominick Williams, on the rooftop of a bar. Police and news reporters were on the streets below, watching as the drunken hero was preaching his own words.

[at the scene]

Prodigy stepped to the ledge of the building; his drunken thoughts spilled from his mouth. "Do you know who I am? Huh? 'M A HERO! Yeah...THA's right...I said I'M a hero! A [b]good[/b] guy! An' in one minute I'll be a [b]bad[/b] guy 'cause some politician says there's a deadline!"

The rain fell on the mans mask; you could of sworn he was crying. He turned to see Iron Man flying over to him. "Oh yeah...That's it, Stark. You come an get me, you big wimp! Then we c'n let th' [b]people[/b] decide! Tony shook his head and hovered over his friend. [b]"Dom...You are now recognized as an unregistered combatant. Please exit this area quietly. You have ten seconds to comply."[/b]

Prodigy's eyes narrowed, "D'You know what you've done, Stark? You've given them all the ammunition they need! They'll tear us apart because of you, and you'll go back to your billionaire mansion and think of somethin' [b]else[/b] to spend your money on, like that cheap whore on th' TV. Then while you enjoy your life, the rest of us try to get by on [i]squat[/i]. Where are the millions to support [b]my[/b] family, huh? Where's my pension plan?"

Iron Man felt haunted by his friend's words. [b]"Prodigy, PLEASE...All I'M asking is that you give some consideration to this. Keep an open mind, don't ruin everything you've worked for because of preconceived notions.[/b] Prodigy threw his beer bottle at Stark, only to be shattered into a million pieces. [b]People want the act-- they NEED it. And if we deny it, we're just hiding our heads in the sand. We can still work something out if you'll just come with me--"[/b]

Prodigy's stirred up angry could hold no more. "[i]Make me[/i], You traitor. [b]MAKE ME!!! HH-AHH!"[/b] Prodigy dove at Iron Man, tackling him into the neon sign behind them. -SKRAESHHH- The electric shock bounced the two back outwards above the street. Luckily Iron Man's boosters were still on. The two "gods" fought above the streets; as if they were floating in the air. Finally, as the SHIELD helicopters arrived, Iron Man sent an electric shock through Prodigy, stunning him. Then for the finale, he sent a hurling plasma disc at the weakened man, only causing another crash and fall to the streets below.

Iron Man flew down to his fallen friend. He knelt next to the unconscious hero and put his hands on his head. [b]"Prodigy..."[/b] The SHIELD agents ran over to the body and cooled him off. They then put hand cuffs on him and threw him into the helicopter. Tony, devastated, flew off.

If you have seen the man lying in the streets; you could have sworn he was killed in [i]war[/i].

05/02/2007 6:24 PM

(Special edition Issue 442 The Rebirth! <---Lolz)

Adam attempted to breath. He choked down water. There was nothing but shimmering black around him. He swam up through it and bobbed to the surface. He was still in the crater but it had filled with water from all the rain. His suit was still on him. The last few hours had all been a blur.

Stark, that had been all that he thought about. He wanted him. He would do anything to get him alone and with no where to run to. No tricks to pull. He would end him, and end everything he stood for. The resistence and the pro-registration forces didn't matter anymore. The war didn't matter anymore It was only the three of them. Stark, Adam, and Sin.

Adam wanted to prove once and for all that he could remove every trace of Stark from this world. Even the memeories. He would wipe those out too. He wanted to destroy every smug, pompous, greedy fiber of Stark's existence. Just the mere knowledge that Stark was alive and well made Adam burn inside. He wanted Stark to suffer, like all those who suffered because of him.

It is impossible to understand how much hatred you had to have for another human being to feel how Adam did while even one molecule of Stark existed in this world.

05/02/2007 8:16 PM

((She is not a cheap whore!! *shocked look* Lol It is sometimes hard to stay in character in situations like these...cause I wouldn't react the same way Janice does. *sigh*))

Just as she was about to exit the building, her eyes caught a television screen and a reporter, commenting eagerly on the scene unfolding before them.

[b]"Prodigy, another renegade hero has found himself with an audience...[/b] She was saying, but her next words were drowned out by Prodigy's drunken and passionate ramblings.

"D'You know what you've done, Stark? You've given them all the ammunition they need! They'll tear us apart because of you, and you'll go back to your billionaire mansion and think of somethin' [b]else[/b] to spend your money on, like that cheap whore on th' TV. Then while you enjoy your life, the rest of us try to get by on [i]squat[/i]. Where are the millions to support [b]my[/b] family, huh? Where's my pension plan?"

[b]"Prodigy, PLEASE...All I'M asking is that you give some consideration to this. Keep an open mind, don't ruin everything you've worked for because of preconceived notions.[/b]
Prodigy threw his beer bottle at Stark, only to be shattered into a million pieces. [b]People want the act-- they NEED it. And if we deny it, we're just hiding our heads in the sand. We can still work something out if you'll just come with me--"[/b]

Prodigy's stirred up angry could hold no more. "[i]Make me[/i], You traitor. [b]MAKE ME!!! HH-AHH!"[/b]

"Ch-cheap wh-whore?" Janice stuttered, tears coming to her eyes, and she found the eyes of a hundred thousand man public staring her down at that very moment. And then...she felt ashamed.

Whose side was she on? Prodigy, as drunk his argument was, it could easily have been mirrored in any of the people she hadmet in the last three days. Excluding the senator, Sharon, and of course Stark. Suddenly she felt ashamed of her own selfishness. She'd been distracted by Stark's kind and extravagent ways and forgotten the people who helped her. Whose side was she really on? If she stayed with Stark, she would get her dreams or normalcy, and maybe...maybe a man who could love her and provide for her. If she chose that, she'd also be siding with a man responsible for the pain of hundreds of mutants and heros alike.

Her terrified uncertain eyes flicked back to the television screen to see Prodigy destroyed by Stark with a final blow, and then tossed into a helicopter like a bag of rocks, something almost unhuman. Slowly she backed away from the television, through the crowd that was watching her and the reporter, and ran to the kitchens, darting by and diving under waiters and cooks until she reached a back door, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

Leaning against the alley wall, Janice sunk to her knees, the pretty forest dress crumpling in the mud. What was she doing? Who was she trying to fool, trying to impress? Ducking her head into her arms, she began to try.

[b[ "God, I'm pathetic..." [/b]

05/03/2007 7:05 AM

Antje's words startled Ying. She wasn't sure where this conversation was going, and wasn't about to halt it by interrupting.

The coffee had just finished, so she fixed two cups and walked over to Antje, handing her one of the cups.

She then stood there, sipping her espresso, waiting for the other woman to continue.

05/03/2007 10:53 AM

She shook her head in frustration.

"He came out today- big press conference, revealed he's Iron Man. Somehow persuaded Spider-man to do the same. He's [i]detaining[/i] unregistereds- and being [i]allowed[/i] to! [b]We[/b] are responsible for that- [b]we're[/b] accountable to the Council, Stark isn't! He can't just [i]keep[/i] people!"

Whether it was the exhaustion compounded by weeks of being permanently on call or pure emotion Antje's voice had risen during the speech: never enough to be a shout, but a significant and uncharacteristic lapse of control.

"Nick would never have let this happen. Hill.." she frowned and ran her hand back through her hair, pausing to take a sip of coffee.
"She's a good woman but... she's by the book. Everything. Regulations followed to the letter. We're under so much scrutiny after what happened with Fury that she has to be. If she's told to indulge Stark she will- even though she knows he wants her job."

She moved toward the window again, trying to gather her thoughts, a small line forming between her brows. Her voice when it came again was soft and low, almost as if she was talking to herself.

"Is that what he's doing?"

She turned to look at Ying.

"You know I believe in the Registration Act, it's not just part of the job.
But how this is being done- the ultimatums, the heavy-handedness..

"Is this all orchestrated by Tony as a big PR drive? A huge furore is created around the act and S.H.I.E.L.D., he plays the part of a dutiful citizen and reveals his identity, when this is done and people are being held accountable- when [i]we're[/i] being held accountable- he's squeaky clean and first in line for Hill's job, with SHIELD ready to be molded any way he wants.
All this, for a job.."

Her eyes were troubled.
She felt drained just at the thought of all the covert machinations.

"If that's what this is about- if he's intentionally trying to make this messy so Hill can be a scapegoat- then this is going to get worse before it gets better. Much worse."

05/03/2007 3:16 PM


Louis followed Kurt to his room. Inside the lights were still turned off; just had Louis seen before. Kurt grabbed him, "Follow me." They went to the closet; it was very small. Quickly, Kurt hit the back wall and a door opened up. "I found this awhile ago. I do my thinking in here."

Louis walked in the dark room; it was like an extra dorm room. Kurt walked over to a desk; books and scrolls were all over the place. He grabbed a very heavy book and plopped it on the nearest chair. "Sit down; I vaunt to tell you a story."

Kurt began telling Louis about Sticks, and how they helped Kurt with a problem while back. Before he had ever come to the school, Kurt was always chased down in Germany. They called him a demon, a menace; he hated getting ridiculed. One day he ran away into the wilderness; he barely survived. One day, a blind man, a sorcerer, found him. He took him in and nurtured him.

The man's name was Stick; he knew of Kurt's problem. He trained Kurt in the art of Zen magic; though Kurt wasn't very good. He transformed Kurt into a regular human, but Kurt did not like hiding so he broke the spell. Later he ran away, stealing spell books and parchments; it was a horrible sin. He then told Louis of the one spell, that he secretly saw Stick performing. It brought Elektra back from the dead.

Kurt practiced it, but was successful only once. After the brief story, Louis starred at Nightcrawler. "Can you bring him back?" Kurt sighed, "I can try, but only when the full moon rises. That is the only vay." Louis bowed his head, "I have to go...but if I come back, [i]will[/i] come back, me and you are going to find Matt's body." Nightcrawler sighed, "Alright, I'll be here." On his way out, Louis heard Nightcrawler yell good luck.

If we were going to find Logan, he would need it.

05/03/2007 5:15 PM

*New York City*

Tony began flying over the city streets; his mind was all over the place. He had left the scene, leaving the mess to the citizens. He didn't even bother going back to dinner; he didn't feel like it. Prodigy's words haunted him; it made him think twice about what he was doing. No, he wasn't wrong; he was doing the right thing.

Tony shook the thoughts from his head and continued flying. He headed back to his tower. It was getting late, and suddenly he was tired. He landed in his office and looked out the window. It was still pouring; he was still wet. He called Senator Kelly through his suit.

[b]"Senator Kelly please." ADMINISTRATION BOOK ACTIVATED, DIALING.[/b] Nothing but an answering machine. He left a message for Kelly, [b]"The deal starts tomorrow night, I'm sorry I had to leave dinner, tell them to write the check off in my name. Once again, it all starts tomorrow."[/b]

Tony didn't want to admit it, but tonight was the first [i]true[/i] battle in the war. Finally war has begun, and he drew first blood.

05/03/2007 5:28 PM

"It's not for a job. It can't be for a job."

Ying couldn't believe that. She wouldn't believe that. Too much destruction had happened already.

Too many lives were lost.

"You know how I feel, Antje, and seeing what Stark and what S.H.I.E.L.D. has done has only strengthened those beliefs.

How much destruction must we witness before we realize how horrible this all is? How many lives must be ruined? How high must the death toll rise?"

She was facing Antje, tears welling up again in her eyes.

[i]God above, woman, stop your crying![/i] she scolded herself. She couldn't help it, though. Not tonight.

05/03/2007 7:54 PM

When the tears finally ceased to well up in her eyes, the moon was rising high above her head and the alley was dark with unseen dangers. Clanging and the sounds of clubbing still echoed from inside the resteraunt, but she knew she couldn't go back in there and face them. Did they all think that she was a cheap whore? Just some girl the great Tony STark had picked up off the street? She knew she was obsessing over something little, something so simple and probably meaningless. But it was the only thing she could think about.

Slowly she rose to her feet, unstable on her heels and the hem of her dress caked in mud. Could she go back to Stark? Was it worth it? But then again, she didn't have anywhere else to go. The rebels surely would not allow her anywhere near them, especially now that the press had seen her brief dinner date with Stark. It would be blown up into something much larger.

She felt her head clearing somewhat. She was allowing herself to be lead around like a lovesick puppy. It was she that was supposed to be calling the shots, wasn't it? Wasn't she the only one who was staying near him because he had promised to help her? Right?

"Right." she murmured aloud, turning and walking down the alley. Though the sounds of the street weren't too far away, she realised then that she had no idea where to go. the noises were vaguley to her left but - The crunching of dirt and gravel sounded behind her, and she froze.

The sound stopped with her. Janice took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She must be imagining things. With a sudden lurch of fear she opened her eyes again, afraid that whatever was following her would suddenly be right in front of her. It was not, and all that remained was the dark shadows of a garbage can and litter.

"This way then." she said softly, trodding carefully in her heels through the mud and mess towards the next corner out of the alleyway. The footsteps behind her picked up again as well. Suddenly she whirled around, ready to catch whatever was following her. But there was no one.

Uncertainty quivered in her eyes as she scanned the darkness and then turned around.


A pair of eyes glistened about three feet infront of her, the shadowy shape of a man standing before her. "Money, wallet, all of it. On the ground, now." The husky voice said urgently.

Her thoughts raced. She was going to be mugged! Pretending to be reaching after her wallet, she nodded and dug into her purse, secretly looking for the Mace she kept hidden. For whatever reason, it wasn't there.

The man lurched forward and slammed her against the wall and she felt the barrel of a gun stab into her stomach. "Now." Alcohol filled breath soaked the air, and she stifled a choke, breaking out into a scream as loud and as terrified as she possibly could and dropping her purse. Within milliseconds, the man's hand was over her mouth, and the barrel pressed even harder into her ribcage.

"Don't try that again or you will be dead." He muttered menacingly, yellow green eyes boring into hers. "Now, reach into your purse, and take our your wallet. Slowly, slowly now, no sudden movements..." As he spoke, she did what she was told, frantically trying to think of what to do. She could transform but...the swirls of doubt stopped her from doing anything but exactly what he said.

05/03/2007 8:30 PM

(Jay, I'm not to certain if you had something special planned for Janice. You're last line hinted at something but I know how she detests her hero form and you know how Adam is. Even now after the change he can't keep himself from saving anyone he can. Who doesn't love a damsel in distress? I'll change if you want.)

Adam sat at the edge of the 'pond' with his feet dangled in. He was contemplating what he would do tonight. Daydreaming, you could say. The world passed around him and watched as he just sat there staring into the crystal clear water. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair which was wet and in his eyes. Only one thing broke the silence.

A scream, a woman, he seemed to know the voice. Odd, he could determine a voice from hearing a scream. He could even think of phrases that voice had uttered. Almost dying had changed him apparently. They say that near death experiences always did.

Back to the contemplation. Only for another minute. He wanted Stark. He would go back to the tower and find Stark. If he wasn't there he would wait. He would demolish Stark. He was stronger now. He knew it, he would make Stark aware of it as well. Not only was he stronger but he could think clearer and strategize. He worked out every last detail. Fine toned it all. It would all fall together.

He started off, the symbiotic suit clinging to his wet body. It was still raining but not that hard. He climbed a nearby building to scan the area. If Stark was on his way home Adam would be sure to know of it. Then he remembered the scream. Damn his morals. Stark would have to wait. But not for long.

The scream didn't come from very far away. He swung over tall buildings and a few low alleys. He spotted a woman. The same woman from Stark's office. That changed everything. Why should he help her? She was with the enemy. Damn his morals, damn 'em to hell.

He stayed in the shadows. He sank into them. He could see a burly man holding a gun to the woman's figure. He was a mugger. Easy take down. He snuck up behind the crook. His red eyes peirced the shadows. His arm emerged from them and wrapped around the man's head. He was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the dark. Then there was silence.

Adam emerged and feeling as if he was about to get a heartfelt 'thank you' he pressed two fingers to the woman's lips and said quietly, "Don't thank me. I'm in a hurry and I have to go. I'm about to 'meet up' with someone you know quite well". With that he was off. He hated his morals and 'thank yous'.

05/04/2007 10:29 AM

The sight of the other woman's tears made Antje uncomfortable.
Ying was usually so self-possessed, so together.

She put her hand lightly on her arm.
"This was supposed to [i]save[/i] lives. After what happened with the New Warriors-"

She stopped and shook her head vehemently, her free hand clenching into a fist.
"No more politics. It doesn't matter 'why', or what was supposed to happen any more.
It doesn't even matter what Stark's agenda is- what matters is that he's escalating this, and more people are going to get hurt."
[i]And S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to be destroyed[/i]

"Ying, I won't do anything that will harm S.H.I.E.L.D.- though God knows little can be worse than what Tony's doing- but, if I can, I'll help you. The Act isn't as important as stopping him."

05/04/2007 7:13 PM

((Actually, I was hoping someone would rescue her. Or get involved, or something. Its called character development! This brings it up to twice? three times? My goodness. Cause eventually she's gonna have to get over this "I hate my hero form" idiocy and start kicking butt and taking names. Well, I hope. We'll just have to see how things go.))

"Damn heroes." she muttered, eyes scanning the darkness and searching for her rescuer. This particular one didn't even seem quite polite. While a short stab of guilt she remembered the last two heroes she remembered saving her, Kurt and Maxis. Hell, she just wished she even knew his real name. Honestly.

Turning her thoughts to the situation at hand, Janice trudged slowly forward in the darkness, checking off every place possible for her to go. There weren't any safe places left. Once again, her mind turned to returning to Stark. Logically, it seemed the best decision. Food, new clothes and a warm bed, all cozy there at Stark Tower. But she had begun to doubt him, the smallest bit. He had practically abandoned her after all. Probably hadn't even given her a second thought.

Finally she turned out of the alley, arms encircling herself on the slightly chilly and rainy night. On top of that, the light drizzle was appearing to get worse as she drew closer to Stark Tower.

"I feel like a bum." she muttered, catching sight of her bedraggled appearance in a mudsplattered shop window in one of the lower districts. Glancing around, the night appeared to have grown darker, and fewer people than before even were out on the streets. The occassional car seemed to speed up as it passed her, and she vaguley wondered why. Once again, the hitchhiker/bum sensation grew. She sighed, and continued walking barefoot along the sidewalk, her heels having been long abandoned by her feet to the safety of dangling on her fingers.

05/04/2007 8:51 PM

The woman was safe and hopefully on her way home. Adam swung over a few buildings only a block or two away from Stark's tower. He landed on the side of a building and scanned for Stark. Nothing but a few homeless guys, empty streets, and...the woman? "Dammit...she's going to get into more trouble isn't she? I'm not bailing her out next time." Adam muttered.

He hadn't seen Stark on his way to the tower. Or at all for that matter. That must mean that Stark was already there. That threw Adam's plan A out the window. He whispered something about plan B always being the better one and then started to climb up the side of the tower.

Tony's office was still big and empty. The holes remained and there seemed to have been no effort to clean it up. It was dark, just what Adam wanted.

05/04/2007 9:13 PM

Stark stayed in the back shadows of his office. He sensed something was there; his [i]suit[/i] sensed it. He did not wish to fight whoever it was, but deep down, he knew whoever [i]it[/i] was wanted to see him, [i]bad[/b].

Just a few feet away the attacker stood. The shadow's covering up his white skull. Iron Man bowed his head; he knew it was the symbiote. With a deep breath, Iron Man tensed up. [b]"[i]sorry[/i]"[/b]

05/05/2007 10:06 AM

((In the Civil War books, especially in Frontline, the writers place a poem in the story, showing scenes of the time period where the poem takes place, and showing the scenes of the current time, or the hero. It is for an artistic effect and a beautiful one at that. I decided to do the same thing in this RP. I picked "The Raven" due to the fact Edgar wrote the poem about the death of his mother and death itself. Maxis is feeling that death has taken over his life, so I felt this poem would do. When reading this, think of seeing Edgar Allan Poe sitting in his room, hearing the Raven, and then on the other side, envision Louis walking alone on a long road with a raven following him, all dark nothing see.))


The moon shined down on the mansion; Louis had no need for sleep. He would start out tonight and nothing would stop him. After he packed he went outside, it was pitch black; the moon being the only source of light. He did not want to drive to Alkali, he would hike. His teleportation would speed things up.

While he walked down the lonely road, a raven was heard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the black creature; its eyes silver as the pale moon. It smelled like death, and it reminded Louis of the time his mother died; [i]Poor mama[/i].

[i]"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe[/i]

[i]Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
" 'Tis some visitor," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door;
Only this, and nothing more."

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow, sorrow for the lost Lenore.
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore,
Nameless here forevermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me---filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating,
" 'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door,
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door.
This it is, and nothing more."

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
"Sir," said I, "or madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is, I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
That I scarce was sure I heard you." Here I opened wide the door;---
Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token,
And the only word there spoken was the whispered word,
Lenore?, This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word,
"Lenore!" Merely this, and nothing more.

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping, something louder than before,
"Surely," said I, "surely, that is something at my window lattice.
Let me see, then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore.
Let my heart be still a moment, and this mystery explore.
" 'Tis the wind, and nothing more."

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately raven, of the saintly days of yore.
Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;
But with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door.
Perched upon a bust of Pallas, just above my chamber door,
Perched, and sat, and nothing more.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"Though thy crest be shorn and shaven thou," I said, "art sure no craven,
Ghastly, grim, and ancient raven, wandering from the nightly shore.
Tell me what the lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore."
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

Much I marveled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly,
Though its answer little meaning, little relevancy bore;
For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being
Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door,
Bird or beast upon the sculptured bust above his chamber door,
With such name as "Nevermore."

But the raven, sitting lonely on that placid bust, spoke only
That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour.
Nothing further then he uttered; not a feather then he fluttered;
Till I scarcely more than muttered, "Other friends have flown before;
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before."
Then the bird said, "Nevermore."

Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken,
"Doubtless," said I, "what it utters is its only stock and store,
Caught from some unhappy master, whom unmerciful disaster
Followed fast and followed faster, till his songs one burden bore,---
Till the dirges of his hope that melancholy burden bore
Of "Never---nevermore."

But the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling,
Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird, and bust and door;
Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking
Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore --
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous bird of yore
Meant in croaking "Nevermore."

Thus I sat engaged in guessing, but no syllable expressing
To the fowl, whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core;
This and more I sat divining, with my head at ease reclining
On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamplight gloated o'er,
But whose velvet violet lining with the lamplight gloating o'er
She shall press, ah, nevermore!

Then, bethought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer
Swung by seraphim whose footfalls tinkled on the tufted floor.
"Wretch," I cried, "thy God hath lent thee -- by these angels he hath
Sent thee respite---respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore!
Quaff, O quaff this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!"
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!"

"Prophet!" said I, "thing of evil!--prophet still, if bird or devil!
Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,
Desolate, yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted--
On this home by horror haunted--tell me truly, I implore:
Is there--is there balm in Gilead?--tell me--tell me I implore!"
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

"Prophet!" said I, "thing of evil--prophet still, if bird or devil!
By that heaven that bends above us--by that God we both adore--
Tell this soul with sorrow laden, if, within the distant Aidenn,
It shall clasp a sainted maiden, whom the angels name Lenore---
Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels name Lenore?
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

"Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!" I shrieked, upstarting--
"Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore!
Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!
Leave my loneliness unbroken! -- quit the bust above my door!
Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!"
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming.
And the lamplight o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted---nevermore![/i]

[Edited by nfrat33 on Saturday, May 5, 2007 10:12 AM]

05/06/2007 1:38 PM

"Ying, I won't do anything that will harm S.H.I.E.L.D.- though God knows little can be worse than what Tony's doing- but, if I can, I'll help you. The Act isn't as important as stopping him."

Ying sighed. She knew where Antje was coming from, but she herself no longer had that loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. It had changed, and Ying didn't agree with the change. That's why she wasn't in anymore.

Just then, something below them on the streets caught her eye.

Glancing around, the night appeared to have grown darker, and fewer people than before even were out on the streets. The occassional car seemed to speed up as it passed her, and she vaguley wondered why. Once again, the hitchhiker/bum sensation grew. She sighed, and continued walking barefoot along the sidewalk, her heels having been long abandoned by her feet to the safety of dangling on her fingers.

[i]That's Janice![/i] she thought.

She quickly turned and headed towards the door, knowing she couldn't let the opportunity of talking to the woman get away. As she moved, she said to Antje.

"You want to help? Come with me, and tell me what you know of Janice Pender before we exit the building."

05/06/2007 2:23 PM

The cold wind didn't cease to stop hitting Louis in the face. He had made some progress on foot; it shouldn't be too long until he reached the Alkali Lake. Even [i]when[/i] he reached the lake, where would he start looking? The place was massive, no lie, and Wolverine liked his [i]spots[/i]. It'd take even more time to find the man.

Louis couldn't bare the wind much longer, he teleported as far as he could down the road. Once he got to that point, he repeated the process. Eventually the lonesome hero made it to the lake. The waves were quite high due to the intense wind. Now the big question was where would he start looking?

Louis took a seat on a stone not too far from the water. He closed his eyes and began thinking. The only thing that was running through his mind was the death of Matt and the lose of his girlfriend. The pain hurt so much; he couldn't bare it. Before he could escape his thoughts, Louis was in another place; a dark tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel stood a group of people, but they could not be seen. Their appearance was covered by the blackened night. They started walking down the tunnel, Louis standing alone at the other end. When they reached him, they started beating him up mercilessly. The pain on from every punch was that of a greater force.

Blood poured from the wounds of Louis, yet they kept on hitting him viciously. The laughter was cynical and horrifying. After he hit the ground, they started to leave. One of the shadows ran back to Louis and sent a spine chilling kick across the jaw. Blood flew from his mouth; Louis was gasping for life.

Suddenly a figure in a cloak ran up to him; Louis's sight was blurry. All he could say was, "Who are you..." The cloaked figure looked at Louis and starred at him, but you couldn't see anything, the person had no face. "Why sir, I'm Maxis...may I ask what happened to you" Louis tried laughing under pain, but he came out with a cry. "Ah...funny, well *spit* you can see I just got the fuck beat out me. What about you? Got scars to hide?" The creature laughed, it was a high pitched laugh. Then the cloaked man's voice turned to a Childs. "No, I'm dead."

"AH!!!" Louis opened his eyes as fast as he could; it was a nightmare. He must have dozed off on the beach. He still was sitting on the stone, looking out at the lake. Where was that place? It was full of shadows, and [i]demons[/i]. Louis shook his head; he just wanted to find Logan and get the hell out.

*Stark Tower*

In the dark, waited Tony Stark; anxiously waiting for his attacker to strike.

05/06/2007 4:10 PM

It had grown increasingly darker as Adam stepped a bit further into the room. He was draining away the light. He would put fear into Stark's heart before he ripped it out. He sank into the darkness making sure to keep silent. Then he popped up behind Stark, still keeping silent.

"Stark...." he whispered, "I'm going to peel every inch of that armor off of you and then I'm going to dig my claws into you and gut you". He sank back into the shadows and reappeared in front of Stark.

There was an eery silence and the Adam lunged at Stark and forced him down. Adam started to punch Stark in the head. He punched Stark so hard that he dented the helmet slightly. Adam then picked him up and tossed him out the window, he flew after Stark and caught him then slammed him into the stone walls.

Adam dug his claws into the stone and carried Stark up to the roof where he continued the beating.

05/06/2007 4:42 PM

((ouch, don't god-mod poor Stark too badly. ;-) ))

Janice shivered with a sudden chill as she glanced up towards the streetsign ahead of her. Just a block, maybe two to go before she reached Stark Tower. Looking up into the sky, she thought she caught a glance of something, someone...but then it passed and was gone. She shook her head. This whole being out on the streets thing was really getting to her. Where had her life gone? Only a few days ago things were just peachy, well, minus the whole Monarch thing, and now she was out on the streets in a post-gorgeous dress like rabble.

Her shoulders sagged and she spotted a newspaper caught on a lamp pole. She grabbed it, opening it up with nearly numb fingers. It had to be getting colder, for some odd reason. The usual meaningless information - her eyes caught the news of Peter Parker's unmasking, and she gasped. She'd met him before! And he was Spiderman...she leaned up against the brick of a nearby building and shook her head. How many other heroes did she unknowingly know? And how many of them would die or divide themselves in the battles to come. The clarity of her thinking now struck her as odd, compared to her inability to focus in Tony Stark's presence. It was almost unnerving.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps down a nearby alley made her pause, lifting her eyes from the newspaper article for only a second. They stopped, and she returned to her paper, though now on her guard. She wasn't about to face attempted muggery twice in one night.

05/06/2007 5:13 PM

(It's not god-mod if you're fighting an NPC. Which he's generally supposed to be but I'm letting nfrat go ahead and give Stark some dialog here and there.)

05/06/2007 5:26 PM

((I love how "your" giving me the go ahead to use Stark, even though I am the GM, lol. Anyhow, I'll continue the fight scene :D))

Tony did not even want to try; he let the creature go at him. He never would have thought this symbiote would be this powerful; even under aggression. The past couple of months, Tony lived his life in his laboratory, messing with symbiote life forms and the human gene cell; above all, finding a way to splice his suit into his body. He eventually had three breakthroughs, one with cloning, two with "Sin", and three with his new body suit.

The cloning worked well; he cloned Jarvis, sending the clone in the heat of the action. Although the clone died, Jarvis was unharmed. Sin, well, Sin was beating the snot out of Tony, but his suit was proving well too. It was absorbing every blow, even though Tony felt it. Sure there were a few dents, but the stability was phonaminal.

Tony regained his thoughts only to be punched into his office wall. He had seen enough; it was time to fight back. Before the symbiote could take another swing, Iron Man rolled away and roundhouse kicked the creature into his own wall. He quickly turned on his speed boosters and drilled the symbiote with a flurry of punches.

With a flip kick into the air, Iron Man let out Psi-Beams, directly hitting Sin in the back. The creature fell, crashing through the floors into the lobby of the floor below. Iron Man hovered down the hole over the limp body. He whispered in Sin's ear.


05/06/2007 5:54 PM

[OOC: aw crap, what [i]do[/i] I know about Janice, lol]

"You want to help? Come with me, and tell me what you know of Janice Pender before we exit the building."

"Janice Pender?"
She put down her coffee and followed Ying out the door, keeping pace easily.

"Not much, before last night.
Shortly before I was sent to Stark Tower there was a report of an unregistered mutant matching her description- I saw the incident sheet when I reported last night.
When the team got there it was a trap- Wagner and Maxis were there and pretty much decimated the team.

They ran what info they got through the system and it flagged a record we had from about eight years ago. Her parents owned a butterfly farm, something happened that wiped out their stock, parents themselves died under mysterious circumstances.
We did some preliminary work on the case because terrorist involvement was suspected- some higher ups thought a bioweapon was being developed, maybe using insects as carriers. With their short lifespans you could target delivery and ensure an area would be clean fairly quickly. Butterflies.."

She shrugged and checked her watch before continuing.

"Their daughter, Janice, was in a coma for a year after the incident.
She was monitored for a while but didn't display any symptoms, nothing abnormal from any of the labs.
There wasn't really much after that, once she'd woken up. Moved around a bit, but no more than you'd expect for a kid orphaned at that age, went to college, normal things.
A couple of deaths that could be classified as odd but nothing to directly link her or put them down as suspicious rather than just unfortunate.

Once she showed up at the Tower last night the feed picked up some interesting readings from her."
She glanced briefly at Ying to guage her reaction.
"High energy, sonic pulses- not to mention the wings. She seemed at times to be leaving a kind of trail- couldn't tell from the feed if it was residual energy or particulate, and Stark declined our offer of a clean up crew so we couldn't get any samples."

Her lips tightened as she mentioned Stark's name.
They emerged from the building into the still drizzling rain and headed in the direction Janice had gone.

"That's about it.
I thought from last night she was one of yours."

05/06/2007 6:09 PM

((Lol! Yay for mystery! Though when you work for the govt,nothing really stays a mystery...))
The rain drenched Janice's dress, and now, she realised bemusedly, she surely looked the part of a drunken wet hobo, wobbling around without shoes with her hair dripping at her shoulders. She sighed, continuing her normal pace. She hadn't heard the footsteps again, so either whatever was following her had gone, or she was simply not paying close enough attention.

"One more block to go." she murmured, spotting a sign. Anxiously she imagined a nice warm shower and toasty pajamas. Sleep too would be quite nice, she acknowledged, keeping an eye out for any suspicious characters and swinging her heels in one hand, having dropped the newspaper a while back.

05/06/2007 6:16 PM

(Buh....we were on the roof... and it's enguard not unguard, common mistake.)

"Fighting back Stark? Just what I wanted to see. If I was simply going to tear you apart without a challenge then that would be no fun." he said. Adam seemed increasingly less focused on revenge and more on the pure destruction of Tony Stark.

Adam lunged at Tony from the hole. He didn't care if he had to bring the tower down around him in order to defeat Stark. He would do it. He grabbed Stark and sent him soaring through a few floors.

He got level with Stark and hit him with a large combo of kicks, punches, and throws. They both looked pretty bad. Stark's armor was dented in several places and Adam had a few cuts and rips in his suit.

Who knew how long either one of them would keep this up.

05/06/2007 6:38 PM

((Sorry Rath just thought we ended up back in the office. Yea, simple typo, sorry.))

*Stark Tower*

Before Tony could make another move, the creature sent him soaring back up. The beating continued; more kicks to the stomach and punches to the face. Tony couldn't remember the last time he was in such a grueling fight. If he wanted to live he'd have to pull out the big guns.

He let the symbiote hit him some more, then he shot on his boosters and kicked off of Sin. Iron Man soared backwards sending a wave of Uni-Beams. The beams hit the creature and kept him busy. Then, Iron Man hurled a large plasma disc at the creature, sending [i]it[/i] into a pile of rubble.

[b]"Time to finish what I started."[/b] Iron Man rose into the air; he took all of the sound waves in the room and molded them together in his suit. Adding electricity, Iron Man was ready to obliterate the damn cynical creature. [b]"I'll have to spend a truck load to repair this place, but I have to do this..."[/b].

With all his might, Iron Man unleashed a full on energy "Nano Assault". The shockwave was sent over to the rubble were the creature lay; *BOOM* an explosion destroyed the east end of the floor, debris flying into the streets. Rubble from the upper floor fell onto the fallen creature.

When the assault was over, Iron Man had created a large "window" in his tower. The east end of the upper floor was either outside, or piled up mountain high. Nothing in that mountain could have lived; the blast itself could obliterate the simplest of organisms.

Iron Man slowly flew over the scene and scanned the hill of rubble; no sign of life. Even though his scanners read "no life", something told him that the thing was still there. Iron Man slowly inched over to the rubble, waiting to see if his work was done.

05/06/2007 6:55 PM

What an amazing blast. Adam had just narrowly avoided it by sinking into the shadows after he had been knocked down. Thankfully Iron Man had missed that detail. He mulled over the rocks while Adam waited just a few feet away clinging to the shadows of the wall.

Time for a few special techniques. He had control over shadows so why not put it to good use? Tentacles shot out of the shadows and slammed Stark into the walls. They broke away as he hit and piled up as more rubble.

Adam shot out of the rubble and pounced on Stark. "Remove that mask of yours Stark. I want to look into your eyes when I kill you!" he shouted. He threw Stark up and dark spikes shot out at him, cutting holes in his armor.

Adam jumped up after Stark and kicked him upwards through the roof. He wanted the showdown to end now. As bad as Stark did.

05/06/2007 7:17 PM

*Stark Tower*

Tony was pissed and shocked at the same time. The creature missed his blast; it was that amazing. The voice inside the symbiote was really nerve racking and to top it off, the man was putting holes through his molded body suit. The creature snarled in Iron Man's face as he mercilessly beat Tony.

"Remove that mask of yours Stark. I want to look into your eyes when I kill you!"

That was it that was the last straw. After the symbiote flipped him onto the roof, Tony got up from the pain and stood, waiting for the creature to climb up. Finally Sin arrived on the roof; Tony was pissed.

The creature lunged at Tony, but only to be met by a skull crushing head butt. Tony grabbed the symbiote by the throat and squeezed. He met the creature eye to eye, [b]"I can't fucking take off this suit, you jackass"[/b]. With those words, Iron Man head butted the creature again, and then gave him a mean right hook.

Quickly he threw the creature into the nearest vent and glided backwards. [b]"This is it, I created that symbiote kid, I made it what it is. If you wanted to have the power, you should have left me alone, but no, you wanted revenge. Now I'm going to take the power away! AIRSTRIKE!!!!!"[/b]

The glass from the nearest windows cracked. You could hear Iron Man's anger from miles away. With twice the might now, Iron Man charged up his Nano Assault and Plasma Disc together. This explosion was going to hurt them both; Tony knew it. With thunder he sent the beam hurling into the air, the whole city was lit up.

In a few seconds, the blast hit its target, and desecrated the whole upper level of Stark Tower. Iron Man was thrown miles away from the sight; his whole mask was ripped off. Finally, Iron Man landed in a corn field, many miles away. He may or may not have killed the thing, but by damn he finally escaped its clutches.

With a last breath, Tony, blacked out.

05/06/2007 7:57 PM

Just as Janice reached the doors of Stark tower, surrounded by crashes, Janice looked up in time to see a giant flash, glass breaking and the sounds of a thousand voices screaming in her head echoing through the entire city. The noises and crashes she had heard must have been from a fight she realised in shock, watching an unidentified body fly through the air many miles away.

[i]Stark...[/i] She thought anxiously, racing into the doors of Stark tower and up the stairs (the elevator, she discovered, was no longer operating to the top floor. Surprising, no?). She passed wreckage beyond her wildest dreams, body shaped holes through floors and plaster coating everything. She choked, coughing through the dirty air as she climbed higher and higher.

Halfway to the highest floor, she froze, staring out into open space. The stairs simply stopped, as did the walls, the floor, the ceiling...All that remained was simply air and debris, falling from the sky.

"What...what happened here?" she whispered, and then she remembered the symbyote fighter that had attacked Stark earlier. It must have been him! She realised. But glancing at the wreckage around her, it was impossible to tell who the victor was. She could only pray it had been Stark. He was her only hope for a normal life, and...she sighed, the beginnings of tears in her eyes. She couldn't imagine what would happen next in her own life if he didn't survive to help her. Janice fell to her knees in the center of the wreckage, clasping her arms around her tightly. To an onlooker, it would almost appear as if Janice herself had caused the damage...and not anyone else.

05/06/2007 8:00 PM

"That's about it.
I thought from last night she was one of yours."

"No, although I tried. For some reason, she didn't warm up to me," Ying's sarcasm was bitingly evident. Her personality was like metal, just as her body was. It was cold, sharp, and took a long time to warm up.

They continued to walk down the stairs, Ying obviously getting back into her element. She was doing something, she was focused, and she was gladly escaping her state of helplessness.

"The trail you spoke of is a particulate. It's highly acidic, although I'm not sure if it has any other qualities: it had begun to eat through my muscular system."

Antje was one of the few people who knew about Ying's body. She didn't show it to many people, despite her rash reaction when she first met Adam/Sin. Thus, Antje would understand the importance of that last bit of information.

With a glance at the door, Ying could tell they were taking too long. Her apartment was on the top floor, and the elevator would have taken even longer than they were already taking on the stairs.

Antje couldn't go any faster, though, and Ying knew it. She might have been exceptionally fit, but she was still human. She would tire before long if Ying pushed them any more: they were already going at a very respectable pace.

With a quick glance outside the window, she could see Janice turn the corner. There was no one else on the street.

"Follow me," she said as she went onto the 23rd floor.

She knew Antje would follow, and she went through a couple of doors to an open balcony. This was one of the balconies that was never used, except for less respectable purposes for one reason: it overlooked a mangy alleyway and faced another very tall building.

Originally, it had had quite a view over the city. But construction brought its neighbor to spoil the view, and a convenient mode of transportation to Ying.

"Antje, come here, and trust me."

She was about to say 'You might want to close your eyes,' but that would have been an insult to a woman like Antje, and Ying knew it. Instead, she looked her in the eye, and gave her a nod. Not seeing any overt objection, she grabbed Antje firmly by the waist and jumped over the railing, bringing Antje with her.

The windows flew past as they fell from 240 feet in the air. Faster and faster they gained speed, and Ying made sure she had a firm grip on Antje, purposefully not looking at her. She respected Antje, and knew that if the woman was frightened she wouldn't want anyone to know, so she respectfully kept her attention away from her.

When they reached approximately 120 feet from the ground, Ying reached her hand out and grazed her fingertips on the metal bar that ran down the length of the building. Slowly, she increased the amount of her hand that was on the bar, increasing the pressure she gripped it with as well.

They began to slow down, Ying trying to make it smooth but every once in a while there was a slight jerk. At about 50 feet they were slowing down but still moving quite quickly. The ground continued to rush up to meet them at 40 feet, and Ying increased the pressure still.

They continued to slow, until they were just sliding down at about 15 feet from the ground. They ended up stopping at about 5 feet from the ground, and Ying released a little bit of pressure to slide down some more, before they jerked to a stop at about 6 inches off the ground.

With a quick squeeze to signal that she was letting go, Ying let go of Antje, and not a moment too soon.


The explosion rocked the alleyway, and for a moment, Ying just hung there, waiting for the effects of the explosion to fade.

She then released the bar, and dropped to the ground, landing lithely on her feet. Then she took off to the main street, to see what had happened

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05/07/2007 5:51 AM


Antje couldn't go any faster, though, and Ying knew it. She might have been exceptionally fit, but she was still human. She would tire before long if Ying pushed them any more: they were already going at a very respectable pace.

humph. Superspy! Can definitely run down some stairs without getting winded! lol. I'll assume then that you'll change your post when you get a chance to kaboom and Janice running in and continue from there]

H.A.L.O. jumping just did not prepare you for this kind of thing.

If Antje could've formed a coherent thought as they plummeted from the window that would have been it, but her stomach seemed to have shifted positions to be now located mid-throat, and appeared to be cutting off the oxygen to her brain.
That's what it felt like, anyway.

She'd done regular parachuting, H.A.H.O. jumping, too many H.A.L.O.s to count, and rappelled from helicopters and down buildings so much that it was her most frequent mode of transport. But this..

When you [i]knew[/i] you were going to jump there was enough time for your adrenaline to kick in, prepare you a little, and regardless of how much she trusted Ying the journey, brief though it was, was nerve wracking, to say the least.

Still, the adrenaline had started flowing by the time the reached the ground, and she landed lightly and wobble-free.

Ying had just touched down behind her when a huge explosion sent her reeling, the unexpected noise painful to her hypersensitive ears. Grimacing she didn't even have to check to know it came from the direction of Stark Tower.

With a wordless look they both ran the short distance, already hearing sirens blaring in the distance.

Antje but a hand on Ying's arm as she was about to run across the road to the entrance of the building and pulled her into the shadow of a nearby doorway.

"You can't go in there."
The look on Ying's face was incredulous, so she continued quickly.
"You haven't been identified yet as being part of the resistance. Janice was [i]there[/i] last night- if you go in you'll be linked.
You know what security's normally like in there: even with all this drama they'll still have personnel ready to detain threats."
She looked up the street, no emergency vehicles were visible yet.

"I'll go in. A S.H.I.E.L.D. officer would have an excuse to be there, and I can say I was combing the area to see if we missed anything last night- they know how I am."
She smiled ruefully, and pointed up the street.

"You know Da Mario's? Pizza place two blocks up- there's an alley behind. I'll try to talk to Janice, see if she'll meet you up there. But.." she hesitated, "she walked into Stark Tower. She might have a reason for being there. I'll try and get a read from her before I mention you- if she's working with Stark and links me to you, well.. I'm on thin ice as it is".

Her grip on Ying's arm tightened briefly before she released it, and started across the road.
"Go. Either way, contact me when you can. I'd offer but your safehouse isn't listed "
It was a lame joke, and she winced exaggeratedly as she said it.

"If I don't hear from you in a few days I'll leave a message for you in the library at Hopkins. They have a first edition of Origin of Species."
She winked over her shoulder and jogged across the road, pulling out her I.D. to show at the door.

Inside, it was controlled chaos.
Employees were leaving the building in a steady stream, surprisingly orderly, kept moving by security staff.
She could hear sirens getting closer and quickened her pace slightly, flashing her badge imperiously at a guard stationed at the main stairwell door, half prepared for an argument. But the man just nodded her through: terrorist attacks fell under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s jurisdiction so no matter how insular Stark was they couldn't plausibly deny her access.

As soon as the door swung closed she started running up the stairs, pausing briefly at each level to check for life. Listening for sounds of movement was hardly an ideal way to locate Janice but she didn't have any of her equipment so would have to make do with her senses.
Luckily, most of the floors seemed empty, and the building was sturdy enough and sufficiently well insulated that the noise from the devastation above and sirens below didn't interfere.

As she went higher the stair became littered with rubble, showers of plaster and debris falling sporadically, the odd electric wire exposed and crackling.

Her steps slowed as she reached the end- literally- of the stairs.
The damage was... unbelievable.

A figure was curled in on itself, almost foetal, in the midst of the wreckage, looking almost as devastated at the building.

Antje hunkered slowly down beside her, not wanting to startle her.
She didn't respond. From what she had seen last night the woman could be volatile, and she didn't want to alarm her.
"Miss Pender, we need to get out of here."
She kept her voice low and calm, trying to sound reassuring.
"Miss Pender- Janice, the authorities are on their way. We need to clear out".
She kept her words purposefully vague and open to interpretation, waiting to see how the woman reacted.
If she was here with Stark se didn't want to risk exposing Ying- or their connection.

05/07/2007 7:37 AM

[OOC: You're not quite super-human, and if you did get a successful batch of experiments, then Ying wouldn't know it anyways. Also, they would have to go down over 30 flights of stairs, and I don't care how physically fit you are, if you aren't superhuman, that would take something out of you. :-P

Plus, like I said as well, it would just take too long. You have to admit that my way was much faster. lmao.]

Antje but a hand on Ying's arm as she was about to run across the road to the entrance of the building and pulled her into the shadow of a nearby doorway.

"You can't go in there."

Indeed, the look she gave Antje was incredulous.

"If I don't hear from you in a few days I'll leave a message for you in the library at Hopkins. They have a first edition of Origin of Species."
She winked over her shoulder and jogged across the road, pulling out her I.D. to show at the door.

The entire time she wanted to interrupt, but she knew Antje was right. The reason she kept working at the hospital was that no one knew who she was. No one knew she was part of the Resistance, which is how she was able to help the people she could.

Doesn't mean she liked it, though.

With a nod, she turned and went to the pizza shop. She didn't go directly to the alley, but went inside. This was one of the pizza shops that were open practically 24/7. While that may seem odd, one has to remember that this is New York City.

Besides, they had some excellent cheese bread.

05/07/2007 3:08 PM


Besides, they had some excellent cheese bread.

That amused me greatly. ^_^. ]]

"Miss Pender, we need to get out of here."
She kept her voice low and calm, trying to sound reassuring.
"Miss Pender- Janice, the authorities are on their way. We need to clear out".

Janice, having turned her face to search the sky and ignoring the helicopters that were beginning to fly overhead, did not turn to look at the person who spoke. She didn't know the voice, so it would be unnecessary to pay attention. "Why would we need to clear out?" she said softly. "I'm Tony's personal guest. I may stay if I wish."

Her voice was soft, almost cold. Her clear green eyes continually searched the sky. She had realised moments before that the body she had seen fly through the air was either Stark's or his opponent. And it was to big to have been the symbiote's. Stark could be hurt, dead or dying, or he could be just fine and on his way here to sort everything out calmly and politically, just like he had before. So she would wait. And nothing would stop her, or move her from this point. If Stark never showed, then she would have nothing to look forward to anyway. Without his help, she wouldn't have a choice, and eventually, she would be blamed for the deaths that haunted her. Blamed, and then convicted. At this point, she thought earnestly, it is in my best interest to stay put.

"Miss Pender, it is imperative - "

Janice put up a hand, turning slowly to stare at the unfamiliar woman and cutting her off. "It is imperative you leave the buildings at once, if the attention of the authorities is something that you fear." She replied, her the color of her eyes trickling from green to purple and back again.

Scanning the woman, she noted the SHIELD badge and her...well, superspy attitude. Yet another would be rescuer. [i] Well, this time I don't need to be rescued.[/i] She thought, her lips pursing slightly. When Stark gets here, he will sort everything out. He has to. The remainder of her life depended on it. She had pure and simple faith in that phrase.

05/07/2007 3:23 PM

Adam had ran towards Stark with all his might moments before the blast. The last thing he saw was the bright blinding light and the roof of Stark's tower falling to rubble. He was blown about a mile away. He shot through a building or two. Literally punching holes through the concrete floors and walls of the building. He finally skidded to a stop in a large hole that he punctured in the pavement.

Adam still wasn't impressed by Stark. He still thought of him as a coward. He had proven himself. He had pushed Stark to the edge and made him bring out his greatest weapon. Now he knew Stark's limits.

He judged that since Stark had launched the attack himself it propelled him further away than Adam had been. He would get Stark again. Alone and afraid. Then he would finally end him. He still despised every molocule of Stark's DNA.

05/07/2007 5:10 PM

((Time to introduce another character; no, not Ben Urich, but another reporter [i]like[/i] Ben.))

*Outside Stark Tower*

Ever since I took the assignment; I've been under constant pressure. It was always that I had to be ready [i]if[/i] war arose. My boss always hassling me; pissing me off usually. I guess I can't complain, I mean, others are in the same predicament. Take my good friend Ben Urich for example; I and he went to journalism school together. The only difference now, is that I am working for a better newspaper.

Anyway, we are both covering the same story; he calls me every night, describing the horrid work he had to do. He and I have different opinions; Ben supporting the other side, while I was sticking to the constitution. I still believed that this fighting was wrong though, every bit of it.

Let me begin my story; I'm done rambling on. I'm standing outside Stark Tower, ambulances everywhere and firefighters attempting to put out the blaze. Houses near the sight were catching fire; man was it sick. Survivors from the tower were exiting now, coughing from the debris and smoke. Whoever worked on the upper floors were now dead; no doubt about it.

Smoke was rising up from what used to be, the rooftop. Flames dancing on the outskirts, ambers falling into the streets. I could swear, if you saw what I saw...you'd think that time took a turn. You coulda sworn you were standing outside the World Trade Center.

It was 9/11 all over again; the bad thing about it...Americans attacking Americans. This [i]was[/i] the first fight of the [i]Civil War[/i]

*Some Rural Town in New York*

Iron Man regained consciousness. His head was throbbing, headaches were his only [i]weakness[/i]. Tony slowly got up; he had lain in a silhouette of his own body. The moon was starting to set, he hadn't realized the time. In the distance, Tony saw the smoke and flames of his Tower. The lights of ambulances and cop cars were shining in the night.

[b][i]"My God...what have I done...[/i][/b]

*Alkali Lake*

Louis had been searching the nearby forest; still no sign of Logan. His search was beginning to piss him off; he knew he wouldn't find the man anytime soon. "Maybe if I get some height." Louis teleported up onto the branch of a large Sycamore tree. The view was stupendous; he hadn't witnessed anything so beautiful in awhile.

Eventually something caught his eye. In the distance, lasers and explosions were seen. Trees were falling and grunts were heard. He had finally found Wolverine; "Damn Logan...what have you gotten yourself into?"

05/08/2007 1:28 AM

Janice put up a hand, turning slowly to stare at the unfamiliar woman and cutting her off. "It is imperative you leave the buildings at once, if the attention of the authorities is something that you fear."

Adrenaline was still flowing strongly enough that she had to resist the urge to laugh.

"M'am, I [i]am[/i] the authorities."
[i]But for how much longer?[/i]

She could hear the emergency vehicles squealing to a stop outside.

"I'm within my jurisdiction and have a valid reason to be here- unlike you."
She forestalled the protest, continuing on.

"Miss Pender, after last night you are a [i]wanted terrorist[/i].
You are recorded as being unregistered and at the scene of an illegal attack on Stark Tower- the same Stark Tower which has just now been blown up."

She paused and looked at the woman candidly.
"Frankly, I don't care if you [b]do[/b] have a reason to be here, it's not going to be one that will satisfy my superiors- and it is not going to be Stark's security coming up those stairs: it's going to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. counter-terrorism unit."

She could see the the lines of stubbornness all through the woman's body. More than stubbornness- conviction. From the reactions she'd noted whenever she mentioned Stark's name- a miniscule dilation of some facial blood vessels, small changes in the pupil and hear rate, a slight tensing of muscles- Antje could make a pretty good guess who that conviction involved.
[i]Hell, maybe I should just take her in. She' dangerous enough to warrant it, even Ying would find that hard to argue with. Maybe.[/i]

The way things seemed to be, though, if she [i]was[/i] with Stark he could just demand to have her released and she would be- but not before spending some time in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s holding facility, which Antje didn't think she was stable enough to handle. Something was keeping her under control here, some belief, but how long would it last in a containment cell?

"Miss Pender," her voice remained low and soft, "Stark Tower has just exploded. If Tony was able to be here, he would."

She'd covered herself: everything she'd said so far was open to interpretation and not directly incriminating- even if the word of an illegally unregistered mutant would have been believed over a decorated S.H.I.E.L.D. officer.
She wasn't going to say any more.

[OOC: I'm willing to resort to force if that's where you want to take it :) ]

[edit note: fixed a tag]

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05/08/2007 2:50 PM

((lets see...incriminate even more evidence against Monarch (they haven't quite connected Janice and Monarch yet I didn't think)...or come quietly...I must say, I am quite in favor of making Monarch appear to be a hardened criminal...))

This woman was most definitely pushing her buttons. Janice took a deep breath, staring back at the officer and trying to hold back the irritation and quickly brewing anger. She had to stay calm. Stark would never come back if she allowed herself to transform. He wouldn't risk being publicly connected to her in such a way.

"No one knows it was me." She said softly. "No one has connected me with what happened last night, and I don't know who you think you are, but you aren't about to tell the "authorities" on me..." A small bitter smile graced her lips. "Or else you already would have, with troops behind you right now."

As she spoke, sirens and sounds of the police, ambulances and other emergency vehicles continued their shrill scream into the night. Voices were growing louder as the troops marched up the stairs, hunting for the reason for Stark Tower's explosion. Just as the officer woman was about to reply, a sharp spotlight landed directly on them, casting long shadows on the rubble that was once Stark's beloved lab.

"Look." she murmured, not turning her eyes to stare into the blinding light. "They've spotted me, and they've spotted you. What are they going to think?" Her thoughts were crystalline clear, each word sharp and fierce, as if driven by an unseen power. "On the one hand, I'm poor Stark's new girlfriend, who happened to be nearby at the time, and rushed up here very, very upset. And you...a SHIELD officer who happened to be alone?"

Janice smiled, tucking a wet, limp strand of hair behind one ear. Her cheeks were stained with mascara, adding to the poor damsel masque. "And it won't take me long to come up with a story."

05/08/2007 4:12 PM

Let me introduce myself; they call me Johnny Polaski, a polish snot ball who knows his news. I may be a smart ass, but I am one of New York's top reporters and I can be sophisticated at times. Now enough about me, let's head back to the story.

*Outside Stark Tower*

Johnny was interviewing an old man; he seemed to have close relation with Tony. "Can you tell me what you saw in your own words?" The man was stunned, you could plainly tell. "Well, I have seen worse in my day, but...this was out of the ordinary. I was on the fourth floor, heading up to Mr. Starks office, and when I was climbing the stairs, I saw a beam of light falling down. That's all I saw, before I was thrown down the stairs by the blast."

Johnny took some notes, "Are you sure you didn't see anyone up there?" The man nodded, "I was in the stair well; I wasn't in the hallway yet." Johnny nodded and helped put the oxygen mask back on the old man; he was roughed up. He shook the mans hand and walked away. His eyes were still fixed on the blast; he hadn't noticed the SHIELD agents driving up to the scene.

Lt. Eric Marshall of the NSA headed over to Johnny; they were friends for awhile, before Eric left for SHIELD. Johnny fixed the pen in his ear and eyed the tower some more. Eric put a hand on his shoulder. "Weird shit huh? Not a day through the start of the act, and this shit happens. I have a feeling my jobs going to become a lot more interesting."

Johnny chuckled, "Yea, chasing after a bunch of weirdo's in tights sounds like fun. Just get a call?" Eric nodded, "Ms. Hill sent us on the scene right away; we tried contacting Tony via his suit, but no answer. Something tells me he had a part in this; damn is he an open target." Johnny smiled, "Hold on, before you start talking. Why are your men heading up the tower?"

Johnny pointed to the troops that were entering the blazed building. Eric glanced over in the direction, then back at Johnny. "They are checking the area. If whatever caused this explosion is still in there, we get first access. This explosion could have been worse then the Nitro incident. Oh and by the way, did I tell you the big [b]thing[/b] that happened over at my place?"

Johnny shook his head, "No, how big is it? Can I get in?" Eric nodded, "Sure you can, but a lot of your findings cannot be put into the paper; this shit would cause too much of a riot. Anyhow, we boys at SHILED found one of the New Warriors." Johnny gasped, "No kidding; who could it be? I thought the blast killed em off." Eric shook his head, "Nope; apparently the blast didn't kill Speedball. We have him in custody."

Johnny laughed and slapped his side, "Hot damn, a good topic. With this and the Speedball thing, I can really cash in the dough. Oh hey, mind if I get access up the tower?" Eric laughed and walked away, "What, you think I am giving you everything? Not a chance John." Johnny smiled, "At least I tried."

*Alkali Lake*

Louis quickly transformed into Maxis; he'd have to hurry and get to Logan. With speed, he teleported his way through the forest, to the scene of the fighting. He bumped into Logan running away. "Argh, what the hell you think your doing!?" Maxis apologized, "Sorry, but whoever is chasing you, I can make it end." Wolverine eyeballed him, "Well hurry up bub." Maxis hugged Wolverine and teleported into the deeper part of the forest.

Wolverine dusted himself off and thanked Maxis. Maxis looked around and spoke to Logan, "Who the hell's chasing you?" Logan punched a tree and looked back at the shadow. "None of your business. Hey you think you can teleport me to New York?" Maxis shook his head, "No, my powers aren't that powerful. I have to see where I am teleporting, or else I can get trapped in the shadows. Wolverine laughed, "You're just like fur ball. Hey, aren't you-" "Louis Maxim, yea. Hey Logan."

Logan punched him in the arm, "I knew you'd come crawling back. Enough chit-chat, we have to get the hell out of here and fast."

05/08/2007 5:15 PM

Antje's smile was brittle, her training the only thing controlling her rage.

"I'm off duty, of course I'm going to be alone, and whatever story you come up with, girlfriend or not, won't be enough: Miss Pender, you seem to be operating under a misconception- I was [i]there[/i]-" she stabbed a finger at the now-visible roof of the building opposite Stark Tower, "-last night.

Working surveillance. Surveillance from which your voice can be [i]clearly[/i] identified, and in which your name is mentioned several times. The name which was, incidentally, given in an anonymous tip off about an unregistered mutant just prior to the attack.
Surveillance which also has video and infrared footage of your.. alter ego."

She tilted her head slightly, regarding the woman calmly.

"Not damning, I'll grant you, but certainly more than enough to at least raise questions, wouldn't you say?
I, on the other hand, am a dutiful- and overworked- officer, giving up my personal time re-visiting the 'scene of the crime' to see if anything was missed. Not out of character for me, I can assure you.

I'm [i]very[/i] good at what I do, Miss Pender.
I don't have anything to worry about."

[i]Unlike Ying. If she is Tony's latest friend and she links her to the resistance..[/i]

She took a step closer to the woman, her voice so low it was almost a hiss.

"You do know that during the incident last night Mr. Stark captured one of the rebels. A symbiote. He was not given over to S.H.I.E.L.D. to be held. He was kept here, in a [i]lab[/i].
Tony takes whatever he wants, Miss Pender: by force or by charm."
She looked down at the tattered dress again.
"Although sometimes he doesn't have to take anything- it's just given to him".

She straightened, wiping a little plaster dust off the sleeve of her jacket.

"I am leaving now, Miss Pender.
You can come with me, in which case I can escort you, the distraught girlfriend of Mr. Stark, out of the building, or you can resist- in which case the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to come up those stairs in about.." she cocked her head slightly, "..47 seconds, will find either me subduing you, the distraught girlfriend of Mr. Stark" she smiled wryly, "or me being assaulted by a terrorist placed at the scene here last night, and now concretely linked to you, Janice Pender."
She brushed more dust off her sleeve.
"38 seconds."

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((holy crap, that'd be enough to make me come quietly...))

Fury raged within her at the insinuation toward's her and Stark's relationship. She was not his whore, or anything else of that manner and for this woman to talk about her like, she felt bubbling screams bottle themselves up inside her throat. Infact, she could feel the flames boiling deep inside. "I...You..." she stuttered, her eyes glowing a solid purple as she struggled to regain control.

"28 seconds."

"Will you shut up?!!" Janice spat furiously, rising angrily to her feet. She was determined to not give in, but the footsteps grew steadily nearer, and by now, she could hear voices. It was most certainly not in her best interest to allow herself to be caught by the other agents, but she CERTAINLY did not want to become to equivalent of this woman's prisoner either, and to allow herself to be put in such a position could threaten everything she had with Stark, and besides, it was she who was trying to put herself in his pocket so that he would help her, not the other way around right, but really who was she fooling? it was quite possible that he was simply pulling the wool over her eyes -

"15 seconds."

Janice shot a frantic look at the stairs, practically seeing helmets rising into view, carrying weapons that would take her into custody if they really had all of the information this awful woman said they had. It was to much to risk honestly, and she could always come back to Stark.

"9 seconds."

Gritting her teeth, Janice spun to stare at the figure she had begun to dislike very, very immensely. "Fine." she muttered through clenched teeth. "But this does not mean you have any control over me [i]WhatSoEver[/i]." she finished, her eyes narrowing suspiciously, and not regaining their normally classy green.

Then, as if on cue, she burst into hysterical tears.

05/08/2007 6:08 PM

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Before the first agent had rounded the final corner Antje's jacket was off and around Janice's shoulders.
She tensed reflexively but Antje pulled her closer regardless and started down the stairs, appearing to support her.

She tried to get her thoughts in order in the brief moments she would have before having to speak to the commanding officer- identifiable as she was, she didn't have to worry about not being recognised.

[i]What the hell am I going to do with this woman?[/i]

She clearly was not the most controlled of people, and was carrying some loyalty- misplaced or otherwise- to Stark, so was it worth bringing her to Ying?

It wasn't so much that Janice could endanger Ying- it was only a matter of time before she was ID'd from the surveillance footage and she'd have to go into hiding anyway, leave her hospital work.

It wasn't even that she could link Antje to the resistance if they met up with Ying- if that happened Janice's own secrets would come to life, and Antje still had enough clout that her career could survive that kind of suspicion, even though it might make things difficult for a while.

It was the fact that twice, now- or nearly twice now that she'd finally acquiesced, even if under protest- Janice had refused help. She'd left Ying and the resistance once already- what was to stop her doing it again? Or with more damaging knowledge?

So Antje was in the position of taking a woman who had some connection to Stark [i]away [/i] from Stark, deceiving her own organisation. S.H.I.E.L.D., delivering said woman reluctantly to the 'enemy' Resistance, from whom she, an unregistered mutant, would probably try to run again, back to the arms of Stark, the spokesman for the Registration Act, who had some unknown- but dreadfully coincidental given the circumstances- interest in her.

[i]Makes perfect sense[/i].

She put on her game face, sharing a 'Civilians- what can you do?' eyeroll with the first agent to glance at the sobbing Janice.

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05/08/2007 6:20 PM

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*Stark Tower*

Eric followed the soldiers up the stairs; man was he getting too old for this type of work. Eventually the crew reached the [i]end[/i] of the stairway, only to be stopped by a fellow SHIELD agent and an unknown civilian.

Eric smiled at the sight of Antje; they were good friends in the force. He went to the front of the group and looked at Antje, then the woman. "What have you got here, Antje?"

*Alkali Lake*

Before Maxis could talk, a bunch of SHIELD figures surrounded the two. "Freeze, you are under arrest!" Wolverine shook his head, "What is with you ignorant pricks!" SHINK, Wolverine unleashed his adamantium claws and sprinted to the soldiers. He tackled one and stabbed him multiple times.

Instantly, Wolverine was unloaded on, only to heal quickly and slash the throat of the nearest guard. "You going to stand there kid, or are you going to help me." Maxis zoned out a bit, but regained his concentration. The bullets from a nearby SMG nearly hit Maxis; luckily he teleported over to the agent and flip kicked him into the air.

While Maxis was just roughing up some guys, Wolverine was committing multiple homicides. The animal jumped over the shoulders of one agent and stabbed another through the stomach. The two took care of the situation easily, but more agents were in hot pursuit.

"Quick kid, we have to make a run for it." The two started sprinting off in the opposite direction of the enemy. Maxis turned to Wolverine while running, "Why are they after you?!" Wolverine was huffing and puffing, "I headed out to some Underground meeting near Rochester. We were ambushed by SHILED military. There was a reporter there, some girl. I forgot her name, but she knows some stuff about SHIELD that we mutants don't know. She was trying to tell us some shit at the meeting, but they got there first. Luckily we all got away cept' for a few, I need to find her."

Maxis was confused, "So they are after you, for being at that meeting?" Logan nodded, but he was too tired to say more. The two continued running, but stopped at a dead end. "Damnit!" Wolverine turned around, "IF YOU WANT ME, COME GET ME!" He was then tossed forward into a tree. Out of the forest came a band of SHIELD soldiers and one of the most powerful mutants out there.


*Outside New York City*

Iron Man began walking down the road; he was severely battered. The fight and his final blow took a lot of energy out of him. His internal circuits were going haywire; he'd have to fix them when he got back. But where was he going to go? His suit, lab, and tower were obliterated. The Hellicarrier, that's where he would go.

He quickly brought up his satellite communicator in his suit; luckily it was one of the few things still working. He contacted the Hellicarrier; Ms. Hill picked up the call. [b]"Maria, it's me.[/b]

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05/09/2007 1:01 AM

Ying sat calmly as the Sirens and vehicles rushed by. There wasn't much for her to do, so she didn't see the point in fretting over it.

When she was done with the cheese bread - delicious, as always - she paid, left a tip both for the waitress and the cook Lenny, and walked out the front door. She walked for about a block, turned the corner, and then ducked into the alleyway when no one was looking. She then stood in the shadows, waiting to see if someone would show up.

05/09/2007 10:34 AM

[OOC: I shall take it, then, that nfrat does [i]not[/i] want to interact with us on the stairwell. Sniff. C'mon Jay, we're leaving! Edit- I think he cheated and added a bit in.. although I am sleep deprived so could, conceivably have missed it.. lol . Post edited, start and end.]

Partway down the stairs, Janice's sobs starting to subside a little, Antje still supporting her, they ran into Eric Marshall.

Antje hadn't worked with him in quite a while- she usually was on solo operations- but saw him now and then around the helicarrier, would chat with him when she could.

"Lieutenant." She gave him a wink and a nod in acknowledgment.
"Just escorting this civilian-"She mouthed 'girlfriend' at the agent, inclining her head down toward Janice, "to the paras.

"No visual on hostiles, here or on the way up.
I'll take a statement then head right back up here."

They continued down the stairs and through the lobby, which was being kept clear of all except emergency services.

Outside she steered Janice over towards one of the ambulances before making a show of lifting her head and checking her eyes, as if for head trauma.

"Miss Pender," she dropped her voice to be audible only to Janice. Not really necessary given the noise and chaos outside, but she didn't get to where she was by taking silly risks.
The thought made her smile inwardly given what she was about to do.

"As an officer of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am not going to leave the scene of a possible terrorist attack until's secured, so I'm going to hand you over to the paramedics who, seeing that you are unharmed, and given that they are busy, will give you a blanket and leave you free to wander.

"Given the shock of what you've just been through in your position I would want to go somewhere to sit and gather my thoughts. May I suggest Da Mario's, two blocks up. Excellent service, away from this circus, and so popular that you're always sure to see a familiar face."

She didn't bother placing an emphasis on the last two words, the meaning was clear enough while still being noncommittal. She tightened her grip on Janice's shoulders to emphasise her next point.

"Once I'm done here, as a courtesy to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most important allies, I will of course want to make sure that you, as an acquaintance of Mr. Stark, are escorted safely to him.
If that is what you want, Miss Pender, wait for me."

[i]And if you do, we'll have to have a little talk about the wisdom of keeping secrets.[/i]

She half hoped the woman would just run away, without ever meeting up with Ying. It's be the cleanest- and least hazardous- option in her opinion: and the one that would mean she could arrest and detain her later on, if needed. Whatever Stark wanted Janice for Antje didn't think it's be in the best interests of either S.H.I.E.L.D. or Ying.

"Da Mario's, Miss Pender. And you can hang on to the jacket for me."

She beckoned a paramedic over and headed back inside the building to go find Marshall.

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((Aw, I tried interacting; didn't you read my post? Oh well.))

*Outside Stark Tower*

Johnny was doing a bit more interviewing; by now a lot of news reporters were at the scene. He spotted Ben Urich and his partner Sally Floyd; she was quite beautiful, but had a heart of a statue. Johnny ran over to the two and shook their hands. "How's it going Benny boy, come here to see the sights?" Urich laughed, "I guess you can say that. I was already at the Prodigy incident." Johnny raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? You seem to be gettin' ahead of me."

Sally shook her head, "Who is this guy Ben?" Johnny made a phony bow towards Sally, "Johnny Polaski, at your service." She grunted, "Ha, typical meat bag." Johnny smiled, "Oh, I'll take that one to heart." Sally rolled her eyes, "Ok hotshot, well while you two chit-chat, I'll head off and take some pictures." The woman left the two men and headed over to the firefighters.

Johnny smiled and looked back at Ben, "Man you have to hook me up with her." Ben started cracking up, "Sure, and then I can appoint [i]you[/i] head of SHIELD. Listen to me Johnny, she's a tough cookie." Johnny sighed, "Alright..." "Besides, she's been under a lot of stress with this whole super hero thing. Hell, we all are." Johnny nodded, "Tell me about it."

Ben looked up at the building, "Wow, what happened here?" Johnny shrugged, "Beats me, no one saw nothing, not even the workers." Ben had his eyes fixed on the mess, "Odd isn't it...everyone's been saying that lately."

*Alkali Lake*

Maxis was stunned, why was Magneto here? The man floated over to Maxis. "My boy, I think you have interfered enough. I almost had my specimen back there." Maxis was scared and stunned at the same time; he didn't know what to make of the situation. Wolverine spat blood from his mouth and got up, "What are [b]you[/b] doing here?"

Magneto smiled, "Why, I'm here helping my friends." Wolverine laughed, "Yea, that's right, you're helping the humans, I totally forgot." You could feel the sarcasm in Wolverine's voice. Magneto turned to him with a serious face. "Why, I am. Don't you believe me?"

Wolverine growled at the old man, "You've always been a traitor, and to think you ran off with the wrong crowd." Magneto laughed, "I'm sorry you feel this way Logan, I am merely doing it for my own good. I cannot always run forever no can I?" With those words, Magneto threw Logan into another tree.

Maxis shook his head, "How'd you find Logan here, even the profess-" "I put a magnetic plate inside Logan's brain while he was sleeping one night. That way, I could find him and Charles's thoughts could not. I merely wanted Logan if you want to know the truth. That is the only reason why I'm helping the humans. They gave me the plate, I get there specimen."

Maxis shook his head; anger was building up inside him. This war was turning the villains around; it may be better, but it's not like the old way. With quick speed, Maxis flew over to Magneto and sent a flying kick his way. The old man flew into the nearest tree. Maxis ran over to Wolverine and helped him to his feet.

The two quickly teleported out of the area and throughout the forest. He'd run away with Logan, no way was he going to help the professor make him sign. Louis believed more in Wolverines theory than the professors. If they wanted war at Xavier's, by damn he'd allow it, and hopefully, he'd aid in the fight.

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