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03/28/2007 6:49 AM

Ok, so basically this rp idea is based off of the Marvel Universe. The time this RP would be set around is during the Marvel Civil War (if you are familiar to the new series). This is a summary of the Civil War of Marvel U:


What began with a flash of naiveté, ended with the deaths of hundreds. In the quiet suburban town of Stamford, Connecticut, reality TV stars and young heroes the New Warriors staged an attack on a group of villains they believed they could easily defeat. But with the battle almost won for the heroes, the villainous Nitro unleashed a massive explosion, killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children, along with nearly everyone engaged in the melee.

With that incident as the igniting spark, everything in the U.S. changed. Superhero regulation and Registration swept through the government and sides were quickly drawn.

Iron Man acts as the figurehead for the government, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Registration. Hoping to persuade wayward heroes and misguided villains into joining the cause, Iron Man has been branded a fascist and traitor by some. But he believes that he is working for the greater good, attempting to prevent another Stamford incident and to hopefully make the world a safer place.

Unfortunately for Iron Man, Captain America doesn't see it that way. Viewing Registration as a crushing blow to civil liberties, the fighting, flag-wearing symbol of America leads a smaller, underground resistance movement. Cap's anti-Registration forces may fight an uphill battle against the collective forces of an army of superheroes, the government and S.H.I.E.L.D., but it's a war they truly believe in, and these freedom fighters are ready to fight to their dying breath.

More than just a battle of ideals, the superhero Civil War has seen the death of some heroes and the apparent return of others. There have been earth-shattering revelations and costly changes of heart. There have been unorthodox recruitments and bold maneuvers. And while Civil War has already vastly affected the status quo, the road ahead looks to forever change the landscape of the Marvel U.


Now that you have the time, the setting would be held in New York City, where most of the action takes place. This will be both a free form RP and a story based. You basically jump from free form to story at any time. You would be able to create your own Marvel Super Hero, and his actions would be based off of his/her intake on the situation; either joining Cap or Iron man's cause.

Each hero has to have a weakness. I will not tolerate insanely powerful superheroes. Try to make your hero as realistic as possible. You can form your own team of heroes with other players in the game or you can go solo. You can also join up with current teams, such as the X-Men or New Avengers (the real avengers are disbanded in the comic series.)

Hopefully this takes interest, and I can get this up and running soon.

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