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03/26/2007 1:27 PM

Darth Vader feels heart broken when he notices his son being tortured by Darth Sidious. "Father please!" Luke kept screaming out as he was being electrocuted to his death. Finally, in a sudden change of heart, he picked up his old master flung him over the edge of the railings where Darth Sidious plummeted to his death.
As he was falling, he pulled out a trigger from his cloak. "You'll never get away with this! I will have my revenge!" He shouted, yet over the commotion his threat was not heard. He pulled the trigger and a silent radio beam flung out, travelling light years away to the distant planet of Korriban, where Darth Sol Tua'ra had been resting for 1000's of years, with a message playing over and over in his mind until, suddenly the message brakes into another "It's time!" His eyes instantly open and the bacta tank he was contained in slowly drains, but before it finishes, his impatience overflows and he breaks the tank he was in.

After breaking free from the place he was imprisoned in for so long, he plots his revenge.


50 years later now, continue the story!

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04/08/2007 8:45 AM

"Luke Skywalker made his jedi Academy a few years ago young dark student, now let your mind run free let it feel for a picture of the Academy," Said the Sith master Darth Sol Tua'ra to his pupil via the force, Reatca Callous, who was a Ryock, a blind creature but see though the force and highly powerful in the force and could see many a thing in far off planets uncharted by civilised people,
"I see children duelling with each other and tall old looking man standing over them," Reatca said
"good very good now think inside the building,"Vorg commanded
"there are boys of 17 and 19 studying on jedi law and the sith betrayal,"
"try not to think about converting those boy with your charm just yet, there is still more training you need girl, now rest training your foresight is exhausting when you mind wanders about your love life,"Vorg said sounding amused' "remember student I may not be able to speak through the mouth but I still understand speech,"
He closed his connection to Reatca he needed rest.

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04/15/2007 5:15 AM

Darth Sol Tua'ra knew that usuing his own powers to see into the jedi academy would alert the jedi to his existance. He was able to conceal his powers, however he was given so many mini chlorines that he had to use his powers with caution, hence why he was using this young ryork. He appeared to care for this girl, yet his feelings were simply a deception, he has been taught not to care for anyone yet to use their feelings against them.

After hearing Reatca's description of the jedi academy, he knew this would not be easy, however over the 50 years he has been awake he has been recruiting young sith on the outer rim planets, and returning them to Korriban for sith training. he now has a little over 100 sith students, all of which he has taught never to betray, so that he does not repeat the mistakes of all the sith's before him.

"Reacta, go retrieve the student Bibi Ban!" he speaks to her with his mind.

"Right away master" she replied. Then a young gungan enters.

"You called?" Darth Sol Tua'ra groans and points at a datapad to which Bibi Ban reads.

"So you want me to enter the jedi academy and wipe out their sheild generator? you know this is quite a hard mission, i don't know if i'll be able to..." suddenly, Darth Sol Tua'ra appears right in front of him as quick as lightning and grabs him be the throat.

"I got'cha! alright, i'll do it!" then he realeases him leaving young gungan catching his breathe. He doesn't like to talk through his mind much, he prefers using actions.

04/22/2007 12:26 PM

"I think I should get an iron neck or something to stop that... that thing whatever it is choking me to death" muttered Bibi Ban to himself as he sat in the cramped transport carrying at least 5 bounty hunters on the transport all going to Coruscant one Gran pushed past Bibi.

"Must besa a big bounty on Coruscant then for five bounty hunters,"

The Gran stopped by him.

"I advice you to keep out of my businesses or that long neck of yours will be flatter than a mynock's wing"

suddenly the transport stopped the doors opened and Bibi ran out before any harm could come to his neck. he had gone a good 50 meters before he stopped he found himself face first into the jedi temple bunkers and it was midday most jedi were in the library or the courtyard he opened the door and a voice came has Bibi ban's luck steak just run out on him

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04/22/2007 1:37 PM

Jaden sat at the table in the academy library reading an ancient Jedi holobook on the different forms of lightsaber technique. He yawned and stretched as he rose to his feet and placed the book back on the shelf, he left the library for the training hall to practice some of the moves he had just read about. Opening the front door of the Academy Jaden plowed headfirst into a strange Gungan that he had never seen before.

"Who are you?" he asked, "Ive never seen you before"

04/23/2007 8:05 AM

"mesa so sorry urr these thugs were chasing me and I ran blindly looking for help then yousa just open door and me ran in," Bibi said feebly.

"Tell me where you are from" Jaden said trying to reach Bibi's mind

"I am from... NO get outa my head jedi... from NO,"Bibi aimed a kick at Jaden who quickly side stepped so Bibi hit the table with his foot,

"Time to leave I think,"

Bibi limped outside and hid among the crowd he had to get back in if he went that way he could be interrogated, tortured and killed but if he left and went back to Korriban he would be tortured or killed and if he ran to a different planet he would be killed he like the first choice the best as he had time to get out but then an idea flicked up in his head if the jedi can't sense the Sith then if a sighting of a sith went out the jedi would be disorganised so he could walk in destroy the generator and get out he had to do find a politician with a weak mind like Jorda Valentine old and feeble all Bibi had to do was find him attack him hijack his mind to say a Sith did it and the jedi would swarm everywhere looking.

"Easy peasy,"Bibi muttered.

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04/23/2007 11:45 AM

"Master! Mesa got good idea! Hows about wees alert them to the presence of the sith. That way when, theysa is disorganised looking for you, we can attack" Bibi Ban implied. However Darth Sol Tua'ra was not pleased with this proposal. He started clenching his face in an angry stare. Bibi Ban knew he could rip him in half from where he was.

"My mistake, hehe! please don't choke me!" he pleaded. then Daryh Sol Tua'ra switched off the transmitter leaving Bibi Ban with a damaged ego.

"Mesa gonna tell tells the jedi, thensa he will rewards me"

04/23/2007 12:21 PM

"That was odd", thought Jaden, "maybe i should find out who he was, ive never seen him around the academy before"

So Jaden quietly crept after the gungan using the force to make as little noise as possible, Jaden turned a corner and saw the gungan just ending a mysterious coversation with a holocron.

"Mesa gonna tell tells the jedi, thensa he will rewards me"

Was what the gungan said. Jaden decided that something was wrong with this situation, he could feel a disturbance in the force.

04/23/2007 12:47 PM

"Master I sense that you are angry at the gungan he may be misfortune but he is skilled with a blaster,"Reatca said to Sol Tua'ra

"You believe his skills to high he is a blundering fool he tells me of this great plan but inside the temple even now the shield is being deactivated by assassins he is but a tool as you are now go down and attempt to get that gungan back now."commanded Sol one last piece to fall into place and that was jedi master Luke to leave the academy

Bibi went to go back down the alley when he saw the jedi he met in the academy quick as a flash he fired three lasers at the jedi and bolted down the alley. the jedi dodged the first two blast but deflected the last with his lightsabre, the laser was going to hit the gungan but with jedi reflex he rolled so the blast went over him then he jumped over the fence of course Jaden could cut open the the fence but the that would waste seconds, seconds he needed the fastest route to cut him off would be in the Jekk tarek Bar if the gungan didn't know the lay out Jaden only hope he didn't know the swoop bike garage back door.

A few minutes after Reatca ship, the blind Dagger landed in a spare landing pad and tried to call out for Bibi this was a risky attempt it could call all the jedi to her. she saw Bibi in the crowd running to her but he was being followed she drew her lightsabre they were in a space landing sight no people or droids an easy catch.

04/23/2007 12:55 PM

Jaden was after the gungan as soon as the last blaster bolt had ben deflected, after chasing him through back alleys they reached the landing pad where a mysterious ship lay docked.

"Something weird is definately going on here"

Jaden said to himself as he saw a young girl with a drawn lightsaber heading in his direction, Jaden assumed a defensive stance and prepared to fight the girl.

04/23/2007 1:05 PM

"This will be your last stand jedi Jaden you cannot hope to win your mind is infected by codes of justice but I only have one law kill or be killed Prepare to die jedi,"as the Sith looked up Jaden saw that the white eyes were turning red as though a great rage built inside her. As to be expected it was a force match then physical strength a broken droid came hurtling Jaden the fight began.

04/23/2007 3:29 PM

Jaden easily evaded the droid and charged at the girl with his lightsaber draw. He swung his saber narrowly mising the girls shoulder, he leaped back out of her range and tried to sense a weakness in her style

04/23/2007 11:25 PM

That is a good stance but there is a weakness. Suddenly Reatca heard blaster fire coming behind the Jedi was it the military police no "Bounty Hunters" Reatca told the jedi it was no fair fight being shot in the back, Jaden turned to meet the Hunters when behind him the ship called the Blind Dagger was leaving of course the Bounty Hunters were paid for a distraction not a kill but one couldn't resist and fired at Jaden, this was to be that bounty hunter's last shot ever.

"I see that you are all alive Reatca and Bibi the master is expecting news of the jedi you encountered because he now know of a sith presence and we will have to begin the war much earlier than expected,"Said the sith guard they entered the main chamber they had ruined the plan and only had two options die or torture suddenly Reatca's mind felt as though it was burning with a thousand fires she resisted the desire to scream out loud before falling unconscious she thought she was to important to be killed right now she heard Bibi's body fall next to her unconscious or dead she didn't care her body was still but her mind was alive to feel the pain.

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04/25/2007 11:53 AM

"Who was she?" Jaden asked himself as the mysterious ship rose from the ground, the bounty hunters lay on the ground at his feet, some limbless.

"Though she was my enemy and i couldnt see her face, she seemed somehow beautiful to me"

Jaden reported this incident to master Luke who assinged Jaden the task of determining this new force presence, Jaden went to his shuttle and prepared to investigate.

04/25/2007 12:23 PM

Reatca woke in the medi bay her brain was swimming she sat down on the bed and meditated trying to work out a what was the jedi going to be doing he could find the places touched by the sith but that was loads of outer rim worlds Korriban,Telos,Nar Shada,Iziz and Dantooine. But Iziz has the moon Dxun and on that is the tomb of Freedom Nadd, "Would he believe the tales of a Sith academy in the tomb,"Reatca left though the side entrance passing Bibi. She made for her ship and prepared to pay respects to Freedom Nadd.

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04/25/2007 12:27 PM

Jaden decided right away that there were too many planets tainted by the sith to check all of them...so he decided he would start with the moon of Dxun. Piloting his ship through hyperspace, he switched on the auto pilot and started thinking about that beautifull girl, slowly he feel into a deep sleep

04/25/2007 1:55 PM

"So here lies the famous Freedom Nadd no academy no Siths anywhere in here it was just me and Freedom Nadd" Reatca opened the tombstone and inside was the most cherished sith artefact of all Freedom's light sabre with its one of a kind crystal she looked around the room at all the statues corpses she suddenly realised most of these corpses were either shot or bludgeoned but not lightsabre marks anywhere bandits often try to plunder tombs but why were they dead and not sabre marks that means that two bandits had a fight or there is a strange force at hand. She quickly withdrew her hand she didn't want to die by being shot "Put your hands up" Said a gruff voice behind her it was a Mandalorian aiming at her head she turned round her finger flexed and the Mandalorain found his arms flying off into the entrance where someone caught them in mid flight it was the jedi the jedi that knew of the sith plans, no doubt he was the one which caused her so much pain from her master perhaps Freedom would be willing to help her. She tossed Freedom's lightsaber into the the hands of the jedi time for some him to get pain.

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04/25/2007 1:59 PM

Jaden tossed aside the lightsaber and walked slowly towards Reacta

"I dont want to fight you, lets just talk shall we?"

He continued to walk towards her with his hands out in front as a gesture that he was not going for his saber

04/25/2007 2:03 PM

"Perhaps we can come to an agreement jedi what do you propose first answer this why don't you want to kill me.

04/25/2007 2:06 PM

"Such is not the jedi way, and i have a weird feeling"

Jaden continued to step closer to her very slowly and without making any motions for his saber.

04/25/2007 2:22 PM

The two combatants were unaware of Darth Sol Tua'ra standing at the entrance, he had sent away the remaining mandalorians and was over seeing their conflict. Watching them slowly edge their way closer to each other. He began to wonder what would his apprentice do next and began to wonder why she was not killing him.

Suddenly, Reacta lifted her head to realise her master standing at the entrance. At this point, he lifted his hand and closed the door shut with his powers.

"Master!" she shouted as the doors closed. Then with no warning, the torches in the tomb lit up, by the power of his force. Reacta was shocked, she knew his master was powerful but this seemed almost mystical.

Then Darth Sol Tua'ra spoke to her through his mind.

"If you want to be let out, you must finish this boy!"

04/25/2007 2:26 PM

"Listen to me, whatever he's telling you dont listen to it, you're stronger than he is, you dont have to listen to what he says"

04/25/2007 2:37 PM

"If you want to reign over the galaxy like I have taught you, you must finish this boy!" he demanded. Then from outside the tomb, Darth Sol Tua'ra started attacking Jadens mind, bringing him to his knees, he was completly defenceless.

"He is unarmed and helpless, kill him, as is the way of the sith!"

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04/25/2007 2:45 PM


Jaden Writhed in pain on the ground.

04/25/2007 11:30 PM

Reatca drew her lightsabre and walked up to Jaden then she connected with Jaden taking the pain away and forcing it into her anger she couldn't beat Sol Tua'ra she needed help, "I give up the name Darth Reatca I am no longer a Sith I am no longer a servant to the darkness but I think you find something wrong with Freedoms lightsabre it maybe is,"She pressed a trigger, "beeping,"She blasted open a wall to the side of the tomb grabbed Jaden's body and ran to his ship. she glimpsed at the tomb while in the cockpit it had exploded hopefully with Sol Tua'ra along with it. Jaden was coming to his senses and took control of the ship She prepared her self for a great bombard of questions.

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04/26/2007 7:48 AM

The tomb had completly caved in, with Darth Sol Tua'ra still inside, however he encased himself in a round sheild, where the rubble was surrounding it. He looked down at the ground. He looked at the black cloak she had left behind on the floor next to his feet. One of his students had never betrayed him before, even Bibi Ban never did anything this unforgiving. He got angered by this.

Unleashing his rage his powers blew into full form. The collapsed tomb encasing him flew in all directions over a wide radius. All that was left was him standing in the middle of a huge crater with a powerful bright light surrounding him. The Jedi would have been aware of his presence with this outburst, but it did not matter at this point. He would avenge his fallen masters.

04/26/2007 11:50 AM

(ooc:questions you want to ask or i want to ask?)

04/27/2007 12:48 PM

"First off...whats your real name?...secondly how did you get involved with the sith in the first place?...and lastly why did you spare me?"

04/28/2007 1:59 AM

"My real name is Zaim Callous and the reason how I got to be a sith is one not spoken for a long time; I was eighteen and at that age my people lose their weak force connection to gain a strong connection in it's place. I was travailing to look for a jedi master to teach me and I felt on my home planet millions of voices silenced forever then Darth Sol Tua'ra found me and took over my mind. Now the last question why did I spare you because you told me that he would not share power that is true soon if he wins the galaxy he will be blinded by it and I think the jedi will need you in the Great War Sol Tua'ra has planned he has made an army of Siths to attack the jedi though sheer numbers," Zaim didn't tell Jaden the real reason though it was said in the Ryock's book of truth that the jedi will be struck with force but a brave jedi will bring the armies of jedi against the sith one last time before death falls on the battlefield. The ship landed at the jedi academy the council will want to know why Jaden had got a sith with him.

04/28/2007 4:16 PM

"A republic ship, are you be sure?"

"Yep, a light one to, easy," Rikku took Talela's Fury down toward the jungle moon, suspended in the space like a jade jewel crowning the planet of Obredaan. Her ship took on automatic pilot and landed next to the said ship, Rikku and her ever trusty bodyguard moved down the ramp. Jastor had his blaster at his hip and a bowcaster cradled before him, Rikku carried her blaster rife over her shoulder and a pistol at her hip, her green over coat blowing in the wind over her faded yellow outfit.

"Doesn't look like anyones home," she threw a small orb into the air it rose to about 30ft and floated, moving from side to side with a slight puhss sound. While the droid watched Rikku and Jastor took several crates from the ship and stowed them on Talela, as they were leaving the ship for a second load the ships proximity alarm went off. Rikku powered down the ships systems and hoped as she waited for the signal to pass, "Stupid pirates."

05/02/2007 2:06 PM

Back in his throne chair on Korriban, Darth Sol Tua'ra was having his general explain the battle plans to his army while they gathered in front of him. There was a live demostration being broadcasted over a hologram and all the sith were happy the day had come.

After the presentation, the general met with Darth Sol Tua'ra personally to talk about a more in depth approach.

"You said you wanted Luke Skywalker lured away is that correct?" Darth Sol Tua'ra replied with a simple nod.

"Very well then, but i don't see who you can get to help you achieve this." Then Darth Sol Tua'ra pointed at himself.

"What! are you crazy?! How can you possibly put your self at danger? Your needed for the battle, it won't succeed without you!" Then Darth Sol Tua'ra stared straight into his eyes, woth the scariest look he had ever seen.

"*gulp* We'll find a way sir!" Then Darth Sol Tua'ra left for his shuttle, it was time to go to Yavin.

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05/02/2007 2:35 PM

(OOC: skywalkers academy is on yavin)

05/04/2007 10:49 AM

The jedi academy was a wonderful place it is peaceful Jaden and Zaim stood in front of the jedi council with consisted of six jedi; Luke Skywalker, Vonvanok Seb, Sheiba Tan, Greoksea Demion, Denger Shouve and Greetis Boilion. After a long talk about Zaim's past and the sith plans they were sent away Jaden went to talk to some jedi while Zaim went to the dormitories if she could contact her old master see his thoughts secretly and undetected and find out the plan. Suddenly she saw a room it was blurry though was she there in a physical state or was it the force she saw a sith general she waved her hand in his eyes no response she started to grope in his mind easy he was unprepared but all she saw was fear of someone it went black she was in her body again with her unseeing eyes.

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05/04/2007 11:32 AM

Rikku and Jastor had got a good load from the abandoned ship and with it area clear of any other ships they were moving quickly through the moons atmosphere. She was alone in the cockpit with Jastor checking the newly claimed cargo in the hold, she primed the Hyperdrive the name Klaus Vandangante painted onto it, it shot Talela's Fury deep into Hyperspace, she left the navi computer to plot a course though the Graveyard. Rikku walked down the center of the ship and down an access ladder to the shield generator, "Made any progress?" A green topped R9 astromech answered in droid speak, . "So we need to get a new one, but you did fix it?" The droid answerd, "Good, I don't want to be flying out there looking for each speck of dust," she tapped the droid on the head.

Jastor had been dismantling on of the weapons they had found on the ship and was finishing placing a crystal in the barrel. "We on the way?" looking up at Rikku as she came into the bay. "Yep, just an hour or so till we get home," placing herself on a crate and watching him work, "You got time for Dejarik?"


Rikku and Jastor has only been on the base for a few hours before being summoned to the command center. "We have an operative in the senate that we need to have moved off world without being noticed, it would be best to do this soon and that is why I am sending you," taking his seat at the desk, "I want this to be just me and you Rikku," looking at Jastor. Jastor looked at Rikku she hadn't moved so he did, closing the door behind him, "I don't trust this operative, if need be you should just remove him," Rikku nodded, "I better get going then."


05/09/2007 1:35 PM

Arriving at Yavin, the drop ship touched down outside the acedemy. The ramp opened up to let Darth Sol Tua'ra walk out with a cloak over his entire body.

"Who are you and what is your business here?" Two jedi's said as they approached him. Before they could reach their lightsabers he had them both in a force choke without moving an inch. He released one and expected him to get Luke Skywalked. He scurried away and a few minutes later Luke appaered.

"Let that man go!" he ordered. Darth Sol Tua'ra did as he wished, which shocked Luke. Then he entered his ship, leaving the door open.

"I have to go" Luke said.

"We'll accompany you" said some of the jedis'.

As they entered the ship, only Luke was allowed on. The others were held back by his force.

"Leave me! I'll face him alone!" Luke ordered. The ship took off with Luke inside.

05/12/2007 12:16 AM

Though Jaden knew of Luke's plan he was still ordered to stay with the jedi that will be fighting on the battlefield. There is going to be two groups the main force Led by Jaden and the Council and the second group led by Jedi stealth units which contained Zaim. The stealth unit were going to cloak and sneak and attack the sith from the back. The battlefield was in a village south of the academy the population had been taken to the space port for the battle. Some town guard had stayed and were occupying the roofs of houses suddenly in the distance they saw two sith now it was twenty now two hundred over a half a million Sith came marching over into the village the buzz of the lightsabres from both sides were like the buzzing of a very large angry wasp. The stealth unit moved of into the buildings and open the trapdoors to the catacombs and went in. Zaim thought to herself while they marched and wondering what would happen to Jaden if she didn't make it back, what would happen to her if she found Jaden's body with no signs of life, what will happen if they both make it they would have to find Luke and possibly kill him.

05/14/2007 2:17 PM

"Where are you taking me?!" Luke asked in a demanding tone of voice, but all that Darth Sol Tua'ra did was sit there and stare straigh on as if Luke wasn't there.

"Please sir. One of his loyal siths said. "Please remain in your seat for the remainder of the journey." Then this servant walked up close to Luke's ear. "He is incapable of talk." he whispered ever so gently.

Luke had the expression of shock all across his face as those words entered his ear. He immediatly sat down causing no fuss what so ever. He sat there for hours, just letting thoughts pass through his mind. Then Darth Sol Tua'ra got bored with his own thoughts, and decided to enter Luke's. Luke immediatly tried blocking with his mind but Darth Sol Tua'ra was too strong. You could see Lukes face cringing up as Darth Sol Tua'ra stared straight on, again as if nothing was happening. They were using so much power against one another, that no other siths on the ship could sence it. They were that skilled, that even through this immensebattle in their minds, they could sheild it from others still. You could see Luke was about to give in, he was slowly nearing the ground. It was becoming too powerful for him to comprehend.

Suddenly Darth Sol Tua'ra stopped, and Luke was left there in his seat trying to catch his breath. He looked at Darth Sol Tua'ra as he gave out a grin. Then one of his servants said.

"Sir we've arrived at Mustafar"

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