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03/21/2007 2:04 PM

in this rp you make your charicter and can pick between red,green,black,blue,and white mages. your color is based on the type of magic you use. here is a charicter example

name: kladia orchid

race: elf

class: blue wizard

hometown: zanada village, kelmaen

back story: kladia is a blue mage with great talents.she uses the force of the waves as her attacks.she has no freinds because she has devoted her life to study

gameplay: the narorator will be explaning the story and the players explain what they are doing at the present moment.

example: narorator: the wind blows peacefully along the grassy path.

kladia: i observe the area and take out my flask just incase i need to use magic.

that is how you play the game

ps. make shure to store an inventory on a peice of paper or notebook on your computer.

please aprove my rpg thanks.

03/21/2007 2:21 PM

To get people to show an interest in your RP first of all I'd recommend posting in the forums- having your first post in the RPGC being one as a prospective DM is... I don't want to say forward, lol, ambitious, maybe?
People generally respond better to ppl they know/have seen around as they'll be a little more aware of their potential DMing style.

Secondly, you need to post more info so people know what they're getting into;
what type of magic is represented by the colour, for example. Is it merely red is fire, blue is ice/water; or white is curative, green is status-related (playing FF12 at the moment so that's all that's in my head ;) )?
What is Kelmaen? A continent, a world?
Is your setting a classic D&D/fantasy type world with accompanying monsters?
What rules for magic (i.e. unlimited 'personal pool of power' to draw upon, or learn-and-rest style?)

Also, the example of gameplay you gave- will it literally be like that? It reminds me very much of table-top- which isn't necessarily bad but seems like it would be more suited to an IMing type of game.

And my word but your spelling.. if you've read any posts on the site you know spelling and grammar is somewhat of a bugbear for a lot of people here (although some people complaining about it have appalling spelling themselves, grr), so improving it will go a long way to attracting people to your RP.

That said, welcome ;)

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