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03/18/2007 11:06 AM

Ive been outa touch with rpin, but I hope this Idea will generate some interest. In my absence Ive been reading a lot of Conan and Jurassic park, as well as playing some video games that inspired this idea so here it goes:

This story takes place on an Earth not like ours, its a concept of what would happen if there was never a mass extinction of dinosaurs on our planet, and how would humans adapt lets say if they did evolve at all. The world is now divided in to very few civilized cultures who are contantly in politcal disputes over trivial natural resources. This world in essence is very tribal, but with enough diffusion of culture to not make them savages. Ive done some extensive research on dinosaurs for this project, inlcuding land distribution and behavior assumptions, and while Im still working on a hard plot, the loose plot is a band of five or rpers(experienced if you please) play as young Shamans in training for a tribe(most likely in africa, like in the forested areas, think of it as africa if it was more tropical due to no climate change from the meteor crash) In thier joiurney, they are tasked to leave their home as thier right of passage, and they are to catch a certain species of dinosaur, but not harm the animal, as if to tame the animal, each young shaman is given only what is on thier body(i.e clothing) a day of food rations, rope, water, and a bone knife. The object of the right of passage is for them to think as a unit, in order to make difficult decisons on how to survive, like I said, its a working concept, but what would follow would be a capture but Greek esq race of people, who enslave the young adventurers and bring them to thier away base near the africa/middle eastern border, where tourtnaments are held gladiotor style by the Kulkrit empire, which is a mix of greece and the middle east. Then the plot would revovle around them participating, thier eventual escape, and wha follows would be purely up to you, I will post more if this generates interest, so feel free to post here if ya are ;)

cheers for now,

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03/18/2007 1:52 PM


What role would magic have? As shamans, that would mean magic, but my question to you is would it be actual magic, or proclaimed magic?

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