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03/17/2007 12:07 PM

This RP takes place in a high-tech but low-tech country on a huge island in a world which is just a big sea, they have not made any contact with other people because they are the only people in their "realm". What I mean bye that is there is steam engines and low grade siege cannons, but the people still use old ways of life like swords hand farming. The reason for this is that the people don't understand the full potential of the technology, this is because there gods have sort of put a spell over the land because they think if the people make their life too easy they will forget all about what life was for.

Ok you are one of three races human, were-fox, or goblin. You have been sent on a mission by the king to go to the Legendary realm of the Flying Island. One of the king's mages had a dream of this place and saw the portal under the ocean. With the discovery of a map to it. You have been chosen in a special group to find and settle the flying islands. The portal has been found and brought to the main land with tons of supplies and a huge zeppelin you and the rest of the crew will have a very hard time in the flying island, because they have some very odd things stirring in that realm.

This is a link to what the zeppelin might look like would anyone be intreasted in a RP of this sort.


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03/18/2007 10:40 AM

I thought of a word for their technology it's sort of steampunkish but with less guns!

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03/18/2007 2:30 PM

Wait longer then a day before attempting to bump your thread, please. Patience is a virtue and screaming for attention will hardly attract people to the thread, or give them confidence in your Game Mastering skill.

05/13/2007 5:14 PM

Intriguing... Give me some more background information and I'll get back to you on wether or not I'm interested!

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