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03/12/2007 11:03 AM

My nets down for a few days and I've got to work on schools stuff (Diva) so can't post today and maybe not until the the end of this week I'll see how it goes.

> Luna

03/25/2007 2:48 PM

just wanted to bump this because it seems a few ppl have been waiting on Luna to post and may not have read this.

I'm feeling civic minded this evening.

03/27/2007 6:09 PM

I did see this...but this was posted over two weeks ago, and I was under the impression it was a short-term (as in a few days) absence. Oh well.

03/27/2007 6:49 PM

I saw it as well but didn't think to post. I hope Luna will be back soon, we've gotten pretty far into the RP and she'll need to do some catching up.

03/28/2007 4:29 AM

I think it was initially short term but then somewhere else (can't find it) it had seemed like a more ongoing thing.

05/01/2007 11:35 AM

Just to tell folk I'm back... I've need more money to finish DIVA so a got a new harddrive for my dead laptop... 100GB and well I'm back and geeky as ever. Hanging out in the star wars section...

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