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03/11/2007 7:39 AM

Ok, I've been thinking of this idea for awhile now(last 5 mins.), and I'd like to throw it out.

Starting Plot: On the dry planet Dokinoua, few natural resources exist-even water. Several hundred years ago, mankind fell onto this planet after being wiped off the face of earth by a mysterious omipotent-like group of radicals. The first group of humans to arrive had scarce knowledge of their former life and, without books or wikipedia, the human race fell into a decline of knowledge. All except for one group who managed to appease the group that had banished them. That group gained much of the knowledge that was lost and traveled north into the planet. The other people bickered over the scare natural resources and spread west and east, each taking a grudge against each other with them.
Years and years past until the west and east forgot about the north, but the northern people did not forget about them, for in fact they had a very good eye on the two. It was thier reasoning that, since they were the most advanced group of people on the planet, they should maintain the peace by monitoring the east and west. However, one man would endanger the sanctity of this peace by betraying those who had banished the human race. This man, Gej, revered the omnipotent-like group instead of cursing their name. For this, Gej gained some of their knowledge, such as psionics, and managed to raise a great curse for the rest of planet Dokinoua's residents.
This being the Evil Eye-A great eye in the sky that overlooks the planet. The Evil Eye absorbs negative energy and fires it at a target with destructive force. The Evil Eye is pointed directly at the northern town of Winshire, and the residents are a little worried.

In current times, the West and East have started a war with each other. The North, however, has decided not to be involved in other people's affairs after they found ways to make artificial resources. However, the recently formed Evil Eye has started to react with the turmoil of the war, and if it last for much longer, the North will be destroyed by the Evil Eye. The North is still hesitant to quell the war, for if the East and West learned that there were people living in the North, more advanced people with resources, chaos would break loose, or even worse, the East and West would join to fight the North.

I'd like to say that I would like each member to be able to have more than one character, and they can be on multiple sides.

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03/11/2007 8:42 AM

I would like to say welcome and I might, just might join if not good luck.

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