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03/09/2007 5:18 PM

Mace windo has taken his aprentace to the out reach moon of setton dugar prime after several years of hideing now he tries with the help of yodas force to rebuild the Jedi empire

03/09/2007 5:48 PM

' master Windo why have you not gotten your hand replaced? after your fall you broke your back and you lost the use of your legs. why not take care of simple things? it must be very hard to appy the force with only one hand i cant even imagen how you managed to survive the 300 story fall..." traied of the one man

"Ralyks why do you insist one badgering me i dont need to hands to move all i need is the machine to work. and for your inquiring mind to survive i started a small spin and befor i hit the ground i used a forced push agaings my spin to almost stop me but i did it to late and hit the ground with enuff force to shatter my lower spine. your almost ready to take on your own aprrentice." said the colored man in a white, moterized hover chair " also try to meet the arppentice of a freind of mine ive got a feeling youll be great freinds one day. now travel to planet talon 4 a better battle trainer is their for you'

Ralyks then started to walk with his master twards the sleek jet black fighter ship taken from a battle on a far away planet. the cordinates of the planet still logged into the computer. Ralyks hopped in and shot a look back to his wrinkled and dying teacher. " you must rebuild the jedi for im no longer of any help to you. just remember theirs a fine line on the path to distruction and the dark side dont ever cross it the ony line i expect you to cross is the same as mine. into the force." then the robes of the old man encompaced his body just as the robe stopped moving it dropped and Mace was gone. the cock pit clossed and the engins stared to roar.

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03/15/2007 8:38 PM

"I feel a minor disturbance in the force."

"I too feel the disturbance. Perhaps you should check into it Lord Vader. After all, was it not you who assured me that the Jedi's were all taken care off?" Replied the Newly Self Acclaimed Emperor.

"I will send some men to check this out. I am still trying to get used to this new body. I know that the Jedi's are gone. If there are any survivors I have not heard about it from your clone warriors. I have done my job, are you sure your clone force has done theirs?"

03/19/2007 5:36 PM

the computer had just switched over to atomatic drive as Ralyks drifted to sleep dreaming rapidly.....

a woman dressed in complet black had drifted twards him with a sword of complete black. she swoung at him as he bloked it with his purple saber gifted to him from Windo.words were exchanged but not herd to him and they jumped into the air above the two story houses. she shot a kind of lightning at him and he caught it with his swordand flung it back with only half power but she grabes it and blasts it into the house tops throwing herself at him. the battle went on for hours and not a single blow was struk untill the sword of the woman drove itself into his heart. then she proclamed out with full audabillity." in rejected from the jedi for wanting to use all of the force to its potentail but also rejected from the sith because my veiws are to liberal. im the rouge trainer Massus i cant wait to train you young Ralyks." ...

he awoke with a poundin head ache and a strong felling in his gut "this new trainer is rouge how interesting she stradles the fine line as if it were a mile wide" thought the man

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