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03/09/2007 12:13 PM

I will be posting something shortly until then please proceed to the OOC. It is a tad long but worth it. If you feel like you know what I am talking about and want to hop right in feel free but the OOC will help. Thanks!

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03/09/2007 6:09 PM

Ginger's ears twitched in the hot southern breeze. Dust was blowing up from the collapsed buildings and making the air smell musty. She sneezed and wiped her nose on the back of a fuzzy arm, pulling her goggles down over her eyes. She adjusted the rim, twisting it this way and that trying to bring her infrared vision into focus. The dust and breeze had prevented her from being able to smell any nearby inhabitants and her eyes sight this late at night was less than reliable. She shouldn't be out here at this time, not by herself at least, but curiosity had tugged at her. She wanted to see where the last big battle had taken place. Syanara Sydney they had called it. And now all that remained of the city were some low life scavangers who had clamied the territory as their own. Dangerous types too, not ones you wanted to get caught in a dark alley way with.

She chewed on the butt of her cigar, tasting the ashy substance in her mouth and spitting to get it out. It was a nervous habit that left her with horrible after taste. She continued to hop through the broken city, kicking around old cans and empty bullet shells.

"Nice," She whispered on seeing a cold glint in the moonlight. She lifted her goggles to get a better view. "Well hot damn, I certainly could add this to my collection." On the ground was an old UZI and not in half bad condition either. It was empty and a little gritty but definetly worth collecting. She bent down to pick it up and place it in her pouch.

Something scuttled to her right. Her ears perked and swiveled to listen, her legs tense and ready to leap. She fingered the UZI hoping to use it as an intimidation factor if it came down to that. She turned around and placed her back against an old car, goggles pulled down as she looked into the still night.

03/11/2007 5:13 PM

A dingo howled and a very British voice yelled "Shut up". Out of the ruble came a Koala on a dingo. He was packing a fully loaded SMG and looked ready for anything. He started talking to himself saying "I suppose we will camp here tonight."

He hoped off his dingo and tided it to a pole, he then pulled off a pack and pulled out a sleeping bag. He layed it down on the ground and walked into the darkness, a half an hour later he wandered out of the darkness holding some wood. He dropped it and lit it on fire. He looked up and saw some movement by an old car. "Who's there."

03/12/2007 5:23 PM

The night air was refreshing and generally clean. A shadow moved swiftly amongst the ruins, unseen by all those who weren't looking for some one. Along the rubble it moved deftly almost gracefully before it tripped. Swearing he got up and brushed himself off, "Well that totally ruined the moment," he muttered scathingly to himself before running off pockets softly clicking as empty bullet cases he had collected shifted as he ran.

As Tobias moved along he tripped several times each time swearing and running off again. It was one of his collection nights and he needed to find stuff. Clambering up the side of a half collapsed building he looked about and just barely caught a metalic glint in the distance. He nearly fell off his perch in exitement before clambering down the rough rocks towards it only to be beaten to it by some one else. He started to skid to a stop before tripping as he heard the words "Who's there?"

03/14/2007 4:55 PM

Ginger was nervous, anyone bold enough to yell out whos there and these parts were either gang members or armed to the teeth. She released the tension in her legs in one great bound that should have carried her away from the scene but instead into a rather lanky human being.

Ambush was the first thought that came to mind and she reacted accordingly. She threw one thin arm around the boy and flung him to the ground just by the edge of the firelight keeping one very big foot on his chest and pointing her empty UZI at him.

"If this is one of yours don't move or I'll shoot him, I swear I'll do it." She looked up at the Koala and the tied dingo. His accent wasn't like the gang members around here and his clothes looked a little nicer but she would be damned if she was about to fall for a trap.

"Tell me what your business is here and I might let him live." She tried her best bad ass voice possible. "So what will it be bullet holes or vocals?"

03/15/2007 12:01 PM

"Get off of me you bloody kangaroo" Scrubs said

He tried to kick off the kangaroo but she was too heavy. He remembered her question and said "I will tell you my business, but first you have to promise me when I do you have get off of me.

" I was once a loyal mercenary to the koala empire, but they made me do some thing I will rue the rest of my life" Scrubs continued "Now I am a loner trying to find a place in the world, now will you get the bloody hell off of me pardon my language."

03/15/2007 7:02 PM

"Mercenary huh?" She shrugged and smiled. "It wasn't loaded anyway." She looked around waiting for the other one to appear out of the rubble.

"Ginger by the way." She put the UZI in her pouch. "It's awfully late for camping huh?" Of course the same question could be asked of her. Her ears swiveld around listening for anyone else.

(I'm sorry that was short but I didn't wnt to leave you hanging and my stomach is alittle queasy.)

03/15/2007 7:13 PM

He lay there muttering about luck and how the heavens were aligned improperly before sitting up. He winced before tracing a finger over a particularly deep gash just over his right eye, muttering again he turned towards the light and squinted at it trying to make out whom had thrown him and who the smaller figure was. Muttering he rummaged through his pockets making sure his stuff was all still there.

Satisfied he looked back at the light and wondered if he could make a break for it. Then again he was unsure if they had guns, if they did it would be his single shortest dash ever. He sat there tossing ideas back and forth before deciding to let the "gods of eeny-meeny-minee-mo" decide his fate as he usually did.

Slightly to his annoyance he ended up deciding on wandering down to the light, it was too bright in his opinion but beggars can't be choosers. He slowly walked towards the two shapes hands in the air in a hopefully innocent manner wondering if he would be shot anyway.

03/15/2007 11:22 PM

The rumble down below had roused Ty from the rooftop. He was in the ruined city scavaging for parts to build new rangs. It was a strange fascination of his. He made the most high tech rangs in the area. The only reason he used them as weapons was because he could outfit them with all sorts of gadgets and do almost anything with them once he had attatched tech. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and used them to look at the small group below. There was a Kangaroo, a koala, and a dingo by the looks of it. Once he had watched them for a second he lost interest completely. He didn't care about them unless they were going to cause him trouble, for which he was prepared.

03/16/2007 1:36 PM

"God day Miss Ginger, my names Scrub but call me Scrubs," Scrubs continued "And yes I was a Mercenary back in the day," he thrust a hand out in a friendly gesture.

"I was just getting ready for some dinner if you wouldn't mind joining me, I hope you don't mind but I'm a vegetarian you could have some of my dingo's meat if you want."

Scrubs walked over to his camp and pulled out a flask of brandy and some bread, he then waved her over to have a drink and a good talk on why she tackled him.

03/17/2007 4:34 PM

Tobias was halfway there when he tripped over a rock and rolled halfway to the fire before skidding to a stop on his face. "Well if they didn't notice me before they did now," he muttered under his breath feeling the warmth of the fire as he squinted in the bright light.

He continued to mutter to himself as he heard the movement somewhere behind him and wondered if they would decide to kill him now and weather they had known he was there before this. All he could do was hope they were slightly sane and that they didn't kill his kind on sight.

03/18/2007 9:06 PM

Ginger shook the stubby koalas hand. "I do apologize for that attack. You musn't be from around here would be my guess. Theses parts are dangerous, for anyone be they armed to the teeth or not, but it's-"

She was cut short by a short "Ooof" a thump followed by a skid and a lanky little human appearing by her large foot. She supposed by his manner of entrance he was anything but deadly.

"Well now quite a bit of people sneaking around a gang infested city tonight aren't there? I guess the mob is loosing its rep, eh?" She picked up the skinny human by his hoodie and stood him up. "Well now junior a bit young to be out on your own."

She dusted off his clothes and gave him a good squinting. "You're not one of those buggers from the NZ are you, because if you are I might have to eat you." She said it with a smile in her tone. He wasn't dressed like one of them and he hardly looked threatening.

"Well I guess I should give you two a little geography lesson then. No need for you to get shot out of ignorance now is there?" As If on cue a shot and shards of stone burst from one of the buildings.

Low in the rubble a sniper looked throuh his scope. There was something on the roofs and he was almost positive it was an enemy sniper most likely with the group around the camp fire and he was determined to be the better shot. He was failing miserably. He reloaded his weapon and looked up at the roof hoping he could squeeze off one more before anyone came to find him.

03/21/2007 5:51 PM

At the sound of the shot Tobias tried bolting for the rubble, but was soon denied of both movement and the ability to breath, as he was jerked backwards when he ran out of stretch in the fabric of his hoodie still firmly grasped in his "captors" hand. Gasping for breath he struggled up trying to loosen the pressure on his throat only to have his hoodie let go of sending him back to the ground. Laying in the dust he rolled over wincing hoping that the gunner hadn't decided on a new target.

"Now what?" he panted sitting back up before looking up to where the shots were aimed and then back to the rubble wondering how hard it would be to get at the sniper from here. Dusting himself off he looked to his "captors" and waited for some sort of plan.

03/25/2007 9:23 PM

Ty looked up as the bullet whizzed by his furry head. It didn't startle him, he had been shot at many times. He pulled out a rather large rang shaped like an X. It was gray with red stripes down it, it had a large metal ring in the center. He whirled it in the direction of the shot and it slammed into a tree. From the instant it hit the tree it exploded, sending a bust of flames and smoke at the surrounding area.

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