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03/06/2007 1:28 PM

Cash Flow. That was his name for the last few years. He was originally named Jeff Winters by his less than loving parents. Then he made some "Friends" who found his talent quite useful. For a while he had been Meal Ticket, then Golden Boy, next came Gold Finger. The one that had settled was Cash Flow. As in, 'Hey man, quit screwin' around with my Cash Flow'. The world was a bleak place for Cash. People only wated him for one thing. His Midas touch. The accursed thing that had plauged that ruler in the childrens' tale. He had the Midas Touch. Cash looked around his classroom, just another day in Jefferson Highschool. His hands sweated uncomfortably. Wearing gloves in July wasn't recomended. He casualy glanced down at his text book. Cash wasn't nessacarily stupid, he just didn't grasp things easily, the main reason he wanted to take chemistry so bad was to understand chemical properties of elements. Particularly one thing, gold. It was abbreviated as Au on the periodic table and had an atomic number of 79. Together, all this told him nothing. According to his text book, elements were defined as substances, that couldn't be couldn't be broken down, or changed to other substances. Out of sheer boredem, Cash gentley removed a glove, holding a piece of eraser in his other hand. He pressed his index finger to it. A golden sheen spread across it. He dropped it to the table and put his glove back on carefully. The teacher continued to drone on about chemical compounds, solvents, solutions and such. Cash payed him no heed, just slowly turned the fleck of gold over and over in his hand. There was a slight jostle from next to him, Cash just shot it a glance.

"Hey, where'd you get the bling?" Jerry, one of his more obnoxious classmates asked him.

"Your mom gave it to me when I was done." Cash Flow returned, he didn't feel like being any more inventive. Jerry gave him a humuorless smile and snatched the golden eraser from him. Cash shrugged, he could make a thousand more if he felt like it. He looked back down at his chemistry book. It almsot taunted him with the promises of knowledge it failed to deliver. They had learned about alchemy yesterday. The teacher had called it a false science, one dedicated to the practive of turning lead and other common metals into gold. This of course was impossible since both were elements. Cash has turned lead fishng weights into chunks of gold worth plenty of money. It had to be impossible. He laughed at that thought, of course it was impossible, but he ahd taken the weight to a expert who had bought it from Cash for 500 dollars. It was genuine gold. The only problem, the man had told him it was 100% pure gold. So flimsy it could be bent by hands with little effort. The man found it slightly odd but purchased the formerly lead weight anyway. Jeff had somehow made alchemy work. The bell rang moments later dissmissing him from class. He wasted no time in getting out of the class, wishing he could get home and take off his leather gloves, they made his hands sweat profusely.

"Hi Jeff." Samantha called. Cash stopped as if jerked by a chain.

"Uh...hi there Sam. What's up?" he asked nervously. The girl shrugged and looked around.

"Not much. You do your histroy homework?" she asked. Cash sighed, of course that was what she wanted him for.

"Yeah I did it." he replied dejectedly. Her face imedeatly lit up.

"Great! So you will let me copy it right?" Cash shrugged, he didn't really care, he was getting used to others walking all over him. He dug in his bag a moment and pulled out the paper. He saw his glove ahd come off in the bag. Cash made a yelping sound and stuck his hand back in his bag before it touched anything, most of all the girl he had a crush on. Samantha looked concerned.

"Are you okay Jeff?" Cash felt his bag begin to grow heavyier, he was turing its contents into gold. Worksheets, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, pens were all gaining weight as they became pure gold slowly. Dammit dammit dammit. He cursed to himself, all the while digging through his bag trying to find his glove and maintaining a big smile. He finally found the stray glove and slipped his hand back into it. Why don't my gloves ever turn gold? The question floated through Cash's mind, one of a thousand he had yet to answer.

"Fine. Just peachy." he told Samantha quickly. She gave him a doubtful smile and turned to walk away. Cash sighed and leaned on a locker. He was glad he did becuase the sharp pain in his shoulder when he struck the locker handle reminded him of the Pushers. The gang that had ownership of him. He was supposed to meet them after school, probably to turn some knick knacks into gold so they could pawn them for cash. "It just never lets up does it?" the teen asked himself with a slight smirk. He turned to walk into his classroom.

The thin apartment walls shook with the reverbating roar of thunder. The junk strewn room's lone occupant sat bolt upright in bed. Outside a storm was brewing, thunder roared, lightning flashed. Fox smiled. He loved the rain, but more importantly, he loved what the rain broguht with it, lightning. He jumped from his small bed and rushed around the apartment gathering his nessascary items. Once it was all collected, he slowly walked into his apartment's hallway, heading for the roof acces . Pulling on his electricaly conductive gloves, custom made. With a flick of his wrist the electronic door alarm cut off and the door came open. He walked up to the roof, looking around at the billowing dark clouds, flashing with inner electrical currents. He withdrew a foot long metal pole from his back pack, and with a flick of his wrist it had telescoped out to be a meter and half long. A huge grin spread across his face as he held the lightning rod high above his head. Thunder rolled threateningly.

"Do your worst." he taunted the sky, pulling down his goggles. Thinking back to the first time he did this, what happened without his goggles. He quietly hummed Ode to Joy while his eyes darted around the sky, trying to follw the peels of white lighting. They called it lightning fast for a reason. Raising his other hand, he flicked it back and forth, cuasing lighting to jump and puncuate his song. Finally. with much bravado, he swung his arm downward, bringing a bolt of lightning which struck his up raised staff. Blue-white energy coarsed through him. He felt the tingling energy coarse through his body, he shivered in pleasure. He had always been an electricty lover, ever since he was a highschool kid, you could say electricity really turned him on. Fox, known to himself as Charge, flicked his wrist, sending a bolt of lightning down, hitting a nearby power line, knocking out the power for part of the city. Accidental on his part, he was aiming for the microwave tower in the center of town, it sent out the greatest burst of static that he could feel in his head somehow. Slowly he lowered his arms, the feeling of invincibilty slowly receding, bleeding out into the air. He let his breath out in a long hiss, steam emerged.

"It's a wonderful day to be alive." he said quietly humming to himself while lightning still flashed and peeled in the sky. To think, what now made him happy was formerly intended to take his life. He had been a senior in highschool, and failing. Fox saw no reason to live, so one fateful day he bought a telescoping lightning rod and clibmed to the roof of his apartment where he was now. What could be cooler than suicide by lightning? Fox didn't know then of course that lightning rarely killed people. While waiting to be struck he had found that he had the ability to choose the places lightning struck, and even could make it curve and arc in the sky. All he had to do was focus on the electricty he felt in the air all around him. Now he had discovered other uses for his power like disabling electronics. When lightning had finally struck him, it felt good not bad, he felt it become absorbed by his body, instead of killing him, or even hurting him, it invigorated him. He had been blinded though, the lightning hadn't settled well with his eyes, so now he was wise enough to wear goggles when he preformed. Where his bare hands had held the lightning rods he was burnt by the metal, so now he wore gloves. Sighing, he then descended the stairs, he had work to do. He pulled his goggles up to rest on his forehead and took off his gloves. Finally he retracted his lightning rod and stuck it in his jeans pocket where it stuck out only slightly. Back in his apartment again he sat down beside the phone and pulled on his Casson Power Company uniform. Moments later the phone rang.

"Yello?" he inquired.

"Fox, we've got a line down on the intersection of Ballast and Red Street, by Jefferson High, it knocked out nearly half the grid, it was a direct hit, see what you can do there." his boss told him, speaking quickly. Fox nodded as if his boss could see him.

"No problem, be there in ten minutes." he replied and hung up the phone. The man smiled to himself, he was an expert in his field, electrical engineering. Anything more complciated than power lines or electrical sockets was beyond him. Electronics like TVs and computers boggled his mind, the only part of them he understood was their currents. The man stood and stretched. He headed down to the garrage where he would get his truck, drive to the highschool and fix the power lines. Just another day on the job.

Erica sighed. She took another look at herself in the bathroom mirror, she hated how she looked, nails, chipped and short, sort unkempt hair, hawk like nose, slight belly. She giggled, it was fun to pretened. Erica closed her eyes and concentrated on her new image, slowly she felt her body change, skin clearing and tightening slightly, nose becoming more presentable. Her belly weight transfered to make her slightly more top heavy. Her body took on the curves people associated with beauty. When she opened her eyes she was stunning again. She scanned her body quickly to make sure no traces of the false form remained. She had almsot forgotten what she looked like originally. It must have been...she closed her eyes and thought, eleven years ago, she was eighteen now. Not that it mattered, she could assume any form she wanted, so she was as old or young as she liked. If a stranger had asked she would have said she was 21, but to her close friends (the few she had) she was eighteen. (Personally she thought she looked closer to seventeen) Erica stepped out of the women's room in McBrides Life Insurance. It was one of several large office buidlings in Cason, Iowa. Erica had dropped out of highschool in her junior year, no need to study, she had the looks to make it in life. And if she didn't she could always change again. She had gone to a specialist once to get a catscan. It revealed somethign rather odd about her, more odd than her shapeshifting abilities, it was what gave them to her. Beneath her skin was an unkown substance, a metal. Liquid metal, extremely lightweight and maleable. It only hardened when she willed it to, giving her diamond hard fists or baby soft skin, whichever she chose.

"Looking good baby!" the mailboy told her when she passed. Not in the mood she replied,

"Go suck a railroad spike ." the mail boy looked shocked that such a pretty girl could utter such harsh words. She had gotten used to changing personas as easily as she changed looks. She could be sweet and innocent, almost angelic to sway people's choices and opinions, or harsh if need be. No one but her knew her double life as Forge. She hadn't let the doctor live long after he told her all he knew, she didn't want too many peopel to know what she was capable of. It had been her first kill. Only a few more had followed, two men who had jumped her in an alley quickly discovered she was more like the Terminator than Barbie. Her last had been her Ex-boyfriend. Erica confirmed his aldulterous behaviour by making him cheat on her with herself (two different forms of course). And now she worked a desk job as a receptionist in McBride's Life Insurance. She suspected the manger had hired her only becuase he wanted to get into her pants. Erica smiled when she sat in her desk, putting on her headset.

"As if he has a chance." she said to herself and began taking calls. Erica closed her eyes and metaly shifted from Forge, her more agressive identitiy, back to regular old Erica. The mental shift in her mind was so subtle, she imagined Forge's firey deep blue eyes cooling to seem more passive than agressive. And her hair, blonde as Forge, got a bit darker so it appeared as brunette. Only if someone was concentrating on her would they have noticed her shift. "McBride Life Insurance." she said sweetly to her first caller of the day.

03/08/2007 9:08 PM

"Welcome to Casson, Iowa and thank you for flying Delta international, we hope you've enjoyed your trip."

The flight attendant's voice boomed throughout the airplane, reaching the nearly deafened ears of a young woman, no older than 17 or 18 years in age. Her eyes, tired and glazed over from a tiring ordeal that had nothing to do with the trip and everything to do with her not so common abilities, turned from staring outside the window toward the aisle, waiting for the other passengers to clear out so she could walk out of the plane.
Her traveling companions, a middle-aged couple that looked to be in the upper middle class and completely white bread, had spent most of the trip from Ireland trying to not stare at the unusual teen.

It wasn't as if she looked particularly odd, perhaps her style of dress was a bit on the darker side, but hardly too unusual: a worn in pair of guy jeans that hung low on her hips and had quotes and all manner of things scrawled all over them, a black shirt that hugged her frame like a second skin, doing wonders to show off her small waist and contrasting wonderfully with her incredibly pale skin. Over her shirt she wore a large dark-blue jacket, looking as if it belonged to a much larger and much more masculine figure than herself. Not the most stylish of outfits, but not bad enough to cause the couple any kind of worry.

No, what set off their internal alarms could have been her attitude. A polite enough girl, she had smiled at them, said excuse me as she made her way to her seat, respectfully asking if she could have the window seat, claiming air sickness if she did not. Thank you were the last words she had spoken to the couple, spending the remainder of the trip staring blankly out the window, her ipod blaring in her ears. That in its self wasn't terribly unusual, the couple had seen plenty of shy girls in their travels. They had even seen plenty of girls with a myriad of silver piercing adorning their ears, seen even more girls with their navel pierced and their tongues similarly adorned; they'd even seen other girls with their brow pierced like she did. What they hadn't seen before, and perhaps this was what seemed to disturb them so much, was the myriad of scars and cuts on her forearms and calves. They had managed to catch various glimpses of the injured flesh throughout the flight, and had come to the conclusion that they were self-inflicted.

Perhaps it was something else though, after all, why would the couple have been frightened of a girl who seemed inept at coping with her emotions? She didn't seem likely to snap and kill them, so that shouldn't have frightened them, saddened them, perhaps, frightened them & well that made no sense. No, perhaps the reason they were so disturbed by the girl, so inherently scared, was that everything around her seemed wrong as soon as she sat down. The window seemed a bit too thin, the chair a bit too plush, the arms of the chair a bit too menacing & as if their deepest nightmares of flying, and their deepest desires, were coming to life around her, if only in minor ways.

Needless to say, as soon as the plane had come to a complete stop, the couple were one of the first to get off the plane and made for their car, putting the whole experience down to an odd case of jet lag, living the rest of their lives completed unaffected by the strange girl on the plane.

Unfortunately for Morrigan Connolly, she could not leave that troubled young girl behind as easily as the couple had. She feverently wished it were possible to simply abandon her body and to go and live a happier life, on the worse days, she didn't even mind if leaving her body meant no longer living. Sadly, she had a mission to complete before she could allow herself to be destroyed: finding her sister.

Elle O'Doherty. That was what her name was last Morrigan, or Morri as most people ended up calling her, heard. An odd name; made even odder by the pronunction of Elle, and the meaning of the surname: hurtful.

Her long fingers rubbed at her temples, trying to massage the growing headache away. Her eyes, the color of green agate, were weary from the hours she had spent trying to keep her gift quelled throughout the long flight. She had no interest in letting the reality around her to be changed, especially when that change may have well ended the flight in a rather ghastly manner.

With a sigh her fingers ran through her hair, pulling the dark red locks into a simple ponytail, the ends of which reaching to just above her shoulder-blades, wisps falling into her pale face, contrasting beautifully.

As the last few people left the plane, she finally stood up, making her way to the aisle and out the door, pausing long enough to grab her small green bag and hauling it over her shoulders. She was taller than most girls, about 5'9 with her boots on, a little under 5'8 when barefoot and she normally was. Despite her most fervent wishes, she garnered the attention of many onlookers as she walked out of the airport terminal and to the outside.
It wasn't anything she wasn't used to, the looks, just something she had never managed to make herself comfortable with, or at least, not if she was alone. Unfortunately, her pale complexion, nearly blood red hair, and not unappealing body, managed to get looks from nearly anyone, even if her looks didn't attract them, that strange wrongness around her did.

Her fingers fumbled in her pack, pulling out a lighter (something she had managed to sneak onto the plan) and one long blackberry flavored cigarillo. Lazily she puffed away on the cancer-stick, gaze scanning the road before her, waiting for her cab to come and get her.

Mere blocks from the airport a large crowd had gathered, all clamoring to get into the Rosewood theatre, all dying to see the new actress that had caused such a stir & Elle O'Doherty.

From what everyone had heard, there was something about her, something that made you feel everything that you were supposed to feel, something that made you feel things you shouldn't feel, something that made you love her, no matter what your feelings toward her character. Normally the Rosewood Theatre had no such audience, normally their shows were small, only the family of those participating bothering to come, All of that changed the fateful week ago when their opening night of Cecile, a locally written play about a serial killer and his victims, the theater had been jam packer, breaking several fire codes in fact.

Finally the curtains opened, and the audience, those who could get in, had their first glimpse of the star they had been aching for. She was remarkably tall, at least 6'5, possibly taller, with hair such a shade of blonde that it seemed silver, matching perfectly with her silvery eyes, eyes that held just a hint of blue in them.

She was perfect to behold, her body just the right in-between of curvy and slender, though if another girl had looked just like her, most of the people would have thought her much too tall and much too odd looking to be thought appealing, but with Elle, well, how could they not love her? How could they not all be attracted to her? How could they not all die, just to please her?

The audience was enthralled, enraptured, completely taken in by her performance. Later, when asked, they wouldn't be able to tell anyone what the story was about, but they would be able to tell that the girl who played Cecile was wonderful, that they all wished they could have met her after the show. They wouldn't have been able to place their fingers on it, wouldn't have been able to describe what about the actress had made them want so greatly to please her, perhaps it was her charisma, perhaps it was her talent, perhaps it was just her.

When the curtains closed, Elle got a standing ovation. Not the show, the audience couldn't care less about the show, though it was a rather original plot and the actors did a surprisingly good job, but the audience hardly noticed. They clapped and cheered, and screamed out her name. To all of that, she simply smiled and took it as her due; her co-actors didn't even seem to begrudge her the attention! Though they had every right to do so, instead they simply smiled, as if they too thought it was her due.

As the audience reluctantly filed out, a few of the more pragmatic, or cynical if you would, members wondered to their reactions. As the crisp night air washed the strange aroma that had filled the theatre from their nostrils, a few really began to question their sanity, most, however, noticed nothing out of the ordinary, simply believing that the theatre's acting cast was uncommonly talented this show.

None of them, even those who had begun to question their reactions (which were few and far between) had any inkling that the reason they reacted the way they did had nothing to do with Elle's 'charisma' or her acting talent. They were definitely enraptured by a talent of hers, but one that had nothing to do with acting and everything to do with pheromones and mental pushes. She had allowed her scent, her mental essence, to wash over the group. She had used her mild telepathic powers to shift her scent, molding it to make them into her willing puppets, delighting at how easy it way to make them feel whatever she wanted them to. It was rather like being a maestro, she mused as she changed out of her costume and into her regular clothes, a pair of skintight jeans and a tight ash gray shirt that complimented the paleness of her skin and showed off her toned tummy.

Her fingers brushed some wayward eyeliner off of her temple and looked herself over in the mirror. A slow feral smile made it way onto her lips, eyes gleaming with a predatory glint. In all honesty, it hardly mannered how she looked, her hair was ragged and her features a bit too sharp to be pleasing, not ugly, not even plain, but hardly what most people considered pretty. Too sharp, too brittle, too feral, but her power could make nearly anyone attracted to her. She could have had rotting flesh and she still could have made someone's mind twist and trick them into thinking she was their ideal woman.

Idly she brushed her hair, the raggedly cut locks hanging in a haphazard way all about her face. While she brushed, she hummed a small Irish lullaby, occasionally letting out a few random words, her voice husky and with more than a hint of an Irish lilt to it.

When she finished she set the brush down on the vanity table, and turned, walking to the Parking garage. Not looking for a car, but looking for some new prey, some new person she could work her magic on and get whatever she wanted. Not because she needed anything, already she had more money than she could spend, but because she was bored and had nothing better to do.

Finding the parking garage empty, she walked down the sidewalk, not at all worried about being mugged or attacked. It would be a simple task to make them utterly terrified of her, and if she so chose to fight them, well, she didn't get her muscles from aerobics, she had spent most of her 'forgotten' youth battling it out in the less pleasing parts of Ireland.

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03/09/2007 5:52 PM

The power at school had been knocked out by a lightning hit to the transformer beside the school prompting an earlier dismissal. Cash waited as long as he could before leaving for the back parking lot the Pushers did all their buisness in. The parking lot wasn't a pleasant place at all. Grafitii covered nearly every surface and liter covered the ground. At the far end a smal lgathering of so called "Less desireables" stood around. The gang looked voer at Cash as he walked toward them. He didn't seem to fit in with them, he wore no gang colors and carried no weapons.

"Yo, Cash Flow." one of the gang members called. As Cash got closer he noted with dismay that the gang had a young kid cornered. He was a shrimpy kid with longish unkempt black hair and a pair of thick glasses.

"Frankie...what is all this?" Cash asked when he saw the helpless kid. The leader of the Pushers, Frankie Guerrera looked over at Cash.

"Hey my man." He replied in accent people usually associated with Greasers. He turned away from his captive and retracted the blade on his switch blade. "What kept ya'?" he asked sticking the knife in his leather jacket's pocket.

"Um...school." Cash answered looking at the kid again. Frankie followed his gaze.

"Oh yeah...this guy." he said as if he had forgotten. "We uh...found him hanging out around here. Snoopin' and whatnot." he looked back at the kid and smiled proudly.

"Well, you can let him go now right?" Cash asked nervously, he didn't want to involve himself in the gang's dealings. Frankie disapointed, he shifted his stance and looked Cash in the eyes.

"You got no spine do ya Cash?" Frankie asked. His cronies snickered. Cash bit his tongue and said nothing, clenching and unclenching his gloved hands. Frankie chuckled. "Alright alright. I'll let him go." The gang members all turned back to the spot they had the scrawny boy cornered. It was empty. Frankie's playful mood quickly turned foul. "Well where the hell is he!?" he demanded of the gang members that had him surronded. They looked at each other in confusion.

"Frankie...come on. Just let him go." Cash offered. Frankie whirled on him.

"Where the hell do you get off tellin' me what to do!?" he demanded. Cash took a fearful step back and said nothing, his terror apparent in his eyes. "I'm Frank freakin' Guerrera!"

"Sorry Frankie." Cash said, casting his eyes downward. The gang leader smiled.

"You're damn right you are." he turned back and started walking across the dirty parking lot headign toward a parked sedan. Cash rushed to keep up. "The Gonk has been puttin' the crackdown on our boys." Frankie said in reference to a rival gang in Casson. "Yesterday they smoked two of 'em in a bad drug deal. I wanna send 'em a message." he came to a stop at the hood of the car.

"What does that have to do with me?' Cash asked tenetivley. Frankie jumped onto the hood of the car, his boots putting large dents in it. He whirled about cleanly and pointed a finger at Cash.

"I want you to turn this sucker into gold." Frankie said, throwing in a trademark lopsided grin when he finished. Cash's head swam. He had never killed anyone with his power and could never imagine doing it intentionally.

"Now wait just a minute here Frankie. We had a deal, I am just your...your...your Cash Flow! I am the money guy!" Cash said in suprise.

"Well now we got a different deal. Listen, I ain't askin' you to kill no one. He's dead no matter what, I just want him to be gold. Nice an' shiny right?" Frankie gave another smile, it sickened Cash to his stomach.

"I...I don't think so Frankie." he said. What is wrong with me? What am I doing? Frankie's smile dissapeared.

"What?" he asked taking a step forward on the car's hood. "You trying to leave?" Cash heard the other gang members walking towards him. He began a steady backwards step.

"I-I can't kill anyone." Cash said. Frankie jumped off the car hood and drew his switch blade.

"Well...if you can't kill....you gotta die." two gang members rushed him.

"Don't!" Cash cried out, raising his hands to ward them off. The closest one laughed and swiped with his knife. Cash ducked out of the way and felt arms wrap around him from behind.

"Hold still, it'll hurt less!" a voice from behind him declared laughingly. Cash struggled for all he was worth. It wasn't much. He never considered himself a very physical guy, not by any stretch of the imagination.

"Let me go! Stop!" he shouted in vain. The kid with the knife getting ever closer. Suddenly, he felt his glove slip. The world seemed to slow down as he saw it fall off his hand. Then he watched as his hand grabbed the arm that held him. The man who held him stopped laughing and watched as gold spread across his arm. Cash was released and quickly pulled away, grabbing his glove and putting it back on his hand.

"Holy shit." the man with the knife said.

"I didn't mean to!" Cash insisted. He looked back at the man. The golden patch was still growing, even picking up speed, this had never happened before.

"Jesus." Frankie said. They all watched as the gold spread, the gang member in question started screaming, wether in pain or in fear Cash wasn't sure, either way, he knew he had killed someone. The man's scream was cut off with a gurgle as the last of his flesh had becoem gold. Now he was a golden stature clothed in leather. Frankie looked the statue up and down. The look of terror was still frozen on its face. Frankie looked up at Cash.

"You killed Tommy." he said.

"Frankie, wait please-" Frankie began walking towards Cash.

"And now, you're gonna die." he finished, rage evident just below the cool tone of his voice.

Fox came to a stop next to the light pole with the Power Company truck and shut off the engine. The man leaned back in the seat and sighed. The tingly feeling he had gotten from the lightning strike was nearly gone. He reached for the door handle and stopped. Through the driver side window he saw a lone kid being pursued by a gang of kids.

"Duty calls." he said wit ha smile and opened the door.

Cash backpedaled while Frankie and his goons advanced on him.

"Look, please, it was a mistake!" he shouted.

"You're damn right it was." Frankie said and ran at him. Cash screwed his eyes shut knowing it was all over.

"Hey!" a voice called. Cash opened his eyes and looked back. Standing at the entrance of the parking lot was a man. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, he had a medium build and messy brown hair. "I wouldn't do that if I was you." the man said. And then to Cash's suprise, he giggled, as if he knew a dirty secret that he wasn't sharing.

"And why the hell not!?" Frankie demanded. The unusual stranger looked at the golden gang member.

"That your work kid?" he asked with a smile. Cash had to assume that he was talking to him.

"I didn't mean to." he said. Why am I telling a stranger this?

"Yo...freak show. You done talking?" Frankie asked.

"He's not the only one out of the ordinary." the man told Frankie. He pointed to a parked car. The engine cranked up and its headlights snapped on, illuminating the rapidly darkening parking lot. The gang members looked at each other in fear. The man smiled and snapped his fingers, all the cars in the lot suddnely turned on.

"What the hell...?" Frankie looked around in suprise.

"I suggest," the man said. "I suggest you leave him alone." twin bolts of lightning crossed the still overcast sky forming an X directly behind him. "Or you're gonna regret it." all of the cars' headlights blew out. One of the gang members screamed in fear. Frankie screamed as well, but his was a scream of rage. He hunched over and ran at the newcomer like a linebacker.

Charge watched as the angry kid rushed him. He prepped himself, then at the right moment, side stepped the knife stab and grabbed the back of the kid's neck. He felt the energy current just beneath his skin running along his spinal column.

'Lights out." Charge said and with a quick thought sucked a sample of the kid's body's electrical current. The kid went limp. Charge looked up. "Any one else want some!?" he called out. The otehr teens looked aprehensive and did nothing to attack him. Without another word Charge grabbed the kid and said, "Run!" Together they turned and fled from the parking lot.

Cash followed the strange man to a Casson Power Company Truck that was parked in front of the school. They both got in and slambed the doors.

"Almost forgot." the man said and then closed his eyes. The power suddenly came back on in the surronding area. Cash's eyes went wide.

Charge felt tired and worn out from playing with so much power. He looked at the startled kid who sat next to him. He was dressed in baggy clothes all over and wore gloves, even in the July heat. The boy had hair the color of gold and eyes the color of money. Quite fitting Charge thought , for a kid whose power revolved around money. The kid was scrawny and nervous looking.

"So, what's your name?" Charge asked.

"Cash. Cash Flow." he said. For some reason Jeff felt this man was trust worthy, for one he saved his life, and besides that, he was the only other person he knew with powers like his. The man laughed.

"Cash huh? I'm Charge. How'a 'bout that? Cash and Charge." Charge laughed again as he put the truck in gear and drove off.

Frankie sat up. He was weak and angry. He jumped to his feet, several of his gang members offered their assitance but he pushed them back.

"Get off me!" he shouted. Where Cash should've been, there was only empty space. Frankie's rage rushed through his body. It felt to him the way a fuel injector worked, it was powering the fires of his rage. Frankie screamed in shear hatred. The image of a car's fuel injector passed through his head, he was well aquainted with them becuase he worked in a local auto shop. One of the running cars behind him suddenly exploded. Frankie and his gang turned around to stare at the smoldering wreck. Frankie put two and two together. He stood in disbelief. Frankie looked at another one of the still running cars. He pictured his rage as a spark of flame in a backed up fuel injector. The car exploded. He went along the cars, detonating the fuel injectors with a mentaly projected spark of flame until all of them were smoldering in flame.

"Boss?" one of his terrified gang members asked when he was finished. Frankie turned on him.

"Where were you when that freak knocked me out!?" Frankie demanded. Before the man could answer he pointed a finger at him. The kid burst into flames. The rest of his gang scattered while screaming. Frankie turned around until he had viewed the whole scene. There was a golden statue of a kid wearing clothes, a charred corpse and tweleve burnt out cars. A slow clap started from behind him. Frankie turned back to look. A stunningly beautiful woman stood where the stramg emand who blew out the car lights had stood earlier.

"Bravo. Very good show. Roast them for insubordination and that will teach them what exactly?" she said this and then smirked. Frankie felt his confusion at her sudden appearance become simmering anger at being insulted.

"Hey, you have no right tellin' me! Frankie Guerrera! How to run my gang!" he shouted . She scoffed.

"More like former gang. In fact, I would say your time at this school has come to a close, unless you think it will be hard for them to finger this all on you." Frankie stopped and thought, the girl had a point.

"Yeah, so what's it to you?" he asked. She smiled.

"You're a pyrokenetic." Erica said, pulling the term from her memory.

"A what?" he asked in annoyance. Erica chuckled.

"Man you really are dumb. It means you can start fires with your mind." Frankie glared at her.

"Look, I don't know why I have to take this from you-" he started.

"Becuase you and me," Erica raised her left arm, it shifted and turned silver, like mercury and grew and narrowed to become a large blade. "Are alot alike." Now it was Frankie's turn to laugh.

"Four freaks on one day...who woulda' thought. Alright, then what do you suggest I do? Can't go to school, can't be with my gang." Frankie spread his arms wide. "What then?"

"Start a new gang. Of people like us. We can rule this town...together." Frankie raised an eyebrow. This was a whole new concept.

"Is that what you really look like?' he asked. Erica smiled deviously.

"Yes or no?" she asked. Frankie thought for a sec.

"Sure, I'll do it. I'm gonna rule this town with you as my woman." Frankie said looking at Erica.

"Whoa, hold up there cowboy, sorry, but you're not my type." she said with a slight snicker. Frankie didn't say anything.

"Well, you can call me Forge. If you're going to be with me, you need a name too." she looked around at the carnage, she caught sight of a burnt out car. "Road Rage." she said. Frankie thought about it.

"Road Rage. Yeah. Cool, I like it...so Forge, what do you have in mind?" he asked with a grin.

"First we have to get out of here, won't take long for the cops to show up, then we have to take down everyone who witnessed this and may be a liability." Frankie nodded.

"Let's do it."

03/09/2007 9:55 PM

The not terribly distant sounds of the 'schoolyard' rumble had reached the attentive ears of none other than Elle. The woman had been walking for a while when she came upon the little parking lot that the gang and the others were having their little 'tiff' in.

With an air of idle curiosity, she had made her way into the parking lot, keeping to the shadows of course as she watched the events. Her distinct lack of scent giving off an air of obscurity, not quite invisible of course. If someone had been looking for her, they would have seen her, but there was simply no reason to.

Once the man and boy, Charge and Cash, had left and the woman had appeared ... well, she figured she might as well have a bit of fun.

With careful thought she chose what emotion would be the best for the others to feel at that time, deciding on a combination of trust, want, and fear. Nothing too extreme, very subtle in fact. Those with weaker wills would fear her but belive she was telling the truth and would want to please her, those with stronger wills ... well, they would feel no differently than they would when meeting a powerful looking woman with an extreme amount of confidence and beauty, assuming of course, that they had felt some kind of instant connection with the woman. Not blindly following, but feeling as if the woman wouldn't lie or hold any deception to them. To others, yes, to them? No.

"If you two need a place to stay, I might be able to help with that. Assuming, of course, that you let me play in your little gang." Her voice was soft and silky, nearly a tangible lovers caress in voice form.

It seemed like eternity had passed, and still no cab. Morrigan let out a rather annoyed sigh as she looked around for a payphone and called the taxi company up. She was informed by a rather harried sounding man, that due to powerlines being down the cabs were having problems navigating through broken lights and etc.

Morrigan expressed her understanding, cancelled her cab ride for the day, and hung the phone up, looking more than a bit irritated. She'd managed of course, she always did, but it did make getting to her hotel more difficult. Especially as she had no idea how to get there, and really didn't want to ask any of the leering men near her.

She flicked the butt of her cigarello to the ground, absently crushing it to nothing as she did the time honored direction of choosing a direction to walk in: Eenie Meenie Minie Moe.

Her choice ended up taking her left. She had no idea if left led to anywhere, for all she knew, it could let to the slums or to wilderness, though if there was a significant amount of wilderness in Iowa she'd be shocked. With no real need to be anywhere any time soon, she simply walked. Hopefully, by some miracle, she would either stumble upon someone kind enough to tell her how to get to a local, and cheap, hotel, or find a nice park to sleep in for the night. Either way, she'd be happy enough.

03/10/2007 2:45 PM

Forge turned to the sound of the newcomer and rasied an eyebrow.

"Or really?" she implored. Frankie was jsut as shocked as Forge, but he took it differently. Instead, Frankie did what he was best at, he got angry.

"And who the Hell are you any way!?" he demanded. The young woman locked her eyes on his.

"Oh come on now. Is that really any way to talk to a lady?" she asked. Frankie supposed it wasn't and told her so. "Well now, don't you have quite a temper? Road Kill is it?" she asked smiling seductivley. Frankie grinned sheepishly and looked at Forge who was frowning at him in dissapointment. In snapped him back to his sneses slightly.

"Uh...yeah. I mean no, Road Rage." He stammered. She smiled back.

"My name is Elle. And I am sure the pleasure is all mine." Frankie and Forge both had nothing to say to this. Finally Forge broke the silence.

"So you are interested in our organization then?" Forge asked as if prompting her. Elle nodded.

"If you can call it that." she said almsot mockingly. "I might be." Frankie's gaze wandered from her to the dark shadows behind her. He caught a glimmer of eyes, they were being watched. Frankie drew his kinfe and flipped out the blade, he pointed it at the pair of gleaming eyes.

"What do ya think you're doin'!?" he demanded. Forge also looked at what had cuaght his attention. Before Elle could turn around the shadows themselves seemed to lunge forward and envelope her in a shroud of darkness. Elle felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and she was pulled back against an unseen attacker. She could feel leather and metal studs she assumed were his clothes. The unpleasant sensation of hot breath washed across the back of her neck and another arm came across her chest and pressed the cold steel of a knife to her throat. She momentarily went rigid from shock but quickly recovered. Road Rage was confused as well, but he quickly realized whoever was attacking Elle was a freak, same as him. Then he remembered his power. Frankie smilied.

"Alright freak boy! Want to play? Fine with me. Get ready to roast!" He concentrated his anger on the unseen attacker.

"Wouldn't do that grease ball." a raspy voice said mockingly from beside Elle's face. "Less you want little miss muppet here to get an amature tracheaotomy." Frankie paused, he didn't know what a tracheatomy was, but it sounded like a threat. Forge put a restraining hand in his shoulder. The as of yet unnamed attacker leaned down besdie Elle's ear and inhaled deeply through his nose.

"Any one ever tell you how good you smell? Never met a woman quite like you miss. I'd love to party with you." Using the hand on her waist he traced a finger up from her thigh stopping just short of her ribs. Elle became distinctly aware he was licking his lips, aparently engrossed her phermones.

"You don't really want to play this game do ya, boyo?" Her gaze searched for his, movement lazy and languid. Her scent inspiring emotions of extreme relaxation and more than a hint of lust. She finally met found his dark green eyes. They had a wild look to them, they way one imagines a serial killer. "Why don't you put down this nasty little knife of yours and we can have some real fun...the kind that if blood is gained, it's through getting a bit too excited with the love nips or scratches, not the unsteady shake of someones hand." Her tone was quite mezmerising, why would anyone want to disagree with her?

As soon as the boy had removed the knife from her throat, she grabbed onto his wrist and yanked the arm behind his back, painfully high. Her whole demeanor changed, inspiring terror beyond belief. The shadows he had cloaked them both in quickly shrank away and fnally disapeared all together.

"Never, never dare touch me with a blade again boyo, or I'll take the blade from you and use it to saw off your hand. Trust me when I say that that process is extremely painful and not at all pretty." She yanked on his arm again, causing waves of pain to happen before releasing him and backing away toward Forge and Frankie.

"Poor litle pup." Her voice crooned out of her, her demeanor changing again. Going soft, soothing, almost motherly, if you had a particularly incestous relationship with your mother. The kid bared his teeth at her and made a sound not dissimilar to a wildcat. Frankie looked altogether put off by the whole display, Forge merely watched with curiosity while Elle on the other hand smiled at his defiance. Elle took a step toward him, bringing her almost touching him, she then did jsut that, extending a hand to race his jawlione with a finger nail. The teen looked puzzled by her actions. "You have a name don't you? Can't very well call you boyo forever." The kid seemed to calm at the sound of her voice.

"They call me Night Shade. I control the night itself." he replied smiling loonily. Elle smiled back in amusment.

"Night Shade. Why not follow me?" she asked. "We could have a lot of fun I'm sure." she said suggestivelly. Night Shade looked from Frankie and Forge to Elle. He smiled and splayed his arms wide, a gesture of surrender. Elle turned around, smiling victoriously at The two others. "Well now I have my ow group. Can you give me any reason why I should stay with yours?" her tone was still palyful, not exactly serious, but not exactly joking either, as if she were testing options. Forge ground her teeth, this wasn't in her plan. She had intended to snag a partner, not a whole possee. She focused hard, she had already figured out this oman's power was manipulation of emotions, she didn't want to fall victim to what plauged the walking anger managment case known as Frankie Guerrera. She thought about this woman's motivations. After a moment, Forge smiled confidently again.

"Power." she said. The corner's of Elle's mouth twitched, the ghost of a smile. Forge had hit the nail on the head. "Since you are one of the original members, a founder you could say, you would have a position of some prestige. Not to mention your unique ability which will be instrumental in creating our gang."

Elle smiled in amusment at the younger woman's offer. "Very well then. My pet and I will play with you for a bit...on my terms of course." She looked back at Night Shade. He looked at her, grinning from ear to ear. Elle returned the smile.

Cash looked around the trashy apartment. "Nice place." he said sarcasticaly, he was feeling a bit more himself now.

"Go ahead make yourself at home." Charge offered. "By the way, my human name is Fox." Cash looked at him incredulously.

"Your...human name?" he asked. Fox nodded enthusiastically.

"You don't think we can be 100% human do you? Even Superman was an alien. I've got it all figured out man, we're a mutation, a deviation from normal human genetic structure. We my friend, are mutants." Cash thought about it and then before Fox left the room said,

"My human name is Jeff, but everyone knows me by Cash." Fox nodded, then walked out of the room. Cash looked around the simple aparment again, this time taking in details, a picture of a lightning bolt adornred one wall. A colage of pictures of people and palces partially covered it. On the opposite wall gloves, goggles, and a small metal rod hung on the wall. Fox returned with a bag of Doritos.

"Hungry Jeff?" he asked. Cash took the bag and ate some orange chips. "We aren't alone you know." Fox told him. "People like you and me, there are more of us than you would think. I met a girl once, had control of weather paterns, man, we'd've made a great team. I got the lightning, she makes the storm. They are everywhere. And not all good." Charge shut up after that.

"Well look, thanks for saving me and all but, I need to get home." Cash stood up from the bed he'd sat on.

"This place is in trouble Cash. You and me, Cash and Charge, we could be a crime fighting team." Fox said. Cash let his jaw hang.

"What? I can't fight crime, the only thing I'm good for is making money." Fox sat on the bed and looked at his hands.

"I said there were bad ones right? Well I fought one once." Cash stared in disbelief.

"Fought one?" Fox nodded.

"Told me his name was Sonic Boom. He could amplify any sound so much that it scould shatter your bones and rupture your organs. But, he had to focus it at things, like a wave, it was a limited range weapon, and only the sounds he made could be amplified. I don't know quite how it worked but..." Fox trailed off and looked at his hands again. "He was robbing a woman. I didn't know he was one of us and I knocked him out. But, he came to faster than I thought he would, we fought in that alley way, I barely escaped with my life. That was 5 years ago. If there are more people like him we need to stop them Cash." The teen looked at his shoes.

"I have a life Fox. I have school. I have friends." Jeff knew the last one was a lie. Fox nodded understandingly.

"Okay, I get it. I have been fighting them for the past 5 years. I can do it on my for a few more. But, if you ever want help figuing out your powers I am here." Jeff nodded.

"Thanks Fox, for everything, you're the coolest person I've ever met." the man smiled wanly and then Jeff left.

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03/10/2007 9:56 PM

"Bye Mr. D!" the group of kids said as they ran off to their parents. The green-haired young man waved a gloved hand at the small group before turning to walk off in the other direction, his hands in his pockets. Turning a corner and heading into a nearby alley, he walked up to a car, grinning widely as he eyed the vehicle appraisingly.

Quickly taking out a 'spare key' he had made for the vehicle the atheletic mutant unlocked the driver side door and got in. Moments later the car roared to life, the 454 big-block purring was music to the young man's ears. D turned to look behind him as he backed out of the alleyway and sped down the street.

As D drove down the street, he was taken aback as a series of explosions went off behind the group of buildings he was passing by. The young man stopped and looked, seeing several plumes of black and red billow into the sky as they shifted more to the familiar smoky black.

"The hell!?" the mutant said aloud as he watched the smoke rise. He was about to get out of his car but stopped himself at the last minute, shaking his head. 'Dis ain't none of my bi'ness' he thought as he grabbed the gearshift with a gloved hand before looking back at the plumes of smoke. With a sigh and a curse D put the car in park and jumped out, going to investigate the damage.

The atheletic mutant pulled his goggles down and looked up at one of the buildings, a two story flat, that concealed the source of the explosion. With a slight grunt, D jumped onto the roof, landing on a knee. Trying to keep a low profile, the young man quickly stepped over to the back end of the roof and looked down.

"The hell's goin' on down there?" he said softly as he watched the scene below, four people, two guys and two girls were discussing something. What, the green haired mutant couldn't tell, but it look like some sort of uneasy agreement.

"This is some shit straight outta' comic." D continued. His little 'reconnaissance' was interrupted by the one sound he hated to hear: police sirens. "Damn, just when I was gettin' interested too."

03/10/2007 11:18 PM

A lone boy walked along the dark city street. A casual passer by would pay him no more than a glance. Jacob Francis was an average looking kid, that is, to the casual observer. One merely had to focus to see through his guise. Underneath he was a scrawny, short, bespecled teen. He had longer than average black hair that he didn't take care of. Jacob stopped by a closed convienience store and leaned on the wall casualy. He looked at a part in the sidewalk that didn't fit level with the rest. He concentrated on it a moment. It shimmered and flickered like a TV picture with bad reception then it was gone. In its place a light shimmering, no one would notice it. Jacob looked a little ways dow nthe sidewalk and saw a man walking casualy along. He never saw the bump and his toe caught on it. He went sprawling. Now Jacob felt a little better about getting roughed up by Frankie and his thugs. He had watched what that kid they called Cash Flow had done to one of them, it was quite impressive. The distant sound of sirens caught Frankie's attention. He looked over to their source and saw a steadily rising plume of smoke.

"Frankie strikes again." Jacob said laughingly. He closed his eyes and imagined having that much power. He subconciously threw up an illusion around his body. All observers would see Frankie Guerrera in person leaning on the wall, but in a moment it was back to his usual disguise. That was Jacob's secret. He could cast illusions. Following in superhero tradition he gave himself a super hero name: Mirage. Jacob had tried his hand at being a hero, it wasn't very easy, the guy he had attacked had gotten away and Jacob didn't feel any better about himself. He had on several occasions used his ability to disguise his identity for mischeif, one of only a few pleasures he could obtain on his own.

"Spare some change?" a downtrodden looking man asked. Jacob looked at him then down at the cup he offered, he easily had twenty bucks in it, someone like him didn't need all that money.

"Yeah sure." Jacob made as if to drop money in, and using an expert illusion picked some up without the homeless man's knowledge.

"God bless you." the man said and plodded off.

"Sure whatever." Jacob said snidely and turned back to the street. he heard laughter and turned to look. It was the girl from his school, Samantha, someone he had always admired for being so self confident. She was quite attractive to boot. Unfortunatley for Jacob she didn't even know he exisited. Samantha was walking along the street with one of her friends.

"Lookin' good." he called out to her. She turned in suprise, not used to having strangers cat call her from the sidewalk. Jaco had no need to fear, he had an illusion up,she wouldn't recognze him. Samantha and her friend stared. Her friend laughed nervously but Samantha stared harder, looking at him like you look at those What's wrong with this picture games. Then Jacob felt something strange, a stirring in his mind, his mental illusion was replaced with his true form for a second, but only a second. Both he and Samantha recoiled in shock. Jacob quickly regained his cool and doubled his resolve and concentration. Samantha gawked for another moment, then quickly left. Jacob was puzzled, had he let his guard slip becuase of her? No, he was too smart for that. It must have been her, she broke through his illusion. Odd, he would have to begin observation of her to determine what caused this anomily.

"Holeee crap." Sergeant Menendez blurted upon arriving at the school's back parking lot. He and Lieutenant Foster got out of their patrol car. Jefferson High's back lot had always been a trouble spot, it had been the scene of gang fights, drug deals, muggings, even rape. But never had it come even clsoe to what they saw now.

"Get this area taped off. This is big." Foster told his partner. He approached the first thing that caught his eye, it was a golden statue wearing leather clothes he knew as the typical garb of the Pushers, the local gang. It was a very steryotypical statue of a Pusher, right down to the knife cluthced in one hand. The only alien thing, aside fro mthe gold, was the look of terror on its face.

"I have a feeling that this will be making the news." Menendez said happily. Foster sighed.

"You've got that right." Foster replied. It was gonna be a long night.

03/12/2007 4:47 AM

There are certain things in the world that just should not be. Traffic is one. Well, cars in general. The smoke produced by those things is enough to kill a man, compounded by the fact that they decrease exercise in an already sedentary society.

Commercials are another. Except for the superbowl commercials, because those are funny. Really, it's the only thing worth watching during the superbowl.

The main one on Sketch's mind, however, is burglars. Particularly loud, not-too-bright burglars. Such as the ones attempting to get into her flat right this moment.

[i]They wouldn't be half-bad, if they could get in, take what they want, and get out, without waking me up,[/i] she muses.

Finally, they manage to open the door, and creep inside.

*Clomp. Clomp.*

[i]Boots? BOOTS!?!? You MUST be joking me! Who wears BOOTS to a burglary?[/i]

Just for that, Sketch is going to plan out something particularly nasty for them.

Hmm...what to do? The dinosaur, the devil-woman, or maybe....yes...she hasn't used Mikey in a while. Based on Freddy, from Freddy the 13th, but a little more horrific. Sketch is quite proud of him, and she already has an almost-finished piece waiting to be used.

So she gets up from her bed in her hidden room (being able to take down and re-draw the walls and doorways comes in handy), moves over to her easel, and starts to finish the drawing...


"Help me!!"

The voice, with the chilling hopelessness of a woman who is at the brink of giving up, issues out of the tangled heap of metal that was once a decent, if not outdated, red dodge neon.

In between screams of agony and cries for help, Engel could hear the woman struggling to get herself free from the debris.

[i]Well, this will have to wait...[/i]

She had originally been flying to the multiple smoke columns, and had just caught a glimpse of burned out cars and what looked to be some sick gang-banger's attempt to sculpt, covered in gold.

With a quick tilt of her wings and a shake of her head, she was turning towards where the screams were coming from.

She moved here to get away from the "hero" business for a while. Don't misjudge her...she truly wants to help. But moving to the largest cities all over the world overwhelmed her. There was so much suffering in the world...what was the point?

She has seen more accidents, more hate crimes, more violences, more injuries, and more pain than most see in a hundred lifetimes. All of that, however, cannot prepare a person to the initial horror of seeing a new atrocity.

And that is why, as she came over the last building to the scene of the accident, she stopped in mid-air with a yelp of surprise, compassion, remorse, and too many other emotions to describe.

Three vehicles - two halves of a large black Escalade, an overturned tanker truck, and a burning pile of scrap metal - sit in the middle of an intersection which has emergency lights on. The normal lights were out during the power outage, and it must have been in that initial moment of darkness that Hell crossed over.

"Help me...Oh, god...Somebody...Please help me!"

The cry, once more, compells her to action. Before any more time is lost, she dives down to rescue the woman trapped in the mangled car.


Kairu, seemingly engrossed in a book, strolls down the dimly lit avenue. If anyone were to bother to look, they would see the title said "Quantum Physics: Field Theory," but the only ones who could look had no interest in any theories, knew only of a football field, thought physics was something in gym class and had no idea what "quantum" was.

For Kairu was not alone in the street. Indeed the shadows around him had quite a few denizens dwelling within its depths.

Of course, Kairu knew this. Between the obnoxiously loud whispers, the out-of-season (not to mention out-of-region) bird calls, the scuffing of sneakers, the [i]swish-swish[/i] of a person's jean legs, and the incapability to actually stay concealed in the shadows...

Yes, Kairu knew he was not alone.

He also knew he had nothing to fear. There were 7 of them, and he was betting that none of them had finished High School (although a couple of them looked like they were old enough to). They were probably members of the Pushers, the local gang. Translated, that meant they were even less of a threat.

The intriguing thing, though, was that they seemed to be leaderless. Frankie Guerrera, a joke of a leader if Kairu ever saw one, was MIA. For all his faults, Frankie wouldn't have let them be this disorganized.

Most of the time, Kairu puts no stock in these things. But this time he was intrigued. Call it boredom if you will, but he was curious. It's not exactly like Casson, Iowa was the plot capitol of the world. In fact, if it wasn't for a few hard to find manuscripts and texts in the local museum, Kairu probably wouldn't be here.

But, as it happened, he was, and so were they, but Frankie wasn't, and now he was intrigued. So, he continued walking, waiting to see what they would finally decide to do.

03/13/2007 3:54 PM

It just so happened that by coincidence, or fate, or cliche, what have you, that at the moment Kairu was walking, engrossed in his book, so Morrigan was. Only, she was walking in the opposite direction of he, heading towards him.
Just like Kairu, she was engrossed; only what she was engrossed in was her own mind, struggling to not let the not terribly distant sound of sirens disrupt her concentration. She would not allow her power to be unleashed if she could help it, as it was her jet lag was getting to her and making it so her defenses weren't all the way up. That allowed for bits and pieces of the world aroudn her to shift, ever so subtly, just enough for her to tilt forward onto the ground, feeling a bit sea sick at the sight of her own illusions.
With a strangled growl of frsutration she raked her nails across her arm, the bloody furrows and the sharp sense of pain becoming her focus and allowing her to shove her power back inside, to keep everything around her normal.
Only then did she notice the man walking towards her. He wasn't terribly close as of yet, and seemed to be engrossed in his book, perhaps he hadn't noticed what went on around her. More importantly, maybe he knew where to find a place to spend the night, this didn't look to be the part of town one fell asleep in if one was female.
"Sir, excuse me but..." Her voice was controlled and slow, as if it took a great deal of effort to get the words out. At the same time her voice was pleasent to listen to, almost lyrical in it's nature. The irish accent very obvious but not making her words hard to understand, simply giving them a more musical sound. It was obvious that she had forgotten the name of the hotel she was searching for,m or perhaps she was just simply too tired to keep on talking. Either way, her sentence was left unfinished.

03/13/2007 8:25 PM

Kairu had, in fact, been aware of her for some time.

What he noticed first was not her, actually, but everything around her. It didn't match, it didn't look right. No, that wasn't it, it looked perfect. Perfectly abysmal that is. As if everything that he feared about the surroundings was true. But such wasn't the case around himself, only around her.

And the way she was staring at nothing, he was wondering if she was autistic, but when he saw her lacerate herself to regain focus, he realized that such was not the case. Also, once he got close enough, he could see a definite awareness and an incredible focus, but on the internal.

[i]This girl is not what she seems[/i]

"Sir, excuse me but..."

She didn't seem dangerous, though. And while they boys around them may hesitate to attack him, they wouldn't hesitate to attack her.

[i]Where is she trying to go? She looks like she hasn't slept in a while. She doesn't have much on her, I wonder if...[/i]

His thought process is halted as her hears whispers:

"She's pretty..."
"...we can take him, and..."
"I want to..."
"...she won't be much of a fight, and then..."

Realizing that he doesn't have much time before they try something, he just takes her by the arm and says, "Yes Madam, I do. Please, if you would come with me, I can show you."

With that, he starts to walk, 'urging' her to move with a gentle push on her arm and keeping her in front of him and a step to the left, hoping she will follow his lead.

03/14/2007 4:05 PM

Her gaze narrowed at his touch, 'gracing' him with a look of pure suspicion and wariness. All the same, she was aware enough of her surroundings, now at least, to hear the whispers. While she may not particularly fear for herself, she did fear what would happen if the boys, with their strong emotions and her lowered defenses, got close. She rather thought it wouldn't be a pretty outcome.
Although she hardly trusted the stranger who seemed to guess much more than she found at all comfortable, she did nod her head and allowed herself to be pushed forward. "Thank you sir." She tried to think up a clever story, one that was small and nuanced enough to be credible, but large enough to scare the boys away without a fight, but frankly, she was much too tired to think of anything. Instead she simply let one of her walls down, ever, ever so slightly, breath becoming labored with the effort of not letting anythign but what she wanted to be seen, to appear. Where once she was bereft of weaponry, now a rather large gun appeared at the small of her back, looking as if it had always been there, and the shadows had simply hidden it from the gang members view. Very lethal looking, though if one was to look at it too terribly closely, one would begin to notice that it wasn't of any known brand or make, in fact, it looked rather like a cheap imitation movie gun.
Morrigan was hoping that the boys didn't know enough about guns and all their makes to make that kind of distinction, and hoping even more that the strange man who had decided to help her would take no notice of the sudden appearence, or at the very least, ask her no questions about it. It was hard enough to maintain the illusion and none others without trying to hold a conversastion as well.

03/14/2007 4:43 PM

Another day and another crime. More crime ment more money, for it kept the police busy. Mr. Michaels had found himself doing business in Iowa after some of his business associates found themselves unable to manage their business. Officially he was here on business to negotiate deals at the local museum. Un-officially, Mr. Michaels was in town to negotiate deals on the street.

He was unable to understand how grown men who have been in the business for years could be having trouble with kids. Some local shops who paid protection keep getting trouble from punk kids. The gambling and drug runners cant keep up their end because of the punk kids always out on the streets. If one happened to be questioned by a police men than the jig was up. This had happened on several occasions and set back business profits a good deal. People always expected things in big cities, not little towns. That is why the business was taken into this little hut in Iowa.

Mr. Michaels knew there was something up in this town when not even being here two days and stuff was happening. One kid was declared dead when the cops realized a lifesize gold statue at a crime scene ended up being a kid that had been reported missing. Several vehicles mysteriously caught afire blowing up half of a city block, the police reported. And lightning strikes that disregard LPS as if directed by whim of hand. This wasnt done by professionals, not by any means. The nature and location of these acts pointed to punk kids. And these little punks had to be stopped before they brought too much attention to this little town and ruin his business perminantly.

For such, Mr. Michaels decides to take a stroll down to the local school to see if he may work something out with the principal. He had arrived just behind a limo, and payed the driver after exiting his cab. Mr. Michaels in his black suit and dark cane entered into the main building after the younger gentlemen before him.

03/14/2007 6:25 PM

Kairu didn't particularly care what looks he got from this woman, because he was doing her a favor. By Kairu's reasoning she knew that, though, otherwise she wouldn't have come with him.

He also didn't really care where she was trying to go. Not right now, anyways. She had started to say, but stopped, almost as if she couldn't finish.

He couldn't worry about that right now, though. One thing at a time. First he had to get away from these punk kids. He may even have to resort to a scare tactic now that another was involved.

They had taken a few steps when he noticed the sudden bulge at her back.

[i]That was not there before...Could she be...?[/i]

He didn't know what to think at that. She could be many things. The gun could be real, or she could be a psychic or an illusionist.

The psychic/illusionist theory would make sense, especially considering what he saw before. If she was one of those, the question would be if she was creating the image of the gun, or realeasing the gun's invisibility.

[i]Great. Now I'm stuck with having to deal not only with these punk kids, but a woman that I only have a vague idea of what her capability is.[/i]

The gun didn't frighten him, real or illusionary. The fact that he had no idea what this woman was capable of did.

Then, from the shadows. "I'm gonna take her..."
"Whoa, do you see..."

Before the one kid could finish that crucial sentence, Kairu hears a flurry of footsteps behind them, followed by a kid yelling "Get 'em!" complete with pre-pubescent squeak.

Whirling around, Kairu throws a fist into the leading kid's face, sending him reeling back. Looking around, he sees two kids advancing, and two more on the sides, with one to his left hesitating, and two more behind him.

When they see the instigator stumble back, they hesitate, giving Kairu and the as-of-yet unnamed woman a moment that he wasn't about to waste.

Hoping that the scars on the woman's forearms are not indications of terrible control of her powers, he turns to her and whispers, "If you have a way of getting them to leave us alone without having me hurt them, I suggest you do it now."

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03/14/2007 6:42 PM

"Hey, dude...where's the bedroom?"

Sketch heard this just as she was finishing the picture, and she checks her stop-watch.

"15 seconds. Not bad," she says to herself.

Then, from the other room: "I dunno, stupid. Maybe it's a studio."

"A what?" Typical high-school-failure burglar.

"A studio, man, it's an apartment wi..."

[i]Ah...[/i] Sketch thinks, [i]I've heard that sudden stop before. He's seen Mikey, hasn't he?[/i]

It's times like this when she wishes she had the foresight to put a one-way window in her wall or something. She was just so tired last night, however, she drew up a wall and went to bed.

"What is it man?"

"Be...Buh...Behind you..."


Then she hears a sound which she has come to love, but still sends shivers down her spine and creeps her the f*** out. With a deep, raspy, but startlingly clear and creepy voice: "Hello there, boys."

This is, of course, followed by lots of screaming, running, and scrambling to leave her apartment as fast as possible.

With a sigh, she mentally tells Mikey to shut and lock the door, then goes over and slashes through the picture, causing Mikey to disappear as if he never was.

[i]Perhaps tomorrow I'll go to the school and see if there are any cute boys to tease...[/i]

And with that she goes back to sleep.

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03/14/2007 6:48 PM

The look she gave him was one filled with terror, not of the boys attacking her. She could take them on any day of the weak, well, she assumed at least, but of the idea of realeasing her powers.
She took a deep breath, nodding curtly, shoving her fear aside and concentrating, focusing on the attacking boys.
Slowly the area around them began to change. Subtly at first, then much more prominate and much quicker. It shifted and morphed, the feel of the ground shifting and changing even there, a very realistic illusion if illusion it could be called.
Soon enough the area looked like a pit from hell, with eerie voices echoing from every corner and a huge huge spider making it's way toward, well, everyone.
She had taken the fears of the boys, snakes, spiders, darkness, the voices of dead loved ones accusing them, everything they most deeply feared, and poured it into reality. If one of the boys were stupid enough to get attacked by the spider, and they didn't recgonize the spider as something not real ... well that boy would soon find himself dead.
"I suggest you boyos run before I get really angry." Her tone was lazy, languid, and utterly dangerous sounding. Her gaze was almost like a cat's, reflecting what little light was left as she stared the gang boys down. There was no sign of the inner struggle...
No sign but her hands curled into painful fists, nails digging harshly into the skin of her palms. The subtle, nearly feverish glow that she couldn't quite contain in her eyes that bespoke of panic. The beads of sweat as if from great exertion ... all signs that were fairly minor, and almost completly unnoticable with her little play-acting.
"I said to leave!" Maggots squirmed to the surface at her words, wriggling their way towards the boys. Perhaps not particularly fearsome, but grotesque.

03/14/2007 7:32 PM

[i]So she is a psychic,[/i] Kairu thought, [i]and unfortunately a powerful one as well. She's preying on the kids' subconscious fears.[/i]

As he watched the horror unfurl around him, he felt his pulse quickening. Not because he was truly afraid; these were not his fears being presented, afterall. But anyone who is in that sort of situation, with giant spiders and all sorts of horrors around them is going to get a shot or 3 of adrenaline rushing through their system.

But as he glanced at her, he noticed something. The clenched fists, the sweat, the slightly glowing eyes could all be explained by the pressure of creating this; but for a moment, just a moment, he thought he saw something in her eyes. Fear? Panic?

Then it was back to pure concentration.

Still, Kairu had to question if she was creating this, or if she was holding it back...

03/15/2007 7:57 AM

For a moment, the gang members couldn't even breathe. Much too terrified for that kind of reaction, just staring in pure shock and horror at their deepest fears.
The silence was pierced by the shrill scream of the youngest of the group, the only one smart enough to turn and flee.
The others took his movements as a cue and started trying to shoot at the spider and all the other creatures as they fled, the fact that the creatures only seemed to be enraged by these actions instead of injure din any great way, spurred the gang members movements to faster flights.
Finally, all of the kids had fled. None of them had any want to deal with a lady who could create those kind of horrors, and more so, none of them wanted to deal with those horrors.
Despite their departure, the 'illusions' still held. The only change was how Morrigan looked; with the gang members departure fled her strength. Her labored breathing became easily audible, the shaking of her limbs were suddenly easy to see.
Her gaze went to Kairu, her eyes shining with a multitude of emotions, the easiest to discern being: regret, fear, resignation, and pure exhaustion.
"I'm sorry..." With those words, her eyes closed, and her body went limp. The sound of her unconcious body hitting the ground resulted in a harsh thud that echoed through the now empty street.
As soon as exhaustion had truly taken her over, made her mind unable to think and her body unable to handle anything else, her illusions dissapeared. Mostly. There were small little holes in the ground from where the maggots had burrowed from, the area seemed a tiny bit more infested with spiders, just a tiny bit darker than it should, rather as if the area had been tainted and nothing could change that.
The girl though, she finally looked peaceful. Her exhaustion made it so she didn't have to dream, a gift that was rare for her and one she sought frequently for. The fact that she had decided to take an impromptu nap in the middle of a gang area didn't seem to bother her, though that probably had more to do with being unconcious than anything else.

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03/15/2007 7:22 PM

Kairu waited until the boys had all started running, then turned to the woman. She had the look of utter concentration, the clenched fists, the sweats, the gleam in her eyes...

[i]Wait, what was that?[/i]

For a moment, Kairu thought he saw something within the gleam. Fear? Panic? Regret? All os them?

"I'm sorry..."

As the woman uttered those words, Kairu saw something else. Not about her, but of him. For an instant, the one thing he actually feared began to come true.

The sound of her unconcious body hitting the ground resulted in a harsh thud that echoed through the now empty street.

The *thwump* of her body hitting the ground broke him from his moment of horror. Cursing himself for not catching her, he knelt down and gently checked to see if she broke anything in the fall, or if she was bleeding. Slowly, and ever so gently, his fingers worked their way down her spine, while his senses probed at her being. He didn't find any disruptions in her central nervous system, but more than a few problems in her energy field, particularly around the first, third, and fourth chakras. But she was okay to move, and he wasn't about to start messing around with the spiritual energy of a woman he didn't know in the middle of a gang-infested street.

As he genlty scooped her up, he debated with himself as to whether or not he should use his powers. He could essentially fly there by changing the direction of gravity for himself and her. It wouldn't be too much of a proble, since it was late enough at night that it was doubtful that anyone would see. Or he could redirect the light around them, rendering them invisible and avoiding any others who may be walking the streets. Problem being, he had no idea who this woman was, or what she would do if she woke up and was either flying through the air or in pitch black, respectively. In the end, he decided to just use them to ease the travel and smooth the bumps of him carrying her and started walking towards the safest place he knew: Sketch's place.

03/16/2007 7:36 AM

Throughout the journey, Morrigan barely moved, in fact, the only movements she made were those that were needed to bring air into her lungs and then to expel it. Her eyelids didn't flutter, her fingers and toes didn't twitch, and her mouth didn't open for any slumbering snores or talk.
It was rather as if the woman was in a coma she moved so little; body completly limp and under no control of hers. Even had Kairu not smoothed the bumps of walking away, she wouldn't have responded to them. She was too far gone for any of that. Blissfully she slept through everything, nothing registering in her brain, not the passage of time or distance, not even the fact that someone had picked her up and was carrying her.

03/16/2007 9:14 PM

A bit unnerved by the totality with which the woman in his arms was out, Kairu sped up his travels, pulling himself with his powers to move faster while seemingly not changing his gait.

Within a few minutes, and without any more surprises, he reaches Sketch's apartment on the third floor, and bangs on the door. Not hearing a reply, he banged again. And again. When it became apparent that she wasn't going to answer (and he knew she was in there. He also knew she was awake, and probably trying to ignore him, because she was trying to sleep, because he could sense her energy), he concentrated...


In the other room, Sketch relaxes and thanks God or whatever is up there that whoever was at the door left.

She was ready to get comfy again, when she suddenly noticed that she was no longer touching her bed. She was, in fact, several feet above it.



[i]Put her down?[/i] he thought. [i]Okay...[/i]

And with that thought, he completely released his powers, and was granted a surprised squeak, thud, and multiple expletives directed at him, his family, and his powers.

"If you could open the door sooner than later, it would be much appreciated Young Lady."

'Young Lady' was not said condescendingly, but rather lovingly, much as a father might call his daughter 'Princess.' She was by no biological means his daughter, but they had developed a special bond in the eleven months since he had come to this town.


"Yeah, yeah...I'm gettin' to it." She quickly threw on a hoodie, sketched a door on the wall, and went out to open the main door.

"I swear the next time you do that, I'm going to fu...oh..." stunned into silence at the sight of the woman in his arms, she steps aside as he walks into the apartment.

More than a little perturbed, she says, "I thought I made it clear you weren't to bring any prostitutes or whores here."

Kairu sends her a look saying "haha, very funny," but underneath that she can tell that her jab kind of hurt. Not that he would tell her. No, he was much too 'strong' to do that, much too 'macho' as she would tease him.

Truthfully, though, she had to admit that he was just trying to help and protect her, and not put his own issues on her. Not that she needed it, but it was still nice to have. She hasn't always had that. Which is why when he is hurt, even when he doesn't tell her, she feels horrible, especially when it is because of something she says or does.

"I'm sorry, I was trying to be funny. I know you wouldn't do that. And even if you did, you wouldn't...yeah. I'm sorry." But when she saw him there, in [i]her[/i] doorway, with another woman in his arms...

[i]Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're not getting jealous, are you Jenn?[/i] She thinks to herself, [i]This is Kairu we're talking about! More of a father than you've ever had...[/i]

Rather than dwell on these thoughts, however, she asks, "So where'd you pick her up then?"

Setting the woman down on the couch, he asks, "Could you draw her up a bed, and maybe a room sectioned off somewhere? I'll tell you as you draw."

So Sketch went to her easel, and Kairu followed. While she stood, drawing and listening, he stood and talked in a spot where he could see her and the new woman unconscious on the couch.

03/16/2007 9:22 PM

The only movement she made was when Kairu had placed her on the couch, her legs had curled up and her chin had almost rested on her knees.
This was the first sign of her beginign to get out of the deep slumber ... not a good thing at all. As her brain began to function properly again, the area around her began to change again, this time, in more pleasent ways. The couch seemed a tad bit comfier, the cushions bigger and made by softer material. The air cooled ever so slightly, and the most amazing thing: a blanket appeared over her body.
She snuggled under it, pillowing her head on her arm as she finally did get back to her normal state of sleeping.
Not too long after the appearance of the blanket, the ound of a river could be heard. Thankfully, no actual river was in sight, but the rushing water could easily be heard throughout the apartment and...well, it really was only a matter of time.

03/16/2007 9:46 PM

"But when she called forth the night..."

"What colors?" she interrupted.


"What colors does she want in her room?"

...."How would I know?"

"How do you expect me to know!? You're the one who brought her here!" Her tone was exasperated, but really she thought it was fun. She didn't get to interrupt Kairu often, and she could baffle him even less, so when she could do both she made sure to get the full effect. "C'mon, mister Kung-Fu master, I'm-gonna-save-the-world-and-figure-out-everything-while-saving-a-little-girl-too. You must have noticed something about her."

"She's Irish."

"Ya think?" Sketch mocks him, thoroughly enjoying herself. "I almost didn't see that between her bright red hair and the tag on her bag that says 'Dublin, Ireland.'"

Then he catches on that she's teasing him, and he smiles. Instantly, she smiles back, and they laugh.

"Seriously, though," she begins, "what colors do you think shou..."


The interruption stops her cold.

"Do you hear that?"

She concentrates, then all of a sudden it comes to her. "Water? Like, a river or a stream or something? Where is that coming from?"

"I believe," Kairu says slowly, pondering even as he utters the words, "That they are coming from her."

The stare he got from her could be described as nothing but incredulous.

"Perhaps I had best finish recounting the tale..."

[edit]OOC: Setsuna, I couldn't find the city where you are from in any of the posts, so I just used Dublin. If you are from another city, just let me know and I'll change it.[/edit]

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03/17/2007 10:43 AM

With each passing moment, Morrigan managed to bring herself closer and closer to full conciousness. Not something she wanted, but something she had to do if she wanted to have any kind of control. Unfortunately, during the time it took to get from exhaustion induced passed outness, to complete wakefullness, various other things began to twist around her.
Luckily, they were all fairly minor changes, more as if everything looked richer, deeper, the kind of pretty that only is shown in Architecture Weekly.
With a started gasp, Morri's eyes finally flew open. She made no other movments though, in fact, she went completly still, muscles tense as could be. She was trying to not pick up on either Sketch's or Kairu's emotions, trying not to allow her own to be maifested, and more importanly, trying to figure out where she was.
"...Who are..where?" Her voice was soft, cautious, gaze wary but not fearful. Slowly she began to sit up, looking around the room for a way out, but never allowing Kairu or Sketch to leave her vision.

03/17/2007 11:02 AM

At the sound of the woman waking up, Kairu quickly says, "Jennifer, could you finish that quickly, please?"

Sketch, for her part, realized that that would be the most helpful thing she could do, and continued her work.

Meanwhile, Kairu walked over to the woman, knelt in front of her, and in an effort to be "pleasant," he unwittingly let himself slip into a voice that was half-reminiscent of the way one would talk to a child.

"My name is Kairu, and the Young One over there is 'Sketch.' You are safe, now. I brought you here after you collapsed in the street.

What is your name?"

[i]And more importantly, what are your powers, and can you control them?[/i] he thought, but didn't vocalize.

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03/17/2007 2:05 PM

Irritation quickly chased acroos her features before dissapearing behind a mask of calm boredom.
"My name is irrelevant. I thank you for helping me, but it would be best if I left." She inclined her head and stood up, looking down at Kairu with all the regality of a queen. Admittedly a bedraggled looking queen that still has a sleep crease on her cheek.
"Those who patronize me usually don't come out all that great, and I'd hate to see someone who helped me get hurt." Her tone was blunt, and the words carefully euniciated, as if she was afraid that her accent would lessen them.
With that she headed toward the door, the illusionary blanket falling to the ground. After all, she thought it was theirs and that it was real. Thus, it was.

03/18/2007 11:33 AM

"Please, I am sorry if I sounded patronizing. I am unsure of what you are going through; I was trying not to be intimidating, as many people find me." Quickly realizing his mistake, Kairu changes his tone, and he becomes much more sincere. "You are new here, and I can help. Please tell me, what is your name, and how did you do what you did? Perhaps there is a way I can help."

03/18/2007 1:49 PM

Sketch, for her part, didn't say anything, but added the last touch to her painting, and the new room appeared behind Kairu's back.

That was one thing about her power that she didn't understand. The things she drew didn't slowly materialize, they were just there. You could be staring at the spot where her creation comes to life, and it would take a good 10 seconds for you to realize that it was all of a sudden there, when it wasn't there before. It's like your mind just accepted that it was always there, before your memories collide with the acception.

Anyways, she stepped out of her room, and walked over to the new room. While she did not doubt her abilities, she wanted to see if she could notice anything that needed fixed with her being inside, and having it all around, rather than just on a sheet of paper.

[i]Let Kairu deal with the woman, he brought her here. If she decides not to be such a bitch, I might talk to her.[/i]

03/18/2007 3:53 PM

Morrigan frowned at him. "...Initimidating?" She seemed to think the idea of him intimidating anyone, almost funny.
"I'm Morrigan...and what I did is...well, it's just easier if we both for..got...did she just make a room appear?" Sudden interest sparked in her eyes and she looked from the room to Kairu. "That wasn't there before, was it? I don't remember it..." Her tone was confused and excited and even painfully hopeful.
She paused and just stared at the room for a heartbeat or two more before turning her gaze fully back to Kairu. "Perhaps you and I should have a talk...do you happen to have any tea? or even just water."

03/18/2007 5:08 PM

Kairu chuckled.

"Yes, many do find me intimidating, by looking at my skin, my physique, and my...*ahem *..."

"Discomfortingly distant and calculating demeanor?" Sketche's voice can be heard coming from the new room, betraying the fact that she actually is listening.

Amusedly, "I was going to simply say distant, thank you." Turning back to Morrigan, he continues, "They see these things and do not look beyond. I should have guessed that you would not do so. My apologies, Morrigan.

As for the room, yes that was not there when I brought you here. We made the assumption that you would like a bed to sleep on, and perhaps some privacy, and so I implored Sketch to use her rather unique abililty.

But of that we can talk later. I am sure Sketch has something available..."

"Actually no, I don't Kairu." Sketch said, exiting from the room. Then, with each word revealing a little more of an impish smile, "Of course, that isn't much of a problem, now is it?"

[i]Well, if we're going to get all cozy and have ourselves a little chit-chat, I'm going to need some caffeine. I know Kairu will want water - you would think that a man who works as hard as he does would reward himself with some soda or something, but no...not Kairu - and as for the new girl...[/i]

"So...Morrigan was it? Why donchya let me know what you want, and check out the room. I didn't know what you'd want, so I went with a few shades of green, with black lowlights and golden highlights. I know, the green is typical American association of Ireland, but it's the first thing that came to mind, and I tried to leave the Irish symbolism off at the green, so it won't scream bad-tourist-Ireland to you. Of course, if that's what you want, I can do that too. So, what would you like? Anything you want, I can fix up in a jiffy. If you want tea, just tell me what kind, and if you want anything in it."

With that, she takes a deep breath, realizing that she hadn't taken one since she began, and offered her impish smile again.

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03/18/2007 6:49 PM

Morrigan tilted her head to the side, looking rather like a puppy that was just confronted with a very, very odd specimen and didn't know what to make of it.
"...You talk very quickly." Her smile was small and almost awkard, not as if she was shy, but as if she was unused to smiling overly much. "It's cute."
With that she walked to the room and looked around it, nodding slightly. "It's lovely, not tourist ireland at all." She had to admit that while it was a bit too..peppy almost for her tastes, it was a fine enough place to spend a night or two..if even that long.
"some thyme mixed with sage and a sprinkling of lavender tea would be great..." She sent the two others a rather impish look, her features completly bland, her eyes the only thing betraying the 'joke'.

03/18/2007 6:54 PM

[i]Well isn't she a prissy, demanding little bi...[/i]

Sketch's thoughts, which often times resembled her speech a little too much, stopped mid-sentence when she noticed the sparkle in the woman's eye.

[i]Oh. Haha, you're a funny one[/i]

And just to spite the woman, she smiled and said, "Won't be a problem, if that's what you really want," including the same sparkle to show that she knew what Morrigan's intention was.

03/18/2007 7:06 PM

"....Well, on second thought, perhaps a lemon spritz tea with hint of cinnamon and a few leaves of bay thrown into the mix. or Jasemine with lavender and just a splash of rosemary..." Her tone seemed very thoughtful, eyes dancing with each word.
"Or perhaps just chamomile tea, if you're up to that task." This time, her tone finally caught onto the teasing, the words laced with mirth.
Slowly she made her way out of the newly made bedroom and back into the room Kairu and 'Sketch' were standing in.

03/18/2007 7:14 PM

Sketch couldn't stop the giggle from hinting itself into her next words, "Okay, one chamomile tea coming up."

[i]Perhaps she's not that bad after all...[/i]

With that thought, she goes into her room and up to her easal. She could have just picked up a random piece of paper, but wasn't in the mood to use her abilities in front of a stranger, even a stranger whom she is warming up to.

When Morrigan came back into the room, Kairu spoke up, "Perhaps we can talk as Sketch makes the refreshments.

If you don't mind me asking, how do your powers work?"

He motions, inviting Morrigan back to the couch, clearly waiting for her to seat herself before he does so.

03/18/2007 7:21 PM

Her eyes flashed with entertainment at Kairu's almost chivalrous actions in letting her sit first.
Slowly she sat, pulling a leg up beneath her as she tried to organize her thoughts. She wasn't at all sure how to explain what she did, and even less sure if she wanted to.
"You must bear with me if things are jumbled...And even more so if I don't exactly tell you quite everything." Her tone was guarded, resigned even, as if she thought...well as if she thought he might very well kick her out. "If you don't want someone under your roof who won't tell you everything...I understand." She shrugged.

03/18/2007 7:30 PM

"We all have secrets," Kairu said with a smile. "I hope to prove myself worthy of this one." With that, he made himself comfortable: kneeling on the floor in seiza (the position when you are on your knees and the balls of your feet, like in martial arts).

Then, from the other room, "Careful, Morrigan, he's got a silver tongue. You'd think he was a politician, the way he can get you to talk." Sketch was going to leave it off at that, but again that nagging conscience made her feel bad for not giving Kairu the credit he deserved. "Of course, he won't betray you or anything. But that's not the point..." and with that she let herself trail off.

Kairu smiled, obviously amused. "Please, tell me enough to understand, that is all I ask."

03/18/2007 7:41 PM

She nodded, waiting another moment or so before answering. "The blunt answer is that I can make whatever you want or fear and make it close enough to real that it doesn't matter. I don't even know if they are real or not sometimes." Her tone was flat, as were her eyes. She refused to show anything of the battle her so called 'gift' caused her. "It's rarely a concious choice. Right now, i'm having to make sure I don't slip and make your phobias or desires come to life."
Her lips curved into a wry smile. "Trust me...that desire bit can be almost a bigger pain in the ass than the phobias...at least phobias aren't generally big breasted women in scanty clothing." She shook her head, unable to keep some amusement from her tone.

03/18/2007 7:54 PM

Kairu laughed, and Sketch's snort could be heard from the other room.

"I don't think you have much to fear of that from Kairu." Sketch said, bringing the drinks in the room. "I have never seen him look at a pretty woman, no matter how hard I've tried. I can't even get him to look at men; I've tried that too. I swear, it's unnatural for a man to be so asexual."

"I have told you before, Young One, sexual attraction has its place, and it does not concern a 16 year old girl." With that, he reached for Morrigan's tea and handed it to her, simultaneously taking his water and giving her a look saying 'This discussion is over.'

"Yeah, yeah..." she sits on the couch, opposite Morrigan, and takes a sip of her drink.

"So, you can't control it?" Seeing it won't be any fun poking at Kairu, she becomes something she rarely is: serious. "That must suck." Well, kind of.

03/18/2007 8:02 PM

"I agree with Kairu...sexual attraction isn't the domain of the young and hormonal, but instead the domain of the old and mature. Really, one shouldn't have sex until they are middle age." Her tone was completly bland and perfectly serious sounding, only the smirk at the corner of her lips betrayed her.
To hide said smirk she took the tea and sipped at it. "Thank you for the tea and yes. I do have problems controlling my...whatever the hell you want to call it. It's useful I suppose, but it gets out of hand very quickly." Almost subconciously she pulls her arms in, as if trying to hard the marks.

03/18/2007 8:08 PM

"You have no need to hide. They are not marks of shame, but of pride. Yes, I saw you lacerate yourself in the street. Unless I am mistaken, you use the pain as a focal point, a way to keep yourself focused when you begin to tire." Kairu says this with true admiration in his eyes, and in his voice.

"Just a few more questions, if you would. While you were sleeping, that blanket there appeared, and we heard the sounds of a river. That was you, was it not? So your powers continue to function when you are asleep?"

03/18/2007 8:18 PM

She raised her chin and looked Kairu in the eyes. "Not all of them were for such a purpose. " There was no shame in her tone, and almost defiance in her eyes.
And then came surprise. "oh...the blanket isn't yours?" She blinked at him, looking down at the material and shrugging a bit. "Sometimes they do...most times they do. Only if I'm truly exhausted and my brainn is just simply not functioning will my powers not just..come to life. "

03/18/2007 8:31 PM

"I highly doubt that...even in a coma the brain continues to function, it is merely the higher..."

At Sketch's 'You're doing it again' look, he trailed off.

"Suffice it to say, your brain will not simply stop functioning. Perhaps if you were to slip into a semi-catatonic state, the cessation of higher-function brain waves would equate a cessation of your powers, unless they are rooted deeper into your mental structure."

With that, he thought of an idea. "How much sleep have you gotten recently? By the looks of your condition, I assume it is safe to say not much. I think one of the problems is that your insomniac ways, while done out of necessity, are worsening the problem. Your brain never stops, but during sleep it does refresh itself.

If you would allow me, I think I could help you sleep, without causing your powers to become active without your cognizance."

Kairu truly wanted to help, and the look in his eyes made it evident that he was not trying to bluff her on anything.

03/18/2007 8:45 PM

Morrigan looked at him with amusement...more to do with how he spoke than what he said. "do you always speak so...elegantly?" She wasn't entirely sure how to describe his words.
"And how would you propose to fix my little sleeping problem?" Her tone was curiouse, but hedged. After all, no sense in getting her hopes too high.

03/18/2007 9:05 PM

"Yes. English is not my first language, nor even my second, and my sources were a little...outdated."

"That and he's a freaking perfectionist, so he makes sure he can speak it 'right.'" Sketch interjected.

"As for your 'problem,' as you put it, it has to do with -my- powers. Basically, I can slip you into a deep slumber, a slumber deep enough that your higher-level brain functions will rest and, hopefully, your powers. I would go into more details, but it has to do with energy fields, electical conduction, and field theory. Also, to be honest, I have no idea how I do it. I know what I do, but not how I do it. If you would like, I can go into more details, but I don't believe it is necessary.

Suffice it to say, I can let you sleep without fear of your powers becoming active, and I can awaken you as well.

The main question is: can you trust me enough to do this?" Kairu, who had no ill intentions, knew this would be an important moment for her, so he didn't even try to put up the image of trustworthy, he just let himself be, and she could take him as he honestly was. This was an important decision. He would not affect it with false impressions, no matter the intention.

03/18/2007 9:14 PM

It was painfully obvious how conflicted she was, hope and duty clashing and battling. Finally she just looked down and shook her head. "I can't. " Her voice was soft, but profoundly angry.
"I can't risk anything that might kill me or allow me to not awaken, until I'm sure she doesn't exsist anymore. I can't properly rest until that bitch is dead." Her voice was surprisingly venomous given her general impression.

03/18/2007 9:22 PM

Her sudden change of mood surprised both Sketch and Kairu, and while he was curious about what was the cause, now was not the time to find out about that.

"Morrigan. Please, look at me." With that, he waited until she looked him in the eyes.

"You will not die. I will not allow you to. As for waking up, I will wake you up the same way that I put you to sleep."

Seeing that she was still having doubts, he continued.

"I do not know the reasons behind your intentions, nor do I pretend to. I do know, however, that if you continue in this state you will lose control. Your body cannot handle much more, you are at a critical point. If you do not sleep soon, and sleep long, your mind will lose the ability to focus, and you will lose the ability to control your powers.

Now I am telling you that I can let you sleep in safety and without fear, and that you [b]will[/b] wake up. That is my promise to you."

Sketch, for her part, remained quiet, even though she was surprised by Kairu. He did not make promises lightly, and she had rarely seen him so determined.

She didn't make a sound, though, knowing from personal experience that this was between Morrigan and Kairu.

03/18/2007 9:29 PM

"Don't ask me that which I can't give. I can't depend on you, not even for one night's sleep. You might already be hers, or might become hers soon enough..." She swallowed and forced herself to keep her body and voice calm.
"I should explain...The her I keep talking to is my older sister. I don't know what she calls herself now, perhaps Elle or Arwen...or..well there are too many names to number. She can bend peoples will to her bidding, can make them do nearly anything." Her tone was a shade under flat, just a trace of bleakness to it.
"She does horrible, horrible things just for her own amusement...I can't know for certain you aren't under her command, and until she is dead I can't trust you. I can't trust anyone." Her tone was as blunt and straightforward as she could get it. It wasn't self pitying, it was simple facts.

03/18/2007 9:41 PM

"You're sister? Does she have the same powers? And what do you mean under her command? Can you..." Sketch stops talking as Kairu sends her a look saying 'Don't push it.'

"You cannot go through life without trusting anyone. To live such a life is not to live at all. I do not know how to make you believe me. As your sister she must resemble you in looks, and I can assure you I have never seen one who could be of familial relations to you.

That does not matter, though. I can tell you that if you do not sleep, and sleep restful sleep, then within a few hours you will start to lose control. It had begun in the street, and when you passed out, you delayed it for a short time. You must rest."

Kairu couldn't begin to explain how he knew to her, he barely knew himself. But when he reached out to feel her aura, her energy, he could feel it slipping. He could feel the order of her brain slowly succumbing to disorder, to chaos, in which he knew her powers would rampage unrestricted.

03/18/2007 9:54 PM

Morrigan had begun to answer Sketch's questions, but Kairu's shocked a dry laugh from her. "No, she doesn't look like me. Perhaps I should have said she's my half sister...nearly silver hair, taller than you I think..by now...sharp features. She would probably seem unusually beautiful though. Perhaps you'd notice her eyes..silver like a blade. " She shook her head, as if that description was much much to accurate fo rher own peace of mind.
Morri glanced to the ground, steeling herself before looking back up. "I won't loose control. I won't allow it. I appreciate everything you've done for me, offered to do for me...but don't ask me for something I can't give. I assure you that if I thought I could get away with trusting anyone, I would. I don't want to not trust people but I can't!"
Her gaze was almost defiant, just on the verge of anger, as if this was a lesson she had been taught many many times, in increasinly harsh ways until she just couldn't take it. Like he said, she was on the verge of breaking.

03/18/2007 10:45 PM

"I see..."

Kairu understood, he really did. The problem was, he also understood how much of a danger she was. She was strong headed, just like him, but she didn't understand how close she was to losing control. And after seeing what Kairu saw in the street, in that moment before she collapsed...

Kairu has not fallen prey to true fear since he was a child; he has trained himself to resist such, but she still got through his defences. No, she was much too powerful to let her go out of control.

And so, Kairu prepared himself to do something that he was actually, on one level, ashamed to do...


Sketch sat on the other end of the couch, wondering at what this woman had gone through. It must have been horrible, whatever it was. She had been through some tough times, but when Kairu came&something about him was trustworthy. He was a good man, she thought as she turned her gaze to him.

It was then that she noticed the look in his eyes.

[i]Oh no...he's not going to...is he?[/i]


As Kairu concentrated on the Morrigan's [i]essence[/i], as he has come to call it, he slowly lost sight of her physical body.

Before his physical sight was gone, he looked into her eyes and said, "I'm sorry."

With that, he sprung into action. Before she could do anything but squeak in surprise, he had launched his hands, each one going to a temple. Once he had contact, he shut down her upper-level brain functions, collapsing her into a semi-catatonic state. The last thing he felt/saw was a pulse of anger run through her system, before she collapsed into blissful sleep.


Sketch looked at Kairu, who was now holding the woman in his arms. "You didn't..."

"Yes, I did." He answered.

"But she..."

"I know, Young One. Believe me, she is a bigger threat when she is not under control." His voice, his eyes, his entire being was remorseful. He did not like that he had done what he did, even though he knew it was necessary.

For a moment, noone spoke. She didn't know what to say. "So when are you..."

"I will wake her when she is ready."

"But how will..."

"I will know when the time comes." And with that, he carried Morrigan to the room that Sketch had made, and laid her to rest.

Bewildered, Sketch dazedly went to her room, and pulled out Kairu's bed-stuff, laying it on the couch for him to decide when and where to sleep.

Then, realizing her own sleepiness, she crawled into her own bed, falling asleep amidst thoughts of jealousies, killer sisters, necessity and remorse.

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03/19/2007 1:33 AM

Some hours later, Sketch woke up to bright sunshine outside her window.

With a quick, groggy glance at her clock, she saw that the time read 8:00.

"Meh...too early..." she muttered, and went back to sleep.

03/19/2007 12:24 PM

"Nice place you got here." Frankie said. Elle smiled at the compliment.

"I'm sure it seems such, if you have never lived in anything more worthwhile. I assure you though, this place is hardly better than a cardboard box to me" she replied with a smirk. Frankie clenched his jaw and said nothing. "Did I upset you? Poor boyo, I didn't meant to hurt your fragile ego." Her words were soothing, and the nail she trailed down his cheek more than a bit inviting.Frankie grinned a little.

"You're horrible." Forge told Elle, stepping past her into the spacious apartment. "Impressive, I do have to say it is impressive." she then looked at Elle, "Did you earn this or cheat it out of someone. Elle smiled.

"Is there a difference? And more importantly...do you really care?" She didn't bother waiting for an answer, going to the kitchen to make herself some tea. Night Shade was the last into the apartment, he also looked the least like he belonged, his black, metal studded pants and black spiked hair contrasted sharply with the bright colors adorning the apartment.

"I don't like it, too bright." he croaked.

"Get over it." Forge told him coldly. He sent her an evil look but she didn't catch it.

"I assume you have an idea of what to do with this group of ours." Elle told Forge, as she set some water to boil. The shapesgifter raised an eyebrow at her use of 'ours'.

"As a matter of fact I do. But first things first, we need to find everyone who witnessed our little...scuffle in the parking lot, and make sure they don't talk." When the teenage woman finshed, her features seemd to shimmer for a moment, then they slowly and subtly became what she thought of as 'Forge', long blonde hair, stunning features and piercing blue eyes.

"Well how hard can that be?" Frankie asked.

"As hard as catching one of the Sidhe, I imagine." Elle didn't bother to explain her statement, assuming that they all knew who the Sidhe were, and more importantly, knew that she meant all their spectators seemed to have some kind of power.

"So who all saw us?" he asked.

"First of all, the survivng members of the Pushers, Then that little dork you had cornered to start the whole thing, finally 'Sparky' and let's not forget the golden kid." Forge listed them off one by one, counting on her fingers.

"Cash! That snot nosed little brat!" Frankie growled. "If it wasn't for that cheatin' guy with the lighting we'd'a won. He's lucky I didn't know about my powers then." That was just where Forge had hoped he'd go.

"But now you do know. I say, first, we take care of your gang and that little twerp, they'll be the easiest. Then we go after sparky and Cash. What do'ya say?" Forge gave him a broad disarming grin. Frankie pounded his fist into the palm of his other hand.

"No problems. Leave it to me." Frankie replied. Elle looked to Night Shade, than to Forge.

"Hmm..." She poured her boiling water into a cup and put an herbal tea packet in it, waiting for it to steep. "So, Madame Leader" Her tone held no trace of mockery, just amusement; rather like a mother looking down at her young daughter who thought to switch roles. "Have you an assignment for me boyo and I?"

"No. Tell you the truth, I don't trust you, and I don't trust your little 'pet' either." Night Shade smiled, his grin made Forge shiver.
Elle put on an expression of feigned hurt. "aww...chicka your words are going to make me cry." Her tone was teasing, and idly she sipped at her tea.

After a moment Frankie said, "They can come with me. When I kill my gang, We can see how they run." he suggested to Forge. The teen looked over to Elle who said nothing, just smiled and sipped at her tea.

"Fine, but you follow my lead in there, got it?" Forge asked.
Elle paused, savoring her tea before answering. "Of course, my dear. I'll follow whatever greater power leads me tonight." Her words were ambigious and not at all comforting if one heard them properly.
Night Shade again who was playing with his butterfly knife.

"We go tonight." Forge said.

The Pusher's hangout was about as illustrious as any gang hangout in the world. It was an abandonned warehouse in Casson's industrial district. The warhouse had seen its share of illegal activity, drug trafficing, muggings, gang wars, even the occasional homicide. Now it was filled with nearly a dozen terrified high shcool flunkies. The main vay door was pushed open, causeing them to turn and draw their weapons. When they saw one of their own in the doorway they relaxed. Several of the boys ogled the girl that walked in. There were a few female members in the Pushers, she was Hillary, one of the so called 'Trophy girlfriends' of one of the members. Two gang members took a step toward her.

"Hey, lookin' good there baby." one called. The girl turned to face him and seductive smiel spread across her lips.

"You think so?" she asked walkin toward the two boys. They exchanged excited looks. "I personally don't like redheads." she said. "I'd rather be blonde." her hair instantly was covered over in a golden sheen.

"Whoa how did you do that?" the other hoodlum asked. She smiled again.

"Easy. It's just like this." Her right arm became a metalic hook. She swiped into the boy on that side. He let out a gasp of air. She then slung her arm around, hurling the boy into his companion. Both went down. The uninjured lackey jumped to his feet scraeming in fear.

"T-t-t-t-the freaks!" he shouted, terror thick in his voice, and pulled a concealed revolver from his jacket. The girl shook her head. He fired, the shot went wide and caught her wrist, the bullet riccocheted harmlessly.

"Whatever I am made out of is too tough, even for bullets." she explained. During the course of this fight, they had naturaly attracted the attention of the other gang members. They whirled on the hostile newcomer and drew their assorted weapons. One of them was engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. Laughter could be heard, it was Frankie, their former leader.

"Freaks huh?" he shouted. The shadows above the remainder suddenly faded away and Nightshade dropped down among them, slashign with his kinfe, carvign a swath through their ranks. Panic ensued, they were overwhelmed with an overpowering sense of fear and were unable to prevent the slaughter that followed. When it was all overwith, on;y Night Shade, Road Kill, and Forge were left standing.

"I have got to hand it to you Elle, your power does come in useful." Forge said, wiping a bloody hand off on the leather jacket of a fallen Pusher. Elle entered the room casualy behind them.

"Didn't even break a sweat." she replied.

"I guess we make a good team. This is perfect. From what I can see, no one can stand in our way now, not even the guy with the fancy light tricks." Frankie told the assembled killers.

"Let's not dawdle, we have work to do." Elle reminded him. He nodded.

"Right, up next, One little pipsqueak."

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03/19/2007 1:22 PM

Cash awoke early the next morning, the memories of yesterday still buzzing around in his head, he could hardly sort it all out. It seemed like any other day, it would have been like any other day, but Frankie had asked him to kill somebody. And in his efforts not to, he had ended up killing someone else. No doubt the police would have found the scene of the fight now, the solid gold statue of a now missing member of the highschool found on the scene of the crime. It would make the news alright. Cash got out of bed, he looked woefully at his hands, they still had the gloves on them, he didn't dare remove them, even while he slept. He showered and threw on his usual ensemble of clothing, a pair of baggy jeans, a T-shirt and a baggy fatigue jacket. By the time he finished the only exposed skin was his face. While Cash had never been usccessful in alchemicaly modifying anything with anything but his hands (luckily) he didn't want to take chances. When he got downstairs he saw that his father was asleep on the crumb covered easy chair, a small mound of empty beer cans at his feet. Cash grabbed his backpack and walked out the front door.

He never made it to school. When he got within a few blocks he saw a the lights of police cars and instead decided maybe school wasn't such a hot idea, instead he decided to stroll through Casson. See what their was to see, which wasn't much. His life had quickly been turned upside down, not only had he discovered there were more like him, he had discoverd that not all were good, (Not that what he had been doing wasn't bad). Not only that, but by now Frankie had surely put a hit out on him. Charge was the first and only friend he had. And he had turned him down. Charge began to wonder how many others like him there were, and how many lived in Casson. So far he knew only two. Him and Charge, but it was a small city, how many more could their be?

03/19/2007 7:40 PM

When Sketch next awoke, the clock read 11:47.

"Hrrmphgah..." would be the approximate transliteration of the noise she made in getting up out of bed.

With that, she slouched over to the shower, and took a rather long shower, as she was prone to doing. First, she set the water to steaming, and soaked her body and her hair. Then, she washed her body and her hair, and returned to soaking. She then rinsed the conditioner out of her hair, and soaked some more.

Really, she liked long showers. Just relaxing, and waking up to the beating of hot water on the body...it felt good.

When she finally was about ready to get out of the shower, she reached for the knob, and glanced at the towel rack.

[i]Not again![/i] In a classic move of ditzy 'not-thinking-ness,' Sketch forgot a towel.

"Well, at least I don't have to go anywhere..." and drew herself a nice large, fluffy towel on the steamed-up mirror in the bathroom. You know, like the kind you would use as a little kid, where it was so big that you could get lost in it. Yeah, that kind of towel.

Of course, the draft in the bathroom had in that short amount of time made her cold, so she had to jump back into the still running shower to warm back up.

Finally, she turned off the water, grabbed the towel, and proceeded to dry off. If anyone had looked at a clock, the time would have read 12:52. Yes, Sketch did indeed enjoy long, hot showers.

Once she had picked out her wardrobe for the day, and had drawn it in a satisfactory style (she chose the 'Goth' look, for today), she made sure there were groceries in the kitchen, the trash was taken care of, the place tidied up, and she left a note for Kairu saying she'd be back at around 5.

[i]Hmmm...[/i] she thought to herself, [i]I think I'm going to remodel this place when I get back tonight. That is, of course, if I have an apartment left...[/i]

She truly felt sorry for Kairu, but she knew better than to try and help him this time. He didn't like accepting help from people, and while she had forced him to take her help before, she knew he felt too much guilt with this one.

With a last glance at him, (he was asleep, floating near the ceiling above the door, wrapped in his bed-stuff), she quietly opened the door and left.

[i]He was probably up until the sun came up...[/i] she thought, as she walked down the stairwell and outside. Then, she was blinded by the light of the sun. She squinted down the street, and started on her way to the school, to see if there were any cute boys to tease...

03/19/2007 8:07 PM

About 15 minutes after Sketch left, Kairu woke up himself. He had, indeed, been up until after the sun came up, finally falling asleep around 8:30, and waking up around 1:30.

The first thing he did was return himself to normal gravity, and then he walked over to Morrigan's room.

With a look at her, he saw that she was still sleeping peacefully, thanks to the fact that she was still in a semi-catatonic state. A quick glance with his senses ensued, revealing that she had indeed recovered from her verge of breaking, thanks to the thirteen hours of undisturbed, catatonic sleep.

With a mental preparation of the more-than likely outrage that was about to erupt, he reached out, and supported her [i]essence[/i], helping it rise out of the state he put her in, awakening the higher level brain functions once more.

03/19/2007 8:32 PM

She woke up surprisingly quickly given the length of time she was sleeping for, and she woke up roaring. Metaphorically that is.
Her eyes were blazing and her muscles were tense with anger. She was on her feet in a flash and ready to fight in a second.
Surprisingly though, she turned away from him and headed to the kitchen. Her muscles were nearly quivering with the effort of not releasing her anger, and the air around her had enough rage in it to be cut with a knife.
All the same though, she simply pulled out a cup, and made tea. The fact her tea turned into some bitter brew when she tried ot use her powers on it, just went to show how angry she truly was.
She didn't say a word to Kairu, not a single word. In fact, barring the quick glare she had sent him upon waking, she hadn't acknowledged him at all.
After making the disasterous tea, she attempted to look for some proper tea packets, rummaging through the grocies and making a note to pay Sketch back later. This time she remade her tea and drank it properly, all the while trying to force the anger out of her body.
It didn't work. Even as she drank, her hands shook with rage and anger. Even as she tried to not acknowledge Kairu, she bristled whenever she caught him in her peripheal vision, her eyes blazing with even more intense anger.
Perhaps with another girl it would be a comical sight, though that is doubtful. After all, she still had sleep creases on her cheek, stil lhad the dishelved bed head look. Her clothes were still rumpled and everything about her should have been screaming lethargic wakefullness.
The fact that it was the exact opposite, that her cheeks were flushed with her boiling blood and her eyes were almost red, and that it was only by the sheerest amount of will that she wasn't unleashing her powers on him...well, it was almost humorous, ironic even. Pretty close to terrifying given her abilities and her strained temper.

03/19/2007 8:43 PM

Kairu just sat there. He wanted to explain to her that it was necessary, but couldn't bring himself to break the silence.

He had been prepared to take a verbal, physical, even a mental onslaught. But this...this was almost too much. He wanted to let her know that it wasn't out of spite, and that he was truly sorry.

Her rage was too much, though. He could see it in her eyes, in her clenched muscles, and he could feel it in her aura, her [i]essence[/i].

But if he hadn't done what he did, she would have lost it by now. For some reason, it didn't help to ease the feeling of guilt.

03/19/2007 8:49 PM

She didn't seem to notice his awkardness, if she had it would have just fueled her anger even more.
After many many long moments she finally put her mug down and looked around, never actually looking at Kairu.
"When will Sketch be back? I feel I should thank her for her hospitality before I leave." Her tone was flat, but even with that controlled flatness, she still had anger evident in her tone.
As she asked she put the mug in the sink. After she was done washing it out, she went to the couch, trying to give Kairu a wide berth so she could grab her bag.
Never once did she every do more than look at him from the corner of her eyes, and even that was enough to make her want to punch a wall out.

03/19/2007 9:00 PM

"Sketch won't be back for a few hours. If you would like, the water heater works wonderfully, and you are more than welcome to a shower and to freshen up. There is also food, as you can see, for your refreshment. I would suggest eating before long, as your body requires sustenance, although you do not realize it because..."

He was about to say 'because your anger is causing an increase of epinephrine in your system, causing your gastro-intestinal organs to cease functioning and your mind to disregard such discomforts,' but prudence made him hold back his tongue.

So, after a slight pause, he continued, "because of the after affects of the state you were in."

He tacked on a silent, 'I'm sorry,' but dared not speak it.

03/19/2007 9:14 PM

She sent him a look that could singe the ball hairs off a boy. Crude, but definately true. "I think I will take that shower. Thank you." Her tone was smooth, controlled, and clipped. She was about ready to kill him. Really she was.
Perhaps a hot shower would cool her off somehow. With that she stalked into the bathroom.
It was almost over a half hour before she finally walked back out of the bathroom. Steam followed her out, and her skin was still red from the hot water. Her hair hung in near black waves down her back, and as she didn't exactly have any extra clothes, she had simply wrapped a towel around herself.
One would assume the towel was fake, seeing as Sketch didn't have any before hand, but Kairu probably know that. The reason for her not poofing clothes into being, well, she was too angry. It was hard enough just to only allow the towel and nothing else, let alone somethign more complicated.
The shower had done nothing to sooth her anger, if anything, it almost made her angrier, but it had made her come to a decision.
"You and I need to talk." She didn't seem to be at all put off by the fact she was soaked and clad only in a towel and was suggesting that she and Kairu should more or have a yelling match. That was what she meant by talk after all.

03/19/2007 9:28 PM

Kairu hadn't moved during the entire thing, from the time she went in to the time she came out.

"You and I need to talk."

"Yes." That's all he said, because that is all he needed to say. He wasn't being short, it was just a simple agreement.

As for her choice of garb: she could have been fully naked, and it would not have stirred him in the slightest.

03/19/2007 9:43 PM

"Why?" She was not being short either. Well, perhaps a bit. But it was only because if she didn't keep her words short and at least attempt to keep control of herself, well, then the poor boy would be slammed by way too many things at once.
While she definately wasn't holding herself back to spare him, she still had to. In part it was just how she was, just her personality to keep everything controlled if she could, a by product of her power, and in part because she hadn't been this angry in a very very long time and wasn't at all sure how she would handle it, or even if she could handle it.

03/19/2007 9:55 PM

"It was necessary. I could feel you slipping, and if you lost control..." Kairu paused, searching for the words.

"I'm sure you could relate with much more authority of how much of a catastrophe that would be.

I felt there was no other option. I will not pretend to know what you go through, but I do know something of a dedication to control. And if you lost that control, it would be much worse than what I did to you.

However you may think of me, it is justified. Whatever you may do to me, or wish upon me, it is justified. I did what I thought was necessary, and my only regret is that it was against your wishes.

For that, I am truly sorry." With all of that off of his chest, he becomes quiet and waits for her.

03/19/2007 10:11 PM

Her teeth visibly were smashed together, gritting and grinding. "How dare..." She shook her head, hands curled in useless fists at her sides. She was aching to hit something, to hurt something to..
Morrigan's breathing was becoming more and more erratic, her anger only increasing with his calm, placating words. They infuriated her more than anything else he could say.
"Kairu...." She swallowed, trying to figure out something to do before she just socked him. "Oh fuck it all to hell." She walked up and slammed a fist into his chin. Or, toward his chin at least. He could duck or block, or if quick enough, grab her wrist. It was a strong punch, but easily avoided if he tried, anger fueled instead a true fighting technique.
Nothing really mattered. She just wanted to hurt him, to be hurt, to just fight damnit all. To get rid of her fears and angers and if he denied her that...well poor boyo wasn't going to get out of that unharmed.

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03/19/2007 10:19 PM

Kairu knew it was coming as soon as she began to take her step. He watched it as it came directly at him, and knew that if it were anyone else, at any other time, he would have dodged the blow and snapped the humerus in two.

But it wasn't anyone else, and it wasn't at any other time. He felt like he deserved it, so rather than do anything, he actually moved his head forward and a little to the side, so that she hit him in his jaw, instead of his chin; the chin is, after all, a hard bone, and to punch it would hurt. While her fist may hurt from punching him in the jaw, it would be a lot less than if she punched his chin.

As for the pain as the fist landed on his face: well, he's dealt with worse.

03/19/2007 10:35 PM

That just enraged her even more. She wanted a fight! Not a punching bag in the shape of a human.
"Fight me damn you!" She punched at him again, not at all caring if she hits a glancing blow or even if she hits him at all or with any kind of force.
Morrigan was verging on desperation and it was obvious. She needed some ay to release her all of her pent up anger and fear and...well, Kairu was the easiest outlet. He even had the bonus of actually having done something that she would normally be angry at someone for!
Normally she was a much better fighter, but normally she wasn't raging mad either. With each breath she was hitting at him, clawing, anything to inspire some kind of reaction for him.

03/19/2007 11:16 PM

Kairu just stood there, taking the blows, the scratches, taking whatever she threw at him, without making a reaction.

"Fight me damn you!"

When he heard this, he looked into her eyes, staring into the orbs that betrayed her desperation. Her rage was apparent, but there was more.

Deftly, he deflected a few blows with one arm, ending up with both of her arms held by one of his hands. As soon as he had control of her arms, he launched his own fist, to stop an inch away from her face.

"Is this what you want?"

When she continued struggling, he released one of her arms for fear of hurting her, and grabbed it with his other hand, holding each arm to prevent her from hitting him. When she continued to struggle, he looked directly into her eyes. He was saying "I'm sorry" and "It's ok...let it go" the only way he knew: by showing her.

03/19/2007 11:55 PM

Oddly enough, she started laughing at his words. Dry, almost hysterical laughter, but laughter. As she laughed, her muscles relaxed, allowing her to drop to her knees before him. Everything about her seeming wild, untamed, but in the depth of her there was yet control. Rather like a Tornado with the eye of the storm being her torment rather than her peace.
"Let it go? Isn't that what this whole thing about, me not letting go? Isn't that why you knocked me out, to make sure I wouldn't let go?"
She wrestled the laughter down, biting her tongue and forcing herself to calm down, taking deep breathes and holding onto herself.

03/20/2007 12:04 AM

"Do not mistake my words, Morrigan. You must always maintain control of your powers. But this pain inside...you must let it go. Release the anger, the sorrow, the emotions that bottle inside you, for they rage to make you lose control." Kairu was now plaintive with her, drawing of personal experience as he talked to her. Each sentence brought new detail to a vision of a day in his own past, a day much like this day in Morrigan's life.

"You must let it go to retain control..."

03/20/2007 12:14 AM

She bit back the words that came to her mind...what if she didn't want control? But..well, it didn't matter what she wanted. She had to have that control, just like she had to have her heart. It was simply something she had to live with, and she would accept that. Perhaps not like it, but accept it.
But everything else...well it had been building quite a bit, and finally it just flooded from her in almost silent tears.
She was rocking, back and forth a bit, trying to hold herself, trying to comfort herself. It's what she always did, and had done for quite a long time. Her sister made sure she never could allow anyone else to comfort her, and she had gotten into that habit.
The sight was ... well, almost heartbreaking. A young woman who didn't have a clue how to ask for comfort, and quite possibly didn't know how to even accept it anymore.

03/20/2007 12:28 AM

At the sight of Morrigan rocking back and forth, crying, Kairu did something that had almost anyone else tried to, would have been very awkward.

He reached down and picked her up, setting her head on his shoulder, letting her curl on his lap and release tears that had been pent up for God-knows-how-long.

As she sobbed, he leaned into the air, using his powers to float a few inches above the ground in a sitting position, gently rocking back and forth to soothe the distraught young woman.

03/20/2007 12:36 AM

For all of a second her body tensed up, not used to physical contact...and it dissolved away.
She clung to him, holding onto him and just crying. Unlike most girls, she wasn't ashamed of her tears, or even ashamed of crying on someone ... she certainly wasn't used to it, but she would take the strengh her offered, at least now when it posed no threat.
Slowly she calmed down. Although she didn't let go of him even when her tears finally stopped.
After a moment, and a few..furtive wipe of her face with the corner of the..uh..towel, she looked at him. "Thank you." she kissed his cheek gratefully. Nothing anywhere near sexual, at least, no on purpose if it somehow was, just...how she says thank you. Still, she didn't pull away from him, finding she rather liked being comforted.

03/21/2007 5:17 PM

[OOC: I thoguht I already posted this, but I must be wrong, if I ddi post it, already somewhere else, please tell me.]

Night Shade had gone out on his own from the pack he ran with. He couldn't go back to Elle's apartment (As much as he would like to) becuase the bright colors clashed too much with him and made it uncomfortable for hi mto hang around in it. Instead he roamed the back streets, cloaked in a shroud of darkness. It didn't take long for hi mto pick up the trail of someone he recognized, it was the golden kid, Cash Flow. He was wandering on his own in the city. A devilsih grin crossed Shade's lips. IF there was ever a chance to impress Elle, this was it. IF he could capture Cash for her, she would no doubt be proud of him. He ndarkened the shadows around me to as black as he could get them and crept forward. The other teen stopped in the alley way and leaned on a dirty brick wall, a look of concentration on his face. Shade stopped when he got within 10 feet of his prey.

"Hello there." he whispered, flipping his knife out. Cash whirled toward him.

"Who's there!" he demanded, balling up his fists in a boxing stance. Night shade smile,d savoring those words.

"I hope you're not afraid of the dark." he murmured to the boy and through a great deal of focus was able to expand his shadows to envelope Cash as well. He then stalked toward the startled kid with all the stealth and cunning he had learned through years on the streets. It would take a keen observer to note the abnormal shadows i nthe alley way, his actions were nearly invisible. And then, he struck...

"I ain't gonna ask again." Frankie told the terrified kid he had pinned to a locker. "Who's the dork with the messed up black hair and glasses?" The scrawny boy he had a hold n was shaking with fear.

"I-I don't know! Who are you talking about!?" he blurted. Frankie pulled hi mback and hit him against the locker, with a great deal of force, he felt the metal door give way behidn the kid.

"Where!?" he bellowed.

"You mean Jacob!? He hangs out in City park after school! That's all I know!" Frankie relased his grip on the Freshman's collar and he ran off. NOw Frankie had a name and a place, even if it wasn't the right kid, it would get some anger out of his system. The young thug looked up and down the school hall which stil lhad kids roaming all throughout and turned to leave.

"Frank Guerrera?" a stern voice asked. Frankie looked back and saw two unhappy looking police officers and the prinipal behind him.

"Yeah? What'sit to ya?" he asked boldly.

"We have a few questions for you regarding yesterdays events, if you would kindly come with us." the taller officer said and motioned with his hand for Frankie to follow. Although the temptation to unleash his anger and a hellstorm simultaneously was great, he opted against it.

"Sure, why not?" Frankie asked retoricly and set off for the all too familiar prinicpal's office.

Charge woke up the next morning much the same way he always did, gradually. He was no morning person, although a good blast of electricty would wake him up a little. When he walked into his small kitchenette and turned on his even smaller television to the local news he was mildly suprised to see the parking lot on the news. It featured police examining the burnt up cars, the single burnt up body and most of all, the golden statue which had already begun to sag a little under its own weight.

"And now they know." Charge said with a quirky smile and then proceeded to devour his wheaties.

03/23/2007 8:17 PM

Sketch was walking towards the school, humming to herself and looking at the surroundings as she did so, amazed at how positively [i]boring[/i] this town was. Most of the houses were the same mass-produced cheap-houses, the business buildings were uniformly boring, and even the trees that lined the middle of the street, which usually add a bit of an artistic touch, were boring.

[i]Well, whaddaya expect, Jenn?[/i] she thought to herself, [i]Did you really expect it to change from yesterday?[/i]

She had walked around this town far too many times, and she could probably draw the entire place from memory.

[i]It's time to move on,[/i] she thought. Yes, time to change the scenery, move somewhere else. In fact, she should have left a long time ago. Why hadn't she?

[i]Kairu[/i] a voice said in the back of her mind.

Ah, yes. Kairu. He was here, and she was reluctant to leave him. He was the only friend she had, the only family really, after the...

[i]STOP! Not today...you won't think about that today![/i] she tells herself.

It was then that she looked to her left again, looking into one of the many alleys she had looked into in her travelling today. She started to continue past, when she stopped and did a double-take.

[i]Huh?[/i] She had glanced in there expecting to see the usual trash, garbage cans, possibly a person, maybe even an alley cat or two, but she didn't. She didn't see anything. The entire alley was...[b]dark[/b]. Pitch black, in fact.


Curiosity caused her to get a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket, and draw a globe of light into the middle of that darkness, so that she could see what was in the alley.

As she finished the drawing, a globe of almost blindingly bright light came into being about 12 feet from the ground in the middle of the alley, illuinating the previously pitch-black area.

03/23/2007 8:37 PM

Night shade recoiled from his target with a hiss of dismay. The bright light only caught him off guard, causing him to momentarily lose control of his shadows. When he regained it he decided that since he no longer had the element of suprise there was no point in continuing the fight, it would be best to flee. He did jsut that, cloaking himself in shadows and running down the alley way.

Cash, who had been lying on his back, hands raised defensivley, stumbled back to his feet, his eyes trying to adjsut from sudden darkness to sudden light. He could barley make out the retreating form of his assailiant. It was one of the evil mutants Charge had warned him about. He had no doubt tried to kill Cash, but he was driven off. By who? The still badly shaken boy turned and saw a figure at the end of the alley way, beyond the fact that she was a girl and was holding a piece of paper he could discern no detail, his vision still was distorted by the flash. Had she caused it? Cash pondered this fact as he continued to stare dumfoundedly at her.

03/23/2007 9:01 PM

While Sketch hadn't known what exactly to expect, she certainly didn't expect that.

When the light first came into existance, she saw some creepy guy in lots of metal jump back, and recoil away from the light she made.

He then ran away, making shadows conceal him on his way.

"What the..."

Then she noticed the other guy. Apparently, he was still blinded by the flash, because he squinted in her direction.

She quickly slashed through the picture, causing the orb to blink out of existance, shoved the paper and pen back into her pocket, and walked up to the boy.

"Um...hi. What was that?" Referring to the guy in shadows that just ran away.

03/23/2007 9:26 PM

Cash blinked in suprise again, she was a mutant too. He looked back down the alely way after his mysterious attacker.

"I uh...actually don't know." he answered. "Just some I guy I suppose. WHy would the other teen attack him? maybe Frankie had connections with other mutants beside him. That suddenly opened his eyes to the fact that his life was in danger. "You probably shouldn't stick around here though, not really a safe neighborhood." it was a lame excuse, but he didn't want to needlessly draw other people's lives into danger. He also took the tiem to study the girl better, she looked to be around his age. Rather odd considerign shcool was in session.

03/23/2007 9:39 PM

"You probably shouldn't stick around here though, not really a safe neighborhood."

"Psshh...You kiddin' me? I've been around here for long enough to know that Casson, Iowa is about as dangerous as a playpen of kittens. Unless you're talkin' about the Pushers, and I can take them on any day of the week."

Of course, that's also because she carried around a few almost-finished pieces of art at all times, in case things got rough. She had learned that lesson the hard way. She had also learned that those types of things were generally best to keep to ones' self, since not many people readily accepted that she could bring her art to life, and when she proved it to them...well, let's just say she's not fond of the outcome.

Then she realized that this was a kid, and school was still in. She generally forgot that, since she didn't go, and the only reason she remembered is because she glanced up and saw the school about four blocks away.

"Hey, why aren't you in school?" she asked, not even bothering to give a reason why she herself, a 16 year old girl, was not in school.

03/24/2007 1:26 PM

Cash was still amazed by the fact that she seemd so unphased by what she had seen.

"Well, I can't go to school. Becuase..." Cash thought hard, he knew he was about to tell another stranger his secrets. "The Pushers are trying to kill me. I...I sort of, changed one of them..." he let himself trail off and instead of looking her square in the eyes, he stared at his ratty sneakers, a dead give away that he was lying.

"I don't think you realize," he began, picking up a discarded Pepsi can in a gloved hand. "How badly they want me." he took off his other glove and pressed a finger to the aluminum can, instantly it became golden. He tossed the can to her and put his glove back on.

03/24/2007 1:40 PM

"I don't think you realize," he began, picking up a discarded Pepsi can in a gloved hand. "How badly they want me." he took off his other glove and pressed a finger to the aluminum can, instantly it became golden. He tossed the can to her and put his glove back on.

Startled, Sketch barely caught the can, fumbling as she did so. When she had control of it, she looked at it.

"Whoa...this is real?" [i]Supid question, Jenn, of course it's real[/i] "That's pretty neat!"

As she was inspecting it, the first part of what he said,

The Pushers are trying to kill me. I...I sort of, changed one of them..."

hit home.

"Whoa...wait...you mean to tell me...you can..." *makes a few awkard motions towards the can in her hand* "to people?"

She then began to realize the enormity of what he could do. While the gold may not mean much to her, because she can draw herself some gold anytime, it would be very valuable to a guy like Frankie. And he evidently can't control it, like she can her powers.

[i]That's why he's wearing gloves...[/i] she suddenly realized. It's not that she hadn't noticed - she's an artist, of course she noticed - it just confused her. But now it was beginning to make sense.

"So, I don't suppose you'd want to come with me to the school? I was just going there...Oh nevermind, I guess I can make a change of plans." Suddenly she realized she was beginning to ramble, and hadn't even thought to ask him where he was going. She knew Kairu would want to meet him, though, and find out what's going on, so with hardly a beat between her last sentence and her next one: "Where ya goin? If you're not going anywhere in particular, why don't you come with me, I have a...uh...friend who would want to know why The Pushers want to kill you, and knowing him he'll probably help you out a bit, so whaddaya say?"

She had to take a deep breath there, because like she tends to do with new people she met when she wasn't in control she had rambled again. Of course, that breath had let her mind catch up and she realized she didn't know this kids name, and he didn't know hers.

"I'm Sketch, by the way. You are...?"

03/24/2007 2:33 PM

Cash blushed a little bit, he wasn't used to having someone (Who wasn't a gang member) fawn over his powers, probably becuase he never showed anyone. He tried to cover all her questions at once.

"Yeah, I can kill people by turning them into gold." he clenched his fist after saying this, it wasn't something he was proud of.

[i]She had invited me to come with her[/i] .

"I'd love to." he replied. "Sometimes I think no one would notice if I just vanished. And my name is Cash Flow by the way." he was careful not to tell her his real name. "You can call me Cash." this was the second time in only two dasy someone he didn't know had saved him. And also the second time he had revelaed his secret to a total stranger. Cash's smile slowly faded. He began to remember how he had met Frankie, it hadn't been to dissimilar to this incident. Frankie had saved Cash, made friends with him, and the next thing he knew he was running a ring to make gold roses and sell them. "What do you want in return?" Cash asked catiously.

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03/24/2007 2:46 PM

"Your soul," she said nonchalantly, with a wink to show she was joking.

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03/24/2007 2:57 PM

Cash saw that she had no intention of taking advantage of his abilities and relaxed slightly. "Alright then, granted. Lead on Sketch." he said while trying not to laugh.

03/24/2007 3:08 PM

With a last glance at the school, wondering how nice it would have been if today had been normal, she started back towards her apartment, motioning for 'Cash' to follow her.

[i]Normal? Yeah, right Jenn...how could you possibly have thought today was going to be normal? First, the world's stupidest burglars break in in the middle of the night, then you're woken again by Kairu saving some damsel in distress, and then knocks said damsel out. Not to mention the fact that said damsel is a freak like the rest of them, and now she's met another fellow freak who has a bounty out for his head from the local gang.

Oh, yeah, normal. This is grand...just grand[/i]

Then she notices that she had been off in her own world, as she has a tendency to do, and the new kid was walking with her. Not that she didn't think he was, in fact he was supposed to. But now that she wasn't berating herself she realized how awkward the silence was.

Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore.

"So...Cash Flow, huh? Why that name? I mean, you could pick something else, a little cooler, you know...like uh...Goldfinger. No, nevermind. How about...Goldie? Yeah. I like Goldie. Mind if I call you Goldie?"

03/24/2007 3:14 PM

Cash felt relieved that Sketch had finally ended the awkward silence. "Umm...okay sure. If you want. I didn't pick that name, Frankie did. I don't really like my powers I would have to say so I don't like to bring any attention to them." He looked over to her. "What about you? What's your power? Can you control light? Electricity?" After he had spoken he already realized it was stupid question, why would she call herself 'Sketch' if she had reign over light waves?

03/24/2007 3:19 PM

"Hahahaha...no, not quite. Well, okay...you're not even close. My power is much cooler than that, or at least I like to think so. But why don't I show you, rather than tell you.

Let me think...are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you want anything? Anything at all? Just name one thing you want, and I'll show you my power."

03/24/2007 3:48 PM

Cash thought hard. "Anything?" he asked with a smile. "Okay then, how about...a new pair of gloves?" he asked. His old pair had been getting torn up lately. "Some with maybe, buckles to keep them from comming off easily. I don't know, something like that."

03/24/2007 3:55 PM


[i]Definitely not what I expected, but...[/i]

She quickly whips out a piece lf paper from her large side pocket, breaks out a pencil, and sketches out a pair of black leather gloves with a gold buckle, and golden stitching. In the middle of drawing them, she got an idea, and drew them as fingerless gloves, just to see how he'd react.

When she was finished, they appeared on his hands and she said, "What do you think?" with a mischievous grin on her face.

03/24/2007 4:08 PM

Cash stared down at the gloves. "Well, I would appreciate these but...they don't serve my purposes. Very impressive though. If I ever need something, I'll be sure to turn to you. But, you wouldn't mind giving these fingers though wouldya?" he found her sense of humor refreshing however. He had lived seriousness too long. "So, where do you live anyway?"

03/24/2007 4:13 PM

Then, just to mess with his head, she quickly added the fingers to the gloves he was already wearing.

"Whaddaya mean, give them fingers? They do!" She exclaimed, pointing at his hands.

Before he could get out a coherent word, she continued, "It's just another block.
That building up there, I have the penthouse," pointing to one of the nicer (and therefore more expensive) places in the city.

"C'mon, I'll race you there!" Knowing full well she would win, because he didn't know which room she had, she ran towards the building and up to her room.

03/24/2007 4:41 PM

Cash followed the girl at a pace matching her own, wondering why he had ever bother to go with her in the first place. He was momentarily caught off guard by how nice the building was, he had never been inside one before. His own home was a hovel compared to this apartment. When Sketch finally reached her door and began to unlock it Cash said, "Nice place."

03/24/2007 5:05 PM

"Thanks. It's not bad, although at times..."

She stopped in mid-sentence when she opened the door, because the sight before her shocked her.

In the middle of the room, Kairu and the woman, Morrigan, were floating, and she was cuddled around Kairu, clad only in a towel.

[i]IN A TOWEL!?!?![/i]

The rational side of her mind tried to tell her that there was probably a reasonable explanation, but she felt...betrayed.

She didn't know why, but again that flare of anger, of pain, of jealousy, from seeing another woman in his arms, and clad only in a towel no less.

She struggled to think of something to say, to break the tension in her own mind. Normally she would think of some flippant remark, but this hurt too much. She needed time to think. She needed room to breathe. She needed...she needed to stop standing there!

"Well...it's good to see you didn't destroy my apartment when you woke up! I was worried I wouldn't find anything left when I got back." [i]Lame![/i] she thought to herself, even as she finished the sentence. [i]You couldn't think of anything better to say?[/i]

With that she walked in, and then she remembered Cash.

"Oh, right...Cash, the big black man is Kairu, and the..." Here she had a slight pause, trying to control herself, "...the towel-clad maiden you see before you is Morrigan. Guys, this is Gold...uh...Cash," for a second, she wasn't sure of his name, and she paused. "Cash Flow, was it?"


Kairu had heard them coming up the stairs, but he was so wrapped up in soothing the distraught woman in his arms he hadn't really registered it until they were at the door.

When the door opened, he just sat there, not knowing what to do. It wasn't until he saw the look in Jennifer's eyes that he realized what a strange position they were in, considering she was in a towel. It was then that he realized that anyone looking at them may have gotten the wrong idea.

Gently, he lowered Morrigan and himself to the ground.

As Jennifer spoke her words, he acknowledged them but didn't speak, instead trying to decipher just what was going through the young woman's mind.

03/24/2007 5:14 PM

Morrigan didn't seem to even remember she was in a towel. She smiled, albeit a bit wryly, at Sketch and Cash Flow. Slowly she made her way towards Cash Flow and took ahold of his hand, kissing his knuckles gallantly. "it's a pleasure to meet you Cash."
Promptly she turned her gaze to Sketch and raised a brow. "I might have exhausted your supply of hot water for a while, I'm sorry."
Her tone was vaguely solemn and turning more serious by the moment. Gingerly she took a hold of Sketch's hand and kissed her knuckles as well "I would like to thank you for allowing me to spend the night here. If there is a way I can repay your kindness, I will...Same with Kairu. " Her eyes caught ahold of that same wry, almost non-exsistant humor that was her trademark. "Even if he did make me want to rip him to itty bitty bits and decorate the walls with his remains. Say in a pretty mosaic? I think it would look wonderful on the kitchen wall."

03/24/2007 5:15 PM

"Er...hi." Cash said to the two he saw aparently floating in mid air. As eyes turned to him he suddenly felt very awkward. "Yeah. My name is Cash. It's a pleasure to meet you all." [i]I have got to tell Charge about these people he thought[/i]

03/24/2007 6:37 PM

"Even if he did make me want to rip him to itty bitty bits and decorate the walls with his remains. Say in a pretty mosaic? I think it would look wonderful on the kitchen wall."

"Erm...no thanks," Sketch replied, "I prefer my friends, well...alive." There were too many emotions broiling within her for her to catch Morrigan's joke, even though she was sure Morrigan didn't mean the words literally.


Whatever was going through Sketch's mind, Kairu could not figure it out, at least not in its entirety, and now was not the time to confront her about it. So at Cash's words, he replied, "Greetings, Young Sir."


"Um...if it's all the same to you all, now that we all know each other, I'm going to go get some food. Kairu, I think you may want to hear what Goldie has to say."

With that, Sketch walked towards the kitchen, to make herself some food. She didn't know what, yet, but she was going to make something. Normally she would just draw it. There were times, however, such as now when she needed something to do that wasn't simple drawing so she could think. So she went to get herself some food.


Kairu looked at Cash Flow. "Goldie? I assume she was talking about you. Don't mind her, she will only give you a nickname if she likes you, or hates you. Since she brought you here, I believe it is safe to assume it was not the latter.

So, Cash Flow, was it? Judging by the sound of it, you weren't the one to choose the name, and those who did were most likely not your friends. Would you care to explain, and perhaps inform us of your real name, and not an adolescent nick name?"

03/24/2007 7:23 PM

Cash was still a little thrown off by having a girl in a towel kiss his gloved hand. It was too close for comfort, he wasn't big on physical contact due to his unique ability. "Yeah, Frankie named me that. He's the head hauncho of the Pushers. I guess you could say he was my last 'owner'. My name pretty much says it all." Cash took off a glove and pulled a pencil from his pocket, letting the occupants of the room watch as it turned gold. "I've got the Midas curse. It was my job to finance the Pushers, and I worked for the Seven Eyes before then and a few other former gangs. I'd really rather not share with you my real name, I don't particularly like it. But if you want to know, it's Jeff, but please call me Cash," he spared a glance in Sketch's direction, "Or Goldie if you prefer." He looked down at his hands as he rebuckled his glove, he was glad to have that much more peace of mind. He wondered if Sketch knew how much he enjoyed the gloves. He found hismelf talkign on auto pilot. "The Pushers want me dead, I changed one of their guys." Cash looked into Kairu's eyes, "It was an accident though, they wanted me to kill the kid who heads up Kealson High's gang, the Gonk. I wouldn't do it. A guy named Charge saved me. Now they have a hit out on me." he stopped their, awaiting their judgment and staring at his feet.

03/25/2007 1:36 AM

"The Pushers want me dead, I changed one of their guys." Cash looked into Kairu's eyes, "It was an accident though, they wanted me to kill the kid who heads up Kealson High's gang, the Gonk. I wouldn't do it.

Kairu saw the truth, and the regret in the young boy's eyes. "I know, I know you didn't mean to hurt anybody." Kairu was honestly surprised at the kid's powers. According to the laws of Chemistry, he knew that what he just saw could not happen, at least not with serious side effects, but...

[i]But according to the laws of both Chemistry and Physics you know that everything that you do is impossible as well,[/i] he thought to himself.

Then, he thought to correct Cash on another note. "Listen to me, Jeff. Nobody 'owns' you. You are a human being, you are your own person, and noone can own you. They may influence you, but nobody owns you. Never again must you think as such. You are your own person, you are nobody's property. Do you understand?"

This was a concept that was very dear to Kairu, and when he had heard Cash say that seemingly simple sentence, it struck deep to Kairu.

03/25/2007 8:15 AM

"Yeah, I am starting to learn that." Cash replied. "But I didn't have alot of choice, you can't just say 'no' to the Pushers and walk away. I got lucky this time. But it won't be long before Frankie is able to come after me." he looked around at the others in the room. "I wouldn't worry so much about a few grease monekys comming after me, but if Frankei has contacts with other mutants-" he paused, "That is, people like us, then I'm in trouble. I don't want to drag you all into this, while I am grateful for your help, I have to leave."

03/26/2007 8:30 AM

That last little bit caught Morrigan's attention. Other mutants...It was too far of a stretch but, all the same, it was worth trying to flesh out.
"You think that your...Frankie would be in contact with others like us? Perhaps those who were not of the best intentions?"
It simply couldn't be possible. There was no way that it was THAT easy, that all she had to do was find this Frankie person and then her search would be over. That was just, it was simply too insane for words.
But if it was possible, if the insanity was truth like so much seemed to be in her life, then...For a moment, she felt a flash of fear. She never thought about what she would do once her sister was dead, in fact, she wasn't even positive that she would survive trying to kill her sister.
Throughout this, her eyes had been staring straight at Cash, a fierce light in them. Almost maniacal in nature, not something that was comfortable to be near, let alone have shone directly at you. It was rather as if she was looking into the very depths of his soul and discarding everything about him as unimportant but that one question.
In fact, if Kairu or Sketch randomly blew up, it was rather doubtful she'd even notice until after Cash answered.

03/26/2007 12:22 PM

Cash felt a strong urge to avert his gaze from her's, but found himself unable to. "Well, I guess I mean...uh...one attacked me, I assume from Frankie." He wondered about her motivationns, surely she didn't want to meet more mutants, ones who might possibly be hostile. "But he's bad news. You'd be wise to avoid him, mutants or not, Frankie is quite a force to be reckonned with. Don't judge him based on intelligence, I have never met someone with a stronger will." [i]until now[/i] he failed to add.

03/26/2007 3:35 PM

"Attacked you? What did they look like? WEre they female? Tall?" Her questions were rapid fire, and her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip to keep others from spilling from her mouth and all over the place. She took a few deep breths, forcing herself to calm.
"I'm sorry if I seem...abrupt, but this information is very dear." She was careful to not reveal to much, leaving out how the information might be dear.
Even though she did seem a bit calmer, and more aware of what was going on around her, her eyes still held that creepy light to them, that inner drive that looked ready to burn her up from the inside.

03/26/2007 6:20 PM

The questions seemed so intense, Cash was unpleasantly reminded of Frankie. "Tall kid, goth-looking, kinda lanky. He controlled shadows I think." Cash closed his eyes and gathered his thoughts and then said, "All I know is, I am dead if I don't find away to apease Frankie. If he's got guys who can make shadows there is no way I can fight them. I've never been a fighter, I jsut need to fidn a way to apeal to Frankie's so called 'Human' nature." He knew what he was saying, [i]give Frankie something cool enough and grovel enough and maybe he will let you be his lackey again.[/i] but Cash wasn't sure he liked being independent, at least not with the threat of death hanging over his head. He couldn't ever imagine killing someone, especially with his power. "I don't know what you want, or who you are looking for," Cash said, adressing the girl who was talking to him, "But please, leave me out of it." he pleaded.

03/27/2007 12:32 PM

[i]Controls shadows?[/i] Kairu thought at the description of the attacker.

[i]He can't control shadows. A shadow is darkness, which is the absence of light. Perhaps a control of the brilliance of the light... stop. Now is not the time to start hypothesizing about the functionality of an unknown threat's powers...[/i]

"But please, leave me out of it." he pleaded.

"I am afraid you may not have a choice, Jeff. It seems that events have included you despite your wishes."

Then an unembelished detail from earilier sparked in his mind.

"Who is this 'Charge' person you referred to earlier? The one who saved you?

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03/27/2007 12:53 PM

The blonde teen grimaced. He wanted absolutley nothign to do with these people if he could help it. But it seemd he had no choice. "Charge? He works for the power company, about twenty, twenty five maybe? Well, he can do stuff with electrical currents. He saved me from Frankie."


Night Shade still was angry at the girl who stopped him from killing the golden kid. "Stupid whelp!" he shouted and kicked a trash can hard enough to send it careening through the air.

"Now's no time to loose our temper." a female voice said. Night Shade recoiled from her voice and raised his knife defensivley. Instead of shrieking as he imagined she would, she merely smiled. Her appearence waver for a moment then she became the image he associated with Forge. "Frankie's being interrogated, we have to go back him up. Whatever you're doing can wait." she said commandingly.

"Where's Elle?" he asked. Forge shrugged.

"Haven't seen her, I've been out. Now let's go. Our mission depends on you." she told him, Nightshade Smiled a broad smile. He replaced his knife and followed her.

03/27/2007 1:41 PM

Morrigan looked terribly dissapointed. Another lost lead, after all, there was no chance her sister would take up with such ruffians. Her pets were never uncouth, normally the harder they were to control, the more fun the woman had.
She schooled her features into something resembling normalacy, though she couldn't quite hide the near desperate emptiness in her eyes.

"Now now Forge, you should know I would never let my Pet out of my sight, especially not for his first mission! Tsk tsk." She smiled brightly at Forge, taking pleasure in the woman's emotions.
"Besides...That girl was terribly interesting. She had an amazing ability, scribble on a piece of paper and poof it came to light. I think she would be a fine new pet to add to our little menagerie."Somehow, there was a slight undertone of a taunt to everything she said, so subtle that she couldn't even be accused of it, but there all the same.

03/27/2007 2:36 PM

The massive dissapointment on the girls face hurt Cash. "I'm sorry, I wish I could be more of a help." he offered to her. He then turned to the Kairu, "But if Frankie has muntants on his side, ones trained to kill, how can we fight that? I mean, sure we are special too, but can we beat them?" the strain and fear were evident in his voice.


Forger narrowed her eys at Elle who seemingly came out of nowhere. [i]I must be getting rusty [/i] Forge thought with a scowl and then doubled her efforts to keep her thought cool and logical, she didn't trust Elle in the slightest. The shapeshifter sent a glance at Nightshade who grinned stupidly at Elle, literaly resmbling at pet. [i]He msut have gotten a huge dose of whatever she has from beign so close to her [/i] Forge ground her teeth, an unpleasant habbit she had.

"You arranged this?" she asked, motioning to Nightshade. "We can't have our people runnign around on secret missions. We don't want to reveal ourselves to early!" Forge closed her eyes and took a deep breath, keeping her cool. "Frankie is beign interrogated by two police officers. I don't want to risk him spilling the beans, I can get access to the interrogation room, maybe you little 'pet' can help me. We need to make sure he won't give anything away. If he does, we could all wind up with more attention than we want right now. First we should tie up all of our loose ends, we still have some nosy brat running around who could've seen the whole thing, not to mention the golden kid. We can't waste our time recruiting without securign our beginings first.

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03/28/2007 8:06 PM

"But if Frankie has muntants on his side, ones trained to kill, how can we fight that? I mean, sure we are special too, but can we beat them?"

"I believe you are getting ahead of yourself. Nobody said anything about fighting anybody. While that one kid did attack you, there has not been any other violence that we know of. The best thing to do may still be to alert the authorities. If there are other..." Here, Kairu pauses to think of a term that is less pejorative than 'mutants,' "people with unique abilities, then we may lend a hand where we may.

You said yourself, however, that you are not trained to fight. We will see what is best when the time comes. For now, I believe we should contact this 'Charge' person whom you talked of earlier. If he too has unique abilities, he may have useful information."

OOC: GAH!! I can't get in the mind-set of Sketch right now, and I so desperately want to post for her...I will hopefully be able to post for her within the next couple of days. Setsuna, I don't know if you had anything to say, and if you did go ahead and we'll say my post goes after that one.

03/29/2007 9:02 AM

Morrigan nodded her head, absently, agreeing with Kairu's words. "They don't sound particularly threatening...just a bunch of street thugs." She shrugged a bit "If we keep our eyes open we should be fine."
Assuming that Elle wasn't involved that was. If Elle was involved...well, keeping eyes open wouldn't be anywhere near good enough to protect themselves from her.

"Actually...I don't know who arranged this. I just didn't want to let my pet out of my sight. " she didn't seem at all upset by the idea of cops coming to harm her...after all, she could easily manipulate them and get out of the situation.
"Pfft. I suppose I could help out with that, if you really want. I can walk in and get the little boyo out of this nasty little predicament." She smirked, treating the whole thing like some very easily fixed problem, as if she was claiming a paper cut was the same as dismembering someone. Very arrogant.

03/29/2007 1:48 PM

Forge crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.

"I don't want any needless casualties... Don't you know anything about subtlety?" some might find this ironic, especially comming from Forge. "We need to sneak him out, with my abilities and yours we should be able to. Then we have to tie up the loose ends, we can worry about getting the girl later."


"Charge? Yeah, he'd love this wouldn't he?" Cash asked hismelf. "I know where he lives. I can take you there if you want. But I don't know if calling the cops is such a hot idea. After all, I did kill that Greaser. It doesn't matter if it was an accident, it is still manslaughter, then that brings up my record with the Pushers, I guess what I do could be considered counterfitting. I don't know what to do, but the law would be no help.


Officer Foster studied the self proclaimed gang leader for a moment. THe kid had a typical look of defiance, but he also had a look as if there was soem sort of ace up his sleeve, an advantage over him he didn't know about. Foster leaned back in his chair.

"Frankie. What are your boys doing in the parking lot?" he asked.

"I don't klnow what you mean." Frankei replie dwith a smirk. Foster sighed.

"Jimmy Ramierez and Eddie Millander were both found at the scene. Eddie had severe burns all over his body, he got roasted Frank. And Jimmy was featured in a gold effigie. What for?" the teen studied Foster's gaze.

"It was the Gonk." Frankei said catiously.

"I severely doubt the Gonk had anything to do with this. This is too bizare for them, they are barely a second class gang."

"It was a sacrificial sort of thing, made a statue of one of our guys, light up a couple cars and barbaque the last guy. They won't get away with it though."

Foster thought about it for a moment. [i]Is it possible the Gonk is trying for the big time?[/i]

"Hey, sir! We've got a call, fro mthe warehouse district, it's urgent." one of the other police officers called fro mthe doorway. Foster nodded.

"Right. Put Mr. Guerrera in custody for further questioning, hold him as a person of interest...and illegal possesion of weapons on school grounds." Foster said. Frankie made a noise of disgust as two cops cuffed him and read him his rights. "Take him back to the station." Foster shouted after them as he left the room.

04/02/2007 9:08 PM

"Yes, you do make a point, Jeff. I have found that most people are not so...hospitable with those they do not understand.

Perhaps we should meet 'Charge,' as you call him. Je...Sketch? Would you like to accompany us? Morrigan, you are more than welcome as well, although I assume you would like a change of clothing," Kairu let a hint of humor creep into his voice as he finished his last sentence.


Sketch had been zoning into her own world, making herself her favorite hand-made lunch: A sandwitch with mayonnaise, ham, salami, lettuce (leaves, not shredded), pepperjack cheese, and a good whole grain bread, complete with oreos and a tall glass of milk.

When she heard Kairu almost call her by her real name (she hated being called by her real name in front of others. It was one of her quirks; she didn't allow people to come close, didn't allow them to know her, not even her name, unless she cared for them. And these people, while nice enough, were definitely not on her 'to care for' list.) she was snapped out of her own world, and back into reality.

Reality, where strange women stir unimagined emotions and her mind struggles to cope with the sudden onslaught of so many people.

"Uh...yeah, sure. I'll come along. Can't let you get yourself into trouble, now can I?"

04/03/2007 8:29 PM

Morrigan looked down at herself, the epitome of innocence as sjhe regarded her towel clad body. "Why would I want to change? Does it make me look fat?" Just the perfect tone of worry crept into her voice to make it sound like she was actually worried about looking pudgy in a towel, that if one didn't know her or held her odd sense of humor, one might actually think her serious.
"I suppose I should change if it does...I'd hate to draw attention to myself after all." The smirk that wasn't on her lips, was definately in her tone.


Elle just shook her head. "I wasn't planning on killing of them dearie, I was simply planning on getting us a few pet police. Wouldn't that be a nice thing to have? That way if one of our boyos got in a bit of a jam again, poof...our pet police would make the problem go away!" She smiled brightly, rather like a teacher smiling at a particularly dull student.

04/04/2007 2:33 PM

Cash looked over at the girl in the towel again. It took hi ma moment to register what she said.

"Well I think you look great." he winced at what he had said, "I mean, you don't look fat." he winced mentaly again at his sudden correction. Cash had never been a very well spoken person, especially not with people he didn't know, not only that, but the fact that there was a girl clad only in a towel made it that much harder to think clearly. "I'm sure Charge would love the company. Well, I'll take you there. But I want to take the subway, I don't want to get seen by Frankie and his boys, the subways aren't their turf." he failed to add however whose they were.


Forge thought for a moment. "pet cops." she mumbled. ALthough she did not liek the idea of Elle controling the police department she was willing to concede that it would be very useful. "That would take law enforcement out of the picture. Let's jsut hope none of them are strong enough to resist you." Forge said, knowing full well (Or at least hoping) Elle had no power over her.

"More pets?" Night Shade askd with a slight hint of dissapointment in his voice.

Forge was again sickened by his blind devotion. "In anycase Elle, we should get going, it may only be a matter of time before Frankie learns how to torch people at will or desides to sell us out.


The crime scene was rivaled in oddity only by the parking lot behind the school. Foster walked carefully among the bodies of slain Pushers.

"Look here sir. These wounds are self inflicted." a cop called. He was right, a young man appeared to have stabbed himself to death, he had a slight hint of a smile on his face.

"This guy got killed by a large bladed weapon, sword maybe?" another young officer called. The detective in charge of the crime scene waved Foster over.

"See here? A bullet." he pointed to the dull gray piece of metal. "It's flattened, I don't know what it could have hit to flatten it like that. A bit odd wouldn't you say?" Foster shook his head.

"It's all weird. But if Frankie is telling the truth, and these are ritualistic gang killings it makes sense. But the Gonk? Those kids are hardly out of middle school. I don't think a team of car jackers is quite capable of this kind of onslaught. It looks like the Pushers didn't stand a chance." he sighed again, it had been several years since he had seen this many dead bodies at once, the last time had to be when he was in Desert Storm. The thought of those dead Iraqis to this day made his stomach churn. It also made him think of some less easily explained events.

Foster kneeled down to examine the flattened bullet. It flashed him back for a moment to Kuwait.

He huddled against the wall in fear. He was 18. The sounds of gunfire echoed loudly through the building.

"Displace displace!" his squad leader had screamed. Foster had been frozen by panic. When the Iraqi soldier had crashed through the door he couldn't move. THe soldier raised his gun and fired. The bullets hitting his body had knocked him to hsi back. When the gun fire ended Foster looked down. A small scattering of flattene bullet shells lay around him. The Iraqi had been just as shocked as he was.

"Sir?" the detective asked. Foster looked at him.

"Right, get forensics in here, tell them good luck. I've gota punk back at the station to question." he said quickly and left. If there were other people like him. Foster shook his head. It wasn't possible, the Iraqi had missed, hit the wall. He still couldn't explain the missing weeks after he had joined the service though. Thoughts bounced through his head as he walked for his squad car.


The news had been all about a series of killigns at Jefferson High. Charge had become very worried in recent moments after hearing about the burned bodies and cars. Pyrokenetic was what they called it.

"If I am right we are in deep trouble." The man said to no one in particular. If Frankei Guerrera had the ability to start fires it was not a good thing. The only limiting factor would be his ability to focus on the fire. Charge knew very little about psychic abilities, he had met a woman further east who could read minds but that was as clsoe as he came. "Cash you are in some deep shit my friend." he mumbled and while he watched the news show intently.

04/10/2007 10:50 AM

Morrigan raised a brow at him and blinked; that was more than a bit out of the blue, at least to her. "well...Thank you very much, but I do think that clothes would be appriopate."
Just like that, her towel morphed into clothing...very simple clothing, a simple black dress that hit her just above her knees. Decently cute, and not hard to maintain, illusion wise.
"Can I borrow someone's jackets?" She didn't fancy the idea of trusting her gift so completly as to not have anythign else to clothe her.

Elle just smiled at Forge before turning her attention back to Night Shade. "Poor babe...don't you worry. I'll still have a great deal of time for you hon, you're my favorite little pet! At least, for now you are...As long as you keep doing such a good job, we'll be okay."
Almost idly she brushed her fingers through the boy's hair, rather like one would do to a puppy to soothe his fears.
"come along now, let go get you some play mates." Without another thought she headed off to the police station.

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04/11/2007 12:21 PM

Cash looked at the occupants of the room. Since neither Kairu or Sketch were wearign a jacket seeing as it was summer he removed his oversized green fatigue jacket with a sigh.

"Just give it back when you're done okay? it's my favorite jacket." he handed the afformentioned jacket to Morrigan reluctantly. He looked down aat hi now bare arms that contrasted ridiculously with his gloved hands. "We should get going, I don't know how long we have. Charge does have a job to go to." And with this he motioned to the door, preparing to lead the way to the subway.


When they had reached the station Forge stopped Elle and Nightshade.

"You have a plan right? This is a little more ambitious than I had planned." she looked at Nightshade. "I can get in no problem." as if to demonstrate she shifted to be a ordinary looking police officer. "But I don't know about you two. And I would rather not have him in there. He would fit in better in the jail." she glared at Nightshade. Forge had been under a lot of stress latley, her simple, catious plans were being blown out of proportions, ever since Elle had shown up. Forge had a feeling it was leading to disaster.

04/11/2007 2:44 PM

Morrigan smiled gratefully and took the jacket. "thank ye." She threw the thing on and looked around at the others.

"So...where is it we're goin?"


Elle raised a brow "A plan? Very well..." She took ahold of Forge's hand, and then fell to the ground, screaming her head off. The sound carried,drifted into the building and held such a plaintive note that there was no doubt that Forge had unjustly started hurting Elle for no reason at all.
Policemen streamed out of the building, rushing to the call. Oddly, they stuck the sights of their gun on Forge, glaring at her menacingly.

Oh so bravely the now delicate seeming Elle stood to her feet, sniffling and looking so hurt as she allowed one of the policemen to steady her.

"I'm sorry for causing such a stir...It's just...Well I was trying to find my brother and this policemen just started calling him such nasty things and I just..." She sniffled again, looking utterly heart broken and vulnerable.

"there there girlie, it's okay...we'll find your brother for you. What's his name?" A rather gruff looking policeman patted her on the back, looking distinctly uncomfortable with this kind of situation.

"Frankie..." By now all attention was on Elle and Forge was more or less forgotten, though, a few guns still held her in sight.

"Frankie you say? I know where he's being held. Want me to go get him Sarge?" One of the younger, fresher looking policemen called out.

"Get to it!" The gruff man replied; after all, this poor girl could hardly have been related to a criminal! it must have all been some mistake.

04/11/2007 6:37 PM

"Not so good with directions. " Cash explained. "He lives on the other side of town. I'll just lead you there." he then did just that, leading the group to the nearest subway station and all the way to Charge's apartment where he rapped lightly on the door. Cash still had no idea if the man was going to be home. He was grateful when the door swung open...at first.

"Erm...Charge. Hi." Cash said weakly. Charge stood in the doorway in his boxers and undershirt, eating out of a cereal box with his free hand. The older man gave a look around at the other people in with him.

"Who are these guys?" he asked with a mouthful of cereal.


Forge ground her teeth in anger but as she was so often forced to do around Elle, held her tongue. She followed the cops inside who didn't seem to think anythign was amiss with the situation. They came to the hall outside jail section.

"Wait here." one of the cops told Elle and entered the jail. When he emerged he was dragging along Frankie. THe ex-gang leader grinned sheepishly at Elle and Forge.

"What took ya?" he asked. Forge simply sighed and turned to Elle.

"We done here?" she asked, gettign tired of this sickening display of weak wills.

04/12/2007 4:36 PM

Charge stood in the doorway in his boxers and undershirt, eating out of a cereal box with his free hand. The older man gave a look around at the other people in with him.

"Who are these guys?" he asked with a mouthful of cereal.

The only answer he received at first was the loud giggle that escaped from Sketch's mouth.

"Haha...hello yourself, [i]Charge[/i]" she said, playing with his name in her hysterics. She continued slightly giggling even after Kairu's disapproving glare.

He couldn't be too harsh on her, however. Kairu appreciated the comical nature of the greeting himself, although he tried to ignore it.

"Greetings," he began, "My name is Kairu, and the young woman here is called 'Sketch.' This is Morrigan," he motioned toward Morrigan, "And from my understanding you have already met Jeff.

Might I inquire as to your name?"

"We already know it," Sketch piped up, unable to contain her hysterics, "His name is [i]Charge[/i]." When she finished this sentence, she broke out into another fit of hysterics. It wasn't her fault...she wasn't the one who had nicknamed herself 'Charge' and greeted people in boxers...

04/12/2007 6:37 PM

Cash looked between Sketch and Charge uneasily. Charge contineud to chew his cereal and watch the laughing woman. After a moment he swallowed and began laughing with her.

"Glad to see someone has a sense of humor. Yeah, I know cash." he took another handful of cereal and stuck it in his mouth. "My human name is Fox by the way." he giggled a little at that. "Well come on-" he froze, halfway motioning them through the door. He turned back and stared intently at each of the visitors. His eyes came to rest on Kairu. "You're all mutants aren't you?" he suddenly held up a hand. "No sense lyign about it." he tapped his head. "I can tell these things. Somethin' ain;t right with your Electromagnetic field." he said with a hand gesture at Kairu. "Well come on in and tell me what you can do." he led them into the trashy apartment and offered them seats. Then shut of his TV and leaned on the wall, eagerly awaiting their story.

04/12/2007 10:16 PM

When Charge had asked about their powers, Sketch had gotten quiet, and Kairu looked even more solemn. Neither of them had a good history of letting people know about their powers, and neither of them had met many other mutants. Or, they didn't realize it at least.

Charge, on the other hand, was apparently very used to being around mutants. He was laid back, perhaps a little too much so. Kairu and Sketch were both uneasy about revealing their powers. While Cash knew a little bit of what Sketch was capable of, he knew nothing at this point of Kairu, and neither did Morrigan.

"You can sense our electromagnetic field? Is that a conscious effort, or does it come to you subconsciously?" Kairu asked, reverting the attention back to the scantily-clad man. "Perhaps you can explain to me how it is that you are able to do this, and what your 'powers,' as you call them, are."

04/13/2007 7:56 AM

Charge stretched and yawned.

"Concious, subcouncious. I don't know. It's like sight, I don't choose to see it, I just can sometimes. It isn't easy and it is never perfect, but with a little concentration I can sort out just about anything." he stopped yawning long enough to look at Kairu. "Mind if I try and guess?" without waiting for an answer he stared at them intently for a moment longer.

"I guess...you two-," he pointed to the girls, "Have psyonic powers of some sort. Telepathic maybe. Not telekenissis that's for sure. They have a much different signature." He looked at Kairu, "The only thing I know about you is, we have something in common." To explain what he menat he gestured at himself. "You can mess with people EM fields too right? But that is it, not anything besides EM right? Your signature is sort of like mine, but yours is more complex." Cash spoke up for the first time.

"Uh, Fox. You said there were bad mutants out there..." Charge's carefree smile faded. "Well, I met one of them. He could do stuff with shadows. I don't know who he was, but he attacked me." Charge nodded.

"Yup, I'd say there is alot more to this than you know." Chare then pointed to the TV. "You folks might not realize this, but I'd say more peopel than jsut us have powers. Something happened at that parking lot, after we left. I suspect a Pyrokenetic is involved. And with this other incedent down at the warehouse district, a Telepathic and maybe someone with a sword or something, I haven't figured ti all out." he tapped his head. "Not the swiftest guy around you know, but I know my mutants pretty well. Either way, it's bad news."

04/13/2007 10:01 AM

This was all coming pretty fast. At the beginning of the day, the only people who Kairu and Sketch knew who were different were each other. They suspected, but never knew for sure. Now, they've met three more people, Sketch had seen another, and there were evidently even more in the town.

[i]In Casson, Iowa?[/i] The strange thing is that both Kairu and Sketch both had this thought at approximately the same time, although neither knew it. It was just strange that such a small town would be host to such people and events.

"A pyrokinetic? How would...nevermind." Kairu was about to ask how one could control fire outside of science fiction, but then again how could he do what he did? Or Sketch? Or Morrigan or Cash or Charge? They knew what they could do, some of them knew how it occured, but not how they do it. What makes Cash be able to transmute every atom in an object into gold?

There were too many questions, and not enough time.

"What would we do against a pyrokinetic? That's someone who controls fire, right? Unless you know of a..." Sketch thought for a second wondering what it would be called... "A Cryo-kinetic? Someone with control over ice, or even water. I mean..."

"It does not matter," Kairu interrupted. "If we can hardly fathom this, how do you think the police will handle it? They are in a worse position than we are."

Sketch realized the truth of his words, and there was a silence as the full weight of them sunk in.

04/13/2007 10:32 AM

Charge shrugged. "Maybe, but chances are the cops are already out of the picture, if they can kill gang members that easily, Cops should be no problem. But the pyro kenetic should be easy. I have't met many, they are pretty rare. But usualy they can't jsut roast anyhting, they have to intimate knowledge of the object they want to burn, also it takes concentration, not to mentino you can't just burn anything, it has to be flammable. The enws said there were several burnt out cars who's fuel injectors had exploded. And one roasted kid, his cologne lit him up." Charge put down the now empty cereal box and cracked his knuckles. "So, uh....Kairu...what brings you here? I asusme you came for a reason. The half naked man kept a half smile on his face the whole time.

04/13/2007 10:58 AM

"I assume you mean to Casson?

I came in pursuit of knowledge. The local library has some interesting manuscripts from settlers long ago, as well as the personal memoirs of a distinguished professor who came to live near here after his retirement. I have been using them to aid in my research to find out just exactly how my powers work. Since I have met Sketch, I have taken an interest in discovering hers as well."

While they were talking, Sketch found her interest wandering, and was gazing around the room, looking for something to catch her eye, but to no avail.

So, she decided to butt in, "So what do you do, 'Charge?'"

04/13/2007 11:05 AM

Charge turned his attention to the girl who spoke. "Do?" he asked and thought for a moment. "I am an elecrtician professionally. But for fun, I crime fight when I can." he grinned broadly. "I used to travel. I went all over the world, findign people like us to learn all I could. What do you....do?" he returned.

04/13/2007 11:11 AM

"Whatever I want," she returned.

"So if you travelled all around the world, what made you stop here? In Casson, Iowa, of all places?"

04/13/2007 11:41 AM

Charge pointed to her. "Very good question. The truth of it is, I got tired of roaming liek that. Aftr all my travels, all my searching, I got no closer to understanding my powers. So, I gave up. I was born here. Figured I might as well die here too."

04/13/2007 12:12 PM

Mathias stepped off the plane. He still was several miles from Casson, but that was good. He needed to practice. He stretched his hand out, focusing on the small golden clock that hung around his neck. Its sounds were amplified to his ears as he focused on the regular tick. TICK...TICk...TIck...Tick...tick...It's ticking slowed down to almost nothing. With that he looked around his to see the citizens at the airport frozen in time. Smiling, he set off to the exit.

Five minutes later, (to him at least) he was standing in front of Charges...place. Worried that he was too late- oh yeah. He had forgotten he had sped up his molecules to roughly the hundredth power.

Aware that he hadn't slowed down, he walked into the apartment that he had heard about. It really was a mess. He saw a group of mutants standing in suspended animation, presumably talking about serious matters. The one known as Charge was pointing a finger at a girl who had a kind of...artsy look to her. Mathias positioned himself between her and the finger.

He glanced at his trenchcoat, dark shoes, black jeans, white T-shirt, and mirrored sunglasses. Laughing silently at his new "prank," he focused on the golden clock again. tick...Tick...TIck...TICk...TICK...the clock sped up, and he was visible to his fellow mutants.

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04/13/2007 9:02 PM

For a brief, brief, moment, Morrigan lost all control of her power. Her surprise was so great at the sudden appearance of the man that she simply couldn't handle it. For the briefest of time the room seemed to have been swarmed over by hell, for no longer than a heart beat it echoed with the sounds of tortured souls and pitiful cries of the damned. For the time it took someone to blink the smell of burning flesh, bitter tears, broken spirits, and overall wretchedness swamped the room and filled it to gagging stench. For no time at all it was pure and utter despair.
It seemed an eternity.
As soon as her control left her, she yanked it back, her breathing heavy and eyes firmly shut.
With a very calm voice, almost painfully dry, she addressed Mathias. "I would greatly prefer not being startled, sir." Her irish accent was heavier than normal, which was the main hint that she had been frightened beyond all belief by her little lapse.


Elle smiled at Frankie and simply didn't bother to answer his question, didn't really answer Forge besides asking her a question in return.
"Come on Forge, aren't you having fun playing? It's like a huge pet store! Tell me, what is it you'd like this one here to do?" She gestured toward a rather handsome looking man, one with a dazed, almost worshipful expression on his face.

"I could always make him give you his eye...would you like that?" Without waiting for an answer, she gestured again towards the man, watching with mild interest as he gouged his own eyeball out and handed it to her, falling to his knees and begging for her love.

Elle seemed completly deaf to his pleas, simply twirling the eye in her hand, amused by the feel of it,not at all bothered by the gore coating her fingers.

"Someone shut him up please." Pop. The loud sound of a gun going off and the gentle thump of the now dead police officer falling to the ground.
Plop, the eye follows the corpse and Elle idly licks her fingers clean, tasting the blood and other matter. Her gaze drifted over to Forge's, looking completly inhuman. No compassion, no humanity at all, not even intimidation or anger, or glee, just nothing. "Isn't this fun?" She smiled, lethargically, looking almost sated, if that would be the correct word.

04/13/2007 10:01 PM

Forge stared at the gift with disgust she did not hide well. It didn't horrify her, she had seen worse, but it did remind her unpleasantly of her father's pleading when she had killed him.

"Elle." Forge said calmly. "This is very bad. There is no way we are going to cover this up now." she said with a faintly trembling voice, wether or not she wanted to admit it, Elle's powers were having their own effect on her.

Nightshade grinned at the display of violence and chuckled slightly to himself. Frankie also was undisturbed.

"Make 'em all kill each other. These pigs have locked me up too many times, this is just perfect." he said gleefully.

"If anyone shows up we're in trouble. Not everyone will be so easily controlled." Forge cautioned.


When the display of power had ended, Cash had his back pressed to the wall and his hands pressed over his mouth to stiffle a scream, his eyes were wide with fear. Now he sat in shock, almsot unable to move, but he finally pried himself from the wal land tried to regain his composure. Charge took it reasonably well.

"Um...wow." he said, blinky repeatedly. "That's interesting." was his only response to it.

04/13/2007 10:13 PM

Elle carelessly smacked Frankie. Hard. "Shush, pup. I'll decide what I do and to who. Calm down a wee bit, Forge darlin. No matter who comes look at all the pretties I do have! Most people tend to have problems attacking those they know or work with...my pets won't have that problem...besides, these little piggies should know how to clean up a mess like this with no one being the wiser."


Morrigan didn't acknowledge Cash's or Charge's reaction, simply breathing in and out deepl. She wanted to make absolutely sure she had herself under control before she even did something as simple as open her eyes.

Very, very, slowly she began to breathe properly again, the little hitch, the barest of pants, and then her breathing was deep and normal, if a wee bit forced to be that way.

04/14/2007 12:29 AM

Kairu stood stoically, mentally rejecting everything that happened in that moment of Morrigan's relapse. Every image, every scent, every noise, he rejected as a figment of his imagination. When it was over, he let out a deep breath and took stock of the new-comer. Seeing that he wasn't an initial threat, Kairu then turned his senses to Morrigan and tried to help her smooth the surges within her system and regulate the flow of energies within her.

Sketch was frozen. She had never seen anything like what had just happened. First, a kid popped up from nowhere, and then all hell broke loose, only to disappear again. She could not move, such was the horror going on through her mind. She stood there in a mild state of shock, tears welling up in her eyes.

This was all too much. First the stuff with Kairu, then Morrigan's appearance, then the strange emotions, followed by her meeting with Cash, followed by them meeting Charge and learning about all sorts of other 'mutants' and now she just saw a glimpse of hell.

She did the only sensible thing: she snapped.

She turned to the new kid, with a "Who the hell are you?" If one can imagine a quiet scream, one can imagine what she sounded like. She managed to put all of her frustration, anger, and confusion into that one sentence while suppressing herself so as not to scream.

04/14/2007 7:57 AM

Mathias was laughing. He had only had a single glimpse of what had scared the other mutants, but knew about Morrigan's opwers and so wasn't scared.

"Well I wasn't expecting that kind of welcome!" He turned to Morrian. "Sorry for scaring you. I have a tendency to do some very...surprising things. It comes with my powers. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking straight. You try walking a couple hundred miles in five minutes and tell me you aren't tired."

He faced the rest of the mutants, then sat down on the floor. "Nice place Charge." He grinned. "Before you ask, I spent my plane ride reading all the data I have on you. Admittedly, it wasn't much, so I had no need to slow down or speed up the trip. I saw that you would all be here, and I decided to help you out."

"My name is Chronus. My real name is Mathias. I am able to alter the speed of my atoms to speed up or slow down time, as well as travel, to a slight extent. Hence how I traveled so far so fast."

04/14/2007 9:50 AM

Charge blinked twice. "Data?" he asked. "Who do you work for?" was his next question. He felt everymuscle in his body tense, he was ready to spring at the man who had suddenly appeared. He didn't recognize him and would have if he had met him. Cash shook his head and stood up, he had finally gotte control of his sudden shock. Now he knew what Morrigan's power was, and he felt like a jerk to have reacted that way, he always hated people who over reacted to his power. He straightened himself out and looked up at the man who had caused the outburst. Charge and him were seemign to stare each other down. Cash slowly slid a hand into his pocket and felt the long shape that was his own switchblade. A small insurance policy he didn't like to use, and so far never had. But he wouldn't hesitate if it put his new friends in danger.


Frankie flinched back. "Hey watch it!" he exclaimed. Nightshade suddenly stopped grinned.

"I hear cars." he said. Forge turned and looked out the police station window. She saw a cluster of squad cars pull up into the parking lot.

"Nice. Way to go. Now we're going to have a problem." Forge exclaimed. Frankie turned to the neartest cop.

"Yo! Gimme your gun man." Nightshade nodded enthusiatically, "And one for shady here. I wanna out one right between that pigs eyes!" he said with a huge grin. Forge Concentrated and shaped her right arm into a large blade.

"Unless you can assure me you can take all of these guys quickly, we're screwed." she sent a glance down to the dead police officer on the floor.


Foster's mind was racing as he pulled up to the station, he and the other officers who responded to the call had no more need to stick around and were comming in to clock out. He turned off the car and stepped out, not feeling in the slightest that something was wrong, until he saw a pair of eyes watching him through one of the station's windows.

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04/14/2007 11:01 AM

"Great that's all we need is another freak, and he's probably working for another freak, who is working for a friend who is a freak who likes other freaks!" Sketch was not taking this very well.

"Sketch," Kairu stopped her tirade as he crossed over to her and took ahold of her shoulders, forcing her to look at him. "Allow him to explain," then he whispered into her ear, so that only she could hear, "Perhaps you should remember your own circumstances, Young One."

Sketch looked at him, at once defiant and defeated. She knew he was right, but she still didn't like the situation, and she was still angry.

"So?" she asked the newcomer, her anger still evident in her words. "Why are you here?"

Kairu, for all of his words, maintained his position as the closest of all of them to Chronus. He was still wary of this guy, to say the least.

04/15/2007 1:07 AM

Morri opened her eyes, the light green orbs staring at Mathias in complete detachment. "Good sir, I'd really appreciate you answering." Her tone was calm, unthreatening, nothing at all intimidating about her....which would happen to be the most terrifying thing about the situation. The undercurrents of rage were obvious, the slight fire deep in her eyes, the tenseness of her muscles, the way she seemed to be a bit too controlled.

Just because she might despise Elle's method of needless pain, hardly meant that she was against using her powers to hurt those who pissed her off.


Elle raised a brow at the group and shook her head "You have no sublety darlings. You, ...Sarge was it? go outside and stall whoever it is. Claim there is a bank robbery that needs all available men to go...anyone who would normally be in that catergory, shoo!" She waved her hands "Oh...and don't tell anybody about this little happenstance. It would make me unhappy..."

The police rushed to do their duty. "Whoever is left..clean up that mess." She gestured to the body. "Someone show us a back way out please."

04/15/2007 8:05 AM

Frankie nodded appreciativley. "You run thigns real nice here Elle. Mind if I keep this though?" he asked waving the nine millimeter pistol. "We ould use some guns right?" Nightshade also turned to Elle expectantly.

04/17/2007 12:05 PM

"Sorry." Chronus said. "I was...well I admit a little shocked by your powers. Anyways, I wanted to warn you. The world is changing. Us mutants can no longer hide in the shadows like we used to. I came to not only get us out into the open, but also for the same reasons I know most of you have. Our powers. Where do they come from? Why us? Those are some of my questions in particular. I have tracked down many mutants and have a small knowledge of the reasons. And I propose we all work together to get some answers."

Chronus stood up. Placing one hand on Kiaru's head, and the other on Morrigan's, he closed his eyes and focused on the golden clock again. This time it slowed down more rapidly. In instants they were all sped up.

"Now we can talk. I thught we would run out of time otherwise. There are backdraws to my powers. For every hour of percieved time that I experience while sped up or slowed down, I lose a second of my life span. I've lost only about an hour altogether, but still... Also, if I travel, I can only travel within around 3 days. And however long I am gone, that much irretrievable time has passed when I return."

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04/17/2007 5:38 PM

Morrigan looked at Chronos with cold eyes. Her dislike of him was immediate and complete, so when she decided to finally speak to him her irritation was evident in her tone and in the cold, clipped way she spoke her words.

"Unless you have information on my sister, I really could care less what you have to say. I don't care where my powers come from, simply that I have them and I can't do anythign about it. I need them, for the time being. Kindly release me from this..." She waved her hand, searching for the correct word. "time thing."


Elle shrugged her shoulders "do what you like." She strode to the back way out, not really wanting to se ehow long the cops could stall the others.

04/17/2007 7:29 PM

Frankie chuckled and stuck a gun in his waist band, moving his shirt to cover it up.

"Come on shade." he isntructed the other kid. The boy imitated him and stuck a pistol in his waist band too. Both boys followed Elle out. Forge brought up the rear, looking back, wondering how long it would take them to clean up the cop's body.


Foster was greeted at the door by several other police men. "Sir! It's the guerrera kid! he got out! Shot Simmons in the face and took a couple guns!" Foster swore loudly.

"Well get after him, he can't have gotten too far!" he demanded. The men nodded and rushed to their police cruisers. Foster himself brroded voer the incedent more, something felt wrong. Frankie had been about to be let off the hook, why would he kill a cop and break out like that. There wa something different about the officers at the station, they seemed different some how, and more than just seeing another cop die had happened to them, they seemed....detatched from it all somehow, as if they were untouchable.


"So uh...Elle. What's next? we got guns, we got pets," Frankie chuckled at that. "We're untouchable. We can do whatever we want. Shouldn't we uh...knock off a couple of stores or somethin'?" Forge groaned, her grand scheme was becoming just another common street gang.

04/17/2007 7:47 PM

Kairu was in awe, looking around him, formulae of Space-Time theory running through his mind.

He could see Sketch seemingly frozen in time, a fly hanging in mid air right in front of her nose.

Kairu heard what Morrigan said, although he disagreed with her stance on the pursuit of knowledge.

Instead, he asked the boy, "You have yet to tell us who you are working for, and where you got these files you spoke of."

04/17/2007 8:33 PM

Elle looked at the boy in pure disgust. "The next time you suggest something so beneath me, I will, in fact, skin you alive." The way she said it was so matter of fact, so blunt, that it simply could not be doubted as truth.

"Now, I would like to get a cup of coffee, who would like to join me?"

04/18/2007 12:04 PM

Kindly release me from this..." She waved her hand, searching for the correct word. "time thing."

"Gladly." Chronus said. "I can only take two people anyways. It's hard otherwise and we would all start aging like I said earlier." He walked around to the other side of the room, and then, smiling, snapped his fingers, and an almost visible wave spread from them. Where it went the world resumed its normal pace. "I'm working for nobody. All I want is to get knowledge about the mutations. As for the files, my past self was told about you by my future self of that timeline. However, in doing so it altered the timeline, causing the future self to ceace existence."

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04/18/2007 6:15 PM

The scene had jumped, like an old movie missing a frame. Charge blinked in suprise, he felt like he had missed soemthing.

"Time traveler huh? Strange indeed. Well, I'm sure there are tremendous problems associated, but we really don't have time to get into the specifics. You say we should reveal ourselves? I am afraid that is not a possiblity. We have some problems with the locals, I don't think it would be wise. You are welcome to do what you will, but I would rather remain an observer."

Cash still had not found the need to say anything, but this man seemed harmless enough and so slowly released the grip on his knife.


"Now, I would like to get a cup of coffee, who would like to join me?"

Frankie grinned. "Yeah sure, count me in." Nightshade was equally enthusiastic, but not as verbal about it.

"Well uh...if we ain't doin' anything liek that...what the hell was all this for? We've got the power, we've got the cops under our thumb, no one can stop us. I say we let loose. You want ambition or soemthing? What about a bank heist? Maybe we could jsut take over the whole city for that matter." Forge shook her head, Frankie jsut did not get this power thing, she even doubted if he had the ability to torch peopel with jsut a thought.

"He is right though Elle. If you are gonna take over, you need a plan to do soemthing with this power. I assume you have one." Forge added.

04/18/2007 8:52 PM

Elle blinked. "Enjoy it. I don't need to do anything, as long as I can always get what I want. Why would I need to plan for that?" She shook her head, letting out a bit of a sigh. She saw no point, none at all, at getting money the hard way when she could getany boyo, and most chickadees, to get her whatever it is she wanted. She already had power, everything.


Morri looked disgusted as time went back ot it's normal flow. She simply couldn't stand the man, or his attitude, or his power or...well anything about him.

With a growl she got to her feet and paced about the room, under the pretense of looking for glasses to make tea with.

04/19/2007 9:55 AM

"Two more questions, Chronus," Kairu said. "First, what is your real name, and second: Can you affect other objects while you are using your powers?"

04/19/2007 11:56 AM

"My real name is unimportant. But if you must know, it's Mathias. Can you tell why I prefer a different name? Second, it depends on what you mean by affect. Like...do you mean," He took out a piece of paper, then it vanished and Chronus was behind Morrigan. "Like affect objects with the powers? Yes. That piece of paper is now frozen in time forever, and is occupying that instance for all eternity. I've done that to people before, but I don't like to. But if you mean physically affect," Here he brought Kiaru and Charge into the sped-up moment, "then yes." He grinned, and picked up Morrigan, and moved her across the room. He tapped Kiaru and Charge, sending all three back to the normal speed. "Hey Morrigan, How did you get over there?" He said with a grin.

04/19/2007 3:02 PM

Charge was growing tired of this behaviour.

"Look I don't know who you are, or anything about you and I really don't like you in my house. So, if you don't have anythign else to say, you're gonan have to leave."

Cash was shocked by his friend's spontaneous reaction to the newcomer. He looked at Chronus to see his reaction.


Frankie stopped to absorb this information, his walk stopped as well.

"Wait...you mean to tell me, I don't get anything outta this? Puttin' my life on the line to help you and all, and I don't even get so much as a reward? Just a freakin' pat on the head!?" Frankie's anger was somehow able to break through Elle's emotional fog and give him a clearer look of things. Forge said nothing, merely smirked to herself.

04/20/2007 11:34 AM

Elle eyed Frankie up and down, then shrugged "If you want to have riches. then have them. You don't need me to lead you to do that...but I really do suggest you keep your voice lowered when you talk to me. " She smiled, rather like a shark. It really wasn't a threat. She simply wouldn't tolerate it, if she wanted, she would rip him to itty bitty shreds..or she would just walk away.


Morrigan eyes flared, but she kept a tight reign on her powers. "Excuse me, I need to take a shower. I feel like i'm covered with slime." The pure disgust in her voice was...scathing.

04/20/2007 12:03 PM

"Ouch." Mathias said, his grin faltering. "what? You think somehow that I'm working for your sister? Don't worry. Nobody would want my powers. just using them the way I have is already making me ready to sleep standing up. That or the hundred mile walk." He went to the door. "By the way, I will be back. You may have made an enemy of me, so look out." He stared pointedly at Charge before disappearing.

04/21/2007 4:59 PM

Frankie may not have been to swift, but he spotted her warning from a mile away. He shrank back from her physically and mentaly.

"How about that coffee then?" he asked timidly.


Charge sighed in relief when Chronus left, he had been thrown off balance by the man's knowledge of them and probably overreacted.

"Sorry about all that." he said to those in his room. "Well if you want, you can use my shower." Charge suggested, not sure wether or not Morrigan was serious, he had never been very good at judging these things.

"Any who, Kariu." he giggled at the rhyme he had made. "You need soemthing from me? Or did you jsut need furthur conformation of my existance?" without waiting for an answer he contined, "I have been thinking, if the five of us were to work together, we may be able to do some real good in Casson. That is, if you didn't have other plans." he trailed off with a smile.

04/21/2007 8:42 PM

Morrigan eyed the man, grateful he had left. "I'm shiverin in me boots." Her accent was so heavy that it was almost impossible to figure out what she said.
With a very annoyed harumph, she turned her eyes back to Charge and raised a brow. "boyo, I was being a bit faceitous, but thank you for the offer."
Not that she really was quite in the calm mood needed to be making decisions in regards to joining up with some rogue band of people to fight evil. She didn't even really care about evil, she just wanted her sister dead. Hell, she's probably one of the 'evil' ones.
"I would like some time to think about your offer, if you don't mind. I'm not entirely sure you'd particularly like me in your group."


Elle smiled at Frankie brightly. "Very well! That sounds absolutely wonderful." With that she strode out, heading to anice little cafe.

04/21/2007 10:21 PM

Charge shrugged his shoulders, "Everyone has something about their powers they can't control. It just takes time to figure out the key to unlock your powers. Maybe I-we could help you. But go ahead, think about it." he looked at Kariu and Sketch. "And you guys?"


Frankie trailed behind in scilence, consigned to his fate it seemed.

04/21/2007 10:24 PM

Morri didn't bother to hide the slight amusement in her eyes. True, she might not have the best control over her powers, but that hardly meant that was the reason she was not wanting to join.

Predicitably, she kept silent; simply sitting herself down on a chair and watching Kairu and Sketch, waiting for the answers.


Elle strides into the cafe, looking like she owned the place. Within moments, she was at the front of the rather long line and getting free drinks. For herself, naturally enough. If the boyos and Forge wanted something, they would have to speak up. In all likelihood, they could get it for free, if for no other reason than they seemed to be with her.

04/21/2007 10:40 PM

Frankie lurked in the background, sulking in silence. He hadn't quite gotten over his shock yet so said nothing. Forge also grabbed a drink and followed Elle. Nightshade was close by Elle's side the whole time. The group all sat down at an empty table. Forge leaned forward.

"Why are you doing this stuff? All this small time buisness? You could be big. With your powers think of the thigns you could do? Why settle foring beinga big fish in a small pond when you could be the biggest fish anywhere?" she asked.

04/21/2007 11:29 PM

Elle smiled lazily "Simple. If I can do whatever I want, why would I bother with risking it? At this very moment I could have my fun with anyone here, kill, maim, bathe in their blood...and walk out scott free. I could have some sap give me all their money, everything they own, I could probably make them kill their own loved ones. That is what I enjoy, seeing the horror in their faces after they realized what they have done...seeing the pain, hearing their screams..." the way she says the words...in such a loving, passionate way, it was incredibly disconcerting.
"Or I could make people fall in love, become braver, stronger, it's MY choice. MY power. I get to play God wherever I go...what need have I for petty theft or not so petty theft? I don't need to steal to get what I want. I don't need to do anything..If I choose to, it's because it sounds fun. Tell me what would be fun about what you want to do, and I might do it. Does it involve blood? Possible death? What? What about your plans could possibly interest me?"

04/22/2007 8:45 AM

Forge merely chuckled. "You like that sort of thing? Well why not try it on a grand scale? All of Casson at each others' throats. I don't know how we could do it, but....if we got it to work, the city would be at our mercy, an army loyal to you. The possiblities are endless."

04/22/2007 12:04 PM

"...." She smiled at Forge, eyes lazy. "How do you know that the city isn't already loyal to me?"

She took a sip of her drink, then shrugged. "Sounds fun enough, I would love to see the streets run with blood."

04/22/2007 12:51 PM

Tyler Mardel had been sitting quietly on his own, listening to the covnersations around him in the cafe when he had heard a woman say:

"Sounds fun enough, I would love to see the streets run with blood."

He raised an eyebrow and turned around, he saw an unlikely group of peopel sitting several tables away from him. A strikingly beautiful female cop, a darkly dressed teenage boy, another teenager who dressed like a 1950's greaser and then there was the woman who had spoken. Somethign had been different about her vocie, something, powerful. Tyler stood and walked over to the table.

"Excuse me." he said, speakign to the woman with the pwoerful voice. "Your voice, what is that quality?" he asked. Many people found his manner excentric, and sometimes even terrifying, but he used the friendliest grin he could manage. The exotic looking wide lensed sunglasses he wore only enhanced his odd appearance. The red leather jacket and wide lapeled white shrit aided as well. he wasn't exactly good loking, but neither was he ugly, he rested somewhere in a limbo between the two. "It's beautiful." he finished, hoping to hear her speak again.

04/22/2007 5:49 PM

he looked at Kariu and Sketch. "And you guys?"

Predicitably, she kept silent; simply sitting herself down on a chair and watching Kairu and Sketch, waiting for the answers.

Kairu and Sketch looked at each other. Neither of them were sure if they were ready for something like this, it was all happening so fast.

They had a link, however, as they glanced at each other. Tall, unnervingly dark black man and short, pale and fragile young woman had a connection, and when they looked back at Charge, they were resolved, if not entirely sure they were doing the right thing.

Together, without bothering to speak, they nodded in agreement.

04/22/2007 6:32 PM

Charge smiled. "Splendid. Looks liek we have our work cut out for us. Since I'm sure we've all had a rough time of things, you two can go home. Same for you Morrigan. But Cash needs a place to stay, his house isn't safe anymore, but I don't hae enough room, for him here." Charge coughed awkwardly. "Do you think you could take him with you? That is if you have enough room."

04/22/2007 8:02 PM

"perhaps you're speaking about my gaelic tones. I am from ireland after all, perhaps you're simply hearing the beauty of it's hills in me voice...or perhaps you're hearing something a bit more." Her tone was almost coy, her eyes shining with an almost liking. (as close to liking as Elle could get at least)
"Sit with us. I'm Elle, and my pets are Nightshade and Frankie, the woman is Forge. It's a pleasure to make your aquaintence Mister...?"


Morri raised her brows, a bit surprised that the two had so readily agreed to be part of Charge's little team. After all, it all seemed so silly, like something out of one of those comic books. Super heros. Hmph.

04/22/2007 8:17 PM

"Gaelic tones..." he muttered as if he had never heard the words before. He let out a shoret bark of laughter. He looked at her companions breifly, the other woman stared at him curiously, the greaser kid still brodded in silence and the shadowy kid looked intensely jealous of him. Tyler turned back to the Irish woman, ignoring her companions

"I am Tyler Mardel, and there is something about your voice I really like. I don't think it is your tone eitehr. Maybe you would like to come back to my studio, I have a studio, a band in fact. I think I could make my number one with you." he said. He looekd at her friends and added as an afterthought, "These guys can come too if you want."

04/24/2007 9:08 PM

Elle laughed out loud in pure delight. He wanted her to sing for him? Now that was something new! Something fun! Something exciting! She didn't even have to think about, just getting to her feet and heading to the door.

She paused at the doorway "Well? Are you lot coming?" Her silver eyes were dancing with sheer amusement now, chalenging a single one of them to stay and get left behind.

04/25/2007 7:55 PM

Tyler was utterly delighted. He looked back at the her small possee. The tiny group stood and followed her. The Greaser and other woman somewhat reluctantly. The shadowy kid followed her happily, giving Tyler a nasty look, one whch he returned.

"I jsut live, right down the street." he offered and led the way. After a block or two he came to a large warehouse style buildign and opened the door, ushering them inside. The inside had been refurbished entirely, the middle of the building had become a sort of indoor courtyard, living quarters constructed all around it.

"This is, our studio. My band is out right now. But we all live here." he explained.

"Of course, you all are welcoem to, we have plenty of room." after a puase he then asked. "What do ya' think?"

04/25/2007 10:07 PM

"It's adorable! Absolutely precious." Those were probably the oddest ways to describe the area in front of her, that could possible be used.
"I have no problems staying here for abit...nor do my pets. Forge, do you care to stay?" She raised a brow at the rwoman, not really caring if she stayed or went...and knowing that if the woman had a lick of sense, she'd stay.

04/29/2007 7:21 AM

Forge smiled wanly. "Oh go ahead, please. This is getting interesting." Tyler smiled again.

"Great. Glad to hear it." he said. He mentaly played back what Elle had jsut said, he still was unable to determine exactly what it was he could hear, but it was amazing. Just the quality he was looking for to hit it big.

"Well, if you don't mind, I can call us in soem take out." he puased and then added, "No one in my band can cook worth a crap."

04/29/2007 7:22 AM

Forge smiled wanly. "Oh go ahead, please. This is getting interesting." Tyler smiled again.

"Great. Glad to hear it." he said. He mentaly played back what Elle had just said, he still was unable to determine exactly what it was he could hear, but it was amazing. Just the quality he was looking for to hit it big.

"Well, if you don't mind, I can call us in some take out." he paused and then added, "No one in my band can cook worth a crap."

05/02/2007 8:39 PM

I assure you, no one in my badn can cook worth a crap either...Or at least, I can't." She shrugged, having no idea if anyone else could...actually, she had no idea if SHE could, after all she never need to.
"Take out sounds fine...italian sounds particularly good, if you don't mind?" The way she said the words...so sweet, so humble, how could anyone deny wher whim?

05/03/2007 1:53 PM

Tyler smiled all the wider.

"Such a voice." he said and walked off. Forge waited till he left and then looked at Elle.

"What exactly do you to gain by hanging out with a washed out band?" she asked bluntly.

05/03/2007 6:04 PM

Entertainment." Her tone was blunt. "Like I said, you don't have to be here...though there are possibilities to all of this. After all, we don't know who all is in this band. One of them might end up being very...influential, or with my help they might end up being influential...it all is just a matter of waiting and watching."

05/05/2007 8:41 AM

[OOC: you have any idea where max is? I was gonna let him post, he hasn't in a while.]

05/06/2007 1:47 AM

((he's been busy with finals and stuff...busy..moving..somewhere or something I believe. Should be posting sometime soonish. PM him? )

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