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03/05/2007 5:05 PM

(Note: see OOC area for plot and character creation details)

Stan sat alone at the lunch table, eating mutton. This was the 3rd time today the fightball team had beat him up, and he had the bruises to prove it. If only he had some friends, he wouldn't have to put up with this. Maybe he could slip something from Alchemy class into their food.

03/06/2007 5:47 AM

Vlad walked into the lunch room slowly. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing when they felt the cold chill of the presence of a vampire. The vampire students usualy ate in their rooms but not Vlad. He noticed an almost empty table where a young rogue sat. There were bruises all over him and it wasn't like it really mattered but Vlad was intruiged. He shuffled over to the table and sat down across from the boy. "What's with all those bruises?" he said baring his fangs as he spoke.

03/06/2007 4:09 PM

"The fightball team." Stan said, apparently unfazed by the fact that Vlad was a vampire. He had recently been learning about vampires in Arcanobiology class, and also learned not to fear them so much, and even to trust them if need be.

03/06/2007 5:30 PM

"Those morons? I'm surprised they know how to breath". This rogue seemed to be smart, he couldn't sense any fear off of him. He considered things for a moment, then said "How would you like a bit of revenge?". Just then the bell rang, it was a stufy period. A period given after lunch for students to finish class work, rest in their dorm rooms, or socialize with other students. The perfect opportunity to cause some mayhem.

03/06/2007 5:57 PM

Stan perked up when he heard the word 'revenge.' "Sure, what did you have in mind?" He smiled.

03/06/2007 6:54 PM

Vlad looked at his smile and not even he knew why but for some reason seeing the scrawny bruised rogue's goofy smile made him laugh. It wasn't a very good laugh considering he hadn't laughed in a fairly long time. "Well it is currently a free period. I was thinking we could bug their equipment. If you have any sort of recommended device or potion or spell that would be useful. But be warned, if they find out things may just get worse for you. So...are you in or not?"

03/06/2007 7:07 PM

Belatedly, Elle strode into the quickly emptying lunchroom. The young woman didn't seem to pay any attention to those people around her, too busy tw2irling the pretty lights in front of her feyes. The lights are almost like trapped faeries, whirling around and around and around, their little bodies giving off a rather ghastly glow on Elle's face, highlighting her sabnormal bone structure. It's rather as if someone had caught a brief glance at a human, and had drawn Elle's face from that, all angles and bones, and somehow still pretty, in a lethal insane sort of way.
With a high pitched scream the faeries, illusionaryor perhaps not, fall to the ground, thei poor little wings bloodied and their bodies exhausted. Without seeming to even notice, the girl's bare feet tread the poor things to a powdery dust.
"oooo Vampy vampy!" Her voicrasped out of her throat, a deep husky thing with an odd lilting, almost lyrical, accent to it. In a blink of an eye her arms are wrapped around Vlad's waist, her mouth nuzzling his neck. "what happens if you drink a vampires blood? How does it taste, sweeter, purer, bitter, or merely rancid?" Her tone is teasing, as if she was talking to an old friend for whom this was a long held secret joke ... the fact that she has never before seen Vlad didn't seem to bother her in the least.

03/06/2007 7:29 PM

His eyes widened as her arms wrapped around him, squeezing him tightly. A chill went through him as she rubbed her head against his neck. He didn't like being touched at all but certainly not by someone like her. He grasped her hands and plucked her fingers from him. He stood up and puched her away gently. "Jesus!....Don't do that..." he said panting.

03/06/2007 8:32 PM

Sal strode past a couple of vampiric students in the lunchroom. "Vampires...hmmm...damn kids..." He stops and appraises the two before sitting in a backwards chair and pulling out a silver needle. He begins sticking his wrists repeatedly nonchalantly and introduces himself to the two. "people call me sal."

03/06/2007 9:02 PM

"Hi, I'm Stan." He turned to Vlad and whispered, "Meet me at dorm #314 to discuss the plan." He turned back to the rest and said, "So, what classes are you in?" He wasn't willing to turn his back on the opportunity to make friends, as he scarcely had any.

03/06/2007 9:30 PM

"poor little vampy, are you scared of a little girl?" Her voice was a purr, almost seductive in it's taunting, filled with laughter that vibrated each of her words in a strange way.
Elle eyes nearly danced with glee as they set on Stan. For a moment she had been going to the boy sticking himself with aneedle, Sal or something like that...but the bruised specimen before her was too beautiful to resist.
With the same languid suddeness (yes, an odd oxymoron.) that had accompanied her movement when she had 'attacked' vlad, she nearly pours herself onto Stan; placing herself terribly near him, much too close for comfort.
Her fingertips lightly brush one of his bruises, digging in at the very edge to cause him some pain. "Such pretty bruises" Her voice is a croon, eyes dark, as if she was complimenting someone on a pretty piece of jewelry that she wanted for herself. "They heighten your fragility ...really, they make you look so delectable that I could just simply eat you up." The way she said the words...well, one might not be too sure she was using the words figuratively and wasn't, in fact, being literal.

03/06/2007 10:22 PM

Once Stan realized that she was hitting on him, his eyes widened. He had absolutely no interest in dating whatsoever, which wasn't surprising, considering his nerdyness. "Uhhhhh... I have a meeting to get to?" He ran off to his dorm.

Once he got to dorm #314, he went inside, locked the door, and went over to his bed. He moved it, and opened a hidden trap door, leading down to a cellar of some sort. There were jugs upon jugs of potions of all sorts. He walked up to a shelf and pulled out a jug of some sort of pink liquid. "Time to play..." He climbed out, closed the door, locked it, re-activated the trap, concealed it, and moved his bed back. He hid the jug in a nearby compartment, just in case, and waited for Vlad.

03/07/2007 6:57 AM

Elle didn't seem at all hurt by the 'rejection'. More amused than anything else, rather like the expression a cat would get when playing with a mouse that just ran away but had no choice to come pay again.
"HEh. Adorable..." With that she turns and lays herself out on the chair previously occuiped by STan, gaze drifting lazily over the two boyos left. There was no want to dant either of them. simply a want to amuse herself. If someone asked her to dat ethem...well, there's a strong chance she'd die of laughter.

03/07/2007 8:33 AM

Hana had nearly missed lunch again, she resented the fact that it was still really hard for her to get her nose strait even with so much practice. At lease she could still get some food even if it was all alone in a an empty hall. She open the door and other than a few dark mages in the corner the room seemed empty, Hana took a tray and put a salad from the shelf, "cold food again."

Hana turned and looked over the seat that she normally sat in, there was a guy in a black and red shirt, "That's odd," For the last three weeks she had sat there. This line of thought was cut short by nearly getting knocked over by someone, Hana caught herself, she wasn't that clumsy, the guy shot out of site though the door. Hana walked over to the table where the guy and two others were sat and placed herself three seats way from them. It wasn't that she didn't want to make friends but she didn't know these people, it was better not to know them than for to know they didn't like her.

Hana Sighed and opened her salad

03/07/2007 11:00 AM

Sal looked to the newcomer, continuing his pinpricks and grinned, rather an expression like a grin but from a sinister beastial man with black skin and wings. The pinpricks were slowly forming a pattern as he looked back down to them and jammed the needle in a precise point that was next in the pattern and let it hang there.
"Come on over...we don't bite, well they do but I'm perfectly harmless...well I won't hurt you anyways. We have fun is all, see?" and Sal walked over to the female vamp and held a knife , point down, over her head and dropped it. It vanished in a wisp of smoke just before it hit her eye and was back in his hand with a similar wisp. He assumed the girl would have no trouble with insanity. Sal walked back to his seat and commenced his pinpricking.

03/07/2007 1:09 PM

Vlad's gaze shifted towards the girl sitting a few seats away. But after a second or two when their eyes met he turned back to the psycho and the strange creature. "I'm Vlad..."he said. Then he remembered about Stan and the dorm room # 314. "I'm sorry we can't continue this conversation but I've got an appointment to keep". In truth he was sort of sorry, the strange creature intruiged him. But all the same he had a promise to Stan. He walked up several flights of stairs and made his way towards dorm #314.

03/07/2007 1:27 PM

Elle laughed in pure delight at the knife trick, and laughed even more delightedly as Vlad wanders away. "poor dears, I think we scared them all away."
With something of an almost belated air, she turns her gaze to look at the new girl. Her strange silver gaze alighting with sudden, almost predatory like, interest. "Oooo why aren't you a pretty one? Come over and say hi, pretty little girl. I promise I wont let any harm come to you." Her tone was nearly taunting in her words, somehow the 'comforting' words seemed more threatening than anything else.

Ooc: Elle isn't a vamp.just a freak..assuming it was her you were referring to. )

03/07/2007 1:52 PM

"May I have a piece of your time students" said a booming voice of one of the teachers "Meet the new student SparrowHawk he was moved here because he was sick of his Alchemy teacher which bye the way is now dead"

A tall pail boy stepped out from behind the teacher and looked around the room n one was in the lunch room except a group of kids who looked nice enough.

"Take a seat and have some lunch" said the teacher

He walked over to the counter looked at the food and walked away. He headed over to the kids and took a seat next to the girl took out his pipe and puffed away.

03/07/2007 1:57 PM

Hana was worried by these people, they seemed less normal than most people round here, she looked over at the two remaining people, for some reason a bit deflated after the guy in the tunic left. "It's fine I have to go in a second anyway," Looking up at the great clock at the end of the hall. Having failed yet another combat lesson she had detention and had to go back, normally this meant cleaning up her own blood from the floor but as there a fight ball game she'd have to do it with a load of guys throwing abuse among other things at her. Last time she had to wash their kit as well, why did her did dad want her to take combat anyway, she didn't want to hurt people and she couldn't even defend herself.

Hana stuffed the rest of the salad down and ran out of the lunchroom, before she could be coaxed close to the others.

She mopped her blood up just before the match started and as she was about to leave the Master called her back and told her to wait, she sat a watched they guy pummelling each other for a piece of leather, she would never get this game. She had to injure the guys throwing padding, spit and abuse at her but nothing new, she took the basket of kit to the room next store and put it through the washer, she sat on a stool and waited

03/07/2007 2:23 PM

Vlad knocked on the door of room 314. There was no answer so he did what he always did when he was locked out of somewhere he really wanted to get into. He pressed his fist onto the lock and in a flash opened his palm. He removed his hand and after a second the lock simply fell apart. He pushed open the door and saw Stan reaching into some sort of trap door sorting through potions. He walked in slowly and quietly as he had been taught to do in Advanced Vampirism. "What are you doing? We have to go. Their practice has surely started by now."

03/07/2007 4:10 PM

Stan stared at Vlad. "What? Oh, this? This is just where I keep my soda..." He sighed. "Ok, you've got me. This is where I store all my potions." He closed the door and sat down, still holding the jug of pink liquid. "I've been saving this for a special occasion. So, here's my idea: we lace all of their bedsheets with this. And we'll have to be sure not to get any on ourselves."

03/07/2007 4:17 PM

Vlad thought it over for a second. "Great plan but don't you want to really mess with them? An eye for an eye you know. They beat you up so you return the favor. Are you following this?". He stood there for a moment staring at Stan's goofy expression and his silly pink liquid and started to think, "Why am I helping this guy?".

03/07/2007 4:25 PM

"Trust me, this WILL really mess with them." He looked outside to see if anyone was listening, then sat down again and said, "This is a powerful sex-changing oil. If anyone touches it, well... I think the name is pretty self-explanatory." He grinned wickedly.

03/07/2007 4:40 PM

"I'd rather crack their skulls first, wouldn't you? Ah....never mind....we'll get them after we've emasculated them. So where exactly are their dorms?" he said. He stepped out into the hall pulling stan along with him. He closed the door and pointed his open hand towards the broken lock. Energy pulsated through him and the broken peices of the lock levitated. He moved them up and towards the slot where the lock once rested. He slowly closed his palm and the lock fixed itself and clinked into place. "Gotta love Elemental Magic Studies..." he whispered.

03/07/2007 4:50 PM

"Don't worry, I know where they are. We don't have enough for the entire team, so let's just get the five that beat me up regularly. I say we get the captain first. I think his name is Dash Crushhammer, and he lives in dorm #537." He showed Vlad the way.

Once they got there, Stan walked up to the door. He looked around to see if there was anyone in the hall. "All the fightball players are starting practice right now, so we'll be fine. I saw what you did with my lock. Would you do the honors?"

03/07/2007 5:23 PM

"You're a rogue though...I thought they taught lockpicking in Dungeoneering. Most rogues have that class. Forget it, my way is faster". He placed his fist to the lock and then there was the same flash of light and his palm was open. He removed his hand and the lock crumbled. He pushed the door open and they rushed into the room.

03/07/2007 5:24 PM

(OOC: where does lunch fall in these schedules we have? I'm assuming after fourth for this post)

Tristram heard the bell signaling the end of lunch and the beginning of the study period. He looked up from the shortsword he was manipulating, and realized that yes, he was in fact hungry. He had become so absorbed after combat in what he could do to the simple blade of the practice sword that had forgotten to eat. He shrugged, and pulled the magic he had put into it back into himself. He tossed the once again mundane weapon down and exited the gym.

He walked down the halls, observing again their rather plain and uninteresting architecture and adornments. Every now and then people would block his view of something or other, which irritated him a little bit. He reached the eating room, with its relatively high ceilings of stone and simple wooden tables and benches. He grabbed a sandwich of some cold meat or other and ate in a few bites as he walked out of the room.

He walked down the halls of the student quarters, observing the near identical doors and mostly regular flagstones on the floor. He had spent some time examining the locking mechanism on his own the first day he was here. One of them had a faint hint of magic on it. He stopped, examined it more closely, and decided it had been broken and repaired with magic. He pulled the last traces of magic residue off of it, and then continued down the hall. His own room was 365. He opened the door, and entered.

He gave a breath of magic to the trigger point above the door, and a pattern that for some reason he found pleasing gave off a silvery light that lit the room. The armor he had worn when his father had insisted upon his wearing during his training to be a "knight" lay on the table. He sat down, and began work on the chest-piece. First, he removed what he had done the day before. It no longer satisfied him. Then, he began anew, tracing the lines of magic along it that would heal and strengthen whoever wore it. He made a mental note to not become so absorbed in his work that he missed the bell for his enchanting class.

03/07/2007 6:51 PM

Stan walked into the room. He put gloves on, handed a pair to Vlad, pulled two vials out of his belt, and gave one to Vlad. He poured some the sex-changing oil into his vial, and started gently pouring it on Dash's sheets. It immediately absorbed into them, and was completely unnoticable. "Remember, don't get any on yourself. And don't touch the sheets without those gloves."

03/07/2007 6:57 PM

Vlad grabbed the vial and looked it over. "So that's why it's pink eh?" he whispered. He tossed the liquid all over the bed, nearly hitting Stan with it in the process. Luckily it missed Stan and instead splattered all over the bed in a big mess. "You never said it had to be clean".

03/07/2007 7:11 PM

"Good thing that stuff absorbs so easily." said Stan. "Let's get out of here. We still have four more beds to do." They continued on to all the other rooms. Once they were done, Stan said, "Ok, I have to go put this stuff away. Tell me if you see any of them after they're... well, you know..." He got back to his room just in time to put it away and get an early start to class before the bell for 5th period rang.

03/07/2007 7:59 PM

Vlad nodded in Stans direction and rushed back to his room to get his sword. It was time for Swordsmanship. He got back to his room fast and grabbed his sword and attached the sheath to his belt. He rushed down a few stairs towards the 3rd floor and entered the Swordsmanship class room. He was already a master swordsman but it was required of all students who owned swords to attend Swordsmanship class to be given their licenses. "Alright class settle down. Your final swordsmanship exams will be in a few weeks. You will receive your licenses upon completion of the exam, that is, if you pass." the instructer said.

03/07/2007 8:06 PM

Tristram was still dissatisfied with the enchantment when the bell rang. With a sigh, he removed it with a sweep of his hand and headed out the door for his class. Recalling the magically broken lock, he put a minor enchant on his own that would alert him if it was disrupted in any way. He passed a human in the hallway, one who wore an interesting pair of daggers. They felt completely mundane, but he itched to make them..less mundane. He looked at the rogue's face, something he normally did not bother to do, but he wanted to ask him later if he could play with the daggers. He had brown eyes, brown hair, and pale skin. Not a common combination in this school. He hoped he would be able to remember the face.

He arrived at his enchanting class on time, and the instructor actually looked a little apprehensive. The professor was not completely sure how Tristram did what he did, and that made him uncomfortable. Tristram did not always enjoy this class, often because he could do things naturally that the instructor insisted he do the long way around. Still, he found it informative.

03/07/2007 8:35 PM

Stan arrived at his Advanced Thief Skills class. He put an apple with a dagger in it on the teacher's desk. He sat down in his seat, front row of course, and waited for class to begin. Mr. Swiftshadow, the teacher, walked up to the front of the class. He wore a black leather outfit with a hood. "Today, we will be practicing how to get away if you get caught. First, we will use flash pellets. Stan, come up to the front of the class." Stan walked up in front of everyone without feeling nervous at all. He had practiced using various alchemical devices in Alchemy class. Mr. Swiftshadow handed Stan a flash pellet. "Now, pretend I'm a guard. I've just caught you. What do you do?" Stan threw down the flash pellet and disappeared. "Very good, Stan." Stan jumped down from the ceiling. "Now, everyone else try."

Then, everyone moved on to other escape plans, like smokesticks, acid flasks, alchemist's fire, tanglefoot bags, and the like. Then, the bell rang, and as everyone left, Mr. Swiftshadow said, "Remember, class, the exam is in a few weeks. Everyone who passes gets a free set of enchanted leather armor!" Stan started walking towards his Advanced Dungeoneering class.

03/08/2007 10:02 AM

The bell meant that Hana could leave the washing and go to her next class. The Mediation room was big, round and covered in a single white sheet all from the tops of the walls down to the centre of the floor. This was a lesson taken by many students as a free period but Hana enjoyed it. Mediation taught her how to control herself and her feelings, to focus on things better and minor emphatic abilities. She walked in and sat next to Madam Ray a stick like woman that lead the class in silence, she would remain silent but was Hana's favourite teacher, telepathically she was very funny.

Hana spend the hour in silence finding it harder to concentrate than normal, the bell chimed and everyone got up to leave, Hana waited to talk to Madam Ray.

03/08/2007 1:17 PM

"Good work everyone! Especially you Vladamir! Excellent work, you'll be the first one to get your license I'm sure" the instructor said. Vlad disregarded his words, he didn't need to be reminded of his skill. He headed towards Elemental Magic Studies and on his way he passed by the medical ward. He recognized a few of the students inside. They were the five members of the fightball team. He smirked at their new female figures. He rushed into the E.M.S. class and took a seat near the back of the class room. Ms.Verillia was sitting at her desk waiting for the last few students. When the last few students entered the class room she began to speak, "Today we will be learning about the elemental magic of fire."

03/08/2007 2:44 PM

SparrowHawk walked into the elemental room and everyone stared he walked over to the teacher and asked her if this was the advanced alchemy class, she said no and told him were to find it. He walked out of the class room a little embarrassed.

He headed to the alchemy room which wasn't that far away. When he got to the door he heard a scream in the room he opened the door and the teacher had just drunk a polymorph potion. It scared the student probably because they were new in this subject.

The teacher turned his head with a huge grin and said "Hello" and the polymorph potion wore off with a flash and the class cheered. The teacher told him what they were doing that day which SparrowHawk did last year at his old school. So the teacher moved him up to master alchemy which only had ten now eleven students in it.

He walked over to the new room gave the note to the teacher who grinned and motioned for him to sit, so he took a seat next to a pale short guy and smiled. The kid didn't seem to notice and sat there staring at the chalk board with an equation on it and chuckled "Home at last."

03/08/2007 4:39 PM

Stan walked into Advanced Dungeoneering class. His teacher looked at him. "Stan, I have something for you. A messenger delivered it near the end of 5th period today." He handed Stan the note.

Stan read it. It said that he had been moved to Master Thief Skills and Dungeoneering classes and to report to room #458 at 5th period and #557 at 6th. He smiled. This was what he had been waiting for ever since he signed up for this school. Not only would he be the youngest human to ever get into a Master level class, but this meant that soon he would advance in all his other classes.

"Well, you'd better get over to room #557. But before you go, Mr. Swiftshadow told me to give you this." He handed Stan a suit of jet black leather armor.

"Sweet!" said Stan. He knew that this was supposed to be given to him upon graduating Advanced Thief Skills class, but was a graduation of sorts. Sort of. He walked over to room #557.



Dash woke in his bed in the medical ward. He was surrounded by the other four who kept beating up Stan. He looked at the nurse. "Wow, I just had the weirdest dream... where I woke up and..." He looked at his chest. Or should I say, her chest. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" She screamed so loud, it could be heard everywhere within one floor. "What the hell happened!?"

"You woke up, realized you were sex-changed, passed out, and then we found you." the nurse said.

"Sex-changed!?" Dash said.

"Yes, sex-changed."

"But how?"

"Well, we scanned the room for magic, but didn't find any. We're having our alchemists check the place out, just in case."

"Cut to the chase. How do you cure me?"

"We tried a simple remove curse spell, but that didn't work, which led us to believe that it was some sort of alchemical effect."

"But who would-" she stopped mid-sentence. Her face twisted with anger. "Stan....STAN!!!" She got out of bed and walked towards the door.

The nurse stopped her and said, "You can't leave until we cure you." She shoved the nurse out of the way. The nurse responded with a mild shock wand, just powerful enough to knock her out. The nurse moved her back to the bed, and went on with her business.

03/08/2007 5:21 PM

While dash pushed open the door he ran into SparrowHawk's shoulder and all the potions he was holding fell to the ground and smashed."Watch were you are walking nerd" Dash said.
SparrowHawk stared at him and said "I normally don't hit girls but i will make an exeption for you" He took out his rapier and smashed Dash's head with the bud of it.

SparrowHawk spit on him drank a potion he had in his pocket and vanished.

(OCC: if you don't want me to do that ill change this post)

03/08/2007 5:23 PM

The bell for the last period rang just as soon as Vlad finished conjuring fireballs. He extinguished them and headed out the door. He made it halfway towards the Advanced Vampirism class when he was knocked down by the opening door of the medical ward. The entire fightball team shuffled out followed by Dash and four other female fightballers. Dash stood in the doorway and spoke to the male members of the team, "Stan is gonna pay for this, We'll get him tomorrow". He handed them a note and said "Plant this in his dorm, it's a note from a 'secret admirer' telling him to come to the fightball feild during free period. Hopefully I'll be cured by then so we can pummel him!" and with that the group walked off and the girls walked inside.

03/08/2007 5:34 PM

Sal entered the school halls once more having left behind his books again. He beelined his way towards combat practice which was not, by any means his last class. He grinned as he shouldered his pack and kicked open the door. "Who wants some?"

03/08/2007 5:54 PM

Stan reached Master Thief Skills class. The teacher standing in front of the room looked at him and said, "Ah, excellent, our new student is here." He wore plain leather armor. More notably, however, he had on a gray leather mask that showed only his eyes and mouth.

"The Gray Fox?" said Stan. Master Thief Skills class was great, but he had no idea that it was taught by the Guildmaster of the Thieve's Guild and his all time hero. "Oh, it's an honor to meet you, sir." Stan shook his hand.

The Gray Fox said, "So, Stan, we were just learning how to plan a heist."

After class, Stan went back to his dorm. He noticed a note on his bed. He picked it up and read it. Once he was done, his eyes widened with fear, much in the same way they did when that pale-skinned girl tried to hit on him in the lunchroom. He screamed at the top of his lungs. It mentioned a 'secret admirer' wanting to meet him at the fightball field at 4:00 today. Stan saw two possible explanations. One, this was a horrible practical joke, which was quite common in his case. Or, it could be that the note was real, and somebody wanted to go out with him. He honestly hoped it was the first one. He ran over to the wall and pulled out a small crystal sphere.

A foggy image of Stan appeared in front of Vlad. "Vlad, come in, Vlad! This is an emergency! Come to my dorm! NOW!!!" He sounded extremely panicked. Fortunately, it seemed that only Vlad could see him.


The nurse walked up to Dash, carrying a potion. "Drink this." she said.

"What is it?" said Dash.

"It's a cure. We found out what caused this. Apparently your sheets were laced with some kind of sex-changing oil."

Dash took the potion and drank it. She turned back to normal. He looked at his chest. "Sweet, I'm back to normal! Can I leave now?"

"Sure." said the nurse.

Dash walked out of the door and towards the fightball field, to meet with the other players.

03/08/2007 6:08 PM

Vlad stood up, he was too busy tending to his aching head to have heard anything else, meaning he missed the message from Stan. He walked into the medical ward, the door had been slammed hard and the door comibned with the stone floor of the hallways had almost given him a concussion. "Vladamir...? Are you ok dear?" she said as he walked in on wobbly legs in a dizzy manner. He managed to blurt out a sentence, " I hit my head, hard...". She laid him on a bed and made a call to the Advanced Vampirism classroom to tell them that Vlad was injured and he wouldn't be attending. He passed out and woke up a long time later, past dinner time and way past 7th period. "Vladamir you should be alright now, head on back to your dorm". He nodded at her and stumbled back to the door sleepily, once he got there he fell on his bed and was asleep again in an instant.

03/08/2007 6:39 PM

"CRAP!!! He's not awnsering!" He looked at the clock. It was 3:30, so he started to form a plan out of desperation. He got out a vial of the pink liquid he had used before, concealed it in his new armor, and walked out to the fightball field.

Once he got there, he hid in the bushes and waited. An hour passed without anything happening. Then, he sneaked behind the bleachers. He saw the entire fightball team hiding. Thinking quickly, he wrote out a note, put gloves on, laced it with the sex-changing oil that he brought, and taped it to Dash's back. He sneaked away without any of them knowing what happened.

Later, around 9:00, he walked over to Vlad's dorm and knocked on the door.


"Why isn't he here yet?" whispered Dash.

"I don't know..." said another fightball player.

"Wait, what's that?" said another one. He pulled the note off of Dash's back and handed it to him.

Dash looked at the note. It said, "Dear 'secret admirer,' I know who you are. I know who you all are. What a pathetic attempt at trying to fool me. Did you really expect it to work? I mean, come on, your 'secret admirer?' What crap. And by the way, I'd stop touching this note if I were you. Right now."

Dash tore apart the note angrily. "He found out! How?"

The one that had pointed out the note said, "Maybe it was that vampire kid that we knocked over in the hall. What was his name? Victor, Vickman, Virginia, Vlad... Vlad! That's it!" He was apparently the smartest one there, but not by much.

"I guess we'll have to pay a visit to this 'Vlad'..." Dash said. He walked away to look for Vlad's dorm, and everyone else followed him.

03/08/2007 7:12 PM

The team managed to beat the information about Vlad out of some of the other students. They made there way to Vlad's dorm and shoved a note under his door. This time there was no need for tricks or secrecy. The not stated to meet them in the fightball feild during free period, if he didn't show up they would come after him and all of his friends. Dawn was approaching fast. He could see the faint light through his crimson curtains.

03/08/2007 7:19 PM

Eventually, Stan had just given up on waking Vlad and gone back to his dorm to go to bed. When he woke up and opened the door, he noticed a note from the school on it. It said to go to Advanced Arcanobiology and Alchemy now. He nearly jumped for joy. He had been fascinated by Arcanobiology ever since he was old enough to know what it was. He walked over to Vlad's dorm to tell him about last night, knowing that there was still an hour until 1st period started. He knocked on the door. "Vlad! Vlad! You'll never believe what happened last night!"

03/09/2007 10:58 AM

Hana who had was doing well in her healing magic classes and helped the nurse from time to time, she had been sent to check up and see if a student was aright, this wasn't unusual as violence was common. She walked up to the room that wasn't to far from her own to see someone else at the door, "Excuse me, is this Blackthorne's room?" asking the guy, he looked like she had seen him before but wasn't sure where. She stood nervously looking at him,

03/09/2007 1:09 PM

Vladamir pushed Stan aside and saw the girl standing in the doorway in a sort of timid stance. Vlad never forgot a face, he remembered her from lunch yesterday." Is there something you need?" he said. He needed to get going, he had slept through 1st and 2nd period.

03/09/2007 4:12 PM

"Eh, nevermind." Stan was about to walk away when he saw a note on the ground. It was for Vlad. "Hey, I think this is for you." he said. When Vlad didn't respond, he said, "Oh, nevermind. I'll just go to Advanced Arcanobiology." He slipped the note into Vlad's pocket and went to class.

Once Stan got to Advanced Arcanobiology class, the teacher had just begun a lecture about the different types of Chromatic Dragons. "Red Dragons," he said, "are arguably the most dangerous type of Dragon. While not as powerful as Gold Dragons, they are extremely evil and unpredictable. As you may know, they breathe fire. They can also find specific objects, and the older ones can implant suggestions and find specific locations."

Stan knew all of this already, since he had done an extra credit report on Chromatic Dragons in his old Arcanobiology class, and aced it. After class, he moved on to World History.

03/10/2007 6:56 AM

Just having just filled in her enrollment transfer forms she was completely new to the school. and as new people often do she wandered around the area trying to find her way to her classes. Her long black hair dancing around her slender nape as she walked around. Some welcoming party. She guessed this was just part of the process to try and intimidate you.

the shape shifter nervously looked around with her ruby eyes. unsure of were she should be and exactly who were the people to be avoided around here. Rubbing her eyes with frustration she continued to wander. her boots hitting the ground with each small step taken with an echoing tap.

whoever built this place sure had a taste for the unusual she had never seen so many different looking rooms put into one.

that same feeling building in the pit of her stomach, like all the other schools she started she wondered whether this was going to be like the others. She didn't want to be tormented for who she was anymore.

03/10/2007 8:32 AM

Vlad stared at the girl a moment. She seemed a little too stunned about something to give him a response. He was almost late for third period class so he excused himself and gently nudged her aside. She was starteld when he touched her. He walked off towards his 3rd period class. What a strange student.

03/10/2007 9:20 AM

Hana was in indeed shocked, she had long be taught that fate never happen by chance and this guy kept turning up in her life. It was just a nudge but it was the first time anyone here had touched her without meaning to hurt her, this guy still felt, she wasn't sure what it was.

She turn and ran after him, "Blackthorne sempi," Unsure what the proper term would be, "The nurse wants to see you at the end of the day," She walked after him waiting for a reply. She had Combat Practice so she wasn't in any hurry, even though he was heading that way.

03/10/2007 10:11 AM

Vladamir looked back at her. "Alright I'll go see the nurse after 7th period, also, I don't really like to be called by my last name, my name is Vladamir, but most people call me Vlad".

03/10/2007 11:06 AM

"Ok... Vlad," feeling uneasy with calling him by his first name, she followed in his wake as he walked on, an uneasy silence fell on her as he walked on. It felt like he was completely ignoring her, maybe he had something else on his mind, she followed him to the corridor where most of the combat rooms branched off from. Hana open the for to her room, she stuck her head out and look a last look at Vlad before going into the room.

03/10/2007 11:27 AM

Stan was walking in the hall when he saw Dash and some other fightball players. He quickly jumped to the ceiling to hide as he has been trained to do. He noticed that Dash was a woman again. So he DIDN'T find out that the note had been laced with the potion. He couldn't resist a small smirk.

"Why the HELL am I a girl agian?" said Dash.

"Maybe Stan soaked that note with his potion." said the player who had found the note in the first place. "Should we go get you cured?"

"No, we'll have to wait until after we get Vlad. Let's get Stan, too."

"Ok, but we'll have to make sure that no one from the medical ward finds you until we're done."

"Shut up, Bob."

"Yes, Dash." said Bob.

They all walked away to plan. Once they were all out of sight, Stan jumped down. "Crap," he thought, "this is getting serious." Even with Vlad, he couldn't handle this alone. But who could help him? "That's it!" he thought. "The Gray Fox!" If anyone could take out a roomfull of guards, or in this case, fightball players, without killing any of them, it would be the Gray Fox. He could get excused from 2nd period later. But first, he had to warn Vlad. He ran off find him.

03/10/2007 11:27 AM

Vlad walked into the advanced combat practice room. "Ah... Vladamir, so you've finally decided to join us" the instructor said in his smug voice. Vlad hated the instructor and the feeling was pretty mutual.

03/10/2007 12:13 PM

"Crap," said Stan, "He's in class already. Guess I'll have to warn him later." Knowing that the Gray Fox didn't teach until 5th period, (there wasn't that many students in most Master level classes,) he went over to his room, carefully avoiding any fightball players.


"So, Stan, what's the problem?" said the Gray Fox.

Stan decided to tell him the whole story, including the repeatedly getting beat up, how he had teamed up with Vlad to lace their sheets with sex-changing oil, the note in his room, the note he left on Dash's back, up to where he heard them say they were going to get Vlad.

"So, let me start by saying; good for you! You need to stand up for yourself, and in a way that fits your abilities as a thief. As for them beating you up, we need to take care of that. Unfortunately, I need a warrant from Principal Deepsong before I can intervene, so let's go to his office right now."

"But don't we need evidence?"

"Don't worry, he has his own personal diviner just for that."

They began walking over to Principal Deepsong's office.

03/10/2007 4:13 PM

SparrowHawk was finally getting used to it hear he had not made any friends, but is keeping his grades above average. He talked to the dungeon teacher and got permission to start a dungeon exploring class.

SparrowHawk walks into the dinning room post board and posts a letter.

Join The Dungeon Club
All skill levels
All Ages
Meet in the Advanced Alchemy Room after dinner on Sunday


03/10/2007 8:14 PM

The bell rang, meaning it was lunch time, Vlad knew what was next. He went to his dorm room to rest up. He wasn't at all worried about fighting Dash or any of the other team members. He was comepletely confident in his fighting abilities.

03/10/2007 9:30 PM

"Excuse me, is Principal Deepsong free right now? We need to talk to him." said the Gray Fox.

"Yes, you can head right in." said the secretary.

When they walked in, Principal Deepsong was sitting at his desk. He had on a brilliant blue and gold outfit, with a matching cloak. There was a finely crafted lute sitting on his desk. "What is it?" he said.

"Mr Deepsong, we have a bit of a situation here. Apparently, the fightball team is planning on beating up one of our students. A vampire named Vladimir Blackthorne, from what Stan has said."

"Very well, I'll have my diviners look into it." He motioned to a robed elf in the corner, who walked out. "It will take about an hour for them to complete the ritual."

"But free period starts in less than an hour!" said Stan.

"Isn't there anything I can do?" said the Gray Fox.

"Fine, I'll let you defend this 'Vald' if the fightball players start anything. Just don't attack them first, and don't kill any of them."

"Vlad." Stan corrected.

"Whatever." said Principal Deepsong, who picked up his lute and started playing.

Once they were out, the Gray Fox said, "I'll go get my other students and meet you at the fightball field. You'd better not tell Vlad, or else he might give us all away."

03/11/2007 6:41 AM

Hana wasn't quite sure reason that Madam Ray had come running to her warning of impending doom, but there wasn't anything she could do avoid it and with Madam Ray running off before giving her what was going to happen she walked to her room. Hana laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, she put an alarm clock on and went completely limp, she had time for Astral Projection homework.

The room started off dark but as she had more control it got brighter, she looked at her semi translucent hands this was the most real she had ever been. She looked around the room or once this wasn't her room, the blinds were drawn, even with it brighter than normal it was still dark, the was a figure on the bed. Hana moved her projection closer, she couldn't tell is they were awake, luckily for her projections don't make any noise.

03/11/2007 10:18 AM

The bell for the free period rang and it woke Vlad up. He walked off towards the fightball feild. He opened the door to the feild and saw the bright stadium lights, they blinded him for a second as he walked in. He saw the entire fightball team on the feild carrying weapons. Brass knuckles, metal chains, iron rods. "Well look who actualy showed up" Dash said. "You think I would give up the chance to put you cavemen in your place?" Vlad said. He stepped forward and the gates closed behind him. He heard the noise of the lock on the other side being put into place. He was sealed in, it was do or die.

03/11/2007 11:25 AM

Dash delivered the first blow. He brought up his hammer and swung it, knocking Vlad down with more force than he had expected. The entire team then charged in, swinging violently. As Vlad was getting beat on by about 15 fightball players at once, Bob noticed something in the bushes. "Hey, what's tha-" He was cut off by being whacked over the head by Stan, knocking him out. Soon after, about 10 other students from Master Thief Skills class jumped out of various bushes and trees and started fighting the team. Dash was getting angrier and angrier at Vlad for this treachery. Just as he was about to smack Vlad in the head again, he heard a noise behind him.

"I wouldn't if I were you."

He turned around, and what he saw made him angrier than ever. It was the Gray Fox, Stan's role model. "Hey," Dash thought, "That gives me an idea!" If he could take out the Gray Fox, surely Stan would fall to pieces. He charged, but before he could hit, the Gray Fox flipped him over, and all he could do was lay on the ground, unconcious.

Stan said, "I bet you're glad we came now!"

03/11/2007 11:51 AM

Vlad jumped up, his face was bloody and he was already bruising. "You call that a beating?" he said as he was cracking his knuckles. Some fightballers that had been left behind as backup and some students that the team had payed off rushed in through the locker room door. Vlad extended his hands and consontrated the energy. A burst of fire exploded in his hands and soon his palms were covered in a black flame, but he was not burned. Two fightballers rushed at him, on carrying a pipe, the other weilding a metal chain. He caught the chain and the pipe in his hand as they were swung and they melted instantly. He kicked them both back and they landed hard.

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03/12/2007 3:13 PM

One of the fightball players ran away, screaming "SCREW THIS!!!" Soon, others were also running. Afterwards, Stan walked up to Vlad. "So, sorry I didn't tell you, but I didn't want you to give us away."

The Gray Fox said, "If you'll ecuse me, I have to get to my room to prepare for 5th period. Class, could you take these players away for detention?" They all started dragging the unconcious fightballers to the office.

03/13/2007 8:24 PM

Vlad grabbed Dash by the collar of his jacket and dragged him towards the large steel door. He slammed his foot into it and it collapsed easily. He made sure that the way over to the office was a rough one for Dash. He dragged him through the hall and told almost every student that passed him that they were welcome to take free shots and most did. He slammed Dash into the walls one or two times. He even tossed him into a full classroom once. The students inside were tempted to take a hit or two but the teachers kept them in line. On they went, Stan, Vlad, and the others dragging the opressive fightballers. All the students cheered and it was as if a riot of joy was going to break out. Once or twice the teachers rushed out into the hall and attempted to stop Vlad and other students from beating up on the defenseless fightballers. The teams coach who was also the adavnced combat practice teacher ran up to Vlad. "What in the hell have you done to my team?! You little bastard! You crazy idiot! Do you know what you did?!" he said. Vlad merely smirked and tossed Dash into the teacher. He picked Dash up and threw him into the office afterwards. Stan and the others followed suit and after a few minutes there was a pile of bruised and battered fightballers on the floor.

03/14/2007 12:15 PM

She was shocked when she found that the person was Vlad, she had hidden in the corner as he left shutting the door behind him. Hana gave it s few seconds, dropped her ghostly form becoming but a shadow, Vlads shadow. Hana had never been able to do this before but feeling the urge to follow him she plain gave in.

He walked down to the fightball field, through out the fight Hana tried to help but being both a really bad fighter and not really there she could do anything, her brain was tired she could stay any longer, bedroom.

Hana woke with a start, her head still not strait, she openned the door and ran down the corridor, she came to a stop. Vlad was standing looking a bit bloody with a group of other guys that she hadn't seen in in her projection, she was about to as him if he wanted her help. The Fightball coach grabed her from the doorway as she walked towards him.

"Heal them or you fail Combat this year," throwing her into the room.

03/14/2007 1:05 PM

Vlad saw the coach toss the girl from earlier into a room. He snatched the coach up by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground. "You leave her alone. You want your idiots healed then take them to a nurse. They deserved what they got." and with that he tossed the coach into the stone wall of the hallway. "That is assault on a teacher! I'll have you expelled for that Vladamir! You're just like your father! A Blackthorne renegade!" the coach said, panting. Vlad was enraged, he dashed over to the coach so fast that not even the eye of another creature could've seen him do it. He pressed the coach up against the wall and said "I am nothing like my father" in a voice that sounded nothing like his own, it was harsher, chilling. He released the coach and stormed off.

03/14/2007 5:22 PM

Stan just stuck his tongue out as he walked away with Vlad.


Once they were gone, a strange voice appeared in the coach's head. "You have failed usssssssss..."

"What? No, no! It's just a setback! I swear I'll take care of them!" the coach said.

"You ssssssaid you would dessssstroy the prophesssssssscized ones, and you have failed..." the voice said. "And you know what the punishment for faliure issssss..."

"What!? No! NO!!!"

He almost instantly fell into a coma. No matter how hard they tried, the nurses could not wake him.

03/16/2007 12:47 AM

Later that evening, after 7th period, while Vlad was sitting in the lounge with all of the other students a booming voice came from a loud speaker, "VLADAMIR BLACKTHORNE! COME TO THE PRINCIPLE'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!". All the students stared at Vlad as he stood up and made his way out the door and down to the principle's office. He opened the door and was hurried into the office by a teacher. He was seated in front of the principle and a few other teachers, there was also a nurse with a rather concerned look on her face. "Vladamir.....do you know why you're here?" said the principle. "What a stupid question" Vlad thought. It was one that all adults asked when they didn't have anything better to say. Of course Vlad had no idea why he was here. He said nothing and so the principle continued. "There is a very serious matter concerning you. Mr.Alazan, the combat instructor, has fallen into a coma". Vlad wasn't at all phased by these words. "Some students have said that they saw you assaulting him. That is why you are here. As I said before this is a very serious matter. You could be held responsible for this. You will be put on trial and tried as an adult. You could also be expelled for such an action. Vladamir, we want to know exactly what it was that you did to him, if we can fix it then you will receive a minimal punishment". "I didn't do anything to him, He was harrassing another student. I was just helping her out". "Vladamir you aren't going to help yourself by denying it, students reported seeing you attack Mr. Alazan. You should make things easy for yourself by coming clean and admitting what you did". Vlad sighed, there was obviously no reasoning with these people. In truth he had done nothing wrong but they wouldn't beleive him. "Vladamir you are free to go if you wish but eventualy you will have to confess, either in here or in a court room". Vlad got up and left, he headed back to his dorm room and tossed himself onto his bed.

03/16/2007 12:23 PM

Meanwhile, a deranged sorcerer was working in his laboratory. He had a cleaver in his hand, and was slicing up a rotted corpse of some sort. Just as he was cutting an arm off, a booming, demonic voice appeared inside his head.


"What, milord?" the sorcerer awnsered.

"Our spy in the school has failed. Prepare your army to invade!"

"But, milord, I still have 3 more experiments to finish!" said Hathnak.

"Damn the experiments! Just invade, or you will suffer the same fate as Mr. Alazan!"

"Yes, yes, anything you desire, milord!"


Hathnak sewed the arm that he had just cut off onto a huge monstrosity made out of human corpses, then pulled a nearby lever. The twisted creature came to life, and Hathnak said, "Report to the War Room. We invade tonight."

The creature responded, "Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss..." and followed Hathnak to a large room, filled with hundreds of butchered zombies, dozens of flesh golems, and a few of the horrific creatures that Hathnak had created. Hathnak said but three words:

"Tonight, we attack!"

The macabre crowd started cheering as well as they could with damaged (if any) vocal cords.


Principal Deepsong's personal diviner walked into the office. "Well, Mr. Deepsong, I have good news and bad news."

"What's the good news?" said the Principal.

"Well, we found out what happened to him."

"What did Valdimar do, then?"

"His name is Vladimir, sir."


"It doesn't appear to be his doing. Mr Alazan is in a deep, unwakeable sleep wrought with terrible nightmares."

"And what's the bad news?"

"We don't know who or what did it, or how to wake him. All we know is that it was some sort of otherworldly being. Powerful enough to block most of our divinations to its true nature, I might add. What should we do, sir?"

"Eh, I wouldn't worry about it."

"Wait, what?"

"I'm sorry, I believe I specifically said; 'eh, I wouldn't worry about it'!"

"Are you sure that is wise, sir?"


"Yes, sir." The diviner walked out of the office while Principal Deepsong started playing his lute.

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03/16/2007 4:11 PM

"SssssparowHawk wake up and answer your master." said a demonic.

SparrowHawk the secretive student that no one knew plooped out of bed and ran to his crystal ball. In there was a vag face of his master.

"What is it master." SparrowHawk said.

"We attack tonight, tonight the demons will conquer what we have wanted for sssome time now."

"I will be ready for the attack, and as promised i will have my zombie militia ready."

SparrowHawk ran to his door and locked it, then he grabbed a peace of chalk and drew the devil's star on the floor. He sat down closed his eyes and started to hum a very low tone, the devil star shot light out of it and horns shot out of his fore head. Then his skin turned black and his eyes shot open they were blood red. Then something started to ripe out of his back they were black devil wings.

(ooc: If this is something you don't want I understand and I will change it.)

03/17/2007 10:17 AM

Hana, even when the coach was gone tried her best to heal the team, but with such a large number she never really had a chance other than to bring them back to conciseness. She wondered to mediation in a dazed state and stayed that way until 7th period, not really taking anything in her mind was too tried. She flopped strait down onto her bed not even changing and went to sleep, only her subcontract had other plans.

Vlad was laying on his bed again, just like before Hana walked up to him to check, she seemed to have centred here rather than in her room. She placed a hollow hand on his bed covers, ~Why am I here?~ she knelt down next to his bed putting her face level with his, "Just what is it with you?" The projection flashed, she placed her hand on his head, ~Cold~

She was falling up, floors past, the roof, she faced the stars, the there was nothing. Just black and barely any of that, just black. Hours past, nothing, no one, empty, "I want to go," never had she spoken as a projection, but was this real? There was nothing still, "Help me," there was a scratching from somewhere, a crack in nothing, white feathers, blue eyes, fake Hana screamed.

Hana screamed and fell out of bed, the clock read 11:12.

03/17/2007 10:58 AM

CRACK! A sewer grate sprang open. Zombies started pouring out, smashing everything in their path. Soon more grates opened and the school was swarming with them. Then, the ground around the grates was torn up as flesh golems began to come out. After that, horrible creatures, the size of hill giants, but made from butchered corpses, stomped out and started knocking buildings down. A voice could be heard from all over the school.

"BEHOLD!!! Your beloved school, overrun by mere corpses! There is no escape, no hope! I would not worry, though. It will all be over soon! Feel the wrath of HATHNAK THE BUTCHER!!! A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

03/17/2007 10:25 PM

Tommy had actually just gotten into town and was walking up on the school, hopeing to possibly find a teacher or something that could get him a room for the night, even though it was late as all hell. Whenever he walked up on the school, he noticed the zombies overrunning everything. He stared wide-eyed as he watched them, somewhat frozen in his tracks. Even with his extensive training, zombies were always a bit freaky to him.

He tied his bandanna around his head, dropping all of his bags on the ground, applying his two katanas to his side and the one to his back, as he placed his hands together, two fingers up, as he began to conjur upon his magic. He pulled the katana from his back, the blade igniting with fire, as it caught some of the zombies attention. They began to move towards him as he sighed, jumping forward, slashing a few across the chest, some their heads off as they also ignited into flames, burning to a crisp on the ground, he took a few steps back, even more now coming towards him, pulling one of the katanas from his side, this one also bursting into flames, holding one backwards, the other before him as he sliced and diced about 5 more before falling back once more.

"This isn't looking good. I may fall here and even before I get to start at school. Talk about messed up man. HEY!! IF ANYONE CAN HEAR ME, I COULD USE SOME HELP, OR AT LEAST SOMEONE WAKE UP AND WARN THE OTHERS!!" He screamed, hopeing to catch someone's attention or wake some people up, before falling back once more, cutting down about 7 more.

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03/18/2007 9:59 AM

Stan heard someone screaming and woke up. He looked out the window and saw zombies destroying everything. Fortunately, they had not gotten to his house yet. He ran to his potion cellar and grabbed some jugs of a brownish liquid. He pulled out a small pouch and stuffed them in, the pouch apparently being larger on the inside than the outside. He put some gloves on, poured some of the liquid into a vial, and ran towards the noise, splashing the liquid on any zombies he ran across. It literally burned the flesh off their bones, apparently a potent mixture of acid and alchemist's fire.

03/18/2007 10:05 AM

Vlad awoke to the sounds of screaming and fighting just outside his door. It was totaly dark in his room there was some light coming from outside the door but only the light of the torches in the hallway. They cast monstrous shadows upon his door as well as the shadows of students and teachers fleeing and fighting.

He layed there for a second or two looking at the horrific scene from his bed when he heard raspy breathing coming from a figure that was crouched in the corner of his room. It had red eyes that were glowing so bright that they were just about the only things that penetrated the inky blackness of his room.

He slowly sat up on his bed feeling the creature watch his every movement. Seeing the red eyes darting after him. He stood up and just as he did the creature lunged at him. He felt clammy rotting flesh laying on top of him, taking in his scent. He puched the creature off and summoned shards of black ice. He threw them at the creature and they penetrated easily He summoned the black fire to his hands to light his way over to his sword. He snatched it out of its sheath and cast the light on the creature. It was such an ugly horrible sight. The mangled rotted flesh sewn together that formed such a disfigured face. He dashed forward and beheaded the creature. He opened the door and saw the mess left behind in the hallway. Parts from these creatures and scraps of flesh from students and teachers who almost escaped were everywhere. Blood coated the walls and as Vlad examined what lay before him he wondered just what had befallen his school.

03/18/2007 11:16 AM

"So, the general arrives on the field of battle at last..." said Hathnak. "Ahhhhh...what do we have here? A vampire? Excellent... just what I've been wanting to experiment on!" He was, of course, referring to Vlad. "Come now, you're no good to me dead. Errr, re-dead anyway..." He pulled out a small wand and pointed it at Vlad. "Hold still, this won't hurt a bit..."

Stan reached the source of the scream. He saw a strange figure at the gates of the school fighting off some zombies. He ran up and splashed his liquid on the zombies.

03/18/2007 1:32 PM

"Hmm...yes...this is interesting...

Well, let's see if it holds up to my 5.3 mol super-saturated hydrochloric acid..."

Leo continues to mutter to himself as he examines a synthetic diamond shell which he created.

"Based on the tetra-covalent carbonic bond, my magical enhancement to the composite should withstand the acid..."

With a suspenseful cessation of all oxygen-deliverance systems (aka "holding his breath"), he slowly pours the acid from the test tube onto the shell, dreading the moment of contact when...

"Eureka! It works! Now the only test left to perform is an electromagnetic wave function test!"

As he begins to set up his next experiment, he hears a scream, momentarily interrupting his train of thought.

"What on earth could they be doing? I will never understand this school..."

This, of course, coming from the man who just spent the entire night conducting experiments in the school's underground laboratory, which he was granted special access to after inventing a better security system for some of the more dangerous creatures in the dungeons below.

So he continued with his experiments, forgetting the incident completely.

That is, of course, until multiple bangings on the door returned his focus off of his experiment.

"By all that is invented and holy, what is going on?"

As he trudged over to the door, he muttered some more to himself, his mind clearly still on his experiment. Then as he opened the door, "What is i..."

He never even finished the thought, because while there was banging on the door, it was not someone knocking, but rather the slamming of body parts and people being thrown against it. It may be said it was hell knocking, for that is what Leo might as well have opened the door to.

Then, with realization of what was out there, a sudden change from horror to excitement.

"Ooohh!!" could be heard, with all of the excitement of a school boy, "Now I can see if my positive particle accelerator will neutralize with the negative imbued particles of the undead!!"

And with that he turned back into the lab, slamming the door behind him.

03/18/2007 2:44 PM

(OOC: Ok, I hang out with Stan and even I have to say.....Leo is the biggest nerd I've ever heard of.)

A silence seemed to hang in the air as Vlad and the man standing before him holding the wand looked each other over. A green glow came from the tip of the wand. Vlad held his sword low eyeing the wand, searching for any bit of movement. He dashed forward with amazing speed. He slashed the wand in two and the green glow faded. Instead green electricity came from the cut end of the wand. Vlad dashed down the hallway leaving everything else behind. He ran and ran until he smacked into someone in the hallway. It was Stan holding a brownish liquid in a vial.

03/18/2007 3:00 PM

"Oh, hi Vlad. I was just killing zombies, and-- wait, what's that?" He saw Hathnak run around the corner, brandishing half a wand with green lightning coming out. Stan splashed his liquid on the wand, and it instantly burst into flames and disintigrated. Hathnak, however, was unaffected, since he was wearing a labcoat.

"Want to do it the hard way, eh?" He drew a huge cleaver.

03/18/2007 3:09 PM

"Hello boys," said SparrowHawk as he jumped from the ceiling.

SparrowHawk looked nothing like before, he looked like a demon from one of the lowest known floors of the dungeon under the school.

"How are you liking my masters army, I myself find it very odd that you dumb teachers would let this come to be," he laughed and flew away.

03/18/2007 4:14 PM

"Fuck...." was all Vlad could manage when he saw the huge cleaver rushing towards them. He seemed to be less stunned than Stan at least and he snatched Stan up and threw him over his shoulder. He rushed through the halls hearing the clanking of the cleaver being slammed into the stone walls and the gruesome cackle that was the being's laughter. He was getting tired and could run no longer. He was however far ahead of Hathnak and so the next corner he rounded he ducked inside a class room and kept Stan and himself quiet.

03/18/2007 5:17 PM

At the sound of the door being opened and slammed, Leo turned around, and saw two students trying to be quiet.

"Ah, good, so not everyone is dead," he proclaimed, rather loudly, and genuinely happy about it.

"Do you think you guys could come over here and help me? I'm having a rather hard time reaching my hand-held positive particle accelerator." Indeed, he was saying this from atop a structurally questionable pile of books, chairs, boxes, and a table, trying to reach into the top-most cabinet.

OOC: Thanks! I'm quite fond of him, especially for a nerd character!

[Edited by Max on Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:26 PM]

03/18/2007 9:12 PM

Tommy had finally made it into the school, after following the kid he had seen splashing the liquid on zombies, he noticed another kid, whom he assumed to not be human, pick up the one he had followed and dart into a classroom, when he noticed why they were running. He saw the man with the huge cleaver, and he used his magic to make his own swords hard as diamond, the fire fading away as she ran to catch the cleaver in his defense, but Hathnak managed to kick him aside, with such power it flung him through the doors the three of them were hiding in as he skidded, causing quite a bunch of rubble.

"Sheesh. Talk about getting welcomed to the school." He said, standing up, sheathing both of his swords as he hid as well. "Well, though it may be no time for introductions, the names Tommy, and I just got here." He said with a smile that read: What the fuck have I gotten into.

03/18/2007 9:59 PM

"Ahhh, more fresh meat! This is just like my birthday come early!" He charged at Tommy.

03/18/2007 10:00 PM

Vlad's eyes widened as he saw the door fly open and the boy flying in. But the tension was realeased when Hathnak passed without noticing them. He looked over at Stan and then up at the kid on the rather tall stack of objects and then at Tommy. What a bunch of misfits. Would they be the ones to drive off the scourge and save all the others. His mind drifted further into the subject of others. Specificly to the girl. The one from the lunchroom, the one who had come to see if he was alright, the one who had followed him all the way to his combat class. He wondered if she was ok. If she was alive or dead. He didn't know why, they hardly knew each other and had barely ever spoken to each other. The thought dawned upon him that he didn't even know her name. It wasn't important right now. They had a mission. This rag tag band of fighters had to do something about the invaders. Their best bet was to stop Hathnak, he seemed to have control over the monsters.

03/18/2007 10:11 PM

"So, what happens now?" said Stan. He looked up at the weird kid with the goggles and noticed his experiments. Assuming he was one of those students from Quantum Mechanics, he asked "So, do you have any weird-yet-convenient technobabble that can save us somehow?" He looked at Tommy. "What exactly are you, anyway?"

03/18/2007 10:57 PM

"Well if someone would help me...Ah, who cares..."

And with that, he leaped off of his pile of items, and barely managed to grab onto the edge of the top shelf.

With quite a bit of a struggle, he climbed up [i]into[/i] the cupboard, and re-emerged with a rather peculiar looking object.

If one were to watch a cartoon in the nineties, with Bugs Bunny and the Martian guy (OOC: I forget the martian's name), and if one could recall the Martian's ray gun, it would look similar to that, although not as brightly colored.

"Haha!! I just so happen to have a 'weird-yet-convenient technobabble' gadget, called my hand-held positive particle accelerator!!"

With a look of glee, he looks down at the commotion below him, and at the heap of rubble that used to be his make-shift ladder.

"Hmm...now how do I get down?"

03/18/2007 11:13 PM

Vlad looked up at the strange kid and his laughable weapon. "I'll help you down.." he said. He stood up and walked over towards the large column of stuff and kicked it over. The stack came toppling down and the boy along with it. Vlad caught him by the collar a few seconds before he would've hit the ground. He dropped him gently. It wasn't the most practicle way to help him but at least it didn't end badly.

03/19/2007 1:26 AM

"Yes, that worked...quite..."

Giving the surprizingly strong youth an appraising eye...

"Yes, you might do..."

Then with a few more mutters to himself, a couple of deft twist of a knob or three on the accelerator, he handed it to Vlad.

"Here, you could probably use this better than I could; pull this to release a beam, slide this up to increase the strength, and down to decrease the strength, but be careful - the stronger the beam the more kickback there is. I wouldn't suggest putting it on full...I never did calibrate it correct for compatable hand-held use, and if you put it on full it would knock a hole in a meter-thick wall (if that wall were composed of negative energy, of course) and send you across a fightball field.

Now, if you would let me see that sword, or something of yours, I might be able to do something so that it actually does something against these undead, eh?"

03/19/2007 2:26 AM

Vlad eyed the boy's "toy". He slid the power adjuster up so that it was about an inch away from full. He eyed the boy who was poking at the sword tucked into his sheath. "Nobody messes with my sword, besides I can alter it's abilities myself" he said. He ignited the black flames in his hand and unsheathed he sword. He ran his hand along the blade and the black flame engulfed it but did not melt it. A demonstration of his abilites but a bit show offish too.

03/19/2007 3:59 AM

Clearly unimpressed, Leo gave him a look that said so.

"And just what, prey tell, do you plan on doing to zombies with a blade that sheathes itself in the combustion of positive particles? That spits out negative energy, and guess what type of energy zombies just so happen to use?"

Realizing that now was not a time for a lesson in the Elements of Magic, 101, Leo said "Fine, keep your knife," and went off to the others to see what he could do.

03/19/2007 7:51 AM

He had flipped back when he saw Stan charge him, sighing whenever he stopped as he looked at Vlad and Leo. "I'm a human. I trained in magic and swordsmanship. So I guess, a Warlock Sword fighter." He said with a smile.

He watched Leo launch himself to the top shelf and emerge with his contraption. Tommy looked at it a bit awkwardly but shrugged it off. "Hey, I tend to have my own help when it comes to fighting these bastards. I use fire, my specialty." He said pointing to his bandana, which he realized was a little off as he shifted it and fixed it straight, dusting his hair off.

"So, who and what are all of you? Cause I mean, I know I'm not the only one with a name, right?" He asked sarcastically, watching Leo hand the contraption to Vlad, as he checked his swords, making sure they weren't damaged or anything.

03/19/2007 8:15 AM

"Ah, yes, I'm sure we all do, but I'm sure [i]he[/i] does, as well," pointing to the madman who was charging into the scene.

"So if you want to ask him, be my guest, but I am in favor of retaining my head and my life."

And with that, he rushed over to a few vials, and taking one, launched one over Tommy's shoulder into the face of the man who's 'birthday had come early.'

"It's come early, eh? Well here ya go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" And with that, he threw three more vials in his face.

03/19/2007 10:22 AM

"Well, um ok... That was odd, but thank you sir for taking care of the 'birthday boy' for me." He said with a smirk. "But who are you anyway? Names Tommy Oliver, though not a suitable time for it, pleasure to meet you." He said with a sarcastic smile.

03/19/2007 10:30 AM

"Did you hit your head or something?" Leo asks Tommy, "Get your priorities straight, boy! I seriously doubt that that little concoction I made completely stopped him, although I'm sure it hurt like hell. Having the flesh melting off of your bones will hurt, unless he's already undead, then it won't matter will it? And while you may not care if your already-damaged, too-little brain gets eaten, I have quite a fond attachment to my brain, and would like to keep it, thank you very much. I've had it for as long as I could remember..."

And with that, he peers over Tommy's shoulder to see what Hathnak has done.

03/19/2007 10:40 AM

Tommy stared at Leo for a minute there, assuming his little potion would have worked, he looked back over his shoulder to see the cleaver coming down straight towards his head, as he grabbed leo and jumped to the side, rolling as he hit the ground, pushing Leo aside, he pulled his two katanas from his side sheaths, chanting the spell to turn them to Diamond once more so the cleaver wouldn't break them, as he caught the cleaver when it came down for him once again, in his swords. "Son of a bitch!" He yelled out as he was pushed into the floor, laying on his back, still holding the cleaver as he looked up at Hathnak. "Dude, you are one ugly mother..." He couldn't finish as he rolled just as Hathnaks foot was about to come down. "Um guys, I think we should leave." He said, standing now, guarding Leo.

03/19/2007 10:41 AM

(OOC: Sorry for not posting, but subplot would not have interested my character....and then ya'll moved really fast)

Tristram felt that he had finally gotten his armor right, though he had missed quite a bit of class to do so. He had faintly heard someone shouting, but the noise-dampening enchantments on his walls had thankfully kept it out. Noise could be irritating.

The enchantments on all the armor pieces linked together, giving it vastly increased strength. The web of magic would spread the force of any given blow over all the pieces, making the suit nigh-unbreakable. The energies of the web could be linked (by Tristram anyway) to either himself or to the magic in the environment, and if need be he could pull energy from the armor to heal any wounds he might take.

He had put on the suit, made of polished steel and overlayed with faintly glowing lines, to test it. He had not decreased the weight of it with enchants; physical strength was not something that he lacked. He had made it a bit more flexible, though. His sword, another legacy from his foster father, had a simple enchant to remove the need for sharpening. That had always irritated him. He had once had a shield, but had abandoned it in favor of a bracelet that he had found on one of his dungeon runs. It generated a shield in front of him when activated, and his tinkerings had increased its power. He was pleased with everything except the sword, but it could wait.

Then he heard a banging on his door. Odd. He turned to it, and then the door broke down, breaking a web of enchant that ran across it. That irritated him; he had liked that pattern. In the doorway was a dead person, animated with foul-smelling magic. Tristram had never considered using meat for enchants; and this ugly thing made him decide it was an utterly bad idea.

He advanced, angry at the thing for breaking the pattern. He was surprised when it struck out at him, its blow harmlessly bouncing off of his chest piece with a small intensifying of the light where the blow landed. Tristram cut down with his sword, removing the arm of the enchanted meat-thing. The magic began to dissipate from the arm, but the creature kept attacking, and Tristram saw even more behind it.

This was irritating. How was he supposed to work (or go to class, he belatedly remembered) with the halls full of enchanted and murderous meat-things?

He kicked the thing back, giving himself a momentary respite. He could probably remove the magic from them, but he usually took magic into himself when he did that, and the magic on these things repulsed him. So, he decided to break their patterns. After all, they had broken his!

He moved his hand over the blade of his sword, weaving a pattern that should break up the foul magic that kept these corpses walking. He cut into the one who was pressing back through the doorway. Lines flashed on his blade, and the magic keeping the meat moving disrupted. He had not the time to properly link his sword enchant to a power source other than himself, but once the foul magic was disrupted he felt that he could safely harvest some of it before it dissipated.

Sighing with resignation, he stepped out into the hallway. His eyes flashed with anger as he saw what they were doing to the school that he had just begun to like, and he cut into the first zombie he saw. He methodically hacked through the zombies, though they were not thick everywhere. He was not sure why he moved in the direction that he did, but it felt right.

He was among the classrooms now, where someone else had apparently been destroying meat-puppets. He did not stop to look for them though; he was looking for the puppet master. He was ready for this irritating episode to be over.

03/19/2007 11:27 AM

Stan noticed that Hathnak's cleaver-arm didn't look like a real arm. He jumped at him, pulling his long gloves off. He realized that, indeed, he had sewn a new arm on, probably with enhanced strength, which explained how he could use that cleaver with one hand. He poured one of his vials on it, which burned his arm, making him drop his cleaver. "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Hathnak screamed.

03/19/2007 12:24 PM

Tommy would lunge forward, kicking the cleaver into a corner, away from Hathnak as he then stood before it, placing his katanas before him in a defensive fashion, as he looked at Stan who seemed to scurry away after attacking. "Nice shot man. Um, is there anyway we could talk about this mabey?" He said, looking to Hathnak, with a stupid look upon his face.

03/19/2007 12:26 PM


Leo could not finish a sentence, being tossed about, but he did start a great many indignations.

"Now cut that out! I can defend my...Yikes!"

He was cut off by Hathnak's scream of pain. [i]That's got to hurt...I wonder if he used a chemical or magical acid?[/i]

Before he could begin to contemplate the forms of acid it might have been, he realized that he had another contraption that might be useful.

"Hey! I have something in my room that'll help! It's a carbonic bond defuser. Basically, it takes carbon, which has 4 valence electrons, allowing it to bond with most anything and to be positive or negative, a detail which I have been working on to..."

He realized that now was perhaps not the time to go into details of his invention, let alone the tangent he was about to go off on. "Basically, it'll turn anything made of carbon - you, me, zombies - into goo. Possibly radioactive goo, but goo nonetheless.

So I'll be right back! Don't die on me now!"

With that perky thought, he dashed out into the hallway, and off towards his room.

03/19/2007 12:44 PM

Upon hearing Leo's plan, Stan pulled out a jug of yellow-green goo and poured it on Hathnak. It solidified around him, keeping him in place. "Strenghtened Tanglefoot Goo." Stan said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to do my victory dance before Hathnak gets turned to goo. Ahem..." He started doing the male Night Elf dance from World of Warcraft and began singing. "Da da, da da da, da da da... da da da da da da, da da da... da da da da..." He started to sing Weird Al Yankovic's That's Your Horoscope for Today. "AQUARIUS! There's travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus, fill that void in your pathetic life by playing whac-a-mole 17 hours a day... PISCES!..." and so on, and so forth.

(OOC: HAH! I knew I could one-up Leo's nerdyness!)

03/19/2007 1:22 PM

Vlad had more than enough of this foolishness. "You guys are really starting to piss me off..." he said. His fangs had grown larger and the white parts of his eyes had turned red and the iris of his eyes had turned a deep purple with blue slits across them. Sharp claws had grown out of his fingers and the flames that engulfed his sword grew darker on the outside but a crimson red towards the middle. "The fire on my sword isn't any damn sort of negative or positive energy it is fire, magical, colorful fire! It will cut through damn near anything no matter what you say. I'm sick of you damn nerds and your damn logic. This isn't the time for logic or reason or fancy gizmos! THIS IS THE TIME FOR GOOD OLD FASHION VIOLENCE!" he shouted. In the blink of an eye he dashed at Hathnik and his sword cut through the yellow crystal and straight through one of Hathniks arms.

(OOC:That was not meant to be a fatal hit, just a good solid attack and normally Vlad woul,dn't have been able to cut through that like he did but he's currently in a state called blood rage [learned about in Advanced Vampirism] and yes I am just writing this so Max will stop being a sniveling little baby ^^)

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03/19/2007 1:30 PM

Hathnak was burnt to a crisp. Stan said, "Awwwww, you didn't even let me get to the chorus yet! Oh well... That's your horoscope for today... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... that's your horoscope for today... da da da da da da..."

03/19/2007 5:35 PM

"Holy hell..." Tommy said, watching everyhting unfold, laughing as Leo darted from the room after another one of his toys, as he looked at Stan doing his dance, stepping back a little from Vlad, sheathing his swords, re-adjusting his bandana, falling back to lean against a wall. "I'm sorry sir, I'm no nerd, though you are a vampire, so I'm going to shut up..." He said, with a sly grin as he looked down to the floor. "So, um, what now is my question."

03/20/2007 10:22 AM

When Hathnak awoke, he was completely naked in the middle of what looked like a court room. At what seemed to be the judge's desk were three humanoids (or so it appeared). The one on the left looked like a huge, stereotyped demon. Red, scaly skin, horns and claws, bat wings, you get the picture. The one in the center seemed to be a robed figure, with no hands or face visible, but with two yellow pinpoints of light for eyes. The one on the right had pitch black plate armor that seemed to absorb light.

"You have failed usssss..." said the robed figure.

"No...NO!" said Hathnak.

"You know what the punishment issss... You shall join Mr.Alazan in the Great Nightmare."

"No! NO! NOOOOO!!!" The last 'no' seemed to echo as he faded into oblivion.

"So, what now?" said the horned demon. It spoke with the booming demonic voice that Hathnak had heard in his laboratory earlier.

"We musssst sssselect a new champion. Hathnak wassss weak."

"Who will be our champion?" said the armored one.

"Hissssss name shall be... ssssSparrowhawk... you know what to do..."

"Yes, my lord." said the horned demon.


Over at the school, wherever Sparrowhawk was, he heard a voice in his head.


03/20/2007 6:37 PM

Leo returned, dashing back into the room, carrying a surprisingly small sphere.

"I've got it!!!" he proclaimed, then skid to a stop.

"Oh," he said, looking at the burnt corpse. "It was that easy?" His tone was disappointed, as if the fact that a demented, zombie creating madman who was looking to kill them all's death was something to be lamented.

"But now I won't know if this thing works..." he said, rather pathetically.

Then, a tad belatedly, "Oh! Is everyone alright?"

03/22/2007 8:05 PM

Vlad was calming down slightly, the Blood Rage only really worked for one great hit, he had used up all that power. Hathnak's body stood before them, frozen in the crystal. His eyes had rolled back in his head and his body was twitching. Then, very abruptly, the twitching stopped. The yellow crystal turned into a thick yellow gel that was sliding off his body and into a mass on the floor. Hathnak fell over, most likely dead, they never thought to make sure but he never moved.

The monsters hadn't died like Vlad had hoped, they held no connection to their maker. Vlad could hear them groaning, growling. The super hearing capabilities that Blood Rage had given him were slowly fading. He could still hear some screams of students and of teachers. The teachers were supposed to be able to handle such creatures but they seemed to have inhanced speed and hearing and vision for those that had eyes. "We've got to get moving, those beasts are still out there." he said. He motioned to Stan to check the hall for enemies.

03/24/2007 1:22 AM

Tristram continued to move through the halls, and because the zombies were thinning out a little he could move a bit more quickly. They mostly appeared to be in rooms now (from which very unpleasant sounds came), and though their existence was offensive, Tristram kept moving in what felt like the right direction. Then, very suddenly, what felt like the right direction changed. This confused him, so he slowed and stopped his movement.

He was nearing a classroom, and from inside he heard voices. He recalled lectures from his combat and dungeoneering classes on how he needed to be more of a team player, and considered how foolish his current going by feel was, and so he turned towards the voices.

Peering through the doorway, he saw several figures. There were four living figures in the room. He recognized one as the leather-clad figure with daggers he had seen earlier, but the others were new. One had two swords that held traces of magic, another held a very interesting sphere, and the other held a very old blade that also felt magical.

Stepping inside, Tristram spoke.

"Do any of you know where the controller of these puppets is?

03/24/2007 9:59 AM

Startled by the sudden intrusion, Leo jumped and whirled around, ready to throw his carbonic bond defuser, when he saw it was a student.

"Oh, uh..."he said, embarrassed by his overreaction, "uh, yeah, he's right there," pointing to the pile of yellow goo and burnt corpse on the floor.

"So how did you get here? Who are you? Are there many more zombies out there? Perhaps I could try my carbonic bond defuser on them, although I think I may have to tweak with the timing mechanism of the neutron..."

And without waiting for an answer to any of his questions, he started mumbling to himself and walked to one of the tables, where he started tinkering with his 'toy,' as Vlad would say.

(OOC: that'll take like 5 seconds, so as soon as everybody leaves, he'll scramble to catch up)

03/24/2007 1:41 PM

"So... who wants to go kill zombies?" said Stan as he walked towards the door, holding his vials of brown liquid.

03/25/2007 4:56 PM

Vlad watched with uneasy eyes as the figure entered the room. He loosened up when he saw it was just another student. He stumbled over to Hathnak, a bit drained. He beheaded the creature and stashed the head in a sack. He tied the sack to his belt and walked back over to the others. He stood in front of them with a brave sort of look and said, "I want them to know, when this is over, that we were the ones to defeat him. I don't want any snooty teacher to be taking credit for our work".

He ran out into the hall and made sure the coast was clear, then he signalled to the others to come follow him. He ran about halfway down the hall and then he came to a room where he heard a familiar voice. It was Dash, and two other fightballers. He broke the small glass window that was built into the door and looked inside.

There was a barricade made of shelves built in the corner, that was where the voices were coming from. One of the beasts was pounding on the shelves. Vlad opened a small pouch attached to his belt and pulled out a throwing knife. He threw it at the creature and it hit its mark. The creature collapsed. It was a brave but foolish act because as soon as the creature was hit it let out a deafening scream that woke up a nearby flesh golem that was inside the room.

[Edited by xXRathXx on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 6:16 PM]

03/27/2007 6:26 PM

"The...zombies are not interesting to me. I want to find the new puppet-master. I feel like he is that way, (he pointed in vaguely the direction that he felt he should travel)."

He observed the one with the old sword and neck chain behead the corpse tie it to his belt, speaking of a teacher taking credit. Tristram did not really understand why he did that.

Then, across the room, Tristram spied the cleaver. It was huge, but an idea popped into his head. He almost dropped his sword, now bored with it, but decided to sheath it instead. He walked over to the cleaver, and reached down to pick it up. He could lift it, but it was too heavy for him to carry for long. Tristram traced a pattern on the weapon, and its weight seemed to fall away. Then, he ran his fingers along the edge, weaving the one enchant he put on all weapons. He hated sharpening things.

Hefting the now lightened cleaver, he smiled, pleased with himself.

The pale one seemed in quite a rush as he ran out into the hallway. Haste was not something that Tristram really understood; he would move only as quickly as he felt was necessary. Of course, since he had decided to stay with this group of students, necessity now dictated that he move quickly after the pale one. Sighing, he did so.

[Edited by Benjmn on Thursday, March 29, 2007 3:47 AM]

03/28/2007 8:55 AM

Hana had done the first thing that had come to her, slightly moronically she drew a pentagram on the floor and knelt in it. To one that didn't understand what she type she had drawn it would seem suicide to sit in front of the hoard of zombies limping towards her.

Each time one would get to the point ten meters from her there was a flash and it shot back several feet. She kept this for five or six minuets until a group came from behind her, Hana erected a second barrier behind her but she wouldn't be able to do this forever. She felt them crying, souls torn from rest and forced to walk only hopping for death, she felt tears falling from her own eyes.

She felt boxed in a dark box with nothing, alone scratching at the sides, voices coming from behind.

03/28/2007 12:39 PM

The ogre had a very large nose which of course was sewn onto his disfigured face. He was able to sniff out Vlad in an instant as he entered the room. The ogre weilded a giant club which was attached to his arm where a hand should've been. Vlad smashed away the shelves and yanked Dash and the other fightballer out. Just as they were out the ogre swung his club at them and Vlad was hit. He was knocked through the solid stone walls about two class rooms in the opposite direction of the one they fought Hathnak in. This room was completely packed with zombies. He had been knocked unconcious but by some bit of luck he had been knocked under the teachers desk which was proped up against the wall like another makeshift barricade.

03/28/2007 5:41 PM

Stan was right behind Vlad. He ran up and splattered his liquid all over the ogre zombie, who burst into flames as its flesh disolved. He poured the last drop of the liquid from his vial on Dash's shoes. "Ooooops..." Stan said sarcastically. Dash started jumping around, holding his foot. It wasn't enough to cause any permanent damage, but it all but incinerated his shoe.

03/31/2007 11:23 PM

Vlad sat there semi-unconcious for a few minutes before he moved into a groggy haze. He could hear all the growling and the moaning around him. All the screaming and the fighting. None of it made any sense. He started to question everything going on around him. Why had all this happened? Why had the school been invaded? How could all of these beasts gotten into the school so easily? Were there no defenses? Were they all just helpless? Why did Hathnak target this school? Then the biggest questions of all came to mind. Would he be able to stop this? Could he save everyone? And.....Was he going to die here?

Then he realized, [i]he[/i] didn't have to stop this. [i]He[/i] didn't need to save everyone. He had friends. Sure they may have been just a bunch of misfits huddled in a room, but they had taken down Hathnak who was a being of great power. All the other qeustions didn't seem to matter right now. He could barely move but still he tried. The world spun around him as he managed to get on his knees. He slid against a wall and attempted to his sight. The room still spun around him. He could just barely make things out.

It took a few minutes for him to get close to normal. His head throbbed and the loud noises of battle stung his ears. The first thing he searched for was his sword. He spotted it in the middle of the room. He also saw the crowd of monsters spread throughout the room. "Impossible odds? My kind of thing." he managed to studder out.

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