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03/04/2007 7:27 PM

[i]There are worlds beside of our own...not besides. Microscopic films of history rewritten into new stories, new lives. The most unlike our own is that of Thera...and it's secrets will soon be our own...[/i]

Earth, 2007 A.D.,
Birmingham, Alabama:
"A lonely Farmer passed away today as a large peice of what seems to be an airplane landed in his field as he toiled in the hot sun. No word on what may have caused the accident or the origin of the craft from which the metal came thus far. Paaserby said they saw a bright flash, but it was of darkness...as if a shadow split the sky and spread...more on this at 11:00" *PSSSSSSHTTTT*
Somewhere, Australia
"The remains of what appear to be a woman and child were found today in a heap of smouldering metal deep in the savannah. The remains and wreckage, thus far have been unidentifiable."*PSSSSSSHTTTTTT*
Hokkaido, Japan
"Speculators believe the stone to be a refined substance of concentrated diamond used in laser emmissions."*PSSSSSSSSHTTTTTT*

Thera, 2007 A.E. (After, Enlightenment)
Saxxus Interplanetary Control
A warm wind blew throught the biodome. The same warm wind as always. As a matter of fact, everything was the same as always. Always warm, always balanced meals, always lessons and serums...he needed a break...his hand reached towards the girl in the lab coat before him and ran his fingers through her hair. As she turned to acknowledge him, he jerked down and to the side...hard.
He let the body fall where it stood and walked away smiling. Now this was different. He wanted a break...he got one.
*attention all personnel, all hands to battlestations, red code 546 alpha zen34*
"MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Commander Zaff barkedorders at his marines as they deployed to their "bullets". Making sure each soldier was properly seated and harnessed into the cone of metal they were about to be jettissoned at mach 10 in. He made a last check of the dampening field and jumped into a bullet with his elites. There was a whirr, a click, and the world turned into a runny water color for a second as they launched... "gonna get to kill boys...gonna see blood"...
The consuls hurried between rooms arranging meetings after the council was completed. A long line of diplomats from every kingdom and all of their closest friends and servants, waited in the needle-like corridor of the Leviathain7...The senate would soon meet and the emporers would be heard...

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04/19/2007 11:49 PM

[b]"Please provide retinal identification."[/b]

The mechanized voice always irritated Colin, but it was especially irritating now. He was on the verge of a breakthrough; he had only stepped out of the lab for a few minutes for some fresh air and to get a drink of water, and he was being delayed due to increased security measures.

As if there weren't enough security measures inside this place. Hell, to get into the courtyard, you had to have a security chip implanted in you. Then to get into this building you have to give hand-print verification. There were additional security measures, such as DNA verification, to get into certain rooms, such as the one Colin was about to enter, and still more measures if security was stepped up.

Rumor had it they were working on a brain-wave identification verifier, but Colin didn't know about the truth behind that one.

All of it meant that some big-headed noble somewhere fucked up, causing a state of emergency within the government, causing Colin to get delayed on the verge of his breakthrough.

So Colin looked into the whole, and suffered a low-powered laser being shot into his eye.

[b]"Please provide DNA verification."[/b]

Colin worked up some spit and spat into the hole designed to take any form of DNA: hair, blood, bodily fluid, spit...

[b]"Thank you, Colin."[/b]

"You're bloody friggin' welcome," he muttered as he walked into the room. While Colin despised all of this unnecessary security, he was still paranoid about his laboratory. Which is the reason he insisted on his last security measure, which only the security manager, the head-honcho of the building, and higher-ups knew about.

The last security measure was a voice-recognition, with the words 'You're bloody friggin' welcome' as the key. Anyone who watched him go into his laboratory would think he was being a smart ass, but if anyone tried to enter without this last code, alarms would sound and the inner doors would shut and lock.

Yes, Colin was prepared, and he was ready to make the next step in his 'Human Weapons Unit' Project.

Without a second thought to idiotic security measures, and without even bothering to try and imagine why they were in place in the first place, Colin went back into his laboratory and continued working on the project.

04/28/2007 8:28 PM

"Hey can you open the door for me I forgot my key card inside yesterday, and dont worry I'm no impostor trying to get inside I have verification" said Alex telling the guard standing outside.

[I] I hope this guy talks about something interesting, not like the other guy that kept talking about some sort of new invention he was perfecting.[/I] walking drowsily in the hall he walked straight into a wall, waking him up. He started hearing a conversation going on somewhere.

"This is impossible, we can't do this its crazy" said a nervous voice, "but if we don't how are we going to prepare ourselves for this?" replied another voice. "Ok, even if we do try it who are we going to get to do this?" said a third voice, "how about the guy we where going to promote?" said the second voice. "But he will need someone to go with him, who?" said the nervous voice. "anyone, how about in three week we try it" said the second voice, then the other two agreed in low voices. He heard footsteps that meant they where leaving, he started walking a little more awake and confident knowing that he will be able to do something important in a few weeks.

He happily gave the DNA Sample to the computer ignoring it and saying "you're bloody freakin' welcome" as he was instructed to. he sat down on a nearby chair trying to get himself some sleep before he had to be awake. He soon fell asleep for a couple of hours until he heard the door opening, a person dressed in a lab coat came in. It must have been the guy he had to watch while he did his research. "Hello, has anybody asked you to go on some mission, I'm just wondering".

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05/01/2007 9:37 AM

Cho stood feet away from Kai Chan standing slightly apart from the line looking up and down the line at any possible threat. The whole room is full of assassins each diplomat had their own so as at any political meeting she had to be extra vigilant. There wasn't to much risk as long as Kai had his shield but there was the split second before he turned it on that an attacker had a chance.

The representatives were let into the main hall, Cho had to wait outside with all the other assorted personnel from the other members. She stood by the door waiting for her master her hands by her sides, her holster was on display on her right side just like everyone else. She waited at her post, not talking, not moving, she kept her eyes on the room but she calmed down and relaxed.

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