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03/03/2007 5:22 PM

Okay now, this is in extreme "beta" phase. But I was thinking we could make an FFRPG with the characters designing their own "X-men-esque" mutant with powers.

You choose to be good, evil whatever. I am just loking for interest and based on that I will design the game.

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03/03/2007 6:34 PM

Learn to spell then I will think about it. K? (not trying to be mean or anything)

03/03/2007 7:32 PM

question: don't you post in every game saying you're interested?
and plus there are LOTS of less mean ways to say that.
such as: "Fix the Typos" "Correct your mistakes"

"Learn to spell" is not exactly a non-hostile way to tell someone about mistakes.

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03/04/2007 6:50 AM

"Learn to spell" is not exactly a non-hostile way to tell someone about mistakes.

And hypocritical, to boot, from what I've seen.

I'll put myself in as potentially interested, depending on how it develops (also depending on my wicked case or writer's block clearing up).
It will be important, I think, to have some kind of self-imposed limitations so we don't end up with a load of uber- characters.

03/04/2007 8:12 AM

Okay. Well of course, your power can't be to have more powers. I was thinking maybe as the GM I could give every power a drawback or weakness. A kryptonite so to speak. That is, if you don't make one yourself.

03/04/2007 9:54 AM

I like the idea behind it, with the limitations and etc. If you go through with it, I'd probably end up joining ^^

03/04/2007 3:31 PM

Okay great. Since this seems to be my most popular game Idea I think I'll begin working on the plotline for it.

To be quite honest I have basic rudimentary knowledge about the actual X-men so most of my info is second hand or quite simple. Therefore, this game won't be connected with the rest of the X-men stuff. Instead the setting will be the fictional city of Casson (Pronounced Kay-san). A medium sized (Think Milwauke) city set in the heartland of America. Your characters can come from all walks of life and places. They can know about their powers or discover them later, they can keep them secret or let everyone know. Good, evil, neutral, the choice is yours. You may begin submitting your character sheets now if you plan on playing. Just don't make any "All powerful" charactes, they at least need limitations. And to go along with our characters I'll add a few of my own to keep the story line interesting.

I do ask that you bear with me, this is my first online FFRPG, but I have hosted RPGs in person. If you have helpful advice (That doesn't involve spellling lol) I'd be glad to hear it.

03/04/2007 3:42 PM

If you have helpful advice (That doesn't involve spellling lol)

I am a spelling nazi, you realise? ;)
I usually don't say anything, just growl at the screen ineffectually, lol.

I suppose advice-wise before you post- or between posting the character sheet template and actually getting going- have a think about an actual goal, or general plot. Great things can come from improvising, and you'll never know how things work out until your players start interacting, but it always helps to have a rough idea of where you're going- even as back up should a contagious case of writer's block hit.

So would the 'powers' be, as in X-Men, arising from genetic mutation? Or would it be environmental/radioactive spider/gamma ray type?

03/04/2007 4:48 PM

Well, the goals all depend on the players unfortunatley. If some want to use their powers for personal gain and all that will effect the plot. But yeah, I am still working on a bigger picture involved, I may have one, but not quite positive if it is good enough yet.

Well, holding true to the X-men, some of their powers are externaly dereived, so if you want to do that, be my guest. I'd like to see some original powers too, if you have some. I don't want to have ten ppl running around who can control fire or whatever.

Spelling Nazi huh? Yeah I heard all about that Leet Speak Holocaust thing.

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03/04/2007 10:29 PM

I'd be interested. I'd like to know more.

03/05/2007 1:35 PM

Alrighty then, I think we have enough potential players. I am entering my final planning stage (Jsut fine tunning a few thigns to get the game going) I will be starting the actual game thread soon, so be planning out your characters. I will be sure to notify you when the game begins.

03/05/2007 6:15 PM

Thanx for the pm, Dexter, I would definitely be interested. The X-Men is my favorite comic-book/superhero-thing. Of course, it's the only one I ever bothered to get into much detail with, but that should just show you that I enjoy it.

Will be checking for more info...

03/05/2007 8:01 PM

Great, okay. I believe I have the opening part down, I introduce three characters to start out with. Players are of course invited to add their own and all. Here is a simple bio of the three I have made.

Name: Jeff Winters
Nickname: Cash Flow
Age: 16
Ability: Midas Touch. Has ability to turn any substance into gold.
Weakness: Little control over power, only can control it when hands are covered with his gloves. Bare skin contact can accidentally turn others to gold (Process is gradual and spreads from contact point as long as contact is kept, speed is nearly uncontrolable as of now)
Control: Not much. Has to wear gloves to protect others.
Birthplace: Casson, Iowa
Motivations: Understanding how to control his powers and understanding how it works
Allegiance: None, generaly oriented toward good, but finds himself entangled with Gangs do to his monentary value.

Name: Fox Gallager
Nickname: Charge
Age: 23
Ability: Able to drain electrical charges from all devices. Can control existing currents (ie. Lighting) cannot create electricity (Shoot lighting from his fingers)
Weakness: Too much electrical drain over time can burn him out and lead to fatigue. The weaker the current the closer he has to be to manipulate it (To disable a persons electro magnetic field needs contact whereas lightning can be manipulated from a distance)
Control:Near perfect, can turn devcices on and off, manipulate lightning and disable peoples Electromagnetic fields inciting temporary paralysis, unconciousness, or in extreme cases death.
Birthplace: Boise, Idaho
Motivations: Love for all things electrical
Allegiance: None, generaly good, helps others when he can, doesn't use powers for harm

Name: Erica Simmons
Nickname: Forge
Age: 18 (Actual) 21 (Assumed)
Ability: Liquid metal skin, can shapeshift and form simple weapons. (Think T-1000 from Terminator 2)
Weakness: Cannot shift too much too often without getting fatigued. Her body mass must remain constant.
Control: Near perfect, can assume any form as long as her body mass is the same, can nearly mimic any person exactly. Exact details like fignerprints and the like are not perfect.
Birthplace: Casson, Iowa
Motivations: Purely Personal, does what she wants when she wants
Allegiance: None, generaly selfish, hasn't yet resorted to petty crime, but is close.

if you have questions or comments about my characters just post them, and if you have characters of your own you want to put in, just use the format above and I'll approve, or dissaprove them

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03/06/2007 6:53 AM

Name: Marco Law
Nickname: Firestorm
Age: 24
Ability: Can manipulate objects into explosive devices, including his own body. He's also has a very high defense against explosive weaponry.
Weakness: The bigger the object, the more fatigued Marco becomes when manipulating it. Also, Marco has to concentrate for his Defense to build-up, its not constant.
Control: Early RP: Can do alot with up to football sized object without being fatigued. Yet, needs to power-up defense for five minutes, and can only hold it up for fifteen.
Late RP: As the RP progresses the objects get bigger and his defensive wait time gets smaller, up till its basically instantaneous, and its lasts for hours.
Birthplace: New York, NY
Motivations: Revenge, parents murdered by evil mutant.
Allegiance: Strong sense of good, yet easily manipulated when his parents are brought into the matter.

Name: Dimitre Polkov
Nickname: Xenolith
Age: 30
Ability: Can control ground like those guys on "The Last Airbender" in pretty much the same way. He can also create a suit of armor on himself with earth hardened to rock.
Weakness: He must be touching the earth directly (He doesn't wear shoes.) Thus inside he has no powers inside buildings and such. Also, Armor takes prep and concentration to form, and Dimitre is completely drained after using it.
Control: Same as Forge, not much else to learn.
Birthplace: Vladivostok, Russia
Motivations: To teach younglings to control themselves.
Allegiance: Justice, hates things like lying and such.

03/06/2007 12:57 PM

Alright, I am going to post the begining of the game, look for Mutation in General RP. My first post is pretty general and is just to give you a feel for my characters. Okay, you can't add any characters in unless you run them past me first, either by RPGC mail or by post here. I'll confirm or deny your power in much the same way. Okay, give me like, two hours, (Till 6:00 EST) and then I'll post it. I just need to fine tune it.

And a word of advice, introduce any characters you have first before manipulating anyone elses. But after that I have no problems with you guys messing with my characters or anyone elses (Unless they say otherwise).

Great then, shall we get this game underway?

03/07/2007 3:49 PM

Howdy there Dexter. Was considering joining your game but you seem to have your hands full with players so I'll opt out.

As regards looking for advice on GMing a game, I thouhgt I might be able to help. I've played a lot of X-Men and X-Men style RP's, either online or tabletop and the major problem tends to be trying to get people to realise that there should be major limitations on their powers. Most any power can be highly effective and usefull if utilised correctly and with proper training, but if many of your characters are young then they should have minimal control over their powers. Or at least be prone to losing control once in a while.

I found that half the fun(If not more) was trying to get a charcater to deal with their power and the changes, both pysical and mental, that they are experiencing.

My advice is if you have powerful characters in your game, just quietly PM them and say"Hey, I think it might be fun if..." and just explain your idea. Though on the flip side, if you're trying to put together a world saving (or destroying) team, you might actually [i]want[/i] them to be able to spit lightning and crap fire ;)

Just my two bits :)

Hope the game goes well, I might read and enjoy.

The ever lovin' -S

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