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03/01/2007 12:12 PM

This was a story i part wrote for school work but I really liked it, what's more it could make a good RPG with the setting and some characters already set out. well it's post the last chapter i worked on as it make a good start for an RPG and just let me know what you think. Charaters would be based on one of those already writen here or completely new one, there are a few in the opening that I will post if anyone wants me to


OMEGA is a controversial science organisation, it was started in 1987 and over the next 10 years mapped the human Genome and began project NEW DAWN over the next 100 years and a great many failures the program was closed down and technology became the main concern for the next 400 years and only a small staff was stationed on Genetic engineering.

This all changed in 2540 the creation of project DEMIGOD and for the first time great leaps in genetic engineering were made but even still the program couldn't make a creature that lasted more than a year. It was shut down in 2560 when the whole Omega Project was disbanded by the planetary alliance.

The Omega went deep underground and restablished in 2588, the only project that got off the ground was project EVE before Omega was closed and all remaining members arrested. All research was confiscated; the state is adamant that no major work was going on in the field of genetic engineering. This is contradicts belief that humanoid life was created at the lab but any proof is not available in the public domain and all lead researchers from before the first Labs had died or have disappeared.

The conclusion of this memo is that if there was any research going on there is no one willing or able to talk about it. Any data is in the hands of the proper government groups and we have to trust them to use it properly.

>>>>Dr Huber Jackson
>>>>Department of Illegal Research and Development
>>>>Maxwell Base
>>>>New York

"What is it sir?"
"I've been working this case for nearly a year now and nothing, no witnesses, hell I can't even talk to the man who picked up their trash or the cleaning lady their all just gone. And what's worse is that fact that they asked me to find out about something that they should know everything about. I feel like I'll jumping through hoops for some sick twisted SOB in Head Office."
"Well maybe you are sir,"
"Even so I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so dam pointless," he stood up pushing his office chair to the wall as he did so and walked to the window.

It was dark and grimy so he couldn't even see out of it, but it was a force of habit, he was use to working in big multiplexes with automatic windows but for the last few days he had been shifting through files in a dingy records building. The only other inhabitant of which was a deaf and half blind witch called Marge whose only spoken words were "Would you like some tea dear?"

There was of course Kirsten, kind of a sectary and kind of a field agent but having said that she was pretty bad at both. In fact she could be both ditzy and clumsy, she was saved only by that fact she was pretty smart and could clean up her own mess and there was one other thing that mattered to Huber.

She was cute, she had blond hair fell across her back and matched perfectly with her rosy skin. She was young too, she would make him smile with her hello sirs and waves, she stayed quiet unless she had something important to say, "like a good woman should," he would say in the company of men. To say the least she was his ideal woman but he would refrain from those kinds of thoughts when around her because of his last relationship.

"Sir would you like me to send the rest of the data now?"
"The data for head office they requested it with you new posting to help clean this up."
"Oh yes, then you can go home."
"Yes sir."

He looked after her as she went into the next room, sometimes though he would hate to admit it she really helped him to do the boring stuff like that. He was all for taking on armed gangs and terrorists but this office stuff was really bad for his brain, at least she knew what she was doing he wouldn't be able to do her job for her.

Kirsten reappeared in a long red coat, the cheap kind that looked really expensive until you got close and saw it was a copy.
"Sir will you be assigning me to work under you in Rome?"
"Yes I'll get round to it now go home, it's getting late."

He sat back at his desk as she left, the door pinging as she did.
"Marge, could you put these back for me? Are you there you crone?"
A mank breeze riffled the papers on his desk, a dull thud came from the record room. Hubber stood up, "Marge, you ok?" He moved like a ghost across the room to the records door, un-holstered his gun, peered inside. Marge was laying on the floor of the room, the breeze had stopped. Slid the door open raising his gun, "Who's here, I'm armed, I'm a state official, give yourself in," he wasn't scared but it'll be nice if he didn't have to kill anyone before leaving." He turned the corner of the room, empty.

The Heat sensor didn't show anything, the room as empty as it was cold. Hubber walked over to the inanimate Marge who was placed neatly in the middle of the second row of microfilms, "Hump, you not dead then." He placed his hand in front of her mouth and felt the air brush against him.
A beep came from the room he had just left, the microfilm machine was starting up. He backed to the wall and opened the door a crack, this time there was someone, at his desk.

"Hands up," Hubber moved into plain sight of the room.

A girl no older than 15 looked up at him from the microfilm reader, "Stay there," See murmured still absorbed on what ever the screen was showing.

"This is government property, You are under arrest," He placed his left arm on the cap of the gun. Hubber took two steps to the right side of the desk so he was between her and the door. She had no reaction to this, she acted as if he wasn't even there.

"This is the last time, I am going to shoot you." He wavered, is this girl stupid or a psycho.

"Put it down, I don't want you to get hurt," She looked up, and focused on Hubber.

Her eyes were a deep amber, her face was plain, pallid, white making her eyes seem much bigger then they really were. Waves of copper hair framed her ashen face, she was unkempt her grey shirt and beige trousers were torn and stained, fraying at the edges.

"What are you looking for?" Hubber still holding his weapon, aimed at her head, nasal ridge, between those tawny eyes.
"I don't know, not yet."
"Then how are you going to find it?"
"I don't know," picking up a piece of paper off the desk, "What did you find?" taking her gaze off of him.
"I.. what&"
"If you don't know then how will you find it?"
"I can't tell you it's, razing the gun her had been dropping, "Not for you to know."
"EVE, A stench of death fills that word," dropping the piece of paper."
"Miss, put you hands up or I'm going to kill you,"
"He will first,"

A man burst through the door to the office, a machine gun, his arms. He dove for cover, she stood. Hundred forty five pieces of titanium lying on the ground. He yelled running at her, she held one in her hand. He raised the butt over his head, hundred sixty four point tree two, centimetres.


Silver dart, silver rush, silver slice, silver sea, Red Ocean. He dropped. Fifty seven point four nine, centimetres.

Hubber looked out, gun raised he saw the body, saw the blood, saw the girl. She had blood splattered across her face, "Don't move," wavering with his gun in both hands, "Just don't move,"

"You think you can hurt me, saltpetre, potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulphur, lithium and hydrogen with a trillium armour piercing bullet, but I'm not wearing armour," she looked at him, "You didn't find anything did you, that why your so scared of me, then I'll leave."

03/06/2007 7:12 PM

Solid, very solid idea Luna, and very well written. It's unfortunate Sci-Fi isn't more poplular at this site. Gaining you in this community can only increase the possibility of increase support and interest in this genre.

03/07/2007 7:53 AM

That you very much

03/07/2007 8:27 AM

Yeah... that's me :P

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