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02/28/2007 2:14 PM

Yuna was disheartened, the council had rejected her, Master Vey was still arguing her case to them, but she knew they meant no. It was just some where for her to go, she couldn't stay with the two Jedi she would have to find somewhere else. She slumped into her seat remembering the words they had used, "She's too old,"

"To train her in the force is dangerous,"
"She could be a threat to the republic,"


Master Vey continued to argue her case

"If she is not taken as a Jedi then she can not be controlled she would be more of a threat,"

"If that is the case then she shall be detained here, she can do no damage,"
"I agree,"
"I agree,"
"I agree,"
"I would disagree, if given training she could be an asset to the republic, no more dangerous than any other Jedi,"

"The council will take the view of Master Gersh and convene on the subject tomorrow first we shall meditate upon it."

Master Vey left the chamber, he turned to his Padawan, "Take Yuna to her room and watch over her I have something I must do," he left and his Padawan turned the other way.

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03/07/2007 1:53 PM

meanwhile, on the cold, desolate, planet called hoth, janon quietly meditating, while lifting nearby objects with the force then suddenly, the transmitter picks up an incoming call and his concentration is instantly broken. he lets out a slight growl when some of the items brake, but they were replaceable. he uses the force to put it on speaker phone, unlike most jedi's, he doesn't care for the rules, and uses the force as he wishes.

janon: what do you want?

mysterious voice: always straight to the point weren't you?

janon: moga...!

janon instantly remembers him as the reason why he's living on Hoth, flashes of the fight between him and his master rage through his head.

janon: how did you find me here?

moga: oh come now, did you really think you could hide from a gangsta lord like me? hahaha!

janon: what do you want?

moga: i have a mission for you!

janon: i'm not interested in helping scum like you!

moga: oh i think you'll be interested indeed when you hear the price

janon:you don't have enough credits for me

moga: how bout i drop the price on your head?

janon: like thats bothered me before!

moga: hahaha! look out your window

janon slowly, but causiously looks out his window to see several bounty hunters all aiming weapons at his tiny little hut of his

janon: damn you moga! why do you need me?

moga: i need someone with force training to get this person. this person is surrounded by very skilled warriors. thats right, the jedi's

janon: just give me a name and let me go!

moga: Yuna Xlander, she is currently residing in the jedi academy

janon: understood!

janon slams the transmitter button and sits down with his back up against the wall, running his hands through his hair, with the looks of distress on his face. then after a few seconds, he gets up, and takes off in his space ship to Coruscant.

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03/08/2007 11:32 AM

Yuna sat on her bed looking at Padawan Morgan, "So your going to take the trials soon right?"

"I am, and it looks like Vey wanted to take you as his next padawan," he was standing against the wall

"Is that why you don't like me?"

"I like you fine just someone like you gets in the way,"

"How do you mean?" pulling her body close to her knees.

"You cloud his judgement, went he's with you he doesn't care about anything else, he know that and her still want to take you on even though your to old," taking a breath, and looking at her.

"I didn't ask to come here, but now where am I meant to go, other than here I have nowhere to go so I have to try, I want to be protect people like you protected me, I want to be like you and Master Vey," standing up.

"Where are you going," ignoring her remark

"I want to go for a walk, if that's ok," putting her shoes back on.

"Ok but I'm going to come with you, your not meant to leave,"

"Fine," opening the door, just that room didn't feel right.


"This is not something to discus outside of the council room, you must wait, can't change the councils course with out evidence," The master turned to Vey, "I know very well you wish to teach her with Morgan ready for the trials but it is not an easy thing for the council to do, she is he oldest we have taken even if she has great promise."

"I understand, I just wish for her to be tested one more time before you say no, she has great power," still walking along side the master.

"We see that and as we said she may not be able to control that power and she already has sorrow in her heart, she has taken steps to the dark side already,"

"But she wishes nothing but good,"

"This matter is over Vey I shall put a final test to the council and I'll see what can be done but I don't think this wise," he walked through a door leaving master Vey looking after him. After a few seconds he turned and headed back towards Yuna's room

03/08/2007 1:43 PM

the ship pulls out of hyperspace, ha had made it to coruscant. he gently lowered his ship down to the serface, hoping the security system wouldn't pick up his ID signature. they rarely ever do though, the security system is usually over worked with all the people coming in and out. finally, after landing his ship in the docking bay, he makes it to the streets, and in the clear, for now

shifty charcter: hey you!

janon looks around, confused, he see's a shifty character covered in a robe hiding in an alley. he happens to notice his geonosian hands poking out from his robe

shifty character: yeah! you, get here now!

janon walks over to the man

shifty character: your the man who's working for moga right?

janon: who are you?

shifty character: answer my question

janon: answer mine first

he was trying to keep the upper hand here, for a boost of self esteem after what happened on hoth. but the shifty guy pulled out a blaster before janon could reach to his pocket, he was getting rusty.

shifty character: now i don't wanna shoot you

janon: no you don't, in fact you want to put your weapon down and answer my question

shifty character: oh please, you really are that stupid aren't you, i'm guessing you are working for moga then, not many 1 tenticle twileks round here

janon: what do you want?

shifty: i'm here to give you your plans for the assassination

janon: i don't need plans, i can do it myself, simply sneak in at night

shifty character: NO! moga doesn't want this to be a secret thing. he wants this to be done in public.

janon: thats crazy, i'll never be able to get into the temple at day

shifty character: don't worry about it, moga has got everything covered. he has contact with a young padawan, he will get you in. you just have to meet him outside the fountain at noon tommorow

janon: and how will he get me out?

shifty character: thats the problem, your gonna have to think on your feet there.

janon: thats just great!

shifty character: hey! don't have that attitude. if we succeed the rewards will be great!

janon: whats he promised you then?

shifty character: just take a look over there

janon turns around

janon: where? what am i looking at?

janon turns back around to find that shifty character had run away right beneathe his nose. this agrevated him more and he just wanted to be done with this.

03/08/2007 6:29 PM

Vanas and his cousins flew their yacht over Dantooine, heading for the only major settlement, the Jedi enclave. Looking out over the fields, his cousin spoke.

"What a...charmingly rustic place! I could spend, oh a few hours here. Unless the local males are a bit more interesting than the last place we went." his cousin Savial said. As usual, her words gave away little of her actual feelings about the place. She was nearly Vanas's age, and just as arrogant. She had the same coloring, though she preferred to keep her skin a lighter green than did Vanas. Her hair was not in a topknot, though. In general only male aristocrats wore it like that.

"Yes, charming. Do you really expect to find a challenging conquest here though?" Vanas's other cousin, Xirian, a male who was one year Vanas's senior. For whatever reason, he kept his skin red. "If the men of Coruscant were no match for your charms, why would these rustics be any different?"

Vanas felt little attraction for most alien females. Those few he had wanted he had seduced easily as a result of Falleen's ability to control their own pheromones. As a result of their entire race being able to control the emotion-affecting chemicals and the fact that their skin pigment would change with emotion if not controlled, Falleen have excellent control over their emotions.

"Why are we here again?" he asked, interrupting their light conversation.

"The Jedi, of course. On Coruscant they were all high and mighty, above socializing with us. Here we can see them here in their 'natural habitat.' I heard they are difficult to catch," Savial replied. "And weren't there some ruins you wanted to see?"

Vanas recalled mentioning that Dantooine had ruins. Once. As a curiosity, not as a reason to visit the planet. They could keep him occupied for a short time, anyway. He was just about ready to return to Falleen, but it seemed his cousins were not. He could always pull rank, but that would likely gain him a grudge from both of them. Falleen are a long-lived race that believes vengeance is a dish best served cold, and he did not want to have to kill them at some future date.

"Fine. Go catch yourself a Jedi. Or just leave him begging, like you usually do with your playthings," he responded. "I may just check these ruins.

"Scared of rejection Vanas?" she said, semi-teasingly.

"No. I am bored with these backwater nothings. The rest of the galaxy is not worth the trouble it takes to get there."

His cousins did not argue with his assessment. It did not look like these three would be living off-world.

Once on the ground, they lowered the landing ramp and exited. There was not much here of interest. A protocol droid greeted them, excitedly informing them that Dantooine was a farming planet with some good hunting and fishing, ideal for the outdoorsman. Vanas queried it about ruins, but it merely responded with something about them being too dangerous or off-limits or some such nonsense. He had a map on his datapad, so he lowered his speeder bike out of the yacht's hold and left the enclave. It was not exactly a busy place, and he doubted that his cousins would enjoy their time there much.

He sped over the plains, avoiding the small stands of oddly-shaped trees. He sighted kath hounds in the distance, but was not particularly worried about them.

He reached the "ruins." Stands of crumbling stone with a language he did not read. Not exactly the most interesting of places. Well, he had made the trip there, so he might as well explore it all. Palm-locking his bike, he walked into the stone columns. They felt ominous, for some reason. As he walked further through the seemingly randomly placed columns, he thought he heard whispers, always just at the edge of his hearing. He tried to follow them, curious at first, then angry. Who else was here!?

Every whisper made him more and more angry. He tripped and caught himself on one of the pillars, and saw his hand. It was a brilliant red. He stopped in shock; not since he was a toddler had he allowed anger to rule him so thoroughly. He examined the seething rage that was inside him, and froze it. His skin returned to green. He was in control, but still angry. He stopped blundering and stood still. The whispers did not stop, but now he moved slowly, following where it seemed the whispers came from. He came out in the middle of a ring of the pillars, and in the center something was buried. The whispers increased in rapidity, talking over themselves as he neared it, and then stopped when he pushed the dirt aside.

"A piece of metal?" he thought to himself, picking up the black, unrusted fragment that seemed to hold pure anger. He saw a glint, and found a few more pieces. They were sharp, he observed, though he did not cut himself. Laid out, they appeared to have once been a sword. A vision of the blade assembled flashed across his vision.

"Now this is interesting," he thought, as he gathered up the pieces and placed them into his pocket. He then remembered his comm, and turned it on.

"So you have finally decided to become available. We were considering informing the Jedi that you were missing."

"The ruins turned out to be even less interesting than I thought they would be. I decided to take a nap, and did not want to be disturbed."

"I see. We would like to be off this planet; the Jedi are no less aloof here than they were on Coruscant. Some of the Padawan were malleable, but their masters swooped in like so many mother hens to remove them. Making farmboys blush and drool is dull. Xirian had a bit more fun; he drove some yokel from wanting to kill him to buying him drinks."

"I am on my way back. We can leave as soon as the Jedi give us clearance to. So do try not to get arrested before I get back."

He worked his way out of the ruins, to his bike. The ruins were surrounded by Kath hounds, but oddly they shied away from him. He climbed onto the bike and rode back to the Enclave, hoping that his cousin had not gotten over-confident and in jail.

03/09/2007 10:37 AM

Yuna walked around the forecourt of the enclave, the setting sun shone off her skins it set, she turned back to look at Morgan, "Isn't it pretty?"

"You haven see it before?"

She smiled at him, "Not here I haven't, it's much nicer here," he gaze was drawn by a figure on a speeder bike coming past the entrance to the enclave, ~ I walk ~ echoed through the pillars, she wasn't the only one to notice. A group of Jedi knights and guards move past her heading to the dock, she looked at Morgan he looked uneasy. "Lets go with them," turning after the group.

"No, it doesn't matter," moving as if to take her arm.

"Then it wont hurt to look," pulling her arm any and running toward the group, Morgan let out a groan and ran after her.


Master Vey returns to an empty room.


The ship was already in lock down, Yuna entered the dock and stopped looking at the ship, she wasn't sure but there was a really bad feeling around, as if it was sucking the life out of the air. She looked at the group with weapons drawn moving towards the ship, she had the sudden urge to run in after them but she stayed at the door looking in.

03/09/2007 2:57 PM

"What did you do?" Vanas asked his two cousins, looking at them after attempting to take off and finding that his ship was locked down.

"We did nothing, Vanas. The ship was locked down only when you got on board." They showed little, but Vanas could tell they suspected him of something.

He could not think of anything that he could have done to earn a lockdown. He walked back to his quarters on the ship, and opened a smuggler's compartment that he had been told about by the previous owner, and stored the sword pieces. He was not sure why he did so, but he did not want them on his person when he talked to the Jedi.

Walking out of the landing ramp, he was greeted by raised blasters and lightsabers.

"What is the meaning of this? I am Prince of Falleen, and not under the jurisdiction of the Jedi or the Republic. My cousins and I have committed no crime, and I demand that we be allowed to leave."

While he did this he manipulated his skin and pheromones to exude an aura of confidence and mastery.

03/10/2007 11:57 AM

Some of the Jedi wavered but after a few seconds steadied themselves, "You have taken something best left forgotten," One of the Jedi walked forwards, "In this compound we are in control, if your words speak truths then there is no harm in letting us look, is there," looking at the falleen with distain. The Jedi would what continued if not for the large explosion from the rear of the compound, an alarm went off, followed by a second explosion. A ship appeared in the sky landing on the grass near the compound, most of the Jedi had already left the dock but with glance at the Falleen ship the last left running into the courtyard, Yuna was left alone as Morgan ran with the other Jedi standing just inside the dock.

03/10/2007 12:25 PM

Vanas had been prepared to produce a speech on how they had no right to search his ship, but a fortuitous explosion distracted the Jedi. Apparently real attacks were still more important than shaking down visiting nobility. These Jedi were arrogant beyond belief.

He walked back up the ramp.

"Is the lockdown still in effect?"

"It looks like it. Those explosions apparently did not hit their port administration."

"Hmm...I will go see if I can get the tractor beam removed. They are under attack, after all; it should not be too difficult to convince them that forcing us to stay here endangers our lives."

Vanas checked the charge on his pistol, replaced it under his robes and exited the ship. He had no real idea as to the location of the control center for the beam keeping his ship here, and everyone who would know seemed to be running towards the explosions. He spied a girl still hanging around, and decided to ask her.

Doing his best to appear charming and likeable (appearance, pheromone, facial expression, etc.) he walked over to the girl.

"Could you direct me to whoever is controlling the beam that keeps my ship here? I would rather not have it or my cousins inside it be the victims of this little attack on the compound."

03/11/2007 6:16 AM

"I'm sorry I don't know where that is," She hadn't see this type of creature before, "But the main control is up there," pointing to the top of a building about 400 meters from where they were standing. The Falleen looked a bit taken a back and Yuna thought it wise to add, "But with the alarm going off it's in lockdown," it had just dawned on her that it was going to be much more interesting outside. Without thinking she turned her back on him and stuck her head out of the door way, there was a battle going on, Jedi running lightsabers drawn towards men dressed in black, Sith. Yuna felt, pain, a group of black figures appeared in front of her. Yuna looked at her side, she wasn't allowed a weapon here, she moved her gaze to the Falleen,

03/11/2007 8:55 PM

Vanas cursed in three languages when he realized that the black-clad attackers did not have the sense to differentiate between him and these Jedi. He had thought that the Jedi were competent enough to handle their own security, but apparently he had been wrong.

"I'm not one of these Jedi, you fools!" he shouted at them as he turned to run in the direction of the administration center, leaving the girl without a second thought. He took two steps when a whisper ran through his mind, so subtle that it could have easily been his own thought.

"Why do you run from such insects?"

He stopped, and then turned to face the black-clad humanoids, who were coming through the doorway. Vanas reached into his robes with both hands and drew his blaster with his left, and gripped the hilt of his whip with the other, keeping it out of sight for now. He turned and fired in a sinuous motion, and the black clad figure deflected it with a weapon. (OOC: not sure if these sith have swords or lightsabers) He had not been expecting this, but now that he knew the creature's tactic his whip shot out, wrapping around the wrist. All it would take would be a flip of the switch on the vibro-generator and the hand would be gone, but Vanas used the plain whip to yank the sword-arm down and fire into its face.

This happened in the space of a few seconds, and the other two rushed him, bellowing terrible threats. One of them pushed out with his hand, and Vanas flew back. He stumbled up, gasping from the blow, and felt a grip on his throat. He was choking, on one knee as he tried to rise. Falleen can hold their breath for hours, but he did not have a lot of air in his lungs.

"Are you really so weak?" echoed in his mind.

He raised his gun to fire on the other, and felt it fly from his hand. The other black clad figure walked towards him, smirking, and lowered the pistol at Vanas's head. Vanas lashed out with the whip, and it wrapped around the figure's leg. He turned on the vibro, and yanked. The black-clad figure screamed as the whip cut into his leg, and fell, dropping the gun and his own weapon within Vanas's reach. The pressure on his throat intensified, and he saw the other running forward, weapon out. The weapon came down, and Vanas angled the weapon of the one who was on the ground up into his onrushing gut just before the killing blow landed. The pressure on his throat released, and Vanas took a deep breath. He held it, not planning to get caught without air again, and picked up his pistol. He fired point blank into the one still alive's head. He held the weapon of these black-garbed Jedi (for who else could do what he had seen these attackers do?) and decided to keep it, if only as a trophy.

"Weak, all of them." he and the whisper said in unison.

Then he turned and headed in the direction of the administration building.

03/12/2007 3:00 PM

meanwhile janon was slowly approaching the fountain like he was told, he was getting tired of being told what to do but he had no choice. he could spot moga's men onn the roof tops of the buildings watching him. if he made one wrong move he'd be dead in seconds and the thought of that scared him. he searched around, he didn't know why though, he was probably more noticable than the man he's looking for.

he waited for 15 minutes and he was getting tired of just standing, waiting, and he was getting impatient. Then he heard a beep with his ear. he walked slowly over the the source of the noise to find it coming from a holotransmitter. he thought it curious as to why someone would leave something like this here. then he gathered it probabl;y had something to do with the jedi spy he was here to see. he picked it up and turned it on, a padawan appeared in front of him.

morgan: i don't have much time to explain for the others may be onto me.

janon: then answer my questions quickly, i've been doing some research, yuna's not even on this planet!

morgan: yes i know! listen, we needed to transfer her over to coruscant so that when you assassinate her, it will be a bigger event than in a distant lowlife farm planet like dantooine.

janon: how are you gonna do that then?

morgan: well we've staged an attack, we got connections with the Kaminoans.

janon: the people who invented cloning?

morgan: yes! anyway a sith character went to kamino and demanded he'd be cloned several times over

janon: wait who is this sith character?

morgan: i don't know his name, what i do know is that he's behind this entire operation

janon: so this thing goes even further than moga?

morgan: yes! anyway that was ten years ago, now the clones have been prepared and trained in the dark side. so we ordered them to invade the jedi colony here! hopefully that will cause the jedi masters enough worry to send the padawans to you for safe keeping while they take care of the sith.

janon: wait i though the sith clones would be powerful enough to take them on?

morgan: i'm afraid not. you see the cloning process hasn't been perfected yet, and the sith demanded the process to be sped up, so the clones aren't as powerful as the original, still they should be strong enough to send yuna, as well as me to coruscant withing the day, i'll speak to you at midnight tonight, be here then!

janon: wait one more thing! why are you in this?

morgan: i think i can here yuna coming. i can't explain right now. see ya!

morgan quickly shut off his transmitter and janon was stood there baffled with all the information he just got. he didn't realise there was still sith around. then again they did have a knack for hiding for years then attacking at unexpected moments. he was seriously starting to doubt working for moga, especially as he was also working for a sith, a person he swore to kill several years ago when he first became a jedi. still he knew he had no choice, and besides, if he turned the job down and got killed, moga would just have someone else do it.

but janon knew the same question would be running through his head over the next few hours.

what was this sith planning with this assassination?

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03/13/2007 1:18 PM

The battle was hard fought and a field of sith were left as the ship left the enclave, Hana had watched the Falleen beat back the men from her postion laying next to a pillar. She looked after him as he left but she concern for what had happend to Morgan won over and she ran over towards where the main battle had taken place. She could hear him in the back of her head, ~ your meant to be a Jedi ~

Morgan was slumped aganist a planter looking out at the bodies that were being taken away from the courtyard, Yuna ran over to him and stood over him, "Who were you talking to, did you make this happen," She still stood over him, as he shifted on the spot, "I hate you, even if I shouldn't I hate what you are to Him," he stood to his feet, Hana backed up a few steps, sharp pain in the back of her left leg just below her ankle. The hum of a vibroblade was under her as she tripped on it, Morgan drew his lightsaber, the blue blade shimmerd in the darkness now the sun had fully set.

Hana pulled the blade out from under her, as Morgan swang down she pushed the blade in both hands, she stoped him inches from her head. He lifted to take a second swing bt was blocked by a second lightsaber, Master Vey then pushed Morgan to the ground.


"The counicl has judged Morgan, he is no longer my padawan they have given me a task to report to the masters of the order, no longer is the normal chanels safe. They also have given my wish to train you," He stopped wawlking for a second, "We must hurry."

Yuna watched him as they walked, ~ Why, what would make Morgan do somthing like that, ~ as they headed toward Veys ship.

03/13/2007 5:15 PM

Vanas reached the administration center, and found it locked down, just like the girl had said it would be. Vanas briefly wondered what had happened to her, but only out of passing curiosity. He felt no responsibility towards the safety of anyone in this place except himself and his cousins. He knocked on the door, and a voice came over the communicator.

"You cannot enter. The base is under attack and we are locked down."

"You are holding my ship here without charges during an attack. I have already been attacked by three invaders who had Jedi training; unless you want to be the Republic's scapegoat when my government takes legal action against it I suggest you release my ship."

There was a pause, and then the voice responded. The soldier did not sound sure of himself.

"We had orders to keep you here...before the attack, anyway. They have not been countered. I cannot let your ship leave."

"And you cannot protect me or my cousins from the attackers; I have already been attacked, and barely escaped with my life. If you let us leave now, it will help towards mitigating the diplomatic disaster that this is turning into."

".....I can't release your ship. I'm sorry, but you need to return to it until the battle is over. I will dispatch some guards to defend it, but that is the best I can do."

Vanas was about to respond when he felt a flash of pain, and then saw blackness.

He was inside a ship, looking at strange aliens whose eyes extended from either side of their elongated heads and whose feet balanced to the front. They stood inside a ship of an alien design, and were arguing. Around them were a few others of the same race, but this one was obviously in charge.

"The plague has weakened the Infinite Empire. We no longer have the numbers to stay here, and the slaves know it. They riot outside, and we must leave. There is nothing left for us here. We need to return to Rakata," said one of the aliens in a tongue that for some reason Vanas could understand.

"No! They are slaves, they are nothing, weak. We can subjugate them with a show of force. I will go out," Vanas heard himself say.

"Don't be a fool! You are one, they are hundreds. Even your strength is not enough."

Vanas realized that he was seeing the even through the eyes of another, but it felt real. He felt as rush of power as pushed the other across the room and lifted him by his throat with the force.

"My strength is enough, fool. I will prove it."

He exited the ship, and the other looked after him with rage in his eyes.

He walked out, surrounded by masses of a humanoid species Vanas did not recognize. As he walked forward, the crowd quieted some, but then a rock flew through the air and struck him. The crowd surged forward, enraged. Vanas felt rage and power flow through him. The black blade lashed out, and blood flew. It seemed an eternity that the fight lasted, and there were mounds of dead humanoids. The black blade moved more slowly, though, and Vanas tired. The rioters seemed to have had enough, though, and broke and ran. They regrouped some distance off, as a speaker tried to rally them for another attack.

The wielder of the black blade was on on knee, leaning on his sword. The other alien came up behind him, and he looked up, victory in his expression. Then hole was blasted through his chest, and the other alien lowered his weapon, smirking in victory.

"It appears you were strong enough, Orbraa, but not smart enough. You attacked me and then turned your back. Not a smart move, oh mighty swordsman."

The swordsman lay on the ground, dying. Vanas raged, and felt the power in his blade. He drew it into himself and picked up his attacker from the ground, pulling power from the force and the blade. He crushed the insides of his betrayer, and then felt a deep satisfaction when he saw blood pour from the mouth, nose, and ears. He dropped the broken corpse, looked at his now broken sword, and died.

Vanas woke in a bacta tank. He opened his eyes, and saw his cousins outside, along with what looked like an official of the Republic.

He was removed from the tank, and almost immediately was assailed by the apologies from the Republic Official. The Jedi had been unable to find anything on his ship (the entity hanging onto the blade knew how to hide), and now the Republic looked very, very foolish. They had kept them, without criminal charges, on apparently unfounded suspicions, during an enemy attack during which a parting shot had nearly killed Vanas, the heir of a royal house of Falleen.

"Sorry, but you are going to pay for this," Vanas said after listening to the man drone on for a while. "We are headed to Coruscant, to our embassy. I'm sure our ambassador will be very interested in our story."

03/14/2007 12:26 PM

janon was asleep, in the shoddy hotel room that moga gave him. janon was sure the room would be bugged, moga was always a suspicious man, always wants to be in control. well janon didn't get much sleep last night, he was overwhelmed with what was going on. who could have more power than moga? he kept asking himself. very few names came to mind, and none that would go this far.

then suddenly, he was rudely awoken by a passing airship. he cursed several times, but stayed in bed. but then again, an even bigger ship passed. janon threw his sheets off to the side and stumbled to the window. passed his faint reflection of his wrinkled face that was formed by the bed, he noticed the second ship was an abassador's ship, the first ship he couldn't quite make out though because his eyes were still adjustiong to waking up.

then the voice of the hooded geonosian from before was being broadcasted in the speakers moga had installed.

hooded stranger: you awake? you should be, i doubt you could sleep through that.

janon: what was that?

hooded stranger: thats our target

janon: what, an ambassador? i thought i was killing a jedi

hooded stranger: your not thinking straight, the targets in the 1st ship not the second

janon: so whats with the second ship?

hooded stranger: oh some angry fool, complaining about the attack we staged. it doesn't matter, we have your ID card, padawan outfit, and artificial tenticle

janon: yeah, yeah... wait what?

hooded stranger: that's right, we can fit you a new tentacle

janon: how, i've searched for years for someone who can do that

hooded stranger: who do you think was cutting you off?

janon: oh, moga

hooded stranger: yes, anyway, meet me by the entrance of the academy, i'll explain more there

janon; wait, can i at least know your name?

hooded stranger: what good will it do you?

janon: just make things a little easier thats all

the geonosian let out a huge sigh and said

hooded stranger: all in good time, just get here now


janon made it to the academy, suited up and with the plan of action well in memory. he was to assassinate yuna in her room, then throw her off the top of the academy where everyone can see. it's a sick plan, but he was told that would cause the most publicity. he slowly made his way to the door where the guards were standing. he showed his ID card to the guards, and he took it off him. he examined it closely, looking at the details of the holographic image projected and the twilek that stood before them. meanwhile janon was trying not to give away any feeling or emotion that they could sence that he was fake. but none were detected by them and we was allowed to pass.

the first thing he did as he entered was look straight up, and he started to remember how huge this place really is. it had been years since he last stepped in here, then suddenly, more memory's of him and his master sprang into his mind, as if forced into. he slammed his hand onto the nearest table, and held the other to his forehead as he tried to concentrate these feeling that were resureccting. he calmly gained controll, and thought nothing more. except of the mission

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03/14/2007 1:20 PM

Yuna had relished the four days on the ship, Master Vey had spent nearly the whole trip with her teaching her new things, he said she grasped it well and was making good progress.

When she had enterd she was wonderus with the scale of the the building, so much bigger than anything on Dantooine, the numbers of people, everything was big. Vey seemed worried, he had taken her to her room and after talking with her for a while had left her.

Her room at the academy wasn't much different other than the lack of Morgan watching over her, Master Vey had gone to the council over an hour ago, the sun had already set. She lay on her bed and shut her eyes, "Why did Morgan do such a thing," she felt the blank and drifted off.

03/14/2007 1:52 PM

janon slowly made his way to the databank, he came up with a moderate excuse to get rid of the receptionist then he got onto the computer. he searched all the jedi's there to find which room yuna was staying in. room 108 it was. he ran away from the computer, not realising he had left it on. he was just in a hurry to get this mission over with, he had too many bad memories of this place and didn't want to get caught for what he did to his master. he tried not to think of it as he made his way to the door.

he was in such a hurry that he hadn't realised that yuna had left her door unlocked. he entered and scanned the room quickly, noticing a mould underneathe the bed covers. he slowly tip toed to the bed, holding up his blaster. he had a silencer set to the blaster, because he didn't want a huge noise to be made.

standing over her, he slowly raised his arm, clutching his gun, his arm was shaking and the gun was rattling. he was shaking with fear. he didn't want to relive what had happened years ago. but he knew this was his only way out. his index finger slowly tightened, further, and further...

hooded stranger: have you done it yet?

janon took two steps back, gasping for breathe, he had almost had a heart attack

janon: don't scare me like that!

he whispered into the intercom in his ear

hooded stranger: well hurry up and get on with it!

janon: alright, don't disturb me again.

janon sighed, and slowly calmed himself. he had realised how much of a nervous reck he was becoming. he closed his eyes and used the force to control his emotions. then he opened his eyes and looked over at yuna again. he thought it curious how a girl can sleep so peacefully when the threat of death lingers literally inches away.

after calming down, he attempted again, this time more firm. no shaking when he lifted the gun. this time, he knew he'd go through with it. he wasn't even thinking about his master anymore.

but unexpectedly, she wakes up screaming and exactly at that moment, janon falls over on his back, too quickly that it couldn't have been caused by the scream, as if they were experiencing the same thing. images of his past kept running through his mind and he couldn't take it.

he fled from the room before the jedi masters came, stumbling accross the hallway, with all the commosion of yuna's nightmare no one noticed him. he ran to the courtyard and slammed his fist on the wall.

janon: damn it! why, why is this happeneing?!

and then he began to cry

03/15/2007 11:07 AM

(OOC: Why do you write entirely in lowercase?)

Vanas sat in his quarters as his yacht headed for Coruscant. He tried to recreate the feeling of power that he had experienced in his vision, at first with little luck. Then a whisper came, telling him to release control of his anger.

"Please, I know that's not my thought," he said. "You might as well come out openly, Orbraa."

There was a moment, as if the entity was hesitating, and then he heard the whisper.

"Very good, Vanas. But you must release your anger; it will give you power. This rigid control that you value so highly is only holding you back."

Vanas did not agree, but concentrated on the anger he felt towards the Republic and the Jedi right now, and let it flow through him. His skin flashed red and he felt a brief surge of power.

"Good, Vanas. Just like that."

Though still uncomfortable with the idea of letting his emotions go, Vanas continued with the technique. It did not take him long to learn that actually letting the anger show was unnecessary; he just had to feel it.

For four days he practiced, under the tutelage of the long-dead Rakatan. During meals, when he had time to think, he began to question the motives of the spirit, but for now he was content to learn what he could.

On Coruscant, he went almost directly to the Falleen Embassy. He told his story to the ambassador there, who grasped what potential for gain it had immediately. There was always the possibility that the Republic would just shrug it off, but if handled right the desire on the part of the Republic to make amends could be used to Falleen's advantage. Vanas's father was also informed. The diplomat promised to keep Vanas informed of any developments.

Vanas was in his rooms in the embassy, looking out over Coruscant. His console beeped, and he went over to it. He had an invitation from the Jedi. After brief consideration, he decided to accept. Maybe they would apologize.

On his way out, he encountered his cousins. After a brief exchange they informed him that they were returning to Falleen; they had had enough of the rest of the galaxy.

He took a shuttle from the embassy, accompanied by two guards, to the Jedi temple. He was greeted there by a typically cool Jedi. The one thing he admired about the Jedi was how little emotion they showed, even the humans. She led him into the temple, into a room where he waited, along with several other Jedi that he thought he had seen before.

After a while he was led before a group of Jedi who sat in a circle.

"I don't guess I am here to receive an apology, then," he said.

One of the Jedi responded.

"No. We are conducting an investigation of the events that occurred on Dantooine. We have some questions for you."

They proceeded to question him. To his surprise, they only questioned him about the attack, and the conduct of the Jedi on Dantooine.

He exited the room, feeling oddly unsettled.

"You felt it?"

"Yes, though I do not believe he is connected to the attack on Dantooine. His ignorance of it was genuine."

Vanas walked across the courtyard towards the shuttle that would take him back to the embassy. He saw a padawan in tears, and felt disgust. Apparently even with Jedi training some could not control their emotions.

03/15/2007 3:04 PM

Janon couldn't stand being in this place anymore. He had failed in his assassination attempt, and he knew Moga wouldn't be as lenient this time, and he couldn't go for protection with the authorities because he was a wanted villain.

Hooded stranger: Janon? What happened! All i can hear is screaming. What happened?

Janon was in no mood to speak to anyone. He threw his intercom on the floor, it landed near a very high status man. He was obviously not a jedi, his clothes for one were nothing of their style, but it was his stance, facial expression that gave it away. He had the look of someone who knew they were better than everyone. Usually, if Janon was caught in a weak moment, he would instantly pull himself together and act like nothing has happened, but not today. It was too much. He knew his life was over. As soon as he would leave the jedi academy, Moga could have his men shoot him at any point.

Janon didn't care anymore. He ran passed the man who was watching him, bumping into his shoulder, almost knoking him down. He could hear the hooded stranger still talking on the intercom.

Hooded stranger: Janon? Janon?!

Janon had failed, his life would be over and he was ready to accept his fate


Waiting in a bar, some of the questions that he was thinking up before came back. Such as "who was this sith?", "What were his motives?", and many more questions. it didn't matter though. The bar he was sitting in would become a crime scene when one of Moga's men blasts his head. He kept looking at the door, trying to figure out which of member of the crowd would walk in and end his life. Instead that Geonosian walked in, the one on the intercom. He took a seat next to Janon.

Janon: so he sent you to kill me huh?

The Geonosian ordered a drink

Hooded stranger: nope

Janon: then what are you doing here? come to warn me about Moga's men?

Hooded stranger: not even that, although he was pretty angry.

Janon: Then why are you here? I don't care anymore. I know my lifes over, i just want to wollow in this stink hole by myself till i die.

Hooded stranger: Don't be like that?

Janon: Why not?! I've got nothing left to live for! I can't run, I can't ask for protection, It's over!

Janon broke into tears again, causing a scene as many people in the bar saw him.

Hooded stranger: What if I could offer you protection?

Janon sniffed, wiped the tears from his eyes, and then took another drink

Janon: How could you protect me? You work for Moga

Hooded stranger: Not nessessarily, i'm more of a work associate. We're partners.

Janon: What?

The hooded stranger took off his hood, to reveal his face. He had a scar straight down his left eye. janon knew who this was, there was only one Geonosian he knew with a scar like that. Another Gangster, as powerful as Moga but not as greedy or harsh.

Damiken: i like you Janon, so i'm going to recruit you, and moga won't be able to touch you.

03/20/2007 2:26 PM

Mysterious sith: Why is Yuna still alive?

Moga: My hitman failed in his attempts

Mysterious sith: need i remind you your life is at stake if she is not killed?

Moga: I know! But it can't be helped, The Jedi academy is on full alert after what happened.

Mysterious sith: At least tell me you've taken care of that pethetic hitman of yours?

Moga: um... about that, ever since he left the Jedi academy, my men haven't located him, he's gone into hiding.

Mysterious sith: This is inexcusable! Your lucky your still useful to me, or i'd have your head by now.

Moga: Now listen here! Who do you think you are? Coming to my palace, slaughtering half my men and threatening me? I think you underestimate how much power i have!

The Mysterious sith suddenly starts choking Moga from over the transmitter.

Mysterious sith: I realise exactly how much power you have, and compared to me, you are an insignificant Ewok.

The mysterious sith lets his grip on Moga's throat loosen.

Mysterious sith: Speak out of term again, and i won't be as forgiving.

Moga: Yes, i understand.

Mysterious sith: good, now clean up this mess and finish your assignment.

The transmision ended and Moga was left there with his Pride brutally damaged. He would have to direct his anger on someone else. On Janon

03/28/2007 9:46 AM

Yuna lay, sweat forming on her exposed skin, she was sure if there had been a person in her room or not but they were gone now, should she worry? She lifted her arms over her head, it was still light outside if she left it would be fine, where would she go, why was she even think about leaving?

She put a robe on and opened the door, she wandered out into the main hall, Yuna sat down next to one of the pillars. It was nicer now there were other people around, her mind wandered, she didn't focus on anything but there was a bar that kept coming into head. She'd never been to such a place, there was an odd feeling, like she wasn't feeling her thoughts.

03/31/2007 1:27 AM

Vanas arrived back at the relatively small embassy, and was greeted by the ambassador.

"Vanas, your father contacted me in your absence. He wishes you to return home, to avoid becoming involved in the cesspool that is Republic politics any further than you already have been. I recorded his message here."

He then handed Vanas a datapad.

Vanas had not counted on this occurring. He had assumed that his father would be as enraged as he was over the incident on Dantooine. He pocketed the datapad, and headed back to his quarters to play it and contact his father on the matter.

"That could have gone better," he mused to himself after speaking with his father. He was commanded to return within the week. Though Republic politics were one reason, his father also wanted him at an upcoming meeting of the Houses. Ah well. It would be good to be back on Falleen, and he had his whole life to make the Jedi, and whatever his attackers on Dantooine had been, pay. Revenge was a dish best served cold.

Still, he should probably take what time he had here to try to find out what he could about those who had attacked Dantooine. The Jedi were a known entity; those dark-garbed men who could use the force were not. He had already read all the news reports regarding the attack; they said little about the attackers. There was some speculation, the most interesting mentioning "Sith," but most of what was known came from the interviews they had conducted on him. The Jedi were not the most talkative people in the galaxy.

He did not have many options. The Falleen, being an isolationist people, did not have an intelligence network, and the Republic was not being forthcoming with information about the attack.

"Who were they?" he mused aloud, though very softly.

"Use the Force. The Jedi will probably notice you, but I am guessing that the worst they will do is send someone to talk to you. You recall how the attackers felt; search the galaxy for them."


"First fill yourself with the force. Once you have done that, open your senses. It touches all life in the galaxy. Its size can be overwhelming; you must keep in mind that it is your tool, and that where it takes you will be determined by your will."

Vanas did as he was instructed. The size and scope of what he felt himself open up to was awe-inspiring, but he cleared away that emotion and focused on finding his attackers. He found nothing, and he focused more. A glimmer of recognition, and then nothing. Angry now, he poured more of his will and anger into the attempt. The glimmer grew, and then he felt almost as if he were being redirected. Then, suddenly, the redirection stopped.

"You are not Jedi," echoed through his senses. He was snapped out of his meditation by a pressure in his throat.

"Fight it!" Obraa's voice ordered. "With the force, you idiot!"

Filled with anger at this new attack and Orbraa's insults, he lashed out at the entity he had felt in his mind with all he had. The pressure on his throat let up, and he fell back, exhausted.

"This one is powerful" Obraa thought to himself. "He would be able to do what I need, but may not be as easily manipulated as is this Falleen. For now I will continue to aid this arrogant lizard."

The Jedi took note of Vanas's bumbling around, but considered him a threat they could deal with rather easily. They were far more interested in what appeared to have stopped his bumbling, something that evaded their attempts to find it. They decided to continue watching the Falleen, in hopes that he would somehow lead them to the greater threat.

(OOC: Would the Jedi do this, or would they be trying to convert him?)

04/06/2007 3:14 PM

Meanwhile,on the wookie planet of Kashykk a young sith Apprentice Darth Traya and her master Darth Revan were conjuring up a plan to rid the galaxy of the Jedi once and for all.

Darth Traya: Master i sense another presence through the force!!We must hide someone is coming.

Darth Revan: Well im sorry i havent told you beofre but remember when i told you the sith ways are master and apprentice?Well i have some guests who will help us destroy the jedi once and for all!!!

Darth Traya: Well who is it?

Darth Revan: Darth Malak,and Darth Sion will be coming to assist in the destruction of the Jedi.I told them of how you killed your former master and father Luke Skywalker.I told them all about your days as a jedi.

Darth Malak walks in with his master Darth Sion and they greet Darth Revan and Darth Traya.

Darth Malak: So Darth Traya why did you turn on your father and kill him.

Darth Traya: That's none of your business ok now please dont start any trouble because i can too and im sure you wouldnt want that.

Darth Sion: Now,Now my young apprentice you still have much to learn!Dont start fights you cant win!

as they all stand starring at each other they hear someone coming.

Darth Sion: It's a straggling Jedi from the Jedi temple on Naboo!

Darth Sion tries to rush and attack as quickly as possible until Darth Traya stops him.

Darth Traya: We cant attack now hust wait and see what he is doing.

They watch the jedi and follow him until he reaches an outpost with two other jedi with him.

Darth Treya: What!!

Darth Malak: um..What's wrong.

Darth treya: Its my aunt Leia.

Darth Revan: You mean Luke's sister.We must kill all of them now.

Darth Treya: No! i need her.

Darth Malak,Darth Revan and Darth Sion run toward with their lightsabers turned on.Jedi Knight Leia and her two apprentices fight as much as they can but her apprentices were no match for the power of the dark side.

Leia: I wont let you three get away with this,you killed my brother and now i will kill you.

Darth Malak: It wasnt us who killed your brother wise one!!!It was your niece now called Darth Traya.And i sense much anger in you.Join us in our campaign to destroy the jedi.Join us and together the jedi will fall.

Leia: I will never joi......

Darth Traya: ......................

Leia: What!please dont tell me your a sith???

Darth Traya: Im sorry but i had to get rid of my anger from my past.

Darth Malak: She killed your brother!!!

Leia: How could you please tell me this isnt true?

Darth Treya: Im so sorry its true.

Leia charges at the sith without a word and swings her lightsaber at Darth Revan but he force jumps in the air and kicks her in the head.

Darth Revan: You may be a jedi knight but remember sith Lords are much stronger.NOW YOU WILL DIE JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER DID!!!

Darth Revan sliced her hands off and picked her up.

Leia screams in pain.

Darth Traya: Dont hurt her please!!

Darth Revan: Let me talk to her alone.

Darth Ravan: Very well get over there.

Darth Revan pushes her over to Darth Traya.

Darth Traya: Listen to me...i need you to join the sith.We will find you some robot hands so you can fight with us ok?

Leia: No i will never join the sith!if you are a sith then why do you want me alive?

Darth Traya: Enough questions join us.

Leia: I said no and im not changing my mind.

Darth Revan: Enough time bring her!

Darth Traya brung Leia to him and Darth Traya turned the other way and closing her eyes.

Darth Revan: NO!I want you to see her die true sith love to see people get slaughtered now look...i command you!!

Darth Traya turns to look as Darth Revan's lightsaber slices through her back.Leia falls to the ground and Darth Traya looks down as a tear drops from her face.

Darth Revan: Are you crying?

Darth Malak & Darth Sion: Yep!she's crying.

Darth Revan: Then part of your heart is still pure and we need to change that,come we have work to do your first mission is to kill the wookies in the village ahead.If you dont succeed you will die because they will fight back.Goodluck and i will be watching.And make sure you bring me Master Yoda's old friend chubaka.

Darth Traya starts walks toward the village but bumps into a worker carrying supplies.

Darth Traya: (Thinking to Herself)This one is strong in the force he must be a jedi.

Darth Traya uses the dark side of the force to stop him from sensing she's a sith Apprentice.

Darth Treya: Oh hello there,im so sorry let me help you with that!

OOC: Is this good for my first roleplay?

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OOC: yeah this is good and everything, however this is role play is set 1000's of years before the starwars trilogies. Luke, Leia Chubakka and even Yoda aren't alive yet. It doesn't really fit in with the story.

Janon was staring at himself as he was wearing his new uniform. He was in a thin overall suit, which showed his muscles and his full physique. He then put his armour on over the top. By the time he had finished putting his boots on he was starting to look like a threatening man.

Damiken: Don't worry, we rarely ever use harmful force on people.

Janon: But how did you...

Damiken: I've done a little jedi training myself. You are meant to be better than me though, yet i could access your thoughts straight away.

Janon: I've been a little rattled with whats been going on lately

Damiken: Don't you worry about it. The operations i'll be sending you on will be small to begin with.

Janon: About that, what exactly will i be doing?

Damiken: I've already set out your first mission, you should check it out at the datapad near the entrance.

Damiken left the room leaving Janon staring at his shoes. He was overwhelmed by the generosity he was being given, and couldn't quite shake the feeling he was needed for something. Still he stood up and walked over to this datapad that he mentioned.

When he got there he had to wait in line for a few minutes for more elite members of the gang were checking out their mission details. He waited calmly until it was his turn. he made it to the datapad and the machine read his eye retina.

Datapap: Janon Sylorca confirmed, here is your mission status.

It had a star rating in the top right and a description below. it was rated as 1 star, however the mission didn't seem very simple.

Datapad: You will be hyjacking a moving train, and stealing several marked crates. The crates are positioned at the back of the train, and are guarded by laser sensors, cameras and 5 stationed guards. you will be entering the train during it's journey and entering from the middle, once you've disabled the power system using EMP's. From there you will knock out all five guards with your partner and retrieve the crates.

Jenny: Looks like your partnered up with me!

Janon: Excuse me?

He was shocked as a young woman, several years younger than himself budged straight in to look at the mission statement.

Jenny: Wow! i've never done a train hyjacking before.

Janon: Excuse me but who are you?

Jenny: Oh right of course! I'm Jenny Clon, and i'm your partner on this mission.

She raised her hand up to shake Janon's. He was a little worried at how strong she came on.

Janon: um... pleased to meet you, i guess.

Jenny: This mission looks like fun, i can't wait!

Janon: Yeah about that, isn't this mission a little hard for a 1 star, i've just started here.

Jenny: Nope, not really. Your in one of the strongest gangs in the galaxy, we can't be doing simple pick pocketing jobs. 1 stars start of hard, just be glad your not on 5 stars yet. man those are daunting. Their only given to the major elites though.

Janon: Wait, so when do we take off?

Jenny: Right now!

She giggled, then grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the docking bay.

04/08/2007 10:57 AM

OOC: If the sith enemy is going to be EXAr Kun, Revan and Traya can't even be alive. Furthermore, Traya was more of a master to Revan. I will leae this post and if you like where it is going it iwll stay if not I can withdraw it.

The scene opens as a hulking Sith warship looms over Onderon. Ever since Kun's discovery of the tomb of Freedon Nad on the moon of Dxun, the Sith Lord feverishly scoured it's chambers looking for the power he would need to over come the Republic leviathan. Below the capital city of Iziz cowered under the oppression of the Sith Armada.

It had been years since Kun abandoned the pathetic Jedi Order. The Dark Side surged through him like disease. His mind and soul could only feel hate and discontent for everything around him. Stepping onto the bridge of the Star Destroyer, another cloaked figure entered the fray.

This one carried presence less commanding. His face was less pale, and his heart still held onto teh teachings of his former masters. This was Dark Lord Quel Droma. HAving been plucked from the order his mind had become tainted by the teachings of the Sith. It was here on Onderon that he was to finish his training.

"What is thy bidding my Master."

Kun shifted his weight to turn to his apprentice, "Have your forces found anything yet, on the surface of this moon."

"No more than the tomb. As of right now the Mandalorians are leading us through the jungles to explore it."

"I want you to join them. Speed the fools up, I will leave you with one battalion."

"Where are you going miLord."

"Pressing matters in the Core. I must show the Jedi that their sparse victories are not a sign of our weakness. If we wish to win this rebellion, we will need more Jedi to defect. A Victory will achieve this."



"WHAT!? Are you out of your mind mileige..."

"DO NOT QUESTION ME. We will them hard. We have the upper hand. Surprise. The Republic is spread thin ensuring our forces do not take more key worlds. With one assault we can blow a fatal blow to the Republic's will, and maybe gain some leeway in the Jedi masses."

"Hmmm, dangerous, but plausible. I will do your command, just no that if this move of yours ends up to be a failure, I will take you by the throat and usurp the Sith Lordship."

"I would expect no less, It is the way of the Sith."

Turning the young Sith left the bridge and entered his transport to the moon. Lumbering away the Fleet prepared for hyperspace. It was time the Jedi truly knew the Sith resolve.

04/09/2007 3:42 PM

Altrea opened her eyes to the small sound of beeping from her bedside. Mumbling softly to herself, she reached over and grasped the holocron and stopped its anxious beeping. "Yes, what is it?" she muttered, slowly sitting up in bed and untying the braid that ran slowly down her back.

A man appeared in official looking robes, his visage worried and uncertain. "Altrea, darling, get out of bed. You are needed, and quickly. We've heard rumors of something -" Static interrupted him, and she flinched, shaking the small machine until focus resumed. "-So get here as soon as you can."

She sighed and nodded. "Yes sir." The connection closed and she swung her feet over the edge of her bed side, and stood, her long nightgown silky and lilac adjusting to her curves. She surveyed the large room given to diplomats, with its large open windows and lit skies. "Who would have ever thought?" she whispered, smiling slightly to herself. Then she remembered her duty, and quickly began to get dressed.


She arrived at the Galatic Senate about an hour later, approaching her instructer and good friend, Paluas Jiinder quickly. She glanced around, and buisness seemed to be going on as usual.

"What's happening? What is the big rush?"

He glanced furtively around and pulled her aside. "The contacts we have spoken of before...you remember them?"

Altrea nodded, her hair falling into her face slightly, causing her to tuck it back again.

"They claim...they claim the Sith are headed this direction."

Her jaw dropped and she gasped, looking around her anxiously. "It can't be!" Her stomach gave a small lurch, but she shoved her breakfast back where it belonged. "That's impossible!"

"Impossible or not, we cannot deny it. The Senators don't know yet, and we'd rather not tell them. But the Chancellor, we've told him of course, and he wants to send you to the Jedi to find out for sure. He supposes that the Jedi don't even know yet."

She laughed shortly. "Of course they don't. They don't listen to unreliable spies."

"You'll go though?"

"Of course." she sighed, and looked around. "If they are coming..let's just hope they don't discover we are on to them."

((OOC : Its okay if someone kills off Paluas Jiinder to...prove the Sith purpose. He's not that important.))

04/09/2007 7:46 PM

Hyperspace was a peaceful time. For most Sith it was torture anything they had ever felt, yet for Exar Kun it was a time of planning. It was moments like this that he relished in hatred and power, allowing himself to grow. Disturbances scattered across his devious plan to assault the world. Kun knew surprise was key, if he could not obtain that, his mission would fall apart .

"You have sent for us my lord." Before his throne knelt two Sith assassin's.

"Yes Phineus, Torvyyn, I have a task for you."

"Even though you are lord, Kun, I do nothing without payment."

"Greed, lust, perfect in a Sith. I wonder why it is that you were trained in the way of the Assassin. You would make a formidable Sith Lord Phineus." Torvyyn remained silent, he knew his place. "Imagine what weight you would hold in the Sith populace if you were to save this attack single handedly. Maybe enough to raise a coup against my apprentice or maybe even I."

"What is this task?"

"GO to Coruscunt ahead of us. You will be the ears of this Vanguard. Find any who may know of this attack and kill them before the Senate can completely find out."

"Your bidding will be done."

The two stood and then left the chamber. Soon they would complete their task, and the jewel of the galaxy, Coruscunt, would collapse before the might of the Sith.

04/09/2007 8:01 PM

Altrea waved a quick goodbye to her instructor and left the building, heading for her speeder with sinple things floating through her head. Like what she would be having for lunch and whether traffic would be bad today. She did try to not think about the threat of the Sith approaching. Should she survive a Sith attack if there was one, she would most certainly not survive if they discovered ...hurriedly she shoved the thoughts out of her head. She wouldn't think about it. Surely the Jedi would tell her that she was wrong.

She approached the Jedi Temple, awed as usual by the power that seemed to eminate from the building itself, besides the people who resided there. She approached the desk, being recognised immediately by the secretary. "Welcome Miss. What can we do today for you?"

"I need to speak with the Jedi Council immediately. It is a matter of security please."

The woman nodded quickly and within moments someone came and escorted her before the council. She paused outside the door phrasing and rephrasing what she was about to say. The temple itself was peaceful, they couldn't know about the Sith yet...She took a deep breath and the door opened, revealing 5 members of the council. They respected her, and nodded as she entered. But it was mainly because they needed her on their side, just in case something should go wrong between the jedi and the senators.

"What can we do for you today, Diplomat Kiethanan?"

"Well - "

04/10/2007 12:30 PM

The night sky of Coruscunt was pathetic to the eyes of a Sith Assassin. The glowing lights, the hustle and bustle, it was sickening to once who relished in the face of shadows and utter darkness. Gliding on their speeders, the two non nonchalantly dressed Sith weaved through the ever growing traffic. It was only one hour prior that they had met with the informant, a payed spy in the nest of the Senate. He had told them of the meeting that a certain Paluas Jiinder met with the Supreme Chancellor earlier that day, regarding the possibility of a Sith attack.

Phineus knew the fragility of the situation. Kill the man out right, and the Republic had all it needed to withdraw the fleet back to Coruscunt, leave him live and he would convince others of his theory. Know he would have to destroy him. From Credibility to words. Phineus was a smart Sith, and he knew just how to do it. In his pouch a series of documents would be the center of the plan. Plant the documents wreaking of treason, incriminating him to trying to pull the Republic Fleet out of the Outer Rim so Sith could fortify it and hold the worlds. It was ingenious, but their would have to be something more. His life could not be spared. This is where Torvyyn came in. His sacrifice would be for the good of the Empire.

"Torvyyn, take these, plant them in his office," Phineus was well aware the Senator would be do back to his office any minute now. "I have other business to attend to."

"As you wish," veering off the Sith plummeted to his destination.

Phineus' plan was flawless. With a holocron message, Phineus patched a message to the Republic Authority explaining a disturbance at the senators residence. Watching t ensure the authorities took the bait, Phineus followed them ready to ensure the last pieces of his plan would fall into place.

04/10/2007 4:58 PM

The meeting had not gone anything like she had planned. They had in fact, laughed at her. As if she had never had any contact with the Sith before, and they knew everything there was no be known. It made no sense what so ever.

[i]"The possibility of an attack is impossible. The Sith fleet is several galaxies away from ours. You are simple wasting our time, Altrea."[/i]

She gritted her teeth angry and charged back out to her speeder, stepping lightly down the stairs and then hopping inside. See if the Sith didn't attack. But at least she had warned them. Now it was on their heads. The conversation still rang in their heads.

[i] "We are well aware of how you feel about the Sith, and understand that you have been attempting to keep an eye on their position for us."

"However to do such is fruitless. Our own Jedi and spies are working around the clock, and they report the Sith to be active on the Outer Rim, and not anywhere near Coruscant."

"Your warning has been taken, but with a grain of salt, Altrea. One might almost think that you have something to gain by distracting us from the Sith outposts elsewhere." [/i]

She simply couldn't believe their big headedness and stubborness. She might as well go figure it out for herself, she thought, with a small frown creasing her pretty features. She patted the blaster she kept strapped at her waist. She wasn't about to be caught off guard if they did show up. She sighed, and her thoughts turned to the Senator. He wouldn't be happy. Altrea sped off without another look back at the Jedi Temple, headed for the Galatic Senate.

04/16/2007 1:28 PM

Jenny: 1... 2......3!!!!!!

Both Janon and Jenny burst into the train they were hyjacking the second the EMP pulses hit. the train came to a stand still and it was pitch black, completly perfect for a heist. of course both Jenny and Janon were equiped for the situation with state of the range night and heat vision goggles. they made light work of all the passengers on board and headed towards the cargo bay.

Security guard 1: Hey what the hells going on?

Security guard 2: I don't know!

They both switched on their backup lights and flung them into the middle of the room to alluminate the room. Then they got the feeling they should investigate the rest of the train. Cautiously the first security guard opens the door to the next train car. But after using more of their alluminating lights, they discover nothing.

Security guard 2: See? (walking into the next car) it's probably just a power failu...wahh!

Suddenly the second security guards gets pulled upwards towards the ceiling by some sort of mysterious power, and the first security guard runs up towards him.

Security guard 2: Hey get me down from here!

Security guard 1: gotcha!

However before the first security guard can grab him he gets knocked back by the same mysterious force.

Jenny: You must have so much fun being able to use the force and all that!

Janon: It's not as great as it looks like.

He says as he thinks back to his first master. However only for a brief moment.

Jenny: Can you hurry thisup please?

Janon: As you wish

On those words he knocks the security guards unconcious and preps the crates for loading onto the ship above.


Back from the mission, Jenny becomes very excited.

Jenny: Woohoo! we did it! We're bound to get rewards for this!

She jumps widely up and down. However suddenly Janon is called up to Damiken's room.

Jenny: Looks like someone's getting a promotion!

Janon: Come on! I haven't worked here a week yet!

Jenny: Still getting called up by the big man after a mission like thats gotta be good right?

Janon ponders about that for a second. He suddenly realised that he hasn't been putting his guard up, or closing off from people ever since he got here. He finally starts to feel excepted ever since his trouble many years ago.


Damiken: Ahh! Janon please enter!

Janon: you called for me sir?

Damiken: yes i wanted to congratualate you on your first successful mission and... hold on a sec.

a transmission from Moga interupts his speech.

Damiken: Yes Moga?

Moga: Damiken! Do you have any idea what i've been putting up with?

Damiken: You mean the trouble with that sith?

Moga: Not just that, but Janon's run away and i'm unable to locate him!

Damiken: Are you serious? i thought your men were following him, in fact since the mission failed i assumed he'd be dead right now!

Moga: Somehow he managed to escape. And i need your help finding him.

Damiken: I'll dispatch some men on it right away!

Moga: Thats not all, one of my trains have been hyjacked

Janon: Wha!

Janon quickly surpresses his outburst for fear of Moga finding his where abouts.

Damiken: Thats terrible news. I'll help you in investigating that as well.

Moga: Your help is appreciated.

The transmission ends.

Janon: what do you think your playing at! you sent me to attack one of Moga's trains! you two are meant to be allies!

Damiken: Yes i'm sorry about that, however, it's all necessary for my plan.

Janon: whats this you going on about?

Damiken: Moga doesn't know it, but i've been planning a war against him for may years. i have men in all of his top locations ready to infiltrate from the inside out, however, what i need first of all is for him to attack me. hence why i have been using you to disrupt his businesses.

Janon: Why don't you just let him know you have me, that would be more than enough to enrage him.

Damiken: Well you see, the more times i can attack him without him knowing, the better advantage i will be at when he goes to war with me.

Janon: You are a crazy man! (Janon thinks very deeply) but i'm on board 100%

Damiken: Well as they say, keep wour friends close and your enemies closer.

04/18/2007 2:07 PM

Jaden Korr, a passenger on the train, sensed somehting when it was hijacked. "I dont know what that was but its almost as if i could feel a voice talking to me" he said to himself after leaving the train, unaware that he was a force adept and having been born on the outer rim he decided that he would seek out the source of this mysterious "Thought voice"and try to discover its origin and what it was. As he ventured around Jaden found that he could hear the voice calling to him, beckoning in a way, until it brought him to the moon of Dxun, a forest moon orbiting the planet Onderon, it was here that the voice became strong, urging him to come to it. Following the call of the voice led him to a large tomb like structure deep in the jungle, Looking down at his hands Jaden could feel something stirring in them, an unkown feeling of power, heading the voices call he listened as it told him how to manipulate the minds of the guards watching the tomb. When he reached the bowells of the tomb and found its main hall, he looked into the darkness and saw a cloaked figure, the voice drove him towards this person who Jaden could feel was also brimming with this strange power, "Who are you?"the strange cloaked figure asked, "J-Jaden K-Korr sir, i didnt mean to, i heard this voice calling to me and it lead me here, please dont hurt me". The cloaked figure turned to face Jaden, it was then that Jaden recognized this person, Ulic Quel Droma, the apprentice to Exar Kun!

04/19/2007 12:43 PM

As the transmission ends, Moga felt disheartened for a second. In his hand, he see's a locator, with a bleep approximately 5 sectors away from his base, on coruscant. He knew that Damiken was planning to go to war with him at the end of that transmission, he could tell ever since he lied about Janon's location and the train hyjacking. Moga had to be sure, he's been allied with Damiken for years and the thought of a betrayal was absurd, almost unimaginable. however he could not deny the evidence right there in front of him, the tracking devise placed in Janon's fake Tenticle. Moga realised what he needed to do. If Damiken was preparing for war, then so must he. But the suddenly a transmission interupted his thoughts.

Mysterious sith: Moga, please tell me you have some good news!

Moga: Yes i have. I have located that backstabbing ex-jedi and will have him eradicated soon.

Mysterious sith: Ah well done, perhaps you are worthy of my next challenge.

Moga: Challenge?

Mysterious sith: Many people are starting to gather and the tomb of Freedon Naad on Dxun, including myself, however making my presence aware would be a serious threat if i were to alert others to my existance. Henceforth i am sending you there.

Moga: Please, you don't understand! I have no time for any off your plans anymore. I have just recieved conformation that Damiken has attacked one of my transports and i'm preparing for a full scale war.

Mysterious sith: In coruscant?

Moga: Yes, but what does that matter?

Mysterious sith: Interesting, it appear fate has brought our paths together for some greater reason. Moga you must listen to me, i will arm your forces with 1000, no 10000 of my sith clones.

Moga: What?! Surely the Jedi will suspect something then!

Mysterious sith: The Jedi will be well aware of my presence before then. You see, i'm orcastrating a full scale war in effort to be rid of the republic once and for all, and once i rule, i will personally bring Damiken to you alive to do as you wish, as long as you help me in the war. I will instruct my clones to follow your orders, however in the meantime you must send some of your soldiers to Dxun and investigate.

Moga: Right away!

The transmission ends, just leaving Moga shocked at the opportunity he has been given, He could finally grab the upper hand in his alliance and rule both his and Damiken's Gangs. They had both been waiting for a moment to strike at each other, hence why they set up the alliance, so that they could both breathe easy till one of them brakes it. However he did not expect it to last this long. But no matter how long they have refused to engage each other, they were about to meet in battle.

(OOC: Yeah i was wondering if my Mysterious Sith character could be Exar Kun cos then it would link him and Moga together)

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04/20/2007 8:14 PM

Jaden Awoke, the room was dark and he could barely see anything. Then he remembered, closing his eyes he no longer needed to see with them...he could see with the force, stretching out with his emotions he found the light switch and turned it on. The training he had been receiving at the hands of Ulic was becomming more and more usefull. Jaden left his shelter after dressing in his robes of jet black cloth and leather that Ulic had gotten made for him, walking at a swift pace back into the tomb to the room where he first met Ulic he knelt down behind him.

"Master, i have come to learn more"

Ulic:"You have become strong Jaden, but in order to master your potential you must becom stronger still...yet i sense this will not be hard for you, you are very strong in the force and have already taken your first steps down the path of power."

"What shall i do master?"

Ulic:"You must go to Coruscant, there you will find a one tentacled Twi'lek by the name of Janon, kill him, this will be your first test in the darkside...be aware however that he was once a jedi student and is not on to be taken lightly, in order to kill him you must first construct youre weapon...that is why you are here"

"You mean, a lightsaber master?"

Ulic:"Yes my student, a force users weapon"

At that time Jaden set to work on constructing his own personalized lightsaber, and with it he would kill this one tentacled Twi'lek.

04/21/2007 4:01 PM

Janon was in a shuttle, starring back on coruscant and everything that went on there. He had an eerie feeling in the boul of his stomach as if something wasn't right. He knew something big was going to happen on his next mission.

"Five Stars?" he remembered saying to himself when he first read through it.

"Just be glad your not on 5 stars yet. man those are daunting" he recalled Jenny saying, who unfortunatly was not partnered up with him on this mission.

"You must go to the tomb of Freedon Naad, on Dxun and twart Moga's troops. While you are there you must find out whats so important to him and report back." That was his mission assignment givin to him by Damiken. Something just didn't feel right to him. He knew that the force was trying to tell him something, yet he couldn't quite figure out what. He would just have to go along with the mission until he knew more.


Arriving on the planet he scanned his surrounding with the force. Nothing more than a few remenance of small beasts and a couple of mandalorian patrol parties. he was told in his mission statement of their presence on this moon and how it would be wise to stay clear of them.

Using the force he plotted a rout through the jungle to Freedon Naad's tomb undetected. there he noticed 2 mandalorian guards outside, and then another 3 guards of Moga's. He assumed there would already be people inside, so he planned to just sit and wait.


"Damiken did you send the twi lek to Dxun?" Moga asked, and then a few seconds later, a regretful tone appeared

"Yes Moga, you have your wish now release her at once!" Damiken ordered. Moga, in light of the news of Damikens back stabbing, took Jenny and held her hostage. She is now chained around the neck to Moga.

"Get off of me you creep!" Jenny shouted as Moga pulled her closer towards him.

"Please just let her go!" Damiken pleaded

"As soon as i have conformation of Janon's head, i will release her" Moga replied "and Damiken."

"Yes?" he answered in curiosity.

"If you ever plan anything like this again, i won't bother in taking hostages next time i enter." he threatened. Damiken let out a huge noticable gulp, and then the transmission ended.

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04/21/2007 5:50 PM

(OOC: its Freedon Naad's tomb, not Exar Kun's, Kun is the Sith lord in this RP isnt he?)

Jaden sat in the main chamber of the tomb meditating, his newly completed lightsaber on his belt, stretching out with his feelings he realized that his master's target had landed on Dxun. Rising to his feet he strapped on his cloak and walked to the entrance of the tomb, there amongst all the hustle of the Mandalorians and the soldiers he could sense it, a force user. Jaden decided with a smirk that he would wait for this one to come to him.

"Don't worry, we'll see each other soon".

And with that Jaden turned back inside the tomb to prepare himself.

04/23/2007 8:12 AM

Janon used his force techniques to destract one of the guards, simply by just picking up a minor stone and throwing it at him from a mis leading direction. taking the bait, the big hulk of a mandalorian in his shiny black armour, took off to find the culpret. By using the same technique, soon there was only one guard left, for which he simply knocked unconcious by using a larger rock, however this drained him a bit more.

With all the guards occupied he snuck into the tomb to search. Upon entering he noticed a fowel smell, and there was very poor visiblity. He closed his eyes, and stretched out with the force to find his surroundings, this was quite hard, but somehow he managed to make his way to the main chamber.

"Moga, he's taken the bait!" one of the guards said on a transmitter located on his arm.

"Very well, lock him inside and let the assassin take care of him" he replied

"Understood". The guards all worked together to lower the giant stone door leading to the tomb. As soon as it was shut they began welding the sides with metal poles, and then finally placed several boulders in front of it to prevent any escape. After all that, to make sure no one would locate and rescue him, they disguised the enterance as a hill, putting mud leaves and anything else they could find in the way.

Meanwhile inside the chamber Janon could see a young sith meditating with his back turned and his legs crossed.

"Excuse me, who are you?" he asked

At that point, the sith rose, turned to face him and unleached his light saber.

04/23/2007 10:30 AM

It had been several days since the the night of the horrific dream, the masters on Coruscant has let master Vey take Yuna on as his Padawan and for the last few days she had be full filling her first task. She had chosen a simple single blade design with crystals she had purchased from a spice merchant who had no idea what they were. She had taken data from the archives and even through it had only taken her four days she felt she had finished. she plays the recording one last time:


She stood up from her kneeling position taking the hilt in her right hand, she moved her fingers over it and watched as the violet light shimmered out, she swung it with a satisfying buzz.

The door opened and Master Vey entered the room.


"This is a worrying time for the Jedi, forces strike from the shadows and leave the same manor, " Yuna followed master Vey down the central hall, "I'm going to need you to be ready for what ever happens, even if its darkness itself."

"Is that what you think is going to happen?"

Vey paused for a second, "No, this is just an old man's paranoia," looking grim even through she couldn't see it.

They boarded a shuttle to take them to the KLK plaza during which Vey remained silent and Yuna stared out over the cityscape.


"The beating heart of the universe is on this planet," looking over the street from the raised docking platform, "This place will never change it's a constant."

"I don't understand,"

"You wouldn't your young, you've never been here before, but you can still feel something, billions minds and souls in the force," turning to her and placing his hand on her shoulder, "I'll show you."

"So do you under stand now, the people here are a part of the universe, part of the force, part of the Jedi, they weild us as we would wield a lightsaber, it goes on for ever," taking a sip of his drink.

Yuna would have answered but at that point a droid rolled into the table over, both jumped to their feet, screams came form outside. The date board read 4,015 BBY as they ran out side to an unseen threat

(OOC put that date into Wookieepedia)

04/23/2007 11:55 AM

Jaden rose to his feet and turned to face the Twi'lek

"I have been waiting for you, though i have no personal grudge against you my master wills it that you must die"

With those words Jaden flicked on his lightsaber, its red glow breaking the darkness of the tomb, he twirled it around a few times and walked slowly towards Janon.

"My master says that you have some jedi training and are not one to be taken lightly, lets see if you can abide by the jedi code and try to turn me to the lightside, which i doubt is possible, but we'll see wont we?".

Then Jaden hurled himself at Janon swinging his lightsaber in a broad arc.

04/23/2007 12:21 PM

With almost lightning reactions, Janon attempts to pull both of his lightsabers out to block this attack, however, with this sith's speed he fails, and his fake tentacle gets sliced off in the process.

"Ahhhhh!" he screams as the burn wounds are still scorched onto the very top of his head, nothing permanent, but still painful. He hears the sith laughing and the look on his face, questioning weather or not he was worthy of a light saber.

"I will not try to turn you to the lightside, for i am no longer a jedi. However i will share with you, before we continue this battle, story of my past, where i was stuck in the same position as you. And if you end up regreting your next decision, it will haunt you for the rest of your life, and beyond as it is doing me." the sith seemed interested, and lowered his guard to listen.

"When i was in training, i was paid a great deal to assassinate my master by a no good crime lord named Moga. Afterwards, when i accomplished that he wanted to send me off to kill someone else, however when i refused he set bounties on me all over the galaxy. Thats not the worst part though, the worst part is that occasionally i can still hear the screams of my former master crying in pain! It haunts me almost every day, and if you strike me down, i will do like wise to you"

Then he raised both of his light sabers and stood in a fighting stance. Then he let out a huge roar.

"Come and fight me!"

04/23/2007 12:44 PM

"Wait" said Jaden,"the sith have tought that to kill your master must be your ultimate goal...the student must become stronger than the master, this is the way of the sith. Why do you feel such regret at doing what must be done?"

with an inquisitive look Jaden lowered his saber slightly and sighed

"I dont understand, what is it that haunts you?...the student is suppossed to surpass the master...why do you feel such agony over it?"

04/23/2007 1:08 PM

"Are you serious? I heard the sith teachings were bad but to kill the one who gives you power? We are two different kinds, during my time with the jedi's although i rarely payed attention they taught us that all life is sacred, and death should only come when absolutely necessessary. However i cannot talk for the jedi, you have to see it yourself to understand their ways." then he released a sigh.

"But i cannot be the one to show you their way if you intend on joining. They will not except me back or trust a word i say." Janon pondered for a second.

"Oh, and to answer your question, the jedi have learnt a technique to live on after death, some can appear almost as normal people, other who didn't master it full, like my master, can only come back to me in memories. During my time in isolation, i have begun to learn this technique and i will appear before you as my previous master does before me if you kill me. So, go on with it, either kill me now, or leave and discover new ways to use the force. Either way i will do my best to survive."

04/23/2007 1:18 PM

Jaden was deeply confused, he had been taught that to kill was to achieve power but this boy was saying something completely different

"You...shut up"

Jaden raised his free hand into position and began choking the life out of Janon slowly, then he had a vision. Alone ontop of a mountain of bodies he stood, his body drenched in blood, he was going to become a monster. Jaden threw Janon to the ground before he had choked him to death and turned around.

"I have to know one thing, if youre way is right or is the sith...use your full strength on me...if i lose i will know that you are right"

04/23/2007 2:36 PM

"Sir! We can't do that! It took us several hours to get that blockade in place, now you want us to take it down?" the guard asked

"No Damn it! I need to know for sure if he's been killed! Moga replied

"But sir! The tracking devise has died, isn't that enough?" the guard questioned

"Don't question me! He has a knack for surviving, and i want him dead once and for all! now clean up that mess and start searching for his body!" Moga ordered

"Yes sir" The guards started placing detonators around the outside of the blockade, to lift the bulk of it off, then it would be a few minutes search for what ever was left of Janon and Jaden.


Janon and Jaden charge with all their might into this one clash of their lightsabers. Using all the force power they had left to hurl their bodies further into the enemy. However, as the lightsabers clashed, so did the detonators explode, and the combined power of the two caused the tomb to cave in.

"Woah" Both of the force users started to lose their balence, and immediatly stopped focusing on the battle and looked for a way out.

In the confusion, Janon notices a white light with two black silouettes on the outside. Suddenly, with the little force he had left, he dashed straight past the guards leaving Jaden behind. He felt guilty leaving him inside, he didn't even know if he escaped or not. His power was too drained to sence for him. Janon staggered back to his ship and slammed his hand on the launch button before falling unconcious on the floor.

04/23/2007 3:43 PM

Jaden surfaced from the fallen rocks, his body bruised and blood seeping from his mouth.

"Coward, i should have known he wouldnt dare to fight me...but now i have failed master Quel Droma"

Jaden lifted himself to his feet and began to walk towards the shattered remains of what once was the door to the tomb.

"Why didnt you kill him?",demanded Moga

"Moga, interfere in the business of the sith again and i will take great pleasure in seeing you die" said Jaden as he carried his badly injured body to the transport back to his masters ship.

04/24/2007 1:42 PM

Yuna and Vey came out onto a street filled with bedlam, droids were attacking people, it was what many people had feared would happen for many years. Vey looked for a few seconds, "Droids make easy targets, you go in first, remember what you trained." Yuna took out her blade and and holding it out to the side like a violet glowing katana she charged the building number of droids in the street.

Parts of droids shot out is several directions as she fought, she moved herself more than the blade spinning and swinging more with he body more that the light work that was all that was need to beat the machinations. Vey watched her as she darted back and fourth sometimes he sent parts of droids zipping across at a group knocking them over. She seemed to change her fight style to a much more confident swordsman cutting down many more droids. When the battle for KLK plaza was over two jedi stood in the middle of a smoking mass of metal and a few torn bodies.


Such battles began all over the republic droids seemingly for no reason attacked their masters and brethren that did not comply to the new directives. The Jedi council had foreseen something soon to follow and many Jedi were recalled to prepare for something the Jedi had never undertaken before.


Yuna panted, through no droids had hit her she felt a searing pain inside her, she began fall to the floor but Vey grabbed her light body as she fell, he head lolled to one side.


There was a faint vibration, an echo on metal, there was some out there, nothing more than a sense an echo of a being, "Pain." The ship she was on was heading out to the rest of the fleet, the orange and white pain illuminated as it eclipsed a star, Harbinger reading out on it's bow.

04/24/2007 1:46 PM

The guards searched heavily throughout the tomb, however the deeper regions were blocked off by rubble. All that they could locate was the artificial tentacle which was torn off.

"Please" Damiken pleaded.

"I did what you asked, you can easily track his ship just please release her."

"Very well" Moga agreed. "But if you ever mess with my affairs again i will destroy your gang. We will stay allies for the time being though for it benefits both of us" Moga switches off his transmitter.

"Until my army approaches." he lets out a small laugh.

"Sir what shall i do with the girl?" the henchman asks.

"Realease her to her gang. Then when their guard is down we'll strike."

04/24/2007 2:01 PM

Jaden knelt before his masters on the bridge of the massive ship

"You have failed" said his master Quel Droma

"My master, please forgive me, i shall not fail you or lord Kun ever again".

With that Jaden returned to his chamber on the ship and awaited his summons

04/24/2007 3:16 PM

When landing in coruscant, the door to his ship opens. The noise of what sounded like a battle outside woke Janon from his tired state. He crawls ever so slowly to the ship to see a very faint blur, however, with his ears he could hear fighting and explosions all over the place, he felt confused. Then a figure came and stood over him.

"He....lp me" struggling to bring out his words. Then the figure lifted a club of somesort and smacked him round the head, knocking him out.

04/24/2007 3:35 PM

Jaden piloted his cruiser to the lower levels of Coruscant, and exited the craft. It was hard to sense Janon here...the core world, the home of the jedi. Nevertheless he must find Janon, this boy had shown him that there was a different side to the force, one that Jaden had never known. Suddenly he sensed it, Janon's aura and it was weak, Jaden now had two objectives...to find Janon...and to complete his own secret agenda...

04/24/2007 3:48 PM

Waking up in a bacta tank, he noticed several people working on him. They hadn't realised he was awake yet, so he tried to use the force which he had recovered from the bacta tank to lower his heart rate. He looked round the room, trying to notice what he could. There was no sign of his clothes or light sabers, he would have to search for them. Then as one of the men working on him looks at him, he instantly shuts his eyes and waits for him to leave.

The man leaves and Janon feels free to get out. he climbs out the top, drenched wet, and stands by the door. The man comes back to be welcomed by Janon's fist. Janon leaves the unconcious body to search his surroundings and find out where he is.


After a few minutes of wondering around and dodging security camera's, he notices Jenny being escorted by two guards.

"Jenny?" he says

"Janon run!" She shouts as the two guards notice him and before Janon could react he gets shot by a stun ray.

04/24/2007 4:11 PM

The two guards lay lifless at his feet, Jaden deactivated his saber and used the force to open the door. Jaden saw as he opened the door guards leading two people away, one was a girl he didnt know, the second was Janon laying unconscious. Jaden smirked and walked into the building as the guards were heading straight towards him.

"Who are you?" the first guard asked,

"You won't be alive long enough to remember my name anyway"

Jaden ignited his saber in a flash and cut the guards down, helping the girl carry Janon away Jaden led the two of them to a secret place in the underbelly of Coruscant.

04/24/2007 4:32 PM

"What do you mean he escaped?" Moga said in an angered tone.

"Sir from our security footage, the guards apprehended him and was about to return him to you when a mysterious force user appeared and took him away." the henchman answered.

"You people are useless! I want him back here now!" He ordered

"Yes sir!" Henchmen ran off in groups searching a small perimeter of the base, they couldn't have gotten far.

04/24/2007 5:03 PM

Jaden sat in the shadows near the heat generator, thinking about things. Janon began to stirr on the ground near him while Jenny tended to Janon's wound's, when Janon finally came too Jaden began to speak.

"Dont worry, your going to be safe here, i made sure no could find this place years ago, were in a tunnel i found on the surface of Coruscant. Plenty of food and supplies"

Jaden had been thinking, he had been taught that the force was meant only for the strong and that the weak had no right to survive...but was being weak really that bad of a thing? He decided that he would stay with these two to determine the answer to that question.

04/25/2007 11:09 AM

Yuna stood with her master on the bridge of the Harbinger, two ships flanked them as they moved towards the fleet, they were in orbit of Coruscant's sun waiting for the moment.

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04/25/2007 2:08 PM

"Ahhh my head!" he says as his blurry vision starts to come back. He notices Jenny above him taking care of his wounds.

"Jenny? What happening?" he queried.

"You were set up, it was a trap!" she replied

"What? what do you mean? Where was I? What were you doing there? What the hells going on!?" he asked raising his voice.

"Please calm down Janon! It's been a tough time for me too!" she screamed back. Then she started to cry.

"Jeeze, look i'm sorry alright?" he apoligized

"It's just that, I thought you were going to die, and i was so scared when i was held captive. I didn't know what to do!" she said as she ran into Janon's arms as he held her close.

"There there, you can explain later." lifting his head up he suddenly realised he was in the presence of a fimiliar face.

"If you wanted me dead you would have finished me off by now, what do you want with me?" he asked, holding Jenny close to him.

04/25/2007 2:12 PM

"Im not sure what i want to do with you yet, naturally i suppose i should have killed you for abandoning me in the middle of that cave in but, i sensed something in you...something ...a different side of the force and im curious to see what its like, so for now ill be going with you."

04/25/2007 2:32 PM

"Your not going to trust him are you?" Jenny asked.

"Well for now i really don't have a choice." Janon answered back.

"He's stronger than me so i can't fight him, so i guess i'm gonna let him tag along for a while." Then he turned to Jaden.

"You can come with us until you find the answers your looking for. However at first, we're not going to be exploring any force related issues right now. We'll be returning to Damiken right Jenny?" He queried.

"No you can't Moga will be looking for you there! He knows you were working for him." She explained.

"What is he alright?" He said in a worried tone.

"Yes he's fine but if we return we'll be captured for sure." She warned him.

"Then we'll need to find a way off the planet, we won't be safe here for long." Then he turns to Jaden again.

"If your gonna come along you might as well make yourself useful, do you know anyway off this planet? you must have brough a ship of your own right?"

04/25/2007 2:44 PM

Jaden smiled

"Of course there is a way out, i left my ship near where i found you, come on"

04/26/2007 7:38 AM

As Jaden took them through several back alleyways Janon noticed several people hiding in fright. There were more people down here in the lower levels than he had expected. One person he noticed seemed to be better than this place. He was in a nice suit and everything, yet he was cowering away with the rest of them. Above he could here the faint sound of gunfire and explosions.

"Whats going on?" he asked.

"Don't you know?" Jenny replied.

"There's a full scale war braking loose, all the droids are turning on their masters. Almost nowhere in Coruscant is safe."

That did not please Janon the slightest. He was worried about making it out of Coruscant. If there was a war going on, he would most certainly be shot down in the cross fire escaping this planet. He had no idea what to do, he would have to try his luck, this war could last a while.

04/26/2007 11:53 AM

"We arnt going to go to my ship...for now...i have meany questions i wish to ask the Jedi, now where is the academy?"

Janon lead them around the upper levels of the city until they reached the academy.

04/26/2007 12:02 PM

"If their waiting for something what is it?" asked an irritated captain.

"Someone, their laying a trap for someone, they are blind to all else or they would have found us," answered Vey. A hologram came up on the bridge of the ship, "As of four days ago war as declared by the Sith empire, from now we are on the counter attack, we are to engage the Sith ships in battle and prove that we will fight back, good luck."

"Move us out with the rest of the fleet, battle stations."

The ships moved out heading for the Sith ships the turned towards them as they got close, the first major space battle of the war was about to begin in the heart of the republic.

The Harbinger moved towards along side one of the larger ships firing all it batteries into the ship, a beam smashed through the side of the ship.

04/27/2007 3:06 AM

"I'm sorry i can't let you through at this crucial moment. War has broken loose and we can't risk any spies." Side one of the Jedi guards.

"Please this is urgent! My friend may have useful information which can help you" Janon replied.

"I'm sorry but the answer is no, our job as of this moment is to protect Coruscant. We can't waste time getting information which may or may not be useful." He said.

"He's not going to let us in, what do you want to do now?" Janon asked Jaden

04/27/2007 12:46 PM

Jaden smirked...

"Youve gotten in without anyone knowing before...do it again"

Janon led the around to the back of the temple where they waited for cover of darkness.

04/27/2007 2:12 PM

The blast ripped through the Harbinger's control column braking the ships back casing the ship to plunge into the greater mass of a Sith ship, the bridge plunged into the side of the ship. Members of the bridge crew were flung into the interior of the sliver vessel, Yuna and Vey were among them.

Yuna lay staring out at the gaps wandering why she wasn't being sucked out into space, she felt cold, slightly numb, a warm feeling from her left leg. She lifted her head to look to see a pool of blood spilling over her leg but it wasn't hers. The body of the captain lay over her legs perfectly clear that he was dead with his head half severed, Vey walked over to her, a gash on his head. He pulled he captain off her and pulled Yuna to her feet, "Best find away out of here, I have to follow a different path," pushing her towards master Taskia Omah, his Padawan Kreia and four remaining members of the bridge crew.

"I'll see you back at the beating heart," Vey ran down the corridor away from the group.

Yuna and the rest of the group moved down the ship looking for escape pods, killing any Sith they met, after a few minutes they reached a bank of them. Yuna waited for the others to board the pod and was about to herself but through twice, she mashed the panel with her hand causing the pod to launch. She watched for a second before running back the way they had came. The battle still raged outside.

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04/27/2007 10:03 PM

In the Galactic Senate chambers, voices mingled, all claiming that there was not a war going on. All claiming that the droids were merely malfunctioning, and all would be calm once again. This was not a war. They repeated. This is not a war.

Altrea stood in her pod, and flew to the center where the Chancellor usually stood. She had been waiting for this moment since the day she found her friend and mentor killed. She now stood in his place, long hair draping beautifully and powerfully across her fine dress.

"I address the Senate now, as representative of this world and my own. We have entered a war, ladies and gentlemen. Deny it or not, the Sith have declared war. They know it, the Jedi know it, and even the droids now fight us. They know it too. To deny this now would be suicide. Our only choice lies not to squabble amongst ourselves, but to step forward as one and fight back! Together, we can aid the Jedi in their fight against the Sith! Together, we can - "

A voice interrupted her. "You do not make sense Altrea! We would be as helpful to the Jedi as fleas. And how do we know the Jedi fight them? Perhaps they are all in this together? Perhaps it is another Jedi trick to take over the galaxy!" After the meddlers comment, the Senate erupted into shouts again. They were truly impossible.

Altrea sighed, returning her pod to its original position and exiting the building. It would be no use. Their only hope lay with the Jedi, and the groups that at this moment followed the Sith. Glancing at her communicator, she waited impatiently for the communication that would alert her that the Jedi had found the Sith. One of her own men was stationed on the ship, and would be a part of the battle, should one occur.

Noting the lack of droids in the streets, Altrea quickly headed back to her apartment, unease echoing the room. Finally, it beeped, and a frantic voice echoed among the houts and crashed and static. [i]"Sith....battle......losing.....[/i]" the man in the communicator said urgently, and then with a scream, the communication was lost.

A sense of dread pooled in the pit of her stomach. What was going on up there? The idea of going up herself was dangerous, but...tempting. Could she do it? Disguise herself? Perhaps this was the moment she had been waiting for.

04/28/2007 4:26 PM

Jaden could sense the space battle raging overhead.

"My masters have come"

He said to himself, unless he talked to the jedi council soon all hope would be lost.

04/28/2007 5:19 PM

Yuna followed slashed bodies along the berth of the ship which must have been over a kilometer, she heard the sound of lightsabers from the corridor and ran in through the blasted door. Vey was locked in combat with a Sith on the bridge of the vessel, dead crew were scattered limp below the great arches. Vey seemed to preoccupied to notice her as was the Sith and nether paid her any heed as she stood undecided in one the doorways to the room. The duel was fierce, Vey was much more agile that you would expect from a man of his age as he dived over control panels away from the Sith's deathly blows that would see the aforementioned panels blitzing into millions of pieces. Their lightsabers met over and over with nether getting the upper hand, Vey noticed Yuna.

He was torn by his will to protect her, the need for him to end this battle and not wanting her to see what he must to, his lapse lasted for less than a second. He had little choice in the matter, the Sith lept at him, Vey could have dodged but seeing his chance remained still, till the last second. Both lightsabers fell silent, both fell to the floor, both now lay in collecting pools of blood. Both Vey and the Sith lay, silent, Yuna moved across the room, all sound seemed lost to the great void. She couldn't bare to look upon Vey's body, she could sense no life in the room. She was lost, again she had be left, she couldn't take it, she closed herself to everything, even the force and lay on the floor near her fallen master.

Her father, her mother, her brother had fallen now the closest thing she had to any of them was gone again. Yuna in the physical and mental state was blind to the movement of the ship as fired itself at the planet, she was still placid as the ship burned through the planet's shields and even when the city guns opened fire blasting holes in the ship she didn't respond.

"Your acting like a spoiled brat," Yuna looked as Master Veys body, she would have thrown up had she not been flung to the back wall of the bridge and it kept forcibly inside her. The ship entered uncontrolled reentry as it plunged towards the great plaza between the temple and the senate halls. The ship plunged into the ground eating up the ship like a huge mouth as it crunched to a stop, the bridge snapped and with contents to the ground.

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04/28/2007 5:47 PM

Jaden looked up when he heard an explosin, a republic cruiser was plumeting out of the sky right towards them.

"Everybody down!"

He screamed as the wreckage of the cruiser swung low over head and landed in a ball of fire about a kilometer frome them.

"What do we do?"

Asked Janon, but Jaden was already running to the wreckage of the cruiser and entered the shattered remains of the bridge. Here among all the corpses lay a single girl, Jaden had never seen sucha beautiful person before and could sense that she was still alive. He dragged her from the wreckage and layed her on the ground so that he could try reccessatation.

05/01/2007 9:55 AM

"You can heal right?" Jaden asked

"Thats right! you had jedi training, you must have learned that one right? Hurry up and heal her!" she said in a worrying tone tone.

"Alright" Janon walked up to her, slowly, kneeled beside her and laid his hands out. Concentrating really hard, he closed his mind and tried gathering his thoughts. suddenly a bright light shone from his hands. It was starting to work.

"Ahh! See? I knew this would work!" Jenny said feeling satisfied. However almost as soon as it came, the bright light faded away and was not working anymore.

"No, no!" he repeated to himself. Jenny kneeled beside him looking at the girl. She got close up and noticed the girl was still injured. Then she looked at Janon as he was staring blankly at his hands.

"Whats wrong?" she asked

"This can't be happening!" Determined to try again, he laid his hands out over the body, and concentrated harder.

"Come on, come on!" This time however, a very dim light appeared and faded from his hands.

"Damn it, why is this happening!" he shouted out up into the sky. Somehow, he had losty his powers, and felt helpless once again.

Suddenly, Jedi knights surrounded the scene bringing stretchers, and an emergency speeder bike. Two of them came to pull Janon and Jenny away as they stared confused and shocked at the predicament. However, Jaden was a little more hostile when it came to removing him.

"We'll take it from here. Get her onto the stretcher, we'll heal her back at the temple!" One of the Jedi knights ordered.

All that was going through his mind was how he could have lost his powers and why he couldn't get them back.

05/01/2007 10:42 AM

"Alpha four taking heavy fire on port side,"
"Green unit move to 03,78,34 cover Ziuss,"
"Omaga wing, target point 13, 64, 49 blast point,"
"Ziuss fall back to Centax 1,"
"All ships target point 13, 67,30,"

The second of the large Sith ships burst into flame and began to lisp to port, the rest of the fleet scattered falling back from the fire storm. The Republic ship followed a short distance but stopped when the remained of the fleet moved to hyperspace, both side had lost several ships and the Republic ships moved back to their base at Centax 1.

The burning wreckage of the main Sith ship lay in the great plaza with fire suppression ships still in the area and republic troopers swarming all over the remains of the ship. The scars of the short lived droid revolution lay around, after the destruction of the droid HK-01the malfunctioning droids were soon stopped but not before the cost of many lives and trillions of credits of damage.


Yuna was floating in a Kolto tank in the temple, she didn't know what was happening to her since the crash but she was more at peace. She floated pulsing slightly, the Kolto seeped into her skin and the cracks in her bones healing them in a few hours, the combination of Kolto and force channeling made for a very fast healing rate.

The Kolto drained and a semi-unconscious Yuna fell to the base of the tank and two Jedi carried her out and laid her on a bed. She lay there for a few hours with her mind returning to her she began to feel the loss once more.

05/01/2007 11:52 AM

Jaden entered the room where then sleeping girl lay, she still looked so peacefuly beautifull to him. Determined not to wake her he tiptoed into the room sat in a chair by the bed,

"Whos is she, i can feel a connection with her"

Jaden said to himself, he eased his muscles in the chair and feel into a dreary sleep.

05/01/2007 12:26 PM

"Damn it! Why did Jaden go ahead of us?" Janon shouted

"If he could get in why did he need us?"

"How come you can't use your powers anymore?" Jenny asked

"It must have something to do with that girl, I haven't experienced this before until i met her. Strange" Janon looked down at the ground with a strong look of thinking on his face.

"What's strange?" Jenny asked.

"That was the girl I had to kill" he replied.

"Her?!" she shouted at an alarming rate.

"Yes, at any rate, i need to find that girl."

With the Jedi in a mess over the threat of the sith, Janon easily slipped through some back alley entrance through the ventilation system. There he walked passed a few corridors, keeping his hood up. Trying not to draw attention, which was hard with his one tentacle.

Jaden had already parted from them. Running through each and every corridor, he had no clue where to find the girl. He searched all over the place, well every place which was open to him.

He began to get frustrated, and he had to stop himself in his rage. He calmly closed his eyes and took a deep breathe to relax.

"Wah!" Janon screamed, shocking the living daylights out of Jenny.

"What the hell!" she screamed.

"I had a vision, thoughts running through my head. It was weird." he explained.

"Weird in what way?" she asked

"I was sitting, no laying in a bed. I had machines all around me, and two jedi's standing over me. I recall feelings, feelings that weren't mine, like a fallen master. What was his naem? Vay? Voy? Gah! I can't remember that much!" he said

"Ok look, just concentrate. Where abouts was this place?" she placed her arms on his shoulders and looked him deep in the eyes as he averted his gaze from hers to the floor.

"Um... not sure, I was in a battle, and fell from the sky."

"Like that girl!"

"Yeah! Wait, i recall a number, 1-17, the design, it's here! Floor 1 room 17! Lets hurry!" he said. He grabbed her hand and dragged her across to the lift.

Running along the corridor, he noticed room 17 to his right, and instantly stopped, trying not to skid to far. He hesitated on opening the door, wondering if he really wanted to know the answers. However he opened it and was surprised to see Jaden sleeping in the chair next to her.

05/02/2007 9:23 AM

~ Be careful with yourself, the ones that seek you may not be trusted ~

"Who are they?"

~ You must find them for yourself, take it as a lesson, don't let rage and grief stay within you, that is the path to the dark side ~

"I will," Yuna opened her mind to the room, she felt those that didn't belong chaotic thoughts not those of Jedi. She kept her eyes closed and kept her breathing the same, she waited, they would make the first move, she could have called for help but she wanted to know what Vey had meant.

05/02/2007 11:46 AM

Jaden meant this girl no harm...he only wanted answers to his questions. So as he continued sleeping he bagan to have strange nightmares.

05/02/2007 1:39 PM

Frain shook his head from the predicament he had put himself into, yet again. 'Why do I always do this to myself?' he mumbled as he sat in an uncomfortable chair at a hospital ward, holding his burned arm carefully as he watched the people around him hurry on to thier duties. For an hour he had been sitting there, waiting for someone to tend to the injury. He could have dealt with it himself, but it was probably not the best idea to be showing off considering the situation at hand...

...He had arrived in the Coruscant system, idly enjoying his exploration of the Republic system all over again, but instead of encountering the usual traffic of transports and personal shuttles, he came out of hyperspace among two armadas of ships - one side he recognised instantly as a Republic battle fleet, and the other, he reluctantly recalled seeing as the Sith fleet; he had seen them before, weeks ago, and the sight of the fleet (not to mention the overwhelming Dark Side aura within it) caused him to flee as fast as he could. And the Force had decided to bring them here, right in his path.

He was not the skilled pilot that he used to be - he activated the shields quickly, sending out a call to the Republic fleet saying he was non-hostile as he did his best to navigate between the capital ship weapons and the flotila of fighting craft buzzing in between the two fighting forces. Fighters flew all around him, stray blasts striking his ships shields along the way, but he seemed to be being ignored for the most part. He remembered feeling lucky about that.

Then he saw the Harbinger... a proud vessel of the Republic, one he had many memories off when he was last here; and the ship was engulfed in flames, crashing down towards the planet. He recalled the faces of the young officers he had known aboard her before he went off from the core, and the impulsive urge to do what he could overwhelmed him... and that was when his luck ran out. Sith fighters, apparently, had the tendancy to shoot down transports pursuing after falling battle cruisers, it seemed.

The next few minutes of flight were sketchy memories at best - he recalled avoiding the flying wreackage before it impacted the ground, but not before his own vessel crashed. He recalled having to leap through a fire and escape what he knew would be incoming fire from the pursuing fighters. He heard the explosion from behind, and saw the harbinger impact on the ground. He took cover from the shock wave of impact, then ran over to help as best as he could - his last memories of that was an explosion as a group of young men started pulling out survivors...

... That was some time ago. He had seen dozens of young-faced Jedi walking the corridors here, knowing that there was something odd about this hospital. He had awakened here after the explosion, and had been waiting patiently for someone to see him or dismiss him; anything really. And then he felt it... a strange... [i]feeling[/i] in the force. He had come across many different sensations with the Force in the last twenty years, but never something like this. He rose to his feet, and stated to feel where the eminations were coming from. He had only wished that he had recognised the building before he reached the door where the eminations were coming from:

A Twilek with a missing tentacle stood at the doorway entrance, a face of shock worn on his face at whatever was inside - he recognised the stance he held, the kind of clothes he wore... a mercenary of some kind, perhaps a bounty hunter. The fact that there was a trickle of the Force moving through him was a little shocking, but his life had shown him more disturbing things. Inside the room a young human was sleeping in a chair, again the trickling of the Force ebbing through him. The young woman in the bed, however, was another matter - she was strong in the Force, much more so than the others here, and there was something familiar about her face... but those memories belonged to a life long ago.

'I assume she's your friend, Twilek?' Frain asked him, his arms crossed over, leaning into the wall next to him while keeping his eyes on the two within the room. Whatever was happening, the damned Force had dragged him into it, and he had learned years ago fighting the flow of it was pointless.

05/02/2007 1:54 PM

"What should we do?" asked Jenny

"I'm not dure, she's recovered enough, and the jedi will be back soon." he replied.

"Oh no, your not suggesting we simply take her?!" she asked.

"We have no choice! I need to know why I was sent to kill her, and also how she affected my powers. I need to know, and i can't do that if the jedi catch me. Now help by waking Jaden up." He stood over her body, feeling an odd connection to her. He shrugged it off, slid his arms under her and lifted her up.

"kidnapping huh? Never thought it'd come to this" he thought to himself.

05/02/2007 2:34 PM

Jaden woke with a start to see Janon and the other girl attempting to kidnapp the sleeping girl.

"What are you doing?!, I need her"

05/02/2007 4:22 PM

[i]kidnapping?[/i] Frain heard from the twilek and the woman who travelled with him. He shook his head as they went in to grab her. The human awakened at their entrance.

'What are you doing?! I need her' He exclaimed to them. Frain had briefly considered letting it happen and walk away from it all like he had done so many times before. And the nagging, nar constant murmour of the Force clung to the back of his mind, a reminder that he had been guided here by whatever fate he had. He moved into the doorway, his hand resting on the holstered blaster pistol, looking over to the "kidnappers" and their intended victim.

'Alright, kids, thats enough. She's obviously resting, and she needs her time to recover. How about we all sit down nicely, quietly, until she wakes up? That sounds better than picking her up and jostling her around like a rag doll - it might make her angry.' Frain released the catch on the holster, his fingers gently wrapped on the grip. 'That, and I think the girl should get the choice to be moved or not.'

05/02/2007 4:25 PM

Jaden glared around the room...not only now was Janon trying to kidnapp Jaden's only link to the jedi but now someone else had joined the fray and was reaching for his blaster.

"Go for that blaster and i will have your arm off before you get the chance to shoot, so dont try anything. And as for you?...why are you trying to take her?"

05/03/2007 9:57 AM

Yuna was limp in the Twilek's arms, she had already decided what to do. Jenny had the weakest mind, she fell to her knees unable to support her own weight, Yuna had learnt this trick early on in her training. She placed her hand on Janon's chest, she fired him into the wall while his attention was taken, snatching one of his lightsabers in the process and falling to her feet.

She opened the beam facing the other two with a look of determination on her face, "I will not be taken as some whim, explain yourselves," still looking forward with her mind spread over the room.

05/03/2007 12:10 PM

"I never wanted to take you...i just wanted to ask you questions"

05/03/2007 1:02 PM

[i]Oh great, a young girl giving orders... she's just like Yuris was.[/i] Frain looked around at the ones she had thrown around like rag dolls and felt an ounce of joy - for one so young, she showed incredible strength and ability. He smiled at her in a passive, friendly manner, but did nopt take his hand away from his blaster.

'No need to get angsty, young lady. These fine gents here were... [i]considering[/i] helping you out of thius dreary hospital, and I was simply passing by as a concerned man.' His eyes glanced the room often, trying to keep track of all of them - four on one was never a wise suggestion, and he was getting far too old to get into fights with energetic kids.

'My name is Jared. Jared Kinel.' Frain said, lying as best as he could. He didn't think anyone would recongise his real name, but why take the risk. 'And if my guess is right, you are one of those people they pulled out of the Harbinger.'

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05/03/2007 2:50 PM

Laying on the floor, slightly woozed from the immence power which knocked him back into the wall, he began to realise his quest for answers in this plot had drivin him to deperate measures. He couldn't believe what he was proposing to do. It was almost madness.

He could barely collect his vision, so many blurs, and raised voices over the place. He did however notice Jenny on the floor beside the girl he was trying to take. He didn't want another hit, so he played unconcious to see how this played out.


"Finally, they've all arived!" Moga said with the look of extreme happiness over his face.

"Yes, do with them as you please, for they think the battles over, however I have been keeping a second wave of sith ships, just waiting to attack. The first wave was simply a preliminary strike to weaken and disorientate them." he explained. He was using a video transmitter for a change, however you still couldn't make out what he looked like, all you could see was the smirk coming out from under his cloak.

"And if I do as you requested and help you take over the galaxy..." Moga said

"I will offer you a quarter of the galaxy to do as you please" he replied

The war was not over.

05/03/2007 3:02 PM

"well...now that this merry little gathering has come to order i suggest we get down to business. First off, I have been waiting to ask questions the longest so i go first and secondly...i probably should have said this earlier but my masters can feel my presence and vica versa...they are comming"

05/04/2007 11:44 AM

"Who are your masters," letting the lightsaber to her side the blade hissing into the hilt, "What questions?" Yuna looked back over at the other two, "You better stop playing dead and get out of here," tunning back to the first speaker, "Don't lie to me, Frin, what do you know about the harbinger.


At that point the ship, which had been moved to a junkyard was being swarmed by droids...

05/04/2007 11:49 AM

"My original force training was under Ulic Quel-Droma, apprentice to Exar Kun, but i have seen a different side of the force and i can feel it in you"

05/04/2007 11:57 AM

"That was less of a question," looking back at the one harder to read, "What did you want to ask me, dark sider,"

05/04/2007 12:03 PM

[i]The girl is good.[/i] Frain thought. [i]I'm not telling the whole truth, but she won't sense a lie this time.[/i]

'Very well, girl. I'm Frain. And the Harbinger... lets say i remember when that aweful paintjob was fresh on her metal hull.' He moved his hand away from his blaster, ensuring his jacket covered his lightsabre.

'I expected that hunk of junk to have been replaced by now, so seeing it crash and burn was, well... call it the end of a life it deserved.' He glanced at the two playing dead on the floor, to the boy who's master was a Sith, and to the girl. 'I wonder if Exar remembers little old me? Its been a long time. But somehow, I doubt it - the Dark Side clouds memories as much as Jedi training these days. Or so I hear.'

05/04/2007 7:22 PM

"I dont know if i am of the darkside anymore, i have betrayed my masters and they will now seek to kill me as they do the rest of us, what i wanted to know is why do i feel a connection with you and can you make the jedi council speak with me?"

05/05/2007 11:57 AM

"Silence!" Janon stood up straight away. All the others were baffled by his command to them.

"What go..." but she was interupted by Janon telling her to be quiet again. Suddenly the others seemed to have senced it too. Jenny being the only one without force powers had trouble though.

"Whats going on Janon?" she asked, stamping her feet on the ground in a huff. Janon did one quick scan all the way around the room, until he turned to the wall he was flung against.

"GET DOWN!" he shouted as he dived, brining Jenny, and Jaden down with him. However the other two manuevered out of the way as the wall came crashing down in an explosion.

Hundreds of sith clones came piling in one after the other. All far more powerful than the originals on Dantooine. Laying on the ground, underneathe the rubble, with Jaden and Jenny, the clones went straight through the room into the corridors, killing all the jedi's in their path.

After they all went past them, he threw the rubble off of him, and helped Jenny up.

"Run! There are far too many of them!"

05/05/2007 12:27 PM

'GET DOWN' the twilek said, and at that moment Frain realised what was happening - and he cursed the Force under hios breathe as he rolled forwards into the room and stopped next to the girl. The wall exploded, covering everyone in rubble to some degree, and then they came. Sith clones.

[i]How the hell do those things keep coming back?!?[/i] He thought to himself, his guard down as his hand reached for his blaster pistol. The clones entered the room and instead of coming straight after him, as he had expected, they ignored everone in the room and entered the corridors, fighting the Jedi outside. [i]Alright... maybe they aren't the same ones.[/i] The twilek and his female associate rose to their feet.

'Run! There are far too many of them!'

Frain looked from side to side, his hand starting to shake a little as he drew his blaster pistol from the holster and rose to his feet along with the other two. 'I would say lets get to my ship,' Frain started, 'but that was downed as the Harbinger fell. Any ideas WHERE to run to, boy?' He was willing to follow any good ideas, but age had not effected his sanity quite yet.

05/05/2007 1:39 PM

"The jedi council, they will know what to do, hwe have to get to them...Janon or Yuna...lead the way"

05/06/2007 1:39 PM

"Since when was there a we," activating her lightsaber, "You should all leave unless you want to put your lives in danger," Yuna flicked the door open with her hand and ran out in to the corridor. She defected baster bolts both ways down the corridor opening up the whole the Sith had made, Janon had overestimated the Sith less than fifty or so entered the compound and already several were laying dead or wounded in the corridors and the Jedi were beginning to fight back, Yuna joined them with her new found prowess, even anger at the Sith for her friends deaths.

Herself she cut down five Sith and blasted three or four, she had lost site of the others, she felt that it was for the better she knew she had to check if they were ok.

05/06/2007 3:16 PM

Jaden blasted out of the rubble with a force push of such power that even he didnt know he had.

"If they wont help me...then i will find the jedi council myself."

He rushed down the hallway flicking on his lightsaber as he went. Sith clones were pouring down on him, he had helped to train these clones...he never thought he would have to fight them. Cutting down several of them he made for a flight of stairs.

05/06/2007 5:30 PM

Frain looked over to the twilek and his associate, and blinked. The young, now possibly crazy jedi girl charged into the sith in one direction, and the perhaps slightly crazier dark sider charged out into possibly more sith. He could hear the whir of lightsabres and blasters in both directions, and at this point it was best to ask the simplest of questions.

'Shall we follow the crazy Jedi girl, or the crazy kid who went the other way?' Frain asked, shrugging at finding a lack of an answer himself. He had no interest to head into a fight either way, but both had curious questions about them; the boy, and his former masters who he now acted again; and the girl, who's strength in the force was unusual.

05/06/2007 5:51 PM

The sith clone slumped to the ground while Jaden help another one in his lethal force choke.

"You men obviously know the layout of this building...tell me where the council chambers are."

The clone spat into Jaden's face, so he threw the clone to the ground and slowly tortured him with force lightning trying to attain the answer. When suddenly another explosion ripped through the wall next to him and sent rubble smashing a hole into the floor. The force of the blast rocketed Jaden into the hole where he fell several stories into one of the main halls of the temple where the fighting was heaviest, then all went dark.

05/07/2007 10:52 AM

Janon, sheilding Jenny from the attack had realised that nobody had listened to his idea of running. Instead they seemed to run all over the place. He was astounded as he saw the girl and her unusual power, but was not the least surprised at Jaden as he charged to the council. However he noticed the old man just standing there looking both ways, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, as a sith jumped into the air to attack this man, Janon got in the way to defend him. He flung the sith across to the other side of the corridor, and then as he ignighted both his lightsabers, he threw them each direction down the corridor to clear the path. He successfully took out roughly about 4 or 5 before one sith on each end blocked the lightsaber and Janon was forced to pull them back.

They were coming from each direction, Jenny was trying desperatly to help by shooting but Janon knew he was surrounded. He made a break for it through the hole that was made by their attack, and Jenny followed.

He looked at the old man who was still puzzled and knowing this would be on his guilt, he asked "Do you want to come with us?"

05/07/2007 11:35 AM

[i]Hmmm... that girl... well, she ran straight into the fight. That's her choice... a puppet of the Jedi. And that poor boy, well, may the Council learn some kind of mercy.[/i] Frain moved his jacket to the side and drew out his lightsabre - it was an old model, over thirty years old compared to the ones these kids were swining around, but it was still servicable. Frain let himself touch the Force for a moment, and nodded to the young man.

'I don't follow crazy people anymore... Sith or Jedi.' Frain heard movement to the left, glancing one of the new Sith clones coming at them. With one quick, fluid motion his lightsabre flared to life in an orange blade, cutting through the sith's neck, and flciked the power off to finish in an neutral stance. 'So, shall we get going?' He smiled at them and moved over, ready to follow them where they went. 'Oh, and by the way... I didn't need the help, but its appreciated.' He slung the lightsabre away and drew out the blaster pistol, nodding to them to lead on.

05/07/2007 11:52 AM

Jaden stirred, blood dripped from his head and his saber arm ached. When he tried to move it he realised it was broken from the fall.

"Damn it, my good arm is busted and i dont know where in the temple i am"

At that moment Jaden heard the buzz of sabers and turned to see a couple jedi padawans fall before the sith clones. This wasnt good, with his arm broken Jaden had no way of defending himself against this many clones.

05/07/2007 2:17 PM

Yuna entered the hall, one Janon's lightsabers still in hand and helped another padawan to their feet and turned her attention to a figure that seemed like they didn't belong here. She ran over to them and found that it was one of the people from before, she helped him into a sitting position, "Why didn't you listen to me?"

05/07/2007 3:42 PM

"Have...to...find... council..."

and with that Jaden passed out again.

05/08/2007 2:55 PM

"Fight!" Damiken shouted as the bulk of the sith clones attacked his base. He was overviewing his entire base being destroyed. He felt helpless as he witnessed one of his men, after another being slaughtered by these vicious creations.

Suddenly all the fighting stopped, the main doors opened, and 2 ginormous gaurds walked in, followed by Moga on a floating platform, being dragged by the guards. Damiken instantly ducked behind cover.

"I know your in here! You'd never abandon your clan in an hour of need. Come out!" Moga ordered. Troubled with what to do, Damiken shot straight up and shot at Moga, only to witness the bullet stop in mid air at the force of Moga's sheild.

"Hehe, there you are. Get him!" right then, all his men set their guns to stun and charged after him. With nowhere left to go he ran back to his office and bolted the doors tight. He then planned his next move. He knew those doors wouldn't hold up 5 minutes, but at least he had bought some time.

The only thing he could come up with was to rig the door with explosives so that the enemy would be wounded. Then he could make a brake for it. but it was risky. As the door was rammed open, the explosion went off and Damiken ran for his life. He made it about 20 yards before he was captured.

He was handcusffed and brought before Moga. " Well what do we have here?" he said.

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