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02/25/2007 10:50 AM

Now the day has come
We are forsaken this time

We lived our lives
In our paradise
As Gods we shaped the world around
No borderlines
We stayed behind
No boundaries is something fragile

Well we thought we were gaining
We turned back the time
It still slips away
Our time has run out
Our future has died
There's no more escape

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There's no time any more
Life will pass us by
We are forsaken
We're the last of our kind

The sacrifice
Was much too high
Our grief just made us all go on
We try to hide what we fear inside
Today is the end of tomorrow

As the sea started rise
And the land that we conquered
It just washed away
We all have tried
To turn back the time
It was all in vain

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There's no time any more
Life will pass us by
We are forsaken
Only rules stay below

(Een hoop gebrabbel)

Now the day has come
We are forsaken this time

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There's no time any more

Now the day has come,
The day has come

02/26/2007 6:32 PM

Airlea knelt before her princess, King Adrastos stood beside his only child. Aikaterine smiled and motioned for her bodyguard to stand. To any who stood here, Airlea and Aikaterine could be twins, though Airlea seemed a bit more rough around the edges. Airlea had many times, stood body-double for the Princess, and probably would many times more.

They both had heart-shaped faces, and long dark hair, black as a ravens' wing. Aikaterine's eyes were more blue than Airlea's deep violet eyes, but that was the only difference. Airlea stood, and brought her right hand, clenched into a fist to rest over her heart. Thus was the traditional salute among the Atlanteans.

"Airlea, I am charging you with a dangerous mission. You may gather those you wish to join you. Our homeland is in danger, The crystal that keeps our land stable is failing. Our greatest enemy has cracked the crystal and stolen a single shard, rendering the crystal unstable, and sending out chaotic waves of energy into the sea around us." Aikaterine said, her voice grave and somber.

King Adrastos nodded. "The Athenians have this shard, their attacks have grown more frequent as they hope to prevent us from gaining this piece of Crystal. Without it, I fear for our lands."

Airlea nodded, fear for her people shining bright in her eyes. Those in the court around her broke out into a panic of whispers and murmurs, all anxious about this newest revelation of the Athenian strikes against Atlantis. This was the worst that could happen... without that crystal, the sea could easily destroy their city!

02/27/2007 1:31 PM

"I will join you Airlea" said SparrowHawk in his heroic voice as he jumped down from the rafters were he had been guarding the king for it was his job. "I will follow you from the great plains of North America to the harsh heat of the African deserts!"

"You have my bow!" he yelled at the top of his lungs "For my Country!"

02/27/2007 6:34 PM

"Shut up Pup." Ora shakes her head, her braid bouncing against her shoulder-blades. The woman is dressed in her normal attire, not having bothered to get cleaned up for this impromptu meeting. Well, impromptu on her part at least. She hardly ever bothers to go to these kind of things, but didn't have a decent excuse not to go. Her clothing was covered in dust and horse hair and sweat, not exactly the most regale of clothing. All the same, she didn't seem to be at all intimidated by everyone's fine clothin or armour or what have you. Ora went by durability and comfort, and her simple leathers did that quite well.
With a bit of an annoyed glance to the boy who had just jumped from the rafters and made the impassioned, if, to her at least, rather naive speech, she takes a step forward. Her stance is lazy, without seeming to care what the reaction to her offer would be, or even if anyone would bother to react. "I'm Ora and if you are taking volunteers, I respectfully submit myself for volunteerin. I'm sure the horses could get along without me for abit." Her accent is common, and on the rough side, her gaze calm and steely as she regards Airlea.

03/01/2007 3:25 AM

"Sire, King Adrastos is holding a meeting of sorts, to discuss the fate of Atlantis. This might be your chance," said a scrawny old man, standing in the presence of the overweight Barusoa.

"Yes, I suppose you are right, servant," replied Barusoa. "Now, help me get dressed in the appropriate attire for a visit to the king."

Barusoa climbed out of bed, stark naked, and motioned for his servant to pass him the clothes that were sitting on the dresser. After a few awkward moments, Barusoa was fully dressed and ready to make a grand entrance into King Adrastos's home.

Outside of his grand, stately home a horse a carriage awaited the plump aristocrat.

Arriving at the palace, and what a palace it was, Barusoa noticed more guards than normal; after all, he had been to many banquets held by King Adrastos.

Luckily, the guard at the main gate recognised Barusoa, and let him without hesitance.

The stairs up to the front door was rather large. Barusoa wasn't sure if could cope with that many steps, that much exercise. He inhaled deeply and began counting the steps as his heavy feet landed on each one.

He was out of breath by the top, and needed a rest. He sat down on the top step to rest for a few minutes. He was panting, trying to regain his energy. He would surely need it if he was to save Atlantis.

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03/01/2007 6:56 AM

Airlea looked at each who had spoken in turn, and then turned her gaze towards Princess Aikaterine. Black Amethyst met Sapphire, and a near imperceptable nod from Airlea was echoed much more noticably a moment later by Aikaterine. The Princess stood, and raised her hands.

"May this fellowship gain the favor of the Gods, as they journey to save our lands!" Aikaterine smiled.

Airlea remained expressionless, turning towards the gathered people. "Get some much needed sleep. We ride out at Dawn. We will head for the Eastern Ports, and head for enemy land, Athens."

This was clearly a dissmissal, and Airlea followed King Adrastos and Princess Aikaterine out of the great hall.

03/01/2007 2:33 PM

SparrowHawk left and unhitched his horse and road of to his home in the military district. When he spyed his home he stated to rush his horse because he was so happy to get out of this borring life of his.

When he got to the stoop he hitched his horse to a makeshift hook, gave it so food and filled its basin with water and headed inside.

Upon entering he sat down with his bow and robbed it with the last of his dolphin blubber ( dlphin blubber helps it bend and last longer when he was finished he sorted out his best arrows and put them in his quiver.

Then he grabed his pack and filled it with his food and ale and tossed in his hunting knife.

He had something to eat and went to bed awaiting for a stressful day ahead of him.

03/01/2007 4:52 PM

Ora nodded her head in acceptance and headed out of the door. She didn't bother even glancing towards the aristocrate on the steps, simply side stepping him and walking down the stairs.
Frankly, she didn't have much to pack, so instead of heading to her humble home ... she went back to work. Cleaning the horses, feeding them, informing the other stable hands of their new responsibilities, everythig she would need to do to make sure that her departure would go smoothly.

03/01/2007 5:12 PM

Jaster shot out of bed. It was pitch black. He could smell the night air coming in through the open window. He lit some candles and sat down at a small table in the dining area of his hut. He heard the usual sounds of the city streets, but something didn't seem right. Then he remembered, the post on the board in the town square. The mission to Athens. He had always wished to see other lands and that was his oppurtunity. "I missed it! The audience with the king! I can't believe I slept so long....now I've missed the chance to see Athens...." he shouted in frustration.

He sat and he thought for quite a while and then it came to him. He thought of a plan to sneak aboard the boat that would sail to Athens. It was the perfect plan to join the expedition but there was one problem. The conseqeunces of getting caught were pretty harsh. He was confident in his sneaking abilities that had been honed over so many years doing odd jobs.

He grabbed his pack and stashed in some food and other supplies for the trip. Medicinal herbs, bandages, extra weapons, anything he might need. He couldn't be late this time so he decided he would stay up the rest of the night. He had slept enough during the day from a hard two days work on a mission for some merchant. The last thing he had to do was to sneak aboard the ship. He grabbed his jacket and his pack and laced up his boots, then he opened the door and rushed out into the city streets.

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03/02/2007 12:05 PM

The king's announcement had caused no small amount of worry in the city. As a result, Varick's regiment had been put on ready, just in case any trouble broke out.

Varick sat awake in the barracks. He did not enjoy remaining on ready. Someone from each unit had to stay awake in each barrack, just in case they were called. In addition, they were not allowed to go out to the taverns, which Varick had discovered had a wonderful variety of alcoholic beverages. This was practically the center of the world.

He heard someone enter, and looked up. It was his commander, a young aristocrat who was at least 20 years his junior. He did not look happy.

"My father wishes to see you, soldier. Wake up your relief and follow me."

Varick woke up the soldier who had next watch, motioning to the impatient commander. The next soldier rolled his eyes and got out of his bunk.

He followed the officer out of the barracks where two horses waited. Varick was not the best rider, but knew the basics. He mounted and followed after the officer, who remained silent for the entirety of the ride. They arrived at a rather large mansion.

"Go inside. My father is expecting you," he said.

By now he was starting to feel a sense of tired resignation. He had hoped his last tour in the army would be easy and dull. He had never been brought to an aristocrat's home in the middle of the night, but he guessed it would not lead to anything easy or dull.

He was led, wordlessly, by servants to a room where a gray-haired, vaguely familiar man sat.

"You don't remember me. However, some twenty-five years ago, you were under my command. In Germany."

He did remember. This commander had lost them the battle, then blamed the error on Varick, who had been recently elevated to a small command. It had been the word of an Atlantean aristocrat versus that of an uneducated enlisted half-breed.

"You did me a service back then. I wish to repay the favor. Today the King revealed that a piece of the crystal that keeps our island safe was stolen and began a mission to get it back. Should you accept, you have a place in that mission. Should the mission succeed, you will be a hero, and be rewarded in ways that make that paltry piece of land you have received for your service seem like nothing."

Stunned by the offer, he waited a moment before speaking.

"I will go. I don't understand why you do this for me, but I will not turn down this chance to defend Atlantis."

"Good. Return to the barracks, and be at the docks tomorrow for the departure.

Varick left, and the young officer entered.

"Why send him and not me!" the young man demanded.

"It is a fool's errand, and one I doubt they will come back from alive. We will begin moving to the continental estates as soon as it can be done without appearing to be fleeing."

03/04/2007 12:13 PM

The streets were full of people, shopping at stalls, trading with merchants, visiting friends and family, or discussing current events at the local pubs. Jaster rushed through the crowd. He was headed towards the harbor where the ship that would take them to Athens was docked. He pushed through the clouds not bothering to excuse himself. He was too busy thinking.

He reached the harbor and gazed at the massive ship. He thought about how to get in without being seen. Then he saw the chain the connected with the anchor which was holding the ship in place. He got a running start and lept towards the chain. For a moment it looked as if he wasn't going to make it but he managed to grab onto the chain at the lower ends, his feet were dangling over the water. He made his way up the chain and onto the deck of the ship.

Once on board the ship he searched for a way down below. He found a small door that led into the cargo hold. He searched for a while and found a large empty crate. He stuffed the crate with some hay he found nearby and grabbed a blanket out of his pack. A makeshift hiding place. "It certainly won't be comfortable but it will do" he whispered.

03/04/2007 2:58 PM

SparrowHawk awoke from a dreamless night took a big yawn and grabbed a piece of flat bread. Swung his pack over his shoulder, opened the door and squinted at the bright light. He fed his horse and hopped on. He wandered over to the dock which was very busy with common folk.

He found the boat and gave his horse and pack to the crew man telling him how to treat his horse. He went to a local tavern and had some fresh fish and ale, went out the door layed on a crate in front of the ship, put his hat over his face and went to sleep. Fore he was tired from an exasting night.

03/04/2007 7:15 PM

Jaster awoke down in the cargo hold of the ship. The light coming in from the circular windows stung his eyes. Surprisingly he slept fairly well inside the crate. The smell of the sea hung in the air. Jaster stood up and grabbed his pack.

He looked out the windows and saw sailors carrying crates and luggage onto the ship. There was a man sitting on a crate outside of the ship. The first of the adventurers to arrive at the ship he presumed. He would go above deck soon. As soon as he checked his pack to make sure everything was there and that the deck was clear of crew men.

03/07/2007 5:24 PM

Zanen looked at the stowaway below him and grinned.

"You there, don't you know guards tend to check the crates before the ship sets sail?"

Zanen hopped down from the ceiling beam and landed in front of the stowaway.

"My name is Zanen Larthion, and if you intend to partake in this voyage you might want to sit on the beam with me till we set sail"

Zanen stuck his hand out towards the man "well go on, shake it, i don't bite"

03/07/2007 7:04 PM

With nothing more than the clothes she nearly always wore, her weapons, and a simple small bag slung across her shoulders, Ora set out to the boat .. ship... thing. She had no idea what to call the blasted wooden monsteriousity before her. Ore was never a woman for who boats held any true appeal to, The ocean, yes. She loved the ocean ... wasn't so fond of the beastly things that used the Ocean and Sea as a sort of road way, though. She'd much prefer to just go swimming or, better yet, to travel via a horse over ground. That preference might have had somethign to do with the fact that Ora tended to get extremely sea sick if the waters got even a bit too rough, but she'd deal with it.
Without glancing at anyone else she made her way onto the .... ship boat thing, and looked around, trying to find the woman she was supposed to reoport to (she presumed at least.) Not from any kind of respect or courtesy, but simply so she could figure out how long this trip was going to be.

03/07/2007 8:47 PM

Jaster looked at the man and laughed, "So you've finally decided to come down eh?". The man looked surprised at what Jaster said. "I noticed you walk in while I was trying to sleep late last night". He shook the mans hand and introduced himself, "My name is Jaster."

03/08/2007 5:05 AM

Zanen did indeed look surprised

"You saw me?? Damn, i must be losing my touch. Anyway nice to meet you Jaster"

Zanen opened his pack and rumaged around a bt and pulled out an apple

"Care for an apple? I have a few more."

Zanen took a bite out of his apple and waited for a response

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03/13/2007 10:10 AM

The Rising sun sent out Aurora, The dawn, to announce his arrival, painting the clouds Orange, scarlet and violet... dappling the mounting rainclouds with vibrant color. At the base of the palace stairs, Aikaterine stood with her guards, having a quiet and urgent talk with Airlea as the guards brought forth Airleas' mount.

The spirited beast was as white as the distant snow-capped mountains. Not a speck of another color was visible on him. The other shocking aspect besides the color of his coat, was the sparkling blue of his large eyes. Larger than most, and incredibly expressive, the animal looked like a beast out of a tale.

Bridled and saddled in silver and blue tack, a blue saddle blanket and skirt that hid the fact that he was not gelded. Rumors were that this beast was decended from the great Pegasus, a winged horse sacred to Zeus.

The Stallion half reared, not pleased at being led about by servents, and flicked his ears towards Airlea, snorting and nickering eagerly. Bowing in apology, Airlea turned for Aikaterine, and took hold of the blue leather reins, drawing the animals' head closer so that she could calm him. After a few tense moments, the stallion tossed his head and settled. Airlea turned and swung up into the saddle, awaiting the others to arrive.

03/15/2007 11:41 AM

Varick arrived at the docks that morning, and was met by a man wearing the livery of the general he had spoken with the night before. He gave Varick a letter, sealed with the general's seal.

"A Royal guard named Airlea is leading the expedition. She will depart the palace shortly. When she arrives here, give her the letter. My lord's influence will be enough to ensure you a place on the expedition."

Varick took the letter and indicated that he understood. The servant left, and Varick walked over to the ship. He set down the pack that contained what few belongings he had, and waited for this woman to arrive.

03/15/2007 12:22 PM

"Get away from me old man." yelled SparrowHawk.
The crowd turned there attention towards the noise, as they looked over they saw a solider throwing an old man into the water.

Some guard ran words him and dove at him he jumped onto a beam.
"What do you think you are doing," they yelled at him "You just don't throw someone into the water."

"He was trying to steal my great grand father's bow." he yelled back at them.

"Still you don't throw him into the bay he could drown."

"He wouldn't be much of a Atlantean if he couldn't swim now would he."

04/30/2007 5:25 PM

Arkantos stood on the deck of his ship, giving orders to the crew. He wasnt sure this little expedition would be successful but he wasnt planning on ending this once the ship reached Athens, he planned to accompany this small fellowship and leave the ship in command of his lieutenant, Ajax. Well however this adventure was going to turn out, it sure would be and interesting little pleasure cruise.

"Captain, i am retiring to my cabin, keep the ship on a course for Athens and if the winds die down, use the oarsmen."

And with that he walked to his cabin where he sat at his desk looking over old maps and manuscripts.

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