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02/24/2007 5:21 PM

There was a slight creak every few seconds as the island moved and shook the Pub, dirt fell from the floor above leaving piles in the middle of the floor, the Barman paid no matter and kept dirtying cups with a mouldy cloth.

Luna sat hands in her lap with her long Victorian dress nearly reaching the floor, her red hair spread across her back, she was young her eyes hidden slightly with glasses. Across from her sat a girl with fairly short brown hair and a Bandana, she was a contrast with Luna in a yellow top and a Pink skirt and sat in a fairly relaxed position. Both girls were deep in conversation, "So he just kissed me, how was I meant to know he liked me that much, at least he got it over before the Flirt Fight kicks off with Meg vs Emi."

"I wander if a guy out there loves me, i wonder if I'm even like, I've been trapped for ages now," looking down at the table.

"Don't worry you only getting started, it's only be a while and you have a mental episode like I did,"

"Is that a good thing?"

"Of course it is, it's character building."

Both girl attention is taken by a scene outside the window, two military choppers were shooting down a windmill that floated next to the island.

"Thats strange, you'll never see that again," Luna turned back to Alexa

"And yet I've seen it before somewhere."

Suddenly the door is pushed to&.

02/24/2007 8:56 PM

"Haha and she calls me loony! look there is two of her sitting talking to herself!" Meg walked through the door. "Finally a nice thread where I can be well, me. cheers to that and I say a brilliant job you've done with the lighting absolutley brilliant. Oh damnit I feel a hankering to say something British, where's Dale so I can tell him to sod off. Phew glad I got that done with." Meg sat down and kicked her feet up. "Well if all goes as planned we should have quite the cast coming in.

As if on cue another woman walked into the bar, a large decorative fedora (as described in Fantasy RP) with two large ostrich feathers, a white poets shirt covered by a black vest, black pants tucked into black boots and of course a black belt with a nice rapier hanging from it. "Aye and the fake Irishmen is here as well!"

"Well it is about damn time lass, pull yourself up and drink with me for a spell. I haven't gotten to play you since earlier this month. Missed ya where you been?"

"In your head you stupid git! Now you think we have sufficiently saturated this thread?"

"Too right we have. Give em' a break, aye break em'."

02/25/2007 5:27 AM

Alexa turned to Megs, "Wheres Hoot hoot and little boomer," waiting a second,"As for that matter shouldn't you be keeping Emi off jack?"

The two new comers stood in the middle of the room, wind blowing in from outside, the hazy made them see almost not real. Luna broke the pause "I would have thought that more people would have come, maybe we should put up flyers, or blimps, or flaming circles," looking out the window. Something just hit me, I've been saved," Luna stood up, "I'll see you all later," she left the bar closing the door behind her.

"No don't leave me with her," Alexa stood up, "She'll sing badly and other things," It was to late, she settled in her chair. ~Think happy place ~

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