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02/23/2007 8:57 AM

He spoke of tortured souls
So outrageous the toll
You can lose all you have
He refused to give in to the town that takes all
Survive, you must have the will
This movie doesn't end the way we want all the time
Then he shouts at the moon
She's gone, and fear has overcome
He was walking the mile, he was walking alone

Four and twenty deadbirds, they bleed upon the nest
There was no time for reason, they had no sign of a threat
Now it's too late, too late for me
This town will eventually take me
Too late, too late for me

This town will win

Through this fog they come along
Dark creatures singing a terrible song
The rest of the bar laughed at him
Only I felt my hope grow dim
They found him dead the very next day
"No more stories from him," I heard them say
We blamed bad luck for his fate
Only I felt terror so great

She and he will know
that someday all things will end

That misty night
That dismal moon
The dead search for their kin
While angels sing, in endless dark
The dead seek out sin

-"Hometown", Silent Hill 3 OST

The town was always quiet.

It wasn't quiet in the way all small towns were quiet; it was quiet in the way that a graveyard is always quiet, an oppressive, otherworldly silence. Anyone unfortunate enough to pass through the town would inevitably speed up again on seeing the desolation of the place. It wasn't on any lists, and it was on few maps.

The buildings were all silent and empty, their untended state partially concealed by the fog that shrouded the place like a veil. The fog never came from the lake, or changed with the weather; it was always there, as much a part of the town as the rocks or stones.

It gave the town a feeling of timelessness, a place stuck in an eternal purgatory of twilight, never light or dark. The only thing that seemed to be different from the rust and disuse of the town was the sign at the edge of town that still gleamed occasionally in the headlights of the odd passing traveler.

Welcome to Silent Hill

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02/26/2007 8:27 AM

"But this isn't Silent Hill." Lily complained.

"No." her driver responded. "You out here." he added in broken English.

"But I said Silent Hill. This isn't it." she leaned forward and pointed at the map (Which had been hard enough to find in the first place. This one was from 1968 ). "See?" she asked. "SI - LENT- HILL? See?!"

The driver just shook his head. "Out, please very much"

With an exaggerated sigh and a slump of her shoulders, Lily shoved the map into her rutty old rucksack and flung the door open, tossing a twenty into the back seat of the car.

"Hey you! Give me my money! More!" the driver yelled after her. With a perfectly sweet smile on her face, Lily turned on a heal and gave a dainty little wave before walking away. In front of her stood a run-down old diner and an even more run-down repair shop. A lone pump stood stoically in front of the repair shop, bathed in a hazy neon glow. Following the light up Lily saw a sign that almost certainly was meant to say "Massey's" but instead said something more humourous with the "M" being broken.

Behind her the taxi rumbled away, almost angrily, and Lily headed for the diner.

It was exactly as she had expected, and what she expected was something straight from "Thelma & Louise".

"I hated that movie..." Lily muttered, before finding an emty booth (not hard considering there was a couple sitting in silence in one booth and an old man, who Lily was certain had come with the diner, sitting by the counter puffing away on a cigar) and taking a seat. Openning her rucksack, Lily withdrew the map once more, tracing a line from where she had started this morning to where she thought she was now. According to her estimations she was precisely one thumb width from Silent Hill... Um...

"Hey puddin', can I help you?" a voice asked next to her.

Lily half jumped and gave a relieved laugh as she looked up to see a waitress with a crows nest of blond hair topping her head, smiling down at her.

"Oh sorry, kinda got lost in the map there. Um..." she quickly perused the menu, "I will have aaaa..... A coke and whatever the special is."

"Sure thing puddin'" the waitress smiled, scribbling something down on her notepad as she made to leave.

"Sorry" Lily called, and the waitress turned. Lily indicated the map, "Could you tell me how I get to Silent Hill?" the waitress stopped dead and gave her a look like Lily was crazy (which kinda hurt given recent experiences). "I'll bring out your food in a minute." the waitress responded before once more turning away.

"Huh..." Lily muttered

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02/27/2007 1:50 PM

Isaac wearily leaned against his '96 Accord, as he blankly watched the digital numbers on the gas pump put an increasingly sizable hit on his wallet. The little voice in the back of his mind most people called reason swore this was a stupid idea. The man that spent nine to ten hours a day in a cubicle looking at more numbers than any human ever should disagreed.

He'd come nearly two-hundred miles as it was, much too sick to make it to work, he claimed. The best he could tell from the directions he'd been given, Silent Hill was less than fifty miles further. There, he would find the offices of Ravenloft Press, if the directions were correct.

To see his name in print...


[i]The previous day...[/i]

"So, Ike, any big plans for the weekend?" Jimmy asked, his same old plastered smile in full effect.

"Oh, you know me. I've always got something cookin'. This time, I'm thinking a trip to Blockbuster to find whatever doesn't have explosions or decapitations in it, a couple nights at home catching up on sleep, and then back to the glorious grind." He added a goofy grin for effect.

Jimmy chuckled. "Sounds like another absolutely scintillating time. Shame I'll have to miss out."

Isaac gave his own polite laugh in response. "What crazy party are you planning this weekend?"

"Well, first I figure I'll spend about two thirds of my check on bills. Then I'm going to be guilted into going to the grocery store with my wife, where I'll get to watch her stare at all the different brands of beans for fifteen minutes or so, before she picks the same one she always gets. After that, I get to watch the demons... I'm sorry... the kids while she makes dinner. Then, that night I get to listen to her tell me how she does absolutely everything around the house and I should help out more. Then, a breath later, she's going to tell me I work too much and I need to spend more quality time with the family. And God forbid I point out that those two statements are completely contradictory... Turns out, I'm an asshole if I ever contradict such "sensitive" matters."

Ike gave a sympathetic nod. "And that's why being a middle-aged bachelor is sadly underrated."

"I hear ya, man. Well, don't work too hard. See ya tomorrow. Gotta love Fridays."

"Always. Have a good one."

When the soft pat of his footsteps faded, Isaac turned his attention back to his desk and slid his forms aside. Underneath was the yellowish letter he'd been waiting for... how long now? After so much rejection, he'd finally received an acceptance letter. One of his latest poems, "Whose Heart Beats Here?", had caught the eye of Ravenloft Press. From what he'd researched, it was a little known publication that specialized in underappreciated writing. That was just how he felt. Underappreciated.

"We'd love for you to come down to the office anytime you can," it read. "Give us a call and we'll set something up. We love to meet new talents."

He'd made the call the day he got the letter, three days before, and was set to drive out the next day. His weekend would have some value afterall. It was time to be something.

02/27/2007 6:19 PM

[i]The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh...[/i]

It had been a bad week.

Evelyn had dealt with bad weeks before, though they seemed more common as of late, but this one took the cake. She clicked her turn signal to change lanes, going around some guy with his kid in a tan jeep that didn't seem to know how to drive.
She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, reflecting. It had all started when everything went sour with Dylan, she decided. [i]I should have known it wouldn't last.[/i] she thought grimly, changing lanes again.

As if that hadn't been enough, then there'd been the phonecall from Jesse. Dad was in the hospital again, and his chemo wasn't working right, she should come home. Eve smiled bitterly. Should she? Of course. Would she? Hell no. She knew their game. Make her come home. Make her feel guilty. Tie her down with obligations and illusions of family loyalty until she could hardly breathe from all the expectations. She understood just fine. They'd wanted her out, made her leave and go halfway across the country to that god-damned school, and now they wanted her back.

She shook her head in irritation. Then, of all things, the rent was due. Rent which she didn't have enough money to pay, either, thanks to having had to have her hand stitched up after slicing it on an engine part at work. Her bandaged hand resting on the steering wheel seemed like a vague accusation to her carelessness, and what it had earned her. She sighed, and turned up her headlights onto bright. Damn fog.

To top the whole fiasco off, there'd been the letter from Mom.
The letter.
Eve glanced over at her battered bomber jacket resting on the passenger seat of the truck. The white envelope was still there, sticking out of the pocket. No return address, just her own, written in that spiky handwriting that was still familiar after all these years.

[i]My dearest daughter,

It's been so long since I've seen you, I hardly know what to say. I've missed you terribly, Lynny, and you've never come to see me.
I know you missed me too, which is why I want you to come and visit me. I'm so very lonely here, all by myself, and I miss you.
I'm waiting, here in my new home in Silent Hill, and I hope to see you soon.


Huh. The nerve of the woman. Eve shook her head. Her mother had left when she was five years old, and nothing had ever been the same since. They had always been close, and Eve had pleaded with her mother to let her go with her after the results of the divorce settlement came in.
Momma had let her go, alright...she'd let her go by the side of the road outside of town and never come back. Eve had been on her own by the highway for a day before the police had found her and she'd been returned to her near-hysterical father. They'd never seen or heard from her mother again.
Until now.

[i]Why, Mom?[/i] she thought, staring out into the deepening gloom of the twilight road. [i]Why now? After all this time, why me?[/i]
She sighed, and fiddled with the radio to try and take her mind off the reason for the drive. Despite her misgivings, she'd looked up Silent Hill and taken off after work this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the damn town seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere. Eve frowned. Why was it getting dark so fast? She leaned forward, peering around out the windshield. Fog lay across the land like a smothering blanket, growing thicker by the minute.
"Shit..." she said, braking slightly to slow down. [i]Fog. Of course it has to be foggy. Because, you know, nothing could ever possibly go well for me.[/i]

She grimaced and slowed even more. A few minutes passed, and the fog continued to thicken until the trees by the road were nothing more then bare wraiths. Something seemed off, though Eve couldn't seem to put her finger on it. Where were all the other cars? There hadn't been a single one since that jeep. She glanced in the rearview mirror. Even the jeep was gone...odd.

To cover her unease, she turned up the radio. The music began to fade and warble, interrupted by static. Eve frowned, and adjusted the tuning knob. It didn't seem to help, and the static grew louder, with odd crackles of noises, too brief to be identified.
"What the hell?" she muttered, and finally settled for turning down the volume. "Must be getting out of range of the stations or something."

The fog gradually grew thicker and she adjusted her speed accordingly. Wearied boredom slowly settled in, and she covered her mouth to stifle a yawn as she rounded the bend. Thanks to the trees and fog, she didn't see the car until she was almost on top of it.
Eve rounded the curve and saw the car, stalled in the middle of the road with it's lights dead, and slammed on the brakes. "SHIT!" she screeched, swerving away as hard as she could.

The world spiralled in a blur of grayish gloom and indistinct dark silhouettes as the car spun off the side of the road, and her head slammed into the dash, making it all fade away.

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02/27/2007 7:10 PM

The whine of a motorbike sounded in the clear evening air interrupting the silence. Music blazed through expensive headphones matching the adrenaline from the speed as the bike moved along the quickly darkening roads. The dark was a problem as the headlight was three days broken but if he could find a car to follow he might be able to make his way a bit farther.

Glancing over his shoulder before pulling hard into the corner he wondered if the police were still looking for him. His last job had gone badly and he had managed to screw up enough to get his identity discovered. Now all he could do was run and hope that there wasn't a state wide warrant on his head, after all it would probably happen.

Knowing how things worked out for him there would probably be a road block or a check stop ahead and that he would get busted there or maybe he would end up colliding with a truck and the clean up crews would have to scrape what was left of him off the roads. None of these things were likely to happen he just expected them too. Just after these thoughts left his mind one of the lights turned on proclaiming he was running out of gas.

Typical he thought again as he looked back up and found himself engulfed in fog. How he hadn't seen it ahead was also very typical, but that didn't mater as much as the thought that popped into his head. The thought was a simple one, he was going at about a hundred miles per hour and he had five feet of visibility.

He didn't see the lights until it was too late there was a car right there. He swerved trying not to hit the car and ended up heading down what seemed to be a back road. He fought for control but ended up dropping the bike, tearing flesh and clothing alike as he skidded down the road. The last thing he saw before all went black was the faded sign a little ways off, "Welcome to Silent Hill."

02/28/2007 6:37 AM

[i]Now what were those very good reasons I had for not getting an MP3 player again?[/i]

Kate scowled at the radio, its hissing an affront.

First it had done nothing but pick up Country music stations- Country frickin' music stations- then even those had started to fade out, replaced by an unnerving white noise. She liked fog, usually, softened the edges of this dirty hard world, but when the white noise had been replaced by the whine and occasional blip of static, well, it had started to feel just a little bit Friday Night Horror.

She'd thrown her map out the window two nights ago.

Bumping down some backwater lane it had suddenly seemed ridiculous, sitting there on the passenger seat beside her, telling her where to go and where she should be: lines and numbers but really no information.

She'd felt lighter, instantly.

It wasn't as if she'd really been using the map all that much, but every so often she'd check the road numbers, just to have an idea of where she was, see if there was a town near to spend the night or it it'd be another night in the back seat.

The sleeping bag had been something she'd picked up well back, in some town she never knew the name of. She hadn't even thought to bring one initially.

As she'd gone on she'd accumulated things, but [i]useful[/i] things, not the crap we smother ourselves with everyday: a pen knife, a mess kit, a small propane burner (she hadn't wanted one at first, liked the small rebellion of living on twinkies and white bread sandwiches, but with all those carbs and facilities kind of irregular...well, it had proven a wise investment), a couple of torches, fishing line (you never knew)- stuff that made her wish she'd been in the Scouts.

Once she'd ditched the map the choices of roads she'd been making stopped feeling random and started feeling like actual decisions: like [i]she[/i] was taking control and choosing exactly where she wanted to go.
She wished she'd done it years ago.

Even the radio was a minor irritation- habit, really. She didn't mind the quiet, she didn't mind the fog; it seemed apt, really.

[i]Pathetic fallicy, that was what it was called, wasn't it?
Like in Lear or Wuthering Heights.[/i]

She chuckled a little, an unlikely Cathy.

But the fog blanking out the world, shrouding her in its calm away from away from everything she was trying to leave.. it certainly [i]felt[/i] like pathetic fallicy.

She took it as a sign that her choices had been right ones: leaving home, wandering, even ditching the map. She felt as if every mile was bringing her closer to some resolution.

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02/28/2007 12:24 PM

Max leaned on his car, running his hands through his thick hair. Two days of traveling, no map, no food, giving up everything he accompilished just because of one stupid vision. He had no idea where he was going only the fact that for some reason there was a small voice in the back of his head telling him where to go. and where had that small voice landed him? In the middle of no where! This was crazy. Max looked down the road. No cars, no people, no nothing. Not to mention it was getting foggier the furher he went on, and no radio to calm him down. Aperently, there were no radio signals out this far. He growled and kicked the side of his car, makeing a small dent.

Max sighed, and calmed himself down. Senceless brutalizing of inoccent cars wasn't going to help, but it sure did feel good. He stood next to his car for a few more moments, enjoying the freshness of the breeze. That was the one good thing about being this far out from any civilization, nice clean air. He breathed in deep, waiting a second before he let it out. It wasn't all bad. A small girls voice took him by surprize.

"[i]Keep going, Your almost here."[/i]

It drifted off with a giggle into the night sky.

"Not again!" Max groaned "I [i]have[/i] to be hearing things, or I'm just plain going crazy!"

He opened the door of his car and started the engine, it was going to be a long night of driving into the great white fog, and a dangerous one at that. Visiblity started getting thin, when only about ten minutes into the drive he heard that little girls voice again. It echo through his ears, so life like, it couldn't be just him!

"[i]Your here!"[/i] It said menicingly.

The small girls giggles had now become monstrous laughter. Creating a wave of such intensity it made him shake. Oh, the feeling in his stomach, the laughter made it churn, like his insides were being mingled inside of him. Max screamed, seemingly loud enough to break his windsheild. He let go of the weel, clamping his ears shut. Still the laughter flowed in. The car lost control, and as it slammed into a sign, the laughter stopped. Max opened his eyes and looked around. It was all a dream. Max placed his head back on the wheel and closed his eyes.

"I most of fallen asleep at the wheel." He muttered.

He had still slammed into something though. Max lifted his head from the wheel. It was a sign. It read [i]Welcome to Silent Hill[/i].
It [i]was[/i] all a dream... right?

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02/28/2007 12:33 PM

Lily poked at the assorted meats that swam in grease on her plate. "[i]Yummy..[/i]" she muttered to herself, slightly disheartened. She had wanted something substantial but... assorted gunk just didn't quite cut it.

Pushing the plate away from her, Lily slumped back into the booth with a sigh. After about a half hour, in which she had nearly drifted off to sleep, someone dropped into the seat opposite her. Looking up, she saw the waitress from before sitting across the table. The woman gave a sigh and tossed a cloth down on the table.

"[i]You don't wanna go up there, hun'[/i]" she said as she popped a cigarette between her lips. "[i]No good ever happened up there.[/i]" she finished ambiguously, as she lit the cigarette.

Lily cocked her head and arched an eyebrow. "[i]What? Where? Silent Hill you mean?[/i]" The woman, Clara as her name tag indicated, simply nodded. Lily shifted uneasily in her seat and sat forward, leaning on the table. "[i]Like what?[/i]" Lily inquired.

Clara exhaled a puff of smoke. "[i]If you go up there, you'll find out, and not to the good of your health. Ain't never seen no-one go up there and come back the same.. They're... different.[/i]" She shook her head and the mop of blonde hair swayed precariously. "[i]That's if they come back at all...[/i]" she added as a forboding afterthought.

Lily was confused but unsurprised. Anything she's read up on Silent Hill had been very vague, with little or no details. There had been bits and pieces alluding to some big bad, but no specifics. "[i]But... But I need to go up there. I've gotta figure something out...[/i]" Clara snorted. Lily gave an exasperrated sigh. "[i]Look, I appreciate the advice, but this is something I need to do.[/i]" Lily stuffed her map into her rucksack again and went up to the counter to pay.

"[i]There's a car out back.[/i]" she heard Clara say from behind her. Lily turned and gave a 'Huh?' kinda look.

"[i]Old piece'a junk but it'll get you there. An' back if you're lucky. You can take it. Ain't no good to me no more.[/i]"

Lily eyed the woman uncertainly, the cash still in her hand for the thing on her plate that had pretended to be food. "[i]Thanks...[/i]" she said, not knowing what else to say.

The woman nodded. "[i]Keys are in the glove compartment. Be careful. There's a weird fog up there.[/i]"

Lily smiled and pressed the money into Clara's palm. "[i]Thanks. A lot.[/i]" Lily beamed. "[i]I'll bring it back in one piece![/i]" Lily called back as she dashed out the door.

"[i]I doubt it.[/i]" Clara muttered to herself.

03/04/2007 3:10 PM

The only reason she saw the car's lights and was able to stop in time was that she'd slowed to roll down the window. Her mom had always warned her that fog was bad for the chest, but what the hell, the bitch was dead, who cared.

She'd needed the cool air, she was starting to feel sleepy, and the road she'd been on was too narrow to just pull over for the night.

"Hello? Anyone there?"
She called out first, before opening the car door.
Not hearing anything she grabbed her mag flashlight from the glove compartment, its heft in her hand reassuring.

She walked toward the car slowly; the fog seemed thicker and she didn't want to miss anything on the ground.


The hood of the car when she placed her hand on it was cool, and she could see there was no one inside. Frowning, she looked around again. It didn't look like an accident, no damage to the front, and if it was just a breakdown why weren't the flashers on? Why wasn't it pulled over?

Moving around to the back to check if there was any damage to the rear a sudden breeze seemed to swell up from behind her, pushing past and parting the fog at ground level for a few feet.
Trying to ignore the hairs raising on the back of her neck she followed the skid marks the break in the fog revealed over to the edge of the road.


The dense air caused her voice to reverberate weirdly, carrying it back to her ears almost distorted in tone.

[i]What time is it, Mister Wolf?[/i]

She stilled her breathing and turned her head: underneath the echo of her own call she'd thought she'd heard another sound.
She inched closer to the verge, brows drawn in concentration.

[i]What[/i] is [i]that?[/i]

Faintly she could make out a low humming noise. Kate closed her eyes to try to focus on recognising the sound.

It sounded like an idling engine.

[i]Aw crap.[/i]

Sticking the flashlight into the back of her waistband she began scrambling down the incline.

[OOC- regardless of whether they do or not I'm assuming for this that car engines still idle after a crash, lol. It was that or I hear the wheels turning..]

03/04/2007 4:51 PM

Despite the hour, Ike couldn't help but squirm in his seat from the anticipation. Silent Hill should be coming up in just a couple of minutes, and then he'd find the Ravenloft building before getting a room for the night.

But damn the fog! He'd be decidedly more excited if he could see where he was going. The road idly twisted and turned, and on more than one occasion, he damn near went right into a tree.

"You come around here, you'd better bring a witness." The last words from his radio, courtesy of Jakob Dylan, had come a full three minutes ago. It seemed like ages. And damnitall, he didn't have a witness...

But that didn't stop him from forging ahead. What Silent Hill had to offer him was far too important to be sidetracked by a little fog.

"Here comes the booming!" he continued with the song he'd been singing to occupy the silence. "And the hunger of each night. Here comes the burden of might. Now this day was note divinely made to leave you impressed... We may become someone someday, but... we haven't yet!"

And that was when his tire blew out. Left front. The car shuddered and gasped as it tried to go into a blind spin. He spun the wheel to the right, and managed to succeed in fishtailing madly. Dale fucking Earnhardt right here.

His luck finally ran out, as the road decided now was an opportune time for a turn. His car disagreed, and during a particularly bad fishtail as his tires dug into soft earth, the rear end caught a tree, and sent him into a spin as the car tumbled down a hill. He pinballed off another tree, and crashed to a halt against a large rock.

He was concious. That he knew. He popped the door open with some effort, and fell out of his seat in a crumpled heap.

03/04/2007 6:26 PM

Eve slowly clawed her way towards consciousness, woken by the pounding in her head and her dry mouth. Thirsty. She was so thirsty. Her mouth felt and tasted like paper, and she'd have gladly done murder for a glass of water.

With what felt like an astronomical effort, she opened her eyes. The sideways view seemed vaguely familiar, but was very definitely not her bedroom. She closed her eyes again.
[i]Where the hell am I?[/i]

She thought for a moment. [i]The letter from mom....I was driving to that town, the one with the weird name....the fog...and there was that car in the middle of the road...I must have hit my head.[/i]

Eve opened her eyes again. Dark. Why was it so dark? It was afternoon, wasn't it?
She slowly sat up, wincing at the stab of pain it sent through her already throbbing head. On second thought, it wasn't really that dark, the light was just...odd. Greyish. Was it still afternoon or the next morning?

The light was clear enough to show the reddish-brown smear on the steering wheel. She gingerly touched her forehead. The light touch send a spike of pain through her forehead, and partially congealed blood stained her hand. The woman grimaced, wiping her hand on her jeans. She leaned back, closing her eyes. [i]Shit. I shouldn't have come out here...stupid, stupid![/i]

Finally, she sat up again, and popped open the glovebox, rummaging around. Her search produced a film container of aspirin and her first-aid kit, purchased after a friend's constant nagging. [i]Thank god for Sarah's paranoia...[/i]

With a little help from the rear-view mirror, she bandaged the ugly-looking gash on her forehead. She grimaced; it looked horrible, but, well, nobody was really going to give a damn about it's aesthetic value.

She gulped down two aspirin tablets, and looked around. It was still foggy as all-get-out, though it seemed lighter outside. [i]Must be morning...jesus, I can't believe I was out all night.[/i]
Eve turned the car back on, and the pickup rumbled to life. The truck was old and battered, but it was built like a tank, and the sound of it's engine was oddly comforting. The clock was blinking 12:00 at her, and adjusting the radio resulted in nothing but incoherent static.

She attempted to pull back onto the road, and the truck shuddered and rattled ominously. [i]A flat? Sonofa....[/i]
She pulled to a stop on the shoulder, and grabbed her jacket, heading out.

The door squealed shrilly, and a fresh coat of dents and scrapes in the greenish paint accompanied the usual rust. Eve sighed, and headed around to the front. Not too bad....the bumper was dented, but it seemed to mostly be scrapes. Well, and the flat. She stared at the right rear tire, undeniably deflated. Bastard. Just when she didn't have her jack with her.

Resisting the urge to kick the tire, she headed around the back of the truck. [i]Jesus christ, I've never seen fog like this...like walking in freaking soup.[/i]

The fog rendered visibility down to ten feet at the most, and the trees were eerie gray shadows. Snow was drifting down, very lightly, and she instinctively pulled her jacket a little closer.

Her skid marks showed up starkly on the asphalt, swerving off from a ways back. She walked along the road, hoping that a car didn't decide to come speeding along right now in this murk. The skid marks trailed off about fifteen feet back....but there was something wrong. Eve frowned, and turned, looking around. Where the hell was the other car? The one stalled in the road?

Nothing but empty and completely desolate road greeted her gaze. No trace of the car. She stared.
"I didn't hallucinate that." she said quietly, feeling the need to hear a voice, any voice. "That car was freaking real. I saw it."
She shook her head and slowly walked back to the truck with a growing feeling of unease. [i]They must have fixed it and left...[/i]

Despite the oddness of it, vanishing cars didn't have a damn thing to do with the fact she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a flat. She sighed, and leaned against the truck to try and call Dylan. No new messages; gee, nice to feel missed. The phone beeped at her, and she frowned. No service? What the hell did that mean?

Eve toyed with the thought of throwing it off into the gloom, and sighed, shoving it back into her jacket pocket. Great. No phone, no jack, no people...it just got better and better.

She climbed back in the truck and slammed the door, staring blankly at the steering wheel. Well...shit. She smacked her fist against the wheel. This was just goddamn perfect. Looked like her only option was to try and walk along the road and hope that she could reach a gas station or something on foot.

She decided to take the aspirin and her waterbottle with her. After a moment's hesitation, she dug out her flashlight too. Another thing her friend had talked her into getting; it was the perfect stranded-by-the-side-of-the-road tool, since it was one of those you shook to power up. It was also freaking huge, but, it worked.

It was chilly outside, with a slight breeze, but despite the snow, it wasn't that bad. After walking for about ten minutes uphill, a dark shape slowly resolved itself out of the gloom. It was a sign, rusted and stained, but still clearly legible.
"Welcome to Silent Hill, huh? Not putting out a great impression." she muttered, continuing up the road.

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03/05/2007 3:37 AM

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Angel, I think I made a boo boo- I thought I was stopping at the car that you had swerved off the road to avoid, and that the engine I was hearing was [i]your[/i] engine, lol.
[i]and[i/] that Max had gone off in the same place, [i]and[/i] Leo's guy's motorbike!

I just assumed they were all in the same place, boh.
So are you on a different road? Will I just go see to the guys?

I think it's clear from this though that all are characters are rubbish drivers. Except mine- but my navigational skills are crappy ;)]

03/05/2007 7:54 AM

[OOC: It remains to be seen whether Lily is a crap driver, excuse you me. Let's watch! ;) ]

"[i]You get what you pay for.[/i]" That had been Lily's first thought when she had found the run down old Ford Fiesta (formerly white) around the back of the diner. At the moment though, the thing felt like it was a freakin' Porche. When Clara had said there was a 'weird fog', she hadn't been kidding. The fog hadn 't crept up on Lily so much as it had jumped out and frightened the be-jesus out of her.

Right now, she wouldn't trade the busted old Ford for the world. The heat worked, even if the radio didn't, and the engine ran, that was all Lily needed.

Lily was hunched forward in her seat as if the extra six inches closer to the windscreen would help her see better through the fog. It occurred to her it might be an idea to drop her speed, for safety's sake, but every time she did, she found herself gently pressing on the accelerator and her speed crept up again. Thankfully, there didn't seem to be that many twists or turns in the road around here so she was relatively confident.

The silence within the car was starting to get to Lily. Keeping one eye on the road, she reached over into her backpack and rooted around for her mp3 player... nope that wasn't it... nope, that use to be food... that's the map... aha! Gotcha!

"[i]Agh![/i]" she squealed as her eyes came back to the road. There was someone just in front of her, staggering in the headlights. Lily slammed on the brakes and shut her eyes. The sickening thud and thump was all she heard as the car jumped and trundled over whoever she had hit...

"[i]Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod![/i]" she rambled as the car came to a stop. "[i]Oh my god I hit someone I freakin' hit someone...[/i]" Lily had a white-knuckle grip on the ratty old steering wheel and her chest heaved up and down almost violently. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath which she hoped would steady her for the sight she would be greeted with, Lily ushed the door open. Tentatively, she put one foot on the ground... Then the other.. And finally she stepped out of the car. The wind whipping by was bone chilling. Either that or it was having to face what was laying in a heap behind her car.

Slowly Lily moved around the car, but the fog was so thick she couldn't see who she had hit.

"[i]Hello?[/i]" she called hopefully, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

"[i]Are you ok?[/i]" she had always thought it stupid when people asked that in situations like this but she couldn't think of anything else to say.

Lily heard a shuffling. [i]Oh thank god...[/i] she thought, hoping it was a sign of life.

"[i]Hello?[/i]" she called again, into the fog.

In response she heard... well something that sounding like a mixture between someone trying to scream underwater and the sound of dozens of insects scuttling across a tile floor.

"[i]Um... anyone there? I'm really sorry about... Holy shit...[/i]" she gasped, as the person (was it a person?) she had hit stumbled through the fog. It looked like it's arms were tucked into its pockets and it had a hood up but... there was... there was [b]skin[/b] over it! It's knees were bent in and it lurched grotesquely towards her. She took a step back...

"[i]Are.. are you ok?[/i]" she asked stupidly. In response the thing leaned back and lurched forward in what may have been a scream. Lily leapt back as a wave of... vomit(?) came at her. The excretion bubbled and hissed on the ground. Lily was trembling even before she saw what would have been the things mouth: row upon row of jagged teeth lined the inside and what should have been the mandible was completely dislocated.

"[i]Jesus Christ...[/i]" she whimpered, turning and dashing back to her car. She slammed the door behind her and turned the key in the ignition. The engine rumbled to life and then in a "No I'm done for today" kind of way shuddered and fell silent.

"[i]Are you [b]shitting me?!?[/b][/i]" Lily screamed at the car.

In her rear-view mirror, the thing staggered towards the vehicle.

[OOC: Nope, she ain't that good a driver. Also, sorry for the big post!]

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03/05/2007 4:11 PM

Angel, I think I made a boo boo- I thought I was stopping at the car that you had swerved off the road to avoid, and that the engine I was hearing was [i]your[/i] engine, lol.
[i]and[/i] that Max had gone off in the same place, [i]and[/i] Leo's guy's motorbike!

I just assumed they were all in the same place, boh.
So are you on a different road? Will I just go see to the guys?

[OOC: I assumed we were all coming in from different ways...I guess a few too many of us liked the original Silent Hill's introduction?

I think it's clear from this though that all are characters are rubbish drivers. Except mine- but my navigational skills are crappy ;)

Ghostly appearing cars have nothing to do with one's driving! :P]

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03/05/2007 5:05 PM

[OOC: is the OOC and recruiting thread down because I can't seem to be able to get into it.]

Max opened the door of his car and rubbed his eyes. He hoped that the damage inflicted to the front of his car wasn't to bad. Max sighed and started checking it out.

"One broken headlight, a popped tire, and a cracked windshield. Well not as bad as I thought it would be!" He said in a chirpy voice trying to reassure himself that not everything was against him.

He didn't have a spare tire though, and if he did he sure as hell wasn't driving through this fog with only one headlight.

"Guess I'm gonna to have to walk."

He took one moment to go through his car and get the small amounts of items he brought with him. Looking down the road Max noticed a figure in the distance. Could it be another person? Out here? If it was why would they be walking? [i] Maybe his or her car broke down to.[/i] Max thought. He decided to stay there for a little longer and see who or what it was in the distance and if it was coming this way. Max sat on the back of his car. He breathed in the air, remembering how fresh it was out here, but something was wrong. This air wasn't fresh and pure like it was a couple miles down the road, no this air was foul. Not city foul though, this air was an evil like foul. Max uneasily shifted where he sat. Something was not right about this place.

[OOC: I'm assuming that I crashed into the same Welcome to Silent Hill sign that Angel sees in the distance. If not, that is ok, I have two ways this can go.]

03/05/2007 6:03 PM

The world slowly returned, going from black to grey to grey. Blinking Dustin sat up wincing as he was painfully reminded of his raw wounds. Looking down he started to pick the rocks out of his skin while wondering where he was. After the bigger rocks had been removed he started to get up a noticed a set of skid marks just a couple feet from where his head was. Wondering what had happened he hobbled along following the skid marks.

After about five minutes of his unbearably slow pace he reached the point where they ended in the opposite lane as the car he had missed. He wondered if they were at the other end of the marks but decided against searching. Turning around he just barely saw one of the fenders from his motorbike of on the side of the road. Dustin decided to move towards it he wondered if he would be able to salvage anything from his bike.

It laid there in a heap the front wheel gone and the engine smashed up beyond his skills to fix. Looking over it he noticed that his keys were still forgotten in the lock. Wondering how they had stayed, he slowly slid them out, as he did so he remembered the tool compartment under the seat and went to unlock it. Inside he found a set of wrenches, a screwdriver, his lock picks and finally a bit of emergency bandage. Sighing he sat down slowly and started assessing his wounds trying to decide on which to bandage.

03/08/2007 8:27 AM

[OOC- sorry for absence, net was down.
Okay, so I'm not near ANY of the 3 of you? Sheesh, my navigation [i]is[/i] crappy! lol. So who do the 2 cars near me belong too.. hmm.. can think of a pretty quick fix, lol.
Don't have enough time to post this evening, so hopefully get something up tomorrow]

03/09/2007 12:32 PM

[OOC- sorry for absence, net was down.
Okay, so I'm not near ANY of the 3 of you? Sheesh, my navigation [i]is[/i] crappy! lol. So who do the 2 cars near me belong too.. hmm.. can think of a pretty quick fix, lol.
Don't have enough time to post this evening, so hopefully get something up tomorrow]

[OOC: I think you're near my character, but I haven't had time to post. Hopefully can do that tonight. :)]

03/20/2007 3:46 PM

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03/21/2007 5:54 PM

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03/22/2007 4:12 PM

so you've PLENTY of time to post randomly/offtopicalllly in community forums but no time for US?
That sets me straight on your priorities.

Probably a good thing you're busy anyhow- I am distinctly uninspired at the moment, and have practically abandoned all the other RPs I was in. I'm blocked! I'm blocked!
And brother dear asking me is this thread dead isn't helping any!

03/24/2007 12:28 PM

[OOC: What, would you like Silent Hill to be invaded by the off-topic beings such as Helgaturtle or the UPeach? :P]

Eve was huffing slightly by the time she'd finally reached the sign at the edge of town. The road slanted steadily uphill, climbing into the foggy horizon. The further along she went, the thicker the damn fog seemed to get, too, until she could barely see much further then ten feet ahead of her.

She paused at the sign to catch her breath, and looked around. The ghostly shapes of the buildings ahead were welcome, but something was....off. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Then it hit her like the metaphorical ton of bricks.
The town was, living up to it's namesake, utterly silent.

"The fuck is this?" she muttered, squinting into the fog. The building closest to her had windows that were smashed out and boarded over, and the others looked no better. No cars in road, no lights from any windows or doors. No signs of life at all. No motors rumbled to life, no voices spoke, nothing.
She peered into the window of the small building that looked like a gas station by the sign. Deserted. A few shelves overturned, but mostly just dusty and utterly, utterly empty.

"It's a friggin' ghost town..."
She sighed and ran a hand through her raggedly cut hair. Great. Just fucking great. Now her odds of finding help were....well, not good. Instinctively she reached for her cellphone that was usually clipped to her back pocket and pulled it out. The screen still stubbornly read, "No Service". She sighed.
"Right. Because, you know, nothing could ever go well for me."

Eve leaned against building and rubbed her forehead, careful to avoid the bandage. Okay, so the town was deserted. Well, it didn't appear to have been cleaned out, so maybe se could find a jack here anyway. If nothing else the cell service might come back if she got into town further. Why the hell had Mom wanted to meet her here...? She pushed the thought away and shook her head.

She straightened and started to head into town when a scream echoed from the way she'd come. Eve halted, looking back. The hell...?
She slowly walked back down the road the way she'd come, speeding up to a jog. Was somebody else stranded out here?

A dark silhouette appeared out of the fog, on the side of the road, apparently climbing down. Eve slowed to a cautious walk.
"Uh...hello?" she called warily.

[OOC: The scream was Saisei's character...we'll just say that sound travels further then it should in Silent Hill. The person by the side of the road is supposed to be you, Nanuk, if that's alright?]

03/24/2007 1:59 PM

[OOC- that's more than alright, it's groovy. Can't post tonight, have company, but shall be able to get on tomor. Don't know how Saisei's access is at the moment, he's up in Dublin and I don't know whether he's going into college or not but I'll try to get hold of him and give him a prod to post]

03/25/2007 6:06 AM

Kate had been so startled by the scream that she'd nearly slid down the slope.
She'd just about managed to grab hold of weeds, and their roots had held long enough for her to regain her balance.

[i]It was a fox, right? Sound just like humans when they scream.. just a vixen..[/i]

Still perched on the incline, debating whether or not to check the scream out while she waited for her heart rate to slow, the sound of a voice coming out of the fog nearly caused her to lose her balance again.

It took a moment for her to register that, vulnerable as her position was, 'evil-doers' weren't likely to announce their presence- and certainly not that hesitantly.

"One sec", she started climbing up again as she called- better to be on even footing just in case this was a very [i]unconventional[/i] evil-doer.

She was breathing a little heavily; both from the steepness of the climb and the previous shocks. Wiping her hands on the side of her pants she checked the reassuring weight of her torch before she walked forward a little, slowly, toward the direction of the voice, a shape materialising to go with it.

"Hey.. ah.."

[i]What do you say when you meet a stranger in a fog bank in the middle of nowhere? 'So.. [/i]Deliverance[i], eh? Hell of a movie'..[/i]

"..hi. Are you from around here? I might need emergency services- thought I heard a car down the bank-" she turned a little, indicating over her shoulder, "-was worried someone might have driven over. Haven't had a chance to check yet- was just making my way down when you called."

Maybe it had been her who screamed- she looked a little rattled.

04/01/2007 6:38 PM

Eve shifted her weight slightly, ready to run if she had to. Hey, you never knew who you were going to run into in rural ghost towns. Well...besides mechanics late on their rent money who were stupid enough to drive out in the fog from hell.

The figure that resolved up the bank out of the fog didn't appear to be any sort of threat, though.
"..hi. Are you from around here? I might need emergency services- thought I hear a car down the bank, was worried someone might have driven over. Haven't had a chance to check yet- was just making my way down when you called."

Eve frowned. "A car? I wouldn't think so....I mean, I just walked by here and I didn't hear anything." She realized she was still holding her cellphone in one hand and quickly clipped it onto her pocket again.

"I'm, uh, Eve. I'm not from around here...I was driving up to visit someone and there was this stalled car and I swerved and....yeah."
She glanced into the fog further down the road.

"You, uh, wouldn't happen to have heard someone scream a few minutes ago, would you? From down that way?" She gestured down the road. "I just came that way and I didn't see anyone."

[OOC: Leo? Zaroth? Still alive?]

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04/02/2007 1:55 PM

[OOC: Alive.. well as much as possible]

He looked bad, really bad especially now that he was now haphazardly bandaged. His blood soaking through the bandages making him look like some sort of creation by one of those mad scientists in those old horror movies. Deciding it was the best he could do he grabbed what he deemed useful and salvageable from his bike and started limping back to the road wondering what would go wrong next.

Moving through the fog brought the usual feeling of being watched, this irked him a little as he knew there was nothing there, but at the same time he didn't know that there was nothing. Just as he had decided that there was nothing ahead Dustin froze as he heard muffled voices ahead. He thought on turning around but he realised that in his current state he really didn't have any better options.

Moving closer the voices cleared and his mind still undecided on weather this was a good idea kept him silent until his leg buckled and he hit the cold road. Realising that he hadn't been quiet he looked up at the two now staring at him and smiled before asking half sarcastically, "How's the weather?"

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04/03/2007 4:00 PM

"Scream? Yeah, I- I guess.. I thought it was a fox.. wishful thinking, apparently."

Kate looked around, pointlessly given the fog: she was feeling decidedly less calm than when she'd been in the car, almost to the point of hackles raising.
She ran a hand back through her hair.

"Have you got any reception on that?", she gestured toward the pocket where Eve had her phone.
"If it was a scream someone might be hurt.."

She didn't voice the thought that a phone would be handy in case- well, in case.
[i]Please let it be just a fox..[/i]

Her head turned back toward the direction Eve had come from, cocked slightly.
"Did you.. hear.."
She unconsciously took a step back, hand going toward the torch. God she was getting twitchy.

When a figure emerged from the fog and slumped unceremoniously to the ground she couldn't stop a quick bark of nervous laughter from escaping.
"How's the weather? Almost tangible."

04/06/2007 11:13 AM

Eve jumped at the sound of a voice from the fog and took a few involuntary steps back. A man was slumped on the road, covered in bloodstained bandages, and generally kind of looking like hell.

"Jesus christ...what happened to you?"

Her hand strayed to her cellphone and she forced it down. Unreasoning fear clawed at her stomach, and she clenched her hand into a fist. What the hell was wrong with her?
She took a deep breath.

"I don't have any service on my cellphone, so no 911 calls I guess. Must not cover ghost towns."

She shifted uncomfortably, her unease growing by the second. "Um. I don't suppose you screamed like a girl a few minutes ago, did you?" she asked the bloody man.

04/09/2007 2:28 PM

He lay there not quite wanting to get up yet while wondering what his options were. Thinking on the questions asked he replied "For what happened to me, I fell off my bike when I nearly hit a car." After thinking for a moment he continued, "As for the other question I don't remember screaming anytime since I woke up.. Why?" Feeling self conscious and vulnerable he slowly propped himself up on one arm before slowly getting to his feet.

Getting to his feet he winced from the pain coursing through his battered limbs. He felt something was wrong but didn't quite know what, after all it was just a little foggy right? His pessimism consoled him with thoughts of horror movie scenes like this and he smiled faintly. "Shouldn't we be moving somewhere?" he asked cautiously, "After all we are standing in the middle of a road.." trailing off he realised that he didn't really have any ideas worth contributing to the crowd. Sighing he tried to run a hand through his blood matted hair while looking up into the fog.

04/13/2007 4:58 PM

Thomas was just inside Silent Hill sitting inside the back seat of his car with a flashlight. He was trying to read The Stand but just couldn't concentrate on it. The town and the fog were just too creepy. He always expected something to just jump out of the fog, rip off the car door, then drag him out and take him to it's lair. He shuddered and told himself that was just stupid. Monsters don't exist. It was almost as stupid as his idea to come out here in the first place. Now those people from his home town could just spread lies about him without him there to clear them up before everyone believed them. Now he was stuck in some ghost town because he had run out of gas. This was all just so stupid. He was about to try to start trying to read his book again when he heard something.

Outside of his car, the town just seemed to get even quieter, it was strange. He had heard the scream, very faint, come through the crack in his car window. He had rolled the car windows down a tiny ways, so that he could hear a car approaching. He faced towards the town, figuring that it would be the most likely place the scream had come from. He was right, he could see a shadow of what looked to be like a human, doubled over in pain and limping farther into town.

"Hey! Are you alright?"

The person ignored him and continued farther into town until it's shadow disappeared completely into the fog.

"Hey! I'm talking to you! Hey!"

He turned back to his car and grabbed his backpack, cursing the person under his breath for not responding. He would have started yelling at the person, but he was happy to finally see someone else. He put his backpack on, locked the car, and started walking farther into town.

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05/01/2007 1:20 PM

"Shouldn't we be moving somewhere?" he asked cautiously, "After all we are standing in the middle of a road.."

"You just came off your bike- maybe you shouldn't be moving at all, you might have a concussion or something.."

Kate looked at him: he seemed okay, slightly bloody and pained but he seemed relatively coherent and his pupils looked normal.
She looked back at Eve.

"Although I think I'd feel better if we did have a look for whoever it was that screamed.."

Unvoiced was the thought that she didn't particularly want to look for what was the [i]reason[/i] for the scream.

[OOC: sorry for shortness/lameness but I'm kind of stuck and was more interested in just kicking it off again, lol]

05/01/2007 3:50 PM

[OCC: It LIVES!!!!]

" Moving dosn't sound half bad.. Though my arms dont agree." Dusting said half joking until his arms refused to give enough strength to get up. Grimacing he slid back onto his knees sliding the still open wounds across the ground.

"Maybe you were right.." He said feeling the warmth of his own blood again as he stood up.

"We should move as I am curious if my body is still in shock and wouldnt like to pass out from pain in the middle of the highway" Grinning weakly Dustin waited for the two to decide where they were going to go.

05/04/2007 8:05 PM

john gets out of his car. he's been driving down a old unmarked path into silent hill but stopped since there seems to be too much fog now to travel through. decideing he might have to hoof it. he heads to the trunk and grabs somethings. a desert eagle with 5 additional clips ( 10 bullets per clip). a flash light, two way radios, a old rifle he uses sometimes. and his little diary and a pen.
" well this sucks im almost there and now i can hardly see in front of me. oh well at least now i wont have to carry all my stuff back with me."

he heads down the road some more till it finally comes out through the woods and into silent hill itself. " something aint right here." he says" where are all the lights? where are the sounds of a civilzation? where are the people?" he decides it must be from the fog that he cant tell if people are there or not so he heads toward the nearest building. the silent hill suite.

05/05/2007 8:29 PM

approaching the building he realized he would get quite alot of stares wlking in with a rifle in the open. so before he enters the building he lays his rifle behind a dumpster near the back entrance. after he lays it down there's a slight scuffling of feet a few feet from where john was standing. " hello! is someone there?" he seems to say to no one. perhaps it was just a cat or a loose dog or something. he walks to the front of the building but before he enters he stops dead in his tracks. " theres no one inside." he wispers under his breath. the building seems to have been empty for months now. grime and webs built up all over the building. " now what would anybody be doing heading near somewhere like this?" he walks inside and looks around. " hello is anyone here? can i get some help please?" he yells. but there is no answer. he begins to head up the stairs behind the front desk when something catches his attetion on the desk.

05/07/2007 7:35 PM

on the desk was a cell phone. suprisingly the batteries were still half full. john decides to check for electricity in the place. he plugs in a unplugged lamp nearby and hits switch on it. nothing. " so some is here. But who?" john wondered for a moment. he decided to look around alittle longer. he heads into the next room where he doesn't find much but there was a medallion hang on a chandalier. wondering about how much it might be worth John tries to grab it but is too low to get it. " Damn now if only there was a kind of long stick or pipe or something to get it with." John stated. As he did so the radio he was carrying suddenly emits a loud screech. " Ah damn how do i shut this piece of crap off." He hits the off button but the radio stays on and keeps screeching. " what the hell?" suddenly he hears thuds coming down the steps.

05/13/2007 5:08 PM

[OOC: Critch- you read Angel's post, right? Third page of OOC section..]

05/14/2007 9:24 PM

Eve nodded. "Yeah. We should try and go up to town, maybe? See if there's a working phone? I think I saw a sign for the hospital, might be able to find some medical stuff there to bandage you up until we can call an ambulance."

"Although I think I'd feel better if we did have a look for whoever it was that screamed.."

The woman shrugged uncomfortably. "I didn't see any sign of someone else around here. Any chance of finding someone off the road in this fog is pretty much slim to none. Besides, Mr., uh..." she glanced at Dustin. "This guy, he definitely needs some help. If there's someone else out there, they'll probably head for the town too."

Eve was loathe to admit it, but her unease was growing with every passing moment. Some instinct shrieked at her to run, hide, get under cover. She shifted slightly, glancing over her shoulder. It's just this fucking fog. Yeah. That's gotta be it.

05/15/2007 12:19 PM

Thomas hadn't gotten very far when an odd sound had risen out of the fog. Thomas didn't like it, it really creeped him out. The sound was an odd scraping sound, it seemed to be coming from in front of him.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

There was no reply from the fog. Thomas started walking backwards watching in front of him incase anything suddenly came running out of the fog.

~Its a monster! Its going to rip you limb-from-limb! Won't that be fun!?~ said a voice in his head.

"NO! Its not..." Thomas said to himself. "It's some idiot playing a prank, thinking hes so funny."

Thomas was suddenly furious at whoever it was.

"Well screw you!" He said yelling into the fog, and then turned and started back the way he came. His foot hit something laying in the road. It was a pipe. Thomas picked it up and looked back at where the scraping sound was coming from. It had gotten slightly quieter.

"You try something stupid like this on me again, and I'll bash your head in!" He yelled, then continued on his way back to his car.

05/16/2007 3:38 PM

"Town it is then." He said trying to keep the pain out of his voice as he tried keeping upright. Sighing Dustin wondered if he would actually be concious long enough to make it into the town or weather he would pass out along the way from blood loss. Not many options but neither looked good, especially with this fog. Starting to move in the direction of town his vision blurred and all he was left with was darkness.

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