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02/22/2007 5:36 PM

Ok this is my first time making a Thread and i think this idea is cool.

Ok you are a dragon or gryphon rider and you and your squad are ordered to do war missions bye the king. Some of the missions are like desroying a damn to flood an enemy town and get ride of the enemy.

You chose Human or Elf the color of mount ect.

You also encounter enemy dragons and gryphons and go into exiting arial combat

so i need to make some more ideas some any sugestions

02/23/2007 5:16 PM

I think you need to work on this idea a LOT more before bringing it up for consideration. I mean - who is this kind? Why can't you spell? How did all these characters come together? What is the setting that it all takes place in? What is the over-reaching plotline of the story that will keep the players interested?

Games centered around running to the king for a 'mission' and then going out and doing it, and then coming back, ad nauseum, works for video games. It doesn't work for real RPing. You need something that keeps the players coming back, wanting to follow the story to an end of some kind. You need names of places, people, things. . you know - a setting, a story. . the basics of an actual RP.

02/24/2007 7:06 AM

OK thanks

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