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02/20/2007 12:06 PM

Would any folk be interested in such an RPG?

This might be hard if people haven't seen Gundam SEED or Gundam SEED DESTINY as Wikpedia and most of the English internet doesn't have much help. But this will be free form so I'll see how it goes.

Mankind is divided over human genetic engineering, with normal humans known as "Naturals" and the genetically altered humans known as "Coordinators". The sections have been at war on and off for the last 20 years.

Naturals control; USA, Europe, Asia, the moon and many close orbiting stations and out number the number of "Coordinators."

Coordinators control; Africa, South America, Australia and a massive collection off space station near Jupiter.

Orb a collection of neutral states on earth and some stations and some colonies, they remained out off the war before both sides declared war on them as they would join ether side.

This is an OTT Sci-fi about 700 years in the future with big fighting robots that kind of of thing. But I kind of want to do with from the view of the normal soldiers and the civilians but it's up to who and what people join up as.

Natural or Coordinator:
Appearance: (Coordinator can have any eye, hair colour)


This will be my first GM on this site so let me know if I need to add somthing

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