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02/19/2007 4:30 PM

go to OOC and hopfully enjoy ^_^

02/23/2007 12:09 PM

(OOC: Sorry couldn't wait for a post.)

"Grenade!" She could hear the hulking voice say as she chucked a smoke over the wall. She waited for it to pour out of the stick grenade before bolting to the next wall.

"Eat bullets you fuckers!" She pulled down the trigger of her machine gun and listened to them pour out some hitting with the satisfactory thud of bullets into flesh the others kicking up dust along the walls of crumpled buildings. She couldn't see where she was shooting through the smoke could only hear their rough voices, and heavy footsteps.

"Boomer," a low rumbling voice, followed by a deep throated smokers laugh.

"Oh damn." She whispered, "Guess I won't be using my chainsaw." Kikiyo looked around hoping to see some high ground. There on the watch tower, a stationary machine gun had been set up by the guards. She twirled another grenade in her hand and started running low and fast, keeping close to debris and firing covering shots. She dropped the smoke prematurely and swore, she only had three left to spare. The smoke puffed out and grew and she used it for as long as she could jumping out of it's confines and hitting the ground with a tuck and roll.

A horrific cracking sound followed by a metalic screech as one of the support beams came down. Another explosion, rock shards and dust blew out at her. There was definetly more than one Boomer. She turned and released a volley of bullets catching the bulky mass in it's leg causing it to go down and miss fire its powerful projectile. She scamperd up the ladder to the watch tower and put both thumbs down hard on the machine gun.

"How do you like them apples huh!" She laughed maniacally while she shot aimlessly at the ground, knowing there was enough of them to hit something. She stopped a moment and waited for the dust to clear, bodies were lying everywhere and for the time being there was quiet. She looked over there was a radio as well. [i]How nifty[/i] she thought.

She picked up the reciever and found a frequency. "Hello, anybody still out there. I have hostiles at the Old Newbarb Prison. Reinforcements would be just spicy. I repeat we have hostiles at the Old Newbarb Prison. Backup requested." She had no clue if they would come or not but one could hope. If not at least she would die doing what she loved best; killing.

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