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02/19/2007 7:39 AM

It was once said that "Man will face the wrath of God's Will, and his will shall put the martyrs to the test. The souls of the wicked would perish at the hand of the righteous one."

[i]I ask myself from time to time, "Am I one of those martyrs, am I just a pawn in God's game. Why is he testing me?" I look around and all I see is cargo vans, cargo vans moving through the desert; yea, a new military. We like to call ourselves the Resistance, or that's what we say. My mind was flushed awhile ago, after visiting a SCAGOA camp. It felt like I was a test subject. Order after order, I followed. They just played with my head. I found hope though, a stranger. He got me through and we destroyed that place so easily. It was a big mistake on our behalf. Once that place fell, SCAGOA nuked US soil. I'm thrown right back into it. I promised myself though I would not die until this thing was finished. I would continue to fight and bring the Devil to a close. Zombies are the new American nationality, and it is my job to bring back the melting pot; even if the United Nations won't help. This wasteland is my battle field, and this place is my new hell.[/i]

[i]The names Joey.......and I am a martyr.......[/i]

It has been at least five years since President Sheffield's speech. That day has come to be known as The Tribulation. Once the speech was given, riots broke out due to the stupidity of the government. The United States was war broken, and they wanted to jump back in war. A week after the speech, billions of creatures pleagued the US soil. These zombies caused more pain and agony. They slaughterd anybody they could fine. Everyone was to evacuate to Mexico City. Eventually Mexico City had reached its limits, and the US government sent refuges back into the States. The pouplation was deminishing and the zombies began to multiply. A new task force was formed after the release. They called themselves SCAGOA (Social Communists and Gears of America). They made matters worse. They took survivors to their prison facilitys and killed them off or made them one of them. Their technology was stunning. The SCAGOA army had the most impressive military equipment and tactics in the whole World. They could wipe out an advanced army like if they were bugs. Their plan was to grow powerful, create a new nation, and conquer the World. It was found out that the zombie uprising had connections with SCAGOA, but is still not confirmed. Another Task force, Anti-Flag militia was formed to stop SCAGOA. They were any Americans who did not believe in the SCAGOA ways. After the detnation of the main SCAGOA encampment in the Bahamas, SCAGOA targeted the Militia and whiped out the whole army. After the clense, SCAGOA nuked US soil. Luckily many survivors were underground or away from the serious blasts, but the whole United States seemed in Ruins.

Now after five years, a new army is formed. The Resistance. They are a mix of American survivors from the blast, Cuban military Pirates, and ex SCAGOA soldiers. Their purpose is to eliminate all zombie threats, and contain SCAGOA.

02/19/2007 7:59 AM

It had been five years since Sam escaped from the SCAGOA prison. Sam decided to stay with Joey over the five years. Sam had lost everything he had; his girl, LJ, his mansion, Ryan, Nate, and others close to him. Sam didn't know how to piece everything back together after it all hit. There had always been secrets in the Ash family, but now is not the time for those secrets. Sam swore a vendetta against SCAGOA for they had done the un-thinkable, they killed, they runied everyones lives. It never made sense to Sam; how he kept on going, staying alive for five years after the incident. Sam decided to pick up his life and help join the fight against SCAGOA after they destroyed, what was his.

02/19/2007 4:14 PM

The vans were rambling through the desert, there was no land; just mountains. Joey's goggles were muddy. They just had a skirmish with a town full of meat bags (zombies). Luckily no one was killed. Blood stained his armored suit, it looked like he was the one who was shot. He checked his mk51 SMG, it seemed to be ok. He wiped the mud from his goggles and stared street down the open road. The bumps were pissing him off. He turned back facing Okowski. There was a call from the front of the van.

"Ok guys we are 9.5 miles from Santa Fe. Remember it is heavily infected and there are traces of higher level zero's so be ready at all costs."

Zero was the code-name for the experiments that pleagued the land. They were classified by level; five being the most threatening. Joey turned to his right and punched Sam on the shoulder.

"Ready beotch?"

Sam smiled.

02/20/2007 3:37 PM

Sam loaded up his usp and straped his knife to his armor suit, "I feel like knifing one of the level zero's." Sam held close his Mp5 Navy, "Joey seems like we've been through a lot over the past five years, we've saved each other's lives but we couldn't save the others."

Joey nodded.

Another call came from the front, "Alright we're about there, get your guns loaded, stay alert, and don't get Fucked!" Sam looked through the windshield and saw "Now Entering Santa Fe" the city was completely desolated after the nuclear explosion. "Alright men, we're here, get out of the van, and start searching.

Sam and the other men started piling out of the van, Sam pulled down his UV proof goggles, "Seems a bit to quiet for me Joey."

The commander shouted "Alright split teams split up, and meet back here after your team has covered the entire area." "Shoot anything on site!"

All the men nodded towards the commander, Sam looked at Joey "Ready Biz-natch?"

02/20/2007 4:34 PM

All the men nodded towards the commander, Sam looked at Joey "Ready Biz-natch?"

Joey laughed, "Hells yea, aren't I always?" Same laughed and nodded. Joey, Sam, Okowski, Simms were squad Charlie. They were the best squad in their battalion, Simms being the highest rank. In some aspects, Simms reminded Joey of LJ, but more wise and a lot older. The group headed out towards the east end. Simms turned to the three, "Aight, my UV reads a 75% pleague rate. They are here, but hidden. Lets clear out this casino first."

They slowly walked through the broken wall on the east end of the casino. The inside was totally destroyed, but the building itself seemed to be in decent condition. "Sam, Joey check out the lobby and music hall. Okowski and I will clear out the gambling room and vault. Meet back here when finished. Move it!"

Joey led and Sam was behind him. They reached the outer door. "Sam open and clear." Sam nodded. Joey hid behind the wall and Sam kicked open the door. Joey heard multiple gunshots. When there was silence, Joey came through the door. Five zombies were shot on the ground. "Nice job, and I thought Asains were good for karate only." Sam laughed. Joey quickly shot and killed the zombie that was about to pounce on Sam. "Saved your yellow ass again." The two slowly continued, shooting down any zombie that was in sight. "Well this isn't fun, they are all classified level one." Sam shurgged. *DING* The two turned towards the elevator. Once the double doors opened, twenty or so it seemed, zombies came pouring out. They started sprinting towards the two. Sam dodged the first one and shot the next one. Joey shot down two, but was grabbed by another. "Sam get the fucker off of me!" Sam was having problems of his own. He kicked back another zombie and shot the one holding Joey. Joey ducked and punched the other in the stomach. He shot down two more. Sam killed the two Joey knocked down.

*BOOM*BOOM* Joey unloaded and finished the majority. Sam turned, aimed...*BOOM* He hit the last one dead on. Joey turned to Sam, "I guess I was wrong, there are level two. Come on lets head to the music hall."

02/21/2007 3:17 PM

Sam nodded, the two proceeded with caution, not knowing what lurked in the shadows. Sam shot down one zombie while Joey had shot down two zombies lurking in the hall. As they moved closer to the music room more zombies started appearing, Sam looked at Joey "We can't shoot all of them down right now, we need to dodge what we can and finish them off later." Joey nodded. Sam and Joey managed to dodge most of the zombies, but they still had to shoot some down. They finally got to the door to the muisc room. Sam lifted up two fingers and put his hand on the knob, Sam opened the door and Joey walked in. Sam followed in.

Zombies started coming out from behind the curtains of the stage, Sam and Joey started firing at the oncoming zombies. Sam continued firing taking out three zombies, while Joey took out four zombies. Sam was running low on ammo, "Shit, Joey I don't think we can stay in here too much longer." Sam pulled out his usp and started firing away, soon some level two's were appearing,"Crap." Sam and Joey started pulling back out the of the music room,

Sam looked at Joey "We need to block this door fast, and get backup before we go any farther." Joey nodded, the two of the started running back to the east end of the casino. They got to the east end of the casino, but Simms and Okowski were'nt there. *Static* *Static* Joey picked up his radio, it seems to be a call from Simms.

02/21/2007 3:53 PM

Joey picked up his radio, it seems to be a call from Simms.

[i]"Hel...lo, Jo..ey..It's...Simms....ov..er."[/i]

Joey barely heard Simms. "Here let me head outside, better frequency." Joey stepped through the wall and went back into the desert. In the distance he heard rapid gunshots. His battalion was hard at work. Joey pressed the radio, "Yea Simms, it's Joey over."

[i]"Joey thank God...Me and Okowski are finishing up the vault, but we can't leave the damn place. It seems the guests were hitting up the slot machines. Theres to many zero's in the gambling room. We barely made it to the vault. We need you and Sam to find an alt. route to the vault and get us outta here."[/i]

Joey shook his head, "I would sir, but the music room is flooded. No way in hell we'are gettin through that mess."

[i]"Well you betta motha fuckin find another way, or else me and Okowski are raw meat. Heres Okowski, he will give you a map to the casino."[/i]

Joey waited for a moment, someone came on the radio.

[i]*Static* "Jo-ey...you there?"[/i]

Joey pressed the button, "Yea, Vlad whats up?"

[i]"Ok im going to link this map to your UV, its every part of this Hotel Casino. Vents, hallways, rooms...everything. Find a safe route and link it to us, we will then know your coming. Over and out."[/i]

Joey put away the radio and switched on his UV. He waited for a minute. All of a sudden a message appeared. *Incoming Link* Joey allowed it to come up. It was a 3-D diagram of the casino. There were a large amount of hostile readings. Especially in the gambling room. "Ok, what to do what to do. Hmm....Maybe we can go to the front and go through the entrance. Not many hostiles in the main lobby. We can go to the east end rooms then, head up the castodian emergency vents, through the kitchen and down the emergency stair case to the vault. We will be confronted in the kitchen, but nothing we can't handle. You ok with this plan Sam?"

Sam nodded and Joey preceeded to upload the route to Vlad. Joey pressed on the radio. "Ok you got the route?" Vlad answerd [i]"Yea, checks ok with us. Be careful though, that kitchen has some strange readings, I can't decode them."[/i] Joey clicked back "Alright here we come."

02/22/2007 3:23 PM

Joey and Sam slowly proceeded to the entrance. The main canopy was destroyed, so they had to climb a few stones to get in. Once in the main lobby, Joey gave the signal to Sam. Sam headed forward and eliminated all zero threat. Joey then went to Sam. "Not too hard huh?"

Joey quickly turned around; nothing. He started hearing things again. He turned; another time. What was making the noise. Slowly Joey tilted his head, and through the broken mirror to his left he saw it, or them. "Oh shit, not these guys again. Sam slowly look up."

Sam silently tilted his head up. What he saw was not a good sign. Scythers were dangling from the wall. These things were new experiments out of the batch. They were just as quick as Infantry, but less strength. They resembled little spider monkeys with long scythe like blades running from their hands. In numbers they could take down a whole mess of humans.

Joey gave Sam a signal, and they were ready.

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02/22/2007 4:26 PM

Sam and Joey started firing at the scythers dangling on the wall, more kept on falling off the wall. Sam started firing at the scythers as they fell to the ground. One of the scythers took a swipe at Joey, but Joey managed to the dodge the swipe from the scyther. Soon, the number of scythers had dropped, and they became less of a threat, finally, the last of the scythers were elminated.

Sam turned to Joey, "Let's go before more scythers appear." Joey nodded, and the two went running off to the east end. The two managed to get to the custodian emergency vents, safely. Sam turned to Joey, "Check your you UV's to make sure the vents are clear, otherwise it's not going to be a good idea to go through the vents." Joey nodded, and switched on his UV, he gave Sam the signal, the vents were clear.

Sam climbed into the vents first, followed by Joey. The vents were big enough to fit an average sized person through, Sam put his SMG away and pulled out his combat knife. They got to the end of the emergency vent, Sam broke the vent door and dropped himself into the kitchen. Joey dropped out of the vent and into the kitchen.

The emergency vent was located by the emerency exit of the kitchen, from what Sam could see, there wasn't any level zero's in site or scythers, but heard the sound the scythers made. Sam walked a little bit further, and gave Joey the signal to get ready to shoot, the kitchen was crawling scythers.

02/22/2007 5:04 PM

but heard the sound the scythers made. Sam walked a little bit further, and gave Joey the signal to get ready to shoot

Joey heard it too; it wasn't pleasant. The stairway doors shut and the kitchen entrance shut. The lights flickered. Joey hadn't noticed, but the kitchen was massive. The other end was hidden in the shadows. "Shhh...." Joey motioned Sam to crouch. The noise was getting louder. It was like the sound of someone getting ripped to shreds. It made you cringe. The lights flickered more. Sam slowly eased up his SMG, and Joey took out his Glock 9. "Sam it's not a good thing to fight them with rapid fire in close quarter combat. Take out a pistol or something." Sam nodded and whipped out his Deagle. The lights flickered more and the sound drowned out all noise.

*CRASH* the ceiling vent fell from the backend of the kitchen and hundreds scythers poured out of the vent crying. The lights died out and all the scythers were headed towards the two. *BANG* Joey started unloading on the mob, hearing the death cries of the Scythe. Joey was flung into a wall and was pounced on. "ARGH!" The claws were digging into his back. With a quick jab he elbowed some of the mess off of him. He flipped a third over his back. He got up only to be thrown around again. He was flung into kitchen utensils. *CRASH* Sam must have got the crap kicked out of him too. Joey thought this was it, more were pouring out of the ceiling. "ARGH FUCK TRAINING." Joey with anger took out his MK51 and unloaded, laughing at the cries of the scythe. One flew into his vision and he SMG whipped the mother fucker to the ground.

Joey began walking through a sea of scythers; grimacing at the blows the scythes were dealing to him. He was shooting like a mad man, trying to find Sam. "SAM WHERE ARE YOU!?" Nothing; he continued. "MOTHER FUCKER, ASAIN IF YOU HEAR ME SHOOT TWICE." After his call Joey heard two shots and two cries. "I think I found you." He headed over to the kitchen entrance and found Sam behind a flipped table. "Why didn't you, argh...call!?" Sam slapped Joey, "They go in berserker mode when you make loud noise, dumbass." Joey was shocked. He just continued firing, while more came though.

*SHAKE...SHAKES....SHAKE* the ground was shaking. "What is that?" *SHAKE* *CRASH* the cries of thousands of scythers were heard; and what Joey and Sam saw, was a different story. The whole wall was destroyed and the sun from outside was showing. Standing around 35 feet tall was a huge, fat, disfigured monster, with a pain growing from his neck. He swiped his hand with rage and Joey and Sam dodge it. The giants hand killed all scythers.

"ROARGHRHRHRH!!!" The monster seemed pissed. "Oh fuck me...."

02/22/2007 5:45 PM

With one swing the monster took out the table, the monster took another swing at Sam and Joey. "Fuck, we gotta go!" Sam took a dive towards the kitchen entrance, Joey ducked out of the kitchen quickly behind Sam.

Sam turned around and grabed ahold of Joey, "Damn you white ass, getting all slashed up." *Crash* The monster walked through the wall that had been part of the kitchen entrance. Sam started dragging along Joey. "ROARGHRHRHRH!!!" Monster kept on screaming as it chased Sam and Joey, they made a turn along the hall and down the emergency stairs. Sam and Joey go to the bottom of the stairs, as the monster stepped onto the stairs in went to 1 flight of stairs to the bottom floor, where Sam and Joey were. Sam pushed Joey into the hallway of the casino, Sam started firing at the monster with his deagle. The shots from the DE, seemed to have no effect against the monster as it continued charging at Sam. Sam ran into the hallway.

"We really need to find Simms now!" Sam grabbed Joey as the two headed towards the vault. Two ran into the vault where they found Simms, sitting in the vault, Simms looked at Joey, "What the hell, happened to you?"

02/22/2007 5:57 PM

Simms looked at Joey, "What the hell, happened to you?"

Joey was dazed. He was losing a heavy amount of blood. Those cuts were deep. "Argh..uh...im fine...just shaken up. We have to get the hell outta this town Simms, theres this....fucking tower chasing us. I don't know where it went though, but it can slam this town to the ground." Simms was confused, "Vlad get your ass over here, use your UV and scan Santa Fe. You get any readings?"

Okowski paused, "Uh yea, I don't know how I didn't pick this up before but there is a level five zero patrolling the area. Hell its not to far from us. Wow, I don't even think it can be classified, its readings are off the charts. If I had a theory this thing was just recently made. My God its beyond level 5, I'd say level 8 or 9. We.."

Simms cut him off, "Ok I get the picture, fuck'in soviet. How far is it from us?" Vlad turned, "If Im reading it right, its in the gambling room, I don't think it's in here. The damn thing killed half of the zombies that were in there." Simms turned to the group, "Ok we have to find a way out and away from this thing. More importantly we need to get Joey to a medic, fast. Ok let's move, follow me."

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02/23/2007 3:50 PM

Simms turned towards the group, "Alright all we need to do is avoid the gambling room or the monster." Simms walked out of the vault, Sam put Joey's arm over his shoulder, "You're gonna make it Joey, you've been through worse." Joey nodded slightly and blacked out.

Sam dragged out of the vault and back into the hallway, Simms was waiting "Aww shit, Joey blacked out, give me Joey, you lead the team out of here." Sam walked to "A-la Casino" the casino resturant, then into the lobby. Sam turned around, "It's all clear." The team walked out of the casino and back to the vans.

The team medic was in the van, "Yo med, we need you. The medic turned to Simms, "Put him down, and get me a med kit, in the back of the van." "He's got some serious wounds, but he'll make it."

02/24/2007 1:48 PM

[i]"Aye Joey, give yea Cousin Louis an ole hug huh?! That's a good boy; your Aunt Maria has made some good minestrone and eggplant. Get ready to eat up tonight." It's all like it use to be. I'm at my cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone is here, all thirty cousins and a few aunts and uncles. I must be eight, aww yes I am. There's the rock em' sock em' robots I was supposed to get, ha and the Leonardo ninja turtle action figure. Why am I here, maybe I was in a coma for so long, maybe my past life was just a dream? No it can't be. "Joey, Joey." Dad? Dad I hear you, are you down stairs!? Dad!!................[/i]

"ARGH! What the hell?!" Joey was in the back seat of the van. Sanchez, a medic, was in front of him. "You finally woke up kid." He chuckled. "Where are we going?" Sanchez looked at Joey, "We left Santa Fe, we have to come back with more battalions, there's too much there. Plus SCAGOA came in at the last second, we couldn't afford a skirmish."

Joey shook his head, he was light headed. He past out.

02/24/2007 6:15 PM

Joey ended up waking at camp Delta. His head was throbbing and his back was sore. Slowly he inched up from his bed and sat upright. Medics were rushing to and from the hospital tent. The only patients were him and another soldier. The soldier was sleeping, and Joey didn't want to bother him. A medic turned to him, Joey wasn't familiar with who it was, hell he only knew the people from his battalion.

The medic came up to Joey, "Joey Francesco, right?" Joey nodded, the medic put out his hand. "The names Lt. Mike Dithers, I am the head of Omega squad. Your battalion just headed off with Blade squad. I would like you to take some tests after you heal, you might be Omega material. We just lost privet Kaki back at the streets of New York. Anyways, I'll tell you more about the offer after you patch up. In the mean time, just relax." Mike walked off and Joey laid back.

Something was familiar about that guy. He reminded Joey of someone, but he couldn't put a finger on it. Joey just sat back; trying to figure the Resistance out. The Resistance was broken up into fourteen squads. Omega (being the highest ranked), followed by Delta, Ramsey, Beta, Jackal, Rhino, Raven, Blade, Twin Eagle, Jarred, Calypso, Night Fox, Sparrow, and his team, Lotus squad. The squads were named after the Spirits of War (ancient Turkish mythology). Omega was the god of all things war and chaos, Delta and Ramsey were the high priests that appointed Omega, Beta was the strategist for the Turk army, the Jackals were supreme commanders above all officers and gave their loyalty to Omega (later, when the Turks invade Egypt, the Egyptians take the Jackal as a watcher of the underworld), The Rhino or Rhinitis was the mystical creature that was used to break sieges, the Raven was the scout for the Turks, Blade was a skilled swordsmen who conquered a whole battalion and then pledged his aid to Omega , the twin eagles were two female warriors who aided blade and brought an end to the Mongolian army, Jarred was a magi who was the first magician warrior of his kind and he gave his powers to Omega once he died, Calypso was the apprentice of Jarred and was said to unleash his full powers killing a bandit army and ascended his soul to Omega, the Night Fox was the god of stealth and good fighting for the Turks, the Sparrow was a good omen of luck, and the Lotus represented the whole Turkish army in numbers.

Joey was confused on why they used Turkish mythology, but he didn't want to ask questions. He laid back, thinking of his squad.

02/24/2007 10:22 PM

[i]meanwhile, back at Santa Fe[/i]

Simms was unloading his cargo. "Kulo split up this ammunition, Davidson come get this pipe bomb. Damnit people move faster!" The head of Lotus squad, Allen Keys, stepped over to Simms. "Hey Rick, who died and made you head of this operation?" Simms laughed, "Just try' in to help baby! Geeze." Keys chuckled, "Well, at least I got someone that will listen to me; half of these bastards are on their own page." Simms nodded, "Yea, with all this shit and all, im kind of hoping they know how to handle shit by themselves."

Down the stretch of highway, clouds of dust began to rise. "Finally, Blade squads here." The military vans came one by one, halting at the camp made by Lotus. Soldiers began hopping out of the vehicles . Keys and Simms walked over to Major Doug Jakes, head of Blade operations. "Nice of you to drop by Doug, things in this town are acting up." Doug shook his head, "Just like Lotus, needing back up." Keys smacked Jakes, "It's not my fault im stuck with rookies, take it up with Dithers and central command." Jakes looked at Keys, "Um....what ever you say. Anyways, back to the mission. You said SCAGOA came in after you left?"

"That's right, just a small group though, but didn't want to stick around and chat. I would have guessed that the stenches here would have cleaned them up well. Our boy Simms here tracked something large, a class nine." Jakes looked at Simms with a confused look, "Nine? I didn't even know there was such a high class." "Our boy Vlad, picked up the UV, the thing chased two of our men down, ones in the Delta medic wing as we speak. The other should be in one of our vans." Jakes looked at Simms, "Well, before we enter this place, lead me to one of the witnesses." Simms smiled, "With mother fuckin' pleasure."

02/26/2007 2:26 PM

The van finally stopped, Sam got out of the van and walked into the camp. Simms saw Sam enter the camp, "Sam get over here, we need you to tell us about thing the monster you encountered at the casino." "The monster, isn't like anything we have rated on the scale, as a low level, seems to a level 9 or higher." "Is that all Sam?" "If we're going hunting for it, we need lots of artillery." "Noted, go help the other guys unload the supplies and help set up the camp."

Sam walked away to the the vans, he started unloading boxes of ammuntion from the vans. "Where do put this?" Vlad turned around, "Just put it with everything else." "Hey Vlad, you hear any news on Joey?" "Nope, probably wanna check with Simms, for anything on Joey."

"Simms, where is Joey?" "He's at camp Delta, with the medic, he'll be fine." "Alright" "Just go back and help Blade squad out."

02/26/2007 3:54 PM

Jakes wasn't entirely pleased with Sam's description, but he would have to settle. Simms ran back to Jakes, "You better get your boys ready, look, seems they be tired of hiding." Jakes turned and looked down at the town. Thousands of zombies were walking down the road, more coming out from alley ways and buildings. The ones near the front seemed to be walking upright; this didn't seem right at all. Jakes turned to the camp, "Alright men, Blade squad split the teams and flank the town from the right, Lotus flank left. Clear and meet at point one, be careful, now move!"

Vlad broke up with Simms and Sam. They had a rookie on the team to replace Joey. His name was Kyle O'Malley, a young Irish boy. Simms shook O'Malley's hand, "Nice to meet yea kid, are you ready?" The Kid nervously nodded, "Uh...Yes sir." Simms looked at him, "Why did you join the resistance?" Kyle looked at him, "Well, well sir...my family is dead, and I don't want to be alone, I needed something sir." Simms sighed, "How old are you?" Kyle replied, "I am eighteen sirs." Simms nodded, "Alright, stick by me and you will be ok. Let's move out guys."

02/26/2007 8:52 PM

A clear hiss rose above the din of the commotion in the streets, from a ledge atop a deli near where the resistance began their movements. A small trail of smoke followed the bright flame of a rocket as the center of the mass of zombies exploded into fragments. A second, smaller explosion sounded as a figure dropped to the pavement clad in a large amount of leather and metal. his white hair flowed behind him as he drew two revolvers and stood against the oncoming tide.

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02/27/2007 3:19 PM

Sam got he gear all set, he grabbed some extra ammo and placed it into his vest. Simms walked over, "Sam I need you to keep a watch out on the kid, and get suited up." Sam looked at the kid, " You seem a bit too young for this, but what the hell, I got invovled in this shit when i was 17." Kyle nodded slightly. "By the way, I'm Sam, alright let's go get you suited."

Sam walked into the supplies tent, followed by Kyle. Kyle looked around, "What do I get?" "You get standard equipment, nothing too special, standard beretta, combat knife, and a MP5, and grab a kelvar vest too." Sam and walked out of the tent with Kyle, "You ready kid?"

The two headed towards the vans and loaded into the vans. Once inside the vans, Simms started the briefing, "Alright, it's the same deal, the squads split and and flank the town, kid you stick with me or by Sam, if I'm not around."

02/27/2007 4:18 PM

Both squads headed to their vans. They headed down the road, breaking to the left and right. Simms turned to his squad, "Ok guys, we are getting out at Jefferson Bold. We will rendezvous with bravo, and hit up the streets. Be careful, there's a lot of em. Get cornered your screwed."

The vans were heading into the city; the silence of the Desert was ruined by the war cries from Blade and Lotus. They were in for a hell of a battle.

02/27/2007 5:36 PM

The van was speeding through the desert then all of a sudden *BOOM*. The van had run straight into a pile of zombies. "Aww, guess we got to get out now." Simms opened the van door and popped out, followed by the rest of the Lotus squad.

Sam starting bursting with his SMG hitting zombies that surrounded the group, Simms was shouting something but Sam couldn't hear with all the shooting going around. Sam continued firing, he ejected his empty magazine. And inserted a new one. Sam saw Kyle shooting the zombies in the same manner everyone else was doing. Finally, the threat ceased Simms started shouting again, "Alright, get the place cleaned up, and fix the van." Sam put on a pair of rubber gloves, and started picking up the bodies and putting them into morgue bags.

The mess was finally cleaned up, "Bring everything together" shouted Simms. "Alright we did well for a little desert fight, but we need to catch to Blade Squad so they got some backup at least, let's go."

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02/27/2007 6:56 PM

Joey was better. He was walking around the camp, viewing the busy nature of the group. Soldiers were walking around and everything seemed to be scrambled. The camp wasn't as neat as the Anti-Flag camp he had seen years ago. It looked like a slum for homeless people, tents pitched every where, a few tattered buildings, and that was it. He found his way to HQ. Inside computers were set up, and officers were about. He went to the monitor and viewed what was on the board.

Red dots were all over the board. There were so many; the map seemed to be of what was the United States. It was filled to the brim. There were a few green dots and blue dots. "What are these things?" The computer officer turned, "Oh the dots? The red ones are the plague, the blue dots are SCAGOA, the green ones our us, and the white ones are survivors." Joey was shocked, "Damn...we look to be out numbered." The guy laughed, "Yea, but we are hanging in there."

Joey noticed a few green dots near New Mexico. Sam and the others, he saw how many Red dots there were.

[i]"God, help them"[/i]

02/28/2007 5:54 PM

Simms started shouting, "We're behind, due to that little encounter, we're speeding towards Jefferson Bold." Samm looked out of the windshield, he shook his head at the complete destruction the city had gone through." Simms looked at the Lotus squad, "Alright, get ready, this real, no more training, what we just encountered is nothing compared to what we're about to encounter, the city is completely descrated and with levels 0-2."

The van drove straight into Jefferson Bold, the van came to a stop. Simms opened the door, "Stick to proceedure." The rest of the Lotus squad emptied out of the van, "Go give them HELL" shouted Simms.

One of the vans was missing from the Lotus Squad.

The entire Lotus squad stormed straight into the city.

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02/28/2007 6:15 PM

The vans drove on the Kenning Expressway; it was the west entrance to good old Santa Fe. The Three Lotus vans were hitting 60 on a 45. They were in a hurry, no time to stand still. Rick was looking at his men, Vlad was sweating like a mad man, and Ash was calm as a statue. The only thing to relax during a situation like this was to light a cigar. Simms took out a Bahaman specialty and lit it. The smoke went into his mouth and puffed out his nostrils. "Just like home."

Simms glanced out the side window of the van and took a look, the city was moderate size, but it was in total ruins. Some buildings were in tact, but others were destroyed. He closed his eyes and prayed. The vans slowed down, it was time.

Simms opened the door, "Stick to procedure." The rest of the Lotus squad emptied out of the vans, "Go give them HELL" shouted Simms.

One step on the concrete brought a cold chill down ones spine. Simms had never seen anything so horrible in his life. Already lotus squad was being flanked from all sides by the foulest creatures alive. They seemed more intelligent since the last time Simms fought such a mass. They branched out and began to trot towards their food. There was so much growling, Simms could barley hear anything. Gun fire was seen but not heard. In no time, Simms was attacked. He pulled out his M4 and shot down a row of zero's. It was ironic though; they went down, but more took their place. Simms did all he could, but was ripped from behind. They tackled him to the ground, and ate away at his flesh.

[i]"Zombies...they give me the creeps.[/i]

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02/28/2007 6:27 PM

A jet black hearse was following the vans, the familiar face behind the wheel cursing and lighting a cigarette. He jumped out as he neared the vans and let the hearse roll to a stop against a hydrant.
"SHIT WOULD YOU GUYS SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!?" He yelled at the men of Lotus squad waving a revolver and a bushaxe. It was too late, they were apparently overrun. They wouldn't miss their van or their equipment now, so he hopped in one, tossing his extra gas canister in the back and took off through a shallow spot in the horde. He tried to radio in to the others. "Is anyone out there? Goddammit I know a way, my Name is Saine! I helped Joey escape before...I'll help again...anyone?!"

03/01/2007 3:49 PM

Simms did all he could, but was ripped from behind. They tackled him to the ground, and ate away at his flesh.

"Simms!" screamed Sam. It seemed hopeless, zombies just kept on coming. One by one, teams of the Lotus Squad feel, first it one Simms, too many members of the Lotus Squad kept on falling. "Circle formation" shouted Josh, Sam followed the command as Sam, Josh, Kyle, Vlad, Jeff, Gary, Richard, and Adam, backed into a tight end circle. The eight of them kept on shooting. "Try to move into the city, we'll try to find shelter there" shouted Josh.

Sam ejected his empty magazine of his SMG and pulled out his Deagle. Sam started putting bullets into the zombies, but it didn't really work. The remaining members got closer to the city, "AhhH! Fuck!" A level zero that crawling on the ground had bit Sam in the ankle. "Screw circle formation, just to clear a path into the city." Adam started cutting down the zombies to clear a path, followed by Josh, Sam, Kyle, Gary, Richard, Vlad, and Jeff. Adam was clubbing his way through the crowd of zombies with his riot shield. They had made clear path, but Jeff started to fall behind, and was slaughter by the zombies.

The seven guys made into the city, where there some desolated buildings, but they provided enough shelter." Adam had spotted a Wal-Mart two blocks from where they were. The headed straight towards the Wal-Mart, but zombies popped out of the alleys. Kyle quickly shot them down. The seven guys of the Lotus Squad were at finally at the Wal-Mart. Adam walked into the Wal-Mart. *Shriek* Adam, had been bitten by the Wal-Mart greeter. Adam quickly put a bullet into the head of the greeter. The rest of them made it inside the Wal-Mart.

Josh dropped Sam, "Alright we need to shoot Sam and Adam, before they try to eat us." Adam put his Beretta to his temple, "Let me do it myself." *Boom* Adam laid dead of the floor, with blood dripping out of his temple." Josh looked at Sam, "Your next."

03/01/2007 4:25 PM

"Is anyone out there? Goddammit I know a way, my Name is Saine! I helped Joey escape before...I'll help again...anyone?!"

Damien started hearing interference on the radio. He wasn't familiar with the voice, but it seemed that the guy needed help. He picked up the transmitter and began talking, "Yea, this is HQ at camp Delta, who is this, over?"

"Circle formation" shouted Josh

The whole battalion was mobbed. One van was missing, and the zombies seemed to tip over the other two. Everyman was for themselves; few were in groups. Some managed to clear a path and get away, but Charlie and Bravo squad were stuck in the middle. Josh grouped his men in circle formation, and they began burst fire. "Damn, does anyone have a riot shield; we need to plow a road." Sam took picked up the fallen shield and showed Josh. "Good, plow the road, head towards that alley way, we need to find cover, and hopefully *kick* meet up with Blade squad." Sam started smacking his way though the mess. They seemed more aggressive. Jeff tripped on a dead body, "Shit. Guys!!!! Don't leave m....Argh!! Fuck!!" The zombies tore through his stomach ripping out his intestines. Josh turned and shook his head. Kyle came out and shot the zombies that were plugging the alleyway.

Adam Pulaski spotted a run down Wal-Mart, "Quick guys, get in there." They sprinted to the building. They had to rip open the doors, but they got in. "ARGH!" They turned; Adam was bit by a zombie. He shoved it off and shot it point blank in the forehead. "Damn this...." Adam shook his head.

Josh dropped Sam, "Alright we need to shoot Sam and Adam, before they try to eat us." Adam put his Beretta to his temple, "Let me do it myself." *Boom* Adam laid dead of the floor, with blood dripping out of his temple."

Josh shook his head. He turned to Sam, "Your next." He paused for a moment, and before Sam could speak, he started crying. "I can't do it; I can't kill my own guy. We have to wait and see what will happen, maybe we can get help?" Vlad sat down, Adam was leaning on the wall, and Gary, Richard, and Kyle were sitting down unloading and re-loading new clips. Kyle shook his head, "If you wait, he will turn in to one of them and it can cause a problem." Vlad agreed, "Yup, and as of now we don't know how long it will take." Josh thought about it, he paused, and continued talking. "Look, I'll keep an eye on him, if he turns, then I guess I die with him." Kyle laughed, "Suit yourself."

Vlad got up and stood before the group, "Right now our battalion is a mess. Half of our guys just died and the others are MIA. Not even one foot into the city, we screw up. We have to rendezvous with Blade, or we are screwed." Richard laughed, "You seriously think we can make it to the other side of the city without dieing?" Vlad shrugged, "It's either that or we just rot in this place until they provide us with help." Gary said, "I'd rather take my chances here." Josh blurted out, "We can't, that mob can probably smell us from a mile away, and they'll be here soon. I agree with Vlad, we should figure out a way across the city, maybe before we leave we head out and round up the guys that got away." The group sat in silence, "I agree, I mean if we stay here, we will just be boxed in. Vlad find a computer, hook up to our satellite, scan the area and we will head out in two days. Till then, gather supplies, clean up Adam, and get Sam some help."

[i]Time to go shopping...[/i]

03/03/2007 3:26 PM

Sam was just sitting there; he looked at his wound, "God Damn Zombie, taking a chunk out me." Blood was seeping out of was wound, Sam started to feel dizzy and blacked out.

[i]Memories started flashing through Sam's brain. It was five years ago, when Sam had met his lady, Brittany. Sam knew he would always protect her no matter what the situation. After they barely escaped from the SCAGOA prison, Brittany wanted to settle down, but Sam knew if he were to settle down, he would eventually leave Joey on his own. But Sam decided to stay with Brittany and move underground with all the other refugees, left in the United States. Sam left everything behind, to start over new with Brittany. Sam remembered waking up with Brittany, was the greatest joy of his life, even if the United States and been desolated by the aftermath of the nuclear explosion. But one day Brittany fell ill, and there was nothing Sam could do, but stay by her side. He promised her that he would never leave her side. Brittany looked at Sam, "Look, it's been a hell of lifetime living like this and with you, but I can't go on forever, Sam you need to face reality and accept that I'm dieing, you need to find Joey and help him fight SCAGOA." Tears started falling from Sam's eyes. "You know my love for you is undying, but you can't just expect me to leave you in this condition alone." Brittany coughed, "I understand your love for me, but I need to go and find Joey, only then I will be able to rest in peace." Brittany started fading away, as her eyes closed slowly, Sam embraced her for the last time, the last time he would ever embrace girl.[/i]

"Brittany! Brittany!!" Sam woke up, he was drenched in sweat. Sam looked around and found himself still at the Wal-Mart. His ankle was bandaged, but Sam still felt as if he still had the virus in his blood. Kyle walked by, "Josh bandaged your ankle up, but so far we haven't really found anything else that would help." Sam looked back at Kyle, "Oh thanks." "I got one question for you Sam, who's Brittany?" "It's a long story, but she was my girl but now she's gone." "I'm sorry." "Maybe, I'll tell you about her if I survive this nightmare, but as for now, I really don't feel good." Sam blacked out again.

03/03/2007 10:16 PM

Kyle shook his head. "Poor kid, hope we can help him." Kyle checked his clip and sat down. He was the only one awake. He couldn't understand how anyone could sleep at a time like this. Surprisingly, the zombies that jumped the vans hadn't showed up near the Wal-Mart. In fact it had been quite for sometime now. Kyle just laid back and looked at the ceiling. *Static* *Static* Kyle heard the faint sound of muffled radio. He looked around. Where was it coming from? He quietly stood up and started walking through the aisles.

He came to the electronic section and the sound became louder. Then he saw it, it was Vlad's radio. He must have left it while he was working at the computer. Kyle slowly walked over to the transmitter and picked it up.

"Hello is anyone there. Over."

1, 2, 3...nothing

"Hello, I repeat, is anyone there. Over."

[i]shhhhhsshh...Ye...s.....Yea, Vlad, its Joey."[/i]

Kyle was confused, "Uh, this is Kyle Sanford. Vlad's asleep. Who's this?"

[i]"It's Joey Francesco, Geeze Kyle; don't remember your own squad mate."[/i]
Kyle Chuckled, "Ha, didn't recognize your voice their buddy. I am glad I got a hold of you. You wouldn't believe what happened."
[i]"Yea I know, Vlad told me everything. The guys over here don't want to send in anymore troops. They are going to bomb that city, even with you guys over there. Still no word from Blade squad."[/i]

Kyle shook his head, "Damn, our own guys want to kill us."

[i]"They are doing it for your own good. Even if you survive for awhile, we got SCAGOA movement headed straight towards the city. You're fucked either way."[/i]

Kyle got pissed, "Damn them!"

[i]"Ha, hold on there Tex. You're lucky I'm crazy. I am going to head out to the city with Mags. We are going to rendezvous with you and the guys. Hopefully we can get to Blade squad if they are alive, and split before they bomb the city."[/i]

Kyle laughed, "Yea, thank goodness for good old Joey. What do you want us to do?"

[i]"Round up any of Lotus that is still out there. Head over to the Plax co executive building which is five blocks from the Wal-Mart. Barricade yourselves in there and keep tight until we arrive. Got it?"[/i]

Kyle sighed, "Yup. Loud and Clear."

He put down the radio.

[i]Tick tock Tick tock[/i]

03/05/2007 4:13 PM

Kyle took the initiative, he started waking up the rest of the members of the Lotus Squad, "Josh, wake up, we got to move, Kyle briefly told Josh what Joey had told him." Josh slightly nodded his head and yawned. Josh and Kyle woke the rest of the Lotus Squad expect Sam. They all moved away from Sam, and started planning what they would do next with the recent news.

Josh huddled the entire group, "The Resistance has decided to bomb the city with us it, fortunately Joey tipped us off, and if we can make it to the Plax co executive building. We stay there until they arrive and we got of the city alive and hopefully unharmed, but first we need to find the remaining members of the Lotus Squad, and try to get radio contact with Blade Squad." All of them nodded at they needed to do. "Wait on another note guys, we need to do something about Sam, I'm not willing to kill him directly or letting any of you kill him, but we could abandon him here, and let him die here with the rest of the zombies." Kyle shook his head, "I'm not going to abandon Sam, and even if he's infected I'm not abandoning him." Vlad nodded, "I agree with Kyle, I've been with Sam before in the casino incident, I believe he can fight it and survive." The rest of the nodded in agreement of not abandoning Sam, Josh nodded "Alright it's a team decision and we are keeping Sam. The Lotus squad broke apart, and started gathering what they needed in preparation of leaving the Wal-Mart.

Vlad grabbed his radio, and tried to search for nearby frequencies of any stranded members of the Lotus Squad or the Blade Squad. Vlad turned around to Josh, "I got no active radio signals, I don't know if he we have the time to go searching for the rest of both squads." Josh shook his head, "I understand what you are saying, but I don't want to abandon any healthy member of the Resistance behind. Try later when we moved to the Plax co, but if you find any live member you report it to me. "Regroup boys," the entire team huddled around Josh, "Are we all set? Because we need to go now, while it's still dark, try to make to the Plax co executive building quietly, I want no firing if you do we could alert more zombies to our position. "Understand?" The team nodded in agreement. Kyle looked at Sam, "Hey Josh should we wake him?" "No, let him sleep, I'll grab Sam, you lead the team to Plax co. I'll be right behind you with Sam. Kyle nodded, "Alright let's move out." Kyle led the Lotus Squad towards the Plax co building.

Josh looked at Sam, Josh picked Sam and put him on his back. Josh walked out of Wal-Mart. Josh checked his surroundings, the city was quiet, there were few zombies in the city, but were spread. Josh looked ahead and saw that Kyle had already made it to the Plax co executive building. Josh started walking slowly and quietly towards the building, making sure he didn't alert any zombies on his movement or wake Sam. They were about three blocks away when Sam opened his eyes slightly, Sam spoke in a weak soft voice, "hey where we going..?" "I'll tell you later once we get there but go back to sleep."

Josh had made it to the Plax co. executive building, safe and sound. He knocked on the front door of the building gently, Kyle opened the door quietly, "Come on in." Josh walked in, and put Sam on the couch in the front lobby. Alright we need to start barricading the building. Nobody leaves unless we find receive any news from Joey or any surviving members still in the city." *Static* Vlad picked up his radio, "I got something over here."

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03/05/2007 4:41 PM

*Static* Vlad picked up his radio, "I got something over here."

Kyle walked over to Vlad, "Well, who is it." Vlad raised his hand, "Shhh..." There was more static, then eventually a voice.

[i]"Hel....lo......I...s...Any....B...dy...the...re....its....B....L....ade ...squad...w...e....nee..d...help....55th....avenue.....eas..t....boulevard.....in.....Rochester...hot...el"[/i]...*static*

Blade squad was still out there; hopefully the full battalion. Kyle took the radio from Vlad. "If anyone can hear this, this is Kyle Sanford of team Bravo from Lotus. Our entire squad was obliterated this morning when we hit the west side of the city. We don't know how many of our men escaped, but there is a definite six guys here barricaded in Plax co. building. We are heading out tonight to round up additional supplies and troops, but we should make it on the east side in about a day and a half. Stay where you are and we will find you."

Kyle handed Vlad the radio back. He helped the guys barricade the glass doors. Then they sat down. This building was massive; it had thirty stories, all of which were built well. Kyle remembered seeing a satellite on the roof. If Vlad could hook his laptop to the satellite readings he can get a UV of the whole city and find Blade's location.

Kyle turned to Vlad, "Vlad and Sam, your coming with me." And before Vlad could ask a question, Kyle walked off. Vlad shrugged and picked up Sam. Richard turned to Gary. "I guess we are watching the entrance. Kyle yelled down from the lobby hallway, "You guessed correct, stay here until we notify you otherwise." Gary nodded. Hopefully, Kyle's plan would work.

03/06/2007 3:07 PM

Kyle turned to Vlad, "Vlad and Sam, your coming with me." And before Vlad could ask a question, Kyle walked off. Vlad shrugged and picked up Sam.

Vlad was running after Kyle with Sam, Kyle had stopped at the emergency stair case. "Guess we're taking the stairs, the elevators are out." "Kyle, how am I supposed to carry Sam, if he's sleeping?" "I'll carry Sam when you get tired, but we got to go now, Blade Squad is in trouble. We need to pinpoint their location as soon as possible, before they get eaten." Vlad nodded, here you carry my laptop, and "I can't carry Sam and a laptop at the same time." Kyle nodded and took Vlad's laptop, "We're going to be climbing a lot of stairs, and hopefully Sam will wake up." Vlad nodded, Kyle opened the door to the emergency staircase.

"Let's start climbing." The Plax co building was built uniquely, the emergency staircase ended at every floor, and one would have to walk to the other side of the floor to get to next stair case. Kyle opened the door to the first floor; the first floor had been messy but was manageable to get through. "Vlad, stop put down Sam take a rest." Vlad nodded and laid Sam down on a couch. Kyle walked over to the window; the sun was starting to rise in the East. The zombies were more apparent now, it seemed the more zombies moved in towards the city and were wandering the streets. Kyle shook his head, "You ready?" "Yeah, let me grab Sam" Vlad turned to the couch to see that Sam had woken up. *Yawn* "Is there a bathroom around here?" Kyle turned around in disbelief that Sam had woken up for being knocked out for so long. "Sam, we'll find you a bathroom soon, but we need your help with getting to the top of this building. We're planning to connect Vlad's laptop to the satellite here, to get a UV reading of the city, to locate Blade Squad." Sam shook his head in confusion, "Wait say that again, you're trying to find Blade Squad?" "Yeah, also after we send at small team out to look for Blade Squad, they meet us back here and we blow this city, before the Resistance comes in and blows the city up. Sam nodded, "Also, there's something I need to tell you to, that I haven't told anyone else, SCAGOA is possibly in the city already or is arriving soon. "Why am I not a zombie yet?" Vlad looked at Sam, "We don't know, but possibly you body has built a small immunity to the virus, not completely preventing you from becoming a zombie, but delaying the time it takes for you to become one."

Kyle started walking towards the door, "Come on, we got no time to waste." Vlad and Sam started running after Kyle, who had already walked through the door and up the stairs. Plax co was about fifteen stories high, everything seemed to go wrong, once they got to the thirteen floor, Sam all of sudden felt weak, he was unable to keep his balance, had to sit down, to make matters worse, a small team of four SCAGOA members armed with SMGs and assault rifles, were seen at the end of the floor, by the staircase. Kyle turned around, "Shit duck down." The SCAGOA had seen them, and had started running towards their location.

03/06/2007 4:08 PM

The SCAGOA had seen them, and had started running towards their location.

[i]"Brink slow down!"[/i] The soldier stopped his sprint and turned towards Loco. [i]"You want them to get away or something Loc?"[/i] Loco shook his head, [i]"No, if we fly towards them, they have the upper hand."[/i] Loco laughed; he always had a sick sense of humor. He had a sly smile underneath his gas mask. [i]"No...Better yet; let them follow us. Head up the stairs guys; we'll fight them in the banquet hall."[/i]

Brink turned back to the spot where the three were hiding. He dropped a magazine and put in a fresh one. [i]"Hurry, I'm tired of killing inanimate objects."[/i]

With that, the SCAGOA team walked back to the staircase. Vlad slowly got up. "Maybe they didn't see us?" Kyle shook his head, "No, they knew we were here. We got to be more aware now; with them in the building." Kyle looked at Sam, "Man, we have to get you to a medic, and fast." Sam winced, "I'm fine, just don't leave me behind." Kyle gave Vlad an order. "Let Sam lean on you, he's still weak." Vlad gave a sigh "Ok, but you owe me, my back hurts like a bitch." Kyle laughed, "Come on, we have to follow them."

The three headed to the staircase; awaiting to see what luck would bring them.

03/07/2007 3:25 PM

The three proceeded with caution, as they quietly walked up the stairs. When they got to the fourteenth floor, they realized this wasn't an office building level, but the banquet hall of Plax co. Kyle raised his hand, "Beware of your surroundings, its only this level and the staircase before we get to the roof. They could ambush anywhere between those two places, so be careful and don't split up." Vlad and Sam nodded at Kyle; the three proceeded through the door and into the banquet hall.

*Swoosh* A bullet had almost hit Kyle in the ear, "Drop" yelled Kyle. The three hit the floor, as two of the SCAGOA members appeared behind a flipped over table. Bullets were being sprayed into the direction of Kyle, Vlad, and Sam. Kyle ducked behind a table and flipped it over. Kyle crouched down, Kyle signaled with his hand to move over here. Vlad army crawled his way to the table where Kyle was, the two of them returned fire on the two visible SCAGOA, giving cover fire for Sam to crawl to the table. Bullets were flying back and forth between the two barricaded tables. Soon, the other two SCAGOA members had set up another barricade, in a different position from the first barricade. It was turning into a deadly fire fight, as more bullets went flying buy, Kyle managed to hit one of the SCAGOA, in the left arm, but only caused the SCAGOA member to return even more fire on their position. Vlad quickly grabbed his radio and handed it to Sam, "Try to get contact with the guys downstairs we need backup ASAP!" Sam nodded and grabbed the radio; Sam couldn't get a clear frequency through all of the bullets flying through. Sam couldn't do much, he continued to feel weaker and weaker, and he tried to build a bigger barricade. "Sam, don't do anything, you could get hurt anymore, and it might increase the infection rate of the virus" shouted Kyle. Vlad was running low on ammo; he dropped his empty clip and put in another one. "I can't keep this up; I'm running low on ammo." Kyle nodded, "Just keep firing, they can't shoot forever." *Click* Kyle dropped below the table and ejected his empty clip, and inserted a new one.

*Click* *Click* More clicks were heard through out the entire room, the four SCAGOA members had ran out of ammunition. "What now SCAGOA Bitches! Kyle flicked off all four members." Kyle emerged from the barricaded table, with his Beretta in hand, "Make one move and I blow your brains out." Vlad emerged from the table, leaving Sam behind the tables. "Any questions?" yelled Kyle.

03/07/2007 4:10 PM

"Any questions?" yelled Kyle.

The SCAGOA members stood still. All of them put their hands over their head. Loco began laughing, [i]"Well done...well, done."[/i] Kyle smacked him with the Beretta. "Shut the hell up." Loco took off his mask and licked the blood from his wound. Vlad walked over to Kyle. He pointed his SMG at the other three. Kyle gave another order, "Take off your masks!" The three slowly took off their masks and placed them on the ground. "Much better...now my friend Okowski here wants to ask you guys some questions. So answer him, or else."

Vlad gave Kyle a slight nod, "Alright...you guys were here before regulated time. How many more of your men are already stationed in the city?" The three looked at each other. Loco was giving them dark looks. Brink blurted out a smart answer. "Does it matter; it looks like you guys are fucked anyways." Sam ran up and kicked him in the knees. "Mother fucker! You're lucky I'm weak, or else I'd fuck you over!" He then began mumbling in Chinese. Brink winced. Vlad asked again, "Ok, now answer me." One of the members gave the answer. "About 100 men broken up in teams of four. The rest of the regiment is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon."

Vlad nodded, "Alright, sounds good. You guys will come with us, we need your support. As of now you are one of us." Loco spat on his shoes, "You fuckers can't control us. Kill us or let us leave." Kyle shook his head, "No I'll make you a deal. Help us find our other squad, and we will let you go. Our military is going to bomb this place anyways, so if you want to die with the rest of your regiment, then fine. We will let you go. You want to live? Accept my offer then."

Loco look through his eyes, he sighed. "Fine...you prick; on one occasion. We get weapons; I ain't using my shit knife." Sam laughed, "Are you crazy Kyle, I say shoot them." Loco looked at the weak one, "I know you've been bitten, I could tell. Any minute now you will be one of them. Give us a weapon; I'll make sure your human again." Sam glanced at him. How could he do this? Kyle looked at him, "You have the anti-virus?" Loco laughed, "More than you would ever need." Kyle looked deep into his eyes. "Fine...Vlad hook them up with some standard pistols. You can get rifles later. I swear though...one false move. Someone will kill you." Loco smiled, "Alright then."

Kyle told them to get up. "Let's head to the roof."

03/07/2007 9:21 PM

A frantic burst of words comes through the static and a panting voice yells to anyone listening.
*shhhhhhhhhhhh*is anyone*shhhhhhhh*Joey?*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*FUCKING DIE HERE MAN!*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*1.....96 Cantebury*shhhhhhhhhhhh*FUCK YOU!!!! >BLAM BLAM<*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

03/08/2007 4:21 PM

A frantic burst of words comes through the static and a panting voice yells to anyone listening.
*shhhhhhhhhhhh*is anyone*shhhhhhhh*Joey?*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*FUCKING DIE HERE MAN!*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*1.....96 Cantebury*shhhhhhhhhhhh*FUCK YOU!!!! >BLAM BLAM<*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Damien knew something was up. He pushed the call button, "Who ever this is, hang tight. We will try to find your location."

03/08/2007 4:25 PM

Kyle told them to get up. "Let's head to the roof."

They headed towards the stairs and up to the roof. They opened the door towards the roof, Kyle started shouting commands "Vlad check if the satellite is operational and hook your laptop to the satellite. Sam just relax and watch the SCAGOA guys, if do anything suspicious, shoot them." Kyle looked down to the street with his binoculars, "Damn where are you Blade Squad." "You find anything Vlad?" Vlad looked up from his laptop, "We're making some progress, and I'm running a sweep through the entire city. I'll have a UV of the entire city soon.

*Beep* "Got it, I have the UV of the entire city, now to do a search for any signs of life in the city." Kyle nodded good, keep me posted when you lock onto their location. Kyle walked over to Sam, "Hang on, it's almost over, if SCAGOA holds up their end of the bargain you'll be fine." Sam nodded slightly, he felt a bit queasy, being so high. *Beep* *Beep* "Kyle over here, I've tracked onto to Blade Squad's location, they're pretty far away from where we're at. About twenty to thirty miles, that's the closest estimate I've got, with no transportation, that'll take us quite some time to get there." Kyle nodded, it's good that we found, "Let's get back down to the lobby, and mobilize a small squad of men to get to their location."

"Go! Go! Go!"

03/08/2007 5:32 PM

"Go! Go! Go!"

The SCAGOA were actually taking orders. One lifted Sam on his shoulder and helped him walk. It didn't take much time before they reached the lobby; Gary and Richard were sitting on the floor. "Whoa who are these guys?" Kyle looked at Gary, "Long story. Guys, it seems Blade squad is at the outskirts of the east side of the city, or the dumps. It is roughly a 15 mile trip to get there. We need to head out now and find any surviving Lotus. We need the numbers. As of now these SCAGOA are helping us. Don't miss-treat them. Any questions? Good, let's head out."

The group slowly walked out of the building. It was night; they had to be careful. The streets were destroyed and debris was everywhere. Kyle was surprised that Sam hadn't mutated yet. He shook his head and laughed, "Damn, kid's lucky." The group ran into some zombies, but took care of the mess. It was hard to carry all of the supplies; they were trotting slowly.

Kyle turned to Loco. He was curious about the group. "So, what are your guy's names?" Loco turned, "My name is Loco Valantez, which over there is Tony Andrews, the guy you shot, his name is Yuan Lang, and the guy you kicked, that's Brink Smalls. We are Pike squad, usually handling sniper tactics; not to strong with SMG or automatics. If we had snipers, we can kill you all right now, in close range." Kyle laughed, "Well, thank goodness you don't have any." Loco chuckled, "Yea too bad."

The group was stuck at a mountain made up of stones and rocks. Gary shook his head, "Now how the hell are we going to climb this?" Kyle shrugged, "I don't know, but we better start."

03/10/2007 3:38 PM

Kyle shrugged, "I don't know, but we better start."

Josh nodded and went straight for the rocks, but slowly started to slip and fall off the rocks. "It's pretty hard." Kyle looked at the mountain of rocks, "We need to analyze a way for us to get over. We're going to use teamwork." Josh nodded, "How about a human pyramid, if we get one guy on top he could help pull everybody up. "Good idea Josh, let's give it a try."

The tens guys started the formation of the pyramid; "We need heavy support guys on the bottom and go lighter as we go up. I want four guys on the bottom, three on top of them, two of top them, and finally I want Sam on top, cause he's the lightest." The formation of the pyramid began, it was Loco, Vlad, Josh, Richard on the bottom, followed by Tony, Yuan, Brink, Kyle and Gary on top of them, Sam slowly climbed up, and stood on top of Kyle and Gary. The pyramid formation wasn't high enough to get over the mountain; it only came about to half way. "Crap I can't hold you fat-asses, any longer" yelled Loco. The pyramid foundation fell apart, "What the hell are doing now?" questioned Loco.

03/10/2007 7:03 PM

"What the hell are doing now?" questioned Loco.

Kyle stood there, pondering. He started climbing; it was hard, but he could do it. Loco laughed, "This motha fuckers crazy." Kyle finally reached the top and looked over. He came back down; the group just stood there.

"Well..." asked Brink. Kyle shook his head, "If you can, go up and take a look." The rest of the group took Kyles route up the mountain and came back down. "Are you serious...?" Richard was pissed. On the other side, the whole street was filled to the brim with zombies. They were banging at the other side of the mountain, trying to knock it down.

"We need to find a way around it and fast." Kyle knew it was his duty to lead the team to safety.

03/12/2007 1:53 PM

Josh went over to Sam, "How you hanging on?" "Not bad man, wish Joey was here to help, he'd know what to do. He's been the same thing." Josh looked at Sam confused, "What do you mean." "Joey got bitten, a long time ago, but he managed to be cured thanks to what my gramps left behind." Josh nodded, "Hey just, hang on I'm going to check with the SCAGOA, to see where the anti-virus is. Just hang tight."

Josh walked over to Loco, "Where is the anti-virus at Loco?" Loco turned around and laughed, "You know he's not going to make it, by the time we get to the other side of the city." "You shitin' Son of a Bitch!" Josh grabbed Loco and lifted him up, "If Sam here turns into a zombie, and I'll make sure he'll eat you."

03/12/2007 3:22 PM

"If Sam here turns into a zombie, and I'll make sure he'll eat you."

Josh put him down; Loco continued to laugh. "Look, I understand you want that bastard safe, but I hate to break it to yea. The vials are all the way at our camp which is on the outskirts of the east side. There is no way around this mound, we built it. The buildings are caved in so no one could go around. This separates the east from the west. The only way across is through the subway tunnels, but it's a dangerous place down there."

Josh eyed Loco, "You better be telling the truth you spic." Loco's eyes grew narrow. He was pissed at what Josh said. Josh walked away and went to Kyle, "The spic says the only way around is through the subway tunnels. You think we should head down there?" Kyle turned and looked at Josh, "Umm...It may be the only way. Can we get a UV on the place?" Josh shook his head, "No the satellites don't trace underground readings. If we go, we are going in blind."

Kyle sighed, "I guess we go then; no other choice." He walked over to the SCAGOA, "Lead us to the subway and through it. We really need to reach the east side by tomorrow. You better not be bull shitting us." Loco laughed, "Fine essay, but apologize for calling me a fucking spic." Josh shook his head, "Oh no, I ain't apologizing until I can trust you." Loco eyed him, "Very well whitey." Josh laughed, "Yea nice one."

They started following Loco and the clan. Hopefully the subway would be safe.


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03/13/2007 1:44 PM

They started following Loco and the clan. Hopefully the subway would be safe.

Loco led the clan to the subway tunnel entrance; Loco started walking down the stairs slowly. "Flashlights" yelled Kyle, the entire Lotus Squad turned on their flashlights. "Stick together team" shouted Josh, Sam was waving his flashlight around, *Drip* *Drip*. Sam pointed his flashlight up; there were eggs on top of the subway tunnel. All of the eggs had hatched. "Kyle, Josh look up" Kyle and Josh pointed their flashlights towards the ceiling of the subway tunnel. "Be alert, something has been laying eggs in the subway, and looks like those eggs have already hatched." The team continued walking until they go to the ticket station, "We shouldn't be too far from a subway car. If you find a power source maybe we can boot up the train, and get to the east side of the city faster." The team pushed they're way through the subway station gates.

Sam was looking around he kept on hearing *Drip* *Drip*, every time he looked up at the ceiling he saw more eggs. "These eggs keep on freaking me out Josh," "Yeah I know what you mean." The walked down the stairs and into the subway tunnel. "Check the subway cars if any of they are functional, yell." They all nodded and split up searching every car they saw. Sam and Josh walked into the first car, the train was a mess. A bunch of papers were scattered on the floor, "Sam follow me, to the first car." The walked to the first car and into driver's area. There was a memo lying on the chair. Josh picked up the memo and started reading it out loud.

To: All station Employees

From: Station Master

Due to recent infestations in the subway, we are ordering an extermination of bugs and insects. The problem has become greater everyday, more people complain of bugs/insects eggs they have found. Tomorrow an extermination squad will come and spray the entire subway. If more infestations are found, please report them to the nearest station.

"That's all it says, guess it explains why there are so many eggs in the subway. They must have mutated with the virus overtime, who knows what's in the subway know." Sam and Josh walked out of the driver's area, *Buzz* *Buzz* "Crap we need to find the others."

03/13/2007 3:18 PM

Sam and Josh walked out of the driver's area, *Buzz* *Buzz* "Crap we need to find the others."

They opened the car doors and hoped on out of the train. The buzzing was getting louder. Josh turned back towards the subway car. "What the hell is that?" Sam shrugged, "I don't know but I'm creped out." Josh nodded, "Yea...me too." *Rattle* There it was again. It sounded louder every minute; a rattle and then a buzz. Josh turned back towards the tunnel, "Let's get the hell out of here." The two started walking and all of a sudden they heard a loud crash, then heavy breathing. Slowly the two turned; what was there was another story.

Behind them as a giant slug type creature, and for some reason it was buzzing while it was breathing. The thing was the size of two subway cars; maybe bigger. It screamed really loud and after the screech, a noise appeared. It sounded like a stampede. Then Sam heard the noise; the noise of scythes. From behind the bug came a mass of scythes; more then anyone could count. The two started sprinting in the opposite direction. Sam started panting, "Those aren't bugs. They're scythes!" The two rounded the corner and went back up the subway stairs. Josh was panting heavily, "Fuck the others, run."

Dead end; zombies started coming down the stairs, the rattle must of broke the mountain pass. "Shit!!!" Josh and Sam ran back down only to be in the midst of the stampede again, this time the Slug was chasing them too. They ran down the opposite direction of the tunnel, the scythes and bug were close. Josh was pissed, "Where the fuck are the others!!" Sam was starting to feel weak again, "Argh, I don't think I can make it." Josh turned toward him, "Come on you can do it dammit!" In the matter of seconds they hit a bigger tunnel. "Hurry!!!" Right before the scythes reached them, a war buggy shot from another passage. In the car were Joey, Pillsbury, Kyle, Loco, Brink, the other Kyle, and Yuan. Joey started yelling. "Quick hop on!!!"

Josh threw Sam on first then tripped. "Argh, go on without me!!!" The buggy drove away and Joey looked through his mirror. Josh took out his SMG. "YOU FUCKERS!!!!!" The stampede had reached them, Josh was shooting like a mad man, but it was too late. They were upon them. The bug ran over him like road kill. That didn't slow the stampede down. Joey told Pillsbury to man the turret. The mighty warrior took hold of the gun and started firing like crazy. He was mowing down legion after legion. The bug was still behind them though. Joey told the crew to take out all weapons and fire at any scythe that was near the front of the vehicle. The group did.

Loco shot down a scythe that was about to take Sam off the buggy. Blood splattered on the window. Kyle shot down another that was about to slice at Loco. "Saved your ass." *BOOM* Loco killed one that was about to kill Kyle, "No, I saved your ass." Joey had to shake this bug. He saw a huge pillar on the left of the end of the tunnel; it leads to the outdoor rail. "Pillsbury, on my count shoot down that pillar with the SCAR rocket launcher. I feel like squashing some bug." Pillsbury flipped around and took out the SCAR. "On my count....1...2...NOW!!" *WOSSH BOOM!!!!* They hit right out the tunnel flying on the tracks. The pillar fell and landed on the bug, sending blood spraying everywhere. It drenched the war buggy. "Aww...nasty! Yelled Sam" The group had reached the bottom. "Hold on! Yelled Joey" He turned and the buggy flew off the tracks down onto the street. It bounced a few times then finally stopped. They were safe...for now.

03/14/2007 1:47 PM

Sam started to feel sick, "I really don't feel too good." Kyle looked at Sam; Sam was sweating his face all red, "I feel so cold." Kyle turned around to Loco, "Take us to the anti-virus, otherwise Sam not going to make it." "We need to find Lotus Squad, that's our first priority" said Pillsbury. "We can't go after Lotus Squad right now, if we've got a man in danger, Pillsbury." Sam started feeling faint and blacked out. "Tell me where Lotus Squad is at or get out of the buggy. If it wasn't for me and Joey, you guys would have been stuck in the subway, and if the Resistance HQ finds out we made a little side trip to get find some anti-virus then we're in trouble with the Resistance." Kyle looked at Joey, "You're the driver, and it's your decision, to rescue Sam or save Lotus Squad. What do you choose Joey?" said Kyle.

03/14/2007 4:49 PM

"You're the driver, and it's your decision, to rescue Sam or save Lotus Squad. What do you choose Joey?" said Kyle.

Before Joey said anything, little Kyle spoke up. "L-l-lotus squad is dead. When we stopped in the streets and split up, I ran off with five others. We thought we were the only ones left. Well...They died, I fortunately got away. Joey found me hiding in some trench. There's no one left...save S-s-Sam."

They all were silent. Joey started laughing, "Hell, I was about to pick Lotus squad. So, I guess we are after that cure. Where the hell is it?" Loco looked out from the side of the car. "We shouldn't be that far. Our checkpoint was 3 miles from this spot. Trouble is I don't know if it was north, south, east, or west from here, and by the time we find the right direction; he's dead." Joey started thinking..."Pillsbury, You have Vlad's laptop?" The big Asian shook his head. "Good, we will scan a UV. Anyone good with computers?" Brink raised his hand. "Give the man the laptop."

He scanned the area. "Well, its north of here, but there's one problem. Something's blocking the way." Joey looked straight ahead. The streets were empty. "What do you mean; it's clear as fucking day light." Brink said, "Oh, it's no building. It's something. And it should be..."

*SHAKE* *SHAKE* the crew looked ahead, there was the largest thing they seen. Joey had noticed the monster before, it was the giant Sam and he encountered underneath the Casino. Joey chuckled, "Not you again..."

03/16/2007 4:09 PM

Pillsbury took to the machine gun turret, "Load this baby" shouted Pillsbury. *Bam* *Bam* Bullets were flying at the monster at high speeds, but the monster kept on coming. The monster charged straight at the war buggy, "Hit the pedal Joey!" shouted Kyle. Joey nodded and slammed the pedal and made a swerve turn right around the monster and Joey managed to gain a decent distance between the buggy and the monster before it turned around. The war buggy was gaining ahead of the monster. Kyle fired more bullets at the monster, "How the Hell you kill this thing?" Sam started muttering something, "What are you trying to say Sam" said Kyle. "Shoot the neck" said Sam faintly. "Pillsbury fire at the neck of the monster" Pillsbury nodded and aimed the machine gun at the neck of the monster. Shots flew straight in the neck of the monster, *Moan* the monster let out some kind of eerie moan, but it started to slow down. The monster was stunned for a bit, "Joey slow down the buggy, someone hand me the SCAR" shouted Pillsbury. Loco handed Pillsbury the SCAR, *WOSSH BOOM!!* The rocket was flying straight toward the monster; the monster managed to knock the rocket off course and into a building. The building started crumbling and big chunks of the building started collapsing on the monster. There was a big pile of rubble, where the monster had once stood. "All clear" said Pillsbury.

Joey nodded and continued driving, "Alright we're coming up on the check point" said Brink. Joey started slowing down the buggy, "That's the check point up ahead" said Brink as he pointed to the van. The buggy came to a halt, Loco jumped out of the buggy, he went inside the van, and he emerged with the anti-virus. Loco threw the anti-virus at Kyle, who caught it; Kyle took the anti-virus and injected it into Sam. Sam jolted forward but fell back and was knocked out. All of a sudden, Loco pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at Joey, "Looks like the tides have changed" chuckled Loco.

03/17/2007 7:33 AM

All of a sudden, Loco pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at Joey, "Looks like the tides have changed" chuckled Loco.

Kyle, Pillsbury, Irish, pointed their weapons at Loco. Brink pointed his weapon at the other three. Loco was chuckling, "I wouldn't shoot if I were you. Look around you, what do you see?" Pillsbury raised an eyebrow, "Nothing, it is a fucking wasteland. Who is dis prick?" Loco laughed again, "You think there's nothing, but really there is SCAGOA posted in every hiding place. They have snipers pointed at you. You shoot me, and you're dead."

Kyle grew angry, "We had a deal Loco!!!" Loco smiled, "And I did my part. I led you to this anti-virus, I helped you through the tunnel, and I'm done with my half. You will be done...with yours too. Too bad I can't kill that Josh guy; I guess I have to settle for your white ass." Joey saw Loco's finger on the trigger. In a minute, Joey's face would be shot clean off.

"GO!!" In a matter of seconds, the whole checkpoint was surrounded by Resistance soldiers. It was Anubis squad; they all were in battle stances. Loco dropped the gun and sprinted to the van; Brink followed. Soon the van drove off into the desert. Joey was a lucky guy. Damian Waterloo, the head of Anubis squad and good friends with Pillsbury walked over to Joey. "Your lucky mon that we saved your ass. We tracked your signal here; never try to sneak out of HQ ha!" Joey wiped the sweat from his brow and gave Damien a high five.

"How'd you track us? We broke all of our signals." Damien shrugged, "Well, we weren't after you mon, we had gotten some strange signal on a radio. Some guy needed our help; his location is around this city. We can't find him though. We found you instead." Joey laughed, "Aren't I lucky. Anyways, thanks again. Can you get Sam over there too a medic?" Damien nodded, "Yea, but he will have to follow us, and we are making a trip to Cali. Omega is in a tight struggle with some SCAGOA resistance, it's a bloody battle. You can come with if you want, or you can drive out in the war buggy. But I'd warn you to leave now; we are bombing this place in a few minutes."

Joey nodded, "We are going to head back to Chicago, and I got something to take care of." Damien nodded, "Alright mon, go to it." Joey shook his hand and called his group. "Pillsbury, get Sam bring him into the buggy, and Kyle come with us. Irish, do you want to stay here or come with?" The kid said come with. So the five got in the buggy and sped off.


Damien saw the car go in the distance. "Well guys, let's move our asses out." *WOOSH* A soldier screamed and fell to the ground. *WOOSH FLESH* Damien's right hand man was shoot through the head, blood hit Damien's face. *WOOSH* More soldiers were falling. One's head was shot clean off. Damien knew there were snipers, "Quick find cover!! Snipe's!" The group disassembled, but more soldiers were falling blood spraying every where. "ARGH!" A soldier was hit in the leg and was crawling to Damien's safe spot. All of a sudden a bullet went through his head and his brain oozed out.

Damien shook his head, "Christ almighty......."

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03/19/2007 1:31 PM

Sam's eyes started to blink, "How long was I out for?" "No one really knows" said Kyle, but "it's good to have you back, we injected the anti-virus into you so should be fine." Sam nodded, "I feel a bit tired, so wake me up whenever we stop." Kyle nodded, as Sam closed his eyes.

[i]Sam started dreaming. He saw Brittany, but she faded away. Sam found himself, "I need to find Joey and whoever is left." The months were long before Sam had gained any progress in finding Joey; he heard that a new group was formed to go against SCAGOA, the Resistance. Sam managed to get to an outpost in Kansas City. "Anyone knows of the Resistance." No one bothered to even answer Sam, he felt as if he had failed her.[/i]

Kyle punched Sam in the arm, "Wake up! We're here." Sam opened his eyes; they were at a BP gas station in Arizona. "Joey is inside getting supplies with Pillsbury." Sam sat up, "Where are going to Kyle?" "Chicago, I have no idea why Joey wants to go there" said Irish. "You kidding me, Chicago that is so far away, and I'm pretty sure they is nothing left since I've last been there." "You've been to Chicago?" asked Kyle with a puzzled face. "Yeah, that's where I grew up there with Joey, until he moved to New York, but we later met in Chicago at the start of the entire incident. He probably has to pay some respects and I guess I should pay some respects too." Kyle nodded, "Oh that's cool.

Joey and Pillsbury walked out of the BP, they started loading up supplies into the buggy. "Give me a Twinkies, Pillsbury." The big Asian grabbed one out of the box and handed it over to Joey." Pillsbury and Joey got into the buggy, Joey started up the buggy, "Ready to go Joey?"

03/19/2007 3:45 PM

The big Asian grabbed one out of the box and handed it over to Joey." Pillsbury and Joey got into the buggy, Joey started up the buggy, "Ready to go Joey?"

Joey took a bite out of the Twinkie, "Yup, let's hit the road." He pulled on out of the gas station and it was just them and the desert highway.

[i]It was once said that "Man will face the wrath of God's Will, and his will shall put the martyrs to the test. The souls of the wicked would perish at the hand of the righteous one." I guess I'm a martyr after all...[/i]

: End of Book 1:


It took them five weeks to reach the city of Chicago. Surprisingly, the city was till in tact; nothing seemed out of place. A small group of people were camped throughout the city; it was a slum village. They called themselves morlocks, people of lower standards. They took no side of the war; just looked out after themselves. They lived in Chicago, some calling it their country. They had a small militia, and several leaders. If one would make a comparison, they would say that they resembled the lives of the old Native Americans. Maybe the world has taken a full circle through time.

[i]would this happen to everybody?[/i]

Book 2: The Natives, the Sacrifice, and the King.

Joey and the crew were driving on the open highway. It took them nearly five weeks to reach their destination. They had some run ins with zombies and pit stops, but they managed to get there. Joey was astonished at the fact that the city was in great shape. Every building was in tact, nothing was crumbled. Joey laughed; finally something didn't seem like death.

Pillsbury called out from the car, "Look ahead boss, some gates at the entrance to the South Side." Joey looked; the gates were made out of rusty wire and fence. There were two towers holding the gate, some people were in them. A horn was blown and it startled Joey. Kyle tapped Joey on the shoulder, "I think you should slow down." Joey slowed the vehicle and stopped at the gate.

They got out of the car, and Joey was greeted by a man in ragged clothing. He was holding an old, KF-Soviet. Joey raised an eyebrow, "Why...hello there. What's going on here?" The man laughed, "Why, you're standing at the entrance of Ogacihc." Joey laughed, "Excuse me, what's Ogacihc, don't you mean Chicago?" The man laughed, "Was...you mean was. This place is a new society, Ogacihc." Sam was puzzled, "I think that's Chicago backwards...." The man smiled, "Sir, you're correct. And who are you men?" Joey turned around and back at the guy, "Well, I guess you can say we are refugees...can we enter the city?" The men nodded, "Yes, but you have to discard all of your weapons, and then get classified by our head council."

Joey was puzzled but nodded anyways. The gates opened and they entered [i]"Ogacihc"[/i].

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03/20/2007 12:52 PM

Joey slowly drove the buggy through the gates into Ogacihc, the man pointed at them "Discard everything you have here and leave the buggy." They all nodded as they started discarding all their belongings. After they had finished discarding all their things; a morlock got into the buggy and drove off with it, Sam started running after the buggy, "You! Get back here with the buggy!" The buggy disappeared behind another set of gates, they started to close. Two morlocks saw Sam running for the gates, "You stop there" said one of the morlocks, "Hell! No!" *Thud* the other morlock had hit Sam in the stomach with his rifle butt. "Aw" Kyle ran over to Sam, "Hey come on, let's try not to cause any trouble. We need to go see the head council first, before we should try anything." Sam nodded, the two rejoined with the group.

A morlock had pointed at them, "Follow me you are to see the head council." The morlock had taken them towards the main tower, that appeared to be there capital building. "Never seen this before" Sam said quietly. "Go through the doors and someone will take you to the council." They headed through the doors, another morlock directed them over. The morlock pressed the elevator button, *Ding* the elevator doors opened, they all crammed into the elevator. The morlock had hit the twentieth floor, "Once we get to the twentieth floor, you get out and you shall be before the council." *Ding* the elevator doors opened, the five of them stepped out of the elevator. The five of them walked further down, as they appeared before the council.

"State your business here?"

03/20/2007 2:25 PM

"State your business here?"

Joey looked at his group, "Well, we came here to find something, but we didn't know about your society or the fact that Chicago was still a city." The council looked at Joey with a strange glance. They thought he was stupid or something. One of the council members began speaking. "Very well...I could not blame thee. If your refugees, I doubt you had any knowledge of outside sources."

Joey was confused, "Uh, can you explain that to me?" The elder laughed, "Why it's simple, you have not heard of the news. President Sheffield's still alive and he's issuing a rebuilding plan. Cities are being rebuilt, and a new, fancier society is being made. While the rich are getting richer, we middle class are getting shit on. We are getting thrown out into the wild, with those things. Luckily for us, we captured this city before they knew of its standing. We are the morlocks, and we are trying to stand up for the little guy. We don't use fancy weaponry; we use the weapons of our fore fathers, the ones they used in WW2. Of course we are not the only morlocks society, there are few villages in the Midwest and one more city nation, but we are the most powerful, and hope to some day, over run Sheffield and the government, and end the civil war."

Joey still didn't get the whole picture. He wasn't up to date with current issues. Sam asked a question, "Where did you get all the old pieces?" The man laughed, "You mean guns? Why the government has a whole stash underground. At first we were confused as to way there was so much and why there is still more, but we captured the depot and now we have full access to a WW2 goldmine. I guess you can say we are the Natives." Sam nodded.

The council spoke again, "Very well, you may stay in this city as you please, but be warned, we have a security system of our own. We are a safe place and a friendly one. We mean no harm, but only if you don't either. You can look around if you want, oh and one more thing. You can pick up some older clothing at our village depots, the citizens may be afraid of your "armor".

The group nodded and headed off. Joey was so confused; he didn't know what to make of the council's words.

03/21/2007 1:03 PM

Sam shrugged as the group headed off towards the elevators; Sam hit the elevator button *Ding* the elevator doors opened. They walked inside the elevator; Joey still looked puzzled, "What's wrong Joey." Joey just shrugged, "We need to go exchange our clothes, at the village depots" said Irish. *Ding* the elevator doors opened and they walked out. They exited the building and into the streets of Chicago.

Sam tapped the shoulder of a morlock, "Where is the village depot?" The morlock turned around looking terrified, he ran off. "Asshole!" Sam shouted, a group of morlocks turned around and looked at Sam. "Keep quiet Sam, you might get us into trouble" said Kyle quietly. Sam nodded as all walked off to a small building. When they got to the small building, there was a signed label "Village Depot." "I guess this is where we exchange our armor" said Sam; Sam walked up to the small building, "Excuse me" the morlock turned around, "How can I help you?" "We need to exchange our battle armor for clothes" said Kyle. "Excellent" said the morlock as bent down and picked up five sets of clothing, "Here you go." They each grabbed one set of clothing; "Go over to the bathrooms to change and bring back your battle armor when you are changed" said the morlock. Kyle nodded, as they headed towards the bathrooms." They each entered a separate stall; Sam started removing his battle armor and began putting on the clothes the morlock had given him.

Sam exited the stall and waited for the rest of the group. They all headed back to the Village Depot and handed in their battle armor. "I guess we're morlocks now" said Sam. "What do we do next Joey?"

03/21/2007 2:16 PM

"What do we do next Joey?"

Joey didn't know what to do. "I don't know, this is all happening so fast. I mean I feel like I'm in the past, but they don't seem old. They just seem like hobos you find on the street. To tell the truth, I don't like this place. It's too nice; it feels eerie." Joey turned to Sam and the group, "You guys do whatever you want, Sam come with me...We have to check out something."

The group was shocked, but Pillsbury spoke up, "You, Sam go...we will be alright." Joey nodded, "Ok, We'll meet back up at town square. I'll contact Pillsbury when we meet." The group split. Hopefully what Joey wanted was still there.

03/22/2007 12:30 PM

"I agree this place does seem too fishy, especially with these morlocks going against the government." Joey nodded, "Let's go check out, where they stashed our buggy Joey?" Joey nodded; the two of them started walking back to where the buggy was driven off. Sam walked up to the morlock guarding the gate; "Clearance?" asked the morlock. "Look I don't have any sort of clearance, my friend and I just got here, so we thought we'd take a look around by seeing what's behind this gate" said Sam. "Then you're not getting behind this gate." Sam looked around the area was clear, nobody around expect Joey. Sam slugged the morlock in the face, "I've been waiting for you to hit me" said the morlock, and the morlock pointed his M1 Garand at Sam. *Thud* Joey tackled the morlock and started beating him until he was knocked out. "Thanks thought I was screwed there for a moment. Let's get of rid of this body." The two hoisted the morlock and dragged him into a nearby alley. Joey grabbed the M1 Garand, while Sam grabbed his key card and ID. The two walked back to the gate.

Sam swiped the card key through the electronic reader *Beep* the gate started opening slowly. Sam and Joey ran through the gate and towards a complex. There were morlocks patrolling the complex. "That's probably where they stored our buggy and our guns. We should sneak in there, to find out what else is going. You ready?" Joey nodded and two of the sprinted towards the door inside the complex.

03/24/2007 7:28 PM

Joey nodded and two of the sprinted towards the door inside the complex.

The two slid underneath the closing complex door; it nearly crushed their bodies. Joey dusted off his pants and got up. They were in some office building of some sort. It wasn't an executives building, but more of a television studio. They seemed to have just past the parking garage. The two started walking down the hallway and quickly hid behind a soda machine. Two guards walked past them, each carrying an M1 Garand. They came out from their hiding place and continued walking down the hallway.

They seemed to be near the studio itself. They hid each time a guard past; getting lucky each time. They were about to pass the studio, when suddenly a patron of guards started walking in their direction. Joey was panicking; he saw the door to the studio. "Quick, Sam in here!" The two opened the door and closed it; locking it from the inside. Joey put his ear to the door and heard the footsteps of the guards passing. "Phew, that was close." Someone was behind them. A man started talking. They turned around.

[i]"And how should I ask, who are you fine gentlemen?"[/i] The two turned to find a man in a mask, it was a smiling French mask, and the eye holes were slanted so you couldn't see his pupils. He had a black robe and three Sai's fastened to his belt. Around his shoulder was a gun strap with a Thompson attached. Joey looked at Sam and he was speechless. The man started speaking again, [i]"I'm sorry if I have frightened you, but you were the ones parading on me. I' am sure I haven't seen you around these parts before, but I do know who you are."[/i] Joey was confused...."You do?"

The man continued to talk, [i]"Why of course, you are the refugees that blew up the concentration camp in the Bahamas. I myself was a test subject there and I went through the whole catastrophe. After I escaped with everybody else, we formed our own society, me being the head honcho. But of course I did not want power for long; I wanted to plan by myself. I gave the power to the council; I' am just a strategist."[/i]

There was silence, the man spoke again. [i]"You can call me sir; I do not have a name. Welcome to my kingdom, and I assure you I will not let them hurt you. I need you for my next step in liberation. We must bring the United States back to the old Order. Until my plan is finished, feel free to stay, but you may not leave. Not until my plan is ready, for I need you."[/i]

Joey was angry, "Hey you can't keep us here. I have no clue what your talki...[i]"That will be enough."[/i] The man interrupted Joey. [i]"You will stay, now go on. You will know when to come back."[/i] The man threw Joey and Sam a piece of paper. Joey knelt down and picked it up. It read:

[i]"Repent, for they Kingdom is near."[/i]

Joey got back up, "Hey what's..." The man was gone. Joey was confused; Sam was too. Sam turned to Joey, "Come on, let's head outside. Forget the buggy now."

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03/26/2007 7:31 AM

Sam opened the door and he and Joey walked out in to the hallway. Sam checked the corner of the corridor; "Clear" they ran and hid behind the vending machines. "Phew" said Sam, soon a guard walked up to the vending and started putting in coins; Sam quickly covered his mouth as did Joey. The guard finally left and walked away. "Let's go" said Sam. The two ran out of the TV studio and back to the parking garage. "Cover me, while get the gate open" said Sam. Joey nodded and stood guard, while Sam swiped the key card through the electronic reader *Beep* the gates started open slowly. The two ran out door, as it started to close again.

"We need to find the others" said Sam. Joey nodded, the two walked into the middle of the city where they found Pillsbury, Kyle, and Irish. "Find anything?" said Kyle. "Not really, but Joey and I ran into this masked stranger, bent on overthrowing the government and re-establishing the old order. So pretty much trying getting everything back the way it was before all this happened" said Sam. "Oh" said Kyle, *Buzz* "Will Joey and Sam report to the council." "What did you do now?" said Kyle, "Joey and me got knocked out a guard watching a gate, that led to the building, where the masked stranger is, plus I also thought that's where they hid our buggy, cause that's where I saw on the guards drive it off to." A morlock guard walked up to the group, "You must go meet with the council, due to recent events, I am here the escort you there." Sam's face started getting red, "Alright" he said nervously. The guard escorted them to the council. They all stood there before the council.

"What do you think you are doing? Attacking a morlock guard, we told you that this city was a peaceful one. Also, why were you investigating this city, we had put trust into you that you would believe that everything would be ok, but you have caused chaos by being here. We are a force that you do not want to reckon with, because we run this city. We control everything that goes; remember if we ever catch you guys doing something suspicious you will be exiled. Do you understand? Now leave us!"

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03/26/2007 7:57 AM

Do you understand? Now leave us!"

Joey and Sam nodded and walked out of the building. They were outside. Joey felt a sense of disappointment. He turned to Sam, "Hey, stay with the guys. I have to go and do something." Sam was confused, but nodded and walked off. Joey needed to see if it was still there.

He started walking through the city, there were a few morlocks here and there, but it still felt empty. Fifty Third on Taylor Street was what he was looking for. It was his old childhood house. Inside something was to be found. It started to rain and the sky was getting darker.

The rain hit his cold face. For some reason, the man's words hit him.

[i]"Repent, for they Kingdom is near."[/i]

Joey felt like he had committed every type of sin; he was just a puppet. None of his actions were for him; usually they were for some sort of higher command. He wanted to be independent and help this world. How, was the big question. The rain kept hitting his face; he was near. He passed the old Sicilian Church; not much further. He turned and on the steps of the Church sat Mike. Joey hadn't had visions of him in four years.

Joey started crying and Mike turned. He waved to Joey and walked up to him. Wiping the tears from Joey's eyes, Mike said something. "Man...Freedom! Forever! Just like we were kids. Yea understand?" With those words Mike vanished.

03/27/2007 7:08 AM

Sam walked to Pillsbury, Kyle, and Irish, "Where did Joey go?" asked Kyle? "He had something's to do just let him go; he has to do things on his own" said Sam. Kyle nodded, "How about we find some food, I'm starving" said Pillsbury. "Pillsbury is right, I'm quite hungry" said Irish. Sam nodded, "There should be a mess hall around here somewhere." The four of them walked off to an information kiosk, "You know if there is any place where we can get food for free?" The morlock looked at Sam, "The mess hall is by the gym, you'll find some food there." "Thanks" said Irish; as the four of them sprinted off towards the mess hall.

Pillsbury opened the door to the mess hall; the lines were long, "Damn it!" shouted Pillsbury. Pillsbury's face was getting red, "I want food!" he yelled loudly. Pillsbury started pushing morlocks aside, followed by Kyle, Irish, and Sam. Finally, Pillsbury got to the front of the and grabbed his tray; he started to pile mounds of food onto his tray. "Whoa, Pillsbury save some for the rest of us and the morlocks" said Sam. Pillsbury finished grabbing food and took his seat. After they got their food, the three of them sat by Pillsbury. "When do you think Joey will be back?" said Pillsbury with his mouth full. Sam shrugged and continued eating. They finished eating and walked outside.

Joey still wasn't back yet, "Something is taking Joey quite sometime" said Sam. "You think the government found him and captured him" said Irish. "No Joey too smart to captured by the government, especially in his own city. "I'm going to wait here, till Joey gets back. You guys go do whatever you want." said Sam.

[i]What the hell is taking you so long?"[/i]

03/27/2007 8:00 AM

[i]Meanwhile, back near Taylor Street[/i]

[i]"Freedom! Forever! Such powerful words; once used back during the immigration era, when the Italians vowed against discrimination. One could say the words would apply to independence, no?"[/i]

It was the masked man; he was standing on the roof of the church. Joey looked up in the pouring rain. "What do you want from me? I don't understand you one bit!" The man chuckled, [i]"Why Joey, I want you to be free! Stand up for what's right; the newsies did it, and so can you! I want you to help me. I have admired your work at the SCAGOA camp. It made me who I am today; powerful in the words and works of liberation!"[/i]

Joey was confused and angry; "Who are you? A fucking stalker yea!?" The man was silent, and then spoke again. [i]"Not at all, I'm just a fan. With your power, you can help this society grow. We can bring back the country you once knew! We can slay all zombies and finally bring reality back into check. Accept my invitation another day; I bid you ado."[/i]

With those words the man vanished into the rain. Joey dropped to his knees and howled! Oh what power he had in his battle cry. That night changed Joey; the meeting with the council triggered his anger. The words -banish- set him off. Joey wiped the tears from his eyes. He still had work to do; he continued to walk. There it was, on the fifth block, his old home.

He stayed there until he was eight, then they moved to New York with his family. He walked up to the stoop and entered the house. It wasn't in bad condition. He still remembered the smells, and the sights. He walked upstairs to his old bedroom. Hopefully what he wanted was still there. He went to the place were his bed was and popped open the floor boards. Underneath was a box; the same box he had left. He opened it; inside was a letter and a golden cross.

It was the cross of San Giuseppe. He remembered how he found the relic; and the old man.


Joey was running home with his friends. They just were let out of school; eager to get home. They stopped at an old cemetery. Marty walked into the burial grounds; "Ey guys, ne one up for some tag?" The gang nodded and ran into the cemetery. Joey was running away from one of his friends, when suddenly he fell through the ground. He landed in some Moslem. Inside was one coffin; the coffin of the old man. On top were the cross and the letter. It read:

[i]"To whomever finds this; but I doubt it may never happen. I was an oracle; a powerful spectrum. I prayed during the days of San Giuseppe, but I was exiled. Confronted of Blasphemy. I was killed just as the Lord was. But I was able to steal it; the cross of my master. It protected me from the demons. This cross gave me powers, and to who finds it I beg of you hide it. Do not use it; or hell should unleash. You would not be able to handle the powers; until the night of the Tribulation. Please...hide it. Arrivederci."[/i]

Joey was too young to understand it, but he was scared. He got out from underground and went home. He hid it and vowed never to take it out again.

[i]present day[/i]

Until now; he took the cross and began crying.

03/29/2007 6:59 AM

Kyle walked up to Sam, "Joey has been gone for a while; you sure you don't want to go inside. "I'm good Kyle; Joey is taking to long to find whatever he wants, I'm going after him"said Sam. Kyle nodded, "Alright then, good luck." Sam started walking throughout the city,"Joey! cried Sam. There was no response, how far could Joey have gotten to without leaving the city.

Sam saw a street sign that said Fifty Third and Taylor Street, not too far down the block was a church. "Hell, maybe Joey went to go repent." Sam headed towards the church, all the doors were locked, and "Damn" Sam turned around to saw that the masked man was looking at him. The masked man then pointed to one house on the block; Sam started heading towards the house, but as he turned around the masked man was gone. "Damn him, pulling a Batman on me." Sam continued walking towards the house, as he got closer he could see a dim shadow appear from the window. Sam walked to the door and slowly turned the knob.

Sam entered the house; it was a bit dark and dreary, but he could see move around. *Creak* Sam heard a small slight movement coming from upstairs. "Joey!" Sam cried. A figured emerged from one the rooms upstairs, it was Joey. "Hell! Is this where you've been this entire time" said Sam.

03/29/2007 1:24 PM

"Hell! Is this where you've been this entire time" said Sam.

Joey stood there, silent as a mouse. He turned to Sam, "Now's not the time to joke around." Sam was confused, something was bothering Joey. Sam started walking toward him, "Hey man if you WA...Hey whoa!" Joey took a swing at Sam; Sam luckily dodged the punch. Within minutes Joey growled and pounced on Sam. He tackled him onto the floor. Sam yelled in pain; claws were digging into his arms. He faintly looked at Joey; his eyes were glowing red and his hair was all over the place.

Joey threw Sam into the living room wall. Dazed, Sam got up and limped into the kitchen. Joey flew to the living room and was staring down Sam. Sam grabbed a butcher knife and flipped it around. "Now I don't want to use this Joe..." Joey howled and jumped with rage towards Sam. In a flash, Sam sliced through Joey's stomach and rolled out of the way. The beast flew into the stove and crashed on the floor. Blood was spilling form the wound and Joey howled so loud that the windows cracked.

[i]Meanwhile, outside[/i]

The masked man was on top of the clerics building. He heard the piercing scream; a tear was let out from the mask.

[i]"My God...he has found the cross...what have I done...[/i]

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03/31/2007 11:57 AM

Sam ran out the house clutching the knife; he started back towards the city. Suddenly, the masked man off from the roof of the church and landed in front of Sam. "Get out of my way!" said Sam. Sam pushed the masked man aside, "And how do you plan of stopping your friend?" said the masked man. "I just will, ok!" said Sam; Sam continued heading towards the city. The masked man with surprising speed ran with Sam towards the city, "The morlocks are my people, I will do my job of protecting them, but you must find a way to remove the cross from Joey" said the masked man. "What cross?" said Sam as he continued running towards the city. "The cross that Joey is wearing controls him, causing him to go into a berserker rage" said masked man. "So all I have to do is remove the cross and then what?" asked Sam. "Dispose of it?" said the masked man.

The two finally made to the city, Joey was rampaging around the city, attacking stranded morlocks. "Joey! Over here, so I cut you up" yelled Sam. Joey turned around and charged straight at Sam. Sam starting swinging the knife at Joey, morlock guards came in from different directions. They surrounded Joey and Sam, "Drop the knife" said one of the guards. Sam dropped the knife, "Good" now back away and we'll deal with your friend. One guard took the butt of his Garand straight to Joey's head, with a quick slide Joey dodged the hit and hit the guard in the face. Joey grabbed the Garand and started knocking the morlock guards out with the butt of the Garand. Bullets were useless against Joey; he kept on dodging them and continued to take more guards out.

Sam picked up the knife and lunged at Joey; Sam managed to drive the knife into the back of Joey. Joey was stunned for a bit, head butted Joey in the back of the head, knocking both Sam and Joey out. Sam lay on the ground knocked out; Kyle saw Sam on the ground and ran over to him. Kyle shook Sam but no response. "Sam!" he yelled. Still nothing, Pillsbury grabbed a bucket of water and dumped on Sam's face. *Cough* Sam looked dazed, "Get the cross off from Joey." Kyle walked over to Joey's body, "There is no cross" said Kyle. Sam dragged himself over to Joey, "What there is no cross" said Sam. "Damn that masked man!" Kyle starting shaking Joey, Joey's eyes opened as he got up and ran off. The masked man appeared once again, "I see you let him get way" he said.

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03/31/2007 7:01 PM

Joey leapt through the rain; the demon was lodged in his soul. Soon it would completely take over his body. With his inner rage Joey leaped onto the roof of a twelve story apartment building. On the roof Joey let out a large growl. The knife popped out of his back and Joey kneeled on the ground. His arms grew and his muscles burst. His shirt and clothes ripped, hair grew. HOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! With a large yelp Joey turned into an eight foot werewolf beast.

You could hear the growl from thousands of miles away. The beast of hell was finally let out. The skies turned completely black and red. Kyle looked to the sky, "What the hell was that?" Sam knew well who it was, but he didn't know what the hell was going on. Before Sam could say something a cry was let out. "Intruders coming from the north gate!" The group ran over to the tower; they climbed and looked out. Army Hummers were tearing through the highway.

Sam was stunned with disbelief. They weren't SCAGOA trucks,

[i]They were Resistance trucks...[/i]

The Sir was on the roof of the Saris Tower. He breathed in the red air and he let out a deep breath. [i]"The time for liberation is about to start"[/i]

[i]"The Resistance...must...die"[/i]

04/02/2007 3:28 PM

Sam had a look of disbelief on face; more army hummers appeared on the highway heading straight towards the north entrance. Morlocks were arming themselves heading towards the nearest barracks; to arm themselves. "Kyle, get Irish and Pillsbury over to the front gate, maybe we can talk both sides out of shooting each other" said Sam. Kyle nodded and ran off to get Irish and Pillsbury; Sam started running to the north gate, sliding through the morlocks as they were swarming the north gate.

The Sir shouted, "Liberty, Peace, and Equality! We must defeat these invaders sent in by the government in their plan to restart new the order of life in the Untied States. We will fight to our deaths! Prepare yourselves Morlocks, for we are to rain Hell upon them." There was much cheering coming from Morlocks after The Sir's speech. Sam got to front of the north gate, "Stop! The Resistance does not mean you any harm" shouted Sam. "How do you know?" shouted back one of the morlocks. "I've was in the Resistance before" shouted Sam. "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" chanted the morlocks. Sam was in trouble, luckily Kyle, Pillsbury, and Irish got to the front gate as the morlocks began to swarm Sam.

"Halt!" shouted the Sir, "I am sure these four do not bring us harm. I agree to what the Asian one says, we shall send the four off to see if they can stop the Resistance." The morlocks calmed down as they listened to the Sir. Sam and the rest of them exited through the north gate to see if they could take to the Resistance.

Sam stood out in front of north gate, as the first Resistance hummer arrived. The captain opened the door and stuck his head out, "Move soldier or we'll run you down." More of the Resistance started appearing, "Can't we talk this out. These people don't mean you any harm; they just want to live in peace" said Sam. "Then they shouldn't have taken up Chicago; we need Chicago for a base of operations, and to begin the redevelopment of the Untied States. Understand soldier?" said the captain. "I understand you decision to overrun this city and kill innocent people" said Sam. "Ha! We'll overrun these people easily, and they'll eventually retreat, so bloodshed will be kept to a minimum, but I'll give you a choice soldier, since you part of the Resistance before. I'm offering for you and your comrades to join the ranks of the Resistance once again. You know that these people aren't able to defend the city against the Resistance, for we use more sophisticated weapons. Now what's your choice?" said the captain. "No, I'm not going to join the Resistance if you are willing to slaughter innocent lives just to set up base and re-forge the United States" said Sam. Sam saw that Pillsbury, Irish, and Kyle and shook their and heads, as they headed back inside the gates.

"Siege the city! Leave no one alive!" shouted the captain.

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04/03/2007 7:47 AM

The Morlocks heard the battle command from the captain. The time for freedom and equality was now. A Morlock stood up on a box and shouted orders, "Alright, they want to end our way of peace. They've always wanted to get rid of our freedom, ever since the outbreak. Their weapons are more superior, but they no nothing of gorilla warfare. Every soldier here, take command in a building and set up weapons outside the windows. I'll be taking a near fifty men to Lincoln Park. Your gunshots will lead them there and we shall flank them from behind. Let them bust through the gates; we shall use the silence in our favor. As for the civilians, you must all head towards the south side; yes it's still infected, but it's safer than over here."

Sir smiled beneath his mask. The people were finally bringing order back; just like the days before the horrors. He vanished; he would be needed later. The Morlocks were stocking up on ammo and whatever they needed. Kyle, Irish, and Pillsbury joined the ambush; they were the heavy fire power. A moment later the streets were cleared and the ancient army was ready.

[i]Outside the gates[/i]

A soldier placed a C4 charge on the gate. BOOM, the gates shattered into millions of microscopic pieces. When the smoke cleared, the only thing to see was an empty street. "Where are they?" The commander entered the gate, "Im not sure, just..." He went silent, and then he fell to the ground. Blood was pouring out of his skull. The Morlocks drew first blood.

The army then stormed the gates; millions of highly trained soldiers were about to die. Shots were being fired left and right, knocking down rows of resistance. It took them awhile to relize their enemy had higher ground. "They are in the buildings! Throw nades in the windows." A barrage of nades entered the small windows of the old Chicago buildings. BOOM, explosions were set off. Blood sprayed out the windows raining on the fight below. "We can't go in the buildings, that'd take too long. Throw a smoke out and head out to the parkway." Smokes were being thrown as more soldiers were getting picked off.

Finally the shots ended and the resistance used their shield to move away form the area. Once the army was out of the way of the gate buildings, they rounded the troops up and broke up into massive squadrons. For as many people they had left, they still lost a great number back there. A new commander took the stand; "Alright, they had us at blind cover. Once we get them to fight us on the ground, it will be a different story." This man was short and muscular. He was the leader of Omega squad; Mike Dithers. He led the whole mess into Lincoln Park. It was still awfully quite; he was sweating profusely.

[i]Behind the beach wall[/i]

"They have entered the park. There still seems to be a whole bunch, I don't know if we can take them. It's fifty versus, a near four hundred." The leader of the Morlocks military was James Taylor; he seemed to be Jamaican, or some sort. "I have fought worse battles than this. No matter the disadvantage, you fight for your freedom. We will finish them of ay mates?!" The whole mess shook their weapons. "Let's GO!!!!" The loudest battle cry was heard. The whole mess of fifty morlocks jumped the beach walls and charged behind the Resistance.

They were caught off guard; it worked. A barrage of M1 Garand shells mowed down the first wall of resistance, allowing the men with swords to jump the group. They slashed down through the soldiers like if they were mighty tree trunks. The swords pierced the heavy battle armor. More shots were fired killing hundreds more Resistance. Everyone was drenched with blood; the blood of Resistance. Before the Morlocks could reach the fourth row, the Resistance answered back.

SMG and M4 fire was returned. The fifty Morlocks dropped to twenty in no time. "Run! We cannot kill the rest." James and the Rest of the Morlocks ran to the Sicilian Church. Many were falling as they retreated. Irish the kid was shot down. Kyle turned, "Kid!" The kid yelled back, "Go!" He stood up only to be mowed down again. Before they managed to lock the doors of the church, Pillsbury unloaded his shotgun on a row of guys, killing all of them. "That's for killing a kid."

Outside the church stood two hundred battle ready, Resistance fighters. Mike yelled into the church, "You're outnumbered! Soon we will have these doors flushed out and we will kill you all." He laughed, "We even have some backup." A new mess of Resistance soldiers were coming from the streets. Now they were a strong six hundred men. Inside the church were seven men. James, Kyle, Pillsbury and four others. James looked at the alter, "God help us."

They were ramming the door. Any minute now, and they would be dead. Pills burry yelled to his group, "Ay guys check this crazy bastard out." The group ran to the window. They saw the man in the mask; sir was standing in front of the army by himself. Mike Dithers walked to the front, "Well, well, I finally found you. You had me at a wild goose chase all these years. Every Morlocks town I killed, you vanished. Even our allies the SCAGOA couldn't find you. But you've decided to show up and give your self over."

Sir smiled beneath his mask, [i]"Why what makes you think I gave up, I have only just begun. You see, Mr. Dithers. I knew you were in ka-hoots with SCAGOA. Ever since I left that camp. I have been fighting to kill all of you, but you always seemed to outnumber me, but not now. I have the upper hand, liberation is about to be served."[/i]
Dithers laughed, "Ok...shoot him now!" The whole army unloaded on Sir. Bullets and blood were flying through him; ironic that his mask was smiling. Imagine a gatling gun put right up against a guy, and that is what you saw that day.

When the bullets stopped, Sir just stood there hunched over. He was silent; everyone was surprised that he wasn't on the ground. All of a sudden he rose, [i]"My turn."[/i]

HOWWWWWW!!!! Joey, the beast, jumped over Sirs back and on top of the Resistance Army. His battle rage was uncontrollable. The skies turned red and the rain began to pour, but not of water; of blood. Joey slashed through the army like a lawn mower through grass. Blood was flying everywhere. Sam couldn't figure it out, but time seemed to have slowed down. Joey took a soldier and ripped him in half then punched through another. They were shooting at a brick wall. The bullets were bouncing off. Soldiers were flying in the air; you could hear the horrifying screams of Joey's victims.

The beast spotted Mike. He remembered what he ad told Joey; [i]"I would like you to take some tests after you heal, you might be Omega material. We just lost privet Kaki back at the streets of New York. Anyways, I'll tell you more about the offer after you patch up. In the mean time, just relax."[/i] The Beast howled and snarled, "NO NEED!!" He ran over and his claws decapitated Mike and then Joey ripped out his guts and intestines and chewed them with his teeth.

The Resistance scattered only to be met by the remaining Morlocks that left their building posts. They mowed the confused army with their M1 Garands. James in the church bust opens the doors, "Quick, let us help them finish the fight!" The seven charged form the church killing the remaining soldiers. That day, the Morlocks proved that they were superior. The only cost was filling the streets of Chicago with blood. HOWWW, Joey let out a massive battle cry. Something was upsetting the beast though. The creature ran over to Sir and laid him in his arms. Sir had died, fighting for a cause so great. He whispered something to Joey; [i]"You are destined to rule them now, don't let the demon take over you."[/i]

Joey ripped off the mask with his claws. Beneath the mask, Sir was not much older, Sir...

[i]Was Joey's brother Mario[/i]


04/03/2007 2:29 PM

Sam emerged from the Harold's Chicken Shack on the South Side; Sam had helped some morlocks flee from the city to shelters. "Stay where you are; I'm going back to the city to see if there is anyone else left to save" said Sam. He left Harold's and started heading back to the city. There were no more flashes of lights coming from the city; it looked like all had died down and peace came to the morlocks.

When Sam go to the city he had saw many dead Resistance soldiers and morlocks on the ground. Sam walked over to a dead Resistance soldier and grabbed the soldier's m4. Sam checked the clip, it would last. He headed over to the Cathedral and saw that the doors had been knocked through. "Anybody in here?" called Sam. Kyle slowly emerged with a M1 Garand pointed at Sam, "Whoa soldier, where have you've been?" said Kyle. "Helping some morlocks escape to the South Side" said Sam. "Cause all of a sudden you disappear Sam and abandon us during a firefight" said Kyle. "I'm sorry but there were morlocks that needed to be saved" said Sam. Sam walked closer to the altar, to see that Sir and been placed on top of the altar. Sam also that a Resistance soldier had been slaughtered brutally, "Holy Shit!" there was no head on the body and it looked like it had been ripped apart. Sam saw a figure in the shadows, "Who's that over there, Kyle?" asked Sam. "It was the beast that tore apart Dithers over there" said Kyle pointing to the slaughter body.

Sam walked to the figure in the shadows, Sam gently tapped the shoulder, and "You okay Joey?" Sam said quietly. Joey turned around and appeared in tears, and pointed to Sir. Sam walked over to Sir's dead body, to Sam; Sir had a similar resemblance to Joey. Sam sat down and exhaled, "Now what do we do?"

04/03/2007 4:01 PM

Joey didn't know what to do. He was stuck in his beast form; at least for now. His brother had died and he had just slaughtered a whole army. The cross did something to him, but he liked it. He finally felt free, independent. His Brother had told him he was destined to rule over the people; he was the heir to the United States. There were no more packs he was going to make; just him and the Morlocks. His new primary target was anyone who did not believe in American freedom. With his new gift, Joey wished to bring a new life to the world.

The beast walked over to Mario; tears pouring from his long face. He grabbed Mario's cold hand and howled at the rising moon. The skies turned purple and grey this time; a flash was seen and it blinded Sam and the gang. There standing under the moonlight was Joey; all of his humanness in ripped shorts. The cross was dangling on his neck; he took it and put it in the alter holder. Another flash was seen and Mario vanished, but the cross turned into a dagger. Joey picked it up and twirled it around; one high rise too the moon and the light reflected off of the dagger incrusting it with a bizarre symbol. It was the symbol of St. Joseph, the one who aided Jesus in the end of times.

James Taylor began crying and he kneeled before Joey. "It is him; the prophecies foretold about him; the king who would follow up Jesus during the Tribulation. So it is the end of times; I am proud to serve under him."

[i]"The King"[/i]


04/05/2007 1:43 PM

Book 3: War Sucks Let's Party!


There are no more alliances; the Resistance was just another SCAGOA project, this time issued by the United States government. Great Britain is finally catching on too the United States lockout. They are gradually trying to figure out what happened through a computer called Fate. The Morlocks now are neutral, but are against SCAGOA. The Morlocks still continue reign over Chicago, and plan for a further expansion and create Liberty, Peace, and Equality. Joey is now the supreme commander of the Morlocks; they are a group of tribes who are now evolving too top notch guerilla warfare fighter, Sam has became leader of one of the tribes: The Brotherhood of Morlocks.

[i]The Morlocks are now free.[/i]

04/06/2007 7:58 AM

A lot has happened to Joey in the past months; so much has changed since that one night. The Morlocks were his people now, the true Americans. One day, they would be powerful enough to challenge the beast; best thing they could do now is provoke it. During the month of May, Joey was able to expand the living grounds of the people. Tribes reigned over "checkpoints". His best friend Sam was now the leader of the Brotherhood; basically the special op fighters. The Morlock people took a change themselves. They now wear regular clothing; hell they look like normal citizens. The military is now using the modern weapons stolen from SCAGOA or Resistance.

The fighters are one of a kind; similar to true Spartan warriors. If you were not skilled at guerrilla warfare, then you weren't able to join the military. Joey's warriors were so well trained, that twenty could take down near two-hundred SCAGOA elite. Not only are they provoking a beast, they are contributing to mankind. Joey goes out with a group of Morlocks to "clean" the streets. They kill zombies at night; taking any supplies they can back to home fortresses.

This new way of life is good for Joey; finally he is happy.

04/09/2007 2:49 PM

Sam watched over the Brotherhood, being the leader of the Brotherhood was tough. Sam had trained many Morlocks under his wings and sent the elite of the Morlocks he trained off for further training with Joey. Sam had planned a small expedition with a group of Morlocks to secure the sewers of Chicago. The expedition would take a couple of days to secure the entire Chicago sewer system and possibly activate the subway tunnels. Sam had approached Joey for permission to carry out his expedition.

"Hey Joey, I got an idea for a small expedition, but I need a small group of highly trained Morlocks to help me secure the entire subway system. If we're successful, we could activate the entire subway line connecting the city to the suburbs, and have a possible way out of city if we are ever under siege. Is it good with you?" said Sam.

04/09/2007 4:48 PM

"Hey Joey, I got an idea for a small expedition, but I need a small group of highly trained Morlocks to help me secure the entire subway system. If we're successful, we could activate the entire subway line connecting the city to the suburbs, and have a possible way out of city if we are ever under siege. Is it good with you?" said Sam.

Joey was looking out from the balcony. He turned and nodded, "Sure Sam, come with me. You can pick from the selection; I may come down with you. There hasn't been any action around here and besides, I am tired of having the south side heavily infected. If we can kill all those damn hellions, we could knock down the center wall separating the north from the south." Sam nodded, and He and Joey walked out of the pent house suit.

The two made their way across the streets two the vans. His soldiers trained at soldier field; it was a massive barracks. They drove across the streets to the north shore. It was weird seeing these parts empty. They parked in the back and got out. Joey and Sam entered the player gates and walked onto the field through the home team entrance. Gun fire was going off and men were sword fighting. Joey was greeted by Lt. Taylor, his right hand mercenary. "How's it going meng?" Joey shook his head, "Well James, how are things here?"

"Well, well, we should be able to lift our army to around 4,000 men." Joey smiled, "Nice, soon maybe we can strike at the nearest SCAGOA post?" James laughed, "Yes, of course." Joey walked to James, "Sam here needs a few of our boys to help him clear out the tunnels." James looked surprise, "The tunnels? Why they are infected." Joey shook his head, "I know, but I trust Sam here. Can he choose from these men? James nodded, "Ok here are our finest."
They walked over to an area of training.

There were nine people, one of them was Pillsbury, and another was Kyle. "I've see you met these two before, they improved a lot. Here is Maxis, an Italian hell ranger. This is Yi Jin, a deadly ninja. This is Amy, a bitch with an attitude. This is Roger, Black brother with a lot of POW. Over here is Rudy, Kids got guts. This is Netalia, Russian ballerina gone assassin, and this is Striker, an Australian mercer." Joey smiled, "Well guys, today you're the blood squad. Your mission is to follow this gentleman and help him clear the tunnels. Any questions you have to answer to your king."

04/11/2007 4:21 PM

"Follow me" said Sam, the nine walked over to Sam. "Here's the briefing: We're heading to the subway tunnels of Chicago. We clean up the subways and try to get everything operational, while we also attempt to take the center wall blocking us off from the north side. Once we get everything functional, everything should be smooth sailing from there. Also, look out for the hellions in tunnels; they could be feeding on the dead bodies in subway. I don't want anyone going solo, until we secure the area and set up camp. We will be taking two war buggies, arm you and meet at the subway entrance. I'll have the buggies there already so just meet me there completely equipped" said Sam. They all nodded and headed off in different directions to get ready.

Sam headed into the Brotherhood's barracks, Sam started grabbed dual elites, a colt commando, a first aid kit, two flashlights, c4 explosives, two hand grenades, and Sam grabbed some extra 9mm magazines and 4 5.56 caliber magazines, and a walkie-talkie. Sam headed out of the Brotherhood's barracks and headed into the garage. "Hey, I need two war buggies and they parked at the subway entrance." said Sam. A Morlocks nodded and handed threw him one of the keys to the war buggy; Sam loaded everything in buggy and drove off to the subway entrance, followed by the Morlock in the other buggy.

The nine soldiers were already at subway entrance. "Took you long enough" said Kyle. "Yeah, yeah, load your things into the buggy. Pillsbury, I want you to drive the other buggy" said Sam. Pillsbury nodded, everything was set, "Give Hell to those Hellions!" shouted Sam as he drove the buggy into the subway entrance.

04/11/2007 4:57 PM

Roger leaned over the front seat and began talking to Pillsbury. "Is this guy trustworthy man?" The fat, wise, Asian laughed, "Oh, he is." Roger sat back and cocked his SMG. They were in for a hell of a fight.

The buggies were speeding down the tunnel; it was pitch black. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. The power lines must have crashed due to the nuclear attacks. In a quick moment, the buggies hit a brick wall. They were in a pool of zombies, all clawing at the open jeeps. Sam gave strict orders; "Everyone, take out all weapons, we need as much fire power if we plan to get out of this mess."

The tunnel was filled with the echoes of gun fire. Everyone was getting direct hits; blood was flying everywhere. They were kicking some zombies off the buggies, they were getting feisty.

All of a sudden the buggies started moving again. They got past the pool and into open air. They stopped in an open area and all got out. They all started setting up camp; each unloading their weapons of choice.

Soon, they would be in a big fight. They will find something's that they have never have seen before.

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