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02/15/2007 1:20 PM

Just wanted to know, for those who are familiar with the game, who would be interested in a W.O.D. game? I have already ran one WOD game with some friends at school.

If anyone wants I do allow Werewolves and Hunters. I need to finish the Mage Book. I would be going by the Masquerade setting. Once I figure the setting I add that along.


02/15/2007 5:26 PM

Not familiar with WOD but I do play some other White Wolf games...I may be up for this ride...

02/15/2007 8:22 PM

I've played WOD and have a Kitsune Character who has connections among the Vampires. I'd be willing to help :D

02/16/2007 5:35 AM

I've only ever played V:tM in an old pc game, so I know next to nothing about orders and stats and such- if you weren't too strict on cannon etc. I'd be up for it.

03/21/2007 3:29 AM

It looks like this is dead, but I'd probably be up for it if it ever happens.

03/21/2007 11:49 AM

I've only played Vampire the Masquerade and a little bit of the second one..bloodlust? Something like that. If this isn't dead, and it wasn't too strict, I'd love to rp it

04/21/2007 11:53 AM

Vampire The Masquerade is a Role play game for one. I don't really go along with the PC game.

I did figure out a setting however. NYC in modern day. I don't want anymore then 7 other players for this game. It's modern day weapons therefor Guns and stuff of that nature.

Place of birth:
Age of embrace:

Now the older the character is the longer the history must be unless they spent a great amount of time in Torpor. So think long and hard about your characters. I'll set up the actual game within the next month. this is a promise. To show I am serious I'll tell you about a character that will be showing up alot.

Name: Alena Nova (NPC)
Age: 875
Place of birth: Toledo Spain
Age of embrace: 18
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Independent (Camarilla Premi)
Species: Vampire
Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude, Potence, Celerity, Presence, Rego Motis
Appearance: a 5'9" dark skinned, black haired gypsy beauty. She can currently be found with her hair being long and straight, with glasses, and a lavender scarf around her head like a hair band. She wears a three piece black business suit and carries 2 hand guns 4 daggers and a saber. Usually as a cigar hanging out of her mouth. She works as an underling for the current Governor of NYC. Not the human one of course, but the Ventrue Ms. Terra Carnegie.

History:She wasn't born Alena Nova, no, that was her younger sister's name. Although their last name was Roiz they called her nova, because being a star ran in the family.

Alena was born in Spain in 1132. A younger sister followed her six years later. Being a Gypsy she was trained from a young age to perform, dance, sing and so forth. Being a girl from Spain however made her love the church, God, Jesus, Mary, and the angels. No matter how bad things could ever get she would never lose her faith. Life was as ordinary as can be for a gypsy girl until the King of Leon decided to purify his countryside, which in turn meant confessions of Witch craft or Death for the Gypsies. The Soldiers where having trouble with the gypsy community outside of Toledo so that received orders to just kill them all. Elisa was only 16 while her little sister was 10.

God could never forgive the things the soldiers had done to the gypsies. This she truly believed. They raped and murdered innocent women and girls, while killing their husbands, fathers, and brothers.

She buried her sister under an old tree where she marked it with her name and her sister's. She offered God a deal that night. If Alena was to go to hell for being rapped then Elisa take her place instead. She promised that if Alena were sent to heaven instead of hell then once she died she'd go to hell even if she didn't deserve it.

Out of a community of 630 or so only 15 managed to escape. Some were more lucky then others. Alena watched her family die before snapping and killing the soldiers in her home. The 15 managed to take sactuary in the local church. She only one of the other survivors, he was Ciro. She would spend the next two years with him, avoiding the army and falling in love with each other. They visited every kingdom the area that is Spain. By the time they wandered back to Toledo the where married. Unfortunately that wouldn't last long.

While walking through town soldier saw them and chased them. Ciro tried to fight them giving Alena the chance to escape but they killed him and brought her to trial. Convicted of witchcraft she was sentenced to die the following day. While she was in her ceil praying to Mary and the angels, and man who was in there as well began speaking to her. He could see she was upset so he decided to converse with her so she wouldn't be so nervous.

He talked to her all night, he told her about himself. He said he was from The Land of the Russ. He also clamed to be around 50 years old when he didn't look much older then her. His hair was black and his eyes where brown. At first she believed him to be gay till she caught him looking down my shirt.

"Oh I'm sorry. Forgive me! I didn't mean to do that. Your just so pretty I couldn't help it!" he said with a stupid grin on his face.

She couldn't help but laugh at that. "To bad I'll be on fire tomorrow then." She said.

"I believe it will rain tomorrow so don't worry to much." He said with a grin. At first she was confused, but she was raised with tricksters, palm readers, and con artists so she was impressed when it really did start to rain just before she was to be brought outside. So the Judge decided to burn me that night.

She was brought outside and tided to the pier. The priest and Judge offered to let her make a confession and give up the location of other gypsies but she just spit at them. So they light the pier and the flames began to rise. The fuse where getting to her then all of the sudden just before she blacked out she heard screaming and then she felt like she was moving.

When she awoke there was that same man from the ceil. "Well I told you it was going to rain. Wasn't I right?" he said.

She sat up rather confused. She knew she wasn't dead but she should have been. She just kind of looked around. She kind of noticed she was in a cave.

He looked at her and said," Oh I'm sorry I never introduced myself. I am Vladimir Turov and I believe you said your name was Elisa. Or at least that's what you said in your sleep."

She cringed at the sound of her own name. "My name is Alena. Elisa was my sister." She didn't believe what she had just said. It was as if she was trying to erase the fact that Alena had died and that she had died instead. It was to late. She had said it already. As she was acting a little strange she noticed burns on his hands.

"Oh these. They are nothing. They'll be gone by tomorrow night. Trust me my dear."

When she looked at him she saw Ciro. Even though they didn't look too similar that acted a lot alike. That first night he offered her the gift of darkness but she wasn't sure. So for about a month she acted as his daytime protector. After a short time she gave into curiosity and she don't know what else, but she gave in and took the dark gift as he called it. She remembered him biting her then blanking out. Then waking up as something else.

Right away Vlad began to teach her things. Chimerstry, animalism, and Fortitude. These things he said would keep her alive. He had somehow managed to heal her heart the way Ciro had done just a few years prior. Within fifty years they had gone to London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, and any other major city around Europe. Also by this time they had grown rather close to each other.

She learned that he was once a father. His wife and son were killed by Church fanatics cause they where Gypsies. She told him the truth about my name, family, and Ciro. He would be the last person to ever learn my truest name, or to ever speak it again.

During the year 1202 they happened to be heading into Western Europe back from Russia when the news of the Forth crusade reached them. Deciding to stay out of any type of blood shed Alena could not help but add her own but if commentary on this part of history. "Seriously how many of these Crusade things are they going to have?" Vlad just kind of laughed and said, "Who knows like twenty I guess."

They spent the next few years making their way to London and the British isles. By the time they get to England, it was the year 1209. King John I was on the throne and the people where terribly up happy about that as well. While heading north, they ran into a group of guys who where training themselves to steal from the tax collectors and traveling rich to get money for the poor in the local villages. Vlad and myself had experience with stealing&after all they where Gypsies. That was one thing that is true about Gypsies, when truly in need they will steal to survive.

The Leader of the group was this argent little bugger named Robin Hood. He was in the Crusades, this is true, along side King Richard nonetheless, but he wasn't much of a fighter. While Vlad whipped these "merry men" into shape Alena learned how to read and write in English from a little old chubby friar named Tuck. Meeting Little John was a treat. He was a young man no older the 17 and was peaking at 6'7". Alena had never seen anyone so tall. John was a sweet kid though. Very polite.

Sadly the first few missions Vlad ended up pulling off on his own but the merry men finally got their act together and we left them to their own devices.

While near Yorkshire they caught news of the Magna Carta. Alena believed it was a good concept but the people would have trouble following it.

For the next 70 years or so Vlad and Alena wondered around all the counties of England, Sussex, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Surry, Oxford shire, Lincoln shire, Leicester, and Chesterfield, and finally hitting Scotland by 1290.

While Edinburgh The Scottish war of independence exploded. They did their best to not get involved. Although towards the end of the war they happened to make it back to London to witness one of the most famous executions in history, Sir William Wallace on August 23rd 1305.

Years later around 1348 Alena and Vlad had just gotten off the Boat in Italy. The Black Death had hit just 6 months prier. They saw the damage this plague caused the people of Italy. For the remaining time of the Black Death they stayed around Rome. While visiting the Vatican alone one night just couldn't believe she was on the supposed spot where St. Peter was crucified.

Around the 1428 year they were in Paris of all places once again, when they where in a tavern. A man had been following them for the last year. While there he made his way close to them when a person shouted out about needing some music. Vlad and Alena just couldn't resist making money so they jumped to action. Vlad played a tune on a lyre while Alena danced and sang.

After that whole fun experience they both realized it was getting late cause only a few people where left awake or there in general. So they began to leave when their stalker confronted them.

Outside he was revealed to have stakes, swords, holy water, and all the other things that would stereo typically kill a vampire. He began to chant from the bible. Being that Alena was raised a Spanish catholic she knew he was saying a few of those wrong so she corrected him. That made him a little mad. Apparently vampire hunters don't like vampires correcting them when they quote the bible. He sent up some kind of hand signal and more of them showed up. Before Alena and Vlad knew it they where stuck fighting them. All six of them. She had killed two of them when she saw Vlad pinned to the ground with an arrow.

Her mind just replayed her sister's and Ciro's deaths and she was trying to reach him. The hunter was just about to bring his sword and just as it was about to come down he just looked towards her and mouthed, "be stron-" and he became dust.

She could feel the tears run down her face as she saw the dust blow away leaving his necklaces and rings behind. Then the hunter who killed him walked over to her, looked at her and said, "To bad you have to die. Your such a pretty one." He was about to stake her when she blacked out. The next thing she knew the other four where dead.

She stood there for a moment then gathered the things that once belonged to Vlad and left that part of town before sunrise.

For a long time after the death of her sire she wandered around Europe. She acquired quite a few acquaintances along her journeys. For a while she was with, and protected, a child made Malkavian named Finastelle. While with Fina, they met quite an array of characters. One being a Tzimisce who's rather full of himself, a Ventrue who refused to open up, and another Malky who liked humming birds.

During her time with these people she met up with the sire of her sire. He was a man who had no will left to live and so forced her to deoblerize him.

In the Early 16th century the pair where in Spain and layed their eyes upon the horror of the Spanish Inquisition. The Jews, the Muslims, The Witches, and The Gypsies where all victims of the Inquisition. Alena at first wanted to just help the Gypsies escape to England, but she couldn't help but help the rest escape as well. Finastelle merely watched from a far not getting involved, slowly learning her Disciplines from any Malky willing to teach her.

In the late 16th century Alena and Finastelle hung around London to watch the show the Tudors where producing, so to speak. They stood by and watched, as England and Scotland became one country, under law, but never in the people's hearts. James I seemed ok at first, but sadly Madness ran in the Tudor blood. James believed the witches where after him, so the English Witch Trials began.

The 17th Century saw the beginning of the age of enlightenment. In the Early half however it was still very much the dark ages. The early to mid 1600a was littered with war. The major one Alena and Finastelle got trapped in was the Wars of Three Kingdoms. Since they where still in the British Isles they couldn't leave.

Word had been buzzing by 1648 that Spain had lost its ranks as a world power. Alena could not help but chuckle at the news. When they finally left England they headed towards America. They didn't really see what the big deal was with this place. To them it was forest and underdeveloped cities and towns.

They wondered about for a few years. They saw the Native Americans and the strict laws of Massachusetts. New York when it wasn't much of a city. After a while they got bored and headed back to Europe.

The 18th Century was once again littered with War and ignorance. Alena and Finastelle where in France when Louis XIV died. This left France in massive debt. The mood was mixed. Even though he was a tax tyrant he was still a good military leader. Alena was amazed that some people can be so horrible to their own people and still be mourned at their passing onto judgment.

Around 1720 Alena decided to take Finastelle to Russia. They stood by as Peter The Great almost destroy his line of succession in less then 5 years. The wondered around Russia learning about Ivan the Terrible and the time of troubles and how to repent Ivan had all the names written down the he caused the deaths of. They one day reached Moscow in 1758 when Alena saw something she truly could not believe. It was an old wanted poster a woman said had been in her family for some 650 years. The name on the poster was Vladimir Turov. Alena bought it off of the old woman for 10 Rubles. Finastelle merely looked at the old thing and said," Why spend money on that Alena? Its just a tattered old poster from before even you where born!" Alena just looked at Finastelle and said, "Some things you'll never understand Finastelle. So don't try."

The American Revolution began in 1775. The English thought that they'd win. As usual. Alena just rolled her eyes at the whole deal. They left Paris just in time to miss the French Revolution. From what they learned when they got to London they where rather glad to have left town when they did.

In the beginning of the 19th century Alena and finastelle decided to enter Torpor In the London Cemetery. When Alena finally awoke it was 1990. She decided to let Finastelle sleep. Alena left to see how the world had changed in 200 some odd years. She was impressed. She traveled around Europe and America. She was amazed as to how political the vampire world had become.

During the week of Nightmares she hid in Thailand. Did not move for the duration of the 4 nights.

She knew about the Camarilla and the Sabot when they started but never paid it much mind. While in the New York area she hand an encounter with the Sabot, which caused her to dislike them. The Camarilla on the other hand, be it a snooty bunch to Alena, and they new how to hold such an elder under their control. By means of using her little friend Finastelle as collateral.

At the end of the second mellenium Alena decided to spend that night in Saint Patrick's Cathedral. All she really thought about was how much Finastelle would love the fireworks and the noise. "Heh, Fina would love this stuff. Should wake her up soon."

A Year later Alena was back in Europe, in Span of all places. She happened to be passing through Toledo. While on the outskirts she saw the tree her sister was buried under. The tree still said 'Elisa Roiz and Alena Roiz 1147'. Sadly the tree was also covered with other carvings and spray paint. She merely rolled her eyes at the other stuff and just refreshed the carving.

In 2004 She was in Berlin visiting the Berlin wall. She began to take pictures of the wall when she heard a man screaming at a hooker about her unclean life. She watched for a moment then saw the man pull out a gun and scream "In the name of God and the Holy Church I will sand you back to-" he was cut off by Alena's saber Going through his neck. The girl ran away. Alena let the man drop to the ground. She stepped over him and said, "You think anything the church says is God's doing? You believe killing someone will save his or her soul? Well I'll let you in on a secret? God hates the church and all of her underlings." Then she killed him.

The Camarilla has sent Alena to NYC with a purpose. It will slowly be revealed throughout the story. She's been in NYC for about a year now working for the Governor.

04/21/2007 6:30 PM

Name: James Wright
Age: 16
Place of birth: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Age of embrace: 16
Clan: unknown
Sect: Ventrue
Species: Vampire
Disciplines: Fortitude,presence,animalism
Appearance: 5'6", lightskinned, red hair, short cropped up in the front, wears black street clothes and a leather jacket. When fighting carries a japanese sword but usually doesnt carry weapons.

History: James lived a normal life in New Jersey until he took a trip to New York, separated from his family he was turned by a very attractive female Vampire named Selene, she taught him the rules and gave him the ability to live forever and fight back against all the times he thought the world had wronged him.

04/25/2007 10:14 AM

I think you wrote the sect and clan backwards. The clan would be Ventrue. Anywho you don't seem to have the clans signature discipline...Dominate. If you switch out animalism for Dominate you'll have yourself a proper ventrue. Other then that. Seems pretty good.

04/25/2007 11:48 AM

Name: James Wright
Age: 16
Place of birth: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Age of embrace: 16
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: unknown
Species: Vampire
Disciplines: Fortitude,presence,Dominate
Appearance: 5'6", lightskinned, red hair, short cropped up in the front, wears black street clothes and a leather jacket. When fighting carries a japanese sword but usually doesnt carry weapons.

History: James lived a normal life in New Jersey until he took a trip to New York, separated from his family he was turned by a very attractive female Vampire named Selene, she taught him the rules and gave him the ability to live forever and fight back against all the times he thought the world had wronged him.

04/25/2007 7:14 PM

Much better! Approved! That's the first character. I need at least 3 more and no more then 5 more. Thanks guys.

04/25/2007 7:41 PM

Name: Amy (my actual character)
Age: 67
Place of birth: London
Age of embrace: 6
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
Species: Vampire
Disciplines: Dementation, Auspex, Obfuscate

Appearance: Amy looks like any little girl should. She's got hair that goes to her mid back that is a honey red color which is pulled into pigtails. With her big old brown eyes and freckles she looks as harmless as could be. She usually can be found wearing jeans and a different t-shirt everyday. She cares around a blue teddy bear that she named Lord Blackheart. It seems as if she talks to him quite often.

History: I was one of three kids. I had a big brother and a little brother. my daddy was a big strong man who got drafted into the military to protect king and country from the evil Nazis from Germany. Mommy was very pretty. To bad a plane's bomb blew her and my brothers apart. Daddy never knew.

I was wondering the streets for a few weeks, when a man named Jacob found me. He took me in to his home. He would hug me and kiss me all the time and call me his little princess. Then finally one night I became what I am now. A vampire.

A very powerful vampire showed up to our home one night and took me away from Jacob. He said it was for my safety. I ended up in the Prince's office and began working there. I did so for many years. Sheltered from the outside world for a long time. I may as well was in torpor&A very boring one at that. In the 1960s I was sent I got out one night for a walk.

I saw an old man wondering the streets. He looked at me and began to cry. "Oh Amy, Jason, Bobby! My dearest Mary!" I looked at him and blinked. Lord Blackheart didn't like the man to much. "Amy! It must be you&but you should be older&Am-" I bit into his throat and silenced him. He was giving Lord Blackheart a headache.

I went back to my office cell. Did nothing much for a long time. Until one night I met a fellow Malk named Morrissey. He was loads of fun to play with. I ended up tagging along with him to NYC about 5 years ago. I now wonder Central Park and uptown with no one to play with. Morrissey is to busy to play. Lord Blackheart does not approve.

Will you play with me?

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04/30/2007 4:46 AM

I wouldn't mind, but I'm sticking with my Kitsune... ;)

Name: Kiyomi Kitagara
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Age of Embrace: N/A
Clan: Shinju (Metis)
Sect: Gurutasushi (dream weaver)
Species: Kitsune
Disciplines: (abilities) Moon dance (the kitsune can become completely invisible provided that no moonlight falls on her.), Fan Shadow Robe (allows her to alter her appearance, not perfect detailed control, however the gun she's holding may appear to be a democracy leaflet) , Flow of Aura (has a feel for the 'personality of a place" and the psycic impressions left in an area by a strong emotion)

Appearance: Long raven black hair that is usually tied back in a braid or ponytail. Usually found wearing a black t-shirt depicting a nine tail fox, and black jeans. Will wear a long black leather coat to hide her various weapons, including a katana that hangs on the inside in a special sheath. In her Juko form she can fight with a blade in her mouth.

History: pending

Sorry I'll edit this when I have more time.

05/01/2007 9:06 PM

Sounds good so far. Can't wait to read the history.

05/06/2007 10:41 PM

Thought of a character and would love to run with it.

Name: Jonathan Baxter
Age: 40
Apparent Age: 25
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Independent
Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Appearance: Dark camouflage outfit, sunglasses, and scruffy looking short hair. the only time he wears a leather jacket is when he is carrying his sniper rifle in an attempt to hide it.

weapons: Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle, Combat Knife

Background: Former marine sniper who served and was embraced in desert storm. more to come later.

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05/07/2007 5:55 PM

Interesting so far. I hate to sound like Mr. Anke, but more detail! Details are awesome. You needs more of them. I hope for a longer background soon. :D

05/08/2007 11:42 AM

Interesting so far. I hate to sound like Mr. Anke, but more detail! Details are awesome. You needs more of them. I hope for a longer background soon. :D

I'm working on it. By the way, what is the generation limit.

05/08/2007 7:35 PM

NOTICE TO ALL: Gen is not important, do to the fact this is not rolling/dice based. Description based.

05/11/2007 11:54 AM

I have never heard of W.O.D., but I do think this sounds very interesting. Do you mind if I join in?

05/11/2007 12:32 PM

World of Darkness is a little complicated, but character creation is pretty easy. I don't mind if you join at all. Just post a character concept when you get the chance.

05/11/2007 4:55 PM

Name: Daniel (Real Name: Eurik)

Age: 1645 (Born in 362, he was a Goth!)

Place of birth: Germany

Age of embrace: 15

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Independent

Species: Vampire

Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean, Dominate

Appearance: Daniel is 6'2, tan, and has dark brown eyes. His hair is also dark brown, and appears to be black when wet or in bad lighting. He wears blue jeans, a black shirt with "Trust Me, It's Not A Myth" in the top right corner, and a green hoodie with Germany written across it. But since Daniel usually keeps his hoodie unzipped, Germany is split, Ger and half an M on one side, the other half of the M and any on the other.

Weapons: Dual Short swords, which have been kept in good condition. Daniel keeps these hidden in a guitar case. He also carries two revolvers, which are sometimes hidden in his pants pockets or in the same guitar case he puts the swords in.

Other Items: Acoustic guitar, kept in an identical guitar case as his swords.

History: I'm making it still. I don't really want to make this huge long post on Daniel's history, then find out that I have done something wrong already, or that LibraRabbit doesn't want someone RPing with someone this old.

So am I doing this right?

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05/11/2007 5:51 PM

Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean, Celerity, Dominate, Obfuscate, Auspex

Uh...Gangrel only have Animalism, Fortitude, and Protean. I will allow one other discipline though since actual age. Other then that I don't mind to much about old characters. As long as the back story can support it.

05/11/2007 6:10 PM

oops, sorry about that. I'll change it.

05/14/2007 11:38 PM

Well, in all honesty, the only game I've ever played is Is Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. Love the game though! I beat it a couple of times, so I think I know what I'm doing (I think...)

Name: Briar (Sara)

Age: 219

P.O.B: Wales, UK

Age of Embrace: 24

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Independant (Blood Mage)

Species: Vampire

Disciplines: Thaumaturgy/Persuade/Intimidate/Seduction

Appearence: Short black hair with reddish highlights (her hair is barely past her ears, she hates long hair), dark chocolate eyes with hints of crimson (much like her hair), wears no make up (she doesn't need it and she knows it), wears a black velvet choker, a violet corsette top decorated with black lace, black leather shorts, worn and battered black combat boots, and a faded black leather duster which she sometimes wears around her waist.

Weapons: She finds weapons distastful (you'll find out why in her background). She would rather "talk" her way out of situations or just boil the blood of her antagonist.

Background: Briar, born into the world as Sara Elizabeth Islands, was born in the winter of 1788. Her mother, a fair but an often ill and sickly woman named Mary Penbrook Islands died while giving birth to her, leaving Sara in the care of her father Edmund and older brother Walter. Edmund Islands was a well known aristocrat and could only be found in the highest of society. Edmund was far from a devoted family man, but any time he did spend at home, he spent it rearing Walter, leaing the care of Sara to the maids. Walter and his younger sister however, were very close. Though Walter was only four years Sara's senior, she considered him her father in many ways.

Walter grew into a strapping young man who loved fencing, archery, and hunting. Sara grew to be a lovely young woman as well. By the time she was nineteen, she was the talk of the town. She had long chestnut brown hair that was envied far and wide and stunning dark brown eyes to match. She could recite any poem you'd want to hear and loved nothing more then to write every night by the light of the fire in her room. Her father however wanted nothing more then to marry her off, but she would have none of it. Walter supported her in her stand against marriage and their father. A constant battle over this issue raged on for a little over five years. Then finally, after one night of heavy drinking, the battle came to a tragic and terrifying end.

While Sara slept in bed upstairs, Walter came down from his room, hearing his father arrive home from a night at the tavern. In a constant state of anger and now drunk, Edmund immediatly started a quarrel. Tired, and used to such events, Walter eventually gave up and started back upstairs. While his son's back was turned, Edmund took one of Walter's own swords from its mount on the wall and went after his son. Before Walter even relized what was happening, his father plunged the sword hilt deep into his back, the front of the blade ripping through his chest. Walter screamed Sara's name, waking her. She got up, not even bothering with a robe, and rushed to the stairs. The sight that was before her would remain etched into her mind's eye forever. Her father was stabbing Walter on the staircase, covered in his blood. Over and over and over again. With a wail of sorrow, rage, and regret, she ran down the stairs and threw herself at her father. They collapsed in a heap at the foot of the staircase, while Walter's torn and ragged body lay on the stairs, his blood staining the wood a dull alburn. In her fury and in her father's drunken state, Sara was able to tear the sword from Edmund's hand and then thrust it so hard into his chest that it pinned him to the floor. All the screaming and ruckus had finally awaken two of the downstairs maids. They came from their room to find Mrs. Sara covered in blood, strattiling the body of Mr. Edmund with her hands around the sword in Mr. Edmund's chest, and to see the body of Mr. Walter on the stairs. Their cries of "Murderer, MURDERER!!!" followed Sara into the street as she fled the house, fled the scene of her dead family. She ran to the only place she could think to go. The Church.

She entered the church, her white nightgown, hands, face, and hair stained with the blood of her father...and her brother. She cried soundlessly, the tears leaving clean trails in the blood streaks on her face. She walked toward the alter, unaware that she wasn't the only one present in the room. As she got closer to the alter she relized she was saying something. One word. She kept repeating it, but didn't really know what she was saying. As she got closer to alter, she got louder. Finally, she found herself screaming the word 'WHY? WHY? WHY?" into the waxen face of Jesus Christ.

She felt two hands grip her shoulders. She turned, surprized into silence. A man was standing behind her. A man unlike any man she had ever seen before. He was tall, dark, and Sara was almost instantly terrified of the man. Until she saw his face. It was one of sympathy. One of saddness. One that said, I feel your pain. In the dim light of the candles on the alter, she wasn't able to make out much about him. He was dressed all in black, had long dark hair...but his sad and heavy eyes shimmered a green that Sara had never before seen in human eyes. "I can help you find out" the man said. Sara couldn't place his accent, but didn't really give it that much thought. "Find...find out what...?" she asked in a tear scarred voice as the man brushed a strand of hair from her face. "Why" he whispered. "How?" she asked, feeling him wrap his arms around her waist. "Time, I can give you time".
"How long?" She found herself pressed against his chest.
"As long as you either want or need"
"Who are you?"
"Who you need me to be" She looked up into his face. "Who do I need?"
"A savior"
He then bent down and kissed her. She returned the kiss, unaware of just how much she needed someone. He then broke the kiss, but kissed down her cheek, past her ear, then stopped at the neck. "Will you accept my gift?" he asked. Without any hesitation she answered "Yes" and felt the pressure of fangs piercing her skin for the first time.

*Not perfect, but I hope you all liked it. Sorry if I got carried away, but I can continue if you like.*

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05/23/2007 3:21 AM

Sorry, but I'm going to have to back out of this. I just don't know enough about WOD to play. Thanks for letting me try and join though.

06/29/2007 9:37 PM

That's okay Neon. I understand. Thanks for giving it a try.

06/29/2007 10:07 PM

Hey sorry it took so long to get back to you Briar. I've been busy this passed month. The disciplines of the Tremere are Auspex, dominate and Thaumaturgy.

There are 6 different kinds of Thaumaturgy:

Rego Vitae: stealing life force(blood) from up to 50 feet away or control a raging vampire

Creo Ignem: calling upon fire. from candle light to a forest fire.

Rego Tempestas: fog, Rain, Wind, storm, Lightning

Rego Motis: from one pound to 1000 pounds

Rego Elementum: From gaining strength to summoning an elemental

and finally
Transitus Velociter: Useful for traveling by foot or horseback. Can make someone move at 30 miles an hour.

Pick one of these six for your thaumaturgy.

As for the back story, I need to know what Sara has been doing since her embrace. Other then that, all good.

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