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02/08/2007 3:20 AM

ok people, i came up with a story now think of a world where nothing bad has happened for a hundred or more years and no one knows why, then one day (beginning of the story) to guys are drink at an inn talking about strange things that one profus doesn't understand but the other grufin knows more than any human should.

okay, the races and creatures pretty average fantasy, you know dwarves elves humans, drow, orcs and what ever else people include.

main charactors are gruffin and profus.

name: profus
job/proffesion: wood cutter
guild: theives
element: n/a
weapons: axe, daggers and shortsword.
background: was always a good child never really got into trouble, has always been a lumberjack/woodcutter ever since he can remember.
clothes: black cotton shirt, brown cotton pants and brown leather boots.

name: gruffin
age: 17
job/proffesion: n/a
guild: thieves
element: n/a
weapons: throwing knives and a crossbow
background: as a child always running of on adventures and getting into trouble, found out why there is no evil around and has too look after his baby sister.
clothes: brown cotton shirt, grey cotton pants, brown leather boots and a green cotton cloak.

both get into alot of trouble during the adventure. if you don't like the idead and want too say whats wrong with it please do i would love too know for the future.

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