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02/26/2007 5:05 AM

She wanted to speak, wanted to scream out to someone anyone that might come rescue her. There were few in the world who could do that now. The water's depths seemed to rise to meet her, swelling up the legs of the dock then sucking back downwards, licking the very edge of the platform she stood on. Here the fog was thick, its gaseous form concealing the far off horizon and the deeper waters.

She did not hear the footsteps that had brought his body so close to her own. She could only feel the growing shadow as it dulled her senses, covering her body in a suffocating shroud. "You know how long I stayed in that hole? How long I have had to seek revenge on you and your precious town?" He could feel his hands now, traveling up her body, from the small of her back to rest on her shoulders. A whimper escaped her lips but little more. "You realize I could easily break you right here?" His body was agaisnt hers now his pale face resting on her shoulder.

He was not by any means a burly man. His voice would certainly give the illusion of a terrible horned demon with cloven feet but that would have been far from true. He was not but a head taller than Mydria his short slicked hair as black as the midnight sky. His olivy skin claimed an eastern country but his square build and sleek jaw line pronounced him as Italian. He wore nothing of extravagence a simple purple doublet, to go with black pants and boots. No gloves, just pale slender fingers now weaving their way through Mydria's brown hair.

"I think perhaps a bit of puppeting first, then maybe we'll talk." He caressed her cheek before disappearing back into the night. Mydria stood gasping at the dock, two hands clutching a now unsettled stomach.

02/26/2007 7:25 AM

As the hooded figure turned the farmiliar sound of caltrops jingling sent Niko on edge. The figure drew nothing more than what apeared to be a silver rapier and pointed it towards Niko in challenge. Annoyed by the scent of pride eminating from the figure he decided his choice to stop had been a good one, and was probably going to enjoy the up comming fight.

The man had charged dropping his hood towards the now snarling werewolf thinking he knew what behaviors all werewolves exibited. Niko didn't understand this nor did he care as he bent his legs allowing the mucles to coil before jumping up to the roof tops. Pausing there he looked down at the man gazing up into the shroud.

Niko now had the upper hand and used it to its best. Sailing over the figure now blurred by fog to the buildings across the street Niko made sure he had gone un noticed. The animal in him could wat no longer and took over cutting off Niko's thought before he lept down. Landing he brought one clawed fist into the mans back, but also felt the sting as a blade slid into his gut. Feeling it go through he snarled and severed the mans spinal coulum.

Pulling the blade from his gut he examined it closely it had no silver at least none that he could see on the blade. 'A side arm perhaps?' he mused but gave it no more though as the scent of the shewolf returned and sent him bounding down the street towards it.

02/26/2007 2:42 PM

In an instant Valen was surrounded. Vampires and humans all in a circle around him. A few rushed forward and he took them out nice and fast with his dagger. A few more approached him and he cut them to peices with his sword. He picked them off one by one until only 2 remained. He slit the first ones throat with his dagger and grabbed the other one. He beheaded the screaming vampire. By the time he had finished with all of them he was covered in blood.

02/26/2007 6:25 PM

The wound from the blade seemed to have never existed and Niko was happily bounding after the steadily stronger scent. It seemed familiar in a way but he wasn't sure as to how it was.

Rounding a corner he sped along just before hearing a long howl. Curiosity sparked and he found himself carried along tirelessly by his instinct and the thirst for blood. Around a corner then another and down the stretch, as he ran he realised that the smell of vampires was near again and even closer was his 'prey' as it were. The silhouette of another werewolf began to form when it happened.

Niko found himself sliding across the rough cobbles on his face before landing in a heap at the shewolf's feet. It was very much like him to trip at the last second but it depressed him none the less. Looking up at the shewolf still unable to see straight from the fall he wondered what was going to happen and if this was going to be the death of him as he lay there in his vulnerable state.

02/27/2007 6:05 PM

Wave after wave came after him. He slaughtered them one by one. With each enemy he slew his rage grew. His eyes burned as they phased from dark red back to gray. Something was taking hold of him, something inside. His eyes turned dark red completely, His nails grew longer and sharp, and his fangs grew larger. A strange transforamtion to be sure. Something was trying to take over but he still remained concious even if he wasn't in control. "I've got to fight it....Got to break free..." He thought. Whatever it was had heard his thoughts and pushed harder. He struggled to push it back. He clutched his head, trying to keep it all in but it was too much. He let out a loud deep roar and fell back. He went into spasms and then it all stopped. Something strange. He saw a bright light and it all went away. He was exausted and he quickly passed out.

02/28/2007 7:05 AM

Lips curled back from bloodied teeth as Sadhbh regarded the werewolf slumped in front of her.

Lowering her head, her growl a low rumble escaping her throat: she knew this one. His scent was strong and familiar. Her head tilted, and she paused, feeling something other than hunger, strangely.

Still, he was vulnerable, and she had to resist the urge to take his head between her jaws. Only that this other scent was so strong in her mind at the moment, weaving thick tendrils through it, pulling her down to the water.

She nipped quickly at his shoulder, the move exposing her throat and so showing her playful intent, then lept back quickly, twisting in mid air, to hit the ground running toward the docks.

Snorting to clear her nose of the other wolf's scent she didn't even have to look for a trail to follow, the scent of the dark one hanging low and taunting in the air.

She bounded out on to the dock, the moon's strength flooding her with carelessness, only to find her quarry gone, and only moments previously. Pulling up just in front of the wooden plankways she roared in frustration: he had seemed to withdraw his [i]all[/i], pulling his very scent away from her, leaving her no trail.
In her anger he claws dug into the stone, gouging it.

Nudging at her, though, was another presence, one she had failed to notice in her concentration: the vampire, the one she had been following. She turned slowly, eyes narrowed.

02/28/2007 3:27 PM

Niko gathered himself up unsatisfied by what he had found. He looked around sniffing the air searching for a new query as she had been a friend and was therefore off limits. Finding nothing fresh Niko's instinct was to run about until a new trail was found. Running he subconsciously headed towards the docks unsure of what lead him that way but it mattered little as all he wanted to do was kill.

The smell of cooling bodies was heavy in the air as he moved past houses with open doors and the occasional dark tavern. Skidding to a stop he sniffed the air curiously as a faint scent reached him. Slowly he wandered about until the scent was firmly identified. It was smoke, and candle smoke at that. Niko's ears perked up at the fresh scent, and was soon bounding along towards the lapping waters.

02/28/2007 9:10 PM

Mydria's skin felt like scarabs had burried themselves into it. She could see the large wolf silouhetted by the moon, standing by the lapping water. It was a formidable picture to be sure. She watched the yellow eyes narrow as the wolf caught her scent.

She needed to get them out of here, all of them. There was no possible way that anything in this city could survive undead or living. The fog was tinged now, tainted by red as if the blood had evaporated and cooled in the air. It coated her skin in moisture, filled her nostrils with the fresh smell of the ocean breeze. She let that be her escape, the gushing water, the gentle wind, let her senses be carried by it until she could feel all of them. Kylee, her spring air personality could be felt even through the darkness that had consumed her. Valen, he was being gripped, being mangled by a dark hand, it was surrounding him cutting off what was truly him. And there was Niko the playful scamp was searching, lurking in the darkness looking for an easy meal and finally Sadhbh. She could feel her stone gaze fixed with a tint of anger. Even the current circumstances had not allowed her to forget Old Parkers words.

She needed to rescue them all, needed to scoop them from this hellish nightmare and bring them to safety. Sadhbh was first. She took a small dagger from her belt holding the blade in her hand she threw it at her. The wolf glared and began to tense looking as if she might strike but something was still holding her back.

"Don't fight it this time, let go." She unsheather her sword and walked forward, taking an aggressive stance. She swung at the large beast and watched now as anger glinted in her eyes, this is what she needed. She thrust in once more for good measure and watched as the wolf took the offensive now. That was all she needed. She sheathed her blade and took off at a full run. This time towards Kylee. She could hear the creature behind her, each clawed footstep brimming with rage. Her dear partner was sucking the life from a stable boy who had been tacking horses for his masters who could be seen clearly now as slaughtered.

She swung her arm down and yanked the young woman to her feet, her snarl telling her now was not the time to feed. The angry howl of the wolf accentuated her point. Mydria lept onto a fine looking steed and began at a starting lope that broke into a slow gallop. She could hear the hoofbeats of Kylee's gelding behind her. Now for Valen.

The boy was writhing on the street, the moonlight casting sickly shadows across his body. Kylee had rode in a different direction as to distract a raging Sadhbh while she picked up the pained Valen and threw him over the front of her horse. One more, and he was close by here. She rode on seeing the massive jawed beast clearly in the burning city, she struck him across the head as she rode by hoping he would take chase, pleased when he did.

The two horses with their undead cargo trampled through the streets, the edge of Edinburgh was coming close. The horses were frantic now, breaking into a wild gallop as they desperatley fought against the predators on their back and the predators at their rear. Their hoofbeats drew sparks from the cobbled streets, brief fireworks as the chase wore on. The building thinned and stopped as they hit the countryside, there was a village nearby and a hill near there. Thats where they would go tonight, they would head further later but the night was reaching its close soon and being reduced to ash was not a priority.

The ride was long and the horses were slowing, the werewolves could sense that. The furred flesh was foaming around the saddle and bit, all of their brilliant muscles were soaked by a shimmering coat that reflected the light of the stars. She pulled them to a halt and dismounted quickly taking the sickly Valen into her arms. The three vampires made for the cave while the horses neared collapse. The meal would sate the wolves for a little while, long enough for them to get into the caves, she would work her plan from there.

The moon began its decent over the city of Edinburgh, closing its chapter in Mydria's life. As long as the shadow still filled the lungs of what she onced called home, she could never go back. The thick smoke rose, hiding the white fog of the sea, chocking it out of the city and blotting out the guiding lights of so many sailors. The flames licked the sides of buildings, twisting around them in a seductive dance, begging the wod to let it crawl inside and devour it. People were leaving like an exodus of birds from a tree, scampering away to restart their lives else where. A great darkness had befallen the city, closing like a curtain around its rim but the actors had yet to bow out.

03/01/2007 4:04 PM

Annoyed Niko lept nearly over the horse but managed to land on its head bringing it down with much more force than he had needed. Turning back to the fallen beast he looked at it and wondered if Sadhbh would eat it before he got back. Even so he wanted to stir up a little trouble but not around here. Turning to the setting moon he bolted off looking for any sort of fun.

((Sorry its short but I couldn't think of much else at the moment))

03/01/2007 5:51 PM

Valen woke up. He was laying on a soft bail of hay. It was pitch black out, the smell of smoke was in the air. The only light that could be seen was fire. A campfire close by and the fire from the town. He looked around and saw the wolves eating at some horses. He saw Mydria and Kylee sitting on stumps near the fire. He wanted to get up and go to them but he couldn't move. Too weak, too weak from fighting back the strange transformation. He tried to speak but all he could manage was a rather loud groan. His midsection hurt as he tried to sit up.

03/05/2007 3:22 PM

Sadhbh had run with almost gleeful abandon through the tormented city, glad the vampire had decided to run: she was providing a splendid chase.

The screams and scent of fear- some of it caused by her, more not, to her annoyance- were almost food in themselves, simultaneously satisfying a craving while prompting a deep need.
She would detour every so often in her chase as a hapless morsel would cross her path: often eating little of her prize, just the act of catching and the hot spurt of blood enough.

But always she returned to her quarry, her particular blue so bright, like a beacon in the dross around her.

With so much prey around- and not all of it easy, some far too well prepared for her kind for her liking- the wolf wasn't sure why she persisted in following the vampire. The breed itself sent a sharp spike of annoyance through her, but it was more than that, more than just the pleasure of the chase. Something nagged at that bit of her brain she was trying to ignore, the bit that existed beyond instinct, the bit that could have no part in that night: the bit that was trying to stop her, that was yowling irritatingly.
Why shouldn't she hunt this one? Why should it be special? Prey was prey.

She registered with interest that the building were thinning, the scent of the city falling away. She could smell earth and green again.
Her pleasure at leaving the man-den spurred her to increase her speed, to almost push herself.

She could smell the stink of the horses, their exhaustion and fear, her nearness only serving to increase it.
She could smell the other wolf, and felt vaguely pleased in that part of her that wasn't quite slavering with hunger.

They dropped, finally, shuddering and trembling.
The vampires kept running.
She paused, nosed at the horses, still quivering.

She bit at the throat of one: she had a thirst after that run that needed quenching.
Looking in the direction the vampires had gone her eyes narrowed.
A little rat hole for them to burrow and hide.
Would she bother to hunt them out?

The green and night-noises called to her, refreshing after all that stone and tortured wood.
What to do?

[OOC: ugh, I totally ran out of steam at the end there- I've too many corrections to do, but you get the picture!]

03/05/2007 4:11 PM

Niko had been pleased with the chase but was unsatisfied with what he had been rewarded with. He wanted something a little more interesting, and that was why he was wandering. He wasn't quite sure as to where he was headed as he had lost anysort of smell a little while ago but he hoped that he would find something to apease him in his wanderings.

The moon was nearly down and the sun would be peaking its first rays above the horizon any time now ending his trasformation. This sent a slight notion of urgency as he was starting to get hungry again. Increasing his speed he headed towards the faint smell of livestock hoping to find a farm or maybe a town.

His search lead him to a small house next to a lake. It was secluded and it seemed no one was up quite yet. He moved along lowly ready to make his way in as quickly as possible when a blur of movement caught his eye. There only ten feet away was something intersting, it walked on two feet and was feathered and finally his mind decided on chicken. This amused him as he wondered what it would be like to chase the small creature.

He had been chasing the squaking bird oblivious to the noise being made when the first ray of light hit him forcefully bringing his change to an end and sending him into a world of hurt. He stumbled blindly into the lake as the pain washed over him and soon all faded to black.

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03/06/2007 6:40 PM

(OOC: I am so pissed that the OOC is down. Sorry Nanuk I know you don't like when we swear but it is really bothering me. I am sorry I haven't posted in about a week but people have been coming over alot lately and I haven't gotten a chance to just sit and think. Lets see if this thread has died or not, yea?)

Mydria pulled Valen deeper into the cave, he was concious now and he seemed to have stopped his odd transformation. She had never seen that happen before and in truth it was slightly unsettling. Kylee had calmed, her eyes returning to their normal shine instead of a mischeivious glint. She wasn't sure if the werewolves were near by but at the moment she was too drained to care. She could just barely see the suns first rays and slunk even deeper into the cave. It was damp with the nights fog but comfortable none the less. She looked at her white dress now dappled with blood. Each stain like tear drops speckling her. Kylee was looking over Valen talking to him quietly, apologizing for a night of savagery. She let them talk, in the early hours of morning all she wanted was the peace of thought.

She pressed her back against a wall and pulled her knees together with her arms. Her head drooped and rested against her kneecaps. She had fought so hard to keep something like this from happening. Had formed alliances, built a powerful financial base, and in no more than three nights he had taken that all away from her. She shivered as she could still feel his icy hands brush against her cheek. Hands still delicate despite their age attached to a slim body that had pressed itself against hers. She placed her head down, hiding it behind her legs and arms, watching her own cold blood flow through her body.

[i]What happens to us when we die?[/i] Valen's question still resonated in her head. It had been a long while since she had seen the sun and now she had an overwhelming desire to look upon it one last time.

She was ready to give way to this world. She would only cause them pain if she stayed. She could almost feel those bright rays tickling her skin as she slowly became ash floating on an eastern wind.

The blue of her blood turned into the black of sleep and dreams as the sun peaked over the horizon.

03/07/2007 7:26 PM

Valen had regained most of his strength and was now up and about. He was sitting by a fire near Kylee. He had thought about the strange transformation that occured. That had only happened 1 time before, the night he was turned. A gypsy had told him about it. It was supposedly some sort of transformation that occured only in creatures. A sort of primitive defense mechanism. Kylee sat across from him and he could see her glances through the blaze. They both had experienced something of this sort. "Is this how it is....? Hiding in a cave like cowards. There are people back there in the city, or at least there were. They are all probably dead by now. Men, woman, children, all dead...."

03/08/2007 8:24 AM

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03/09/2007 6:22 PM

Kylee wached Mydria sit in the corner, she wanted to go over and comfort her but felt her need to be alone for now. She poked at the fire with a stick and looked over at Valen who seemed to be torn over last nights events. She listened to his thoughts as they came out of his mouth.

"Is this how it is....? Hiding in a cave like cowards. There are people back there in the city, or at least there were. They are all probably dead by now. Men, woman, children, all dead...."

"Cowards?" Kylee sounded apauled at this word. "No my dear Mydria is hardly a coward." She placed a light hand on his shoulder and watched the fire reflect on his pale skin. "She is only trying to keep us safe. We can't do much if we become corpses now can we." She chuckled at the lame pun but let it die off quickly as she saw his stone glare. "It is the cost of war, an unfair one but one that is paid none the less. They died yes, most probably in vain, but there is little we could have done to stop that."

She sighed, more out of habit than out of necessity for air, and took her hand back. She hoped Sadhbh would find them soon, she worried that the wolves might have been injured or worse killed. "We'll work through this. Mydria has endured worse, I'm sure."

03/09/2007 7:29 PM

His skin tingled where she had placed her hand. His skin was naturally cold because of his current state but strangely her touch didn't feel as cold as it actualy was. There really wasn't any point to sitting by this fire, he couldn't feel the warmth. That's all it had ever been, cold. Which is why the cure Mydria had prescribed, death, was pointless. Nothin would change. The same cold, even more darkness. Kylee was right, corpses were useless. But he detested waiting.

03/09/2007 9:50 PM

"Valen." Kylee whispered, "What are you going to do?" Her voice was not harsh, she was only looking to put some reason into him. "The sun has already broken over the sky line, if you go out now you will be no more than ash in a couple minutes. Besides which if Mydria couldn't take this on, whatever it is, then what makes you think that you will do any better? You don't even know what we are up against, I only have a vague idea what we are up against."

Kylee sighed and shook her head. Valen had a hard head and a good heart, she doubted she could sway him to do anything. The morning rays were begining to test her endurance and sleep wasn't sounding like such a bad idea. She smothered the fire and went to sit next to Mydria.

She could see Valen pacing the cave floor, his cool blood moving from one side of the cave to the other. The feeling was contagious but Kylee knew here was little else they could do. She closed her eyes and let sleep take hold.

Kit woke at the sound of the birds squawking. Normally it wouldn't have bothered her but a dark dream had taken hold last night, and now settled to a dull throb in the back of her head. She tossed off her covers and put on a heavy over coat, wandering out into the early morning mist.

She was young, perhaps no older than 18 but she her body looked older. She had a mature face, one trained by years of bartering. Her hands were rough as most farmers hands were but even their leathery hide could manage a soft touch.

She walkd out into the yard and into the barn. The sheep seemed restless, moving about in their pen with unusual aggression. She tossed in their feed and moved on, curious to see if whatever had spooked the sheep had spooked the chicken as well.

"Oh my," She whispered. A young man was lying next to her coop, a little scratched by an agitated hen and buck naked except for a pair of clawd gauntlets tied to his neck. She looked around making sure her brother wasn't coming out before grabbing a burlap sack to toss around him. She hefted him up, he was surprisingly heavy for a man his size, and carried him into the barn.

"Well now lad, I am sure you have got quite the story to tell." She continued on with her chores hovering a bit by the barn, sending her brother to town with a list of supplies. He was certainly going to help break the monotony around here.

(OOC: For all you insomniac vampires and werewolves you don't have to skip right to night if you don't want. Rath you might have to count sheep for a bit though as leaving it might make you a little less... whole. As for the werewolves feel free to sniff around a bit. set something up for Leo, I will see what I can do for the rest of you.)

03/11/2007 5:15 PM

It was peaceful, he was sitting in the middle of a snowy field there wasn't a sound to be heard and the snow was perfectly undisturbed around him. He looked up at the clearing blue skies and nearly jumped as an alien voice said "it's beautiful" after a moment of looking around he realised that it had been him who had spoken and started to laugh as he felt all the burdens and hardships leave his mind.

As he laughed the sky turned a violent crimson tinged with patches of black. The snow changed from flakes to limbs of thousands of people torn and mangled littering the ground. He was now standing knee deep in mangled flesh and severed limbs and he felt the old gelatinous blood run down his legs. It all welled up in a wall of decay and corrosion before him, he was going to be devoured by his own evils, but before this happened he awoke.

He was laying there in a barn the light from outside filtering in stark in contrast from his dream. He realised he had nothing on him except for his gauntlets and wondered where the rest of his stuff was before the events of the previous night crystallised in his mind. He sat bolt upright wondering where the others were and what they were doing and most of all weather they remembered him.

Exhaling he sat up and gazed around the barn looking for anything of interest. He was about to examine a piece of farm equipment when he noticed the shadow of a person near the barn door. Unsure of how they had gotten so close without him noticing the scent he dove into an empty stall hoping not to be found.

03/18/2007 8:52 PM

"Hello?" A gentle voice called into the barn. "Are, are you awake?" The voice was tinged with nervousness. Something in her gut told her that bringing the man here and sending her brother away was a bad idea. Still she persisted. She walked farther into the barn, looking around the various stalls. The animals were unusually edgy, some prancing in place and snorting, others pacing. It was contagious but against all better senses she continued on.

"I promise I am not here to hurt you." It was clear to her now that whoever she had brought in was still about in the barn, and not where she had left him. "I hold no mal intentions, I just wish to speak with you." She sat down into a bail of hay and wring her hands. She had a feeling that even if she ran it would only provoke what was traveling in her barn.

03/21/2007 6:17 PM

He was hanging from the rafters looking down his mismatched eyes gleaming faintly as he looked down. Her scent brought fear and curiosity. He continued to watch until the plank he had been holding onto snaped sending him earth ward. Landing in a heap Niko sighed wondering why he always seemed to end up in such awkward situations. He shook his head violently before trying to grin innocently.

[OOC: Sorry its so short ran out of ideas at the moment.]

03/22/2007 8:02 AM

(OOC: Holy hell...it's been a long time since I posted. I finally got a chance today because I'm home sick.)

Valen let out a big yawn that echoed through the cavern. He was too tense to sleep but too tired to do anything else. Eventually he fell asleep, leaned up against the stone wall. The angry, guilty look on his face dissappeared as sleep overtook him.

He wasn't dreaming, of course. He hadn't had many dreams since that night all those years ago. Nothing but black, the occasional nightmare.

(I too am having writers block.)

03/22/2007 11:19 AM

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03/22/2007 4:14 PM

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Sorry, though. I've been ridiculously up-to-my-tonsils-ed.
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03/30/2007 9:48 PM

Could it be? I hoped this day would never come. It appears as though we have....died.

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03/31/2007 1:58 PM

Well I'm still here but it seems Scrapper and Nanuk have left, it may be the end but I hope not...

04/01/2007 4:02 AM

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04/01/2007 2:43 PM

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04/03/2007 3:48 AM

Scrapper's head a splode?

04/03/2007 5:56 AM

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07/10/2007 9:51 AM

I'm back!!!!! I have no idea if y'all are still around but I am finallyback and rearing to go! I have so much creative energy flowing through e right now it is unbearable. I hope to hear from you all in the next week or so if not I pronounce the thread officially deceased but gosh dangit I think we had one of the best damn threads around!

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