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02/05/2007 6:23 PM

(OOC: If at any time you want to jump into one of my NPC's just tell me so. I know sometimes realy like someones NPC and I would love to play them.)

Mydria leaned into the dark corners of the barroom watching the wenches serve gaily dressed men, sitting on their laps with low cut dresses and letting the ale pour from their pitchers. just like any great city Edinburgh had its fair share of brothels and low end taverns that served to feed the creatures of the night. She was wearing a simple blue dress as to not attract any unwanted attention watching as barmaids and an inn keeper served wooden plates of food to less than sober customers. At the other end of the pub a young vampire was eyeing the customers as well. She smiled at him before returning her attention to the barrom.
A young woman took the stage and began a sad song in a voice that even in it's delicate quiet, drifted over the noisy patrons and caused calm to descend on the crowd.

"Bravo lass." Mydria whispered. She had met this young woman outside of her home in the country side wandering, running from home. Her beautiful voice had been mesmerising even before she was turned into a creature of the dark, but now she could lull a crowd with the gentlest of tunes. Mydria moved in, finding her choice meal to sneak discreetly from the bar. Tonight promised to be a very fulfilling one.

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02/10/2007 9:44 AM

Valen stumbled into the room. The air was heavy with smoke and the strong scent of ales. He felt as if the song had drawn him in. He walked over to a small dimly lit table in the corner and sat down, putting his feet up on the table. A girl walked over to him and gave him a small wink as she spoke in a quiet voice, "Care for a drink?". He accepted her offer and she poured him a glas full of ale. He eyed the man at the other end of the bar and he reached into his long black coat, gripping a stake. Ready for any sort of trouble.

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02/10/2007 10:03 AM

Mydria looked up from her target as she noticed cooler blood enter the bar. Another male vampire had entered. He was younger than her both in human form and in vampire years. She eyed him carefuly, even though he was a vampire he was drawn by her young companions song. She smiled, oh yes the girl would be awarded tonight.
Mydria ignored the new vampire for now handing a small card to a muscular looing dock worker. It simply stated that if he wished to meet the singer after the show he should come to the dressing rooms after she left the stage. She winked at him and he smiled in apprieciation.
Now that dinner was prepared she moved onto the next matter at hand. She glided over to the new vampire's table and sat down. A subtle wave of her hand brought forth a waiter with two glasses filled with red wine.
"Good evening young sir." She flashed him her teeth making sure that if he couldn't already tell by her cool blood, she was a vampire. "Are you lost or perhaps new to this establishment?" Her tone was not maniacle but soft and inqusitive. "Perhaps I can assist you in some way?"

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02/10/2007 10:49 AM

He eyed the woman in the blue dress for a second and took his feet off the table. He caught a glimpse of her teeth and the grip on the stake he had hidden under his coat tightened. Finally he spoke,"You're a vampire, thats for certain. So I'll make things simple. Friend or foe?". He slid the stake out from under his coat and hid it under the table as he waited for a response.

02/10/2007 4:09 PM

"A tad jumpy are we?" Her toothy grin was not reassuring. "I can be a friend but I can also be a foe. It all depends on if you heed my rules or not. I will start with this. This is my establishment and my feeding ground. I welcome any who wish to come feed at my bar as long as they do not cause much of a disturbance and they warn me ahead of time. I do not wish to harm my thriving reputation in this area. If perhaps you are looking for a job I can find you one, if you're looking for a quick meal I can do that as well, if you need to hire a mercenary that can be arranged as well. I can assure you sir I can make life very easy for you and for nothing at all. All I ask is that you do not disturb my customers and that you remain out of my affairs." She sipped her red wine and looked at the young vampire carefully, his tense movements did not go unnoticed. "By the way my name is Mydria, and the lass on stage there is Kylee. She is off limits unless stated otherwise. So I ask again, what is it I can do for you?"

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02/10/2007 6:33 PM

Valen sighed and the grip on the stake loosened. "Well it sounds like you would be very useful and I need as few enemies as I can possibly have seeing as I already have so many." He said. He looked from Mydria over to Kylee and then towards the vampire at the end of the bar. " I have no interest in your friend though she is quite talented, so keeping away from her will be pretty easy." he said fixing his eyes on the vampire at the end of the bar. " My only interest is him, that is....if he is not one of your friends." he whispered as he nodded over towards the other vampire.

02/10/2007 9:56 PM

Zanen's ears twitched, as he looked over at the vampire across the bar he asks "Oh, so you have an interest in me do you? Now what have i ever done to you good sir?" Zanen steps down from the bar and walks up to the other vampire and mydria "good evening mydria, this one got a taste for his own blood does he?" He looks at valen "so boy, you itching to put that stake in me?"

02/11/2007 12:27 AM

" Yea I might, vermin. Is there not a damn one of you that can't sense what Im doing? All the others don't see it coming at all. Maybe you two are just an exception. Seeing as you are a friend of Mydria's Im willing to let you go. But if you're going to give me attitude I might just change that." He shouted as he readt into his coat and gripped the hilts of his short swords.

02/11/2007 7:37 AM

"Gentlemen." Mydria's firm voice carried between the two of them. "I will not have conflict in my bar. Zanen you should know better." Her stern gaze fell on Zanen. "Valen you must excuse my dear Zanen he is a body guard of mine. You see Queen Alyssa does not exactly approve of my establishment here but she does not dare go to war with me. I have far reaching allies. Zanen makes sure the spies that she occasionaly sends here are... taken care of." Her gentle hand left Zanen's shoulder. "While we are in the mood of meeting and greeting allow me to introduce my Kylee. She is my main procurer of... fine foods, if you will. She is a sweet girl despite the fact that she is a souless monster like the rest of us, but she somehow maintains this innocence." Kylee's beautiful voice drifted through the bar calming the customers at the sound of a potential fight. She truly was a blessing to have.

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02/11/2007 10:32 AM

Unconsciously inching a little further back into the shadows of the alleyway Sadhbh chewed her lip, her nostrils flaring slightly as she watched the door of the tavern. Oh but she was tired. She was sick almost to the death of this island, with its too large towns, and stink, and wrong birds, and hated English. The hated English with their vulgar tongue, cobbled together from centuries of invasion, their bad poets and lazy myths, their soldiers with their hard boots and soft, soft bellies..
She swallowed guiltily, her eyes quickly scanning the street either side of the door.
This place wasn't as bad. Scotland. Edinburgh was as much of a stinking morass as any other city, but Scotland was an improvement on England. Not as many English, for one. Oh their scent was thick in the air, sure enough, the long and grasping fingers of her rulers reaching into the north, but not as all-pervading as in the south, or as they would want. And the Scots were more like her people, with wild dancing and wild music, and souls built on poetry- whether they knew it or not.
She sighed and went from chewing her lip to chewing a fingernail. Could she go in? She could smell [i]that[/i] smell, she'd gotten it faintly her whole way through Britain; even before, if she was honest. She knew what it meant now.
She avoided it at first, just like she tried to avoid what she now was. But the more she travelled, the more tired she got, the more hope she lost, the more alone she felt, the more [i]hungry[/i] she felt and the harder it got not to do anything about it, and all the times she failed, the more she wanted to seek them out.
They weren't the same as her, they were a different kind of thing, but they [i]were[/i] different, they shared needs. She'd come across one a couple of weeks earlier, and she'd been so desperate, so scared... He'd let her stay somewhere safe and all she had to do was a few simple jobs, easy things... He'd gone, though, so she left and finally came to the city. She could smell them in there, the same as him. Maybe they'd let her do jobs, she didn't care if they looked at her the same way he had.. And the song coming from inside..
Sadhbh took a step out of the alley.

02/11/2007 11:06 AM

(OOC: More for the werwolves than the vampires but here is the current date and state of the moon. It is currently April 25th, the time is around 9 pm. The moon will be full on April 27th. Werewolves you should start to feel a new power in you.)

Mydria sat back allowing the two gentlemen to eye eachother and discuss whatever further they had in mind for eachother. She did not mind as long as they did not scare away her loyal patrons. It could make dinner very hard to find. She relaxed back into the chair and stretched her senses out. Some new smell had entered the air, something niether vampire nor human. Unfamiliar in this place as the usual pack that roamed this area every spring had not yet come. Kylee's voice stopped and the bar let out a loud cheer throwing roses and coins on the stage. She bowed and returned to the dressing room allowing the barmaids to pick the coins from the stage. Mydria continued to extend her senses feeling for that unfamiliar body that now entered her territory.
"I do belive we have a visitor," she whispered. She excused herself from the two gentlemen and walked to the door of her tavern to peer outside. The site was unmistakable if slightly odd. A young werewolf stepped from the shadows. She smiled at her and opened the door wider. She did not look to be threatening and frankly she was quite shaggy.
"Don't be afraid child we do not discriminate in my tavern."

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02/11/2007 11:53 AM

Sadhbh had stiffened as the door opened, frozen midstep.
The scent wafting lazily from the woman proclaimed her to be a vampire, to be [i]other[/i], and though there was something disconcerting about her smile Sadhbh did not feel immediately threatened; if anything, the confidence that emanated from the woman was calming. She was even more tense than normal; she could feel the coming moon pulling at her blood already, feel the ache in her bones as a need to run, and the presence of this relaxed woman- stranger though she may be- was soothing.

She had to keep her head from dropping as she walked toward the door, cringing inwardly at her submissiveness; if she'd had a tail at this moment it would have been wagging desperately.
Slipping in the door past the woman and silently nodding her thanks Sadhbh pushed the fall of copper hair from her eyes, and tugged uselessly at the dress that hung from her bony frame. Narrowing her eyes slightly to adjust to the light she took in her surroundings, feeling wistful; on the surface at least this looked like just the type of place she'd once felt so at home in, so confident and at ease. She felt a pang and pushed the memories down, all of them, squaring her shoulders and turning to face her host.

"My thanks, lady, for your kindness. I am Sadhbh, daughter of Oisin. I will cause you no trouble."

02/11/2007 12:15 PM

"It doesn't look like you could cause much trouble if you wanted to young one. No offense." The Vampire looked the werewolf up and down assesing what it was she could do for her. "Well my dear I was about to start dinner with my Kylee. You are welcome to join us. I can grab another one from this area or perhaps you do not eat human flesh? I can find you a pig or a horse or just about any herd animal you may desire. Come follow, we can talk where not so many eyes will stare." Mydria looked to where the man had been sitting, he had already made his way down into the dressing rooms. Mydria led Sadhbh through a door in the back of the bar that led down a flight of stairs to a hallway. Various numbered doors lined the hallway. She entered the one labeled 4 and stepped through.
"My name is Mydria by the way. I try not to make a habit of forming enemies." The room was dimly lit and had no windows. The room itself was quite elegant with a finely dressed bed and rich cheerywood furniture. There was a vanity set although no mirror was present. A dresser sat at the other side of the room.
"The dresser is filled with clothes you may keep whatever you wear. As you can see this is actually designed for vampires, we don't recieve too many werewolf clients. The human guests stay upstairs. They are not to be eaten. If you wish for human blood ask me and I will get it for you in a manner that will not disrupt business. You may keep your things here and you may stay free of charge. Humans are a rich cattle and they provide me with enough money to accomodate my more powerful guests and to keep their bellies full as well. Now what can I get for you?"

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02/11/2007 2:12 PM

Sadhbh found herself following the woman, Mydria, mutely, nodding occasionally, unable to voice her gratitude. She had to consciously close her mouth to stop it from gaping after the admonishment 'not to eat humans'. So casual!
She felt a little thrill deep in her belly, followed almost immediately by a spasm of guilt- although smaller than she would have expected. No, it was too close to the full moon to risk it. She had to maintain what small amount of control she could.
"Pig, please", she managed finally, in slightly more than a whisper.
After the holes she'd been staying in to try to keep hidden (a Gael in England [i]and[/i] a monster, hiding had seemed the sensible option) the room was a sensorial feast. She breathed deeply, trying to filter out the underlying scent of blood, aching to touch everything, to get clean.
To live like this! She could feel her heart beat slightly quicker at the thought of their audacity. To live right in the city, practically in the open!
The long months of hiding and cowering, of guilt and shame, flashed quickly through her mind, and she could feel the beginnings of a rebellious anger growing.
"How... how do you live like this, here?" she asked, gesturing at the room, at the ceiling to the bar above them.
"Why... how can you be safe?"

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02/11/2007 2:16 PM

Velan stared at Zanen for a minute or two and then sat down. He pulled off his coat revealing an array of weapons and pouches tied to his belt. He took off his belt and stashed it into his coat. He grabbed the glass of wine and took a sip. He had never really liked the taste of wine but he thought he shouldnt waste it. He watched as Mydria led the werewolf away, and then his thoughts started to drift elsewhere.

02/11/2007 2:43 PM

Mydria chuckled at the girl. She was obviously unused to life in the city.
"Ah my dear I have been around for a long time. I learned long ago that if I were to survive I would need friends both human and vampire alike and ocassionaly a werewolf here and there." Mydria looked up at the cieling biting her lower lip as she tried to recall her past.
"Every 60 or so years I 'die' persay. I strike up a new pen name and pretend to be the daughter of the previous person I was. It is quite easy when you know the man who runs the legal documents and his cildren and his childrens children and so forth. I offer them protection if you will." The chewing of her lower lip tightened into a smirk as she recalled her first encounter with the town historian. "In time after a life of thieving and a bit of pirating I bought this small lot back before it was a bustling urban area and I built this pub. Ah the Scots they brought in ample income and Queen Alyssa even financed me a little in my early years. Of course she wasn't the only one, when you have been around as long as I you know people." She looked back down at the werewolf. "Ah but I won't bore you with the past. I am a well respected merchant in these parts. I have little to fear and the humans here do not know my true natue so they accept me for the business person I am."
Kylee opened the door to her dressing room and walked down the hallway towards the two of them.
"My dear go upstairs and make sure Zanen has't killed our new guest and if you would be so kind, show the new comer, Valen, to his quarters." Mydria kissed her hand and turned back to the werewolf. "But as you were saying, a pig would you like that alive or dead?"

Kylee walked back upstairs to the bar and looked for the two men. She assumed Valen was the one sitting with Zanen and they now seemed involed in a lethal staring contest. Kylee walked over to the two and curtsied politely.
"Valen I presume. Zanen if you don't mind I am going to show this young man to his quarters. Not that you can't come back up and fight some more but I shall show you where to retire once you are done with eachother."
Kyle entered back through the door she had come through and showed Valen to door number three right across from Mydria and the werewolf.

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02/11/2007 3:32 PM

"Alive, an' it please". Sadhbh tried not to sound embarrassed.
She watched Kylee, beautiful and confident, as she went upstairs, to give herself a moment to gather her thoughts.
[i]Every 60 years [/i]. A multitude of lives, potentially.

"I have so much to learn". She spoke before turning to face Mydria, trying to hide the anguish in her voice.
"I know nothing.
I hid, I ran, I feared; I was [i]hunted[/i] when all along I could have... " she gestured at her surroundings, feeling the bile rise. "Three years...

"Oh I have been a fool."

Sadhbh struggled to keep control of the emotions threatening to overwhelm her; three years spent in the grip of terror, shame, confusion, ignorance. She felt once more the tug of the moon and for the first time dared in her heart to acknowledge the longing instead of suppressing it. She raised her head to look directly into Mydria's eyes, her own near fevered with resolve.

"You... you have lifted me from the dirt. That you did not know does not matter. You have given me hope, you cannot know how precious that is to me. I owe you now a debt I can never repay. Ask me for anything and it will be done."

She closed her eyes and winced as a rather audible growl from her stomach ruined, somewhat, the drama of the moment.

"Although," she ventured with a shy smile, "if it could wait until after dinner..."

02/11/2007 4:12 PM

Velan snatched up his coat and belt and followed Kylee towards the rooms. He overheard the werewolf and Myrdia talking. He opened to door to the room and turned toward Kylee. He gave her a small bow and thanked her. He walked into the room and hung up his coat. He placed his belt on a small table. He turned around just as she was about to go and said "You sing well." and gave her a small smile.

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02/11/2007 5:05 PM

Mydria laughed at her last comment and looked to Kylee who now stood with the new vampire attendant. She was about to ask her to grab a pig from the stables but thought better of it. She seemed preoccupied with Valen.
"Of course, I forgot you have traveled far. I will get you your dinner and then perhaps we can talk some more." She turned to leave but looked over her shoulder before she left. "You intrigue me young one. I don't know what it is about you but I like you. Perhaps some arrangments could be made between us. Ah but listen to me I am so long winded. I will be back shortly." Mydria walked backup to the bar and gave Zanen a firm, friendly slap on the back. She bent down to whisper into his ear. "I did not mean to be firm with you, you do wonderfully at your job." She winked at him and walked out into the bar.

Kylee smiled at the man and bowed her head in thanks.
"Thank you sir." She curtsied slightly at the compliment. "I hear you hunt our kind That is unusual for a Vampire to hunt his own." She closed the door behind her and leaned against it allowing the man the privacy of a conversation.

Mydria walked back through the bar. The late night regulars were starting to stream in, coming to hear the Tuesday night pipers. The bag pipes were starting to warm up their low hum filling the air. The pig under her arm squealed, sensing that she was an unnatural creature. She reassured her patrons with a enthusiastic yell to the crowd.
"Who wants some succlein pig! On the house!" The crowd lifted their mugs in good cheer and let out a hooray. She whispered to her bartender to grab a few more pigs from the stable and to roast them. He nodded in understanding. Mydria walked back down into Sadhbh's room. She closed the door and released her firm hold on the pig. It squealed sensing the presence of yet another predator. Mydria opened the vanity and took out a bottle of wine and two glasses.
"I find pork goes splendidly with red wine. If you prefer white or perhaps something different that can be arranged as well."
The pig was absolutley frantic running about in the room, scratching at the door. Mydria sat down with a cool smile and poured herself a glass.
"We can continue our conversation when you are full." She sipped her glass and watched her intently. "I love to watch werewolves stalk, kill and eat. Something ... intriguing about it."

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02/11/2007 5:32 PM

ooc*yeah it would be nice if you could send me some info.*

Zanen got up after mydria left. and he walked out the front door. It was time for his patrol followed by ......dinner. zanen takes to himself "ah what a night, It's beautiful out here."
Zanen walks around the building a few times and goes back inside. he then goes to his room and waits for ....dinner time...

02/11/2007 5:37 PM

(OOC: It is aroung 11 right now Just so vampires know.)
An inn keeper walked up to Zanen with a tin mug as to conceal whatever it was inside. The smell of blood wafted up from it, only distinguishable by those who dwelled during the night. He placed the mug in front of Zanen and wiped his hands.
"Mydria says it might be slightly bitter. The sailor it came from was quite a salty son of a sea dog. But I added some of my own special spices to it to make it taste better." A fresh cut on the inn keeps arm proved his point.

02/11/2007 5:37 PM

Velan sighed, and took a long pause before saying "It is a part of my past that I don't usually talk about but if you would like to hear I would oblige". He sat down on the bed awaiting her response.

02/11/2007 5:38 PM

Zanen takes the mug from the innkeeper "thanks old man, should hit the spot"

02/11/2007 5:51 PM

Kylee smiled at him. "I do enjoy tales no matter how long or short they may be. And oerhaps the more we know about you the more we can help. We are always looking for new friends." She slid down against the door and crossed her legs. It was almost childish but somehow it seemed fiting for her. It was that strange innocence that made it ok. "But only if you feel comfortable doing so. I would hate to pick at old sores."

A burly looking man tapped Zanen on the shoulder. "You're one of Mydria's dogs aren't you? Perhaps you could send her a message for us." The gang was about five strong and all human by the lookes of it." They brandished knives and clubs hardly weapons used to kill vampires. The crowd sensed the tension and was beginning to get uneasy.

02/11/2007 6:02 PM

Zanen turned towards the thugs . He drew his longsword swiftly and brought it to the mans throat "now gentleman I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you do not do so or so much as move those weapons towards anyone, I'm going to decapitate you and feed you to my dog. Are we clear or do i have to kill you?"

02/11/2007 6:10 PM

The man smiled at him with a less than toothy grin. I thin we can handle this like gentlemen now can't we? His hand came up slowly to lower the sword before hitting him squarely across the jaw. Two of his friends grabbed Zanen's arms and locked them behind Zanen's back. The crowd began to get a litle chaotic some fleeing out the door others betting on who was going to win. The inn keep brandished a short sword not wanting to se it but ready to help Zanen. One of the lare thugs stabbed at Zanen, piercing him throughthe heart but was shocked t find he was not killed. needless to say the rest of the bar looked on in stuned silence.

02/11/2007 6:14 PM

Zanen looked right at the man who stabbed him "run bitch" Zanen yanked his arms away from the other men. He grabbed one and hurled him through the front door "next!" he swung his sword at the 2nd man. then he whirled around and grabbed the man that stabbed him "i told you to run!" He then rips the mans head off with his own hands "Keep we're going to need this mess cleaned up" he says as he drops the lifeless body.

02/11/2007 6:30 PM

Those who were left ran gang members and bar patrond alike. The inn keeper shook his head.
"Mydria is not going to be too pleased Zanen. Although i suppose the extra blood never did anyone harm." The barmaids began to clean up the mess, they like the inn keep had worked here for quite sometime. They hauled the bodies down into the cellar where they kept recently skinned kills.
"Mydria might be wanting to know who it was that attacked frankly I would too. They didn't look like Alyssas blokes." He moped the floor idly. "Damn thugs scaring the cutomers like that."

02/11/2007 6:34 PM

"Poor blokes shouldn't have attacked me...maybe they'll learn thier lesson in hell" zanen walked away "im going to report to mydria"

02/11/2007 6:45 PM

"Very well then. I must warn you though, it is a very sad tale." he said. "It was night time and the moon was full. A band of vampires came to my home one evening. They attacked my father and stormed down the door. They killed my sisters, my brother, and my mother. To add insult to injury they made me one of their own." he said slowly. "So now you know. That is why I hunt them. It's not one of the best stories".

02/12/2007 3:02 AM

Finding it hard to take her eyes off the panicking pig Sadhbh was only half hearing what Mydria was saying- until the bit about watching werewolves (was that what she was, now?) eat. She'd never done that before, let anyone see her eat. Or change.

Swallowing the saliva that had started to pool in her mouth her eyes flashed tensely towards the vampire,.. but were inexorably drawn back to the frantic animal. If only it would stop its damned squealing! She couldn't concentrate!

Undone by both her hunger and new sense of obligation to this woman Sadhbh glanced fleeting at Mydria once more before starting to shrug out of her dress, already feeling the red pain.
It was not so much a matter of willing herself to change, but rather [i]relinquishing[/i] her will, releasing her control to shake off this pretence and assume her true shape.
It happened in an instant but for her each tiny fraction of a second was drawn out by the delicious agony of bone stretching, compressing, popping. Thrown to the floor by the exquisite contortions of her spine the mundane colours bled out of the world, replaced by a rush of impossibly vibrant scent which carried their own, more complex hues. A rich, deep indigo for Mydria, colouring everything in the room; a clean sky for Kylee, as fresh as if she was still in the room, her scent still visible on the air; mixing down the hall with a complex azure, almost electric; from upstairs a strong violet reached her, still carrying traces of Mydria, surrounded by the scent of others' pathetic anger; and in the corner, the bright pink of the pig, almost blinding in its panic, spiking yet more as it caught her changing scent.
A low rumble rose from her throat as she stepped carefully from the folds of the dress on the floor; a large wolf, dark coppery brown, tongue lolling and panting heavily after the pain.
Her head, ears twitching, swung towards Mydria. Her scent was everywhere, this was her territory, but no aggression came from her, no warning.
So, permission then. She growled in thanks. She knew from the air, from how the scents carried that they were enclosed, but did not panic. The food was trapped, she was not. Assured, Sadhbh filtered out all the other scents, pushed them aside, focussing tightly on this one bright thread of fear and food.
Head low she moved forward, slowly but easily.
The food, pink so pink, was behind the bed, trapping itself in a corner. Stupid food.
She stalked slowly along the foot of the bed, savouring the moment before the hunger took over, savouring the moment when senses were all, before her other mind woke up after the pain and told her to do things. [i]She[/i] always woke first. Pain was nothing. A few bright, free moments before the weak other stopped her from being all. But not always&

She stepped slowly from behind the bed, the renewed screams of the food causing her heart to quicken. She paused only for a moment before leaping in low, batting the stupid thing in its chest with her head to expose its soft belly. Hard little feet kicked at her, but they did not matter. The flesh was soft and a small yank of her head released hot innards, the stink so strong that she thrust her muzzle in, lapping and licking to catch the warmth. The corner was too small, too enclosed, so she carefully dragged the food, still twitching but the pink fading already, into the centre of the room. She ate quickly, not swallowing, flesh for now rather than bone, feeling her belly grow heavy, too long unsated. She glanced to Mydria every so often but she showed no interest in the food; the other was waking so she [i]knew[/i] this was not Mydria's food but she wanted to please her.
Using her paw to hold the rib cage steady she grasped one and yanked, snapping it off cleanly. She stepped towards Mydria and, wagging, dropped the bone at her feet before lying down, vaguely aware of a disturbance upstairs. She could feel the other one cringing inside but not awake enough yet to stop her. After so long being fought, being pushed down and cowed the impotence of the other one pleased her.

02/12/2007 12:45 PM

Mydria watched the young woman slip from her dres sand hesitate a moment before releasing her body to her darker form. In all her years of living amoung the creatures of the night she had never seen a wolf of her magnificence. She observed in respectful silence the sheer power eminating from her large furred body. She could see the powerful muscles flexing under her soft fur, her sleek jawline pointed by a wet twitching nose. She admired the strength and nobility Sadhbh represented. This beast was nothing like the mangy pack that hunted here every summer, this creature was an elegant killer. Mydria could feel her own heart pounding as she watched the wolf concentrate. A single bound was all it took to overcome the pathetic piece of pork in the corner. She did not see the final blow only the shrill scream before blood was visible on the floor boards. It had been decades since Mydria had hunted like that and watching Sadhbh almost made her miss it. She sipped her wine in content, happy that she could accomadate her new guest. Yes there was something very attractive about Sadhbh and she wanted her to stay until she could figure out what it was. The wolf continued to devour the pig as she thought. She made no sudden movements as to not set the wolf off. ven with her strength from her age she knew this young wolf could cause considerable damage, especially with the new moon in two days time. A resounding snap brought her out of her mind and back to reality. Sadhbh was looking at her with bright eyes and a waging tale a pig rib at her feet. She sighed and patted the wolfs head while she laid at Mydria's feet.
"I think you and I can become very good friends." A swift knock at the door startled Mydria.
"Who s it and can it wait?" Mydria yelled through the door. Zanen's voice sounded urgent. Mydria sighed and walked to the door opening it slightly. "What do you need Zanen?"

Kylee looked at her lap before looking back at Valens. "It seems that happens all to oftenin this world. I know what it's like to loose a family to them. You and I seemto have alot in common the only difference is you slayed them after you were turned and I slayed them before I was turned. Ah but I talk to much." Kylee sat in thoughtful silence for a few moments before standing up and shaking her dress. "I should check on the bar. Mydria seems a little preoccupied right now. You're welcome to come with if you like." Kylee opened the door only o see Zanen outside of it. She gave him a puzzled expression before he yelled into Mydria's room.
"Oh shit." she mumbled. "I think the east side dock hands are at it again." Kylee ran up the stairs to check on the bar.

02/12/2007 1:49 PM

Coming to her feet slowly as Mydria rose to answer the door Sadhbh growled softly as it revealed another vampire, a male.
[i]iviolet, from upstairs[/i]
There was no aggression in the growl; Mydria's scent was on him, she knew him. It was a growl merely to announce her presence. Politeness, really.

02/12/2007 2:01 PM

Dissapointed that their discussion had beencut short but feeling the urgency of business she opened the door all the way. Alright, alright I'm coming. She could see Kylee had already gone upsstairs. She turned to Sadhbh.
"Perhaps you would be able to identify the scent? I don't mean to employ your services so hastily but your help would not go unapprieciated. Just a thought."
mydria turned and once more entered into the bar where already the bar keep was moping up the blod.
"Hang on a second Peter. I need some of this." She grabbed a cup from the bar and scraped some in with her hand. It was thick and slippery on the floor. It was reminding her of her own unfed belly. She stood and lifted her cup to her nose. It was familiar but she couldn't quite place it. Kylee entered from the meat cellar.
"Sailors, none of Alyssa's men. from the looks of it they were from Old Parkers but I could be wrong." Mydria's face contorted in confusion. There was something not particularly right about the whole thing but she couldn't place a finger on it.

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02/12/2007 2:21 PM

Zanen reported all that happened to mydria "yes and then i riped his head off, i know i know a bit over the edge but he DID stab me" "I'll try to control myself next time madam" Zanen bows and walks back to his chambers.

02/12/2007 2:26 PM

"Well although my brave Zanen did rip his head off and probably has lost me dinner for days he may have very well gien us a clue in the process. An excessive clue but a clue none the less." Mydria sat at the bar and looked up at the cieling trying desperatley to remember the smell. Although she was immortal her brain was still human.
"Pete leave the blood, I may need it, and if you could get me a drink from the cellar please." Kylee came up to her and sat next to her.
"Do you recognie it?" Mydria asked.
"Nay, only the clothes." Mdria sighed in fustration.

02/12/2007 2:37 PM

Staying in wolf-form Sadhbh trotted after Mydria, ears laid back slightly.

With the full moon approaching even as a hairless two-leg her senses were heightened, but the wolf nose couldn't be beaten for nuance and accuracy.

She slipped quietly through the bar: most of the patrons were well in their cups so she didn't draw too much attention.
Reaching the vampire she could sense her annoyance and so dipped her head to the floor, as close to the new stains as possible. With all the patrons over the last couple of days the air was swamped with a confusing pattern of smells and their colours, but around the blood a fresh, strange scent was powerfully apparent. She licked at the blood- tasting a scent imprinted it so much more lastingly- and became nearly dizzy with the complexity.
She looked to the door; she could still see strong traces of this scent snaking in the air, she could follow it if Mydria needed her too. Even if it was lost the city was small, the smell unique: she knew she could find it again.

02/12/2007 2:46 PM

(OOC: You don't need to orry about patrons. Zanen scared them all away.)

"You oticed something strange about it too huh?" Mydria stood and looked at the moon. It was around one in the morning the sun would be coming up in four hours. "Alright heres what we do; Kylee stay here with Zanen and Valens. I don't want you out with whatever it is lurking around. Mydria, if you wouldn't mind coming with me I need to use your nose. If you'll excuse me for a moment I need to get some things. Peter close up the bar, leave the blood, you can stayhere at the bar if you like if you go home please be safe, tell my girls the same thing." He nodded.
(Mmk Sadhbh, I am going to send you some info. Do with it as you please.)

02/12/2007 3:13 PM

As soon as Mydria issued her commands Sadhbh headed to the door, eager to be off. In the cool of the night air the scent became even stronger as the soup of patrons and food and drink fell away, leading down the street, starkly different from any other lingering scent and requiring almost no effort to follow.

There was something tantalisingly familiar about the smell, something she couldn't quite remember, and she found herself breaking into a trot, wanting to find its source.

Her ears flicked back towards Mydria; hearing her follow, knowing she need not worry about her keeping up she sped into an easy lope, moving silently through the quiet streets, registering but not worrying about the sounds of human movement.

As she followed the scent through the darkened city she caught the sharp tang of salt, heard the lapping of water and knew they were headed to the docks. Focussed as she was on the trail she still noticed faint traces of more vampires being carried along with it, humans too. The latter to be expected surely at a busy harbour but she could feel her hackles tingle and slowed, waiting for Mydria to take the lead.

02/12/2007 5:54 PM

Mydria checked the sky making sure she had time to do a thorough investigating. She kept close to Sadhbh apprieciating having someone of strength with her.
"I can't understand why Old Parker would attack me. I have employed his services since he was a young man. He has been a loyal importer of my goods and services." Mydria scanned the area looking for the warm blood of humans, she found it. Not too many as it was late at night, a patrol here and there nothing to threatening. "Are you certain this is where the scent comes from." She took the quick snort as a yes. Mydria walked forward towards Parkers house and extended her senses. She could feel the slow moving thin blood of Parker, but noone else. She tried to extend her senses further, closing her eyes meditating on everything around her. She tightened her hand on her rapier that now hung at her waist, there were other less natural creatures nearby but they did not seem to pose a threat and if they had noticed the two's passage they showed no sign of it. She could not pick up anything particularly familiar but she remained in her trance hoping to find something of use. There was something wrong she could feel it but she could hardly place where. A shuffle at her right caused her to spring bringing her sword up out of it's sheath in one quick movement. Mydria never felt this out of place in her territory before, it was more than disconcerting, it was down right wrong. She placed a hand down feeling for Sadhbh's soft fur finding comfort in her new large companion. The familiar smell came back but still she could not place it. It left as soon as it went taking with it the unnatural feel that had haunted her and it seemed almost that a darkness lifted as well. Mydria fell back against a shadowed wall and took in unnecesary but calming breaths. An old habit from her last life. "Sadhbh, I don't know if you just felt that, but could you smell it? Could you track it again if you had to? Is it still here?" Mydria had not felt like this in perhaps centuries and it showed in her darting eyes and tense limbs. "I do hope Zanen and Valens are still awake, I don't want Kylee alone if that thing comes around my bar."

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02/12/2007 6:05 PM

Valen sat sat still on his bed. It was amost as if he was in a trance. He shouted out as the visions rushed back to him. Visions of the night it all started. He could see it all so clearly. It was almost as if he were reliving it. But there was something else. He wasn't just seeing it all happen, he was feeling it too. He felt the sharp pain of swords slamming into him. He felt the teeth sink into his body. He heard the screams of his mother and sisters. He watched his father try to save them only to be cut down, and he could taste the blood of their leader. The pain was so intense, it was like his body was on fire. He had never wanted anything so badly as badly as he wanted the pain to end. He fell off the bed and onto the floor. He rolled onto his back writhing in pain. He screamed out in pain and then finally blacked out.

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02/12/2007 6:18 PM

Kylee ran in hearing him cry out.
"Valens hey come on wake up." At no response she straightened him out on the bed propping his head up. He was still alive but none the less he was unconcious which was more than disconcerting. She placed a blanket over him, even if it wouldn't do anything for his vampiric temperature she still found comfort in blankets. She went into the cellar and bled out a body placing the liquid in a mug by the table hoping the smell would wake him up. She sat down in an arm chair and sipped her mug idely. She watched him sleep hoping whatever nightmare he had was passing. She remmbered her first nights alone after they had attacked, how many nights she had woke up sweating. it had taken her a long time to come to terms with it, to walk with the confidence she had now. She brushed back the hair from his head.
"It will get better I promise."

02/12/2007 6:35 PM

Valen shot out of the bed almost knocking Kylee over. He fell to the floor and raised his arms over his head like he was defending himself from something. His eyes turned a dark red for a second or two and then quickly faded back to gray. He put his arms down and laid there, taking it all in. His eyes darted from Kylee to other parts around the room and then went back to rest on Kylee. He sat up not able to speak, shaking.

02/12/2007 7:26 PM

"Here this will make you feel better." She handed him the glass and smiled. "Do you want to talk? I will stay as long as you need me to. I know what it's like to be alone after something like that." She settled back into her chair and looked back at him. "Have you ever heard of the Rinola Faction? Perhaps not. they went extinct some time ago, or at least that's what I heard." She spoke idely hoping to calm him. The sun was starting to pull towards the horizon, she could feel it, it would rise in perhaps three hours or so but already she was getting sleepy.

02/12/2007 8:16 PM

Valen looked at the cup. He could smell it was human. He didn't drink human blood. He thought it was what set him appart from those beasts that had murdered his family, the monsters that took innocent lives. Then he looked over at Kylee and he thought of Mydria. They were nothing like the others. He took the cup and gazed down at it. He pressed the cup to hids lips and let the warm thick liquid run down his throat. He despised the taste and the feel but he needed it. He couldn't stop him self. He downed the whole glass very quickly and still felt the need for more. He struggled to keep the feeling down. He looked back at Kylee and spoke " The Rinola Faction...? I've never heard of them."

02/12/2007 8:26 PM

Zanen woke up from his brief nap, he had heard something outside. He got up and straped on his sword. He walke doutside and took a few ru ns around the bar, not seeing anything he went back in side to here valens screaming, he rushed to the room and opened the door to see kalee abd valens talking :waht happened are you all ok?"

02/13/2007 3:38 AM

Valen jumped a little as Zanen rushed into the room. He stood up slowly and placed the mug on the table. He looked down at Kylee and then back at Zanen and said "We're fine. What happened downstairs?". He didn't feel like mentioning what had happened before he blacked out, to either of them. The sharp pains returned he cold feel them again but this time they felt so much more real. He tugged at his black and red tunic. He was bleeding. He felt it seeping out but he didn't know why he was.

02/13/2007 10:12 AM

Filtering out the hints of other vampires and humans that lingered around the docks, and the general stink of civilisation, Sadhbh tried to concentrate on identifying where she knew the scent from, mouth open to let it play across her tongue

It was maddeningly familiar, but not intrusive; more like something that was always there, that would be noticed more by its absence. The scent diffused greatly in the area, seeming to lightly cover everything, leaving no clean trail to follow, making pinpointing a location impossible.

So intent was she on deciphering the scent that it took Sadhbh a moment to register the shiver passing through her, making her spine tingle and ache. A cold and stifling terror overtook her, her primal self screaming to leave, to get to safety, and she found herself backing into Mydria's legs, pressing against them, hackles raised so she looked nearly twice her size. She wanted nothing more than to howl, long and low and mournful, as if to mark her passing through this world in defiance of the [i]unnatural[/i] presence that filled her senses: but fear closed her throat.

After an age it passed, the terror leaving with it, Mydria's gentle touch finally allowing a small whine to escape. She started to feel cold as the adrenaline slowly started to leave her body.

[i]Had she felt it?[/i]
If only a wolf's vocal cords allowed mirthless laughter&

Suddenly, she stiffened once more, though in alertness this time rather than fear. The scent again.. it had been there, in the darkness she hadn't even realised was there till it lifted, and as the darkness moved off towards the water so, too, did the scent. As it faded she again was reminded of something more noticeable by its absence than presence; something that was always there, something you became numb too, registering only subconsciously.. Still pressed against Mydria's leg it came to her, finally.

It was her own scent, or something so similar that she didn't immediately notice the difference.

With all the myriad scents of this new place clamouring for attention, in the excitement of the hunt, she had read it as her own.

Growling in frustration at herself she cast about, looking for some area where the scent was stronger, trusting Mydria to follow. It was definitely clearest heading toward the water. As she followed she picked up the scent of what seemed like a vampire, but different, somehow. She had smelled vampire on the trail but thought it simply one of the creatures of this city she did not know. Now, her senses and thinking still sharpened by adrenaline, she realised the vampire smell was but an element of the main scent, something incorporated into it, not merely caught up.
It carried her right to the creaking wood of the docks, mixing heavily with the brine. Nothing moved save the night-black sea and a few gently bobbing ships. Even without seeing she felt that whatever had been present, had caused such terror in her, had gone. She knew in her bones.

She turned to Mydria, shaking her head to indicate the trail lost. She would return to her other form when they reached the tavern and try to express in words what it was she had smelled, and felt.

02/13/2007 1:35 PM

Mydria kept a firm hadn on her rapier, although she doubted it would be useful. She searched inside of herself, unconciously following Sadhbh through the docks. It was a musty kind of dark, like the kind you feel inside of a closet thats had cotton sitting in it for too long, or the smell of a building that has long since been forgotten yet it felt like it was a part of her and thats what had made it so strikingly scary. It had pulled at her own black heart, called for it to step forward so that she to might become part of that same feeling of pure... evil. She looked down at the large wolf, watching her large nose twitch in the night ir. Whatever she was following, she was doing so with a passion, Mydria did not share the same sentiment. Her body was tugging at her, all of it wanted to find the safety of her home, but she knew in her heart hat whatever This was her home would not be sufficient protection. Her usually still heart was beating against her rib cage. A humanistic fear was overtaking her body. The wolf lead her to the edge of the docks where land became the salty green water of the ocean. "Let's go back Sadhbh," Her voice felt like bile in her throat, her whisper just audible to human ears. She didn't know if she followed, but a deep seated fear that had awoken inside her, prevented her from caring. She turned on her hel and started a tight legged walk towards the bar, keeping her rapier seated in a shaking hand. The date 1099 flashed across her mind and she began to sprint. No she corrected herelf 1122. Her sprint quickened. "It couldn't be." Her whisper transitioned into a run, not that of trained controled sprinter but one born of pure adrenaline. She could fel the wind rushing past her eyes, her feet stumbling to move faster, her arms swinging in a vain attempt to keep her balanced. She couldn't escape it, whatever had it was tht had lurked at the docks had touched her, had reached out and touched whatever was left of her soul. She could feel it decaying inside her, causing her stomach to churn. She slammed through the bar door and fell to her knees gripping her stomach and chest. She didn't know vampires could sweat but there they were tiny droplets of salty water stretched across her brow. She sat there panting trying to regain the stoic control she had learned in her years as a powerful creature of the night.

02/13/2007 2:53 PM

Lengthening her stride to keep up with the vampire, Sadhbh raced swiftly through the silent streets.

Her rational mind was now conscious enough to realise that this hurried dash, almost a retreat, was out of character for Mydria.
She herself had been terrified, she would not deny it: but to see such a powerful creature react this way& A hard knot formed in the pit of her stomach.

The recoil from the vampire's entry caused the door to slam back, almost into her face, and then bounce back again on its hinges.
Slipping through before it closed once more she was stopped by the sight of Mydria on the floor.
Her first thought was to get Kylee, but she hesitated, unsure if Mydria would want to be seen like this.

Going towards the bar she began changing, grimacing through the pain, a low growl escaping through gritted teeth. She grabbed the countertop to pull herself up, every sinew aching, her spine continuing to crackle quietly.
Quickly she took a cloth from behind the counter, rinsing it in a container of water before moving around to Mydria, pausing only to take a cloak from a peg by the door.
Handing the cooled cloth wordlessly to the still-prone woman she wrapped herself in the coarse fabric and went to her hunkers before the embers in the fireplace, the heat that still radiated easing the soreness in her muscles.

"It's.. it's gone", she began hesitantly, her eyes huge in the dim light.

"For now at least, I think. The scent went across the water, only wisps left.."

02/13/2007 3:12 PM

Mydria nodded and stood closing her eyes to steady the spinning room. Her body still shook visibly but her heart had stilled once more and her lungs ceased to bring in useless breath except that which was needed for speaking. She undid the belt of her rapier, hanging it by the door which now seemed slightly off center, and took slow cautious steps towards Sadhbh.
"Did you feel it?" She felt she already knew the answer but asked anyway. She pulled forward a chair and sat her arms crossed across her lap. "And what do you mean dissapeared at the water? It couldn't have just dissapeared. unless he's taken to the sea..." Mydria wiped a cloth sleeve across her brow, moping up the sweat and composing herself. If a vampire could blush, she would have, embarressed at the way she had reacted to the creature a the docks.

Kylee heard the door echo across the bar. It was unlike Mydria to make an extravagent entrance. She stood to check but looked down at Valens. He was bleeding. "What the hell? Valen's whats wrong? She looked to Zanen before looking back at Valens. "Maybe I should grab Mydria, I mean.." She was at a loss. Whatever was happening was bizzarre.

02/13/2007 3:49 PM

Sadhbh paused before answering, looking at Mydria carefully while biting her lip thoughtfully.

"I felt... something. It was... cold. Old. Not [i]right[/i], somehow".
She shook her head in frustration.

"It was overpowering. Like... being in a gale, trying to hang on. I could feel myself...", she struggled for the right word. "... emptying?".

She pulled the cloak tighter at the memory

"After... the scent was fainter than it should have been, almost like it was [i]withdrawn[/i] somehow. I could catch tendrils floating from across the water, but it didn't seem like a ship had left- it was too still: we would have heard the sounds of the crew, surely?"

She lowered herself further, sitting on the floor, her legs tucked underneath her. It was so hard to get comfortable after changing.
Toying with a loose strand in the rug she hesitated before speaking quietly.

"You said 'he', before. 'Unless he's taken to the sea'. Do you know... what it was?"

02/13/2007 4:17 PM

Mydria had steadied shaking limbs and her twisted gut. She was in her element, her axis of power, and whatever it was had not touched her home. She leaned back pulling forward another chair to rest her feet on.
"Bah, what I said before couldn't be. It was a long time ago, it would be inconcievable for anything of the sort to happen. Purely a figment of my all to human imagination." She was speaking more to make silent her own thoughts than to explain to Sadhbh. She wove her fingers together in thought. Upstairs the inn keper had decided to stay in one of the guest rooms, he had kept the girls with him, for which Mydria was thankful. "There was a time long ago, when I was human, I barely remember it. I suppose the 'he' I mentioned was the one who turned me but he was hardly even close to the power I just felt. It was a traumatic turning as most are, and it has had many life times to fester and become a bigger deal than it was. I suppose my fear triggered the old memory is all." She sighed. "Ah listen to me rant like an Old Woman." She smiled allowing her fangs to touch her bottom lip. It was a shallow smile, the primal fear laid inside her waiting for its chance to be triggered again. "The sun will be rising soon my dear and I would hate to become a pile of dust after all these years. If you need anything my dear, my bedroom is at the end of the back hallway. Until then I will see you tonight." She bowed slightly to Sadhbh and walked into her backroom.

Kylee watched Valen's cautiously. She stuck her head out the door hearing Mydria enter.
"Hey, I need you."
Mydria walked over curiously. She looked at Valens bleeding on the bed.
"What happened."
"We don't know."
Mydria ran a hand over her face.

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02/13/2007 8:16 PM

Valen looked down. He remembered these cuts. He would never forget these cuts. They were from the attack. He knew they were from that night because of the scars that they had left when they were first cut into his body. He pulled off his tunic and reached into a pouch on his belt. He pulled out some bandages and quickly applied them. He put his tunic back on and laced it back up.

02/13/2007 8:18 PM

zanen looked at valens "what are those cuts from? they look bad. did they happen recently?"

02/13/2007 8:25 PM

Valen looked up at Zanen. He didn't want to tell everyone of his past. Mainly because he feared it would happen again. Finally he said " No, they just appeared all of the sudden."

02/14/2007 2:08 AM

After Mydria left Sadhbh remained seated before the fireplace, the vampire's words triggering her own memories; of darkness, and cold, of red fear and redder pain..

She stood hurriedly. The day had been trying enough without reliving horrors long passed.

Making her way stiffly to her room she noticed both voices and the scent of blood- vampire- coming from one of the other rooms. Mydria and Kylee were both there, and the other two she had yet to meet.
Torn, she decided finally on bed; if she had been wanted she would have been called. This might be some private vampire moment, and she didn't want to intrude. And her bed looked so soft...

Slipping quickly under the heavy covers her eyes closed almost immediately, exhaustion letting her forget the terror of the night to rest easily.

02/14/2007 9:33 AM

Mydria sensed his need for privacy and placed a gentle hand on Kylee's shoulder. She nodded in understanding and followed Mydria down the hall. Mydria slid under the covers but she did not sleep. The rooms dark seemed to reach out at her, shifting and pulsing becoming a living organism. It moulded around her bed pressing down on her making her knuckles tighten around the sheets as she struggled to remain calm. There he was his olive skin painted with the black of night, radiating from his eyes, misting from his finger tips. He lunged forward at her, grappling for her neck. She reached for her stake sitting up and striking, aiming for the beasts heart. A shrill scream snapped her from her nightmare. Kylee looked down at her bleeding chest and pulled the wood from her rib cage. Mydria's night vision could see her cold blood running down her chest and coat her hands.
"Kylee I'm sorry, I..." She grimaced as the young vampire tore the stake from her chest and placed it on the floor.
"It's fine." Her voice was pained but already the wound had begun to heal itself. "What happened?"
Mydria tightened her jaw. "It was nothing. Just a bad dream." She could only just make out her skeptical look in the dark of the room. "Come on it's nearly night fall." Already Mydria could hear the bustling of barmaids and her innkeeper preparing for the new nights customers. If spin control had done their job customers would come back tonight. Mydria slipped on a form fitting black dress, hoping to look formal for tonights guests. Wednesday's always brought higher paying clientel. Kylee took her arm, rubbing it in concern. She gave her another confident smile. The two walked out of their room and up into the barroom where the almost full moon gleamed through the windows. Mydria hoped for a quiet night.

02/14/2007 1:30 PM

Valen laid on his bed, his hands on his chest. He had taken off his tunic and was wearing his red undershirt. His fingers ran across the wounds. He could feel them through his undershirt. He wondered what everyone was doing. He hadn't slept at all. He hadn't slept in a while. He put his tunic back on and headed out to the bar area. He sat down at the table he had sat at when he first entered the bar. It seemed safe here, at least safer than all the other places. No one had tracked him down yet. He hoped they never would. He could vision it clear as day, all of them slaughtered. Mydria, Kylee, Zanen and everyone else. If it came to the point where they were getting close he would have to leave.

02/14/2007 2:12 PM

Mydria looked around. She had waken earlier tonight than last night. The moon was low in the sky, it was only around 7. Finely dressed men were wooing women in exravagent dresses. The barkeep had decorated the bar accordingly, getting rid of the grungy mugs, and covering the tables with silk. There were candles lit and a chandelier had been hng in the middle of the cieling. A harp player had already begun tuning, her delicate fingers plucking idely at the long strings. Mydria smiled, she would have to send a letter of apprieciation to her journalists. She led Kylee to a private booth that Pete had set up with her portable partitions. Several far walls had been set up like this to allow higher paying customers their privacy. Two mugs filled with thick blood were served to them.
"What was it?" Mydria shook her head.
"It was nothing my dear." She rubbed her slender hand, and looked out into the bar. Valen had taken his place now at his old seat and now sat quietly. He looked slightly troubled.
"At least tell me who you thought you were stabbing."
"Kylee," Mydria's voice was soft but sharp, "I was nothing but a nightmare." Mydria knew she wasn't stupid but did not want to bring up what she thought was irrelevant. A couple was floating into the bar taking seats next to the stage. This was a bad night for anything to go wrong.

02/14/2007 3:04 PM

With a jaw cracking yawn Sadhbh stretched lazily and rose from the bed, the aches of the previous night just a memory. She couldn't remember when she'd last slept so long. She felt good, even without the moon's influence. Ridiculously good, considering what had happened.

Hearing the bustle from upstairs she realised she'd slept later than even she thought.

Padding quietly over to the bureau she ran her hands through the clothes that had been provided, allowing her fingertips to brush the fine materials. At last she selected a crisp white linen underdress with a dark green dress to go over, its quaint dagged sleeves making her smile.

They fit well, and she knew even without a mirror that it had been a long time since she had looked this fine.

The faint strains of a harper tuning came to her as she opened her door, and combing her fingers through her hair but leaving it to fall loose down her back she hurried up the stairs, eager to hear the music.
She stopped at the entrance to the taproom, mystified by its transformation, feeling almost as if she was in a different place- and eminently glad she had taken the time to dress carefully.

She smiled to Mydria and Kylee, but made her way to the bar where she could have a clear view of the harpist. Taking a glass of warmed red wine from the barkeep she gathered her skirts and perched on a stool, anticipating with excitement the delicate strains of the harp's strings.

02/14/2007 4:55 PM

The moonlight shone through the gaps in the boards that covered the windows casting long shadows across the floor. Bits of broken furniture and decaying cloth litter the floor of the wooden shack. Yawning Niko rolled off the pile of cloth he had collected into one of the corners for sleep and brushed against a bone. Sitting up he rubbed his eyes before examining the bone slowly. Memories came back slowly of who it used to be, yawning he threw the bone at the far wall and slowly got up.
It had been five years since the first time he had eaten a person in this form, and since then it had only become more common. Shrugging as to straighten his clothes he paused and looked about the room in the dim moonlight. Bits of bone littered the floor, where there was open space it was covered in a thick layer of dust leaving obvious signs of movement in the cramped building. Deciding it had been too long since he had moved on he looked at the walls that had given him shelter for the last month before leaving the shack.
He was wandering through the cobbled streets of Edinburgh half thinking of the night air while at the same time thinking of what he should eat. Gazing up at the nearly full moon he smiled to himself, soon it would be full and what he would do then was a mystery as always. Snapping back to reality as some one cussed at him for not watching where he was going, he ignored it as he would most likely never see that person again. The sounds of people getting drink and food eminated from the taverns and some homes, this city was big and with it was the comfort of knowing no one would remember him him.

02/14/2007 5:39 PM

The Harpist began to pluck out a soft melody, light wispy notes curving through the air and dusting the eardrums of customers. Couples sat in private booths holding hands, and staring at eachother over finely prepared meals. The waitreses once dressed to please the working class men now bustled about with an easy grace in uniform grey dresses, white bonets holding back their hair. The innkeep had changed out of his stained apron and into a velvet doublet as he turned out orders, and called in meals to the chefs in the kitchens. Old Parker entered the establishment his red merchants sash tied around his waist.
Mydria looked up at him with a penetrating gaze. It was his men that had come and attacked her bar last night, for him to enter into her home was more than gutsy. He could feel her stare and turned towards her, a new kind of confidence in his smile. He walked over with more than a little spring in his once limping walk, and sat down beside the vampiric couple. Kylee stood and acknowledged Mr. Parker before walking over to the bar to join Sadhbh. She had a feeling that this meeting needed to be done in private. She smiled at the werewolf, glad to see she had taken Mydria's clothing offer.
"Looks nice." Pete placed a fresh glass in front of her.

Mydria eyed the old man cautiously. Something was out of place here.
"A few of my men said they had a run in with your body guard." His smile was cocky.
"Why were your men here in the first place? We have been doing business for over 40 years. I have protected you, hell I have practically built your business."
"Oh my boys were just having a little fun last night. They weren't looking for anything in particular. You now how it is, get a little intoxicated, look for a good fight, find a fight, cower home. Now how bout' we talk business."
Mydria twitched her nose at him.
"How bout's this. Instead of you offering me protection, instead of me buying wares from you, instead of yor crews going out to sea instead of mine, why don't we reverse the food chain hmm?"
"What makes you possibly think you have the power to do that?"
"Oh I don't think, I know."
A group of finely dressed men entered the bar and sat at a long table in the center of the room. They straightened their red and brown doublets and ordered a pitcher for the whole table.
Mydria sneered at the man.
"I think old man that you have forgotten your place."

02/14/2007 5:55 PM

The usual sounds of business filled the air around Niko bringing a sence of prosperity. That is until he reached the one tavern. Irked by the inhuman smell comming from within he fought curiosity with weariness until the distinct smell of tension filled the air. He froze, this was his chance he would wait for some one to come running out and he would have his prey. After all the people would only have to say that the poor soul who dissapierd had gotten into a fight and left the establishment. No links no clues it was perfect, peering into the tavern he saw a woman talking swiftly to a man sporting a merchants sash odd as it was it may as well be a discussion about supplies.
He had taken up a spot on the road a little ways off with a clear view into the tavern and watched nothing had happened yet. Absentmindedly he licked his right fore arm, he knew he would get something out of this tavern and he knew it would be worth it in the end what ever it was...

02/14/2007 10:05 PM

Valen let out a big yawn as he leaned back in his chair looking up at the ceiling. He looked over at the man that had walked in. He was talking with Mydria but it didn't seem like they were very friendly. He stood up and started walking to his room. He walked past Mydria and looked over at the man. He walked past Kylee and gave her a small smile before heading to his room. He entered his room and shut the door. He pulled off his tunic and grabbed the blanket. He paused before getting into bed. He reached into his coat and grabbed one of his short swords then he got into bed.

02/15/2007 4:16 AM

Her eyes had been closed when Sadhbh felt Kylee approaching. She hadn't needed to watch the nimble fingers of the harpist: in her mind she had been feeling her own fingers move across the strings being played.

She opened her eyes and smiled to the younger vampire, motioning for her to sit, absurdly pleased at her compliment, and feeling dazed by the unexpected contentment she was experiencing.

Kylee had barely begun to reach for her glass when Sadhbh started, sitting upright in her chair, tense and alert. Faint, but unmistakable, the scent from the previous night came to her.
It was too diffuse to trace, too weak to tell where it was coming from.
She put a restraining hand on Kylee's arm, too much movement was disturbing the air, she couldn't locate the source of the scent; but it was no good, there were too many people in the bar, moving, breathing, mixing the air and the scents it carried. The door to the tap room was opened wide, so she couldn't even tell if the scent was from someone who had been there, or was still there, or even making their way there.

There wasn't the same sense of darkness, the feeling of terror as the previous night, though. In the absence of this reaction Sadhbh felt reasonably confident that what she was smelling was only being [i]carried by[/i] someone, that the ultimate source of the scent was not presently near.

She was loath to interrupt Mydria, but wanted her to be prepared, wanted them all to be prepared.
She relaxed her grip on Kylee's arm and stood from her seat.
"I need to talk to Mydria, keep an eye on the crowd. Look for..", she shook her head in bemusement. "... something. Just watch them".

She made her way calmly to Mydria, slipping into a role from her old life, assuming a mantle of charm and graciousness as she walked& and feeling it slip right off as she realised she had no idea what to say.
"My apologies for the interruption", she placed a hand lightly on Mydria's arm, feigning nonchalance, smiling warmly and openly at the merchant. "I just wanted to let you know that the... guest... that you were... [i]talking[/i] about, yesterday- last night- may be on their way... Or, possibly, they were here and... have... left, already... Yes. Shall I [b]prepare[/b] the... room, m'am?"

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02/15/2007 1:47 PM

"You're employing the services of werewolves now?" His voice was condesending and he looked at Sadhbh with a smile coated in disdain. "Last I heard about you and werewolves weren't you enslaving their kind or some such? Profiting off their blood?" He smirked at Mydria.
She looked up quickly at Sadhbh, her cheek bones becoming slightly more aparent as a muscle tightened around her jaw.
"If you would be so kind as to make sure his quarters are prepped that would be much apprieciated." She alloweda half smile to pass across her tight lips and politely dismissed Sadhbh. She could tell something was up and she looked cautiously a round at the bar, assesing the patrons as they wined and dined.
"How did you know what she was? You are human, you could not possibly detect her."
She hated his snickering smile, his nonchalant demeanor, the look of an arrogant young man that he carried with him, the air that he was better than everyone else. He ignored her question.
"You dress your slaves well these days. What service is it that she provides you and is she for sale? I must say your taste has certainly improved in livestock." He was picking at it, saying it louder than need be hping it would trail after Sadhbh ears. He enjoyed watching Mydria her stoic features corrupted by a glint of anger burning in her eyes.
"I think it is time you leave." She snarled low and cold, something that should have sent an average humans heart to quickening.
"Well perhaps you will reconsider my offer." He stood to leave bowing slightly, out of patronizing curtisey. "Oh and by the way if that beast runs into my lands tomorrow night without a collar, I might have to claim her as my own." He chuckled as he looked at Sadhbh, giving her a wink before walking out the door. Kylee walked back to meet with Mydria.
"What did he want?" Mydria losened her jaw and gave her a kind smile.
"My dear I think we may have a small economic war to wage. Do inform the press."
Kylee smiled."Tis my expertise my dear."

02/15/2007 3:20 PM

At last one of the two left the tavern but some thing was wrong. He didn't quite know what but he felt sick just looking at the man walking away. His comments had been enough to stir Niko's stomach and the feeling from him made it worse. He found himself up and edging towards the alley way nearest the tavern all the while watching the slowly dissapeiring man's back.
He was suddenly put off guard as some one walked into him, jumping back he tried to see who or what it was. Unable to clearly see in the brighter light as his eyes had not yet ajusted he relied on his sence of smell, it only furthered his discomfort as the person wasn't human...

02/15/2007 3:36 PM

The small words of the small man meant little to Sadhbh. She'd heard far worse, and more imaginative, in her time. Her father was a poet, for god's sake, skilled in the art of parody and roasting.

At his wink she smiled wryly, flaring her nostrils slightly to take in his scent- making it obvious, and intending to give him a meaningful wink of her own.
But as she breathed she felt a shiver run up the back of her neck, and only just about managed to keep the smile fixed on her face until he was out through the door.

She turned quickly to Mydria.
"It's him, he's carrying the scent. I couldn't tell where it was coming from at first, that's what I tried to tell you... poorly, granted. But it's definitely on him".

02/15/2007 3:37 PM

Mydria couldn't look at the werewolf squrely. She kept her eyes instead on the door that he had left from.
"I know, I figured he might carry the scent into the bar, and something has definetly changed, something I'm not sure I can fight." She sighed and looked down at the floor avoiding eye contact with Sadhbh. "I need a drink, something strong." She looked at the bar and walked over. A deep cup was placed before her and she lost herself in it.

Kylee apologized as she bumped into the young man in the street. She looked him up and down. Yet another werewolf had been drawn into Edinburgh. She smiled at him politely.
"Excuse me, I didn't mean to be so clumsey." Her voice was light on the cool spring breeze. She continued into the dark, blending with it as her humble red dress dissappeared into the night. She continued walking the streets of Edinburgh a note, the ink still wet, crinkling in her hand. She looked up at the almost full moon, the young night bringing the smells of the day to a lovely close. She looked at the wooden door, not marked by any specific name or sign. She slipped the note under, and looked once more at the deserted streets. Something was roaming the streets, and she had forgotten her dagger.

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02/15/2007 3:48 PM

Niko would have replied if he still knew how to speak, exhaling he gathered himself and decided to do a bit of scouting of his own and his target had just walked by. He began to question why he was following her as he had lost his appetite for anything related with people when that man had walked by, but his curiosity had always been his enemy and he had never learned to ignore it. He had noticed the note and her somewhat cautious air as she walked the streets. He hoped it wasn't because of him, after all it might paste him into her memory more perminantly than he might alreaddy be. Eventually she wandered off around a corner and he paused seeming to look up at a nearby shop sign while counting off in his head before following. He didn't care where he went as it was the first time in a while he had a pupose other than survival...

02/15/2007 4:20 PM

Looking at Mydria's stiff back the tavern suddenly felt stifling and far too small, the miasma of scents sickening..
Feeling a need for fresh air- or what passed for it it the city- Sadhbh stalked to the door, and then beyond.
She shouldn't be surprised, really. She didn't know these people (she snorted briefly at the word), she knew nothing of how they operated save that they had a basement full of bodies, why would the merchants words- if they were even true, if they hadn't merely been to goad her- shock her? They used the humans casually, seemed to expect her to do the same, why would she be anything more to them?
And she had acted it, really, hadn't she?
In the short time she had been here she had fawned, practically begged, had done their work like a good doggie, so eager to please.

What was more sickening- their behaviour, or hers?

She tossed her head to glare at the moon, the tumbles of her hair spilling down her back and glinting like flame in the light pouring from the tavern. She wished it was the next night, the full moon; that she could lose herself in the sweet, mad oblivion that it would bring.

Closing her eyes she let her senses spread out, seeking a distraction from her thoughts.
[i]the salt tang carrying from the harbour
the low clang of a watch bell
the organic stench of excrement tossed out to rot in the street
yowling cats, the acrid stink of their anger heralding a fight
cheap oil and cheaper tallow to ward off the dark
Kylee, sky blue...
the merchant, and [/i]that[i] scent
No, not just that scent...[/i]

Her eyes flew open and her breath caught in her throat. Last night, in the scent, she had caught something similar to her own, and now... it was there again, trailing faintly after the merchant,.. but under it, darker, [i]cleaner[/i], another scent...

Casting one brief look into Mydria's tavern she began walking down the street.

02/15/2007 5:14 PM

Mydria sat on her stool determined to drown out the memories as they came flooding back. That had been a lifetime ago, a life time she was ashamed to say had existed. She choked back the tightening in her throat, trying to wash it out with the strong brew. Now as her history had come flooding back in the past two nights she may have just lost a potential friend. She looked arounf the bar, Sadhbh had gone, leaving her no chance to apologize for Parker's comments or her own anti-social behavior. She sighed, and hoped against the odds that she would come back.

Kylee tightened her fiss together, trying to think of what it was Mydria had taught her. She slunk back into the shadows waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. She peered through the black watching the werewolf creep through the dark. She smiled and stepped from the confines of the buildings shadow.
"You gave me a spook."

02/15/2007 5:20 PM

At her words he froze, caught. Exhaling he walked towards her and gestured in the direction she was going as if to say go on. His mismatched eyes regarded her curiously as he followed down the street wondering to himself what he was doing. He stalked along wondering where she was headed and why she was being so tolerant. Shrugging off his thoughts he put his mind to something more productive, figuring out what he was going to do now. He had nowhere to stay and now there was someone who knew him here, things were looking bad unless she was unusually nice...

02/15/2007 5:45 PM

She continued on to her next stop, allowing her senses to skim their lengthy fingers through the air combing it for other presences. One familar blood pattern made her pause. Sadhbh was close behind the young werewolf and her. She smiled, it seemed she had stalkers about. She reached her next stop and slipped another note under the door. Her smile widened she could sense the body behind her. She turned to face the young werewolf.
"You know you can come out of the shadows. I don't bite fellow creatures of the night."
She could only just see his blood pulsing through the still night air.

02/15/2007 5:53 PM

He walked up to her and smiled as best he could, being alone for so long had robbed him of not only his ability to speak but aparently his control over expressing emotion. He hoped it didn't seem too threatening and scratched anxiously behind his right ear. He felt for some reason wanted but still the cautiousness of twelve years alone kept creaping into him putting him on guard against what he didn't really fear...

02/15/2007 7:27 PM

Kylee looked at him, he had a sincere grin in some what dimmed with the passing of many years of isolation. She stepped closer to him, extending a welcoming hand.
"Well dear hunter, if i may call you so, you seem quite interested in me. Why I do not pretend to fathom but it is only fitting to be polite. I am Kylee." She could till sense Sadhbh, although she still had a good deal of catching up to do. "I hope you don't terribly mind company ut we might be recieving some soon."

Mydria searched her customers once more. A new group of people had entered the bar, they did not bother to hide their finely crafted wepaons as others did, instead they displayed them prouly on their leather belts with elaborate belt buckles. They looked to be a royal guard of some kind except that females were amoung their ranks. The Harpists tune drifted to an end the last note dangling in the ar like he end of a sweet dream that you can just barely remember. The new crowd ws not rowdy and they did not disturb the finely dressed less armed customers. They like the other gang sat politely and ordered their poison. But their was an eerie familiarity about them. She looked at the swords all decorated in similar fashions, then to their clothes, each wore their own style unless they were matching a partner. Their hair perhaps? No that was ridiculous. There. Right there, the medallion that hung on their neck resting on the breasts of the ladies, tucked neatly in between the mens vests. The curling snake like dragon around a cross, pointed like blades at each end. the object caught her eye and memory but the recollecton was smeared in years of dus and yellowed with decay.

02/15/2007 7:34 PM

He nodded slowly knowing there was no way to easilly convay his name. He figured that he had found one of the few people in this world that actually cared to help some one. Attempting a smile again he relaxed for the first time in what felt like decades but he also knew he had not lived that long. He decided that he would stay with her or at least try to as nothing was easily done anymore or at least so it seemed. One last time he studied her with his mismatched eyes before gesturing to go on.

02/15/2007 7:46 PM

"Hmm, a mute you say... Well then there is nothing wrong with silence, and it is always nice to have someone around on these streets." She retracted her hand and folded it over her other arm as she leaned againts the houses siding. She was in no rush to complete her chores, by the look of the moon she had quite some time to complete her task. "I would hate to let Sadhbh think we were trying to get away from her, so I shall let her catch up with us. I do hope you don't mmind, she's another werewolf but a friendly one, I think Mydria is taking to her." She bit her lower lip and chewed on it a bit, the same childish innocence coming back into her pale complexion. Her soft eyes looked at the some what dirtied young man. It did seem wolfs had a terrible habit of getting themselves into less than hygenic situations. She released her lip.
"Do you like music?" She flexed her delicate finger, looking down at them as they wrung at eachother, popping the joint in her knuckles.

02/15/2007 7:55 PM

Niko paused a moment before nodding at the knowledge of another like him comming. On the other hand the question about music lifted his spirits slightly as he nodded vigorously to her question. Before settling slightly and resing in a crouch. Things were looking up for the first time in twelve long years. How long it would last didn't matter as he was just happy that something was going well. As he thought he absent mindedly ran one hand over his head and subconciously started to fix it to the best he could. Giving up he looked up at her with a slight look of wonder as well as the ever dominant curiosity...

02/15/2007 8:31 PM

The streets were lightly populated by people walking their nightly routines. A young pair of lovers had guilty grins on their faces as they walked by, they had most likely just slipped from their parents house. The street lamp was still lit and she stood under it's warm hue, the flames dancing across her skin. The melody was soft at first lifting into the night breeze, meeting the leaves that had left the safety of tree limbs and now glided above the city. There, her voice was amplified, echoing off the buildings making each mournful note bound through the streets moulding her voice into a chorus. Her reverance grew and she closed her eyes, her delicate melody causing her dreams to seep into the world around her. The notes increased in volume, grasping the wing and struggling to keep itself heard for in her mind the light breeze was a storm and so her voice rose to meet the challenge. Her eyes opened as her song resonated in the air, her notes took hold of her, wrapping themselves around the strangers that had now come to observe the spectacle, they seemed to seep into the flesh causing it too tingle as if somone had taken a feather to your skin, again the notes swelled dancing with the flames, voice becoming a dark haired woman with tan olivy skin, dancing exotically inside the small candle that lit the small cobbled street. The dancer, the voice, whirrled around engulfing the audience now, setting afire the areas once tickled by a light touch. She closed her eyes once more holding on to the end of a word, clinging to it before letting it drift on its own into the moons loving embrace. Their the note ettled its echo could still be heard farther causing it to sound like an old cathedral. She opened her eyes and seemed to notice the audience for the first time, she let go of the lamp post that she had been hugging and again took to chewing her lip. She looked at them cautiously not sure if they had enjoyed it or thought she was plain delirious.

A reassurring clap started in the audience and her lip tightened under her teeth into a goofy smile. She looked at the young werewolf and curtsied to him slightly. Sadhbh had made it now and was standing close by, her song preventing anything from happening between the two werewolves as well as the crowd and the two skittish creatures. The crowd dissipated and she stood between the two looking at them both meekly.

02/15/2007 8:58 PM

Niko was mesmerized by the song, the sound amplified by his hightened hearing threw him into a sea of sound and sence that he had never felt before. Each word and sound represented its own emotion or sensation. As the song wove on he slowly filtered out the rest of the world and let himself drift amongst the sounds. The echoing melody eerily reverberated inside his head as the streets sent back their own portion of the mournful song creating the effect of a chior as oposed to one woman. The sound calmed and soothed him causing a slight fight imbetween the calling of sleep and the need to hear more...

Eventually the sound dimmed and faded away and he was hit by a delayed flinch as his body finally informed his brain about the crowd that was slowly scattering. He looked toward Kylee to see her slightly curtsey to him, responding almost naturally he bowed his head before twitching again as he noticed the newcomer. She was like him he could easilly tell from the scent, she also held an air of annoyance and a tinge of anger. He regarded her with a questioning look while noting Kylee's meekness. Blinking, he sighed before shifting his gaze up at the night sky...

02/15/2007 10:23 PM

Valen sat up in bed panting. He was covered in sweat. He couldn't remember what he had been dreaming. It was like his mind had blocked it out. He got out of bed and put his belt and tunic back on. He opened the door to the hall and listened to the commotion upstairs. He walked out into the bar area and froze. He was sensing something strong. It was like something was trying to pry into his head. He did the best he could to put up a barrier between him and this strange force. Finally it broke, "Valen....We're coming for you boy....You can't run this time...". His eyes widened as the words faded from his mind. He ran back to his room and grabbed his coat and the rest of his equipment. He rushed out the door and put his coat on. He took a few steps into the street and rolled forward just in time to avoid a giant man with a giant hammer. He stared at the man wide eyed in shock. The giant hammer he had slammed down left a huge hole in the ground. 3 other men stepped out of the shadows, one with a a large sword, one waith a pair of sharp looking double bladed daggers, and another with two crossbows that were loaded with flaming bolts. He took a few steps back and thought " I've got to lead them away from here, I can't let Mydria or Kylee or Zanen get into this". " Didn't I tell you that you couldn't run this time?" said the man with the sword. Frozen in place for a moment Valen just stared blankly at all of them. Then it hit him, "Run dammit! Get the hell out of here! You idiot why are you just standing there so helplessly?! Run!" it was his own voice. He gained control of his movements and ran for it. It didn't matter to him where he was going as long as it was away from the inn and everyone inside it that the men could cause harm to.

02/16/2007 6:14 AM


she also held an air of annoyance and a tinge of anger.

damn straight! lol]

Sadhbh was facing the young man, the one the same as her, but looking straight at Kylee, unblinking, her shoulders betraying her tension.

She had only once met a werewolf, and did not have happy memories of the occasion.

She had only intended to follow, to watch, to try to learn. She knew so little about what she was and to her that ignorance was galling. This was a chance to see another of her kind, to discover about herself.
And, in truth, she had been fearful.

Now, a confrontation had been, essentially, forced.

She looked at him, finally.

She would have known, even if she could not smell it, she would have known from just seeing with weak human eyes that he was like her.
It was in every fiber and sinew, the set of his shoulders, how he carried his head, his eyes. And so complete. So final.
She didn't realise until that moment that she had been hoping that this was only a passing nightmare, that was why she had struggled against it for so long, that somehow it would have an end where she could find Conn, and go home, and be happy. Be some man's wife.

Looking into the eyes of this werewolf, their terrible solitude, their [i]difference[/i], she knew that life was lost to her forever. A forever that stretched out in front of her.

She wanted to cry: to throw her head back let all hear her mourn, long and loud, the length of the night.

Instead she turned back to Kylee, her eyes betraying nothing.
"Finish your errands. I will follow".

02/16/2007 7:13 AM

Valen ran lightning fast down the street and even though he was running so fast the men were still close behind. He turned to look back before rounding the corner. They were almost upon him. When he turned back he saw the small crowd and wished he had gone the other way. But it was too late now, he avoided the crowd the best he could but then he saw them. The two werewolves standing near Kylee. One was from the inn, one that Mydria had taken in. But he didn't know the other one. Now he really wished he had gone the other way. He kept on running hoping that they wouldn't see his face. He was dodging the men's attacks all the way down the street. He was getting tired and he could hardly stand to run. He had to end it, he had to stop running or he knew he would collapse. Suddenly his knee buckled and he went flying forward. He landed hard on his side, so hard that it knocked the wind right out of him. His hands were scraped up and bleeding. The men stood around him and he wished harder than ever that he had made it around the other corner before he had fallen. He was in plain veiw of the crowd and of Kylee and the wolves. He had put them all in danger the moment he stepped into the bar.

02/16/2007 8:35 AM

Mydria watched Valen as he headed out the door. There was a stiff joint as he walked, a nervousnes in his face. She stod to ask him what was wrong but he did not notice her approach.He continued walking through the bar out the door and into the night street. She peered through the window and saw him break into a run a few burly looking gentlemen chasing after him. She turned on her heel and spoke low to her barkeep.
"Keep the place under control, I need to finish a few errands of my own." He nodded and she reached for her rapier behind the counter buckling it around her waist and walking at double speed. The harpist had begun her next set, plucking a happier melody into the air, energetic and enthraling. Mydria laughed to herself.
"Hardly the music I would use considering the circumstances." She pushed through the door and started to sprint in the direction of Valen but was forced to stop. Two young men stepped in front of her path pulling long swords from their belts, they both wore the talismans she had seen in the bar. She could feel the tingle on the back of her neck and turned to see the other four exit the bar cutting off her other escape route. She raised her rapier willing to take all of them on at once.
"At least you were so polite as to let me leave my bar. You know how I hate disturbing customers."
"No tricks this time Mydria." Her skin was more than usually cold and she stepped back trying to use the wall to protect from flanking. They knew her but she did not know them.
"You are under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of a Miss Kylee McClane." So thats who they were, she growled dep in her throat, a decade later and they still hadn't let this go.

Kylee watched the two wolves sizing eachother up, she doubted she could break them up so close to the new moon and this male wolf was not much younger than she. She nodded at Sadhbh gesture to continue on and turned to obey her request hoping they wouldn't kill eachother behid her back but was stopped by a mob of men running through the streets, one with cool vampire blood. It was a familiar pattern.
"Valen?" She saw him fall and began to rush to help but was stopped. A group of men five strong and by the feel of it, there was more in the shadows stepped forward. She recognized a few of them from the crowd listening to her music. She clutched down at her boot instinctively but remembered her dagger was still at home.
"You remember us don't you love? Come now there is no need for violence, all's you need is to come with us." She looked towards Valen, he did not look like he was in any shape to fight, but she was in no position to help either. She swallowed and tried to calm the rickling skin on her arms and neck. She recognized them all too well.
"No I don't think there is any need for violence, so if you would so kindly lt me be on my way so I can help that nie young man over there I would be much obliged." Kylee clutched at the cloth around her neck. She knew if she bolted to help Valen she could put all of them in more jepordy than they were already in.
"No love, I don't think we can do that, we don't help midnight scum like you. The group sized up the two werewolves keeping their hands close by belts with various things hanging from them. Kylee could feel her body tighten, this was not going to be an easy escape.

02/16/2007 9:07 AM

Valen narrowly avoided the large mans hammer and jumped up. He flipped backwards to put a little distance between him and the men. He looked over at Kylee and saw the men surrounding her. "Kylee run! Get out of he-" his words were cut of by a massive blow to the head from the large mans hammer. It sent him flying backwards and he landed head first and slumped over. He got up slowly, blood dripping from his head. He spat out some blood and slid off his coat. He pulled out his swords and tried his best to keep from falling over. "So you are going to fight back this time? Then I hope you are ready to feel the sting of my blades again." said the man with the daggers. The man with the hammer rushed forward and Valen did his best to avoid the giant swing but it hit him square on the back so hard that if he were human it would've broken his spine.

02/16/2007 9:56 AM

"Alright listen, if you leave them be I will come with you. They have done no wrong." Kylee was trying to inch towards an opening where she could draw these men away from everyone. This was not their fight.
"I'm sorry my dear, but I don't think we'll be able to accomodate that request." He walked forward his hand hovering over a silver dagger tucked into the folds of his cothing, the hilt just visible. The other looked to the werewolves, eyeing them cautiously.
"These fine specimens need to be taken for, researchful purposes. Suck fine specimens, I would hate for them to go to waste." Kylee was prepared to bolt, the gap almost within her reach, but she flinched to move to soon. He wrapped one strong arm around her waist and placed th silvre blade to her neck. A deadly position even for a vampire.
"Well now my oves, I think me and Miss Kylee here wll be taking our leave, fellas if you would beso kind as to bring these dogs along."

02/16/2007 10:25 AM

[i]This day just gets better![/i]

Any residual annoyance Sadhbh felt at Kylee dissipated as the man talked.
She could feel her lips wanting to curl back in a snarl but once she saw the flash of silver she forced herself to remain still.

Some myths were true, then.

She could see the vampire feared the metal, and felt an instinctive recoil within herself, warning her to be careful. How much experience did these men have of her kind? Did they know her strength, her speed? Would they realise how much more powerful she would be this close to the full moon?

That they had silver... well, every fool had heard that old hag's tale.
But safer to assume knowledge. Far safer.

She breathed deeply and calmly, marking the scents and positions of those present, tensing herself against the pain to come.
Low and fast. A high, all-out leap would leave her more vulnerable to weapons.
Low and fast.
Don't grapple, don't let them gang up.
She could feel the power gathering in her muscles, feel the rage roiling in her stomach, let her sense of self start to drift away, teetering on the very edge, waiting, waiting...

She waited until the one who had Kylee, supremely confident in his easy victory, had turned to walk away, leaving the others to herd the 'dogs'.

She didn't think, just let it happen. One moment two legs, then four.

[i]on the left.. too relaxed, sudden stench of fear
Low and fast.
Barrel into the legs, the impact helping her to stop, wince at his weight on her back, turn, he landed with his arms spread, [/i]hands[i] open wide, knife gone, stupid two-leg balance, throat is gone, red and raw and gaping.[/i]

One gone.


02/16/2007 10:52 AM

Kylee waited for the man to take her into the alley way. She could feel two more had waited in the darkness, but that was hardly a problem. she brought one hand back behind her, swift enough to avoid any reprocussions and grabbed him between the legs, The knife dropped and a quick rush of air into his lungs reassured her. They were in hre element, the dark of the alley more blinding to them than her, or so she thought. The other two men lunged forward, wait no one was female, older by the cooler blood.
"Her, ahhh, eyes, take out the eyes." The man managed to gasp out. Her arms were pinned behind her by the new assailant, an iron clamp closing around one wrist then the othre. Mydria could have broken it easily, but she was young and powerless. She struggled anyway trying to free her shckled arms. The man backed off not wanting to test the vampire strength. She turned to meet him, ready to ram him into the brick wall. She did so but found only a hard brick wall and a wringing in her ears as her head hit stone, he was a fast son of a bitch. The arm clamped around hers once more and she rammed her head back hoping to catch his nose but caught nothing but air. Another firm arms clamped around her neck.
"I asked you to come quietly bitch." Then she felt it, a searing pain enter her flesh just near her left eye, the silver dagger cutting into eye, across her nose and into her right socket. She yelped in pain feeling her the hot liquid seep down her face. A swift kick to the gut brought her down to her knees and a stab to the back sent silver running through her veins, making her ability to heal slow and painful. She could not struggle, did not want to struggle eachomovement was excrutiating. The three people grabbed her, hoisting her up and bringing her down out of sight, out of smell.

The three others still standing took out thick chains. One whistled.
"Here puppy, come on girl no need for pain, be a good dog." Te other two turned to the male wolf wielding their swords silver caltrips jingling in a pouch at their side. The chain wielding man swung down hard at Sadhbh, catching her qucik across the chest. He retracted it and swung it in a circle in front of him. Valens could be heard scuffling with the others, but these men were not interested in him.

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02/16/2007 11:26 AM

Valen managed to get up one more time. The man with the hammer and the man with the cross bows held him up in front of the other two. The man with the daggers came up to Valen and stabbed the daggers into his sides. He screamed in pain as the blades bit into him. Then the man with the sword stepped forward. "I'm gonna make it slow and painful". He leaned close to Valen's ear and whispered "Scream for me boy....". He pressed the tip of his blade into the middle of Valen's chest and slowly pushed it in further and further. Valen kept on screaming, the pain was unbearable. He looked over at the man with the sword. He looked at his evil smile, the same smile he had when he murdered Valen's family.

02/16/2007 2:02 PM

Niko was confused as he looked about the small group and exhaled slowly, it was one of the easier tasks as he had had to deal with larger mobs than this in his twelve years abroad. Nodding slowly to the two men who were taunting him he put his hands up as he walked towards them revealing his two tarnished and blood stained clawed gauntlets. Lunging quickly he ran towards them being careful of the silver Niko slammed his hands into them both while he alowed the claws to work into their guts. Keeping them proped up he waited tearing at their insides with a simple motion of his fingers for a second before withdrawing his hands now covered thisckly in blood from their innards. Licking the right gauntlet he shrugged them of and was soon going through the rather painful trasformation as bone compressed and reformed while his muscle grew dramatically straining his still reforming skin. Finally on all fours wincing from the pain of his transformation he looked up bared his teeth. Steadying he looked at the survivors and used this forms vocal cords to let out a loud snarl. He cast a sideways look at the other and then paused to memorise his ally's scent as to avoid an accidental attack. Bowing his head slightly he took off for the nearest person keeping his head low before bolting behind them following the near perfect strategy, rip hamstring, then remove their throat. To be sure he was dead Niko crushed the mans head in his jaws he raised his head letting the blood run down from his mouth and form a pool on the street. Baring his teeth he cooly regarded his remaining enemies with his mis matched eyes...

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02/16/2007 3:21 PM

Her breastbone was still vibrating from the blow of the chain but Sadhbh shook it off; she couldn't allow the man time to recover from his swing.

Knocked back, she had gone to her haunches, and now used the powerful muscles in her hind legs to spring immediately at her attacker, sharp claws providing traction against the cobbles.

He had over-extended himself in his swing and was barely able to mount a defence, his arms only half raised to block as Sadhbh slammed into his chest; claws at the belly, jaws at the throat. She allowed her momentum to carry her over into a roll as he hit the ground, and came to her feet quickly, half of the man's throat still grasped in her teeth.

She was annoyed, now. She felt bruised by the chain and angered that these gnats were in her way.
Stiff-legged and hackles raised, a low rumble rising from her throat, she looked for the remaining enemies- enemy, now.

The other- he had changed, was huge, so much more powerful than his two-leg self, wild, implacable- faced the remaining assailant. She could smell the stench of the weak thing's fear running hot and wet down his leg. So confident they had been, with their silver and threats: now three lay around him, red, wet messes, the heat of their lives cooling in the night air.

She watched the other, her eyes bright, tail aloft, waiting.

02/16/2007 3:38 PM

Breathing heavilly Niko was dissapointed the bloody guy had dirtied himself and now was even more unapealing. Deciding that he would have some fun he turned and started circling the last man standing. Occasionally Niko would snarl just to see the guy jump as he made his wide circles. Shortly he was no longer amused and decided now was the time, lunging he turned his head to the side and cupped the fool's head in his maw bringing him down before chomping down splitting the skull. Purposefully he ignored his ally and turned his head away before nodding his head towards the group gang beating the poor guy a little ways off. He wished he could say to them "You know guy it isn't nice to exclude people, and even less so to beat on them," but alas he couldn't. Deciding that getting their attention away from the vampire would be a bit tough as they were rather absorbed Niko picked the first man and pushed him before howling...

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02/16/2007 5:52 PM

The man turned around and without even attempting to look at who it was, he slugged the wolf so hard that it knocked him off his feet. Valen took advantage of the opening the wolf had given him and broke out of the men's grasp. He ripped the sword out of his chest and stabbed it into the skull of the man with crossbows. Then he pulled out the daggers and slammed them into the skull of the man with the hammer. Both bodies dropped limp to the ground. He grabbed the giant hammer and slammed it into the gut of the man with daggers. He fell to the ground and Valen crushed his skull with the hammer. Then he turned to the man with the sword who was in shock of what Valen had done. Valen grabbed his short sword and pressed it against the man's heart. He leaned close to the man's ear and whispered "Now its your turn to scream for me...". He pushed the blade into the mans heart and twisted it. The man went limp and Valen pulled the sword out. He kicked the body away and gathered up his things.

02/16/2007 6:06 PM

Niko whined loudly after being hit but soon recovered enough to limp over to his stuff, he wasn't going anywhere fast tonight. Changing back he quickly got dressed replaced his gauntlets and started raiding bodies for anything 'useful' while leaving his right shoulder to rest for a bit. Disatisfied with the first body he looked up to examine the scene and finally realised that there better be some good clean up crews or this is going to attract alot of unwanted attention. Sighing he stood up and looked at the others...

02/16/2007 8:18 PM

The city air was quiet now, except for the heavy breathing of the trio. It was aparent that he was not another lacky sent by Old Parker or Alyssa, or whoever these freaks were. Niko was sniffing around at the bodies, as was Sadhbh but nothing distinct could be found except that they all wore the same talisman around their neck. A Celtic cross pointed at all ends with a snake like dragon curling around it. The moon high in the sky said that it was almost midnight and now most people were settled into bars. Luminous clouds had gathered in the once clear night sky, making the air fresh with the smell of rain. It came slow at first gently mixing in with the humans blood, rinsing the cobbled streets, carrying it down toward the docks. A light wind carried the scent of Kylee with it, but it was coming from an indistinct location, and she was no where to be seen. But what should these three creatures of the night care, just strangers, though together they had fought, they held no obligation to eachother or Mydria. Still the rain came washing away the streets, while the three looked and waited.

02/16/2007 8:32 PM

Niko pocketed what ever money he found as the rain washed over him. He scratched his head while looking over one of the crosses and saw his hand come away bloody. Shocked he took off one of the gauntlets and studied his scalp with a slowly moving hand, it was fine. Satisfied he settled on the thought that it was all the blood that had kept his hair matted for the last few months. Disatisfied with what he had found he looked up to the sky in askance. Finding no consolation he survayed the other trying to see what they were going to do next. He felt oddly alone in the street as if his world had suddenly changed leaving him without solace as the rain continued to fall and so did his tears...

02/16/2007 10:27 PM

Valen sank to his knees. Killing all for men had taken alot out of him, so had the torture. He tilted his head back and looked up at the sky as the rain washed the blood off him. He pulled the large sword from the man with the daggers' skull and pulled one of the double bladed daggers from the large man that weilded the hammer. His wet hair fell down in front of his face making it hard to see. He got dizzy, most likely due to losing so much blood. Weapons in hand he fell forward and laid on the cold wet ground. "Is this how it ends...? Lying here on the ground bleeding to death? " he thought.

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02/17/2007 2:47 AM

[i]Well. Don't we look interesting.[/i]

Sadhbh took in the scene.
Eight dead on the ground in various states of dismemberment, one more seemingly on his way to join them.
The werewolf- two legged again- just standing there smelling of salt and blood.
Her clothes still in a pile in the middle of it all. Pity, it had been a nice dress.

She could just leave, she owed nothing to these people. Had never even spoken to the two here. Nothing was holding her except her own curiosity, a vague sense of alliance as creatures different from all those around them, and outrage that these men- some of them at least- had dared to try to hurt her. There were still more of them out there, the ones who had taken Kylee, and she'd be damned if she was going to turn tail and flee.

She didn't know what to do to help the vampire, she didn't want to let the men get too far away with Kylee.

Frustrated, she began painful change back, breath coming in gasps through the reshaping. She didn't bother coming from her knees when it was done, palms resting on the slick cobbles she looked towards the werewolf.

"I have to get help, for him", she shrugged to indicate the vampire.
"And then I'm going to find those men".
She rubbed absently at a dark bruise that was already forming across her chest.
"I...", she frowned, starting again. "If..."

She shook her head, not even knowing what she wanted to say.
[i]Stay here, watch him though you don't know him, because then when I return we can hunt, can bring red ruin to those fools, and I won't feel so wrong, so alone...[/i]


She changed back quickly, flesh and bone impossibly horribly fluid and ran up the street toward Mydria's bar.

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02/17/2007 6:43 AM

Niko tilted his head as she ran off and sighed again before crouching next to the vampire. Niko poked him inquisitively as if to ask 'are you still alive?' Eventually he decided that while he was here he may as well do someting about the bodies as he slowly got up. He began moving about, dragging the bodies into a small pile about six feet away from the vampire and was quite happy with himself as the pile reached completion. Happy with his work he once again settled next to the vampire wondering if the girl had gotten lost...

02/17/2007 7:34 AM

Sadhbh could smell it before she could see it, vampire blood was thick in the air, but it was tinged with.... corruption was the only word for it. A quickened pace brought her in sight of the barroom door. Patrons were still inside, dancing in front of the stage as a more lively band had taken to it. To any human eye, Mydria would have been little more than a lump, a beggar on the street, not the maimed carcass that Sadhbh's sharp eyes made out. Human blood trails were dragged off in various directions, down different alleys. Sadhbh cautiously approached. Mydria's skin was grey and slick with sweat, making the sickly flesh look slimy. Various gashes could be seen on her arms and in her torso, and one particularly horrific wound across her neck. The blood was not the color it should have been, instead of the deep red that pulses through all creatures, a metallic ooze, slow and thick was clotting in her veins. Mydria could not talk the blood was to built in her throat, she could merely cough out what should have been words. She attempted to stand, raising her sword in a pathetic attempt to fight off sadhbh. It was clear her mind was still replaying the battle though her body had little strength to go through with the action. Mydria collapsed back down, sword clanging against the cobblestone, her body still. There was no heartbeat, no breath, just a cold bleeding body, yet something told Sadhbh she was alive.

02/17/2007 7:50 AM

Sadhbh was near frantic.
Why she should care she couldn't have said.
Perhaps because here, with this woman, was the first time in 3 years that she didn't have to hide part of herself, that here the first steps were taken to accepting that part.

The merry sounds from inside the tavern were jarring contrast to what lay in front of her.

She didn't know what Mydria needed. Blood? Most likely, but human, or would hers do? Would blood make whatever was wrong inside her worse?

She whined softly, licking gently at Mydria's face, trying to reassure her, not knowing if she could even be aware.
Carefully she grasped a corner of the vampire's dress, ripping sharply, trying not to disturb her, before slipping into the tavern, the revellers inside not noticing her.
Pete was behind the bar and she went to him, whining softly once more before dropping the scrap of dark cloth at his feet.

02/17/2007 8:13 AM

Pete was slightly unnerved by the sight of a fairly large wolf standing behind the bar, but if she wanted to attack he had a feeling he would already be dead. He looked at her drooped ears and piece of cloth she had dropped to the floor. He picked it up rubbing the cloth in his hand.

"Dear God where did you get this from?" The man's family had been employed by Mydria for generations, some had even lived during the battle between Queen Alyssa and her and the stories had not easily been forgotten. The thought that their dear friend may have been slain was enough to set any stomach on edge.

He bent down to the large wolf recognizing it as the woman Mydria had taken in. "Alright, I need you to tell me where you found this." He held the cloth up in front of her. The two walked out Pete pretending Sadhbh was his pet to any one who might notice.

He looked at the body slumped right outside the tavern and fell to his knees. He felt for a pulse, breath anything that would indicate that she might be alive. "Shit, where is Kylee?" He hefted the body up into his arms. "Come on pup, heroic deed like that deserves something." He walked into the bar ignoring the stares from patrons walking swiftly down into the hallway and placing her on her bed. He chewed his lip. Never in his life had he had to deal with something like this. He cursed. "Where the hell is Kylee?"

He wiped his palms on his good apron, silver sparkling on it as they came away. Barmaids who had seen Pete came down, two mugs filled with blood in their hands. He wiped out the silver stained blood hoping to clear the infection out. Although stitches were usually unnecessary on a vampire if he wanted to get blood into her body they would be needed on her neck.

A couple hours later and a few bodies worth of blood and Mydria was concious on her bed, although in no shape to fight let alone walk.

02/17/2007 8:49 AM

Pete seemed more than capable of helping Mydria so Sadhbh slipped from the bar and back down the street once more, thankful she had rested well the night before.

Running caused her bruises to sting unmercifully but in a matter of minutes she was back at the scene of the attack, and somewhat surprised to find the werewolf still there. She hadn't thought he would stay. She was equally surprised to find herself glad that he had.

She checked on the fallen vampire, confirming that he was what passed for alive for them.

Going to the sodden pile that was her dress she, for a fourth time that night, went through an agonising change, pulling on the uncomfortably wet material before turning to the werewolf.

"Thank you for waiting".
She was hesitant, not understanding his motives for staying, imagining they were at least partly similar to her own, vengeance foremost.

He was taller than her, and she had to look up into his eyes, dark in the poor light of the street.
"Please, help me. I can't carry him by myself".
She gestured to the unmoving vampire. She was strong but like this he was a dead weight, and she ached from the changes, barely managing to keep the tremble from her limbs.

She didn't know if it was pity, curiosity or some other motivation that moved the werewolf to help her get the vampire back to the tavern, but he did, in truth carrying the load by himself.

02/17/2007 9:04 AM

Now the patrons were thoughroughly confused. For the second time tonight, two bodies had been brought into the backroom. Customers began fingering blades hidden in their clothing, others began to leave. Still the band played on and those on the dance floor remained happily oblivious to the events around them. The bar staff was anxious, they too could feel there was something in the air, something bigger than anything anyone of them had experienced. Living with the undead certainly made for an interesting life.

Mydria struggled to prop herself up, then tried harder to move her stiff limbs to make her stand, she was not one to stand around and wait. It was no use, her legs were still numb with silver her body weak from blood loss and her healing slowed by the silver. pete had gone back to tending the taps and Mydria was left alone in a room lit only by a few candles. Kylee had not yet come back and she feared the worst. They were back, and they had friends, an unholy alliance with something else. She leaned back onto the pillow trying to force down the blood that was still hot in her stomach.

"Have faith in her." She whispered. "She can take care of herself." Mydria allowed herself to lean back down, feeling her body try to put itself back together.

She could hear them entering the hallway, could feel cool vampire blood and two others, warmer, werewolves. They had returned, but who was this second wolf? She struggled once more to stand curiosity overwhelming, perhaps they had her Kylee with them?

02/17/2007 9:09 AM

He had hoped she had not seen the sadness in his eyes as she had looked at him because it would only cause problems. While waiting he had felt a slight nudging at the back of his head and as he had heard her run up it had focused. His past was dead, he didn't know how but he knew that the woman who had made him what he is and killed his familly was dead. she had been the last thing left in this world that he had a connection to and now she was gone and it hadn't even been him that kiled her. He was filled with mixed emotions but the the thought of meaninglesness. He trudged along ignoring the weight he carried as they aproached the tavern. His mind wandered as he tried to think of what he was going to do now and where he would go next. Reaching the tavern he was led down into a darkened hallway and to a room where he set the vampire on the bed realising there was nothing more he could do he decided to settle down in a dark corner to brood as well as stay out of the way...

02/17/2007 9:22 AM

The bar keep came down as he saw the other vampire as well this time coming prepared with blood in hand.

"Jesus what the hell happened out there?" He wrapped the vampires wounds though they should have healed on their own and helped him down blood to regain strength. He eyed the new man in the corner, he was raggedy but not malicious. The barkeep wipped his hands on his apron unconciously, a nervous habit he had when things got rough.

"Can I get you all anything, blankets more blood, anything?" He was tense and genuinley concerned. Creature of the night or human, he wanted to help as best he could.

02/17/2007 9:59 AM

By rights Sadhbh should have felt exhausted, but apart from the ache deep in the marrow of her bones she felt alert, nearly energised. It could be the influence of the moon, but she didn't think so.

She watched Pete bustling about the vampire, before looking at her unexpected ally on the floor.
She had never killed like that before, with abandon and emotion: the emotion came afterwards, gnawing ceaseless guilt and revulsion. Now there was no guilt, just a faint pride in her ability, an acceptance that she did what she had to, was good at it, [i]made[/i] for it.

Did he feel this?
He had been so assured, so efficient and effortless that this could not have been new to him. But afterwards he was calm, reserved, hardly revelling in the slaughter. Resigned, he had seemed.
[i]How had he come to be this way?[/i]

Walking over she knelt in front of him, waiting for him to look up at her before speaking.
"I'm Sadhbh. Thank you".
The thanks was heartfelt, she couldn't have coped without his help.
"The girl who was taken, I have to tell her... the one who owns this place, I have to tell her".

She rose and went across the hall to Mydria's room, standing in the doorway, watching her, she heard the echoes of the merchants words.
[i]Time enough later[/i]

"Men attacked us, they were after Kylee". Her words had sounded harsh and clipped to her own ears, and she sighed before continuing more gently, knowing the pain it would cause the vampire.
"They took her".

02/17/2007 10:08 AM

Niko had nodded subconciously to her and after she left he reailised that he may be able to stay here for at least a little while. This thought stood out among the endless sea of bad ideas and self pitty.

He had nearly fallen asleep when his hunger kicked back. Sighing he slowly rose to his feet and wondered what he should do for food he felt like he wanted to eat a person but that would probably be a bit to disturbing especially as he wanted to do it in this form. Deciding other wise he settled back down and began to plan ahead...

02/17/2007 10:29 AM

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02/17/2007 11:07 AM

Pete recognized the restlessness that came with an empty stomach.
"Ey lad, you're not much of a talker are ya? Come on upstairs with me i think I have something to remedy that ache."

Most patrons had left upstairs, either going home or making their way to a safer bar. The staff hovered, not wanting to go home with so much tension in the air, not feeling safe returning home with Mydria's scent on them. Pete did not know if the wolf would follow, but he walked upstairs anyway and into the kitchen finding a still hot stew over the fire.

Mydria closed her eyes at the news, if tears could flow they would have. She held back the dry sobs, to proud to cry in front of anyone.

"What did they look like? Where did they go?" She felt she already knew the answer but asked anyway. "Please sit, tell me what happened, everything." Mydria shifted more comfortably in her bed. She had noticed the short tone of her voice and figured now was as good a time as any to apologize. In her current state she needed all the allies she could use.

"Sadhbh, I am sorry for what he said, it's not what it sounds like. Well, that's not entirely true but he excluded parts of the story." She knew she sounded stupid and ceased speaking more so because of the pain b also due to embaressment.

02/17/2007 11:14 AM

Looking up Niko just watched the man go upstairs. He thought 'why should I eat?' Before finding himself running up after the man. He was starving and that meant he might loose control and kill some one and that would not be good for a first night here especially if he wished to stay. Reaching the kitchen Niko was welcomed by the sweet smell of stew and found his mouth watering. Things would work out some how all he had to do was rediscover the future and leave his dead past behind...

02/17/2007 11:17 AM

"Parts of the story? What parts? What could justify what he said?"

She was surprised at the explosion of anger, hadn't really realised it was there. These people used humans like cattle, she reminded herself, they could justify anything.

Just like she could justify what she'd just done, and what she had done. For safety, for survival. Was what Mydria did any different just because she also profited from it?

She shook her head, feeling suddenly dirty and wanting to get clean.

"It doesn't matter, not now. We're wasting time. I'd already lost Kylee's scent by the time I left to come back".

She sighed and ran a hand through her wet hair.
"The men that took her, they wore a uniform, dark purple. They had money behind them".

02/17/2007 11:33 AM

Mydria wanted to continue, wanted to explain further but knew the werewolf was right, and she was too concerned about Kylee to waste whatever time they had.

"Shit, it may be worse than I thought. Medallions right?" She sighed and rubbed her head. She was at a complete loss. "Who is the other wolf and is he willing to help? If you don't want to do this for me, then do this for yourselves. These people are not to be crossed without caution. They know who you are now, know that you may be linked with me and they will come for you. They will come for the new wolf too and for Valen if they know he is still alive. You say money then we may be in grave danger. Old Parker may have just sold his soul to these fuckers. Perhaps quite literally. And if that isn't convincing enough, kylee does not know anything about what happened between me and Old Parker 40 something years ago, she had nothing to do with the corrupt deal that went on, please don't be mad at her."

The bar was all quiet upstairs, noone around but barmaids and Pete. They cleaned, eyeing the door, waiting for a terrible beast to come through and devour them all. Instead a finely dressed young lad, a swashbuckler of sorts, waltzed through.

"I'm sorry son but the bars closed for the evening."
He ignored the comment.
"Is Mydria in."
"Nay, she is out for the night but perhaps I can take a message. Here follow me I have to take care of some things in the basement."
The young man followed and chatted with him idely.
"Yes well Mydria and I have some unfinished business from long ago and well," they entered the basement, the barkeep making sure to stay away from the section they kept bodies. "And if you would be so kind as to give her this. A splash of blood coated the already red stained floor. A single lotus blossom fell to meet the inn keeps slashed throat. The man walked back out wiping his blade. He looked at the couple sitting at the fire and smiled at them politely.
"See you in the after life, yeah?" His scent made him a vampire. He walked out the door with a cofident smile. The smell of fresh blood was on him and the inn keep was nowhere to be seen.

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02/17/2007 11:55 AM

"I know they'll come for me", Sadhbh half snarled, the moon and the night's exertions making her emotional.
"Kylee's what you made her. She can't be blamed for that. If things aren't safe for you, they're not safe for me- and I don't think distance would be an issue with these men. So don't worry," she spat the words, "I'm not running".

She turned to leave, speaking back over her shoulder.
"I don't know who this other wolf is, but I doubt he's a fool. I imagine he knows the stakes".

Wishing there was a fireplace in her own room Sadhbh changed quickly into a loose shirt and dark leggings and stalked up the stairs, wanting to get warm and dry.
The other werewolf was there already, looking like he hadn't eaten in eons.
She paused at the door before reaching over the bar and grabbing some parchment and ink that was kept for orders and supply lists.
Putting the writing materials in front of the wolf she sat on a chair opposite him, legs pulled up under her, and as near to the fire as she could get.

"Something to call you would be nice". Her tone was half wry, half challenge.

02/17/2007 12:02 PM

He blinked, then it dawned on him, he still knew how to write so there was still a way to comunicate. Hunching over he wrote in a quick untidy scrawl 'My name is, Niko Saari,' before handing the paper back to her. He scratched the back of his head grinning as she took the paper. As she read he began to wonder if he had made the right decision telling her, after all she was the first person in twelve years to learn his name and he barely knew her. Shrugging dismisively he leaned against the wall trying not to imagine eating her as he was still hungry and she looked quite tasty...

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02/17/2007 12:44 PM

The man slipped out the door, the two seemed too involved in a note pad to notice him. He slipped his sword back into his belt and whistled out the door, making it clear that whoever he was working for was powerful enough to protect him from two werewolves.
A barmaid screamed, and ran up the stairs.

"He's, he's dead!" She looked around frantically, "Old Pete, that bastards gone and killed him."

02/17/2007 12:57 PM

"Niko... Saari. Right. Um, nice."
She nodded, trying to think of something to say, and, distracted by his grin, unable to.
"Ah.. makes things easier".

She smiled, aware that it was hardly sparkling conversation.

The heat of the fire was only [i]just[/i] working its way into her muscles when she noticed a dandified man- no, a vampire by his scent- leave the basement and walk through the door.
She'd barely had time to ponder why he would be down there, a customer of Mydria's, no doubt, when the scent of blood carried over to her.
Almost simultaneously a scream came from below stairs.

She was on her feet quickly, looking at Niko in confusion. She hadn't smelled whether their attackers from earlier on the vampire [i]or[/i] the presence from the previous night. They seemed to be attracting enemies at a remarkable rate.

02/17/2007 2:27 PM

Valen sat up wincing a little. He snatched up his weaponry and his coat and looked over at everyone else. "So who are we dealing with and where are they?" He said.

02/17/2007 3:04 PM

Niko stretched our on the chair adjusting his back. Standing up he survayed the room and slowly took in the man's sent. Memorising it in it's entirety, after doing this he looked around at the others. The questions were forming in his head and he didn't like that he felt they were heading into a long fight, one that might kill them. Why there were so many enemies here disturbed him as it seemed that everything had centered on this tavern. Weather it would work out or not seemed to be in thier hands for the moment but it could all change in an instant. Sighing Niko picked another chair and sat down again waiting for imput from the others...

02/17/2007 4:07 PM

Mydria managed to make her weak legs, still stiff with silver poisoning, move from the bed and painfully felt her feet touch the wooden floor. There was a scream upstairs she recognized as one of her own. She pulled on a night gown and clung to the walls as she limped up the hall. She stopped at door three and felt inside. She could just make out Valen's blood, weak but still flowing through his body. He too had been attacked and severly injured. She tripped on the stairs, a bruising hit to her ribs.

"1122 how long has he been planning this." She hobbled her way up the stairs, cursing fluently all the way up. Valen poked his head out at the sound of her angry voice, and together the two of them managed to navigate up the stairs.

"He's dead, the bastard, he slit his throat!" The barmaid was still wailing, a crumpled blossom was clenched in her fist.

"So this is what it has come to,she couldn't have picked a lovlier fucking time." Valen helped her into a wooden chair and sat himself down as well. Mydria looked the two bewildered werewolves over and gestured for them to come closer. There the four creatures sat, their only bond the immortal blood running through their veins. She eyed each of them, last night they had been complete strangers, and now over the course of a no more than perhaps 18 hours she could feel a slight kinship towards them even if they did not share the same feelings. Even this new werewolf brought a sense of familiarity.

"Well, I suppose at this point you all want to know what the hell is going on. I truly wish I could tell you, but I am only seeing fractured pieces of a much larger picture. I will tell you so far what you have run up against I think you deserve to know at least that and I apologize that you have been pulled into this." Mydria took a shaky breath, her whole body ached, her stitched throat making dialogue uncomfortable. "The men who attacked you, the ones who took Kylee, they are from an old slayer clan, ancient by human standars. They are called the Rinola Faction, my dear Kylee, her mother and grandmother were a part of it. But that is lengthy history, in short they believe I stole Kylee from their ranks and turned her merely to spit at them. They are dedicated to wiping the world of all things they deem unnatural, an extremly religous group of fanatics. Then we have Old Parker, I have been doing business with him since he was 23. Why he has chosen to turn on me now, at the same time the Rinola Faction has popped up is beyond me. The coincidence has not been disregarded. And now my friends it seems the final player has revealed itself. Queen Alyssa has moved her pawns back on the board, and under any other circumstance I would not be concerned by this but something is going on and it spells doom for not only me, but for all of you, and for just about anyone else on these damned islands." She rubbed her throat trying to cease the vibrations that made it burn and weep.

"I do not know what is going on, I do not know where to look, all I know is that if we are going to survive, if these isles are to survie we are going to need to work together. I do not have time tonight to begin a search, I do not have strength either. Tomorrow however, you wolves will be at full strength and they know this, if they make moves tomorrow they will be cautious. Tonight, Sadhbh you and your new friend, if you would be so kind as to follow the blood trails left by my assailants, they will be weak with the rain, but they should still be distinct. Valen you and I will regain strength, I need time to think things through. When you find something let me know. We will work our way from there." She sat back and looked at the three, just a rag tag band that had come to the wrong place at the wrong time.

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02/17/2007 9:28 PM

Niko leaned back and fell off the chair as he had had the back turned to the side. Grumbling he got up and walked over to the door quickly with one final look over his shoulder he walked out into the rain. Looking at the origin of the blood trails he decided to start there and pick the strongest. Bundling his clothes and gautlets up in his cloak and jacket he loosely tied them around his neck and middle before going through the rather excrutiating change. After his bones had reformed he bent his head down and searched the ground. Finding the strongest trail he bounded off into the night after it.

He had been out about twenty minutes when the decision to stay out until dawn settled in his mind. He would find them scope the area and then go back when there was no more he could do, and get a meal if time permited. Following the fading trail of blood his nails clicking as he ran on the cobbled roads as he wound his way through the city. At one point the trail ended and he stopped wondering what had happened to it as it had seemingly vanished near a building. A little while later he found that they had gone through the building as to slow and confuse persuers if there were any. They weren't making his job easy as he soon found the windings and false trails many and toublesome.

It had nearly been an hour by the moon and he knew he was getting close or the person he was tracking had started to loose more blood as the blood trail widened. Now was the time to do the scouting, then he could eat... or so he hoped. Reaching a crossroad he was lead in another circle as the blood went to a few dead ends giving the impression that the person had been loosing the way them selves. After finding the persons chosen path he hurtled down the street wishing that his goal and their location was just around the corner...

02/18/2007 12:07 AM

Valen stood up and put on his coat. "Screw that! It can't wait we need to find her now! I'm going with the wolf." He stumbled towards the door and almost fell over. He had felt it when he stood up. He was in no condition to go anywhere or to fight. But what choice did he have? He knew that if they couldn't find Kylee soon then the men that took her might hurt her or worse. She and Mydria had been the only vampires ever to show him any sort of kindness. The only ones to ever call him a friend. However, Mydria was right. If he were to charge out there and find her what good would he do if he could not fight? He sighed and walked back over to Mydria and the others, wincing with every step. "Maybe you're right..." he said as he sat back down.

02/18/2007 6:19 AM

[ooc: oh god oh god, writer's block. I apologise in advance]

Queen Alyssa, Rinola faction... the names meant nothing to her but they each separately sounded like they had enough resources to make life difficult.

Sadhbh stood slowly after Niko's... elegant... exit. She didn't like not having all the facts, and currently felt as if she didn't even have half of them. Who was Mydria to draw these enemies? Why move against her now?

Moving quickly to the alley opposite the tavern she undressed again, and changed again, thankful at least that her thick fur stopped the chill of the night's air.
Whether it was the frequency of change or a growing acceptance of her nature she felt less of a conflict within her, less of a tugging for control between two separate halves. It was easier to think, to remember what she was to do rather than having only a vague idea.

Her nose to the ground she cast about in front of the bar, sorting and filing the different scents. The two most distinct travelled in the same direction, the one Niko had taken, for a short while before splitting. It was more than likely coincidence, in the previous encounters each scent had been distinctive and separate, no overlap or taint of the other.
She followed the second trail, nose almost touching the ground to catch the fast-fading scent. In places it would get stronger, briefly, as if the person had paused to see if they were being pursued, but generally the trail proceeded evenly, with little diversion or attempt to cover their tracks. Confidence, rather than idiocy, she thought.
In her head the scent was building a map, a clear route through the tangle of streets and alleys, and she had no doubt she could find her way again when necessary.

Encountering nothing strange on her route- it was late and the city was quiet- Sadhbh found herself emerging from the jumble of buildings into an area with a decidedly cleaner, wealthier feel. The trail was easier to follow here, the smell of lifestock and human ordure considerably lessened. Guards, privately hired and otherwise, however, were in greater evidence, so she kept to the shadows, pausing occasionally to place their movements, not wanting to be seen and alert whoever it was she was following.
She found a building, finally, where the trail disappeared. Scouting around it she confirmed that her quarry hadn't merely passed through and left by another route.
Sitting back in the shadows she watched the building for a short while, noting that nobody entered and left, before turning and heading back quickly to Mydria's.

It was time for more information.

02/18/2007 10:36 AM

Mydria placed a kind hand on Valen's arm as the two werewolves left.

"I thank you for your concern but the two of us I think we have some talking of our own to do." She looked around at the frightened staff, all of them waiting for direction. "Excuse me a moment." She looked over at her girls. "Come now lasses to bed with ya. Whatever it is they are not going to harm you. Off with ya now." She watched each hesitantley file up the stairs and into guest rooms.

"Now as I was saying we need to talk. Those men following you, who were they and are there more of them because if I have yet another enemy on the board I need to know about it before [i]this[/i] becomes much worse." As the silver ran it's course and dissapated she could feel her body healing, the gash on her throat closig on its own now, making it comfortable to talk once more.

"I need to know if this was just a terrible coincidence or if they are connected to what is going on now, because if they are, then we may be up in over our heads, I have allies, but I don't think even they can stand up against what we are facing now." Mydria rubbed the back of her head the next few hours before dawn were gonna be hell.

02/18/2007 12:09 PM

He was havin fun now as he slid around a corner into an alley way and then nothing? Niko back tracked to the last trace of blood but found no doors this time just a stained glass window on one side. deciding that running around on all fours was nolonger needed he reverted back to his two-legged form. Throwing on his stuff quickly he began to search for catches or anything of intrest near the stained glass window. Eventually he was goind to try to pull it out when his pull instead of removing it slid it down. Confused he pulled again bringing it further down. Happy that they hadn't gone to extravagant measures to hide their entrance he soon followed the blood trail to a ladder heading down. Removing his gauntlets and holding the straps in his mouth he began the decent down.

He reached waht seemed to be a tunnel under the city leading to where he did not know. Deciding that he was too far in to go back with his curiosity being as it was he walked down the tunnel extinguishing the torches as he went. A room came into focus a little ways ahead and he froze wishing he had a good bottle of spirits and a nice cloth. Thinking on it he realised that he was camped at a tavern. Turning he fled the lit room back towards the bar hoping he could get the ingredients for a few fire bombs...

02/18/2007 3:31 PM

Mydria looked up from Valen as the two werewolves clamored back into the bar. There would probably be a conflict of voices if the male wolf could talk. She listened to Sadhbh as she was the one with working vocal cords.

"The man, the one who killed peter he led me to the richer corner of town, who ever he is he is well off. His trail disappeared into one of the buildings." Mydria nodded.

"And what about you, what did you find." No answer. Sadhbh put a pad out in fron of him and handed him a writing utensil. He wrote furiously and handed Mydria the pad.

[i]The blood led to a stain glass window. It leads to an underground system. Didn't follow much further.[/i]

Mydria sighed. "Alright we cannot be concerned with Alyssa's pawns for now. She merely wants to state that her presence is here and she is no longer afraid of me. I will deal with her personally. You two however need to concern yourself with this underground passage way. I want the two of you to stick together. i am almost positive that is where Kylee is and I need to know what they are up to. You probably want to work through the day because tomorrow night you will be useless to me. Valen you will stay with me while we deal with Queen Alyssa. She needs to think I have new powerful ally's and you can play the part."

Mydria flexed her knuckles she felt like a tyrant barking out all these orders and information. They would forgive her in the end, if they made it.

02/18/2007 3:46 PM

He took up the pad again and listed what he wanted it was rather simple he thought as he wrote out: [i]Can I get about ten bottles of spirits and ten old dish rags?[/i]
Handing the pad back to the female vampire slowly hoping he could get the stuff as it would make fighting during the day easier. Sitting down he plotted on how to do this without killing someone that was innocent... or at least innocent by his current standards. Originally he had just wanted to set the room on fire but if there was some one such as Kylee in there it wouldn't work. Sighing he looked around the room to see if anyone had ideas he could work on.

02/18/2007 3:56 PM

Mydria laughed grabbing her ribs as they creaked with the sudden jolt of movement.
"You want to make explosives? Ah lad you are a resourceful one. Fine by me if you can make it work go for it. Actually might make some for myself come to think of it. Help yourself they are all behind the counter. I don't think we will be opening the bar for some time now."
Her voice quieted at the thought. This had been her home for almost more than a century. Now it could be all but decimated. She cleared her throat.

"Anything else?"

02/18/2007 4:09 PM

Sadhbh looked over Mydria's shoulder at what Niko had written, immediately realising what he intended. She'd seen a lot of raids against British army camps back home, and this had been a favourite tactic.

Kylee was of course a concern, and judging from the intense look on his face Niko was pondering just that problem.

"They'll have silver, and we'll be in a place we don't know- if we become outnumbered it won't be as easy to run as in an open street".
She looked at Niko.
"I don't know about you but I think stealth is our best chance. We're quick and we're quiet, we'll know where they are and if they're moving closer. I think we got lucky earlier, they were overconfident- they know about us, who knows what kind of tricks they have?

"Depending on how big this place actually is, and how many of them there are, the worst being the worst this-" she indicated the paper, "could be a great distraction. For drawing them away or making an escape."
She frowned slightly, not relishing the thought of the latter.

02/18/2007 4:21 PM

Stealth yes but after they got what they came for leaving a thankyou present would be most pleasurable. When she had said distraction he would have laughed and put in 'What is a better distraction than having your flesh burning?' habing all of these ideas he knew what to do go in as quietly as possible then if it was a success send Kylee out with Sadhbh and then he would bomb the place. No matter what happened he was going to find a chance for these weather it was tonight or later but first he had to make them.

Getting up he hopped the bar easilly and started setting the materials on the counter. Bottles full, dish rags and a candle to seal the necks as to prevent premature leaking. He stood up and set his gauntlets down as to make the process faster, quickly he removed the corks and stuffed the cloths in to the bottles. Rummaging around he looked for the last thing he needed flint, finding some in a drawer he set it next to his gauntlets before lighting the candle and carefully sealing the bottles. Proud of his work he looked over them checking to make sure they would do their job when he needed them...

02/18/2007 10:20 PM

Mydria handed them a both a pack to keep their things in when they changed into their wolf forms, they could carry it with them then easily.

"I won't be able to help either of you until the sunsets tomorrow, so if you rung into trouble, I am sorry to say but you may be on your own until I can rally my allies. I hope you're not too terribly tired." She watched them both, Sadhbh still seemed sore at her and this little pup, well he was plain awkward. The two sped off hoping to get to their location before the days bustling interrupted anything they might do. Mydria, with the help of Valen, limped back down into her room the morning sun at her back. Having no God to pray to, no faith in mankind, all she could do was sleep and hope that when she woke a bright full moon would shine through her windows and Kylee would be standing on the stage, her beautiful voice bringing in patrons of all sorts. Maybe all this would turn into one long nightmare and she would wake up to find she was human once more.

The streets were begining to bustle with people, the early merchants setting up their carts, ready to sell what the sailors had brought home. Some carts even bore the insignia perched above Mydria's tavern door. They walked quickly but cautiously unwilling to attract unwanted attention. A wispy breeze brought a faint familiar scent. The same one at the docks, and the one all over Mr. Parker. Sadhbh took the lead, Nikko following obidiently, sensing Sadhbh's anxiousness.

Sadhbh followed the scent, even in human form her senses were sharp with nearly less than 12 hours till the next full moon. It led them to the richer quarters of town where nobles stayed while doing business in the port city. Butlers, maids, stable boys, servants of all manner scuttled about making ready the city for their masters. The scent led them to the building Sadhbh had seen earlier a thick overhang keeping the morning rays from a swashbuckling vampire. He was talking with two men dressed in humble brown robes. Men of the Catholic church it would seem.

"You have her, well jolly good lads, I believe a celebrtion is in order, honestly now though you're not lying to me?" His voice was handsome but it was aparent he did not know how to whisper, he was the fluffy type, egotistical and flamboyant. "Well I hate to seem like a snob but I really will need more conclusive evidence before I can hand over our end of the deal."

The monk pulled a bag from his robes, a burlap sack as it were and handed it to the cocky vampire. He checked inside and sneered. "Hardly proof I could make this in my own dungeon if I wanted to. Ah butthe scent is distinct. Fine" He seemed reluctant to depart with a very hefty bag of the jingling sorts.

The two remained low in the shadows, mixing about with the servants their excellent hearing allowing them to remain outside of detection. They nodded to eachother and eyed the two men in the habits, as innocent as they looked to the outside world they reaked of the smell at the dock, and no surprise they were headed back to the stain glass window.

They could try and ambush them, see what they could get, but if they were related to thing on the dock they would be strong. They could follow them down, but they could follow them down, be stealthy perhaps dress like one of the people they ran into last night. They could risk entering the complex hoping the shadows would be enough to stay hidden and observe. The possibilities whirled through their heads as a new scent entered the air. The men were covered in vampire blood, it's dark stains on their dark habits could not be seen be human eyes, but to a wolf nose it was aparent and it was Kylee. These people were slick with her blood.

This task was their's, and the options were endless.

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02/19/2007 8:06 AM

Kylee's scent enraged Sadhbh.

Would it have been her blood staining their clothes is they had captured her? Would they have even cared to torture her, or just left her body in a ditch somewhere? What allowed them to be so free to do such things?

The scent she recognised from the docks made her edgy, remembering how helpless and hopeless she had felt. She didn't like the idea of ambushing these men in broad daylight. She didn't think they had sentries posted- Niko had returned without problems- but couldn't be certain, couldn't know how many were inside the building to respond if her and Niko couldn't take the priests down quietly enough.

Similarly, while the idea of disguise had its appeal she couldn't know if the group would be so small and close as to notice someone new, to question their presence.

The idea of stealth most appealed to her. She felt comfortable in shadows, had learned to in the last 3 years. From what Niko had said the place was relatively dim: in wolf form they wouldn't be at eye level, could move faster, all their senses would be sharper- especially today, with the unrisen full moon already tugging at them.
She could already feel her stomach clenching, had to try to overrule excitement with caution.

She looked to Niko, her green eyes glinting even in the shade.

"Any suggestions?"

02/19/2007 9:28 AM

The two men looked around cautiously, making sure noone saw them as they descended the ladder into their lair. The window opened and keen ears could hear the groan of a female, the smokey smell of cooking meat, but it dissappeared as the window closed. Even if they were unnatural creatures they did not seem to have the ability to detect the werewolves presence, their senses were still human.

02/19/2007 12:27 PM

Valen looked over at Mydria and looked her over for a second."Those men....they were from my past. There are no more of them". He grabbed a cup of blood and drank it down, feeling a tingle as it ran through his body. The pain was eased slightly. His bones no longer ached but the cuts were still there. "So...while they're out hunting what are we supposed to do? Sit here like useless sacks of bones?".

02/19/2007 3:19 PM

He shook his head to clear it before crouching and drawing quickly what he had seen in the dust. He began making possible plans of action before shrugging. Looking back up at her he pointed in the general direction of where they had to go hoping that things would work out.

((sorry for the short post but I kinda want you guys to lead me through this ^_^))

02/19/2007 3:54 PM

Mydria looked at the vampire from her bed and sighed.

"That my friend is all i am capable of doing right now. We can't go out in the morning sun, for then we will be of no use except to cause somone to sneeze. I don't think we can win the war over the sniffles. I cannot be seen in my currrent state so you will be my spokesperson for now. I am almost positie that Old Parker will be sending a human emissary today, that means you have to act like my rich and noble ally. Hopefull he will not call your bluff."

She rubbed her aching forhead. This whole incidentwas becoming a game of wits as well as a game of strength.

Sadhbh nodded at the crude but effective map. It was in all essence Mydria's bar, so easily navigable by the two creatures. no sounds could be heard coming up the ladder so assumably it was safe to descend. Nanuk understood his unwillingness to go first and so slunk down the ladder into the pit. It was dark with many shadows to crawl into and hide. A wiff of the air around them could sense only a few in the room beyond. The priests could not be detected but Kylee's blood seemed to fill the place. It hung in the air like a depressing mist. She was close.

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02/19/2007 4:15 PM

Slinking along Niko looked ahead hoping that the enemy haddn't clued in yet. Moving quickly he reached the coner leading into the room. Sitting in the shadow he wondered how he was going to get through this, he didn't want to want to kick the ant hill yet and he only had ten bombs with him. For now he had to plot on ways of getting the people out of the room to move on towards the dulled sounds of agony. This had become a big game of chess only he had no pieces to move.

The though finally came to him, he moved back down the hall quietly and grabbed a small rock he had seen on the way down. 'Now then,' he thought throwing the rock low but steadilly hoping it would land far enough down the cavernous hall he say to distract them. Hearing the clear click of the rock on the stone floor a ways off made him grin in the shadows as the people in the room looked towards the hall expecting to see a person walking maybe with nothing their curiosity should peak and he would have an opening.

02/19/2007 4:40 PM

Valen chuckled. "I don't really pass for rich or noble". He thought about what she said about not being able to go into the daylight. It had been so long since he had last seen the sun. All these years in darkness. "Mydria....do you think there is a cure?"

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02/19/2007 5:56 PM

Mydria looked up at her cieling, and chewed her lips while her fingers squeezed eachother.

"Death is the cure." She didn't dare look at him while the thought came from her mouth. The thought was not appealing to everyone. "Death is our exit, it is our cure. I don't know what will happen when e die, if we were still human I would have an idea but now, I don't know what to believe anymore. They say we are souless, but if we were souless I doubt we would even be aware of our existence." Now she looked at him, she had never discussed philosophy with anyone but Kylee. "I have to believe we still have it, somewhere in us, otherwise the thought of death is a frightful one."

"Do we know of anyone coming in through the South entrance?" A gruff voice said.
"I was fairly sure that it was closed off for the day." A dopier sounding man answered. "It sounded like a dog."
"Now answer me this. Why and how would a dog climb down a ladder eh?"
The dopey man was silent. A second click brought them out of their chairs.
"Well if the tunnel is collapsing I want to know about it before the whole damn place comes falling down on our heads. I don't know what these fucking templars are thinking building something underground. It just ain't natural."
"They ain't natural Norm."
"Thats for damn sure, now come on lets go see whats coming down our ladder yeah?"

The two walked down the hallway. They did not have their swords drawn, and looked more concerned with the cieling of the tunnel than with invaders. It was clear that being underground made them nervous.

"Who do you suppose the woman they brought down into the dungeon is huh?" Dopey questioned.
"I heard she was some vampire, but I haven't seen one of thse in years I thought we had hunted them clear out of Scotland. Apparently however some Queen has gave out a large bag of money for her capture, and some other man too. Don't know his man but he made some deal with the Templars."
"Yeah I rememebr that, then they came back with those funny looks on their faces, and they started acting all wierd."
"Just something all wrong about all this."

The two got to the ladder and shook it a bit, spooking when some more gravel came down on them. "I am telling you Norm, when this place goes down I hope I am still around to laugh."

02/19/2007 6:20 PM

He watched them check and he thought on going. It was probably his only chance and he took it bolting through the room his soft leather boots barely making noise as he moved after the sounds of suffering comming from the nearest door. As he moved he wondered what they had been talking about, some 'templars' but that was beyond the point as his only goal was to get Kylee out and once that was done all those who weren't readdy to burn had better get out quick, as he planned to leave a trail by fire.

As he decended the stairs he wondered what he would find and was greatly surprised by what he did find. The room was cavernous, it seemed like a dungeon filled with haphazardly placed some seemingly blood stained torture devices. He was looking about when something caught his eye, on one wall was lined covered by crystal bottles filled with what he guessed was holy water, the thought of it sickened him as he continued to survay the room. The plans were going well... so far and he hoped his luck wouldn't change too soon. Getting a new idea he slinked over to the wall lined with vials of holy water and grabbed a few thinking if he found anything that didn't die by fire this stuff should do the trick after all fire purifies all and water cleanses it or so the little saying went. smiling to himself he began to move again through the room searching for the source of the sound that now rang almost crystally off the walls.

02/19/2007 6:46 PM

Nanuk followed close behind the young werewolf, making sure to make little sound, checking the ait to make sure they were alone. Her nose indicated that they were not. Aain that smell, the errie one that floated at the docks mingled with the dungeon air and Kylee's pure scent. It was a sikening thought, that her clear blue sky was being clouded over by these creatures.

The mtalic items, whips, chains, knives, all of them were coated in thick vampire blood. Again the smell of cooking meat rose to meet them followed closely by a yelp of pain. They followed down the dungeon, avoiding the metal links that hung from the cieling. It was possible that this was once a meat locker then converted into a dungeon.

A thick wooden door was slid open, it's cast iron bared windows covered in a very fine layer of rust. A plume of smoke could be seen frmo here and it was clear that Kylee lay in the cell of this open door. Sadhbh bent her neck around the corner and regretted looking. A maimed Kylee lay on a stretcing rack although it was being used just to restrain her. The smoky smell was the burning of her flesh under a silver cross, her flesh dripping away with holy water. One of her hands was starting to regenerate as it had been removed from her body.

"Do you except Jesus as your savior? Do you ask forgivness for your sins?" She groaned at their questions her answer was indeterminite. The man spoke in a softer tone now holding her ace as if he was a father reassuring a small child.

"Come back to us child, come back, your mother would be heartbroken to see you like this. Come back to us. Renounce what you are and rejoin our ranks." A bloody ball of spit was all he recieved.

02/19/2007 6:58 PM

Niko was disgusted, he was nicer to the people he ate than this scum was to Kylee, and it sickened him. He thought quickly on how to get her out and remembered he had grabbed an extra rock from before. Reaching into his pocket he withdrew the small rock and threw it as hard as he could at a strange looking contraption at the other end of the massive room before diving under one of the tables that littered the floor. If all went well he could get Sadhbh to untie Kylee while he kept watch as to make sure the guy didn't come back too fast. He stoped sliding just as the metalic clang echoed through the cavernous space.

02/19/2007 7:50 PM

Valen stood up and cracked his knuckles. He walked over to the door and turned his head to look back at Mydria. "I'm going after them. They're gonna need my help. Sure I might die but at least I get to know I finally get to leave this monster behind." He opened the door and took a step out. "We'll bring her back....or die trying" and he rushed out into the street unsure of where to go.

02/19/2007 8:17 PM

The early morning rays were pricking his skin where clotes did not cover it. The smoking slightly unusual for those who were passing by. A finely dressed unit of men were walking down the street toward him. They were familiar, wearing the red sashes of a merchant guild, the man from before walking amoung them. But something was significantly different about him. His wrinkles had gone, leaving young skin, and a spring in his step made him look like a happy young boy. He swung a gold capped cane in his hand. He was not headed to Mydria's bar however he was walking down a street and into an alley way. He was not cautious, if anything he looked like he wanted people to notice him.

"Someone is here." One hooded figure hissed. They went from sounding like priests to the crackling and hissing of fire. The other one looked around the room and removed his habit. Two hooked blades hung from his exposed belt as his habit dropped to the floor.
"Perhaps it is one of the men?"
The man sneered, "The men are bored and stupid enough to try and distract us with rocks?"
The other shrugged. "It sounds like we have sacrifices for the dark one. Come."

02/19/2007 8:23 PM

Motioning for Sadhbh to move once the two were a good distance away he settled into a crouch just high enough to watch them move across the room. He quickly moved his hands and pulled out the flint and one of the bombs for good measure just to be sure he was readdy if it came to it. He chewed his tongue in anxiaty as he watched the two search about the traps and machinery hopping that Sadhbh would hurry.

02/20/2007 1:53 AM

Trying to keep the bile down Sadhbh slipped as quickly as she dared into Kylee's cell, keeping so low she was practically on all fours.

If the scent of the blood that was everywhere hadn't screamed Kylee she doubted she would've been able to recognise her.

She tried not to focus on the horrible injuries that had been done to the vampire, focusing instead on what she had to do.
Kylee moaned slightly as Sadhbh started to undo her shackles. They'd been fastened with only a pin mechanism- escape obviously wasn't something her captors needed to worry about.
Moving to the vampire's hands Sadhbh spoke softly, touching Kylee's shoulder briefly.
"Kylee, it's Sadhbh. Just hold on, Mydria's waiting".

She didn't think Kylee would be able to manage walking yet so she gathered her gently in her arms, wincing at every small moan, regretful of any further pain she was causing- and eminently thankful that the full moon was so close to lend her extra strength.

She moved quickly to the door, thankful that whatever it was that dictated dungeons must be poorly lit these people adhered to the tradition, and slipped into a heavily shadowed corner in the larger outer room.

02/20/2007 6:51 AM

As he heard Sadhbh's feet move around behind him he grinned. Now was the time to do or die, and preferably he hoped to make it out off this badly decorated hole. Viewing their options he decided to take the slowest way out, and crouched under one of the contraptions and started inching along. He planed to do this until the two men were nearing the room that had formerly held Kylee then he would move to the open portion and bomb them while hoping Sadbhb started to run. If this part went well the "guards" upstairs should be less of a problem as they didn't seem to like this place which made getting past them a little easier.

Now was the time, he motioned to Sadhbh to start moving as quickly as she could before striking his flint on his gauntlet catching the alcohol sodden rag and rolled out into the open section of the room. Niko swiftly threw the bottle directly at the priests knowing they were to closely surrounded by their own sick devices to dodge properly. After completing phase one of his plan he began to run after Sadhbh checking over his shoulder occasionally to make sure that things were still going according to plan.

02/20/2007 9:42 AM

The two reached the stairs that lead up into the taproom easily enough, a relieving "What in the name of the!" Could be heard behind them before a sudden explosion. There was screeching, not like a human but like a loud chirping of a bat or the frantic bleating of a large goat. It was bizzarre in every means of the word. The explosion shook the underground complex, shaking loose dust from the ceiling and causing pillars to creak. The men from upstairs rather than investigate, turned tail and ran more determined to scale the ladder than fight intruders. Commotion could be heard, people running to find out what the rucus was all about. The two bolted, just in time too, the barroom was beginning to fill with footmen and templars.

They got to the ladders edge, butthey had one more obstacle to face. The sun was well into the sky now and Kylee would be ash before they reached the bar if she was not covered properly. Voices were yelling for water, for someone to go investigate and then that horrible bleating sound, larger now as if amplified by the caves and that same dark feeling of dread, pure and animalistic.

"I don't want excuses, I want them found, and I want them brought to me alive. Is that quite understood." The voice was horrible, rolling alittle in the back of the throat as if each word wanted to come out like a sheep had said it. Comical one would think if it didn't sound like the fires of hell were spewing from each word. Now was a good time for running.

Old Parker stopped and looked up at the vampire.
"A little late for you to be out lad. Are you feeling quite right?"
He walked over to Rath, "Well are you going to let me in or not? I think perhaps we might be able to strike a deal, a profesinonal one of course and well it gets quite hot in the sun."

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02/20/2007 11:18 AM

Sadhbh yelped as the skin on one of Kylee's arms started to steam, pulling the vampire into the shadows under the stained glass window.

After the awkwardness of trying to climb a stairs and then out a window while carrying an inert body- not to mention having escaped the dungeon below, the fear at that awful voice still roiling in her belly- the irony of being trapped by the welcoming light of the sun made the werewolf want to laugh.

The streets themselves were quite narrow, and shade would be relatively easy to find as they travelled, but there were always gaps- street junctions, crumbling derelict buildings- that allowed some sun through. They had to find something to cover Kylee.

Sounds carrying through the still-open window indicated they were being pursued.

"If you have any of those fire devices left now would probably be a good time..."

02/20/2007 12:03 PM

First thing was first, Niko quickly slipped off his heavy cloak and handed it over followed by his canvas jacket. He immediately slid down the ladder and began throwing fiery death down the hall towards the now swarming crowd. and just for good measure he added into the mix a bottle of holy water. Satified once all ten bombs were gone he quickly climbed up the ladder hoping that this place would collapse.

02/20/2007 12:12 PM

The cavern walls rumbled, pieces of roc fell here and there, the wood of thebar was beginning to catch fire, causing the support beams to sag under the weight of the earth above them. Sadhbh wraped the cloak around the girls thin frame and exited into the sunlight. Thr rumbling caused the earth above to shake and passerbys had started to gather out of stupid curiosity.

The rumbling ceased but no forms exited from the stain glass window. The people looked at eachother, some asked questions, others began to spread rumors. It would certainly make the rest of the day interesting.

Old Parker was sitting in the taproom with Valen when they entered. He looked the two werewolves as the entered, the smoking cloak covering a lump in Sadhbh's arms.

"How in hell did you manage to do that?" He jumped from his seat and walked over to Sadhbh, his hand reaching for the cloak.
"Perhaps I have underestimated Mydia's allies. You managed to pry this from the Dark Lord?"

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02/20/2007 3:25 PM

Niko would have snarled but instead removed parkers hand with one well worn gauntlet. He hoped he looked ready to kill but the years of being emotinally dead still had yet to tally up their toll on him. Hoping he hadn't failed miserably, he once again assumed his slouching stance while trying to supress his fingers from twiching.

Niko took up a watchful position still restles and hyper as things started to play out in the bar especially since this "thing" was in the bar. He soon found himself fingering one of the stashed bottles of holy water he had because if things came to blows that would be his first choice.

02/20/2007 3:42 PM

"Well look now boys ain't that so cute. Mydria has them as trained guard dogs. Now where are your manners pup, or do I have to teach you a few myself?" He fingered a whip on his belt. But thought better of it. He had not come to cause trouble of the physical sort.
"Well puppies you better go return your fetch to your master. I would hate to keep you lovely creatures waiting." He had emphasized the word lovely with a sarcastic undertone.

"Now Valen my boy." He turned back away from them and to the vampire, who had jumped tthe sign of conflict.

Mydria could hear them as well feel them, Kylee's familiar body had entered the bar. She saw Sadhbh coming down the hallway as she walked out of her room. A cloaked bundle in her arms.

"Please say she's alove. Please tell me, she's alright?" Her voice was barely a whisper as she choked back the large lump in her throat. "Come lay her on the bed. Tell me what happened." Mydria slit her wrist with her teeth and held the blood over Kylee's mouth, watching with relief as she drank. "What did they do to her?"

02/20/2007 3:54 PM

Instead of going down Niko decided to go to the bar for a couple of reasons. One he wanted more bombs with a little extra in them smiling over his holy water finds, and two he wanted a drink himself. Crouching behind the bar he picked the strongest bottle of spirits he could find and set it off to the side before grabing a couple more that he was going to mark as the 'special' batch. First though he stood up and was about to grab a mug but decided that he would keep the bottle for himself. He quickly poped the cork and took a long draft of the viciously strong alcohol while listening in on the conversation.

02/20/2007 5:06 PM

Sadhbh shook her head and grimaced.
"The gods only know".
Her chest tightened a little, seeing Mydria's pain.

"The set up they have.."
She shook her head again, running her hand back through her hair nervously.
"It's.. it's like the bar, your bar, but.. cavernous.. and, with devices.."

She knew Mydria didn't want to hear this now, wanted to concentrate on Kylee, but perhaps the distraction might help, and she needed to vocalise what she had seen, go back through everything.

"I'd heard stories, at home, from Spanish sailors.. of things the Church did.. what I saw reminded me of those stories, the Inquisition, they called it.. I.. I didn't expect it..".
She paused, seeing again in her mind Kylee laid out, hearing the conviction in the voice that questioned her.

[i]What can we do against such as these? what can we do?[/i]

02/20/2007 7:22 PM

Kylee whimpered softly rolling over on the bed toward Mydria. She cradled her head, running fingers through blood wetted hair.

"Sadhbh, who is the oldest vampire you know of?" Mydria looked at her with the hint of a story coming into her voice. "I want you to think of nay, not the oldest vampire, perhaps the oldest castle in Britain. That way you'll understand the magnitude of what I am about to tell you." She watched the werewolf nod not exactly sure what this had to do with the inquisition. "The thing we may be facing is older than the great castles of Britain, perhaps older than Britain as we know it. I probably should have told you this before you went in but I didn't think it was possible."

Mydria sighed and leaned back into a pillow. At least silver hadn't gotten into her system, only scorched the flesh. Her hand was coming back and her skin was begining to reform. "There is a beast that lives on this island that predates the very bible. An ancient vampire, my old master. I thought he had been destoryed some 300 years ago but it seems my assumptions were wrong. Now I want you to think of the fanatics from that worship the Catholic church.

There are people so dedicated to God and good that they are willing to sell their very souls to fight the creatures of the night. Humans who would become the spawn of Satin himself before they let creatures of the night roam free. I think I may have had the pleasure of upsetting both of these groups."

She clenched her eyes shut, pushing down and away any surfacing memories. "I don't know how Old Parker or Alyssa fit into this yet, but I have a slight hunch. I don't know how long it will be before they attack us again but I do know that I need to make some new allies, and fast."

"Valen my boy, how would you like to be employed under my services yea? I could use a pair of blood sucking teeth on my side and I can assure you the wages will make it worth it." He slid a bag over to the vampire, heavy laden with gold. Valen pushed it back at him. "My boy I assure you, you want whats in that bag, and if you don't want to take me up on my offer than keep it as a gift." He winked at the vampire and stood to leave the complex. "Come on boys we have work to be done else where." He and his lackey's left the bar.

Valen reluctantly opened the coin bag. Inside was of course money but tucked inside the gold was a thing piece of parchment.

[i]Mydria, I was going to ask this of you in person but I am being watched. I seem to have gotten myself in over my head. I made a deal with the devil but I think it was a terrible mistake. I can't tell you to meet me or where but I eed you to know that I am ready to make a move against him when you are.[/i]

It was a brief note and left much to the imagination. Valen walked down into Mydria's room and handed it to her. Mydria nodded at it.

"For the rest of the day, we wait, recooperate and relax. Tonight we begin our counter attack."

02/20/2007 7:34 PM

Niko not being the most intelectual of the group had made his way outside and by means of his pre full moon abilities and his own determination he ended up proped on the roof bottle in hand watching the people below. It was quite amusing to him watching the people squabble over the small things of life but it also nagged at him, especially where food was involved. This was going to be a good day he thought as he looked over the mulling crowds.

He was lying there half a bottle gone and had he been able to he would have been laughing. He had started about half an hour ealier placing bets on who would come away with the better deal, and so far it was going splendedly as the people bickered and nearly fought over prices.

Laying back again he took a long swig of the spirits and sighed contentedly before his stomach interupted. That was when the real game came into play, he was now scouting possible meals amongst the crowd, and it amused him greatly. He would occasionally pick one and watch their affairs and start measuring them in both character and what they would possibly taste like. It was all fun and sport but he realised he had to find food soon unless he was planning on getting skinnier than he already was. Sighing he rolled over and dropped into the alley way before walking bottle in hand into the street for a bit of sport.

02/20/2007 11:29 PM

Valen nodded to Mydria and then went to see Kylee. He walked up to the bed and looked her over. Such terrible things they had done to her. He was powerless to have stopped them. He played it over and over again in his mind. If he had just killed his assailants quickly he would've been able to stop them from taking her. If he had just been stronger. These thoughts burned his blood, enraged him. "They will pay...I swear...We will make those bastards pay..." he whispered. He sat down next to her and thought, "You watched over me so I guess it's my turn to watch over you".

02/21/2007 2:39 AM

[i]Ancient vampires, religious fanatics.. how did I get myself into this?..[/i]

Sadhbh lay back on her bed, running through everything that had happened in such a short space of time.
She'd left the room after Mydria's explanation, head practically reeling, and frankly unable to stomach the sight of Kylee's slow regeneration. She knew no one in the city so in finding allies she did not think she would be much help.

Hunger scrabbled around the pit of her stomach but she ignored it, not wanting to eat until nearer the rising of the moon. She wanted to be as sated as possible when she came under its influence, to calm the fury and the voracity.

02/21/2007 8:57 AM

Mydria pushed the hair back from Kylee's face and watched Valen's concerned face.

"It's not your fault Valen's, the people you were up agains't were powerful, are powerful." He didn't seem to believe her. She laid a hand on his back. "In due time, we'll get them. I am hoping while the wolves are in their most powerful form they will wreck some havok upon those responsible." He did not speak, only watched her. She understood, sliding off to give him a moment to collect his thoughts. She had unfinished business with another customer.

Halfway down the hall, she could feel the werewolf inside. She contimplated leaving her be, it may have been for the better but she wanted to talk to her somemore. Perhaps there was a medium? Against her better judgment she knocked on the door.

"I know I am the last person you want to talk to but, I wanted to make sure you are ok. I wanted to thank you for saving my Kylee." She leaned on the far wall and waited for a response. If she got none that was understandable, but she hoped she would answer.

02/21/2007 11:41 AM

Sadhbh remained staring at the ceiling for a little while after Mydria spoke. not from any petulance, but because she was trying to frame her thoughts before speaking.

"Any quarrel we might have.. and I do not yet know for certain that we [i]do[/i] have a quarrel- I have the words of an enemy and your reaction, which together do not yet make a truth- but any quarrel we may have pales when faced with these enemies. Because these are also my enemies, and Niko's, and the enemies of who knows how many others. Not simply yours.

"When this is done, when we have brought them to ruin," she smiled wryly at this, " [i]then[/i] we will talk, and I will have the truth".

She looked into the vampire's eyes, holding them for the pause.

"And then I will know whether we have a quarrel".

02/21/2007 1:06 PM

For some reason her words, her smile, her pause, gave Mydria her own awkward half smile.

"Then I pray dear wolf that we defeat them quickly, so that we may better understand where it is we sit with eachother." Mydria pushed herself off the far wall and continued into her taproom. She felt around a bit. The new mute wolf that had been there earlier had vacated the premises.

"What an odd creature." She didn't quite get werewolves.

Valen was still waiting on Kylee when she awoke, a pained, tightened grin as she recognized a familiar face. "I do believe we have changed positions." Even through her wounds and ill treatment her voice remained light and friendly, if tinged with hurt. She slowly propped herself up on the bed and leaned forward, resting her arms on her legs.

"Are you the daring savior? Or perhaps my new guardian?" She stretched her new hand feeling that all the joints and muscles had fully recovered. "Ever regenerated an entire portion of your body before, it is most dreadful." Yep she was still the innocent young Kylee.

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02/21/2007 3:05 PM

Valen gave her his usual small smile."Indeed we have. You watched over me so I thought I should return the favor". He stood up slowly and said "Is there something you need? Anything I can do for you?".

02/21/2007 3:20 PM

It had taken a while but he had managed to eat in peace and wondered what he should do now that his stomach was full and the day was still young. Glancing about at the goings on of peoples lives he wondered what things would be like if they knew of the war that was happening. Shrugging off the thoughts he wandered down the crowded streets towards the bar spirits and blood strong on his breath.

Sauntering in he wondered if everyone was asleep, or if they were still talking about recent events. Neither mattered much to him, after all he had been alone this long so being alone again didn't bother him. Settling in one of the chairs he let his sences refocus, soon the smell of his aquaintances came to his notice after ignoring the hightened sences for the better part of the day. They seemed to be going about their affairs down below and he decided to let them to it. Today was a day to relax and forget about the problems life presented and weather the others joined him was up to them.

02/21/2007 4:24 PM

After Mydria left Sadhbh sat on the edge of her bed looking at a small piece of parchment she took from the pouch carried around her neck.

It was a drawing of her face, done in charcoal with a stick from a campfire.
She could remember exactly the night it had been drawn, could feel the tingle she got in her jaw from trying to stifle her laughter as her brother mock scowled at her, urging her to be still and hold the pose. She could feel the heat of the fire on her skin- he had her sit close to it for better light, could hear the low laughter of their father at Bran's complaints that she was ruining his practice. How was he to make their fortune if she didn't sit still?

What would he say of her now? She thanked all the unseen powers every day that her father had not lived to see what she became, but had spent these last years searching for Bran. What would she tell him if she found him? If she [i]ever[/i] found him.

She'd had nothing else, all she could think to do was find him.
Now, she might have something else. A home, people to keep her safe (in her heart, she hesitated to use the word 'friend').

She stood abruptly, not liking where the thought was taking her. Besides, they still had legions of enemies to face before she could even think about 'after'.

She decided getting drunk would temporarily solve some of her problems- very temporarily, given it was only a matter of hours until moonrise- and that the aftereffects would distract her from those it didn't.

Heading to the taproom she nodded at Niko, who smelled as if he'd had the same idea as her. She took a bottle of what looked like one of the better qualities of whiskey from behind the bar, then reconsidered and took two- she wasn't getting paid, after all, there had to be [i]some[/i] perks- and curled up in one of the booths still in place from the previous night.

She'd downed half of the first bottle before she remembered she hadn't eaten in over a day.

"Why is it my cursed luck," she declaimed at Niko, "having wandered alone and ignorant, terrified by what I was, that the first bloody werewolf I encounter is [i]mute[/i]?" She hissed the last word, her eyes narrowing at the thought of Fate's whimsy, before finishing the bottle- coughing, a little.
She pulled the stopper from the top of the second, spitting it into the fire, watching the tendrils of flame curl about the slightly singed log in the hearth.

02/21/2007 5:02 PM

He leaned back cocking his head at her before getting up and grabbing the pad of paper. Pausing a second he decided to grab another bottle of spirits before settling for the moment. Wandering back to the bar and rummaged around, satisfied he pulled the large bottle up and walked over to where Sadhbh sat. He motioned for he to speak as he opened the bottle hoping to wash the smell of blood off his breath before she asked about it. Now was the time to answer and ask questions later was the time to play.

02/21/2007 6:57 PM

Mydria walked quietly behind the bar and took out her favorite ale, a thick frothy brew Peter had come up with himself. She sighed, she had fought to protect his family for generations and now he had been slaughtered, in the meat locker of her very basement. She watched the two werewolves in the corner. This was becoming a them vs. us ordeal and it didn't sit well with her.

She looked at the heavily padded window only seeing the bright light of the day coming in through a few holes. She didn't miss the light as some vampires did, or the mobs of people that came about during the day. It was the past she missed, a past where she spent most of her time in the light of day, a past before she had to be wary of where she turned or who she was friends with. That like the sun was forbidden now.

She entered into her room as Valen was walking out. At least she had aclimated one person to her presence, it was a shame however that it was yet another vampire. She poured two mugs of the beer and handed one to Kylee, sitting on her side of the bed.

"So what do we do now?" Kylee leaned into her. Mydria swallowed the beer and laid still. In truth she doubted there was any way to win this time. This time she feared she would have to run, and that thought was not appealing in the least.

"We do what people always do. We survive. We find our friends and we hide behind them as long as possible and hope for the best." It was cowardly but what choice did she have? It was us or them and she held no loyalty except to her own.

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02/22/2007 7:45 AM

Placing the bottle on the table top Sadhbh leaned forward, resting her head on her hands, palms and fingers covering most of her face almost up to her eyes.

She looked into Niko's eyes, already seeing answers there to some of the questions she had wanted to ask, and knowing that he would be unable to answer most of her others.

"Where did we come from? What gave rise to us? How long ago? Why is it tied to the moon? Why don't more people know? Is it magic or devilry?". She gave a short dry laugh, her own need making her smile.

"What happens when we die?"
She swallowed another mouthful of the whiskey, the smile now gone.
"Will I see-...". She trailed off, looking down at the table to hide the tears that had sprung to her eyes.

"Ah, enough. Enough". Her mouth twisted wryly and she looked at Niko once more, her eyes dark with thought and need.
"I am sorry, I'm tired and hungry and do not in truth like whiskey; I did not mean to unburden myself.

"Would you tell me your story? Or some small part of it?"

02/22/2007 9:51 AM

He nearly choked on the spirits he was drinking when she asked about his history, but that was inevitable to come out eventually especially now that he was planning on staying here a while. Eventually he wrote:

[i]I can't answer your first questions about us in general as I was never told myself. As for what happens when we die, I personally believe that out life ends and we move on in the cycle, but that is just my opinion. As for my story I might need more paper. [/i]

Sliding the pad over he took another long draft of the spirits while trying to keep alert, which he realised was a loosing battle. Leaning back in the chair he waited for more questions or at least to get the pad back to write as much as he could about himself as possible as he realised now he was itching to tell someone about waht he had been through.

02/22/2007 3:53 PM

Reading the pad she smiled a little wistfully; she hadn't really expected answers, but had held a [i]little[/i] hope.

She slid the pad back across firmly, pushing it with the tips of her fingers.

"I can get more paper," her hair had fallen across her eyes, but Niko could still see them sparkling mischievously underneath. "But that's enough to get started".

02/22/2007 4:36 PM

Well here goes he thought before grabbing the pen, well he guessed that he could abridge the parts before and the long period after the second year where he just made his way slowly across the continent but otherwise he would do his best to write for both of their sakes.

[i]Well it all started when I came home. I had just gotten back from a hunting trip as my father was a hunter and I took up the trade naturally. The house had been unnaturally quiet but the fire was going so I thought that they might be eating or busy inside. But instead of my family I found a red haired woman who I think was taller than I am now. She was wearing an expensive fur coat and fondly playing with a small locket around her neck. I had demanded to know where my family was but she only laughed at me before telling me they were all dead and shortly later that she had killed them.

At that point I had given up the will to live and hoped beyond all else that she would kill me too. I was denied death; instead I was raped and made to be as I now am by her though I didn't know at the time. I had passed out that night and woke up outside of a town nearly forty miles south of where I lived. It was I think about two days before the full moon and my awakening as to what I became. I had stayed in the inn with what little money I had until the night that it happened. The full moon brought the change and I ended up slaughtering the people of the town not knowing how to control myself.

Returning to conscience after the slaughter I salvaged what I could and collected what ever I needed before moving south to the next town hoping for answers. A day later I reached my goal and soon learned of the woman who had supposedly been there only a day before me. Coming to the conclusion that I had nothing better to live for than revenge I decided to dedicate the remnant of my life to finding and killing her. From my homeland I followed friendless and alone searching for any clue as to where she was going or who she was.

It had been about a month when I was caught up in a hunt for creatures of the night. The people of the small town had decided that I was strange and different and they were right although those they had killed before me had been human. Sickened by the mob I found myself once again killing under the moon but this time it was of my own decision. Finally when the town's folk were dead I once again salvaged money and food before moving along. There were a few more incidents but nothing more.

It was a year later that I obtained my gauntlets as I had made enough money to finally buy something of use to me. I decided on them due to the ease of concealment and the slight protection they offered. That town also happened to be the first place I used them. Over the next eight years I traveled following rumours nearly in circles until I got word that she was headed to Edinburgh.

It took me two years of set backs to get here and now I have been plunged into a war. What really annoys me is that I now know she is dead and that I couldn't kill her.[/i]

Satisfied with this he slid the pad over hoping it was good enough as he didn't quite remember completely himself, too long had he been on the roads. Hopefully she would understand and hopefully he could find a meaning to move on in his shattered past.

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02/22/2007 5:07 PM

When she had finished reading Sadhbh remained looking at the words before her. They had started hesitantly: a tight, uncomfortable script. She could see Niko's struggle to pull the words together, to assemble all that he had experienced.

As he progressed the script had degenerated into a loose scrawl, his struggle now to keep up as the words tumbled forth.

She ran her hand across the paper, her fingers tracing the words lightly; words that bared in brazen black ink the horror he had experienced, words that took the enormity and weight of the years and condensed them to a few pages.

Not her life, but in ways so similar.

Finally she raised her eyes from the paper, still unconsciously tracing its burden. Niko would not see pity in those eyes, but empathy, anger at those who used people as playthings and pawns, and even relief: the relief of shared experience, guilt lessened if not removed.

Her voice was low with emotion when eventually she spoke.
"How do you know... she is dead?"

02/22/2007 5:20 PM

He took back the pad and paused a bit wondering how to explain it. But finally settled on [i]After you spend so long of your life on revenge you gain just the slightest feeling of what they are feeling and I felt her die along with my past.[/i] Passing the pad back one last time he turned the bottle of spirits that had been forgotten vertical and drank deeply feeling the cool fluid slide down his throat.

Once again he looked at her across the table with an understanding that he thought he couldn't have. It was all alien to him but he was here and this is how his life was going to play out from now on.

02/23/2007 12:48 AM

Valen yawned as he slipped out of the room. He figured that they would need time alone to talk and plan and he wanted to mull things over. He stepped into his room and sat down on his bed and tried to think of what to do next. Would they come after Kylee? What of this dark one that Parker spoke about?. So many questions but very few that he could answer.

02/23/2007 3:33 AM

Sadhbh nodded at the words on the page.

She had tried to ignore and forget what had happened to her, but even so she had always been half aware of a simmering rage at what had been done to her, at who had done it, raw and red.
Not the desire for vengeance that Niko had, no: but the kernel of its makings.
She had thrown herself instead into finding her brother, but could understand all too well the emotion that drove him, the need for meaning.

To suddenly find oneself [i]outside[/i] all that you had ever known, outside all the normal drives in a human life- marriage, work, parenting- without the boundaries and constraints of society, without their motivation, their laws and morals, left a hole, deep inside.
For her, at least.

She downed the last of the bottle, wincing slightly, not quite at the pre-fullmoon stage where it felt like her skin wanted to crawl from her bones, but getting close.

Niko had bared so much, of his past and himself, and, though harrowing, his words had given her comfort, strangely. She owed him a debt, for that.

"Thank you", she said, simply.

02/23/2007 8:06 AM

The two vampires drifted off, the pull of the sun being too much to resist. Both needed time to regenerate if they were to be any use tonight. A hush had gathered outside, unusual as the bar was located next o a market square that was always bustling with housewives and servants from the richer quarters. Red sashed merchants and bully boys patroled the streets, hooded templars scurried in dark corners whispering chants. It seemed where a comfortable alliance should have been there was instead a tense standoff.

A young man walked into the bar, he wore no red sash, no dragon wrapped cross. He was merely a boy, no stubble on the chin or defined muscles to speak of. He walked in, tentatively at first, serching the corners of the room for boogey men. He gripped a note tight in his shaking hands. He scanned the bar and not seeing anyone walked up. He strangely smelt like Peter but before one could observe him any further he dropped the note on the counter and ran from the bar.

Son it would be night, a full moon would rise high in the sky and those of the canine world would show their true colors. It could already be felt tugging at their bodies, wanting them to change, but the sun said otherwise. The merchants began closing their shops early, seing that no customers were to be found. The sun sank lower in the sky and the full moon could be seen already in the pink purple sky. Dark was descending fast, and all manner of creature were taking advantage.

02/23/2007 12:29 PM

Valen rose from his bed sensing the night drawing close. The pains were lifted meaning he had finally recovered. He walked into the hall of the bar and heard the familiar noises. He wanted to check on Mydria and Kylee but thought better of it. They both needed to rest. He grabbed his gear and walked out into the bar. He noticed a boy rush out of the bar but thought nothing of it. He sat down at his usual seat and thought about current events.

02/23/2007 2:00 PM

Niko nodded slowly to her answer before sighing as the bottle prooved to be empty. Alien thoughts and feelings flooded his head and it annoyed him as much as it was comforting. For the first time in twelve years he felt slightly human, and he realised he liked it. Sitting there he cassually worked his fingers through his still matted hair wondering what to do now when he heard some one get up and walk by. Looking about his vision was met by Valen. Niko watched as he walked over to the chair and sit down but didn't do much else as he didn't know him well and being himself didn't count for much in anyones eyes.

02/24/2007 6:47 AM

Sadhbh blinked. Niko seemed to be a little fuzzy around the edges. She resisted the urge to reach out and try to smooth him.
She really should have had something to eat.

Seemingly agreeing with her, her stomach chose that moment to rumble hugely.

Red embarrassment flooded her cheeks. Covering her grin with a hand she rose from the booth, saying just the littlest bit too loudly "I'm going to make food. Do you like food? I'll get food..."

Eyes rolling in mortification she turned to go to the bar, first noticing Valen sitting at his table, then out of the corner of her eye a fast moving figure exiting the bar quickly. Something pale- paper, perhaps- moved on the smooth bar top, stirred by the draft from the door.

"'Evening", she nodded to Valen as she moved past him, thinking it ridiculous after all they'd been through in the past hours that they hadn't exchanged as much as a single word.

At the bar she lifted the note to her nose first, a line of puzzlement appearing before her brows.
Ignoring her still protesting stomach she went down the stairs swiftly to Mydria's room

02/24/2007 8:47 AM

Valen looked towards the werewolf in surprise. In all this time he had barely even acknowledged her existence. He looked at the peice of paper she picked up and noticed her confusion. He was confused as well. Had the boy brought that note? It seemed likely. But who was he delivering the note for? It didn't really matter right now. He would find out later. He felt restless, bored even. He felt like hunting, some sort of deep desire to feed. He didn't like the feeling. It made him sick. This was his other half. His monster calling out.

02/24/2007 9:17 AM

Mydria woke to light tapping on her door. She rubbed her eyes until they could open fully and absorb the dark around her. She stretched feeling her rejuvenated muscles flex with relief. Tonight would be a good night to hunt and the new moon was less than an hour away. She opened her door andwas shocked to see a still human Sadhbh standing in front of her.

"Good evening my dear, what is it I can do for you." She placed a note in her hands.

"It smells like Peter."

"Really now? Well that is odd." She took the piece of paper and unfolded it smiling as the words reflected in her eyes. "It seems we are truly not alone in this battle. Queen Alyssa was attacked by the same people who waylaid you all. As for why the note smells like Peter I can only imagine." She folded and pocketed the note. "Are you ready for one hell of night?" Mydria's eye's glistned with mischief her grin more than miniacle. This woman was prepared to take whole city down to hell with her if it meant preserving her and her own.

02/24/2007 9:46 AM

"Ready.. probably not so much". Sadhbh couldn't help the smile that curved her lips.

"Although I don't know how much use we'll be to you. Unless you're in need of juggernauts".

Her smile spread further, teeth glinting in the light of the oil lamp.
"At least one of which will be [i]very[/i] hungry".

02/24/2007 10:40 AM

"Oh I do believe Juggernaughts, especially of the hungry sort will be just perfect." At least they could still make civil business arrangements. Mydria reentered her room before exiting with a white cloth dress, and a well patched Kylee. The dress should have been considered a poor choice considering the slaughter that was likely to come about tonight, but Mydria found it oddly fitting.

Something alien had befallen Kylee. The innocence had been buried and replaced with a quiet lust. Her eyes scanned the room, a primal hunger seeking an escape. Mydria walked into the taproom and nodded at the ever loyal Valen.

The sun was beginning its slow descent allowing the moon its due. Only a cresent now hung in the air and even that was dissapating. She wrapped a leather belt round her waist sticking her favorite rapier into its frog. Kylee strapped her daggers to her boots hidden under her black dress.

"If they wear a red sash then they are friend, if they are decorated in a slightly oriental or perhaps even a sea dog style, they are friend, anything else," She allowed the appropriate dramatic pause. "Kill it." Some how this war meant unnecessary chaos and a release of power that she had let build inside her for decades. Now was more than the perfect time to test out 400 years of strength.

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02/24/2007 10:43 AM

Valen headed downstairs to his room to grab his gear. He noticed the werewolf outside Mydria's door and curiousity got the better of him. He walked over to them and extended a hand towards the werewolf. "I don't beleive we have met. My name is Valen and you are?". He wanted a glance at the note but he was also intruiged by the werewolf.

02/24/2007 11:07 AM

"Sadhbh." she shook his hand.
"Well met".

The vampire had been so quiet during her experience of him that she was surprised he had approached her.
Pleased, though: if it was going to get as chaotic as Mydria thought it was good to know those you would be fighting with.

[OOC: I am literally going out the door as I type this, hence the brevity- my apologies to Valen, Rath! Continue as you will, having Sadhbh do whatever is necessary till I'm back. Have fun!]

02/24/2007 8:09 PM

The stage was set and the actors were moving into position. The red sashed merchant wove through the alleys of the streets, crawling from their tunnels like rats. The vampires exited their dwellings choking off the streets of the rich quarters, teeth bared and knives drawn. The templars began to chant, slow almost gregorian like lifting the clear atmosphere and instead replacing it with a thick European fog. The full moon hung in the air, the spotlight of the stage flashing it's eerie glow onto the faces of those below it. The dark lord had chosen a marvelopus night to fight and even the smallest of creatures could feel the building tension.

Humans huddled close into their homes. Had it been just vampires they would have been safe. Vampires couldn't enter without permission, but tonight there were humans and werewolves on the lose and they could do whatever they damn well pleased. A white lotus carried itself in the wind, directing itself through the silent streets, observing the battle field before the battle broke lose.

The light petals sniffed the wind taking in the salty fragrance before it was drenched in the sweet iron smell of blood, it's pollen sprinkled the water at the docks before it was saturated in rotting bodies.

Mydria walked from her bar listening to the cracking bones and tearing muscle as the two powerful beasts behind her began to change. "Tonight we feed, nay we feast. We will rebuild this city from the ash, but no need to waste the delicacies inside it."

Kylee cocked her head and raised an eyebrow at her companion. "Ah but my dear we have to wait for the wolves to break them from their comfy shells first."

"We best lead them on the right trail then yeah? Come on Valen, to stay here is suicide." She took off down the street Kylee fast on her heels. In the wolves current state they wouldn't know friend from foe, but remaining close by them was still a smart idea. The church bell rang out 8 long times signalling the calm before the storm was over.

Just as Mydria had predicted, hell did break lose in all its shiny glory. The sounds of men screaming as steel clashed against steel, the awful bleating noise that seemed to emit from the templars, and then there it was. The first sounds of windows being shattered by weaponry going awry and maltov cocktails being misaimed by Old Parkers men. Innocents began to stream from their homes looking to escape the city before the chaos enveloped them all. Men could be heard in stables preparing panick stricken horses. Food was all too easy.

02/24/2007 8:35 PM

Valen ran into his room and snatched up his coat and his new sword and new dagger. If there was going to be a war he certainly didn't want to be without proper weaponry. He walked out with them into the streets. The fighting had barely started but already it seemed like complete chaos. "Where exactly are we going Mydria?" he asked. Were they going after the dark lord or simply trying to stop the fighting? He knew whatever they were gonig to do it wasn't going to be easy.

02/24/2007 9:55 PM

Mydria laughed, unguarded and with a tone that would set a chill down the hardiest of sailors. "Why my dear, we are going to eat."

She continued to walk down the streets, the vampires making graceful strides scanning it for any blood that dared wander their way. "Feel it Valen?" She breathed in the night air, the fog whisping around her like a soft billowing dress. "Feel that power in the air, that demonic clamp on your stomach, embrace it boy, feed it, there is no better night than tonight."

Something unnatural had taken control of Mydria and Kylee, they both strolled as if possesed by anothers will. The Dark One's scent was thick in the air, and the city was beginning to cook as fire spread from one household to another. The heavy hoof beats of a large draft horse made the ground vibrate but niether vampire moved. They waited for the creature to come lurching down the road sliding to a stop on the rough gravel road as it sensed the vampires true nature. It tried to back up but its driver whipped it on, not understanding why it had halted. Kylee's soft voice carried into the air, over the whinnying and protest of the beast.

"Come now, there's no need for that." She stepped forward taking the horses reins and pulling them down with a powerful arm. The man leaped from his wagon and stormed over to her, Mydria close by her side.

"What in the name of Christ do you think you are doing?" He was beet red and panicked. Mydria's eyes locked with his, her cool demeanor silencing him.

"Why sir, we are helping you, helping you escape all this," Her blazing eyes held him still while she walked to him, carressing his face gently. "Helping you serve your true purpose." She brought her face close to his feeling his warm breath on her skin before diving at his neck. The sudden movement made the horse rear and Kylee let it go, joining Mydria in the feast. A darkness had filled their eyes and where once two seemingly civil vampires stood, there were instead two crazed demons. The night was still very young, and only time would tell the damage to come in the next hours.

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02/25/2007 7:36 AM

Valen shot forward and grabbed Kylee by the arms. "What the hell are you doing?! That man was an innocent! You drink from your enemies but not from innocent people!" he shouted. His gray eyes were wide open, his pulse had quickened, and he was shaking. The usual symptoms of watching a vampire feed on an innocent victom. But this time it was different, because this time it was his friend.

02/25/2007 12:19 PM

Kylee lashed at him, a glancing blow to his shoulder with an open palm. Only a warning, to show him her intentions. Kylee was younger, had less control over the dragon that wound itself in her stomach and told her to feed. "Tonight it makes no difference who the food is, as long as it is still alive when I eat it."

She snarled at him in forewarning not to interupt her again. It was no use, nothing short of an all out attack would keep them from their meal, and even if he did so the man was already close to dead.

A red sashed merchant dueled with lanky member of the Rinola Faction, a brawl that was quickly ended by the thick end of a large whip that tripped the merchant into his assailants sword. The whip retracted into the shadows pulling with it the body, followed by a low agonizing scream.

02/25/2007 12:51 PM

Valen stepped back and gave her a troubled look. Something was different about her. She wasn't the same, not the same quiet girl who had watched over him earlier. She had become one of the monsters he hunted. But he knew it wasn't really her. Deep down inside the real Kylee was in there somewhere.

02/25/2007 1:59 PM

The world of mundane colours faded, the stronger world of scent overlaying it.
Colours made of light, colours seen by the eyes, weak easy to trick eyes, were pale, insignificant things: not so the rainbow colours of scent. They were not dulled by dark, changed by moonlight, smothered by fog.

Once the pain had faded the colours screamed at Sadhbh. Bright spiked pinks coming to her from the basement, the pink of food, but worn, old, boring.
The shifting blues of the vampires, peaked with excitement and nerves, leading out the door sparking a brief burst of confused anger.
Snapping lazily at Niko- verdant green, and deep, of old forests and moss and twilight- she followed the blues out the door, half loping, huge and impossibly formed, a nightmarish parody of a man's shape furred and grotesquely muscled.

Outside the bar a multitude of scents assaulted her, tempting her, but the blue drew her along, tugging at something buried deep inside the hunger.

An awkward gait, shifting from two legs to four, then back, but covering the ground with speed, the length of streets traversed in but a couple of bounds.

The fading pink of blood spilled, brash and vulgar, but being drowned by the almost blinding terror of a panicked drey horse, caught in its own traces. Although arousing its shrieks were high and painful to sensitive ears. An easy leap and Sadhbh had its throat in her jaws, one snap and it was severed through to the vertebrae, blood hot and gushing filling her mouth.
She paused only a moment to savour it: the scent of stronger prey was still fresh here, promising a better hunt.

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02/25/2007 4:24 PM

Then it hit him. He had to help her come to her senses. He had to help her regain control. He lunged at her and they both fell to the ground. He tried to make the impact as soft as possible. He placed his hands on her shoulders to hold her down. She struggled of course but he managed to keep her down. "It does matter. Do you really want to live with those peoples deaths on your conscience? This isn't who you are! You're not one of those monsters!".

02/25/2007 5:58 PM

The pain was a reminder that what was hapening was bad but his instinc said otherwise as his body changed. His body soon was not simple flesh but layers of pure muscle on a heavy frame that was his still changing body. What he was turning into was vastly different from his rather thin build, this was massive raw power and it was elegant too. The changes slowly ended and he tested his massive jaws and slowly moved his newly formed muscle feeling it ripple as he did so. The animal inside wanted to kill and there wasn't much he could do to stop it.

He twitched refraining from retaliating to the playful gesture of the other as his inner self didn't want to harm her in the slightest. After she left he moved slowly out of the bar and gazed at the moon out of habbit. Tonight was going to be good.

Niko was lazy, but efficient as he slowly prowled the streets half following the scent of the vampires but also looking for the variants in the scents too. Finding one that intrested him he moved from his lazy canter into a full out run. The other scents were filtered out and the sound a mere distraction as he moved quickly after the strong female scent. It was like his but he knew she was unlike him. Maybe an encounter but the hunter inside made no distinguishment food was food and everything that lived was food.

She didn't see him but she had heard his feet pounding heavilly on the ground before the short silence as he lept. The woman had turned silver blade forgotten as Niko's jaws met her face removing flesh and bone alike. He glanced around quickly as to make sure there weren't others before ripping into his victim quickly as to finnish before the flesh cooled too much.

His body was speckled with blood and his muzzle was drenched as he looked up from the few remaining bones, the rest eaten along with the flesh, ready to seek new prey.

02/25/2007 8:08 PM

Mydria released her teeth from the now empty corpse and glared at the male vampire. "Let her go boy." She wiped her outh with the sleeve of her dress, licking the lingering taste from her lips. "Let her go, this is out of your control." Kylee's slender fingers ripped Valen's hands from her shoulders she stood and scrambled behind Mydria. She eyed the wolf who now gorged itself on the horse, she recognized it as the wolf, the same wolf that had saved her life.

Kylee knew better than to approach a hunter and its prey and stalked carefully around the beast while she looked for new prey. Valen made a bolt after her but Mydria held out her blade in front of him. "Don't follow her, I doubt she will stop herself from killing you next time. She may be young but what is controlling her, what is controlling us right now is more than you can handle." She glanced up from the ground watching him fight against his more sensible urges. She listened for Kylee's footsteps to dissappear into the fray of the battle before resheathing her blade. Mydria was not worried about her tonight.

Her eyes wandered to the sound of bone snapping and flesh being torn behind her. The familiar wolf was stunning in the light of the full moon, allowing herself to truly enjoy the hunt. This is what Mydria loved about her cousins of darkness. They were built for one purpose, to kill, and they did it beautifully.

Mydria leaned back into the shadows, if Valen wanted to go after her now, he was welcome to it. She had given him fair warning. She closed her eyes, feeling the tug of a chain around her neck, a leash pulling her forward and she followed obediently. She walked through the streets the fight boiling around her. Her feet touched the shards of broken windows, the splinters of doors, carried her beond the screams of women and the crying of children. She traveled to the edge of the city where only pieces of wood jutted out into the sea. The night came to greet her as she reached it's edge, looking down into the water where it turned the stars and moon into shining gelatinous cubes.

"Did you think I would forget you my child?" The same fear from only nights before sank into her body, freezing her already cool blood, wrenching her stomach, but she couldn't move. The goat voice was deep and rumbling, rolling in with the gentle waves. "Did you think you could escape me?" Mydria opened her eyes and gasped, her nightmare had come to life but she was no where close to waking up.

02/25/2007 8:51 PM

The smell of blood and death was heavy on the air as Niko proweld looking for more prey. The last couple had been amusing but not nealy what he had been looking for. He wanted something interesting, what it was was beyond the point as all that mattered now was the hunt.

Three was the number of the group he had slaughtered before comming across the scent that nearly drove him insane. It was the scent of a female werewolf and he knew he was going to find her. The trail he had found was too old to distinguish but it was one none the less.

The sounds of violence and death were but a side note as Niko bolted along the cobbled streets following the scent. Few people stayed in his way though those who did were usually trampled or in occasion he had to leap over a vampire or two. The scent was getting stronger and the farmiliarity tugged at his mind in a few different way though all were disregarded.

Sliding around a corner he nearly plowed into a hooded figure just barely managing to leap over it in a wide arc. This thing as it were was more important at the moment than the scent he had been tracking as his curiosity was as much present in this form as in his human one if not stronger.

02/26/2007 1:56 AM

The fiery warmth faded rapidly from the corpse of the horse, its flesh nowhere near to sating the wolf.

Large head swinging up Sadhbh's eyes gleamed in the darkness, nostrils flaring to take in the night.

The trail of the vampires diverged here, two heading deeper into the city, familiar but unimportant now. The third, crystalline and insolent, met the salty tang of water- and something else.
A memory flared of fear and darkness, of feeling small and petty.
Angered at this intrusion the wolf snarled and then howled to the sky: not the usual forlorn keening of its small brothers but a ringing challenge, loud and long, echoing in the chilled night air.

[OOC: I just noticed twice in my previous post I wrote 'it's' instead of 'its'! My excuse is I was very tired..]

02/26/2007 2:47 AM

Valen looked off into the distance. Going after her would be pointless. She would obviously be far away by now. While thinking he didn't notice a rogue vampire walking up behind him. The vampire raised his sword high and just as he brought it down Valen twisted around and caught it in his hand, letting the blade sink into his palm."You picked the wrong time to piss me off..." he said as he gripped the blade. He snapped it easily and thrust it into the vampire's chest.

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