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02/05/2007 5:27 AM

There is a city called Nightlace. It is in southern New York where all the gangs and drug dealers are and make their business during the day hours, but during the night they are locked safely inside their houses. The whole town is actually locked in their houses, some stay awake because they are so afraid. Why are they afraid? Because, when night falls on Nightlace the creatures come out.

Underneath Nightlace there is a place called the underground and that is where most homeless live and where the creatures of the night take residence, but once night falls over that little city the creatures move their home upstairs right into the streets. They lurk in the shadows waiting for any oblivious prey or human that got lost, so on and so forth. They mainly just lurk though being free to rome the city and get out of the underground is what they wait for all day. Some of the creatures live on the surface though descised as humans.


Humans: The regular inhabitants of New York

Vampires: Mostly what you heard. Blood sucking repelled by garlic and all that other good stuff.

*Nosferatu: Vermin type vampires; many have the ability to control bats or rats. Very pale skin, almost gray, elongated nails, many sharp fangs, and pointed ears. Males hair tends to turn white or become bald, by choice or by physical loss. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Redfields/12.jpg
*Sampiro: More of a pest than a threat for their usual outgoing and relentlessly alluring personalities. Most of which are females who wear very high heels and tend to make kissing noises, most likely in anticipation of drinking the blood of their chosen victim. However the amount of blood they take is minimal, mostly they desire the body itself rather than the fluid. Their eyes have a 'quality' to them, they can make them seem luminous to allure or terrify.
*Draugr: Vampires that can decay at will, managing to squeeze through tight spaces, usually one body part at a time. They are known to be very masochistic, mixing more pain than pleasure.
*Tikoloshe: Animalistic vampires who can transform into twisted 'hell-beasts'. The change varies, but all retain some human quality.

Trolls: They are on either sides of the fence, neither good nor bad. Mainly, they are the bums of the monster society. They are no threat to humans, but an annoyance. Pass or cross their bridge and a rock might 'mysteriously' fly out of the water at you.

Fallen Angels: Outcast by God they have been shunned to the Earth instead of Hell.

Ghouls and Zombies: Probably the lowest class of creatures one will face. Ghouls tend o be more dangerous than Zombies because they travel in packs and more ravenous. The difference is simple: Zombies, though decaying, still look human and have some memory, while Ghouls have blackish green skin, large yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and long claws. And they eat anything covered in meat, alive or dead.

Ghosts and Other Spirits: Not much of a problem, usually. Not a lot of ghosts or spirits that will do you harm. Unless they died from a very violent death, so in which case, stay away from the bad parts of town.

Witches: They're basically human, so they die the same way. However they age much slower then humans, often living up to a hundred and thirty years of age.

Lycanthropes: Like real animals, there are various species and thus various methods.
*Werecrocs http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Redfields/13.jpg
*Weresnakes (often referred to as Lamias)
*Werewolves (duh)
*And, in some cases, Wereswans (but this has been determined to be a witch made curse on those without kindness)

Also the only way a creature can enter a home is if invited this goes for the creatures who live on the surface as well.
All of the RPGC rules apply.

I would like to have you fill out this you can be any of these creatures but please choose a variety I don't want everyone being a vampire or lycanthrope please:

History: (you don't have to go too indepth on this seeing how some of you might want your character to keep it a secret. The only reason I put this is because it shows a bit of your characters personality.)
Appearance: (You can use pictures, if you write it please give a very in depth description so that we can visualize your character.)
Creature Appearence:

Here's mine:
Name: Zage
Age: 150 (Looks 24)
Species: Wereswan
When he was young his father beat him and his mother. He ended up killing her and leaving him out in the alleys until a passerby took him in. After that he grew up in a foster home. When he got older he didn't have a care in the world for anybody. He ran away from the foster home and vowed to never go back. He was rude to people as well. He would shove past them and ridicule them without remorse. When he turned the age of 23 he messed with the wrong person. That person happened to be a witches daughter. He pushed her out of his way as he was walking. The witch found him immediately and cursed him. He was then cursed with being a wereswan.

Zage wears a dark read muscle shirt with an ancient japanese symbol on the front written in black that means death. His pants are baggy and black with a few pockets lining the sides. His shoes are black steal towed boots. Over his muscle shirt is a long black over coat. At night his eyes turn a bright yellow. Around his left wrist he wears a mogle and around his neck he wears a silver chained necklace with a deep blue pendent being held by a fierce looking black swan. His hair is black and falls to just above his shoulders, is layered, and it just hangs to the side of his face with a couple locks of hair that fall in his face.

Creature Appearance:
As a swan Zage is black and a fully grown swan. His left foot is yellow but his bottom right foot is black and the top is yellow. When he stretches out his wings the underneath of his wings has a white tint to it. He stands about 4'3.

Night was begining to fall over New York where people were just getting into their beds and sleeping peacefully awaiting the next morning to get up and go to work taking their kids to school along the way. All this seemed like the most pleasent of nights except for in the town of Nightlace. In Nightlace the inhabitants locked up their homes not letting ANYTHING in. For one of the rules of the night is a creature of the night cannot enter a home unless invited. So if you are accidentally out when the moon comes up you are just plain out of luck. Just coming out was all the creatures who were cramped up in the depths of the underground. They were happy to be finally free for another night out of that discusting hell whole.

Zage was one of these he crawled out of a shoadow of a building and began walking along the streets of Nightlace. His hands were dug in his pockets as his eyes brightly shown in the moon light. They were a bright yellow. He smirked at the moon as if he could defy it and kept walking. He kept his ears open for any prey he might come across or suddenly show it's whereabouts.

02/05/2007 11:37 AM

Name: Zanen Larthion

Age: 120 (looks 21)

Species: Lycanthrope (werewolf)

History: Zanen was born in Florida. He grew up as a small time thief, picking pockets and picking locks, etc. He likes heavy metal and the like. He moved to New York to get a real job, but the first night in new york he was bit by a werewolf, he scarcely remembers anything else.

Appearance: Zanen is 5'7, 135lbs, he has mid length black hair (spiked down),Dark green eyes, He wears baggy black camo pants, Steel toe combat boots, black thermal with a gray shirt over it, a black zip up hoody, a black bandanna, and he has chains on his wrist, neck and a wallet chain.

Creature Appearance: When Zanen is in wolf form he is a full grown wolf with black fur and gray stripes (almost like a tiger, but they look almost like scars.) he has green slitted eyes, sharp fangs and claws, and a long bushy tail.

*fyi this and the above was supposed to be posted in ooc(out of character) just so you know next time : )*

As the sun went down Zanen emerged from the shadows of a store. Zanen stretches *yawn* "lets see what stayed out to late tonight" he says with a grin. he quickly turns into his wolf form and starts prowling the night. moments later he hears someone walking. Zanen sniffs *sniff* *sniff* He then growls in a voice only understandable by fellow kind "Ah Zage your out Earlie tonight ain't you?"

02/05/2007 2:16 PM

OOC: I put it in the RP Ideas Interest Query thing.

Zage stopped when he heard a voice that was familiar to him. He looked over to see a wolf clearly lycanthrope. He would have been in his form but it's not something he was proud of so he stayed in his more human form. Looking at the wolf he stood to where he was facing him directly. "Zanen. I just couldn't stand being down there any longer. What about you?"

02/06/2007 2:55 PM

Zanen looked at Zage "Are you kidding man? Im starving like hell. I need some meat"

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02/06/2007 6:57 PM

Zage pondered what he said for a moment then began to feel a bit hungry himself. The moon was high and he had all night to fulfill his appetite. Looking around to make sure nothing was going to try to ambush them he then brought his gaze over to Zanen. "Do you think there'll be any late night humans tonight?"

02/06/2007 8:22 PM

Zanen lazy looked back at zage "well who knows, we might get lucky. And if we don't we can go a hunting"

02/06/2007 8:47 PM

Zage nodded then looked around once more letting out a sigh. "So where are you headed to? Hunting?" He asked as he saw a fly land on a garbage can.

02/07/2007 2:46 PM

Zanen transforms back into his "human" form "I am in not going anywhere particular, I'm just going to walk around and see what i can find" "What about you? you got a place to go?"

02/07/2007 3:06 PM

Zage nodded then looked over to him as he transformed to his human state. "Probably just going to walk around. Not much else you could really do up here or down there." He said this as he dug his hands in his pockets.

02/08/2007 11:18 PM

*OOC:You guys looked like you needed some more people so I decided to join, besides that I need something to do while waiting for posts on other RPs*

Name: Rathulm (Rath) Azaran Dragor
Age:256 (Looks 19)
Species: Vampire, Tikoloshe
History: Rath was part of an ancient line of vampires that lived in London centuries ago. All of his family are now dead, they were killed by slayers. He managed to escape the slayers by sailing to America. He has since lived in New York.
Appearence: Rath has medium black hair with dark red tips. His bangs are thick and down in front of his eyes so you can't see them. His eyes are crystal blue with slits across them, from attacks by the slayers. However they do not affect his vision. He is kind of muscular and is 6'3". He wears baggy black pants with rips in the knees, a black long sleeved shirt and a gray t-shirt over it with a skull on it. He also wears a jacket that looks like Edward Elric's from FMA.

Rath watched them from the shadows silently. It had been a long time since he left the Underground. The moon looked beautiful tonight. He shook the thoughts out of his head and looked back at the two Lycans, trying to figure out what they were doing.He crept closer but only close enough so they would not detect him.

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02/09/2007 2:13 PM

Zanen turned his head and sniffed *sniff* *sniff* "rath, i can smell the blood on you from a mile away, stop hiding in the shadows will ya?"

02/09/2007 2:51 PM

A shiver went down Rath's spine as he heard Zanen shout at him. He stepped out of the shadows and walked closer. " I wasn't stalking you....I was just coming out to see the moon....It's been a while."

02/10/2007 3:10 PM

Zanen walks toward rath and clasps him on the shoulder "ah the moon, It is brilliant tonight isn't it old friend?" Zanen looks up at the moon "ah yes brilliant, Let us go hunting boys"

02/10/2007 5:45 PM

(OOC: Well as long as I am waiting for posts mine as well do it too.)
Name: Reesa

Age: Turned recently as two years ago.
Species: Werewolf
Apperance: In Human form she is 5"4' with red hair. She has a plain green military forager cap, green camo pants a thin cloth shirt also green and a brown vest to go over it. She has black military boots that sometimes he tucks her pants into and sometimes she leaves untucked. She has fingerless black gloves. When she is a werewolf she in a coffe bean coloring with red gold highlights in her fur.
History: Reesa had never been to nightlace she had never even heard of the city. She was a wandering youg woman just out of college and looking for a place to start her life. She did not know that there were dangers that lurked the streets at night and was maimed by a group of werewolves, she was half eaten, her body should have died, her soul should have moved on but by some cruel joke or some odd blessing she was allowed to live. The Werewolves had not completly eaten her and what was left rejuvenated itself. Now like the rest of the creatures of Nightlace she roams at night and sometimes when she feels really balsy during the day as well.

Reesa crouched on the roof of a nearby building eyeing the three lycans. She had never seen them before and they looked hungry. She could smell the distinct blood patterns of two lycans and a vampire. She followed them saying to the shadows and rooftops, transforming only when necessary to leap from rooftop to rooftop or to tackle particularly difficult obstacles. She watched how they moved how they hunted. She sat and thought a moment before smiling. She had a plan. She back across the roofs and onto scaffolding outside a window. She tapped on it a couple times and waited for a young woman to open it.
"My dear I need a favor." She smiled toothily.

02/10/2007 10:08 PM

as they were walking zanen suddenly looked up "what was that?" Zanen looks around "hmmm.....never mind, I thought i heard something." They continue walking

02/11/2007 12:35 AM

Rath looked over at Zanen and said "Are you sure Zanen? Im sort of feeling something too".

02/11/2007 7:24 AM

A scream came from a back alley followed by the strong smell of blood.

02/11/2007 2:24 PM

Rath heard the scream echo through out the area. "What in the world...?" he whispered as he stepped toward the sound. He reached for his custom hand guns, ready for any sort of surprises.

02/11/2007 2:55 PM

(OOC: Rath are you going towards the sound? Sounds ike a stupid question but I assume you are walking toward the alley right?)

02/11/2007 4:28 PM

(OOC: Yea I'm headed towards it.)

02/11/2007 4:36 PM

Reesa watched from her roof top perch as the vampire walked down the alley towards the scream. She waited until he was sufficiently in the shade of her alley and away from the group to strike. She leapeddown from her perch turning into her snarling werewolf form blocking off his escape back to the street. She bared her teeth. She hadn't eaten in days and this vampire looked like an ample meal. The screaming was a young woman, human by scent, and armed with a colt handgun.

02/11/2007 5:05 PM

Zanen went wolf and run up next to rath "arrrr, what the hell was that?!?!" he growls.

02/11/2007 5:11 PM

Reesa growled at the both of them. She backed off now that there was two of them She was out powered but she was almost to hungry to care. She lept at the new werewolf and let the young woman fire a couple rounds at the vampire. She was determined to eat tonight. She notied the guns on the vampire and yelled out.
"Kate stay under cover!"

02/11/2007 5:36 PM

zanen jumped aside and bit into the side of the other werewolf "ARRG, take that bitch!" he growls. He then swipes her on the back with his claws. "Rath take the other on ei got her!"

02/11/2007 5:56 PM

Reesa bit back trying to dig a claw into Zanens side. She enjoyed the taste of blood in her mouth and clamped down harder. er stomach was tight with hunger and her body coursed with adrenaline. It had been too long since her last hunt. She heard a cry out from Kate and a couple gun shots. She reluctantly relaesed her grip on Zanen. "Kate run back home, they can't get you there!" She untangled herself from Zanen and circled him.

02/11/2007 5:59 PM

Zanen eyed reesa carefully "try somethin i dare ya!" Zanen snapped at reesa "Grrrrr!"

02/11/2007 6:03 PM

Reesa bared her teeth at him. "Alright, I will." Reesa lunged back at him hoping to bite his leg, and snap the tendon. His foot was too fast however so she turned her neck to bite at his stomach. "You don't taste half bad just to let you know." She clawed at his head.
(OOC: ARe we underworld werewolves or regular wolves or dire looking wolves?)

02/11/2007 6:07 PM

Rath jumped back to avoid the shots. One hit him in the shoulder. He yelled towards Zanen, "Are you sure you can handle her?!" as he fired upon the young woman.

02/11/2007 6:09 PM

ooc*i think were just wolves* Zanen yelled back at rath "I got her don't worry" Zanen lunged at reesa and bite into her side while clawing her face repeatedly, He bakes of and swipes at her side "you don't taste half bad yourself!"

02/11/2007 6:18 PM

Reesa grinned as much as a wolf can. She blinked the blood out of her eyes pawing at her face a little. She was worried about Kate and jumped on the Vampires back allowing time for Kate to run. She shot a few more rounds as she sprinted back into the street. Reesa jumped back and looked at the two of them. She could tell she was in a serious situaton. "Perhaps I picked the wrong pack to tango with?"

02/11/2007 6:51 PM

"You certainly did" He said, as he grabbed her and threw her off him. "Go back to the hole that you crawled out of."

02/12/2007 1:29 PM

Reesa shifted back into her human form and glared at them before softning her gaze.
"Perhaps we might be able to hunt as a pack. Maybe work some dumb ass humans out of their homes. Even get my humn to help break into one and drag a couple out Split the reward three way?"

02/12/2007 2:26 PM

Zanen looked at reesa "hmmmm maybe something of the sort can be arranged"

02/12/2007 2:36 PM

Reesa shook her head vigourously.
"Iam Reesa and my human is Kate."
She smiled hoping to ease any sort of tensions.

02/12/2007 6:40 PM

Rath put his guns away. He stared at Ressa for a moment and then at the human. He looked over toward his friend and then turned back. " If Zanen trusts you then I guess I do too" he said.

02/12/2007 8:29 PM

zanen paused and then turned into his human form "i guess we can extend some sort of trust, though it is hard to trust at all these days..." zanen extended his hand toward reesa.

02/13/2007 12:38 PM

She took it tentativley and shook it. "Eating has been slim these couple of weeks, I will eat what I can get be it monster or human flesh. So where to?"

03/02/2007 1:12 PM

"I can offer you... eating." The voice seemed to edge slyly from the shadows, soft and calm and cold like a snake, or like smoke that had somehow been formed into words. "I can offer you, ah... more than enough flesh for all of you." The vampire and the two Lycans fixed on the source of the sound, turning to face it; the human just looked around wildly.

A tall man stepped out of the shadows. Impeccably dressed, his hands clasped at the small of his back, he wouldn't have looked out of place in the boardroom of a vast multinational, or seated at a committee table in some ancient university. He smiled briefly, and the effect was like a cloud passing across the face of the moon.

"Gideon Wormwood," he introduced himself casually. "I'd like to offer you, ah... a deal. All of you. I am seeking, ah... I am seeking dwellers in the night to do a little job for me."

[i]OOC - hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd inject some plot :)[/i]

05/07/2007 9:23 AM

Age: (190) 28

Species: Vampire

History: Kedian was only seven when her mother passed away, a mysterious accident was the only thing she heard about her mothers death. She was left with her father who would abuse, sexually and verbally. She could do nothing but let her father have his way. By the time she was four-teen she was well matured for her age, and she began to ask questions about the deceased one she loved. Her father shrugged it off and like the many times he had done before, he ripped her top off in rage. However this time...she didn't let his fealty hands touch her, this time she took a stand for herself. When he mentioned her "Fealty half blood mother." Kedian could take no more...and in the end she had killed her father. Almost as though something had taken over her. She can't remember exactly how she did it. All she remembers is sitting in her room with her fathers slaughtered body over head. His blood dripping onto her body and white tiled floor. By the age of seven teen she left that hell hole of a house...and now she stood alone. Solo...the way she liked it.

Appearance: Kedian has long black hair, it runs down straight, a few large curls dangle from the ends. Her eyes a silver-blue, just like her mothers. She has a scar on her right cheek that can be hidden behind her front side part. Even though Kedian didn't really have the "womens" touch that most guys like, she didn't care. In her mind all guys were horrid creatures. She wore black leather pants which made her legs look long and desirable. She wore a tight white tank top that showed off her flat well shaped stomach. Over the shirt was a leather jacket that cut off just past her breast. Even with the jacket , shirt, and under garments. Many could still tell that she was pushing a C or a D cup, in which she hated. Two gun Hollister's were equipped to the sides of her legs, an M-16 strapped to her back. On her neck was a red bandanna, which gave her the nickname Bandit. She wore biker boots, a dagger in her left one. A long chain was tied around her waist, and gloves with cut off finger tips to top her off.

Creature Appearence: When Kedian's vampire ism hits the full blast mark, the humans that stand close by will know what 'Fatal' means. Her eyes turn all black, with a red slit in the middle. Protruding fangs reside in her mouth. Her nails grow long and stronger...her reflexes increase by 50%

05/07/2007 12:00 PM

Name: Lestat
Age: 16
Species: Vampire(sampiro)
History: Was born in New jersey and was recently bitten, doesnt like to talk alot about it
Appearance: 5'9" wears black clothes, has red hair and blue eyes. kinda gangly looking, not a big guy but possessess a huge amount of strength.
Creature Appearence: a large two legged bat beast with arms and wings(like dracula creature from the movie van helsing)

05/07/2007 12:04 PM

At that moment a large winged beast soared down into the allyway and landed among the shadows. Gurgling and cracking noises can be heard as Lestat takes his human form and emerges from the shadows just as the last traces of the bat beast vanish.

"Whats going on here?...i could hear you all miles away"

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