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02/05/2007 4:58 AM

There is a city called Nightlace. It is in southern New York where all the gangs and drug dealers are and make their business during the day hours, but during the night they are locked safely inside their houses. The whole town is actually locked in their houses, some stay awake because they are so afraid. Why are they afraid? Because, when night falls on Nightlace the creatures come out.

Underneath Nightlace there is a place called the underground and that is where most homeless live and where the creatures of the night take residence, but once night falls over that little city the creatures move their home upstairs right into the streets. They lurk in the shadows waiting for any oblivious prey or human that got lost, so on and so forth. They mainly just lurk though being free to rome the city and get out of the underground is what they wait for all day. Some of the creatures live on the surface though descised as humans.


Humans: The regular inhabitants of New York

Vampires: Mostly what you heard. Blood sucking repelled by garlic and all that other good stuff.

*Nosferatu: Vermin type vampires; many have the ability to control bats or rats. Very pale skin, almost gray, elongated nails, many sharp fangs, and pointed ears. Males hair tends to turn white or become bald, by choice or by physical loss. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Redfields/12.jpg
*Sampiro: More of a pest than a threat for their usual outgoing and relentlessly alluring personalities. Most of which are females who wear very high heels and tend to make kissing noises, most likely in anticipation of drinking the blood of their chosen victim. However the amount of blood they take is minimal, mostly they desire the body itself rather than the fluid. Their eyes have a 'quality' to them, they can make them seem luminous to allure or terrify.
*Draugr: Vampires that can decay at will, managing to squeeze through tight spaces, usually one body part at a time. They are known to be very masochistic, mixing more pain than pleasure.
*Tikoloshe: Animalistic vampires who can transform into twisted 'hell-beasts'. The change varies, but all retain some human quality.

Trolls: They are on either sides of the fence, neither good nor bad. Mainly, they are the bums of the monster society. They are no threat to humans, but an annoyance. Pass or cross their bridge and a rock might 'mysteriously' fly out of the water at you.

Fallen Angels: Outcast by God they have been shunned to the Earth instead of Hell.

Ghouls and Zombies: Probably the lowest class of creatures one will face. Ghouls tend o be more dangerous than Zombies because they travel in packs and more ravenous. The difference is simple: Zombies, though decaying, still look human and have some memory, while Ghouls have blackish green skin, large yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and long claws. And they eat anything covered in meat, alive or dead.

Ghosts and Other Spirits: Not much of a problem, usually. Not a lot of ghosts or spirits that will do you harm. Unless they died from a very violent death, so in which case, stay away from the bad parts of town.

Witches: They're basically human, so they die the same way. However they age much slower then humans, often living up to a hundred and thirty years of age.

Lycanthropes: Like real animals, there are various species and thus various methods.
*Werecrocs http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Redfields/13.jpg
*Weresnakes (often referred to as Lamias)
*Werewolves (duh)
*And, in some cases, Wereswans (but this has been determined to be a witch made curse on those without kindness)

Also the only way a creature can enter a home is if invited this goes for the creatures who live on the surface as well.
All of the RPGC rules apply.

I would like to have you fill out this you can be any of these creatures but please choose a variety I don't want everyone being a vampire or lycanthrope please:

History: (you don't have to go too indepth on this seeing how some of you might want your character to keep it a secret. The only reason I put this is because it shows a bit of your characters personality.)
Appearance: (You can use pictures, if you write it please give a very in depth description so that we can visualize your character.)
Creature Appearence:

Here's mine:
Name: Zage
Age: 150 (Looks 24)
Species: Wereswan
When he was young his father beat him and his mother. He ended up killing her and leaving him out in the alleys until a passerby took him in. After that he grew up in a foster home. When he got older he didn't have a care in the world for anybody. He ran away from the foster home and vowed to never go back. He was rude to people as well. He would shove past them and ridicule them without remorse. When he turned the age of 23 he messed with the wrong person. That person happened to be a witches daughter. He pushed her out of his way as he was walking. The witch found him immediately and cursed him. He was then cursed with being a wereswan.

Zage wears a dark read muscle shirt with an ancient japanese symbol on the front written in black that means death. His pants are baggy and black with a few pockets lining the sides. His shoes are black steal towed boots. Over his muscle shirt is a long black over coat. At night his eyes turn a bright yellow. Around his left wrist he wears a mogle and around his neck he wears a silver chained necklace with a deep blue pendent being held by a fierce looking black swan. His hair is black and falls to just above his shoulders, is layered, and it just hangs to the side of his face with a couple locks of hair that fall in his face.

Creature Appearance:
As a swan Zage is black and a fully grown swan. His left foot is yellow but his bottom right foot is black and the top is yellow. When he stretches out his wings the underneath of his wings has a white tint to it. He stands about 4'3.

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