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02/05/2007 2:03 AM

"when i grow up i want to meet yoda" venda overheard a boy saying to his friends, venda was walking around the town of trantor and smiled when he heard this so he bent down to the boys and said "if you want to become a jedi i can take you to the jedi council you look of age to start training"
"you would really do that mister, hhhmmm i don't think your a jedi at all, wheres your lasersword?"the boy replied
venda pulled out his lightsaber "what this lump-a-junk" he laghed
"wow, but mum and dad wont let me go away from the town" the boy moaned and looked down. venda thought for a moment and said "your dream to meet yoda is an impossability but becoming a jedi can be difficult to, think about it first." he ruffled the boys hair and walked away looking out for bounty hunters, he new he was being followed, the new emporer danbak didn't want anymore jedi to try and rebel so he had them hunted down and killed.
"get outta mah way you idiot" a man shouted gruffly, venda felt the blaster in the mans pocket, went to pull his blaster out to find it jabbed into his back.
"give me all your money" the man ordered, venda put his hand towards his pouch of credits, but twitched his hand instead, within 2 seconds his lightsaber was out and had chopped the blaster two,
"next time try hard now run back to the emperor and tell him what happened, if i see you again, say good bye to your hands" venda growled.
"yessir" the man cried, and ran off. "stupid bounty hunters" venda mumbled. the crowd where all staring at him blasters out and ready to use.
"oh damn" venda groaned. whils he was getting ready to use force push to make a quick exit he heard a humming of ship enines, they where getting closer and the crowd of people where all looking up to see who it was. the sound suddenly cut out as if the engines had fried, then there was an explosion and all the people dropped there weapons and ran in the opposite direction. "maybe i should have pulled my lightsaber out and blocked all the shots, hhhm nah, i would end up fried still" venda smirked, he ran over towards the sounds to find an imperial starship fried and destroyed, it was steaming and there where noises coming from the flight deck, and more from the gun deck...........

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