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02/04/2007 8:44 AM

Profus was chopping a tree with his axe and wondering how long it will take, when he heard a rustling, he looked around to find hid freind gruffin charging towards the little town they lived in. gruffin stopped running and turned towards profus,
"run profus, run now back home lock the doors and windows, do it now." He said panting, and ran off. profus carried on chopping the tree when he heard a sword being unsheathed, he turned around to see a group of creatures armed and ready for an assult on a town or small city, one stepped forward.
"where did he go, human" it growled,
"who, where did who go?" profus replied,
"tell me and i might spare your life" it growled back angrily,
"and if i don't?" profus asked, knowing that he will regret what happens either way.
"TELL ME NOW!!!" it roared,
"ok, ok, i'll tell you, but, first let me finish chopping this tree i need to drag it back with me so i can take you to gruffin" profus cried.
"hhhmmm" it growled "ok but hurry i haven't got time to wait too long."
profus picked up his axe and spun around, he hit the creature in the head and it slupped to the ground, its head cracked. the others started screaming and ran back the way they came from.

When profus got back too town he went straight to the nearest inn and downed a couple of ales. gruffin was outside near the inn at the centre of town when he saw profus going to the inn, so he decided to run in after him. profus heard the door open and looked up to the dark haird but pale skinned, gruffin walk inside, who looked around and came over, dropping a small leather pounch a little bit bigger than a fist.

"whats that gruffin? oh, and what where those things chasing you" profus asked,
"ssshhh, keep ya voice down, its a rare crystal i stole from the castle out in the forest, i went there looking around and saw this so i put it into this bag. as i left they saw me and started to take chase" he replied whispering,
"huh, i don't understand, what castle ?" profus whispered back........

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