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01/29/2007 8:53 PM

Human-All Around No Pro's No Con's Max Hight-7ft

Dark Elf-Must Be evil/Chaotic Evil Max Hight-6ft

Half-Elf-Faster then most, not quite as strong Max Hight-6ft

High-Elf-Must be Good/Chaotic Good Max Hight-6ft

Half-Orc-Strong but slow Max Hight-8.5ft

Dwarf-Strong but slow. Short size makes taller monsters harder to hit them
Max Hight-4ft

Gnome-Short and fast, not too strong, Size makes taller monster harder to hit them Max Hight-4ft

Undead-(Coming Soon)

Lizard Man-(Coming Soon)

Chaotic good
Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Nutrel

First level Classes

All start with Robe/Peasent Cloths

Rogue(small blades only){starting 1 dagger}

Warrior(Sword, Axes, Maces, Sheilds, One Handed Wepons only){starting 1 short sword, 1 Buckler}

Barbarian(Axes, Maces, Spears, Pole-Arms){Starting 2h Battle Axe}

Mage(Small Blades, staves){Starting 1 Staff}

Wizard(Small Blades, Staves){Starting 1 Staff)

Ranger(Bows, Swords){starting 1 Short Sword}

Monk(Hand to Hand Combat Only){starting No wepon}

Bard(Instruments, Swords){Startin, 1 Flute, 1 Short Sword}

Coin Cap(starting gold) 50 gp

House Pricing-2000x x=Number of rooms
Shack priceing-1000x
Inn Price-50x x=level
Monster Level Ratio-.5x x=Level of person(s)
Number of Monsters-1x x=Number of people in battle

Introduce your character
1-Char Name
5- Physicle Descrption
7-(Spell casters only{including Bard}) 1 spell every odd number level(yes that means lvl 1)

If you want to join, Must follow the above rules please. it will make it easyer to follow.

Any suggestiong pm, I will decide if tehy should b made,
Any Godly Characters will not b allowed to play,
Must be Realistic- {Unlike: A wizard With a/an Axe, A Warrior Using Spells, A Rogue Using a Two handed Wepon. Understood?}
If you think i need to change something tell me, More Races and Classes Soon with the help of you Players/Viewers/Posters

Start-All Players must start here. If we have started and you want to join, ask dont just jump in. you will probly have to start at this point. depending on our level, if we are to high, you will probly not be able to join

A Small town, On the left, A tavern-inside the taver, sits a woman, a man, a young boy, and a barkeep, On the right, A Armor/weapon Shop-inside is what seems to be a very poor store-Items Long Sword 100g, Round Sheild110 g, plate mail 430g, Magic Robe 300g, Dirk 70g, In the middle, a small inn, Only 2 room vacant-One is small a two room bed room-The other is able to hold four to five people, Around the back of this, a small farm were it apears it has been torn to shreads, On the other side of town, sits several small houses, 2 of witch are for sale 12,000g for one, a 6 room house. 14,000g for the other a 7 room house. in the middle of town, a Giant Statue of what looks like a/an Unknown God, Next to this stands a man-A Slouched over man in a black Robe A post in the road-Sign sais Left Right Foward Back a long and dusty trail Full of Discomforting Memorys of Your Childhood.

What do yall think? needs work?

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