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01/23/2007 12:50 PM

Suri was sixteen now, and excitement filled her every waking moment on this day of days. Slender and petite, Suri had long raven-wing black hair, that curled slightly, and frizzed in the rain. She had startling crystalline blue eyes that many a suitor had remarked upon. She had a sweet disposition, but felt as an outsider looking in on those around her, no matter how much they fawned over her.

Now on this day, she felt ever more estranged, and at a complete loss on why she felt so. Perhaps it was her family... Dark haired, and dusky skinned, in a town that was predominantly blonde and fair. Her features set her apart, yes, however she didn't feel that was the real reason why she felt so alone.

Her family wasn't poor by any means, nor were they aristocracy, they did have one housekeeper, a middle aged woman named Rebecca. Her blonde hair had long turned to grey, and her dark grey eyes squinted whenever she tried to focus on her sewing. A kindly woman who hardly ever had a stern word for Suri.

Standing alone near the edges of the small orchard that Suri's parents tended, She contemplated the feelings that boiled so close to the surface. Her head turned towards the rising sun, and was startled to see a bright star streaking across the skies.

As she began back towards the house, She could hear several people in the town begin to shout and point at the approaching light. She turned to see her parents were standing on their doorstep, staring first at the falling star, then to their Daughter. Her fathers' eyes were stern, and her mother looked as though she were about to cry....

01/28/2007 9:36 AM

As Zanen was approching the next town he looked up and saw a Light streak across the sky "What the hell is that?" "It's heading for the town i better hurry incase they need help" He takes of a breakneck speed to reach the town as soon as possible. When he makes it to the town everyone is standing awstruck looking at the fastly approching light "What is that thing" he says to himself.........

01/31/2007 9:24 AM

Sleeps quietly a long knife poking out of his long tatters cloak, he awkens to see a streaking light. "Great..." He stands up and walks toward the center of the town.

01/31/2007 11:59 AM

It was just another day for Christos. He was up before dawn to tend the few animals he kept, and tend to other chores that needed doing. He was heading back in for breakfast when the falling star marred the sunrise.

Christos could not help but stop and gawk along with the rest of town at the strange sight. A falling star was not a regular occurrance, and they usually came in flocks on the rare nights they were seen at all. For some reason he could not but think of Suri at the star streaking across the sky. He tried to ignore the uneasy feeling that had settled over him, and return to the house. He discovered the effort to be pointless, so instead he took a chunk of bread for breakfast on the run and wrapped it in a napkin. With breakfast in hand, he set out to visit Suri.

It wasn't a very long trip between his land and Suri's, and the brisk walk passed quickly as he ate his breakfast on the go. Nearing Suri's door, he saw that she and her parents were sharing a moment. What exactly had them bothered was beyond Christos, but he stopped a respectable distance away to finish his breakfast of bread instead of butting in where it wasn't his place.

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