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01/15/2007 11:28 AM

This is simply an idea that has been swirling around my head for awhile. If people like it and tell me so, then I will turn this into a recruiting thread. Anyways, expect a weird mix of alternate history, quasi sci-fi, with a touch of anime.

[b]Story:[/b] It is March, 1936... The idea of a second great war exists only on the plans of military documents. But that has changed, the Third Reich reoccupied the Rhineland, France and England are gearing up for war, Japan is preparing to attack China yet again. In Moscow, in the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin is contemplating the recent events. Suddenly the room is lit up in a blue glow, whirling around, Stalin is confronted by a swirling blue vortex... and out of it steps a man.

He wears a unrecognizable military uniform and carries a briefcase. Before Stalin can react, the man speaks in perfect Russian. "Comrade Stalin," he says as the vortex closes behind him, "Greetings from the year 2036..."

Fast forward to July 15th, 1945. The Soviet Union is the undisputed master of Europe, Central, and East Asia. Continental Europe are all now part of the USSR, which stretches from Portugal to Vladivostock. The Japanese Mainland is occupied by Soviet troops, Mao has taken over all of mainland China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been formed. The USSR is ahead in the technological race. It possess the most advanced and largest army, the largest industrial base, the largest and most advanced airforce, and the largest(although not the most advanced) navy.

But there is two crucial places that makes the USSR the undisputable superpower: Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic Missiles. Although fusion devices are still being worked on, the Soviet Union detonated its first fission device in 1943... over the city of Tokyo. In 1944, they tested the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and simultaneously constructed a more powerful atomic weapon that could go on Ballistic Missiles. The US has its own atomic bombs and ballistic missiles. But their ballistic missiles are incapable of intercontinental flight and their atom bombs are to bulky to go on their ballistic missiles.

Stalin is contemplating what to do next when a familiar blue glow floods the room he is in. He turns knowing full well what to expect, the same man he met nine years ago. Once again, the man speaks first. "I see you took my advise to heart, comrade Stalin. Now, I have one last piece of information to give you."

Zoom forward to March 13th 1946. The Soviet Union is preparing to open a portal to another dimension, a dimension they plan to invade. They are targetting the world of Aurra. Aurra is still in the early Renaissance period, technologically speaking. Politically, they are already unified and are highly peaceful... although they still have an army, just in case.

The world is mostly inhabited by the same time of creatures you would find on Earth. Except the sentient one, that is. The sentient creatures are cat people... not in the literal sense mind you. They simply have cat ears, a tail, and, ocassionally, another cat like feature of some sort. They have no idea their peaceful world is going to end.

But while Stalin and his advisors plot to invade Aurra, they do not know, not even paranoid Stalin, that there are others. A group of rebels trying to free Europe and Asia from Communism have stolen a copy of the plans and taken them to the United States of America. It has been decided to attempt to send a joint team of Soviet rebels, Office of Strategic Services Agents, and British Security Service Agents through the portal to covertly warn and aide the Aurrans.

Now the stage is set. Will the Aurrans force the Soviets off their land? Will the rebels, Americans, and/or British bring down the Soviet Goverment? Or will the hammer and sickle fly over every castle and city in Aurra? Or will both worlds be destroyed in the blinding flashes of uncountable nuclear explosions?

Goals: You can play as one of the rebels, OSS, MI6, Aurran, or a Soviet Soldier. If the first three, your objectives are two fold: bring down the Soviet Goverment AND stop them from successfully conquering Aurra. If an Aurran, you must first concentrate on stopping the Soviet onslaught and then evicting them from your land, after that, helping bring down the Soviet goverment is optional. If a Soviet Soldier, your primary goal is to raise conquer all of Aurra. No matter who you play as, you must take into account the nuclear factor and preventing the use of atomic arms as much as possible. For any usage of nuclear weapons in either Aurra or Earth would result in catastrophic consequences for both worlds.

What do you think? Am I being to ambitious?

01/20/2007 11:01 PM

I like it. I would definately join as a REbel or a cat person...though out of curiosity, are there any other sentinent races on Aurra? Like another...animal human race? Dog people, mouse people, etc? If not...then why? any particularly reason, etc?

You need to give a bit more on the people of Aurra, like what they commonley believe, how they look (like are there races like there are on our world? Or is races by cats, if so, are their skin color affected by that as well or..?)

It sounds like a really good idea, but for something so new, you need to give more background info. ^^ you did a really good job on giving alot to the Soviet and etc (though, would the other countries know about the time traveller or is it a secret?) just a bit more details on the world of Aurra and you're ready to go ^^

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01/21/2007 9:55 AM

[i]Finally[/i] someone replies...

Anyways, I was thinking that the only sapient species on Aurra would be cat people, I did consider other sentient human/animal hybrid species but ruled it out. I do not really think I know why.

Aurrans generally look like regular humans, just they have cat ears and tails(with better hearing senses and stability as a result). Their skin color is mostly similar to the different human skin color, it varies from climate to climate. I am drawing up a map(be warned, I [b]suck[/b] at map making).

Their technologically at the same level we were in the Rennasiance with all of the same tools, but are far farther along socially then we were at that point. Their less religious, females are generally treated close to the same as males, and they are more peaceful towards one another, though a war does ocassionally break out here and there.

They do not have a single monothiestic religion, instead consisting of many different polythiestic religions and are rather tolerant of each other. Their world is split up into five continents, the one that is farthest along and beginning to explore the other ones is named 'Kariav'. This is the one I plan for the Soviets to attack first.

Also, the only people who know about the time traveller are Stalin and the time traveller himself.

Now, a bit of advice for you, Setsuna. You need to clean up your spelling a smidge and use proper grammar more. Your spelling is mostly okay, but you need to use periods and commas more often.

02/19/2007 1:06 PM

I like this idea but the cat people put me off a bit.... but I'll live with it, I'll join if you put it.

Are you adverse to time agents from different factions?

I'll have a crack at that map if you want two.

Here a rough go but.. I know not off where, what and what not.


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02/19/2007 3:30 PM

You had won me over once you said soviet, but after cat people I think you won completely. I'm in if this ever gets off the ground, as I need more to put myself into.

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