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01/12/2007 12:57 PM

The Room was dimly lit by a candle chandalier hanging from a high-beam on the cealing. The repeating thudnerous crashes rattleing the windows. The innkeeper was a fine dressed plump man, his big face cracked a grin as he heard the doors open quietly. His hand went for a small dagger under his apron, as he started to slide it from his sheath; he felt the blade's non-sharp edge press against his throat.

"Haha, Mio Dark! How nice it is to see you!" His plump belly jiggled as he laughed.
The woman moved into the candle light and retracted the sword, the sword sheathing without a sound. "If you don't watch you're tounge I may have to cut it out, Remember to call me Dark from now on." He saw the grin flash on her face and she whispered in his ear "Fire Mead." And she jumped over the counter, landing quietly on a small stool.

She started down at her hand, the small white scar running from her wrist to her middle finger. Her eye wandering over the small ring around her index finger. It seemed to have a slight glow comming from it.

Her longer ears twitched as she heard the mug sliding to her. Without looking down she extended her hand, letting her hand retract so none of the liquid spilled. She turned and dropped five golden coins on the counter before she departed the bar. She headed to a small booth in the back of the tavern and set the mug down, sitting after she had doen so.

She lifted the mug to her lips, feeling the rush of the warm liquid down her throat. She wondered silently to herself, [i]I wonder if anything is going to happen today...[/i]

01/13/2007 6:28 PM

Eldinor opened the door slowly as if not to make his presense known right away. Stepping in he surveyed the room and noticed that there was only the barkeep and one patron. A little less nervous he closed the door and walked up to the bar. Looking at the barkeep to order his drink he took into account the bulge under the barkeeps apron, knowing that it was a weapon of some sort. Without letting the barkeep know he smiled and ordered a pint of hot cider.

After grabbing the cider and paying for it, he went to seat himself at the back of the tavern in the corner where he could see the entirity of the room. He put out the candle that was at his table and took a sip of his cider.

He thought to himself, although it was nice to relax and have something warm to drink, that hopefully one of his many bountys would show up or anything to keep things from being dull.

01/17/2007 7:24 AM

She looked around, eyeing the man sitting down across the tavern floor. As he put out his candle, she followed, putting out her own. As the candle dimmed into nothing, her eyes began to have an almost glow to them, the hue of red emanating from her eyes. She could see the outline of his figure as she sat back in content.

As she raised her arm, the bartender quickly hurried over to her, she dropped a few coins in his hand and motioned for him to dip, and as he did she whispered something in his ear a grin broke across his face. As he was about to say something she raised her hand again to silence him. He nodded and went behind the bar, bringing a mug full of dark liquid to the man across the tavern, and one to herself.

She laid her head back and glared at the bartender as he made a rude-sexual gesture towards the man and her. She grinned cause she knew he was toying with her, she laid her head back again on the wall closing her eyes and taking another sip of the ale; she continued to watch him slightly.

01/25/2007 9:35 PM

From outside the tavern a horrible yet somewhat subtle growl burst through the walls as the door shortly afterwards slammed open. At the enterance stood a massive ogre, painted with a fair amount of blood that was either from something he had recently slain or perhaps from his own wounds which seemed to be frequent across his nearly unclothed body.

His eyes darted from the left side of the tavern then to the right, noticing two shadowy figures at seperate tables, both with their candles snuffed, which immediatly caused him to tighten his grip on the handle of the mace he was dragging behind him. Uck'Tar (which was the ogre's name) then focused his stare upon the innkeeper who appeared to be obviously frightened by the unexpected arrival of an ogre at his tavern.

"If you wish to keep your heart beating, serve me your strongest drink in your largest glass and do it quick, human", Uck'Tar barked with a very serious tone in his voice. The innkeeper fumbled behind the counter with trembling hands and followed Uck'Tar's orders for fear of his life. The innkeeper was positive that Mio Dark could defeat this monster that now stood in his bar but what he wasn't sure of was weather or not she could provide the service before his own skull was smashed in by the towering ogre.

Uck'Tar made his way to the bar from the enterance, his mace dragging along the floor. The sound of his weapon scrapping across the floor was menacing as small bits of flesh let itself free. Uck'tar grabbed the rather small mug of mystery ale that the innkeeper had nervously produced as the innkeeper retreated as far as he could to the back of the bar.

Within seconds Uck'Tar swallowed the contents of the drink and followed this with a nasty sounding hack and a threatening growl. "MORE!", he mumbled as he slammed the mug back onto the countertop.

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01/26/2007 6:13 AM

She watched as the Ogre bound to the end of the room after getting his drink, she spoke up from the shadows "Make sure you pay the fee, or you will find yourself paying an arm and a leg& Literally." She said in harsh tones, for most Ogres and trolls who came through this area left without paying- or so she heard. She grinned, hoping he wouldn't pay. She sat up and left her table, leaving Charons claw on the table, then walked to the Ogres table, seating herself on the opposite seat. Her eyes trailing down the mace that was scratching the floor. "Do me a favor and try to pick that up, And don't drag it. I don't think our Innkeeper needs anything else to fix." she looked at a large broken door on he floor. As the Innkeeper came over and refilled the Ogres mug, she stared at him hard.

"What would and Ogre be doing in this part of town?" She asked, in a rather demanding tone. Her so called 'normal' voice. She continued to stare at his wounds. Her posture was very relaxed, yet she was ready to move at any moment. She moved her finger towards her, in a 'come here' motion. He came, with another mug of ale and set it in front of her. "So what is your business here?" She asked sturnly.

01/26/2007 9:12 PM

Uck'Tar furrowed his brow at Mio as she requested him to pick his weapon up off of the floor. Rather than pick it up he loosened his grip on the weapon and let it fall to the floor. This was his way of showing Mio he did not want to challenge her but at the same time finding his own way to not completly do as she had said. He had never dealt well with orders and nothing about this current situation changed that.

Uck'Tar finished his second drink and made an effort not to slam the mug down on the table this time. Something in his gut told him that Mio might not be the best person to test patiences with. None-the-less he refused to show his caution and leaned over the table to answer Mio's questions.

"I have no business here", Uck'Tar replied with a deep rasp in his voice. The stench of his breath was rancid and little of this had anything to do with the ale he was drinking. "And as far as i know, I have no business with you".

He then retracted back into his chair, which was too small for his bulky mass, and winced subtly as his wounds shot pain through his back. Not breaking eye contact with Mio he then raised his empty mug as if to imply to the innkeeper it needed refilling.

He then stiffened his face and said very calmly with a hint of sarcasm, "And as far as a fee goes...our dear innkeeper hasn't informed me of one...be it gold or limbs"

01/27/2007 8:48 PM

Not only was there a mug of dark ale in front of him now but also a ogre at the inn. Though some may look at a girl buying one a drink as a nice gesture, Eldinor looked at it as suspicious for he did not trust most people.

Eldinor then grabbed the drink and went up to the bar on the other side of Uck'Tar. He then handed the drink to the bartender stating "sorry I don't drink anything I haven't ordered".

Looking at both of them he could sense a little tension and decided to introduce himself, "Hello I am Eldinor. You may or may not know me but I am a bounty hunter. I am known in some places but this area is new to me. You see I don't really care much for staying too long in one place. At any rate I merely came here to relax and have some warm cider but it appears as though I have the pleasure of running into not only a strong ogre but also a somewhat agile woman."

Eldinor then ordered another warm cider and sipped it while waiting to see how each would react.

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01/27/2007 11:28 PM

Setsuai aproached the tavern from the other end of the road that brought the ogre along. She wore a battered looking skirt over her pants, although the black meterial could be seen against her bare feet, between the hem of the gray skirt and the floor, if one cared to look. Her sword was strapped on beneath the skirt, and the white shirt she wore untucked hid the hilt from a cursory glance that was looking at a women rather than a warrior. She also carried her pack on that side, helping to further mask the weapon.

Upon reaching the door, she paused to wonder why it lay on the floor instead of in its frame. An eyebrow arched upward as her eyes traced the gouges across the floor to where the ogre had dropped his weapon. She looked quite curious, rather than frightned or sick as most women would be as such a scene. With a bit of a smirk playing over her features, she steped into the room. She followed the gouges towards the bar, staying just far enough to avoid splinters or stray bits of gore. As she reached the table everyone had gathered around, she paused a few moments to see what was going on.

She had no immediate intention of interfering, but if someone cared to take notice of her, then so be it. She didn't need the barkeep's attention right away, either. It hadn't been a horribly long walk from the last place she had stoped. It had been the ruined door that drew her inside any way.

01/27/2007 11:31 PM

Zanen drops from the rafters and lands an the bar counter.
Zanen: "Hello dear barkeeper, i would like a a mug of ale if you please" He tosses a coin to the barkeeper and takes his mug with him to the table in the corner next to the fireplace.
he sips on his ale and watches his surroundings, staring cautiously at the ogre.

02/01/2007 7:43 AM

She grinned and nodded towards the orge, reaching for her belt she pulled a small vial of red liquid. It illuminated the table infront of her and she slid it to him across the table. "Drink it, your the first ogre I have ever seen in these parts. And I would like it very much if you remained alive." She finished off her ale and moved back to her remote vacant seat, watching all the newcommers. She slowly counted the heads then closed her eyesm leaving only a slit for her to peer out. She watched all the commotion while daydreaming about her next paying assassination. She licked her lips and continued to watch...

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02/01/2007 2:53 PM

h zanen sips his ale while pondering what the woman said to the ogre "hmm" after a few minutes he goes upstairs to the empty rooms, and naps with one i open.

02/04/2007 7:11 PM

Kith walks in, looking at the door that now lay useless on the floor, and then at the open gap where the door once was hinged. She repeats this several times before shrugging and looking in at the bar room. She eyed the patrons that lay gathered in the wooden buildings confines deciding what the best course of action would be if in fact a brawl happened to break out.

She looked at the odd trio sitting at a far table. It looked like a couple, assasins most likely, were making a deal with a gigantic ogre. The event struck her as most bizzare but she dare not ask what they might be talking about. She continued to scan the room noting the scuff marks and flesh on the floor and the seemingly indiferent young lass that stood nearby the crowded table.
She noticed a mug sitting on the bar and walked over to see if the owner had emptied its contents or had in fact left some. She was dissappointed to see it was empty. She gestured to the bar tender to toss her an ale throwing down a few gld pieces with one hand while the other caught the mug as it slid down the length of the polished bar. She took a long sip swallowed and turned to face the peple at the table. They were shifty looking, dressed in black with what loked to be quick agile hands. Dealing with an ogre did not improve their image. She didn't like shady characters; they cheated in a fair fist fight always pulling some sort of concealed weapon or throwing some magic dust this way and that. The ogre however, that looked like it could be an interesting brawl.

She turned back to the bar savoring the strong brew. The recipie was quite exquisite.

02/05/2007 10:49 AM

She watched everyone contently, her eyes wandering from person to person still. "What do we have here&?" She murmured to herself quietly as she sat up straight in her seat. She stood up, taking her sword in her hand she slipped it on her belt, as she stood up she started stepping forward. Her feet turned towards the empty door and she walked out of the inn, she stopped several feet from the door and leaned against a small oak tree, smoothening her clothes and sitting down; her back against the tree. She sneezed then laid down on a small patch of grass, closing her eyes again. She thought about all the strange visitors, she couldn't help but think that one of them would be her next target. She disliked killing, she always had; but it was the only thing she could do good at.
She shook her head, "Getting too crowded&" She whispered.

Her fingers wrapped around her short-sword and she unsheathed it. She heard the rustling of leaves around her. She stayed laying down, her sword gripped tight in her hands. She heard the leaves move again, then the crunch of twigs. Whoever was sneaking wasn't doing it very well. She rolled over as an arrow dove into the ground, as she stopped she pushed up with her left arm, jumping to her feet.

She heard another snap of a bowstring and she shot left, bringing her sword in front of her face. The arrow whizzed by her head then she ducked raising the sword again. Her arm retracted, brining the sword behind her head, She swung it and howled "Dark wave!" as her blade went trough the air it let out a crackling sound and out came a wave of black matter. The wave wrapped around the man behind a large bush, crushing his body slowly. She kicked his side, "Fine fine! You win!" The Dark band disappeared from his body and he struggled to sit up.

"Your lucky I didn't kill you." She said with a hiss. The mans voice sounded very high when he replied. "How did you know?..." He said, removing his helmet as he stood. Long blonde braids fell out of the helmet down to her shoulders. "Why must you spoil the fun?" She put her arms over her chest then turned around, stomping away.
Dark sighed heavily and back out of the brush, going back to her tree, sitting down.

Lame, I know XD&. But hey, I had to add something >_>.

02/05/2007 11:16 AM

As zanen awoke to the sound of commotion outside he screamed " By the gods! Can't a guy get some sleep around here?!?" He then marched downstairs, got himself another ale from the bar, and sat down with everyone else "Wha? Why you all staring at me?" " Don't you have any manners?" He then starts downing the ale.

02/05/2007 12:51 PM

Kith perked up at the sound of a brawl, tugging at her sleeves and gloves she made a quick bolt for the door only to find the battle had ended as soon as it had begun. She slunk back to her bar stool and called for another ale to quell her dissappointment.

"Whiskey on the rocks eh? If you add some apple cider to it it can be quite delightful. " She was unsure if the brown haired girl cared to talk but figured it was worth the try. Anything to get her mind off the last couple of weeks. She turned on her stool and leaned her elbows on the bar, trying to act as collected as possible though in a bar of trained assasins she doubted how successful she would be. She looked through the door at the woman relaxing against the tree.

"Perhaps I could work this to my advantage..." She whispered.

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