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01/05/2007 6:56 AM

Welcome to Widow's Fortune, stranger, where you can drink your way to happiness!

Widow's Fortune is so-called due to its very first inhabitants, three widows. These three widows made their fortune through unorthodox methods of bounty hunting.

Their actual ages are unknown, but one can guess their age from their physical appearance.

The youngest of the widows, Vanessa "Good Time" Cole, caught criminals by posing as a prostitute. She would handcuff an unsuspecting outlaw to the bed, naked, in a seemingly act of kinkiness, only to take all of his clothes and weapons, and then call the sheriff.

The middle (age-wise) widow, Jessica Webb, hunted the old fashioned way. She just went out with all guns a-blazing, and came back with a cart full of bodies to claim her reward.

The oldest widow, Miss Starr, also know as "The Tragedy", always brings her bounties in dead. If The Tragedy is after you, there ain't nothin' you can do to stop her. She kills to take revenge on the world for her late husband's murder at the hands of an outlaw named Edward McCord.

The three widows stashed their fortune in a secret location on the borders the dangerous Deadlands, to the west of the town. The trio entered a pact to only tell of their treasure when the last remaining widow lay on her death bed.

But all of that was then and this is now.

As both Vanessa and Jessica were killed in action long ago, and Miss Starr is dying of old age, the location of the vast fortune is about to be revealed ...

Then again, the fortune will be worthless if Mr. Blinde succeeds in his outrageous plan.

Mr. Blinde, the albino leader of a cult that call themselves the Eternal Night, plans to block out sunlight, using a device called the Blinding Machine. At this point in time, construction has not even begun on the Machine.

After the device has been activated, Mr. Blinde and his cultist followers will raise a legion of the dead, through ancient rituals called "Awakenings," that can only performed during the night, or theoretically, artificial night.

After Mr. Blinde has an army of the Awakened, he hopes to use that army to construct more Blinding Machines, as they can only block out the sun in a ten mile radius.

Mr. Blinde will then seize control of the entire west and afterwards, who knows what he will do?

If Mr. Blinde does succeed in his outrageous plan, the fortune amassed by the widows will be worthless, as the Awakened don't care much for money.


This tale is in a fictional Old West-style setting, and has elements of horror, fantasy and science fiction genres. The physical landscape is open for sculpting by the participants, as this is a collaborative effort.

When creating a character, please give them a name, we don't want three or four Men with No Names! Your character can be anything from a bog-standard gunslinger to a Shanghai Martial Artist to an English show boater to a Native renegade.

I will introduce more story threads throughout the writing, but it is your choice whether to pull on them or not. I will also explain the back story of the land while writing, which may lead to even more story threads (yay!).

So, anyone interested?

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01/06/2007 1:11 AM

I'm interested, and I'll prolly get around to posting a character in a day or two... But I'd like to ask, is it ok to have more then one character?

01/06/2007 9:14 AM

Yes, you can have two characters if you want. When posting a character, you only need a name and maybe an age. I want people to describe their appearence, gear, weapons and pieces of their backstory in their posts.

01/13/2007 7:08 AM

Consider this idea scrapped! I may try to salvage some ideas from this and post a new story set in the West, but that's not certain.

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