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01/03/2007 12:02 AM

This is an rp that was started in another forum but was unable to be complete due to the forum's complete and total loss of life. The roleplay starts out in a time not unlike our own medieval past, magic was abundant, and peace once flourished. But times changes when the skies darkened, and the unthinkable happened... Out of the ground the dead rose up to their feet and marched, regardless if they had no arms, half a leg, or no legs, they marched and crushed everything in their wake... It was in this time the mortal races of the Humans and the Elves and Dwarves had to fight for their right to exist as living beings, a chaotic battle erupted between the living and the dead, and after the age-old battle, all was left in ruin but a few cities and fortresses dotted throughout the land, but it would appear as the mortal races have won... The skies began to clear up, if only briefly, and hope began anew. But as rumors spread about armies of undead on the approach, hope would seem lost forever. This is where our story begins...

The rules are simple, you can have a diverse character, you can be any race you can think of, even undead if you so pleased. The limitations are you can have a powerful character, but you cannot have such a powerful character that you will win every fight you come across. Every character must have at least one flaw, (Short temper, selfish, anything like that, or even physical flaws.) even if only a little one. I will demonstrate how diverse you can be with my own character, copy and pasted directly from the other forum.

Name: Shade
Age: Unknown
Gender: Apperant Male
Race: Unknown (Shadow-based being)
Weapons: None, he carries nothing with him but his armor that seems to be a part of his skin.
Appearance: Shade's appearance is concealed by a cloak that conceals his body always until the time he takes action, underneath his cloak is his armor, it is strong as thick steel, yet it seems to be a part of him, it cannot be taken off. A part of his cloak is his hood, it conceals his face under a dark shadow, the only thing that can be seen underneath is his cold, glowing red eyes...
History: Shade is forsaken by the very people he wishes to protect and help, he is branded as a heretic, demon, reaper, undead, unholy being... Yet not even Shade know's what he is. His name Shade is the only name that would seem to fit him, he took it as his own as a personal burden and reminder of what he is, he is nothing like a human being... Shade tries desperately to give himself a name as a being that is even remotely human, he strives to do good deeds, even if it is as simple as returning a child's belongings. But his appearance and his overwhelming control of darkness without the use of magic eliminates all hope of acceptance, even so, Shade only hopes...
Personality: Sorrowful, Torn between good and evil.

The story starts out in the town of Ironhenge, one of the last fortresses of the humans, but it is also like a large city just as much as a large fortress. Rumor is spreading that a large army of the undead is on the march towards Ironhenge, and the people are called to take up arms against them if such an army exists. My character starts out in a small town not too far from Ironhenge called Levre. The last thing i'd like to recommend is detail to you're post's and diversity, you dont have to start in Ironhenge or Levre, and you dont have to be human elf or dwarf. Lots and lots of detail when posting is what i like to see, this is a mainly character-driven roleplay, and im open to anyones unique ideas for their characters. In fact, i give everyone permission to do as they please with their characters.

And that's about all i gotta say 'bout that. :)

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