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04/07/2007 9:48 PM

Gabe watched as the drow began her dance. He looked away after a short bit; her dance seemed to raw, too private to be a public spectacle. The night was cloudy, which made seeing anything coming a bit difficult for Gabe, but that did not mean it was impossible or that he would not try.

He relaxed his eyes as much as possible, letting them take in as much light as he could. Then, to his relief, a great wind blew away the clouds, allowing the moon to light the clearing more fully and making it easier for him to see. He did not notice the odd shape of the stars, as his attention was focused on the the area around him. He was supposed to be standing guard.

Then the something huge swooped overhead, and flew to the middle of the clearing. It had the form of a huge, dark eagle, and it held in its claws what looked like another elf, though thick layers of dirt made him unsure of any details beyond "elf." Gabe was not sure whether to focus on the eagle or the elf, but his mind was made up shortly when the eagle rose into the air and shifted into the most beautiful female form he had ever seen. It was not elvish, not human, but undeniably, enchantingly, and divinely beautiful.

[i]"Children...death awaits me...so I pray of you bring death yourselves....Ao shines his love on you all and he beseeches his children to shine a much greater shine...the shining of the moonlight against the blood of his enemies...Laucien stirs..."[/i]

His mind still reeling from the latest god-voice, he turned his attention to the elf that the eagle had dropped. He stayed back, unsure as to what to make of the dirty, wild figure, and though the only thing on his mind was who this enemy of Ao, Laucien, could be, he spoke.

"Hello, elf. Any idea why Ao's messenger dropped you here?"

04/08/2007 2:18 AM

Cadry had twisted to face the landing Goddess, holding her weapons up in a guard position. Admittedly, they wouldn't do her any good, and upon seeing the goddess she didn't feel particularly threatened, but it hardly hurt to be prepared. Gods were tricky business, you never knew when one would randomly turn and try to kill you.
With a sigh she made her way to the elven-like pile of dirt, or was it dirt-like pile of elf?Eh. Who cared. She was more caring about the fact that it seemed she could never finish one of her dances, ever, ever time she tried something related to this Laucien character interupted her. Personally, she found that horribly rude.
She just stood there, near the dirty elf, not wanting to get too close. In part because he might be a threat, and in part because she frankly was tired of getting dirty.

04/09/2007 8:29 AM

Zanen was dreaming of his childhood, back before the breaking, all of a sudden he heard a voice in his head

[i]"Children...death awaits me...so I pray of you bring death yourselves....Ao shines his love on you all and he beseeches his children to shine a much greater shine...the shining of the moonlight against the blood of his enemies...Laucien stirs..."[/i]

As Zanen heard this voice an image of a beautiful woman, a goddess, came into view.

Zanen awoke with a start "I've got to get back to the others" Zanen straped on his gear and hustled out of the camp. "I must make haste, I'm sure something has happened.

As Zanen runs through the woods he mutters some words and casts a spell of quickening on himself. "Should only be a matter of minutes till i reach the others"

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04/09/2007 9:42 AM

Kreel stood there in awe as the god-form appeared and disappeared. The form that it dropped seemed humanoid, but that didn't really mean much. Kreel crept a few steps closer in order to be able to hear any conversation that might persist between the group and this new . . . thing?

04/09/2007 10:34 AM

A great wind cut the clouds in two, revealing the stars in their entirety and a shape not at all like the stars. The great form plummeted towards the earth, pulling a whirlwind of golden flecks of light behind it, and came to settle in the branches of a nearby tree. The tiniest of red glows emitted from the things eye as it searched for something, someone.

I whirled around and stared as the Great-Flyer cut the heavens to find perch in the tree.

[i]It is looking for me.[/i]

Almost instantaneously as I realize this, the Great-Flyer of the Night Sky flew again, but this time straight at me.

I turned to run, but it already had me in its grasp before I could take a single step. I was picked up, and I was soaring through the sky in the grip of the Great-Flyer, and while I was afraid I was amazed at the same time.

I could feel the Flyer's Talons around me, but they were not like normal flyers' claws. They were solid, but immaterial. I expected coarse scales, but they were soft, even as I could feel the cold piercing of the talons.

Suddenly, I saw the ground rushing up at me.

[i]It's going to crush me![/i]

I brace myself for impact, but I am not hit by the ground. Suddenly, I can feel the ground underneath me, and when I open my eyes, I am on the ground, although so soft was the landing that I could not tell when exactly I had come to be there.

[i]"Children...death awaits me...so I pray of you bring death yourselves....Ao shines his love on you all and he beseeches his children to shine a much greater shine...the shining of the moonlight against the blood of his enemies...Laucien stirs..."[/i]

Again, that voice came at me from within, from all around. I couldn't understand the words, but I understood them all the same.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in the middle of the clearing.

[i]The people![/i]

I jumped up, and haunched in a position so that I may move where-ever I needed to. I looked around, and immediately felt uncomfortable. There were no trees to climb, no branches to run across, no foliage to hide in. I was stuck on the ground, with no bushes or even any tall grass, and my only hope was to be able to run faster than these others, although I had never seen another like myself so I had no idea how fast or agile they were.

Then the Great Voice echoed in my head, and I realized that I was supposed to be with these people.

Still, I was unsure of what they were going to do, and I was uncomfortable in the clearing, and I was slightly panicky, so I stayed in my crouched position, ready to fight or flee if the need arose, and waited to see what they were going to do.

04/10/2007 10:44 AM

Cadry eyed the odd looking elf...what on earth was wrong with the guy? He looked almost frightened, out of his element. Somehow different from the fear that she was used to seeing in those she faced, not scared of her, but of the sheer openness around him, rather like how she imagined she looked when she first ventured from the Underdark.
It wasn't as if she felt some bond to the elf because of it, but she did know that running at him or chattering his face off wouldn't do any good. Slowly she sheathed one of her swords, allowing the other one to fall into an unthreatening posistion.
"I don't think he understands Common..."She really doubted he knew the drow language, but never hurt to give it a try..in fact, it didn't hurt to throw any random language she knew at him. One after another she repeated the same phrase in various languages 'do you understand?' paused, and went onto the next.

04/10/2007 7:36 PM

[OOC: Hmm..I had posted a reply before, but now it seems to have disappeared...here's my attempt at recreating it]

The Dark One made strange noises, although they were not the same strange noises. The tiger may growl, roar and purr, but she was not like this, more like the Echo-Bird that makes the noises of other animals.

They were nothing that I have ever heard, although a couple of times the sounds were reminiscent to the dreams that I get of long ago.

Her body, however, was not hostile. The small Strange One looked...curious. Like a wolf pup exploring outside of the den. The Large One was looking from a distance, and wasn't a threat.

Slowly, cautiously, he approached the Dark One, who was closest. Still ready to spring away, he studied her. Sniffing, looking, he watched her and tried to convey through body language and little grunts and noises that he did not intend to harm, but he was not afraid.

(OOC: Thanks Bnjmn. If I misread anyone's last actions, just let me know, and I'll change accordingly.)

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04/16/2007 7:57 PM

Ooc: I thought I replied to that too actually. Oo...Odd....just...odd.

Cadry watched the wild elf, trying her damnest to make her body relax. It was terribly difficult to keep her muscles relaxed when there was a man sniffing about her body, but she managed to do a half decent job.

Slowly, trying to not startle the man before her, she pointed to herself. "Cadry." She paused a moment and repeated her name, sounding it out slowly. Not as if he was stupid, but as if she wanted to make sure he got the sounds correct. "Cad-dree"

04/17/2007 9:59 AM

Kreel watched the elves in wonder. He didn't know if this was some sort of mating ritual or what. It was almost amusing to watch, though.

Kreel really wasn't sure what he should be doing in such a situation, so he went back and sat down next to the fire he had made. The chill of the night air wasn't bad, but with all that had gone on Kreel was exhausted and didn't want to be cold as well.

04/17/2007 11:25 AM

I cocked my head in puzzlement. I couldn't tell what she was trying to say, listening to her say 'Cadry' over and over again, at first quickly but then slowly. Was she trying to show dominance? Her body language did not show that. She was showing herself as independent, not dominant. The Dark One continued to say 'Cadry' again and again, making the same motion.

I could not understand, though, until I looked into her eyes. Once I glanced into them, I could not look away; they were captivating. They were red, like Life-Blood, but with the glimmer of the moon. It was as if she had captured the sparkle of the moon as it shone on a lake in the middle of the night.

[i]My name is Cadry...[/i]

I heard this in my mind, but I was unsure where it came from. It dredged up old memories, memories from before Nyght.

I remembered faces, faces like mine, but different. I remembered some big ones, and some the same size as me. I remembered their [i]names.[/i]

It was in this moment that the concept of names was rediscovered by myself. Not simply calling them things like 'Dark One,' but giving each thing a name. No longer was Nyght one of many Nyghts, but he was the singular Nyght. No longer was the Dark One simply the Dark One: she was Cadry.

I pointed to her and spoke my first intelligible word since my childhood: "Cadry."

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04/17/2007 5:32 PM

Cadry didn't even bother hiding the grin that graced her features. It was quickly gone, mind, but still. It had appeared, she was, gasp, capable of merry emotions.

This time she pointed to Gaberiel and said his name three times, the first time normally, the second sounding it out, the third time normally again. She kept her motions slow, unthreatening, not wanting to scare the elven boy away. Frankly, she was enjoying herself too much; she simply adored dealing with new creatures. Admittedly, he was, technically, an elf, but at the same time so wholly different that...well, could be fun.

Least till he grew to hate her. Most people did. Her own kind had little patience for love, and the other races tended to hate her based on her race, those who didn't dislike her for the sole reason of race usually ended up hating her due to her personality.

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04/19/2007 7:17 AM

Eledhwen pulled herself up, she shook her head at what had happened... her body had forced her into healing herself, now though she was in full control again, her power restored, she was ready for what would happen, she was abl;e to sense a little into the future and she knew that things would require her to be with the others. Brushing off the leaves and twigs that had made a home in her robe she headed back to the camp and found them all looking at the wild elf.

"So, you finally show yourself." Eledhwen spoke to herself though she never went close, she stayed on the outskirts of looking up to the skies when she spoke again, this time audible to all.
"Where are you father?"

04/19/2007 9:49 AM

The Dark One, Cadry, bared her teeth at me, and I took a quick step back, wondering if she was about to attack.

But it was not like when Nyght bares his teeth. Her body was relaxed, and it was not something she was doing out of anger or attempting to scare me.

When I felt that she wasn't going to attack, I looked over and saw the Winged One standing in the shadows, unkempt but seemingly refreshed. I hustled over there, greeting her in the same fashion I had Cadry.

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04/19/2007 10:18 AM

Cadry just blinked at the elf girl. "....You know what, I am not even going to ask." She just shook her head and eyed the wild elf boyo and the girl, curious as to her reaction to the sniffing. Despite her best intentions, a small smirk graced her lips, after all, the sight of little miss goody two-shoes getting sniffed by a random elf boy, was just hilarious.

04/19/2007 2:41 PM

Eledhwen sighed as the wild elf started sniffing her, but her eyes never left the skies

"....You know what, I am not even going to ask."

Eledhwen just nodded at the comment, she herself didn't even have an answer, why was she so propelled to finding her father she had never met him but somehow she was connected, her people had been so in awe of her powers and were surprised when she chose against being a mage.
'all in the past' she thought to herself, after about a minute of being sniffed she looked at the wild elf, she placed her hand delicately on his shoulder and spoke a couple of soft words barely audible and making little in any sense to anyone other than Eledhwen.
"Ish nu, vala rafet" she paused a moment and concern came over her. "you have suffered much pain...I think."

mentioning his pain made her remember the fallen elf she checked him and he still lay there asleep, not much she could do, but as for the smirk from the drow she just ignored it... if the drow wanted be hate her she would let it, for her part she was a priestess her sole concern was to heal and prevent evil from entering the land.

Spreading her wings out, she may have frightened the wild elf she wasn't too sure, she took to hovering and then took to flying above the trees, she was sure she could sense something but what she could sense she was unsure... at least now she had the trength to do things again and up in the air no one could bother her........ except the Gods and if they got involved may the light have mercy on the group that now stood bel;ow in the clearing.

04/19/2007 8:04 PM

Kreel watched the wild elf boy go sniff the other female elf. It [i]must[/i] have something to do with mating, since he was sniffing just the other female elves. Eh, whatever. Kreel allowed himself to fall over on his side and stared at the flames of the campfire. The flames were mesmerizing. Kreel had never really looked at a fire before. Sure they were interesting and he had looked into them all his life, but never had he really noticed the flame like he did tonight. Kreel now felt a kinship towards the flames leaping from the wood. The reds and yellows suffused his sight and calmed him more than he had ever felt before.

Kreel felt as though the fire was drawing him in. Or was it that he was drawing the fire in? Whatever it was, Kreel felt every leap of the fire. Saw every blaze come into existence and wink back out. Heard every crackle of the burning wood. Smelled the smoke issuing forth from the fire. Kreel suddenly felt very alive next to the flame. Something he had never really felt before. It was different. It was wonderful.

04/30/2007 8:29 AM

The Winged One was interesting, with her wings, but she obviously didn't like me, so I went over and 'introduced the small, Strange One, that was looking at the fire strangely.

05/04/2007 7:39 PM

Kreel was so encaptivated by the fire that he didn't notice the strange elf's approach. He did, however, jump quite properly when the elf's nose was in his face. Kreel blinked a few times before realizing that the elf was just trying to be friendly. So Kreel did about all he knew how to be friendly, he curled his lips back in an attempt to smile. All it did, though, was reveal some rotting teeth.

05/06/2007 1:44 AM

There was a rather odd sound coming from the young drow woman; who for some reason had her head tilted to the ground, staring resolutely at a particularly dull stone. Her shoulders were shaking and her hand was covering her mouth, a rather wild look in her eyes.
It took even her a minute to figure out what the sound actually was: laughter. Dry, almost silent, laughter, the kind that shook your body but was barely audible to anyone else. More like heavy breathing really, but all the same. Laughter.
The picture of the goblin and the wood elf trying to make heads and tails of each other just struck her as so insanely funny that she couldn't handle it.
She did try to tell Kreel that he really shouldn't bare his teeth at the elf, but she finally just gave up and stared at the ground, shoulders lifting up and down in quick succession as she tried to regain control of herself.

05/07/2007 2:34 PM

Eledhwen hovered above the trees, allowing the cool night breeze massage her face and relieve her of any stress, to the south she saw a keep of black stone without realising what she was doing she soon realised she was holding onto her source of magic and that she was drawing so much power she had started to glow with a purple hue, only visible to magic users but she soon let go of her magic and sighed, anymore power and she would of burnt herself out again.

She allowed herself to land with the grace and elegance that she didn't even realsie she kept doing and looked south.
"I am not sure about anyone else, but there is a keep to the south, I am not sure why but i believe it is important, I am going to go look at it in the morning, any of you can come with me."

Eledhwen looked around the sight and found a quiet spot, out of the way of anyone and then sat down and began to mediatate.

05/07/2007 4:15 PM

he curled his lips back in an attempt to smile. All it did, though, was reveal some rotting teeth.

I jumped back, unaware if I had angered the creature, and bared my own teeth at the thing.

After a moment, however, it was still sitting there, so I was confused even more.

It was then that I noticed that people were settling down again. The sun wasn't far from raising again, but it wasn't close either.

Seeing that more wood for the fire would be needed, I dashed out to the woods, and brought some wood back. I then went over to the nearest tree and leaped into the branches, preparing myself to rest for a little while, wondering where Nyght had gone.

05/07/2007 8:10 PM

Cadry shook her head, sprawling herself out on the ground to wait for the dawn.
Or, more aptly, rest herself a bit before the dawn. "If something tries to kill us while i'm sleeping...don't wake me up."
With that, she fell asleep.

05/08/2007 6:27 PM

Kreel looked around at everyone getting rest. Apparently, by default, Kreel was the one to stand guard until the sun rose. Kreel got up off the ground and started walking around the clearing. He wasn't really sure what he should be looking for, but he was sure that it would be instantly recognizable.

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