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12/14/2006 1:45 PM

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12/21/2006 12:04 AM

A pair of silvery-red eyes look up to the night sky, enjoying the view of the full moon. Letting the feeling of peace and passion wash over her, an odd combination by anyone's standards, but then again, she's an odd girl. After all, not many drow females would be wandering around at night, trying to find a secluded place to dance, of all things.

Then again, not many drow females would have spent most of the day digging in the dirt, trying to make a vegetable garden grow. She has never, in her life, tried to make a garden. Though she knows the basic idea behind them, keep some plants in the shade, some in the light, water some more then others...etc etc. Knowing the theory isn't the same as being able to do it. And spending the daylight hours toiling over a stubborn ground, just so her tribe doesn't have to depend on the other tribes who do know how to farm, is more then a bit frustrating. Cadry is more then a little happy about the fact that the moon is full tonight, she needs the reprieve.

With a rather annoyed sigh she wipes some of the dirt off of her right cheek, wishing she had a nice warm bath, but that is a luxury she no longer has. Oh how she misses some things she had before the Breaking, like her books...or her father. No. Not tonight, she won't think about him tonight.

After a few more feet, she finally comes to a grove she had been using to dance in for the past few months. She isn't sure if anyone else knows of it, but she has seen no signs of anyone ever being in the area, and the area is ideal for dancing. It's small, closed off from casual sight, and near a little stream. The stream itself is not large enough for comfortable bathing, but is good enough for getting the sweat of dancing off of one's body, and should be fine for getting at least most of the dirt off of her as well. Gods above she hates being dirty, it makes her feel...well, dirty. She likes being clean, she's weird that way.

Cadry looks around a bit more, debating if she should wash off now or after her ...dancing. It would be pointless to have to wash herself twice, she decides, so she may as well just wait until her dancing is done.

She shrugs her shoulders, allowing her weapons and mismatched clothing to fall to the ground in a heap. Once her outer clothing is gone, she is left standing in the grove in her black breast band and loin cloth. This distinct lack of clothing shows off her body, of which is covered in scars. Nothing too major, just minor ones that people who spend a great deal of time with swords will get, only one large enough to call any real attention to itself. That scar is a rather wicked looking one that curves around her waist, as if she got chopped into by an axe. Her other scars are all rather small, and completly expected of someone who spent her childhood around sharp pointy objects, and spent an unknown amount of months travelling through the underdark.

With a shake of her head, she lets her hair fall free of it's braid, letting the wavy mass cascade around her face. With a grin, she blows a strand of the white hair out of her face, enjoying the sheer childishness of the action.

Keeping the almost childish grin on her face, she starts to stretch, letting her muscles get used to the movements. The actions themselves are somewhat graceful, though most are kind of funny looking, like touching her toes. It's just kind of funny watching a fully grown drow do the actions, seeing how most of them aren't exactly elegant. Graceful, maybe, if only from the fact that an elf is doing them (albeit, a dark one), but not elegant.

Once she is satisfied that she is all stretched out, she picks her weapons up, two gleaming short swords that she only brings out at night, for fear of them loosing their magic in the day. For a long moment she just stands there, with her eyes closed. Letting the sounds and smells and the sheer feeling of the woods surround her and wash her worries and anxieties of the day away. Right now, there is nothing but herself, her blades, and the moon. All the tension in her muscles slowly starts to seep away, and soon all of it is completly gone. Only to be replaced with something else, not a tension, but more of a boiling. Her blood feels like it is singing, and her muscles have to move with the singing.

Her eyes snap open, and she grins, all of her weight shifting to the balls of her feet. Slowly, her swords start to move, and then her body begins to move with them. The movements growing quicker and quicker until she and her swords are one seamless entity, moving too quick for individual movements to be catergorized, but for the whole of her dance to be appreciated. For, although the dance is done with swords, it's still a dance, and a beautiful one at that, even if it is a rather ferocious beauty.

Soon enough, the girl is lost in her own world. Her body shining with sweat, her muscles burning with exertion, and she never felt better. Her whole body feels more alive then it ever has. Soon, she's going to have to stop, or risk falling on her swords from sheer exhaustion, but for the time being, she just keeps dancing. Worhsipping her goddess in her own way.

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12/28/2006 5:53 AM

Kreel was tired, but the night was still young. That's what happens when you get old. You get tired easily. But the night was better for moving about than during the day. Kreel would usually find some place up in the trees to sleep during the day. He would occasionally get woken up by birds singing, but that just meant he could catch them for food. Sometimes. He was getting old, and his joints didn't want to move as they once did.

Continuing on, Kreel came across a rather strange sight. A small garden. Only, this garden didn't really look like much of one. Plants were placed haphazardly and the assortment was really rather weak. Kreel picked through the garden to see if anything was ripe for the taking; unfortunately, nothing was. Kreel gave an exasperated sigh as he continued on past the garden. He noted the location of the garden, to check back later. Perhaps even a complete fool could provide some food for him.

Kreel moved northward. There was a stream out to the east where he could quench his thirst should he need to. It was always important to note all the sources of food and water in this day and age. They were too sparse to let anything get away from you. Kreel had learned in his days that you were the only one able to look out for yourself. So that's what he did.

A sound broke Kreel's thoughts. A twig breaking off to Kreel's right. Kreel stopped and peered off in the dark night. The full moon provided plenty of illumination, but the forest canopy was rather thick right here. Kreel was able to make out an opossum, though. Smiling at the thought of some real meat, Kreel flexed his hands and prepared to chase after the unwitting night-dweller.

12/29/2006 7:40 AM

[i]Have to keep moving...can't see...can't hear...can't breathe!!! Gods above, my head hurts![/i]
Beaten and bloody, the lone drow male tumbled through the mud and fallen leaves. Dark lines of chrimson splotched in glowing violet ran from the place his left eye should have been. His arms hung useless at his sides and his head lolled as he limped past tall trees into a grove in the center of nothing. Not seeing blades twirling ahead he stumbled into the path of a lone blade-dancer and the flat of something very long and very metal crossed his temple and he fell in a heap at the feet of a rather interesting female...if only he knew...well...he knew anything at all! Without sight, without sound, without memory...he departs for darkness whispering a single word.

12/30/2006 9:46 PM

"..." Cadry lets out a sigh, her left eye twitching. A tic that she exhibits when greatly annoyed. "...Why? What did I do, to deserve dead people falling, almost on me? what?" She shakes her head and crouches next to the body, shaking her head.

"Poor boyo...Someone hurt you pretty badly didn't they?" She gingerly touches his cheek, thinking about the sheer waste his death was. There are no where near enough Drow left that even on dying doesn't hurt....

"OH hell." Cad bites her bottom lip, she isn't sure the guy is alive after all. She can't imagine him living through that, but...With a somewhat annoyed look she lays her head down on his chest, listening for a heart beat. Seeing as she has to wash herself off anyways, getting bloodier isn't going to matter to her.

She waits, making sure there are in fact no sound of a heart beat before pulling back and staring at him. "Well shit boyo...What the hell am I supposed to do with you now?" She rests her chin in one of her hands, thinking. She could always carry him back to her tribe...Let a priestess deal with him, but that might not be wise. After all, he could have been killed by another drow.

"What is it you said anyways boyo? Was it the name of the person who did this to you...? Laucien..." Cad hangs her head, wishing she knew what that word meant. What good is having good hearing if you don't understand what it is you heard? Honestly....

And still. She's left with trying to figure out what to do with the Drow male. "...Well...I guess you don't mind waiting for me to go wash up do ya boyo?" Her smile is a bit wry as she straightens back into a standing position. Feeling a momentary pang of guilt about just leaving the corpse there, but...oh well.

Gathering her clothes from the base of the tree, she walks over to the stream, setting her clothes on a tree branch nearby. Without wasting time she wades into the stream, submerging herself and washing quickly.

As soon as she's done she quickly puts her outer clothing on, shaking her hair out and pulling it into a tight braid, still trying to figure out what to do with the corpse, and what on earth Laucien might even mean.

01/01/2007 8:51 AM

Kreel rushed through the forest after the fleeing opossum. There was something about the chase that filled Kreel with youthful vigour. Ever since the breaking, hunting had become far more sparse. Fewer animals around. Less life overall. That was something to worry about later, though. Here and now Kreel focused on chasing the opossum. If he could corner it. The stream. It should be wide enough that the opossum couldn't cross easily.

Kreel chased the opossum eastwards. Soon, the opossum came to the stream and veered off south. Kreel took this chance to lunge after it. Kreel snatched the opossum and held it in both hands. It squirmed as it tried to free itsel from Kreel's grasp. With a sharp bite, Kreel broke the opossum's neck.

"Kreel eat good tonight." Kreel squealed to himself. It was then that he looked around. He wasn't quite sure exactly where he was, but that shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. Though, then he noticed a strange smell. Blood. And not the opossum's blood either. Kreel tucked the opossum into his rags and creeped along the forest floor towards where the smell was originating. Soon he came to a slight clearing where a body lay, apparently dead. It appeared to be an elf. A drow, most specifically.

With leave of his usual carefulness, curiosity drove Kreel into the clearing to inspect the body. He dug through the drow's clothing to see if he could find anything of value. Perhaps today was turning out to be a very good day.

01/02/2007 11:14 AM

As she nears the clearing, she begins to hear noises. As if someone was rummaging through clothing..."oh you've got to be kidding me..." She murmurs the words, carefully unsheathing her swords and making her way to the edge of the clearing, keeping as silent as she can.
Very slowly, very carefully, she looks into the clearing, not wanting to give herself away...And then nearly has to bite her tongue in half to keep from laughing. Honestly, an old goblin is looting the corpse, how anticlimatic.
Hmm...maybe she can work this to her advantage...probably not. Either way, she doesn't feel like getting all bloody. "Hey, goblin...What on earth do you think you are doing with my companion's body?" She strides into the clearing, her tone cold and clipped. At the very least, she can probably scare the blasted thing away, and at the best, she can threaten him into helping her haul the body back to her camp.

01/02/2007 6:45 PM

Kreel stifled a yelp when he heard a voice come from behind him. He deftly shoved the shiny he found into his pocket as he stood up. His fingers twitched as he decided if he should run or stay. He decided that the drow could easily outrun him. So putting on his best (and, incidentally, most disgusting) smile, he turned to face the the female voice.

"Kreel did not know that there were others. Forgive Kreel." He bobbed his head and took a few sidesteps away from the corpse to show that he didn't intend any further plundering. "Kreel means no harm, really." Kreel flashed his smile once again to show his sincerity, but it utterly failed to be anything remotely soothing. His lips and teeth were still red with the blood of the opossum that now hung in his rags.

Kreel's hands twitched yet again as he scanned the area for any way out should things turn nasty. He was facing a drow who obviously knew how to work those swords at her hips. Kreel was crafty in his own way, but he didn't think that this drow would fall for any of his tricks. She seemed the type to find her way to a target like an arrow.

Kreel's hands twitched once more before he stayed them by placing them flat on his torso. "Life is hard since breaking. Forgive Kreel. If Kreel can serve, please, ask." Kreel bobbed his head once more and noticed a tree nearby with a low branch. He could easily climb it if things got too rough.

01/02/2007 9:52 PM

It was at this point that Kreel and Cadry were introduced to a very unusual fellow. Nameless though he shall remain, his role is the shortest but most important of this tale...
Corpses didnt stand up, didn't smile and draw a breath...Nor could one grab a drow and a goblin and peer into their eyes with their own lifeless orbs...So why was it that as these particular beings should, as they conversed, be harrased by the dead?

Gazing relentlessly at the two impromptu companions the corpse issued forth a cloud of black soot from its mouth that formed a dragon in the air above them. A voice not unlike nails upon stone spilled forth blood covered words with a macabre eloquence not befitting of a broken soulless body.

"Lo and verily I will say unto you that stand before me...you shall and have been marked for the highest of honors. There will be no peace in the coming times and you have been chosen as was this one..."The corpse gestured to itsself as he spoke the last and continued his decree.
"Laucien has returned to us and the fate of the Underdark has been sealed as we speak...or perhaps I should say the Underdark itsself has been sealed...stone grafted and adhered so as to make the world whole again...all in that place have been slain. There is a new god now, one risen from the ashes of those before him. The breaking has brought our master to us and you shall be among the first in the over-world slain..."

The corpse abrubtly clasped a hand around each wrist and grinned an evil grin. Lightnings crackled in his eyes and he leaned his head back as if to unleash them...
only to have his head split by flurry of knives from above. The rest striking with the kind of accuracy only a spell can achieve severed each limb neatly and the undead fell into a heap...promptly turning to dust. A dart then flew from somewhere behind them and stuck itsself in the white hair of the drow neatly and without harm. It turned into a rose which then bloomed to reveal a letter written in a strange tongue....

01/03/2007 2:14 PM

Cadry had just been on the verge lf telling that disgusting creature just what he could do...and then all hell broke loose. Just before she claps her hands over her ears, in a vain attempt to keep that wretched voice out, she had time to proclaim "oh you've GOT TO be kidding me..."
Throughout the...creatures speech in fact, she had been looking for a way out. The only thought going through her head being -hell no, I am not going to be a chosen whatever the hell, no no nonono!...no!'
"What the hell kind of god slays people for fu...okay what kind of god starts it's reign by slaying those who would worship him? Isn't that redundant?" She growls the words out, seriously wondering why she bothered even escaping the Underdark if this kind of utter crap was going to follow her.
"Honestly...Just...just honestly..." she stomps her foot. "You're not going to have to slay me if I keep being piled on with all of this..i'll just kill myself..or have my brain explode or quite possibly jsut be eaten by a tree. Bloody rotten stupid good for nothing interferring unknowable craptastic ...stuff!" She is grumbling to herself, grabbing onto the letter and...amazingly, sitting down in the ground to decipher it. She may detest all the sheer insanity around her..or more aptly, love griping about it, even while enjoying herself (sort of) but this is what she really likes. Figuring things out logically, and translating...well that is something she lives for.
"Goblin...creature thing...build a fire...and if you run i'll call the scary voice back..Bloody trees, I can barely make out the characters on the page..." Even with great night vision, it's still damn hard to read a language one might not even know under dim lighting. If she's lucky, it's some old language of a language she does know, or perhaps some kind of dragon script! That's always fun to read. Though how dragons have a script is a mystery she never really did fig-stop getting distracted!
With a hiss she glares up at the revolting creature, Kreel or whatever his name was. "I said to make a fire!" She snaps the words out, eyes blazing. Her impatience growing, mostly with herself, but really. Why take it out on herself when there is such an easy, and apt, target available to her?

01/04/2007 2:12 PM

Gabe could not sleep. He had passed out for a few hours from sheer exhaustion, but apparently even the manual labor to which he was so unaccustomed could not overcome his insomnia for an entire night. He sighed tiredly as he got up out of his bunk, pushing aside the increasingly threadbare blanket. He knew from experience that he would not be able to sleep again till the sun had rose and set once more. As he dressed, wearing plain work clothes that just a few years ago his mother would have ordered burned had she seen them, he considered the one advantage his insomnia gave him; time to think and be away from the bitterness generated by the Reyearth's unfulfilled sense of entitlement. There was a sense of peace to be found in the middle of the night. At his father's insistence, he never went out unarmed, so he belted on a worn shortsword. It was notched and had been sharpened a few too many times, but good weapons were hard to come by these days. There was the family sword, but he was not comfortable taking that heirloom out for simple walks. Finally ready, he exited the much-patched remains of his family's airship. Once it had been little more than a sign of the luxury that his mother loved and father distrusted, now it was their only shelter in a world gone mad.

He walked past his family's vegetable garden (largely worked by himself and the few servants personally loyal to his father that remained with them), and looked around at the decaying finery of the Reyearth camp. There were quite a few airships like the one his family lived in, some campaign pavilions, and a few structures built from scratch. He looked with some pride at one of the newly constructed dwellings, glad to know that his studies at the temple of Deneir had paid off in some way. His mood lightened, he walked through the relative cool of the night, towards the temples in the center of the camps. Despite the lack of any sense of the divine in their chapels, he still enjoyed the company of priests more than the company of nobles. He would be back at the Reyearth camp by dawn out of duty to his family, but he was not looking forward to the constant gossip and plotting of his fellow aristocrats.

01/04/2007 5:34 PM

Kreel had been awestruck by the voice of . . . whatever. The only thing that prevented him from running away the moment it started was the fact he was too scared to even move his legs.

After watching the greusome display, Kreel wondered what it was all about. Chosen? A [i]goblin[/i] chosen by some god. And not just any goblin, Kreel, quite possibly the oldest goblin on the continent, if not hemisphere. He was too old to be starting any quests. Just as he was about to decide to spit on the corpse to show his interest in being chosen, the drow female hissed some words at him. Kreel blinked as the words washed over him, "I said to make a fire!" What a bossy drow.

"Yes, fire. Whatever the mistress says." Kreel nearly snarled. He just barely managed to keep the contempt out of his voice. At least this would give him way to cook his meat he had caught earlier. Kreel hobbled out of the clearing in search of wood proper to make a fire from.

After a few minutes and a stubbed toe, Kreel realized that he had no flint to start a fire. What a quandry he was in now. Either he could try to escape from that crazy drow. He [b]knew[/i] she was crazy. Only crazies talk to themselves and interrupt themselves like that. Well, aside from him. He did it too, but he wasn't crazy. It wasn't very likely for him to escape a drow, though. Their tracking abilities were quite good. Kreel's other choice was to report back to the clearing and play the dumb goblin. Pretend he didn't know how to start a fire. That way, perhaps, the drow might actually do the work for him. What a change that would be! From the slave to the master. Kreel cackled a bit to himself as he started hobbling back towards the clearing.

Once he had returned, he dumped the sticks and twigs he had gathered in a somewhat central location in the clearing. He reached up and scratched his white nearly non-existant hair in semblance of thinking. Then he plopped down on the ground and grabbed two of the sticks. He began rubbing them together in a rather awkward fashion. Supposedly you could make fire from rubbing sticks together. Kreel didn't see how it could work, but it was the best feint he could think of.

01/05/2007 10:35 AM

[i]She's amazing...beautiful...kill her though? Are you sure? Give me time, I need time..[/i]
As Cadry stared at the beautiful script of the scroll, it seemed to flow and unravel before her eyes...no...It WAS flowing, and it became Undercommon script, unnaturally elegant in its composure. The note was short and rather sweet as it was filled with loving adoration for...Cadry? The final lines including:

[b]...dearest as beautiful as the MOON...see you soon...[/b]

[b][i]By the way...beware your new friend...he'll need water soon...[/b][/i]

And with that, Kreel, his sticks and the surrounding leaves were ingulfed in flames...cool to the touch for kreel, except for his hands which burned without blistering...strange for fire to burn without burning...but the wood was burning indefinitely...

01/05/2007 12:35 PM

Kreel's eyes nearly popped out of his skull as the pile of sticks in front of him suddenly erupted in flames. "Gah!" Kreel yelped as he fell back on his butt. He then noticed his hands which were still burning. "EEP!" Kreel slapped his hands on his rags to try to put out the fire, but that only succeeded in setting his garments aflame. Kreel jumped up and ran about for a few seconds, flailing his arms. He looked a bit like a gnome for a second, all excited about some new inventionoranother, one that managed to set it's inventors hands aflame.

Then, in a strange moment of realization, Kreel stopped, dropped, and rolled. This was sufficient to extinguish the flames on his rags, but his hands still burned with the heat of the fire. Strange, though, that he could feel the heat, the heat was really quite painful, but his hands didn't seem to be blistering or charring like one would expect burning flesh to do. Neither did it stink any worse than he already did.

"Oh, it hurtses Kreel!" He exclaimed as he once again stood up. He flapped his hands like someone pretending to be a bird in hopes that the air movement might cool his hands a bit. All that succeeded in doing, though, was creating an arc of fire on either side of him where he waved his hands. All in all it looked rather nifty, but Kreel was more interested in getting the fire off his hands than anything else.

01/05/2007 9:28 PM

The contents of the letter almost physically sicken her. She never was one for...adoration or over the top love letter, or love letters in general. Let alone love letters from strange sources. It might be flattering in an odd sort of detached way that someone who doesn't know you thinks that highly of you, but at the same time, it means absolutely nothing because the person doesn't know you.
".... Great.I don't know wheter I should laugh or...water?" Just now catching that word. Why would the corpse, or...oh. The goblin. Yeah. That figures.
She barely even looks up, pocketing the letter in a pocket inside of her shirt, and standing up. With a put upon sigh she grabs Kreel by his neck and starts hauling him to the stream. Quite unceremoniously she dumps him in the stream. "Shush..." Just now realizing she hadn't smelt any burning flesh.
As quick as she can she grabs for the goblins hand, trying to figure out how on earth he had managed to have fire on it without burning himself. A goblin is obviously no kind of wizard, that's just...
"Aww! Come on, no goblin wizards! I already dealt with love letters, zombie avatars, gods that are insane...and only within an hour! Come on! Give me a break here!" She huffs, muttering mostly to herself, not really pleading to anyone or anything, too busy examining the goblin's hands. She's very, very curious to know if that little fire trick worked for others areas of his body, if it was repeatable, if she could do it, and if so if it (more than likely) had to do with the visit from the so called god...So many questions, and no way to answer them Except , of course, to burn the goblin again. That particular little thought caused her a rather gleeful smile, the kind of smile that, when associated with drow (or graced any creature really) tend to make most sane people run, cause it hints at the tortures they are thinking up for you and how nicely your screams are going to sound. Not a pleasant smile, not pleasant at all.

01/06/2007 3:58 PM

Eledhwen store at the mountain, she had never traveled further than her people's borders, but now she saw the devastation the breaking had caused, and this hurt her her people lived in their mountains high above the problems of the other races and too proud to come down and aid them.

'Well except father' she thought, he had left before she had chosen he path as priestess and now she followed his path, intent on learning her fathers fate. Of course though she would hide her wings, her kind were not even a rare sight, she may be killed or worse, so using the gifts of her goddess she shrunk them in order to make them less obvious, this in fact did the opposite for she now appeared to have a hunchback.
Sighing at herself she reversed the spell and began to walk, then spread her wings out and took flight.

'well i may as well' she thought, but just as she had taken flight and gone over the forest, all hell broke loose, lightning and daggers fell from the sky.
"ish nu rafet!" she screamed as she too evasive movements only taught to her as a dance to perform at feasts. As she tumbled she saw 3 figures, one of which was the centre of attention as far as the daggers and lightning were aware, then horror struck her, one of her wings were struck sliced by a dagger and she began to spiral out of control, issuing a quick word, incomprehensionable a bubble surrounded her which protected her from the brunt of the fall, just inside the forest.

She guessed she was out for about 5 minutes for leaves were still falling and for some reason she remembered the prayer that had been taught to make her wings heal, while in the process make them disappear.

She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and went to walk out of the forest but after 5 steps she collapsed through dizziness, she had no option, she would have to call for help, she hoped the two people were at least not wanting to eat elf flesh.
"En' nu cala vala!" she shouted, she realised that the language was most likely unknown to the others but she would know what language to speak when they got here, always her goddess came through to help her faithful.

01/06/2007 9:20 PM

Drizzt watched them all from his cave atop the mountan the onix figurine in his cloke pocket his white hair hanging in his face his twin simatars hanging at his sides he summoned guenivar to his side and made his way down the mountain slowly his hands at his simatars hilts, he was greatful for the dark the light was havoc on his eyes but he learned to live with the sting of it, he knew he couldent go back to the underdark for his family was and still is looking to kill him.

Drizzt dident like what the Drow stood for, and he dident like the fact that they kill each other for a higher place in society.

Drizzt made it to the bottom of the mountain and ducked into the bush to look on at the female drow gueniviar took to a tree branch in order to be hidden but be able to come to the aid of his master, Drizzt was from the house that fell out of favor with loth, the spider queen because he spared a small surface elf child in a raid he was part of back when he was in the acadamy his house name was do'urden as was his last name he watched on untill he knew for sure she wasent here to kill him he watched her in the infered spectrum.

Drizzt watch her fall and heard her call out in drow toung he quickly went to her and lifted her up calling guenivar to his side he would have to be Drizzt defence because with this girl in his arms he would not be able to draw his simatars.

Drizzt brought her up into the cave he lived in and layed her down on the floor of it, he then sent gueniviar out to get wood he brought it back to his master and Drizzt made a fire with it and let gueniviar go back to its astreal plain.

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01/11/2007 5:40 AM

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01/17/2007 2:12 PM

"Kreel is no wizard, honestings!" Kreel jabbered as the drow woman inspected his hands. She had quite a firm grip, and Kreel knew he couldn't wrestle or worm his way free. Quite a predicament he was in here. That blasted thing with the fire had made her think that he was somehow magickal. Kreel would be in big trouble if she expected him to perform any more feats of magickal ability.

Kreel didn't really know any good way out of this. Blasted twigs must have been tainted by the corpse, explosions, daggers, lightning, something. Kreel's head swam with the possibilities. Just then, though, he got a rather cunning idea. Kreel crossed his eyes and put on his best queasy expression, "Kreel be sickening." Kreel moaned and made as if he might vomit.

01/18/2007 4:32 AM

"Hear me Eledhwen!" The female voice called.
"ugh?" still weakened after the fall and the bizzare episode that led to it Eledhwen was in no position to hold cinversation.
"You must escpe, and escape now, find your cousins they can help!" With no time to respond Elehwen found her self collapsing again.

And suddenly she was awake and looking straight at a deamon.
"Asha vala nor!!!!!" she screamed as she got herself up, he hands looking for a bow and arrow that weren't there, without thinking she raised her hands nad after, what seemed to be an eternity she hit the deamon with a blast of Holy power. without waiting for retribution she ran and uttered a word to make her wings appear and took off into flight over the forest.

her wings were indded in no condition to fly and after a mere minute she had landed and was heading towards the clearing, or at least she thought it was the clearing, where she had seen to figures, perhaps they could help her, find out where her father had gone.

01/19/2007 6:53 AM

Freohr De'Vir was tired, he'd been hunting for days and had nothing to be proud of. A rabbit here, a bird there; but nothing he really wanted to show the rest of the village. He leaned against his staff, the grounded end digging into the dirt. "What a waste of time.." he said quietly, hoping something would break the monotony. But he didn't like what actually did...

He snapped his head to the left, his ears catching a panicked voice carrying through the trees. He closed his eyes, trying the place the distance. He decided it was just a hundred yards to the East. Then a flash that burned his eyes forced him to a knee, his arms brought up before his face in instinct. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking rapidly to regain his eyesight. He stood to his full height, beginning to head towards the flash, but then voices carried over from the West. He looked over, squatting down he followed the ground, the voices slowly getting louder. He stopped after going a good four yards or so, trying to place the people to thir voices. After a few minutes of listening, he decided that one of them was a Goblin, the other a woman with undetermined ethnicity. He turned, listening intently to the conversation...

01/20/2007 12:29 PM

Cadry resists the urge to throw the goblin far far away from her...Resists amazingly well given that she is almost ill just by the mere thought of that thing throwing up anywhere near her, let alone on her.
"Listen carefully goblin boy.....if you get sick on me, or evern NEAR me, i'm going to be seeing if that nifty litle trick you just did, the one that makes it so you can have fire burnign on you without being burned...can be repeated on more delicate areas. And in case you're too stupid to understand what i'm saying, i'll be throwing you into a bonfire repeatedly. If you come out unharmed, i'll heat up one of my swords and stab you with it to see if your impervious to attacks made with heated objects as well as fire. Now...are you still feeling sick? CAuse if so, tell me which part of the body is ailing you and i'll gladly remove it from you just to make sure you won't have to go through all that nasty fire torture! Isn't that kind of me?"
Her voice is ...well rather obvious sounding she wouldn't bother to bluff like that. After all, he's a goblin, why on earth would she even bother thinking of bluffing to a lone goblin of all things?
"So no throwing up and I might allow you to help me for a bit more. " She is much to abosrbed in this conversastion to even possibly hear someone nearby, though she does note the sound of crashing from somewhere nearby...she just isn't overly concerned with it at the moment. Worse come to worse, she can always shove the goblin into whatever crashed path and run away.

01/21/2007 2:28 PM

Kreel overexaggurated a swallow in an attempt to show he was subsiding the queasyness. Drow were rough to deal with. Kreel knew they were short-tempered and rough, but finding out firsthand was quite the experience. Having dealt with the more savage of his cousins (the orcs), Kreel learned to be a bit more subtle in his dealings. This, however, was going to require a whole new level of intricacy.

Kreel slightly upturned his lips and gave a brief chuckle to show he was still in good mood, but it was getting more and more difficult to keep up with things. He most definitely did [b]not[/b] want to see if he had somehow become fireproof. Those things usually wound up turning out quite badly.

01/21/2007 4:23 PM

She lets out a gusty sigh, looking heavenward for a moment. Well..now what the bloody hell is she supposed to do? Perhaps if she went on her way and ignored everything life would be good...Yeah. Right.

"...fine..look, goblin boy...what was your name again?" She figures if she's going to be stuck with the goblin she may as well get to know him, somewhat. And she is going to be spending time with him, she isn't about to let the valuable commodity of a servant (read as slave) dissapear, let alone one who knows about the visitation from the God. It's either take him with her so she can keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't do or say anything about the incident, or kill him.
As odd as it may seem with her violent behavior, she has no interest in killing anyone. Killing doesn't normally appeal to her, in fact, very rarely does it. She's almostalways just bluster. Luckily for her, that bluster is more than enough when dealing with other races.
Getting back on track with her questioning, she waits long enough for the goblin to answer then goes on, probably to forget his name in a manner of minutes. "What were you doing before you fstumbled onto the corpse? Did you do anything to it?" She's trying to figure out if maybe there was something the goblin did that could have rtiggered that crap.

01/22/2007 12:09 AM

Drizzt walked though the forest at night with his magical cat gueniviar by his side as he walked he came across a band of four verbeg (the smalest giants but giants none the less and a formitabul force at that) Drizzt luckaly at an advantage because of the dark, his lavender eyes were burning and his eyes were in the infered spectrum he quicly ran into the group simatars drawn before the giants knew what was happoning the huge cat lunged apon one clawing at his chest and biteing his neck, Drizzt was in quickly he drove one simatar into the neck of one giant and spring off his massive sholder driving his second simatar through its jaw into its brain twisting bolth simatars out of the two giants as the panter finished off the final giant leaving it on the ground to drown in his own blood.
The drow walked off with the panther in tow in search of some one to share the night with if only there was another drow that shared his compashon like zacnafian did saddly no other drow known to drizzt had the heart of a ranger as he did.

01/23/2007 6:21 AM

Freohr stepped idly closer to the two creatures, taking care to stay low to the ground. He came to a moss covered tree, pressing his back to it, he tried his absolute best to place the womans voice. Her voice was oddly familiar, yet he had no idea whom she may be. It bothered him; he slowly curled 'round the tree, peeking through the bushes into a small clearing where two beings stand ( The smaller one might be sitting, Freohr coulden't tell.) He looked intently at the beings, confirming the Goblin, then the Drow woman who just confused him more...

01/23/2007 8:48 AM

Eledhwen kept running, she had a reason too, she doubted that deamon would let her escape. but where was she going?

She heard a crack behind her, she turned round, her hands ready to blast anything that was chasing her, but she saw nothing, she edged backwards quickly yet caustiosly she had not heard the other voices her mind foicused entirely on what might be following her, but as she turned round she saw the goblin and drow.

She stood in amazement, she had never seen anything other than her own race, except in books, which suddenly led her to remember that both drow and goblins were vicious, without thinking she her hands started to glow as she readied her holy smite spell.

01/23/2007 6:31 PM

Cadry seriosuly considers just throwing the goblin at the girl who had just rushed in on them. It sounds like a sound enough plan, who is going to be able to stop a flying goblin coming their way?
With a mental sigh, she resists the urge though, she isn't sure why, but she's outting it down to be to blood lazy. Besides, she is dreadfully curious about the elf, and she'd hate to have to kill her, or to flee, before getting few questions answered.
"Oh stop that. You and I both know that I can dodge that spell easily enough." She has no idea if she can or can't, and is actually leaning to the probably couldn't dodge it...but with any luck the surface elf would know even less about the Drow race then Cadry knows about the surface elves. Given that, even as well read as she is, she still knows nearly nothing about the surface elves, it's probably a fair assumption that unless the other girl had actively sought information ont he drow race, she probably wouldn't know a whole lot.
With an easy grace she stands up to her full height, actually under a half foot shorter then the woman before her.
"...Damn, you're a tall one aren't ya? Are all surface elves your height? Do they all share your coloring? Do they all use that kind of magic, what kinf magic is it that you use? What does it do? Do youhave any innate abilities? How old are you? My books say you live the same length my kind do, but I don't know if that is trictly true or...not."
She only then realizes she had been acting like a young girl who has faced something terribly curious. As soon as she realizes that she had been babbling and not exactly acting all that fearsome, she clamps her mouth shut.
Mind you, just because she's curious doesn't mean she's stupid. She handn't moved a muscle since standing up, beyond to keep her hands carefully near her sword hilts, making it look unintentional. She's also ready to try her best at dodging, and to throw a globe of darkness over the whole place.

01/24/2007 6:36 PM

Kreel really didn't know what to make of everything that was going on. Elves comming out of the forest with glowing hands. Bushes shaking off to the side. Kreel wasn't sure if the wetness in his pants was from being doused in the river or . . . something else.

Kreel tried to compose himself to speak, but all he was able to utter was a soft squeak. With the other elf appearing, Kreel was starting to feel quite vertically challenged. Why did elves have to be so tall? Kreel would strain his neck trying to look up at them all day long.

01/25/2007 1:03 PM

[Posted By tbonesam on 01.22.2007 12:09 AM]

Drizzt walked though the forest at night with his magical cat gueniviar

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I'll post soon, everyone wait till my next post to continue please...

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01/29/2007 6:56 PM

It is often in times of great peril that those who normally wouldn't think twice about slitting each other's throats find themselves allied against a common foe...This however is not one of those times. This, in fact, is one of those times where people scream and wail in agony as they flee in fear of something terrible. In this case that something is a being the likes of which had never been seen and will never again since that fateful day...the day the one named Laucien made himself know throughout existence..and it began with a stone...
(to be cont...)

02/01/2007 9:29 PM

Zanen had been sitting in a tree long before the drow girl had come to the clearing, he had enjoyed her gracious dance it was somewhat soothing. He had been watching all this commotion being quite amazed at it all.
When the winged elf came running into the clearing his bow was already aimed behind her at the daemon, the only thing he had to do was wait a few more seconds and he would have a perfect shot, He might be able to drop the damned thing, He had his best arrow out as a matter of fact. "Just one more sec...Hah!" He let loose the arrow
. As it buried itself into the daemons forehead he leapt out of the tree into the clearing shocking the hell out of everyone. "I hope that damned thing ain't a 2 shot kill..." He draws his daggers "Come on people there's a daemon over there and your chatting! lets kill this beast and resume the conversation at a later time! OK?!"

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02/03/2007 5:42 PM

So it began...a single stone at the forefront of the firepit split perfectly in half and became as smooth as glass.
A keening whistle sounded throughout the jungle with an intensity far beyond tolerable levels as a single mote of light rose from the center of the makeshift fountain that served as the axis of the entire encampment. No larger than a raindrop it glided slowly skyward and stoppped, hovering, just below the clouds. A deathly silence followed, muting the sounds of the world to a sonic fog of near deafness. It was as if the world had been smeared by its painter's hand as a nimbus of blues and greens swirled around the light. More motes appeared in the air inside the haze and the grew from a silence to a thunderous hum, as if screaming a whisper.
The swirling mass slowly tightened from the ground up into a thread of finest silver, barely visible. Just as the light tightened near the clouds a bubble of pure white light traveled down the thread to the ground and the world erupted into nothingness, an oasis of white. The bubble formed a cloumn and the mountain and all in it disintigrated, the dusts vanishing the the subsequent winds...it was as if it had never existed...and in its place lay a citadel of obsidian stone...and atop it, a pennant of three interlocking crescent moons, the flag of Laucien.
In the resulting moments of awe four things occcured to those in the clearing:
1-the daemon was gone.
2-the arrow was lodged in the grond and its fletchings had become a rose...its shaft another letter.
3-Cadry's eyes were glowing with a silvery haze of light.
4-Of course, Kreel was on fire...everywhere...

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02/03/2007 6:36 PM

When zanen was done pissing his pants he looked at everyone else and slowly crept toward the letter. As he picked it up a his hand twitched, nearly making him drop the letter. Zanen carefully opened the letter while muttering bits and pieces of protection spells he had heard before, as he unfolded the letter he noticed he could not read the script "Damnit all, does anyone know how to read this damned script?" he then turns the letter around for all to see...

02/03/2007 9:43 PM

Gabe had nearly reached the mountain, when an intolerably loud whistle drove him to his knees. A moment after, the sound was replaced by a pregnant silence and a small light cut through the gloom of the night, rising above the mountain that was his destination. He stood and covered his eyes as the light multiplied, and then began to back away as a silver thread made it apparent that whatever was happening was happening to the mountain containing the temples of the gods. When the blindingly bright bubble appeared, he ran. As fast as he could, he ran away from the mountain. He felt himself lifted off of his feet by gusts of dust-filled wind and then he fell, holding his eyes shut tight against the dust and the unbearably bright white. He lay for a moment, his eyes still shut, surprised that he was still alive and mostly unharmed. He stood, blinking against the echo of the light that covered his entire field of vision. He looked back towards the camp of his tribe, confirming that they were unharmed, and then his thoughts turned to his friends at the temple. Turning around, he saw that the entire mountain was gone. He fell to his knees, tears cutting channels through the dust on his face, sure that they could not have survived. Recalling what he was, the last son of House Erronel, he blinked away his tears. "I doubt that they have survived, I owe it to them to find out for sure," he thought to himself as he walked towards the black citadel.

02/04/2007 12:29 AM

As soon as the light had started, Cadry had dropped to the ground, her eyes closed, hands over her eyes, and her knees pressed in over that. She will NOT have her eyes burned out because of some inconsiderate godling. Throughout that time, she is muttering, and screaming, obscenities in every language she knows, and a few she made up.

The jist of that being, why me? Why? Stupid god, Stupid god, go die. (Mind you, that is a much much cleaned up version. A few of her obscenities involed that god shoving a few things up some orifices that couldn't be anatomically possible no matter what.)

She barelys peaks out when the...boy who fired the arrow asked if anyone could read the script "oh come on! not another letter...please no...Please...please...anybody..." She grumbles, all the while reaching out to grab it.

As Soon as her hands wrap around the letter she yanks it away from the boy and begins to read, her eyes not bothering her too much, go for protectin poor eyes.

While she does see the goblin on fire, she absolutely refuses to comment or even really look. Nope. REfuses. Just reads the letter, praying it's not another rather creepy letter to her.

02/04/2007 9:53 AM

Zanen looks at cadry with an icy glare "You could kindly ask to see the letter, not rip it out of my hand" Zanen turns his back on cadry and notices the burning goblin "oh for the love of the gods!" He picks up the flaming goblin and hurls him into the water "That should do it" He mutters to himself "stupid flaming goblin, Bah!" he then walks back to cadry and asks "So what does this one say?"

02/04/2007 7:50 PM

Kreel had been transfixed by the whole light outburst. He had, in fact, stared at it the entire time, thus temporarily blinding him. He didn't really register the outside world much after that until he felt himself flying through the air to suddenly land in ice-cold water. There was a loud hiss as the heat of the fire that engulfed the goblin turned the stream to steam. Kreel screamed for no apparent reason. I mean, there had to be something screamworthy going on, right? After a few seconds, Kreel's senses began to return to him. He noticed that he was a giant flaming ball of goblin fleshmeats, but he didn't really seem to be burning. The stream that flowed to where he was evaporated nearly instantly upon touching his flaming body. Kreel jumped up and away from the stream and the now giant plume of steam.

Kreel turned around a few times to get his bearing. Another one had joined the group and seemed to be giving Cadry a displeased look while she was reading a crumple of paper. Kreel held his hands out in front of him and looked. The fire really was quite pretty. Now, if only it wasn't him on fire. Just then Kreel had an idea. There was a really pretty red stone he had taken off the corpse back there. Perhaps he could transfer the fire into it? He had heard that many stones had strange magical powers. Maybe this one could help him control the flames? Or perhaps it was the cause of the flames? In any case, it was better than nothing.

Kreel reached in his rags (which surprisingly enough weren't burning, nor the contents therein, but Kreel didn't really recognize the significance of that) and pulled out the stone. He stood there staring at the stone for a second or two before realizing he had no idea how to work it. He clutched it in his fist and did his best to will the fire into the stone. Something had to work, eh?

02/04/2007 8:31 PM

Cadry's fears were no more as she could tell by the opening few words that it was still a love note...but one from a whole new person it seemed...as if whoever it was had realized that sweetness had gotten him nowhere. It read as so (leaving out a few things any dark elf would admire in a suitor...)

[i]...He is here, and I know he comes for you and your kind.... He has my service but not my soul...I will die before he has you Eili(scratched out) Cadry...I know your secret...we must meet, NOW! Come to the stream and drink of it, there you will find me...in the following dream.

P.S. Your little friend should consider the stone he holds...it was destined for him. He will understand soon enough. You may call him Gempalm, but who he truly is to be will remain our secret...(at that the letter actually seemed to chuckle)The other one is called Zanen...trust him but tell him to shut up, he needs to focus on surviving. [/i]
As the last few words faded from the page, it crumbled and the rose's petals spiralled away into the air. Leaving the only spectacle to be the goblin with a rock melting into his flesh. It sank until only a single facet remained and a hard brown chitin ringed the wound. His flesh bubbled and seared as his skin melted away starting at his hand. In it's wake it left goblin skin as black as night and scales as bright as blood lining his body along the "tops" of his limbs. His old flesh heaped and stank at his feet and rotted away as his face began to bulge with blisters that spat and popped. Beleive me when I say that it seemed to be worse than death. His head grew cracks from chin to spine and it fell away in two as a new face, full of bone spikes and scaly protrusions emerged. His eyes were as orange as fire...and the burning has ceased...a voice then spoke into his head.
"you are no ordinary goblin my child...you are the spawn of fire itsself...if you are unpleased with your divinity...will it away, it will come to aid you when you need it...your new skin will become your old if you wish it so...fire is yours to command if you wish it so...you are a god...if you wish it so..."
The voice then spoke through Kreels lips, a hissing sound like steel on stone.
"such will be yours chosen...such will be yours..."

02/04/2007 10:46 PM

For a long moment after the spectacle of Kreel turning into a....A...She has no idea what to call what he turned into, Cadry doesn't say a word, hardly even breathes in fact.
When she does tspeak...
"OH come on! I get your bloody adoration apparently...from a god who apparently doesn't know my name" Altertanely yelling at the rose petals that were floating away, and just at random air. "and the goblin...the bloody goblin, controls fire? Great. Bloody great. Love letters I can't even keep, and the ruddy gobling gets to be the god of fire. Just great."
Cadry continues to grip, straightening to her full height and then tturns her ire on Zanen.
"And you! Shut up already. I don't care about your opinion, or being polite to you. You, can go jump off a cliff, into a steaming pile of dragon droppings for all that I care. In fact, I wish you merry luck on that. Go have fun, go kill things...go do whatever it is you want to do. Go shoo. Honestly, like i'm going to trust you just because a letter said so! I don't think so mister!" By this point, she's wagging a finger in front of his face. "Oh honestly...Fine..fine..." Just as soon as she had started in on him, she turned and headed to the stream. Or...well, what is left of it.
"Eili my ass....This godling or whatever on earth it is, better havbe a good explanation for gettting my name wrong." An odd thing to take offense to, but she's an odd woman.
Cupping some water from the stream she holds it up, glancing at the remaining people. "If I end up dead, find whoever wrote the bloody letter and make him a eunuch" She downs the water, praying that it won't make her violently ill.

02/05/2007 9:25 AM

Zanen looked at the goblin thinking to himself "what god of whatever gives a goblin the power to control fire, I mean honestly the damned thing will kill us all. Oh well, the goblin is sure lucky though...nothing can stop a retarded goblin with fire....." Zanen then turned to cadry and looked dumbfounded at her waving finger. "I calm down deary you'll poke my eye out with that thing" zanen thinks to himself "They'll kill me Honestly" Zanen then walks along side the finger flailing cadry down to the stream. Zanen says sarcastically "If you die and we find the letter writer we will all get down on are hands and knees and pray to him." "Not really of course, I mean we are all in this together i guess."

02/05/2007 11:24 AM

Cadry just shakes her head. Frankly, she thinks the human is an overwhealming moron, and if by drinking this water she gets to meet someone powerful enough to just snuff the man out of exsistence, she might well be doing a jig.
She gives him a baleful look, clearly showing on her features just how much his opinion is worth to her. If anyone ever tells her her eyes were glowing this whole time, or she ever sees a mirror, she is going to be one very exsasperated girl. Honestly, okay so the goblin is on fire, her eyes are glowing! It's not something she'll be able to catch by herself. But so far, no one has bothered to say 'Hey, Cad, you're eyes are kind of...glowey.' or anything of th elike.
Seeing as she doesn't know about yet another reason to be annoyed at the whole lot of people, she simply sips at the stream. "Seriously..this better be the right stream. I don't want to wander all over this forsaken surface in search of more water to drink."

02/05/2007 11:44 AM

Zanen stares back at cadry "seriously what i do to you?" "your so uptight, maybe you should try to be a little nicer, people might like you better" *ooc*(I'm an elf not a human)
He turns around and then turns back very fast "um cadry? look at yourself in the water before you drink it!" Zanen backs up thinking to himself "she might blame me for some reason or another, and I'm not getting hurt" "and who knows maybe she will burst into flames" He shakes his head and stares at cadry, waiting...

02/05/2007 3:03 PM

Kreel had made the most grotesque sounds a goblin can manage to make while his skin was peeling and blistering from his body. Amusing, that. He could be on fire and not feel a thing, but molting was like rolling through a pool of lava. Well, what he did he assume was molt. He had new skin and scales and stuff anyhow. And the power of fire?

Kreel took deep breaths as the elves present made funny faces at him. His breathing sounded like a grindstone sharpening a sword. Slowly, though, as his heart rate returned to normal, his throat seemed to unclench and his breathing sounded more normal and regular.

Kreel had heard the male elf make fun of him, though. Kreel waited until the exchange between the two elves to retort, though, "Afraid of the drow you are, elf? Or afraid of the [i]retarted[/i] goblin you are?" Kreel took a few steps towards him. He wasn't quite sure how to control this god-power he had acquired, but it would be better to practice now and get it down than to wait until his life really was in danger. Kreel held his right hand (the one the stone embedded itself in) out, palm up. With a thought, flames spurted out of the gem in his palm. "Kreel knows fire. Fire knows Kreel. Does elfling want to know fire?"

02/05/2007 4:15 PM

Just as Cadry's frustration was gathering, the world spiralled into darkness. She stood alone in the silken black void and heard only breathing. To her right, to her left, no all around her. An elf male stood before her, but his heritage was no easy task to describe. He had a left eye of brown and a right eye of the lightest hue of purple with streaks of red as if the iris had been slashed and it bled forever inside the orb. His face was perfectly smooth and well muscled with a strange ridge of bone from his nose to his forehead. He had a short spike of a goatee in white and blonde and his Raven black hair was clean shaven on the left and grown long on the right. his hands were slender and his fingers long, with long points of filed nail in hues of black and purple. He wore only an Owlbear's hide, its mouth opened around his neck and the arms and legs draped in the front to hide his body. His legs never moved, but he grew closer by the second. The elf moved within arms reach and Cadry's body froze. Unable to move he leaned into her face and kissed her forehead.
"Long have I loved you Cadry...Shadowfox...child of Jael and... oh...well, we shall not discuss your mother. Did you like my letters? My roses? I'd have given you the moon, but I can't give you what's already yours..."
She would soon realize that she couldn't leave when she wanted, only when she was allowed.
In the real world, Cadry's eyes rolled into her forehead and she fell into the stream bleeding from the nose and ears... and the waters of the stream began to creep out and flow in circles around Zanen's legs...

02/05/2007 4:40 PM

Cadry slaps him. Hard. OR...at least...she thought she was going to be slapping him, hard. But her hand makes no contact, it doesn't even move.
That does more to scare her than anything else anyone in their minds could ever have thought of. She does not like to be powerless, and the spark of fear that shines in her eyes isn't something she could hide readily.
All the same, she won't let that fear control her. She takes a deep breath, trying to get her bearings, to find some kind of weakness. To stall for time she starts her time honored tradition og griping.
"Eili? You love me yet you get my name wrong. Yeah yeah I see the love in that. If you loved me so much, you'd let me be able to move." Her eyes flash, this time with anger instead of fear.
"what kind of lover lets the one he loves be immobilized, just so he can steal a kiss?" OKay, so the kiss was on the forehead, it doesn't matter. "that's tantamount to rape, in my mind. You don't seem the type of guy to force your love on someone, you want the loved returned, don't you? You're definately going about it the wrong way if that is the case."
In all honesty, she has no idea what she just said. She's just hoping to either infuriate him into hitting her, which will hopefully break the spell, appeal to his love to let her go or...well anything that lets her move. She'll deal with anything else if only she could mo...wait. Moon?
"...You don't think I'm Eilistraee...do you?"

02/05/2007 8:11 PM

Kreel was cut off in his trying to be intimidating when Cadry fell over. She landed face-down in the mud. This startled Kreel enough that the flame in his palm extinguished. Kreel was torn between trying to assert himself somewhat or help the she-elf. Kreel decided on helping the she-elf. Even with his newfound abilities, he wasn't entirely sure he could fight her. Or the other one, for that matter.

Kreel took a few quick steps and rolled Cadry's body over so she wasn't sucking mud. A little dirty, but she'll have to deal with that. Kreel wondered if this would be a good time to escape, though. Something kept him there, though. A feeling that he shouldn't abandon these people. Like he was needed here. Strange, that. He had never felt needed or useful before. It was a strange feeling.

02/06/2007 3:05 PM

zanen turned to the goblin as he was..well...insulting him! "Look goblin i don't care if you can control......oh shit cadry!!" Zanen tried to catch as she fell but he wasn't close enough, he noticed the water rising but he had to get her out of the mud. "come on...er...kreel.. lets get her of the bank, Ready?..heave...ho.." zanen and the goblin half dragged-half carried cadry to the middle of the clearing.

02/06/2007 4:36 PM

The elf-thing smiled at her and let loose her hand long enough to land a jarring blow accros his jaw. Tears welled in his eyes but he smiled nonetheless. His eyes softened then in an undeniably sincere apology as he turned from her so she would no longer see his tears.
"YES! I love you, and I know more of you than I know of myself. I'm sorry to keep you frozen but I was...am afraid my hideousness would have startled you into more severe action." He was, however, not 'hideous' simply different. One with an eye for art might even consider him beautiful in a primal sort of way.
"I wouldn't consider a kiss rape either, as though I'd let a rape occur upon a plane of beauty such as yours anyhow. My hands are blood-soaked as is, killing someone as vile would be like blowing out a candle." At this, he turned to her and winked, tiny stars flew from the lashes of his abberant eye.
"Now, on to your identity...do YOU think you're Eilistraee? I alredy know who you are... You see, your Goblin friend is a simple creature, but his mind is special. His simplicity has caused him to awaken before you, before Zanen...There are others. This, and only this will I say...the cosmos will be yours, and more. Now, I will let you go, but you must not try to harm me...if I am harmed, your body will die. I wish it were not so, but such is the price for you...mine is a heavy one as well." A small drop of blood drips down his forefinger from the cut on his wrist.
"You cannot tell them anything I tell you...they will learn themselves. You are free to move...and leave if you but ask..."
A quaking of the earth rolls over the clearing. A distinct *thud...thud..thuddding* corresponding with each tremor. Trees were shifting in the distance, something big was coming.
The water around Zanen's feet built up to a whirling vortex as he stood over Cadry and then stopped abruptly. The water had soaked his clothing, but he was completely dry...

02/06/2007 4:46 PM

Zanen looked around at the trees "Oh by the gods! what now?!?" Zanen then looks down at his feet seeing the water on his clothes, he says sarcastically "Oh well that's strange" "What next? are the heavens going to crash all around us?! I probably shouldn't say such things...might curse me self or something..." Zanen tries to get cadry to wake up "come on cadry somethings happening wake up!"

02/06/2007 6:50 PM

For a moment Cadry just stares at him...Slowly she walks forward. Very very slowly. Her hand gingerly touches his cheek, an odd expression on her features, almost a gentleness. Her hand drifts down his cheek and neck, down his arm to clasp his hand. The one that sports a cut wrist, bringing the arm up, movement slow and gentle.
With a lazy grace she drags her tongue along his wound, not intended to be exactly painful, though it does hurt a bit, but more ... it's closer to a pact, a bond. One thats a bit angry, but a bond all the same.
Very very slowly she meets his gaze, the same rather feral gentleness in them. As if her movements were carefully controlled, and she's trying to teach him a lesson. Not purely from anger, but because seh wants him to mature.
Finally, she speaks.
"Get over yourself, boyo. You're not ugly, and nor are you all knowing. I will not have the cosmos before my feet, because I don't want it. I will NOT be a part of something I don't agree to, and whatever you're insinuating, is not part of what I agree to be part of. Neither are you for that matter, at the very least, you won't be part of myt life until you grow up. You're acting more like a child playing pretend than a ... godling or whatever you are. Some girls might like the simpering kind of prat who would wax and wan about their beauty and their strengths....what about your own? Why not own up to your beauty, your strength?" She makes an exsasperated growl of a sound, eyes flashing. "Grow a spine!" She shakes her head, very frustrated. "Now...send me back."

In the physical plane, she obviously makes no movements, besides the labored breathing. Seeing as she has blood pouring from her nose (and ears though that's hardly relevant for breathing) it impairs her breathing a wee bit.

02/06/2007 7:24 PM

His tears have vanished now and there is a look in his eye that belongs only to an animal, a look of true instinctual knowledge. He clasps his hand over his wrist, still feeling her there. "I need you to set me free Cadry...then you will understand...you will see who you are and you will find me. But to do so you must kill me. I will show you my strength, and my spine, and much much more...and your friends will tremble in fear." He grabs her head in his hands and stares into her eyes and those eyes are the last thing she sees before the world explodes again.
Cadry was in the real world now, feeling REAL pain, and real tremors, but they were of the earth, not of her body. The quaking was stronger now and the trees were parting ever closer.

02/06/2007 7:24 PM

Kreel was slightly confused. The water seemed to be ignoring the normal laws of the world as it swirled about Zaned. He didn't stop to consider what had happened to him and fire might be happening to the elf and water. Kreel didn't spend too much time thinking about that, though, with Cadry still unconscious and with blood pouring out of her head.

"Not good. Blood not good." Kreel said. He might have known what to do in that situation had he ever had any first aid training, but the greenskin view of things had generally been 'suck it up, wuss.' Kreel looked from Cadry to Zanen, "Elfling knows of aid? Elfling help dark one." Kreel's hands twitched in nervousness. He had seen many things in his years. Much more than most greenskins ever do. But all that had transpired in the past few minutes (though they seemed like days) surpassed all that he could ever have imagined.

Kreel tried his best to ignore the thundering of the ground. Stranger had happened just recently. Perhaps it was somehow connected to the light? Whatever it was, it wasn't affecting them here, now. Kreel would deal with it if/when it got there. Until then, it was someone else's problem.

02/06/2007 7:53 PM

Cadry lets out a scream when she wakes up. In part from the pain, though that wasn't that bad...she's felt a lot worse, though not very often in her life, in part from the disotrotion of having the very ground be trembling as she wakes up, and in part from sheer annoyance.
"Bloody males!" As soon as she says the words, she goes into a coughing fit, blood pooling out of her mouth and onto the ground. "OH yuck.." She spits, wiping her mouth and face. She just wants herself clean...mournfully she thinks of the semi bath she had just taken before this whole thing had started.
"I feel like someone pushed me in front of a herd of cows and made them stampede all....why is the ground moving?" Brain barely catching up with her, finally. Another coughing fit hits her, her body trying to rid itself of the blood still left in areas it shouldn't be.
As soon as she resumes breathing properly, she looks at Zanen, then around the clearing again. "Not going to ask why your wet .... LEts see... goblin gets fire....I can pretty much guarentee you that I'm not the cause for the ground moving like this...so that leaves the idiot," The word is said rather viciously, wanting to insult the man who hurt her pride so greatly. "who caused all of this....or someone else." Her gaze goes to the female elf girl, and scans the other areas, trying to find another source. ANyone, who might be the cause of the earth shaking so.

Ooc: Edited so that Cad isn't washing her face with non exsistant water. Completly didn't catch that.

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02/06/2007 8:08 PM

"Well i seeing as this all happened with the goblin, I'm guessing I'm the god of water now?....Cool" Zanen gets on his knees next to cadry "now cadry settle down for a second, i think i can heal these wounds" Zanen summons the natural magick of his people from the back of his mind, He utters some words in an old language while placing his hands over cadry. A few moments later cadrys wounds have healed "There that should keep you living a little longer (emphasis on little) Zanen stands up "When is the going to quit moving? this is becoming annoying" Zanen walks a few feet from the others and sits down, feeling a little tired from this eventful day.

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02/06/2007 8:12 PM


built up to a whirling vortex as he stood over Cadry and then stopped abruptly

The water's gone...

02/06/2007 8:26 PM

*OOC* Sorry bout that i must have missed it (im cursed with ready TOO fast)

02/07/2007 7:42 PM

Gabe, despite his determination to find out for sure the fate of his friends at the temple, could find no way into the black citadel. Now that he thought about it, going into the ominous fortresses of magical origin uninvited would probably be quite dangerous for someone as poorly armed and magically powerless as himself. With mixed emotion, he walked back toward his tribe's camp. He neared it, and saw that it was abuzz with activity. Apparently the cataclysmic construction of the citadel had even roused some of the more lethargic of the self-proclaimed aristocracy. He saw looks of shock on the faces of some of his parent's acquaintances at the sight of him, and belatedly realized that his habit of going to the temples was well known. He sighed, and walked towards his own dwelling to assure his family that he had not been killed.

Then the ground shook. Then it shook again.

"A giant!" someone yelled. Gabe groaned. He had hoped that the day's excitement had been over. The bustle in the camp increased to a frenzy, as old weapons were unwrapped and the nobles emerged wearing scraps of armor, most of it ceremonial, and wielding highly decorated weapons, their gold tarnished, as often as not their blades dulled. Without their masters-at-arms the arsenals of the nobility had not fared very well. Then an argument ensued about who would go out and see if it really was a giant causing the rhythmic tremors.

He couldn't put up with this. Not today. Turning his back on the argument, he began to walk out of the camp. His refuge at the temple gone, he headed out into the forest. Before he got of the camp, though, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Georg, one of the few servants that remained out of loyalty to his father.

"This is a day of strange happenings. Your father wishes you to be better armed."

In his hand, he held the plain scabbard that contained the well-made and well-maintained sword that his father had carried on many campaigns. Unlike most of the aristocracy, his old soldier of a father did know how to take care of a sword.

"I do not think that whatever power is causing today's events will be deterred by a bigger blade, but tell him thanks. I'll do my best to stay alive."

With a somewhat sardonic grin at the thought of fighting a giant (or whatever had destroyed the mountain) with a sword, he walked away from the camp.

The sounds of the arguing voices faded as he put distance between himself and the Reyearth, and was replaced with the sound of the jungle. He was about to sit against a tree, when he realized that the tremors were getting more violent. Somehow he had managed to get himself directly into their path (or at least he thought he had). He ran, trying to find the sound of voices again. While the Reyearth's martial skill was not something he had a lot of confidence in, there was strength in numbers. He vaguely heard voices, and veered towards them. Strangely, the jungle seemed to open up for him as he turned in this direction.

He burst into a clearing and saw not his tribe, but a dark elf, an especially hideous goblin, a wood elf, and a winged elf. He skidded to a stop, surprised and disoriented. Inanely, the first thing he thought to say was "Hello."

02/08/2007 3:11 PM

Zanen heard someone coming through the woods, he whirled around Daggers drawn only to see a human stumble apon the clearing "uh, hello?" "Er can we help?" Then the ground shook again and zanen almost fell "shit, this is getting ridiculas" "We gotta do something! This is like the breaking all over again"

02/08/2007 7:46 PM

Cadry stumbles to her feet, still trying to get herself oriented. The only thing she can definately know is that for one, she needs to hit Zanen for daring to work magic on her without her permission, and two....Well two, she may as well say hi.
With a sigh she turns her attention to the human male, deciding that, for now at least, she'll ignore Zanen.
"Hullo there. Do you happen to be the reason the ground is moving?" Now, for anyone who's had a sane last few hours, that line would sound very odd. She knows that. Hell, with her luck the guy will think she's hitting on him. Frankly, Cadry doesn't care.
"And if you are, could you stop it...I don't like it when things move under me, I feel like I'll be falling, and that's hardly graceful." To prove that point, the ground shakes just enough to cause the still disoriented girl to stumble. With a growl she sticks her sword into a tree trunk and holds onto the hilt, using it to steady herself. She still has one sword free, if in it's sheath still, and thus ready if someone decides to attack. Not to mention the other little knicknacks she has hidden on herself.

02/08/2007 8:43 PM

"Me? Shake the ground?" he laughed, somewhat bitterly. At the same time, he grabbed a tree branch to steady himself against the tremor. "I couldn't even get into the damn citadel." The next tremor reminded him why he had been running. He let go of the tree and started to cross the clearing, in the direction of the citadel that now stood in the center of the camps. "Sorry to skip introductions, but I would rather be around more than four people when whatever IS making the ground shake gets here."

02/08/2007 8:53 PM

"Why is it I have this sinking feeling it's loverboy?" That last bit was more to herself than to anyone else, and frankly she hardly cares if anyone else can even hear her.
For a moment she considers just staying with her group of people...but upon taking a look at the nearly non exsistent winged elf, and the annoying wood elf...well, she decides being near other people wouldn't be a horrid idea.
With a pull, she slides her blade free and sheathes it, turning to follow after the human male. "Come on Kreel...we might need your f-" Her gaze flits over to human, and changes her word. No reason to let the man know more than he already does. "your abilities." She finishes a bit lamely, knowing that if the man has a bit of sense, he'd figure out she's hiding something...If he manages to figure out what, she'd congratulate him herself.
"Elf boy...I don't care where you go. Though, as a healer, i'm sure your effots would be appreciated." Foresight was sometimes a good thing. Whiel people might ditrust her, they would look more warmly on any who brought a healer with them; even if they did travel with a goblin.

02/09/2007 2:17 PM

Zanen turned toward cadry "you could try being a bit nicer to me you know" Zanen joins the group in the middle of the clearing "So what are our plans" "Should we go seek the cause of the commotion? or should we go back to the villiages and see if anyone knows anything?" "personally i think we should check the villages and then go seek out this "god- like" being"

02/09/2007 8:08 PM

Gabriel noticed the halt in the drow's speech and glanced from her to the goblin, Kreel. He was certainly the ugliest goblin he had ever seen. They were usually not black and red with orange eyes...and those horny growths on his face weren't improving things either. There was something about this uniquely ugly goblin that the drow was hiding, but he couldn't guess what. He then stumbled from the most violent tremor yet before continuing across the clearing.

"I doubt anybody knows much. I just came from the Reyearth camp, where the endless argument continues. ('At least till some of those who actually know how to lead end it.' he thought to himself. The past pattern had been that they would let the fops argue long enough so that they felt important and then take control) They don't know anything, and I doubt anyone else does either. The people who would probably have the best idea of what is going on, the priests, are likely dead. Every priest I knew was in the mountain before it became...that!" He said vehemently with a gesture towards the towering obsidian citadel.

02/09/2007 10:54 PM

"I could be nicer to you ... but why on earth would I ever waste my efforts?" She doesn't even turn to look at Zanen. Frankly, she has apounding headache, still feels incredibly drained, and the only thigns she wants to do is have a bit of food, get clean, and sleep. A sleep that would last for around a years time, preferably.
Cadry blinks, trying to clear her aching head. "...You know what, I know we're going to be going to the big tower. That's where we're going to have to go to stop the tremors. I just know it. That doesn't make me happy. It really doesn't. " She lets out a gusty sigh "If I'm lucky we'll have some time to grab some nice head ache soothing tea on the way."

02/10/2007 1:24 PM

Eledhwen snapped out her trance, she was revitalised.... and then she noted the other elf and the giant ((it is a giant right?)) and then felt the ground shaking.
"Oh dear, that doesn't feel natural."

"If I'm lucky we'll have some time to grab some nice head ache soothing tea on the way."

"You have a headache?" Eledhwen drew some herbs out of her pouch and mushed them into pulp. "perhaps this will help." Eledhwen looks to the tower and whispers to her self.
"Oh my goddess, what did i do to deserve this."

((sorry, not been awhile have been, training with Royal navy for a while, only just had my first weekend off :) ))

02/10/2007 3:19 PM

Zanen turned toward the newly awakened elf "Ah, so your back with us aye?" Zanen reaches his hand out to the winged elf and lifts her up "there you go" "so, we are going to the obsidian tower of DOOM i suppose?" Zanen mutters some incantations "there that should keep you all from falling over anytime soon" Zanen thinks to himself for a few moments "Wow this is all so strange, some guy named lucien comes running and dying through the woods, fire goblin god thing, love letters, shaking earth, and i guess im the god of water or something now" "ah what a day" "i could use a good fight about now too"

02/11/2007 6:10 AM

Kreel wondered why these taller beings had such a hard time of keeping their balance amongst the ground rumblings. All he had to do was shift his weight down a bit, bend his knees, and let his legs go with the vibrations. Eh, perhaps it was worse than he had endured before, but it certainly wasn't past managable yet.

Kreel noticed the subtext in Cadry's words and decided that the less the new human knew the less likely he would be to try to outright kill Kreel for what he was. "Kreel says giant obsidian fortress of doom is no place for quakes. Is ground shake and rock fall. You be there as falls apart? Kreel says stop ground shakes first, then giant obsidian fortress of doom."

Kreel found it amusing that these elves were so afraid of a giant piece of black stone. Now, more than likely, whatever was [i]in[/i] the fortress would be doom-inspiring, but the fortress itself was no more or less than any other he'd seen in his days. At least, Kreel hoped that was how it was.

"Whatever we be doing, we be deciding fast. No time for talk." Kreel said as another tremor came. This one was severe enough to actually cause him to nearly lose his footing.

02/13/2007 7:14 PM

zanen turned toward the group "well i assume that we are meant to go to this tower so lets cut to the chace and go. any objections or better ideas? im sure you have something to say cadry..." Zanen winced a bit, he new her insult was coming... "what about you felow reyearthian? any ideas ?"

02/13/2007 10:01 PM

"I agree with ... whatever your name is." She waves her hand, franky she hadn't had time to learn nearly anyones name. Given whats happened to her in the past few hours, it's not surprising that the only name she can remember with any certainity is her own ... and even that is coming into question some of the time.
"Going to the tower would be the best." Her tone is so tired, weary. All she wants to do is take a nap, a bath, and drink some tea. She'll deal with it.

02/14/2007 2:28 PM

Gabe had stopped at the edge of the clearing, made curious by the indications in their conversation that they had some idea of what was behind the strange events.

"I have already tried to get into the citadel. Couldn't find a way in. Of course, I did not have wings or magic, and heading to the fortress will get us among more people, seeing as the camps surround it. So I was heading towards it anyway. I am not sure which camp will welcome a goblin, though."

02/14/2007 3:56 PM

Kreel made a noise that was supposed to sound like a snort, but it wound up sounding more like two stones scraping across each other. "Kreel can handle Kreel. Kreel has lived long enough to know how to live. Never you mind Kreel. Kreel can find Kreel's way into tower." Kreel tried to emanate confidence, but his hands twitched once, as they often do when he's nervous.

Kreel didn't really know how others would react to him. Especially with his new appearance. Not likely that most would know him for a goblin on sight, but even most saurians (which he thought he most resembled now, though he was indeed far shorter than any saurian he had ever seen) weren't very welcome. The way he saw things, though, was that he had two choices. One: Kreel could go with the others and hope that their presence would prohibit any persecution of him. Kreel didn't feel that anyone there would go to much effort to protect him. He would likely be able to defend himself against most people now with his flaming abilities, but that would turn messy, quick. Two: Kreel could attempt to find a way in the fortress by himself, hoping to avoid any interaction with other beings. Kreel could trust himself, but he wasn't quite sure that would be entirely possible, even for one of his wile.

02/14/2007 4:41 PM

Zanen turned toward gabe "I think i can get us in with some of my magick, but im not that adept at it. if i cant get us in...the goblin might be able to..." zanen started toward the tower "anywho lets get going theres no scence in wasting time standing here" Zanen walked out of the clearing and hopped into a tree while the others cought up. He looked out towards the tower and whispered to himself "this could be one hell of an adventure..."

02/14/2007 9:36 PM

"...WEll, my camp would accept a goblin." Cadry says dryly. "Of course, they might not let him leave, so I don't suggest my camp. I will, though, protect him if people come and try to harm him." She shrugs, not giving it any real thought. "assuming, of course, one of you big strong men can protect little ol me." Her tone is more thana bit taunting. Cadry is not stupid, she knows that she has probaly just as much chance, if not more chance than Kreel, to be persucated against.

02/15/2007 4:01 PM

Kreel sighed inside. What had he gotten himself tangled in? All he did was chase a possum for a meal. That turned into a meeting with a half-sane drow which then led to some flashbang and him gaining some incredible power. Now they were a group? "If wes go together, then wes go together." Kreel said. He narrowed his eyes as he scanned the group. Not much chance of any real coherence there, he thought. Though, it might actually be nice to be a part of something. In his youth Kreel had been in a marauding horde. Even though he was in the midst of thousands of other greenskins, Kreel had always felt alone there. There was no cohesiveness there. No bond between others.

This seemed different. Kreel felt that this task would require the cooperation of everyone here to get done. For the first time in his life Kreel felt that he might be important. Even if Cadry's words were said in sarcasm, Kreel felt slight comfort out of them. Kreel took a few steps towards Cadry, "Live together. Fight together. Die together. That what camps do?" Kreel looked about the clearing once again. "Then wes camp together?"

02/15/2007 5:16 PM

(not a giant)
An eerie silence fell over the clearing as the trees and ground shaking abruptly ended. Just as everyone had begun to release the breath they had been holding, the trees around the clearing exploded into fragments. From the falling debris a large, apelike creature of vines and mud slowly appeared. The "ears" on its head were long and pointed leaves and a line of crested bark split it's forehead. Its eyes were the only thing vaguely resembling natural eyes...except for their colors...brown and violet-red. The roots and vines covering its body slid around the limbs like snakes. One side of the tusked head was covered in dangling spines of thornroot with a pattern of black flowers resembling an eye. The creature stood well above the adventurers, even crouched and its arms were as big as tree trunks. It was a living forest...snaking earth...and a nightmare.

It spoke...and it's words would live on in their nightmares always.

With that the beast raised it's fists and slammed them into the ground, causing spires of stone to erupt from the ground beneath all of them.

02/15/2007 6:01 PM

Kreel crouched to the ground the instant the monstrosity started to appear. Subconsciously, Kreel ignited the gem in his hand as the forest-thing conglomerated. The fire spread all over Kreel's body as he grew more and more afraid with each passing moment while the thing grew bigger and bigger. Kreel held his breath as the thing continued to grow.

Then it spoke and Kreel's heart skipped a beat. Such a thing, was it evil? It seemed more tortured than anything else. Then the ground beneath Kreel erupted. Kreel was knocked over by the ground beneath his feet rising. Kreel lay on his back as stones rained down on him from the rising spikes of earth. This had to be a test from the powers that be.

Kreel rolled over and got into a crouching position once again. He looked into the thing's eyes and saw pain, bitterness, and anger. Kreel felt like he might cry if he wasn't on fire. Such a thing was deserving of pity, not wrath. Though, admittedly, Kreel thought that if the ground beneath him erupted like that again then he wouldn't feel quite so kindly towards the beastly thing.

02/16/2007 10:34 AM

Cadry stares at the thing, eyes wide with pure shock. She had never even imagined something like that in her most twisted nightmares, and certainly never though to see it in real life.
"...Kill you..okay!" Poor girl, she looks a bit confused, not sure what to do. "If you hold still, I'll kill you." Hoping that logic might work, after all even if the beast isn't evil it does deserve death. It's positively wretched.
Of course, as soon as she's about to leap towards the creature, the ground juts up from under her, and it's all she can do to keep herself from falling off. Though, as soon as the spire of stone stops growing, she thinks it would have been amuch wiser choice to have leapt to the ground earlier, when there was less chance of breaking something.

02/16/2007 8:30 PM

Gabe looked up at the monster, and thought to himself "Great Deneir! And those idiots at the camp thought it was just a giant!" As it called for death, he looked down at his father's sword, wishing it still held the holy power it had lost with the breaking.

Then the ground erupted, and he was thrown back away from the monster. He noticed that the drow had somehow ended up on top of the rocks that erupted out of the ground, and out of the corner of his eye saw a fire...on the goblin? He did not bother to investigate though, but scrambled to his feet and fought to think clearly. His urge was to flee in terror, but that thing could overtake him in one step. So he drew his father's sword, and hoped that by some miracle he would survive this.

02/17/2007 10:51 AM

Zanen looked at the giant creature "kill you? you ask us to kill you?" The ground erupted underneath him, as zanen got up he draws his sword "OK, OK we'll kill you!" zanen tries to use his power of water, not being sure how it works, he wait for something to happen.

02/18/2007 2:19 PM

Eledhwen looked at the monster
'what did i do to deserve this' she thought. withdrawing her single handed mace from beneath her robe she raised it ready to fight.

"Why do you seek death," she thought for a minute and replaced the mace. "I am a priestess of the the winged goddess, if you have pain i can heal it." Somehow everyone understood the language as though it was their first, as was one of her many skills granted by her priestess training.

She raised her hands above her head and started doing circular motions with her hands, the start of her healing spell, but also the start of one of the more deadly shadow spells she had at her disposal.

02/18/2007 5:09 PM

Zanen's feet were immersed in water in an instant. The water began to swirl, quite impressively, and a small stream of water no larger than a childs spraygun spat at the green beast. Apparently Zanen would need the added focus of one of those mysterious gems... (OOC: ... ;) ...)
The monster looked to the preistess and in it's own way, took note of her movements and words...and it screamed a most terrible scream. "YOU DIE!!!!!!" It's long arms pointed towards her with three flicks of it's huge wrists and it made a short barking sound...too late she would learn that it was a spell of its own. Her mind went fuzzy for a moment and her hesitation would cost her her spells. "NOW...KILL ME OR DIEEEEE!!!!"it roared as it swung its arms in a circle arount itself, attempting to hit all of them in a single strike...almost all of them. It hesitated as its fist neared Cadry...

02/18/2007 8:28 PM

Cadry takes advantage of that hesistation, noting it and praying it has something to do with her nifty power. Assuming she has one, she has no idea. "Stop! IF you hold still for three bloody seconds, we'll kill you, but trying to kill us is going to ham,per your quest for death so stop moving!" She puts as much power in her voice as she can, blades out and body tense...REady to jump off the bloody stone thing if she has to. She really really hopes she doesn't have to.
Hey, if she's at all lucky, the forest giant from hell will actually listen to her and let her kill him.

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02/19/2007 6:29 PM

Kreel saw the giant fist heading his way and instinctively jumped. Kreel felt light as a feather as he was on fire. Kreel bounded nearly twenty feet into the air before he realized something: what goes up, must come down. And from this height he was likely to break a bone or two in the fall. Perhaps if he timed things right, he could grab the giant's arm as it swung past. Or, perhaps, he could attempt to land on one of the earthen spires that had erupted. That would mean less distance to fall down.

02/20/2007 4:08 AM

Thuls Malorne strode through the trees following the stream along it's winding course.
He had stopped to fish earlier and had caught nothing so he resolved to keep moving until he found a decent place to sleep for the night.
He whistled quietly to himself and tried to keep his mind focused upon thoughts of his next meal and looking for a place to rest but his traitorous brain kept throwing up images of Liana, his dead wife.

He stopped and looked around for a distraction, any distraction that would keep his mind from thinking about her. Just then in the distance he thought he could hear a strange crashing noise, almost as if there were giants fighting somewhere up ahead.

Frowning Thuls knelt down and put his hand upon the ground. He could feel small tremors making the earth move.

He estimated that whatever was causing it was pretty big but still some distance away.

Without considering it too much Thuls stood up and set off in the direction of the sounds. Whatever it was, deadly or not it was better than thinking about poor Liana. Anything was better than that.

As he continued towards the sounds they gradually became louder until up ahead he could just make out a clearing through the trees and a great deal of movement.
The ground beneath his feet was now trembling quite badly but he knelt behind a tree and peered into the clearing.

He could see some sort of huge creature standing in the clearing. In the dark it was difficult to tell exactly what it looked like but it towered over several much smaller figures.
The ground in the clearing kept bursting skywards beneath the feet of these smaller figures and Thuls couldn't make out who they were either.

The monster was clearly fighting the smaller figures but Thuls heard it cry out in a terrible voice and what it said was no battle cry Thuls had ever heard before. "Kill me?" he whispered to himself. "It want's to die?"
Thuls found himself thinking of the monster in a different way.
He heard a female voice call out that if it wanted to die it should just hold still.
"It's suffering." Thuls muttered to himself and found that he empathised with the creature. Thuls was used to internal suffering and at times, when he could not escape his thoughts and dreams he had wished for death himself.
The creature was obviously in too much pain to think clearly and so it lashed out at those around it. At least that's the conclusion Thuls came to as he crouched by the tree looking into the clearing.

"This isn't my fight but what the hell. I hate to see things suffer."

He skirted the clearing until he was behind the great beast and then quietly stepped out of the trees with his sword in one hand and a small stone in the other.

02/21/2007 9:48 PM

Gabe dove forward as the fist came at him, barely getting under the swing of the arm. He pulled himself up to a crouching position, and briefly considered his tactics. While he was fairly sure one hit from this thing would kill him, at least close to it he would have a chance to hit back. (though he doubted hitting it would do much good...how do you kill a mass of vines?) He heard the drow yell at the monster again, something about holding still, and he moved closer to it, his mind racing while he did, trying to think of where to hit it and to recall if he had read anything useful about such a monster.

02/23/2007 3:16 PM

zanen charged at the giant while cadry screamed at it "keep it occupied cadry i should be able to take it down! your welcome to try yourself of course!" Zanen jumps on top of the giant from behind just as a human steps out from the trees "whp the hell?!?" zanen plunges his sword into the back of the giants neck and twists. zanen then slashes at the giants back as he jumps down from him. zanen cuts at the heels as he drops back and switches out for his bow. "you! human who are you and why are you here? your going to get hurt"

02/23/2007 10:29 PM

"Dis...What the hell are you on?! I'm Not distracting the epitome of the living forest. I'm not going to risk my lifejust so you can be stupid...if the bloody thing wants to die it bloody well can stop moving and let someone kill it. Until then, i'm not fooling with the blasted thing except to avoid being smushed. Got it? Good." Her gaze drifts to the giant thing from hell, for which she has no other name for, other than the giant thing from hell. Perhaps the pits of hell. "Hear that you overgrown tree stump giant thing? Until you act like a civilized person, you're not going to get any death! No death for you! Honestly...Oh hell, anyone have a rope?" She's trying to figure out how on earth she is going to get down from the big stone pillar.
"How did he want me to distract it anyways..do a striptease?" That bit was said loud enough for her to hear and maybe someone fairly close...which as she's on a stone pillar, probably not going to happen.

02/24/2007 4:45 AM

Thuls watches Zanen's impressive attack and pretends not to be impressed.

He stays behind the creature trying to stay out of it's field of vision and as Zanen drops down and cuts at the creatures heels the monster turns around and sees Thuls for the first time.

"Thanks for your concern elf. Now maybe you should think about yourself."

Thuls dropped and rolled as a huge limb-like vine came whipping down towards him.

The elf had a point. Thuls was armed with a sword and a pebble and he was up against some sort of nightmare forest monster.

Thuls smiled an insane smile to himself. This was the perfect distraction.

He had rolled out of the creature's line of fire again and now looked closely at the creature to see if there was any point on it that appeared weaker or more sensitive than the rest.

02/24/2007 12:49 PM

Zanen pumped 3 arrows into the giant and ran in behind Thuls while switching for his scimitar "whats your plan human?" zanen looked at cadry as she yelled at him "shut up and do something! Gods above, you're always whining!"

02/24/2007 1:33 PM

"and you're always being stupid! you're point is... what? That my intelligence level is higher than yours? I'm rather certain that everyone already knows that." Her tone is taunting, and lazy.

02/24/2007 3:52 PM

Thuls, his eyes scanning the creature for weak spots kept moving to avoid the monster's lethal attacks and spared a moment to glance over his shoulder at Zanen.

He grinned like a lunatic. Clearly enjoying himself.

"Plan? I thought you two had one."

He dove to avoid a sweeping strike from the creature and came up some distance away.

"I advise you keep moving and stop arguing."

He launched a pebble with force aiming for the creatures face, hoping to get an eye or something equally sensitive.

Thuls was feeling happy because he wasn't thinking about Liana. He had wanted a distraction and as distractions went this one was pretty impressive.
However there was a nagging doubt somewhere in Thuls's mind that he was being reckless and stupid and that he was going to get himself killed for no good reason.

He stifled the small voice of reason within his head. It didn't take much effort. He really wanted this distraction, no matter how dangerous. Even if it cost him his life.

Thuls rolled, picked up another small stone and let fly with it.

The ground around Thuls started to move and rise up and as he rolled backwards down one side of the rise he heard someone laughing and then realised with surprise that it was him.

He rolled to his feet, dusted himself off and began circling the creature again, trying to stay out of it's field of vision.

02/24/2007 6:12 PM

Kreel was starting to get a little impatient. All this whining and crying. It was starting to get on his nerves. Which, as it turns out, would be a good thing. It caused him to focus his rage into the fire gem in his hand. Kreel erupted into a giant inferno.

"Piggies be quiet!" Kreel shouted. In a giant leap of madness, Kreel landed on the thing's chest. The fires around Kreel quickly spread onto the forest-thing. Kreel hopped down from the thing and started clawing at the thing's heels that Zanen had slashed.

02/24/2007 11:17 PM

Gabe could not recall anything even remotely similar to the monster before him. Still, when the thing turned to attack Zanen and a stranger, Gabe attacked where Zanen's blades had scored its heels. If they were cut deep enough, there was always a chance it would fall over. Perhaps on its back it would be easier to kill.

The monster seemed to be ignoring the hacking of Gabe's sword onto its ankle, more focused on the elf who had cut its neck and the man who cut it and pelted its face with rocks. "I need an ax for this, not a sword!" he thought. Then the goblin yelled over the elves's endless bickering, and Gabe felt a burst of heat go over his head, and then start to fall towards him. He was forced to fall back from the heat, but from what he could see the burning goblin was doing a heck of a lot more damage than he had been.

02/25/2007 6:24 AM

Out of the corner of Thul's eye he saw movement and realised there was another man attacking the monster's heels with a sword.

Just then a strange voice shouted "Piggies be quiet!" and there was a bright flash of orange flame. Then what appeared to be a big, moving fireball hit the monster in the chest and as fire began to burn it the strange fireball dropped down at the monster's feet and Thuls saw that the fireball was some sort of creature.

For a moment Thuls was distracted by Kreel, unable to identify his race or even whether he was real. He thought for a moment that maybe the excitement had driven him mad.

Then a burning branch hit him with force in the stomach and Thuls felt himself lifted off his feet and knocked through the air.

Fortunately Thuls landed in a pile of mud, churned up by the monster and, although he would have a bad bruise across his belly for a few days he was otherwise unhurt. He realised that if the blow had been a few inches higher he would have broken ribs for certain.

The shock of being hurt snapped Thuls out of his madness and he took in the scene once more as he lay stunned in the mud.

The monster was thrashing about wildly, screaming with a terrible voice and it's chest was on fire. At it's feet was the burning creature that Thuls had been unable to identify but for some reason now he looked at it made him think of a goblin but with scales and horns.
The other man stood next to it ineffectually hacking at the monster's feet with a sword while the elf continued to fire arrows sometimes switching to his sabre and the drow female climbed down from a high stone pillar.

"What am I doing?" Thuls muttered to himself in a rare moment of clarity.

Then he picked himself up out of the mud and, while the monster was distracted by Kreel Thuls staggered into the cover of the nearest trees where he leaned against a trunk and breathed deeply. Trying to kill a giant made of wood with pebbles and a blunt sword just wasn't going to work.

Perhaps the goblin-thing would have more luck. Fire seemed a much better weapon for the job.

Thuls peered around the tree and had another look into the clearing. His stomach felt like a mass of pain.

"How are they doing?" he muttered.

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02/25/2007 11:03 AM

Eledhwenm couldn't beleiev that she had almost been killed, her eyes narrowed as the tohers, and the new comer thought the beast.
"you would dare strike me!" She screamed at the monster and muttered a word and her wings suddenly appeared and she took flight above the monster.
"Feel the wrath of the winged elves!" she shouted as from nowhere she drew a bow and a arrow of holy light appeared in it and she let it loose at the monster.

The Eledhwen watched as the arrow sank deep into the monster's skin, but not appearing to damage the monster in any way.
"now foolish monster, you will know what it feels like to be purified by the holy light." she began laughing as she flew higher to avoid any attempts that the monster might make in order to attack her.

02/25/2007 2:59 PM

zanen stopped shooting arrows for a moment to take a breather "gods above will this monster not fall?!?" Zanen switches to his sword and charges the giant swinging his blade wildly "die dammit!" Zanen plunges his sword deep into the back of the giants knee, he pulls free the blade and slashes at its heels, cutting the akilies tendon "Take that you over grown weed!" zanen leeps onto the giants back again and shoves his sword into it's "spine" "RAAAAHHH!" zanen jumps off the giant and retreats.

02/25/2007 5:21 PM

"...Great. I'm surrounded by insane people...Just bloody great." Her tone is derisive as she watches Zanen and the winged elf. Frankly, she finds their 'bravery' to be not onlyunneeded, but dangerously stupid.
With a sigh she looks down the stone...lets out one last mental prayer, and slides. She manages to make it to the ground without breaking anything, or even spraining anything,. Her arms and legs become scraped and bruised, and she's going to be hurting for a while, but she is more or less fine.
Looking at the fight from her rather undignified posistion as a tangle of limbs on the ground, she shakes her head. "I wonder if they would even notice if I just walked away..."

02/25/2007 6:21 PM

The great creature howled in rage at the goblin's flames and pounded the ground causing a gout of thick roots to burst from the ground and grab him, sucking him into the hole created and under the stony earth. If the thing had bones or tendons...apparently they were formed of plant and stone...One foot hung near useless and his head lolled until the vines rewrapped themselves and grew dark bark over the wounds. The burned limbs fell away to be replaced by stones and those eyes, those multihued eyes stared into Cadry's for a second as a black tear fell and it shook in anger. "I SHOW STRENGTH!!!" and it smashed the stone near Cadry with a mighty clap. The eyes turned milky white and the fight truly began.

The trees around the clearing uprooted and flew at the fighters and the roots dragged Kreel upwards through the stones and into the air, releasing him at their apex. The creature turned to Zanen as a tree flew his way and pointed a finger that erupted into a vine of black barbs covered in green mucus that was probably poisonous. A flick of the other wrist brought a boulder from underground and shattered it, sending peices Thuls' way in a direct line, tiny beads of white light following each one. If the tree didn't get him it'd be hard for him to avoid the subsequent explosions from ten enchanted stones. what was left of the stone formed a flawless sabrethe size of horse and buggy that flew into the beast's hand and was immediately swung towards Gabe. Those eyes once again dripped with blackened tears as it screamed "KILL ME!!!" Deep in the vines within the beast a mass of vines was gathering and forming and pulsating with power that was both evil and palpable. The thing needed to die before whatever it was could be completed...

02/25/2007 8:12 PM

Zanen flew through the air momentarily only to be stopped by a tree. As zanen gets up he looks around at the battle "By the gods how do we kill this cursed being?!?" Zanen saw the giants shed a black tear and he thought to himself *The eyes, maybe its the eyes!* zanen pulls out his bow and notches an arrow, he aims and waits for a few moments. sweat trickles from his brow, his arms can't hold the string much longer "come on, gimme a clear sh.." he lets the arrow fly right as the giant starts to turn toward him. the arrow embeds itself into the left eye of the giant. "Oh by Bahamut let that kill it.."zanen melds into the tree line and runs off to were the goblin was pulled under *if that arrow doesn't kill the beast maybe some fire arrows will..*

02/25/2007 9:25 PM

"Shit!" She throws her arms up over her head, sheilding herself from the flying debris from the stone, or, more aptly, trying to sheilf herself. "Gods above.... Argh!" She gets to her feet, glaring at the huge thing from hell in front of her, and pulls her swords out. "Look you overgrown bush, STOP MOVING AND WE'LL KILL YOU! JUST STOP MOVING!" Her voice is loud, annoyed, and it's obvious that she has had it. She wants the thing to stop moving to hold still, to go ahead and die already. She's done.
If she had any kind of special powers, now would be the time she would really want them to be hitting in. Though, she doesn't care any more. She just wants it dead. Anyway possible.
Without waiting for some magical help or anything for that matter, she runs towards the ginarmous mass of evil plants, wisely enought, trying to keep well away from the thing's major body parts and instead hacking away at the vines that were joining with it. They look more evil anyways. Though how plants looked evil was beyond her, but those definately gave off the feeling of evil.

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02/26/2007 7:20 AM

Eledhwen watched the monster, was it immune to holy spells, if so it left it her only one alternative, it scared her for her mother had been consumed by the powers she may have to turn to, would she have to turn to the power of the shadow.

"Forgive me, lady aerdrie." Eledhwen uttered a word of power and a shadow appeared over the monster and all its extremeity's, this was the shdow spell of pain, it would hopefull cause so much pain in the being it would collapse in on itself, never killing it but causing so much pain it would not fight back, she prayed that this would be enough only time would tell.

02/26/2007 9:53 AM

Thuls saw the debris come flying towards him. In a split second he noticed the stones flying towards him were glowing and he threw himself into a ditch.
Moments later the ground around him exploded as the enchanted rocks smashed into the earth near where he lay.

Thuls kept his head down for a moment and then experimentally picked up one of the enchanted stones and weighed it in his hand.

"Let's see if this thing likes it's own medicine."

He retrieved the rest of the stones quickly and put them in his pouch.

Thuls picked himself out of the ditch and ran behind a large tree.

Then he peered around the tree into the clearing.

The creature was trying to attack everyone at once and wasn't making a bad effort.

He intended to run back into cover after he saw how much effect the stone had rather than wait around to see what that giant-sized sabre could do.

Thuls took careful aim with one of the enchanted stones. It was hard to find anywhere on the monster that looked sensitive and so Thuls just aimed for the things head and let fly.

02/26/2007 10:28 AM

Gabe dove to the side as a tree flew at him, but was unable to avoid it entirely. The branches of the rolling tree caught him, flipping over with themselves as the tree rolled and smashing him into the ground near the thing's feet. He hung by one of his legs out of the tree, with his torso half on the ground. Dizzied for a moment, Gabe dropped his sword. He came to his senses to see a huge stone saber swinging down at him. With supreme effort, he managed to sit up, which put his body parallel to his leg. The sword smashed into the ground where his head had been. He knew the giant wouldn't be likely to miss again, so he grabbed onto the back of the blade. Luckily the giant had made a one-edged sword. On the other side of the stone monstrosity of a blade he saw his own sword, and managed to get a hold of it. The sword felt odd, but he shrugged it off. Everything was odd today.

He expected the blade to raise again immediately, and braced himself for the pain he knew would come as his leg wrenched out of the tree, and he noticed that some reason the giant became covered in shadow. This didn't bode well for the destruction of the pulsating mass of evil in its center.

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02/26/2007 11:14 AM

Cadry doesn't even blink as her target is suddenly engulfed by the shadows. She is a drow after all, one of their abilities is to cast a globe of darkness, it's not uncommon to fight under such circumstances. Besides, she sees better via heat vision anyways. All the same, she summons her races innate powers for the fairy light, the monster being outlined in harmless flames.
Still she hacks away at the vines, hoping to keep out of sight and mind of the beast, and still do some kind of damage ... or more likely, release some of her pent up anger on the vines. Frankly, she odubts she's doing abit of good, beyond making herself feel better that is.

02/26/2007 8:04 PM

The creature shreiked in pain and rage as an arrow plucked out it's eye. A thick stone covering the leaking hole. The scream was overpowering as the beast stomped the ground and the poison vines chasing Zanen erupted into a shower of poison spines. The darkness covered the beast soon after, however it was no stranger to pain and reacted with nothing but an initial grunt. It's finger flicked towards Eledhwen and the ground around her rose up to trap her in a dome of stone. A small creature pulled itsself out of the ground within the dome and attacked. The stone thuls threw stopped in the air and flew back at him with the speed of a crossbow bolt and exploded feet away...the remaining stones exploded shortly after. The stone blade on which Gabe rode drove deeper into the tree, wrenching his leg through more branches and buffeting him aginst the trunk. it then lifted, tree and all and sent Gabe and the tree flying into the air to join Kreel in a tumbling arial mass. Cadry's blades drew sparks from the Blackened vines she struck, showering her in stinging blue flecks of energy. The beast reached down and swept Cadry up in one massive hand and pulled her towards it's face...it shed another tear as it looked at her lovingly and whispered "Kill me" as it kissed her forehead with large stinking lips and presented it throat to her.

02/27/2007 4:44 AM

All the enchanted stones in Thul's pouch explode, killing him instantly.

02/27/2007 5:45 AM

Eledhwen cringed as the enchanted stones exploded, then noticed the pillar of stone coming up to meet her, she flew ever higher avoiding the stone, the creature that appeared out of it was met by her mace as she swung at it.

"So you are immune to my spells," she replaced her mace and drew her bow and her one and only armour piercing arrow. "Then may this arrow end you!" The monster's neck exposed as it was, was the perfect target and she let the arrow fly aiming for his jugular, she muttered a silent prayer as it soared through the sky to meet the monster and hopefully kill it.

02/27/2007 7:31 AM

Cadry flings her short sword out, knocking the arrow away from it's target. "I'll kill you...after you answer a few questions." She's really not at all sure this is a good idea. In fact, she's positive that in about two seconds time she's going to get dropped, or killed in other some such horrible way. As it was, she was already pretty certain the thing had wanted to eat her.
"Why is it you want to die? Who did this to you?" Her voice is deceptively calm. She has no idea how the thing is going to react to not being killed instantly, probably violently, and if that's the case...well, she does have a mighty good grip on her swords. She can always start stabbing.

02/27/2007 11:02 AM

Kreel was propelled upwards with quite a bit of force. It was kinda fun flying up through the air. Though, when Kreel reached the apex of his flight, he realized just how much trouble he was in. It was neat to be able to see the entire forest area like he was on a mountain. The bad thing was, now he was going to fall down that theoretical mountain without anything to slow him down.

Kreel wondered what it was with him now. Ever since he got this flame thing, he seemed to be the flying goblin. Well, whatever was the case would have to wait. For now Kreel was plummeting back to the ground at a great velocity. Kreel passed Gabe on his way down. Kreel was going down as Gabe was going up. Though, the last thing that went through Kreel's mind before smashing onto the monster's head was, "Shit, this is going to hurt!"

Kreel smashed into the head of the monster with enough force that Kreel thought he had broken his ribs, spine, and every other bone in his body. Though, surprisingly, he was still conscious. Perhaps these scale-things were more use than he had previously thought. The fire that enveloped Kreel's body waned as pain overtook Kreel's conscious thought pattern. He saw Cadry close by and tried to say, "What's going on?" but all that came out of his mouth was a dry croak and some blood.

02/27/2007 3:39 PM

Gabe nearly blacked out for the pain in his hip as his body was violently smashed against the trunk of the tree while his leg was wedged in the branches, unmoving. He managed to maintain lucidity though, and took advantage of the weightlessness that the flight gave him to get his leg out of the branches. "Great Deneir that's a long fall!" he thought as he looked down. He could see over the treetops!

Muttering a prayer to the god whose continued existence he was very much beginning to doubt, he tried to kick off the tree that was going up with him, hoping to direct his fall towards one of the trees that was still planted. He reacted too late though, because pulling his leg out of the tree had slightly changed the arc at which he went through the air and in those few seconds between realization of height and decision to act he had moved too far from the trunk.

He fell, and realized that if he twisted he could get his sword into the giant before he hit the ground. He grabbed the hilt with both hands and angled his sword down, catching the thing in the shoulder. His blade dug into the tough material of the monster, and the force of his fall swung around, dislocating one of his shoulders, nearly dislocating the other, and slamming his body into the monster's side. His left arm dangled useless at his side, but he maintained a vise-like grip with his right hand on his sword. The blade cut, more at the base than at the tip, and so slid out, and he fell the rest of the way to the ground.

Looking up at the monster from the ground, he thought "It's still alive." He tried to pick himself up, found himself unable to do so, and so began to crawl away, pulling himself with his one good arm through the churned mud at the thing's feet.

02/27/2007 5:11 PM

"Elli...kill me" The things sad eye looked at her, the eye she had seen somewhere before in a dream world of humiliation and a loving elf-thing...it wept powerfully now as its other hand poised itsself to crush her. The stone sword left its hand and leveled itsself at Kreel. The forest was still now but it pulsed like a heartbeat. "I control now...kill me"

02/27/2007 6:19 PM

Should I kill him? What if it's a trick, what if something worse happens, how did he even come to be this way? Oh gods above what am I supposed to do? If I kill him, i'll never figure out what happened, but if I don't kill him...
Those thoughts whirled through the girl's head, in less time than it takes to take a shallow breath. It was useless, thinking about what to do, she already knew what her actions were going to be. The fact that she seemed to hardly have a choice enraged her. If she didn't kill the beast then too many things could go wrong, but if she did kill him...well, she won't be able to satisfy her curiosity. Normally, it would be a no brained in favor of satisfying her curiosity but in this case ... well she couldn't rismk it. She just couldn't.
"You better have a damn good explanation next time I see you. I'm half tempted to not kill you from the sheer fact you keep saying some other chick's name." Even as she spoke, she was aiming for the thinjg's jugular, swords diving and splicing the thick vein ... or at least where she would presume th thing to be. Just in case that didn't kill the giant thing from hell, she was already stabbing at his eyes, sinking the blade deep deep in one of them, hopefully reaching his brain and killing him that way.

02/27/2007 6:35 PM

It was as if the forest had died. The earth stood still, trees whithered around the clearing, the streams valley grew shallow, and the writhing land and trees stood still and fell to the ground. The beast made no sound as it slumped to the ground slowly and fell to it's sidewith a whoosh of air and a large crash. It's dying movement to grab and place Cadry and Kreel down gently as it fell. The creature sighed a great heaving breath and it's single eye went black. The vines slowly retracted and formed a heap of plant life and stone and a faint breathing could be heard from within. Blood dripped from a leaf at the base of the mound...and a single rose grew from the earth where the blood touched the earth. In it was a letter, written in blood, with two sentences..."Thank you my love..." and "Now save me..."

02/27/2007 6:54 PM

"...Why is it always flower letters? Why can't he just write a parchment and stick it to a tree like a normal person? Or...have a messenger deliver it. Even a messenger bird..." With a sigh she takes the letter from the rose and takes in it's contents.
With a sound of disgust she throws the letter to the ground, glaring at the heap of plant life in front of her. "First of all, i'm not your love. You can't even get my name right. Second of all, I just tried to kill you, now you want to be saved? Can you make up your mind already?! How am I even supposed to save a bunch of plants anyways? I don't know how to garden." Yes, so her words don't make too much sense, all the same. She doesn't care, she's allowed to be annoyed and irrational for a bit.
"Bah...anyone know how to save a bunch of plants?" Her gaze sweeps over the rest of the group, wanting one of them to do just about anything so that she wouldn't have to.

02/27/2007 8:45 PM

The monster died. Finally. He just lay on the ground for a moment, eyes closed, taking stock of the myriad of pains, large and small, that were making themselves known throughout his body. He forced himself up onto his right elbow, and then looked around. The man who had shown up during the fight was a bloody mess and Kreel was down, but appeared to be breathing. Everyone else seemed fine. Then he heard the drow, who he had thought was done whining, complain about some guy's choice of correspondence.

"You....[i]drow[/i]." The word drow was loaded with contempt and anger, pent up from months among the Reyearth and released on what he saw as similar behavior. "One man died, and all of us who still live barely escaped death. Except you, who is apparently the reason it was here. And STILL you complain, about how whatever the heck this was decided communicate with you." Gabe managed to drag himself into a sitting position, his left shoulder still dislocated. "And what's your first question? Not 'Is everyone alright' but 'can anyone help ME with what this letter asked?'" Gabe stood, shaking his head with disgust and grimacing in pain as he put weight on his injured leg.

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02/27/2007 9:11 PM

For a moment the drow girl didn't even look at him. Slowly, very slowly, she turned her body to face him, her eyes blazing with silver fire. Her muscles are almost quivering, it's obvious she's having a problem holding herself back. Everything had been happening, and unlike the rest of the people,s he couldn't seem to distance herself fast enough from everything. This was the last draw.
"How dare you presume to know why I do anything, Human. How dare you! I have no idea how to fix anyone, so me askig about strangers health would not only waste time but waste energy. I'm not a healer. I don't know how to soothe pain, or how to fix broken bones or how to bring the dead back to life! I beg for your pardon in my horrible lack of knowledge..but as logn as we're going to be assigning blame here, why aren't you asking about peoples health? Why aren't you asking if I'm fine? The reason...You don't know me. You don't care about me. I could be lying over there dead and you'd not shed a tear over my broken body. Is it such a horrid thing that I wouldn't cry over you either?"
She shakes her head, hands still curled into useless fists. "Excuse me for not having humanity." Her tone is filled with disgust, and the word humanity is spit out as if it was the bitterest of ironies.
"and you're right my first question is about how to help with the letter. Want to know why? Becuase I don't like this situation and I don't know what to do! I want the hwole damn thing gone, I want to be back in my camp, sleepign in my little hell hole and dreaming my damn nightmares! Don't you [i]dare[/i] presume to make [i]any[/i] kind of judgements as to what I do or who I am. I'm handling this as best as I can and unless you want me to remove your tongue, I suggest you keep your damn mouth shut and your opinions to yourself." Her anger is still not dissipated, if anythign, her anger was only growing with each word she said.
She does finally look away though. "Whoever here who does know how to heal, have at with these others. I'll keep my wounds, thank you. Anyone who has any idea on what to do with this, have at. I'm going to be a typical heartless drow and search the dead man. Have a nice bloody night." She stalks over to the corpse, or, more appriopately, whatever happens to remains of the corpse and searches the body. NOt expecting to find anythign useful, but doing it more so so she'd have something to do while she cooled off.

02/27/2007 10:32 PM

Slowly hobbling towards the goblin, Gabe responded. Had he been thinking clearly, he would probably have remained silent, but he was not thinking clearly. His voice no longer held passion; he had once again restrained himself. His voice was calm, but unrelenting.

"Judgment is part of life, drow. Every action we take is judged by someone and we judge every action we see. Some go so far as to judge the person, as you seem to. From the short time you have known my you have decided that I would care nothing for your death and accuse me of judging your motivations. I judge your actions; I do not know your person or motivations. As for having concern for the wellbeing of those who fought beside you, that is a matter of honor, not humanity. I did check, upon being able to prop myself up enough to see, all of you. You all stood, with the exception of the goblin. Maybe asking is a waste of time, but you were gently set down by this monster right beside Kreel, who if you have not noticed is still down. I suppose your ignoring of a possibly dead goblin should be no surprise, though I hoped for better. I am surprised at how much you have complained. Self-pity was not an attribute I thought drow possessed in the amounts your complaints make me think you do."

He reached the goblin's side, and confirmed that it was breathing. He kneeled to try to examine it further, and mistakenly put weight on his left arm. When pain shot through his shoulder, he realized that it was actually dislocated. He had known that it hurt before, but had been...distracted, first by the monster and then by his anger at the selfish, arrogant, whiny drow. He had learned basic first aid from the priests of Deneir, and he recalled how to set it. For some reason he did not even consider asking the winged or wood elf for help, but instead slammed his shoulder into a rock that had once been part of the monster's body. It hurt, but the pain was strangely detached. "I should have cried out" he thought to himself. "I need to get to a real healer."

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02/28/2007 2:45 PM

Cadry pockets the gem, carefully..not allowing it to touch any bit of her skin. Frankly, she doesn't fancy undergoing a scaley transformation. "Like I said, I don't know how to heal anyone, what would be the use of me looking the goblin over?" Her tone is cold, callous...though frankly it has more to do with the fact she just never thought of it. It's nto as if drow children are taught to see if their comrades are alright, generally trh eonly time drows bother with that is when they want to make sure the person is dead.
In an odd way, the people could consider it a compliment she didn't check on them. Not that anyone would think of that...
Finally, it dawns on her, that the pile of plants is breathing still. "As long as we're being all helpful..perhaps you might want to drag the goblin away from the breathign pile of plants...Just a suggestion." Her swords are out again, held down by ehr sides. REady but not overly threatening, well, as unthreatening as two naked blades can be. Slowly she approaches the sound of breathing, not wanting to startle anyone or anything...Gingerly hacking away at plants when she has to, trying to just push them to the side.

02/28/2007 4:52 PM

A pale white hand flopped from the debris, pouring blood from a deep gash in the wrist. The blood trickled off the talon-like nails in a mockery of a barmaid's red painted fingers. In the palm was a scar shaped like a twinheaded serpent inside of a circle. The debris breathed weaker, and slower...

02/28/2007 5:04 PM

Cadry looks at the hand, just staring at it for a moment, before shething her swords and pushing the crap off the body. "Someone give me a hand here, we have someone injured." She doesn't particularly care if people are going to yell at her right now, she needs to get the person out before they bleed to death....assuming that can even be stopped.
She frankly doesn't have a whole lot of hope for the man, woman, the person surviving. All the same, she's pushing the debris off of the person, revealing more of them by the minute. She's tryign tobe gentle, to keep from hurting the already injured person, but it's hard work to do alone ... not that she'd ask for help for something she can do herself. It's the healing she doesn't know how to do, doesn't have a clue how to fix someone. Right now, well, she's kind of regretting that. In fact, in this case the onlyt hing she knows is not to dsubmerge the injured areas in water, especially warmer water. To be Frank, she's not even positive of that.

02/28/2007 5:20 PM

Tree limbs give way to elven limbs and roots become corded muscles and a stomach. Soon a face is visible in the brush. A face that Cadry remembers well. The face of the aberrant elfling in her dream world, only now covered in blood and much paler. The socket where his normal eye should have been was an empty hole of gore, leaving only his multihued eye and bloodmatted hair. his breathing is growing ever weaker as the blood pools around him.

02/28/2007 5:23 PM

She does the only thing she knows how: lifts him out of the debris and lay him down closer to the group of people, hoping one of them would come and help her. Without really thinking about it, she rips off part of her tunic, pushing the makeshift bandages onto the wounds, applying pressure to try to stop the bleeding. In all honesty, she doesn't know if what she's doing is right. For all she knows she might actually be forcing the blood out.
"I need some help over here!" She call outs again, willing one of the healers to do their job and heal.

02/28/2007 11:15 PM

As Cadry finishes saying that, she feels a thump on the her shoulder.

Momentarily distracted, she then feels a wisp of air move her hair, and the hairs on the back of her neck rise up.

When her attention returns to the body before her, she is surprised to find what seems to be a pad of stripped and interwoven leaves, smeared with a paste of some sort.

But how did they get there? The ground is torn up, and the nearest standing trees are a good 30 meters away. No normal being is that fast...logically, there is no way for them to get there.

But they are...

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03/01/2007 5:37 AM

Eledhwen landed with the subtle grace of her people, her war pose gone, her wings hidden by elven magic. her anger and hatred of the monster had idsappeared, now the priestess of aerdrie was back to her holy self.
"Move aside cousin," she said softly to the drow "This will take power beyond your drow skills, and maybe even mine."

Eledhwen watched over the person, her hands moving over the body never touching it just an inch above it, suddenly her face lost its calmness and worry came over her.
"if any of you know anything about herbs i need you to go into the woods and fetch me some peacebloom." as she struggled to find the cause of the mutation she thought for a minute that no one had reacted.
"Do it now, he may have answers for us!"

Eledhwen kept her hands above the body but she was fighting a losing battle, without the herbs she could not heal this person, just like a human cannot change the setting of the sun.

03/01/2007 7:34 AM

(OOC: Max has already taken care of your herbs, dear elf, in his previous post...use his paste...)

03/01/2007 7:56 PM

Zanen slowly and weakly gets up from the tall grass he landed in after the vines sent him flying. "Ah, my back!" Zanen staggers over to the group. "theres no need for herbs i have a nice little crystal of healing escence here" Zanen pulls out o fairly large crystal "this should have enough power to heal us all, even the almost dead guy" zanen closes his eyes and starts muttering words of magick. A blue lights shoot out from the crystal into everyones bodies "you should feel a strange tigly sensation and then you'll be fine" the blue lights vanish and the crystal turns to dust. "Ah, much better. are you all ok now?"

*ooc* im on a computer without spell check (not even word) so things might be misspelled*
*ooc* sorry for being gone for a few days

03/03/2007 4:13 PM

Kreel gasped as the blue light overtook his body. A cool, refreshing feeling swept over his being. Then, he coughed up a fistful of blood to completely ruin the mood. At least it didn't feel like his entire body was broken any more. Kreel pushed himself to a sitting position and looked around. The giant thing was no more, at least. Though, there was yet another strange person lying on the ground near Cadry. Another elf was working magic on him, and seemed to be using some strange herbs that Kreel had never seen before.

Kreel blinked a few times. Kreel wasn't sure why, but blinking always helped him clear his mind. What had just happened seemed like a dream. The only way Kreel knew for sure that they had fought that gigantic plant monster was the blood still on his hands from when he landed on the thing.

"Kreel not so sure things good anymore." He said. Kreel said that quite generally, because he wasn't quite exactly sure what he meant himself.

03/04/2007 12:50 AM

Gabe felt pins and needles all over his body, and then the pain was gone. His vision seemed to come into better focus as well, and muscles that he did not even know were knotted seemed to relax. He sighed with relief, then nearly screamed as the pain came back, almost worse for having been gone. Well, at least know he knew to add concussion to his list of injuries. He then glanced over to see what effect it had had on the goblin, who he remembered walking over to check on. He was sitting up. That was good, Gabe supposed. Unless one of the tribes got together enough bravery to come check up on what the ruckus had been. Then Kreel could be in trouble. Well, they could all be in trouble, but Kreel especially.

He looked over at the Reyearth wood elf that had used the healing crystal, and noticed the strange elf-thing that had somehow appeared in the midst of the remains of the plant monster. It looked like...well it looked like an elf with a horrible fashion sense and an odd ridge from nose to forehead.

The events since being yanked into the air were a little fuzzy for him, but he had the feeling he had talked. A lot. And knowing his own thoughts like he did, he had probably made somebody angry. Probably the whiny drow. Compliments were not usually on his mind.

With that in mind, he decided to listen for a bit before saying anything at all.

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03/04/2007 8:48 AM

(OOC: ASAP respond in kind to this post and...also see OOC)
There was a faint hissing as the blue light of the enchanted stone washed over the crew of adventurers A feeling of serenity filled them all and the wind of healing came...and left them all like so much passing breeze. A sputtering elf bled now from the mouth as the pool around him increased slowly dispite cadry's efforts. If it weren't for her actions, he would have bled to death by now.

03/05/2007 12:37 AM

(OOC, can i state its Eledhwen doing the healing, Cadry doesn't have the knowledge))

Eledhwen felt the blue light, rather than saw it, she felt herself revitialised and renewed, her power ready again.

She muttered a prayer to aerdire, but knew it would do little, her goddess would not help someone in self exile. Despite this hger faith was unbreakable and she knew that the cause of this was not natural.

Then she was sure she found the source of the bleeding and using her revitalised power she hoped she had at the least slowed the bleeding.
"Drow, you seem to be able to communicate with what this had been," she looked straight at the Drow, her eyes emotionless, her body again in full exhaustion at the amount of power needed to hold the bleeding, "So get asking him questions.... please my power cannot hold this."

For a second she turned to the elf thing then screamed at the sudden urge of power needed, as though something, maybe a god, wanted this thing to bleed to death, or so she thought.
"Where are those damn herbs." her voice screeching her elven beauty disappearing with every second that this healing lasted.

03/05/2007 2:40 PM

(Ooc: I think he meant that Cadry was pushing down on the wounds to keep him from bleeding out.)

Cadry bristles at the comman from the elf. She never was one for letting people boss her around, even if what they want her to do happens to coincide with what she wants to do; rather ornery girl.
All the same, she swallows her pride, or, more aptly, ignores it for a bit, and puts a blood smeared hand on the boy's cheek. "Come on boyo, wakey wakey ... How do we fix ya, boyo?" Her tone is soothing, but impatient. A rather odd blend, as if she cares about him enough to want him to get better, but is annoyed with him for getting hurt in the first place. Not in the sense it disrupts her life, but in the sense it simply shouldn't happen.

03/05/2007 6:01 PM

*In one of the few copse (OOC: copses? copsi? what's the plural of that? lol) left standing, I watch the group*

*surprise*[i]What was that?[/i] I wonder as I see a blue light surround each of the people in the clearing.

[i]It didn't seem to do anything...the one with the blue glow-stone seems better...but the others are still hurt...what was it? How did he do it? Why does he feel better, and why are they not losing as much life-blood anymore? [b]How did he do that?[/b]

And why aren't they using the make-better? They are obviously hurt, and it's not easy to come by...and that weird-thing needs it if he's going to live.

Wait...Why do I care? What am I doing here? Why can't I remember? The last thing I remember, I was about to get a loud-shriek for dinner, and then big booms...trees were falling, I was running with Nyght back Home, and then...nothing.

Nyght is gone. I spent half of a moon looking for him, and then I felt more ground-shakes, only to come here.

And now...these animals*....why am I helping them? Why don't I leave? I feel like I should help them. I feel like they can help me find Nyght, but that's ridiculous.

Still...I will follow. Like Nyght has shown me, I will wait and follow and stay unnoticed...this is all very strange...[/i]

So I sit and watch to see what happens, and wonder when, or even if, they will use the herbs...

*check OOC forums for a little explanation

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03/05/2007 8:02 PM

Kreel coughed up some more blood. Perhaps that blue light hadn't worked as well as he had thought it did. Kreel stifled a moan of pain. There were others that were in just as bad, if not worse, shape than he was, and they weren't complaining. Kreel did his best to appear nonchalant about it as well, but that effect was ruined as he fell over coughing up more specks of blood.

Kreel couldn't remember the last time he had been hurt so bad. Had he [i]ever[/i] been hurt this bad before? Not that it really mattered, really. Kreel just felt a little hopeless right now. His newfound powers really didn't seem to do a lot against that giant beast. He was injured quite severly in trying to do something. Now Kreel wondered if it was because of his powers that he tried to fight the thing head-on. Kreel reminded himself that he had always fought from the standpoint of subterfuge. That was what he did best. Why had he strayed from that path? Kreel reminded himself to keep out of the middle of any melee frey again.

Though, looking around, Kreel saw that most everyone else was in the same kind of shape he was in. So that made him feel not quite so bad about himself. Only slightly, though.

03/06/2007 12:59 PM

(OOC: It's copses :))

Gabe observed the elves all in around the elf with the bad haircut, and figured there was nothing he could do to help there. Still, he wanted to be able to hear anything the dying elf said. He heard the goblin cough, and looked over to see blood come out of its mouth (something he knew to be a very bad sign, but in the absence of healing magic there was little likelihood of anything being done about it.) He hoped it was just a cut in the throat or something, and not a rib broken to puncture the lung, but either way there was little he could do. The priests were all dead.

"No! They could be alive.." he muttered to himself.

Then he stood up and hobbled, though more quickly because the pain in his hip was lessening somewhat, closer to the elf who had appeared out of the plant monster, trying to get to where he could hear anything it said. "Why am I not going back to camp?" he thought to himself after get to his feet. Nevertheless, he made no move to leave the much-enlarged clearing, though he could think of no reason not to.

03/06/2007 2:09 PM

The Elven thing opened its eyes slowly and coughed up a little more blood. It looked to Cadry and smiled. "Was that strong enough for you, Elli...Cadry?" His hand reached up to stroke her hair and her face with a bloodsoaked hand. His blood was hot, almost scalding on her skin. "Don't let me die alone..."

03/06/2007 4:28 PM

zanen collapses on the ground "Great, the one thing i saved from before the breaking and it barely works anymore. Gods above!" Zanen rolls onto his side "How are you all doing? anyone dying?" *By the gods, this is all just a mess, i don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing here. What is going on?!?)

03/06/2007 5:02 PM

"ARE YOU INSNAE?! That wasn't strength you idiot! That was...That was...That was stupidity at it's finest! Do you have something wrong in your brain? Do you even have a brain? Gods above how stupid are you!?" She is miracously managing to keep from shaking him, or strangling him, something that amazes her to no end.
"Strength is not being some idiotic bully and then loosing control of yourself and having to bed people to kill you! It's being strong! On the inside you overgrown toddler! It's being able to face your own fears and dealing with them, it's being able to help the people you care about, it's NOT turning into a plant monsters, injuring people I actually like, and then demanding we kill you! That is no-one's version of strength. Gods above boyo ... " She shakes her head, simply unable to cope with what he did. With angry tears in her eyes she gets to her feet, glaring down at him.
"Ask someone else to keep you company on your death bed. I want no part of it. If you want to prove yourself strong to me, to try to make amends for all of this ... well, I guess you're going to have to fight Death himself. Force yourself to live on, and show me you can actually grow up into someone strong. If you can't....well, then we'll hold a child's funeral for you." Her tone is vicious, angry beyond belief. Not even at him, but at herself. She brought this on, if she hadn't told him to be strong, or if she had explained it...well it's too late now. Even she, with her lack of healign knowledge, could see him drifting away. For some reason, the thought of him dying didn't please her, and even worse, actually made her feel vaguely sad. Perhaps she was just being overly sentimental, after all, someone who couldn't even be strong enough to live wasn't worth her time, were they?

03/06/2007 8:26 PM

The elf thing sighs, pouring blood from his mouth and grins. "You still don't get it do you? Have you EVER *cough* stopped to think of anything outside your little world?! Why would I resort to letters and dreams if I could control it? Can someone SO*coughcough* damned superior be so blind? MY HAND WAS FORCED *coughing, vomits blood* I was his fucking PUPPET!" Wobbling he stands, pushing aside the efforts to heal him and letting the blood flow free. He walks slowly to cadry and slaps her accross the face.
"...so there you now stand, the child, the one stricken, the one who failed. You cant see me as anything but pathetic when I am indeed so much more. So know the truth now...and weep at your ignorance. Laucien held my soul from birth until death...he perverted my force and turned me into that, that thing. I needed your help, I came to you in the only way I knew how and in your selfishness you cast me down. I found my way to you and begged for death so that I COULDN'T *cough* hurt anyone anymore! Yet you never learn do you...no...you misjudge me and now you know who the child is...that child is you..." With that he fell into her arms and coughed violently. Surely Cadry would see it...he would die if something wasn't done.

03/06/2007 9:23 PM

"Idiot." Her arms go around him, catching him and staggering backwards so that neither of them fell. "Damn idiot." Her voice wasn't angered though, too tired for that, too sad.
"Haven't you learned that the truth never matters?" Her tone really was very sad, she knew there wasn't a damn thing she could do for the man, even if she really did want him to be well. Perhaps perfectly healthy and away from her, but well all the same.
Her gaze, still that oddly shining silver color, scans the whole group. "Zanen...Will you heal him?" For once she was asking, not demanding.
Without even pausing for an answer, she looks to the winged elf woman, whose name she never got. "Please. " The fact she was as close to pleading as she had ever come, and for a man she hardly knew and shouldn't care about, was something she couldn't think about at the moment.
"If any here can heal him ... " She trails off, not sure what she would do. The fact that she had wanted to say she would be in their debt, that she had wanted to promise anything she could ... well, that scared her enough to almost let the man drop. She didn't, of course, too scared to even do that. HE was right when he called her a child; perhaps not one in years, but when it came to actually dealing with life ... yes.

03/07/2007 1:09 AM

Eledhwen saw the pleading in the drow's eyes.
"I am doing..." Eledhwen takes a sharp intake of breath "the best i can." Eledhwen shakes her head at the thought. "But without the herbs.... and there are others like the goblin i could heal."

Eledhwen lowered her head as she knew that no one had gone to get the herbs she required without them it left her with few choices, if she wasn't careful she would burn herself out.
"You see my child," Eledhwen said focusing solely on the drow. "A superior force of magic or something else is stopping me from healing him." Withour meaning to she cried but even in crying she was graceful and beautiful and she spoke again.
"I have never failed before.... why are gods doing this to me."

For a while Eledhwen thought of what could be done, her tears rolling down her cheeks, but no ideas came and then she looked to the sky and a lone white cloud sailed above them and an idea sparked into mind.
"Zanen is it, my name is Eledhwen Stormrage, a priestess of Aerdrie, whatever healing you can do, please just keep him alive I have some questions to ask when i return." Without waiting for the response Eledhwen stood up and with great effort her wings sprouted from her back again and she took flight straight up toward the cloud.

((OOC: if this is ok, she's going to try and see if the cloud can help as i read somewhere that the winged elves used bits of cloud in their healing... i don't half read weird things))

03/07/2007 10:44 AM

(OOC: sure, she can try...but it will probably dissapate ;) *hint*)

03/07/2007 5:05 PM

Zanen heaves himself over to the dying man and shouts toward the sky "I will do what i can!" Zanen places his hands on the mans neck and starts speaking in the words of magick "i can only slow the bleeding nothing more.....Cadry help me lift him up, it will also slow the blood flow" Zanen and Cadry lift the man up into a sitting position. Zanen whispers "hurry winged one..."

03/07/2007 6:58 PM

Ooc: Zanen, Cadry and the bleeding man were both already standing... ^^;

Cadry feels absolutely useless ... not a feeling she particularly wants to have come over her at any point in time. Helplessness is not an emotion she will tolerate. In sheer desperation she starts ranting at...well damn near anything. Mostly to herself, her words terribly quiet.

"You call me Eilistraee, you insinuate I'm the goddess that I worship ... if that's the case then why can't I heal you? Why can't I stitch your skin up, make it as whole? Explain it to me boyo...Why can't I do anything?" Her tone is surprisingly wretched, her gaze filled with anger and a kind of desperation borne from the sheer inability to do anything.

03/07/2007 8:16 PM

As I watch from the glade, I wonder why they aren't using the medicine I gave them.

[i]Well I gave them some make-better, if they are too stupid to use it than they will get eaten soon anyways...only the strong can survive...I will leave them now, before another big monster eats the and me too.[/i]

With that final thought, I turn away, but find myself hesitating..

[b][i]Why can't I leave!?!?[/i][/b]

I turn back to watch what's going on. The bird-person hasn't come back yet, and they are still standing there. The night-skinned one is squawking again...worse than a jabber-monkey, she is.

If they don't do something soon, I will have to do something. But why would I do anything? These are not family...

[i]Family? What is [/i]family[i]? I haven't thought of this for many rains...I remember...others. Like me, but bigger.

No, not bigger. I was smaller, like any growing-child or newly-born.

I remember...the one-who-gave-birth-to-me. No, not that...she was...[/i]Mother[i]*.

[/i]*Realizes that now is not the time to get caught in a trip down memory lane*

Removing myself from those memories, I concentrate once more on the strange beings whom I can't leave. I will stay a little longer, but I must continue my search for Nyght, and find some food.

[i]Oh no...food...the monster-person surely scared all the food far away.[/i]

Still...I will watch for a few more moments. I must go, but I do not want to leave them. They need help, but how are they to survive in the world if they are not able to help themselves?


No. I will not reveal myself to them. I will watch. This is all too strange for me to reveal myself. There is no reason to help them.

[i]So why did I give them make-better?[/i]

03/07/2007 9:10 PM

A tear escaped the dying man's unconsious eye. It ran down Cadry's bosom and stopped at her heart and vaporized. In the minds of all of those in the clearing and a nearby watcher, a god voice boomed. Kreel would know it as the voice from before, Cadry would know it from her dreams of the elven thing, and the one who watched would never forget that sound...
"You are all Ao's children...You are all loved..."
and to Cadry "...Yet you have no concept of love...you must know that above all things Elli...you have no heart so you have no power..."

03/07/2007 9:35 PM

Gabe had been trying to commit the events to memory, so that knowledge of them would not be lost. He had questions, but the one who would probably be able to answer them, the funny-looking elf, could not answer them. Then the god-voice entered his mind.

"You are all Ao's children...You are all loved..."

"Ao's children?" he thought. "But Ao's children are the gods!" he whispered in awe. His mind was reeling from the sheer scope of the concept. He wanted to deny that he had heard it, to think that it was just the after-effects of the battle and the concussion, but the voice had felt too real, too...divine.

Then his trusty cynicism, aided by the numerous pains that even moving caused, kicked in.

"Well, I sure don't feel like a god. Unless I'm supposed to be Ilmater."

(OOC:I seem to recall the gods being the children of Ao. If I'm wrong I'll change my post. Oh, and I read the book that has what Ilmater was based on recently. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are awesome!)

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03/08/2007 1:08 AM

((OOC: I have a plan for the cloud, it includes the herbs))

Eledhwen pulled out a vial and scooped up a bit of cloud, the vial almost instantly became as cold as ice and she almost sropped it, she had forgotten how cold it got.
"Now comes the true test.... did i see another watching us all?"

Eledhwen turned to face the earth and plummted down, like a rock dropped from the highest cliff, on and on she dropped and just when it looked like she was going to hit the ground she stopped hovering above the ground and then landed gracefully on her feet.

She looked around and saw where she had once been the herbs.
"was i really that blind" She whispered to herself so quietly that was barely audiable to her elfin ears. Snatching them up she crushed them and drew out the vial of cloud and let the residue from the crushed herbs seep into the vial.

Eledhwen shook up the mixture and spoke.
"I will need you to leave us two alone for a while, i shall call you when i have healed him" Eledhwen knelt down beside the fallen elf once monster. "There is little else you can do."

03/08/2007 12:30 PM

Cadry is in a weird sort of shock. She wants to get angry, she wants to fight against the words...but their words of a dying man, how is she supposed to argure with someone who can not speak?
She nods numbly at Eledhwen's words, laying the dying man on the ground to let the winged elf do her work.
Without saying a word she turns and heads towards Kreel...for no other reason than when it came to the little goblin man, she knew where she stood.
"Kreel, are ya gonna live?" Her tone is distant sounding, gruff but not in a mean way. She geniunly wants Kreel to live, but right now her mind is busy thinking of a rather great many of things to worry too much on one emotion.

03/08/2007 4:06 PM

Kreel gave a rough grunt in reply. He knew he was going to survive, though with all the pain, Kreel almost wished he wouldn't. Kreel slowly got to his feet. He wobbled a bit before catching his balance. "Kreel lives." He said absently. He only wondered what that voice could mean. The human muttered something about gods, but humans were silly like that. They put their store in with gods. Kreel knew better than that. The one that had the most impact on one's life was oneself.

Kreel spat out the last bit of blood that was in his mouth. Not that he wasn't used to the taste of blood, he just didn't like knowing that it was his. Kreel then looked long and hard at the jewel in his hand. Too many questions and not enough answers. Kreel's gaze slowly shifted over to the elf that was being healed. Kreel hoped that he had answers to the many questions that were emerging. Otherwise their effort to heal the guy would be a wasted effort.

03/11/2007 2:32 PM

Eledhwen worked, the potion was working but it would not be enough. The little goblin had come up beside them both but she did not care, in fact she barely acknowledged him. She couldn't really she had to heal.

She used more of her power than she was used to, even with the potion she knew that this healing would drain her power.
"if only you had stayed at the temple." She spoke to herself, if only she had... that was the past she had to sort out the present, suddenly she felt woozy, unclear and she knew why, her power was drained, she was using her own life now just to heal this... whatever it was she was sacrificing herself to heal it.

She tried to focus but it was not going to happen no more power and little life energy left and then she found it, she found the problem and using what little power she had left she managed to bring back his life essence in one mighty push.

In the world outside of the healing if anyone was watching they would of seen her face go deathly pale, followed by shaking and then as the wounded man drew the breath of life she collapsed exhausted and barely breathing, her very life and power drained from her body.

03/13/2007 12:42 PM

"[i]You are all Ao's children...You are all loved...[/i]"

This voice...this sound...it tears through me. Where'd it come from?! It came from all around, it came from inside my mind, it came from the tree above me, the ground underneath me, it came from nowhere, it came from everywhere...

It was beautiful, and it was terrible. Like the cry of the night cats, it was powerful, it was scary, and it was beautiful. My head reels from the message that still echoes inside my skull.

When I open my eyes, I find myself sitting on the ground. My eyes are watering from the raw power of the voice inside me. I stand and look to see what has happened.

As I look out, confusion makes itself known. How long had I been down from the messagerial onslaught? The echoes are still there, but I not all-consuming.

[i]Who was it talking to? Me and who? Them? They don't seem to have heard it. Unless my eyes would not open for longer than I thought.[/i]

As I look out, I see the dark one walk over to the...strange...one. I still know not what it is. Then the bird-person kneels over the dying one.

[i]I am loved? Who is Ao? What is Ao?

What is love?[/i]

My thoughts are interrupted as I see the bird-person collapse, and the dying one breathes.

Before I realize it, I've taken three steps and have come to the edge of the copse. Before anyone sees me, I duck back into the foliage to avoid being seen.

[i]Why do I want to go to it (referring to Eledhwen)? Why should I?[/i]

03/13/2007 4:09 PM

Cadry's muscles tense, her gaze resting on the fallen elf and the breathing man. Her tongue licked at her parched lips, indecision clearly written on her features.
Just as suddenly as the emotion had appeared, it was replaced with frustration and exsasperation. She quickly made her way over to the two, crouching down next to the fallen elf, checking to see if she still breathed.
"Stupid girl, you could have died." Her tone was gruff, not quite annoyed, but not understanding the motive behind the elven girl's actions. All Cadry really knew was that she now owed the woman a favor, not something she liked at all. FAvors were a dangerous thing in her homeland, no matter the price of the faovr, it was never what one expected.
She wouldn't deny being grateful to the woman though, and thus her first duty in repaying the elf's favor would be to make she she didn't die.
After a long moment she shrugs "I think she still lives...I don't know for how long though. She seems to just have exhausted herself, I think that simply allowing her to rest would be the best thing."
With careful movements she straightened, gaze sweeping the area. "Who here will make fire, and who here will fetch water?" She didn't bother saying she would be hunting, figuring it obvious as she was one of the least injured people there. Cadry had taken it for granted that the others would know she intended to make camp as the day began to break. After all, she was drow, it was natural for her to want to sleep during the daytime to save her eyes the pain of it's harsh light.

03/13/2007 6:26 PM

Zanen had collapsed as he heard the voice in his head *could this be true....Ao's children?* Zanen sat up at the sound of cadrys voice. "I think i could just genarate enough water, and the Kreel can start the fire, there are plenty of twigs lying around" Zanen stands up And streches, still hurting fairly badly Zanen walks to a little ditch and digs it out more. He smooths the edges, and starts to concintrate on producing water......Nothing happens *Hmmm, Cadry picked up one of those stones didn't she?* "Cadry, Didn't you find one of those stones? If you did let me see it for a moment"

03/14/2007 7:33 AM

Eledhwen opened her eyes to find people surronding her, looking concerned too, she thought. She knew that the the wounded elf would not last over a week but at least he could now answer questions without spewing up blood. Finally though she had enough energy to speak and she responded to the drow's comment.

"Stupid girl, you could have died."

"Perhaps... we will never know how much more power i could of used before dieing." Eledhwen smiled sweetly at the Drow. "Now please ask him the questions which we need answers for and stop fussing over me," Eledhwen stood up shakily "I am quite ok." She was of course foolish to stand up and came over all dizzy and then she turned toward the other side of the clearing and there looking at them... or was it her was another being... wood elf by looks.

She almost fell over and only managed to stop by placing a hand on the goblin's head.
"I am sorry for this." she whispered to the goblin. She drew her mace and pointed it at the wood elf.
"Who are you? what do you want?"

03/14/2007 3:51 PM

"..." Cadry just stared at the winged elf, incredolous. How could she be stupid enough to think that standing up and waving amace would be beneficial? One, she was hardly intimidating when she was barely able to stand, let alone wave that blasted mace about, and two, well...it was just stupid to do so when there were plenty of able bodied people about. Well, by plenty, Cadry meant herself. She counted for at least 5, in her own mind's eye.
"...How about I do the threatening and you do the questioning?" HEr tone was droll, almost amused by the sight. Perhaps she could return the elf's favor by saving her life ... even if the wood elf (though Cadry had no idea that that was what he was) didn't seem to be particularly threatening.

03/15/2007 8:35 AM

The Unseen one could not have helped but to see the great Eagle as it swooped from the sky and perched above him. Nearly as tall as him it stared down and approached. The great black beak brushed a cheek, the point dragging along the Watcher's torso. He heard that voice in his head once more, only now it was more primitive, more known...

"You will help them child, you will give them all make-better and longear and you will be family. Remember the moonrock and give...you are my child too and you will be a saver, a good-maker."
The elven thing was alive...barely breathing, but alive nonetheless. Lost in a sleep of pain he lay sputtering and clutching his missing eye. But he lived and that was a matter of great importance...the gods loved their children greatly.

03/15/2007 10:16 AM

Kreel barely suppressed a sneer for the winged elf. He knew that she was having difficulty standing, but being used as a walking stick didn't make Kreel feel any better about his lack of height in comparison to eveyone else there. Instead of complaining, though, Kreel looked towards what the winged elf was. He noticed a giant eagle standing next to another elf. Speaking to the one using him as a support, "Elf girl should rest. Lie down good."

Kreel then balled his right hand into a fist from which a faint fire began to emit. "Kreel make fire. No worries that." Kreel didn't want to admit that the pittance that burned from his fist right now was the most he could summon. He wasn't even sure he could hold it long in his current state. He tried to appear strong, though, to support Eledhwen.

03/16/2007 2:05 AM

"...How about I do the threatening and you do the questioning?" HEr tone was droll, almost amused by the sight.

Eledhwen had never taken well to be being treated like a child or being protected ans she turned on the drow in a snap, her eyes full of thunder underlined with firey wrath.
"The thing knows you drow," Her voice was dry enough for a single spark to set it alight "I do not need you to look after me," her voice lowered and had she listened to it, she would of been ashamed "cousin!"

Of course the goblin spoke up, something about her resting and he then produced a fireball.
"Stay your hand friend," her voice back to its angelic tone "There will be plenty of time to rest," realising that she herself had drawn her mace she shook her head and re placed "There will be no more violence now..." her throat was getting dry and her angelic voice was becoming more hoarse "let us all sit down and talk."

Eledhwen stopped using the goblin as a leaning post and looked around the clearing.. no water... she needed water water was key to life and without her life energy she could not summon up her wings or fly even if she had been able to so she spoke up again.
"I need water."

03/16/2007 3:57 AM

Cadry's eyes snapped to fire, just as quickly as Eldhwens' had.
"Let's get one thing straight, elf, I am not your cousin. I am not your friend, and i'm certainly not your subordinate. If you have any sense at all, which I'm begining to doubt, you'll do well to remember that."
Belatedly she remembered that she had to repay this arrogant surface elf for the favor she had done. In an attempt to lessen the ire of her words, she tries to make them seem purely logical.
"If that...elf thing had wanted a fight, you wouldn't have been a match for him in your weakened state. You would, however, had been much better equipped to deal with the questioning of the barely alive man than I. " She didn't add that it was rather obvious that even if Eldhwen was only meaning to bluff, the sight of a drow was, in general, more terrifying than the sight of a winged elf who had just spent their energy on healing someone.
Cadry didn't move from her spot, gaze resting on the wood elf. Her hands were obviously near her short swords, threatening, but not overly hostile. Unlike Eldhwen, she saw no reason to believe that the wood elf wasn't a threat and wasn't ready to step aside.

03/16/2007 7:26 AM

I watch as the bird-person looks at me, and then I hear it make noise. She looks like a wounded mother trying to scare the dead-eaters away. Then the dark one made noises, but before anything else happened, I see an amazing sight.

A Great-Flyer, larger than any I have seen, as large as I am, flies straight toward me! Its colors seem to have come from the sky itself: wings a golden sunrise, beak the blackest night.

I stare in wonder as the great eagle comes to rest above me.

[i]Why does the tree-arm not bend under the Great-Flyer?[/i]

As it approached, my instinct told me I should be afraid, that I should be ready to fight, but I wasn't.

"You will help them child, you will give them all make-better and longear and you will be family. Remember the moonrock and give...you are my child too and you will be a saver, a good-maker."

This time it was as if I was thinking to myself, but someone else was doing it. I heard the thoughts of the Great One again, but they seem to mirror my own, until I wonder if the thoughts are mine or the Great One's.

Suddenly there is a flash of light from the Wrong-One, and I see fire in his hand.

[i]How is it holding fire!?[/i]

"I need water."

I knew not what she said, but I knew what she meant.

[i]She needs life-drink...

The dark one still threatens, but I am not worried. The Great One told me to help, and I thought to help, so I will help. I can do nothing right now, though. First, I must gather.[/i]

With that, I turn and vanish into the trees, hoping that there is still enough of what I need in the ruined area around.

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03/16/2007 1:33 PM

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03/16/2007 2:18 PM

She didn't even bother looking Zanen's way. "Now is not the time to talk about stones." Her gaze searched for the vanished wood-elf, muscles tense at the unexpected dissapearence. She didn't like anyone who could elude her grasp that easily.
"Damn" She breathed the word out, more of a hiss of anger than anything else.

03/18/2007 12:39 PM

Kreel was a little upset over the tension in the group. He had dealt with orcish tempers before, but they were easy to predict. Orcs get angry, smash a few things around, get drunk, fall asleep and forget the whole thing. Elves, however, Kreel wasn't sure the limits of their anger and restraint. Kreel decided that it would be best for him to exeunt himself from the current scene temporarily. At least until things simmered down.

Kreel found a few sticks and some leaves lying in the clearing. Kreel gathered them up with his flaming hand and set them down in a semblance of a fire. Kreel let the fire in his hand go out and scraped a bit of a trench around the fire so it wouldn't escape and set the entire forest on fire. "Kreel go get more sticks." Kreel turned and walked out of the clearing before anyone could stop him. His chest hurt like the blazes. Kreel was sure that he was pretty injured, but he would endure the pain rather than risk getting caught in the middle of a fight between the elves there.

03/18/2007 12:54 PM

Eledhwen sighed at the reataltion of the drow.
'foolish' she thought, all elves wewre kin, and it had always been known as cousin, now this drow wanted to think otherwise. 'well let her' a rebellious voice spoke in her head.

Eledhwen closed her eyes and felt over the group, the goblin was definately in ned of healing but she doubted she could risk healing him with her magic, instead she sat down and withdrew some herbs from a pouch, they were crushed and probably most of their healing power gone, even worse was that they were her last.
"Hmm, choices." Eledhwen spoke to herself, her gaze never leaving the direction that the wood elf had gone, except to watch the drow... that fiery temper would get her into trouble, she would have to act like a an elder a calming influence... but how she herself was a youngling too.

"Has anyone questioned the wounded, i doubt he will live very long but at least he has the life to talk... and if you expect me to do it you are gravely mistaken, i am a priestess not an interrigator." She placed the mixed leaves into a phial and mixed them with a little bit of grass and then she called after the goblin.
"master Goblin, i have something that might help your injuries so please come back here!"

03/18/2007 4:01 PM

Cadry was on the verge of spitting out fire at the woman, though how she would have managed that...well, perhaps she could have persuaded Kreel to do it. Luckily, or perhaps not luckily depending on future events, she resisted the urge.
Instead she crouched down next to the wounded male, muscles quivering with rage. Soon enough she was going to consider the debt paid...as soon as the man died for the healing that didn't quite take, or as soon as Cadry could save the elf-maidens life...and then she could go on her merry way and kill the arrogant little woman and be done with it.
"Wouldn't it be wiser to let him rest and then ask him once he awakens?" Her tone was annoyed, and she didn't ccare if it was petulant. Today was not a good day. Taking orders from one of the surface elves. The people her race was raised to believe were evil...just great. Lucky her, probably being the one drow that had any kind of honor and she got stuck being in debt to a faerie elf! The gods certainly had a sick sense of humor.

03/19/2007 9:38 PM

Kreel had made it to the edge of the clearing when he heard the elf call him back. He turned to see what it was that might help heal his injuries. A phial of herbs. Ick. Those things always tasted so bitter. Kreel reached down and grabbed a branch to add to the fire. His ribs burst out in pain so bad he nearly doubled over. Perhaps those herbs wouldn't be such a bad idea, if he can't even gather sticks without feeling so much pain.

Kreel dragged the branch back over and tossed it on the fire. At least that might keep the fire smoldering until it could be attended to properly. "Elf woman sure it helps? Kreel not want bitter taste for nothing." Kreel crossed his arms in front of him. He knew that the elf would know far more about herbs than he did. This elf also didn't have any reason to want to cause him discomfort. Much different than the drow who seemed to delight in causing Kreel to suffer.

03/20/2007 10:12 AM

Eledhwen gave a pleasant smile toward the goblin.
"You have my word Krael it will help in time.." For a while she looked at to the forest.
"As for it tasting bitter, see if there are any wild berries in the trees, or add some ash to the mixture it won't taste as bitter."

Eledhwen handed him the phial and then looked at the group, she was drfinately loseing touch with the drow, she could see it in the drow's eyes, although she tried not to, Eledhwen did care that the drow didn't like her, but she knew she couldn't show it what worried her more though was that wild elf... or wood elf as others knew them, it had looked straight at her and had reacted at her call of needing water... no one else had mind you only the wood elf.

Eledhwen turned to the lying elf.
"you can wake up now your still alive and can talk to us." She looked at the fallen elf... her cure should not of made him like this, he should be awake by now, had something gone wrong, a worried look came across her brow when no response came for a while.

03/20/2007 1:16 PM

The drow was confronting everyone in turn. A very short temper on that one. No one was backing down from her, though, which apparently made her even angrier. The biggest conflict seemed to be between the avariel and the drow (which was not exactly surprising, though the fact that the drow had not tried to kill the winged surface elf was), both of whom were trying to take command of this little group and neither of whom were willing to obey the other. It seemed the fate of the remnants of the races to endlessly squabble amongst themselves. In the Reyearth camp he would leave when the endless arguments began. That was not an option here; he had to stay to find out what was happening, what the divine voice had meant, and who this elf was.

Gabe noticed that the goblin was starting a fire; why, when it was daytime and they were only a short distance from the camps Gabe was not sure, but he figured he could help. At least he would be doing something.

Before he did so though, he moved closer to the injured elf, the elf who could hopefully tell them what was going on. Normally he would agree with the drow, that the elf needed rest after such tremendous injuries, but...he was not sure this elf would ever wake up on its own. His sleep did seem restless though, so maybe he would.

"Will he wake up on his own, or his this his last sleep?" Gabe muttered to himself. Then, more loudly, he spoke, addressing the winged elf.

"You obviously have more experience with the injured than I do. From what I have been taught I would let him rest, but...will he survive to wake on his own?"

03/20/2007 7:37 PM

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03/21/2007 3:25 PM

(OOC, it is roughly twilight by now ;) )
The elven thing did not respond, instead it breathed heavily and coughed up a wad of black coral-like stone that turned to ooze. His breathing became easier as the black goo ate its way, smoking heavily, into the ground. Suddenly he screamed and clawed at his chest with long, talon-like, nails and his fingers dug into the flesh of his stomach. His eyes snapped open and he ripped his stomach apart as a creature of brimstone seeped from his wounds where the blood should have been and became as smoke that drifted away on a blackened wind. In the wake of the smoke there was healing and where the wound was now held scarred flesh, the missing eye of the thing now held an orb of green glass and slowly his bleeding ceased completely. His mouth moved wordlessly as he stared into the sky. All around him, black roses were blooming...

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03/21/2007 8:39 PM

Cadry leaped, turning to face the elven thing, her sword raised to attack whatever on earth was causing that screaming. She hadn't turned at the coughing, but the screaming damn well got her attention.
Her eyes went wide as she saw what was going on. Slowly she began to back up a bit, staring at the brimstone creature in horror. It took a lot to horrify her, but that thing that erupted from his stomache definately topped the list.
"Gods above...what is that?" Who she was asking was anyones guess.
Despite her inclination to run and save her skin, she actually stepped between the creature and the winged elf. This was quite likely the only time she would get to pay the elf's favor back, or at least the earliest time to. She would be damned if she didn't take it.

03/21/2007 8:41 PM

Kreel looked at the phial a few seconds, judging just how bitter it was going to be. "Thanks." Came a soft reply from Kreel's lips. Quite rare, that. Usually goblins didn't thank others for anything. Well, that's usually because no one really did nice things for goblins. But, still, for Kreel to offer thanks was quite an accomplishment.

Kreel put the phial to his lips and swallowed the concotion. He nearly gagged at the taste, but forced it into his stomach. Kreel handed the phial back to the elf and was about to go back into the forest to find some berries to sweeten his mouth when the elf started spasming.

Kreel wondered what was going on. He just stood there in wonder. Eventually, the thing calmed down. Kreel wondered at all the flowers that popped up around him. What kind of thing caused flowers to grow just by bleeding? Strange, indeed.

03/21/2007 8:55 PM

[i]Now to find some stink-flower...[/i] I thought, having gathered almost all of the herbs needed to make a biscuit type thing that while tasted horrible, sped healing.

Suddenly he screamed and clawed at his chest....

The sudden scream, even from so far away, startles me, and before I realize it I am running back towards the clearing, herbs clutched tightly in my hands, legs and heart pumping furiously as my lungs try to get enough breath. I don't stop, though, running swift as a wolf pack.

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03/23/2007 3:14 PM

Eledhwen watched the Drow stand between her and the thing,
'what is she trying to prove?' she thought to herself, either way she raised her hand, what little power she could spare she transformed into a bubble around the Drow
((ooc: this bubble will protect her from harm, but saps some of her life power for a short time))

Eledhwen tried to think of something else to do but she had not the power, without water it would take forever for her to recover her full power, so she placed her hand on her mace, she would make sure that to fight her would be costly for anyone and who knows perhaps the goddess might choose today to remember she existed. The a thought came over her the elf....

"Not again.... I'll have to heal him again!" She seemed more fed up than angry but it did the trick it gave her a trickle of power that enabled her to draw out her wings and hover above the floor, ready to avoid any sudden attacks.

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03/24/2007 7:50 AM

Her eyes rolled slightly, irritation clearly written on her features. Amazingly, she resisted the urge to start slicing and dicing at the bubble of protection. How utterly annoying! Worse yet, how dare the elf think that she needed protecting. She wasn't the one who had wasted most of her strength, she wasn't the one who was having problems standing upright let alone fighting.
"Don't waste your energy on me, elf, protect the others if you must protect someone." Cadry's tone clearly showed her anger at this new indignity. Any other time, any other person other than the damn elf who she owed a favor to, and she would simply have attacked the elf. Proved that she didn't need anybody else's protection, especially as she didn't know how this new magic worked and didn't know how to fight with it.
Besides, she honestly thought it was bad strategy. To her mind it would have made more sense to protect someone weaker, like Kreel or even the fallen elf like man. All the same, Cadry didn't allow her irritation to distract her from her new opponet, she was too well trained for that. Slowly she began to circle, still keeping her body inbetween Eledhwen and the brimstone creature, but trying to get a more rounded view of the thing. Her gaze searched for weaknesses, for soft spots, for guesses onto how the thing would fight if fight it would. Slowly she allowed everything else to drain away from her, leaving her at once oblivious and acutely aware of everything that was going on around her.

03/24/2007 1:14 PM

Zanen watched agast as the brimstone creature rose from the elf like thing "What the hell is that!" Zanen bellows. Quickly drawing his bow his fits an arrow and waits for it to do anything that could cause harm to his friends "Cadry i know you don't want to listen to me,but it would probally be a good idea to slowly back away from the that.. that thing"
While aiming his bow, Zanen limps over to the winged elf "if you can muster up a holy spell please place an enchant on my arrow, If you can't then please don't try" "Kreel get behind us, your very injured right now"

03/24/2007 1:58 PM

Gabe jumped back from beside the strange elf as yet more bizarre events occurred. Black roses bloomed, the elf was healed, and a monster that smelled of brimstone burst out of the elf.

The drow moved to protect the winged elf, and apparently not to be one-upped the winged elf put a bubble of protection around the drow. The wood elf, Zanen, drew his bow and gave in what Gabe's mind was very sound advice; get back from the monster. When Zanen spoke, he had a vague recollection of the wood elf generating a spurt of water, and spoke.

"Zanen, any chance you could put some water on this monster?"

The last fight had left him barely able to walk. The pain had since subsided to an ache, but he did not feel up to another fight. Instead he decided to try to get the strange elf (which incidentally was the only reason that he had not gone home yet) out of the battle. He moved forward, took hold of the elf's feet, and began to pull it away, trying to get behind the drow (least injured and covered with a protection spell), so he could get a better grip and move further away from the brimstone monster.

03/24/2007 3:05 PM

Cadry didn't even seem to properly hear Zanen. She did, of course, she simply didn't react to his words, filing them away in a part of her mind that was recording non battle related issues. Or at least issues she considered to not be part of the battle. She was managing to keep out of his line of fire though.
As of yet, she hadn't attacked the creature, nor had it attacker her. She hadn't figured out any weak points yet either, but perhaps that would change by the time she started just attacking the bloody thing. Who knew.

03/25/2007 12:10 AM

(OOC: I left out a line so I edited, the thing is gone now...)

03/25/2007 12:30 AM

I reach the edge of the clearing just in time to see another black creature turn into smoke and get blown away by an errant breeze.

I see the Dark One is in..a bubble of some sort, and everyone is tensed, as if for battle.

[i]They cannot survive another life-fight[/i] I think to myself.

Still, the strange disappearance of the new creature that I knew not where it came from disturbs me. And now strange flowers grow around the Dying-One, but he is not dying anymore, just very hurt.

All of this reminds me to stay hidden, and not to reveal myself, for these are dangerous times.

[i]I know not where I am, and know not where Nyght is. I will keep to myself for now, but I will not leave.[/i]

With those thoughts, I go back into the trees while all of the strange people's attention is still on the Dying-One and the creature that disappeared, into the boughs where I find safety in these troubling times.

03/25/2007 8:06 AM

Kreel wasn't about to argue with someone telling him to stay out of a battle. Though, as soon as things seemed to be at the height of tension, the thing vanished in a puff of smoke. Kreel nearly fell over from relief. Another fight would surely have brought about more casualties.

Kreel slowly sat down and took a deep breath. It pained his ribs, but at least it wasn't anything worse. Kreel hoped that the group might be able to rest and recover a bit now. Perhaps come up with some sort of plan. "What we do?" Kreel tentatively asked. He didn't want to be the centre of attention, but some sane plan had to be made. With a most definite emphasis on sane.

03/25/2007 11:28 AM

Zanen lowered his bow and let off the tension, He sighs and slumps down into the tall grass "I'm not really sure what we should, I know we need to heal, we can't possibly survive another fight in are currant condition. I think the best idea would be to go to a camp, get some medical attention, eat, sleep, and start out at daybreak. That way the winged one here will be able to heal us a bit and i might be able to conjure something up myself" Zanen stands up and puts his bow over shoulder and sits down on a tree stump (formerly a tree till the battle broke out) next to the dying fire.

03/26/2007 8:38 AM

"and what camp would accept all of us?" Cadry's tone was a bit snippish, though not at Zanen, or even his words. Her nerves were simply on edge from the battle she had prepared herself for and suddenly dissapeared.
She shook her head, looking towards Kreel and the still sleeping man. "I suppose Kreel and I can make camp and stand guard over this one" She gestured toward the elf like man with one of her swords, "for tongiht while you all get healed and get your rest. "

03/26/2007 9:25 AM

Eledhwen looked at the drow, she had tried so hard to make an influence on this elf but realised that anything she would say would be ignored, then she remembered how she was able to use the spells of holy light.
"If you think that is best drow, i shall folow your lead, afterall you are right about healing... for myself anyway." Her wings drew themselves back into her as she landed elegantly back onto the floor.

She looked at Zanen, she was sure that he knew her name so she spoke up.
"The winged one has a name human," there was no malice in her voice just an ancient proud voice. "And in case you didn't hear last time my name is Eledhwen, but you are right, although i don't need food i do desperately need water or fluid, that will help stregthen my abilites, as for any minor injuires i think i can fix them already, but no more cheating death for a while for me."

03/26/2007 12:00 PM

Cadry raised a brow at Eldhwen, not bothering to make note of the fact she didn't think it was best. She thought it was a horrible, yechy idea that was going to end up in her wanting much more sleep much more food and much, much more bathing.
Unfortunately, there was no way that a camp that wasn't her own would accept a strange Drow, an elf looking man thing, and a goblin, and her camp would reject everyone but her, and quite possibly kill her. There simply wasn't any other option left open for the group.
Cadry began to clear out an area, and by clearing out she basically kicked some wood and twigs out of her way, brushed some leaves off, and plunked herself down in a cross legged posistion. Her back was pressed up against a tree, which allowed her to have a fairly decent vantage point, she could see most things that weren't directly behind her and could see all of the group easily enough.
"Who of you is planning to actually return?" The question is asked with no real...want for anything. Completly bland, she could care less who returned and who didn't.

03/26/2007 5:33 PM

Kreel looked to the dying fire. It appeared that no one else was going to do anything about it. So since he had been voluteered for night watch anyhow, "Kreel tend fire." He said to nobody in particular. Kreel meandered off into the darkening forest in search of more firewood.

03/26/2007 8:17 PM

I couldn't sit still, my body would not rest.

I saw the Strange-One look at the fire, then turn and walk into the woods, so I went after him, staying in the trees and out of sight.

Lost in thought, I pick up sticks and good fire-wood as I head towards him, and then drop it right in front of him, although a stick or two might have hit him, because while I took care to stay out of sight, I was still distracted by the thoughts in my head, and I was gone before I checked to make sure he didn't get hit.

I kept circling the area, always staying in the trees and in the shadows, thinking and seeing if there was something else I could do.

OOC: sorry for the lack of detail...I'm exhausted, and I'll come back and fix it later. I just wanted to make sure I got that action in there.

03/26/2007 10:01 PM

Zanen looked at Eledhwen with a repulsed look on his face "One, I am a Wood Elf. And two, I know your name Eledhwen" Zanen walked over toward Cadry "I will be returning to my camp, Eledhwen will be welcome as my guest, And Gabe can also come with us if he chooses to" "If we are to go we must reach the camp before complete nightfall, they wont be very happy to open the gate at night" Zanen started to walk slowly towards the woods "If your coming follow me please"

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03/27/2007 3:26 AM

Eledhwen gave out a heavenly laugh, as her slip of the tongue had so offended Zanen. She was going to follow him when she realised that not all would be welcome.
"I'm sorry Zanen, I do not intend to leave my patient." She said avoiding the horrible truth that despite the animosity shown towards her she was beginning to like the drow for her independence and her refusal to have her will bent.

She walked over to the fallen elf.
"He will wake soon," She looked at it, something was definately strange, "I must be here when he does, otherwise the pain he feels will kill him outright." But still she needed water, so she too headed into the woods in search of that elusive wood elf.

She floowed Krael although not as elusive as the wood elf she was graceful and good at not being seen, she saw the load of sticks fall at krael's feet and heard a slight movement.
"I know you are here wood elf," Her voice was almost angelic and yet showed the signs of weakening "I need your help, please show yourself"

03/27/2007 12:12 PM

"I know you are here wood elf," Her voice was almost angelic and yet showed the signs of weakening "I need your help, please show yourself"

I don't know what she meant with her sounds, but I could tell that she was beginning to tire. Her voice was straining to remain strong, like a wounded baboon trying to sound threatening to the tiger.

It didn't matter, though. By the time she spoke, I was already half of halfway (ooc: a quarterway) around the clearing.

When I reached a particularly dark spot that was closer than others to the group, I paused, and came down from the branches.

I just stood there, in the darkness, watching; waiting for something to present itself that would give me a reason to do something.

03/27/2007 1:46 PM

"Great...So it's a girl's night." Cadry shook her head, a bit tiredly. She was weary of fighting, though that would hardly keep her from doing it, and she simply didn't care enough to object to the winged elf staying. Though, in all honesty, had she known the elf's real reasons for staying, she'd almost definately have argured her heart out. As it was, it never crossed her mind that Eldhwen stayed for any other reason than pride, not wanting her patient to die and thus reflect poorly on her.
"You boys go and get healed and rested up. We will probably leave by morning-fall." Her tone was disgusted by that thought. She was a creature of the underdark! Hardly used to the light of the moon, which was beautiful, and wholly hateful of the harsh bitter light of the sun. The sad thing was, she was one of the lucky ones that had spent much of her time by candlelight, even with that advantage, the sun still stung her eyes and made them tear. All the same, she was hardly stupid enough to believe that these day creatures would travel by night just for her comfort.

03/27/2007 6:07 PM

Gabe stopped moving the elf when the monster dissipated, relieved that there would not be another fight. He listened to the exchange about destinations. He wanted to go home, to sleep in his bed, but he also wanted to hear what the elf had to say. Curiosity fought exhaustion.

In addition to that, as he thought about it he did not particularly trust the drow. Or the winged elf, for that matter. This strange elf could very well hold knowledge about the fate of the priests and the god-voice that had rung through his head such a short time ago. He did not know and therefore could not trust the two who had volunteered to stay, and in any case he wanted to hear the answers firsthand.

"I want to hear whatever answers this elf holds. I'm going to stay, at least till he speaks. Zanen, if you are going back to the Reyearth, try to make sure my parents know I am alive."

03/27/2007 6:51 PM

Surprisingly Cadry didn't even seem to care bout what Gabe was saying. She didn't object to him staying. In fact, she saw his suspicion, a bit at least, and thought him wise, for a human that was.
She simply shrugged and got to her feet. "In which case...If you can watch the camp effectively, I will be doing some...praying." Her gaze set upon the human, honestly wanting to make sure he could guard the camp when she went introspective. ADmittedly, her tone was a bit mocking, suggesting no human could do such a simple job, but the mockery was so mild, so unintentional, that it was almost polite, at least from one such as her.

03/27/2007 10:31 PM

"Well if you all wish to stay that's fine by me, I will inform the camp and your parents gabe." "I will also bring back some supplies we might need." Zanen started to walk away again and shouted back.. "Get a good nights sleep everyone, I'll be back be the morrow!" Zanen walked into the increasingly darkening woods, It would only take him an hour or so to reach the camp.

03/30/2007 2:01 PM

The elf mentioned prayer, which confused him briefly. Then her exchange with the elf came to mind, and he understood. His distrust of her even lessened a little, though he still did not know her or her motivations. A drow worshiper of Ellistrae could be entirely different from the moon elves that he had known.

"Yes, I can watch him. Elven night-vision would probably be better, but the moon is large and bright. A good moon for prayer."

03/30/2007 4:59 PM

Kreel nearly tripped over the sticks that seemed to appear at his feet. He scanned the surroundings for where they could have come from, but didn't see anything. He heard Eledhwen say something, but no response came. Kreel gathered the sticks together and nodded back towards the clearing, "We go before dark comes."

Kreel made his way back to the camp and unceremoniously threw half of the sticks on the fire. The other half he dumped in a pile off to the side to be added as the others burned. Kreel then lay down near the fire and stared at the darkening sky. It really was quite beautiful. Kreel just wished he would be able to get some sleep this night.

03/30/2007 9:51 PM

Cadry didn't even bother to hold back the small wry smile that graced her lips. "A good night for praying indeed...You may want to keep out of the way while I'm praying, just...as a note. I don't much care if you watch as long as you don't interfer. " She shrugged, stretching her muscles out slowly, working the kinks out and ignoring her sore muscles protests. The wounds she had earned while more or less falling from the stone pillar ached as she moved, but she ignored them. Not some huge feat, they weren't anywhere near being on her list of really bad wounds.
With a glance towards the human, and a silent prayer to Ellistrae that he wouldn't mistake her actions as a threat, she unsheathed her swords. For a moment she didn't even move, just wanting for the music to fill her, though the night was silent. She allowed the moonlight to fill her, to move her feet and hands until she was swirling and leaping in an intricate dance, battling unseen foes, dancing with an illusionary lover, and just in general relishing in the passion of the day and night. It was pretty, if rather odd and almost too feirce to be proper. Almost as if it was something dirty, something forbidden. One of the oddest prayers ever.

03/31/2007 1:47 AM

Zanen walked on through the the woods for about 45 minutes before he saw any signs of his camp, being a ranger he new exactly were he was going and had no fear of being lost. After a total of 50 minutes had passed Zanen could see the fires of the camp and could here the hustle and bustle of people, they seemed more livelier than normal "hmm, i wonder what has everyone in such a fuss?" Zanen continued walking till he reached the gate. Zanen yells up at the gate "Mathew! Open the gates, it's is i Zanen!" a moment later and the gate begins to open. Zanen steps through the gate and waves his hand at Mathew the gate keeper. Zanen walks to Gabe's house in the camp and proceeds to inform his family about what has happened. Zanen leaves and walks to his own house "lets see...ah my handy dandy backpack full of misc. items we will need along the way *ooc ( XD, feel free to tell me to change that) Zanen strips off his armor and weapons and lies everything at the foot of his bed, he then lays down and falls fast asleep.

04/06/2007 7:20 PM

(OOC: sorry for the delay guys, death in the family...)
The night air was silent now. No more death, no more hatred, only a serenity that was often mistaken for peace. However there was never peace in the times after the Breaking, only the calm before the storm. This peace would be longer here, but the storm would be as fierce as they come.
A great wind cut the clouds in two, revealing the stars in their entirety and a shape not at all like the stars. The great form plummeted towards the earth, pulling a whirlwind of golden flecks of light behind it, and came to settle in the branches of a nearby tree. The tiniest of red glows emitted from the things eye as it searched for something, someone. Suddenly and without sound, it swooped towards the Unseen One, grabbing it up in great claws and landed in the center of the clearing, spreading what could now be seen as wings. The great eagle let loose the Unseen One and looked to the sky becoming a woman of such great beauty and grace that one could only stare. Hers was the God voice and her will was made known.

[i]"Children...death awaits me...so I pray of you bring death yourselves....Ao shines his love on you all and he beseeches his children to shine a much greater shine...the shining of the moonlight against the blood of his enemies...Laucien stirs..."[/i]

And with that, her cryptic message...she was gone.

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