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12/14/2006 6:07 AM

Uh, hey. Gaia got banned from my school, so I'm gonna crash here for awhile. It seems to me that I'd rather be here anyway, seeming how I only do Fantasy, and theres no reason for me to waste my time with Avatards (Yes, as in "Retard" and "Avatar.")
Furthermore, the whole "Gaia Gold" thing is annoying as crap! I'd rather try to find real gold than load up on that stuff through mindless clicking and paythreads...

Oh, and I complain a lot. A WHOLE lot.

12/14/2006 1:20 PM

Welcome aboard...I hope you enjoy your stay here and I would STRONGLY reccommend that you check the interest query for BTTP reborn and get on board...;)

With that said:
-"Avatards"? Come on now, has not the world evolved beyond senseless retard hybrids? -(*cough*TK*cough*;) j/k)

-So long as you don't complain about my threads we're kosher...

02/04/2007 9:19 AM

I haven't been in Gaia in forever! That would suck to get it banned -.- Welcome! ^.^

03/20/2007 11:18 PM

LOL why did they ban Gaia from your school? I imagined a bunch of minors downloading hentai and sharing it or something.. *snickers*

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